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Mar 31, 2022

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Bio-Bargains; Federal 2040 Health Strategy Committee Appointed; Roger Allen, Patagorang Take 5.5% Of Hydrix; Jason Carroll Takes 11.2% Of Island; Tiffany Olson Replaces Telix Director Oliver Buck; Compumedics Loses Director Tucson Dunn; Nova’s Joe Bankovich Appointed US Glaucoma Society Adviser

Mar 30, 2022

Budget 2022: Further Details, Comment & Response - Ausbiotech, Genesiscare, Insulet, Biotech Daily; Genetic Signatures $5.4m Welsh Easyscreen Deal; Clinuvel Doses 2nd Afamelanotide DNA Repair Cohort; Memphasys: India, China Repeat Felix Cartridge Orders; Recce: 1000mg R-327 ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Race: Astex Free ASTX727 For Zantrene AML, MDS Trial; Argenica ARG-007 ‘Protects Ischaemic Brain Death, In Rats’; Living Cell, University Of Technology Sydney Optimize NTCell; Uscom Unmarketable Parcel Facility Buys Back 269k Shares; Total Brain, Varga Continue $700k Loan Talks; Painchek Appoints Cynthia Payne Director

Mar 29, 30, 2022

Budget 2022 Special Edition

mRNA Vaccines, Women’s Health, Aged Care

Comment & Analyses

Mar 29, 2022

Budget 2022 Special Edition

mRNA Vaccines, Women’s Health, Aged Care

Mar 29, 2022

Tessara Hopes To Raise $10m For Realbrain; UNSW Founders Synbio 10x $840k For Six Start-Ups; Avecho TPM-CBD Gel ‘Highly Significant For OA Pain’; Telix: FDA Orphan Status For TLX66 Transplant ‘Conditioning’; Telix: Xiel Replaces Curium As Illuccix UK, Ireland Distributor; Liquidators Sell Palla UK, Norway; ‘Nothing For Investors’; Nyrada: ‘Oral NYR-BI02 Beats BI01 For Brain Injury, In Mice’; Artrya Opens Los Angeles Office; Dimerix Receives $3.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Credit Suisse Takes 5% Of Mesoblast; Respiri Appoints EAS US Corporate Adviser

Mar 28, 2022

Clarity Opens Prostate Cancer Imaging Trial Recruitment; Oncosil: Germany Funds Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Painchek: NZ’s Summerset Adopts Pain Monitor; Micro-X: MXR Imaging To Distribute Rover X-Ray In US; Inoviq Amends Defence In Performance Share Legal Matter; Recce Receives $3.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Botanix Receives $2.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Creso: Halucenex Upgrade To Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms; ASX Lifts Chimeric Options Suspension; Regal Funds Below 5% In Micro-X; Perennial Reduces To 6.75% In Imex; Cronos Loses Director Kurt Schmidt

Mar 25, 2022

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Atomo Diagnostics; Doherty Trials 2 Sars-Cov-2 Vaccines; Chimeric Places $2.7m Of $6.4m Shortfall; Total $14.4m; Micro-X: $900k Milestone Payment Due For Stroke Imaging Data; Neuren: FDA Okays NNZ-2591 Pitt-Hopkins IND, Trial; Nuheara 20-To-One Consolidation, Stock Ratification EGM

Mar 24, 2022

Unisuper Invests $75m In Uniseed; Doherty, Moderna Expediate mRNA Vaccine Research; Clarity: US Investigator Copper-64 Prostate Cancer Trial; Servatus Starts Probiotics For Insomnia Trial; Imugene Takes Checkvacc To 2nd Cohort; Immutep: IMP321 For Lung Cancer ‘Safe, Encouraging Activity’; Incannex $125m Scrip For Marijuana Company Apirx; Proteomics: Promarkerd India Patent; Carl Charalambous Takes 8.8% Of Exopharm; Harbour Takes 11% Of Volpara; Mesoblast Appoints Dr Philip Krause Director

Mar 23, 2022

Doherty: Sars-Cov-2 Vaccines Give ‘Lasting’ T-Cell Immunity; Flinders Uni Discovers Gut-Brain Communication Route; Chimeric Rights Raise $4.3m; Total $11.7m; $6.4m Shortfall Halt; Neuren: FDA Approves NNZ-2591 Phelan-McDermid IND, Trial; Telix Approved For TLX101 Glioblastoma Trial; Imugene: US Okay For Phase I Vaxinia Tumor Trial; Chimeric: CHM2101 ‘Eradicates Tumors’, In Mice; Radiopharm: Genesiscare For 1st Australian Cancer Trial; PYC: FDA ‘Concurs’ With Pre-IND Plans; Clime Down To 8.6% Of Mach7; Life Biosciences Reduces To 10% Of Alterity; SG Hiscock Increases, Diluted To 5.1% Of Althea; Anteo To Lose CEO Derek Thomson, Too

Mar 22, 2022

Avita: BARDA Backs Recell Soft Tissue Trial; Noxopharm: Veyonda Soft Tissue Sarcoma FDA Orphan Status; Resapp Claims 92% Covid-19 Detection; Alcidion: $1.35m Herefordshire, Worcestershire NHS Miya Deal; Memphasys: ‘Samson 90% Pregnancy Prediction Rate’; Next Science Share Plan Raises $4.8m; Total $14.8m; Telix Starts Belgium Radio-Pharmaceutical Facility; Total Brain To Repay $3.2m Loans, Expects R&D Tax Incentive; Incannex Requests ‘Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Bio-Melbourne Forum On Cytiva Bio-Challenge; Botanix Appoints Daniel Sharp Director; Mayne Appoints Ann Custin Director

Mar 21, 2022

Federal $28.1m For Geonomics Australia; University Of New South Wales Opens RNA Institute; Baymatob Raises $4.2m For Oli Labor Monitor; Orthocell: TGA Approves Celgro Remplir For Nerve Repair; Living Cell: Shortfall Raises No Funds; Total $3.86m; Anteo Tells ASX Query: ‘Webinar Had No New Information’; ASX Suspends Chimeric Options; Resapp Takes ‘Covid Results’ Halt To Suspension; VGI: Study Backs Delta-Tocotrienol Pharmaco-Kinetics; Immutep Wins Japan LAG525 For Cancer Patent; Creso: Market Share ‘Milestone’; Plant Yield Up

Mar 18, 2022

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Immutep; Redhill Revenue Up 33% To $116m, Loss Up 28% To $133m; Impedimed: Astrazeneca Extends Sozo Kidney Contract; Polynovo Sells Port Melbourne HQ For $6.4m; Leaseback; Micro-X: $1.9m US Bag Scanner Prototype Milestone; Incannex: Up-To $69m In-The-Money ‘Loyalty’, Piggy-Back Options; IDT Misses Federal mRNA Grant, 2nd ‘Remains Live’; JM Financial Reduces To 8.7% Of Universal Biosensors; Peters Takes 12.7% Of Optiscan

Mar 17, 2022

Garvan $185m Fund For Rare, Untreatable Cancers; Micro-X Sends 4 Rover X-Ray Units To Ukraine; 4D Launches MRFF-Funded XV Lung Scanner; Imagion: Magsense Agent ‘Safe, Well Tolerated’; Paradigm: UK Approves Osteo-Arthritis Trial; Pharmaxis Adds Taiwan To PXS-5505 Bone Cancer Trial; Clinuvel: Neuracthel Batches For Regulatory Approval; Biotron: ‘BIT225 Effective Against Sars-Cov-2, In Mice’; Race: Zantrene ‘Highly Effective’ Against Leukaemia, In Mice; Emyria High Dose Marijuana CBD EMD-RX7; Trial Planned; IDT Requests mRNA ‘Grant Application’ Trading Halt; Orthocell Requests ‘Regulatory Approval’ Trading Halt; Resapp Requests ‘Covid Results’ Trading Halt; Pacific Edge Appoints Tony Barclay Director

Mar 16, 2022

Haemokinesis $17m IPO For Rapid Blood Group Tests; Victoria $10m For 20 Cancer Research Projects; LBT Sells First 5 US APAS Instruments; $2m; Redhill, Kukbo Up-To $10m South Korea Opaganib Covid-19 Deal; Ena Doses 1st INNA-051 Influenza Challenge Participants; Alcidion Signs $1.9m Miya Deal With Tayside NHS; Creso To Ship 35k Marijuana Lozenges To Sierra Sage Herbs; Regal Reduces To 6.5% Of Althea; Immuron Appoints Paul Brennan Director

Mar 15, 2022

Clinuvel: Afamelanotide ‘Safe For Stroke’, Positive Data; Victoria, Intervenn, St Vincent’s Early Cancer Detection; Wearoptimo ‘Multi-Million Dollar Hydration Deal With Aspen’; Imugene To Trial HER-Vaxx, Keytruda For Gastric Cancer; Respiri: Wheezo For Paid Michigan Children’s Program; Cann Group: Mildura Facility ‘Practical Completion’; Opthea: 100% Directors Pay Hike, 2m Directors Options EGM; Pharmaust Manufactures Monepantel For Trials; Radiopharm Appoints Bill Regan Regulatory Strategy Head

Mar 14, 2022

Victoria, South Korea mRNA Vaccine Partnership; Bionomics Receives Cancer Therapeutics CRC $264k; Antisense: ‘ATL1102 Improves Bone Density’; Memphasys: Draft ISO 13485 For Management Systems; EBR: Leadless Pacemaker Included In Solve-CRT Trial; Osteopore, Singular Study AI Design For Cranial Implants; Allegra: ‘Systemic Safety For Sr-Ht-Gahnite Device’; Zelira 175-To-1 Consolidation EGM; Perennial Takes 12.6% Of Lumos; Starfish II Transfers Dorsavi Shares To Nominees; Anteotech: Chair Jack Hamilton To Go; Chris Parker Executive

Mar 11, 2022

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mayne Pharma; Victoria $3m For Medical Technology Manufacturers; Neuren: Australia NNZ-2591 For Angelman Trial Approved; Medibio Rights Raise $730k Of Hoped-For $3.4m; Neuroscientific: Emtinb Reduces Cytokines, In-Vitro; IQ3 Requests Administration ‘To Restructure’; Anteo Pleads ‘Presentation’ To ASX43% Fall Query; State Street Takes 7% Of Nanosonics; Auscann Loses CFO Charles Altshuler; New CFO Wanted

Mar 10, 2022

Volpara: Euro Society Backs Breast Density Awareness; Race: Zantrene Kills Kidney Cancer, In-Vitro; Incannex: Marijuana IHL-42X ‘Reduces Sleep Apnoea 44%’; Immutep: IMP321 Breast Cancer Trial FDA Talks ‘Constructive’; Bio-Melbourne Optimizes Medtech Success; Chair Paul Rennie Increases, Diluted To 8.7% Of Paradigm; Sandon Takes 12.2% Of IDT; Geoffrey O’Brien ‘Increases, Diluted’ To 9% Of Hexima; Steven Waller Replaces Cryosite Chair Bryan Dulhunty

Mar 9, 2022

Paradigm: ‘Final USPTO Rejection Not Final’; Eye Co: Omega-3,6 For AMD Trial; Emyria Starts EMD-RX5 Phase I Recruitment; Brandon Renames MRCF ‘Brandon Biocatalyst’; Korda Mentha To Liquidate Palla Pharma; Adalta Receives 2nd Tranche Of $4m Victoria Loan; Regal Takes 17% Of Opthea; L1 Capital Reduces To 8.4% Of Anteris; Fidelity Takes 9.6% Of Medibio; Emvision Appoints 3 Advisors

Mar 8, 2022

Telix Completes TLX250-CDx For Renal Cancer Imaging Dosing; Chimeric Extends Rights Offer; Incannex Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Bio-Melbourne Automates Trials, Management

Mar 7, 2022

Impedimed: ‘Sozo Assesses Bone Mineral Content’; S&P ASX Indices: 7 Biotechs Up; 9 Down; Mach7: $2.4m Trinity, Penn State VNA Orders; Adherium Files US FDA 510k Ellipta, Hailie Application; Chimeric Core-NK (CHM0201): No GvHD, Toxicities; Recce R327 I-V Dose Increase To 1,000mg; Universal Biosensors Appoints Graham McLean Director; Malcolm Thompson Replaces Audeara CFO Peter Harding-Smith

Mar 4, 2022

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cochlear; Starpharma Tells TGA: ‘Viraleze A Device, Not A Drug’; CSL Takes 74% Of Vifor, Offer ‘Successful’; Chimeric: Be The Match For Cell Collection; US Patent For Tissue Repair Polysaccharide Manufacture; Director Andrew Kroger Takes 46% Of Cryosite; Micro-X Appoints Ilona Meyer Director

Mar 3, 2022

Redhill Oral RHB-107 ‘Highly Promising’ For Covid-19; Woke: Monash To Develop ‘High Dose Psilocybin’; Avita, Premier Recell Spray-On-Skin Supply Deal; Palla Liquidation: ‘Nothing For Investors’; Truscreen: Zimbabwe Orders 11k Cervical Cancer Sensors; Emyria Ready For Phase I EMD-RX5 O-T-C Marijuana Trial; Incannex: Monash $800k Psychedelic, Virtual Reality For Anxiety; Chair Paul Hopper Increases, Diluted To 21% Of Chimeric; Opthea Appoints Dr Joel Naor CMO; Neurotech Appoints Dr Alexandra Andrews CEO, On $250k PA; Anteris Appoints Dr Karl Poon Medical Adviser

Mar 2, 2022

Anteris ‘20% Discount’ $28m Placement; Perceptive Takes 14%; Medibio, CPS: ‘Ukraine War Ends Underwriting’; Telix ‘Market Conditions’ Cancel Share Plan; Medical Developments: FDA Lifts Clinical Hold On Penthrox; Cardiex: Mobvoi Ticwatch With Atcor Technology; Adalta: China Patent For AD-214; Mitsubishi Takes 6.7% Of Nanosonics; Regeneus Loses Director Dr John Chiplin; Medibio Appoints Dr Matt Mesnik Director

Mar 1, 2022

February BDI-40 Down 12%, ASX200 Up 1%, Big Caps Up 3%, NBI Down 4%; Firebrick To Appeal TGA Nasodine Knock-Back; Avita H2 Revenue Up 37% To $19m, Loss Down 9% To $20m; Imex Revenue Up 22.5% To $13.3m, Loss Up 30% $4.7m; Hydrix H1 Revenue Up 1.5% To $5.2m, Loss Down 50.1% $2.4m; Creso Revenue Up 154% To $6.2m, Loss Down 6.3% To $30m; Epsilon Revenue Down 21% To $5.5m, Loss Down 15.4% To $9m; Cardiex H1 Revenue Down 12.6% To $2.3m, Loss Up 147% To $5.1m; Osteopore Revenue Down 26% To $1.1m, Loss Up 86% To $3.6m; Avecho Begins TPM-CBD Osteoarthritis Trial; Starpharma: ‘SPL7013 Reduces Omicron 95% In 1min, In-Vitro’; Cardiex Completes 10-For-1 Consolidation; ASX Suspends IQ3 On Accounts; Medical Developments Requests ‘FDA Hold Feedback’ Halt; Anteris Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Epsilon Requests ‘Valens Partnership’ Trading Halt; Alterity Below Nasdaq $US1 Bid Rule, Again; First Sentier Takes 6.7% Of Nanosonics; Cryosite Director Andrew Kroger Takes 43%

Feb 28, 2022

Clarity: China Grand Option, $1.75 Options Lapse; Hydrix Placement Raises $2.8m; Kazia: Paxalisib, Metformin, Ketogenic Diet Glioblastoma Trial; Patrys PAT-DX3 Stable Production Cell Line; Lumos H1 Revenue Down 38% To $7m, Loss Up 234% To $15m, Febridx; Total Brain H1 Revenue Up 171% To $5.4m, Loss Down 36% To $2.6m; Anteris Revenue Up 10% To $8m, Loss Up 50% To $23m; Nuheara H1 Revenue Down 57% To $3m, Loss Up 614% To $6m; Resonance H1 Revenue Down 8% To $1.9m, Profit To $225k Loss; Osprey Revenue Up 17% To $2.7m, Loss Down 25% To $14m; Universal Biosensors: Xprecia Prime Coagulation Test CE Mark; Dimerix: Remap-Cap Trial Pause; No DMX-200 Implication; Noxopharm Starts Veyonda Combo Sarcoma Trial; Creso: Canada Approves Psilocybin For PTSD Trial; Orthocell Plans 100k PA Striate Dental Membrane Units; China Patent For Cynata Cymerus Stem Cells; Incannex Lists ADRs On Nasdaq; Probiotec CEO Wesley Stinger Sells 1m Shares, Holds 6.4%; Nanomab Takes 10.7% In Radiopharm; Jason Peterson Below 5% In Zelira; Mesoblast Loses 18-Year Director Donal O’Dwyer; Linda Jenkinson Replaces Medadvisor Director, Chair Chris Ridd

Feb 25, 2022

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Firebrick Pharma; Victoria $470k For Avipep Lymphoma Treatment; Neuren: FDA Approves Angelman Syndrome Trial; Creso Raises $5m; Mayne H1 Revenue Down 6% To $196m; Loss Down 72.2% To $51m; Probiotec H1 Revenue Up 100% To $85m; Profit Up 259% To $4.4m; Medadvisor H1 Revenue Up 199% To $39m, Loss Down 29.5% To $6.7m; Cronos H1 Revenue Up 273% To $27m, Profit Up 1134% To $3.4m; Medical Dev H1 Revenue Down 24% To $10m, Loss Up 549% To $7.4m; Polynovo H1 Revenue Up 44% To $18m, Loss To $1.6m Profit; Compumedics H1 Revenue Down 7% To $17m, Profit Down 78% To $287k; Mach7 H1 Revenue Up 102% To $14m; Loss Down 94% To $419k; Mesoblast H1 Revenue Up 69% To $8m, Loss Down 3% To $68m; Cynata H1 Revenue $6.9m, Loss Down 77% To $1.1m; Impedimed H1 Revenue Up 45% To $5.2m; Loss Down 15% To $9m; Universal Bio Revenue Up 80% To $5.8m, Loss Up 38% To $10.5m; Allegra H1 Revenue Down 26% To $1.7m; Loss Up 967% To $1.3m; Regeneus Up-To $4m Loan For Japan Progenza Manufacture; Clarity Starts 2nd Neuroblastoma Trial Cohort; VGI Appoints Continuum US Distributor; L1 Capital Takes 9.9% Of Anteris; Former Immutep Chair Lucy Turnbull Returns As Director; Lou Panaccio To Replace Adherium Director Matt McNamara; Rhythm Appoints Andrea Steele Co Sec; General Counsel

Feb 24, 2022

Next Science Raises $10m, Plan For $5m More; Japan Approves Avita Recell System; Trajan H1 Revenue Up 17% To $44m, Profit Down 95% To $153k; Cogstate H1 Revenue Up 67% To $32m; Loss To $5.7m Profit; Austco H1 Revenue Up 15% To $16m, Profit Up 83% To $1.5m; Cyclopharm Revenue Up 21% To $18m, Loss Down 17% To $5m; Althea H1 Revenue Up 84% To $9.4m, Loss Down 14.85% To $7m; Visioneering Revenue Up 40% To $10m, Loss Down 75% To $3.2m; Telix Revenue Up 46% To $7.6m, Loss Up 79% To $80.5m; Acrux H1 Revenue Up 80% To $2m, Loss Down 30% To $5.5m; Genetic Technologies H1 Revenue Up To $2m; Loss Up 12% To $3.9m; Micro-X H1 Revenue Down 40% To $1.45m, Loss Up 87% To $9m; Uscom H1 Revenue Down 52% To $1.1m, Loss Up 250% To $943k; Ena, COPD Foundation Partner For Pan-Antiviral Nasal Spray; MTP Connect Adelaide Biomed City ‘Innovation Intermediary’; Zelira To Buy Health House For Scrip; $1.5m Loan; Argenica Completes ARG-007 Genotoxicity Studies; Hydrix Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Creso Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Antisense, Chicago’s Northwestern Work On ‘Long Covid’; Starpharma Appoints Ex-CSL Executive Dr Jeff Davies Director

Feb 23, 2022

Chimeric Institutional Rights Raise $7.4m; Retail $10.7m To Go; Anteris L1 Capital Options Raise $5m; Clinuvel H1 Revenue Up 57% To $25m; Profit Down 10% To $6m; Alcidion H1 Revenue Up 16% To $13m, Loss Up 360% To $6.3m; IDT H1 Revenue Up 74% To $8.6m, Profit Up 8% To $1.2m; Next Science Revenue Up 160% To $12m; Loss Down 22% To $13m; Cryosite H1 Revenue Up 18% To $5.8m, Profit Up 175% To $782k; Rhinomed H1 Revenue Up 93% To $3.7m, Loss Down 41% To $3.2m; Control Bionics H1 Revenue Up 18% To $2m; Loss Up 193% To $3m; Invion H1 Revenue Up 4.4% To $1.3m, Loss Up 23% To $1.05m; Next Science Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Brazil Patent For Inoviq Bard1 Cancer Diagnostic; Race: Zantrene Combination ‘Synergy’ For Leukaemia, In-Vitro; Pharmaust: ‘Monepantel Effective For Leukaemia, In-Vitro’

Feb 22, 2022

Cochlear H1 Revenue Up 10% To $821m, Profit Down 28% To $169m; Nanosonics H1 Revenue Up 40% To $61m, Profit Up 165% To $3.9m; Somnomed H1 Revenue Up 10% To $34m, Loss Down 14% To $2.95m; Atomo H1 Revenue Up 17% To $5.3m, Loss Down 5% To $2.4m; Dorsavi H1 Revenue Down 14% To $1.6m, Loss Up 177% To $907k; Bioxyne H1 Revenue Up 12.2% To $1.4m, Loss To $5k Profit; Editorial: Your R&D Tax Incentive Is Not Revenue; Microba Raising $30m For Gut Health Tests, Treatments; Chimeric Rights Offer To Raise $18m; Creso Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Proteomics Promarkerd Prepares For Australian Rebate; Emyria Expands MDMA Analogues

Feb 21, 2022

Mesoblast: ‘1st Stem Cell Colitis Cohort Safety, Benefit’; Starpharma H1 Revenue Up 200% To $1.9m, Loss Down 19% To $8m; Pharmaust H1 Revenue Up 52% To $1.7m, Loss Up 48% To $1.2m; Arovella ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $2m; Total $6.6m; Adherium Hailie CPT Code Rates; Imricor: Münster Uni Hospital Starts ICMR Ablation System; Vectus Ready For 5th VB0004 Dose Cohort; Recce: ‘500mg R327 Safe, Well Tolerated’; Pharmaust Appoints Ergomed For Monepantel Covid-19 Trial; Genetic Technologies ‘NATA, CLIA Okay Genetype Multi-Test’; Chimeric Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Copia Takes 5.5% Of Probiotec; Perennial Takes 9% Of Medadvisor

Feb 18, 2022

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: CSL; Redhill ‘Operations Break-Even On Q4 Revenue Of $33m’; Genetic Sigs H1 Revenue Up 16% To $22m; Profit Up 5% To $5m; Avita: FDA Approves Recell Spray-On-Skin Supplement; Medadvisor: Green Cross Deal For New Zealand; Clarity To Release 66m ASX Escrow Shares; Lazard Below 5% In Mayne Pharma; Regal Reduces To 5.6% Of Micro-X; Radiopharm: Antje Wegener Clinical Development Head

Feb 17, 2022

SDI H1 Revenue Up 26% To $46.3m; Loss Down 41% To $2.7m; Nova Eye H1 Revenue Down 1.5% To $6.5m; Loss Up 92% To $3.1m; Cann Group H1 Revenue Up 186% To $3m, Loss Down 12% To $8m; Amplia: AMP945 Ups Chemo 33% For Pancreatic Cancer, In Mice; Anatara Ready For 3FDC For Depression Trial; Firebrick: US Patent For Nasodine Covid-19 Nasal Spray; PYC Takes 93.5% Of Vision Pharma; Cann Group Loses Director Geoff Pearce; Medibio Appoints Stephen Mitchley Director

