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Biotech Bounces Back: April BDI-40 Up 28%

ASX200 Up 9%, Big Caps Up 3.5%

YTD: Big Caps Up 55%, BDI-40 Up 37%, ASX200 Down 13%


May 1, 2020

The Biotech Daily Top-40 Index (which does not include the three Big Caps of Cochlear, CSL and Resmed) recovered most of its Covid-19 pandemic global downturn losses in April, up 28.0 percent to $14,100 million - above its then August 1, 2019 record level.
The benchmark ASX-200 was up 8.8 percent in April - apart from last month, its lowest level since Nov 30, 2016.
The collective market capitalization of the three Big Caps was up 3.5 percent in April to $188,657, almost reaching its January 30, 2020 level and its third highest on record.
While some companies have been hurt by travel and other restrictions, others have continued work, some unaffected, and some even benefitting from the production of Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19 diagnostics. Mesoblast is the leader of several seeing a share price rise on the back of drug or diagnostic development to treat or test the virus.
For the year to April 30, the collective market capitalization of the three Big Caps of Cochlear, CSL and Resmed was up 54.9 percent, the BDI-40 climbed 36.5 percent, with the ASX down 13.3 percent compared to April 30, 2019. In the US, the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index (NBI) was up 15.0 percent in April to 3,900 points, up 16.7 percent for the 12 months.
CSL rose 6.4 percent in April to $143,298 million, its second highest market capitalization on record. Resmed fell 5.2 percent to $33,642 million, with Cochlear up 2.5 percent to $11,717 million, despite its $1.1 billion placement and share plan.
Thirty-two of the BDI-40 companies were up (29 by more than 10 percent), six fell (three by more than 10 percent) and two were unchanged. In the BDI-20, 17 were up, with just three falls.
Mesoblast was the leader of the April BDI-20 pack, up $954 million or 128.2 percent to $1,698 million, followed by Neuren (51.5%), Compumedics (50.0%), Medical Developments (41.8%), Telix (34.9%), Starpharma (33.8%), Paradigm (33.2%), Cyclopharm (32.1%), Immutep (31.4%), Pro Medicus (29.0%) Polynovo (28.4%), Volpara (27.5%), Opthea (20.8%), Nanosonics (20.0%), Ellex (17.3%), and Clinuvel (11.4%).
Many in the Second 20 recovered from lower bases, led by Impedimed up 95 percent to $39 million, followed by Optiscan (80.0%), Prescient (63.6%) and Next Science (42.4%).
Oncosil led the very few significant falls in the BDI-40, down $17 million or 20 percent to $68 million, followed by Osprey (16.7%) and Avita (14.7%).
Outside the BDI-40, Sienna jumped 144.4 percent to $22 million and Atomo ended April at $269 million - 140.2 percent above its expected post-IPO level of $112 million.
Even Cannabis Corner was higher in April, recovering 32.4 percent from its all-time low to $788 million – but far below its July 31, 2019 peak of $1,909 million. Botanix recovered 100 percent to $44 million and Cann Group improved 33.7 percent to $131 million.
BDI-40 v S&P ASX200 Jun 30, 2006 to Apr 30, 2020 
3-Year Big Caps (Cochlear, CSL, Resmed) to Apr 30, 2020

BDI-40 ($m) v S&P ASX200 – Year to Apr 30, 2020 
(current, raw data)



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Biotech Daily Top 40 With Market Capitalization At Apr 30, 2020


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   Mesoblast; Nanosonics, Neuren, Patrys, Polynovo, Telix and Volpara, as well as non-biotechnology stocks.
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