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Kazia ‘Paxalisib Increases Brain Cancer Survival’; Jumps 248%; Telix Welcomes US Illucix Reimbursement Changes; Orthocell Wins Canada Striate+ Approval; Zelira: FDA Guides Phase I Marijuana ZEL-HOP1 Autism Trial; Austco Expects Revenue Up 38% To $58m; Investors Mutual Takes 7.4% Of Trajan; Allegra Director Dr Nicholas Hartnell Takes 58.4%; ASX Long-Term Suspension List - 6 Biotechs

Victoria $5m For Research; Monash Uni Manufacturing Centre; IDT Rights Raise $7m; Pacific Edge Q1 Cxbladder Test Volumes Down; Bluechiip: More Orders From Unnamed Client; Neurotech ‘NTI164 Further Benefits For Autism At 12-Weeks’; Tryptamine Completes Phase IIa Psilocybin Fibro-Myalgia Trial; Radiopharm Doses 1st RAD204 Lung Cancer Patient; Imugene Doses 1st Bile Tract Cancer Expanded Cohort Patient; PYC Starts VP-001 RP11 Multiple Dose Trial; Trivarx Completes Phase II Meb-001 Depression Sleep Study; Opthea Review Supports OPT-302 For AMD; Fisher & Paykel $1.1m M-D Lewis Gradon Rights, Options AGM; Orthocell Requests ‘Striate Approval’ Trading Halt; Sandon Capital Takes 18% Of IDT; Bio-Melbourne Extends Leadership Workshop Entry Deadline

Queensland Uni Blood Test For Early Lung Cancer; Orthocell Record Unaudited Revenue Up 30% To $6.7m; Curvebeam Wins 10 Purchase Orders In 3-Months; Mesoblast Re-Files Ryoncil For Paediatric GvHD To FDA; Neurotech Asks FDA For NTI164 Pandas/Pans Orphan Status; Lumos Extends Henry Schein Febridx To Belgium; Genetic Technologies Genetype For Canada, New Zealand; Asia Union Increases, Diluted To 19.8% Of Genetic Signatures; Insignia Takes 5% Of Argenica; Ausbiotech Appoints Dr James Campbell Chair

NSW $134.5m For Viral Vector Manufacturing Facility; Curie Bio Seed Funding For Florey Spin-Out Alkira Bio; Queensland Uni: ‘AP-1 Gene Linked To Aging’; Emvision Recruits Stage 3 Emu Stroke Patients; Inhalerx: FDA Holds Marijuana IRX616A Trial On ‘Safety Concerns’; Recce R327 Shows ‘Significant Bactericidal Activity’, Ex-Vivo; Nova Eye Glaucoma Product Sales Up 37% To $23m; Austco Wins $5m Canada Hospital Tacera Contract; Truscreen: Gorton Health Pays $91k For Devices In Vietnam; 4D Medical Expands Jones Radiology To XV; Victoria $118k For ECS Marijuana Vapes; Extends NAB Loan; Aroa 961k M-D Rights, 140k Director Shares AGM; Chair Paul Hopper Diluted To 9% Of Radiopharm; Nanomab Below 5% Of Radiopharm; Walker Family Transfers 18% Of Next Science; Marcelo Mora Replaces Xiao Cui As Epsilon Co Sec

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Starpharma; Clinuvel: ‘Afamelanotide Reduces U-V Light DNA Damage’; Genetic Signatures Retail Rights Raise $8.5m; Total $30m; Inoviq ‘Oversubscribed’ Share Plan Raises $2.4m; Total $9.4m; NHMRC, MRFF Closer Cooperation; Advisers Wanted; Neurotech Appoints Prof Carolyn Ellaway Part-Time CMO; Particia Vanni Replaces Bluechiip Co Sec Chelsea Sheridan

Compumedics Raises $1.9m; Dimerix Opens Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Trial To Adolescents; Island To File Results, Trial FDA Protocols; Initiate Site; Lumos: Henry Schein Australia, NZ Febridx Distributor; Echo IQ: Scimage To Use Echosolv On Platform; Perennial Reduces To 7% Of Medadvisor; Regal Funds Takes 7% Of Radiopharm; JP Morgan, Affiliates Take 5% Of Radiopharm; Cyntec Takes 19.99% Of Cambium; Melbourne Securities Takes 5.7% Of Heramed; Prescient Appoints Dr Gavin Shepherd Director

Peter MacCallum: ‘Crispr For Cancer’; Amplia Enrols Phase IIa Narmafotinib Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Inhalerx Sets Marijuana IRX-211 Phase II Cancer Pain Dose; Island $75k To Biocryst For Anti-Viral Galidesivir Option; Immuron Files $22.5m US Sec F-3 ‘At-The-Market’ Form; Telix To Release 5.4m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Ceasing Substantials Follow Telix US IPO Withdrawal; Ebos Takes 9.8% Of Medadvisor; Allan Gray Reduces To 7.9% Of Starpharma; Treasure Century Holds 13% Of Cambium; Apex Metro Holds 9% Of Cambium; Neuren Loses 22-Year Director Dr Trevor Scott

Mayne Pharma Pays $38m To Settle Class Action; SDI Unaudited Sales Up 3% To Record $111m; Federal $20m For AND Health Digital Research; Recce To Raise $10m In Placement, Share Plan; Immuron Files IMM529 Pre-IND Application To FDA; Actinogen Last Phase II Xanamem Depression Patient Visit; Radiopharm Ends Lind Partners Draw-Down Facility; Compumedics Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Nicole Kelsey Replaces Avita Co Sec Donna Shiroma; Race Appoints Prof Daniel Von Hoff Advisor; Patricia Vanni Replaces Allegra Co Sec Robyn Slaughter; Jennifer Voon Replaces Algorae Co Sec Maria Clemente

BDI-40 18-Year Record High - Up 847%; Big Caps Up 1,100%; ASX200 Up 53%; Victoria $1m For 20 Medtech Start-Ups; Argent ‘Firm Commitments’ For $750k Private Placement; Emyria Wins $499k WA Government MDMA Grant; Cynata To Pay $230k For Tekcyte Wound Dressing; Cann: Biortica Pays $1.65m For Equipment; Zelira Takes $2.1m Loan From Chair Osagie Imasogie; Imricor: Lausanne Uni Instals ICMR System; PYC: VP-001 Safe In 4th, Highest Dose Cohort; Tryptamine Doses 1st TRP-8803 IV-Psilocin Patient; Anteris, V2V Medtech Finish Vclip Teer Animal Study; Patrys: PAT-DX1 Testing One Month Late; Pharmaust Wins EU SME Status; Mesoblast To File Ryoncil To FDA ‘Next Week’; Island Requests ‘Material Term Sheet’ Trading Halt; Recce Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; UIL, Utilico Take 7% Of Starpharma; Allegra Director Dr Nicholas Hartnell Takes 57%; Prof Peter Van Wijngaarden Replaces Florey CEO Prof Trevor Kilpatrick; Genetic Technologies Loses 3-Month CFO, Co-Sec Kathryn Andrews

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Radiopharm Theranostics; Victoria $2.9m For Early-Stage Research; 4D Medical Up-To $30m At-The-Market Facility; Invion Up-To $6.8m Lind Draw-Down Equity Facility; Acrux $1.5m Radium RDTI Loan; Argent Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Imricor 2nd Atrial Flutter Ablation; Recce ‘R327 Shows UTI Bacterial Growth Efficacy’; Microba, Ginkgo Select Bacteria For Autoimmune Project; Australian Ethical Takes 10% Of Cogstate; Carl Charalambous, Kyriaco Barber Take 6% Of Heramed; Neurotech Appoints Pandas/Pans Advisory Panel; Peter Vaughan Replaces Clinuvel Co Sec Darren Keamy; Clinuvel Extends M-D Dr Phillipe Wolgen Contract 1 Year

Immutep: ‘Efti Combo Beats Keytruda For Head, Neck Cancer’; Control Bionics: 4 Milestones In 3 Months; Record Trading; LBTt To Focus On ‘Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’; Somnomed EGM 13.5% Oppose CEO Termination Benefits; Ausbiotech CEO Rebekah Cassidy Opens ‘Policy Taskforce’

Actinogen: ‘Data Shows Ptau181 Progresses Alzheimer’s’; TGA Fines 6 ‘Medical Marijuana’ Companies $627k; Race: RC220 Bisantrene ‘Safe For Human Trials’; Imricor Wins 1st Hungarian ICMR Order; Cleo, FDA Meet For Ovarian Cancer Test; Nyrada, Rebion Partner For Traumatic Brain Injury; Regal Funds Takes 29% Of Opthea; Allan Gray Reduces To 9% Of Starpharma; Allegra Director Dr Nicholas Hartnell Takes 54%; Cryosite Loses Director Andrew Kroger; Former Cryosite Director Andrew Kroger Reduces To 27%; Cryosite Chair Mark Kerr, Lindmark Take 18%; Laurie Thomas Family Takes 8% Of Cryosite; Tryptamine Advisor Dr Robin Carhart-Harris Renews Contract

Radiopharm $62.5m Placement; Total $70m; Cyclopharm Share Plan Raises $4m; Total $24m; Immutep To Pay $48k For Cardiff Uni Anti-LAG-3 Molecules; Genetic Technologies: ‘Genetype Finds 79.5% Of Disease Risk’; JM Financial, No Plan B Take 14% Of Imex; Tom Granger, Anacacia Take 7.1% Of Cogstate; Anteotech Discusses Anteo X With EU EV Manufacturers

Immutep Retail Rights Raise $10.6m; Total $100.2m; Emvision: Federal $1.25m Grant, Brain Scanner Production Line; Clinuvel Wins EU Scenesse For VP Orphan Drug Status; Cyclopharm Technegas 3-Year US Reimbursement; Proteomics, Eurobio To Sell Promarker D In France; Heramed: ‘Heracare On Telstra Health Soon’; Recce Phase II R327 Bacterial Infection Trial Approved; Imugene Doses 1st I-V Oncarlytics Combination Patient; Clarity Receives $9.95m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Radiopharm Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Nuheara EGM 18% Oppose Director Shares; Vanguard Takes 5% Of Polynovo; Selector Funds Takes 6.5% Of Nanosonics; Capital Property, Carrington Trust Take 7.5% Of Bcal; Audeara Founder Dr Chris Jeffery Below 5%; Argent (MGC Pharma) Appoints Shore Capital UK Broker

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Neurotech International; Vale Dr John Chiplin; Botanix $70m Placement; Pharmaust To Raise $10m, $2m Share Plan; Woke Starts Phase IIb WP001 Psilocybin Depression Trial; Imricor 2 Paris MR Atrial Flutter Ablations; Invex $1.2m UK R&D Tax Rebate; Allegra Director Dr Nicholas Hartnell Takes 46%; Inoviq Chair David Williams Diluted Below 5%; Gregory Plummer Transfers 7% Of Uscom From Jetan To Neja; Jason Carroll Takes 19% Of Island; Audeara Chair David Trimboli Takes 15%

Radiopharm ‘Up-To $18m Lantheus Placement, Asset Sale’; Botanix: ‘FDA Approves Sofdra For Underarm Sweating’; Control Bionics: ‘TGA Approves Drove Wheelchair Module’; Anteris ‘Comasur Balloon Implants Duravr In 13-Patients’; Imricor Conducts 1st Atrial Flutter Ablation; Race Appoints George Clinical For RC220 Solid Tumor Trial; Trivarx Enrols 91% Of Heart Rhythm-Depression Trial; Allegra: Dr Nicholas Hartnell Files Bidder’s Statement; Emyria, Transcend At Empax For Methylone PTSD Trial; One Funds, Saville Takes 19% Of Bluechiip

Federal $8.3m Takes QUT To Cardiac Device Program; Mach7: Docpanel $1.9m Enterprise Renewal; Adherium Signs Modivcare Hailie Deal; Biotron BIT-225 ‘Partial Immune’ HIV Trial Meets Endpoints; Melodiol ‘May Leaseback Mernova Property’; $5m Notes; Recce Receives $2.6m Offshore Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Botanix Requests ‘Sofdra FDA Approval’ Trading Halt; Pharmaust Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Heramed: ‘Record 560 Active Heracare Users’; Tryptamine Appoints Lucid Health Advisor

Micro-X To Trial Mobile Stroke CT; 2nd Airport Scanner By 2025; Federal $15m For WEHI Ternarx ‘Cancer Protein Degrader’; Clinuvel: Afamelanotide For Fair-Skinned Parkinson’s Patients; Cardiex Expects Sales Up 100% To $12m; Recce R327 Added To W.H.O. Report; Race: US Rare Paediatric Disease Status For I.V. RC220; Anteris: ‘FDA Supports Duravr Study Design’; Universal Biosensors Receives $3.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Genetic Technologies Gene By Gene Starts US Genetype Testing; Perennial Takes 16% Of Genetic Signatures; Regal Funds Takes 6.75% Of Genetic Signatures; Insignia Takes 9% Of Immutep; Invex Loses Director Dr Megan Baldwin

Neurotech NTI164 Marijuana Autism Reaches 2-Year Dosing; Firebrick Phase I Nasodine Study: ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Rhythm Closes Rights Offer; Raises $2.7m Of Hoped-For $6.6m; Proteomics Appoints Growth Medics For Euro Promarker D Sales; Enlitic Signs Three Ensight Sales Contracts; Heramed Heracare At Broward Health; Archer Fabricates Medical Diagnostics GFET 6” Inch Wafer; Allegra: Shareholder Details Sought For Takeover Bid; Cleo To Release 7.5m ASX Escrow Shares; Selector Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; FIL (Fidelity) Increases, Diluted To 8.5% Of Genetic Signatures; Regal Funds Takes 8.5% Of Immutep; MA (Moelis) Takes 6.7% Of Trajan; Pharmaust Appoints Dr Katie Macfarlane Director; Deborah Ambrosini Replaces Percheron CFO, Co-Sec Phillip Hains; Compumedics Appoints Craig Gallivan US Sleep Sales Head

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Island Therapeutics; Telix Withdraws $350m US IPO; Correction: Flinders University; Opthea Raises $171.5m; Retail Offer For $56m More; LBT Pleads Schultz To ASX 43% Query; Imagion Appoints Brett Mitchell Director

Flinders Uni Opens $280m HMRB Medical Research Facility; Arovella Pays Teva $451k To ‘Terminate’ Zolpimist Licence; Bluechiip $300k Loan; ‘Possible Sale’; Firebrick Sells Nasodine In Singapore; Race: ‘Bisantrene Slows Myeloma Progression, In Mice’; Anatara Enrols 13 Phase II Garp IBS Trial Patients; Avecho Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Telix Requests ‘US IPO’ Trading Halt; Melodiol Completes 30-To-1 Consolidation

Opthea To Raise $227m; Inoviq Placement Raises $7m; Up-To $2.4m Share Plan To Go; Bluechiip Placement Raises $368k For ‘Strategic Review’; Atomo ‘Budgets’ $1.3m HIV Self-Test Federal Revenue; Botanix Files Final Sofdra Label Details To FDA; Starpharma: ‘20-30% Of DEP-HER2 Reaches Tumor, In Mice’; Inoviq: ‘Neuro-Net Isolates Alzheimer’s Brain Exosomes, Ex-Vivo’; Cartherics Australian Tag-72 CAR Stem Cell Patent; Epsilon: Giannopoulos, Hutchins In; Cui, Cameron Out

Federal $15m For Long Covid-19; Artrya, Cone Health 1.2m Option Salix Coronary Deal; Myndbio Offers $52.5m For IDT; Qbiotics Doses Phase II Tigilanol Tiglate Sarcoma Trial; Recce Completes Highest Dose Phase I/II R327 Cohort; Oncosil: ‘Pancosil’ Trial Doses 5th Patient; Heramed ‘Terminates’ Fembridge Heracare Partnership; Race: FDA Extends Bisantrene AML Orphan Drug Status; Orthocell Files Smrtgraft Tendon Repair To TGA; Neuroscientific: ‘FDA Responds To Emtinb For Glaucoma’; Anglo Australian, Barings, Chemical Diluted In Cyclopharm; Emyria Loses CFO Joseph Ohayon; Appoints Simon Kemp Clinical; Piers Lewis Replaces Auscann Director Brett Mitchell; Mathew Watkins Replaces Atomo Co Sec Sally McDow

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Genetic Signatures; LTR: ‘Spontan Faster Than Vardenafil Tablet’; Clarity ‘Unaffected By AC-225 Shortage’; Artrya Lodges 2nd Salix FDA ‘Q-Submission’; PYC: ‘Hope For Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, In-Vitro’; Resonance Receives $819k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Bluechiip Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Inoviq Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Opthea Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Honsue Cho Transfers Xiaoyi Wu Invion Shares, Holds 18%; Impedimed Appoints Fiona Bones Director; MTP Connect ‘Australian Clinical Trials Generate $1.6b’

Telix Nasdaq Listing To Raise $300m; Genetic Signatures Placement, Insto Rights Raise $21.5m; $8.5m To Go; Race In-The-Money Bonus Options Raise $5m; Neurotech 1-Year NTI164 ‘Reduces Pandas/Pans Severity, Anxiety’; Echo IQ: ‘Echosolv Beats Human Aortic Stenosis Diagnosis By 15%’; Bluechiip Releases ‘Workstation’ Bulk Sample Reader; Avita Treats 1st US Recell Go Burn Patient; Osteopore Singapore Dental Implant ‘Milestone’; Blinklab, Bates College Test A.I. Neurology; Goodbye Probiotec; Avita AGM 21.6% Oppose CEO Options; LTR Takes ‘Trial Results’ Halt To Suspension; Heramed Requests ‘Partnership Termination’ Trading Halt; CVC Diluted To 6% Of Cyclopharm; Memphasys Appoints Dr David Ali CEO On $330k PA

Immutep Placement, Insto Rights Raise $89.6m; $10.6m To Go; Respiri ‘Firm Commitments’ For $1m Placement; Cyclopharm US Technegas Pass-Through Reimbursement; BTC To Sell Tedan Cardio-Thoracic Surgical Products; Nanosonics ‘Coris Beats Manual Endoscopy Cleaning’; Pharmaust: ‘Monepantel Significantly Extends MND Survival’; Chimeric Doses 1st Phase Ib CHM0201 AML Cohort; Blinklab, Erasmus Uni Dementia Test Trial; Arovella Scales ALA101 Manufacturing; Founder Alan Beasley Wins Epsilon Doca; Genetic Technologies, Stayhealthy To Sell Genetype In US; Platinum Diluted To 15% Of Adalta; GZ Family Takes $12% Of Firebrick; Phillip, Bioscience Managers Detail 17% Adherium Stake; Argenica Loses Founding Chair Geoff Pocock

Brandon Raises $270m For Biotech Investment Fund VI; Genetic Signatures To Raise $30m; IDT Rights To Raise $7m; Myndbio Takeover Proposal; Lumos Triggers $7.5m Hologic IP Payment; Correction: Resonance; MTP Connect Signs 2 Deals, Releases REDI Report At Bio 2024; Genetic Signatures Wins FDA Enteric Parasite Kit Approval; Optiscan Releases Invue Microscope; LTR Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; ASX Reinstates Cann Group; Trivarx 12m Chair, Director Options EGM; Regal Takes 11% Of Cyclopharm; Jencay Increases, Diluted Below 5% Of Medadvisor; Regal Below 5% Of Vitura; Control Bionics Director Peter Ford Increases, Diluted To 10%; Phillip, Bioscience Managers Increase, Diluted To 17% Of Adherium; Genetic Signatures Appoints Allison Rossiter CEO On $500k Pa; Amplia Appoints Clinical Advisory Board

May BDI-40 Record High - Up 7%, ASX200 Up 0.5%, Big Caps Down 1%; Immutep To Raise $100m; Trading Halt; Bcal ‘Commitments’ For $10.5m Placement; Adalta Options Raise $1.9m; Correction: Amplia Therapeutics; Queensland Uni, Emory Uni To Open $32m Vaccine Centre; MCRI Licences RV3-BB Rotavirus Vaccine To Incepta; Clinuvel Scraps EU Scenesse Adolescent Epp Application; Telix: TLX250-CDx FDA Biologics Application For Kidney Cancer; Immutep Phase III Efti, Keytruda, Combo Lung Cancer Trial; Resonance Completes Trialswest Purchase; Enlitic Commercializes Ensight 2.0; Mayne Pharma Wins Swiss Kapanol Approval; Island Models ‘Ideal Single ISLA-101 Phase II Dose’; Inoviq ‘Exosomes Kill Breast Cancer Cells’, In-Vitro; Oncosil Treats 200th Pancreatic Cancer Device Patient; Imagion Votes Remuneration Report 2nd Strike, Board Spill; Anatara 4.5m Chair, Director Options EGM; Stuart Morris, Sacavic Take 16% Of Adalta; Percheron Appoints Dr Cathryn Clary Chief Medical Advisor

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Amplia Therapeutics; Telix: ‘8.8-Months Prostate Cancer PFS With TLX591’; Avita Wins FDA ‘Recell Go’ Pre-Market Approval; Little Green Revenue Up 29% To $26m; Loss Up 55% To $7m; Nova Eye Glaucoma Surgery Reimbursement Unchanged; Genetic Signatures Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; IDT Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Bcal Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Melodiol AGM 37% Oppose Shares, 33% Oppose Consolidation; Former Austco Chair Robert Grey Diluted To 15%; Platinum Diluted To 16% Of Adalta; Pharmaust Appoints Dr Michael Thurn M-D, Dr Nicky Wallis CSO; Dr Jeannie Joughin Replaces Immuron’s Dr Roger Aston

Actinogen ‘Oversubscribed’ Rights Raise $3.9m; Total $8.9m; Truscreen Revenue Up 27% To $1.9m; Loss Down 16% To $1.9m; Probiotec 3.75c Special Dividend; Clarity: Spectronrx To Supply Cu-64; Bcal Pleads ‘Capital Raise, Cleo News’ To ASX 61% Query; Inhalerx Files FDA Ind For IRX616A For ‘Panic Disorder’ Trial; Regal Funds Takes 26% Of Adherium; Australian Ethical Takes 12% Of Mach7; Memphasys Appoints Animal Products Advisors

Fisher & Paykel Revenue Up 10% To $1.4b; Profit Down 47% To $122m; NSW $15m For Research, Development Facilities; Percheron Enrols Phase IIb ATL1102 DMD Trial; Cleo ‘Blood Test Detects 40% More Ovarian Cancers’; Probiotec 98% Approves Pyridam Sale; Anteris 26% Oppose Director Options; Placement Vote Withdrawn; Bcal Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Fil (Fidelity) Increases, Diluted To 5% Of Adherium; Hancock & Gore, Alexander Beard Take 8% Of Universal Bio; Firebrick Chair Dr Peter Molloy Increases, Diluted To 16%; Firebrick Director Dr Stephen Goodall Increases, Diluted To 16%; Genetic Technologies Breast, Ovarian Cancer Test ‘All Women’; Bio-Melbourne: 3 Weeks To ‘European Success’ Seminar

Pro Medicus $45m In 5 New Visage Deals; Opthea Enrols 2nd Phase III Sozinibercept (OPT-302) Trial; Natural Medtech Hopes For $6m For Psilocybin Compounds; Micro-X Share Plan Raises $1.9m; Total $5.9m; Painchek Wins EU Pain Assessment Patent; Telix Tells ASX: ‘Treatment Results Aware Overnight’; Melodiol To ASX: ‘Adam Blumenthal Not An Oakley Related Party’; Anteotech EGM 43% Oppose Capital Raise Options; Probiotec: Indonesia, Pyridam Shareholders Okay Acquisition; Epsilon Creditors Meeting On May 31; ASX To Reinstate Tryptamine To Quotation Tomorrow; Asia Pac Increases, Diluted To 16% Of Austco; Noxopharm Joins Alliance For mRNA Medicines; Neo-Bionica: Stéphane Chatonsky, Dr Colin White Directors

Neuren NNZ-2591 ‘Shows Pitt Hopkins Improvement’; Starpharma Phase II Dep-Irinotecan Meets Endpoints; Emvision A.I. Stroke Algorithm ‘Helps Diagnose Ischaemia’; Percheron: ATL1102 ‘No Unexpected Toxicity’, In Monkeys; Allegra $478k Sale To Dr Nicholas Hartnell-Related Company; Hydrix $2.3m Hartmann Product Development Contract; Dimerix: Taiba ‘Up-To $120m’ For Middle East DMX-200 FSGS Rights; Genetic Signatures Halts US Respiratory Kit Development; Telix Files TLX007-CDx Prostate Imaging Kit To FDA; Uniquest Appoints Anne-Marie Birkill Director

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Proteomics International Labs; Cyclopharm Placement, Share Plan For $22m; Trading Halt; Adherium To Earn $1.1m For Astrazeneca Trial; Austco, Premier Nurse Call US Deal; PYC: FDA PYC-001 Orphan Drug Status For ADOA; PYC Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Radiopharm Chair Paul Hopper Diluted To 20.5%; Nanomab Diluted To 6% Of Radiopharm; Edge Capital Takes 6.9% Of Osteopore; Pharmaust Appoints Stefan Ross Co Sec

Compumedics Expects Record $46m Revenue; Adherium Rights Raise $6.8m; Total $8.4m; Brandon Opens 1st $5m Dementia Cureator Funding Round; Zelira Receives $1m Of $4.5m Hope Marijuana Autism Trial Note; Clinuvel Appoints Valentech For Latin America Scenesse; Oncosil Appoints Abdulla Fouad Saudi Arabia Distributor; Cartherics Wins EU TAG-72 CAR Stem Cell Patent; Firebrick Wins South Africa Nasodine Patent; Race 75c Bonus Options Close June 4; Neuren Requests ‘Pitt Hopkins Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Visioneering AGM Blocks 10% Placement Capacity, Equity Plan; Cambium 100-To-1 Share Consolidation AGM; Vectus Appoints Dr Ivan Rajkovic Interim CTO

Cochlear Completes Oticon Acquisition; Medadvisor Expects ‘Record Revenue, Maiden Profit’; Chimeric Starts Phase I/II CHM CDH17 Trial; Anteotech: Unnamed EV Company Tests Anteo-X In Batteries; Vitura To ‘Extend Products, Reduce Costs’; Oventus Liquidators Pay 10% To Unsecured Creditors; $20k Cap; Nuheara 5.4m M-D Performance Rights, 60% Pay Cut AGM; Heramed 13m CEO, Chair, Director Options AGM; LTR Pleads ‘Schultz, Results’ To 47% ASX Price Query; Multiple Substantials For Telix US IPO; Allianz Increases, Diluted To 6% Of Paradigm

Bluechiip CEO Andrew McLellan: ‘Direct-To-Market’; Volpara Exits ASX - Revenue Up 22% To $39m, Loss Down 11%; Aroa Revenue Up 9% To $63.3m; $9.7m Loss; Pacific Edge Revenue Up 22% To $22m; Loss Up 9.5% To $27m; Austco Rights Raise $2.8m; Total $9.7m; Telix TLX592 Prostate Cancer Study Back Phase I/II Trial; Echo IQ, St Vincent’s A.I. Heart Failure Diagnosis Study; Dorsavi Validates Disability Diagnostic Algorithm; State Street Takes 7.1% Of Cochlear; Jack Rosagro Replaces Osteopore Co Sec Kellie Davis

Vale Vectus Biosystems CEO Dr Karen Duggan; Correction: Blinklab; WEHI: $8m For Pancreatic Cancer Research Centre; Cera Opens Cerulea Clinical Trial Centre; ANU Develops ‘95% Accurate’ Brain Tumor Test; Telix Files Nasdaq IPO; Q1 Profit $28.5m; Memphasys: ‘Felix Outperforms Widely Used Processes’; Auscann To Merge With Marijuana Manufacturer ECC Pharm; Chimeric Ethics Approval For Phase I/II CHM CDH17 Trial; Percheron Wins US ATL1102 Patent; Somnomed 3.85m Joint CEO Options EGM; Sarah Cameron, Ardroy Increase, Diluted To 5.6% Of Oncosil; Advance Opportunities Takes 8% Of Osteopore, Sells-Down; Auscann Co Sec Chris Mews, Loses Director Brett Mitchell; Emily Austin Replaces Adherium Co Sec Brett Tucker; Haemalogix Appoints Prof Greg Hunt Director; Qbiotics Appoints Mark Fladrich, David Phillips Directors; 2 Days To Ausbiotech Ausmedtech 2024

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Blinklab; David Komander, Barry Dickson Royal Society Fellows; WA Government $500k For Curtin Uni Organoids; Firebrick Raises $800k; Control Bionics Further Placement Raises $130k; Total $1.2m; Pharmaust Monepantel FDA Orphan Drug Status For MND; Cann Cuts Staff, ‘Less Profitable’ Marijuana Products; Curvebeam To Release 59m ASX Escrow Shares; Washington H Soul Pattinson Takes 5.6% Of Amplia; Allan Gray Reduces To 10.6% Of Starpharma; Chair Alan Tribe, Australian Land Take 34% Of PYC; Pharmaust Loses Sam Wright, Appoints Sergio Duchini Chair

Victoria $5m For Neo-Bionica Devices; Atomo Welcomes Federal Budget HIV Self-Testing Funds; Avecho Doses 1st Phase III TPM-Marijuana Insomnia Patient; PYC Doses 4th VP-001 Retinitis Pigmentosa Cohort; Chimeric Re-Opens Phase Ib NK Cell Cancer Study; Immutep Presents Phase II/III Efti Breast Cancer Data; Proteomics: Phosphite-Resistant Crop Dieback; Platinum Increases, Diluted To 14.5% Of Amplia; Pengana Takes 5.6% Of Amplia; BVF Partners Diluted To 9.8% Of Actinogen; ASX Continues Cann ‘Accounts, Going Concern’ Suspension

Federal Budget Details, Comment & Response - ATSE, STA, Ausbiotech; Amplia Rights Raise $4.3m For AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Anteotech Share Plan Raises $1.4m; Total $6.8m; Control Bionics Placement Raises $1m; BTC To Sell Wexler Cardio-Thoracic Surgical Products; Anteris 1st ‘Valve-In-Valve-In-Valve’ Procedure; Recce Doses 4,000mg R327 In 20-Minutes; Argenica: ‘ARG-007 Reduces Brain Cell Damage, In Ferrets’; Allan Moss, Blueflag Increase, Diluted To 6.95% In Amplia; MA (Moelis) Takes 5.5% Of Trajan; Zheng Yang, Cambium Director Dr Sebastian Tseng Take 13%; Cyntec Takes 8.2% Of Cambium; Harry Perkins Appoints Lorraine Driscoll Director

Queensland Uni Wins $750k For Ovarian Cancer Blood Test; Avita Unaudited Q1 Revenue Up 5% To $17m; Orthocell: ‘Striate+ 99% Successful Dental Regeneration’; Race: ‘Bisantrene, Decitabine Enhance Cancer Killing In-Vitro’; PYC Study Shows PYC-001 Safe, In Non-Human Primates; Bluechiip, Biopharma Sign UK Distribution Deal; Osteopore To Pay $318k For Singapore Centre; CY Biopharma To Supply Bioxyne Psilocybin ‘Magic Mushrooms’; Noxopharm To Manufacture SOF-SKN For Regulatory Submissions; Imagion To Be Reinstated To Quotation; Bioxyne To Release 1.23b Voluntary Escrow Shares; Investors Mutual Takes 6% Of Trajan; FIL (Fidelity) Diluted To 8% Of Trivarx; Pharmaust Loses Director Neville Bassett

Centenary ‘Dual Drug’ Strategy For Melanoma, In Mice; Optiscan, Mayo Clinic To Develop Robotic Endo-Microscope; Somnomed Pays $11.5m Epsilon Direct Loan; Control Bionics Appoints Lynx Advisors; Funding Trading Halt; Adalta Appoints Cell Therapies Manufacturer; Heramed: ASX Lifts Voluntary Suspension; Phillip Asset Diluted To 19% Of Adherium; Melanie Leydin Replaces Imagion Co Sec Geoff Hollis

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Immuron; Burnet Launches $6.5m Burnext Accelerator; Heramed To Raise $2.75m, Tim Chapman Chair, Cuts Costs; FIRB Approves $251m Probiotec Sale To Pyridam; Mayne Wins 2 US Nextsellis Patents; Tissue Repair To Release 4.7m Escrow Shares; Acorn Takes 5% Of Aroa; Viburnum Takes 29% Of Universal Biosensors; Australian Ethical Increases, Diluted To 16% Of Somnomed; FIL (Fidelity) Diluted To 8% Of Somnomed; ‘Twiggy’ Forrest, Tattarang Increase, Diluted To 6% Of Emyria

4D Medical US CT LVAS Reimbursement; Control Bionics $190k US Sales Permit; Queensland Uni Develops Sepsis Drug, In Mice; Recce: ‘R327 Nebulizer Reduces Lung Bacteria, In Mice’; Neuren Daybue 58% 9-Month Continuation Rate; Imricor Vision-MR Lausanne Uni Trial Approved; US Patent For Ena INNA-051 Intra-Nasal Anti-Viral; Heramed 3rd ‘Alternative Financing’ Suspension Extension; Pharmaust Loses Dr Roger Aston, Rob Bishop, Dr Tom Duthy; Cryosite Appoints Scott Thomas Director; Control Bionics Appoints Shannon Boothroyd CFO; Maria Clemente Replaces Algorae Co Sec Leah Pieris; Bio-Melbourne Connecting Women Lunch ‘Sold-Out’

Budget Cuts Breakthrough Victoria $360m; Others Untouched; BDI-40: Volpara Gone; Impedimed Up; Medadvisor In; Headsafe Hopes To Raise $5m For Neurochek Concussion Test; Polynovo Record $10m Monthly Revenue; Universal Biosensors Rights Raise $10m; Total $12.5m; Island Uses $962k Of US Defence Grant For Phase II Trial; Queensland Uni $15m Radio-Pharmaceutical Hub; Alterity Phase II ATH434 MSA Trial Passes 3rd Safety Review; Invion, Hanlim INV043 Brain Cancer Proof-Of-Concept Study; TDM Growth Takes 31% Of Somnomed; Regal Funds Reduces, Diluted To 9.3% Of Adherium; Regal Funds Diluted Below 5% Of Genetic Signatures; Bio-Melbourne Appoints Karen Parr CEO

Brandon Cureator $7.2m For 8 Biotechs; 4D Medical US Veterans XV Imaging Study; Eyepoint Falls 43% On Duravyu Missing Trial Primary Endpoint; Cann Unnamed Lender $5m Loan; Control Bionics, Toho Lamac To Sell Neurostrip In Japan; Echo IQ Files Echosolv To FDA; Recce Wins China Anti-Infectives Patent; Visioneering 61% Equity Plan Increase, 706k CEO Stock AGM; Pharmaust Requests ‘Board Composition’ Trading Halt

Somnomed Retail Rights Raise $16.8m; Total $22.6m; IDT: Victoria ‘Partially Funds’ $3.8m ADC Factory; Lumos Triggers $604k Hologic Milestone Payment; Neurotech: ‘NTI164 Further Improvements For Rett Syndrome’; PYC: ‘VP-001 Improves 1 Patient’s Retinal Sensitivity’; Cyclopharm Technegas CPT Code, Insurance, Contracts, Data; Percheron: W.H.O. Renames ATL1102 ‘Avicursen’; RMIT, Signature Ortho, Melbourne Uni Research Agreement; Genetic Technologies, Wellworks Sales, Marketing Deal; Goodbye Volpara; Imagion Potential 2nd Strike, Board Spill AGM; ECS Loses Founder Alex Keach; Alex Keach Sells 50m Shares; Polynovo Appoints Lior Harel Co Sec, General Counsel

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Invion; Actinogen To Raise $8.9m; Telix Completes $51m Qsam Acquisition; Volpara To Delist On May 22; Alcidion Pleads Schultz To ASX 29% Query; Neurotech Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Melodiol 6.1b Shares, 6.5m Options, 30-To-1 Consolidation AGM; Audeara Chair David Trimboli Takes 12%; Ex-M-D Dr Ian Dixon Diluted Below 5% Of Exopharm; Imagion Loses Directors Dianne Angus, Jovanka Naumoska; Immuron Loses 11-Year Director Stephen Anastasiou

Federal Government: $1.9b For Clinical Trials, Research; Oncosil Rights Raise $5.3m; Total $6.8m; Trivarx ‘Commitments’ For $2.5m Placement; MTP Connect Appointed SME Support Program Partner; Immutep Efti, Radiotherapy, Keytruda Sarcoma Responses; Blinklab, Turning Pointe Partner For Autism Study; Gregory George, G To The Fourth Take 15% Of Mesoblast; Firstcape Takes Volpara 15%, Pacific Edge 14%, Aroa 7%; Malcolm McCusker Diluted Below 5% Of PYC; Bio-Melbourne To Host ‘European Market Success’ Seminar; Chimeric Appoints Dr Rebecca McQualter COO, On $300k; Tim Tian Replaces Melodiol CFO Chris Grundy

April BDI-40 Up 5% To New Record High, ASX200 Down 3%, Big Caps Down 1%; Melodiol Q1 Receipts Up 93.5% To $5m; Less Than 1 Quarter Cash; Imagion Less Than 1 Quarter Cash; ‘Vacate Premises, Staff Cuts’; Anatara ‘Firm Commitments’ For $1m Placement; Nanosonics Files Coris Endoscope Cleaner To FDA; BTC: Australian Prescriber List Retains Infusion Pumps; BTC Wins Eurosets Landing TGA Approval; Austco Completes Amentco Acquisition; Oncosil: Pancreatic Cancer Device ‘Increases Vascularity’; WEHI Drug Combination ‘Great Potential’ For Blood Cancer; Dimerix: UK Paediatric Dmx-200 Phase III Trial OK; Anteotech: Anteox Anode ‘70% Energy Retention’; Cambium Tells ASX Aware, 220% Price Query ‘News Confidential’; Actinogen Requests ‘Fund Raising’ Trading Halt; Capital, Carrington Take 6.4% Of Bcal; Jarden Below 5% In Pacific Edge; Chimeric Loses M-D Jennifer Chow; Heramed Loses Director Dr Ron Weinberger

Aroa Receipts Up 21% To $60m; Imex Q1 Receipts Up 9% To $4.8m; One Quarter Cash; Cann 9-Month Receipts Up 33% To $13m; 0.3 Quarters Cash; Mesoblast 9-Month Receipts $8.6m; Impedimed 9-Month Receipts Down 3% To $8.5m; Bioxyne 9-Month Receipts Up 363% To $7.2m; Curvebeam 9-Month Receipts: $5.2m; Acrux 9-Month Receipts Down 41% To $5m; Respiri Placement Raises $1.6m; Clarity 1st Cu-67-Sar-Bis-PSMA Patient ‘Complete Response’; Ena: FDA Okays Phase Ib INNA-051 Trial; Nyrada, Walter Reed NYR-BIO3 Brain Injury Rat Study; Trivarx Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; EBR 1.6m CEO, 982k Director Options AGM; Inhalerx 2m Chair Sean Williams Options AGM; Genetic Signatures Loses 21-Year CEO Dr John Melki; Director Jane Bell Replaces Mesoblast Chair Joseph Swedish; Melodiol Loses Director Jodi Scott

Bio-Melbourne Women In Leadership Awards; Somnomed 9-Month Receipts Up 9% To $66m; Medical Developments $26m 9-Month Receipts; Micro-X 9-Month Receipts Up 162% To $6m; Less Than 1Q Cash; ECS 9-Month Marijuana Receipts Up 39% To $15m; Adalta To Raise Up-To $3.7m; Extends RDTI Loan; 1Q Cash; LBT Signs $700k Apas Pharmaqc Contract; Respiri $472k/Year US Patient Monitoring Contract; Clinuvel Wins Euro Scenesse XP Orphan Drug Status; Argenica: Phase II ARG-007 Stroke Trial Continues; PYC VP-001 For RP11 Multiple Ascending Dose Study; Alterity: ATH434 ‘May Slow Neuro-Degenerative Disease’; Bod DOCA For Biortica Agrimed Backdoor Listing; Anteris 300k M-D, 175k Director Options AGM; Cardiex: 2m Director Options EGM; Exopharm (Tryp) Completes 2.5-To-One Consolidation; Anatara Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Heramed 2nd ‘Financing, Board’ Suspension Extension; Regal Takes 7.8% Of Cyclopharm; Platinum Reduces To 11% Of Percheron; Vitura Director Guy Headley Reduces To 18%

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Opthea; Resmed 9-Month Revenue Up 12% To $5.3b; Profit Up 17% To $1.3b; Genetic Signatures 9-Month Receipts Down 51% To $8m; Control Bionics 9-Month Receipts Up 5% To $4m; Adherium: $1.6m Placement; $7m Rights Offer; Imex Director Placement Raises $250k; Total $1.5m; Victoria $2m For Polynovo $4m Expansion; Recce 4,000mg 30-Min R327 UTI Dose; Echo IQ Tells ASX: Aware For 1 Day, CEO ‘Cultural Fit’; Vitura: Code4 Cannabis Ordered Not To Withdraw Services; Cryosite Director Andrew Kroger Reduces To 41%; Cryosite Chair Mark Kerr, Lindmark Takes 15%; Avecho Appoints Ex-J&J Kathy Connell Director

Neuren Maiden $13m Q1 Receipts On Daybue Royalties; Mach7 9-Month Receipts Up 68.5% To $24m; Next Science Q1 Receipts Up 42% To $8.3m; Cardiex 9-Month Receipts Up 136% To $9.2m; Dr Rongbin Xu Wins $20k Victoria Premier’s Award; Clarity Retail Rights Raise $10.8m; Total $121m; Austco Hopes To Raise $9.7m; Immutep ‘Efti 27% Response, 58% Head, Neck Cancer Control’; Avita 350k CEO Options, $750k Directors Stock AGM; Dorsavi: 1.1m Shares, 1m Rights M-D Dr Andrew Ronchi AGM; Adam Leitzes, Karst Peak Below 5% Of Cyclopharm; Rhythm Appoints Dr David Atkins CEO

Victoria Completes $318m Eye And Ear Hospital Upgrade; Medadvisor 9-Month Receipts Up 9% To $95m; Lumos 9-Month Receipts Up 125% To $9.1m; Microba 9-Month Receipts Up 65% To $7.7m; Genetic Technologies ADSs Raise $3.1m; Emyria ‘Firm Bids’ For $2.3m Placement; Osteopore Treats 1st Singapore Axopore Trial Patient; Neuren: Canada ‘Priority Review’ For Trofinetide; SDI Wins EU Device Manufacturing Certification; Rhythm Retains ISO Certification; Vitura Takes Code4 To Court On Canview Agreement; Imex AGM 44% Oppose Options; Remuneration Report 27% First Strike; Painchek Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Osteopore Pleads ‘Schultz’ To ASX 473% Aware Query; Adherium Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Regal Funds Reduces To 7.3% Of Cardiex; Pharmaust COO John Clark Replaces CEO Dr Michael Thurn; Ausbiotech Appoints Rebekah Cassidy CEO; Bio-Melbourne Final Medtech Seminar, 3 Weeks To Go; NSW Stem Cell Network: ‘Translating Cell Therapy’ Workshop

Genetic Signatures: TGA Okays Easyscreen ’Flu Kit Redesign; Actinogen Enrols Phase IIa Xanamem Depression Trial; PYC: ‘PYC-003 Safe In Monkeys, Human Kidney Trial 2025; Austco Requests ‘Placement, Rights Issue’ Trading Halt; Vitura Requests ‘Contract Legal Proceedings’ Trading Halt; Telix $2m CEO Performance Rights, 93% Director Fee Hike AGM; RTL Takes 12.5% Of Anatara; Kristy Jo, Rob McGrory Replace Cochlear Co-Sec Ray Jarman; Clinuvel Appoints Dr Emilie Rodenburger, Myles Clouston; Vitura Loses Founding CEO Rodney Cocks; Tom Howitt Interim

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: 4D Medical; Breakthrough Victoria $25m Kick-Starts Jumar Incubator; Brandon: Pathios Raises $25m For Solid Cancer Treatment; Genetic Technologies ADSs For $3m; Western Australia $425k For MTP Connect, Biotech Training; Inoviq: ‘Sub-B2M 85% Accurate For Ovarian Cancer’; Monash Links IBS Genes To Heart Disease; Paradigm Responds To FDA ‘Type D’ Meeting; Emyria Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Takes 18% Of Somnomed; Fil (Fidelity) Takes 13% Of Somnomed; Salter Brothers Diluted To 7.5% Of Nuheara; Max Johnston Replaces Neurotech Director Winton Willesee

Federal Court: Adam Blumenthal 5 Year Ban; $1.1m Fine, Costs; Telix Q1 Revenue Up 75% To $175m; Alcidion 9-Month Receipts Down 13% To $25m; Hydrix 9-Month Receipts Down 15% To $9m; Bioxyne ‘Commitments’ To Raise $1.45m; Immutep: CHDR For Phase I IMP761 Netherlands Trial; Vitura To Release 8.7m Voluntary Escrow Shares; ECP Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; Perennial Reduces To 12% Of Medadvisor; Chair Alan Tribe, Australian Land Diluted To 33% Of PYC; EBR Appoints Erik Strandberg CCO; Pharmaust Appoints Manufacturing Head; 2 Monepantel Deals; MTP Connect Australian Radio-Pharmaceuticals Paper

Austco 9-Month Revenue Up 28% To $37m; Profit Up 367% To $2.8m; Little Green Receipts Up 28% To Record $27m; Neurotech ‘Commitments’ For $10m Placement; Micro-X Placement Raises $4m; $1m Share Plan To Go; Neurotech Phase II/III NTI164 Marijuana Trial Meets Endpoints; Neurotech Phase I/II NTI164 Rett Trial Meets Endpoints; Next Science: ‘Xperience Leads To 0% Knee Surgery Infection’; Osteopore Reinstated To ASX; Firebrick Markets Nasodine ‘Nasal Hygiene’ In US; Immutep: Spain ‘Positive Feedback’ For Phase III Efti NSCLC Trial; Genetic Technologies To Develop Genetype Cancer Test; Peters Takes 25.7% Of Optiscan; Impedimed Appoints Head Of Product, Sales; Scraps CSO, COO

Amplia Underwritten Retail Rights For $4.3m; Imugene To Sell US Plant To Kincell For $9.4m; Correction: Monash University, Seaport; IDT ‘Up-To $3.5m To Manufacture Sanofi mRNA; Telix: FDA Fast-Tracks TLX101-CDx For Glioma Imaging; Next Science Xperience ‘Reduces Knee Arthroplasty Infection’; Island: ‘Single ISLA-101 Dose Meets Required Blood Concentration’; Dorsavi ‘Natural Movement Algorithm’ For Aged Care; Oncosil Treats 1st Türkiye Pancreatic Cancer Patient; Recce Manufactures 5k R327 Doses For Trials; Tm Ventures Diluted To 6% Of Clarity; Platinum Reduces To 18% Of Syntara; Microba Opens Investor Hub

Federal Medical Science Co-Investment Plan; Monash University, Seaport: $154m Raised For Glyph; CSIRO Opens 1st ‘Innovate To Grow’ SME Cohort; Atomo: Viatris Orders $570k Mylan HIV Tests; Austco Wins $2.2m Tacera Simcoe Village Contract; Adherium: FDA Okays Hailie For Astrazeneca Airsupra, Breztri; Inoviq Signs Exo-Net Distribution Deal With Promega; Actinogen Treats 1st Phase IIb Xanamem Alzheimer’s Patient; Correction: Oncosil Medical; Imugene Expands Bile Tract Cancer Trial; Osteopore Responds To ASX 790% Price, Aware Query; Orthocell Receives $3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Zelira Receives $919k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Radiopharm EGM: Up-To 12% Oppose Lind Partner Stock; Micro-X Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Neurotech Requests ‘Trial Results, Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Clarity Director Dr Chris Roberts, Cabbit, Robwill Diluted To 5.9%; Clarity Chair Dr Alan Taylor Below 5%; CSIRO Appoints Kirsten Rose Deputy Chief Executive; Peter Vaughan Replaces Clinuvel 19-Year CFO, Co-Sec Darren Keamy; Dorsavi Loses Director Caroline Elliot

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Bcal Diagnostics; Argenica Raises $12m; $500k Chair Options; Oncosil Treats 1st UK ‘Tripp-FFX’ Pancreatic Cancer Patient; Volpara Votes 97% For $296m Lunit Sale; Amplia Requests ‘Entitlement Offer’ Trading Halt; FIL (Fidelity) Below 5% Of Immutep; David Sietsma Increases, Diluted To 6% Of PYC

Vale Peter Olszewski – The Legendary JJ McRoach; Avita Expects Lower 2024 Revenue; Pyc: ‘Commitments’ For $74.6m Rights Offer; Universal Biosensors Rights Offer For $10m; Imricor 1st Dubrava Uni Cardiac Ablation Catheter Order; Telix Completes $126m ARTMS Acquisition; Osteopore Extends $1.1m Advance Loan; Cleo Appoints Lindus Health US Ovarian Cancer Trial CRO; Neurotech: Fenix CRO For Marijuana NTI164; Exopharm EGM Backs Tryp Merger, Consolidation EGM; Genetic Technologies: US Genetype Breast Test Study; Perceptive Increases, Diluted To 12% Of Anteris; Cambium Appoints Dr Yu-Hung Tseng Director

Immuron Record 9-Month Travelan Sales Up 154% To $3.6m; Anteris Raises $23m From Unnamed Investor(S); Somnomed Insto Rights Raise $7.5m; $17m Retail Rights To Go; Goodbye Regeneus, Hello Cambium Bio; Syntara Recruits Half Of SNT-5505 Bone Cancer Trial; Argenica Doses 1st Stroke Cohort; ‘Capital Raising’ Halt; Neurotech Treats Last NTI-164 Marijuana Autism Patient; Imricor Wins French Vision-MR Trial Approval; Pharmaust Final Monepantel MND Extension Study Approved; Emyria Opens Empax MDMA-Therapy Centre; Microba Receives $6.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Archer Diluted To 10% Of Chemx Materials; Heramed: Anoushka Gungadin CEO, Cameron Jones CFO, Co Sec

Somnomed Rights Offer For $23m; Nuheara Placement To Raise $1.85m, ‘Strategic Review’; Pacific Edge Record 33k Cxbladder Tests; Fisher & Paykel: ‘Smallest, Lightest Nasal Pillow Mask’; Telix Completes $12.5m Isotherapeutics Acquisition; Next Science: ‘Blastx Treats Pressure Ulcers’; Atmo ‘Pivotal’ Gas-Sensing Capsule Meets Trial Endpoints; Anatara Phase II Garp IBS Trial Stage 2 Enrolment Open; Fivephusion Deflexifol Colorectal Cancer Trial Approved; Speedx Plexplus PCR ‘Doubles Standard Target Output’; Patrys: ‘PAT-DX1, PAT-DX3 Reduce Vasculitis, In Mice’; Oncosil Wins UK Reimbursement; Imricor: 2.1m CEO Options, 315k Directors Stock AGM; Anteris Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Gregory George, G To The Fourth Take 13% Of Mesoblast; Blinklab Yulia Uvarova 8.6%, CEO Dr Hendrikus Boele Take 6.8%; Blinklab CTO Cornelis Boele, CSO Dr Sebastiaan Koekkoek 5.8%; Regeneus Leo Lee, Barry Sechos, Prof Graham Vesey Below 5%; Opthea Appoints Dr John Han Head Of Medical Affairs

Starpharma Dendrimer IP, Medicxi $38m For ‘Petalion’; Osteopore Rights, Shortfall Raise $2.9m Of Hoped-For $3m; Anteotech Raises $5.4m, Share Plan For $1m More; Dorsavi Adds Upper Limb Tracking To Vimove; BTC Buys Australian Exovasc Aortic Dilation Device Rights; Adalta, Synthesis Bioventures Work On Asia Cell Therapies; Lumos: ‘Febridx Reduces Respiratory Antibiotic Prescriptions’; Cynata Enrols Phase I CYP-006TK Foot Ulcer Trial; Algorae: ‘AI-116 Marijuana Raises Neuronal Viability’, In-Vitro; Regeneus Becomes ‘Cambium Bio’ On Wednesday; Heramed Continues Suspension For ‘Alternative Financing’; Irene Chen Below 5% Of Osteopore; Genetic Technologies To Host US Women Empowerment Event

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Race Oncology; Atmo To Raise $15m; Regeneus Completes Cambium Merger; Raises $3.5m; Biotron: ‘BIT225 Combo Beats Standard-Of-Care For HIV’; Oncosil Treats 1st Austrian Pancreatic Cancer Patients; Imricor: Amsterdam Uni Restarts Northstar Cardiac MRI; Mach 7 Wins US Patent Infringement Appeal; Chimeric: US NK-Cell Patent; Vitura Signs Australian MDMA Manufacture Deal; Emyria: 2nd Psychiatrist Wins TGA Prescriber Status; Somnomed Extends ‘Update, Guidance’ Suspension; Heramed Takes ‘Restructure, Shortfall’ Halt To Suspension

ACCC Okays Cochlear Oticon Acquisition; Blinklab Up 32.5% On $7m IPO For Autism Test; Clarity: Northstar To Supply Cu-67 Sar-Bis-PSMA; Noxopharm: $100k Grant For Brain Cancer Drug; Imugene Wins China CF33 Cancer Virotherapy Patent; Anteotech Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Island Director Albert Hansen Increases, Diluted To 9.8%; Island M-D Dr David Foster Increases, Diluted To 5.1%; Sujal Shah Replaces Opthea Director Dan Spiegelman

CSIRO: $20m For SME Innovation; Adherium, Rimidi Hailie Integration Deal; Acrux, Trupharma Launch Dapsone For Acne In US; Emyria Opens Reach MDMA PTSD Study; Recce Wins Israel Anti-Infectives Patent; Next Science 4.2m Harry Hall Rights, 4.2m Options AGM; Heramed Requests ‘Restructure, Shortfall’ Trading Halt; Perennial Takes 14.6% Of Lumos; Jason Carrol Takes 17.6% Of Island; Merchant Below 5% In Bcal; Next Science Loses Director Dan Spira; US Director Wanted

March BDI-40 Record High - Up 3%, Asx200 Up 3%, Big Caps Up 2.5%; Aegros To Raise $100m For Hyperimmune Plasma Fractionation; Imricor Places $6.5m Rights Offer Shortfall; Total $15m; Resonance To Pay $8m For Trialswest; Cogstate Amends Eisai Licence; Centenary Wins $200k Ovarian Cancer Research Grant; Queensland Uni: ‘Amyloid Plaque Not Alzheimer’s Target, In Mice’; Artrya Signs Salix Contract With Cardiac Centre NSW; Cartherics, Ticaros Clip-Car-NK Research Deal; Percheron Enrols 76% Of Phase IIb ATL1102 Duchenne Trial; Cardiex Completes Biomarker Study; US Conneqt Patent; Bcal Wins Australian Breastest, Bcal Dx Trademarks; Pharmaust Retracts Media Financial Forecasts; MGC Becomes ‘Argent Biopharma’ Tomorrow; ASX Suspends Imagion, Osteopore On Late Reports; Somnomed Takes ‘Update, Guidance’ Halt To Suspension; Gregory George, G To The Fourth Take 12% Of Mesoblast; Chair Otto Buttula Takes 14% Of Rhythm; GZ Family Takes 5% Of Firebrick; Chair Alan Tribe, Australian Land Take 36% Of PYC; Neuroscientific Appoints Director Dr Tony Keating Executive; Echo IQ Loses CEO Kimber Rothwell, Chair Andrew Grover Interim; Optiscan Appoints Ken Lock, Nicole Williams US Operations; Cleo Appoints HC Focus US Market Access Consultant

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Universal Biosensors; Telix 1st Use Of Sensei For Bladder Cancer Procedure; Fisher & Paykel $12m Airvo, Myairvo Recall; Clarity: Insto Rights, Placement Raise $110m; $11m To Go; Resonance, Micron Japan Deal; Acquisition Trading Halt; Inhalerx Takes $500k Peak Asset Convertible Loan; WEHI: Anaemia Study For Revised W.H.O. Diagnosis Guidelines; Argenica Doses 1st Phase II ARG-007 Stroke Patient; Nyrada NYR-BI03 For Brain Injury Pre-Clinical Studies; Woke To Start Phase IIb WP002 Depression Trial By July; Regeneus: 98.5% EGM Approves ‘Cambium’ Acquisition, Name Change; Osteopore Requests ‘Annual Report’ Suspension; Audeara: 5m Director Options EGM; Merchant Funds Takes 7% Of Neurotech; Medlab: Sean Hall, Michael Carter Out; Edmond Tan, Tim Walker In

CSL US Bonds Raise $1.9b; Amplia: ‘Narmafotinib Combo Beats Chemo For Pancreatic Cancer’; Pharmachal Nopayne, 16AC Improve Wound Healing, In Mice; Osteopore Jumps 1,062% On Singapore, Vietnam Approval; Emvision Enrols 180-Patient Stage 2 ‘Emu’ A.I. Stroke Study; Federal Court Orders Pyridam, Probiotec Acquisition Meeting; Anteotech Receives $1.4m Queensland Grant; Somnomed Requests ‘Update, Guidance’ Trading Halt; Biotron Pleads ‘Schultz’ To ASX 35% Price Query; Merchant Funds Reduces To 5.2% Of Bcal

Clarity Underwritten $121m Capital Raise; Arovella Placement Raises $12.5m; Osteopore ‘Cranial, Long Bone Scaffold Safe, Effective’; ANU Links Gene Mutation To Psoriatic Arthritis, In Mice; Imricor: FDA Okays Northstar 3-D Mapping For Vision-MR Trial; Enlitic Extends Unilabs Endex Radiology By $3.2m; Avecho Starts Phase III TPM-Marijuana Insomnia Trial; Mesoblast: FDA Okays 2018 Trial Data For GvHD Application; Race Receives 1st GMP I-V RC220 For Phase I Trial; Cicada Opens Westmead Health Hub; Iishield 1st Resident; Toll, CSL Open Seqirus Tullamarine Warehouse; Alterity Receives $3.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Genetic Technologies Takes $600k Radium RDTI Loan; Viburnum, Coleman Increase, Diluted To 25% Of Universal Biosensors; Alexander Beard, Hancock & Gore Take 7.2% Of Universal Biosensors; LBT M-D Brent Barnes Increases, Diluted To 5.5%; Microba To Release 48m ASX Escrow Shares; Phillip Hains Replaces Radiopharm Director Dr Michael Baker; Botanix Appoints Graeme Morissey CFO

Doherty Clinical Trials Centre Opens; LTR Pharma Spontan Trial Dosed; Orthocell Finishes 1st Stage Remplir Rat Nerve Repair Study; Proteomics Buys 600 Samples For Promarkerendo Trial; Archer Develops ‘Pulsed Electron Spin Resonance Chip’; Argenica: ARG-007 FDA Rare Paediatric Status For HIE; Cleo Ovarian Cancer Test ‘Outperforms CA125’; Cann Tells ASX ‘Going Concern, Loan Breach Not Material’; Clarity Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Allegra Files Late H1 Report; Suspension Continues; Richmond Hill Takes 10.7% Of Universal Biosensors; FIL (Fidelity) Increases, Diluted Below 5% Of Rhythm; Cochlear Loses 14-Year Director Yasmin Allen; Genetic Technologies Appoints Kathryn Andrews CFO, Co Sec

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Hydrix; Clarity Starts Final Copper-67 Prostate Treatment Cohort; Universal Biosensors Raises $2.5m; $10m Rights To Go; Fisher & Paykel Expects Revenue Of $1.6b; Profit About $242m; Imex Renews Two Contracts For $1m; Cann: Sativite Final $1.9m For ‘Southern’ Marijuana Factory; Genetic Technologies: ‘World’s Most Advanced Risk Test’; Arovella Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Hexima Receives $695k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Peter Meurs, Skiptan Increase, Diluted To 14% Of Dimerix; Darla Hutton Replaces Aroa Director Steven Engle; Neurotech Appoints Alessandra Gauvin Co Co-Sec

Vivazome: La Trobe $300k For Stroke Research; Dementia Australia $3m For 24 Projects; Micro-X Sells 1st Argus Bomb Detector; US Dhs Extension; Rhythm Rights Raise $2.5m; $4.15m To Go; Oncosil Clarifies $2m Rights ‘Shortfall’ Commitment; Recce Wins Canada Trademark; Cann Loses CEO Peter Koetsier; Jenni Pilcher Executive

RMIT Optical Glucose Monitor For Diabetes; Science & Technology Australia: Raise R&D Spend For $100b; Monash, Sydney Uni Alzheimer’s Diagnostic, In Mice; Cartherics Option Over Ohio State ‘Tissue Factor’; Oncosil Placement, Rights To Raise $7.1m; Cynata: EU Approves Phase II CYP-001 GvHD Trial; Adherium Enrols 1st Hailie Tele-Health Study Patient; Arovella: ‘Imugene Ends Car-Inkt, Oncarlytics Collaboration’; Regeneus To Let Non-US, Japan Progenza Patents Lapse; Inoviq Files Australian Exo-Ace Patent; ATO: Invex Capital Return ‘Not Dividend For Tax Purposes’; Neuroscientific Receives $2.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Optiscan Receives $672k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Gregory George, G To The Fourth Take 10% Of Mesoblast; Harvest Lane Takes 5% Of Probiotec

Cyclopharm Images 1st US Clinical Technegas Patients; Island Rights Offer Raises $1.95m; Monash, MIPS, Baker Target ANXA1 For Heart Disease, In Mice; Telix Partners With ABX-CRO For Qdose Software; Universal Biosensors Wins Xprecia FDA 510(K), CLIA Approval; LTR Doses 1st Spontan E-D Patient; Inoviq ‘Exosomes For Pregnancy Complications’; MGC Pharma EGM 99.7% Back ‘Argent Biopharma’ Name Change; Respiri 167m Investor, 60m Director Options EGM; Australian Ethical Increases, Diluted To 17.5% Of Nova Eye; Jencay Below 5% Of Nova Eye; Siemens Below 5% Of Imricor; Rhythm Appoints Dr Benton, Prof Emery, Prof Macrae Advisers

PYC Institutional Rights Raise $40m; $35m To Go; Truscreen Raises $2.4m; Memphasys: More Japan Felix Orders; Proteomics US Promarkerd Launch Delay; Dorsavi Adds ‘A.I. Facial Blurring’ To Vimove; Memphasys Director Andrew Goodall $150k EGM; Vitura Supplies 1st Psilocybin For Patient Use; Cann Sells $1.7m Of Equipment, Extends $65m NAB Loans; Universal Biosensors Requests ‘FDA Xprecia Prime’ Halt; Oncosil Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Chair Iain Kirkwood Takes 5% Of Bluechiip; Brendan Brown Replaces Race CFO Christina Manfre

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Vitura Health; Nova Eye Retail Rights Raise $2.9m; Total $8.0m; Cardiex: C2 Increases Loan To $8.5m; Radiopharm: ‘Data Supports RAD301, RAD302 For Cancers’; Clarity Doses 3rd Phase I/IIa Copper-67 PSMA Cohort; Recce Doses 20-Minute R327 Faster Infusion Cohort; FIL (Fidelity) Reduces To 5.45% Of Medical Developments; Selector Below 5% Of Nanosonics; Thorney, Tiga Diluted To 46% Of Visioneering; Noxopharm Diluted To 18.6% Of Nyrada; Exopharm M-D Dr Ian Dixon Diluted To 6% Of Nyrada; CSIRO: Dr Debbie Eagles Appointed Disease Preparedness Director; Nanosonics To Lose Inventor, CTO Dr Steven Farrugia

WEHI, Peter MacCallum Kill Leukaemia Cells, In-Vitro, Mice; Flinders Uni Develops Portable Kidney Disease Test; Mesoblast $37m Rights Takes Total To $97m; PYC Rights To Raise $74.6m; Painchek Placement Raises $2.5m; Total $5m; Painchek, Nourish Care UK Pain Application Reseller; Chimeric Expects 3 Cancer Trials Results This Year; Avecho: TGA Okays Phase III TPM-Marijuana Insomnia Trial; Pharmaust Adds Data To Monepantel FDA Orphan Drug Application; Clinuvel 1.5m Share Buy-Back; Peter Meurs, Skiptan Increase, Diluted To 15% Of Dimerix; Ausbiotech Appoints Dell Kingsford Smith Board Observer; Pacific Edge To Lose Chair Chris Gallaher, Director Mark Green; Memphasys Appoints Michael Atkins Director; Race Appoints Prof Erin Howden To Scientific Advisory Board; Correction: Bio-Melbourne Network

LBT Up 100% On Apas Pharma QC Ready For Commercialization; Truscreen Placement Raises Further $484k; Total $1.1m; Emvision Milestone Triggers $600k Stroke Alliance Grant; Osteopore Rights Offer For $3m; Microba Selling Metapanel In Australia; Heramed Partners With Fembridge For Maternity Care; Neurotech Extends NTI164 Marijuana Rett Trial To 52 Weeks; Bluechiip Tells ASX: ‘Briefing Marked Price Sensitive’; Emyria Pleads ‘Media Attention’ To ASX 58% Price, Aware Query; Exopharm 2.5-To-1 Consolidation, ‘Tryptamine’ EGM; Volpara Details Lunit Acquisition Meeting; David Paradice, Paradice Investment Take 8.6% Of Impedimed; Australian Ethical Reduces To 6% Of Impedimed; Regal Takes 5% Of Genetic Signatures; Former Austco Chair Robert Grey Reduces To 18%; Gernot Abl Replaces Dorsavi Director Dr Ashraf Attia

Dimerix Raises $20m For Phase III Dmx-200 FSGS Trial; Bluechiip Rights Raise $1.3m; Total $2.1m; Snow Foundation $16m For 2 Queensland Uni, ANU Researchers; Anteris: Full 30-Day Duravr Heart Valve Data; Artrya, Tanner Validate Salix Coronary Anatomy Software; Recce Starts Phase I/II R327 20-Minute Infusion Cohort; Melodiol Tells ASX Query: ‘Going Concern, Track Record’; NZ High Court Orders Volpara, Lunit Sale Meeting; Painchek Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Telix Promotes US Operations Head Dr Darren Patti To COO; Tim Chapman Replaces Heramed Director Doron Birger; Bio-Melbourne 5th Medtech Seminar Postponed To April

Dimerix Early Analysis: DMX-200 Reduces FSGS Proteinuria; Halt; Painchek Share Plan Raises $2.5m; Imex Places $1.25m; $250k From Directors To Go; Clinuvel: ‘Scenesse Significant Re-Pigmentation’ In Vitiligo Patient; 4d Medical: US Pact Act Includes 4D Imaging; Imugene Monotherapy Cohort Takes Oncarlytics To Combo; Imricor: South Paris Okays Vision-Mr Atrial Flutter Ablation Trial; Mesoblast: FDA ‘Supports’ Rexlemestrocel-L Heart Failure Path; Archer Miniaturizes Biochip Design; Perennial Below 5% Of Immutep

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Neuren Pharmaceuticals; Control Bionics Wins UK Neuronode Registration; Imricor: Lausanne Uni Vision-Mr Atrial Flutter Ablation Trial; Truscreen Plans Kenya, Indonesia Trials; Exopharm To Raise $6.5m, Buy Tryp For Psilocybin; ASX Suspends Allegra For Reports Till Mar 22; Algorae Expects ‘A.I.’ Marijuana Drug Platform By October; Echo IQ Receives $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Recce Takes $11m Endpoints RDTI Loan; Emyria Pleads ‘Schultz, ABC’ To ASX 29% Price Query; Neville Mitchell To Replace Fisher & Paykel Scott St John

Immuron: Travelan ‘Beats Diarrhoea 36% More Than Placebo’; Painchek $2.5m Share Plan ‘Oversubscribed’; Volpara, Lunit Amend Scheme Agreement; Avecho Phase III Marijuana Insomnia Trial Ethics Approval; Actinogen Xanamem Depression Trial ‘80% Enrolled’; Adherium Receives $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Imexhs Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Patryk Kania Replaces Emvision Founder Dr Ron Weinberger

University Of NSW ‘Pocket PCR’ Rapid Antigen Test; La Trobe, Healthscope Private Hospital Research Facilities; Alcidion $3.4m NHS Miya Contract Extension; Atomo Receives $970k HIV Self-Test Order; Nyrada ‘Commitments’ For $2m Placement; Imricor Vision-Mr Catheter Wins CE Mark; Clarity: ‘Cu-64-Sar-Bis-PSMA Can Detect 2mm Cancer Lesions’; Adalta AD-214 Phase I Extension Study Finds ‘Safe’ Phase II Dose; Race: ‘Low-Dose Bisantrene Active Against AML, In Mice’; Proteomics Retains Iso13485 Certification; Radiopharm To Present Rad301 Data; Inhalerx IRX211 Database Lock A Marijuana ‘Milestone’; Bcal COO Shane Ryan Replaces CEO Dr John Hurrell; On $350k PA

Telix To Acquire ARTMS For $126m; Mach7, Penn State Health $3.1m Enterprise Renewal; Nova Eye Record Monthly US Sales Up 20% To $1.5m; La Trobe Uni: Mason $720k For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Invex $1.2m UK Tax Rebate Delayed Indefinitely; Immutep: 90mg Efti ‘Safe’ In 6 Breast Cancer Patients; Cynata Doses 1st Phase II CYP-001 GvHD Patient; Invion INV043 Combo ‘80% Anal Cancer Free, In Mice’; Immuron Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Salter Brothers Take 5% Of Alcidion; Uscom Chair Prof Robert Phillips Takes 32.5%; Universal Biosensors CEO John Sharman To Exercise 1.4m Options; Servatus Appoints Rodney Loone Director; Bio-Melbourne: A.I. Symposium 2 Weeks To Go

S&P: Pro Medicus To ASX100, 8 Biotechs Join All Ordinaries, 3 Out; Federal Court Issues Mesoblast Class Action Notice; Truscreen ‘Initial Placement’ Raises $467k; Clinuvel: ‘Scenesse Reduces Variegate Porphyria Severity’; Polynovo: India Approves Novosorb BTM For National Portal; Patrys: Deoxymab Potential For Auto-Immune Vasculitis, In Mice; Anteotech $300k Settles Ferroglobe Claim; Firebrick 2nd Nasodine Covid-19 US Patent Allowed; Nyrada Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Audeara Receives $673k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Osteopore Completes 15-To-1 Consolidation; HSBC Takes 19.66% Of Syntara; Jetan, Greg Plummer Take 11.5% Of Uscom; Matthew Fry Replaces Paradigm Director Helen Fisher; Enlitic Appoints Lisa Pettigrew Director; Sally McDow Replaces Atomo Co Sec Maria Clemente

February BDI-40 Record High - Up 2%, ASX200 Up 0.2%, Big Caps Down 4%; Correction: Neuren Pharmaceuticals; Victoria: Zoetis To Acquire CSL Parkville Site; $350m; Brandon: $3m For 5 Anti-Microbial Resistance Projects; Uscom Underwritten Rights Offer Raises $1.3m Of $2m; Universal Biosensors To Raise $12.5m; Cardiex Cancelled Trial Takes H1 Revenue To $9.5m; $807k Profit; Cann H1 Revenue Up 46% To $8.5m, Loss Down 24% To $14m; Universal Bio Revenue Up 47% To $6.6m, Loss Down 75% To $6.7m; ASX Suspends Cann On Accounts; Auditor Disclaimer; ASX Delists Cann Global On Accounts; ASX Suspends Nuheara For Reports; 4D Medical, Vanderbilt Test XV For Veteran Respiratory Disease; Avita Resubmits Recell Go To FDA; ‘Expects May 30 Approval’; P3, Austrials, Holdsworth House Merge Into Momentum; Perennial Takes 13.6% Of Lumos; Inhalerx Loses Director Dr John Crock; Co Sec James Barrie Interim; Sushmar Kejriwal Replaces Tissue Repair Co Sec Priyamvada Rasal

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals; Neuren Revenue Up 16-Fold To $232m, Profit Up 845-Fold To $157m; Medadvisor H1 Revenue Up 18% To $75.5m; Profit Up 49.5% To $7m; Compumedics H1 Revenue Up 37.5% To $26m, Loss To $141k Profit; Medical Developments H1 Revenue Up 9% To $15m; Profit To $11m Loss; Mach7 H1 Revenue Down 19% To $13m; Loss Up 35.5-Fold To $5m; Imex Revenue Up 15% To $20m; Loss Up 38% To $4m; Visioneering Record Revenue Up 19% To $13m; Loss Down 41% To $5m; Hydrix H1 Revenue Down 17.5% To $6m, Loss Up 94% To $4m; Mesoblast H1 Revenue Down 1% To $5.2m; Loss Down 21% To $50m; Bioxyne H1 Revenue Up 102% To $4.7m, Loss Up 14-Fold To $12.4m; Curvebeam H1 Revenue Up 62% To $3.5m; Loss Up 63.5% To $14m; Resonance H1 Revenue Up 56% To $3.3m; Loss Up 121% To $558k; Anteris Revenue Down 10% To $4m; Loss Up 55% To $69m; Emvision Places $15.3m With Partner Keysight; Keysight Takes 8.7%; Adherium: Alliance Tech To Distribute Hailie In US; Anatara Opens Stage 2 Of Phase II ‘Garp’ IBS Trial; Radiopharm Doses 1st RAD301 Pancreatic Cancer Imaging Patient; Bod To Lodge H1 Late Due To Auditor ‘Conflict Of Interest’; Regal Funds Reduces To 6% Of Vitura; Perennial Takes 11.7% Of Micro-X; David Darling Replaces Bcal Director Dr Merilyn Sleigh; Imagion Co Sec Geoff Hollis Resigns As CFO; ‘Staff, Cost Cuts’; Cynata Appoints Dr Mathias Kroll Chief Business Officer

SDI H1 Revenue Up 3.5% To $52m, Profit Up 36% To $3.7m; Somnomed H1 Revenue Up 13% To $45m, Loss Up 70% To $6m; Alcidion H1 Revenue $19m, Loss Up 40% To $4m; Next Science Revenue Up 89% To $34m, Loss Up 28% To $25m; Cyclopharm Revenue Up 37% To $32m, Loss Down 29% To $4.7m; Micro-X H1 Revenue Up 2% To $8m, Loss Down 55% To $4m; Starpharma H1 Revenue $7m On Mundipharma Payment; Acrux H1 Revenue Up 210% To $4m, Loss Down 2% To $3m; Lumos H1 Revenue Down 46% To $4m, Loss Down 2% To $10m; Microba H1 Revenue Up 52% To $3.3m, Loss Up 102% To $11.5m; Neuren: Acadia 2023 Daybue Sales $271m; Royalty $27m; Heramed Rights Raise $225k Of $1.25m; Total $1.5m; PYC Doses 3rd VP-001 Retinitis Pigmentosa Type 11 Cohort; Radiopharm: ‘TB-161 Promising For Targeting Cancers’; Heramed Signs Broward Health For Foetal Heart Monitors; Pharmaust: ‘Monepantel Safe, Tolerable For MND’; Nyrada: ‘NYR-BI03 Neuro-Protective, In Mice’; Medadvisor, Brand Engagement Network Develop A.I. Platform; Proteomics Wins EU Oxidx Patent; Trivarx: FDA ‘Clear Path’ For MEB-001 De Novo Approval; Genetic Technologies To Advertise Genomics Test In US; Little Green Ships 1st Marijuana To Poland; Merchant Funds Reduces To 6% Of Bcal; Visioneering To Lose Chair Dr David Mazzo; Kathleen Miler Interim

Trajan H1 Revenue Down 5% To $76m; Profit To $378k Loss; Polynovo Record H1 Revenue Up 66% To $49m; $2.7m Profit; Impedimed H1 Revenue Down 15% To $5m; Loss Down 10% To $10m; Imricor Retail Rights Raise $684k; Total $8.6m; Telix To Buy Manufacturer Isotherapeutics For $21m; Audeara Maiden $2.1m Zildjian Mass Production Order; 4D Medical, Imbio Veterans Affairs Research Deal; Recce Continues MCRI Partnership; Dimerix Collects Interim Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Trial Data; Race Receives $4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Perennial Takes 5% Of Immutep; Perennial Takes 15% Of Microba

Mayne Pharma H1 Revenue Up 86% To $188m; Profit To $70.5m Loss; Nanosonics H1 Revenue Down 2% To $80m, Profit Down 40.5% To $6m; Vitura H1 Revenue Up 4% To $60m, Profit Down 57% To $3m; Austco H1 Revenue Up 11% To $23m; Profit Down 15% To $1.2m; BTC Group H1 Revenue Up 3% To $4.9m; Loss To $1.7m Profit; Genetic Technologies H1 Revenue Down 5% To $4m; Loss Up 18% To $6m; Island Underwritten $1.95m 2-For-5 Rights Offer; 4D Medical Appoints Blackford Imbio Distributor; Cynata: ‘CYP-006TK Reduces Wound Area 88%’; Recce Expands R327 Diabetic Foot Infection Trial Access; Cardiex Reinstated To ASX; Little Green Pharma: Germany Legalizes Marijuana; Pharmaust Requests ‘Study Results’ Trading Halt; Heramed Takes ‘Material Contract’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Christine Emmanuel-Donnelly Replaces Impedimed Chair McGregor Grant

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cochlear; Telix Revenue Up 214% To $502.5m; $5.2m Maiden Profit; Avita Revenue Up 46% To $76m; Loss Up 66% To $68m; Nova Eye H1 Revenue Up 21% To $10m; Loss Down 15% To $5.6m; Cryosite H1 Revenue Up 12% To $6m; Profit Up 25% To $846k; Invictus To Raise $7.6m To Buy-Back Invictus From VGI; Alterity $3.25m Placement; Regeneus Cambium Merger, Name Change EGM; Algorae Listing Rule Breach EGM; Invion, Dr I & B Photosoft HPV Safety, Efficacy Trial; Allegra Takes ‘Financing’ Trading Halt To Suspension; FIL (Fidelity) Reduces To 5% Of Immutep; Amrita Blickstead, Karen Borg Replace Somnomed CEO Neil Verdal-Austin; Cryosite M-D John Hogg To CEO, Andrew Kerr Appointed Director; Martin Dillon Replaces Truscreen CEO Beata Edling; Cardiex Appoints Charlie Taylor Director

Clinuvel H1 Revenue Up 10% To $32m; Profit Down 4% To $11m; Cogstate H1 Revenue Up 3.2% To $31m; Profit $3m; Genetic Sigs H1 Revenue Down 65% To $3.6m; Loss Up To $10.5m; LBT Delivers 1st APAS Pharma QC To Thermo Fisher; Orthocell Raises $3.5m; Alterity Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Island Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Heramed Requests ‘Material Contract’ Trading Halt; Inoviq Breast Cancer Test ‘80% Accuracy, 93% Specificity’; Trivarx Pleads ‘Schultz, Stockhead’ To ASX 64% Query; Pharmaust Appoints Scientific Advisory Board

MTP Connect TTRA Program Awards $38m To 22 Projects; IDT H1 Revenue Up 137% To $5.8m; Loss Down 34% To $3.9m; Austco To Pay $10.6m For Amentco Nurse Call Reseller; Melodiol ‘Commitments’ For $1.1m Placement; Radiopharm Takes $1.9m Radium RDTI Loan; Neurotech: NTI164 ‘More Improvements’ For Pandas/Pans; Algorae Pleads ‘Schultz, A.I.’ To ASX 20% Query; Allegra Requests ‘Financing’ Trading Halt; Regal Takes 7.4% Of Immutep; Clinuvel Loses Ex-Chair Willem Blijdorp

Federal $50m For 3 Monash Uni Heart Devices; Biomebank: Federal $2.15m For Microbiome Manufacturing; Certa Wins US FT011 FDA Fast-Track Status For Sclerosis; Actinogen Tells ASX Aware Query: ‘2 Hours Notice’; Orthocell Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Rhythm Appoints PAC Partners Rights Issue Lead Manager; Harbour Takes 6% Of Aroa; Opthea Appoints Dr Arshad Khanani Chief Medical Advisor

Cochlear H1 Revenue Up 25% To $1.1b; Profit Up 35% To $191m; Starpharma Loses FDA Vivagel BV Appeal; More Data Required; Rex, AO Foundation Orthopaedic Screw Partnership; PYC Receives $4.5m For Gopomelo, Google. Deal; LTR Starts Spontan Erectile Dysfunction Trial; Little Green Withdraws UK Reset Psychedelics Spin-Out; Melodiol (Creso) Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Cyclopharm Appoints John Wigglesworth Director

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: CSL; Neuren Rebuts Culper Research Report; Goodbye Rhinomed; Polynovo Record $1m Novosorb Order For Ukraine; Cann, Rua Biosciences Legal Proceedings; Qbiotics Tigilanol Tiglate FDA Orphan Status For Sarcoma; Pharmaust: FDA Okays Monepantel MND Single Study; Rhythm: CSIRO Assigns Colostat Patent Rights; Compass, Kohlberg, Veritas Take 8% Of Medadvisor; Regal Takes 5.5% Of Immutep; Genetic Technologies Loses Director Nick Burrows

Pro Medicus H1 Revenue Up 30% To $74m, Profit Up 33% To $36m; Clarity: Prostate Cancer Imaging ‘Safe, Highly Effective’; Brandon Biocatalyst, And Health $50m For Dementia; Opthea Enrols Phase III Opt-302 (Sozinibercept) Wet AMD Trial; Imugene Doses 1st I-V Oncarlytics CD19 Tumor Patient; Mesoblast: Revascor Wins FDA Orphan Drug Status For HLHS; Actinogen Awarded Xanamem UK ‘Innovation Passport’; Biointelect Partners With CR20 For CRO Consultancy; Algorae Terminates NZeno Pig Cell Agreement; Anteotech Completes Anteo X Production Factory; Cryosite EGM 99.99% Back Capital Return; Rhinomed Requests Suspension For Removal From ASX; Auscann Withdraws $1m Share Plan For ‘Compliance’; Perennial Reduces To 12.5% Of Lumos

Nova Eye Placement, Insto Offer Raise $5.1m; $2.9m Retail To Go; Painchek Underwritten Share Plan For $2.5m; $2.5m Placement; Regeneus To Become ‘Cambium Bio’; Syntara Trials SNT-5505 For MDS Blood Cancer; Pharmaust Doses 1st Extension MND Monepantel Patient; Impedimed: MASCC Recommends BIS For Lymphoedema; Milford Below 5% Of Immutep; Immutep Appoints Anne Anderson Director; Epsilon Directors John Few, Wilson Min ‘Removed’

CSL Record H1 Revenue Up 12% To $12b, Profit Up 17% To $3b; Immuron Record $2.7m Travelan Sales; Optiscan Receives $3m Federal Industry Grant; Orthocell Files Singapore Celgro-Remplir Application; Neurotech Marijuana NTI164 Autism Trial Extension; Noxopharm Extends Hudson Institute Agreement; MGC ‘Argent Biopharma’ Name Change EGM; Curvebeam To Release 13m ASX Escrow Shares; W Whitney George Takes 44% Of Rhinomed; Robert Iervasi Replaces Vitura Chair Dr Marcia Walker

CSL Phase III CSL112 Cardiac Trial Misses Primary Endpoint; Nova Eye Unaudited H1 Receipts Up 16% To $10m; Nova Eye Hopes For $3m Placement, $5m Rights Offer; Truscreen Rights For $3m; Argenica Manufactures Phase II ARG-007 Doses; Cleo Transfers CXCL10 Test To Laboratory; Lumos Appoints Henry Schein US Febridx Distributor; Truscreen Wins Saudi Arabia Reimbursement; Rhythm EGM 56% Back Chair Otto Buttula; Painchek Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Regal Funds Diluted To 8.5% Of Cardiex; Cyclopharm Appoints Jason Smith CFO; Paradigm Appoints Scott Williams Consultant; 7.5m Options

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Artrya; Federal $229m For 110 Projects; Rhythm Hopes To Raise $6.6m In Rights Offer; Paradigm PPS ‘Safe, Well Tolerated’ For MPS-VI; Trivarx: Northern Michigan Uni To Study Stager Sleep Tool; BVF Diluted To 17% Of Syntara; Cardiex Chair Niall Cairns, CEO Craig Cooper Take 23.4%; Regal Funds Takes 13% Of Cardiex; Bio-Melbourne 2nd mRNA Lecture Series

Cochlear Expects Profit Up 8% To $385m-$400m; Telix To Pay Up To $189m For Qsam, Bone Cancer Drug; Uscom H1 Revenue Up 55.5% To $2m, Loss Down 31% To $952k; Chimeric Doses 1st Phase Ib CHM0201 AML Patient; Biotron Receives $1.65m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Trivarx Receives $889k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Charles Darwin Uni: ‘Cannabinoid Slows Melanoma, In-Vitro’; Ausbiotech Calls For Innovation Forum ‘Pitch’ Applications

Monash Uni Potential Lupus Treatment, In Mice; Cardiex Rights Raise $4m; Total $8m; Truscreen Wins Mexico Public Cervical Cancer Screening OK; Neurotech NTI164 Marijuana Autism Patients Reach 90-Weeks; Platinum Takes 19% Of Syntara; Paradigm Receives $7.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Rhythm Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt

Cyclopharm Unaudited Revenue Up 14% To $30m; Radiopharm Takes $12.5m Lind Draw-Down Facility; Allegra Cancels FDA Spinal Cage Application, IP For Sale; Recce Signs PT Etana South East Asia Agreement; Island ISLA-101 Single Ascending Dose ‘Safety’; Alterity Phase II Study Approved To Continue; LTR Manufactures Spontan For Trial; Chris Achurch Replaces Neuroscientific Co Sec Abby Niven; Bio-Melbourne Non-Animal Testing Forum

Federal $20m For Brain Cancer Research; Victoria $8.8m For 13 Cancer Research Fellowships; Pro Medicus Launches Visage Ease For Apple Vision Pro; Imricor Placements, Institutional Offer Raise $8m; $7m To Go; Bluechiip Placement Raises $840k; Rights Offer For $4m More; Uscom $2m Rights Offer; Correction: Fivephusion; Bioxyne GMP Licences For Marijuana, Psilocybin, MDMA; Radiopharm: RAD502 Targets Cancer Protein, In Mice; Trivarx Updated MEB-001: ‘86% Sensitivity, 75% Specificity’; Chair Paul Hopper Takes 6% Of Imugene; Pharmaust Appoints Dr Thomas Duthy Director; Jan Bult, Gayle Ginnane Replace Aegros (Senator) Dave Sharma; Bio-Melbourne Women In Leadership Nominations Closing

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Resmed; WEHI: ‘Lab Organoids Predict Bowel Cancer Therapy’; And Health, MRFF $3.25m For 4 Digital Health Companies; Fivephusion: Deflexifol ‘Safe, Tolerable’ At Higher Doses; Synchron Takes Stake In Manufacturer Acquandas; Alterity ‘Oversubscribed’ Share Plan Raises $2m; Total $6.8m; Imricor To Raise $15m; Trading Halt To Suspension; Syntara Plan Raises $303k Of Hoped-For $2m; Total $10.3m; Rhinomed Buys-Back 3.25m Unmarketable Parcel Shares; Melodiol Completes 20-To-1 Consolidation; Regal Reduces, Diluted Below 5% Of Alterity; Opthea Appoints Dr Julie Clark, Dr Fang Li; Echo IQ Loses Co-Co Sec Shannon Robinson

January BDI-40 Record High - Up 2%, ASX200 Up 1%, Big Caps Up 7%; Victoria $1.94m For Hudson Vaccine Development; Proteomics: New Endometriosis, Oesophageal Cancer Test Data; Oncosil: EDH Türkiye Distributor; 84 German Hospitals; Melodiol Receipts Up 173% To $23m; Low On Cash; Hydrix H1 Receipts Down 3% To $7m; One Quarter Cash; Rhinomed H1 Receipts $4m; Low On Cash; Delisting; Adherium Appoints Dr Paul Mastoridis CEO On $533k PA; Bluechiip Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Little Green Pharma Receives $5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive

Neuren Receipts $221m On Acadia Milestones, Royalties; Mach7 H1 Receipts Up 71% To $15.5m; Alcidion H1 Receipts Down 20% To $15m; Little Green 9-Month Receipts Up 33% To $18.8m; Cann Group H1 Receipts Up 72% To $9.9m; Mesoblast H1 Receipts Up 8% To $6m; Impedimed H1 Receipts Up 7% To $5.9m; Genetic Signatures H1 Receipts Down 52.5% To $5.6m; Universal Biosensors Receipts Up 36% To $5.5m; Anteris Receipts Up 13% To $4.7m; La Trobe Uni: ‘Placenta Cells Lower Blood Pressure, In Mice’; Volpara: ‘NZ Approves Sale To Lunit’; Starpharma H1 Receipts $7m On Mundipharma Termination Payment; Chimeric H1 Receipts $5.5m From Introduction Fee; Imricor Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt

Medadvisor H1 Receipts Down 2.3% To $61m; Somnomed H1 Receipts Up 13% To $43.8m; Aroa 9-Month Receipts Up 14% To $44m; Next Science Receipts Up 89% To $30m; Imex Receipts Up 28% To $21m; Micro-X H1 Receipts Up 206% To $4.9m; Visioneering Record Receipts Up 10% To $8.8m; Pharmaust: Ethics Approval To Extend Monepantel MND Study; Arovella Licences IL-12-TM Cytokine For CAR-INKT Cells; Cannatrek, Mie Uni Research Medical Marijuana; Tom Granger, Anacacia Take 6.1% Of Cogstate; FIL (Fidelity) Takes 6% Of Proteomics; Perennial Reduces, Diluted To 12.5% Of Genetic Signatures

Vale Lang Walker; Dimerix Advanz Licence Maiden H1 $10.8m Receipts; Cardiex H1 Receipts Up 174% To $8.5m; Bioxyne Marijuana Pushes H1 Receipts Up 520% To $4.7m; Cyclopharm: Yale To Use Technegas For ARDS Study; Starpharma Viraleze ‘Reduces Sars-Cov-2 Viral Load’; EBR On-Track For FDA Filing, Approval; Osteopore Milestone 100k Implants; Pharmaust FDA ‘More Data For Monepantel MND Orphan Status’; Neurotech Approved For Marijuana Cerebral Palsy Trial; Rhinomed Share Plan Raises $42k; $1.2m Shortfall; Arovella Requests ‘Licencing Agreement’ Trading Halt; Respiri Appoints Justin Mouchacca, Nova Taylor Co-Co Secs

Sahmri: Probiotic Bacteria Detect Gut Tumors, In Mice; Resmed H1 Revenue Up 14% To $3.4b, Profit Up 11% To $789m; Auscann Share Plan For $1m; Aroa: 6 Of 10 Enivo Mastectomy Patients Tested; No Complications; Memphasys AI-Port 60% Efficient As Standard Cow Insemination; Respiri Licences Echo IQ Echosolv For US Patient Monitoring; Fil (Fidelity) Takes 8% Of Medical Developments; M-D Dr Richard Lipscombe Reduces To 12.5% Of Proteomics; MTP Connect To Lead Bio 2024 Delegation; Bio-Melbourne Women In Leadership Nominations; Bio-Melbourne: ‘Early, Early-Bird Tickets For A.I. Symposium’; Ausbiotech February Bio-Cheers

US FDA Warns Of CAR-T Therapy Hospitalization, Deaths; Nanosonics H1 Revenue Down 2.5% To $80m; Mach7 H1 Revenue Down 19% To $13m; Recurring Revenue Up 9%; Genetic Signatures Rights Raise $8m; Total $15.9m; Radiopharm Places $1.7m Of $7.9m Shortfall; Total $3.8m; Auscann Lends Eurocann Further $1.7m; Bioxyne Jumps 33% To 1.6c On $10m Potential Marijuana Orders; Control Bionics US $577k For Drove Wheelchair Module; Actinogen: ‘Xanamem Penetrates Brain, Safe’; Karst Peak Sells 79.5m Syntara Shareholding

Victoria Grants $12m Of Aravax $34m For Peanut Allergy; Proteomics Placement Raises $6.5m, $2m ‘M-D Sell-Down’; Archer Develops Micro-Chip For Multiple Disease Test; Melodiol EGM Faces Up-To 39% Opposition; Osteopore 15-To-1 Consolidation EGM; Correction: Genetic Signatures; Ausbiotech Calls For Medtech 2024 Submissions; Bio-Melbourne, Marlow Hampshire Workshop Staff

CSIRO Opens ‘Innovate To Grow’ Program Applications; Polynovo Unaudited H1 Revenue Up 65% To $49m; Pacific Edge Q3 Cxbladder Test Volumes Down 8%; 4D Medical, Philips XV Lung Imaging For US Veterans; Anteris Implants 3 More Canada Duravr Heart Valves; Starpharma: Itrom Vivagel Mid-East, North Africa Distributor; Botanix: FDA Okays Sofdra NDA Resubmission; Heramed: 2-Year Heracare, Herabeat Deal With Advisors; Vitura Signs Wholelife Canview Software Agreement; Perennial Takes 14% Of Genetic Signatures; Craig Chapman, Nampac Take 6% Of Control Bionics; Brian Walsh Takes 5% Of Control Bionics; Impedimed: ‘Directors Wanted’; Bio-Melbourne: 3 Weeks To 5th Medtech Seminar

Special Summer Catch-Up Edition
- Compiled By Jamie Miller
Thorney, Tiga Take 7% Of Enlitic; Opthea Receives $124m OPT-305 Development Funding; Radiopharm Opens 2nd RAD204 NSCLC Trial Site; Vitura Ends Code4 Canview Software Licence; PT Pyridam Farma, Pyfa Take 10% Of Probiotec; Austco Wins $1.2m Whittlesea CCTV Contract; Firebrick Withdraws Nasodine TGAa Appeal; Mesoblast Retail Rights Raise $5m; Total: $60m Of Hoped For $90m; Cynata Expects CYP-006TK Results By April; Recce: ‘R327 Reduces 88% UTI E Coli, In Rats’; Audeara Loses Director Dr Elaine Saunders; Algorae: Hl Pharma Marijuana Distribution Agreement; FIL (Fidelity) Below 5% Of Somnomed; Osteopore Takes $1m Advance Opportunities Fund Loan; BVF Partners Diluted To 24% Of Syntara; Rhythm Loses Director Dr Rachel David; Nova Eye: US MACs Cancel Canaloplasty Medicare Changes; Genetic Signatures Raises $8m; $7.9m To Go; Alterity 25% Oppose SPP, Director Placement Shares EGM; HSBC Increases, Diluted To 10% In Syntara; Vitrolife To Sell Memphasys Felix In Canada, New Zealand; Cardiex: ‘ASX Open To Conditional Suspension Lift After $8m Raise’; Arovella Makes GMP Vector For ALA-101; Pharmaust FDA Pre-IND Monepantel MND Meeting; PYC: Gopomelo, Google Partner For A.I.; CSL Appoints Samantha Lewis Director; Antisense Files ‘Percheron’ Name Change; Perennial Increases, Diluted To 13% Of Genetic Signatures; Karst Peak Increases, Diluted To 11% Of Syntara; Asia Union, FIL (Fidelity) Diluted In Genetic Signatures; L1 Capital Takes 16% Of Anteris; SDI H1 Revenue Up 3% To $52m; Immutep Doses 1st Efti Urothelial Cancer Patient; Nova Eye Tells ASX ‘Aware 4 Hours Before Announcement’; Karst Peak Reduce To 10% Of Syntara; Chimeric Raises $1m From Lind Global Fund; Rhythm Removal Of Chair Otto Buttula As Director EGM; Telix Plans US Nasdaq Listing; Cryosite Equal Reduction Capital Return; Visioneering Raises $239k Of $1.5m Rights Offer Shortfall; Telix 2023 Revenue Up 236% To $503m; Nova Eye 6-Month US Sales Up 65% To $7.6m; Zelira: $2.9m Of $5.1m Note For Hope Marijuana Autism Trial; Genetic Technologies Loses CFO Co Sec Tony Di Pietro; Cann Group Appoints Tony Di Pietro CFO, Co-Co Sec; Swinburne Neurodesk For Brain Imaging Data Analysis; Thorney, Tiga Diluted To 48% Of Visioneering; Vitura To Sell Nictone Vapes As ‘Smoking Cessation Products’; Adherium: Nuvoair To Buy 1,000 Hailie Sensors; Emyria Unnamed Psychiatrist Wins TGA Prescriber Status; Chimeric Receives $7.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Regal Takes 5% Of Alterity; Avita Unaudited Revenue Up 46% To $50m; Compumedics Unaudited H1 Revenue Up 35% To $26m; Invictus VGI Pancreatic Cancer Trial Approved; Lumos Signs $14.9m Hologic IP Development Agreement; Imricor ICMR Approved In Saudi Arabia; Avita To Distribute Stedical Permeaderm In US; Trajan: Clinisciences To Sell Neoteryx In Europe; Sandhurst Reduces To 12% Of Mach 7; Firebrick To Release 63m ASX Escrow Shares; Chimeric Opens Phase Ib CHM0201 AML Trial; Emyria Receives $2.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Medlab Completes Dr Sean Hall Share Sale; FIL (Fidelity) Reduces To 9% Of Immutep; Imagion Loses 7-Month CEO Dr Isaac Bright; Kim Beazley Replaces Orthocell Director Matthew Callahan; Rhinomed 99% EGM Vote To Delist From ASX; Micro-X Loses Founder Peter Rowland; Adherium Loses CEO Rick Legleiter; Clarity Loses Directors Cheryl Maley, Rob Thomas; Echo IQ Appoints Kimber Rothwell CEO On $300k PA; Immuron Record H1 Sales Up 304% To $2.4m; Heramed, Gpex Heracare Pilot Program; Melodiol Unaudited Revenue Up 51% To $7.1m; $215k Placement; Pharmaust: Berry For Phase II/Iii Monepantel MND/AML Trial; Victoria Opens $17m ‘Pandemic Preparedness’ Grants; Queensland Uni Hi1a Spider Venom Prevents Heart Attack, In Mice; WEHI Finds ‘Likely Breast Cancer Cells-Of-Origin’; Immunexpress Wins Septicyte Sepsis Test TGA Approval; Amplia Doses 1st Phase IIa Narmafotinib Pancreatic Cancer Patient; Perennial Reduces To 14% Of Lumos; Leah Pieris Replaces Algorae Co Sec Madhukar Bhalla; Heramed Loses Director Emily Slade; Victoria $500k For St Vincent’s Cellular Laboratory; Chimeric Places $3.2m Of $5.5m Shortfall; Total Raised $7.7m; Memphasys Rights Raise $2.13m; Total $4.23m; Amplia: FDA Okays Narmafotinib Pancreatic Cancer Trial IND; Imricor To Start Cardiac Ablation Catheter Trial; Recce R327 ‘Resolves/Cures DFI Bacterial Infections’; Heramed Rights Issue To Raise Up-To $1.3m; Blinklab Hopes For $8m To List On ASX For Autism Diagnostic; Control Bionics Places $1m Shortfall; Total $2.7m; Mesoblast: ‘FDA Revascor HLHS Rare Paediatric Disease Status’; Imugene Doses 1st Phase I Vaxinia Cohort 5 Patients; Starpharma: ‘DEP-Cabazitaxel Cancer Disease Control’; Visioneering Naturalvue ‘Further Reduces Myopia Progression’; Island Doses Third ISLA-101 Dengue Fever Cohort; Microba To Release 54.5m Escrow Shares; Enlitic To Release 3.9m CDIs, 4.5m Shares From ASX Escrow; Phoenix Diluted To 18.3% In Control Bionics; Nightingale Diluted To 12.5% Of Control Bionics; Peter Ford Diluted To 11.5% Of Control Bionics; Painchek Appoints Natalie Climo Co Sec

Special Edition

2023: BDI-40 Up 43%; ASX200 Up 8%, NBI Up 4%, Big Caps Down 0.5%

Neuren Up 216%, 4D Medical 125%, Avita 122%, Volpara 113%, Impedimed 108%

Indonesia’s Pyridam To Buy Probiotec For $251m; Clarity Doses 1st Phase III Prostate Cancer Imaging Patient; Island 3rd ISLA-101 Cohort Dosing Approved; Radiopharm To Open Phase I RAD204 NSCLC Brisbane Site; Invex Ends Peptron Presendin Manufacturing Contract; Pharmaust Files $1.8m Fightmnd Phase II/III Monepantel Grant; Medlab EGM Okays Asset Sales; 32% Oppose Dr Sean Hall; Melodiol Everblu Stock, Lay Options, 20:1 Consolidation EGM; Director Andrew Kroger Reduces To 43% Of Cryosite; Lindmark Takes 12.6% Of Cryosite; Richard Green, Jatayco, Viking Take 15% Of LBT; Orthocell Loses Director Dr Stewart Washer; Biointelect Appoints Leah Goodman CEO; Co Sec Phillip Hains Replaces Alterity CFO Kathryn Andrews; Melodiol Loses Co-Co Sec Erlyn Dawson

2023 - The Year In Review; Genetic Signatures Raises $15.9m; La Trobe Uni Spins Out Allesense For Nanomslide; Universal Biosensors: ‘$1m December Sales’; Immutep: German Regulator Backs Phase III Efti NSCLC Trial; Botanix Resubmits Sofdra NDA With Leaflet Changes; Inhalerx Takes $546k Radium RDTI Loan; Micro-X To Release 51m Voluntary Escrow Shares

LTR Tells ASX Aware Query ‘Patent Report Not Material’; Epsilon Administrators Cancel 2 Board Spill EGMs; Neuren Enrols Phase II NNZ-2591 Angelman Trial; Proteomics, Omics 5-Year Promarkerd Chile Deal; Imricor Signs East Agency 5-Year Qatar Deal; Actinogen Opens 1st Phase IIb Xanamem Alzheimer's Trial Site; Opthea Receives $8.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Pharmaust Receives $553k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Velocimetry, Andreas, Helen Fouras Diluted To 17% Of 4D Medical; Viking Diluted To 11.3% Of LBT; Dr David Cade To Replace Telix CMO Dr Colin Hayward; Uniquest Appoints Andrew Morgan Director; Atomo Loses Director Dr Curt Labelle; Justin Callahan Replaces Fisher & Paykel Paul Shearer In Sales; Bio-Melbourne 5th Medtech Seminar: Cardio-Vascular Health

Enlitic Opens Up 6% On $21m Imaging Software IPO; Syntara Raises $10m; Plan For $2m More; Cardiex $4m Placement ‘Commitments’; $4m Rights Offer; Anatara Rights Raises $1.05m; Telix Files TLX250-CDx FDA Biologics Application; Dorsavi Signs 2 US Research Deals Worth $168k; Azura: AZR-MD-001 Allows ‘3-Hour Meibomian Contact Lens Wear’; Starpharma: DEP-Docetaxel ‘Controls’ Prior-Treated Cancers; Neurotech Recruits NTI164 Phase II/III Autism Trial; Adalta I-Body ‘Binds To Malaria Parasite Protein’, In-Vitro; Clarity Recruits Phase II Cu-64-Sartate Trial Early; Heramed: Wingwomen 90-Day US Heracare Test-Run; Chimeric Manufactures Phase Ib AML Trial CHM0201; Genetic Signatures $7m Federal RDTI; ‘Capital Raising’ Halt; Tissue Repair Wins US Patent For Glucoprime; Rhythm: CEO Search, Cost Cuts, Colostat Change, Re-Do RDTI; Cerulea Appoints Michelle Gallaher CEO

Another Year In The Grass – By Peter Olszewski (JJ McRoach); Neuren NNZ-2591 ‘Statistically Significant’ For Phelan-McDermid; ASIC, Adam Blumenthal Civil Case; Everblu To Shed Licence; Anteris Placement Raises $33.5m Of $40m; $6.7m Shortfall; Adherium Delivers 1st Hailie Intermountain Order; Osteopore Wins Osteoplug Hainan, China Approval; BTC To Sell Morpheus Bone Surgery Products In Australia; LTR: ‘Spontan Nasal Beats Oral Vardenafil’; 4D Medical Completes Imbio Acquisition; Telix Exempt From Appendix 4C Quarterly Reports; Emvision: $2.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; $600k Study Milestone; Recce Wins $11.2m Advanced Overseas R&D Rebate; Genetic Technologies Receives $1.75m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Heramed: Fembridge To Use Heracare; Syntara Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Epsilon In Administration After ASX ‘Compliance’ Suspension

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: End-Of-Year Report Card; Heramed Raises $1.25m; Rights Offer For $1.25m More; Pharmaust Options Raise $396k; Oncosil Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Island Takes $386k Radium RDTI Loan; Eddington, Hall, Vom Rhythm EGM To Oust Chair Otto Buttula; Epsilon Founder Alan Beasley Removal Egm; Cann Group To Release 2.7m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Brendan Moran, Morcap ‘Diluted Below 5% In LBT’; Regal Funds Below 5% Of Bluechiip; Ausbiotech Appoints Coo Rosanne Hyland Acting CEO

Seoul’s Lunit To Buy Volpara For $296m; Respiri Placement Raises $6.5m, $20m Facility; Mach7 Renews 5-Year, $10m Sentara Deal; Recce $43.8m Advanced Overseas R&D Finding; Austin, Florey, Bionics Institute Implant 1st Crohn’s Device; Recce R327 ‘Reduces 99% Gonorrhoeae Shedding’, In Mice; Nucleus Network To Open 1st NSW Clinical Trial Site; MTP Connect, South Korean Cooperation Agreement; Atmo Enrols ‘Pivotal’ Gas-Sensing Capsule Trial; Botanix Revises Sofdra Instructions For NDA Resubmission; Truscreen Wins $162k Polish Icloud Storage Gong; Neuren Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Pheonix Takes 22% Of Control Bionics; Nightingale 15%; Optiscan To Release 6m Voluntary Escrow Shares; LBT Appoints Former Co Sec Dan Hill Director; Dr Tom Takubo Replaces Respiri Director Brad Snow; Rhythm Appoints James Barrie Co-Co Sec

Science Technology Australia Opposes Federal $46m ‘Cut’; Pharmaust $3.5m ‘Premium’ Placement; Doherty, MIPS Covid Vaccines ‘Strong Immune Boost’; Race: 17-Of-20 Bisantrene AML Patients Die; Data Backs Studies; Vietnam Adds Truscreen Device To ‘Technical List’; Cynata Recruits CYP-004 Osteo-Arthritis Phase III Trial; Syntara Doses 1st Phase II SNT-5505 Myelofibrosis Patient; Patrys Expects PAT-DX1 For 2024 Human Trials; Heramed Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Unicor Takes 12% Of LBT

Eyepoint Up 200% On EYP-1901 Phase II AMD Success; Raises $350m; Compumedics: $9m China Meg Orders; Telix Doses 1st US TLX250-CDx EAP Patient; Island Doses 2nd ISLA-101 Cohort; Imugene Neoimmunetech NT-I7 To ‘Boost’ Azer-Cel

LTR Up 105% On $7m Spontan Erectile Dysfunction IPO; Alcidion $23m South Tees NHS Contract; 4D Medical Raises $35m For $39m Imbio Acquisition; Vitura Sells 2m Canview Marijuana Units; Victoria $2m For Cyban Brain Monitor; Prescient Recruits Phase Ib PTX-100 T-Cell Lymphoma Trial; Arovella Car-iNKT Cells ‘Improve Anti-Tumor Activity’, In Mice; Medlab ‘No Interest’ In Asset Sale; Rhinomed $1.25m Plan, Delisting EGM, Small Holding Facility; Compumedics Requests ‘More China Orders’ Trading Halt; Pharmaust Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Ausbiotech: Prof John Skerritt, Dr Liz Dallimore Directors

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Botanix Pharmaceuticals; CMRIi Develops APOD53 Telomere Cancer Treatment; Victoria: La Trobe Uni-Biontech mRNA Factory; LBT Places $500k Rights Shortfall; Total $4.5m; Radiopharm Rights Raise $2.1m Of Hoped-For $10m; Alcidion Share Plan Raises $378k Of Hoped-For $1m; Total $5.4m; Oncosil 1st Greek Pancreatic Cancer Patients; Nova Eye: ‘All 5 US Medicare Contractors Defer Rebate Changes’; Nyrada Receives $3.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Richmond Hill, Ovens, E&M Take 8% Of Universal Biosensors; Cryosite: Mark Kerr Chair, John Hogg M-D, 3 Directors Go; Ausbiotech NSW Women In Life Sciences Registration Opens

Queensland Uni Imaging ‘Predicts Child Brain Injury Recovery’; Telix: ‘TLX250-CDx Targets CAIX Expression In Breast Cancer’; Microba MAP315 Phase I Trial: ‘Both Doses Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Rhinomed Requests ‘ASX Delisting’ Trading Halt; Cynata To Start CYP-001 Phase II GvHD Türkiye Trial; Chimeric Rights Raise $4.5m Of Hoped-For $10m; Cardiex Receives $6.3m Clinichain Settlement; 4D Medical Requests ‘Capital Raising, Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Anatara Rights Raise $956k Of $1.1m; $100k Shortfall; Adherium Completes 15-To-1 Consolidation; Immutep Receives $2.6m French R&D Tax Incentive; Anteotech: 1st Commercial Anteo-X EV High Silicon Anode; Perennial Takes 15% Of Lumos; Chair Paul Rennie Increases, Diluted To 6% Of Paradigm; Regal Funds Increases, Diluted To 8% Of Vectus; Correction: Paradigm, Helen Fisher

Polynovo Record $9.5m Monthly Revenue; Lumos Starts US Viradx, Febridx Sales; Microba Completes $21m Invivo Acquisition; Imugene To Start Phase II PD1-Vaxx Colorectal Cancer Trial; Imugene Wins EU PD1-Vaxx Patent; Invex EGM Approves $14m Capital Return; Merchant Takes 6% Of Neurotech; Hydrix Loses Director Joanne Bryant; Pharmaust Appoints Dr Carol Worth, John Clark

Cyclopharm Signs 1st Commercial US Technegas Contract; Mesoblast Placement, Insto Rights Raise $55m; $42m To Go; Neuren Enrols Phase II NNZ-2591 Pitt Hopkins Trial; Telix Images 1st TLX250-CDx Early Access Kidney Cancer Patient; Melbourne Uni $480k For Carbon Cybernetics For Epilepsy; Immuron Enrols 1st US Navy Campetec Diarrhoea Volunteer; TGA: Vitura, CDA Clinics Qld ‘Unlawful Advertising’ Legal Action; Allegra To Submit FDA Spinal Cage Response; Syntara Receives $5.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Nuheara Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Harbour, Jarden Reduce To 14% In Pacific Edge; Neuroscientific: Rennie, Quantrill Out; Ntoumenopoulos, Keating In; Bio-Melbourne Loses CEO Jeff Malone; New CEO Wanted

Mesoblast Placement, Rights Offer For Up-To $97m; Memphasys Raises $2.1m; Rights Offer For $2.1m More; Compumedics: FDA Clears Somfit At-Home Sleep Test; Guidance; Microba $924k Flavors & Fragrances Allergy Research Deal; S&P: 4D Medical Demoted From All Technologies Index; Doherty Developing Safe Skin Treatments, In Mice; Botanix FDA Okays Sofdra NDA Resubmission; South Korea Approves Amplia AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Adherium Begins Teva-Hailie Production; BTC To Distribute Eurosets’ Life Support Systems; Alterity ATH434 ‘Improves Parkinson’s Function’, In Monkeys; Inhalerx Completes Phase I Marijuana IRX211 Dosing; Vitura: Federal Court Orders On CDA Clinics ‘Historic Ads’; Neurotech Extends NTI164 Marijuana Autism Trial To Adults; Curvebeam Releases 19.8m ASX Escrow Shares; Goodbye Pharmaxis, Hello Syntara; Genetic Signatures Appoints Stephane Chatonsky Director; Cann CFO, Co Sec Deborah Ambrosini Goes; Steven Notaro Co Sec; Epsilon’s Cui Calls EGM To Oust Beasley; Few Director

November Bounce-Back: BDI-40 Up 21%; ASX200 4.5%, Big Caps 13%; Queensland Uni, Vaxxas Needle-Free Zika Vaccine; Botanix Placement Raises $13.5m; Mesoblast Requests $98m ‘Financing Transaction’ Trading Halt; Kazia Undisclosed Paxalisib Partner For Non-Cancer; Pharmaust Doses Monepantel MND Trial, Files US Orphan Status; Osteopore, Innoventures China J-V Delayed; Aegros Claims Hyperimmune Product ‘Superior For Covid-19’; Mayne Pharma 34% Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Adherium AGM 28% Rem Report 1st Strike, 15-To-1 Consolidation OK; Argenica AGM 29.5% Oppose Plan, Termination Benefits; Imugene AGM 22% Oppose Remuneration Report, Director Rights; Artrya AGM 19% Oppose Placement Capacity; PYC Pleads ‘Schultz, Good News’ To ASX 28% Query; Compumedics Requests ‘FDA Correspondence’ Trading Halt; Respiri Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Genetic Technologies 100-To-1 Consolidation Timetable; Inoviq Chair David Williams Increases, Diluted To 5.4%; Charles Morgan Below 5% In Clarity; Andrew Chapman Replaces Auscann Chair Tod McGrouther; Neuroscientific Loses 11-Week CEO; 3 AGM Votes Withdrawn; Cameron Jones, Stephanie Vipond Replace Island Co Sec Peter Webse; Tim Luscombe Replaces Arovella CFO, Co Sec Phillip Hains; Ausbiotech, Bio-Melbourne End-Of-Year Party

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Imugene; Atticus $20m For Leprosy, Scabies, Head Lice; Clarity ‘Undetectable PSA’ In 1st 2-Dose 67-Cu Patient; Clarity Starts 64-Cu Sar-Bis-PSMA Phase III Prostate Cancer Trial; Monash Uni: Vancomycin Helps Develop New Antibiotics; CSIRO Partners With Telstra Digital Health; Little Green H1 Revenue Up 37% To $12m, Loss Down 69% To $2m; Mayne US Justice Dept Proceedings ‘Closed’; Bod Science Appoints Voluntary Administrators; Starpharma AGM 28% Oppose CEO Performance Rights; Opthea AGM 22% Oppose Board, Management Options; Impedimed AGM 20% Oppose Remuneration Report; Naos Takes 26% Of BTC; SA Microba Increases, Diluted To 7.7% Of Microba; Dianne Angus Replaces Argenica Chair Geoff Pocock; Hexima Loses Director Dr Nicole Van Der Weerden; Memphasys: Coutts, Goodall Out; Cooke, Dr Ali In; Bio-Melbourne: 1 Week To 4th Medtech Manufacturing Seminar

Fisher & Paykel H1 Revenue Up 16% To $747m, Profit Up 12% To $100m; Control Bionics Rights Offer Raises $1.7m Of Hoped-For $2.7m; Gentegra Chemical Protection For Trajan Neoteryx Mitra; 4D Medical: Philips To Sell XV Lung Imaging In US Clinics; Clarity Treats 67-Cu Sar-Bis-PSMA Prostate Cancer Cohort 3; Bcal Begins Indian Breastest Cancer Trial; Oncosil 1st ‘Pancosil’ Pancreatic Cancer Trial Patient Treated; Firebrick Wins South Africa Nasodine Covid-19 Patent; Paradigm Remuneration Report 1st Strike; 2 AGM Resolutions Lost; LBT AGM 45.6% Oppose 40% Director Fee-Pool Hike; Mesoblast AGM 37% Oppose William Burns Re-Election; Alterity AGM 19.7% Oppose Remuneration Report; Genetic Signatures AGM 15% Oppose Remuneration Report; Bluechiip Receives $931k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Goodbye Incannex; Respiri Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Biocurate Appoints Dr Kathy Nielsen CEO

Aroa H1 Revenue Up 8% To $28m, Profit To $6m Loss; Actinogen Xanamem For Depression 50% Enrolled; China Okays Dimerix Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Kidney Trial; WEHI Shows How Mutant P53 Protein Aids Cancer; Nova Eye US Medicare Contractor Defers Rebate Changes; Imugene Wins Vaxinia Bile Duct Cancer FDA Fast Track Status; Microba, Ginkgo Screen 182 Strains; Austco Completes Teknocorp Purchase; Antisense Completes Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Vitura 57% Remuneration Report 1st Strike AGM; Resolutions Fail; Pharmaxis AGM 98% Back Name Change To Syntara; Invex AGM 16.7% Oppose Placement Capacity; Neuroscientific Withdraws AGM Chair Performance Rights; Actinogen Receives $4.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Prescient Receives $2.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Epsilon ‘Paying Off’ Alpha $950k Line Of Credit; Bod Takes ‘Capital Raise, Financial Position’ Halt To Suspension; Merchant Funds Reduce, Diluted To 7.2% Of Bcal; Jason Peterson Takes 11.7% Of Invex; Exopharm Loses Dr Gregor Lichtfuss, To Lose Dr Ian Dixon As CEO

Federal $392m Industry Growth Program Opens; Botanix $13.5m ‘Firm Commitments’ For Sofdra Launch; Medadvisor Forecast H1 Revenue Up 10-15% To $70.5m-$73.5m; Mesoblast Files US Orphan, Children Revascor Heart Status; Emvision Recruits ‘Emu’ Brain Scanner Trial; Sufian Ahmad, Sixty Two Take 6.7% Of Emyria; Audeara AGM 12.4% Oppose Placement Capacity; Dr Matua Jansen Backs Vitura Board-Opposed Directors; LBT To Lose Director Damian Lismore Ahead At AGM; Bio-Melbourne 2024 Women In Leadership Nominations Open

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Optiscan; Island Doses 1st ISLA-101 Cohort; Rhythm Lung Cancer Test ‘85% Sensitivity, 90% Specificity’; Oncosil Israeli Reimbursement For Pancreatic Cancer Device; Epsilon Board Spill EGM ‘As Planned’ – Founder Alan Beasley; Bod Requests ‘Capital Raise, Financial Position’ Trading Halt; Monash Masters Of Technology, Commercialization, Business

Pacific Edge H1 Revenue Up 50% To $12m, Loss Up 44% To $14m; Paradigm Retail Rights Raise $2.8m, $6.2m Shortfall; Total $30m; LBT Markets Apas For Environmental Monitoring In Europe; Chimeric: CHM1301 Kills Ovarian, Pancreatic Cancer, In-Vitro; Queensland Uni Clamp 2 ‘Functionally Equivalent’ To Novavax; Centenary: Invasion-Block Halts Melanoma, In Mice; Algorae, Monash Start Marijuana Pre-Clinical Heart Study; Recce Wins R327, R529 Canada Patent; Epsilon Challenges Director Alan Beasley EGM Requisition; Vitura Rebuts AGM Dissident Letter; Genetic Technologies 29% Defeat Placement Capacity; Medlab Subsidiary Sale EGM; Incannex Appoints Computershare For US Registry; Aegros Appoints Dr Erin Evans, Dave Sharma, Jan Bult Advisors; Botanix Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt

Race In-The-Money Bonus, Piggyback Options For $37m; Alterity ‘Commitments’ For $4.8m Placement; Up-To $2m Share Plan; Victoria $45k Premier’s Awards Open; 4D Medical Signs XV LVAS Detroit, Memphis Radiology Deals; Proteomics US CMS $596 Promarkerd Reimbursement; Mesoblast: BMT CTN ‘To Develop’ Remestemcel GvHD Trial; Epsilon Details Finances To ASX Query; Immutep: Insight-003 Trial Expands To 4 German Sites; Control Bionics Receives $481k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Invex Wins EU Presendin Patent; Memphasys 35.5% Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Curvebeam 18% Oppose Director Rights, Options; Realtek Takes 19.7% Of Nuheara; Race: Dr Daniel Tillett CEO On $237.5k PA In Cash, Options; Nuheara Loses Co-Founder, Director David Cannington; Argenica Appoints Celina Chew Business Development Head; Epsilon ‘Terminates CEO Peter Giannopoulos’

Volpara Record H1 Revenue Up 17.5% To $18m; Loss Down 17% To $4m; Pro Medicus Dr Sam Hupert, Anthony Hall Sell 2m Shares; Avita 3.85% Revenue Guidance Warning; Pharmaust Option Offer To Raise Up-To $396k; Nominations Open For $750k PM Science Prizes; Federal $5m For Monash Car-T-Cell Prostate Cancer Therapy; MTP Connect Recommendations For Anti-Microbial Resistance; Epsilon’s Alan Beasley Requisitions Chair, Director Removal EGM; Cann Group $15m Obsidian Note Facility; Draws Down $2m; BTC Australian Approval For Rhythmic Infusion Pump; Adalta Interim Phase I AD214 Extension ‘Safe Well-Tolerated’; Anteris ‘Outstanding’ 30-Day Duravr Results; Adherium Enrols 1st Senta Hailie Patients; Invion GMP INV043 For Phase I Trial; Painchek: EU ‘Accepts’ Pain Assessment Patent; Trajan, Metabolon: Neoteryx Mitra For Metabolomic Research; Heramed, Telstra Health Partner For Foetal Heart Monitor; Alcidion AGM 43% Defeat 10% Placement Capacity; Immuron AGM 26% Block Placement Capacity; 22% Oppose Remuneration Report; Radiopharm Receives $4.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Viking Takes 12.3% Of LBT; B Moran 5.6%; Hettich Diluted Below 5%; Greg Hutchinson Replaces Emyria Chair Dr Stewart Washer

WEHI: Snow Medical $100m For Immunology Centre; Microba Retail Rights Raise $7.7m; Total $20m; LBT Places $420k Shortfall; Total Raised $4m; 4D Medical CT Lvas Wins FDA Clearance; CSIRO: A.I.-Chest Xray ‘27% More Accurate’; Artrya Signs Northeast Georgia For Salix; Servatus Launches Biomiq Acne Wipes, Serum; Cardiex Extends Loans, Reduces US Repayment; Trivarx 15 Phase II Sleep Depression Trial Sites Opened; Arovella Receives $1.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Pro Medicus 17.6% Oppose Remuneration Report; Alterity Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; LBT - Viking Takes 10.8%, Unicore 9.5%, M-D Brent Barnes 6.8%; Stuart Morris, Sacavic Take 6.7% Of Adalta; Neuren: ‘The Australian’ Article ‘Unfounded Speculation’; Impedimed CEO Valencia, CFO Cruikshank Out, Dr Bains, Grant In; Dimerix Appoints Mark Diamond Chair; Paradigm’s Paul Rennie To M-D, 20% Pay Cut; To Lose Helen Fisher; Life Sciences Queensland $13k Gene Award Winners

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: PYC Therapeutics; LTR $7m Spontan Erectile Dysfunction Nasal Spray IPO; Prescient 72% Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Placement Capacity Lost; Resonance Withdraws 100% Director Fee Pool Increase; Little Green Opens $2m Rights Offer; Goodbye Incannex; Radiopharm To Release 100m ASX Escrow Shares; Cann Group Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Qbiotics ‘Review’; Board, Management Changes; Bioxyne Loses Joint-CEO Nam Hoat Chua

Certa FT011 60% ‘Improvement In Scleroderma Patients’; Monash Uni: LYT-300 ‘Reduces Stress’ For Social Anxiety; Burnet Licences Stellabody To Argenx; WEHI Appoints Prof Ken Smith Director; WEHI: Pankind $100k For Pancreatic Cancer Test; Incannex Court Approval For US Move; Alterity ATH434 ‘Preserves Oxygen-Loss Cell Function, In-Vitro’; Mach7 AGM: 31% Oppose Director Options; Emyria AGM 18% Oppose Remuneration Report; Island: 90% Reverse Vote, Deliver Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Radiopharm AGM 24.8% Oppose Employee Options; Antisense AGM 13% Oppose ‘Percheron’ Name Change; Noxopharm Receives $6.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Thorney, Tiga Take 49% Of Visioneering; Regal Increases, Diluted To 10.6% Of Visioneering; Platinum Increases, Diluted To 17.5% In Adalta; Rhythm Loses CFO Paul Smith; Dr Trevor Lockett Non-Executive

Uniseed Fund Adds 5 More Universities; LBT Rights Raise $3.6m; $920k Shortfall; Pacific Edge Installs Kaiser Permanente Cxbladder; EBR: Verification Testing Delays FDA Wise Submission 6 Months; Cyclopharm To Start US Technegas Roll-Out In Q1 2024; Argenica Wins ARG-007 For HIE FDA Orphan Status; Mesoblast Plans US Remestemcel Adult GvHD Trial; Firebrick: Nasodine Cold Trial Results ‘Unreliable’; Goodbye Kazia; Cann Group Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; EBR To Release 5.8m ASX Escrow CDIs; JM Financial, No Plan B Take 13% Of Imex

Telix To Buy Cyclosam Bone Cancer Drug For Up-To $196m; Telix Takes 19.3% Of Manua Kea Cancer Devices For $9.6m; Orthocell: ‘Ortho-ATI As Good As Surgery’ For Tennis Elbow; Medadvisor Wins Queensland Pharmacy Pilot Contract; Nova Eye ‘Medicare Glaucoma Rebate Changes May Hit Sales’; Kazia Suspended For Removal From ASX; Neurotech Receives $3.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Bcal Receives $3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cynata Receives $2.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Rhythm Receives $1.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Anteotech AGM: Up-To 23% Oppose Director Options AGM; Optiscan Pleads Schultz To ASX 61% Price Query; Haemalogix: Damian Clarke-Bruce M-D; Bryce Carmine Chair; Sufian Ahmad Takes 11.7% Of Dorsavi; Ryder Takes 5.3% Of Lumos

Pro Medicus $20m Oregon Health Visage 7 Contract; 4D Medical Jumps 71% On US XV Lvas Reimbursement; Visioneering Rights Raise $2.4m; $1.5m Shortfall; Avita Appoints Polymedics EU Distributor; Telix Treats 1st Phase III TLX591 Prostate Cancer Patient; Neuren Completes Phase II NNZ-2591 Phelan-McDermid Trial; Arovella Terminates DKK1 MD Anderson Licence; Vivazome Presents Exosomes Data; Island Screens ISLA-101 Ascending Dose Subjects; PYC ‘PYC-003 Efficacy For Polycystic Kidney Disease, In-Vitro’; Argenica Receives $2.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cynata AGM 19.5% Oppose Remuneration Report, Options; Imagion AGM 36% Oppose Director Options; BTC AGM: 20% Back Board Spill; 99% Back Remuneration Report; Australian Super Takes 11.45% Of Alcidion; Neuroscientific Loses Dr Linda Friedland, 2 New Directors; Emyria Loses Director Dr Alistair Vickery; ‘Board Transitions’; Correction: Starpharma; Bio-Melbourne Rethinking Antimicrobial Resistance

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Nanosonics; Avita 9-Month Revenue Up 44% To $57m; Loss Up 33% To $45m; Medlab’s Dr Sean Hall To Buy Subsidiary; Restructure; Imugene Doses 1st Phase I ‘Azer-Cel’ Lymphoma Patient; Little Green ‘Capital Reduction, In-Specie Distribution’ AGM; Island Receives $386k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Tissue Repair To Release 13.7m ASX Escrow Shares; Artrya To Release 15.6m ASX Escrow Shares; Nova Eye Requests ‘US Reimbursement’ Trading Halt; Starpharma Appoints Cheryl Maley CEO, On $550,000 PA; Resmed Loses COO Robert Douglas, Management Changes

Telix Appoints Wiik Nordic Distributor; Nuheara Retail Rights Raise $500k; Total $3m; $7m Shortfall; Cardiex: $7.5m C2 Ventures Loan; Syntara (Pharmaxis) Doses 1st Phase II PXS-4728 IRBD Patient; Immutep Enrols Phase IIb Efti Head, Neck Cancer Trial; Bluechiip Sample-Management Order; Race RC220 ‘Meets Manufacturing Standards’; Proteomics Receives $1.85m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Pinnacle Below 5% In Cochlear; Premier Diluted From 8.7% To 1.1% Of MGC; Bio-Melbourne 1st mRNA Lecture Tomorrow; Invex Appoints David Wheeler Director

Monash, Sydney, WEHI $15m Medchem Drug Discovery Program; Bod ‘Commitments’ For $2m, Cuts Costs; Alterity Enrols Phase II ATH434 MSA Trial; Heramed Begins Heracare, Herabeat Trial; Vitura Imports MDMA For Patients, Trials; Next Science Tells ASX: ‘Aware In Less Than 24 Hours’; Inoviq Presents 2 Exonet Data Posters; Recce AGM 58% Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Incannex: 99% Back Move From ASX To Nasdaq; Acrux Receives $2.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Patrys Receives $2.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Jason Peterson Takes 10.3% Of Invex; William Souter Replaces Actinogen CFO Jeff Carter; Heramed M-D To Adviser; CFO To Business Development

Adalta ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $1.65m; Race 40% Response Rate In Phase II Bisantrene AML Trial; Recce Doses 1st UTI Patients At 15-Minute R327 Infusion Rate; Clarity Recruits ‘Sabre’ Cu-64 Prostate Cancer Imaging Trial; Island ISLA-101 Dose Ascending Study Ethics Approval; Sio Capital Increases, Diluted To 6% Of Anteris; Vistra To Replace Atomo CFO William Souter

NSW Uni Artery Stent ‘Beats Balloon Angioplasty’; Queensland Uni mRNA Vaccine, Therapy Factory; Prescient Interim PTX-100 T-Cell Lymphoma Data ‘Very Promising’; Imugene ‘Positive’ Vaxinia Solid Tumor Results; Cleo 1st Ovarian Cancer Triage Test: ‘95% Sensitivity, Specificity’; Cynata Closes CYP-004 Osteoarthritis Trial Recruitment Early; Immutep Opens Phase II Efti Combo Breast Cancer Trial; PYC, FDA Agree On PYC-001 ADOA Trial Pathway; Truscreen $276k Zimbabwe Sensor Order; LBT, South Australia Loan Restructure; Advanz Pays Dimerix $10.7m For DMX-200 FSGS Rights; Bcal Patent Application For Breastest Biomarkers; Mayne Pharma Wins US Nextsellis Patent; Global Cr Reduces To 7.9% In Bioxyne; L1 Capital Takes 14.6% Of Anteris; Respiri Loses 5-Month Director Brian Leedman

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals; WEHI’s Prof David Kommander Wins $100k GSK Award; Dr Iris Depaz Replaces 3 Ausbiotech Directors; Neuren Q3 Daybue Sales $104m; FY Royalties Up-To $28m; Nanosonics Data Shows Coris ‘Improves Endoscope Cleaning’; Impedimed Sozo Covered By Unitedhealthcare; Austco Wins $3.8m Nurse Call Contract; Adalta Placement For $1.2m; Anatara Rights Offer For $1.1m; Next Science Xperience Study: ‘No Post-Surgery Infections’; Immutep: ‘Biomarkers Back Efti For NSCLC’; Argenica ARG-007 ‘Inhibits Tau Protein’, In Mice; PYC Doses Second VP-001 RP11 Trial Cohort; Artrya Tells ASX: ‘8 Month FDA Filing Delay Not Material’; Correction: Atomo AGM; Polynovo AGM 22% Oppose Remuneration Report; Race Requests ‘Phase II Data’ Trading Halt; Cleo Requests ‘Study Results’ Trading Halt; Planet Innovation Diluted To 14% Of Lumos

Kazia: ‘Adverse Events Halves Paxalisib Lymphoma Dose’; Havah 3-Arm, 300-Patient Ductal Breast Cancer Study; Cynata Opens 1st US CYP-001 GvHD Phase II Trial Site; Chimeric Doses 1st Phase Ib CHM1101 Glioblastoma Patient; Imugene Starts Next Phase I Vaxinia Cohorts; Telix Completes $20m Lightpoint Acquisition; Respiri Tells 2nd ASX 4C Query ‘Breakeven In Late 2024’; Allegra Orthopaedics Becomes ‘Allegra Medical Technologies’; Island Wins Australia ISLA-101 Flavivirus Patent; Atomo AGM 67% Defeats Remuneration Report; M-D Options 66%; Lang Walker Takes 37% Of Next Science; Perennial Takes 14% Of Microba; Macrogen Diluted Below 5% Of Microba

Black October, Again: BDI-40 Down 12%; ASX200 4%, Big Caps 8%; Polyactiva PA5108 Implant ‘Reduces Intraocular Pressure’; RMIT Develops ‘Compact, Lightweight’ ECG Heart Monitor; Alcidion Raises $5m; Share Plan For $1m More; MGC ‘Binding Commitments’ For $12.5m Placement; IDT: 5 Consecutive Quarters Of Rising Revenue; Invex $14m Capital Return; Ausbiotech 2023 Brisbane Conference Opens; Ausbiotech: ‘R&D Tax Incentive Generates $3.13 For Every $1.00’; Emyria EGM Faces 17.5% Placement Opposition; Anatara Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Servatus Appoints Mark Williams CEO; 4D Medical Loses Director Evonne Collier

Uniquest Federal $1.9m Backs Small Molecule Drug Discovery; Paradigm Raises $21m In Placement, Institutional Offer; Radiopharm Entitlement Offer To Raise Up-To $10m; Kazia $790k Short Term Promissory Note; Dorsavi ‘Commitments’ For $500k Placement; Firebrick Receives $1.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Nova Eye: US Medicare Changes ‘No Impact On Sales’; Chimeric: FDA Okays CHM2101 IND For G-I Cancers; Algorae Joins Uni NSW Industry Program; Alcidion Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Benjamin, Elizabeth Jansen Reduce To 20.7% Of Vitura; Regal Takes 6.9% Of Vitura; Clinuvel AGM 40% Remuneration Report 1st Strike, 41% Plan Dissent; Oncosil 91.5m CEO Rights, 8m Director, Chair Options AGM

Paradigm Hopes To Raise $30m; Lumos Places $2.65m; Total $8.1m; Control Bionics Rights To Raise $2.7m, $1m Underwritten; 4d: Integral Diagnostics To Sell XV Lvas In Australia, NZ; Amplia AMP945 ‘Safe, Well Tolerated, Initial Efficacy’; Orthocell 1.7m Shares For UWA Royalties; Emyria: Ethics Committee ‘Endorses’ MDMA Prescribers; Mesoblast 7.5m CEO, CMO Director Options AGM; Bluechiip 3m CEO ‘Performance’ Rights AGM; Regal Takes 5.6% Of Bluechiip

Resmed Q1 Revenue Up 16% To $1.74b, Profit Up 9% To $380m; Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Pharmaxis (To Become Syntara); Cochlear Capital Markets Day: ‘R&D, Emerging Markets’; Vitura Completes $25m Doctors On Demand Acquisition; LBT $4.5m Rights Offer Underwritten To $3.6m; Trivarx Completes 20:1 Consolidation; Nova Eye Requests ‘US Reimbursement’ Trading Halt; Dorsavi Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Salter Brothers Increase, Diluted To 9% Of Nuheara; Mayne Pharma $1.96m CEO Rights AGM; Vitura CEO, COO Rights, 3 Board-Opposed Directors AGM; Acrux 2nd Strike Board Spill, $192k Rights AGM; Hexima 2nd Strike, Board Spill, 3.35m Geoffrey Kempler Options AGM; Starpharma 1.1m Dr Fairley Rights AGM; Pharmaxis Syntara Name Change, Director Options, M-D Rights AGM; Opthea 7.5m Director Options AGM; Medadvisor 1m Director Kate Hill Options AGM; Inoviq 6.45m Chair David Williams Options AGM; Adherium 15-To-1 Consolidation AGM; Opthea: Fred Guerard CEO, Peter Lang CFO, Dr Megan Baldwin; Argenica Executive Dr Samantha South Resigns As Director

Anteris Raises $40m; ‘Positive’ Duravr Valve Trial Results; Auscann Takes $1.25m Notes; Renews $8m Euro Cannabis Loan; Micro-X Rover, Rover Plus Win CE Mark; Imugene Doses 1st Patient In CD19 Phase I Trial; Clarity, PSI Site Search For Phase III Prostate Imaging Trial; Paradice Increases, Diluted To 7.3% Of Impedimed; Visioneering ‘Lack Of Quorum’ Postpones EGM; Cann-Opposed Christopher Feddersen Wins 28% Of AGM; MGC 97% Okays 1,000-To-1 Consolidation; Race: 580k Director Options AGM

Doherty Cumming Centre $5m 2nd Round Grants Open; Imricor: ‘Pioneer Intends To Invest $12.5m’; Chimeric Rights Offer For $10m; Certa FT011 Wins FDA Orphan Status For Scleroderma; Nova Eye Itrack ‘Potential For Angle Closure Glaucoma’; Algorae, Uni NSW Develop Artificial Intelligence For Marijuana; Memphasys Receives $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Immutep Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Opthea Requests ‘Senior Management Changes’ Trading Halt; Anteris Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; LBT 1.25m Options, 2.9m Shares, 40% Fee Pool Hike AGM; Paradigm 2.2m Chair, Director ‘Performance’ Rights AGM; Robert Bazzani Replaces Mach7 Chair David Chambers; Prof Fiona Wood Replaces Orthocell Director Qi Xiao Zhou; Dorsavi Appoints Dr Michael Winlo Director

Ausbiotech Melbourne, Brisbane Conferences Next Week; Avita To Pay Ex-CEO Dr Michael Perry $1.6m; Imricor Raises $4.25m; Botanix: Up Script Digital For Sofdra Launch; Rhinomed To Cut Staff; Costs By 30%; University Of New South Wales ‘Anti-Bacterial Human Tissue Mimic’; Recce: Safety Committee R327 UTI 15-Min Dosing OK; Emvision Assembles 2nd Generation Brain Scanner Prototype; Imugene HER-Vaxx Her2 Antibody Response; Kazia EVT801 ‘Potential Mechanisms Of Action’; Immutep Withdraws 36% Opposed AGM Placement Facility; Dimerix: 2m M-D Options AGM; Neuroscientific 4m Chair, Director ‘Performance’ Rights AGM; Mercator Increases, Diluted To 5.5% Of Emyria; Next Science Appoints Katherine Ostin Director; 3-Weeks To Bio-Melbourne ‘EU Masterclass’

Pro Medicus Signs $16m South Shore Visage 7 Contract; Victoria $3m Medical Research Acceleration Grants Open; Microba: $20m Rights Offer For Invivo Acquisition; Immutep Efti ‘35.5 Month Overall Survival’ For Lung Cancer; Chimeric: CLTX-Car-T ‘55% Glioblastoma Control Rate’; Adalta Higher Dose AD-214 ‘Favorable Tolerability’; Starpharma Receives $7.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Micro-X $6.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Immuron 1m Chair Paul Brennan Options AGM; Imricor Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Anteris Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; M&G Plc Below 5% In Starpharma; Paradigm Loses 9-Year Director John Gaffney; Rhinomed Loses Potential Director Ryan McIntyre; Dr David Fuller Replaces Dimerix CMO Dr Ash Soman; Optiscan Appoints Brendan Fafiani COO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Pro Medicus; Neuren Posts Maiden $211m In 9-Months Receipts; Atomo Launches HIV Self-Test In UK; Chimeric Requests ‘New CLTX-Car-T Data’ Trading Halt; M&G Plc Reduces To 5% In Starpharma; Curvebeam 219k Director Options, 342k Rights AGM; Adalta 11.9m Director Options AGM; Clarity 2.7m Chair, M-D Options; Fee Pool Up 40%AGM; Genetic Technologies 100-To-1 Consolidation AGM

Avita $143m Orbimed Loan, Sorb Plus 8%; Telix 9-Month Revenue Up 527% To $326m; Telix TLX591 ‘Meaningful PSA Reduction’ In Prostate Cancer; Patrys PAT-DX1, PAT-DX3 ‘Inhibit Glioma, In Mice’; Correction: Tessellate Bio; Rhinomed Terminates Surescreen Deal; Review; Vitura Buys Doctors On Demand For $25m; Microba Buys Invivo For $14m; $20m Rights Offer; Bioxyne, Breathe Life Import 200kg, $3.2m Marijuana; Volpara: ASX Lifts Quarterly Reporting Requirement; Amplia Receives $2.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Pharmaxis Completes Mannitol Sale To Arna Pharma; Imricor Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Halt; Emyria Secures Canada MDMA For PTSD Trials; Incannex: 50% Of Investors, So Far, Back US Redomicile; Echo IQ 5m Director Options AGM; Exopharm: 20m Director Options AGM; Cardiex Loses Lesa Musatto; US, Australian Directors Wanted; Neuroscientific Appoints Dr Linda Friedland Director

Rhythm Tells ASX: TGA Correspondence ‘Business As Usual’; Starpharma: DEP-Cabazitaxel ‘Beats Standard In 3 Cancers’; Paradigm: PPS ‘Increases Knee Cartilage, Reduces Bone Lesions’; Imagion Magsense HER2 ‘Safe, 8-Of-13 Images Readable’; Tessellate Bio Develops ‘ALT Inhibitors’ For Cancer; Mayne Q1 Revenue Up 35% To $92m; ‘Cash Ebitda’; Buy-Back; Bluechiip ‘Commitments’ For $1.6m Placement; Pharmaust Hopes Options Raise $396k; Clinuvel Starts Phase III Scenesse Vitiligo Trial; Immuron Enrols 2nd Travelan ETEC Diarrhoea Cohort; Argenica ARG-007 ‘Reduces HIE Brain Injury 42%, In Rats’; Noxopharm Sof-Vac ‘Reduces mRNA Inflammation 48%, In Mice’; Cann Group Receives $3.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Adalta Receives $2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Extends Loan; Radiopharm 10m CEO, Director Options AGM; Trivarx 20-To-1 Consolidation; FIL (Fidelity) Takes 9.8 Of Trivarx (Medibio)

Prime Minister’s $750k Prizes For Science; Volpara H1 Receipts Up 30% To $21m; Imex Wins $1.6m San Carlos Hospital Radiology Contract; Anatara ‘Garp’ For IBS Mixed Secondary Results; Radiopharm: FDA Okays RAD301 Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Race: ‘Intravenous RC220 Safe, In Rabbits’; Anteris Enrols 15-Patient Duravr Study; Botanix: FDA ‘Sofdra’ Name Conditional OK; Mach7 700k M-D ‘Performance’ Rights, 325k Shares AGM; Antisense ‘Percheron’ Name Change, 9.7m Director Options AGM; Platinum Reduces To 12.3% Of Antisense; Rhinomed Loses Director Brent Scrimshaw; Dr Walid Azar Replaces Cartherics CSO Prof Richard Boyd

CSL ‘Capital Markets Day’ Replaces R&D Briefing; Bionics Institute: Bionic Hand Functional At 5 Years; Victoria $1m For MCRI RAG1-SCID Stem Cell Trial; Immutep: 3 Esmo Presentations From 3 Efti Trials; Starpharma Data On DEP-Irinotecan, DEP-HER2 Zirconium; Fisher & Paykel Launch ‘Solo’ Mask For Sleep Apnoea; Correction: Dimerix, Noxopharm; Chimeric 4m M-D Rights, 18m Director Options AGM; Anatara Requests ‘Further Trial Data’ Trading Halt; Bluechiip Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Paradigm Requests ‘More Trial Data’ Trading Halt; Pinnacle Takes 6.2% Of Fisher & Paykel; GZ Family Diluted To 12.5% Of Atomo; M&G Investment Below 5% Of Starpharma

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Dimerix; Federal $15m For WEHI, Monash Cancer Research Centre; LBT $4.5m Rights Offer; Pays Lind Global $1.4m; Pharmaust Doses Phase I Monepantel Motor Neuron Trial; Rhythm Pleads ‘AGM’ To ASX 37.5% Price Fall Query; Imagion 40-To-1 Consolidation, 64.5m Director Options AGM; Actinogen 46.5m Director Loan Shares AGM; Respiri 60m Chair, M-D Options AGM; Anteotech 17m Director Options, 2.8m M-D Rights AGM; Prescient 1.4m Director Dr Ellen Feigal Options AGM; Emvision 67% Directors Pay Pool Hike To $500k AGM; Anteris Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Hyperion Takes 6.1% Of Fisher & Paykel; Perpetual Takes 6.1% Of Probiotec; FIL (Fidelity) Takes 5% Of Rhythm

Control Bionics Neurostrip ‘Broadens Applications’; Nuheara Institutional Rights Raise $2.5m; Retail For $7.5m; Truscreen H1 Revenue Up 33% To $986k; Visioneering Naturalvue ‘Reduces Myopia Progression’; Arovella $300k Scrip For Sparx SPX-101 For Gastric Cancer; Imricor: Croatia’s Dubrava Hospital Orders ICMR; Arovella 2.2m M-D Options, $190k Director Options AGM; Cynata 1.9m Director Options AGM; Resonance 100% Directors Pay Pool Hike To $500k AGM; Anteotech Receives $3.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; CSL Loses Director Bruce Brook; Somnomed Loses Director Hilton Brett

Pacific Edge Q1 Cxbladder Sales Up 22% To 18.2k Tests; Imex Wins $2m Colombia Police Radiology Contract; Immuron Record Q1 $1.6m Travelan Sales; CSL AGM: 25% Oppose $12m CEO Shares; Rem Report 23%; Kazia To Delist From ASX November 14, Remain On Nasdaq; Goodbye Medibio, Welcome Trivarx; Arovella Takes ‘In-Licence’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Dr Stewart, Patrizia Washer Increase, Diluted To 14% In Emyria; David Williams Replaces Inoviq Chair Dr Geoffrey Cumming

Paradigm Claims PPS ‘Significant’ OA Pain Reduction; Emvision Brain Scanner Identifies Stroke Patients; Nuheara Rights For $10m; Visioneering Rights To Raise $4.1m; Bluechiip 3-Month Revenue Up 117% To $163k; Kazia Takes ‘ASX Delisting For Nasdaq’ Halt To Suspension; Perennial Reduces To 10% Of Micro-X; Rhythm AGM 13% Oppose Chair Otto Buttula Re-Election; Optiscan: Tim Rowe, Shayra Leon For US Business Development

Sanofi Backs $280m Griffith University mRNA Vaccine Hub; CMRI, Bloomsbury Collaboration For Genetic Liver Condition; Amplia FAK Narmafotinib (AMP945) Kills Ovarian Cancer, In Mice; Imagion Magsense Detects Ovarian Cancer, In Mice; Adherium Produces Hailie For GSK; Emyria Doses 1st MDMA PTSD Patient; Radiopharm: Phase I RAD204 For NSCLC Trial Approved; Cleo Confirms Breast Cancer Test Biomarkers; Pharmaust: Monepantel For Dog Lymphoma ‘35% Benefit’; Antisense Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Noxopharm ASX Price, Aware Query; Painchek Pleads ‘Schultz’ To ASX 46% Price Query; BTC 2nd Strike Board Spill, 10m Chair Options AGM; Botanix CEO Dr Howie Mckibbon Termination Benefits AGM; Visioneering Requests ‘Capital Raising, Data’ Trading Halt; Arovella Requests ‘In-Licence’ Trading Halt; Fivephusion Appoints Iain Ross Director; Cynata To Lose 3-Month Director Dr David Atkins

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cyclopharm; Anatara: ‘Garp Reduces IBS 56%’; Neurotech: NTI164 ‘Significant Improvements’ For Pandas, Pans; AAMR, CSL Select 6 Rising Star Finalists; Nanosonics CEO Michael Kavanagh 429k Rights AGM; Kazia Requests ‘ASX Delisting For Nasdaq’ Trading Halt; Paradigm Requests ‘Clinical Data’ Trading Halt; Pharmaust Requests ‘Dog Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Stanford Retracts 1-Of-4 Vitura Director Appointments AGM; Anatara COO John Michailidis Replaces Director Dr Jane Ryan; Medibio Ex-CEO Dr Thomas Young Director

Dimerix: Advanz ‘Up To $230m’ For DMX-200 FSGS Licence; Recce Places $307k Rights Shortfall; Total $11m; Emyria Rights Raise $1.2m; Total To $3.2m; Race Starts RC220 Bisantrene Toxicology, Safety Studies; Hydrix: Avertix Merger Terminated, Nasdaq Listing Withdrawn; Incannex Nasdaq Scheme Meeting; To Leave ASX; Fisher & Paykel Appoints Charlotte Walshe Future Director

Carb-X $2.75m For Doherty (Alterity) PBT2 For Pneumonia; Universal Biosensors: EU Approves Xprecia Blood Self-Test; Aroa: ‘Myriad Heals Wounds In 14-To-33 Days’; PYC: PYC-001 ‘Safe, Effective’ For Adoa, In-Vitro, Primates; Noxopharm: CRO-67 For Pancreatic Cancer FDA Orphan Status; Alterity Files $80m US SEC F-3 ‘At-The-Market’ Form; Cardiex Staff Cuts; Recoup $6m; $1.4m Q1 Revenue; $516k Grant; Dimerix Requests ‘Licencing Agreement’ Trading Halt; Neurotech Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt

Pharmaxis Mannitol Sale, Board Changes, Syntara Rename; Firebrick: ‘No Data Issue’ In Nasodine Cold Trial Results; Clarity Doses 1st Copper-67 Prostate Cancer Treatment Patient; Cyclopharm: SNMMI Welcomes FDA Technegas Approval; Noxopharm Requests ‘FDA Designation’ Trading Halt; Exopharm Requests ‘Material Acquisition’ Suspension; Vanguard Takes 5% Of Cochlear; Australian Ethical Diluted To 12.7% Of Somnomed; Impedimed Appoints McGregor Grant Chair, Loses Janet West; Director Lil Bianchi Replaces 4D Medical Chair Bruce Rathie

September Indices: BDI-40 Up 0.7%; ASX200, Big Caps, NBI, CC Down; US FDA Approves Cyclopharm Technegas - $280m A Year Market; Victoria: Ben Carroll Research; Natalie Hutchins Jobs, Industry; Amplia: ‘Narmafotinib (AMP945) Improves Chemo, In Mice’; Avita: FDA Data Query Delays Recell Go 6 Months; Polynovo Receives Barda $15.5m For Novosorb Trial; Imagion Will ‘Reduce Headcount’ To Cut Costs; Pacific Edge: FDA Proposes Lab Test Regulatory Changes; Pharmaxis Requests ‘Company Restructure’ Trading Halt; FIL (Fidelity) Below 5% In Starpharma; Acadia Park Below 5% In Impedimed; Mesoblast Loses 19-Year Director Michael Spooner; Cleo CSO, Director Dr Andrew Stephens Full-Time

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Next Science; Vale Dr Wayne Finlayson; Recce Rights Raise $2.7m; Total $11m; Proteomics Promarkerd US Cover; TGA Knock-Back; Respiri 2 US Contracts Up-To $774k; Bionomics Up 244% On BNC210 Meeting PTSD Endpoint; Imricor Draws Gem Global $299k; Biotron Pleads Schultz To ASX 119% Price Query; Allegra Name Change To Allegra Medical Technologies AGM; Clinuvel To Lose Prof Andrew Likierman, Willem Blijdorp

Acadia Park Rolls Impedimed Directors; Mach7 Extends Hong Kong Software Deal For $15m; Cardiex Withdraws Nasdaq Listing, Loses Director Jarrod White; Allegra To Respond To FDA Spinal Cage Query In ‘2-To-3 Months’; Cogstate Japan Partner Esai Dementia, Nouknow Insurance; Antisense Files ATL1102 Covid-19 Patent -2 Studies Published; Imugene: ‘Precision Transfers Azer-Cel IND’; Noxopharm: CRO-67 ‘Reduces Tumor Growth, In Mice’; Genetic Technologies 50-Patient Gold Coast Genetype Study; Algorae 20m Director ‘Performance’ Shares AGM; 4D Medical 1.3m M-D Prof Andreas Fouras Options AGM; Austco 677k CEO Clayton Astles Performance Rights AGM; TDM Takes 30% Of Somnomed; Jason Peterson Takes 6% Of Invex; Cicada Appoints Dr Katherine Woodthorpe Chair; Lumos Appoints Chair Sam Lanyon Advisor On $80k

Prof Sarah Gilbert Calls For ‘Pandemic Preparedness’; Starpharma DEP-Irinotecan, IO Drug Cancer Activity, In Mice; Race: India’s Laurus Labs Produces 3.25kg Bisantrene; Orthocell 8m Director, CFO Options, 22% Directors Pay AGM; Walker, Auckland Trust Diluted To 31.5% Of Next Science; BVF Partners Diluted To 11% Of Actinogen; Impedimed Appoints Dr Steven Chen CMO; Bio-Melbourne Network To Host EU Entry Masterclass

Pro Medicus Signs $140m Baylor Scott & White Visage Deal; Somnomed Retail Offer Raises $5.7m; Total $15.45m; Centenary: Blockmir CD5-2 Reduces Tumor Size, In Mice; WEHI Screening Molecules To Boost SMCHD1 For FSHD; Neurotech Recruits Marijuana NTI164 Rett Syndrome Trial; Actinogen Reduces Xanamem Alzheimer’s Trial Time, Costs; Antisense ATL1102 ‘Partial Normal Function’ For LGMDR2, In Mice; Mayne Pharma Completes $15m Rhofade Purchase; Germany Approves Imricor Visabl-VT Trials; FDA Requests Botanix Sofpironium Bromide Sweating Leaflet; MGC 1000-To-1 Consolidation, $12.4m Raise EGM; Cardiex Requests ‘US Update, Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Regal Funds Takes 23% Of Opthea

Imugene Plan Raises $18.2m; Total $53.2m; Polynovo Year-To-August Revenue Up 93% To $15m; Austco Buys Nurse Call Reseller Teknocorp For $3.85m; Invion Pays Cho Group $900k For Photosoft In South Korea; Starpharma Recruits UK Viraleze Covid-19 Study; Adherium: Allergy Partners Enrols First Hailie Patients; Island To Start ISLA-101 Dengue Fever Trial In October; Dimerix: FDA DMX-200 Qytovra Name ‘Conditional Approval’; Adalta AD-214 ‘Simulations’ Back I-V Dose, Subcutaneous Route; Uscom Chair Rob Phillips 4.8m Performance Rights AGM; Proteomics 2nd ‘Test Approval’ Suspension Extension Request; Botanix Requests ‘FDA Sofpironium Bromide’ Trading Halt; Anacacia Takes 5% Of Cogstate; 4D Medical Appoints Prof Geraldine McGinty Director; Tim Luscombe Replaces Amplia CFO Hamish George

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Argenica Therapeutics; Next Science Plans Raise $9.5m; Total $21.5m; Queensland Uni Nanopore mRNA Vaccine, Therapy Analytic; Painchek: ‘Scotland Study - Software Reduces Falls 75%’; Malaysia Approves Dimerix Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Kidney Trial; Recce Doses Phase I/II R327 UTI, Urosepsis Trial; PYC Starts Phase I VP-001 RP11 2nd Cohort; Orthocell Loses Director Lars Lidgren; Leslie Wise On Leave; Rebecca Thompson Replaces Mach 7 Director Philippe Houssiau

WEHI Trials Keytruda, Halaven For Ovarian, Uterine Cancer; Opthea Retail Rights Raise $16.3m; Total $90m; BTC To Distribute Micrel Infusion Pumps; Immutep Wins Efti Manufacturing Okay; Exopharm $2.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Clears Debts; Mesoblast: ‘FDA Wants Remestemcel-L Consistency Data’; Race Bisantrene ‘Potent Anti-Cancer Activity, In-Vitro’; Rhythm Breast Cancer Test ‘83% Sensitivity, In-Vitro’; Emyria: ‘Mind Medicine, ANU To Supply Trial MDMA’; Thorney, Tiga Take 6% Of Next Science; Painchek Pleads Schultz To ASX 55% Price Query; Ausbiotech To Lose 5-Year CEO Lorraine Chiroiu

Doherty, WEHI Develop ‘Faster’ Monkeypox Test; Federal Government Orders $1.5m Micro-X Rovers; Biocurate Renews Takeda Partnership; Imricor: Patient Infection Delays EU Visabl-VT Trial; Adalta Enrols AD-214 Extension Study; Cann Further $1.6m Levin Health Marijuana Deal; Botanix Pleads Schultz, FDA Decision To ASX 23.5% Rise Query; Proteomics Requests ‘Test Approval’ Suspension Extension; FIL (Fidelity) Reduces To 5% Of Starpharma; BVF Partners Diluted To 12% Of Actinogen; FIL Takes 7.7% Of Recce

Optiscan Microscope ‘Comparable’ For Breast Cancer Margins; Imagion Receives $3.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Acrux, Dash Terminate Testosterone Deal; Impedimed: ‘CGI, ISS Oppose Spill’; Heramed EGM 26% Oppose 12m Broker Options; Oncosil To Lose Director Brian Leedman; Hexima Appoints Phillip Hains Director

US FDA Okays GSK Ojjaara (Cytopia CYT387) For Myelofibrosis; Biotech Daily Editorial: It’s A Long Way To The Top; BTC Pays IZI $720k For Neuro-Spinal Product Rights; Adherium: Senta Adopts Hailie Asthma Monitor In The US; Truscreen: Saudi Arabia Buys Cervical Cancer Diagnostic; Bcal ‘Over-Subscribed’ Plan Raises $615k; Total $3m; Respiri $1.3m Placement To Payout $410k US Convertible Notes; Victoria: Moderna mRNA Vaccine Factory ‘Ahead Of Schedule’; Osteopore ‘Clarifies’ Innoventures China J-V; Proteomics Takes ‘Test Approval’ Halt To Suspension; Aaron Chan, Justin Mouchacca Replace Dorsavi CFO, Co Sec

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Clarity Pharmaceuticals; Memphasys India Study: 11 Live IVF Felix Births; Neurotech Appoints Merchant Advisor; 25m Options; Perennial Reduces To 14% In Genetic Signatures; Cochlear Up-To $2.5m CEO Dig Howitt Long-Term Incentives AGM

Painchek ‘Firm Commitments’ For $3.55m Placement; Queensland Uni Tetrasodium EDTA Catheter Trial; Monash Uni: Olamkicept, BGP-15 Reduce Liver Cancer, In Mice; Proteomics Requests ‘Regulatory, Reimbursement’ Halt; Respiri Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Patrys To Lose Director Suzy Jones

Immuron ‘Record’ $1.2m Monthly Travelan Sales; Firebrick Falls 81% On Nasodine Cold Trial Missing Endpoint; Starpharma ‘Positive DEP-Irinotecan Data’; Clarity: ‘Favorable 64-Cu-Sar-Bombesin Results’; Chimeric Plans CHM0201 Leukaemia Trial; Rhythm, Nutripath To ‘Automate’ Colostat; Medlab Receives Indicative Bids; Emyria Buys Pax Centre; Dimerix Receives $8.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Island Wins US ISLA-101 Patent; Allan Gray Reduces To 11.7% Of Starpharma

Uniquest, Queensland Uni Q-2361 For Post-Transplant Skin Cancer; Argenica: St Vincent’s Approves Phase II ARG-007 Stroke Trial; Western Australia $419k For Argenica Non-I-V ARG-007; Cardiex Convertible Note Facility Raises $3.62 Million; Osteopore, Innoventures China J-V; Painchek Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Imugene Wins PD1-Vaxx Japan Patent; Eye Co Fludrocortisone Macular Disease Japan Patent; TDM Growth Takes 28% Of Somnomed; Australian Ethical Takes 14% Of Somnomed; FIL (Fidelity) Takes 8.4% Of Somnomed; BTC Health Finance Head Joshua Kahanovitz Takes 13%; Copia Diluted Below 5% Of BTC Health; Clinuvel Appoints Scenesse Vitiligo Advisory Panel; Bio-Melbourne ‘Voice To Parliament’ Information Session

Recce Placement Raises $8m; Rights Offer For $3m More; Anteotech Plan Raises $688k Of Hoped-For $2m; Total $4.7m; Pacific Edge Files Cxbladder Medicare LCD Submission; Correction: Painchek; Imugene: ‘Positive FDA Feedback’ For CD19 CAR Manufacturing; Lumos Viradx Covid, ’Flu Test Wins FDA Emergency Use; Bcal: 20 Lipids For Breastest For Breast Cancer; Genetic Technologies Undisclosed Grant For Cancer-Risk Trial; Genetic Technologies: NATA Okays 3 More Diseases On Test; Biotron Pleads Schultz To ASX 24% Rise Query; Firebrick Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Increases, Diluted To 11% Of Somnomed; GZ Family Diluted Below 5% Of Lumos; Naos Reduces, Diluted To 25% Of BTC Health; Chair Dr Richard, Karen Treagus Diluted To 9% Of BTC Health; Gary Doherty Replaces EBR CFO Frank Hettmann

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Painchek; Proteomics Blood Test For Oesophageal Cancer; Recce Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Imricor To Release 7.8m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Living Cell Becomes Algorae; Code Change To 1AI; Bio-Melbourne October ‘Precision Healthcare’ Symposium

Actinogen Rights Raise $10m; Little Green: Marijuana ‘Improves Quality Of Life’; Perennial Takes 14% Of Lumos; Sufian Ahmad, Sixty Two Take 5% Of Emyria; Jason Burriss Replaces Nanosonics CFO McGregor Grant; Arovella To Lose Director David Simmonds; Bio-Melbourne Talent, Workforce Forum Next Week

MTP Connect: Biomedtech $30.3m Leverages Industry $36m; Imricor Receives $1.8m North Dakota Innovation Grant; Vietnam Issues Recce Trademark; Medibio 135m Director Options, 20-To-1 Consolidation EGM; Baker Bros Below 5% Of Opthea; Charles Morgan Reduces To 5% Of Clarity; Dr Nicholas Hartnell, Robinwood Take 44% Of Allegra; Chair, M-D Geoffrey Kempler Replaces 3 Hexima Directors; Vitura Loses Chair Dr Simone Scovell, Dr Marcia Walker Interim; Inoviq CSO Gregory Rice Wins Placentology Gong

EBR Wise Trial: ‘Randomized Subset Heart Failure Efficacy’; LBT Receives $849k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Clinuvel: EMA Wants More Data For Adolescent Scenesse; Fivephusion Doses 1st Phase Ib/IIa Deflexifol Trial Patient; Inoviq: Researchdx To Supply Exo-Net To US; Control Bionics 315k M-D Options AGM; Matthew Harris, Booris Below 5% Of Clarity; Merchant Funds Reduces, Diluted To 8.3% Of Bcal; Resonance Appoints Benjamin Carruthers CFO; Living Cell To Lose Prof Carolyn Sue; Bcal Appoints Shane Ryan COO; Osteopore Loses Co-Co Sec Deborah Ho

S&P Indices: Neuren, 4D Medical Up; Cogstate, Imugene, Incannex, Down; Somnomed Raises $9.75m; Expects $5.7m More; Emyria ‘Firm Bids’ For $2m Placement; $3.1m Entitlement Offer; Mayne Pharma $15m For Rhofade For Rosacea; Genetic Signatures Files FDA Easyscreen GI Parasite 510k; Medibio Starts Phase II Sleep Analysis For Depression Trial; Echo IQ Receives $670k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Imugene Starts Vaxinia-Combination Tumor Trial Cohort 2; Proteomics Japan Patent For Oxidx Oxygen Test; Vivazome: Xenia Sango M-D, Dr David Haylock CSO, Dr Anthony Filippis Director; Imugene Appoints Dr Paul Woodard CMO

All August Indices Down: BDI-40 5%, ASX200 1%, Big Caps 4%, NBI 0.4%, CC 4%; BTC Placement Raises $890k; Royalty Agreement; Imex H1 Revenue Down 8% To $9m, Loss Down 31% To $2m; Bioxyne Revenue Up 1013% To $5.2m; Loss Up 298% To $2m; Cardiex Revenue Up 8% To $4.9m; Loss Up 68% To $19m; Living Cell, La Trobe Uni Marijuana AI-116 Dementia Trial; CSL Up-To $12m CEO Dr Paul McKenzie Performance Shares AGM; Douglas Cubbin Replaces Oncosil Chair Otto Buttula; BTC Appoints Josh Kahanovitz Head Of Finance; Imugene Appoints Dr John Byon Head Of Clinical Development; Resonance Health Loses Co-Co Sec Liesl Ellies

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Curvebeam AI; WEHI, Doherty: Venetoclax Potential To Kill Laten HIV, In Mice; Ena Wins $3.8m US INNA-051 Grant; Appoints Staff; Mayne Revenue Up 57% To $184m; Loss To $117m Profit; Somnomed Revenue Up 15% To $84m; Loss Up 80% To $8m; Medical Developments Revenue Up 47% To $32m; Loss Down 55% To $6m; Next Science H1 Revenue Up 87% To $16m; Loss Up 31% To $13m; Genetic Signatures Revenue Down 52% To $17m; Profit To $14m Loss; Mesoblast Revenue Down 27% To $12m; Loss Down 10% To $127m; Impedimed Revenue Up 7% To $11m; Loss Up 3% To $20.5m; Genetic Technologies Revenue Up 28% To $8.7m, Loss Up 65% To $12m; Rhinomed Revenue Down 18% To $7m; Loss Up 109% To $11m; Control Bionics Revenue Up 25% To $6m; Loss Down 8% To $5.6m; Mach7 Revenue Up 11% To $30m; Loss Down 75% To $1m; Next Science Raises $12m, Plans For $6.5m More; Cardiex To Offer 1.3m ADSs (100m Shares) To List On Nasdaq; Universal Biosensors: India Approves Xprecia Prime; Alterity MSA Study Data ‘Supports Biomarkers For Diagnosis’; Anatara Doses Garp For IBS Patients; Neurotech Doses Marijuana NTI164 Pandas/Pans Trial; Emyria Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Arovella Pleads Broker Report To ASX 20% To Price Query; Perennial Reduces To 12.7% Of Lumos; Jason Peterson Takes 5.3% Of Invex; Neuroscientific Appoints Stephen Carter CEO On 300k PA; Medical Developments Appoints Dr Russell Basser Director; Audeara Loses CFO Stuart Smith In Internal Restructure

Medadvisor Revenue Up 45% To $98m; Loss Down 35% To $11m; Compumedics Revenue Up 12% To $42m; Profit To $6m Loss; Lumos Revenue Down 9% To $16; Loss Down 80% To $14; Micro-X Revenue Up 67% To $15m; Loss Down 37% To $11m; Microba Revenue Up 16% To $5m; Loss Up 10.5% To $13m; Resonance Revenue Up 15% To $4m; Loss Down 32% To $780k; Allegra Rights Raise $1.4m Of Hoped-For $3.1m; Actinogen: Forrest $500k Shortfall Commitment; Osteopore Extends Cellheal Deal Date To October 31; Eric Sullivan Replaces Chimeric Director Cindy Elkins

Clinuvel Revenue Up 24% To $83m; Profit Up 47% To $31m; Hydrix Revenue Up 27% To $13m; Loss Down 93% To $397k; Pharmaxis Revenue Up 32% To $13m; Loss Up 487% To $11m; IDT Revenue Down 42% To $7m; Loss Up 633% To $8.5m; Fisher & Paykel Guidance: H1 Revenue $726m; Profit $87m To $96m; Allegra Completes $4.3m Orthopaedic Sale To Robinwood; Chimeric Doses Final Phase Ia CHM1101 Glioblastoma Cohort; Pharmaxis: PXS-5505 Ups Pancreatic Cancer Survival 35%, In Mice; Nuheara: ‘5k US Shops To Sell HP Hearing Pro This Year’; Echo IQ: Advara Heartcare To Trial Echosolv In WA; Respiri: Access US Contracts For $900k; Goodbye Analytica; Next Science Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Gregory George, G To The Fourth Take 8% Of Mesoblast; Selector Funds Below 5% In Medical Developments; Pinnacle Takes 7.8% Of Curvebeam; HR Global Takes 6% Of Imricor; Visioneering Appoints Dr Juan Carlos Aragón CEO On $623k PA; Bio-Melbourne Precision Healthcare Symposium

Trajan Revenue Up 51% To $162m; Profit Up 11% To $1.9m; Neuren H1 Revenue $63m; Loss To $48m Profit; Nova Eye Revenue Up 27% To $17m; Loss Up 104% To $15.3m; Cann Group Revenue Up 115% To $13.8m; Loss Up 27% To $34m; Opthea Insto Offer $10m Oversubscribed - Total So Far $74m; Avecho ‘Commitments’ For $6m Phase III Trial; Bcal $2.4m Placement ‘Commitments’; Plan For $500k More; Volpara Sells Precision Medical Interest For $420k; Recce Takes R327 Faster Infusion Trial To 3gm; MTP Connect, PTA Diagnostics ‘Action Plan’; Epsilon Quits Marijuana Cultivation; Firebrick Pleads Schultz To ASX 44% Rise Query; Goodbye Bionomics; Firetrail Takes 12.3% Of Curvebeam; Karst Peak Takes 6.8% Of Curvebeam; CEO Greg Brown Takes 5.9% Of Curvebeam; Dr Julian Chick Replaces Cann Group Chair Allan McCallum; Pharmaust Appoints Dr Michael Thurn CEO On $270k PA; Audeara Loses Director Pasquale Rombola; Starpharma Loses Interim Co-Sec Tracy Weimar; Bio-Melbourne Talent Gap, Skilled Workforce Forum

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cleo Diagnostics; Probiotec Revenue Up 17% To $214m; Profit Down 20% To $11m; Austco Revenue Up 17% To $42m; Profit Down 3% To $2.3m; Cryosite Revenue Up 1.5% To $12m; Profit Up 3% To $1.4m; Acrux Licence Revenue Up 392% To $8.6m; Loss Down 92% To $764k; ARC $86m For 200 Early-Career Researchers; And Health $18.75m For 5 Biotechs; Cyclopharm Receives $700k IP Legal Settlement; Genetic Signatures: Easyscreen ‘Inconsistent For Influenza B’; Clarity Doses Neuroblastoma, Prostate Cancer Patients; Microba Completes Phase I Inflammatory Bowel Disease Trial; Avecho Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Bionomics Suspended To Delist From ASX For Nasdaq; Citigroup Takes 29% Of Bionomics; Arun, Susmita Singh Take 12.8% Of Curvebeam; Nanosonics Appoints Ex-CSIRO Dr Larry Marshall Director; Botanix COO Dr Howie Mckibbon Promoted To CEO, On $624k PA

Telix H1 Revenue Up 818% To $220m; Loss Down 86% To $10m; SDI Revenue Up 13% To Record $108m; Profit Down 3% To $7m; Alcidion Revenue Up 18% To $40m; Loss Down 18% To $4m; Starpharma Revenue Down 14% To $4m; Loss Down 3% To $16m; Atomo Revenue Down 79% To $2.5m; Loss Up 74.5% To $10m; Opthea Hopes For $80m Placement, Rights Offer; Trading Halt; Wellcome $5.4m For Vaxxas ‘Needle Free’ Typhoid Vaccine; Orthocell: Europe Re-Certifies Striate+; Painchek US Nursing Home Study; Radiopharm: Terthera Terbium-161 For Prostate Cancer; Incannex Prepares Psilocybin FDA Application; Bcal Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Amplia AGM 16% Oppose Placement Facility; Ilwella, Quentin Flannery Take 9.5% Of Curvebeam

Editorial: H1, FY Reports $4m Minimum; RDTI Is Not Revenue; Curvebeam Down 31% On $25m Imaging Systems IPO; Vitura Revenue Up 75% To $117m, Profit Up 128% To $13.8m; Polynovo Revenue Up 60% To $66m; Loss Up 313% To $5m; Curvebeam Revenue $8m; Loss Up 509% To $52m; BTC Subsidiaries Sales $9.5m, Loss To $10m; Argenica: FDA Okays ARG-007 Stroke Trial Protocol; Corrections: Cann Group, Cleo Diagnostics; Epsilon Pays $4m Loan, Borrows $2.85m; Avecho Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Invex US Presendin Patent; Alterity European Patent For Iron Chaperone Drugs; Aileen Stockburger Next Science Chair, Grant Hummel Director; Andrew Cook Replaces Anteo CFO, Co Sec Tom Milicevic

Cleo Up 15%, On $12m IPO For Ovarian Cancer Tests; Nanosonics Revenue Up 38% To $166m, Profit Up 431% To $20m; Cogstate Revenue Down 10% To $63m, Profit Down 52.5% To $6m; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Up 44% To $16.5m, Loss Up 13% To $3m; Recce Doses R327 Phase I/II Diabetic Foot Infection Trial; Emvision 9.2 Minute Brain Scan; FDA Approves Incannex Phase II/III IHL-42X Sleep Apnoea Trial; ASX Suspends Analytica, Cann Global, Medlab On Fees; Pharmaust: 11 Of 12 Monepantel For MND Patients ‘Stable’; Impedimed Hopes To Break-Even By 2026; Cleo Wins CXCL10 US Patent; Race: Dr Smith, Dr Tillet In; Mr Clarke-Bruce, Dr Cullity Out; Pinnacle Investment Below 5% Of Nanosonics; Bio NSW To Launch On Thursday

PM Anthony Albanese Opens CSL HQ; Antisense Share Plan Raises $3.3m; Total $11.6m; Federal RNA Discussion Paper; Echo IQ Expands Echosolv To 6 More Indications; Austco $2.6m Tacera Nurse Call System Contract; Netherlands Okays Cynata CYP-001 Kidney Transplant Trial; Invex Closes Presendin IIH Trial Citing Ozempic, Costs; Recce: R327 ‘Antibiotic Activity’ In 4 Burn Infections, Trial Closed; Universal Biosensors Receives $4.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Clarity To Release 79m ASX Escrow Shares; Dr Mohit Kaushal Replaces Emyria Director Matthew Callahan; Imugene Appoints Dr Bradley Glover COO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Micro-X; Imugene Placement Raises $35m; Share Plan For $30m More; Merchant Biotech Fund Hopes To Raise $10m; Resonance Wins $6m Sun Pharmaceuticals CRO Contract; Argenica Tells ASX: ‘More Data Delayed Study News’; Allan Gray Reduces To 12.7% Of Starpharma; FIL (Fidelity) Reduces To 6.3% Of Starpharma; FIL Increases, Diluted To 8.30% In Medibio; Trajan To Release 57m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Pharmaust Requests ‘MND Results’ Trading Halt; Invex Requests ‘IIH Market Report’ Trading Halt; Tracy Weimar Replaces BTC Co Sec Sharon Papworth

Qbiotics: Tigilanol Tiglate ‘Safe, Tolerated For HNSCC; Hudson Institute: ‘Interferon Epsilon For Ovarian Cancer’; Brandon Capital $50m Cureator Plus Opens; MTP Connect: 2 Researchers Win $250k Redi Fellowships; Zelira: $1.7m Of $5.1m Note For Hope Marijuana Autism Trial; Correction: Imugene; Visioneering H1 Revenue Up 26% To $7.2m, Loss Down 43% To $2.8m; Uscom Revenue Down 5% To $2.7m; Loss Up 31% To $2.6m; Allegra: FDA Wants More Sr–HT–Gahnite Spinal Cage Data; Volpara AGM 42% Oppose Bouw Options, 10% Placement Loss; Resonance Requests ‘Material Contract’ Trading Halt; PYC Completes 1st VP-001 RP11 Cohort

Imugene Up-To $352m For Precision Cd19 Car-T; Trading Halt; Chimeric Wins Imugene $4.4m Precision ‘Introduction Fee’; Imricor Raises $2.8m; Imex $2.1m Colombia Hospital Contract; Biotron Completes Phase II BIT225 Covid-19 Trial Dosing; Lumos: Henry Schein Takes Febridx To The Netherlands; Lumos Euro, Japan Patents For IVD Camera Technology; Impedimed Board Spill EGM; Allan Gray Reduces To 13.8% Of Starpharma

CSL Revenue Up 26% To $20.5b; Profit Down 3% To $3.4b; Cochlear Revenue Up 17.5% To $1.94b; Profit Down 4% To $300.6m; Pro Medicus Revenue Up 34% To $125m; Profit Up 36.5% To $60.6m; Victoria, Moderna Open mRNA HQ, Research Centre; Optiscan Developing Remote Access Microscopy; Chimeric CHM0301 ‘More Resistant, Potent; In-Vitro’; Clinuvel: ‘Afamelanotide Reduces DNA Photo-Damage’; Actinogen: $4.56m Rights Issue Shortfall Commitment; Alterity Receives $4.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Heramed 7.5m Director Options EGM; Bioxyne, Canxchange Marijuana Joint Venture

Memphasys: Vitrolife 1st Japan 150 Unit Felix IVF Order; Respiri Acquires Access, Expects ‘Breakeven’ In 2024; Starpharma: Mundipharma Pays $6.5m, Returns Vivagel BV; Anteris 2nd Valve-In-Valve Duravr THV Procedure; Imugene Doses Vaxinia-Alone Intra-Tumoral Cohort 3; Anatara Receives $923k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; HSBC Takes 11.7% Of Pharmaxis

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: IDT Australia; Avita H1 Revenue Up 41% To $34m; Loss Up 25% To $30m; Respiri Raises Further $900k; Total $3.9m; Telix Doses 1st China Illucix Patient; Imagion, Prestige Collaborate On Pancreatic Cancer Test; M&G Plc Below 5% In Mesoblast; M-D Dr John Friend Replaces Kazia Chair Iain Ross

Atmo Starts ‘Pivotal’ Gas-Sensing Capsule Trial; Cynata Opens Phase II CYP-001 GvHD Trial; Clarity Takes 67-Cu Sar-Bis-PSMA Trial To Cohort 3 Dose; LBT: Apas Pharma QC ‘100% Sensitivity For Microbial Growth’; Lumos Receives $705k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Incannex Holds Nasdaq Move Investor Meetings; M&G Plc Reduces To 5.9% Of Mesoblast; M&G Investment Funds Below 5% Of Mesoblast; Control Bionics Lindsay Phillips, Nightingale Take 19%; PYC Takes 96% Of Vision Pharma; Mach7 To Lose Chair David Chambers

Next Science: ‘Xperience Reduces Total Knee Inflammation’; Universal Biosensors Wins Xprecia Prime Italy Contract; Cyclopharm: FDA Inspects Sydney Technegas Factory; Firebrick Recruits 500 Phase III Nasodine Cold Trial Patients; Anteris Starts US Duravr Valve Feasibility Study; Immuron: TGA Clears Travelan Packaging Supplier; Inoviq Excludes Old Samples From Ovarian Cancer Test; Aegros Singapore, Cambodia Plasma Fractionation Facilities; QIMR Vaccine Protects Mice From Epstein-Barr Virus; Federal National Reconstruction Fund Board Appointed; Pharmaust Doses 3rd Monepantel For MND Cohort; Rhinomed: US Allows Mute Nasal Dilator Patent; Anteris US ADR Program; Respiri Requests ‘Placement Of New Shares’ Trading Halt; M&G Plc Reduces To 7% Of Mesoblast; M&G Investment Funds Reduces To 5% Of Mesoblast

Volpara: Breast Screen SA To Use Breast Density Test; Recce: 2 R-327 Gel Patients ‘Positive Response’; Telix Doses 1st TLX101 Phase I Glioblastoma Patient; Respiri Share Plan Raises $3m; Atomo Share Plan, Shortfall Raise $1m; Total $2.25m; Dimerix: Review Board Okays Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Trial; Race Shifts Focus To Bisantrene RC220 For Breast Cancer; Universal Biosensors: 5 New Petrackr Distribution Deals; Pharmaxis: $4.4m Paddington Street Loan; Anteris 1m Director Options EGM; Emyria: Ketamine Assisted Depression Therapy; Incannex, Clarion Open Psychedelic PTSD Registration; Regal Takes 10.9% Of Adherium

Firebrick Nasodine ‘Reduces Sars-Cov-2 Viral Load’; Memphasys: Vitrolife Japan Felix IVF System Distributor; Clarity: Sloan Kettering ‘Pre-Targeting’ Cancer Antibody; Medibio ‘Commitments’ For $2.25m; Oncosil Appoints Doug Cubbin, To Replace Chair Otto Buttula; Dr James Garner Starts As Antisense M-D

Mesoblast Falls 58% On FDA 2nd Remestemcel-L For GvHD CRL; Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mesoblast; Resmed Revenue Up 18% To $6.4b; Profit Up 14% To $1.9b; Adalta Starts AD-214 Extension Trial; Adherium: Allergy Partners Adopts Hailie Asthma Monitor; LBT $13.4m Apas Non-Cash Impairment Charge; Respiri Requests ‘Shortfall Placement’ Trading Halt; Aroa EGM 35% Oppose Director Options; Shenasaby, Callahans Increase, Diluted To 5.25% In Botanix

Federal $40m CRC Round Opens; Cicada, Brandon Incubator For Sydney’s Westmead; Lumos Share Plan Raises $690k Of $4.75m; Total $5.44m; Flinders Uni Develops Anti-Bacterial Metallic Coating; Impedimed Board Spill Requisition; Semmelweis Uni Trials Trajan Neoteryx Mitra Blood Samplers; Australia Grants Recce R327, R529 Patent Family 4; Epsilon Rebrands THC Pharma, Tetra Health As ‘Epsilon’; M&G Increases, Diluted To 6.4% Of Mesoblast; Medibio Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Halt; Chimeric Loses Director Dr George Matcham

Bcal Breast Cancer Test: ‘90% Sensitivity, 85.5% Specificity’; Nova Eye: Unaudited US July Quarter Sales Up 32% To $3.3m; Actinogen 1-For-4.54 Rights Issue To Raise $10m; Amplia Doses Phase Ib/IIa AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Echo IQ: US Study Completes Enrolment; Truscreen: China Journal Includes Cervical Cancer Test; PYC: FDA Fast Tracks VP-001 For Retinitis Pigmentosa Type-11; Resonance, Acuity Capital Facility Expires; Mesoblast Requests ‘FDA Review’ Trading Halt; Peters Takes 24% Optiscan; Orchid Capital Takes 18.6% Of Optiscan; Acadia Park, Associates Take 8% Of Impedimed; Allianz Takes 11.8% Of Starpharma; Dr John Tarrant, Balmain, Cadex Take 16.8% Of Hexima; Gen John Monash Foundation Appoints Paul Ramadge CEO

July BDI-40 Up 3.5%, ASX200 Up 3%, Big Caps Down 1.45%, NBI Up 1%, CC Up 1%; Curvebeam AI $25m IPO; Hydrix Receipts Up 44% To $14m; Cardiex Receipts Up 29% To $5.5m; Control Bionics Rights Raise $1.1m Of Hoped-For $2.9m; Imricor Wins Netherlands Vision-MR Trial Approval; Fivephusion, Allarity Deflexifol Colon Cancer Trial; Immutep: EMA Rules Efti Toxicology Studies ‘Not Needed’; Neurotech Enrols 1st Marijuana NTI164 Rett Patient; Argenica ARG-007 ‘Reduces Alpha-Synuclein Uptake, Aggregation’; Pharmaust Epichem Liquidation; Monash Uni Immune Response For Intestinal Worm Infections; IDT EGM 30% Oppose Placement Shares, 17% Director Options; Osteopore Late Notice For ‘Robodebt’ Director Michael Keenan; Auscann Expands EU Cannabis Corp Marijuana Collaboration; Microequities Takes 7% Of Mach7; Kazia CEO Dr John Friend Appointed M-D; Bio-Melbourne ‘Prototypes For Manufacturing’ Seminar

Neuren (H1) Maiden $60m Customer Receipts; Medadvisor Receipts Up 37.6% To $104.5m; Mach7 Receipts Down 11.4% To $25m; Genetic Signatures Post-Covid Receipts Down 51.5% To $19m; Mesoblast Receipts Down 25% To $11.2m; Rhinomed Receipts Down 5.3% To $8.3m; Pharmaxis Receipts Down 51.1% To $5.8m; Actinogen Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Starpharma: Astrazeneca Ends AZD0466 On Adverse Events; Impedimed Receives Acadia Park Board Spill Call; Impedimed: 5 Additional Medical Policies; Anteris 1st Valve-In-Valve Duravr Procedure; Bcal Releases 74m ASX Escrow Shares, 9m Options; Next Science Loses Director Judith Mitchell; Resonance Health Loses CFO, COO, Co-Co-Sec Nick Allan; Heramed Appoints Ron Bacskai, Tiffany McKever US Consultants

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Telix Pharmaceuticals; Pacific Edge: Novitas Threatens US Cxbladder Insurance, Again; Imex H1 Receipts Up 14% To $8.8m; Genetic Technologies Receipts Up 29% To $9m; Cann Group Rights Raise $4.5m Of Hoped-For $11.7m; Immutep Doses 1st ‘No Chemo’ Sarcoma Patient; Pharmaust Doses Monepantel For MND 3rd Cohort; Recce 2,500mg R327 Fast Infusion ‘Safe & Well Tolerated’; Recce Receives $98.4k Canada Tax Incentive; Truscreen 13m CEO, Director Options AGM; Living Cell Algorae Name Change, 80m ‘Performance’ Options EGM; Starpharma Requests ‘Partnered Program’ Trading Halt

Neuren Receives Acadia $147m Licence Fee; Alcidion Receipts Up 13% To $47m; Next Science H1 Receipts Up 119% To $13.5m; Microba Receipts Up 37.5% To $6m; Micro-X Receipts Fall 5% To $3.9m; Atomo Receipts Down 80% To $3.3m; Adherium: ‘Revenue $3.1m – Rapid US Commercialization’; Acrux Receipts $8m; Botanix Completes $12.5m Placement To Extinguish Payments; Emvision Earns $600k Milestone For Trial Sites; Lumos $296k Burnet Undisclosed Diagnostic Study; Japan Patent For Chimeric Chlorotoxin Car-T, CHM1101; Opthea: W.H.O. AMA Approve OPT-302 ‘Sozinibercept’ Name; Paradigm: Bene Pharmachem PPS ‘Unique’; EBR: Brandon-MRCF, Carnegie, Hesta, Hostplus, Split Rock; Regal Below 5% In Pharmaxis; Mayne Loses Mithra Director Dr Carolyn Myers

Somnomed Receipts Up 15% To $82.5m; LBT Receipts Up 8-Fold To $3.8m; Anteotech Raises $4m, Plan For $2m More; Clinuvel US Veteran Affairs Scenesse For EPP Contract; Haemalogix, Peter Mac Trial KMA.Car-T For Multiple Myeloma; NSW Government $994k For Centenary Heart Research; NSW Government $500k For NSW Uni Chemo Brain Impact; Burnet Wins ISO 9001; Biocurate Partners With Singapore Drug Development Centre; Clarity Starts Cu-67-Sartate Neuro-Blastoma Final Cohort; Alterity: DMC Okays ATH434 MSA Trial; Starpharma Joins Queensland Uni Radio-Pharmaceuticals; Antisense: ATL1102 Combo ‘Improves Muscles, Strength, In Mice’; Vitura: W.H.O. Grants ‘Good-Distribution Practice’; Incannex FDA IHL-675A Marijuana Arthritis IND Meeting; Living Cell Files AI-116 Marijuana Combo For Dementia Patent; Cardiex To List Nasdaq American Depositary Shares; Medical Developments Pleads Schultz To ASX 29% Fall Query; Viburnum Funds Takes 7.5% Of Mayne Pharma; Platinum Takes 13.3% Of Antisense; Fujifilm Below 5% In Cynata; Regal Diluted To 13% Of IDT

Control Bionics Receipts Up 33% To $5.5m; Resonance Receipts Up 23% To $4m; Painchek Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Analytica Sells Pericoach To Stratos Doca; Bionomics Requests ASX Delisting On August 28; Immuron: 1st Travelan Diarrhoea Trial Cohort Enrolled; Allegra Orthopaedics Sale EGM; Osteopore: $10m Cellheal China Dental, Nose Supply Deal

Micro-X US Baggage Scanner Contract Extended $21m; Impedimed Receipts Up 11% To $11.5m; MTP Connect, Federal $6.2m For 6 Device Projects; Correction: Cynata Therapeutics; Correction: Botanix Pharmaceuticals; Dimerix DMX-200 FSGS Trial 1st Cohort Randomized; Clarity Prostate Cancer Trial Half Recruited; Recce: Scientia Starts Dosing Faster Rate R327 For UTIs; Cynata Reviews Trial Program; Althea: Ireland To Pay $542 For 50ml Marijuana CBD12:THC10; Cann Group Marijuana Harvest ‘Twice Previous Years’; Medibio Heart Depression Test: ‘71% Sensitivity, Specificity’; Bionomics Requests ‘ASX Removal’ Trading Halt; Anteotech Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Arovella 2.25m Tom Duthy Shares, 6.5m Options EGM; Amplia 2.5m M-D Dr Chris Burns Options AGM; Volpara 450k Director Mark Bouw Options AGM; GZ Family Diluted To 5% Of Lumos; Graham Mclean Replaces Fisher Paykel Director Donal O’Dwyer; Radiopharm: Dr Sherin Al-Safadi Medical, Corporate Head

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cynata Therapeutics; Anteotech Rejects Ferroglobe IP Allegation; Botanix Raises $12.5m To Buy Royalty Streams; Volpara Q1 Receipts Up 27% To $10m; Mach7 $3.7m Diagnostic Imaging Associates Contract; Starpharma: ‘DEP-HER2-Zirconium Improves Imaging, In Mice’; Medibio: FDA Refuses MEB-001 ‘Breakthrough’ Status; Incannex Files FDA IHL-42X Apnoea IND; Peters Takes 19.45% Optiscan; Meurs Diluted To 12% Of Adalta; Ausbiotech Launches Cell & Gene Industry Strategy

Telix Record H1 Receipts Of $195.3m; Lumos Receipts Down 50% To $10m; IDT ‘Over-Subscribed’ Share Plan Raises $2.1m; Total $7.1m; Antisense Plan For $1.5m; Queensland $79m For Start-Ups, Innovation; Micro-X Delivers 1st ADF Hospital Rover Plus Mobile X-Ray; Imugene To Dose CF33 With Renovorx’s Tamp Platform; Firebrick ‘Hopeful’ For Nasodine TGA Appeal; Nyrada Costs Review, Halves Directors Fees Saving $300k; Herreid, Kahr Diluted To 7% Of Imricor; Siemens To 5.4%; Orchid Takes 16% Of Optiscan; Ausbiotech ‘Help Design $392m Industry Growth Program’

Impedimed: Cigna National Sozo For Lymphoedema Cover; Echo IQ Launches Echosolve Mitral Regurgitation Module; Biocurate, NLC Deal To Share Expertise; Recce: I-V Synthetic Anti-Infective R327 ‘Safe, Well Tolerated’; Telix Doses 1st TLX250, Peposertib Solid Tumor Patient; Audeara Receipts Up 50% To $3.05m; Allegra Rights For $3m; $3m Orthopedics Sales; Imricor $1.5m North Dakota Loan; Botanix Requests ‘Royalty, Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Argenica Applies For St Vincent’s ARG-007 Stroke Trial; Imugene: US Patent For CF33 Cancer Virotherapy; Perennial Takes 15% Of Medadvisor; Nanosonics Appoints Dr Tracey Batten Director; Dr Ron Weitzman Replaces Imugene CMO Dr Giovanni Selvaggi

Osteopore Appoints Robodebt Minister Michael Keenan Director; Antisense Placement Raises $8.35m; Imricor Places $1.5m With HR Global Investments; Pacific Edge Record Q1 Cxbladder Tests Up 38% To 9,706 Tests; Visioneering H1 Receipts Up 14% To $6.2m; Lumos: Henry Schein Spain, Portugal Febridx Distributor; PYC: VP-001 No Toxicity In Mice, Rabbits, Primates; Incannex Appoints Fortrea CRO For IHL-42X Apnoea Trial; Oventus To Delist On July 21; Chair Paul Hopper Increases, Diluted To 18% Of Chimeric; Platinum Reduces To 9.8% Of Kazia; Perennial Takes 13.8% Of Lumos; JM Financial, No Plan B Reduce To 13.2% Of Mach7; PYC Chair Alan Tribe, Australian Land Take 33% Of PYC; And Health Extends TGA Digital Partnership; Nuheara: Catherine Morgan For Compliance, Regulatory, Legal; Cochlear To Lose Director Andrew Denver; Dr Lim Jing Replaces Osteopore CEO Goh Khoon Seng, On $195k PA

Cyclopharm Record H1 Unaudited Revenue Up 39% To $15m; Cleo Diagnostics $12m IPO For Ovarian Cancer Blood Tests; Queensland Uni $3m Radio-Metal Cancer Therapy Facility; Bioxyne: Amazon Sells Breathe Dr Watson Mushrooms; Platinum Takes 19.9% Of Adalta; Geoffrey Pocock Diluted Below 5% Of Argenica; Director Steven Formica Takes 5% Echo IQ; Planet Innovation Diluted To 16% In Lumos; David Siestma Increases, Diluted To 8% In PYC; Oncosil Appoints Dr Gabriel Liberatore Director; Imagion Bob Proulx Non-Executive Chair

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Arovella Therapeutics; Neuren: Acadia Up-To $765m For Global Trofinetide Licence; Imagion Places $1.97m Shortfall; Total $2.4m; Woke Psilocybin WP002 Grief Trial Approved; Clinuvel: University Of Münster Patent Breach Apology; Noxopharm Has Less Than 1 Quarter Cash; Restructure; Lind Below 5% Of Lumos; Antisense Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt

Bionics Institute: Prof Ortiz Catalan Develops Bionic Hand; Wentworth, Sydney Uni 99-Year Lease For $500m Bio-Facility; Optiscan Rights Offer Raises $16.7m; Adalta Places $1.87m Shortfall, Total $3.15m; Atomo Places $1.25m; Share Plan For $2.75m; Race Receives $1.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Incannex Marijuana, HCQ IHL-675A Arthritis Trial Approved; Memphasys Granted 2 Australian Felix Patents; Lumos Appoints CEO Doug Ward M-D

Pharmaxis: 5 Of 9 PXS-5505 Myelofibrosis Patients Improve; Heramed Placement Raises $2.6m; Race Pays Ardena $1.5m For RC220 Manufacture; Prof Mark Dawson Wins $1.1m Leukaemia Grant; Little Green $1.6m French Marijuana Trial Supply; Recce Takes $802k Radium RDTI Loan; Eye Co Wins Fludro-Cortisone Macular Disease US Patent; Imagion Pleads Schultz To Asx 89.5% Price Query; Phillip Hains Replaces Chimeric Director Leslie Chong; Aegros Appoints Dr Ranjeet Ajmani Asia CEO; GI Dynamics ‘Rebrands As Morphic Medical, Endobarrier Reset’

Arovella ‘Over-Subscribed’ Plan Raises $2.2m; Total $6.3m; Pharmaust: Monepantel Suppresses MND Biomarkers; Living Cell ‘Algorae’ Name Change; Atomo Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Ryder Capital Below 5% In Lumos; Immuron: Ateria Australian Juvia Probiotic Drink Launch; Dr Kenneth Sall Replaces Opthea CMO Dr Joel Naor

Race Up-To $34m For City Of Hope Bisantrene FTO Data; Lumos Raises $4.75m, Plan For $4.75m More; Recce Doses 1st R327 UTI Cohort; Emyria Recruits 1st MDMA PTSD Patient; Neurotech Marijuana NTI164 Rett Trial Approved; Heramed Requests ‘Capital Trading’ Halt; Pharmaust Requests More ‘MND Biomarker Results’ Halt; Respiri 20m Director Brian Leedman Options EGM; Aroa 211k Director Options, 15% Directors Pool Rise AGM; Correction: Island; Incannex To Redomicile To US, Nasdaq Listing; Uscom Chair Prof Robert Phillips Takes 25%; Ausbiotech Agribio Victoria July Bio-Cheers

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Microba Life Sciences; Cogstate Benefit From FDA Lecanemab Alzheimer’s Approval; Imricor Details $30m Gem Global Facility; Island ISLA-101 For Dengue Fever Wins US Defense $1.95m; Kazia: FDA Fast-Track For Paxalisib Brain Metastases; Adalta Plans AD-214 Dosing For Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis; Imugene Checkvacc 4th Intra-Tumoral Dose Cohort; Race Moves To RC220 Bisantrene; Trial Changes; Boysenholtz Diluted Below 5% Of Microba; Planet Innovation Diluted To 19.95% Of Lumos; Lind Takes 6.8% Of Lumos; Dr John Tarrant, Balmain, Cadex Take 15.4% Of Hexima; Adherium Loses Co Co Sec Mark Licciardo

Victoria $14.8m For Medical Imaging, Research; Dragonfly $5m Marijuana IPO; Compumedics Unaudited Revenue $41m; CPAP Somfit Deal; Imricor, Gem Global $30m Draw-Down Equity Facility; Pacific Edge: Novitas Continues US Cxbladder Insurance; Dorsavi Adds Video Tracking To Wearable Vimove Run Module; Inoviq, Promega To Sell Exo-Net, Nucleic Acid Purifiers; Regeneus Pleads Schultz To ASX 89% Query; Pharmaust: Lymphoma Dog Survives 365 Days; Incannex: Phase I Marijuana Ihl-42x Ethics Approval; Lumos Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; GZ Reduces To 7% Of Lumos; Darren Collins Replaces Somnomed CFO Herve Fievet

Compumedics $5m Somfit Air Liquide Australia Sleep Contract; Microba: Sonic Healthcare To Sell Metapanel In Australia; Cann Unaudited Revenue Up 111% To $13.5m; Immuron: Unaudited Revenue Up 136% To $1.8m, TGA Issues; Dimerix: EMEA Okays DMX-200 FSGS Paediatric Plan; Invion Photosoft Australia Patent; HSBC Takes 10.7% Of Pharmaxis

Clarity: FDA Positive On 64-Cu Sar-BIS-PSMA Phase III Trial; Acrux: FDA Accepts Anal Ointment Application; Paradigm Recruits Stage 1, Phase III PPS Knee Arthritis Trial; Pharmaust: ‘Monepantel May Suppress MND Inflammation’; Volpara Reduces Credit Facility To $2.3m; Atomo Pre-Emptive Schultz To 100% Price Jump; 2 Days - Up 277%; Correction: Polynovo; Correction: LBT Innovations; Neuroscience Research: Prof Matthew Kiernan CEO, Director; Rhythm Promotes Director Sue MacLeman To Deputy Chair

17-Year BDI-40 Up 488%, ASX200 Up 42%; FY 2023 All Up: BDI-40 53%, ASX200 10%, Big Caps 5%; NBI 9%, CC 9.5%; Lumos Up 564% On FDA Febridx Approval As ‘Aid To Diagnosis’; Pacific Edge Prepares To Lose US Cxbladder Cover; Dimerix To Start China Phase III DMX-200 Kidney Disease Trial; Universal Biosensors: FDA Wants More Xprecia Information; Mach 7 Potential $60m US Veterans Contract; Micro-X Exhibits Argus Bomb X-Ray Detector; Emyria To Acquire Pax Centre For $1.7m; Imricor Appoints Al Faisaliah Medical Saudi Arabia Distributor; Rhythm Establishes UK Subsidiary For Colostat; Respiri Extends Access Acquisition Closing Date; DVT: IQ Group Doca Fails, Creditor Meeting; Pharmaust EGM 18% Dissent; GZ Family Takes 14% Of Atomo; Rebecca Wilson Replaces LBT Chair Joanne Moss; Heramed Appoints Chair Ron Weinberger Executive; Living Cell Appoints Brad Latham Director, Prof Caroline Sue CMO; Invex Loses Chair Dr Jason Loveridge, CSO Prof Alexandra Sinclair; Bionomics Appoints Alan Fisher Chair, Tim Cunningham CFO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Polynovo; AAMRI, CSL Launch $35k Rising Star Award; Oncosil Device ‘Safe, Feasible’ For Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer; Imugene: HER-Vaxx ‘Robust’ Antibody Response; Clinuvel: ‘UK Not Nice To Scenesse For EPP’; Avita Files Recell Go FDA Pre-Market Submission; Neuren Enrols Phase II NNZ-2591 Phelan-Mcdermid Trial; PYC Doses 1st VP-001 RP11 Patient; Cardiex: Suntech Oscar 2 Distribution; $2.3m Note; US Listing; Resonance Receives $487k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; IDT 12m Director Options EGM; Firebrick, TGA, AAT Appeal Meeting July 19; Pharmaust Requests ‘MND Trial Results’ Halt; Farjoy, Timothy Robertson Take 11% Of Nuheara; Next Science Loses Director Bruce Hancox; Immuron: Paul Brennan Chair, Dr Roger Aston Director; Cynata Changes: Kelly Up, Atkins In; Macdonald, Washer Out; Cardiex Loses US CFO Reid Yeoman; Louisa Ho Co Sec

Haemalogix: Kappamab Combo Beats Multiple Myeloma S-O-C; Impedimed: 80% Of Michigan Insured Covered For Sozo Lymphoedema; Next Science Expects $6.6m Q2 Sales; Bionics Institute: Prof Max Ortiz Catalan For Neural Prosthetics; NSW Uni: ‘Aeromonas 2nd Most Prevalent Gut Bug’; Resonance: FDA Okays Hepafatsmart; Recce Expands Phase I/II R327 Urinary Infection Trial; Emvision Opens Royal Melbourne Trial Site; Adalta: Up-To 16 Patient AD-214 Phase I Extension Trial; Imugene: PD1-Vaxx US Patent Extended To 2040; Emyria Requests ‘Psychedelic Acquisition’ Halt; Kefford Takes 9.8% Of Vectus; Dr Benjamin Jansen Reduces To 22% Of Vitura; Dr Peter Smith To Replace Race Director Daniel Sharp; Auscann Appoints Ex-MGC Chair Brett Mitchell Director; Priyamvada Rasal Replaces Tissue Repair Co Sec Michael Austin

Federal $392m Industry Program Design Discussion Paper; Telix TLX250-CDx ‘Detects Extra-Renal Lesions’; Servatus: Biotherapeutics For Insomnia ‘Extremely Promising’; Neuren Starts US Phase II Prader-Willi Syndrome Trial; QIMR Research ‘Could Lead To Covid Treatment’, In Hamsters; Antisense: UK Okays ATL1102 Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Trial; Microba Starts MAP315 Inflammatory Bowel Disease Trial; Imagion Extends Siemens HER2 Breast Cancer Imaging To US; Allegra, Robinwood Take $2m Loan To End 2024; Clarity Opens Idaho ‘Centre Of Excellence’; Invex: ‘Phase III Presendin Trial Slow; Obesity Potential’; Correction: Microba; Impedimed Dr Michael Seiden, Daniel Sharp In; Robert Graham Out; Anteotech Loses Ex-CEO, Director Christopher Parker; Volpara Wins Microsoft Partner Of The Year Gong

US Benitec Jumps 167% On FDA BB-301 OPMD Trial; Immutep Retail Rights Raise $6.5m; $80m Total; WEHI: Optineurin Protein Parkinson’s Connection; North Star Produces Clarity Copper-67; Inoviq ‘Excellent Results’ In Breast Cancer Test Study; Pharmaust Doses Monepantel MND Cohort 3; Starpharma: Astrazeneca Voluntary Partial Clinical Hold; Starpharma: Inova Buys Distributor Mundipharma; Microba Federal $2.9m Grant For Biobank; Osteopore To Dispose 200k ASX Breach Shares, Options; Immutep 3rd US Efti, PD-1 Combination Patent; Cann To Lose Chair Allan McCallum; Julian Chick Deputy

Federal $73m For 19 Medical Research Projects; Queensland Uni Develops Covid Test From Yeast Dust; Ian Potter $5m For Doherty’s Cumming Centre; Arovella Licences North Carolina Uni Cytokine Technology; Nyrada Scraps Cholesterol Drug Due To ‘Adverse Effects’; Avita Rejoins Russell 3000 Index; Regal Takes 20.6% Of Opthea; Walker Group Below 5% In Atomo; Dr John Tarrant, Balmain, Cadex Take 13.9% Of Hexima

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Tissue Repair; Cochlear: UK Okays Partial Oticon Purchase; EBR Raises $30m; Share Plan For $5m More; Chimeric Share Plan Raises $1.5m Of $5.25m; Total $2.5m; Chimeric Takes $10.1m Lind Facility, Cancels $30m L1 Facility; Race Completes Share Buy-Back; Invex Wins Europe Presendin TBI Orphan Drug Status; Andrew Harrison Replaces Resonance CEO Mitchell Wells

Telix Buys Lightpoint Medical For Up To $52m, Mostly Scrip; Victoria $2.7m For 16 mRNA Projects; Victoria, CSL, WEHI, Melbourne Uni $70m Cicada-Jumar Incubator; Monash University Starts Glyph Lyt-300 Anxiety Trial; Medadvisor Expects Up-To $97m Revenue; Review; Job Cuts; Echo IQ: 1st Australian Sale Of Echosolv For $70k; Argenica ARG007 ‘Reduces Brain Damage, In Rats’; Avecho: ‘TPM-CBD Gel-Caps 99.5% Stable At 2 Years’; Immuron To Make IMM-529 For FDA Pre-Ind Submission; EBR Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Chunyan Niu Takes 5% Of Living Cell; Mark Davies Replaces Exopharm Chair Jason Watson

Impedimed $5m Plan Raises $10m; Total $30m; IDT Share Plan For $2m; Amplia: W.H.O. Renames AMP945 ‘Narmafotinib’; Orthocell Receives $3.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Imagion Enrols Magsense HER2 Cancer Trial; Richard Mann Takes 6.4% Of Arovella; Kim Drapkin Replaces Imugene Director Charles Walker

CSIRO Opens Advanced Manufacturing Program; Victoria: Wardle, Aurecon For Infectious Disease Institute; Osteopore Places $909k Shortfall; Total $2.6m; Clarity Starts US Prostate Cancer Imaging, Treatment Trial; Analytica Administrators Want ‘Urgent Interest’; Impedimed: Tennessee Blue Shield, Blue Cross Backs Sozo; Cann Group $880k Levin Health Marijuana Deal; Immutep Wins US Patent For IMP761; Trajan Laboratory ISO, NPAAC Accreditation; LBT Extends $1.5m MTP Connect Grant To 2025; Salter Brothers Take 10.1% In Nuheara; Neil Delroy Takes 5.1% Of Argenica

CSIRO Appoints WEHI’s Prof Doug Hilton Chief Executive; Avita: FDA Approves Recell For Vitiligo Re-Pigmentation; Telix Doses 1st Patient In TLX250-CDx Solid Tumor Trial; Rhythm Expands Colostat Pipeline; Vaxxas Opens Brisbane HQ, Factory; Living Cell Pig Herd, Trial Revue, Advisory Board; Insignia Takes 7.5% Of Immutep; Mithra Below 5% In Mayne Pharma; Rubric Takes 5.1% Of Mayne Pharma; Imagion Appoints Dr Isaac Bright CEO, On $620k PA

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Lumos Diagnostics; FTI To Liquidate Ellume (Australia); Austco $7.4m St Paul’s Hospital Vancouver Deal; Correction: Cann Group; Cann Group: Haleon Cancels Satipharm Marijuana Trial Deal; Uscom Buys-Back 11.3m Shares For $620k; Regal Takes 14% Of IDT; Harry Hall Replaces Next Science M-D Judith Mitchell, On $655k; Avita Appoints David O’Toole CFO; Genetic Signatures Appoints Karl Pechmann CFO, COO, Co Sec; Incannex Appoints IHL-42X Apnoea Trial Investigators

Victoria Melanoma, Cancer Centre To Open In 2024; Victoria $5.75m For Medtech Skills, Device Hubs; Cann Group: 1-For-4 Rights Offer For $11.7m; Trajan Extends TGA Neoteryx Mitra Blood-Sampling Kits; Vectus Begins Phase Ib VB0004 Trial; Painchek Appoints Ethos 3rd US Distributor; Heramed, E-Lovu, Caduceus Heracare Supply Deal; Phillip, Bioscience Managers Take 13% Of Cynata; Sandon Corrects IDT 17% Substantial; Asahi Glass Below 5% In Regeneus; Bio-Melbourne: Prof Lichtenberg On Impacts Of PBS Drugs

Fivephusion Plans Ib/IIa Deflexifol For CNS Tumor Trial; CSL $368m Profit Warning; Atomo $2.1m EU HIV Self-Test Supply Agreement; Starpharma, Astrazeneca Phase I/II AZD0466 ‘Well-Tolerated’; Microba $526k Overseas Federal R&D Tax Incentive Findings; Clarity: Petnet Cu-64 Sar-Bis-PSMA Supply For Phase III Trial; FIL (Fidelity) Takes 10% Of Immutep; Euroz Hartleys Takes 5.9% Of Argenica; JM Financial, No Plan B Take 11.4% Of Imex; Bio-Melbourne 2nd Medtech Seminar: Health Procurement

Qbiotics Treats 1st Tigilanol Tiglate Sarcoma Patient; Echo IQ: Echosolv For 700 Cardiovascular Facilities; Anteris ‘Excellent’ Duravr 30-Day Results; Emvision Receives Federal $1.75m Manufacturing Grant; Control Bionics Record May Sales Imply $5.3m FY Revenue; Auscann Sells $6.7m Perth Facility To Optral; Bioxyne Online BLS Clinics For Marijuana Scripts; Vitura Sells 1.5m Canview Marijuana Units; Analytica Appoints David Clout Associates Administrators; Dr John Tarrant, Balmain, Cadex Take 12.8% Of Hexima

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Nova Eye Medical; Telix Opens $21m Belgium Radio-Pharmaceutical Factory; Imugene Takes Vaxinia Trial To IV Combination Cohort; Pharmaust Starts Monepantel For MND Cohort 3; Nyrada Replaces NYR-BI02 With NYR-BI03 For Brain Injury; Artrya, FDA ‘Q-Submission’ Meeting Yields Salix 501(K) Path; Creso To Import Swiss MDMA, Psilocybin; Auckland’s Milford Takes 5% Of Immutep; Sandon Takes To 17% Of IDT; Donald Gibson, Global CR Take 10% Of Bioxyne; Kefford Family Takes 8.8% Of Vectus Biosystems; Planet Innovation Diluted To 22% In Lumos; CSIRO: Prof Brett Sutton Health, Biosecurity Director; Starpharma To Lose 16-Year CEO Dr Jackie Fairly; Anshul Thakral Replaces Opthea Director Michael Sistenich; Living Cell Appoints Dr James Mckenna CSO

Avita: FDA Okays Recell For Full-Thickness Skin Defects; Kinoxis Wins $5m From US Nida For KNX100 Opioid Abuse Trial; Antisense Doses 1st Phase IIb ATL1102 DMD Patient; Sydney Uni Starts Phase II Kazia Paxalisib Glioma Trial; Osteopore, Cellheal Prepare For $4m China Projects; Emyria Ethics Approval For Open-Label MDMA PTSD Trial; Dr John Tarrant, Balmain, Cadex Take 11% Of Hexima; Biointelect Appoints ‘Executive Strategy Panel’

Neuren Receives $60m Acadia Daybue/Trofinetide Milestone; Polynovo ‘Record’ $7m May Sales; Arovella ‘Commitments’ For $4.1m, Plan For $1m More; Volpara $1.4m Breastscreen Victoria Analytics Deal; Pacific Edge To Lose $14m Cxbladder US Medicare Coverage; Vaxxas Hexapro Covid-19 Patch Trial: Safe, Antibody Response; CSIRO $25m For Biotech Innovation; Acrux: FDA Approves Generic Aczone Acne Gel; Pharmaust Monepantel ‘Safe’ For MND; Avecho Completes TPM-Marijuana Gummies Development; Clarity Recruits Phase II 64-Cu-Sar-Bombesin Prostate Cancer Trial; Queensland, Emory Unis Collaborate On Vaccines; Avita AGM Up-To 15.6% Dissent; Walker Group Reduces To 5% Of Atomo; Ryder Diluted To 5.8% Of Lumos; Merchant Below 5% In Hexima; Vaxxas Appoints Dr Rochelle Chaiken CMO

Nuheara Placement Raises $4.4m - At 4% Premium; Paradigm PPS For MPS I Trial ‘Promising Results’; Memphasys: Felix Beats Others For Frozen Sperm; Anatara Plans Stage II Garp IBS Trial; Argenica To Release 22.6m ASX Escrow Shares; Polynovo Requests ‘Revenue Performance’ Trading Halt; Peter Meurs, Skiptan Take 16.7% Of Dimerix; Perennial Reduces To 6.9% Of Lumos; Merchant Reduces To 7.7% In Hexima; Dr John Tarrant, Balmain, Cadex Take 7.6% Of Hexima; Microba Loses Director Caroline Popper

Oneventures $15m For Immvirx; $10m More To Go; Dimerix Rights, Notes Raise $8.7m; IDT ‘Firm Commitments’ For $5m; Plan For $2m More; Starpharma: Malaysia Approves Viraleze Nasal Spray; Blue Cross Blue Shield Covers Impedimed L-Dex; Oncosil Approval For Pancosil Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Chimeric Starts CHM1101 Glioblastoma Trial; Botanix: Dong Wha South Korea Sofpironium Bromide Distributor; S&P Adds Cogstate To All Technology Index; Pacific Edge Requests ‘Novitas Reimbursement’ Trading Halt; Nuheara Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Arovella Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Pharmaust Requests ‘MND Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Heramed Requests ‘Partnership Clarification’ Trading Halt; Mesoblast Appoints Director Dr Philip Krause Adviser; Kazia Appoints Ebru Davidson Director

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Dimerix; Immutep Placement, Insto Rights Raise $68m; Argenica Raises $4m For Phase II ARG-007 Trial; Pacific Edge: Novitas Action For Cxbladder Reimbursement; PYC Appoints CFO Andrew Taylor Co Sec

All May Indices Fall: BDI-40 2%, ASX200 3%, Big Caps 0.5%; NBI 3%; Imugene Doses 1st IMU-201 Combination NSCLC Patient; Paradigm: ‘PPS Reduces Osteoarthritis Pain, In Dogs’; Heramed: Fond Perks, Entrustia Health Deals; IDT Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Ian Owles Takes 7% Of Bioxyne; Nam Hoat Chua Increases, Diluted To 6% Of Bioxyne; Echo IQ Appoints Simon Tolhurst Director; Dr Donna O’Donnell Replaces Zelira Director Lisa Gray; Oncosil Appoints Christian Dal Cin CFO, Co Sec; Ausbiotech Agribio Victoria July Biocheers

Immutep Placement, Rights To Raise $80m; Newcastle Uni Glioma Work Backs ONC201, Kazia’s Paxalisib; Aroa Revenue Up 60% To $63.3m; Loss Down 95% To $396k; Anteris Duravr ‘Exceptional Haemodynamic Function’; Neurotech NTI164 Marijuana Compassionate Use For Autism; Zelira Claims Marijuana ZLT-L-007 Success For Nerve Pain; Firebrick Recruits 82% Of Phase III Nasodine Trial; Heramed AGM 21.5% Oppose Director Doron Birger; DVT: IQ Deed Proponents Final Extension; Argenica Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Velocimetry, Andreas, Helen Fouras Diluted To 19% Of 4D; Australian Super Takes 6.55% Of Trajan; Viburnum Takes 6.2% Of Mayne Pharma; Platinum Takes 18.7% In Adalta; Meurs Diluted To 14.6% Of Adalta; Scott Kirkland To Replace Emvision M-D Dr Ron Weinberger; Qbiotics Loses Neville Mitchell; Dr Steven Ogbourne Off-Board

FDA Approves Incisive Bluecheck For Tooth Decay; Sydney Uni, Pharos AI Drug Development; Alcidion $3.3m NHS Trust Contract Renewals; Optiscan Rights To Raise $16.7m; Alterity Starts 2nd Phase II ATH434 Study In MSA; Immuron Begins US Army Travelan Diarrhoea Trial; Neurotech Marijuana NTI164 Psych Trial Extended; Firebrick, TGA Nasodine Appeal Deferred; Micro-X Pleads ‘Argus News’ To ASX 39% Query; Incannex Appoints Psychedelic Advisers

4D Medical ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $25m; Total $45m; Bluechiip Share Plan Raises $727.5k; Total $2.9m; Medibio Plan Raises $264k Of Hoped For $1.5m; Total $1.5m; Emvision Starts Stage 2 Of Portable Brain Scanner Trial; Tissue Repair: ‘FDA Okays TR-987 Phase III Leg Ulcer Program’; Radiopharm To File FDA RAD101 Phase IIb/III Brain Imaging IND; Amplia ‘AMP945 Boosts Folfirinox For Pancreatic Cancer, In Mice’; Micro-X Field-Tests Argus IED X-Ray Camera; Immutep Appoints Charles River For IMP761 Toxicology Study; Austco To Pay $3.85m For Nurse Call Reseller Teknocorp; Recce Trains Nurses To Increase R327 Trial Population; USPTO Allows Avecho TPM Patent; Zelira Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Anteris Withdraws Placement, 1.5m Options Resolutions; Orthocell Appoints John Van Der Wielen Chair

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: EBR Systems; Fisher & Paykel Revenue Down 6% To $1.5b, Profit $233m; Mesoblast Q3 Revenue Down 4% To $3m, Loss Down 13% To $28.5m; Immutep: 5 Of 37 Efti Head, Neck Cancer Complete Responses; Optiscan Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Hyperion Takes 5% Of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare; Medadvisor: Kate Hill, Cotiviti’s Brett Magun Directors; Bio-Melbourne Medical Technology Manufacturing Forum

Volpara Revenue Up 34% To $33m, Loss Down 40% To $9m; Pacific Edge Revenue Up 71% To $18.5m; Loss Up 36% To $27m; Adalta Raises $1.28m, Commitments For $1.87; Total $3.15m; Impedimed: Michigan’s Medical Policy Backs Sozo; Immutep Doses 1st Aipac-003 Efti Breast Cancer Patient; Clarification: Actinogen Medical; Rhythm To ASX: UK CA Mark ‘Not Market Sensitive’; Anteotech Pleads Schultz To ASX 69% Query; Imagion AGM: 25.2% Remuneration Report 1st Strike

IP Group $2.25m To Resseptor For Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer; Brandon Cureator $1.5m For QIMR Cyteph For Glioblastoma; Brandon Cureator $500k For Centenary Pompe AAV Gene Therapy; Immutep Efti NSCLC Insight-003 Triple Combination ‘Promising’; Pharmaxis: ‘PXS-6302 Reduces Collagen 30%, Not Scars’; Respiri Notes Raise $4.5m, $2m Plan For Access Managed Services; Respiri Takes Wheezo To US, Quits Australia; Actinogen Amends, Delays Xanamem Alzheimer’s Trial; Clarity Increases Copper-67 Prostate Cancer Dose; TGA, NZ Medsafe Approve BTC Elastoq Infusion Pump; Rhythm Appoints Link UK Colostat Distributor; Patrys: PAT-DX1 ‘No Toxicity In Rats, Primates’; Lazard Below 5% In Mayne Pharma; Breathe Takes 32.3% Of Bioxyne - Custodian, VIG Below 5%; Respiri Appoints Brian Leedman Director; Oncosil To Lose Chair Otto Buttula; CFO, Co Sec Karl Pechmann

4D Medical Unveils CT Ventilation, Perfusion Imaging; And Health: South Australia Backs Digital Health; Director Guy Headley Reduces To 20.2% In Vitura; Former Director Dr Bernard Hockings Below 5% In PYC; Anthony Barton Below 5% In PYC; Bio-Melbourne Medtech Manufacturing Next Week

EBR ‘Statistically Significant’ Wise Pivotal Heart Trial Data; AND Health $1.4m Launch Vic For Activate Program; Anteris ‘Promising Duravr Results, No Mortality’; Amplia, CSIRO $94k For Topical FAK Inhibitor Research; Zelira Receives $4.9m For Hope Marijuana Autism Trial Fund; Austco $3.9m Maple View Tacera Nurse Call System; Oncosil Treats 1st Pancreatic Cancer Patient In Italy; Bioxyne Completes Breathe Acquisition; Avecho Licences TPM For Cancer To Arthur Group; Pharmaust Ready For 3rd MND Monepantel Dose; Pharmaxis Requests ‘Scarring Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Merchant Takes 11.4% Of Arovella; Vitura Director Guy Headley Sells 18.75m Shares To 19.8%

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Chimeric Therapeutics; Impedimed $20m Placement, Share Plan For $5m More; AND Health $3.75m For 5 Digital Health Companies; Creso $2.5m Placement; Imugene: FDA Okays Oncarlytics, Blincyto Solid Tumor Trial; Monash Uni Develops Nanotech Skin Monitor; Inoviq: ‘Data Backs Exo-Net Exosome Isolation Technology’; Althea: Ireland Approves THC20:CBD1 Medical Marijuana; Noxopharm: ‘SOF-XX Reduces Skin Inflammation, In Mice’; Velocimetry, Andreas, Helen Fouras Diluted To 21% Of 4D; Epsilon Appoints Peter Giannopoulos CEO, On $495k PA

4D Medical: Harry S Truman Hospital Approves XV Lvas Scans; Imugene: Oncarlytics, Artemis ‘Anti-Tumor Activity’, In Mice; Servatus IBS Live Bio-Therapeutic Phase I Efficacy; Prevatex Prevotella Copri For Dog Gut Disease; Noxopharm Sofra ‘Based On Oligo-Nucleotides’; Impedimed Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; UBS Reduces To 7% In Opthea; Perennial Takes 14% Of Medadvisor; W Whitney George Takes 41% Of Rhinomed; Perennial Reduces To 8% In Lumos; M-D Dr Ian Dixon Diluted To 6% Of Exopharm

Immutep: Efti, Keytruda 25-Month NSCLC Overall Survival; Control Bionics Rights For $2.9m; Vivazome: Exosomes Aid Retina, Brain Damage, In Mice; Hydrix Appoints MK Trimedic Guardian Malaysia Distributor; Rhythm Wins Colostat UK CA Mark; Creso ASX Query: ‘Unequivocally’ Merits Listing; Raising Halt; Anteris US Transcatheter Heart Valve Patent; Avecho Manufactures TPM-CBD Insomnia Trial Gel Capsules; Correction: Cyclopharm; Respiri Takes ‘Equity Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Naos Reduces To 28.5% Of BTC Health; Jencay Capital Below 5% Of Bluechiip; Bio-Melbourne Connecting Women Lunch ‘Sold-Out’, Again

Pro Medicus $20m Gundersen Visage Contract; Hydrix To Distribute Implicity Heart Monitors; Avertix Nasdaq; China Includes Truscreen Cervical Cancer Screening; Immutep: ‘FDA Response Takes Efti Closer To Pivotal NSCLC Trial’; Island: ‘FDA Lifts ISLA-101 Clinical Hold, Approves Trial’; Osteopore Osteomesh South Africa Reimbursement; Vitura, Releaf Marijuana Joint Venture; Incannex Forms Psychedelic Subsidiary Psychennex; Creso Up-To 47% Oppose Blumenthal, Everblu Options; Cyclopharm Potential Up-To 25% Share Buy-Back; Fidelity Reduces To 7.3% Of Medical Developments; Mark Kerr Diluted To 11.52% In Avecho; GZ Family Takes 8% Of Atomo; Former Chair Dr John Cullity Diluted Below 5% In Race; BCal Appoints David Darling Adviser

Chimeric $1m Board, Management Placement; Plan For $5m; CSIRO ‘Innovate To Grow’ Applications Open; Touch: TGA Adds RSV To ‘Combo’ Rapid Antigen Test; Argenica: ARG-007 ‘Safe, Tolerable At All Doses’; Creso: Gotro Singapore Range; 1st South Korea Marijuana Sale; Respiri Requests ‘Equity Raising’ Trading Halt; One Funds, Saville Take 14.1% Of Bluechiip; Thorney, Tiga Take 7.2% Of Microba; Chair Otto Buttula Takes 11.1% Of Rhythm; Prescient Appoints Dr Ellen Feigal US Director

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cyclopharm; Avita Q1 Revenue Up 40% To $16m; Biotron Adds 2nd Thai Site For BIT225 Covid-19 Trial; Epsilon Marijuana Permit Renewed; Sarah Cameron, Ardroy Take 6.8% Of Oncosil; Nanosonics To Lose CFO, Co Sec McGregor Grant; Matt Carbines; Analytica Loses CEO Geoff Daly; Hexima Loses Alternate Director Steven Skala

PYC Placement Raises $30m; WEHI: Federal $900k For Dendric Cell Cancer Vaccine; Correction: Federal Budget; Althea: UK NHS Approves CBD10:THC5 Marijuana For Pain; Ecofibre: Marijuana For Gynecological Disorders US Patents; Heramed $83k Joondalup Heracare Deal; Farjoy Takes 7.5% Of Nuheara; BTC To Lose Bruce Hewett, Jon Pilcher, Sharon Papworth

Federal Budget Details, Comment & Response - Biotech Daily, MTP Connect, ATSE, AAMRI, Ausbiotech; New South Wales University Parkinson’s Prediction Software; Oncosil Rights Raise $9.9m; Cynata ‘Oversubscribed’ Share Plan Raises $2.05m; Total $7.05m; Cogstate Profit Warning, To Cut Staff 13%, Costs; Proteomics: Sonic Healthcare US Promarkerd Distributor; Pharmaust: Stable Monepantel Earns MND $119k; Alterity Treats 1st Australian ATH434 MSA Patient; Audeara To Release 41m ASX Escrow Shares; Mayne Pharma To Buy-Back Up-To 10% Of Shares; Respiri Tells ASX 4C Query: ‘Planning An Equity Raise’; Creso Tells ASX: ‘Psilocybin, Health House Pushed Price 50%’; Yarra Capital Takes 6.3% Of Nanosonics; Jencay Increases, Diluted To 7% Of Nova Eye; Planet Innovation Diluted To 23% Of Lumos

Victoria $5m For 23 Projects; Victoria $500k For Bionics Institute Eargenie Kids Hearing Monitor; Avecho Rights Raise $2m Of Hoped-For $11m; Clinuvel Takes Prénumbra Trial To Moderate-Severe Stroke; Radiopharm RAD301 Pancreatic Cancer FDA Orphan Drug Status; Cyclopharm Prepares For FDA Inspection; Amplia Recruits 3rd AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Cohort; Pharmaust: Monepantel Broad Anti-Cancer Effect, In-Vitro; Firebrick: Canada Allows Nasodine Patent; Signature Oncology Appoints Glenn Gilbert CEO, M-D; Race Appoints Dr Michelle Rashford CMO; PYC Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Viburnum Takes 5% Of Mayne Pharma

4D Raises $20m; Share Plan For $15m More; Bio-Melbourne 2023 Women In Leadership Awards; Bionomics $17m ADS At-The-Market Facility; Uscom 19.7m, $1.1m Share Buy-Back; Immuron: US FDA Removes Campetec Clinical Hold; Echo IQ Appoints Cassling US Mid-West Echosolv Sales Agent; Truscreen: China Publication Backs Cervical Cancer Device; Little Green Appointed For French Marijuana Trial; Creso Health House Acquisition Approved; Proteomics Requests ‘Sonic US Promarkerd Licence’ Halt; Naos Reduces To 30% In BTC Health; Namarong, Paul Little, Jane Hansen Take 6% Of BTC; Antisense Appoints Dr James Garner CEO, M-D On $525k; LBT Loses 2-Year Chair Joanne Moss; New Chair Wanted

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Impedimed; Impedimed Wins ‘Sozo Pro’ FDA Special 510(k) Clearance; Kinoxis ‘Up-To $271m Boehringer Oxytocin Target Program’; Bluechiip Raises $2.2m, Plan For $300k More; 4D US Defense Lung Imaging Commercial Pilot Program; Creso: 2 Psilocybin PTSD Trial Patients ‘Total Remission’; Incannex, Clarion Leases Melbourne Psychedelic Clinic; Global Kinetics: Zach Henderson CEO, David Atkins Director; Bio-Melbourne Workshops Managing Bioscience Teams

Cogstate: Lilly Donanemab Reduces Alzheimer’s Decline 35%; Dimerix Notes, Rights For $12m; $8.5m More Notes Option; Compumedics ‘$5m Sales; 2023 Revenue $40m, Ebitda $1m’; Biotron Starts BIT225 For Covid-19 Phase II Trial; 4D Requests ‘Capital Raising, Material Arrangement’ Halt; Hydrix To Hold 29% Of Angel, Bioplus Merger Avertix; Healthcare 2030, Bergen, Tablis Below 5% In Nuheara; Prof Robert Heard Replaces Control Bionics Lindsay Phillips; Brett Tucker Replaces Adherium Co Sec Rob Turnbull; Bio-Melbourne Medtech Manufacturing Masterclass

Pharmaust ‘Over-Subscribed’ Placement Raises $2.5m; Living Cell Places $694k Shortfall; Total $2.5m; Bcal Opens Blood Screening Tool Laboratory; Proteomics Promarkerd: Diabetes Drug Works For Diabetes; Imugene Oncarlytics, Artemis Synergy For Tumors, In-Vivo; Neurotech Recruits Phase I/II Marijuana NTI164 Trial; Oncosil Enrols 1st Radiation-Chemotherapy Patient; Universal Biosensors Launches Petrackr For Cats, Dogs; Allegra Sells Orthopaedics For $4.3m To Related Robinwood; Artrya Lodges Salix FDA Q-Submission; Bluechiip Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Dimerix Takes ‘Capital Raise’ Halt To Suspension; Health House 96% Vote For Creso Takeover; G To The Fourth Takes 6.6% Of Mesoblast

Telix: TLX250-CDx Images ‘Very Small Kidney Cancer Lesions’; Polynovo 1st US Novosorb MTX Sales, Record $6m Month; Radiopharm RAD301 Targets Tumors; Incannex IHL-675A Adverse Events Equals CBD, More Than HCQ; Avecho Receives $687k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Oncosil Cuts Staff, Costs; Hydrix To Distribute Echo IQ Echosolv Heart Test; Vitura, Pharmala ‘Cortexa’ Psychedelic Joint Venture; Neurotech 5.4m COO Options EGM; Creso ‘Melodiol’ Name Change, 15.5m Shares, 47.8m Options AGM; Kingsley Hall Replaces Micro-X CEO Peter Rowland, Director

April BDI-40 Up 6%, ASX200 Up 2%, Big Caps Up 6%; NBI Up 1.5%; Redhill Revenue Down 28% To $93m; $108m Loss; 40:1 Consolidation; 4D Medical: 1st US Veterans Affairs XV LVAS Scan; Emyria Raises $2.5m; Firebrick Raises $1m; Nova Eye: 1st US Itrack Advance Surgery, Sales; Poland Approves Truscreen Cervical Cancer Test; Clinuvel Trials Scenesse For Variegate Porphyria; Germany Approves Immutep Efti, Avelumab Urothelial Cancer Trial; Arovella Closes Perth Oromist R&D Plant; Cann Group Dried Marijuana Flower On Sale In Germany; Pharmaust Completes MND Dosing; ‘Capital Raise’ Halt; Polynovo Requests ‘Revenue’ Trading Halt; Dimerix Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Anteris 1.5m Director Options AGM; Richmond Hill Takes 7.1% Of Universal Biosensors; GZ Family Takes 9.1% Of Lumos; GZ Family Takes 5.1% Of Atomo; Asahi Glass Reduces To 6.1% In Regeneus; Dimerix Appoints Clinton Snow Director; CMO Dr John Friend Replaces Kazia’s Dr James Garner, On $830k PA; Tom Milicevic Replaces Anteo CFO Tim Pritchard; Charlie Huang

Cartherics Licences CTH-004 To Shunxi For China; Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Control Bionics; Monash Uni: ‘Beta-Blockers Enhance Chemotherapy In Mice’; Queensland Uni: TDP-43 Protein A Target For MND; Cytiva Adelaide Factory For mRNA; Resmed Q3 Revenue Up 29% To $1.7b; Profit Up 30% To $367m; Somnomed Q3 Receipts Up 30% To $21.8m; Volpara Receipts Up 35% To $35.8m; Mach 7 Q3 Receipts Down 16% To $5.4m; Imex Q1 Receipts Up 25% To $4.4m; Cann Group Q3 Receipts Up 220% To $4.1m; Adalta Rights To Raise $3.15m; Regeneus, Cambium Merge For Elate Dry Eye Disease; Bionomics Enrols Phase IIb BNC210 PTSD Trial; Paradigm Enrols Phase II PPS MPS Trial; Exopharm Developing Exosome-Elastin-mRNA, In-Vitro; Genetic Technologies: Research Backs Genetype Melanoma Test; Jason Carroll Takes 15.5% Of Island; M-D Dr Ian Dixon Diluted To 12% Of Exopharm; Richcab Takes 5.14% Of Artrya; Imagion Extends Executive Chair Bob Proulx; CEO Search; Nuheara Loses 1-Year US CEO John Luna; Ivan Kelly CFO; Cogstate Appoints Kristi Geddes Co Co-Sec; Naomi Lawrie Replaces 4d Co Sec Melanie Leydin; General Counsel

Victoria, South Africa Partner For mRNA Vaccines; Nominations Open For $100k GSK Research Award; Medadvisor Q3 Receipts Up 38% To $25.15m; Aroa Receipts Up 79% To $49.5m; Alcidion Q3 Receipts Down 6% To $10.45m; IDT: Psychedelics, Marijuana Push Q3 Sales Up 26% To $2.1m; Telix Pays $3.6m For Dedicaid Artificial Intelligence; Osteopore Wins EU Medical Device Regulation; Emyria Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; EBR $1m, 1.8m Directors Options AGM; Tissue Repair: Dr Michael Silberberg In; Max Johnston, Craig Stamp; Arovella Tells 2nd ASX Query: ‘Data Collated After 39% Jump’

Mesoblast Raises $61m; Exopharm Rights Raise $802k; $770k Shortfall; 4D Posts Maiden $1m Quarterly Receipts; FDA 510(K) Approval For Cardiex Conneqt Pulse; Dorsavi Launches Vimove ‘Run’; PYC VP-001 Retinitis Pigmentosa Type 11 Study Approved; Alterity: Wearable Sensor Data Endpoint For ATH434 MSA Trial; Qbiotics Starts Phase II Tigilanol Tiglate Sarcoma Trial; Antisense: Bulgaria Approves ATL1102 DMD Trial; Chimeric CHM1101 Phase Ib Trial Ethics Approval; Starpharma: ‘DEP-Sn-38 Beats Enhertu For Cancer, In Mice’; Imugene Receives $12.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Dr Charlie Jansen Reduces To 8.9% Of Vitura; Immutep Appoints Dr Florian Vogl CMO; Dr Frédéric Triebel CSO; Proteomics Appoints 4 Advisers

Oncosil ‘Reduces Pancreatic Cancer Tumors With Chemo’; Osteopore Rights Raise $1.725m; $905k Shortfall; Imricor: GE Healthcare To Fund ICMR Hardware, Software; Emyria Launches Marijuana EMD-RX9 150mg CBD Capsules; Cardiex Requests ‘Pulse Device FDA Approval’ Trading Halt; Mesoblast Takes ‘Placement’ Halt To Suspension; Dr Charlie Jansen Sells $1.4m Vitura Shares To 9%; Medibio 2.6b Shares, 561m Options EGM

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Volpara Health Technologies; Echo IQ Echosolv Finds 72% More Aortic Stenosis Patients; Cochlear: ‘UK CMO Oticon Purchase May Lessen Competition’; Defender Asset Commits To $3m Of $10m Oncosil Rights Offer; Incannex Offers ‘Loyalty, Piggyback’ Options; AND Health Partners With Chicago ARC; France Approves Invex Presendin IIH Trial; Pharmaust Dogs Trial: 2 ‘Partial Responses’, 8 ‘Stable Disease’; Telix 120k M-D Dr Chris Behrenbruch Rights AGM; Merchant Below 5% In Dimerix; Medadvisor Loses Cotiviti Director Raeann Grossman

Queensland Uni Develops Gold Film Sensor For Devices; Hydrix 9-Month Receipts Up 63% To $10.8m; Cyclopharm Buys Dupharma For 100k Shares, $65k; Bluechiip: NY Psychiatric Institute Buys Cryo Labels; Starpharma: ‘ADZ0466 33% Tumor Regression, In Mice’; Argenica: ‘ARG-007 Reduces Brain Injury 70%, In Rats’; Imugene: ‘Checkvacc Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Israel Approves Invex Presendin IIH Trial; Universal Biosensors Launches 6th Sentia Test - Wine Acidity; Arovella Tells ASX: ‘Poster Published After 39% Price Jump’; Mesoblast Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Race Appoints Mary Harney Chair; Dr John Cullity Director; Heramed Loses Director Tal Slonim, Executive Ady Jakubovitz

Control Bionics: ‘World’s 1st Autonomous Driving Wheelchair’; Imagion Rights Raise $413k Of Hoped For $2.4m; $1.97m Shortfall; Amplia Starts AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Cohort 3; Anteris, V2V Medtech Work On Leaky Heart Valve Repair; Hydrix: ‘Gyder TGA Okay Triggers $330k Milestone’; PCI Upgrades Melbourne Fill-Finish Office; Genetic Technologies Genetype Prostate Cancer Data; Nuheara: CVS Distributes HP Hearing Pro In The Us; Insignia Takes 8.6% Of Botanix; Rhythm Loses CEO Glenn Gilbert; Chair Otto Buttula More Exec

Neuren Trofinetide/Daybue US Launch Earns $60m; Pacific Edge 32k Record Cxbladder Tests; Orthocell Nerve Repair Rat Study; Dorsavi $100k Rochester Uni Wearable Sensor Research Deal; Hydrix Signs $1.5m ‘Revolving’ Loan Facility; Living Cell $690k Rights Offer Shortfall; Correction: Telix; Correction: Avita; Clarity Receives $6.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Immutep Tells ASX: ‘Trial Data Was Confidential’; Emyria, Pax Work On Psilocybin ‘Care Model’; Medical Developments Loses Ex-Chair David Williams

Telix Q1 Revenue $100.1m; Control Bionics: ‘World’s 1st Autonomous Driving Wheelchair’; Correction: Medadvisor; Imex $750k Grupo Avidanti Colombia Radiology Contract; Immutep Investigator-Led Phase II Efti For Sarcoma Trial; Telix Proof-Of-Concept Takes Olaratumab To Phase I Trial; Arovella ‘ALA-101 Anti-Tumor Effect, In Mice’; Osteopore Appoints Majeton Singapore Distributor; Emvision Milestone Triggers $600k Stroke Alliance Grant; BTC: Avanos Halts Acute Pain Products; Hits NTA Backing; Proteomics Renews Iso Standards For Promarkerd Launch; Radiopharm: Terthera To Supply Terbium-161; Recce Phase I/II R327 Trial Ethics Approval; Starpharma Doses DEP-Cabazitaxel Patients; Island Files Response To FDA ISLA-101 Clinical Hold; Avita $1.2m Director Shares, $523k Options AGM; Creso 131m Shares, 752m Options, $2.8m Notes EGM; Patrys Wins 2 US Deoxymab Patents; Pharmaust Receives 10k Monepantel Tablets; Cryosite Appoints Luis Antonio Director; Susan Park Replaces Botanix Co Sec Simon Robertson

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Medadvisor; Saluda Raises $221m For Spinal Cord Stimulation Pain-Relief; Avita: Recell Go Keeps FDA Breakthrough Device Status; Osteopore Trials Heparan Sulfate With Implants; Kazia Regains Nasdaq Compliance; Incannex Appoints Quest For Advice, Trials; Arovella Pleads Schultz To ASX 39% Query; Microequities Takes 5.8% Of Mach7; Clime Below 5% Of Mach7

Imricor Ready For EU Northstar ICMR Tachycardia Trial; Microba: Snylab Central Europe Gut Test Distributors; 4D Medical: ‘Miami Uni Lung X-Ray Deal Worth Up-To $1.5m’; Vitura Rejects Dr Charlie Jansen EGM Call; Pharmaust: CEO Wanted; 4D Appoints Prof David Shulkin Advisor

Immvirx Doses 1st IVX037 Cancer Patient; Pharmaxis, FDA Add Arm To PXS-5505 Trial; Drops Liver Cancer; Aroa Wins FDA 510(K) Enivo System Approval; Cynata CYP-001 GvHD Trial Australian Ethics Approval; Anteris US Duravr Heart Valve Patent; Recce Anti-Infectives Israeli Trade Mark Approval; Medibio: CEO Dr Thomas Young Director, Loses Melanie Leydin - Stephen Buckley Replaces Co Sec Mathew Watkins; Respiri Appoints William Sigsbee US CCO

China Approves Telix TLX101 Glioblastoma Trial; Volpara Adds $1.9m To Banner Health Contract; Imricor Wins Lausanne Hospital ICMR Contract; Mayne Completes $135m US Generics Sale To Dr Reddy’s; Amplia AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Trial Dose Increase; Osteopore: ‘Kelyniam Implant Sub-Distribution Partner’; Medical Developments Renews Penthrox US Strategy; Creso: ‘$2m Raise Includes $369k For Debts’; Nyrada Delays Phase I/II Cholesterol Trial, Again; Recce R327, R529 Australian Patent ‘1st Of Fourth Family’; Levenson Below 5% In Anteo; Merchant Funds Takes 10.3% Of Arovella; Citigroup Reduces To 29% Of Bionomics; Lis Boyce Replaces Immutep Director Lucy Turnbull

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Radiopharm Theranostics; Cynata ‘Commitments’ For $5m Placement; Plan For $2m More; Anteotech Options Raises $1.8m; WEHI, Merck Inc Phase I Trial Of Unnamed Anti-Malaria Drug; Osteopore, Maastricht Uni Study Bone Growth Implant; Queensland Uni Gene Therapy For Spastic Paraplegia; Imricor $523k CEO, Directors Stock AGM; Bioxyne Breathe Acquisition AGM; Noxopharm Drops Dr Graham Kelly’s Veyonda/NOX66; Staff; Compumedics Loses Director Paul Jensz; Correction: Uscom

Anoulack Chanthivong NSW Industry, Innovation Minister; Botanix Placement Raises $10m; Victoria, AND Health $2.4m CHICC Connected Health Centre; Volpara Amends Akumin Contract To $4.1m; Atomo: $1.9m Viatris Replaces South Africa HIV Test Distributor; 4D Signs 1st Contract For Lung X-Ray With Miami University; Imugene Starts 3rd Vaxinia Monotherapy Cohort; Uscom Unmarketable Parcel Facility Buys 1.14m Shares

Paradigm: ‘PPS Slows Osteo-Arthritis Progression’; Kazia: ‘Data Packs Paxalisib, EVT801 For Cancers’; Alterity Enrols 1st UK Patient In ATH434 MSA Trial; Clarity Copper-67 Manufacture ‘Within Weeks’; Auscann Sells Perth Premises For $6.75m; Cynata Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Emyria Licences Marijuana EMD-RX5 To Aspen; Recce Receives $970k Radium Loan; Race Targets $7.4b ‘Cardio-Protection’ Market; GZ Family Takes 8% Of Lumos; Ausbiotech, Monash May ‘Bio-Cheers’

March BDI-40 Up 3%, ASX200 Down 1%, Big Caps Down 1.5%; NBI Up 1%; Avecho Rights For $11m; Memphasys 1st Japan Felix Sale, 1st India Felix Live Birth; Immutep: ‘Efti Extends Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Survival’; Telix Files UK Illuccix Application; Firebrick Closes Nasodine Covid-19 Recruitment Early; Botanix: FDA Mid-Cycle Review Sofpironium Bromide OK, Halt; PYC To Trial PYC-001 For Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy; Optiscan Establishes US Commercial Operations; Pro Medicus Up-To 10.4m Share Buy-Back; Island To Release 38m Shares From Escrow

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Memphasys; Nova Eye: Itrack Advance Wins FDA 510(K) Approval; Allegra Files Spinal Cage FDA 510(K) Application; Pacific Edge Completes Cxbladder Kaiser Integration Tests; Qbiotics Doses 1st EBC-46 Phase II Head, Neck Cancer Patient; Patrys Phase I PAT-DX1 Trial Delayed; Osteopore Acquires South Korean Distributors; Paradigm Requests ‘Clinical Data’ Trading Halt; W Whitney George Takes 40.4% Of Rhinomed; Ryder Increases, Diluted To 6.8% In Lumos; Resmed To Lose Counsel, CAO, Co Sec David Pendarvis; Bionics Institute ‘Measuring Innovation’ Lecture

Stride Launches $50m Crowd-Funded Venture Capital Fund; Atmo Raises $8m For Gut Gas-Sensing Capsule; Argenica: $2.5m Perron Foundation ARG-007 Grant; Cyclopharm Files Technegas FDA Response Letter; Pharmaust Enrols Monepantel MND/ALS Cohorts; Immutep Expands Efti Combination Trial To 50 Cancer Patients; Monash Discovers EZH2 Protein Role In Cancer; LBT Loses Director Simon Arkell; Medadvisor Appoints Anshu Raghuvanshi As Co-Co Sec; Memphasys Appoints Hassan Bakos Operations Director

$15b Reconstruction Fund Corp Bill Approved – Royal Assent; Microba MAP315 Colitis Trial Approved; LTR Trials Nasal Spray Spontan For Erectile Dysfunction; Telix Director Dr Andreas Kluge Takes 6 Months Leave; Orthocell Appoints Prof Dy, Prof Brogan Advisers

Queensland Uni Sepsis Study For Antibiotics Targets; TGA Approves IDT To Manufacture Injectable Trial Drugs; Pharmaust: 1 MND Monepantel Patient ‘Stable’ At 6 Months; Noxopharm, Hudson Work On Sof-Vac mRNA Vaccine Enhancer; Radiopharm Receives $1.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; RTL Increases, Diluted To 10.5% In Anatara; Starfish Diluted To 9% In Dorsavi; Resonance Appoints Aaron Brinkworth Director

Impedimed: US NCCN Guidelines Back Sozo For Lymphoedema; Anteris Meets FDA Requirements For Duravr THV Manufacture; Proteomics Study: Endometriosis Blood Test 90% Accurate; Imagion: FDA Okays Magsense Breast Cancer Trial ‘Key Elements’; Osteopore: Taiwan Approves Osteomesh For Face Surgery; Radiopharm, Genesiscare Partner For Radio-Pharmaceuticals; Genetic Technologies: Genetype Performs 9 Risk Tests; Race Receives $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Mathew Regan Replaces Artrya CEO John Barrington; Danny English Replaces Pro Medicus Co Sec Clayton Hatch

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Avita Medical; Little Green ‘Firm Commitments’ For $5m Placement; Universal Biosensors Files Xprecia Prime 510(K) To US FDA; Proteomics Requests ‘Endometriosis Test Results’ Halt; Realtek Takes 15% Of Nuheara; Ausbiotech 2023 Adelaide Ausmedtech Conference; Avita Appoints Robert McNamara Director; Race Loses Director, CSO Dr Tillet; Prof Hammond Interim; Adalta Loses Yuuwa Directors Liddy McCall, Dr James Williams

Adherium: US FDA Approves Hailie Teva Inhaler Sensor 510(K); Exopharm $1.57m Rights Offer; Mayne Updates Rubric Convertible Notes Terms; Baymatob Completes 500-Mother Oli Post-Partum Trial; Emyria Doses 50 Marijuana EMD-RX5 Distress, Pain Patients; Pharmaxis PXS-5505, 5-AZA Restores MDS Mice Red Blood Cells; Health House: Court Orders Creso Acquisition Vote

Melbourne Uni: 2nd Entrepreneur Program Opens; Mesoblast: FDA Inspects Remestemcel-L Manufacturer; Redhill Talicia Helicobacter Pylori Warranty; Race Requests ‘Board Change’ Trading Halt; Regal Reduces To 5.3% Of Pharmaxis

Brandon, Andhealth $50m Federal Program; Truscreen Rights Raise $940k, Total $1.5m; Medlab Assets For Sale, Joint-Venture Or Merger; Firebrick Resumes Phase III Nasodine Cold Trial; Gold Coast Hospital To Trial Heramed Heracare; Chimeric FDA Pre-IND CHM2101 Tumor Trial Meeting; Ellerston Below 5% In Atomo; Citigroup Reduces To 30% Of Bionomics; Genetic Signatures Loses CFO, Co Sec Peter Manley; One Week To Bio-Melbourne, Victoria Manufacturing Seminars

Victoria: Monash Uni, Israel’s Sheba Medical R&D Agreement; LBT, Lind $1.5m Drawn Down Equity Facility; Clinuvel Starts Prenumbra Arterial Ischaemic Stroke Trial; Bioxyne To Buy 83% Of Breathe Life Sciences; Germany Approves Invex Presendin IIH Trial; Emyria Has 150 MDMA Analogs; Salter Brothers Take 7% Of Nuheara; Neurotech Marijuana NTI164 Rett Syndrome Trial

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Neuren Pharmaceuticals; Moderna $500k PA mRNA Fellowships; Micro-X $3m Varex X-Ray Tubes Milestone; Oncosil $9.9m Rights Offer, $2m Commitments; Neurotech Claims Marijuana NTI164 Benefit For Autism; Genetic Technologies Tells ASX: ‘Validation Study Material’; Avita Appoints Cary Vance Director; Medibio Loses Director Dr Matt Mesnik

Prescient: 2 Complete PTX-100 Lymphoma Responses; Cannatrek Sells 500k Units Marijuana T25 Topaz Flower - $75m; Lumos Earns $8.9m From 3 Hologic Agreements; Telix: US FDA Expands Illuccix NDA; Alterity Doses First US ATH434 MSA Patient; Cynata Opens 3 More Diabetic Foot Ulcer Sites; Incannex To Run Psychedelic Psychotherapy Clinics; Pro Medicus Co-Founders Sell 2m Shares; Lazard Takes 6% Of Mayne Pharma; Copia Below 5% In Probiotec; Michael Carter, Matthew Hudson Replace 4 Medlab Directors

Zelira Raises $1.8m; Dorsavi To Raise $750k; Qbiotics Closes Melanoma Trial; Loses Nicholas Moore; Symbio Melbourne ‘Largest Testing Lab In Southern Hemisphere’; Proteomic: MSAC Denies Promarkerd Application; Incannex: DSMB Okays Psylocibin Anxiety Trial; Analytica Tells ASX: H1 Report Complies, Going Concern; Neurotech Requests ‘Marijuana Autism Data’ Trading Halt; Pinnacle Takes 5.2% Of Nanosonics; Healthcare 2030, Bergen, Tablis Reduce To 6% Of Nuheara; Nuheara Appoints Leroy Liu Director

Federal $15m For Monash University Mitochondrial Study; Federal $382m For 193 Medical Projects; ASX Censures Creso; Creso Responds; Optiscan: Oral Cancer Microscope ‘Extremely Accurate’; Patrys PAT-DX3 ‘Reduces Tumor Growth By 71%, In Mice’; Antisense Starts ATL1102 Monkey Toxicology Study; Paradigm PPS Phase III Trial Approved In Europe; Truscreen ‘Outstanding’ Saudi Arabia Cervical Cancer Data; Immutep; US, Spain Approve IMP321 Breast Cancer Trial; Alterity US Compounds Patent, PBT2 To Prof Colin Masters; Neuroscientific ‘Emtinb Delays Multiple Sclerosis, In Mice’; Bionomics Tells ASX: ‘Don’t Know If Information Material’; Incannex Takes ‘Psychedelic Program’ Halt To Suspension; Harbour Takes 15% Of Volpara; Pro Medicus Chair Peter Kempen Sells 50k Shares; Emvision Appoints Alan Coulthard To Clinical Advisory Board; Bio-Melbourne, Victoria Medtech Manufacturing Seminars

Neuren Up 27% On FDA Arcadia Daybue/Trofinetide For Rett OK; Australia Biotech Exposure To Silicone Valley Bank Collapse; Osteopore Rights Offer For $2.6m; Botanix Pleads ‘Schultz, FDA, Webinar’ To ASX 28% Price Query; Race Appoints CROs For Zantrene ‘Observational’ Trial; Genetic Technologies: Genetype Test Beats ‘Gold Standard’; Living Cell, Apet Drug Delivery Platform Talks; Dorsavi Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Zelira Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; LHC: ‘Below 5% Of BTC Health’; Arovella Appoints Dr Thomas Duthy Chair

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: SDI; Labor, Greens Advance $15b Reconstruction Fund Corp Bill; Volpara: US FDA Requires Dense Breast Information; Anatara Revises ‘Garp’ IBS Trial; Mucpharm Licence; Auscann To Divest 52% Of Cannpal; Incannex Requests ‘Psychedelic Program’ Trading Halt; Next Science Founder, CTO Dr Matthew Myntti Below 5%

Mach7 Wins Adventist $7.1m Pacs Order; Volpara: $1.37m Sutter Breast Test Software Contract; Exopharm Over-Subscribed $1m Note Issue, Rights For More; Exopharm Takes $431k Radium RDTI Loan; Prescient Wins PTX-100 T-Cell Lymphoma FDA Orphan Status; Biotron Completes 2 HIV-1 Phase II BIT225 Trials; Chimeric Manufactures CHM2101 For Tumor Trial; Bionomics Confirms BNC210 Missed Anxiety Endpoint, Trends; Bionomics Tells ASX: News Not Announced Pushed Price 16%; Analytica, Nuheara File Reports, Resume Trading; Perennial Takes 10.3% Of Lumos

Nuheara Raises $3m, Realtek ‘Cornerstone’ $600k; Protagonist: JNJ-2113 Reduces Psoriasis Lesions; FDA Approves Compumedics Okti Neuro EEG; China Orders 40 Truscreen Cervical Cancer Devices; Alterity Doses 1st Italian ATH434 MSA Patient; FDA Accepts Mesoblast Remestemcel-L GvHD Re-Submission; Bionomics Requests BNC210 ‘Results Analysis’ Trading Halt; Orthocell Appoints Prof Ravi Thadhani Director; Biocurate Loses CEO Dr Bates; COO, Co Sec Ms Peterson; $20m; Impedimed To Lose CCO Mike Bassett

Imagion Rights Offer For $2.4m; Kazia Paediatric Paxalisib, Chemotherapy Tumor Trial; Opthea Receives $8.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Medlab Loses Directors, Staff; Hall Chadwick Restructure; Invion, RMW Cho Photosoft Expansion EGM; Emyria, Perth’s Pax Centre To Use MDMA-Therapy For PTSD; Pharmaust Lymphoma Dog Survives 240 Days; Platinum Increases, Diluted To 11% Of Kazia; Oncosil Loses Director Prof Ricky Sharma

S&P ASX Indices: 3 Biotechs Up; 7 Down; Rhythm Withdraws Colostat TGA Application; To Resubmit; Imex, Rimab $1.1m Famisanar MRI Contract; Premier To Buy Aroa Wound Repair Products; Argenica ARG-007 ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Creso $2.5m SBC Convertible Notes, Pays Obsidian; PYC: FDA Approves VP-001 Retinitis Pigmentosa Type 11 Trial; Lazard Takes 5.3% Of Mayne Pharma; CSL M-D Dr Paul McKenzie Replaces CEO Paul Perreault

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Bluechiip; Truscreen $600k Placement ‘Commitments’, $2m Rights Offer; Radiopharm To Acquire Pharma15 For $5.9m Cash, Scrip; Imugene Doses 1st Vaxinia Combination Patients; Incannex Appoints Catalent To Manufacture Psilocybin; ASX Suspends Rhythm On TGA Submission Response; PYC Requests ‘Ind Application’ Trading Halt; Osteopore 11.1m Directors Rights EGM; Lazard Takes 5% Of Mayne Pharma; Starpharma Appoints Justin Cahill CFO, Co Sec; Abby Macnish Niven Replaces Paradigm CFO Justin Cahill; Radiopharm Appoints Ken Herrmann Adviser

Nova Eye: ‘Commitments’ For $8m Placement; Anteo, Wyon Work On Medical Technology Micro-Batteries; Race, North Carolina Uni Study Zantrene Heart Protection; Chimeric Starts 4th CLTX-Car-T Glioblastoma Study Cohort; Optiscan: US FDA De-Novo Route For Invivage Oral Microscope; Microba: Synlab To Distribute In Türkiye, Czech Republic; Pharmaust Monepantel MND Trial Interim Analysis; Clinuvel To No Longer File Quarterly Reports; Perpetual Takes 5.1% Of Probiotec; Neuren Appoints Joe Basile Director; IDT Appoints Interim CEO Paul McDonald CEO, On $310k PA; Mike Tonroe Replaces Imugene Co Secs Phillip Hains, Nathan Jong

February BDI-40 Down 6%, ASX200 Down 3%, Big Caps Down 1%; Compumedics H1 Revenue Up 14.5% To $19m, Profit To $7m Loss; Nova Eye H1 Revenue Up 28% To $8.4m; Loss Up 115% To $6.6m; Creso Revenue Up 40% To $8.7m, Loss Up 9.2% To $33m; Epsilon Revenue Up 26% To $7m, Loss Down 15.4% To $12.6m; ASX Suspends Analytica, Nuheara For Reports; Clinuvel Launches Cyacelle Sunscreen; Living Cell Placement, Rights To Raise $2.5m; Cann Settles $5.5m Southern Facility Sale To Sativite; Imagion $50k Grant For Prostate Cancer Project; Goodbye Total Brain; Rhythm Requests ‘TGA Submission’ Trading Halt; Nova Eye Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; WEHI To Lose 14-Year Director Prof Doug Hilton; Cryosite Loses Director Bryan Dulhunty; Actinogen Appoints Nicki Vasquez Director; Peter Webse Replaces Orthocell Co-Sec Simon Robertson; Anna Sandham Replaces Kazia Co-Sec Kate Hill; Susan Park Replaces Emyria Co-Sec Simon Robertson; Clarity Appoints Jon Stoner Adviser

Mayne Pharma H1 Revenue Down 33% To $101m, $290m Profit; Telix Revenue Up To $160m, Loss Up 29% To $104m; Medadvisor H1 Revenue Up 66% To $64m, Loss To $4.6m Profit; SDI H1 Revenue Up 9% To $50.5m; Profit Up 1% To $2.7m; Cogstate H1 Revenue Down 15% To $29m; Profit Down 99% To $90k; Mach 7 H1 Revenue Up 15% To $16.4m, Loss Down 69% To $130k; Next Science Revenue Up 31% To $17m; Loss Up 36% To $19m; Imex Revenue Up 28% To $17m, Loss Down 35% To $3m; Hydrix H1 Revenue Up 40% To $7.2m, Loss Down 18% To $2m; Visioneering Revenue Up 2% To $10.8m, Loss Up 151% To $8.7m; Mesoblast H1 Revenue Down 39% To $5m, Loss Down 15% To $61m; Rhinomed H1 Revenue Down 10% To $3.4m, Loss Up 43% To $4.7m; Anteris Revenue Down 41% To $5m, Loss Up 94% To $44m; Kazia Share Plan Raises $2.6m; Total $7.1m; Hydrix $1.5m Cyban Brain Oxygen Monitor Contract; Atomo Wins $900k HIV Self-Test Euro Order; Mayne Pharma Cancels $113m Capital Return; Regeneus To Settle $2m Paddington St Loan; Runway; Nuheara: Target.Com US Distributor; Ships Hp Hearing Pro; Hydrix Withdraws Guardian Angelmed TGA Application; Amplia Completes 2nd AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Cohort; Pharmaust Monepantel For Cancer Euro Patent; Incannex Marijuana, HCQ IHL-675A Rheumatoid Arthritis Tral; Perennial Takes 9% Of Lumos; Memphasys Appoints Dr David Ali Business Development Director

Mayne Sells US Generics To Dr Reddy’s For Up-To $156m; Trajan H1 Revenue Up 83% To $80m, Profit $3.2m; Micro-X H1 Revenue Up 241% To $8m, Loss Down 55% To $4m; Lumos H1 Revenue Down 2% To $7.6m, Loss Down 41% To $9.7m; Universal Biosensors Revenue Down 22% To $5m, Loss Up 156% To $27m; Genetic Technologies H1 Revenue Up 103% To $4m; Loss Up 41% To $6m; Cartherics, Peter MacCallum CTH-004 Ovarian Cancer Safety Trial; Kazia EGM 26% Oppose Placement Shares; ASX Takes Medlab ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Nova Eye Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Living Cell Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Paramount Star Takes 5% Of Bioxyne; Jaala Pulford Replaces MTP Connect Chair Sue MacLeman; Medadvisor Appoints CFO Ancila Desai Co Sec; Osteopore Appoints Greg Rudd Adviser; Medibio Applies For FDA Breakthrough Device Status

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cochlear; Probiotec H1 Revenue Up 25% To $107m; Profit Up 23% To $5.5m; Clinuvel H1 Revenue Up 19% To $29m; Profit Up 94% To $11m; Avita Revenue Up 4% To $50m, Loss Up 7% To $40m; Alcidion H1 Revenue Up 48% To $19m, Loss Down 52% To $3m; Medical Dev H1 Revenue Up 45% To $14m, Loss To $2.7m Profit; Neuren Posts $14.6m Revenue, $184k Profit; Cann Group H1 Revenue Up 83% To $5.8m, Loss Up 128% To $19m; Impedimed H1 Revenue Up 9% To $5.7m; Loss Down 15% To $9m; Cogstate: ‘Failed Takeover, Revenue’ To ASX 29% Fall Query; Mayne To Supply Generic Oracea For Rosacea Lesions In US; Dr Simone Scovell Replaces Vitura Chair Dr Marcia Walker

Nanosonics H1 Revenue Up 35% To $82m, Profit Up 168% To $10m; Somnomed H1 Revenue Up 18% To $40m, Loss Up 27% To $3.7m; Polynovo H1 Revenue Up 63% To $29m, Profit To $3.8m Loss; IDT H1 Revenue Down 72% To $2.4m, Profit To $5.8m Loss; Atomo H1 Revenue Down 75% To $1.4m, Loss Up 137% To $5.7m; Antisense Receives $872k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cogstate Takes ASX 30% Price Query Halt To Suspension; Medlab Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Fidelity Takes 10% Of Medibio; Clarke Barlow Replaces Exopharm Director Dr Jennifer King; Respiri Appoints US Medical Advisory Board

Austco H1 Revenue Up 29% To $20.5m, Profit Down 8.7% To $1.4m; Genetic Sigs H1 Revenue Down 52% To $10m; Profit To $6.5m Loss; Anatara Shortfall Raises $308k; Total $1.7m; Argenica $350k Donation For ARG-007 Alzheimer Studies; Audeara, Clinico Develop Ear Buds For China, Taiwan; Allegra Sr-Ht-Gahnite Bone Promotes Bone Healing, In Sheep; Avecho, Lambert Expand Soft-Gel Marijuana Trials; Anteo, Trinseo Combine Anteox, Voltabond For Batteries; Hyperion Below 5% In Fisher & Paykel; Lumos Converts $8m Lind, SBC Draw-Down Facility Notes; Planet Innovation Diluted To 28% Of Lumos; GZ Family Takes 6.5% Of Lumos; Kate Hill Replaces Artrya Director John Konstantopoulos; EBR Appoints Dr Rick Kuntz Consulting CSO; Maria Clemente Replaces Atomo Co Sec Tharun Kuppanda

CSL Hemgenix Wins EU Okay For Haemophilia B; Glytherix Hopes For $14.5m For Radio-Pharmaceuticals; Emvision Completes Brain Scanner Trial Enrolment; Firebrick Files EU Nasodine Nasal Spray Paediatric Plan; Cogstate Requests ‘ASX Price Query’ Trading Halt; Universal Biosensors Launches 5th Sentia Wine Test

Federal Government: US-CSIRO $4.1m For A-I; Cyclopharm Revenue Up 31% To $23m, Loss Up 31% To $6.6m; Correction: CSL; Recce Trials ‘Fast’ I-V R327 For Urinary Tract Infections; Pharmaust Starts 2nd Motor Neurone Disease Cohort Dosing; Nuheara Appoints Fuel Medical HP Pro US Distributor; Biocelect To Sell Imojev For Japanese Encephalitis; Respiri: Michigan Hospital 1st Wheezo Patient; Heramed $799k Herabeat Sale To E-Lovu; Fletcher Meurs Takes 8.6% In Adalta; Zelira Appoints Greg Blake Executive Director, On $245k PA

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: CSL; BTC Group H1 Revenue Up 10% To $4.8m, Loss Down 68% To $117k; Truscreen 1-For-5 Issue For Up-To $2m; Creso ‘Firm Commitments’ For $2m Placement; Genetic Technologies Receives $2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Dimerix Takes $2.8m Radium RDTI Loan; Opthea Tells ASX: OPT-302 Article ‘Not Material’; Australian Ethical Reduces To 8.6% In Cogstate; Zelira Requests ‘Director Appointment’ Trading Halt

Inventia To Use Merck’s Rastrum For Neuro Screening; Woke, Curtin Uni Sign Psilocybin WP002 Pain Trial Deal; Nuheara Ships 1st HP Pro Self-Fit Hearing Aids To US; Clarity Cu-64-Sartate Neuro-Endocrine Trial ‘50% Recruited’; Alterity: France, Austria Approve ATH434 MSA Phase II Trial; Neurotech Treats 1st Patient In NTI164 Marijuana Psych Trial; Mason Stevens Below 5% In Patrys; Carl Charalambous Below 5% In Exopharm

Cochlear H1 Revenue Up 8% To $885m, Profit Down 16% To $142m, Buyback; Pro Medicus H1 Revenue Up 28% To $57m, Profit Up 32% To $27m; Hydrix: TGA ‘Not Going To Accept’ Guardian Heart Warning Device; Queensland Uni Wins Leducq $8m For Strep A mRNA Vaccine; Monash Trials Glyph LYT-300 For Anxiety, Post-Partum Depression; Anteris Raises $35m, Cancels $50m Draw-Down Equity Facility; Zelira: Cantheon $12.4m For Hope Marijuana Trials; Medibio $1.25m Placement ‘Commitments’, Plan For $1.5m More; Mayne Diltiazem, Doryx US Launches; Revenue Revision; Little Green Approval For Psilocybin Depression Trial; Polynovo Novosorb Synpath Foot Ulcer Trial Delay; Proteomics Extends Apacor Britain Promarkerd Deal; Clinuvel Manufactures ‘Prenumbra Instant’ For Stroke; Botanix Denies Sweating Profit Forecast, Retracts ‘Scenarios’; Rhythm Retains ISO13485:2016 For Colostat Test; Creso Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Creso To Release 134.1m Voluntary Escrow Shares; L1 Takes 11% Of Anteris; Servatus Appoints Eilis Quinn Director; Anteo Appoints Tsui Min Lian Marketing Head

CSL H1 Revenue Up 19% To $10.3b, Profit Down 7% To $2.4b; Vitura (Cronos) H1 Revenue Up 111% To $58m, Profit Up 127% To $8m; Respiri Share Plan Raises $1.9m; Ena: ‘INNA-051 Significant For Viral Infection, Not Symptoms’; Osteopore Axopore Long Bone Wins UK Registration; Antisense: Turkey 1st Approval For ATL1102 DMD Trial; Neurotech Wins Extension To Marijuana NTI164 Autism Trial; Radiopharm Starts Nasdaq ADS Process; Chimeric Receives $3.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Total Brain To Delist On March 1; Botanix Requests ‘Press Article’ Trading Halt; Regal Reduces To 6.6% Of Pharmaxis; Genesis Care Sells Clarity Holding

Lumitron $29m Raising To ‘Revolutionize X-Rays’; Pharmaxis H1 Revenue Up 7.5% To $9.2m, Loss Down 45% To $4.9m; Trajan Pays $600k For Sierra’s HD Examiner; Exopharm Notes, Rights For $2.1m; Antisense 2nd ATL1102 Dysferlinopathy Mouse Study; Emyria Secures Clinical-Grade MDMA; Uscom Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Hydrix Requests ‘Regulatory Approval Status’ Trading Halt; Zelira Requests ‘Trial Funding’ Trading Halt; Medibio Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; FMR (Fidelity) Below 5% In Nanosonics; Australian Ethical Reduces To 9.6% Of Cogstate; Allan Gray Takes 14.8% Of Starpharma; Blackrock Sells Imricor 5.7% Holding

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Imagion Biosystems; Vaxxas Starts Phase I Needle-Free Influenza Vaccine Trial; Arovella, Imugene Take Car-Inkt, Oncarlytics To Mouse Tests; Cytiva: Acurabio To Manufacture Plasmid DNA; Imugene Wins US B-Cell PD1-Vaxx Patent; M&G Reduces To 6.8% Of Starpharma; Perennial Takes 8.2% Of Lumos

Anteris Raises $35m; Cardiex Raises $4.5m; Mesoblast: Rexlemestrocel-L For Back Pain US RMAT Status; Argenica ‘ARG-007 Inhibits Amyloid-Beta, In-Vitro’; Dimerix DMX-200 FSGS Trial Review: ‘No Safety Concerns’; Genetic Techno: ‘Genetype Beats Other Breast Cancer Tests’; Clarity Recruits ‘Cobra’ Cu-64 Prostate Cancer Trial; Anteris: US FDA ‘Expanded Approval’ For Duravr THV Study; Total Brain Wind-Up, Liquidators EGM; Merchant Reduces To 10.55% In Hexima

Certa FT011 ‘60% Scleroderma Improvement’; Genetic Technologies Raises $7.2m; Inoviq: ‘Sub-B2M Beats Roche Elecsys Breast Cancer Test’; Invion Takes Cho Photosoft To North America, Hong Kong; Richmond Hill Takes 6.1% Of Universal Biosensors; Bio-Melbourne ‘Strategy, Company Culture’ Forum; Oncology One Appoints Dr Ton Bunt Director; Ausbiotech: 1 Month To NSW Women In Life Sciences Lunch; Ausbiotech, CSIRO Victoria ‘Bio-Cheers’ Next Week

Memphasys Felix ‘Beats DGC For Sperm Separation’; Microba Appoints Luminary US Distributor; $660k Order; Medlab: ODC Approves Marijuana Nanadol UK Export; Anteris Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Cardiex Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Black Rock Reduces To 5.7% Of Imricor; Jason Carroll Takes 14.5% Of Island; Creso, Halucenex Explores Psylocibin For Australia

Imagion Trial Review Backs Magsense For All Cancer MRI; Correction: Resmed; Anteris Proposes $50m Draw-Down Equity Facility; Genetic Technologies ADSs To Raise $7.2m; Respiri Reimbursed In US For Wheezo RPM; Universal Biosensors Delivers Xprecia Prime To Europe; Immutep Enrols IMP321 Insight-003 NSCLC Trial; WEHI Wins NHMRC $1.3m For Rapid Malaria Test; Cronos Becomes Vitura, ASX Code Change To VIT; Emyria, Woke Welcome TGA MDMA, Psilocybin Decision

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Resmed; RMIT Develops Anti-Microbial Iodine Carbon Sutures; Genetic Technologies ‘1st Breast, Ovarian Cancer Risk Test’; TGA Re-Classifies Psilocybin, MDMA For Psychiatric Use; Mason Stevens Reduces To 5.4% Of Patrys; Black Rock Reduces To 7% Of Imricor; Perennial Takes 7% Of Lumos; Ex-Creso, Roots James Ellingford Charges Adjourned

Allegra Revenue Fall, Possible IP Sale, Funding, R&D; Clinuvel: ‘Afamelanotide Reduces UV Damage, Backs DNA Repair’; Imugene Takes Tumor Trial To Vaxinia, Keytruda Combination; Hong Kong Issues Recce Trademark; PYC Files VP-001 IND To FDA; Neuroscientific Receives $3.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Anteris Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Dolby Increases, Diluted, Transfers 15% Of Cogstate; Nominate Bio-Melbourne Women In Leadership Awards

January BDI-40 Up 13%, ASX200 6%, Big Caps 4%, NBI 3.5%; Mesoblast H1 Receipts Down 34% To $5m; Anteris Receipts Down 49.4% To $4m; Epsilon Receipts Down 24% To $3.8m; Analytica Has 1 Quarter Cash; Product Sales Talks; Total Brain 95% Vote To Delist, Capital Return; Mesoblast Resubmits Remestemcel-L GvHD FDA Application; Amplia Starts AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Trial Cohort 2; Island: ‘FDA Requires Small Ascending Dose Trial, Data’; Antisense Combination Mouse Study Backs New Patent; Race Zantrene Cardio-Protection Trial Ethics Approval; Microba: ‘Lead Microbiome Species Reduce Tumors, In Mice’; Ena, COPD Foundation Survey Backs Anti-Viral Nasal Spray; Genetic Technologies, Qiagen Diagnostics Alliance; Cheryl Maley Replaces Clarity Director Dr O’Bryan-Tear; Actinogen Appoints Dr Dana Hilt CMO; Ausbiotech: Erica Kneipp Director, Graham Mclean Observer; Tracy Weimar Replaces Starpharma Co Sec Nigel Baade; Mach7 Appoints Tony Panther Co Sec

Swinburne: Woke To Pay $5m For Psilocybin Depression Trial; Clinuvel H1 Receipts Up 17% To $36m; Nova Eye H1 Sales Up 28% To $8m; Imex Receipts Up 50% To $16m; Acadia Milestone Takes Neuren Receipts To $16m; Visioneering Receipts Up 2.1% To $11.3m; Creso Receipts Up 29% To $8m; 2.01 Quarters Cash; Oventus IP Sold For $500k To Open Airway Dental; Oncosil: Israel, Spain Use Pancreatic Cancer Device; Proteomics Further Extends Sonic Promarked Intent; Merchant Loses All Hexima Spill EGM Resolutions; Regeneus, Kyocera Progenza Deal Termination; Centenary Appoints Prof Marc Pellegrini Executive Director; Starpharma Appoints Dr Russell Basser Director; Rhythm Appoints Sue MacLeman Director

Pro Medicus, Samaritan $12m 3 Visage Systems Deal; MTP Connect $6m For Indigenous Diabetes, C-V Disease; Somnomed H1 Receipts Up 11% To $38.8m; Alcidion H1 Receipts Up 15% To $18.8m; Genetic Signatures H1 Receipts Down 47.5% To $11.8m; Next Science Receipts Up 12% To $15m; Cann Group H1 Receipts Up 78% To $5.8m; Impedimed H1 Receipts Up 10% To $5.6m; Genetic Technologies H1 Receipts Up 68% To $4.5m; Rhinomed H1 Receipts Up 3.9% To $4m; Universal Biosensors Receipts Up 1% To $4m; Universal Biosensors Launches Wine Fructose Test; Cynata: US Ethics Approval For CYP-001 For GvHD Trial; Optiscan, Prolucid To Develop AI Algorithms; Alterity: ‘ATH434 Neuro-Protective For Parkinson’s, In Mice’; Emyria Doses 1st Marijuana EMD-RX5 For Distress Trial Patient; Creso La Plata Loans; Buys Abby & Finn; Patrys Receives $3.35m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Zelira Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Regeneus Requests ‘Kyocera’ Trading Halt; JM Financial, No Plan B Reduce To 14.3% Of Mach7; Merchant Funds Takes 9.25% Of Arovella

Resmed H1 Revenue Up 10.3% To $2.8b, Profit Up 6.4% To $655m; Mach 7 H1 Receipts Down 24.7% To $9m; Universal Biosensors Receipts Up 1.3% To $4m; Atomo H1 Receipts Fall 77% To $1.8m; Proteomics Options Raise $1.7m; Rhinomed: Canada Delays Rhinoswab Junior RAT Approval; GE To Integrate Imricor 3-D Cardiac Mapping Systems; Correction: Immuron; Neurotech Ethics Approval For NTI164 Marijuana Psych Trial; Australian Ethical Reduces To 10.7% Of Cogstate; Resmed Michael Farrell Exec Chair, Peter Farrell Emeritus

Compumedics Expects H1 Revenue Up 7% To $18m; Lost MEG Deal; Emvision Brain Scanner Trial 50% Enrolled, $600k Milestone; Alterity Opens Italy ATH434 MSA Trial Site; Nova Eye 2RT Trials For Central Serous Retinopathy; Immuron Responds To FDA Travelan Clinical Hold; Medlab Wins UK Marijuana Nanabis Import Certificate; Adalta I-Body ‘Potential For Osteoporosis, In-Vitro’; Recce Receives $4.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Radium Loan; Creso Requests ‘Debt Restructure, Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Harbour Takes 14% Of Volpara; Meurs Takes 17% Of Adalta - Yuuwa; Cogstate Loses Director David Dolby

Vivazome Wins $3m Federal CRC-P Grant For Exosomes; FDA Approves Imricor Cardiac Ablation Trial; Creso $350k Record Marijuana Order; Manitoba Expansion; Genetic Technologies Improves Colorectal Cancer Risk Test; Pie Funds Below 5% Of Probiotec; Willoughby Capital Increases, Diluted To 15.95% Of Kazia; Yuuwa Capital Fund Divests 54m Adalta Shares; Fund Wind-Up; Rhinomed M-D Michael Johnson Pay Rise To $375k PA; Heramed Appoints Keith Koby North American Head

Medadvisor H1 Revenue Up 66% To $64m; Hydrix H1 Revenue Up 24% To $6.4m; Gedeon Richter Pays Acrux $6.4m For EU Estradiol Royalties; Oventus To Be Liquidated, Sell IP To Open Airway Dental; Osteopore $2.1m Cash, Scrip For South Korean Distributors; Universal Biosensors Recruits Last Xprecia Prime Patient; Neuren: US FDA Approves NNZ-2591 Prader-Willi IND; Chimeric 3rd CLTX-Car-T Cohort ‘No Limiting Toxicities’; Clinuvel To Launch Neuracthel Melanocortin Products; Perennial Reduces To 6% Of Lumos; Ausbiotech, Medicines Australia Women In Life Sciences Lunch

Special Summer Catch-Up Edition Immutep: FDA Okays Efti, Chemo Breast Cancer Trial; Mesoblast Ups Oaktree Facility To $US200m; Raise Up-To $US125m; Cann Sells Southern Facility, Assets For $5.5m To Sativite; Neuren Files NNZ-2591 Prader-Willi Syndrome Ind To US FDA; Starpharma Receives $7.1m R&D Tax Incentive; Immuron: US FDA Approves Travelan Infectious Diarrhoea IND; Respiri: Arkansas Hospital Enrols Wheezo COPD Patients; Dimerix Loses Chair Dr James Williams; Neurotech Options For October Placement Investors; Director Bill Peng Increases, Diluted To 7.1% Of Audeara; Fortune Pioneer, Shih-Yao Lin Take 19.5% Of Audeara; Hexima Loses Acting CEO Dr Van Der Weerden, Remains Director; Perennial Below 5% In 4D Medical; Medlab Hopes For Up-To $11.6m Nasdaq IPO; Respiri Share Plan For Up-To $1.5m; Imex Wins $US900k Mexico Software Contract; Paradigm PPS Osteoarthritis Trial Passes Safety Review; Island Submits ISLA-101 Dengue Fever Trial IND To US FDA; M-D Dr James Fielding Increases, Diluted To 5.8% In Audeara; JDB Services Decreases, Diluted To 6.8% In Audeara; Mach 7: Dyan O’Herne Interim CFO Replacing Steve Parkes; Alterity Neurodegenerative Diseases US Patent Allowed; Radiopharm: US FDA Approves RAD301 Pancreatic Cancer IND; Creso EGM 24.25% Oppose James Ellingford Shares; Total Brain EGM To Delist From ASX, Payout $6.35m; Chair David Trimboli Increases, Diluted To 11.1% In Audeara; Deputy Chair Maurie Stang Increases, Diluted To 9.1% In Vectus; Mach 7 Wins $16.7m PACS Akumin Contract; Proteomics: AMA Approves Promarkerd Reimbursement Code; Volpara Appoints Mark Bouw Director; Mayne Completes Therapeutics MD $222.5m Licence; LBT To Release 31m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Auscann Loses Director Krista Bates; Immutep Enrols 50% Of IMP321 Phase IIb Tacti-003 HNSCC Trial; Arovella Appoints Dr Nicole Van Der Weerden COO; Bergen, Tablis, Healthcare 2023 Reduce To 7.9% In Nuheara; Proteomics Extends Sonic Healthcare Promarkerd Licence; Living Cell: David Hainsworth Chair, Loses Prof Bernie Tuch; Pharmaust Completes 1st Monepantel MND/ALS Cohort; Alterity 1-For-10 ADS Consolidation; 1 ADS For 600 Shares; Nanomab Increases, Diluted To 8.6% In Radiopharm; Cardiex $880k Mitchell Facility; Appoints Reid Yeoman US CFO; Volpara Wins 5 Contracts Worth $11.3m; LBT, Astrazeneca $1m To Develop Apas Pharma Analysis Module; Cynata Australia Stem Cell Patent For Lung Disease; Telix $76.8m Q3 Illuccix Sales; FY $150m; Pharmaxis Receives $5m R&D Tax Incentive; Imugene: Adelaide Ethics Approval For Vaxinia Solid Tumor Trial; Alterity Opens US ATH434 Phase II MSA Trial Site; Cartherics Wins Car Tag-72 China Patent; Respiri Patients Enrolled In Wheezo RPM Program ; Creso Draws Down Obsidian $500k; Japan Patent For Adalta AD-214; Chimeric To Release 115m Shares From ASX Escrow; Salter Brothers Takes 5.6% Of Nuheara; Australian Patent For Recce R327; Zelira: Creso Repays $1.75m Health House Loan; Cann Group Appoints Peter Koetsier CEO On $350k PA; ENA: $6.4m US Defense Deal For INNA-051 Dry Powder Nasal Spray; Amplia Approved For Next AMP945 Dose Cohort; Creso, Mernova To Sell 7 Marijuana Products In Canada; Radiopharm Appoints Dr Rama Abu Shmeis CMC Head; Australian Super Below 5% Of Nanosonics; Planet Innovation Diluted To 30.6% Of Lumos; Medlab Interim Nanabis Data: 55% Pain Relief Improvement; Starpharma Pleads Schultz To ASX 23% Price Query; US FDA Okays Children In Dimerix Dmx-200 Phase III FSGS Trial; Emyria Receives $2.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Avecho Takes TPM-Vitamin K To US FDA Pre-Ind Meeting; Mayne Defers $113m Shareholder Capital Return Until March; Anatara Has 1.87 Quarters Of Cash; Mayne Nuvaring Generic Contraceptive US Launch; Monash, Ono To Work On Autoimmune, Inflammatory Diseases; Pacific Edge Completes Te Whatu Ora Southern Cxbladder Deal; Anteris ‘Duravr Remarkable Haemodynamic Function’; Clinuvel Afamelanotide ‘Reduces DNA Photo-Damage’; Federal $6m Australia-India Research Grants; Kazia Placement Raises $4.5m, Share Plan For More; Cronos To Close CDA Clinics For Telehealth; Polynovo Unaudited H1 Revenue Up 62% To Record $29.5m; Pharmaxis Appoints Hashan De Silva Director; Universal Biosensors Appoints Graham McLean Chair; Polynovo EGM 25% Blocks Virtual Meeting Vote; Immuron Clostridioides Difficile Treatment EU Patent; Noxopharm ‘1600mg Veyonda Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Lindmark Takes 9.5% Of Cryosite; First Sentier Reduces To 7.2% Of Nanosonics; Telix: $150m US Illuccix Sales; Q4 Cash-Flow Positive; Volpara ‘Q3 $10m Revenue - 1st Cash Flow Positive Quarter’; Medical Developments Halts China Penthrox Trials; Atomo, NG Biotech To Manufacture, Distribute Pregnancy Tests; Adherium: $880k NHS Grant For Hailie Software; Bionomics 37m CEO, Chair Options EGM; Immuron Enrols 157 Travelan Diarrhoea Trial Participants; Perennial Takes 12.6% Of Medadvisor; Incannex: 29 Patients Complete Psilocybin Treatment; Firebrick: ‘Nasodine Chronic Rhinosinusitis Potential, In-Vitro’; Nyrada Extends Walter Reed, NSW Uni Brain Injury Work; Dray Andrea Replaces Cryosite Co Sec Kim Bradley-Ware; Platinum Takes 12.5% Of Kazia; Mitsubishi Reduces To 7.2% In Nanosonics; Nanosonics Expects $82m H1 Revenue, $11.4m Profit; Chimeric Doses 1st CHM0201, Vactosertib Cancer Patient; Control Bionics Appoints Jeremy Steele CEO On $325k A Year; Arovella Placement Raises $1.65m; Acrux: ‘Positive’ FDA Assessment On Unnamed Generic; Cepi $6.4m For Vaxxas Needle-Free Vaccine; Cann Group ‘Satipharm CBD Not Superior To Placebo For Sleep’; Invex Opens 1st US Presendin IIH Trial Site; Neurotech: US FDA Approves Pre-IND Meeting; Respiri Tells ASX It Is Not ‘Ramping Up’ Share Price; Regal Funds Below 5% In Medadvisor; Pro Medicus, Washington Uni $25m PACS Deal; Federal $1.2m For Argenica Brain Injury Research; TGA Approves Adherium Hailie With Parameters; Adherium Starts GSK Hailie-Ellipta Inhaler Production; Island: US FDA ISLA-101 IND ‘Clinical Hold’; Pharmaust Takes Monepantel For MND To Higher Dose; Fisher & Paykel Expects FY Revenue Fall To $1.44-1.5b; Sean Ekins Replaces Avita CFO Mike Holder; Kathy McGee Goes

Special Edition
Good Bye 2022, Hello 2023
BDI-40 Down 21%; NBI Down 11% ASX200 Down 5.5% Big Caps Down 5%
Four Cheers For: Neuren Up 113% Polynovo Up 34.5%, Oncosil 30.6%, Telix 2.45%

2022 - The Year In Review; Pro Medicus $15m Luminis PACS Contract; Nuheara Places $3m, Realtek Takes $1.5m; Avecho: Ethics Okay For Phase III Marijuana Insomnia Trial; Chimeric Doses 3rd CLTX-Car-T Glioblastoma Study Cohort; Osteopore $1m Placement For South Korean Distributors; Imricor $2.2m North Dakota Innovation Fund Loan; Race $804k For MD Anderson Extramedullary Leukaemia Trial; Actinogen: FDA Okays 6 Months Xanamem Phase IIb Alzheimer’s Trial; Centenary $996k NSW Grant For Covid-19 Nasal Vaccine; Anteo Tells ASX: ‘We Have More Than 6 Months Cash’; Oventus Recapitalization ‘Discontinued’; Mark, Linda Kerr, Lindmark Take 8.2% Of Cryosite; Richard Mann, Associates Below 5% Of Imugene; Lisa Dadswell Replaces Painchek Co Sec Sally McDow

Vale Prof Allan Cripps; Ellume Creditors Back Hough $56.2m Deed; Medadvisor Expects H1 Revenue Up 55% Up-To $61m; Argenica ARG-007 ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated, No Adverse Events’; Acrux, Padagis Launch Generic EMLA Anaesthetic In US; Rhinomed $3.7m W Whitney George Credit Facility; Exopharm Cuts Costs, Loses Director Elizabeth McGregor; Pharmaxis Completes PXS-6032 Phase Ic Scar Reduction Dosing; Resonance Files Australian Patent For Liver Fibrosis Test; Nuheara Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Osteopore Takes ‘Capital Raise’ Halt To Suspension; Australian Super Below 5% Of Micro-X; Cardiex Niall Cairns, Craig Cooper Increase, Diluted To 20.95%; Mark Simari To Replace IDT Chair Alan Fisher; Starpharma To Lose CFO Nigel Baade

Brandon, Tenmile $30m For Aravax Peanut Allergy Trial; Cannasouth To Buy Eqalis For $46.2m Scrip; Mach7: Nuvodia Places $2.5m PACS Order; LBT: Thermo Fisher $601k For Apas AI; Woke, Curtin Uni Trial Psilocybin WP002 For Chronic Pain; Avecho, Perrigo To Develop Ibuprofen-TPM Gel; Arovella North Carolina Uni Cytokine Option; Pharmaust: Monepantel Partial Response In 2 Dogs; Regeneus Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Imugene Chair Paul Hopper Diluted Below 5%; Nightingale Takes 15.8% In Control Bionics; Control Bionics CEO Peter Ford Reduces To 22%; Doherty Appoints Martyn Myer Chair; Kathleen Miller Replaces Visioneering Director Jean Franchi

Another Year In The Grass – By Peter Olszewski (JJ McRoach); CSL: ‘Positive EU Opinion’ For Hemgenix For Haemophilia B; Alcidion: $8.4m Leidos, ADF Contract Extension; Total $31.7m; Bioxyne To Merge With Breathe Life Sciences For $37m In Shares; Bionomics: BNC210 Misses Anxiety Primary Endpoints; Thermo Fisher Replaces LBT Euro Distributor Beckman Coulter; Avita Files US FDA Recell Vitiligo Application; Truscreen Vietnam, Russia, Zimbabwe, Poland Orders; VGI Doses 10 Nafld/Nash IVB001patients; Neurotech Treats 1st Marijuana NTI164 Child Autism Patient; Woke, QIMR Agree WP002 Psilocybin ‘Prolonged Grief’ Trial; Antisense Files European ATL1102 DMD Trial Applications; Osteopore Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; DMX Below 5% In Cryosite; Varex Takes 9.9% Of Micro-X

The A To Z Of Dr Boreham’s 2022 Crucibles; Biotech Daily Summer Publishing Dates; Synchron Raises $110m For Switch Brain-Chip; Polynovo ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $20m; Total $53m; Noxopharm $1.5m Hudson Grant ‘Supports Subsidiary’; Respiri: New Mexico Hand Family Joins Wheezo RPM; FMR Reduces To 5.6% Of Nanosonics; Regal Funds Increase, Diluted To 5.9% Of Medadvisor; Allianz SE Takes 7.1% Of Paradigm; Bionomics Dr Spyridon Papapetropoulos CEO On $826k PA

Victoria $20m For Start-Up Fund; Dimerix Recruits Part 1 Of DMX-200 Phase III FSGS Trial; Oncosil: 10 Pancreatic Cancer Patients Treated In Spain; Island, Syracuse Uni ISLA-101 Dengue Trial OK; Drug Stability; Kazia Works With QIMR On Paxalisib For Solid Tumors; Rhythm, Baker Collaborate On Unnamed Cancer; Imricor Northstar-MR 1st Human A-F Use; V-T Trial; Micro-X: FIRB Okays Varex $7.5m, Andrew Hartmann Director; Acrux Terminates Amring Generic Deal, Retains Ownership; Recce Anti-Infective Unit At Melbourne’s MCRI

Clarity 64-Cu-Sar-Bis-PSMA ‘Safe, Identifies Prostate Cancer’; Proteomics UK Promarkerd ‘Nice Advice’ Aids Recommendation; Indonesia Approves Starpharma Viraleze Nasal Spray; Oncosil Appoints Hind Wing China Distributor; EMA Approves Invex Paediatric IIH Trial Design; Respiri Enrols 1st Minnesota Remote Wheezo Patients; Hexima Opposes Merchant, Tillet EGM Resolutions; Hexima Receives $6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Patrys Pleads Schultz To ASX 28% Query; BVF Diluted To 14.6% Of Pharmaxis; Race: Damian Clarke-Bruce M-D On $475k; Phil Lynch Director; Pharmaxis Appoints Dr Simon Green Director; Inoviq Loses Director Prof Allan Cripps

$230k Victoria Prizes For Science & Innovation, Fellowships; FTI: Hough To Pay $56m For Ellume; Next Science $10m Walker Group Convertible Notes; Pacific Edge: Biomarkers ‘Significantly Improve’ Cxbladder; Starpharma AZD0466 ‘Safe, No Dose Limiting Toxicities’; Dimerix Dmx-200 ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated For Covid-19’; Inoviq Exo-Net ‘90% Accurate For Early Ovarian Cancer’; Radiopharm RAD201 ‘Promising Non-Invasive Tool’ For Cancer; Queensland Uni Ultrasound For Alzheimer’s Safety Trial; Avita AGM 24.9% Oppose Director Options; Nanosonics Pleads Schultz To ASX 14% Fall Query; Kazia Below Nasdaq $US1 Bid Rule; CSL: Dr Paul Mckenzie To Replace M-D Paul Perreault, On $2.6m PA; Trudell Takes 22% Of Adherium; University Of Western Australia Below 5% In Argenica; CEO Dr Andrew Ronchi Below 5% In Dorsavi

Imricor $7.4m KAHR Foundation Convertible Note; Avita Recell FDA Supplement For Soft Tissue Repair; Nova Eye: ‘No Itrack Advance US Approval This Year’; Nuheara Innerscope To Distribute HP Pro Self-Fit In Us; Imugene: ‘Early Data Backs Checkvacc For Breast Cancer’; Uscom China Subsidiary An ‘Innovative Enterprise’; Pharmaust $654k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Repays Radium; Woke, Sydney Uni Sign Psilocybin Alcoholism Trial; Paradigm US PPS Patent For Bone Marrow Diseases; Anatara EGM 47% Oppose Advisor Options; Radiopharm Chair Paul Hopper Diluted To 28.7%; Merchant Takes 11.8% Of Hexima

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Alcidion; Queensland Uni Infra-Red Malaria Detector; Cardiex Atcor Xcel For Clinichain Trials; Adherium Plan Raises $230k Of Up-To $1m; Total $13.73m; Recce R327 Phase I/II Diabetic Foot Infection Trial Approved; Race Applies For Zantrene Breast Cancer Trial; Anteo Receives $3.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cronos To Release 407m Voluntary Escrow Shares; HSBC Takes 9.7% Of Pharmaxis; Prof Georgia Chenevix-Trench Wins $100k GSK Gong; IQ Creditors Vote On Extension, $659k Administrator Fees

Imagion Magsense ‘Helps Discriminate Cancerous Nodes’; Actinogen Treats 1st Xanamem Depression Trial Patient; Starpharma Starts UK Viraleze Post-Market Covid-19 Study; Argenica Begins Final Phase I ARG-007 Cohort; Immutep: Wuxi Produces 2,000L IMP321 (Efti); Osteopore Indonesia, Malaysia Distribution; Microba Appoints Synlab Italy, Portugal Distributor; Botanix: US FDA Confirms Sofpironium Bromide Sweat Review; Cardiex Takes ‘Material Contract’ Halt To Suspension; Regal Takes 7.9% Of Pharmaxis; Audeara Appoints Stuart Smith CFO; 4D Medical Appoints Matt Tucker For Business Development

CSL Behring Opens $900m Broadmeadows Recombinant Facility; Redhill Raises $12m; Moderna Starts Work On Victoria, Monash mRNA Laboratory; UK Cochlear Oticon Purchase ‘Competition Concerns’; Visioneering Enrols Naturalvue Trial; Creso’s Halucenex Doses 1st Psilocybin PTSD Patient; Micro-X Receives $3.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Respiri: Conyers Medical Center Adopts Wheezo; Polynovo Placement, Virtual Meetings EGM; Recce Requests ‘R327 Phase II Trial Approval’ Trading Halt; Platinum Takes 7.6% Of Pharmaxis; Nick Haslam Replaces Anatara Director Sue MacLeman

Vaxxas Raises $34m For Needle-Free Vaccine; Hydrix Loyalty Options Raise $252k In Up-To $13m Offer; Cogstate: ASX No Longer Requires Quarterly Reports; Immutep IMP761 Manufacturing Process Complete; Noxopharm Wins $50k Federal ‘Innovation Connections’ Grant; Genetic Technologies Genetype Heart Disease, Diabetes Test; Creso Tells ASX: ‘We Shall Confirm Related Parties’; Cardiex Requests ‘Contract Finalization’ Trading Halt; Thorney, Tiga Diluted To 5.9% Of Microba; Kefford Takes 7.6% Of Vectus; Total Brain Loses Director David Daglio

Mayne Pays Therapeutics MD $205m For Women’s Health Products; Incannex ‘Commitments’ For $13m Placement; Cann Group Share Plan Raises $8.2m; Imugene Claims More ‘Significant’ HER-Vaxx Survival Benefit; S&P Demotes 4D, Alcidion, Cogstate From Tech Index; Cynata Receives $1.65m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Imugene Starts 2nd I-V Vaxinia Solid Tumor Cohort; Merchant Calls To Spill Hexima Directors, Appoint Chris Mews; Cronos ‘Millionth Marijuana Unit, Record $10.7m Month Revenue’; Immuron Files US FDA Travelan E Coli Trial Application; Neuroscientific Files Emtinb Combination MS Australian Patent; Race Appoints Ex-Cannacord Danny Sharp Director; Telix: Genevieve Ryan Co Sec; Richard Valeix, Raphael Ortiz; Boysenholtz, Genenika, Macrogen, SA Microba Diluted In Microba; Regal Funds Below 5% Of Pharmaxis; Bio-Melbourne Meeting On ‘Going Green’

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare; Federal $15b National Reconstruction Fund; Vectus Placement Raises $3.7m, Plan For $1m More; Federal $788k Bluechiip ‘Supply Chain Resilience’ Grant; Cronos Terminates IP Licence; Firebrick, TGA, AAT Agree Nasodine Appeal Timetable; Noxopharm: 1,200mg Veyonda, Nivolumab ‘Safe, Tolerated’; Pharmaust Doses 1st Monepantel MND Trial Cohort; Adherium Receives $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Perennial Reduces, Diluted To 11.7% Of Microba; Pie Funds Reduces To 5% Of Probiotec; Milford Below 5% Of Neuren; Thorney, Tiga Take 38.2% Of Visioneering; Adherium Loses Director James Ward-Lilley; Vaxxas Appoints Doug Cubbin CFO

November BDI-40 Up 6.5%, ASX200 Up 6%, Big Caps Up 5%, NBI Up 6%; ACCC ‘Significant Concerns’ On Cochlear Oticon Purchase; Alcidion Southampton NHS Up-To $13.8m Miya Precision Deal; Kazia EVT801 ‘Strong Anti-Tumor Effects In-Vitro, In-Vivo’; Medlab Expects $275k Pharmacare Royalty; Emvision Receives $2.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Nuheara Receives $2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Incannex Requests ‘Institutional Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Adherium AGM 22% Oppose 3 Resolutions; Epsilon: Mark Audet CFO, Replaces Co-Co Sec Louisa Ho; Hatfull Replaces Creso Director Ellingford; $144k Payout

Mater, UQ: ‘CBD No Value For Palliative Care’; Creso, Roots Director James Ellingford Bailed On 6 Charges; TGA Approves Touch Covid-19-Influenza-A-B Rapid Antigen Test; Emvision Starts Brain Scanner Trial; Little Green Phase III CBD Sleep, Stress Trial Approved; BTC 84% Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Paradigm AGM 42% Defeat Placement Facility, Virtual Meetings; Medadvisor AGM 40% Defeat Placement Facility; Incannex AGM 18% Oppose Chair Troy Valentine Election; Starpharma AGM 83% Block Board-Opposed John Wise; Mayne AGM 16% Oppose Remuneration Report; Vectus Loses Director Peter Bush; Merchant Takes 14.2% Of Inoviq; Merchant Takes 10.8% Of Hexima

Aroa H1 Revenue Up 63% To $26.8m, Loss Turned To $1.5m Profit; Sonic To Pay $17.8m For 19.99% Of Microba; 5% Option; Botanix Share Plan Raises $961k; Total $6m; 4D Medical Receives $9.4m MRFF XV Scanner Milestone; Medadvisor Expands US ‘Inmotion’ Platform; Immutep, Merck KGaA, Pfizer Bladder Cancer Trial; Amplia Recruits 1st AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Cohort; Incannex Hires Eurofins For Marijuana Skin Cream; Cronos AGM 88% Defeat Director Removals; Vitura Name Change; Paradigm Withdraws 1.5m Director Shares Vote; Rhythm Loses Director Eduardo Vom, Resolution ‘Withdrawn’; Dimerix AGM 21% Opposition To Employee Equity Plan; Cyclopharm Receives $1.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Arovella Receives $1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; PYC Takes 95% Of Vision Pharma For $10m; Impedimed Appoints Richard Valencia M-D, On $671k PA

Adherium US FDA 510(K) Hailie GSK Inhaler Sensor Clearance; US FDA ‘Conditional Approval’ For Anteris Duravr Study; LBT Rights Raise $502k, $3m Shortfall; Probiotec Consolidates NSW Sites; ‘Up To $105m H1 Revenue’; Respiri: Arkansas Hospital To Use Wheezo For COPD; Emyria: US NIH Evaluates Marijuana For Pain; Inoviq Settles With Dr Irmgard Irminger-Finger, Tony Walker; Cronos Resolves Elizabeth, Dr Benjamin Jansen Issues; Microba Requests ‘Partnership’ Trading Halt; Telix To Release 4.3m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Probiotec AGM 23% Oppose ‘Fully Virtual’ Meetings; Audeara AGM 19% Oppose Placement Facility; IDT AGM 16% Oppose Dr Jane Ryan, Placement Capacity; Creso Directors’ 21m Shares, 10m Options, 4m Rights EGM; Ausbiotech, Bio-Melbourne Network E-O-Y Party

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Actinogen Medical; Federal $50m For 10 Medical Research Projects; Queensland Backs Aegros HQ Move To Brisbane; Anatara Rights Raise $525k; Total $1.4m; $308k Shortfall; Mach7 $1.52m For Hong Kong St Paul’s Image Systems; Inoviq 1st US Exo-Net Sales Campaign, hTERT Direct Sales; Argenica Starts 3rd ARG-007 Cohort; New Zealand Approves Invex Presendin IIH Trial; Medlab UK Marijuana Nanabis ‘Compassionate’ Approval; Incannex: Eurofins To Manufacture Cannquit For Addiction; Exopharm Takes $961k Radium RDTI Loan; Argenica AGM 13% Oppose Chair Geoff Pocock; Nanosonics Loses Founder, Former Chair Maurie Stang

Ionopticks Aurora Frontier To “Revolutionize” Proteomics; Pacific Edge H1 Revenue Up 62% To $8.1m, Loss Up 18% To $9.8m; Biotron Rights Raise $4.2m, Placement For $1.8m More; Living Cell Ends Opticellai Development Deal; Mesoblast AGM Up-To 24% Oppose 4.9m Directors Options; Painchek AGM 13.5% Oppose $1m Performance Rights

CSL, Uniqure Win 1st FDA OK For Haemophilia B Gene Therapy; Brandon Leads $78m Raise For Munich’s Catalym; Volpara H1 Revenue Up 37% To $16m; Loss Down 38% To $5m; Polynovo Completes $30m Placement; Vectus Placement For $3.5m; Share Plan For $1m More; Lumos $2.3m Hologic Deal For 2 P-O-C Tests; Heramed 1st Heracare Commercial Use In Victoria At RWH; Mesoblast: ‘Remestemcel-L 51% 2-Year Child GvHD Survival’; Race US FDA Pre-Ind ‘Positive’ Zantrene Guidance; Acrux 26% Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Milford Reduces To 5.2% Of Neuren; Robert Brice, JDB Reduce To 8.4% Of Audeara; BVF Diluted To 11.6% Of Bionomics; Neuroscientific Appoints Chair Paul Rennie Interim CEO

Federal Science Minister Ed Husic CRC Reform; Polynovo Hopes For $50m Placements, Plan; Trading Halt; Audeara Raises $2.8m From Clinico CEO David Lin; Radiopharm Retail Rights Raise $1.2m Of $4.5m; Total $10m; Speedx, Photonassay Win $250k Prime Minister’s Innovation Prizes; Radiopharm: ANSTO Lutetium-177 For Lung Cancer Trial; Cynata AGM 28% Block Constitution Amendment Vote; Invex AGM Up-To 27% Oppose 3.6m Director Options; Immuron 20% Oppose Remuneration Report, Placement Facility; Regal Diluted To 13.8% In Visioneering; Naos Takes 33.6% Of BTC Health; Creso ‘No Longer The Subject Of ASIC Investigation’; Impedimed Reorganizes: Sashi Tripathi COO, Mike Bassett CCO; Chair Paul Rennie Replaces Paradigm CEO Marco Polizzi

Lumos Takes $8m Lind, SBC Draw-Down Equity Facility; FDA Approves SDI Stela Tooth-Colored Filling; Starpharma Launches Viraleze In Hong Kong & Macau; Invex Randomizes 1st Phase III Presendin IIH Patient; Clarity: FDA Okays Sar-Bombesin Prostate Cancer Trial; Chimeric Licences Core-Natural Killer Platform For Cancer; Creso To Take Health House For ‘$4.6m’, Repay Zelira Loan; Cann Doses Last Phase III Marijuana Sleep Trial Patient; Zelira ZLD007 Diabetic Nerve Pain Trial ‘Enrolled’; Universal Biosensors Receives $3.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Artrya To Release 25.6m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Hexima To Release 7.3m ASX Escrow Shares; Audeara Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Vectus Requests ‘Material Fundraising’ Trading Halt; Jason Carroll Takes 13.5% Of Island; Merchant Takes 9.8% Of Hexima

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Adherium; Argenica Takes ARG-007 Safety Trial To 3rd Dose Cohort; Respiri Wheezo In Minnesota Lung Centre Program; Paradigm Receives $7.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Biotron Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Nyrada Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Imugene 27% Remuneration Report 1st Strike, 37% No To Options; Mach7 AGM 24.7% Oppose Directors’ Shares; Resmed AGM Up To 11% Oppose Directors’ Re-Election; Antisense 17% Oppose Share Plan, Remuneration Report; Nanosonics 12.6% Oppose Employee Share Plan; Control Bionics To Release 40m ASX Escrow Shares; Thorney, Tiga Take 37% Of Visioneering; Acorn Takes 9.3% Of Micro-X

Bionomics To Raise $7.4m On Nasdaq; Adherium $1m Share Plan; Nuheara Wins ISO 13485 Certification; Biotron 32% Remuneration Report 2nd Strike; Board Spill Fails; Anteo AGM 27% Oppose Directors’ Options; Patrys AGM 18% Oppose Takeover Provisions; Exopharm, Sartorius Work On Scale Exosome Manufacturing; Incannex IHL-42X P-K Study; Neurotech: TGA Clears NTI164 Marijuana For Autism Trial; Boaz Wachtel Replaces Creso Chair James Ellingford; Perennial Reduces To 11% Of Micro-X

Centenary, Sydney Uni Develop Sars-Cov-2 Nasal Spray Vaccine; Nova Eye 4-Month Revenue Up 38% To $5.7m; Cynata ‘Cymerus Consistency Beats Tissue-Derived Stem Cells’; Noxopharm 1,200mg Veyonda Combination ‘Safe’; Cardiex Acquires Blumio For $245k; Immuron Completes $2.6m Ateria Investment; Canada Patent For Island ISLA-101 For Dengue, Viruses; Hexima 51% Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Kazia 38% Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Opthea AGM 26% Oppose 500k M-D Dr Megan Baldwin Rights; Genetic Signatures 14.5% Oppose 250k Dr John Melki Options; Patrys Appoints Dr Charmaine Gittleson Chair; Neuroscientific Appoints Dr Jurgen Lindner Consultant

Antisense To Lose 21-Year M-D Mark Diamond; CSIRO To Lose Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall; CEO Wanted; Bionomics US Offer To Raise Up To $7.7m; MTP Connect Awards 16 Redi Fellowships; Medibio Receives $938k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neuroscientific Overseas Federal R&D Tax Incentive Finding; Cronos Pleads Schultz To ASX 21% Fall Query; EBR To Release 45.5m CDIs From Voluntary Escrow; Mesoblast Withdraws ‘Virtual Meetings’ AGM Vote; Vanguard Takes 5% Of CSL; Atomo Appoints Dr Cheri Walker Director; Kavi Bekarma Replaces Firebrick CFO Kyla Garic

Federal $12.6m For Cytiva Queensland Bio-Manufacturing; Telix Acquires ‘Non-Material’ Optimal Tracers; Antisense Starts ATL1102 Toxicology Study; Imugene Combination ‘Kills Liver Cancer Cells, In Mice’; Emvision Delivers 1st Clinical Trial Portable Brain Scanner; Island: ISLA-101 Capsules ‘Excellent Content Uniformity’; Exopharm Transfers Leap Technology To Astellas; Immutep Receives $1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Firebrick Nasodine Australia Patent; CSO, Director Dr Daniel Tillett Takes 9.9% Of Race

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mach7 Technologies; Que Oncology Q-122 ‘Reduces Breast Cancer Flushes, Sweats’; Avita Q3 Revenue Up 29.5% To $13.8m; Loss Down 6% To $8.5m; Resonance Wins $1.5m For Ferriscan, Cardiac-T2 Trials; New South Wales $2.5m For Emvision; Queensland Uni Renames Diamantina ‘The Frazer Institute’; Immutep IMP321 Tacti-002 ‘40% Overall Response For 1st Line NSCLC’; Immutep IMP321 Insight-003 ‘Promising Efficacy’ For NSCLC; Imugene Ready For 2nd I-V Vaxinia Solid Tumor Cohort; Imugene ‘Oncarlytics, Cycart-19 Potential For Breast Cancer, In Mice’; Proteomics Promarkerd Hong Kong Patent; Cynata Cymerus Stem Cell Technology US Patent Allowed; Althea, Nimbus To Sell Each Other’s Marijuana Products; Medibio Loses Director David Mitchley; Rem Report Beats 1st Strike; Living Cell Amended AGM Passes Easily; Pharmaust AGM Passes All Votes, Up To 14.5% Dissent; IOOF, Insignia Take 6.1% Of Botanix; Race Loses CMO Dr David Fuller; Dr Ajay Duggal Interim; Bio-Melbourne 2023 Women In Leadership Nominations Open

Avita: ‘Updated Analysis Overturns Previous Missed Endpoint’; RMIT Develops Chronic Wound Identification System; Brandon Invests In UK’s NRG Therapeutics For ALS; Medlab Progresses Nanocelle Insulin Nasal Spray; Noxopharm Receives $5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; FMR Reduces To 6.8% Of Nanosonics; Founder Dr Matthew Myntti Reduces To 5.95% In Next Science; SG Hiscock Takes 7.2% Of Althea

Vaxxas Starts Phase I Needle-Free Sars-Cov-2 Vaccine Trial; Firebrick Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Impedimed $1m Astrazeneca Sozo Extension; Genetic Technologies Genetype For Ovarian Cancer Risk; Immutep Wins Japan, South Korea Patent; Botanix Opens $3m Share Plan; Creso, Sierra Sage ‘Green Goo’ Cosmetics For Canada

Monash QPX9003 Antibiotic ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Cartherics, Peter Mac CTH-001 For Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma; Correction: Respiri; Radiopharm To Release 25.6m ASX Escrow Shares; Healthcare 2030, Bergen, Eugene Tablis Down To 10% Nuheara; Althea 8.35m M-D Joshua Fegan Rights AGM

Telix: ‘Phase III TLX250-CDx Kidney Imaging Success’; Polynovo India Launch; Artrya: BSI Backs Salix For UK Approval; Cronos: ASX No Longer Requires Quarterly Reports; Europe To Grant Arovella Car-Inkt Platform Patent; IDT Withdraws ‘Virtual Meetings’ AGM Vote; Respiri Enrols 1st Patients For Wheezo Remote Monitoring; PYC: VP-001 ‘No Adverse Effects’ In Rabbits, Primates; Cann Group, GSK O-T-C Marijuana Capsules Deal; Amplia Appoints Founder Dr Chris Burns M-D, On $350k PA

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals; $1.1b For 11 ARC Centres; Synthetic Biology Launched; Certa ‘FT011 Active Against Fibrosis, In Rats’; Queensland Uni, Cassowary ‘Precision Pain Relief’; US Breakthrough Status For Avita Recell; Cogstate AGM Modest Dissent; LHC Capital, Stephen Aboud Reduce To 5.6% Of BTC; Merchant Takes 5% Of Neurotech; Epsilon Loses Director Simon Rowe

CSL 2022 R&D Briefing: Spending Up, Vifor Expands Pipeline; New Zealand Approves Rhythm’s Colostat; Anteo Closes Europe Sars-Cov-2 Rapid Antigen Test Trial; Althea ‘Commitments’ For $1.5m; Plan For $2.5m More; Acrux Receives Further $92k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Pharmaust: DNDI Extends Epichem Contract $32k; Oventus (In Administration) Signs Canada Distribution Deal; Kazia Withdraws 3.5m CEO Dr James Garner Options; Health Canada Amends Creso Mernova Marijuana Licence; Healthcare 2030, Bergen, Eugene Tablis Reduce To 11% In Nuheara; Phillip, Bioscience Managers Take 23% Of Adherium; Trudell Medical Takes 19.9% Of Adherium; Epsilon Directors Cease Substantial With Board Changes; Ausbiotech Appoints Dr Marthe D’Ombrain; Director Changes; MTP Connect To Lose Chair Sue MacLeman; New Chair Wanted

CSL $312m Upfront For Arcturus mRNA Technology; Cynata: Leiden Uni To Fund Cymerus Renal Transplant Trial; Vietnam Approves Truscreen For 2 Hospitals; Symposium; Clarity Sar-Bombesin Prostate Cancer Trial ‘50% Imaged’; Impedimed Performs 500k Sozo Patient Tests; Adalta Prioritizes AD-214 For Lung, Renal, Eye Fibrosis; Argenica Starts 2nd ARG-007 Cohort; Chimeric, Case Western Uni Work On Pre-Clinical NK Cells; Nuheara Wins 2 US O-T-C Hearing Aid Patents; Althea Takes ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Life Biosciences Below 5% In Alterity; Alcidion Loses Co-Founder Dr Malcolm Pradhan

October BDI-40 Up 11.5%, ASX200 Up 6%, Big Caps Down 1.6%, NBI Up 9%; Victoria $3m Burnet Grant For mRNA Vaccine; Orthocell Wins Remplir Reimbursement; Creso ‘Commitments’ For $7.6m Convertible Notes; Firebrick Pauses Pivotal Nasodine Cold Trial For Summer; Microba Receives $2.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neurotech Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Invex Receives $455k UK R&D Tax Rebate; Neurotech: 30m Directors’ Options AGM; Cardiex 6.75m Rights, 1m Options, 118k Shares AGM; Total Brain Completes Sale To Sondermind; IQ Deed Proponents Request 3rd Extension; Tiga, Thorney Increase, Diluted To 7.8% Of Anatara; Xiao Cui Replaces Epsilon Chair Steven Xu, Alan Beasley Deputy

Victoria $8.5m For 17 Cancer Fellowships; Clinuvel Q1 Receipts Up 43% To $25.5m; Alcidion: Q1 Receipts Up 83% To $12m; Althea Q1 Receipts Up 82% To $8.1m, ‘Capital Raise’ Halt; Correction: Qbiotics Group; Nuheara: FDA Approves Hewlett-Packard Hearing Pro; Botanix Raises $5m, Share Plan For $3m More; Emyria Raises $3m; Volpara Joins Epic Software Program; Imugene Doses 1st Intra-Tumoral Vaxinia Patient; Polynovo AGM Faces 22% Opposition; Total Brain AGM Approves Sondermind Sale, Rem Report 1st Strike; Living Cell Spill: Hainsworth, Dilkes In; Tuch, Willcocks, Kelly Out; Cronos Director Spill, Name Change To ‘Vitura’ AGM; Regal Takes 5.6% Of Pharmaxis; Radiopharm Chair Paul Hopper Increases, Diluted To 32%; Epsilon Appoints 9% Holder Xiao Cui Director; Anteo Appoints Katrina Byrne COO, Dr Charlie Huang CIO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Qbiotics Group; Resmed Q1 Revenue Up 5% To $1.5b; Net Profit $343m; Clover, Premneo DHA Omega-3 ‘Improves Premature Babies’ IQ’; Neurotech Placement Raises $9m; Mayne $113m Dividend, Capital Return; 20-To-1 Consolidation; Hydrix ‘Loyalty Options’ To Raise $252k To $13.4m; Kazia: Paxalisib ‘Active’ Against Metastatic Melanoma, In Mice; Island IND Application Delayed To December; Medadvisor 30m M-D, Directors’ Options AGM; Mayne Up-To-$1.4m M-D Rights AGM; Probiotec 1.4m CEO Wes Stringer Rights AGM; Pharmaxis 3m M-D Rights; 9m Directors’ Options AGM; Paradigm: 1.5m Directors’ Loan Shares AGM; Starpharma 1.1m Dr Fairley Rights AGM; Board Opposes Candidate; Perennial Takes 11.6% Of Medadvisor; Mark Lampert, BVF Increase, Diluted To 16.6% Of Pharmaxis; Viburnum Below 5% Of Adherium; Creso Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Epsilon CFO Nicholas Marshall Goes; Stuart Cameron Director; IDT Extends Interim CEO Paul McDonald Term

Profs Wilton, Fletcher, Telix, Fusetec Win Ausbiotech, J&J Gongs; MTP Connect, Medical Alley Combine For Medical Technology; Volpara H1 Receipts Up 29% To $15.6m; Psylo Raises $5m For Psychedelic Therapies; Artrya: BSI Backs Salix For CE Mark Approval; Biotron $4.2m Rights Offer; Clarity Copper-64 Prostate Cancer Trial ‘50% Recruited’; LBT AGM Faces 19.5% Opposition; Adalta Receives $495k Overseas Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Acrux Receives $362k Overseas Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Exopharm Receives $4.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Botanix Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Emyria Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Neurotech Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Canada Patent For Inoviq Bard1 Antibody Test; Platinum Takes 5% Of Pharmaxis; Thorney, Tiga Take 7.35% Of Microba; Compumedics Appoints Bourse Comms Rod North Director; Rhythm Appoints Elena Deak CCO; Paul Smith CFO, Co-Co Sec; Nyrada Increases CEO James Bonnar Pay 10% To $331k

Federal Budget Details; Comment & Response; Ausbiotech Perth Conference Opens; Ausbioinvest; Polynovo Takes Novosorb BTM To Hong Kong For Asia; Neurotech Claims Marijuana NTI164 Efficacy For Autism; Argenica Doses 1st ARG-007 Phase I Cohort; Immutep IMP321 HNSCC Trial Continues Unchanged; Paradigm Doses 1st UK PPS Osteoarthritis Patient; Invion Photosoft Active ‘Against Bacteria, Fungus’ In-Vitro; Arovella To Close Perth Oromist R&D Facility; Radiopharm, Northstar Actinium-225 Contract; Clinuvel AGM Faces 23% Opposition; Oncosil AGM 20% Oppose Remuneration Report; Elizabeth Jansen Withdraws Cronos Director Requisition; Bluechiip 4.9m M-D Andrew McLellan Rights AGM; Botanix Receives $3.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; LBT Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; One Funds Takes 13% Of IDT; Harbour Takes 5% Of Aroa; Medibio Appoints David Trimboli Chair

Budget 2022 Special Edition: RDTI, MRFF Appear Untouched; Cheaper Medicines; TAFE/University Places; Cancer Research; $15b Infrastructure Fund; Biotech Daily Editorial, Ausbiotech Comment

Aroa H1 Revenue Up 64% To $27m; Cann Group Share Plan To Raise Up-To $10m; LBT Rights Offer To Raise $3.5m; Canada Approves Polynovo Novosorb BTM; 4D Medical Launches Computed Tomography LVAS; Resonance Releases ‘Resonance Clinical’; Bcal To Establish Sydney Clinical Service Lab; Optiscan 6m Shares To M-D Prof Camile Farah For Datasets; Invion Photosoft Activity Against Dengue, In-Vitro; Singapore Grants Firebrick Nasodine Patent; Emvision Receives $2m Of $5m Federal Manufacturing Grant; Dimerix Receives $6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Imagion Receives $2.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Creso Breaks ASX Rule, To Sell 14.5m Alvin Blumenthal Shares; Prescient Interim PTX-100 Cancer Data ‘No Serious Events’; Clarity 1.9m Director Options AGM; Imricor: ASX Removes US Prohibition On CDIs; Neurotech Requests ‘Results, Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Perennial Takes 14.9% Of Microba; Founder Dr Graham Kelly Reduces To 12% Of Noxopharm; Correction: Cann Group; Opthea Appoints Timothy Morris US-Based CFO

Federal $1.5m For LBT Apas Compact; Memphasys Japan, Canada Felix Human Sperm Separation Studies; Bioxyne Sells 49% Of Asia Distributor For $2m Cash, Scrip; Nova Eye Recruits Pivotal 2RT For AMD Study; Dorsavi Extends Medtronic Partnership 9 Months, $189k; Invex Opens 1st Australian, UK ‘Evolve’ Presendin Trial Sites; Mesoblast 4.9m Director Options AGM; Cann Group Receives $4.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Optiscan Receives $942k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Oncosil Receives $832k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Impedimed Withdraws 10% Placement Facility AGM Vote; Sandon Takes 13.6% Of IDT; Carl Charalambous Takes 11% Of Exopharm; Oncosil Loses Director Dr Martin Cross, Withdraws 2 AGM Votes; Cann Group To Lose 6-Year CEO Peter Crock; Nuheara Loses CFO, Co-Sec Jean Marie Rudd; New CFO Wanted

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Woke Pharmaceuticals; Media Reports On Creso, Ex-Chair Adam Blumenthal; MTP Connect: Federal $14m For 14 Device, Cardiac Projects; EBR ‘Working On Wise Battery Issue’; Anatara Placement For $865k, Rights Offer For $832k; Starpharma: Hengan Viraleze Hong Kong, Macau Distributor; Rhythm Receives $2.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Botanix: 13m Directors Rights, 5m Options AGM; Invex 3.6m Directors Options AGM; Argenica 2m M-D Options AGM; Acrux $182k Directors Rights AGM; Resonance 1.8m M-D Rights AGM; M&G Reduces To 5.8% Of Starpharma; Volpara Appoints Fred Struve Co-Co Sec; Botanix Promotes CCO Howie McKibbon To COO For FDA Review

Telix Q1 Revenue Up 724% To $55.3m; Neuren Earns Acadia $16m Milestone On Trofinetide NDA; Radiopharm Institutions Raise $5.5m; Retail $4.5 Underwritten; Hydrix Retail Rights Raise $1.3m; Total $3.4m; Clinuvel Doses 1st Scenesse For Vitiligo Patient; Servatus Oral Bacteria Trial For Rheumatoid Arthritis; Proteomics $2m Joint Western Australia Diagnostics Factory; Microba, Synlab Expand Distribution Deal; Actinogen Receives $4.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Imugene Releases 106m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Avita $2.4m CEO, Directors’ Shares, Options AGM

Garvan Recruiting Phase III Metformin Cognition, Dementia Trial; Pharmaxis Placement To Raise $10m; Radiopharm Rights Offer For $10m; Teva Austedo ‘Benefit For Huntington’s Chorea’; Cronos Posts Record $26m Q1 Revenue; Pharmaxis Interim Data Backs PXS-5505 For Myelofibrosis; Lumos Febridx Bacterial, Viral Respiratory Infection Data; Microbio: Ecuador Evaluates Infectid-BSI Blood Test; 4D Applies For Category III XV Lvas CPT Code; ABL To Manufacture Vaxinia For Imugene Trials; Next Science Combines Collagen With Blastx; Anatara Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Alium Alpha Below 5% In Microba; Arovella 10m ‘In Lieu’ Director Options, 1.6m M-D Shares AGM; Medadvisor: Kevin Hutchison US Director; Loses Robert Read

CSL: Vifor Takes Forecast Profit Up-To $2,800m; Telix Trials TLX250-CDx For Breast, Bladder Cancer; Aroa: Enivo ‘Promotes Post-Surgical Wound Healing’, In Sheep; Radiopharm Rad101 ‘Significant Brain Tumor Uptake’; Woke, Sydney Uni Trial Psilocybin WP002 For Alcohol Use Disorder; Recce R327 ‘Significantly Reduces Sars-Cov-2’, In Hamsters; CSIRO; Emyria, UWA Send 4th MDMA Analogue Batch To Eurofins; Bionomics Receives $4.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cochlear AGM Faces 13% Dissent; Painchek $1,050,000 Director Rights AGM; Noxopharm 2m CEO Gisela Mautner Options AGM; Mach7: 723k CEO Rights, 110k Directors Options AGM; Race Pleads Schultz, Support To ASX 43.5% Price Query; Pharmaxis Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Next Science Requests ‘US Commercial Development’ Trading Halt; Harbour Takes 13.1% Of Volpara; Probiotec Loses 8-Month Director Paul Santoro

Federal Government: ANSTO, Singapore Uni Synchrotron Deal; Pacific Edge H1 Cxbladder Cancer Tests Up 34%; Telix: China Okays Illuccix Prostate Cancer Imaging Trial; Telix, GE Healthcare Work On TLX250-CDX, 18-F-Flac; Patrys PAT-DX3 ‘Crosses Blood-Brain Barrier, In Mice’; Cynata: Australia, Canada Allow Cymerus Patent; Argenica 1st ARG-007 Subject Dosed, ‘No Adverse Events’; Proteomics Receives $1.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neurotech To Start Marijuana NTI164 Children’s Psychiatric Trial; Opthea Directors 8.5m Options, 1.15m Rights AGM; Chimeric CEO Jennifer Chow 17m Options, 4m Shares AGM; Radiopharm 22m Director Options AGM; Suspension; Imugene: 27m Directors Options, 150% Fee Hike AGM; Nanosonics: 537k CEO Michael Kavanagh Rights AGM; Emvision 1.9m Directors Options AGM; Antisense To Lose Director Dr Gary Pace

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Imricor Medical Systems; Dr Michelle Boyle, Dr Sam Forster Win $1.25m CSL Fellowships; Canada Approves Telix Illuccix For Prostate Cancer Imaging; Antisense Receives $909k Offshore Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Inoviq Receives $866k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; EBR Requests ‘Manufacturing Change’ Suspension; Anteo: 56m Directors Options AGM; Invion 22m CEO Thian Chew Options AGM; Kazia 3.5m M-D Dr James Garner Options AGM; Recce: 1.1m Director Alistair McKeough Options AGM; Artrya 440k M-D John Barrington Rights AGM; Genetic Signatures 250k M-D Dr John Melki Options AGM; Hexima 224k Director Options, Re-Election AGM; Biotron 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM

Cartherics Opens Stem Cell-Car-T Offices, Laboratory; Tissue Repair: TR987 ‘Significant’ Effect On Skin Healing; Adalta, GPCR Partner On Beta Blocker I-Bodies For Cancer; Inoviq, Nicoya Work On Sub-B2M SPR Cancer Risk Test; Immuron Pays $2.6m For 17.5% Of Arteria Health; Botanix BTX1702 10% ‘Safe And Well-Tolerated’ For Rosacea; Alterity Starts Phase II ATH434 For MSA Trial; Incannex Completes Phase I IHL-675A Trial Dosing; Radiopharm Requests ‘Pivalate Brain Cancer Trial’ Halt; Perennial Reduces To 5.4% Of 4D Medical; Healthcare 2030, Bergen, Eugene Tablis Down To 13% Nuheara; Merchant Takes 8.7% Of Hexima

Safety Review Approves Cynata Diabetic Foot Ulcer Trial; Exopharm To Take 2 Exosomes To Pre-Clinical Trials; Cronos Commissions Melbourne Marijuana Warehouse; Botanix Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; CSL Annual General Meeting Faces 10% Dissent; 2 Weeks To Ausbiotech, Ausbioinvest; Mark, Linda Kerr Take 6.4% Of Cryosite; Oventus Administrators Appoint Dr Melvyn Bridges Director

Queensland $24m Enterprise Acceleration Start-Up Fund; Prescient: $2.5m Placement Takes Total To $11.3m; Cann Group Recruits Marijuana Sleep Trial; Incannex: IHL-216A US FDA Pathway For Brain Injury; Volpara Receives ‘B Corp’ Certification; Ex-Chair Alan Beasley Takes 9% Of Epsilon; BTC Appoints Felicity McNeill, Brendan York Directors

Actinogen Xanamem Alzheimer’s Biomarker Effect; Anteris Receives $1.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Sheng Li Wang Reduces To 6.4% Of Invion; Simari, Sam Replace IDT Directors Burrill, Kotsanis; Quirin, Scott Replace Creso’s Adam Blumenthal; Name Change; Genetic Technologies Appoints Tony Di Pietro CFO, Co Sec; Smartz Sensor Nappy Wins MTAA Innovation Gong

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Genetic Signatures; Victoria, Biontech Partner For mRNA Development; WEHI: ‘Liver Disease Not Driven By Inflammatory Cell Death’; Prescient ‘Over-Subscribed’ Plan Raises $8.8m; Bio-Melbourne Launches ‘Wilam’ Meeting Space; Clarity Treats 1st Prostate Cancer Trial Patient; RMIT Voice Screen For Parkinson’s, Covid-19; Cartherics US Patent For Car-T Cell Technology; Immutep To Present 2 Imp321 Abstracts At SITC; Imugene To Present 3 Oncarlytics Abstracts At SITC; ASX Reinstates Nuheara - Reports Lodged; Micro-X Loses Director Yasmin King; Kevin Hart Replaces Artrya Co Sec Nathan Bartrop

Polynovo: ‘Record $12.5m 1st Quarter Novosorb Sales’; Kazia: 2 Australian Sites Join Paxalisib, ONC201 Glioma Trial; Clarity Images 1st Cu-64 Sar-Bombesin Patient; Actinogen Requests ‘Alzheimer’s Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Creso Recruits Phase II Psilocybin PTSD Trial; Regal Takes 19.6% Of Opthea; Australian Ethical Increases, Diluted To 4.98% In Immutep; Kefford Increases, Diluted To 5.7% In Vectus; Michael Liew Below 5% Of Osteopore; Irene Chen Takes 8.6% Of Osteopore; Dr Beata Edling Replaces Truscreen CEO Juliet Hull; ATSE Appoints Dr Katherine Woodthorpe ‘President’; Mark Edwards To Replace Inoviq CFO, Co Sec Tony Di Pietro; Audeara Loses CFO, Co Sec Malcom Thompson; Hydrix Sends Peter Lewis To Boston To Increase US Sales

Victoria Promises $5-6b For Hospitals, Research Precinct; Immunexpress Applies To TGA For Septicyte Rapid Approval; VGL Starts IVB001 Fatty Liver Disease Dosing; Imagion Expands Magsense To Prostate Cancer Imaging; Respiri Chair, CEO Reduce Pay By $180k; Anatara Receives $480k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Regal Converts Notes To Take 9% Of Vectus; Ex-Director Bernard Stang Reduces; Diluted To 5.4% Of Vectus; Starpharma Loses 11-Year Director Zita Peach; Antisense Appoints Dr Anthony Filippis CCO

Impedimed, Genesiscare US Sozo Lymphoedema Screening Deal; Paradigm: PPS ‘Significant Pain Improvement’; Emvision Brain Scanner Study Approved; Immutep Wins FDA IMP321 Fast Track Status For 1st Line NSCLC; Biotron Enrols BIT225 HIV Trial; Immuron, Pharmaron Travelan Diarrhoea Trial; Mayne Completes $772m Sale Of Metric To Catalent; Radiopharm: LRRC15 ‘Protects Tumor Cells, Causes Growth’; Genetic Signatures Tells ASX: ‘Results Not Market Sensitive’; Cann Group Mildura Marijuana Licence Extended; Adalta Receives $1.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Argenica Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; TDM Takes 27% Of Somnomed; M-D Dr Karen Duggan Increases, Diluted To 6.9% In Vectus; Imugene Appoints Dr Giovanni Selvaggi CMO, Paul Wright CMC

All Indices Fall In September: BDI-40 7%, ASX200 7%, Big Caps 0.5%, NBI 2%; Lumos: FDA Rejects Febridx Appeal; Sarasota Factory Closed; Mesoblast Files More FDA Remestemcel-L Data For GvHD; Anatara Halts 3FDC Trial For ‘Insufficient Sample Size’; Pharmaust Doses 1st Monepantel MND Patient; Amplia: ‘AMP886 Inhibits AML, In Mice’; Epsilon: $600k Missing From $1.55m Placement; Acrux Receives $2.3m R&D Tax Incentive; Total $3.3m; 4D Medical 1.9m M-D Prof Andreas Fouras Options AGM; ASX Suspends Nuheara On Report; Bioscience Managers Diluted To 19.5% Of Adherium; Trudell Medical Increases, Diluted To 16.5% Of Adherium; Volpara: CEO Teri Thomas Promoted To M-D; Deborah Ambrosini Replaces Cann Group Co Sec Geraldine Farrell

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Pharmaxis; Painchek Tells ASX It Waited For Formal Jetro Deal; Living Cell Board Spill AGM; Uscom 3.1m Chair Prof Rob Phillips Rights AGM; Invex Adds 3 Sites To Presendin IIH Trial; Paradigm Requests ‘Phase II PPS Results’ Trading Halt; Respiri Lists On US OTCQB Market; Code ‘RSHUF’; Australian Ethical Takes 5% Of Immutep; Memphasys Director Andrew Goodall Reduces, Diluted To 18%; Memphasys Chair Allison Coutts Buys 1m Shares, Takes 8.8%; Avita: CEO James Corbett Starts On $925k PA; $1.5m Options

Centenary, Sydney Uni $19m US TB Vaccine Contract; Federal $1m For Monash University Heart-Lung Machine; Brandon Co-Leads $105m Raise For London’s Pheon; Orthocell: ‘Ortho-ATI Reduces Rotator Cuff Pain At 6 Months’; Cyban Pays Hydrix $1.3m For Brain Oxygen Monitor; Cardiex ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $1.6m, Total $5.9m; Argenica ARG-007 ‘Reduces Brain Tissue Death 86%, In Rats’; Genetic Sigs Easyscreen ‘Accurate For Antibiotic Resistance’; Genetic Technologies: ‘Genetype Superior For Breast Cancer’; Regal Funds Takes 9.15% Of Adherium; Watercrest, Stuart Cameron, Karantzias Take 9% Of Epsilon; Director James Corbett Replaces Avita CEO Dr Mike Perry

Telix Withdraws Illuccix EU Application On Data Request; Telix: China Okays Phase III TLX250-CDx Kidney Cancer Trial; Osteopore Products Added To TGA Prostheses List; Osteopore: Chile $353k For Bone Regeneration Implant; Race Develops Peripheral I-V Zantrene Formulation; Exopharm: No Immunogenicity, Toxicity Of Exosomes, In Mice; Tissue Repair: FDA ‘Accepts’ TR-987 Wound Care Protocol; Respiri Opens Philippine Digital Innovation Centre; Cogstate Pleads Schultz, Eisai To ASX 61% Query; TGA Fines 3 ‘Medical Marijuana’ Companies $972k; Cronos Notice To Elect Dr Benjamin Jansen Director; Medlab Receives ‘MDLB’ Nasdaq Code; Director Paul Lewis, Invia Increase, Diluted To 6.45% In Hydrix; Roger Allen Diluted To Below 5% In Hydrix; Mayne Appoints Shawn O’Brien CEO, On $938k PA; IDT: Mark Licciardo Co Sec, Mahendran Vasanthakumar CFO; Dr Michael Austin Replaces Tissue Repair Co Sec Alistair McKeough

Federal Consultation On Science Statement, Priorities; Victoria, Pfizer mRNA Fellowship; Seer Wins FDA 510(K) Okay For Ambulatory Epilepsy Monitoring; Federal $2.6m For WEHI Genomics Precision Medicine Project; Federal $5.4m For Cartherics Cancer Natural Killer Cells; Compumedics Pays $372k For 50% Of Alpha Trace; Orthocell Receives 1st Striate+, Remplir Orders; Proteomics Oesophageal Cancer Test ‘Strong Performance’; Race Starts FTO, ALKBH5 Inhibitors Program; Recce: R327 For Sepsis, UTIs, Diabetic Foot Ulcers; PYC Adds Phelan-McDermid Syndrome To Pipeline; Microba To Release 58m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Polynovo 1.2m Director Dr David McQuillan Options AGM; Alcidion Ex-Chair Ray Blight Reduces, Diluted To 7.3%; Viburnum Reduces, Diluted To 8.2% Of Adherium; JM Financial Takes 9.4% Of Imex; Merchant Funds Takes 7.7% Of Hexima; Cyclopharm Appoints Prof Gregory King Director

Pharmaxis: PXS-6302 ‘Inhibits Enzymes Implicated In Scaring’; Paradigm: Brazil PPS For MPS Trial ‘No Adverse Events’; Japan Government Program Expands Painchek Market; Opthea Share Plan Raises $940k Of Hoped For $5m; Total $130m; Medlab Receives $3.6m R&D Tax Incentive; Acrux Receives $983k R&D Tax Incentive, ‘More To Come’; Federal $1m For Cynata, St Vincent’s Cardiac Stem Cells; Micro-X $674k US Baggage Scanner Contract Extension; Rhinomed Junior Nasal Swab: ‘Preferred Collection Method’; Alterity: Validation For Wearable Sensors; Botanix Files Sofpironium Bromide For Sweating US NDA; VGI US Pharmacokinetics, Exercise Study Ethics Approval; Arovella, Imugene Combine ALA-101, Oncarlytics For Tumors; Emyria: 8 Sites For Phase III Marijuana EMD-RX5 Distress Trial; Oncosil 20m Directors Options, 2.5m M-D Rights AGM; Emyria 3m Options For M-D Dr Michael Winlo AGM; Medical Developments 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM; Medical Developments To Lose Director Max Johnston

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Vectus Biosystems; Nanosonics Details Coris Endoscope Cleaner; Pacific Edge, Te Whatu Ora Southern Cxbladder Deal; Prescient Cellpryme-A Mouse Cancer Data, ‘Clinic-Ready’; Impedimed $326k Interim CEO Shares ‘In Lieu’ AGM; Immutep Receives $2.7m French R&D Tax Incentive; Chair Alison Coutts Increases, Diluted To 8.7% In Memphasys; Epsilon: Alan Beasley In, Patrick Xu Out, Xu Share Sale; Cronos Loses CMO, Director, 24% Holder Dr Benjamin Jansen

Telix: TLX101 For Glioblastoma ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Imugene Doses 1st I-V Vaxinia Patient; Respiri Raises $1.6m For US Expansion; Cronos To Complete Canview 2.0 ‘By Mid-2023’; LBT 1.7m Directors’ Shares In Lieu AGM; Montgomery Below 5% In Avita; Adherium Appoints Daniel Kaplon CFO

Compumedics 1st Somfit Validation Sales Worth $200k; Memphasys Underwritten Rights Raise $1.76m, Total $3.4m; US Approves Alterity ATH434 Multiple System Atrophy Trial; Washington Uni Trials Adherium’s Hailie Sensors For Asthma; Shine To Supply Radiopharm Lutetium-177; Neuroscientific: ‘Trial Refused For Safety, Purity, Efficacy’; CDA Founder Calls For Cronos Directors Spill; FIL (Fidelity) Sells Resapp Shares For $18m; Cann Appoints Robert Barnes, Dr Julian Chick Directors

Micro-X, Varex $15m Nex X-Ray Deal; Varex To Take 9.9%; Polynovo Wins US FDA Clearance For Novosorb MTX; Hydrix Insto Rights Raise $2.1m; Retail Rights For $4m More; Australia Approves Imugene Vaxinia Cancer Trial; Studies Back Anteris Duravr Heart Valves; Imricor Files For Euro Ventricular Tachycardia Trial; Avecho: TPM Increases CBD Bio-Availability, In Dogs; Emyria Hires Psychogenics For MDMA Drug Discovery; Respiri Requests ‘US Expansion Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Chair Paul Rennie Increases, Diluted To 7.2% Of Paradigm; Noxopharm Loses Founder Dr Graham Kelly; Holds 13%; Medibio Appoints Dr Thomas Young CEO On $164k PA

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Inoviq; Adherium ‘Commitments’ For $13.5m Placement; Share Plan; Goodbye Resapp; Radiopharm FDA DUNP19 Osteo-Sarcoma Rare Paediatric Status; Living Cell, Opticellai Complete Ntcell 1st Stage; Medlab: Nanabis, Nanocbd Observational Studies Approved; Ausbiotech Ausbioinvest, Conference Registration Open; Cochlear $2.5m CEO Dig Howitt Incentives AGM; Polynovo Requests ‘US Product Clearance’ Trading Halt

Victoria $260k For Regional Medical Technologies; Invion INV043 ‘Effective Against Anal Cancer, In-Vitro’; Hydrix Insto, Retail Rights To Raise $6m; Trading Halt; Althea Launches 2 Medical Marijuana Products; Zelira Marijuana Diabetic Nerve Pain Study 67% Enrolled; Control Bionics Loses CEO Rob Wong For Health Reasons; IDT Loses CEO Dr David Sparling; Paul McDonald Interim $310k; Oncosil Appoints Brian Leedman Director

Imricor Raises $3m In ‘Oversubscribed’ US Placement; Biotron Starts BIT225 Covid-19 HIV Sub-Study; Clarity Images 1st Sar-Bombesin Prostate Cancer Patients; Vectus VB0004 Phase Ia Study Safe; Phase Ib To Begin; VGI, Invictus Recruits 1st Phase II IVB001 Nafld, Nash Patient; Creso Starts Canada Psilocybin PTSD Trial; Noxopharm CRO-67 ‘Promising’ For Pancreatic Cancer, In Vitro; Radiopharm, MD Anderson Radio-Pharmaceutical J-V; Prescient To Unveil Cellpryme-A In Boston; Adherium Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; NSW Supreme Court Scheme Ok; Resapp Goes Tomorrow; Living Cell Board Spill Call; Bilal Ahmad Takes 10.9% Of Dorsavi; Firebrick Appoints Scientific Advisory Board

Imugene To Raise $80m From 2 Unnamed Institutions; Paradigm Rights Raise $20.3m; Total $66m; LBT Sells 7 Apas Independence Units In 8 Months; Ellume $140m Debts, Next Steps; Oventus Administrators Aim To Relist, Capital Raising; Avita: ‘Recell Re-Pigments 56% Of Vitiligo Lesions’; Neuren: US FDA Accepts Trofinetide Rett NDA For Review; Adherium, Carecentra Partner For COPD, Asthma; Invion Tells ASX: ‘Data Needed Analysis Before Release’; Allan Gray Takes 13.8% Of Starpharma; Shenasaby, Callahans Diluted To 6.5% Of Botanix; Gayle McGarry, Caperi Below 5% Of Botanix; Immutep CSO, CMO Prof Frédéric Triebel Executive Director; Auscann To Lose CEO Layton Mills; Heramed Appoints Emily Slade Director; Aroa Appoints Dr Catherine Mohr Director; Clarity Appoints Prof Jeffrey Norenberg CSO

Starpharma DEP-Cabazitaxel ‘Anti-Prostate Cancer Activity’; Antisense Starts ATL1102 Combination Duchenne Mouse Study; Imugene Request ‘Institutional Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Clarity: China Patent For Sar-BIS-PSMA; Amplia To Lose M-D Dr John Lambert; Cronos Appoints Dr Simone Scovell, Jenelle Frewen Directors

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cronos Australia; MTP Connect Device Translation Applications Open; Adherium: Dulcian To Use Hailie For Chronic Care; Auscann Lends Eurocann $3.75m; To Sell Wangara For $7m; Radiopharm: FDA Dunp19 Orphan Status For Osteosarcoma; Rhythm Chair Otto Buttula Reduces To 10.8%; Integrated, Millennium Take 5.3% Of Resapp; Merchant Takes 5.6% Of Hexima; Neuroscientific Loses M-D Matt Liddelow

Applications Open For ARC Mid-Career Industry Fellowships; Resapp Pfizer Scheme Meeting Passes Resolutions; Nuheara Raises $2.5m From Realtek; Zelira Receives $400k From Health House; Extends Loan; Imugene Doses 1st HER-Vaxx Combo Gastric Cancer Patient; Invion: Photosoft 99% Effective Against Zika Virus, In-Vitro; Quest Below 5% In Kazia; Lyn Swinburne Replaces Rhinomed Director Dr Eric Knight; Microba Appoints Jacqueline Fernley Director; Chimeric: Dr Stephanie Astrow Translation Sciences Head

Antisense Expedites Euro ATL1102 DMD Trial; Funds Required; Victoria $2.4m For Medtech Commercialization Centre; Ethics Committee Blocks Neuroscientific Emtinb Trial; Down 62%; Argenica ARG-007 Phase I Trial Approved; Orthocell Appoints Device Technologies Remplir Distributor; Prescient, MD Anderson Work On Omnicar, Cancer Binders; Pharmaust Enrols 1st Dog In Monepantel Lymphoma Trial; Naos Takes 32% Of BTC Health; Jodi Scott Takes 12% Of Creso; Thorney, Tiga Take 6% Of Microba; Tiga, Thorney Increase; Diluted To 24.4% In Visioneering; Imugene Appoints Dr Jakob Dupont Director

Uscom: China Recommends Uscom 1a For Heart Failure; Immutep: Poland Phase II Imp321 Trial For Soft Tissue Sarcoma; IQ Administrators Request Further Doca Extension; Orthocell Requests ‘Remplir Distribution’ Trading Halt

Occurx Raises $16m For OCX-063 Inflammation, Fibrosis Trial; ASX Indices: Incannex, Neuren Up; Clinuvel, Starpharma Down; Melbourne Uni, UWA Launch Clinical Entrepreneur Program; Clarity Cu-64 Sar-Bombesin Prostate Cancer Imaging Trial; Clinuvel Applies To EU For Scenesse For Adolescent Epp; Total Brain: Sondermind Acquisition AGM; Creso Lends Target Health House $700k; US Patent For Tissue Repair Glucoprime For Skin Conditions; Nuheara Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Perennial Value Reduces To 13.9% Of Microba; Weiss, Brookdale Take 5.2% Of Resapp; Recce Appoints Chair Dr John Prendergast Executive

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Vaxxas Pty Ltd; Botanix Raises $7.5m; Epsilon Raises $1.65m; Avita Wins Japan Recell Insurance Cover; Creso: Walmart Buys $315k Sierra Sage Skincare Herbs; CSL $12m CEO Paul Perreault Performance Shares AGM; Noxopharm Pleads Schultz To ASX 18% Price Query; Neurotech CEO Dr Alexandra Andrews ‘Transitions’ To COO

August BDI-40 Up 0.6%, ASX200 Up 0.6%, Big Caps Down 1%, NBI Down 1%; Ellume In Voluntary Administration; Anteo $123k Claim; Genetic Signatures Revenue Up 25% To $35m; Profit Up 74% To $3m; Cardiex Revenue Down 14% To $4.5m; Loss Up 105% To $11.4m; Creso Revenue Up 43% To $4.3m; Loss Down 63% To $6m; Nuheara Revenue Down 64% To $3.9m; Loss Up 96% To $14.1m; Nuheara Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Imex Rights Raise $2m; Total $4m; France, Israel Order Micro-X ‘Next Generation’ Mobile X-Ray; Pharmaxis Wins Parkinson’s UK $4.9m Grant For PXS-4728 Trial; Imugene Opens 2nd Vaxinia Trial Cohort; Releases Escrow Shares; SDI Pays $18m For 2.4ha Site For Warehousing, Future HQ; Truscreen 5-Year Deal With Zapco For Single Use Sensors; FMR (Fidelity) Reduces To 8.3% Of Nanosonics; Imex M-D German Arango, Jorge Marin Increase, Diluted To 14%; Milla Palacio Increases, Diluted To 6%; ASX Suspends Auscann For Transaction, Recompliance; Cyclopharm Appoints Kevin Barrow Director; Polynovo: Prof David McQuillan Off Board To CTO, CSO; Recce: Alistair McKeough Director, Maggie Niewidok Co Sec; Cann Loses Director John Sharman

Victoria, Geoff Cumming $325m Pandemic Therapeutics Centre; Althea Revenue Up 78% To $20.5m; Loss Down 19% To $12m; Mesoblast Revenue Up 37% To $14.9m; Loss Down 7.6% To $133m; Hydrix Revenue Up 38% To $10.4m; Loss Down 43% To $5.5m; Pharmaxis Revenue Down 56% To $10m; Loss Down 34.8% To $1.9m; Rhinomed Revenue Up 134% To $9.1m; Loss Down 39% To $5.2m; Total Brain Revenue Up 128% To $8.4m; Loss Up 74% To $14.5m; Resonance Revenue Up 1.3% To $3.8m; Profit To $1.1m Loss; Amplia Receives $1.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Vanderbuilt Burn Pit Bronchiolitis Trial Backs 4D Medical; Botanix Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Epsilon Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; LBT: Research Backs Apas Independence Speed, Accuracy; Oventus Administrators Sack Staff, Cut Costs, Loans; Microba ‘Partner Equipment’ Delays MAP315 Colitis Trial; David Petrie Replaces Mayne Director Ian Scholes; Patrys Appoints Co Sec Stefan Ross Director; Medlab Loses Laurence McAllister

Clinuvel Revenue Up 38% To $67m, Profit Down 15.6% To $21m; Cogstate Revenue Up 38% To $65m, Profit Up 84% To $15.5m; Alcidion Revenue Up 33% To $34.4m, Loss Up 97% To $4.4m; Imex H1 Revenue Up 83% To $9.5m, Loss Down 37% To $1.7m; IDT Revenue Down 24% To $12m, Profit To $1.2m Loss; Micro-X Revenue Up 138% To $9m, Loss Up 16% To $17m; Genetic Technologies Revenue $6.8m, Loss Up 1% To $7.1m; Medlab Revenue Down 13.5% To $3.8m, Loss Down 42% To $7.2m; CSIRO Pandemic Preparedness Report; Resapp Revenue $2.5m, Loss Up 5% To $7.1m; Medical Developments Retail Rights Raise $10m; Total $30m; Total Brain: Sondermind $2.5m Loan; Japan Patent For Immutep IMP321 (Efti); Patrys: PAT-DX1 Passes Engineering Specifications; Perennial Reduces To 7.4% Of Lumos; Regal Increases, Diluted To 18% In Opthea; Paradigm: Vale Kevin Hollingsworth; Abby Macnish Co Sec; Jan West To Replace Impedimed Director Judith Downes; Cynata Appoints Janine Rolfe Director

Sydney Uni $478m For Biomedical Precinct; Cronos Revenue Up 209% To $67m, Loss To $6m Profit; Dividend; Mach7 ‘Record’ Revenue Up 42% To $27m, Loss Down 56% To $4.2m; Impedimed Revenue Up 26% To $10.6m, Loss Down 4% To $19.9m; Cann Group Revenue Up 49.3% To $6.4m, Loss Up 5.4% To $26.5m; Pro Medicus Signs 3 Contracts Worth $16.5m, Florida Uni $15.5m; Federal $5m For Emvision Portable Brain Scanner; Proteomics, UWA Oxidx J-V For Oxidative Stress Test; Cynata Data Backs Stem Cells For Coronary Artery Disease; ASX Removes IQ3, Osprey From Official List; Oventus Lives; Creso Completes Sierra Sage Acquisition; Allegra Director Nicholas Hartnell Increases, Diluted To 38%; Prof Kate Hoy Joins Bionics Institute For Brain Stimulation

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Race Oncology; Editorial: H1, FY Reports $4m Minimum; RDTI Is Not Revenue; Mayne Revenue Up 6% To $425m; Loss Up 31% To $274k; SDI Revenue Up 16.5% To $95m; Profit Down 19% To $7.3m; Medadvisor Revenue Up 75% To $68m; Loss Up 24% To $15m; Polynovo Revenue Up 41% To $41m; Loss Down 74% To $1.1m; Medical Dev Revenue Down 15% To $22m; Loss Down 1% To $12m; Lumos Revenue Down 38% To $16.7m; Loss Up 204% To $65.6m; Nova Eye Revenue Even At $13.4m; Loss Up 72% To $7.5m; Atomo Revenue Up 84% To $12.3m; Loss Down 5.2% To $5.7m; Cryosite Revenue Up 17% To $11.8m, Profit Up 109% To $1.4m; Pharmaust Revenue Up 58% To $3.4m, Loss Up 28% To $1.7m; Dorsavi ‘Oversubscribed’ Rights Raise $297k; Total $700k; Next Science: Canada Approves Xperience; Victoria $100k For Patrys Deoxymabs For Breast Cancer; IDT Federal Manufacturing Grant Application ‘Unsuccessful’; Ebos Diluted Below 5% In Medadvisor; Life Biosciences Reduces To 6.1% Of Alterity

Austco Revenue Up 15% To $36m; Profit Down 32% To $2.3m; Next Science H1 Revenue Up 38% To $7.8m; Loss Up 57% To $9.5m; Starpharma Revenue Up 128% To $4.9m; Loss Down 18% To $16.1m; Microba Revenue Up 26% To $4.7m; Loss Up 53% To $11.5m; Control Bionics Revenue Up 13% To $4.5m; Loss Up 71% To $6.1m; Victoria $3.4m For 21 Research Projects; Ausbiotech 2022 Perth Conference, Bioinvest; Adherium Files FDA Teva-Hailie 510(k) Application; Micro-X: Carestream Chapter 11 Bankruptcy ‘Not Material’; Alterity Opens Euro ATH434 Multiple System Atrophy Trial; Alterity: Nasdaq Extends $US1 Bid Compliance; Baker Bros Reduces To 7.1% Of Opthea; JM Financial Takes 7.7% Of Imex; Irene Chen Takes 6.9% Of Osteopore; Michael Liew Takes 6.5% Of Osteopore; Medibio Appoints David Trimboli Director

Probiotec Revenue Up 51% To $182m; Profit Up 170% To $14m; Trajan Revenue Up 41% To $108m; Profit Down 9.4% To 1.7m; Cynata Fujifilm $7m Revenue; Loss Down 29% To $5.4m; Heramed Placement Raises $4m; Prescient Share Plan For $8m; Telix: France TLX250-CDx Bladder Cancer Trial Dosed; Quest Reduces To 5.6% In Kazia; Alium Alpha Reduces To 5.5% Of Microba; Credit Suisse Below 5% In Hexima - Then Takes 5.7%

Nanosonics Revenue Up 17% To $120m, Profit Down 56% To $3.7m; Somnomed Revenue Up 15.7% To $72.6m, Loss Up 272% To $4.4m; Visioneering H1 Revenue Up 19.5% To $5.4m, Loss Up 112% To $4.6m; Clarity: 175MBqKg Cu-67 Sartate Takes Trial To 3rd Cohort; Lumos: $390k Orders For Rapid Hormone Test Cartridge; Biotron Recruits Thai Bit225 Phase II HIV Trial; Atomo To Distribute Hangzhou Alltest Covid Rapid Tests; Osteopore Appoints Kontour China Distributor; Total Brain Fails $4.4m Additional Payment Condition; Radiopharm To Release 11m ASX Escrow Shares; Lumos To Release 8m Voluntary Shares; Allianz Takes 6% Of Paradigm; Proteomics M-D Dr Richard Lipscombe Diluted To 16.6%; Ebos Diluted To 5% In Medadvisor

Federal ‘Critical Technologies’ List Consultation Opens; Cardiex Placement Raises $4.33m; Share Plan For $1m More; Recce: 6,000mg R327 ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Optiscan Files Invivage Oral Scope US FDA 510(K) Submission; Clarity Opens SAR-Bombesin Prostate Cancer Imaging Trial; Creso Canada Amendment For Psilocybin PTSD Trial; ASX Suspends IQ3, Osprey, Oventus On Listing Fees; Heramed Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Platinum Below 5% In Antisense; Credit Suisse Takes 5.1% Of Hexima

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Telix Pharmaceuticals; Cochlear Revenue Up 10% To $1.65b; Profit Down 11% To $289m; US FDA Approves Invex Presendin IIH Phase III Trial; Antisense: ATL1102 ‘Modulates’ Long Covid-19 Biomarkers; Antisense Pleads ‘Outstanding Issues’ To ASX Halt Query; Immuron To ‘Deprioritize’ Sars-Cov-2 Research; Woke Files Australia Psilocybin Patent; LHC Reduces To 6.9% Of BTC; Perennial Takes 15% Of Microba; Mayne To Lose CEO Scott Richards; CEO Job Moves US

Pro Medicus Revenue Up 38% To $93.5m; Profit Up 44% To $44.4m; Compumedics Revenue Up 6% To $38m; Profit Up 36% To $1.4m; Telix H1 Revenue Up 730% To $24m; Loss Up 118% To $70m; Uscom Revenue Down 33% To $2.6m; Loss Up 113% To $2m; Invion RMW Cho Revenue Up 41% To $3.3m; Loss Up 51% To $2.2m; Medadvisor Rights Raise $4.4m; Total $14.6m; Dimerix Closes Covid-19 Trial, 49 Of 600 Patients Recruited; Prescient: Thermo Fisher For ‘Rapid, Cheap Omnicar Cell Lines’; Volpara 40% Oppose 450k Director Ann Custin Options; Emyria: 19 MDMA Analogues Likely Safe; Invex Requests ‘US FDA Trial Response’ Trading Halt; Cardiex Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Jane Bell Replaces Mesoblast Director Shawn Tomasello; Volpara Loses Director John Diddams

CSL Revenue Up 2% To $15b; Profit Down 5% To $3b; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Up 35% To $11.4m, Loss Down 35% To $2.6m; BTC Revenue Up 9% To $7.7m, Loss Up 60% To $758k; Memphasys $1.6m Placement; Rights Offer For $1.76m More; Nuheara Welcomes US FDA O-T-C Hearing Aid Approval; Brisbane EDA: Medtech Partner Initiative; Rhinomed Receives 1st Surescreen Rhinoswab Juniors Order; Neuroscientific Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Resapp 20.8c Is Pfizer’s ‘Best And Final Offer’; BTC To Distribute Alteco LPS Adsorber For Sepsis; Pharmaust To Begin US Monepantel Dog Cancer Trial; Trajan To Release 19m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Dr Paul Kasian Replaces Zucero Chair Dr Steffen Nock; US Patent; Antisense Takes ‘Long-Covid’ Trading Halt To Suspension; FIL (Fidelity) Takes 8.7% Of Medical Developments; Lindmark, Linda Kerr, Mark Kerr Take 5% Of Cryosite; Thorney, Tiga Below 5% Of Mesoblast

Tattarang $250m For Tenmile Health Technology Fund; RMIT, Victoria Devices, Diagnostics Scale-Up Facility; Microbio: UK Conformity Marking For Infectid-BSI Test; Emyria Phase III Marijuana EMD-RX5 Distress Trial Approved; Woke, Swinburne WP002 Psylocibin Depression Trial; Aptar Pays Pharmaxis $7m For Orbital Inhaler; Prescient: Q-Gen To Manufacture Omnicar Cells For Trials; Living Cell Pig Brain Tissue To Sydney For Parkinson’s Trial; M&G Takes 12.6% Of Mesoblast; Neurotech: Tom Duthy In; Brian Leedman, Krista Bates Out; Andrew Metcalfe Replaces Respiri Co Sec Alastair Beard

Opthea Up-To $371m Capital Raise; Paradigm Placement, Rights For $66m; Proteomics ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $8m; Grand Pharma Takes $56m Profit On Telix; Hydrix: Singapore Approves Guardian Cardiac Monitor; MGC: Marijuana Cannepil ‘Does Not Impair Simulated Driving’; Imricor Pleads Shultz To 69% ASX Price Query; Medibio Faces 20% Opposition To Capital Raising; Antisense Requests ‘Long Covid Results’ Trading Halt; Perth’s Bilal Ahmad Takes 10% Of Dorsavi; Perth’s Sufian Ahmad Takes 8% Of Dorsavi; Auscann Appoints Director Chris Mews CFO; Creso Appoints Kolby Tullier Impactive ‘Brand Ambassador’

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Rhinomed; Resmed Revenue Up 12% To $5b, Profit Up 8% To $1.5b; Avita H1 Revenue Down 17% To $22.3m; Loss Up 47% To $22.1m; Avita Recell ‘Reduces Grafts, Misses Healing Endpoint’; Woke, QIMR Trial Psilocybin For ‘Prolonged Grief’; Cynata Closes Mend Stem Cell Covid-19, Respiratory Trial; Hydrix Requests ‘Angelmed Guardian’ Trading Halt; Nova Eye To Release 1.7m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Starfish, Perpetual, HV Lodge, Mantra Diluted To 12% Dorsavi

CSIRO Vaccine, Drug Laboratory; Universal Bio H1 Receipts Down 9% To $3m; Loss Up 186% To $9m; Argenica Applies For ARG-007 Trial; Clarity Hires 3D Imaging For 64-Cu SAR-BIS-PSMA; 4D Medical Welcomes US Pact Act On Veterans’ Rights, 4-D Imaging; Allegra Covid-19 Revenue Warning; Anatara Poultry Trial ‘Inconclusive’; Aroa AGM 24% Oppose Directors Options; Compumedics 4m Share Buyback; Memphasys Extends ‘Capital Raising’ Suspension; Opthea Requests ‘Funding’ Trading Halt; Paradigm Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Proteomics Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Quest Reduces To 6.7% Of Kazia; Investors Mutual Below 5% In Mayne

Mayne ($618m) Sells Metrics To Catalent For $679m; Imugene Starts Phase I Checkvacc Trial 3rd Cohort; Polynovo Enrols 1st Novosorb Synpath Foot Ulcer Patient; Patrys: PAT-DX1 ‘Significantly Improves Glioma Survival’, In Mice; EBR: Studies Show Wise Leadless Pacemaker ‘Feasible’; LBT Developing Apas Pharma, Apas Micro; Starpharma DEP-Antibody Drug Conjugates For Merck & Co; Truscreen Relaunches Device In Xinjiang; Ai Visualize Appeals Dismissal Of Mach7 Lawsuit; Medlab NRGbiotic Europe Patent For Depression; Ryder Takes 7.9% Of Lumos; Cotiviti Diluted To 8.6% Of Medadvisor

Vale Olivia Newton-John; Mesoblast Placement Raises $65.5m; Victoria $5.4m For $9.1m mRNA Innovation Hub; Polynovo: Victoria $500k For Novosorb Synpath; Sonic To Distribute Proteomics Promarkerd In US; Evergreen To Manufacture Clarity Copper Isotopes; Noxopharm 800mg Veyonda ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Dimerix Files DMX-700 COPD Patent Family; Chimeric Tells ASX: News Marked Price Sensitive ‘In Error’; Creso Investors Back Sierra Sage Acquisition; Guild Group Takes 18% Of Medadvisor; Perennial Reduces To 8.8% Of Lumos

Lumos Appeals US FDA Febridx; Halts $17m Victoria Factory; Medical Developments Instos Raise $20m; Retail For $10m More; Hydrix Loyalty, Piggyback Options To Raise $11.6m; Mayne: FDA (Finally) Approves Nuvaring Generic Contraceptive; Kazia: ‘9 Of 12 Brain Metastases Patients Respond To Paxalisib’; Imugene: ‘PD1-Vaxx Safe, 1 Complete, 1 Partial Response’; Vectus: 30mg VB0004 ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Neuren Starts NNZ-2591 Phelan-Mcdermid, Pitt Hopkins Trials; Paradigm Trials PPS, Stem Cells For MPS-I; FDA Accepts Acrux Generic Cold Sore Cream Application; Zelira To ASX Further Aware Query: ‘Approval News Informal’; Bionomics Receives $2.1m R&D Tax Incentive; Mesoblast Takes ‘Private Placement’ Halt To Suspension; Proteomics Takes Promarkerd ‘US Licence’ Halt To Suspension; SIO Reduces, Diluted To 7% Of Anteris; Patrys To Lose Chair John Read; Michael Stork Interim; Medlab Appoints Mohit Gupta Director; Epsilon Loses Executive Director Rob Jenny

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: 4D Medical; Aptar Buys Pharmaxis Orbital Inhaler For $7.2m; Sondermind To Acquire Total Brain For $14.4m; Victoria $3.2m For 12 Medical Technology Companies; Incannex Completes Apirx Acquisition For $125m In Scrip; Allegra Sr-HT-Gahnite ‘Safe In Rabbits’; Pharmaxis Loses Director Will Delaat; Audeara Appoints Bill Peng Director

Biocurate Funds Burnet, Monash HIV Antivirals; Radiopharm, Lantheus, Nanomab NM-01 For Lung Cancer; Medical Developments Raising $30m; Outlook; Trading Halt; Creso $7m Placement To Buy Sierra Sage Herbs; Mesoblast Requests ‘Private Placement’ Trading Halt; Proteomics Requests ‘Promarkerd US Licence’ Trading Halt; Emyria: MDMA For Fibrosis Study; US Import Approval

Victoria 10-Year Research, Commercialization Strategy; Pfizer Increases Resapp Bid 42.5% To 20.8c A Share: $179m; Imex Raises $2m; Rights For $2m More; Revenue Warning; Truscreen, Mexpharm Mexico Cervical Cancer Centre; Osteopore Appoints Melling Medical US Distributor; Total Brain ‘Significant Transaction’ Halt To Suspension; Japan Grants Chimeric CLTX-Car-T Patent; Mercer Street Converts Anteris Shares; Australian Ethical Reduces To 11.7% Of Cogstate; Acorn Diluted Below 5% In Control Bionics

CSL Acquires Vifor, Hervé Gisserot G-M; Amplia Doses 1st AMP945 Pancreatic Cancer Trial Patient; Telix Files For Illuccix, TLX250-CDx China Trials; Adherium Submits Hailie GSK Sensor US 510(K) Application; Proteomics: ‘Doctors Prefer Promarkerd’ For Type 2 Diabetes; Lumos Shuts Sarasota Facility To Cut Costs; Incannex Hires Curia To Manufacture IHL-216A; Medlab NSW Uni Laboratory Lease Worth $90k PA; Noxopharm: 1200mg Veyonda ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; ASX Removes Palla From Official List; Creso Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Suspension Extension; Guild Group Takes 13% Of Medadvisor; Regal Funds Diluted To 7% In Medadvisor; Life Biosciences Reduces To 7.5% In Alterity; Artrya Appoints Dr Jacque Sokolov US Director; Nicole Van Der Weerden Replaces Hexima CEO Michael Aldridge; Dr Gisela Mautner Replaces Nyrada Director Peter Marks; Ausbiotech, Medicines Australia Cell & Gene Catalyst

July BDI-40 Up 26%, ASX200 Up 6%, Big Caps Up 9%, NBI Up 4%; Kazia GBM Agile Paxalisib Halts On ‘Primary Path-To-Market’; Pacific Edge Worried By Cxbladder US Reimbursement; Imex H1 Receipts Up 73% To $7.7m, Capital Raising Trading Halt; Mesoblast Receipts Up 63% To $14.3m; Creso H1 Receipts Up 69% To $4m; Total Brain Receipts Up 99.9% To $7.7m; Cardiex Receipts Down 4% To $4.3m; Creso To Acquire Health House For $4.6m Scrip; Immutep: IMP321, Pembrolizumab NSCLC Anti-Tumor Activity; Proteomics Test For Endometriosis ‘Up To 78% Successful’; Osteopore Licences Singular 3dicom Surgical Planner; Medlab, NSW Uni Laboratory Space Agreement; IQ3 Creditors Accept DOCA, ‘Nothing For Investors’

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Rhythm Biosciences; Biotech Daily Financial Reports Policy; Atomo Receipts Up 104% To $16.3m; Lumos Receipts Down 41% To $14m; Pharmaxis Receipts Up 38% To $11.9m; Medlab Receipts Up 23% To $6.2m; Starpharma Receipts Up 99% To $4.85m; Micro-X Receipts Fall 22% To $4.1m; Queensland Uni: Vaxxas Patch Beats Sars-Cov-2 Needle, In Mice; Painchek Rights Raise $1.6m; Total $4.6m; Dorsavi $400k Placement; $297k Rights Offer; Universal Biosensors EU Wine Deals, UK Sales, Glucose Test; Mayne Hires Goodrx For US Nexstellis Marketing; Pacific Edge Requests ‘Unexpected Publication’ Trading Halt; Memphasys Court Suspension To Follow Capital Raising Halt; Creso Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Ebos Diluted To 6.04% Of Medadvisor; Healthcare 2030, Bergen, Eugene Tablis Take 14% Of Nuheara; Polynovo Appoints Swami Raote CEO On $642k

Cogstate Receipts Down 5% To $58m; Impedimed Receipts Up 34% To $10.4m; Rhinomed Receipts Up 201% To $8.8m; Genetic Technologies Receipts Up To $6.8m; Cann Group Receipts Up 371% To $6.5m; Control Bionics Receipts Up 23% To $4.1m; Bioxyne Receipts Up 38% To $2.9m; Volpara Cuts Staff, Costs To Save $10m, Profitability; Clinuvel Develops Afamelanotide Prenumbra For Stroke; Heramed E-Lovu Health $790k US Heracare Deal; Michigan Children’s Hospital Use Respiri Wheezo; Peters Takes 17.2% Of Optiscan; Pacific Edge Appoints Darrell Morgan COO

Medadvisor Rights Raise $14.6m; Alcidion Receipts Up 29% To $41m; Genetic Signatures Receipts Up 31% To $39m; Resapp $4.5m Receipts, $4.2m From Pfizer Licence; Nuheara Receipts Down 53% To $4.1m; 4D Welcomes US Bills Backing Veterans’ 4-Dimensional X-Rays; Correction: Immuron; MTP Connect: 2nd Round Clinical Translation Program; Creso Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Dorsavi Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Memphasys Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Director Peter Ford Takes 27% Of Control Bionics; Mason Stevens Reduces To 7.7% Of Patrys

Somnomed Receipts Up 20% To $71m; Next Science H1 Receipts Down 10% To $6m; Mayne, Mithra Nextstellis Contraceptive In Australia; Painchek Begins Pilot Pain Program In Wales; Immuron: US FDA Wants ‘More Travelan Trial Information’; Genetic Signatures Enteric Protozoan Trial Recruited; Inoviq: Sub-B2M ‘91% Sensitive’ For Cancer, In Vitro; Korda Mentha: Palla Pharma To Delist On August 2; Impedimed Loses M-D Richard Carreon; David Anderson Interim; Heramed Appoints Anoushka Gungadin Partnerships Director

Gregor Johann Mendel Bicentenary; Nanosonics Expects Revenue Up 17% To $120m; Cronos Receipts $70m; Clinuvel Receipts Up 72% To $66m; Uscom Receipts Down 43% To $2.8m; US FDA Okays Adherium Hailie For GSK Ellipta; US FDA Approves Qbiotics Tigilanol Tiglate Sarcoma Trial; Resonance Ferriscan 3T MRI Compatible; Medadvisor To Buy Guildlink For $9.14m; Hopes To Raise $14.6m; Microba: Federal $13.4m Offshore R&D Expense Approval; Proteomics: Euro Promarkerd Patent Expands Use; Realtek Takes 12% Of Nuheara; Chimeric Appoints Dr Jason Litten CMO; Medadvisor: Anthony Tassone; Josh Swinnerton; Ancila Desai

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Orthocell; Resapp Shows Resappdx Efficacy Through Masks; US Patent For Inoviq Cancer Factor Immuno-Assay; Redmile Quits Avita; Mayne Appoints Aaron Gray US CFO; Epsilon Loses CEO Jarrod White, Steven Xu Executive Chair

Telix Illucix H1 Revenue Jumps From $2m To $22.5m; Mach7 Receipts Up 34% To $28m; Orthocell Receives $21m Biohorizons Striate+ Payment; China Approves Uscom Spirosonic Lung Tests; Pacific Edge: NZ Southern District To Use Cxbladder; Inoviq Hires Percorso To Sell Exo-Net In Us; Incannex Marijuana, HCQ IHL-675A Inflammation Trial Approved; Medibio Sleep Disturbance, Depression Study Starts; IDT To Lose CFO Ancila Desai; New CFO Wanted

Brandon Capital Cureator 1st Round $17m For 23 Projects; Microba Receipts Up 24% To $4.6m; Pharmaust Receipts Up 64% To $4m; Cann Group Takes Nab Revolving Loan Facility; Adherium Appoints Perigon For US Patient Monitoring; Starpharma: ‘Viraleze Kills Sars-Cov-2 Omicron’, In Mice; Clarity Cu-64 Prostate Cancer Imaging Trial Recruited; Nyrada: ‘PCSK9I Blocks Early Atherosclerosis’, In-Vitro; Life Biosciences Reduces To 8.9% Of Alterity

Harry Perkins 5-Hour ‘Effective’ Antibiotic Test; Mesoblast MPCs ‘Improve Ejection Fraction, Reduce Heart Events’; Zelira Tells ASX Aware Query ‘Informal Email Confidential’; Medadvisor Receipts Up 101% To $76m; Visioneering H1 Receipts Up 17% To $5.5m; Neuren: Acadia Files Trofinetide Rett NDA To FDA; Oncosil: 2nd Pancreatic Cancer Patient Resected; Rhythm Expands Colostat Test Biomarker; Heramed Foetal Tele-Monitor Study ‘Satisfaction’; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah Sell All Living Cell Shares; Anteo Appoints David Radford M-D, On $450k; Island Appoints Dr Amy Patick Adviser; MGC Appoints Robert Clements CCO; Control Bionics Appoints Dominik Kucera Interim CFO

Rhinomed, Surescreen 10m Rhinoswab Supply Deal; Heramed, Project Rozana Remote Foetal Test For Palestine; Resapp Votes On $127m Pfizer Acquisition; Siles Health To Use Genetic Technologies Genetype Tests; Creso Expands Psilocybin PTSD Trial; SSRIs Included; Emyria, UWA Increase MDMA Analogues; 4D To Release 86m ASX Escrow Shares, 13m Options; Imugene Appoints Mike Tonroe CFO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Trajan Group Holdings; Trajan Share Plan Raises $4.7m, Total $34.4m; Prescient: FDA Orphan Status For PTX-100 For T-Cell Lymphoma; Ellerston Reduces To 6.4% Of Atomo; Regal Funds Reduce To 17.7% Of Visioneering; Aroa Releases 34.6m Voluntary Escrow Shares; MGC Claims ‘Statistical Significance’ Of Artemic For Long Covid

Compumedics Unaudited Revenue Up 4% To $37m; Sales Up 29%; USPTO Allows Cynata Stem Cells For Asthma Patent; Genetic Technologies Completes Affinity DNA Acquisition; Administrators Extend Oventus Convening Period; Correction: Zelira; Clarification: Mach7 Technologies; Neurotech Appoints Gerald Quigley Director; Creso Impactive Appoints 3 Marijuana ‘Brand Ambassadors’

Federal $29.3m For $88.5m ‘Industrial Transformation Centres’; NERA: Pharmaust’s Epichem To Recycle Shell’s Plastic; National Police Force Of Colombia Hospital Renews Imex Contract; Actinogen Xanamem Alzheimer’s Biomarker Trial Ahead Of Time; Mach7: US Court Dismisses AI Visualize Patent Claims; Antisense Applies For German ATL1102 For Duchenne Approval; Paradigm, US NFL Alumni Health Work On Osteo-Arthritis; Analytica Wins Pericoach Canada Patent; Zelira To ASX: ‘More Buyers Than Sellers Pushed Price 94%’; Visioneering Naturalvue Trial 50% Enrolled; Aroa $2.1m Director Options AGM; Visioneering Loses Director Christine Van Heek

Hydrix Receipts Up 1% To $9.7m; Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; Immuron Travelan, Protectyn Sales Up 5-Fold To $881k; Imex, Colsubsidio Expand Radiology Contract; Neuren Starts NNZ-2591 Angelman Trial; Neuroscientific Ethics Application For Emtinb Phase I Trial; Emvision: Two Trial Sites, Avania Clinical Cro; Sierra Sage To Take Up 70% Of Creso EGM; Providence To Sell Creso Anibidiol In South Korea; Zelira Requests ‘German Regulatory Results’ Trading Halt; Kazia Appoints New Scientific Advisory Board; Anteris Appoints Prof Martin Leon Adviser

Hexima Winding Up After HXP124 Fails Nail Fungus Trial; US FDA Knocks Back Lumos Febridx; Eye Co Prepares For 2 Fludrocortisone Phase II Trials; Anteris: Duravr ‘Clinical Improvement’ At 30-Days; Telix Zircon TLX250-CDx Kidney Cancer Imaging Trial Enroled; Althea Marijuana Receipts Up 113% To $22m; Respiri: UK NIHR $3.5m Wheezo Child Asthma Trial; Impedimed: Two Risk Factor Papers Published; Anteo Lithium-Ion Batteryanteox ‘Validated’; JM Below 5% Of Universal Biosensors; Clime Reduces To 7.3% Of Mach7; Telix Appoints Kevin Richardson Americas CEO; Recce Appoints Dr Phillip Sutton Translational Science Head; Argenica Appoints Prof Jeffery Saver Adviser

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Emvision Medical Devices; Breakthrough Victoria Undisclosed Grant To Seer Medical; Nova Eye Glaucoma Sales Up 0.5% To $13.1m; Firebrick: TGA Confirms Nasodine Rejection; Neurotech: ‘93% Improved’ In Marijuana For Autism Trial; Lumos Takes ‘Regulatory Update’ Halt To Suspension; Haemalogix Appoints Dr Geoff Nichol Director; Neuren Appoints Dr Liza Squires US-Based CMO

Cyclopharm Technegas ‘Preferred’ For Covid Imaging; Argenica ARG-007 Safety Study: Allergic Reaction ‘Unlikely’; Kazia: US FDA Grants Paxalisib Rare Paediatric Disease Status; Botanix Expedites US Sofpironium Bromide NDA; 2 Trials Enroled; Resapp, Medgate Extend Resappdx Deal 12 Months; Euro Patent For Immuron Clostridioides Dificile Drug; Creso Appoints Gotro Singapore Distributor; Firebrick Requests ‘TGA Appeal Outcome’ Trading Halt; Neurotech Extends Voluntary Suspension

Microbio Hopes To Raise $3m For Infectid Test; Resapp Sleepcheckerx Wins FDA 501(K) Clearance; Administrators Invite Expressions Of Interest For Oventus; DVT Backs Bull IQ Doca; Possible Director Offences; Alterity Doses 1st Phase II MSA Patient; Paradigm: Canada Approval, UK Site For Phase III Zilosul Trial; Japan Patent For Immutep IMP761; Lumos Requests ‘Regulatory Update’ Trading Halt; Neurotech Takes ‘NTI164 Trial Results’ Halt To Suspension; Allianz Takes 10% Of Starpharma; Brandon’s Cureator Event To Announce Grant Winners

Infensa $23m For Queensland Uni Spider Venom Molecule; Painchek: Western Australia $393k For Non-Verbal Kids; Imricor Applies For 2nd Vision-MR Ablation Catheter CE Mark; VGI Begins VB001 Nafld, Nash Study Recruitment; Noxopharm: 3 More US Veyonda Sarcoma Trial Sites; Genetic Technologies Takes Easydna To India, Europe; US Patent For Prescient Omnicar Cell Therapy; Resapp Japan, Australia Patents For Cough Detection; Genetic Technologies Loses CFO, Co Sec Michael Tonroe; Chimeric: Cassandra Harrison Clinical Ops, Data Head

Cyclopharm H1 Unaudited Revenue Up 33% To $11.3m; Bupa UK To Reimburse Oncosil Device For Pancreatic Cancer; Volpara, Radnet Mammography Analytics, Risk Software Deal; Invex Phase III ‘Evolve’ Presendin Trial For IIH Approved; Dimerix: DMX-700 Reduces COPD Lung Injury 80%, In Mice; Patrys PAT-DX1 Large Scale Manufacture; Audeara: Amplifon To Buy 5k A-02 TV Bundles; Microba, IFF Microbiome Sample Data Milestone; Adalta Delays AD-214 Program To Save Cash; Epsilon, Valens Extend Southport Marijuana Partnership; Neurotech Requests ‘NTI164 Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Walker, Auckland Trust Increase, Diluted To 39% In Next Science; Planet Innovation Takes 32.4% Of Lumos; RPS Diagnostics Reduces To 7% Of Lumos; Resmed Lucile Blaise Sleep, Respiratory Head; Robert Douglas

FY22: BDI-40 Down 38%, ASX200 Down 10%, Big Caps Down 3%, NBI Down 27%; Resmed $2.2b Loan; Option For $1.5b More; EBR Takes $73m Loan; Enrols Pacemaker Trial; Nuheara $2m Placement, Partner Realtek Takes $1.7m; Alterity Receives $4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Radiopharm, Genesiscare Extend Trial Agreement; Paradigm Phase II Zilosul Biomarker Trial Enrolled; Tissue Repair Requests TR-987 Trial FDA Meeting; US Patent For Inoviq Sub-B2M Technology; CEO Dr Andrew Ronchi, Tanamy Take 5.6% Of Dorsavi; Imugene Appoints Dr Sharon Yavrom Director, Clinical Scientist; Arovella Appoints Pharmaxis M-D Gary Phillips Director; Co Sec Guy Robertson Replaces Bioxyne Director Patrick Ford; Pharmaxis Appoints Dr Jana Baskar CMO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals; Proteomics Identifies Biomarkers For Endometriosis; Microba, Genova Microbiome Tests ‘Available’ In US; Medlab Nasdaq IPO, 150-To-1 Consolidation EGM; Starpharma, Lloyds Re-Launch Viraleze In UK; Genetic Technologies Starts Selling Genetype In Australia; Neuroscientific Recruits 1st Emtinb Trial Volunteer; Race: ‘Zantrene Chemo Cardio-Protective, In Mice’; Paradigm: Australia Accepts Zilosul Patent; Cann Group Mildura Marijuana Manufacturing Licence; Creso, China Chemical & Pharma Taiwan Animal Health Deal; Fidelity Increases, Diluted To 7.8% Of Medibio; Dr Allan Rubenstein To Replace Visioneering Director Zita Peach

Dementia Australia $750k Grants For Alzheimer’s Toxins; UK Approves Invex Presendin Phase III Hypertension Trial; Bluechiip Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Chimeric Expands Pennsylvania Uni Viral Vector Licence; Nyrada NYX-PCSK9I Phase I Cholesterol Trial Delay; Acorn Takes 6.5% Of Micro-X; Paradigm To Release 638k ASX Escrow Shares; Clarity Appoints Prof Louise Emmett Adviser

Orthocell Up 50% On Biohorizons $23.1m For Striate+ Licence; Lumos Retail Rights Raise $3.2m, Total $11.2m; Arovella: Strides Ends Sumatriptan Agreement, ‘No Cost Impact’; 4D Medical, I-Med 3-Year XV LVAS Contract; Imricor, Siemens Deploy 3-D MRI Cardiac Mapping; Microba, G42 1st UAE Microbiome Reports; Memphasys, Monash IVF Enrol 1st Felix Study Couple; Cardiex Files US FDA 510(K) Pulse Monitor Application; BCal, Precion Develop Blood Test For Breast Cancer; Race: Zantrene With BRAF, MEK Inhibitors Kills Melanomas; Creso: Weed Pool Cannabis Orders $12.4k Marijuana Vapes; Medlab Requests Capital Raising EGM Trading Halt; Platinum Diluted Below 5% In Kazia; One Funds Takes 6.6% Of Imricor; Incannex Loses Dr Sud Agarwal; Dr George Anastassov; CTO

Victoria Government Cabinet Re-Shuffle And Biotech; Imugene Climbs 49% On Her-Vaxx Gastric Cancer Trial Claim; Lumos Wins Viradx Canada Interim Authorization; Emvision Earns $600k 1st Responder Brain Scanner Milestone; Trajan Completes Chromatography Acquisition; Starpharma, Genentech Expand Dep Research Agreement; Dimerix: Remap-Cap Covid Ards Trial Recruitment Closes; Medlab Nanabis ‘Twice The Bioavailability Of Other Marijuana’; Nuheara Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Investors Mutual Reduces To 6.3% In Mayne; Merchant Funds Takes 9.6% Of BCal; Uscom: Ng Jih Nang For SE Asia Business Development; Optiscan Appoints China’s Sinsi Viewnvivo Distributor; Vectus Appoints Shangahi Jadesen VB4-A32 China Adviser

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Recce Pharmaceuticals; Hexima Falls 85% On ‘Inconclusive’ Pezadeftide Nail Fungus Trial; Painchek To Raise $4.6m; Redhill Talicia (Heliconda) Q1 Revenue Up 13%; Dorsavi, QBE Extend Workplace Safety Deal 3 Years; Chimeric: FDA Approves Core-NK Cell Cancer Trial; Orthocell Requests ‘Striate+ Licence’ Trading Halt; First Sentier Takes 5% Of Polynovo; CEO Stephen Tomisich Diluted To 51% In Trajan; Richmond Hill Takes 5% Of Universal Biosensors; Perennial Reduces To 12% Of Lumos; Naos Takes 31% Of BTC Health; Simon Glover To Replace 4D Medical CFO Health Lee

Telix: Isologic To Distribute Illucix In Canada; Servatus, Genetic Analysis Microbiome Tests, Therapies; Microba Releases Gut Test Beta Version; Polynovo Sells Port Melbourne HQ For $6.5m; Medlab Food Additives Deal With Yeshealth; Alterity: Italy Approves ATH434 MSA Trial; Nuheara Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Blackrock Reduces To 8% Of Imricor; Regal Funds Below 5% Of Imricor

Zelira Terminates Health House Acquisition; Arovella, Stada Launch Zolpimist Spray For Insomnia; Medibio Hopes To Raise $1.4m; Loses M-D Claude Solitario; Noxopharm Partner Hudson Institute Receives $1.45m Grant; Race: Zantrene Shrinks Melanoma Tumors, In Mice; Flinders: Vortex 5-Min Test For Infectious Diseases; Trajan To Release 4.7m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Painchek Requests ‘Rights Offer, Placement’ Trading Halt; Blackrock Reduces To 9.3% Of Imricor

Resapp Fails Confirmation Target, Pfizer To Pay $127m; SDI Freight Costs 16-22% Profit Warning; Mach7 $3m Cabell Huntington Contract Renewal; WEHI ‘Reduces Car-T-Cell Toxicity’; Anteris: Duravr 6-Month Follow-Up ‘Marked Improvement’; Volpara, Microsoft ‘Cardio-Vascular Issues’ Test; Proteomics Licences QIMR Oesophageal Cancer Biomarkers; Recce: 4,000mg R327 ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Race Data Backs Zantrene For FTO Cancers; Radiopharm Appoints Prof Susann Brady-Kalnay Adviser

Victoria, Federal $100m For Melanoma, Trials Centre; Trajan Raises $29.7m, Share Plan For Further $5m; Acrux, Padagis US Commercialization Deal; Antisense ATL1102 For Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy; Osteopore, Livingstone Bone, Tissue Collaboration; Clarity To Release 729k ASX Escrow Shares; Resapp Requests ‘Covid Data Confirmation’ Trading Halt; Zelira Requests ‘Scheme Implementation Deed’ Trading Halt; Medibio Extends Capital Raising Suspension; Pokies Bruce Mathieson Sells $3.1m Respiri Stake; Harbour Takes 12% Of Volpara; Medadvisor US M-D Rick Ratliff Starts On $826k; Annabelle Grant CFO; Respiri Appoints Angel Medical CEO Brad Snow Director; Artrya: Dr Jacob Agris CMO, Prof Girish Dwivedi CSO

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: LBT Innovations; Trajan $30m Placement, $20m Loan For $62m Chromatography; Lumos To Develop Aptatek Phenylketonuria Test; Artrya: FDA Rejects 501(K) For Salix Coronary Software; Kazia: Paxalisib Orphan Status For Rhabdoid-Teratoid Tumors; EBR To Release 4.6m ASX Escrow Shares; Recce Converts 3m ‘Disputed’ Performance Shares; Baillie Gifford Below 5% In Cochlear; JM Diluted To 6% Of Universal Biosensors; Richmond Hill Diluted Below 5% In Universal Biosensors; Blackrock Reduces To 11% Of Imricor; MGC Marijuana ‘Kills Glioblastoma In Cell Lines’

University Of Melbourne $115m For Start-Ups; Proteomics: Biotem Transfers Promarkerd Production; Genetic Technologies Claims Genetype Could Save $2b; Exopharm $2.7m Radium RDTI Loan; Medibio Takes ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt To Suspension; AAMRI, Veski $814k Inaugural Victoria ‘Near-Miss’ Awards

Resmed To Pay HG $1.2b For Germany’s Medifox Dan; MIPS Licences Glyph To Puretech To Make IV Drugs Oral; Neuroscientific Emtinb ‘Reduces MS, Biomarkers’, In Mice; Island: Sofgen Replaces Curia For ISLA-101 Manufacture; Allan Gray Below 5% In Impedimed; Dr Paul Cozzi Takes 9.6% Of Visioneering; Planet Innovation Takes 29% Of Lumos; Perennial Value Takes 14.6% Of Lumos; Acorn Diluted Below 5% In Lumos

Resapp: Pfizer Increases Offer To $125m - $178m; Pro Medicus: $47m Sutter, Wellspan Renewals; Victoria $2m For mRNA, Noxopharm; $400k For Manufacturing; Oventus ‘Voluntary Administration To Restructure’; Ausbiotech ‘Snapshot’ Claims 43% Increase Since 2019; Trajan ‘Non-Operational Factors’ Cause 11% Profit Warning; Mesoblast To ‘Vigorously Defend’ 2nd Class Action; Micro-X, Medlink $1m Rover Mobile X-Ray US Distribution; Osteopore Ships 1st Cranial Implants To South Africa; Adherium: Helicon Health To Distribute Hailie Sensor In UK; Actinogen Plans Xanamem Alzheimer’s, Depression Trials; Kazia ONC201, Paxalisib Benefit For Childhood Brain Cancer; Cynata: Cymerus ‘Highly Potent’ For IPF’, In Mice; Patrys PAT-DX1 ‘Might Reduce Cancer Metastasis’; Adalta Europe Patent For AD-214; Radiopharm: Isotopia To Supply Lutetium-177 NCA; Zelira Terminates DRCN Licence, Receives $360k; Creso: $15k 1st New Marijuana Strains Order; Medibio Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Evercore, William Blair Cease In Bionomics; Optiscan Appoints Orchid’s Sean Gardner Director; Medibio Director Peter Carlisle Moves To Adviser

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Kazia Therapeutics; Telix, Reflexion Partner For Illuccix-Guided Radiotherapy; Chimeric Manufactures Chm1101 Viral Vector; LHC Reduces, Diluted To 8% Of BTC; Regeneus CEO Karolis Rosickas Buys 4m Shares; CSIRO $1m For MTP Connect Redi Fellowships

Oncosil Rights Raise $5.9m; Total $9.9m; Chimeric, L1 Capital $30m Drawdown Equity Facility; Radiopharm Sub-Licences PTP Tumor Targeting Agent; Memphasys To Meet FDA; Covid Slows Felix Sales; Invion Applies For INV043 Photosoft Patent; Neurotech: ‘NTI164, Diclofenac Reduces Biomarkers, In-Vitro’; Race To Buy-Back Up-To 4m Shares; Palla Liquidators: ‘Nothing For Share-Holders’; Oventus Loses Founder Dr Chris Hart, Director Suspension

WEHI, Johns Hopkins Blood Test For Colon Cancer Chemo; Lumos Insto Rights Raise $8m; Retail For $3.2m More; Microba, Ginkgo Start Microbiome Autoimmune Drug Project; Prescient Cellpryme-M For Car-T-Cell Manufacture; Nova Eye Rolls-Out Itrack For Canaloplasty; Kazia, Alliance Expand Paxalisib Brain Metastases Trial; Dorsavi Tests Athletic Movement Index; Race Takes Phase I/II Zantrene AML, MDS Trial To Europe; Woke, UWA Expand Consciousness From Psilocybin To LSD; Zelira: ‘Marijuana Zenivol Reduces Insomnia Severity’; Resapp Extends Voluntary Extension, Again; Oncosil Requests ‘Shortfall’ Trading Halt; Avecho Requests ‘Aveo Cleansing, Court Orders’ Suspension; Regal Reduces To 5% Of Imricor; Bill Peng Takes 9% Of Audeara; Robert Brice, JDB Reduce, Diluted To 9.7% Of Audeara; Regal Below 5% In Althea; Control Bionics Loses CFO Neale Java

Victoria $1m For MCRI, Novo Nordisk Stem Cell Collaboration; Gilead $300k Fellowship Grants For 6 Projects; Audeara Raises $1m In Bill Peng Placement; Orthocell: Remplir (Celgro) 2-Year Nerve Regeneration Data; Dimerix, Acadi Trial DMX-200 For Diabetic Kidney Disease; Paradigm Receives $8.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Telix Receives $17.25m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neuroscientific: Ethics Approval For Emtinb Trial; Oventus Requests ‘Board Composition’ Trading Halt; Regal Funds Reduces To 19% Of Opthea; Regal Funds Diluted To 19% In Visioneering; Regal Funds Diluted To 10.9% Of IDT; Regal Funds Takes 8.1% Of Medadvisor; Rebecca Brice, JDB Reduce To 10.7% Of Audeara; Arovella Loses Chair Paul Hopper, Dr Elizabeth Stoner Interim

Lumos $11.2m Rights Offer; Doug Ward CEO On $576k; Clarity: FDA Okays Sar-Bombesin Prostate Cancer IND; S&P ASX Indices: Polynovo, Volpara, Platinum Demoted; Immutep: IMP321 ‘Favorable Efficacy For NSCLC’; Proteomics: ‘Promarkerd Predicts Late-Stage Kidney Decline’; Nyrada: NYR-BI02 Targets TRPC Ion Channels; VGI Votes 99.99% For Invictus Demerger; Resapp Extends Pfizer Deal Suspension; Radiopharm Appoints Prof Leila Alland Director

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Starpharma; Argenica Placement Raises $5.5m; Patrys: $250k For Telethon Deoxymab Brain Cancer Research; Audeara, Specsavers Distribution Deal; Orthocell Receives $2.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Incannex: Marijuana IHL-42X Reduces Sleep Apnoea; Woke: Monash Formulates Rapid Release WP001 Psilocybin; Visioneering AGM 51% Block 10% Placement Facility; Epsilon Appoints 7% Shareholder Patrick Xu Director; Austco Appoints Andrew Hall CCO

Pro Medicus, Allina $28m Visage 7 Deal; GSK $100k Australian Research Excellence Awards Open; Victoria $100k For Primary Immune Deficiency Diagnostics; Amplia: AMP945 ‘Similar Efficacy’ To Nintedanib For IPF, In Mice; Alterity Starts NZ ATH434 For MSA Phase II Trial; Anteris: Mercer $1.1m Convertible Notes; Proteomics Submits Promarkerd For TGA Registration; Impedimed Sozo 4.1 Adds Analytics, Better Electronic Records; Adherium To Supply Hailie Monitor For Avillion Trial; Cann Harvests 1st Mildura Commercial Marijuana Crop; Resapp Takes ‘Pfizer Expert Report’ Halt To Suspension; Lumos Requests ‘Rights Offer’ Trading Halt

May BDI-40 Down 5%, ASX200 Down 3%, Big Caps Up 0.6%, NBI Down 1%; Mark Butler Health, Aged Care; Ed Husic Industry, Science; Science & Technology Australia Welcomes Federal Labor Ministry; Pacific Edge: Kaiser Permanente To Use Cxbladder In EMR; Osprey Restructure: Shareholder Outlook ‘Unclear’; Kazia: GBM-Agile Opens Paxalisib Arm In Europe; Cann Receives Victoria $500k For Regional Jobs; Correction: Clarity Pharmaceuticals; Argenica Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; BVF, Mark Lampert Increase, Diluted To 13.8% In Actinogen; Jencay Diluted To 7% Of Universal Biosensors; Darren Smith Replaces Telix CFO Doug Cubbin; Gabriel Liberatore; Imugene Loses CMO Dr Steven Cha; Prof Yanghee Woo Adviser; Radiopharm Appoints Vittorio Puppo US COO; Bio-Melbourne ’Flu Resurgence Forum

Living Cell Raises $1.3m For NTCell Parkinson’s Trial; Dimerix Recruits 1st Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Patient; Anteris Completes 2nd Duravr Trial Cohort; Mesoblast Remestemcel-L, Dexamethasone Ards Trial; Clarity Pays $348k, 400k Shares For ‘Nanobody Platform’; Medlab Starts Nanocelle Nasal Covid-19 Vaccine; Emyria: $450k For UWA To Expand MDMA Analog Program; Resapp Requests ‘Pfizer Acquisition Expert Report’ Halt; Australian Ethical Takes 12.3% Of Somnomed; Carl Charalambous Takes 9.8% Of Exopharm; Steve Sargent To Replace Nanosonics Chair Maurie Stang

Sanofi, Crash Bang Wallop Haemophiliac Joint Scanner; Truscreen Revenue Up 48% To $1.5m, Loss Up 126% To $7.2m; Telix: CMS Illuccix ‘Pass-Through’ Reimbursement; Acrux Wins Almirall Aczone Patent Action; Cynata: St George Joins Covid-19 Trial; Invion: INV043 Reduces Tumor Size 65%, In Mice; Biotron: FDA BIT-225 Covid-19 Guidance; Zelira Enrols Marijuana For Diabetic Nerve Pain Patients; Creso, Optimi Psilocybin, Mushrooms Deal; Ellerston Reduces To 7.5% In Atomo; Viburnum Takes 26.5% Of Universal Biosensors; Perennial Below 5% In Imex; Exopharm Loses 2 Staff, Pay Cuts, Belt-Tightening; Paradigm Appoints Marco Polizzi CEO, Dr Donna Skerrett CMO; Medical Developments Appoints Tara Eaton Co Sec, Counsel; Adherium Appoints Tara Creaven-Capasso; CFO; Pharmaust: Fiona Milner Epichem G-M, Ingrid Klopper BDM

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Opthea; Compumedics Forecasts Sales Orders Up 19% To $42m; Race Ready For Phase II Zantrene For AML Trial; Immutep: IMP321 Shows ‘Favourable Anti-Tumor Activity’; Inoviq Poster Backs Exo-Net For Cancer Type ID; Noxopharm: ‘Idronoxil, Cisplatin Increase Response, In-Vitro’; Microba: Beyond Drug Development For MAP315 Trial; Living Cell Requests Placement Trading Halt; Cochlear Appoints Karen Penrose Director; Next Science To Lose CEO Judith Mitchell In 2023; Pharmaust To Lose CSO Dr Richard Mollard

Volpara Revenue Up 32% To $24m, Loss Down 6.4% To $15m; Pacific Edge Revenue Up 49% To $10.5m; Loss Up 39% To $18m; Cynata: FDA Okays CYP-001 For GvHD Trial; Redhill: ‘Data Backs Talicia For H Pylori In Diabetics’; Anteris Starts 2nd Duravr Aortic Valve Replacement Cohort; Analytica Receives ISO13485:2016 For Pericoach; Microba: Midnight Health To Distribute Vidality In Australia; Race Requests Trial Results Trading Halt; Visioneering Lacks Quorum; Adjourns AGM; Osprey Loses 2 Directors; AGM On Hold; Yarra Funds Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; Clarity Appoints Dr Neal Shore Adviser

Tamorx: Brandon Leads $14m Raise For Cancer; Firebrick: Malaysia Patent For Nasodine; Nuheara: $71k Vox Scrip For Mining Royalties; Vectus 2nd Multiple Ascending VB0004 Dose Cohort; Chimeric To Licence Natural Killer Cell Technology; Emyria: Marijuana EMD-RX5 ‘Safe, Bioequivalent To Epidyolex’; Bod Medicabilis Cannabigerol ‘Improved Symptoms’; Imagion AGM 19% Oppose Remuneration Report; Regal Reduces To 5.5% Of Althea; Firebrick Appoints Dr Richard Treagus Director; Anteris Appoints Prof Dion Stub Adviser

Aroa Revenue Up 78% To $36.1m; Loss Down 56% To $7.6m; Universal Biosensors Rights $69k Bids, Raise $20m, Total $26m; Micro-X $850k US Bag Scanner Concept Design Milestone; Cyclopharm Technegas ‘Potential For Long Covid’; Pharmaust Phase II Monepantel Sars-Cov-2 Trial; Telix Director Oliver Buck Goes

QUT: $282k US Grant To Disrupt Emerging Viruses; Living Cell, Opticellai $360k NTCell A-I Deal; Total Brain $2.4m R&D Tax Incentive Pays Loan; Creso, Dr Pickles Tattoo Herbal Salve Deal; Emyria Requests ‘Emd-RX5 Phase I Trial Results’ Trading Halt; 4D Appoints Direct