Feb 16, 2022

CSL Record H1 Revenue Up 5% To $8.5b, Profit Down 3% To $2.5b; Pro Medicus H1 Revenue Up 40% To $44m, Profit Up 53% To $20.7m; BTC Group H1 Revenue Up 12% To $4m, Loss Up 91% To $362k; Woke, Western Australia Uni Work On LSD Analogues; Pharmaust’s Epichem: ‘Promising Results’ On E-Waste Project; Palla ‘Fails To Attract A Buyer; To Begin Wind-Down’; Telix Signs GMSA For Australian Illucix Distribution; Nuheara Expands For US Regulated Hearing Market; Rhinomed Receives $425k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cardiex Approves 10-To-1 Consolidation; Medicus Sciences Acquisition Corp Ceases Anteris Holding; Kefford Family Takes 7.3% Of Vectus; Osteopore Loses Director Vlado Bosanac Over Tax Dispute; Lumos Appoints Barrie Lambert CFO

Feb 15, 2022

Anteris ‘Declines’ Medicus Merger Proposal; LBT Receives $825k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Rhythm Retains Iso 13485 For Colostat Blood Test; Cann Group Trials Marijuana For Sleep Disturbance; Actinogen Appoints Prof Paul Rolan CMO; Bio-Melbourne Women In Leadership Nominations Closing

Feb 14, 2022

CSL Share Plan Raises $750m; Total $7.05b; Opthea: ‘PCV Subset Benefits From OPT-302’; Clinuvel Healthy Adult Afamelanotide For DNA Repair Trial; Cardiex: Andwin $1.3m Atcor XCel Trial For Philip Morris; Resapp: Health Teams To Take Resappdx To Aged Care; Biome Releases Full Results Of Probiotics Acne Trial; Invictus To Raise $2.3m To Demerge From VGI; Amplia Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Adam Leitzes, Karst Peak Take 12.3% Of Pharmaxis; Fil Below 5% In Telix; BCal Releases 21m ASX Escrow Shares

Feb 11, 2022

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Resmed; Pharmaxis H1 Revenue Down 38%, Sales Up 88% To $3m, $8.8m Loss; Mayne Launches Unnamed Authorized Generic For Acne; Adherium First Production Of New Hailie Sensor; Actinogen Completes Xanamem Dose-Ranging Cognition Trial; Impedimed Trials Sozo For Renal Failure; Immutep IMP321 Australia Patent; Creso O-T-C Marijuana Lozenge For Sars-Cov-2; Lumos To Release 8m Shares From Voluntary Escrow; Lumos M-D Rob Sambursky Off-Board To Focus On CEO Role; Jonathon Gut To Replace Imricor CFO Lori Milbrandt

Feb 10, 2022

Federal ‘Patent Box’ To Cut Tax To 17%; Federal Opposition; Ausbiotech Welcomes ‘Patent Box’ Tax Break; Biotech Daily Editorial: ‘This Is Not A Patent Box’; Firebrick: Nasodine Trials Reduce Sars-Cov-2 Viral Shedding; Anteo: New Eugeni Reader, Sars-Cov-2 Test Trials For TGA; GI Dynamics Back With India Endobarrier Trial; Uscom Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Little Green To Release 55.5m ASX Escrow Shares

Feb 9, 2022

Prota To Raise $20m For Peanut Allergy; Biome: ‘Trial Backs Probiotics For Acne’; Dorsavi Wins ISO27001 Data Security Certification; Actinogen: Worldwide To Manage Xanamem Fragile X Trial; VGI Ethics Approval For IBV001 NAFLD, NASH Trial; Anteris Proposes Merger With SIO-Related MSAC

Feb 8, 2022

Redhill ‘Adjunct Opaganib Reduces Covid Mortality 70%’; Recce: R327 Synthetic Antibiotic ‘Safe At 500mg’; Chimeric: ‘Encouraging CLTX-Car-T Safety Data’; Antisense ATL1102 For Unnamed Muscle Disease Mouse Study; Neuroscientific Completes In-Vitro Emtinb Studies; BCal Breast Cancer Test ‘Backed By Independent Analyses’; Auscann FDA Guidance For CPAT-01 For Dog Osteoarthritis; Nanosonics Revises GE Distribution Deal, Again; Creso’s Halucenex Canada Psilocybin Supplier; Hong Kong Patent For VGI Tocotrienol Delivery; Tessara Hires Peter Girling, Paul Adlard, Mark Greenough; Allegra Loses Director Anthony Hartnell

Feb 7, 2022

MCRI, Prota: Desensitization For Peanut Allergy; Probiotic; Proteomics: Biomarkers For Obstructive Airway Disease; QIMR Exosome Blood Test For Cancer Treatment; Resonance: ‘Eligible For Liversmart Imaging CPT Codes’; Telix EU Illuccix Review Extension; Revenue Delay; Clarity: FDA Approves Prostate Cancer Imaging Trial; Respiri 2nd Access US Distribution Deal; Medlab Closer To UK Nanabis Marijuana Cancer Pain Trial; Althea: Dr Reddy’s To Acquire Distributor Nimbus Health; Emyria To Release 100m ASX Escrow Shares; Bilal Ahmad Takes 6.25% Of Dorsavi; Dimerix Appoints Dr Ash Soman CMO; Robyn Slaughter Replaces Allegra Co Sec Justyn Stedwell

Feb 4, 2022

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: EBR Systems Inc; Proteomics, QIMR Validate Oesophageal Cancer Biomarkers; Federal $15m For Adelaide Cancer Genomics Laboratory; Telix To Be Promoted Into Asx200; Respiri, M-Telehealth $33k 2nd Wheezo Order; Reimbursement; Exopharm Tells ASX: ‘AIRM News Material, Clarification Not’; Clarity Receives $3.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Fil Reduces To 7.3% Of Starpharma

Feb 3, 2022

Adalta Rights Raise $1.25m; Total $5m; Cyclopharm To File FDA Technegas Response In Q3; Starpharma Appoints Etqan & Nazahah Gulf Distributor; Oncosil: German Innovation Funding, Centralized Ethics; Medical Developments Ends CSIRO API Collaboration; Clarity: ‘Unaffected By Failed Belgium Nuclear Reactor’; Creso To Buy Sierra Sage For $29.5m Scrip; Woke Imports Synthetic Psilocybin For Depression Trials; Telix CEO Dr Chris Behrenbruch, Elk River Take 7.5%; Lazard Takes 5% Of Mayne Pharma; Malcom McCusker Takes 5.6% Of PYC; Pharmaust Loses Epichem CEO Colin La Galia; Chimeric Appoints Kelly Thornburg Head Of Quality

Feb 2, 2022

Victoria Supports $17m Lumos Rapid Antigen Test Factory; Vivazome Wins $200k Cytiva ‘Bio-Challenge’ Prize; Biome ‘Probiotic Significantly Cuts Child Asthma Exacerbations’; Avecho, Team Saas $1.4m US TPM-Marijuana Edibles Deal; Opthea $105m At-The-Market Equity Program; IDT To Manufacture Woke Psilocybin For Depression Trials; Audeara Launches A-02 Headphones, TV Bundle; Pharmaust Formulates Monepantel For MND Trial; Jason Carroll Takes 10.15% Of Island; Vale Immutep Director Grant Chamberlain; Director Dr Eric Rose Replaces Mesoblast CMO Dr Fred Grossman; Radiopharm Appoints Hester Larkin Director

Feb 1, 2022

January BDI-40 Down 17%, ASX200 6%, Big Caps 11%, NBI 12%; Firebrick Up 225% On $7m IPO For Nasodine Anti-Viral Spray; Epsilon Receipts Down 28% To $5m; Nova Eye H1 Glaucoma Sales Up 1.6% To $6.5m; Nuheara: ‘Trial Validates Self-Fitted Hearing Aids’; Dimerix: Denmark Okays Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Trial; Clarity To Dose Neuroblastoma 2nd Cohort; Radiopharm: Terrapower To Provide Actinium-225; Chimeric, Pennsylvania Chm2101 Research Deal; Resapp: China Cough Analysis Patent; Carrington Trust Takes 5.2% Of BCal; Imugene Appoints Dr Stephen Cha CMO; Neuren Appoints Gerry Zhao For Corporate Development; Co Sec Tim Slate Replaces Zelira Director Jason Peterson; Medadvisor Appoints Raeann Grossman Cotiviti Director; Lazard Below 5% In Mayne; Correction: MTP Connect

Jan 31, 2022

Clinuvel H1 Receipts Up 79% To $31m; Lumos H1 Receipts $8.2m; Mesoblast H1 Receipts Up 181% To $7.9m; Pharmaxis H1 Receipts Up 101% To $7.2m; Next Science Receipts Up 223% To $13.6m; Imex Receipts Up 25% To $11m; Impedimed H1 Receipts Up 53% To $5.1m; Creso Receipts Up 71% To $6.4m; Nuheara H1 Receipts Down 48% To $2.8m; Pharmaust (Epichem) H1 Receipts Up 31% To $1.7m; Resonance H1 Receipts Down 12.3% To $1.7m; Cardiex H1 Receipts Down 26% To $1.7m; Bioxyne H1 Receipts Up 30% To $1.7m; Dorsavi H1 Receipts Up 112% To $1.6m; Osprey Receipts Up 7% To $2.8m; IDT Federal Supply Deal Ends, ‘mRNA Discussion Ongoing’; Pharmaxis Doses 1st Patients In PXS-6302 Scar Reduction Trial; Allegra Claims Sr–Ht–Gahnite Spinal Cage Sheep Trial Success; Next Science Appoints Zimmer US Xperience Distributor; Exopharm, Astellas $686k Exosome Collaboration; Imugene: CF33, Vaxinia, Checkvacc Japan Patent; Telix Dr Behrenbruch, Elk River; Gnosis, Dr Kluge Reduce To 7.4%; Merchant Funds Takes 8% Of Arovella; MTP Connect Loses M-D Dr Dan Grant; COO Stuart Dignam Interim; Oventus John Cox CEO On $534k; Dr Chris Hart Director, Adviser; Invex: Chair Dr Loveridge $276k; CSO Prof Alex Sinclair $281k; Race Appoints Christina Manfre CFO

Jan 28, 2022

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Medical Developments; Resmed H1 Receipts Up 16% To Record $2.6b; Medadvisor H1 Receipts Up 198% To $42m; Total Brain H1 Receipts Up 186% To $4.5m; Cann Group H1 Receipts Up To $3.24m; Starpharma H1 Receipts Up 10-Fold To $2.5m; Universal Biosensors Receipts Up 412% To $4m; Control Bionics H1 Receipts Up 25.6% To $1.9m; Osteopore Receipts Down 28% To $1.1m; Imugene, Roche PD1-Vaxx 1 Trial Supply Deal; Imugene: European HER-Vaxx Patent; Anteo Falls 29% On TGA Rapid Sars-Cov-2 Test Data Request; Oventus Receives $417k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Sg Hiscock Takes 6% Of Althea; Probiotec Appoints Paul Santoro Director; IDT Appoints Dr Jane Ryan Director; Regeneus Appoints Dr Scott Bruder Adviser

Jan 27, 2022

Somnomed H1 Receipts Up 19% To $35m; Cronos H1 Receipts: $29m; Alcidion H1 Receipts Up 52% To $16.4m; Medlab H1 Receipts Up 87% To $4.8m; Anteris Receipts Up 14% To $8.3m; Micro-X H1 Receipts Down 66% To $1.2m; Imricor Receipts Up 27% To $1.5m; Vivazome, Anu Work On Exosomes For Retinal Disease; $283k Hangzhou Zede Deal Takes Resonance To China; NZ Approves Atomo’s Access Bio Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test; Telix Doses 1st TLX591 Prostate Cancer Treatment Patient; US Patent For Chimeric Chlorotoxin Antigen Receptors; Japan Patent For Cynata Cymerus Stem Cells; Resapp: Prof Antonio Anzueto, Prof Joan Soriano Advisers

Jan 25, 2022

Resonance, VGI Sign $100k Hepafat-AI Trial Deal; Atomo: Covid Tests Push H1 Receipts Up 33% To $7.7m; Visioneering Receipts Up 46% To $11m; Rhinomed H1 Revenue Up 216% To $4.1m; BTNX Rhinoswabs; Austco: H1 Revenue Up 15% To $16m; Profit Up 93% To $1.6m; Opthea Receives $6.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Paradigm 39% Rem Report 2nd Strike, 66% Oppose Chair Shares; Cann Group: TGA GMP Licence; Creso Applies For Canada Psylocibin PTSD Trial; Redmile Reduces To 5.4% Of Avita; Arovella Appoints Dr Mini Bharathan Pre-Clinical Lead

Jan 24, 2022

Telix Raises $175m; Plan For $25m More; Arovella Raises $4.6m; Plan For $1.5m More; Nuheara Plan Raises $1.1m; Total $5.7m; Cyclopharm Expects Revenue Up 22% To $18m; Telix Receipts Up 6% To $4.1m; Uscom H1 Receipts Fall 51% To $1.3m; Clinuvel: German Insurers Continue Scenesse Support; Patrys Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; 4d Lung Transplantation Validation Trial; Anteris: Duravr Trial Interim Results ‘No Adverse Events’; Visioneering Enrols 1st Contact Lens Trial Patient; Living Cell Signs $1.17m Agreement For Pig Tissue With NZeno; Argenica Completes ARG-007 Toxicology Study; Patrys: Pat-Dx1 Purification Delays Trial 6 Months; Resapp: Doctors On Demand Launches Resappdx; UK MHRA Registers Adherium For Hailie Manufacture; Radiopharm $696k Scrip For 3 ‘Nanobodies’ Ip; Immuron To ASX: ‘Validation, Holiday Email Delayed News’; Australian Ethical Takes 11.3% Of Mach7; Emyria 1.1m Dr Karen Smith Shares, Tattarang Shares EGM

Jan 21, 2022

Cogstate H1 Revenue Up 67% To $29.6m; Genetic Signatures H1 Revenue Up 16% To $22m; Heramed: $220k Joondalup Heracare Contract; Trajan Founder Stephen Tomisich, Family Diluted To 57%; Imugene Loses CMO Dr Rita Laeufle

Jan 20, 2022

Resapp Signs Philippines Homify For Resappdx Telehealth; Althea H1 Marijuana Receipts Up 111% To $9.9m; Starpharma Receives $7.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Emyria Readies For O-T-C EMD-RX5 Marijuana Capsule Trial; Imex: Thailand Approves Aquila, 1st Sale; BJC Distributor; VGI: Amazon To Stock Ne1-Elite, Ne1-Heart Through; Telix Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Arovella Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Heramed Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Medibio: Cps Underwrites $1m Of $3.4m Rights Offer; Cann Group: Rua Investors Approve Zalm Acquisition; Optiscan Loses Director Dr Phil Currie

Jan 19, 2022

Genetic Technologies H1 Receipts Up To $2.7m From $15k; Allegra Revenue, Loss Warning; Adherium Receives $1.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cynata Receives $833k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Peters Buys Andrew Goodall $1.4m Memphasys Note; Cardiex 10-To-1 Consolidation For US OTCQX Listing; William Blair, Bionomics Chair Dr De Souza, Liz Doolin Take 22%; CEO Dr Peter Meintjes Starts At Pacific Edge

Jan 18, 2022

Universal Biosensors Launches Sentia Malic Acid Wine Test; Recce: ‘150mg R327 Safe, Well Tolerated’; Race Receives $708k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Heramed Requests ‘Commercial Licence’ Trading Halt; SG Hiscock Takes 7.8% Of Resonance; Compumedics Appoints Paul Jensz Director; Osteopore To Lose CFO Carl Runde; New CFO Wanted

Jan 17, 2022

BDI-40, Cannabis Corner Changes; Immuron Receives $306k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Resapp: Clinicians Back Resappdx For Covid-19; Memphasys 1st Commercial Felix Sale For Human IVF; Clinuvel Enrols Afamelanotide For Stroke Study; Inoviq: US Patent For Bard1 Cancer Antibody Tests; Mind Medicine Trials Psychedelics Brain Activity; Bod: UK Approves Marijuana For ‘Long Covid’ Trial; Dr Kathryn Macfarlane Replaces Mayne Director Nancy Dolan; Creso Appoints William Lay, Micheline Mackay, Bruce Linton

Jan 16, 2022

Special Summer Catch-Up Edition

Telix: FDA Approves Illuccix For Prostate Cancer Imaging; Pharmaxis ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $2.6m; Total $9.8m; Actinogen Share Plan Raises $1.3m; Total $13.3m; Avecho, Medterra Marijuana Distribution Deal; Chair Ron Dewhurst, Kroy Wen Take 6.83% Of Rhinomed; Incannex: Phase II IHL-42X Marijuana OSA Dosing Complete; Resonance: EX00A31 Reduces Hepatitis B Replication In-Vitro; Clinuvel: FDA Okays Phase II Scenesse For Vitiligo Study; Invex Receives $186k UK R&D Tax Rebate; CSL Share Plan To Raise $750m; Telix: 1st Patient Dosed In Phase I Bladder Cancer Trial; Genetic Signatures: Variant Kit Differentiates Delta, Omicron; Former Chair Ray Blight Increases, Diluted To 8% Of Alcidion; Director Prof Malcolm Pradhan Diluted To 8% Of Alcidion; Rhinomed: Rhinoswab Junior Meets Equivalence Endpoint; Cogstate Promoted To S&P ASX All Technology Index; Race Share Plan Raises $29.7m; Dr Tillet Increase, Diluted; Bionomics Nasdaq IPO Raises $28m; Lumos: Canada Orders $350k Covidx Sars-Cov-2 Rapid Tests; Audeara Appoints Audika Australia Distributor; Imex: Colombia Police $1.1m Radiology Contract; MGC Starts Artemic ‘Long Covid’ Pilot Study; Neuroscientific: ‘Emtin Peptides Modulate Inflammation In-Vitro’; Niv Dagan Takes 11.38% Of Inhalerx; Total Brain Pays $3.1m For Janssen Depression Research; Antisense Share Plan Raises $2.6m; Total $22.6m; Cynata Starts Phase I CYP-006TK Diabetic Foot Ulcer Trial; Platinum Increases, Diluted To 15% Of Amplia; Dimerix Receives Federal $100k Grant; Platinum Takes 17% Of Adalta; Australian Super Takes 9.5% Of Alcidion; Micro-X Receives $2.1m R&D Tax Incentive; Resapp Appoints Sanrai ‘Emerging Markets’ Distributor; SIO Increases, Diluted To 12.6% Of Anteris; FIL Below 5% Of Cogstate; Mark Lampert, BVF Increase, Diluted To 13% Of Bionomics; Shengli Wang Diluted To 10.63% Of Invion; Lumos Viradx Rapid Test Submissions Ready; Ellerston Below 5%; Regeneus $800k R&D Incentive; Japan Progenza Patent; Anteotech Receives $1.96m R&D Tax Incentive; Exopharm US Patent For Leap Exosome Production; Nyrada Phase I Cholesterol Drug Trial In Late-2022; Avita AGM: 42% Oppose Executive Compensation; Dimerix Approval For Australian Pilot/Phase III Covid Study; Nuheara $4.6m Placement, Rights Offer For $3m; Perennial Reduces To 7.55% Of Medadvisor; Respiri, M-Telehealth Sign 5-Year, $210k Deal For Wheezo In The US; Oncosil: Local Pancreatic Cancer Control In 90.5% Of Patients; Yuuwa Diluted To 18.2% Of Adalta; Inoviq (Bard1): China Patent For Lung Cancer Diagnosis; Universal Biosensors $50k PA For IQ Science Aptamers; Paradigm 2nd Strike, 80% Directors Feel Pool Hike; 525k Shares; Citigroup Takes 22.3% Of Bionomics; Perennial Take 11.5% Of Lumos; Stemcell Further Extends ‘Joint Venture’ Suspension; Andrew Chapman, Merchant Below 5% Of Race; Cynata, Fujifilm Manufacturing Deal; Alcidion Rights Raise $11.6m; Total $55m; Anteris Options Raise $18.9m; LBT Acquires Hettich’s 50% Of Clever Culture Systems; Osteopore: Mark Leong Executive Chair; Vlado Bosanac Director; Living Cell Rights Raise $361k; $3.4m Shortfall; Cann Global AGM: $312k Shares For Ex-Chair Pnina Feldman; Carl Charalambous Takes 7.23% Of Exopharm; Darryl Davies Replaces Inhalerx CEO Matthew Golden; Ex-Director Bernard Hockings Reduces To 6.3% Of PYC; Total Brain $692k Alto Neuroscience Ispot-D Data Deal; Resonance FDA Clearance For Liversmart; Atomo Pleads Schultz, Media, Rats To ASX 36% Price Query; Asia Pacific Healthcare Investments Takes 6% Of Clarity; Trajan Pays $7m, 4.7m Shares For Neoteryx Blood Micro-Sampling; Emyria Appoints Sixty Two Capital Adviser; Mesoblast To File New Remestemcel-L Potency Data To FDA; Trajan Completes Leap Acquisition; Perennial Below 5% In Nuheara; Bionomics Loses BVF Partners Nominee Director Mitchell Kaye; Ecofibre Extends Loan Terms; M-D Robert Wong Takes 6.79% Of Control Bionics; Opthea Appoints Ex-Director Judith Robertson CCO; Imugene Completes Phase Ia PD1-Vaxx Monotherapy Dosing; Imugene Appoints Ursula McCurry, Dr Nimali Withana Executives; Alterity Loses Directors Dr David Sinclair, Tristan Edwards; Hettich Takes 9.6% Of LBT; Bionomics Starts Phase II BNC-210 Social Anxiety Trial; Christian Angemayer, Apeiron Take 19.9% Of Bionomics; Hexima Appoints Phillip Rose US Chief Commercial Officer; Imricor: Athens’ Henry Dunant Hospital Buys Ablation Products; Island Hires Icon For Phase II ISLA-101 Dengue Fever Trial; Anteris Applies For Adapt Sterilisation Patent; Cronos Pleads Schultz, ‘CDA Merger To ASX 42% Price Query; Dr Gisela Mautner Replaces Noxopharm CEO, M-D Dr Graham Kelly; Pharmaxis: NHMRC $1.4m For Drug Pipeline Research; Alterity: US Patent For Neuro-Degenerative Disease; Imugene: South Korea Patent For HER-Vaxx; Nuheara Completes Hearing Aid Clinical Trial; Rhythm: $6.53m Placement To Unnamed ‘Global Funds Manager’; Citigroup Takes 24.73% Of Bionomics; Imugene Receives $6.54m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Federal $15m For Psychedelics For Mental Health; Israel’s Redhill Appoints Gaelan Emirates Talicia Distributor; Avita: ‘Proof-Of-Concept For GM Skin Cells’; Avita: Recell Soft-Tissue Reconstruction Trial Enrolled; Mesoblast: 1.7m US Warrants For Oaktree Loan Facility; Resapp: Resappdx On Alodokter Telehealth Platform; Recce: Positive Safety Data From Phase I R327 Trial; Creso To Release 47m Shares From Voluntary Escrow; MGC: India Grants Artemic Rescue Import Approval; Noxopharm Receives $5.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Pharmaxis Tells ASX: ‘NHMRC Grants Not Material’; Genetic Signatures: TGA Registers Sars-Cov-2 Saliva Protocol; Resapp Completes US Covid-Cough Study Recruitment; Inoviq $89k For SubB2M Test Antibodies; Chelsea Sherida Replaces Bluechiip Co Sec Lee Mitchell; Race Chair Dr John Cullity Sells 300k Shares; Zelira Receives $348k From DRCN; Polynovo H1 Revenue Up 43% To $18.04m; Dimerix Doses 1st DMX-200 Covid-19 Patients In India; Kim Bradley Replaces Cryosite Chair Bryan Dulhunty As Co Sec; Creso: Halucenex Applies For Canada Special Access Program; BCal Appoints Dr John Hurrell CEO; Starts On $300k; Blackrock Takes 12.2% Of Imricor; SDI H1 Revenue Up 26% To $46m; Compumedics H1 Orders Up 33%, Revenue Down 7% To $17m; Compumedics $4.2m Orion Lifespan Sale To Tianjin Normal Uni; Mesoblast: Rexlemestrocel-L Provides 3-Year Lower Back Relief; KKR Core Investors Takes 6% Of Clarity; Immuron: $6.2m For US Military-Grade Travelan For Diarrhoea; Liverpool Pharmacies Adopt Lumos Febridx; Zelira Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Mayne To Sell Generic Protopic For Eczema In US; Nyrada Receives $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Federal $25.6m For Cynata, Acrux, Axial; Paradigm Doses 1st Phase III Osteo-Arthritis PPS Patients; Amplia Completes AMP945 Manufacture For Trials; Adherium: US Finalises Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Cpt Codes; Immuron: EU Patent For Traveller’s Diarrhoea; Argenica Appoints Dr Meghan Thomas Clinical Development Head; Artrya Appoints Dr Jacque Sokolov Advisor Board Chair; Kosmas Dimitriou Replaces IQ3 Co Sec Ron Hollands; Korda Mentha Requests Bids For Palla; Redhill: Opaganib Improves Covid-19 Viral RNA Clearance; MTP Connect Awards 10 Fellowships; MTP Connect: $20m For Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease; Cardiex 1-For-10 Consolidation EGM; Evercore Takes 22% Of Bionomics; Arovella (Suda) Loses Executive Director David Phillips; Stemcell Further Extends ‘Joint Venture’ Suspension

Jan 3, 2022

Special Edition

2021: BDI-40 Up 23%; Big Caps Up 14% ASX200 Up 13%; NBI Down 1%

Actinogen Up 847%, Imugene 387%, Prescient 249%; Oncosil Down 63%, Polynovo 61%



Dec 17, 2021

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Imagion Biosystems; Palla Pharma In Administration; Radiopharm Completes Phase I Breast Cancer Imaging; Chimeric Doses 2nd CLTX-Car-T Trial Cohort; Incannex: US Sec ‘Comments’ Delay Nasdaq IPO; Alcidion Director Malcolm Pradhan Diluted To 10.55%; Ex-Chair Ray Blight Diluted To 8% In Alcidion; Uscom Chair Prof Robert Phillips Takes 21.3%; Imagion Chair Robert Proulx 25% Pay Rise To $446k A Year; 4D Appoints Evonne Collier Director; Invex Appoints Prof Michael Wall ‘Evolve’ Trial Chair

Dec 16, 2021

2021 – The Year In Review; CSL Raises $6.3b For Vifor; Federal, Victoria Moderna Deal Hits IDT; Qbiotics Launches Stelfonta For Dog Cancer In Australia; Orthocell: Celgro Tendon Repair ‘Safe, Warrants Further Study’; Proteomics Wins $409k P-K Testing Contract; TGA Knocks Back Psilocybin, MDMA Downgrade - Mind Medicine; Bionomics Requests Nasdaq IPO Trading Halt; Avita Completes Recell For Vitiligo Enrolment; Immutep: Northway To Manufacture Imp761; Mesoblast: FDA OTAT Agree Back Pain Endpoints; Paradigm: PPS ‘Improves Heart Function’, In Rats; Alcidion Completes Silverlink Acquisition; Cronos Completes CDA Health Merger; Cronos: Headley 23.5%, Ben Jansen 24%, Dr Jansen 10%, Rod Cocks 4%; Zelira Appoints Nubu New Zealand Marijuana Distributor; Emyria Requests ‘Partnership’ Trading Halt; Prof Graham Mitchell, Bob Moses, Will Goolsbee Leave Antisense

Dec 15, 2021

Maverick $63m For QIMR ATA188 Multiple Sclerosis Treatment; Uscom Rights Issue Raises $4.4m; Adalta Placement Raises $3.75m, Rights Offer For $2.2m More; Medibio Commitments For $2.25m; Rights Offer For $3.4m More; Pharmaust: Epichem Wins $1m Extension With DNDI; Recce Doses 1st R327 Cohort; Truscreen: Progress In Vietnam, Russia, China, Mexico; Auscann Dermacann APVMA Dog Marijuana Submission, US Launch; Emyria: Marijuana EMD-003 Beats Epidyolex, In Dogs; Palla Takes ‘Review’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Avita: ‘Lack Of Quorum’ Postpones AGM; Imugene Chair Paul Hopper Sells 75m Shares, Down To 5%; Colin Mackinnon, Isle Of Wight Below 5% Of Alcidion; Allan Moss, Blueflag Increase, Diluted To 6.95% In Amplia; Tali Appoints Cochlear’s David Williams Director

Dec 14, 2021

CSL $17b For Vifor; Novartis Terminates $1.9b Mesoblast Deal; Victoria: ‘Home Of mRNA Vaccine Manufacturing’, Moderna; IDT Requests ‘Federal mRNA News Response’ Trading Halt; Bionomics Hopes For $35m Nasdaq IPO; Antisense: UK, EMA Approve ATL1102 For DMD Trial; Alterity: NZ Okays ATH434 Phase II MSA Trial; Proteomics Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Polynovo: ‘Sales Up, Morale Up’; Share Price Up; Starpharma: Saudi Arabia Registers Viraleze Nasal Spray; Rhythm $750k To Expand Cancer Diagnostics; Imugene: China Allows Her-Vaxx Patent; Noxopharm: 1st Veyonda Cohort Enrolled; Adalta Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Auscann: Tod McGrouther Chair, Loses Dr Kate Adams, Geoff Starr

Dec 13, 2021

Another Year In The Grass – With Shrooms & E; CSL Confirms Discussions With $12.5b Swiss Vifor; Imugene: FDA Okays Phase II Her-Vaxx, Phase I Vaxinia Trials; Arovella (Suda) Licences MD Anderson DKK1 Monoclonal Antibody; Osteopore Signs $19m Singapore Jaw Implant Partnership; QRX Name, Direction Change, 100% Fee Pool Hike AGM; Argenica To Release 3.3m ASX Escrow Shares; Nyrada To Release 33m Escrow CDIs; Palla Requests ‘Strategy, Operations Review’ Trading Halt; Medibio Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Selector Takes 6.8% Of Nanosonics; Prof Camile Farah Replaces Optiscan M-D Darren Lurie On $385k; Rhythm Appoints Ex-CSL’s Dr Rachel David Director; Chimeric Loses CMO Dr Syed Rizvi, Promotes Dr Eliot Bourk; Living Cell Appoints Dr Belinda Di Bartolo COO; Kazia Appoints Karen Krumeich As CFO

Dec 10, 2021

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Visioneering Technologies; Amplia Underwritten Rights Raise $6.97m; Total $12.4m; Telix Expects EU Illucix Approval Decision In March 2022; Race Extends Newcastle Uni Zantrene Collaboration; Adalta Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Auckland’s Milford Takes 5% Of Neuren; Chair Niall Cairns, CEO Craig Cooper, C2 Take 22% Of Cardiex; Creso Converts 17.5m Halucenex Performance Shares; Stemcell Extends ‘Joint Venture’ Suspension, Again

Dec 9, 2021

MTP Connect $19.7m Medical Device Initiative; Servatus ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $7.5m; Epsilon Raises $2.9m; 4D Medical: I-Med 1st XV Lvas Commercial Scan; Pacific Edge: Northern Health To Use Cxbladder Cancer Test; Memphasys, Monash IVF Begin Felix Sperm Separation Trial; Adalta: Nebulized AD-214 Reaches Alveolar, In Mice; Antisense Submits FDA ATL1102 Toxicology Protocol; Palla Pleads ‘Shareholder’ To 41.2% Fall; Argenica: USPTO Allows ARG-007 Patent; Auscann: FDA Confirms Dog OA Marijuana CPAT-01 Trial; Macquarie Group Below 5% In Patrys; Copia Below 5% In Probiotec; Atomo Loses Director Connie Carnabuci; Audeara Appoints Dr Elaine Saunders Director; Nathan Jong Replaces Imugene Co-Co Sec Justyn Stedwell; Actinogen Appoints 2 Xanamem Advisory Boards

Dec 8, 2021

Alcidion Raises $43.4m; $11.6m To Go; Orthocell: ‘Ortho-ATI Beats Steroids For Injury’; Trajan Acquires Leap Pal For $10.8m; Race: Zantrene Protects Heart Muscle, In-Vitro; Emyria Screens 1st MDMA Batch; Avecho Study Characterizes Soft-Gel Marijuana CBD; Starpharma Adds To Genentech Research Agreement; Telix Appoints Nucliber Illucix Spain Distributor; Emvision Receives $2m Federal R&D Incentive; Total Brain Takes $2m Mitchell R&D Tax Incentive Loan; Goodbye Bard1, Hello Inoviq; Chair Paul Hopper Takes 23.3% Of Chimeric; Director Michael Stork Diluted To 4.8% In Patrys; Honsue Cho Diluted To 22% Of Invion; Visioneering Loses CEO, Director Dr Stephen Snowdy; Lisa Aubert Replaces Cochlear North America Head Tony Manna; Resapp Appoints Covid-19 Scientific Advisory Board

Dec 7, 2021

Neuren Phase III Trofinetide Rett Trial Success; Up 109%; Alcidion Hopes To Raise $55m For Silverlink; Trading Halt; Actinogen, Oxford Uni Xanamem Cortisol Collaboration; Victoria Backs Compumedics Somfit Manufacture; Recce: ‘R327 Clears Burn Infections In 5 Days’; Imugene: 1st Checkvacc Patient Clears Safety; Anteris: Evolution Underwrites $14.6m Option Exercise; Starpharma, Genentech Dep Research Agreement; VGI Applies For PCT Drug Delivery Patent; Orthocell Requests ‘Ortho-ATI Study Results’ Trading Halt; Epsilon Requests ‘CPS Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Clarity Releases 6.6m ASX Escrow Shares

Dec 6, 2021

Mesoblast: ‘Rexlemestrocel-L Reduces Adverse Events’; Cardiex Options Raise $7.7m; Nuheara, Sonova Sign Supply Agreement; S&P ASX Indices: Imugene, Cogstate Promoted; Correction: Medicines Development For Global Health; Cann Receives $2.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Anteris Requests Capital Raising Halt; Pie Funds Reduces To 6.2% Of Probiotec; Radiopharm Appoints Prof Sara Hurvitz Adviser; Anatara Appoints Simon Erskine CDO, Michael Pryor BDM

Dec 3, 2021

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mesoblast; Redhill: Talicia 50% Better For H Pylori In Obese Patients; CSL Responds To $12.5b Vifor Speculation; Kazia: Paxalisib ‘3-Month Benefit For Glioblastoma; Alcidion Wins $23m Federal Miya Precision Contract; Resonance: US FDA 510k Liversmart Application; Starpharma: 1m Unit Vietnam Viraleze Distribution Deal; Credit Suisse Takes 5.4% Of IDT; Total Brain Loses CFO Emil Vasilev; New CFO Wanted

Dec 2, 2021

Oncology One, WEHI, Curtin Uni Work On Breast Cancer; Patrys Rights Raise $5.33m, Total $7.83m; Imagion Options Raise $4.8m; Osteopore: Hong Kong Approves Bone Scaffold; Memphasys Completes Samson Sperm Data Collection; Immutep: IMP321 ‘Safe’ For 5 Triple Combo Tumor Patients; Amplia: Victoria $2.1m R&D Tax Incentive Loan; Clarity: Cardinal To Manufacture Copper Products For US Trial; Heramed: Heracare Paid Program Enrols 80 Patients; Zelira: Levin Marijuana Ztl-106 Pain Trial Approved; Creso: Halucenex Canada Psychedelics Licence ‘Upgrade’; Montgomery Takes 5% Of Avita; Elixxer Reduces To 10.5% Of Little Green; Hexima: Prof Anderson Off-Board, Dr Sacco CDO Prof Lipner Adviser

Dec 1, 2021

November BDI-40 Up 1%; ASX200 Down 1%; Big Caps Up 1%; Chimeric, Case Western Uni Core-NK Licence Option; Telix: ‘Exceptional Authorization’ For Illucix In Brazil; Clarity Half-Way In ‘Propeller’ Prostate Cancer Imaging Trial; Anteris: Duravr 7-Day Follow Up In 5 Patients; MGC Raises $10m; Audeara: RCM, US FCC Certification For A-02 TV Bundle; Bionomics Wins BNC210 US FDA Fast Track Status For Anxiety; Neurotech: ‘Marijuana Boosts Prednisone, In-Vitro’; Nuheara Receives $1.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Starpharma To Launch Viraleze In Vietnam; Pharmaust Manufactures Small Monepantel Tablets; Resapp AGM 20% Oppose 6m Evolution Capital Options; Epsilon, Valens Deal Extended 2 Months; Viburnum Reduces T0 9.9% In Adherium; M-D Wesley Stringer Takes 7.6% Of Probiotec; Rhythm: Otto Buttula Exec Chair, CEO Glenn Gilbert M-D; Cyclopharm Loses Director Tom McDonald

Nov 30, 2021

Victoria, IDT, MIPS Manufacture Sars-Cov-2 mRNA Vaccine; IDT Up 45%; Emvision: ‘98% Accuracy’ In Stroke Classification Trial; Q-Sera Licences Rapclot Blood Collection Tubes To Terumo; Cogstate Tests In Japanese Seniors ’Phones; Bluechiip Wins US FDA, CE Mark For Cryovials; Rhythm Colostat Wins CE Mark; Cann Swaps Zalm Shares For Rua Shares; Mesoblast AGM 26% Oppose Directors Options; LBT Survives Rem Report, 25% Oppose Director Shares In Lieu; Starpharma AGM 8% Oppose Dr Jackie Fairley Rights; Painchek Pleads Schultz To ASX 51% Query; Creso Requests ‘Material Licence Upgrade’ Halt; MGC Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Stemcell Further Extends ‘Joint Venture’ Suspension; Nanomab Takes 8.3% Of Radiopharm; Dr Paul Cozzi Takes 6.7% Of Visioneering; Roth Capital Takes 14.6% Of Incannex For Nasdaq Listing

Nov 29, 2021

Biome $8m IPO For Probiotics; Mayne: TGA Approves Nextstellis Combination Oral Contraceptive; Resapp Cough Counter Wins TGA Approval, CE Mark; Vectus Approved To 4th VB0004 Dose Cohort; Kazia: GBM Agile Study Takes Paxalisib To Canada; Bard1, Griffith Uni Work On Exosome Ovarian, Breast Cancer Tests; VGI To Use Endra Taeus For Liver Fat Screening, Measurement; Actinogen Enrols Xanamia Trial; Adalta: I-Body Car-T-Cell In-Vitro Data, 2 Patents; Epsilon Requests ‘Valens Agreement’ Trading Halt; Imricor Pays $280k For 2% Of Mirtle Medical; Ellerston Takes 8.7% Of Atomo; Race Founder Dr William Garner Below 5%; Mercator, Washer Family Diluted In Emyria; Emyria Appoints Dr Karen Smith Executive Director

Nov 26, 2021

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Radiopharm Theranostics; Artrya Up As Much As 24% On ‘Over-Subscribed’ $40m IPO; Correction: Actinogen Medical; Nominations Open For $40k Victoria Premier’s Awards; Hexima ‘Over-Subscribed’ Share Plan Raises $1m, Total $11m; Palla Pharma Sells Coolaroo Site For $33m, Leaseback; Immutep AGM 20% Oppose 3.6m CEO Marc Voigt Rights; Medadvisor 20% Oppose Placement Capacity; Peter Bennetto; Somnomed AGM 14% Oppose Remuneration Report; Perennial Takes 15% Of Micro-X

Nov 25, 2021

Radiopharm Down 35% On ‘Oversubscribed’ $50m IPO; Aroa H1 Revenue Up 95% To $17m, Loss Down 62% To $5m; Pacific Edge H1 Revenue Up 62% To $5m, Loss Up 27% To $8.6m; Actinogen Raises $12m; Plan For $3m More; Xanamem For Depression; Creso ASIC Query; Raided Chair Adam Blumenthal Stands Aside; Biotron ‘BIT225 Kills Sars-Cov-2 In Mice - Game-Changer’; Starpharma: ‘Positive Interim Results’ For Dep-Cabazitaxel; Nuheara Completes Clinical Trial Recruitment; Imagion: Mercer Underwrites $808k Options; Nova Eye AGM: 45% Oppose 700k M-D Tom Spurling Options; MGC Avoids 2nd Strike, 25% Oppose Director Fee Pool Hike; Regal Funds Reduces To 6.6% In Micro-X; Jason Carrol Takes 9% Of Island; PYC 1-Year US CEO Sahm Nasseri, Steps Down As Director; Medadvisor Loses Director Peter Bennetto; Nominations Open For Bio-Melbourne Women In Leadership Gongs

Nov 24, 2021

Tissue Repair Falls 41% On $22m Wound Healing IPO; Total $29.5m; Race Share Plan For $30m; Imricor Applies For FDA IDE For ICMR Products; Emvision Wins $240k Advance Queensland Fellowship; Proteomics: Promarkerd Takes The De-Novo FDA Route; Emyria Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Invex Withdraws 2.5m ‘Performance Shares’ AGM Resolutions; Nova Eye Drops 2.25m Options Resolutions; Alex Sundich Goes; Probiotec AGM: 12% Oppose Wesley Stringer Rights; Greg Lan Goes; Austco Avoids 2nd Strike, 23% Oppose Director Brett Burns; Genetic Technologies AGM: 22% Oppose M-D Dr Jerzy Muchnicki; Avita Moves Financial Year To Calendar Year; Invion To Release 220m ‘Unlimited Group’ Escrow Shares; Selector Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; SIO Reduces To 14% Of Anteris; Resonance Appoints Prof John Olynyk CMO

Nov 23, 2021

Breakthrough Victoria $95m Start-Up Incubator; Volpara H1 Revenue Up 30% To $12m, Loss Down 4% To $8m; Proteomics Expands Promarkerd To Britain; 4D Medical: I-Med Adopts XV LVAS; Paradigm: 3-Patient Data Backs PPS For MPS-I; Resapp Completes India Covid-19 Patient Enrolment; Actinogen Requests Capital Raising Halt; Race Requests Capital Raising Halt; Bionomics Files For Nasdaq IPO; Resonance Files 2 More Cyclophilin Protein Patents; Little Green ‘Registers 1st Marijuana In Denmark’; MGC Receives $1m Of $4.2m US Cimetra Order; Creso Requests ‘ASX Price Query Update’ Trading Halt; Biotron 33% Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Allan Gray Reduces To 5.4% Of Impedimed; Chair Prof Robert Phillips Takes 21% Of Uscom

Nov 22, 2021

EBR Raises $110m For ‘Wise’ Wireless Pacemaker IPO; Uscom 3-For-10 Rights Issue For $5.2m; Redhill Falls 27% On Underwritten $21m Raise; Mesoblast Pays Hercules With $124m Oaktree Loan; Emyria $5m From Tattarang, Dr Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest 7%; Total Brain Loan Extension; Memphasys: 1st Felix Sale To China’s Diagens For IVF; Anteris Implants 5 Patients With Duravr Valve; Chimeric: ‘CLTX-Car-T Shows Regional Tumor Control’; Neuroscientific Hires Imeka For Emtinb MS Neuroimaging; Race: ‘Zantrene Protects Heart Muscle, In-Vitro’; Imugene AGM 56% Oppose Director Dr Axel Hoos; Chimeric 17.5% Oppose Remuneration Report; Paradigm: Paul Rennie Chair, Dr Donna Skerrett Interim CEO

Nov 19, 2021

Vale Bioshares David Blake (1.3.1962 – 18.11. 2021); Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cryosite; MTP Connect: Redi Pilot Entrepreneur Program Opens; Trajan Pays $26.5m For 2 Axel Semrau Businesses; Resapp: ‘Paediatric Study Backs Cough Diagnostic’; Immutep Completes Phase II Tacti-002 Expansion Dosing; Uniquest Licences Marijuana Delivery Sol-Gel To Preveceutical; Micro-X Withdraws Placement Capacity; 13% Oppose Rights; Genetic Signatures 13% Oppose Rem Report, Michael Aicher; Bionomics Withdraws Capital Distribution; Emyria Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Oventus Loses Founding Chair Dr Mel Bridges; Cryosite Appoints Steven Waller Director; Prescient: Dr Marco Davila, Prof Andrew Tsourkas Advisers

Nov 18, 2021

Illumina $5m ‘Innovation Collective’ Genomics Lab; Impedimed ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $7.5m; Total $42.5m; Resapp Licences Resappdx To Janssen For RSV Trial; Adalta: 2nd US Patent For AD-214 For Fibrosis; Alcidion: ‘Too Big For 10% Capacity’; Loses Nick Dignam; Oventus: AGM 44% Stop 10% Placement Capacity; Lumos To Release 9.8m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Australian Ethical Reduces To 13% In Cogstate; Paradigm Appoints Bene’s Dr Christian Reiter For R&D

Nov 17, 2021

Radiopharm IPO Raises $50m; Creso Pleads Schultz To ASX 18% Fall Query; ASIC; Pharmaxis Raises $7.2m, Share Plan For $2m More; Amplia: More Data Backs AMP945 For Focal Adhesion Kinase; Pharmaust Monepantel Trials ‘On-Track’ For 2022; Noxopharm’s Pharmorage Licences RNA Tech From Hudson; Althea: 900k M-D Joshua Fegan Performance Rights AGM; MGC Releases 15m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Perennial Reduces To 5.7% In Nuheara; FIL Takes 7.4% Of Immutep; Director Jim Xenos, Kojent Below 5% Of Medadvisor

Nov 16, 2021

AFP, ASIC Raid Everblu Capital; Noxopharm: ‘MRFF Withdraws $8.8m Grant’; Invion $12m Placement, Plan For $3m For Photosoft; Woke ‘Oversubscribed’ Seed Round Raises $1.55m; Redhill Enrols Part A Of RHB-107 For Covid-19 Trial; Resapp, Carepath Deal For In-Home COPD Monitoring; Imugene: Merck KGaA, Pfizer Supply Avelumab For Trials; PYC Completes VP-001 Toxicology Study; Heramed Issues Shares Beyond Approved Capacity; Cynata 30% Oppose Director Dr Paul Wotton; Platinum Takes 17.45% Of Amplia; Acorn Takes 6.5% Of Amplia; Auscann Loses Chair Max Johnston, Director Bruce McHarrie; Proteomics: Dr Robyn Elliott, Neville Gardiner Directors

Nov 15, 2021

Mesoblast: ‘Revised Data Shows Greater Heart Benefit’; Chimeric: CLTX-Car-T ‘3 Of 4 Glioblastomas Stable Disease’; Immuron Prepares For USU Travelers’ Diarrhoea Study; Woke Orders Synthetic Psilocybin For Drug Trials; Resapp Approval For Covid-19 Test Site Recruitment; Orthocell Locks Ortho-ATI Shoulder Tendon Study Database; Immutep: Eftilagimod Alpha China Patent; Posters Published; Noxopharm $8.8m MRFF Grant; Trading Halt; Pharmaust Takes Dog Lymphoma Trial To New Zealand; Heramed Pleads Schultz To ASX 64% Query; Pharmaxis Requests Capital Raising Halt; PYC Requests Non-Human Primate Study Results Halt; Baillie Gifford Reduces To 5.2% Of Cochlear; Allan Moss, Blueflag Increase, Diluted To 7% Of Amplia; Kazia Appoints Dr John Friend CMO

Nov 12, 2021

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Artrya; Planet Innovation Buys Bit Analytical, Adds $25m To Revenue; Resonance: Thalassaemia Federation Uses Ferrismart; Auscann Plans Marijuana Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms Trial; Optiscan: Completes Breast Cancer Trial Patient Enrolment; Invion Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Bard1: US Patent For Lung Cancer Diagnostic Kit; Anteo AGM: 44% Oppose Pac Partners Fee Options; Cronos: CDA Merger, 5m Performance Rights, 18m Options AGM; Macquarie Group Takes 5.15% Of Patrys; Covid-19 Forces Total Brain M-D Louis Gagnon To Resign

Nov 11, 2021

Brandon, MRCF Back $40m Cureator; Kazia Enrols 1st Patient In Diffuse Midline Glioma Trial; Universal Biosensors, Mayo Clinic Work On Tn Cancer Test; Aroa: Study Backs Sheep Stomach Matrix For Wound Healing; Acrux Receives $3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Medlab Completes $1.6m Food Additive Sale To Pharmacare; Adalta Hires Spark Plus For Asia Investor Relations; Audeara, Connect Hearing, Blamey Saunders Partnership; Analytica: US Patent For Pericoach Pelvic Floor System; Clinuvel Avoids Remuneration Report 2nd Strike; Vanguard Below 5% In CSL

Nov 10, 2021

Immutep: IMP321 ‘Non-Significant’ Cancer Benefit; Sub-Groups; Correction: Rage Bio; Clarity Recruits Prostate Cancer Imaging Dosimetry; Immuron, US Navy Cow Colostrum Drug Development Resumes; Zucero Begins Phase IIa Pixatimod Trial; Imagion Pleads Schultz, ‘Enrolment’ To ASX 32.5% Query; Impedimed AGM 15% Oppose Placement Capacity; Avita 130k Directors’ Shares, 378k Options AGM; Arovella Appoints Dr Elizabeth Stoner Director

Nov 9, 2021

Redhill: Kukbo Invests Up-To $13.5m For Asian Rights; Rage $3.7m From IP Group, Monash - Dr Chris Wraight CEO; Pharmaxis: FDA Clears PXS-5505 Phase II Liver Cancer Trial; Actinogen: FDA Approves Xanamem For Fragile X Trial; Island Pays NY State University $914k For Dengue Fever Trial; Race: Wollongong Uni To Evaluate Zantrene Formulations; Artrya ‘Preferred Supplier’ To UK NHS Hospitals; Living Cell Receives $381k NZ R&D Tax Credit; Regal Takes 7.7% Of Medadvisor; Creso Loses 3-Day Consultant Dr Brian Walker MLC

Nov 8, 2021

Amplia $5.4m Placement, $7m Rights Issue; Next Science: TGA Approves Xperience Surgical Solution; Living Cell Drops $4m Rights Issue Price To 0.8c; Clinuvel Adds Neuracthel To Melanocortin Portfolio; Clinuvel Pleads Schultz, ‘Research Note’ To 17.2% Fall Query; Paradigm: ‘Zilosul For Knee Osteoarthritis To Cost $3k-$4k PA’; Corrections: Antisense Therapeutics; Uscom: 2 China Patents For Cardiac Monitor; Mach7: AI Visualize Alleges US Patent Infringement; Adalta Receives Net $894k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Woke To Distribute O-T-C Havn Mushroom Products; Creso: Halucenex Psilocybin Testing For Phase II Trial; Platinum Takes 5.2% Of Antisense; Perennial Reduces To 8.85% Of Medadvisor; Alex Waislitz, Thorney-Tiga, Urban Land Below 5% In Zelira

Nov 5, 2021

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Antisense; Prevatex Raises $2.2m; Proteomics: ‘Promarkerd Beats Standard-Of-Care Tests’; Pharmaust Rights Options Raise $514k; Visioneering: ‘Naturalvue Reduces Myopia Progression’; Visioneering Launches Naturalvue Enhanced Multifocal Lens; IQ3: 41%-Owned Oncotex Licences Gold Compounds For Cancer; Blackrock Takes 5.8% Of Avita; Vanguard Takes 5.2% Of Avita; Paradice Takes 8.4% Of Impedimed; JM Financial Reduces To 9.8% Of Universal Biosensors; Regal Funds Below 5% In Adherium; Quincy Street Takes 6.3% Of Zelira; Ausbiotech Appoints Geoffrey Kempler Chair; Polynovo Loses 7-Year CEO, M-D Paul Brennan - ‘Differences’; Visioneering Appoints Dr Ashley Tuan CMO

Nov 4, 2021

Vale Peter Turvey (10.10.1951 - 27.10.2021); Kazia Recruits 1st EVT801 Solid Tumor Patient; Avita: Medicare Expands Recell Reimbursement; Trajan $1.3m For Forth Female Hormone Mapping; Impedimed: Astrazeneca Extends Sozo Contract 3 Months; Invex Prepares For Phase III Presendin For IIH Trial; Noxopharm Recruits 1st Daart-2 Patient; Alterity: Studies Back ATH434 For Parkinson’s, In-Vitro, In Mice; Amplia: Cruk Extends AMP886 Milestone Deadline; US Patent For Medlab Nanocelle; Bioxyne Drops Proposed Acquisition; L1 Capital Takes 7.2% Of Anteris; Creso: WA Legalise Cannabis MLC Dr Brian Walker Advisor

Nov 3, 2021

FDA Clears Paradigm Phase III PPS For Knee OA Trial; MTP Connect $450k Backs $1m For 5 WA Companies; Medlab: DISER Approves $27m Offshore RDTI; Correction: Bard1 AGM; Memphasys Completes Felix Validation, Verification; Lumos: Canada Sars-Cov-2 Rapid Test Interim Approval; BCal: Sample Testing ‘Positive Results’, Trial Begins; Nuheara Federal Hearing Services Provider; Uscom Spirosonic Koneska Technical Agreement; Argenica: ARG-007 Reduces Hie Brain Death 50%, In Rats; Race, Newcastle Uni Zantrene Cancer Diagnostic; Zelira Marijuana Technology; $1.35m Upfront DRCN Deal; MGC Builds Malta Cimetra Factory, $4.8m Grant; Vanguard (Just) Below 5% In Cochlear

Nov 2, 2021

Telix: TGA 1st Illuccix For Prostate Cancer Imaging Approval; Medadvisor $4m US Pilot Sars-Cov-2 Vaccination Program; Israel Approves MGC Cimetra Dosing Study; Neuroscientific: Biospective To Run Emtinb MS Studies; Immutep: China Patent For IMP321 Combination; Osteopore: China Patent For Bone Scaffold Method; Hexima 2.8m Director Options AGM; Perennial Takes 7.5% Of Ecofibre

Nov 1, 2021

October BDI-40 Up 0.3%, ASX200 Down 0.1%, Big Caps Up 3%; Antisense Phase II/III DMD EU Okay; Raises $20m, Rights For $16.8m; Hexima Raises $10m, Share Plan For $1m; Patrys Raises $2.5m, Rights Offer For $5.3m; Eye Co: Dry AMD Fludrocortisone Acetate ‘No Adverse Events’; Austco $1.6m Singapore Tacera Maintenance Contract; Next Science, Tela Bio US ‘White Label’ Deal; Biotron Starts 2 Phase II BIT225 HIV Trials; Imugene, Eureka Join Oncolytic Virus, T-Cells For Tumors; Race Applies For Phase II Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Trial; Bionomics: ‘FDA Okays BNC210 Social Anxiety Disorder Trial’; Creso, Innuana To Grow Marijuana, Swiss Distribution; Paradigm Requests ‘FDA Response’ Trading Halt; Medadvisor Requests ‘Customer Agreement’ Trading Halt; Bard1 Name Change To Inoviq, 2m Director Options AGM; Bard1 Founder Dr Irminger-Finger Diluted Below 5%; Ausbiotech Draft ‘Decadal Blueprint’ For Consultation; Ausbiotech To Lose 9-Year Director, Chair Michelle Burke

Oct 29, 2021

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Uscom; Resmed Record Q1 Revenue Up 20% To $1.2b, Profit Up 14% To $290m; LBT: FDA 501k Approval For APAS Independence; Immutep: EMA ‘Supports’ IMP321 For Breast Cancer; Cann Global Raises $1.8m; Medical Developments Remuneration 1st Strike: Philip Powell Goes; Adalta 6.7m Director Options AGM; Mesoblast 1.6m Chief Executive, 200k Director Options AGM; Starpharma 493k CEO Performance Rights AGM; Bioxyne Takes ‘Acquisition’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Stemcell Extends ‘Joint Venture’ Suspension; Cronos 80m Shares From ASX To Voluntary Escrow; Pacific Edge Appoints Dr Peter Meintjes CEO; 4D Loses Director Lusia Guthrie; Lost Director Heath Lee; Stefan Ross Replaces Patrys Co Sec Melanie Leydin; Claire Newstead-Sinclair Replaces Invion Co Sec Melanie Leydin

Oct 28, 2021

Ecofibre Claims Marijuana Cancer Results; 1.6 Quarters Cash; Invion: INV-043, Photosoft Kills TNBC, Immunity, In Mice; Up 139%; Incannex: Psilocybin Anxiety Trial Approved, FDA Meeting; Hexima 1.3 Quarters Cash; Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Halt; Anteris Less Than 1 Quarter Cash, Loans, Capital Raising; Resapp Has 2 Quarters Cash, RDTI Coming; Patrys Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; SG Hiscock Below 5% Of Atomo; One Funds, Saville Capital Take 12.5% Of Bluechiip; Victoria Appoints Grant Dooley Breakthrough Victoria CEO

Oct 27, 2021

Aroa H1 Revenue Up 37% To $13.2m; Impedimed Raises $35m, Share Plan For $5m More; Anteris: L1 Capital $5m Placement; Tali Receives $504k R&DTI Victoria Loan; Epsilon Extends $4m Loan Repayment; Universal Biosensors Recruits 1st Xprecia Prime Trial Patient; Oventus: Algorithm Accurate For Apnoea; FDA Exvent Trial; Rhinomed: Rhinoswab St Vincent’s Trial Approved; Race, Chaim Sheba Analyze Zantrene FTO Biomarkers; Adherium AGM 19% Oppose Remuneration Report; LBT Potential 2nd Strike Spill, 1.75m Directors Options AGM; Opthea: China Patent For OPT-302; Bioxyne Requests ‘Potential Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Perennial Reduces To 12.3% In Medadvisor; Loumea Diluted Below 5% In Rhythm; Regal Funds Below 5% In BCal; Black Rock Takes 11% Of Imricor; Oncology One: Peter Mac CEO Prof Shelley Dolan Director; Speedx, Onko-Innate, David Blake Win Ausbiotech Gongs; Ausbiotech: Regenerative Medicine Foundations Laid; Bio-Melbourne Addresses Freight Logistics, Delays

Oct 26, 2021

Ausbiotech Conference 2021, Biotech Invest Open; Victoria $16m For Brain Cancer Centre; Volpara H1 Receipts Up 40% To $13m; Nova Eye $1.42m US Paycheck Loan Forgiven; Atomo: TGA Broadens HIV Self-Test Sales, Advertising; Resapp Expands India Sars-Cov-2 Cough Diagnostic Trial; Bluechiip Signs Fujifilm Irvine IVF Contract; Noxopharm Doses 1st Patient In Veyonda, Nivolumab Tumor Study; Starpharma: Vietnam Viraleze Distributor; 100k Unit Order; Living Cell: NZeno Auckland Island Pigs For Parkinson’s Trial; Polynovo AGM Avoids Spill By 1.7%, 29% Oppose M-D Incentives; MGC Potential 2nd Strike Spill; 100% Directors’ Pay Pool Hike AGM; Hydrix 5.25m Gavin Coote Rights AGM, Paul Lewis Director; Immutep 3.6m CEO Marc Voigt Performance Rights AGM; Medadvisor: 1.5m M-D Robert Read Options AGM; Proteomics To Lose 7-Year Chair Terry Sweet; Anteotech Appoints Tim Pritchard CFO, Co Sec; 2 Executives; Amplia Appoints Dr José Iglesias Clinical Advisor

Oct 25, 2021

Genetic Signatures $12m Record Q1 Revenue; Universal Biosensors: Vinmetrica To Sell Sentia; $1m Sales; Recce Phase I R327 I-V Trial Approved; Creso $217k Scrip For Impactive Marijuana Joint Pain; Memphasys Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Optiscan Receives $770k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Memphasys: China Sperm Separation Patent; Noxopharm: Australia, Europe Allow Veyonda Patent; Impedimed Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Invex 2.5m Performance Shares; 60% Pay Pool Hike AGM; Bluechiip 4.5m M-D Andrew McLellan Performance Rights AGM; Paul Hopper Takes 7% Of Imugene

