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November BDI-40 Up 1%, ASX Up 1%
Big Caps Up 3%, NBI Up 0.6%

Avita Up 83%, Compumedics 34%; Living Cell Down 85%, Viralytics 21%

Dec 1, 2017

Summer’s here and the time is right for the biotechnology sector – and the Big Caps continue to set new records (see charts below).
The Biotech Daily Top 40 Index (BDI-40) improved 1.2 percent in November, slightly ahead of the ASX200, which was up 1.0 percent, consolidating the Spring gains and recovering from earlier falls by Sirtex and Mesoblast.
Most of the BDI-20 companies were up, while the Second 20 lost ground.
Eighteen of the BDI-40 companies (not including Cochlear, CSL and Resmed) were up, 20 fell and two were unchanged.
Eleven climbed more than 10 percent, of which five were up by more than 20 percent and eight fell by more than 10 percent, with three down by more than 20 percent.
Avita was the best, recovering 93.3 percent to $66 million, but still $20 million below its market capitalization 12 months ago. Compumedics rebounded 33.9 percent to $75 million, followed by Impedimed also in recovery up 31.9 percent, Psivida (26.2%), Admedus (23.3%), Orthocell (16.7%), Clinuvel (15.0%), Polynovo (14.8%), Pro Medicus (12.7%) and Oncosil (10.6%).
Living Cell led the falls, down 85.1 percent to $17 million following non-significant results for its NTCell for Parkinson’s disease. Viralytics eased 21.2 percent to $145 million, followed by Genetic Signatures (20.5%), LBT (18.2%), Dimerix (17.6%), Nanosonics (15.4%), Uscom (15.0%), Cellmid (13.0%), Actinogen (12.5%) and Bionomics (11.9%).
The three Big Caps of Cochlear, CSL and Resmed hit record highs, again, at the end of November, up a collective 3.2 percent for the month (and 44.3 percent for the year to November 30), with Resmed up 3.7 percent to $15,976 million, CSL up 3.1 percent to $64,828 million and Cochlear up 2.7 percent to $10,400 million.
Outside the BDI-40, Anatara was up 12.8 percent for the month and 57.1 percent to a high of $88 million, Probiotec climbed 53.6 percent to $43 million and Noxopharm was up 210 percent in 12 months to $52 million.
Cannabis Corner’s 13 listed medical marijuana companies climbed 39.1 percent in November with stand-outs from Cann Group up 72.0 percent to $227 million, Hydroponics (160.0%), Zelda (106.5%), Auscann (50.0%) and MGC (47.1%).
In the US, Redhill lost 29.0 percent to $142 million on a discounted capital raise, Queensland’s Protagonist jumped 60.9 percent to $531 million and Aviragen (Biota) struggled up 9.7 percent to $34 million, with the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index up 0.55 percent for the month and 5.0 percent for the year.
Telix has listed on the ASX with phase III cancer imaging and phase II treatment trials and will replace Admedus in the Top 20, which joins Optiscan returning to the Second 20, proving, again, that what goes down can come up. Living Cell and Cellmid move to the Third 20.
BDI-40 v S&P ASX200 Jun 30, 2006 to Nov 30, 2017 
BDI-40 v S&P ASX200 Nov 30, 2016 to Nov 30, 2017 
Big Caps (Cochlear, CSL, Resmed) Year To Nov 30, 2017


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Biotech Daily Top 40 With Market Capitalization At Nov 30, 2017


* Biotech Daily editor, David Langsam, owns shares in Acrux, Benitec, Mesoblast, Nanosonics, Optiscan, Telix
   and Volpara, as well as non-biotechnology stocks.
   Through Australian Ethical Superannuation he has an indirect interest in a range of biotechnology companies. 

   These holdings are liable to change: