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Rhinomed, Surescreen 10m Rhinoswab Supply Deal; Heramed, Project Rozana Remote Foetal Test For Palestine; Resapp Votes On $127m Pfizer Acquisition; Siles Health To Use Genetic Technologies Genetype Tests; Creso Expands Psilocybin PTSD Trial; SSRIs Included; Emyria, UWA Increase MDMA Analogues; 4D To Release 86m ASX Escrow Shares, 13m Options; Imugene Appoints Mike Tonroe CFO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Trajan Group Holdings; Trajan Share Plan Raises $4.7m, Total $34.4m; Prescient: FDA Orphan Status For PTX-100 For T-Cell Lymphoma; Ellerston Reduces To 6.4% Of Atomo; Regal Funds Reduce To 17.7% Of Visioneering; Aroa Releases 34.6m Voluntary Escrow Shares; MGC Claims ‘Statistical Significance’ Of Artemic For Long Covid

Compumedics Unaudited Revenue Up 4% To $37m; Sales Up 29%; USPTO Allows Cynata Stem Cells For Asthma Patent; Genetic Technologies Completes Affinity DNA Acquisition; Administrators Extend Oventus Convening Period; Correction: Zelira; Clarification: Mach7 Technologies; Neurotech Appoints Gerald Quigley Director; Creso Impactive Appoints 3 Marijuana ‘Brand Ambassadors’

Federal $29.3m For $88.5m ‘Industrial Transformation Centres’; NERA: Pharmaust’s Epichem To Recycle Shell’s Plastic; National Police Force Of Colombia Hospital Renews Imex Contract; Actinogen Xanamem Alzheimer’s Biomarker Trial Ahead Of Time; Mach7: US Court Dismisses AI Visualize Patent Claims; Antisense Applies For German ATL1102 For Duchenne Approval; Paradigm, US NFL Alumni Health Work On Osteo-Arthritis; Analytica Wins Pericoach Canada Patent; Zelira To ASX: ‘More Buyers Than Sellers Pushed Price 94%’; Visioneering Naturalvue Trial 50% Enrolled; Aroa $2.1m Director Options AGM; Visioneering Loses Director Christine Van Heek

Hydrix Receipts Up 1% To $9.7m; Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; Immuron Travelan, Protectyn Sales Up 5-Fold To $881k; Imex, Colsubsidio Expand Radiology Contract; Neuren Starts Nnz-2591 Angelman Trial; Neuroscientific Ethics Application For Emtinb Phase I Trial; Emvision: Two Trial Sites, Avania Clinical Cro; Sierra Sage To Take Up 70% Of Creso EGM; Providence To Sell Creso Anibidiol In South Korea; Zelira Requests ‘German Regulatory Results’ Trading Halt; Kazia Appoints New Scientific Advisory Board; Anteris Appoints Prof Martin Leon Adviser

Hexima Winding Up After HXP124 Fails Nail Fungus Trial; US FDA Knocks Back Lumos Febridx; Eye Co Prepares For 2 Fludrocortisone Phase II Trials; Anteris: Duravr ‘Clinical Improvement’ At 30-Days; Telix Zircon TLX250-CDx Kidney Cancer Imaging Trial Enroled; Althea Marijuana Receipts Up 113% To $22m; Respiri: UK NIHR $3.5m Wheezo Child Asthma Trial; Impedimed: Two Risk Factor Papers Published; Anteo Lithium-Ion Batteryanteox ‘Validated’; JM Below 5% Of Universal Biosensors; Clime Reduces To 7.3% Of Mach7; Telix Appoints Kevin Richardson Americas CEO; Recce Appoints Dr Phillip Sutton Translational Science Head; Argenica Appoints Prof Jeffery Saver Adviser

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Emvision Medical Devices; Breakthrough Victoria Undisclosed Grant To Seer Medical; Nova Eye Glaucoma Sales Up 0.5% To $13.1m; Firebrick: TGA Confirms Nasodine Rejection; Neurotech: ‘93% Improved’ In Marijuana For Autism Trial; Lumos Takes ‘Regulatory Update’ Halt To Suspension; Haemalogix Appoints Dr Geoff Nichol Director; Neuren Appoints Dr Liza Squires US-Based CMO

Cyclopharm Technegas ‘Preferred’ For Covid Imaging; Argenica ARG-007 Safety Study: Allergic Reaction ‘Unlikely’; Kazia: US FDA Grants Paxalisib Rare Paediatric Disease Status; Botanix Expedites US Sofpironium Bromide NDA; 2 Trials Enroled; Resapp, Medgate Extend Resappdx Deal 12 Months; Euro Patent For Immuron Clostridioides Dificile Drug; Creso Appoints Gotro Singapore Distributor; Firebrick Requests ‘TGA Appeal Outcome’ Trading Halt; Neurotech Extends Voluntary Suspension

Microbio Hopes To Raise $3m For Infectid Test; Resapp Sleepcheckerx Wins FDA 501(K) Clearance; Administrators Invite Expressions Of Interest For Oventus; DVT Backs Bull IQ Doca; Possible Director Offences; Alterity Doses 1st Phase II MSA Patient; Paradigm: Canada Approval, UK Site For Phase III Zilosul Trial; Japan Patent For Immutep IMP761; Lumos Requests ‘Regulatory Update’ Trading Halt; Neurotech Takes ‘NTI164 Trial Results’ Halt To Suspension; Allianz Takes 10% Of Starpharma; Brandon’s Cureator Event To Announce Grant Winners

Infensa $23m For Queensland Uni Spider Venom Molecule; Painchek: Western Australia $393k For Non-Verbal Kids; Imricor Applies For 2nd Vision-MR Ablation Catheter CE Mark; VGI Begins VB001 Nafld, Nash Study Recruitment; Noxopharm: 3 More US Veyonda Sarcoma Trial Sites; Genetic Technologies Takes Easydna To India, Europe; US Patent For Prescient Omnicar Cell Therapy; Resapp Japan, Australia Patents For Cough Detection; Genetic Technologies Loses CFO, Co Sec Michael Tonroe; Chimeric: Cassandra Harrison Clinical Ops, Data Head

Cyclopharm H1 Unaudited Revenue Up 33% To $11.3m; Bupa UK To Reimburse Oncosil Device For Pancreatic Cancer; Volpara, Radnet Mammography Analytics, Risk Software Deal; Invex Phase III ‘Evolve’ Presendin Trial For IIH Approved; Dimerix: DMX-700 Reduces COPD Lung Injury 80%, In Mice; Patrys PAT-DX1 Large Scale Manufacture; Audeara: Amplifon To Buy 5k A-02 TV Bundles; Microba, IFF Microbiome Sample Data Milestone; Adalta Delays AD-214 Program To Save Cash; Epsilon, Valens Extend Southport Marijuana Partnership; Neurotech Requests ‘NTI164 Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Walker, Auckland Trust Increase, Diluted To 39% In Next Science; Planet Innovation Takes 32.4% Of Lumos; RPS Diagnostics Reduces To 7% Of Lumos; Resmed Lucile Blaise Sleep, Respiratory Head; Robert Douglas

FY22: BDI-40 Down 38%, ASX200 Down 10%, Big Caps Down 3%, NBI Down 27%; Resmed $2.2b Loan; Option For $1.5b More; EBR Takes $73m Loan; Enrols Pacemaker Trial; Nuheara $2m Placement, Partner Realtek Takes $1.7m; Alterity Receives $4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Radiopharm, Genesiscare Extend Trial Agreement; Paradigm Phase II Zilosul Biomarker Trial Enrolled; Tissue Repair Requests TR-987 Trial FDA Meeting; US Patent For Inoviq Sub-B2M Technology; CEO Dr Andrew Ronchi, Tanamy Take 5.6% Of Dorsavi; Imugene Appoints Dr Sharon Yavrom Director, Clinical Scientist; Arovella Appoints Pharmaxis M-D Gary Phillips Director; Co Sec Guy Robertson Replaces Bioxyne Director Patrick Ford; Pharmaxis Appoints Dr Jana Baskar CMO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals; Proteomics Identifies Biomarkers For Endometriosis; Microba, Genova Microbiome Tests ‘Available’ In US; Medlab Nasdaq IPO, 150-To-1 Consolidation EGM; Starpharma, Lloyds Re-Launch Viraleze In UK; Genetic Technologies Starts Selling Genetype In Australia; Neuroscientific Recruits 1st Emtinb Trial Volunteer; Race: ‘Zantrene Chemo Cardio-Protective, In Mice’; Paradigm: Australia Accepts Zilosul Patent; Cann Group Mildura Marijuana Manufacturing Licence; Creso, China Chemical & Pharma Taiwan Animal Health Deal; Fidelity Increases, Diluted To 7.8% Of Medibio; Dr Allan Rubenstein To Replace Visioneering Director Zita Peach

Dementia Australia $750k Grants For Alzheimer’s Toxins; UK Approves Invex Presendin Phase III Hypertension Trial; Bluechiip Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Chimeric Expands Pennsylvania Uni Viral Vector Licence; Nyrada NYX-PCSK9I Phase I Cholesterol Trial Delay; Acorn Takes 6.5% Of Micro-X; Paradigm To Release 638k ASX Escrow Shares; Clarity Appoints Prof Louise Emmett Adviser

Orthocell Up 50% On Biohorizons $23.1m For Striate+ Licence; Lumos Retail Rights Raise $3.2m, Total $11.2m; Arovella: Strides Ends Sumatriptan Agreement, ‘No Cost Impact’; 4D Medical, I-Med 3-Year XV LVAS Contract; Imricor, Siemens Deploy 3-D MRI Cardiac Mapping; Microba, G42 1st UAE Microbiome Reports; Memphasys, Monash IVF Enrol 1st Felix Study Couple; Cardiex Files US FDA 510(K) Pulse Monitor Application; BCal, Precion Develop Blood Test For Breast Cancer; Race: Zantrene With BRAF, MEK Inhibitors Kills Melanomas; Creso: Weed Pool Cannabis Orders $12.4k Marijuana Vapes; Medlab Requests Capital Raising EGM Trading Halt; Platinum Diluted Below 5% In Kazia; One Funds Takes 6.6% Of Imricor; Incannex Loses Dr Sud Agarwal; Dr George Anastassov; CTO

Victoria Government Cabinet Re-Shuffle And Biotech; Imugene Climbs 49% On Her-Vaxx Gastric Cancer Trial Claim; Lumos Wins Viradx Canada Interim Authorization; Emvision Earns $600k 1st Responder Brain Scanner Milestone; Trajan Completes Chromatography Acquisition; Starpharma, Genentech Expand Dep Research Agreement; Dimerix: Remap-Cap Covid Ards Trial Recruitment Closes; Medlab Nanabis ‘Twice The Bioavailability Of Other Marijuana’; Nuheara Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Investors Mutual Reduces To 6.3% In Mayne; Merchant Funds Takes 9.6% Of BCal; Uscom: Ng Jih Nang For SE Asia Business Development; Optiscan Appoints China’s Sinsi Viewnvivo Distributor; Vectus Appoints Shangahi Jadesen VB4-A32 China Adviser

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Recce Pharmaceuticals; Hexima Falls 85% On ‘Inconclusive’ Pezadeftide Nail Fungus Trial; Painchek To Raise $4.6m; Redhill Talicia (Heliconda) Q1 Revenue Up 13%; Dorsavi, QBE Extend Workplace Safety Deal 3 Years; Chimeric: FDA Approves Core-NK Cell Cancer Trial; Orthocell Requests ‘Striate+ Licence’ Trading Halt; First Sentier Takes 5% Of Polynovo; CEO Stephen Tomisich Diluted To 51% In Trajan; Richmond Hill Takes 5% Of Universal Biosensors; Perennial Reduces To 12% Of Lumos; Naos Takes 31% Of BTC Health; Simon Glover To Replace 4D Medical CFO Health Lee

Telix: Isologic To Distribute Illucix In Canada; Servatus, Genetic Analysis Microbiome Tests, Therapies; Microba Releases Gut Test Beta Version; Polynovo Sells Port Melbourne HQ For $6.5m; Medlab Food Additives Deal With Yeshealth; Alterity: Italy Approves ATH434 MSA Trial; Nuheara Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Blackrock Reduces To 8% Of Imricor; Regal Funds Below 5% Of Imricor

Zelira Terminates Health House Acquisition; Arovella, Stada Launch Zolpimist Spray For Insomnia; Medibio Hopes To Raise $1.4m; Loses M-D Claude Solitario; Noxopharm Partner Hudson Institute Receives $1.45m Grant; Race: Zantrene Shrinks Melanoma Tumors, In Mice; Flinders: Vortex 5-Min Test For Infectious Diseases; Trajan To Release 4.7m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Painchek Requests ‘Rights Offer, Placement’ Trading Halt; Blackrock Reduces To 9.3% Of Imricor

Resapp Fails Confirmation Target, Pfizer To Pay $127m; SDI Freight Costs 16-22% Profit Warning; Mach7 $3m Cabell Huntington Contract Renewal; WEHI ‘Reduces Car-T-Cell Toxicity’; Anteris: Duravr 6-Month Follow-Up ‘Marked Improvement’; Volpara, Microsoft ‘Cardio-Vascular Issues’ Test; Proteomics Licences QIMR Oesophageal Cancer Biomarkers; Recce: 4,000mg R327 ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Race Data Backs Zantrene For FTO Cancers; Radiopharm Appoints Prof Susann Brady-Kalnay Adviser

Victoria, Federal $100m For Melanoma, Trials Centre; Trajan Raises $29.7m, Share Plan For Further $5m; Acrux, Padagis US Commercialization Deal; Antisense ATL1102 For Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy; Osteopore, Livingstone Bone, Tissue Collaboration; Clarity To Release 729k ASX Escrow Shares; Resapp Requests ‘Covid Data Confirmation’ Trading Halt; Zelira Requests ‘Scheme Implementation Deed’ Trading Halt; Medibio Extends Capital Raising Suspension; Pokies Bruce Mathieson Sells $3.1m Respiri Stake; Harbour Takes 12% Of Volpara; Medadvisor US M-D Rick Ratliff Starts On $826k; Annabelle Grant CFO; Respiri Appoints Angel Medical CEO Brad Snow Director; Artrya: Dr Jacob Agris CMO, Prof Girish Dwivedi CSO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: LBT Innovations; Trajan $30m Placement, $20m Loan For $62m Chromatography; Lumos To Develop Aptatek Phenylketonuria Test; Artrya: FDA Rejects 501(K) For Salix Coronary Software; Kazia: Paxalisib Orphan Status For Rhabdoid-Teratoid Tumors; EBR To Release 4.6m ASX Escrow Shares; Recce Converts 3m ‘Disputed’ Performance Shares; Baillie Gifford Below 5% In Cochlear; JM Diluted To 6% Of Universal Biosensors; Richmond Hill Diluted Below 5% In Universal Biosensors; Blackrock Reduces To 11% Of Imricor; MGC Marijuana ‘Kills Glioblastoma In Cell Lines’

University Of Melbourne $115m For Start-Ups; Proteomics: Biotem Transfers Promarkerd Production; Genetic Technologies Claims Genetype Could Save $2b; Exopharm $2.7m Radium RDTI Loan; Medibio Takes ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt To Suspension; AAMRI, Veski $814k Inaugural Victoria ‘Near-Miss’ Awards

Resmed To Pay HG $1.2b For Germany’s Medifox Dan; MIPS Licences Glyph To Puretech To Make IV Drugs Oral; Neuroscientific Emtinb ‘Reduces MS, Biomarkers’, In Mice; Island: Sofgen Replaces Curia For ISLA-101 Manufacture; Allan Gray Below 5% In Impedimed; Dr Paul Cozzi Takes 9.6% Of Visioneering; Planet Innovation Takes 29% Of Lumos; Perennial Value Takes 14.6% Of Lumos; Acorn Diluted Below 5% In Lumos

Resapp: Pfizer Increases Offer To $125m - $178m; Pro Medicus: $47m Sutter, Wellspan Renewals; Victoria $2m For mRNA, Noxopharm; $400k For Manufacturing; Oventus ‘Voluntary Administration To Restructure’; Ausbiotech ‘Snapshot’ Claims 43% Increase Since 2019; Trajan ‘Non-Operational Factors’ Cause 11% Profit Warning; Mesoblast To ‘Vigorously Defend’ 2nd Class Action; Micro-X, Medlink $1m Rover Mobile X-Ray US Distribution; Osteopore Ships 1st Cranial Implants To South Africa; Adherium: Helicon Health To Distribute Hailie Sensor In UK; Actinogen Plans Xanamem Alzheimer’s, Depression Trials; Kazia ONC201, Paxalisib Benefit For Childhood Brain Cancer; Cynata: Cymerus ‘Highly Potent’ For IPF’, In Mice; Patrys PAT-DX1 ‘Might Reduce Cancer Metastasis’; Adalta Europe Patent For AD-214; Radiopharm: Isotopia To Supply Lutetium-177 NCA; Zelira Terminates DRCN Licence, Receives $360k; Creso: $15k 1st New Marijuana Strains Order; Medibio Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Evercore, William Blair Cease In Bionomics; Optiscan Appoints Orchid’s Sean Gardner Director; Medibio Director Peter Carlisle Moves To Adviser

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Kazia Therapeutics; Telix, Reflexion Partner For Illuccix-Guided Radiotherapy; Chimeric Manufactures Chm1101 Viral Vector; LHC Reduces, Diluted To 8% Of BTC; Regeneus CEO Karolis Rosickas Buys 4m Shares; CSIRO $1m For MTP Connect Redi Fellowships

Rights Raise $5.9m; Total $9.9m; Chimeric, L1 Capital $30m Drawdown Equity Facility; Radiopharm Sub-Licences PTP Tumor Targeting Agent; Memphasys To Meet FDA; Covid Slows Felix Sales; Invion Applies For INV043 Photosoft Patent; Neurotech: ‘NTI164, Diclofenac Reduces Biomarkers, In-Vitro’; Race To Buy-Back Up-To 4m Shares; Palla Liquidators: ‘Nothing For Share-Holders’; Oventus Loses Founder Dr Chris Hart, Director Suspension

WEHI, Johns Hopkins Blood Test For Colon Cancer Chemo; Lumos Insto Rights Raise $8m; Retail For $3.2m More; Microba, Ginkgo Start Microbiome Autoimmune Drug Project; Prescient Cellpryme-M For Car-T-Cell Manufacture; Nova Eye Rolls-Out Itrack For Canaloplasty; Kazia, Alliance Expand Paxalisib Brain Metastases Trial; Dorsavi Tests Athletic Movement Index; Race Takes Phase I/II Zantrene AML, MDS Trial To Europe; Woke, UWA Expand Consciousness From Psilocybin To LSD; Zelira: ‘Marijuana Zenivol Reduces Insomnia Severity’; Resapp Extends Voluntary Extension, Again; Oncosil Requests ‘Shortfall’ Trading Halt; Avecho Requests ‘Aveo Cleansing, Court Orders’ Suspension; Regal Reduces To 5% Of Imricor; Bill Peng Takes 9% Of Audeara; Robert Brice, JDB Reduce, Diluted To 9.7% Of Audeara; Regal Below 5% In Althea; Control Bionics Loses CFO Neale Java

Victoria $1m For MCRI, Novo Nordisk Stem Cell Collaboration; Gilead $300k Fellowship Grants For 6 Projects; Audeara Raises $1m In Bill Peng Placement; Orthocell: Remplir (Celgro) 2-Year Nerve Regeneration Data; Dimerix, Acadi Trial DMX-200 For Diabetic Kidney Disease; Paradigm Receives $8.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Telix Receives $17.25m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neuroscientific: Ethics Approval For Emtinb Trial; Oventus Requests ‘Board Composition’ Trading Halt; Regal Funds Reduces To 19% Of Opthea; Regal Funds Diluted To 19% In Visioneering; Regal Funds Diluted To 10.9% Of IDT; Regal Funds Takes 8.1% Of Medadvisor; Rebecca Brice, JDB Reduce To 10.7% Of Audeara; Arovella Loses Chair Paul Hopper, Dr Elizabeth Stoner Interim

Lumos $11.2m Rights Offer; Doug Ward CEO On $576k; Clarity: FDA Okays Sar-Bombesin Prostate Cancer IND; S&P ASX Indices: Polynovo, Volpara, Platinum Demoted; Immutep: IMP321 ‘Favorable Efficacy For NSCLC’; Proteomics: ‘Promarkerd Predicts Late-Stage Kidney Decline’; Nyrada: NYR-BI02 Targets TRPC Ion Channels; VGI Votes 99.99% For Invictus Demerger; Resapp Extends Pfizer Deal Suspension; Radiopharm Appoints Prof Leila Alland Director

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Starpharma; Argenica Placement Raises $5.5m; Patrys: $250k For Telethon Deoxymab Brain Cancer Research; Audeara, Specsavers Distribution Deal; Orthocell Receives $2.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Incannex: Marijuana IHL-42X Reduces Sleep Apnoea; Woke: Monash Formulates Rapid Release WP001 Psilocybin; Visioneering AGM 51% Block 10% Placement Facility; Epsilon Appoints 7% Shareholder Patrick Xu Director; Austco Appoints Andrew Hall CCO

Pro Medicus, Allina $28m Visage 7 Deal; GSK $100k Australian Research Excellence Awards Open; Victoria $100k For Primary Immune Deficiency Diagnostics; Amplia: AMP945 ‘Similar Efficacy’ To Nintedanib For IPF, In Mice; Alterity Starts NZ ATH434 For MSA Phase II Trial; Anteris: Mercer $1.1m Convertible Notes; Proteomics Submits Promarkerd For TGA Registration; Impedimed Sozo 4.1 Adds Analytics, Better Electronic Records; Adherium To Supply Hailie Monitor For Avillion Trial; Cann Harvests 1st Mildura Commercial Marijuana Crop; Resapp Takes ‘Pfizer Expert Report’ Halt To Suspension; Lumos Requests ‘Rights Offer’ Trading Halt

May BDI-40 Down 5%, ASX200 Down 3%, Big Caps Up 0.6%, NBI Down 1%; Mark Butler Health, Aged Care; Ed Husic Industry, Science; Science & Technology Australia Welcomes Federal Labor Ministry; Pacific Edge: Kaiser Permanente To Use Cxbladder In EMR; Osprey Restructure: Shareholder Outlook ‘Unclear’; Kazia: GBM-Agile Opens Paxalisib Arm In Europe; Cann Receives Victoria $500k For Regional Jobs; Correction: Clarity Pharmaceuticals; Argenica Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; BVF, Mark Lampert Increase, Diluted To 13.8% In Actinogen; Jencay Diluted To 7% Of Universal Biosensors; Darren Smith Replaces Telix CFO Doug Cubbin; Gabriel Liberatore; Imugene Loses CMO Dr Steven Cha; Prof Yanghee Woo Adviser; Radiopharm Appoints Vittorio Puppo US COO; Bio-Melbourne ’Flu Resurgence Forum

Living Cell Raises $1.3m For NTCell Parkinson’s Trial; Dimerix Recruits 1st Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Patient; Anteris Completes 2nd Duravr Trial Cohort; Mesoblast Remestemcel-L, Dexamethasone Ards Trial; Clarity Pays $348k, 400k Shares For ‘Nanobody Platform’; Medlab Starts Nanocelle Nasal Covid-19 Vaccine; Emyria: $450k For UWA To Expand MDMA Analog Program; Resapp Requests ‘Pfizer Acquisition Expert Report’ Halt; Australian Ethical Takes 12.3% Of Somnomed; Carl Charalambous Takes 9.8% Of Exopharm; Steve Sargent To Replace Nanosonics Chair Maurie Stang

Sanofi, Crash Bang Wallop Haemophiliac Joint Scanner; Truscreen Revenue Up 48% To $1.5m, Loss Up 126% To $7.2m; Telix: CMS Illuccix ‘Pass-Through’ Reimbursement; Acrux Wins Almirall Aczone Patent Action; Cynata: St George Joins Covid-19 Trial; Invion: INV043 Reduces Tumor Size 65%, In Mice; Biotron: FDA BIT-225 Covid-19 Guidance; Zelira Enrols Marijuana For Diabetic Nerve Pain Patients; Creso, Optimi Psilocybin, Mushrooms Deal; Ellerston Reduces To 7.5% In Atomo; Viburnum Takes 26.5% Of Universal Biosensors; Perennial Below 5% In Imex; Exopharm Loses 2 Staff, Pay Cuts, Belt-Tightening; Paradigm Appoints Marco Polizzi CEO, Dr Donna Skerrett CMO; Medical Developments Appoints Tara Eaton Co Sec, Counsel; Adherium Appoints Tara Creaven-Capasso; CFO; Pharmaust: Fiona Milner Epichem G-M, Ingrid Klopper BDM

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Opthea; Compumedics Forecasts Sales Orders Up 19% To $42m; Race Ready For Phase II Zantrene For AML Trial; Immutep: IMP321 Shows ‘Favourable Anti-Tumor Activity’; Inoviq Poster Backs Exo-Net For Cancer Type ID; Noxopharm: ‘Idronoxil, Cisplatin Increase Response, In-Vitro’; Microba: Beyond Drug Development For MAP315 Trial; Living Cell Requests Placement Trading Halt; Cochlear Appoints Karen Penrose Director; Next Science To Lose CEO Judith Mitchell In 2023; Pharmaust To Lose CSO Dr Richard Mollard

Volpara Revenue Up 32% To $24m, Loss Down 6.4% To $15m; Pacific Edge Revenue Up 49% To $10.5m; Loss Up 39% To $18m; Cynata: FDA Okays CYP-001 For GvHD Trial; Redhill: ‘Data Backs Talicia For H Pylori In Diabetics’; Anteris Starts 2nd Duravr Aortic Valve Replacement Cohort; Analytica Receives ISO13485:2016 For Pericoach; Microba: Midnight Health To Distribute Vidality In Australia; Race Requests Trial Results Trading Halt; Visioneering Lacks Quorum; Adjourns AGM; Osprey Loses 2 Directors; AGM On Hold; Yarra Funds Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; Clarity Appoints Dr Neal Shore Adviser

Tamorx: Brandon Leads $14m Raise For Cancer; Firebrick: Malaysia Patent For Nasodine; Nuheara: $71k Vox Scrip For Mining Royalties; Vectus 2nd Multiple Ascending VB0004 Dose Cohort; Chimeric To Licence Natural Killer Cell Technology; Emyria: Marijuana EMD-RX5 ‘Safe, Bioequivalent To Epidyolex’; Bod Medicabilis Cannabigerol ‘Improved Symptoms’; Imagion AGM 19% Oppose Remuneration Report; Regal Reduces To 5.5% Of Althea; Firebrick Appoints Dr Richard Treagus Director; Anteris Appoints Prof Dion Stub Adviser

Aroa Revenue Up 78% To $36.1m; Loss Down 56% To $7.6m; Universal Biosensors Rights $69k Bids, Raise $20m, Total $26m; Micro-X $850k US Bag Scanner Concept Design Milestone; Cyclopharm Technegas ‘Potential For Long Covid’; Pharmaust Phase II Monepantel Sars-Cov-2 Trial; Telix Director Oliver Buck Goes

QUT: $282k US Grant To Disrupt Emerging Viruses; Living Cell, Opticellai $360k NTCell A-I Deal; Total Brain $2.4m R&D Tax Incentive Pays Loan; Creso, Dr Pickles Tattoo Herbal Salve Deal; Emyria Requests ‘Emd-RX5 Phase I Trial Results’ Trading Halt; 4D Appoints Director John Livingston ‘Strategist’ On $100k

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Arovella Therapeutics; Starpharma: TGA Reclassifies Viraleze ‘Medical Device’; Recce: Safe 2,000mg R327 Takes Trial To 4,000mg; Althea: Ireland Okays CBD12:THC10 Medical Marijuana; Jencay Reduces To 8.3% Of Universal Biosensors; Anatara Appoints John Machailidis COO

Biotech Daily Federal Election Editorial; Federal $75.3m For 33 Clinical Trials; Argenica Completes ARG-007 P-K Studies; Next Science Appoints Oraderm Blastx Distributor; Vivazome, UQ Partner For Brain Injury Exosomes; Mesoblast To Defend Australian Class Action; Medibio To Use DSM-V To Validate MEB-001 For Depression; Perennial Takes 10.5% Of Medadvisor

Burnet, Moderna Partner For mRNA Vaccines; CSIRO Psychedelic Licence; Viburnum Underwrites $20m Universal Biosensors Rights Offer; Emvision Federal $5m Matched Funding Grant; Imugene Doses 1st Phase I Vaxinia Tumor Trial Patient; Starpharma Viraleze SPL7013 ‘Kills Influenza A, B’, In-Vitro; Anteo Registers Euro Multiple Sample Rapid Covid Test; Cardiex: FDA Deems Conneqt ‘Data System, Not Accessory’; Analytica: Euro Pericoach Patent; Telix AGM: 15% Oppose Director Shares; JM Reduces To 7.4% Of Universal Biosensors; Immutep Appoints 4 Oncologists To Advisory Board; Race Appoints Dr Guy Breitenbucher Adviser

Federal Labor $1.5b Medical Manufacturing Fund; Hydrix To Develop Realheart Control System; Zelira: Hope1 Marijuana 70% ‘Moderate Effects’ For Autism; Incannex, FDA Sleep Apnoea Trial Guidance; Pharmaust Radium $210k RDTI Loan; Memphasys Pleads Schultz To ASX 29% Fall Query; Nyrada: European Cholesterol Inhibitor Patent; W Whitney George Diluted To 39% Of Rhinomed; Regal Funds Takes 19% Of Opthea

4D Medical: XV LVAS ‘Capable Of Assessing Lung Defects’; Federal $28.5m For Diagnostics, Treatments; Election Coming; Pharmaust Receives MND Trial Monepantel Tablets; Genetic Technologies To Acquire Affinity DNA For $985k; Analytica: LNP Promises $4.8m Matched Funds – If Re-Elected; Emvision Requests Government Grant Response Trading Halt; Baiyu Xu, ‘Lands Between’ Take 7% Of Epsilon

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Micro-X; Ausbiotech Releases 10-Year Industry Strategy; Doherty Starts Sars-Cov-2 Vaccines Dosing; Amplia: Victoria Okays AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Trial; EBR 15% Oppose Placement Facility; Genetic Signatures Appoints Caroline Waldron Director; Zelira Loses Former Chair Harry Karelis

CSL Vifor Acquisition Delayed; MTP Connect $894k For Atmo, Cortical Dynamics, Proteomics; MTP Connect Redi Fellowships; Race: Calvary Mater Approves Zantrene AML, MDS Trial; Ena In J&J-Barda ‘Blue Knight’ Initiative; Burnet, Orbis Work On Remote, Rural Diagnostics; Rhythm Final TGA Colostat Filing; Neurotech Scraps Washout For NTI164 Autism Trial; Incannex Completes Apirx Deal; Incannex Apirx Shares, Directors Stock EGM; JM Financial Takes 15.4% Of Mach7; Resmed Loses Sleep Head Jim Hollingshead

CSL Wins Right To Challenge US ‘Mexican Plasma Ban’; Next Science: ‘Xperience Kills Free-Floating, Biofilm Bacteria’; Immuron: US Navy Files IND For 2 Travelan Trials; Neuroscientific Applies For Emtinb Clinical Trial; Pharmaust Takes Dog Lymphoma Trial To The US; Monash’s Prof Jamie Rossjohn Elected To The Royal Society

Redhill To Raise $21.5m, Warrants; Pacific Edge Cxbladder Monitor Validation Study; Imugene Australian HER-Vaxx Gastric Cancer Trial Approved; Clinuvel Ready For Phase II Scenesse Vitiligo Trial; Total Brain: AARP $3.8m Brain Health Extension; Medical Developments: Endo Canada Penthrox Distributor; Osteopore, Maxoniq To Sell Osteomesh Products; Clarity ‘Unaffected By Novartis Drug, Trial Halt’; PYC VP-001 PK Results Support Human Trial; Bod Starts Marijuana Trial For Insomnia; Incannex IHL-216A ‘Restores Memory’ In Concussed Rats; Emyria Expands MDMA Analogues; Creso: Health Canada Approves Psilocybin Import; Bio-Melbourne Connecting Women Lunch ‘Sold-Out’; Artrya Appoints Dr Jack Lewin Adviser; Osprey Extends Voluntary Suspension; Perennial Reduces To 14% Of Microba

Dimerix: US FDA Approves Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Trial; Amplia: FDA Wants More AMP945 Data For Cancer Trial; Artrya, Huntsville Heart Centre For US Salix Study; Prescient PTX-200 AML Remission Expands Cohort; Mayne Receives Up To $4.8m Federal Manufacturing Grant; Imugene Tells ASX Query: ‘Not Aware Until May 2’; Immuron: Travelan For US Study Manufactured; Zelira Launches Itura Marijuana Cream In The Us; Nuheara Appoints John Luna US CEO; Roth Capital Adviser; Microba Appoints Patrick Moelk For North America Sales

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Pro Medicus; Rhinomed Places $455k Shortfall; Total $4.9m; Opthea: ‘OPT-302, Lucentis Improves PCV’; Bio-Melbourne Women In Leadership Awards; Osprey To Cut Staff; Incannex Requests ‘Pre-Clinical Study Results’ Trading Halt; Immuron Appoints Anatara’s Steven Lydeamore CEO

Immutep: ‘IMP321 Enhances Immune Response’; Argenica Completes Toxicology Studies; Microba Identifies 3 Drug Candidates Ahead Of Schedule; BTC: Federal Reimbursement ‘Unchanged’; Analytica Receives $269k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Audeara Partners With Healthia, Nextsense; Universal Biosensors: Viburnum Funds Options EGM; Richmond Hill Takes 5% Of Universal Biosensors; Anatara To Lose CEO Steven Lydeamore; Polynovo CEO Search Continues; Anita James Replaces Medical Developments CFO, Co Sec Mark Edwards

Ankere: Brandon, IP Group $10m For Inflammation; Alcidion $23m, 6-Year Defence Force Contract; Rhinomed Raises $1.1m; Total $4.5m; $532k Shortfall; Actinogen Xanamia Trial Takes Focus Back To Cognition; Emvision: Keysight ‘Fast Sweep VNAS’ For Brain Scanner; Botanix To Pay Brickell $24m For Sofpironium Bromide; Clinuvel: Final Data Backs 16mg Afamelanotide For Stroke; Rhythm Closes Final Trial Sites; Imricor 36% AGM Opposition To Directors’ Shares

Nova Eye: FDA Paves Way For Pivotal 2rt AMD Trial; Albany Medical Center Buys LNT Apas Independence; Firebrick Starts 2nd Nasodine For Common Cold Trial; Australian Patent For Inoviq Sub-B2m Protein; Avecho Receives $1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Osprey Takes ‘Funding Options’ Halt To Suspension; Botanix Requests ‘Dermatology Asset Acquisition’ Halt

All April Indices Down: BDI-40 6%, ASX200 1%, Big Caps 2%, NBI 10%; Imugene Loses Merck Keytruda Supply; Trial Unaffected; Biotron: ‘BIT225 Kills Established Sars-Cov-2, In Mice’; Epsilon $2.1m Placement Facility For Southport Operations; Respiri Raises $1.6m For US Commercialization; Inoviq Hires MP Biomedicals For Sub-B2m Protein; Emvision Requests ‘Strategic Agreement’ Trading Halt; Credit Suisse Below 5% In Mesoblast; Heramed ‘Outstanding Results’ For Herabeat Monitor Trial; Servatus Appoints Dr Uwe Buecheler Director; Resonance Appoints Liesl Ellies Co-Co Sec

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Haemokinesis; MTP Connect: Biotech A ‘Powerhouse Of Job Creation’; Oncosil Places $4m, Rights Offer For $6m More; Oncosil: Madrid Hospital $550k For Pancreatic Cancer; Auscann Lends Eurocann $5m, Partner For ‘Mutual Interests’; Respiri Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Osprey Requests ‘Funding Options’ Trading Halt; Allan Gray Takes 12.3% Of Starpharma

Cochlear To Buy Denmark’s Oticon For $170m; Incannex Free ‘Loyalty’ Options Raise $23.6m; Adherium Improves Hailie Monitor Connectivity; FDA Grants Botanix BTX1801 QIDP For Golden Staph; Anteris, Yale Study Haemodynamic Function; Uscom Files Spirosonic Air FDA 510(K) Application; Paradigm Doses 1st US Patients In PPS Knee Pain Trial; Exopharm Pleads Schultz To ASX 26% Fall Query; Jason Carroll Takes 12.2% Of Island; Osteopore Appoints CTO Dr Jing Lim Coo

Protagonist Falls 50% On PN-943 Ulcerative Colitis Miss; Actinogen Xanamia Phase Ib Part A Trial Meets Endpoints; Alterity: UK MHRA Okays ATH434 MSA Trial; Woke, Macquarie Uni Trial Psilocybin For Depression; LBT: 5 Apas Independence Studies At Lisbon Conference; Nuheara 16% Oppose EGM Consolidation; Anteris 460k Directors’ Options AGM; Oncosil Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Respiri Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Cardiex Appoints Lesa Musatto US Director

Aroa Revenue Up 78% To $36.5m; Firebrick Starts Nasodine Sars-Cov-2 Trial; Bod Starts UK Marijuana ‘Long Covid-19’ Trial; Argenica: ARG-007 Maximum Tolerated Dose Established; Nuheara Licences Hewlett Packard ‘HP’ Trademark; MTP Connect Appoints Stuart Dignam CEO; Memphasys: Robert Cooke, Alison Coutts, Shane Hartwig; Audeara: Jesse Crooks, Istvan Nagy For Us, Euro Sales; Patrys: Rebecca Tunstall Corporate Development Head; Atomo Appoints Chandra Sukumar, Jim McMenamy, Anna Tucker; Optiscan Appoints Andrew Barker, Steven Smart, Daisy Liu

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Resapp Health; Cann Group $15m NAB Loan; Renegotiates $50m Loan; Actinogen Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Tissue Repair To Release 3.8m Escrow Shares; State Street Below 5% In Polynovo; W Whitney George Takes 40.4% Of Rhinomed; Director Paul Lewis, Invia Take 5% Of Hydrix; Avita Loses Director Louis Drapeau; Adherium Appoints Francis White Business Development Head

CSL $5.4b Notes For Vifor Acquisition; Universal Biosensors Placement Raises $6m; $20m Rights To Go; Clarity Treats 1st Prostate Cancer Patient; Kazia 60mg Paxalisib ‘Safe’ For Glioblastoma; Triaxial Note; Cynata Enrols 1st CYP-006TK Diabetic Foot Ulcer Patients; Opthea EGM: 25% Oppose 2m Directors Options; Imex: 174k Free Directors’ Options AGM; Palla Loses Directors Sue MacLeman, Iain Ross, Stuart Black; Teri Thomas To Replace Volpara CEO Dr Ralph Highnam; Anteo Appoints Ewen Crouch Chair

Universal Biosensors To Raise $25m; Arovella: QIMR To Manufacture ALA-101; Medlab, Cultech NRGbiotic Distribution Deal; Australian Super Takes 5% Of Nanosonics, Again; Respiri Loses Director Dr Thomas Duthy

Protagonist: FDA To Rescind Rusfertide Breakthrough Status; Volpara Receipts Up 45% To $26m; Alcidion: NT Health $5m For Miya Precision Upgrade; Universal Biosensors Tn Antigen Cancer Test; Funding Halt; BTC: Federal Methodology ‘Potentially Inconsistent’; Pharmaust Receives $708k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Immuron ‘Eligible’ For $5.4m US Travelan Funding; Heramed, Pediatrix Virtual Obstetrics Program ‘Promising’; State Street Takes 5% Of Polynovo

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Volpara Health Technologies; Osteopore: 1st Cranial Implants Sales In Spain; Cardiex Files FDA 510(K) For Conneqt Companion Software; Emyria Completes EMD-RX5 Phase I Dosing; Cann Group Mildura Marijuana Plant Operational; Telix 192k Director Share Rights AGM; Antisense Receives $571k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Peters Takes 14% Of Optiscan; Vaxxas Appoints Dan Devine CBO, General Counsel.

Oncosil: 1st Euro Pancreatic Cancer Commercial Device; Imugene Doses 2nd Checkvacc Breast Cancer Cohort; Ellume To ‘Vigorously Defend’ US Sars-Cov-2 Test Action; Neuroscientific: Emtinb Tox Studies Prepare For Human Trials; Emyria Hires Clinitrials For Phase III Marijuana Distress Trial; Australian Super Below 5% In Nanosonics

Telix TLX591 For Prostate Cancer Trial Approved; Chimeric: Wuxi Atu To Manufacture Car-T-Cell; Antisense 1-For-20 Bonus Options To Raise $36m For DMD Trial; FDA Fast Tracks Paradigm Zilosul For Osteoarthritis; Nuheara Files US FDA 510k For ‘Self-Fitting Hearing Aid’; Recce: Safe 1,000mg R327 Takes Trial To 2,000mg; Medlab Marijuana Nanocbd Awaits Final UK Import Okay; Zelira 99.4% Pass 175-To-1 Consolidation; Imugene To Release 28.3m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Proteomics Appoints Promarkerd Launch Advisory Board; Race CEO Mr Lynch, CSO Dr Tillett 50% Pro Rata Pay Rise

Pfizer To Pay $100m For Resapp Health; Victoria $60m For $206m Aikenhead Bio-Medical Centre; Telix: $6.7m For Eli Lilly Olaratumab Licence; Control Bionics, Double R&D Launch Neuronode In Japan; Recce: Hong Kong Patent For R327, R529; Chair Dr John Cullity Takes 5.6% Of Race; Atomo To Release 160m ASX Escrow Shares; Lumos Chair Sam Lanyon Interim CEO, CEO Rob Sambursky CMO; Cronos Loses Inaugural Chair Shane Tanner

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Microba Life Sciences; Pro Medicus: $32m Visage 7 Deal With Inova Health; Rhinomed Insto Rights Raise $3.37m; Retail For $1.63m More; Pharmaust: $202k Fight-MND Grant; Alithia Trial Manager; Kazia: Paxalisib Potential For Child Brain Cancers; Imricor: $535k CEO Options, Directors’ Restricted Stock AGM; Correction: Emyria; Artrya To Release 5.8m ASX Escrow Shares; State Street Reduces To 5.9% Of Nanosonics

Victoria: QS Ranks Monash ‘Top Pharmacy, Pharmacology Uni’; Rhinomed $22m Canada Supply Deal; $5m Rights Offer; Monash Uni’s Dr Xiaodong Liu Wins $20k Victoria Premier’s Award; MTP Connect, Pathology Technology Diagnostics Plan; MTP Connect, Defence Bio-Security Database; Osteopore Ships 1st Cranial Implant To Colombia; Emyria Starts Phase I EMD-RX5 Trial; Alterity: MRI Shows Iron, Atrophy Correlation; Adalta: India Patent For AD-214; Cann Group Wins Mildura Marijuana Manufacture Permit; State Street Takes 6.1% Of Cochlear; Mesoblast Appoints Paul Hughes Co-Co Sec

Polynovo: Record $12m Q3 Revenue; Alcidion: $1.4m, 5-Year Deal With East Lancashire NHS; Zelira: DRCN Fails To Pay $990k Marijuana Licence Fee; 4D Starts XV Lung Scans At Providence St Joseph Hospital; Amplia Ready For Phase II AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Race Ready For Phase I Zantrene AML, MDS Trial; Cann Group: GSK $170k To Evaluate Marijuana Satipharm; Correction: Arovella; Australian Super Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; Perennial Takes 15% Of Microba; Microba Appoints Prof Trent Munro Head Of Therapeutics; Medadvisor M-D Robert Read Drops CEO Role; US CEO Wanted

Microba Falls 28% On IPO For Gut Tests, Therapies; Resonance: Carpl To Validate Ferrismart, Hepafat-AI; Truscreen ‘Superior For Cervical Cancer Screening’; Prescient Opens PTX-100 T-Cell Lymphoma Expansion Cohort; Avita: ‘15 Recell Presentations For Burns Treatment’; Neurotech: Marijuana NTI164 ‘Safe, Tolerable’; Adalta Inhaled AD-214 Pre-Clinical Work ‘On-Track’; Inoviq Hires Researchdx To Develop Sub-B2M Cancer Test; Total Brain To Issue $1.3m Convertible Notes To Zoltan Varga; Biotron Receives $1.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Arovella: Anagrelide For Cancer US Patent; VGI: US Patent For Tocotrienol Delivery; Clarity: Green CFO, Vickery Co Sec, Dr Iagaru Adviser

Telix: Illucix Prostate Cancer Imaging US Commercial Launch; Telix: Federal $23m For Collaborative Manufacturing; Biotech Daily Website Upgrade; Alcidion $2.8m Silverlink UK Hospital Renewals; Medadvisor Final Syneos Payment For Adheris; Total $46m; Micro-X, DMS To Include Rover Components; Rhythm Colostat Trial ‘Meets Endpoints’; Uscom, Foxconn China Manufacturing Agreement; Radiopharm: UCLA DUNP19 For Cancer Licence; IQ3 Administrators Seek Extension Due To ‘Complexities’; Argenica: Dr Liz Dallimore M-D; Dr Meghan Thomas Appointed; Clinuvel Appoints Prof Andrew Likierman Director; Invex Renews Dr Tom Duthy On $180k

March BDI-40 Up 1.2%, ASX200 Up 6.4%, Big Caps Up 1.4%, NBI Up 4.25%; Federal $20m For Pancreatic Cancer Research; Alcidion: $3m Miya Deal With Dartford & Gravesham NHS; Starpharma Viraleze UK Relaunch, Resolves MHRA Queries; Inoviq Expands UQ Exosome Ovarian Cancer Test Research; Resapp: Dartford & Gravesham NHS To Trial Resappdx; Creso, Brower, Medara Latin America Marijuana Deal; Cann Group: UK Approves Satipharm Marijuana Capsule; Imricor Adds Italy For ICMR Cardiac Ablation; Australian Ethical Takes 6.9% Of Impedimed; Starpharma Appoints Dr Jeff Davies Director; Neuroscientific Appoints Simon Scott, Dougal Thring; Botanix: Dr Patricia Walker CMO, Dr Howie McKibbon CCO; Clinuvel Extends CEO Dr Philippe Wolgen Contract 3 Years

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Bio-Bargains; Federal 2040 Health Strategy Committee Appointed; Roger Allen, Patagorang Take 5.5% Of Hydrix; Jason Carroll Takes 11.2% Of Island; Tiffany Olson Replaces Telix Director Oliver Buck; Compumedics Loses Director Tucson Dunn; Nova’s Joe Bankovich Appointed US Glaucoma Society Adviser

Budget 2022: Further Details, Comment & Response - Ausbiotech, Genesiscare, Insulet, Biotech Daily; Genetic Signatures $5.4m Welsh Easyscreen Deal; Clinuvel Doses 2nd Afamelanotide DNA Repair Cohort; Memphasys: India, China Repeat Felix Cartridge Orders; Recce: 1000mg R-327 ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Race: Astex Free ASTX727 For Zantrene AML, MDS Trial; Argenica ARG-007 ‘Protects Ischaemic Brain Death, In Rats’; Living Cell, University Of Technology Sydney Optimize NTCell; Uscom Unmarketable Parcel Facility Buys Back 269k Shares; Total Brain, Varga Continue $700k Loan Talks; Painchek Appoints Cynthia Payne Director

Tessara Hopes To Raise $10m For Realbrain; UNSW Founders Synbio 10x $840k For Six Start-Ups; Avecho TPM-CBD Gel ‘Highly Significant For OA Pain’; Telix: FDA Orphan Status For TLX66 Transplant ‘Conditioning’; Telix: Xiel Replaces Curium As Illuccix UK, Ireland Distributor; Liquidators Sell Palla UK, Norway; ‘Nothing For Investors’; Nyrada: ‘Oral NYR-BI02 Beats BI01 For Brain Injury, In Mice’; Artrya Opens Los Angeles Office; Dimerix Receives $3.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Credit Suisse Takes 5% Of Mesoblast; Respiri Appoints EAS US Corporate Adviser

Clarity Opens Prostate Cancer Imaging Trial Recruitment; Oncosil: Germany Funds Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Painchek: NZ’s Summerset Adopts Pain Monitor; Micro-X: MXR Imaging To Distribute Rover X-Ray In US; Inoviq Amends Defence In Performance Share Legal Matter; Recce Receives $3.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Botanix Receives $2.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Creso: Halucenex Upgrade To Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms; ASX Lifts Chimeric Options Suspension; Regal Funds Below 5% In Micro-X; Perennial Reduces To 6.75% In Imex; Cronos Loses Director Kurt Schmidt

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Atomo Diagnostics; Doherty Trials 2 Sars-Cov-2 Vaccines; Chimeric Places $2.7m Of $6.4m Shortfall; Total $14.4m; Micro-X: $900k Milestone Payment Due For Stroke Imaging Data; Neuren: FDA Okays NNZ-2591 Pitt-Hopkins IND, Trial; Nuheara 20-To-One Consolidation, Stock Ratification EGM

Unisuper Invests $75m In Uniseed; Doherty, Moderna Expediate mRNA Vaccine Research; Clarity: US Investigator Copper-64 Prostate Cancer Trial; Servatus Starts Probiotics For Insomnia Trial; Imugene Takes Checkvacc To 2nd Cohort; Immutep: IMP321 For Lung Cancer ‘Safe, Encouraging Activity’; Incannex $125m Scrip For Marijuana Company Apirx; Proteomics: Promarkerd India Patent; Carl Charalambous Takes 8.8% Of Exopharm; Harbour Takes 11% Of Volpara; Mesoblast Appoints Dr Philip Krause Director

Doherty: Sars-Cov-2 Vaccines Give ‘Lasting’ T-Cell Immunity; Flinders Uni Discovers Gut-Brain Communication Route; Chimeric Rights Raise $4.3m; Total $11.7m; $6.4m Shortfall Halt; Neuren: FDA Approves NNZ-2591 Phelan-McDermid IND, Trial; Telix Approved For TLX101 Glioblastoma Trial; Imugene: US Okay For Phase I Vaxinia Tumor Trial; Chimeric: CHM2101 ‘Eradicates Tumors’, In Mice; Radiopharm: Genesiscare For 1st Australian Cancer Trial; PYC: FDA ‘Concurs’ With Pre-IND Plans; Clime Down To 8.6% Of Mach7; Life Biosciences Reduces To 10% Of Alterity; SG Hiscock Increases, Diluted To 5.1% Of Althea; Anteo To Lose CEO Derek Thomson, Too

Avita: BARDA Backs Recell Soft Tissue Trial; Noxopharm: Veyonda Soft Tissue Sarcoma FDA Orphan Status; Resapp Claims 92% Covid-19 Detection; Alcidion: $1.35m Herefordshire, Worcestershire NHS Miya Deal; Memphasys: ‘Samson 90% Pregnancy Prediction Rate’; Next Science Share Plan Raises $4.8m; Total $14.8m; Telix Starts Belgium Radio-Pharmaceutical Facility; Total Brain To Repay $3.2m Loans, Expects R&D Tax Incentive; Incannex Requests ‘Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Bio-Melbourne Forum On Cytiva Bio-Challenge; Botanix Appoints Daniel Sharp Director; Mayne Appoints Ann Custin Director

Federal $28.1m For Geonomics Australia; University Of New South Wales Opens RNA Institute; Baymatob Raises $4.2m For Oli Labor Monitor; Orthocell: TGA Approves Celgro Remplir For Nerve Repair; Living Cell: Shortfall Raises No Funds; Total $3.86m; Anteo Tells ASX Query: ‘Webinar Had No New Information’; ASX Suspends Chimeric Options; Resapp Takes ‘Covid Results’ Halt To Suspension; VGI: Study Backs Delta-Tocotrienol Pharmaco-Kinetics; Immutep Wins Japan LAG525 For Cancer Patent; Creso: Market Share ‘Milestone’; Plant Yield Up

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Immutep; Redhill Revenue Up 33% To $116m, Loss Up 28% To $133m; Impedimed: Astrazeneca Extends Sozo Kidney Contract; Polynovo Sells Port Melbourne HQ For $6.4m; Leaseback; Micro-X: $1.9m US Bag Scanner Prototype Milestone; Incannex: Up-To $69m In-The-Money ‘Loyalty’, Piggy-Back Options; IDT Misses Federal mRNA Grant, 2nd ‘Remains Live’; JM Financial Reduces To 8.7% Of Universal Biosensors; Peters Takes 12.7% Of Optiscan

Garvan $185m Fund For Rare, Untreatable Cancers; Micro-X Sends 4 Rover X-Ray Units To Ukraine; 4D Launches MRFF-Funded XV Lung Scanner; Imagion: Magsense Agent ‘Safe, Well Tolerated’; Paradigm: UK Approves Osteo-Arthritis Trial; Pharmaxis Adds Taiwan To PXS-5505 Bone Cancer Trial; Clinuvel: Neuracthel Batches For Regulatory Approval; Biotron: ‘BIT225 Effective Against Sars-Cov-2, In Mice’; Race: Zantrene ‘Highly Effective’ Against Leukaemia, In Mice; Emyria High Dose Marijuana CBD EMD-RX7; Trial Planned; IDT Requests mRNA ‘Grant Application’ Trading Halt; Orthocell Requests ‘Regulatory Approval’ Trading Halt; Resapp Requests ‘Covid Results’ Trading Halt; Pacific Edge Appoints Tony Barclay Director

Haemokinesis $17m IPO For Rapid Blood Group Tests; Victoria $10m For 20 Cancer Research Projects; LBT Sells First 5 US APAS Instruments; $2m; Redhill, Kukbo Up-To $10m South Korea Opaganib Covid-19 Deal; Ena Doses 1st INNA-051 Influenza Challenge Participants; Alcidion Signs $1.9m Miya Deal With Tayside NHS; Creso To Ship 35k Marijuana Lozenges To Sierra Sage Herbs; Regal Reduces To 6.5% Of Althea; Immuron Appoints Paul Brennan Director

Clinuvel: Afamelanotide ‘Safe For Stroke’, Positive Data; Victoria, Intervenn, St Vincent’s Early Cancer Detection; Wearoptimo ‘Multi-Million Dollar Hydration Deal With Aspen’; Imugene To Trial HER-Vaxx, Keytruda For Gastric Cancer; Respiri: Wheezo For Paid Michigan Children’s Program; Cann Group: Mildura Facility ‘Practical Completion’; Opthea: 100% Directors Pay Hike, 2m Directors Options EGM; Pharmaust Manufactures Monepantel For Trials; Radiopharm Appoints Bill Regan Regulatory Strategy Head

Victoria, South Korea mRNA Vaccine Partnership; Bionomics Receives Cancer Therapeutics CRC $264k; Antisense: ‘ATL1102 Improves Bone Density’; Memphasys: Draft ISO 13485 For Management Systems; EBR: Leadless Pacemaker Included In Solve-CRT Trial; Osteopore, Singular Study AI Design For Cranial Implants; Allegra: ‘Systemic Safety For Sr-Ht-Gahnite Device’; Zelira 175-To-1 Consolidation EGM; Perennial Takes 12.6% Of Lumos; Starfish II Transfers Dorsavi Shares To Nominees; Anteotech: Chair Jack Hamilton To Go; Chris Parker Executive

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mayne Pharma; Victoria $3m For Medical Technology Manufacturers; Neuren: Australia NNZ-2591 For Angelman Trial Approved; Medibio Rights Raise $730k Of Hoped-For $3.4m; Neuroscientific: Emtinb Reduces Cytokines, In-Vitro; IQ3 Requests Administration ‘To Restructure’; Anteo Pleads ‘Presentation’ To ASX43% Fall Query; State Street Takes 7% Of Nanosonics; Auscann Loses CFO Charles Altshuler; New CFO Wanted

Volpara: Euro Society Backs Breast Density Awareness; Race: Zantrene Kills Kidney Cancer, In-Vitro; Incannex: Marijuana IHL-42X ‘Reduces Sleep Apnoea 44%’; Immutep: IMP321 Breast Cancer Trial FDA Talks ‘Constructive’; Bio-Melbourne Optimizes Medtech Success; Chair Paul Rennie Increases, Diluted To 8.7% Of Paradigm; Sandon Takes 12.2% Of IDT; Geoffrey O’Brien ‘Increases, Diluted’ To 9% Of Hexima; Steven Waller Replaces Cryosite Chair Bryan Dulhunty

Paradigm: ‘Final USPTO Rejection Not Final’; Eye Co: Omega-3,6 For AMD Trial; Emyria Starts EMD-RX5 Phase I Recruitment; Brandon Renames MRCF ‘Brandon Biocatalyst’; Korda Mentha To Liquidate Palla Pharma; Adalta Receives 2nd Tranche Of $4m Victoria Loan; Regal Takes 17% Of Opthea; L1 Capital Reduces To 8.4% Of Anteris; Fidelity Takes 9.6% Of Medibio; Emvision Appoints 3 Advisors

Telix Completes TLX250-CDx For Renal Cancer Imaging Dosing; Chimeric Extends Rights Offer; Incannex Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Bio-Melbourne Automates Trials, Management

Impedimed: ‘Sozo Assesses Bone Mineral Content’; S&P ASX Indices: 7 Biotechs Up; 9 Down; Mach7: $2.4m Trinity, Penn State VNA Orders; Adherium Files US FDA 510k Ellipta, Hailie Application; Chimeric Core-NK (CHM0201): No GvHD, Toxicities; Recce R327 I-V Dose Increase To 1,000mg; Universal Biosensors Appoints Graham McLean Director; Malcolm Thompson Replaces Audeara CFO Peter Harding-Smith

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cochlear; Starpharma Tells TGA: ‘Viraleze A Device, Not A Drug’; CSL Takes 74% Of Vifor, Offer ‘Successful’; Chimeric: Be The Match For Cell Collection; US Patent For Tissue Repair Polysaccharide Manufacture; Director Andrew Kroger Takes 46% Of Cryosite; Micro-X Appoints Ilona Meyer Director

Redhill Oral RHB-107 ‘Highly Promising’ For Covid-19; Woke: Monash To Develop ‘High Dose Psilocybin’; Avita, Premier Recell Spray-On-Skin Supply Deal; Palla Liquidation: ‘Nothing For Investors’; Truscreen: Zimbabwe Orders 11k Cervical Cancer Sensors; Emyria Ready For Phase I EMD-RX5 O-T-C Marijuana Trial; Incannex: Monash $800k Psychedelic, Virtual Reality For Anxiety; Chair Paul Hopper Increases, Diluted To 21% Of Chimeric; Opthea Appoints Dr Joel Naor CMO; Neurotech Appoints Dr Alexandra Andrews CEO, On $250k PA; Anteris Appoints Dr Karl Poon Medical Adviser

Anteris ‘20% Discount’ $28m Placement; Perceptive Takes 14%; Medibio, CPS: ‘Ukraine War Ends Underwriting’; Telix ‘ Market Conditions’ Cancel Share Plan; Medical Developments: FDA Lifts Clinical Hold On Penthrox; Cardiex: Mobvoi Ticwatch With Atcor Technology; Adalta: China Patent For AD-214; Mitsubishi Takes 6.7% Of Nanosonics; Regeneus Loses Director Dr John Chiplin; Medibio Appoints Dr Matt Mesnik Director

February BDI-40 Down 12%, ASX200 Up 1%, Big Caps Up 3%, NBI Down 4%; Firebrick To Appeal TGA Nasodine Knock-Back; Avita H2 Revenue Up 37% To $19m, Loss Down 9% To $20m; Imex Revenue Up 22.5% To $13.3m, Loss Up 30% $4.7m; Hydrix H1 Revenue Up 1.5% To $5.2m, Loss Down 50.1% $2.4m; Creso Revenue Up 154% To $6.2m, Loss Down 6.3% To $30m; Epsilon Revenue Down 21% To $5.5m, Loss Down 15.4% To $9m; Cardiex H1 Revenue Down 12.6% To $2.3m, Loss Up 147% To $5.1m; Osteopore Revenue Down 26% To $1.1m, Loss Up 86% To $3.6m; Avecho Begins TPM-CBD Osteoarthritis Trial; Starpharma: ‘SPL7013 Reduces Omicron 95% In 1min, In-Vitro’; Cardiex Completes 10-For-1 Consolidation; ASX Suspends IQ3 On Accounts; Medical Developments Requests ‘FDA Hold Feedback’ Halt; Anteris Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Epsilon Requests ‘Valens Partnership’ Trading Halt; Alterity Below Nasdaq $US1 Bid Rule, Again; First Sentier Takes 6.7% Of Nanosonics; Cryosite Director Andrew Kroger Takes 43%

Clarity: China Grand Option, $1.75 Options Lapse; Hydrix Placement Raises $2.8m; Kazia: Paxalisib, Metformin, Ketogenic Diet Glioblastoma Trial; Patrys PAT-DX3 Stable Production Cell Line; Lumos H1 Revenue Down 38% To $7m, Loss Up 234% To $15m, Febridx; Total Brain H1 Revenue Up 171% To $5.4m, Loss Down 36% To $2.6m; Anteris Revenue Up 10% To $8m, Loss Up 50% To $23m; Nuheara H1 Revenue Down 57% To $3m, Loss Up 614% To $6m; Resonance H1 Revenue Down 8% To $1.9m, Profit To $225k Loss; Osprey Revenue Up 17% To $2.7m, Loss Down 25% To $14m; Universal Biosensors: Xprecia Prime Coagulation Test CE Mark; Dimerix: Remap-Cap Trial Pause; No DMX-200 Implication; Noxopharm Starts Veyonda Combo Sarcoma Trial; Creso: Canada Approves Psilocybin For PTSD Trial; Orthocell Plans 100k PA Striate Dental Membrane Units; China Patent For Cynata Cymerus Stem Cells; Incannex Lists ADRs On Nasdaq; Probiotec CEO Wesley Stinger Sells 1m Shares, Holds 6.4%; Nanomab Takes 10.7% In Radiopharm; Jason Peterson Below 5% In Zelira; Mesoblast Loses 18-Year Director Donal O’Dwyer; Linda Jenkinson Replaces Medadvisor Director, Chair Chris Ridd

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Firebrick Pharma; Victoria $470k For Avipep Lymphoma Treatment; Neuren: FDA Approves Angelman Syndrome Trial; Creso Raises $5m; Mayne H1 Revenue Down 6% To $196m; Loss Down 72.2% To $51m; Probiotec H1 Revenue Up 100% To $85m; Profit Up 259% To $4.4m; Medadvisor H1 Revenue Up 199% To $39m, Loss Down 29.5% To $6.7m; Cronos H1 Revenue Up 273% To $27m, Profit Up 1134% To $3.4m; Medical Dev H1 Revenue Down 24% To $10m, Loss Up 549% To $7.4m; Polynovo H1 Revenue Up 44% To $18m, Loss To $1.6m Profit; Compumedics H1 Revenue Down 7% To $17m, Profit Down 78% To $287k; Mach7 H1 Revenue Up 102% To $14m; Loss Down 94% To $419k; Mesoblast H1 Revenue Up 69% To $8m, Loss Down 3% To $68m; Cynata H1 Revenue $6.9m, Loss Down 77% To $1.1m; Impedimed H1 Revenue Up 45% To $5.2m; Loss Down 15% To $9m; Universal Bio Revenue Up 80% To $5.8m, Loss Up 38% To $10.5m; Allegra H1 Revenue Down 26% To $1.7m; Loss Up 967% To $1.3m; Regeneus Up-To $4m Loan For Japan Progenza Manufacture; Clarity Starts 2nd Neuroblastoma Trial Cohort; VGI Appoints Continuum US Distributor; L1 Capital Takes 9.9% Of Anteris; Former Immutep Chair Lucy Turnbull Returns As Director; Lou Panaccio To Replace Adherium Director Matt McNamara; Rhythm Appoints Andrea Steele Co Sec; General Counsel

Next Science Raises $10m, Plan For $5m More; Japan Approves Avita Recell System; Trajan H1 Revenue Up 17% To $44m, Profit Down 95% To $153k; Cogstate H1 Revenue Up 67% To $32m; Loss To $5.7m Profit; Austco H1 Revenue Up 15% To $16m, Profit Up 83% To $1.5m; Cyclopharm Revenue Up 21% To $18m, Loss Down 17% To $5m; Althea H1 Revenue Up 84% To $9.4m, Loss Down 14.85% To $7m; Visioneering Revenue Up 40% To $10m, Loss Down 75% To $3.2m; Telix Revenue Up 46% To $7.6m, Loss Up 79% To $80.5m; Acrux H1 Revenue Up 80% To $2m, Loss Down 30% To $5.5m; Genetic Technologies H1 Revenue Up To $2m; Loss Up 12% To $3.9m; Micro-X H1 Revenue Down 40% To $1.45m, Loss Up 87% To $9m; Uscom H1 Revenue Down 52% To $1.1m, Loss Up 250% To $943k; Ena, COPD Foundation Partner For Pan-Antiviral Nasal Spray; MTP Connect Adelaide Biomed City ‘Innovation Intermediary’; Zelira To Buy Health House For Scrip; $1.5m Loan; Argenica Completes ARG-007 Genotoxicity Studies; Hydrix Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Creso Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Antisense, Chicago’s Northwestern Work On ‘Long Covid’; Starpharma Appoints Ex-CSL Executive Dr Jeff Davies Director

Chimeric Institutional Rights Raise $7.4m; Retail $10.7m To Go; Anteris L1 Capital Options Raise $5m; Clinuvel H1 Revenue Up 57% To $25m; Profit Down 10% To $6m; Alcidion H1 Revenue Up 16% To $13m, Loss Up 360% To $6.3m; IDT H1 Revenue Up 74% To $8.6m, Profit Up 8% To $1.2m; Next Science Revenue Up 160% To $12m; Loss Down 22% To $13m; Cryosite H1 Revenue Up 18% To $5.8m, Profit Up 175% To $782k; Rhinomed H1 Revenue Up 93% To $3.7m, Loss Down 41% To $3.2m; Control Bionics H1 Revenue Up 18% To $2m; Loss Up 193% To $3m; Invion H1 Revenue Up 4.4% To $1.3m, Loss Up 23% To $1.05m; Next Science Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Brazil Patent For Inoviq Bard1 Cancer Diagnostic; Race: Zantrene Combination ‘Synergy’ For Leukaemia, In-Vitro; Pharmaust: ‘Monepantel Effective For Leukaemia, In-Vitro’

Cochlear H1 Revenue Up 10% To $821m, Profit Down 28% To $169m; Nanosonics H1 Revenue Up 40% To $61m, Profit Up 165% To $3.9m; Somnomed H1 Revenue Up 10% To $34m, Loss Down 14% To $2.95m; Atomo H1 Revenue Up 17% To $5.3m, Loss Down 5% To $2.4m; Dorsavi H1 Revenue Down 14% To $1.6m, Loss Up 177% To $907k; Bioxyne H1 Revenue Up 12.2% To $1.4m, Loss To $5k Profit; Editorial: Your R&D Tax Incentive Is Not Revenue; Microba Raising $30m For Gut Health Tests, Treatments; Chimeric Rights Offer To Raise $18m; Creso Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Proteomics Promarkerd Prepares For Australian Rebate; Emyria Expands MDMA Analogues

Mesoblast: ‘1st Stem Cell Colitis Cohort Safety, Benefit’; Starpharma H1 Revenue Up 200% To $1.9m, Loss Down 19% To $8m; Pharmaust H1 Revenue Up 52% To $1.7m, Loss Up 48% To $1.2m; Arovella ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $2m; Total $6.6m; Adherium Hailie Cpt Codes Rates; Imricor: Münster Uni Hospital Starts ICMR Ablation System; Vectus Ready For 5th VB0004 Dose Cohort; Recce: ‘500mg R327 Safe, Well Tolerated’; Pharmaust Appoints Ergomed For Monepantel Covid-19 Trial; Genetic Technologies ‘NATA, CLIA Okay Genetype Multi-Test’; Chimeric Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Copia Takes 5.5% Of Probiotec; Perennial Takes 9% Of Medadvisor

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: CSL; Redhill ‘Operations Break-Even On Q4 Revenue Of $33m’; Genetic Sigs H1 Revenue Up 16% To $22m; Profit Up 5% To $5m; Avita: FDA Approves Recell Spray-On-Skin Supplement; Medadvisor: Green Cross Deal For New Zealand; Clarity To Release 66m ASX Escrow Shares; Lazard Below 5% In Mayne Pharma; Regal Reduces To 5.6% Of Micro-X; Radiopharm: Antje Wegener Clinical Development Head

SDI H1 Revenue Up 26% To $46.3m; Loss Down 41% To $2.7m; Nova Eye H1 Revenue Down 1.5% To $6.5m; Loss Up 92% To $3.1m; Cann Group H1 Revenue Up 186% To $3m, Loss Down 12% To $8m; Amplia: AMP945 Ups Chemo 33% For Pancreatic Cancer, In Mice; Anatara Ready For 3FDC For Depression Trial; Firebrick: US Patent For Nasodine Covid-19 Nasal Spray; PYC Takes 93.5% Of Vision Pharma; Cann Group Loses Director Geoff Pearce; Medibio Appoints Stephen Mitchley Director

CSL Record H1 Revenue Up 5% To $8.5b, Profit Down 3% To $2.5b; Pro Medicus H1 Revenue Up 40% To $44m, Profit Up 53% To $20.7m; BTC Group H1 Revenue Up 12% To $4m, Loss Up 91% To $362k; Woke, Western Australia Uni Work On LSD Analogues; Pharmaust’s Epichem: ‘Promising Results’ On E-Waste Project; Palla ‘Fails To Attract A Buyer; To Begin Wind-Down’; Telix Signs GMSA For Australian Illucix Distribution; Nuheara Expands For US Regulated Hearing Market; Rhinomed Receives $425k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cardiex Approves 10-To-1 Consolidation; Medicus Sciences Acquisition Corp Ceases Anteris Holding; Kefford Family Takes 7.3% Of Vectus; Osteopore Loses Director Vlado Bosanac Over Tax Dispute; Lumos Appoints Barrie Lambert CFO

Anteris ‘Declines’ Medicus Merger Proposal; LBT Receives $825k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Rhythm Retains ISO 13485 For Colostat Blood Test; Cann Group Trials Marijuana For Sleep Disturbance; Actinogen Appoints Prof Paul Rolan CMO; Bio-Melbourne Women In Leadership Nominations Closing

CSL Share Plan Raises $750m; Total $7.05b; Opthea: ‘PCV Subset Benefits From Opt-302’; Clinuvel Healthy Adult Afamelanotide For DNA Repair Trial; Cardiex: Andwin $1.3m Atcor Xcel Trial For Philip Morris; Resapp: Health Teams To Take Resappdx To Aged Care; Biome Releases Full Results Of Probiotics Acne Trial; Invictus To Raise $2.3m To Demerge From VGI; Amplia Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Adam Leitzes, Karst Peak Take 12.3% Of Pharmaxis; Fil Below 5% In Telix; Bcal Releases 21m ASX Escrow Shares

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Resmed; Pharmaxis H1 Revenue Down 38%, Sales Up 88% To $3m, $8.8m Loss; Mayne Launches Unnamed Authorized Generic For Acne; Adherium First Production Of New Hailie Sensor; Actinogen Completes Xanamem Dose-Ranging Cognition Trial; Impedimed Trials Sozo For Renal Failure; Immutep IMP321 Australia Patent; Creso O-T-C Marijuana Lozenge For Sars-Cov-2; Lumos To Release 8m Shares From Voluntary Escrow; Lumos M-D Rob Sambursky Off-Board To Focus On CEO Role; Jonathon Gut To Replace Imricor CFO Lori Milbrandt

Federal ‘Patent Box’ To Cut Tax To 17%; Federal Opposition; Ausbiotech Welcomes ‘Patent Box’ Tax Break; Biotech Daily Editorial: ‘This Is Not A Patent Box’; Firebrick: Nasodine Trials Reduce Sars-Cov-2 Viral Shedding; Anteo: New Eugeni Reader, Sars-Cov-2 Test Trials For TGA; GI Dynamics Back With India Endobarrier Trial; Uscom Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Little Green To Release 55.5m ASX Escrow Shares

Prota To Raise $20m For Peanut Allergy; Biome: ‘Trial Backs Probiotics For Acne’; Dorsavi Wins ISO 27001 Data Security Certification; Actinogen: Worldwide To Manage Xanamem Fragile X Trial; VGI Ethics Approval For IBV001 For NAFLD, Nash Trial; Anteris Proposes Merger With SIO-Related MSAC

Redhill ‘Adjunct Opaganib Reduces Covid Mortality 70%’; Recce: R327 Synthetic Antibiotic ‘Safe At 500mg’; Chimeric: ‘Encouraging CLTX-Car-T Safety Data’; Antisense ATL1102 For Unnamed Muscle Disease Mouse Study; Neuroscientific Completes In-Vitro Emtinb Studies; Bcal Breast Cancer Test ‘Backed By Independent Analyses’; Auscann FDA Guidance For CPAT-01 For Dog Osteoarthritis; Nanosonics Revises GE Distribution Deal, Again; Creso’s Halucenex Canada Psilocybin Supplier; Hong Kong Patent For VGI Tocotrienol Delivery; Tessara Hires Peter Girling, Paul Adlard, Mark Greenough; Allegra Loses Director Anthony Hartnell

MCRI, Prota: Desensitization For Peanut Allergy; Probiotic; Proteomics: Biomarkers For Obstructive Airway Disease; QIMR Exosome Blood Test For Cancer Treatment; Resonance: ‘Eligible For Liversmart Imaging CPT Codes’; Telix EU Illuccix Review Extension; Revenue Delay; Clarity: FDA Approves Prostate Cancer Imaging Trial; Respiri 2nd Access US Distribution Deal; Medlab Closer To UK Nanabis Marijuana Cancer Pain Trial; Althea: Dr Reddy’s To Acquire Distributor Nimbus Health; Emyria To Release 100m ASX Escrow Shares; Bilal Ahmad Takes 6.25% Of Dorsavi; Dimerix Appoints Dr Ash Soman CMO; Robyn Slaughter Replaces Allegra Co Sec Justyn Stedwell

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: EBR Systems Inc; Proteomics, QIMR Validate Oesophageal Cancer Biomarkers; Federal $15m For Adelaide Cancer Genomics Laboratory; Telix To Be Promoted Into ASX200; Respiri, M-Telehealth $33k 2nd Wheezo Order; Reimbursement; Exopharm Tells ASX: ‘AIRM News Material, Clarification Not’; Clarity Receives $3.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Fil Reduces To 7.3% Of Starpharma

Adalta Rights Raise $1.25m; Total $5m; Cyclopharm To File FDA Technegas Response In Q3; Starpharma Appoints Etqan & Nazahah Gulf Distributor; Oncosil: German Innovation Funding, Centralized Ethics; Medical Developments Ends CSIRO API Collaboration; Clarity: ‘Unaffected By Failed Belgium Nuclear Reactor’; Creso To Buy Sierra Sage For $29.5m Scrip; Woke Imports Synthetic Psilocybin For Depression Trials; Telix CEO Dr Chris Behrenbruch, Elk River Take 7.5%; Lazard Takes 5% Of Mayne Pharma; Malcom McCusker Takes 5.6% Of PYC; Pharmaust Loses Epichem CEO Colin La Galia; Chimeric Appoints Kelly Thornburg Head Of Quality

Victoria Supports $17m Lumos Rapid Antigen Test Factory; Vivazome Wins $200k Cytiva ‘Bio-Challenge’ Prize; Biome ‘Probiotic Significantly Cuts Child Asthma Exacerbations’; Avecho, Team Saas $1.4m US TPM-Marijuana Edibles Deal; Opthea $105m At-The-Market Equity Program; IDT To Manufacture Woke Psilocybin For Depression Trials; Audeara Launches A-02 Headphones, TV Bundle; Pharmaust Formulates Monepantel For MND Trial; Jason Carroll Takes 10.15% Of Island; Vale Immutep Director Grant Chamberlain; Director Dr Eric Rose Replaces Mesoblast CMO Dr Fred Grossman; Radiopharm Appoints Hester Larkin Director

January BDI-40 Down 17%, ASX200 6%, Big Caps 11%, NBI 12%; Firebrick Up 225% On $7m IPO For Nasodine Anti-Viral Spray; Epsilon Receipts Down 28% To $5m; Nova Eye H1 Glaucoma Sales Up 1.6% To $6.5m; Nuheara: ‘Trial Validates Self-Fitted Hearing Aids’; Dimerix: Denmark Okays Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Trial; Clarity To Dose Neuroblastoma 2nd Cohort; Radiopharm: Terrapower To Provide Actinium-225; Chimeric, Pennsylvania CHM2101 Research Deal; Resapp: China Cough Analysis Patent; Carrington Trust Takes 5.2% Of Bcal; Imugene Appoints Dr Stephen Cha CMO; Neuren Appoints Gerry Zhao For Corporate Development; Co Sec Tim Slate Replaces Zelira Director Jason Peterson; Medadvisor Appoints Raeann Grossman Cotiviti Director; Lazard Below 5% In Mayne

Clinuvel H1 Receipts Up 79% To $31m; Lumos H1 Receipts $8.2m; Mesoblast H1 Receipts Up 181% To $7.9m; Pharmaxis H1 Receipts Up 101% To $7.2m; Next Science Receipts Up 223% To $13.6m; Imex Receipts Up 25% To $11m; Impedimed H1 Receipts Up 53% To $5.1m; Creso Receipts Up 71% To $6.4m; Nuheara H1 Receipts Down 48% To $2.8m; Pharmaust (Epichem) H1 Receipts Up 31% To $1.7m; Resonance H1 Receipts Down 12.3% To $1.7m; Cardiex H1 Receipts Down 26% To $1.7m; Bioxyne H1 Receipts Up 30% To $1.7m; Dorsavi H1 Receipts Up 112% To $1.6m; Osprey Receipts Up 7% To $2.8m; IDT Federal Supply Deal Ends, ‘mRNA Discussion Ongoing’; Pharmaxis Doses 1st Patients In PXS-6302 Scar Reduction Trial; Allegra Claims Sr–HT–Gahnite Spinal Cage Sheep Trial Success; Next Science Appoints Zimmer US Xperience Distributor; Exopharm, Astellas $686k Exosome Collaboration; Imugene: CF33, Vaxinia, Checkvacc Japan Patent; Telix Dr Behrenbruch, Elk River; Gnosis, Dr Kluge Reduce To 7.4%; Merchant Funds Takes 8% Of Arovella; MTP Connect Loses M-D Dr Dan Grant; COO Stuart Dignam Interim; Oventus John Cox CEO On $534k; Dr Chris Hart Director, Adviser; Invex: Chair Dr Loveridge $276k; CSO Prof Alex Sinclair $281k; Race Appoints Christina Manfre CFO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Medical Developments; Resmed H1 Receipts Up 16% To Record $2.6b; Medadvisor H1 Receipts Up 198% To $42m; Total Brain H1 Receipts Up 186% To $4.5m; Cann Group H1 Receipts Up To $3.24m; Starpharma H1 Receipts Up 10-Fold To $2.5m; Universal Biosensors Receipts Up 412% To $4m; Control Bionics H1 Receipts Up 25.6% To $1.9m; Osteopore Receipts Down 28% To $1.1m; Imugene, Roche PD1-Vaxx 1 Trial Supply Deal; Imugene: European HER-Vaxx Patent; Anteo Falls 29% On TGA Rapid Sars-Cov-2 Test Data Request; Oventus Receives $417k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; SG Hiscock Takes 6% Of Althea; Probiotec Appoints Paul Santoro Director; IDT Appoints Dr Jane Ryan Director; Regeneus Appoints Dr Scott Bruder Adviser

Somnomed H1 Receipts Up 19% To $35m; Cronos H1 Receipts: $29m; Alcidion H1 Receipts Up 52% To $16.4m; Medlab H1 Receipts Up 87% To $4.8m; Anteris Receipts Up 14% To $8.3m; Micro-X H1 Receipts Down 66% To $1.2m; Imricor Receipts Up 27% To $1.5m; Vivazome, Anu Work On Exosomes For Retinal Disease; $283k Hangzhou Zede Deal Takes Resonance To China; NZ Approves Atomo’s Access Bio Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test; Telix Doses 1st TLX591 Prostate Cancer Treatment Patient; US Patent For Chimeric Chlorotoxin Antigen Receptors; Japan Patent For Cynata Cymerus Stem Cells; Resapp: Prof Antonio Anzueto, Prof Joan Soriano Advisers

Resonance, VGI Sign $100k Hepafat-AI Trial Deal; Atomo: Covid Tests Push H1 Receipts Up 33% To $7.7m; Visioneering Receipts Up 46% To $11m; Rhinomed H1 Revenue Up 216% To $4.1m; BTNX Rhinoswabs; Austco: H1 Revenue Up 15% To $16m; Profit Up 93% To $1.6m; Opthea Receives $6.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Paradigm 39% Rem Report 2nd Strike, 66% Oppose Chair Shares; Cann Group: TGA GMP Licence; Creso Applies For Canada Psylocibin PTSD Trial; Redmile Reduces To 5.4% Of Avita; Arovella Appoints Dr Mini Bharathan Pre-Clinical Lead

Telix Raises $175m; Plan For $25m More; Arovella Raises $4.6m; Plan For $1.5m More; Nuheara Plan Raises $1.1m; Total $5.7m; Cyclopharm Expects Revenue Up 22% To $18m; Telix Receipts Up 6% To $4.1m; Uscom H1 Receipts Fall 51% To $1.3m; Clinuvel: German Insurers Continue Scenesse Support; Patrys Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; 4D Lung Transplantation Validation Trial; Anteris: Duravr Trial Interim Results ‘No Adverse Events’; Visioneering Enrols 1st Contact Lens Trial Patient; Living Cell Signs $1.17m Agreement For Pig Tissue With Nzeno; Argenica Completes ARG-007 Toxicology Study; Patrys: PAT-DX1 Purification Delays Trial 6 Months; Resapp: Doctors On Demand Launches Resappdx; UK MHRA Registers Adherium For Hailie Manufacture; Radiopharm $696k Scrip For 3 ‘Nanobodies’ IP; Immuron To ASX: ‘Validation, Holiday Email Delayed News’; Australian Ethical Takes 11.3% Of Mach7; Emyria 1.1m Dr Karen Smith Shares, Tattarang Shares EGM

Cogstate H1 Revenue Up 67% To $29.6m; Genetic Signatures H1 Revenue Up 16% To $22m; Heramed: $220k Joondalup Heracare Contract; Trajan Founder Stephen Tomisich, Family Diluted To 57%; Imugene Loses CMO Dr Rita Laeufle

Resapp Signs Philippines Homify For Resappdx Telehealth; Althea H1 Marijuana Receipts Up 111% To $9.9m; Starpharma Receives $7.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Emyria Readies For O-T-C EMD-RX5 Marijuana Capsule Trial; Imex: Thailand Approves Aquila, 1st Sale; BJC Distributor; VGI: Amazon To Stock NE1-Elite, NE1-Heart Through; Telix Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Arovella Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Heramed Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Medibio: CPS Underwrites $1m Of $3.4m Rights Offer; Cann Group: Rua Investors Approve Zalm Acquisition; Optiscan Loses Director Dr Phil Currie

Genetic Technologies H1 Receipts Up To $2.7m From $15k; Allegra Revenue, Loss Warning; Adherium Receives $1.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cynata Receives $833k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Peters Buys Andrew Goodall $1.4m Memphasys Note; Cardiex 10-To-1 Consolidation For US OTCQX Listing; William Blair, Bionomics Chair Dr De Souza, Liz Doolin Take 22%; CEO Dr Peter Meintjes Starts At Pacific Edge

Universal Biosensors Launches Sentia Malic Acid Wine Test; Recce: ‘150mg R327 Safe, Well Tolerated’; Race Receives $708k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Heramed Requests ‘Commercial Licence’ Trading Halt; Sg Hiscock Takes 7.8% Of Resonance; Compumedics Appoints Paul Jensz Director; Osteopore To Lose CFO Carl Runde; New CFO Wanted

BDI-40, Cannabis Corner Changes; Immuron Receives $306k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Resapp: Clinicians Back Resappdx For Covid-19; Memphasys 1st Commercial Felix Sale For Human IVF; Clinuvel Enrols Afamelanotide For Stroke Study; Inoviq: US Patent For Bard1 Cancer Antibody Tests; Mind Medicine Trials Psychedelics Brain Activity; Bod: UK Approves Marijuana For ‘Long Covid’ Trial; Dr Kathryn Macfarlane Replaces Mayne Director Nancy Dolan; Creso Appoints William Lay, Micheline Mackay, Bruce Linton

Special Summer Catch-Up Edition - Compiled By Noah Nicholas Telix: FDA Approves Illuccix For Prostate Cancer Imaging; Pharmaxis ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $2.6m; Total $9.8m; Actinogen Share Plan Raises $1.3m; Total $13.3m; Avecho, Medterra Marijuana Distribution Deal; Chair Ron Dewhurst, Kroy Wen Take 6.83% Of Rhinomed; Incannex: Phase II IHL-42X Marijuana OSA Dosing Complete; Resonance: EX00A31 Reduces Hepatitis B Replication In-Vitro; Clinuvel: FDA Okays Phase II Scenesse For Vitiligo Study; Invex Receives $186k UK R&D Tax Rebate; CSL Share Plan To Raise $750m; Telix: 1st Patient Dosed In Phase I Bladder Cancer Trial; Genetic Signatures: Variant Kit Differentiates Delta, Omicron; Former Chair Ray Blight Increases, Diluted To 8% Of Alcidion; Director Prof Malcolm Pradhan Diluted To 8% Of Alcidion; Rhinomed: Rhinoswab Junior Meets Equivalence Endpoint; Cogstate Promoted To S&P ASX All Technology Index; Race Share Plan Raises $29.7m; Dr Tillet Increase, Diluted; Bionomics Nasdaq IPO Raises $28m; Lumos: Canada Orders $350k Covidx Sars-Cov-2 Rapid Tests; Audeara Appoints Audika Australia Distributor; Imex: Colombia Police $1.1m Radiology Contract; MGC Starts Artemic ‘Long Covid’ Pilot Study; Neuroscientific: ‘Emtin Peptides Modulate Inflammation In-Vitro’; Niv Dagan Takes 11.38% Of Inhalerx; Total Brain Pays $3.1m For Janssen Depression Research; Antisense Share Plan Raises $2.6m; Total $22.6m; Cynata Starts Phase I CYP-006TK Diabetic Foot Ulcer Trial; Platinum Increases, Diluted To 15% Of Amplia; Dimerix Receives Federal $100k Grant; Platinum Takes 17% Of Adalta; Australian Super Takes 9.5% Of Alcidion; Micro-X Receives $2.1m R&D Tax Incentive; Resapp Appoints Sanrai ‘Emerging Markets’ Distributor; SIO Increases, Diluted To 12.6% Of Anteris; FIL Below 5% Of Cogstate; Mark Lampert, BVF Increase, Diluted To 13% Of Bionomics; Shengli Wang Diluted To 10.63% Of Invion; Lumos Viradx Rapid Test Submissions Ready; Ellerston Below 5%; Regeneus $800k R&D Incentive; Japan Progenza Patent; Anteotech Receives $1.96m R&D Tax Incentive; Exopharm US Patent For Leap Exosome Production; Nyrada Phase I Cholesterol Drug Trial In Late-2022; Avita AGM: 42% Oppose Executive Compensation; Dimerix Approval For Australian Pilot/Phase III Covid Study; Nuheara $4.6m Placement, Rights Offer For $3m; Perennial Reduces To 7.55% Of Medadvisor; Respiri, M-Telehealth Sign 5-Year, $210k Deal For Wheezo In The US; Oncosil: Local Pancreatic Cancer Control In 90.5% Of Patients; Yuuwa Diluted To 18.2% Of Adalta; Inoviq (Bard1): China Patent For Lung Cancer Diagnosis; Universal Biosensors $50k PA For IQ Science Aptamers; Paradigm 2nd Strike, 80% Directors Feel Pool Hike; 525k Shares; Citigroup Takes 22.3% Of Bionomics; Perennial Take 11.5% Of Lumos; Stemcell Further Extends ‘Joint Venture’ Suspension; Andrew Chapman, Merchant Below 5% Of Race; Cynata, Fujifilm Manufacturing Deal; Alcidion Rights Raise $11.6m; Total $55m; Anteris Options Raise $18.9m; LBT Acquires Hettich’s 50% Of Clever Culture Systems; Osteopore: Mark Leong Executive Chair; Vlado Bosanac Director; Living Cell Rights Raise $361k; $3.4m Shortfall; Cann Global AGM: $312k Shares For Ex-Chair Pnina Feldman; Carl Charalambous Takes 7.23% Of Exopharm; Darryl Davies Replaces Inhalerx CEO Matthew Golden; Ex-Director Bernard Hockings Reduces To 6.3% Of PYC; Total Brain $692k Alto Neuroscience Ispot-D Data Deal; Resonance FDA Clearance For Liversmart; Atomo Pleads Schultz, Media, RATs To ASX 36% Price Query; Asia Pacific Healthcare Investments Takes 6% Of Clarity; Trajan Pays $7m, 4.7m Shares For Neoteryx Blood Micro-Sampling; Emyria Appoints Sixty Two Capital Adviser; Mesoblast To File New Remestemcel-L Potency Data To FDA; Trajan Completes Leap Acquisition; Perennial Below 5% In Nuheara; Bionomics Loses BVF Partners Nominee Director Mitchell Kaye; Ecofibre Extends Loan Terms; M-D Robert Wong Takes 6.79% Of Control Bionics; Opthea Appoints Ex-Director Judith Robertson CCO; Imugene Completes Phase Ia PD1-Vaxx Monotherapy Dosing; Imugene Appoints Ursula Mccurry, Dr Nimali Withana Executives; Alterity Loses Directors Dr David Sinclair, Tristan Edwards; Hettich Takes 9.6% Of LBT; Bionomics Starts Phase II BNC-210 Social Anxiety Trial; Christian Angemayer, Apeiron Take 19.9% Of Bionomics; Hexima Appoints Phillip Rose US Chief Commercial Officer; Imricor: Athens’ Henry Dunant Hospital Buys Ablation Products; Island Hires Icon For Phase II ISLA-101 Dengue Fever Trial; Anteris Applies For Adapt Sterilisation Patent; Cronos Pleads Schultz, ‘CDA Merger To ASX 42% Price Query; Dr Gisela Mautner Replaces Noxopharm CEO, M-D Dr Graham Kelly; Pharmaxis: NHMRC $1.4m For Drug Pipeline Research; Alterity: US Patent For Neuro-Degenerative Disease; Imugene: South Korea Patent For HER-Vaxx; Nuheara Completes Hearing Aid Clinical Trial; Rhythm: $6.53m Placement To Unnamed ‘Global Funds Manager’; Citigroup Takes 24.73% Of Bionomics; Imugene Receives $6.54m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Federal $15m For Psychedelics For Mental Health; Israel’s Redhill Appoints Gaelan Emirates Talicia Distributor; Avita: ‘Proof-Of-Concept For GM Skin Cells’; Avita: Recell Soft-Tissue Reconstruction Trial Enrolled; Mesoblast: 1.7m US Warrants For Oaktree Loan Facility; Resapp: Resappdx On Alodokter Telehealth Platform; Recce: Positive Safety Data From Phase I R327 Trial; Creso To Release 47m Shares From Voluntary Escrow; MGC: India Grants Artemic Rescue Import Approval; Noxopharm Receives $5.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Pharmaxis Tells ASX: ‘NHMRC Grants Not Material’; Genetic Signatures: TGA Registers Sars-Cov-2 Saliva Protocol; Resapp Completes US Covid-Cough Study Recruitment; Inoviq $89k For Subb2m Test Antibodies; Chelsea Sherida Replaces Bluechiip Co Sec Lee Mitchell; Race Chair Dr John Cullity Sells 300k Shares; Zelira Receives $348k From DRCN; Polynovo H1 Revenue Up 43% To $18.04m; Dimerix Doses 1st DMX-200 Covid-19 Patients In India; Kim Bradley Replaces Cryosite Chair Bryan Dulhunty As Co Sec; Creso: Halucenex Applies For Canada Special Access Program; Bcal Appoints Dr John Hurrell CEO; Starts On $300k; Blackrock Takes 12.2% Of Imricor; SDI H1 Revenue Up 26% To $46m; Compumedics H1 Orders Up 33%, Revenue Down 7% To $17m; Compumedics $4.2m Orion Lifespan Sale To Tianjin Normal Uni; Mesoblast: Rexlemestrocel-L Provides 3-Year Lower Back Relief; KKR Core Investors Takes 6% Of Clarity; Immuron: $6.2m For US Military-Grade Travelan For Diarrhoea; Liverpool Pharmacies Adopt Lumos Febridx; Zelira Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Mayne To Sell Generic Protopic For Eczema In US; Nyrada Receives $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Federal $25.6m For Cynata, Acrux, Axial; Paradigm Doses 1st Phase III Osteo-Arthritis PPS Patients; Amplia Completes AMP945 Manufacture For Trials; Adherium: US Finalises Remote Therapeutic Monitoring CPT Codes; Immuron: EU Patent For Traveller’s Diarrhoea; Argenica Appoints Dr Meghan Thomas Clinical Development Head; Artrya Appoints Dr Jacque Sokolov Advisor Board Chair; Kosmas Dimitriou Replaces IQ3 Co Sec Ron Hollands; Korda Mentha Requests Bids For Palla; Redhill: Opaganib Improves Covid-19 Viral RNA Clearance; MTP Connect Awards 10 Fellowships; MTP Connect: $20m For Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease; Cardiex 1-For-10 Consolidation EGM; Evercore Takes 22% Of Bionomics; Arovella (Suda) Loses Executive Director David Phillips; Stemcell Further Extends ‘Joint Venture’ Suspension

Special Edition 2021: BDI-40 Up 23%; Big Caps Up 14% ASX200 Up 13%; NBI Down 1% Actinogen Up 847%, Imugene 387%, Prescient 249%; Oncosil Down 63%, Polynovo 61%

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