Oct 22, 2021

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Avita Medical; Chimeric ‘On The Path To CDH17 Car-T Trial’; Medadvisor Expands Walmart Deal; Clinuvel Doses 1st Xeroderma Pigmentosum DNA Repair Patient; Neurotech: ‘Marijuana NTI164 Beats CBD, THC For MS, In-Vitro’; Goodbye Suda, Hello Arovella Therapeutics; Pharmaust 14% Oppose Incentive Scheme Remuneration Report; Austco 2nd Strike, 80% Director Fee Pool Hike AGM; Mayne: $2m M-D Scott Richards ‘Performance’ Rights AGM; Acrux: 6m M-D Michael Kotsanis Rights AGM; BTC 6m Chair Dr Richard Treagus Options AGM; Vanguard Takes 5% Of Cochlear; Copia Takes 5.4% Of Probiotec; Allan Gray Reduces To 6.5% Of Impedimed

Oct 21, 2021

Federal $25m For Stem Cell Research; Hemideina Raises $10m For Cochlear Implants; Cann Group Plan Raises $8.7m, Total $18.7m; Dimerix: ‘1st Phase III Dmx-200 Approval For FSGS’; Neuren: 2nd FDA ‘Hold’ On NNZ-2591, For Phelan-McDermid; Suda: Chile Approves Teva Zolpimist Application; Avecho, Lambert Trial TPM-Marijuana For Arthritis Pain; Pharmaust Manufactures Trial Batches Of Monepantel; Cannim Hires Epsilon For Hummingbud Marijuana; Rhythm 5.3m Director Options AGM; Nova Eye: 2.25m Director Options AGM; Telix Releases 21m Voluntary Escrow Shares

Oct 20, 2021

Telix: ‘TLX101 Safe, Lengthens Glioblastoma Survival’; Zelira: Quincy Street Placement Raises $6.7m; 54% Premium; Pharmacare Pays $1.6m For Medlab Food Additive Business; Truscreen Claims Cervical Cancer Test Success; China Expansion; Imugene Doses 1st CF33 Checkvacc Breast Cancer Patient; Opthea Takes OPT-302 Wet AMD Trials To Asia-Pacific; Control Bionics: ‘Rent Neuronode For Immediate Use’; Incannex Hires Procaps For IHL-42X Manufacture; Oncosil 50% Deliver 2nd Strike; Spill Fails By 2%; Dr Roger Aston; Neurotech 100% Director Fee Pool Hike AGM; Vectus Pleads ‘Schultz, News’ To ASX 24% Query; Acorn Takes 5.3% Of Micro-X; Jason Carrol Takes 7% Of Island; Perennial Below 5% In Hydrix

Oct 19, 2021

CSL 2021 R&D Briefing: ‘Spending Up, Recombinant Focus’; Impedimed Trial: ‘L-Dex Significantly Reduces Lymphoedema’; Artrya $40m IPO For Salix Arterial Plaque Detection; Living Cell $3.5m For NTCell Parkinson’s Trial; Rights For $4m More; Woke, Monash Formulate Psilocybin For Depression Trial; Queensland Uni’s Jetra $1.3m For Fatty Liver Disease; Clarity Closes Sar-Bombesin C-Bobcat Trial Early; Emyria: Eurofins To Screen MDMA Analogs For CNS Activity; Race Wins 6th US Zantrene Patent; Osteopore, Singular Work On Cranial Implant Design Tool; Opthea AGM 20% Oppose Director Options; Dr Jeremy Levin; Nanosonics 353k CEO Rights AGM; Chimeric 7.5m Director Options AGM; Alterity Expands Biomuse ATH343 Multiple System Atrophy Study; Zelira Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Oncosil Loses 8-Year Director Dr Roger Aston Before AGM; Adherium Appoints Robert Spurr Interim CFO

Oct 18, 2021

Pacific Edge ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $22m; Total $99.9m; Alcidion, Sydney Health $1.8m Tele-Health Contract; Heramed Notes Raise $2.4m; Mach7 Sales Orders Up 390% To $16.2m; Cynata: Fujifilm Pays $6.7m For New Deal; Patrys: Deoxymab Increases Breast Cancer Survival, In Mice; Mesoblast: ‘Remestemcell-L Improves Child GvHD Survival’; Neuroscientific Completes Emtinb Pharmacology Studies; Auscann Requests FDA CPAT-01 Meeting; Pharmaust: 24 Dogs, 1 Partial Response To Monepantel; Proteomics: ‘Clinical Utility Study Backs Promarkerd’; VGI: Japan Tocotrienol Patent; Anatara 1.8m Director Options AGM; One Week To Ausbiotech Invest 2021, Conference

Oct 15, 2021

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: A Trip Through Psychedelic Drugs; MTP Connect Covid-19-Related 3rd ‘Skills Gaps’ Report; Nuheara Begins 50-Patient Hearing Aid Clinical Trial; Dimerix Brings Phase III DMX-200 For Covid-19 Trial To Australia; MGC Tells ASX: ‘Director Hayes 3y Wrong, Share Trades OK’; Bod ASX Code Change To ‘Bod’; Living Cell ‘Placement, Rights Offer’ Trading Halt; Micro-X 133% Directors’ Fee Pool Hike AGM; Visioneering Q3 Receipts Up 4.2% To Record $2.7m; Cronos Record Q1 Marijuana Revenue $1.1m; Perennial Reduces To 13.6% Of Medadvisor; Perennial Reduces To 5.2% Of Hydrix; IDT To Lose Director Mary Sontrop At AGM

Oct 14, 2021

Federal $30m For Child Musculo-Skeletal Research; Amplia Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Heramed Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Jason Carroll Takes 6% Of Island; Neurotech Tells ASX: ‘Patent Applications Material’; Nuheara AGM 19% Oppose Remuneration Report; Ausbiotech Invest, Partnering 2021 Registration

Oct 13, 2021

Protagonist Jumps 94% As FDA Lifts Rusfertide Hold; IDT, MIPS $2m Sars-Cov-2 mRNA Vaccine Manufacturing Deal; Pharmaxis Doses First Of 24 Patients In PXS-5505 Phase II Trial; Resonance: ‘Liversmart To Launch This Year’; Auscann: Marijuana Dermacann Safe In Dogs At 5mg/Kg; Paradigm PPS Reduces Ards Lung Inflammation, In Mice; Prescient In-Vitro Data Backs Omnicar; US Patent For Redhill’s Talicia For Helicobacter Pylori; Audeara Appoints Oaktree US Headphone Distributor; Actinogen Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Kazia 2.5m M-D Dr James Garner Options AGM; Bio-Melbourne, Cytiva Translation Funding

Oct 12, 2021

Alcidion Signs $630k Queen’s Hospital Burton Deal; Imricor: ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $1m; Total $17.5m; Imricor ICMR For Hungary’s Semmelweis University; Anteris Appoints Iqvia, CRF For Duravr Feasibility Study; CSL: 26% Oppose $10m Paul Perreault ‘Performance’ Shares; Anteo 100% Directors’ Fee Pool Hike AGM; Neurotech Requests ‘Patent Lodgment’ Trading Halt; Oncosil Appoints Prof Ricky Sharma Director

Oct 11, 2021

Acrux Terminates Harris EMLA Licence On Bankruptcy; Audeara, Amplifon Sign Headphone Supply Agreement; Resapp Files Sleepcheckrx FDA 510(K) Application; Universal Biosensors Receives $2.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Creso: ‘Mernova Highest Legal THC In Canada’; USPTO Allows Neuren NNZ-2591 For Autism Patent; Medlab US NRGbiotic Depression Patent; Neuroscientific 8m Directors Options AGM; CMO Dr Sud Agarwal, Cannvalate Take 8.9% Of Incannex

Oct 8, 2021

Biotech Call To Arms: David Blake - Update; Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Somnomed; Cynata: DSMB Okays Stem Cell Covid-19 Trial Unchanged; Lumos Retracts Febridx $2.5b Economic Value Article; LBT: South Australia Extends Loan Repayment; Starpharma: Admenta Italia To Distribute Viraleze In Italy; Adherium CMS Submission On Remote Therapeutic Monitoring; Immuron IMM124E Increases T-Cells In-Vitro, Mice; Actinogen 53m CEO, Director Shares AGM; Clinuvel Potential 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM; Mach7 402k M-D Rights, 335k Director Options AGM; Daniel Ow Replaces Osteopore Directors Carmichael, Pocock; Resmed Pays Rajwant Sodhi $963k; Consultant

Oct 7, 2021

Ellume Recalls Sars-Cov-2 Home Tests On False Positives; Mayne: US FDA 2nd Nuvaring Rejection; National Facility, La Trobe Uni Develop Nanomslide; Medi-Cal To Reimburse Redhill Talicia (Sydney’s Heliconda); Adalta: BTB $760k Moved To Inhaled AD-214; Nova Eye 5-Year Itrack Results; Cardiex: Conneqt, Fenda Manufacturing Agreement; Emyria Joins Palantir Foundry Builders Program; Impedimed AGM: M-D Rights, Options; Chair Scott Ward Goes; MGC: AMC Orders $4m Of Cimetra; Australian Ethical Diluted To 4.9% Of Immutep; Peter Meurs, Skiptan Take 13.8% Of Dimerix; Honsue Cho Takes 26% Of Invion

Oct 6, 2021

Neuren ‘Over-Subscribed’ Plan Raises $3m, Total $23.3m; Aroa H1 Revenue Up 108% To $16.2m; Lumos: ‘Febridx Can Save US $2.5b PA’; Clarification Halt; Emvision: FDA Wants More Data For Portable Brain Scanner; VGI Takes IVB001 Trial To RMH, $1.5m Drawdown-Equity Facility; Race Granted 5th US Bisantrene (Zantrene) Patent; US Allows Medlab Nanocelle Patent; Patrys 25m M-D Options AGM; Island Releases 6.7m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Merchant Funds Takes 5.6% Of Dimerix; Leanne Ralph Replaces Hexima Co Sec Helen Molloy

Oct 5, 2021

CSIRO Eliminates Dengue, Yellow Fever, Zika Mosquito; Redhill Sub-Group Data Backs Opaganib For Covid-19; Volpara: $3m US Breast Software Contract; Rhythm Receives $2.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Pharmaxis Approved For Phase II PXS-5505 Myelofibrosis Trials; Opthea Starts Euro Enrolment For OPT-302 Wet AMD Trials; Clinuvel Ready For Scenesse Xeroderma Pigmentosum Trial; Anteris Duravr Heart Valve ‘Fully-Functioning’ In Sheep; Atomo, Access Replace Rapid Sars-Cov-2 Self-Test Deal; Creso $809k Marijuana Orders; Goodbye Lifespot Health, Hello Inhalerx; Paul Sherman Replaces Palla CFO Brendan Middleton

Oct 4, 2021

Incannex Options Raise $17.7m; Vivelys To Distribute Universal Biosensors Sentia In France; IMCRC: Stryker, Queensland To Build R&D Facility; Avecho Starts Phase I TPM-Marijuana Absorption Trial; Atomo Requests ‘Access Bio’ Trading Halt; TDM Takes 26.8% Of Somnomed; Argenica To Release 1.3m ASX Escrow Shares; Antisense Appoints Dr Gil Price Director; Mayne Appoints Dr Carolyn Myers Director; Exopharm Appoints David Oxley, Johannes Mühl Executives; Troy Di Domenico Replaces Dorsavi CFO Damian Connellan

Oct 1, 2021

September BDI-40 Down 4%; ASX200 Down 3%; Big Caps Down 8%; Biotech Call To Arms: David Blake; Pro Medicus, Novant $40m, 7-Year Visage 7 Deal; Dimerix Share Plan Raises $4m, Total $24m; Pharmaust: Options Rights Offer For $792k; Report To TGA Cautious On MDMA, Psilocybin; Neuren: FDA ‘Hold’ On NNZ-2591 For Angelman IND; Medibio Launches Luca For Stress; Hamish George Replaces Amplia CFO Jeff Carter; David Franks Replaces Exopharm Co Sec Elizabeth McGregor

Sep 30, 2021

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Aroa Biosurgery; ENA Trials INNA-051 Nasal Spray For Covid-19, Influenza; Adherium Receives $370k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cynata: Fujifilm Pays $6.9m In New Stem Cell Manufacture Deal; Paradigm Doses 1st Brazil PPS For MPS-VI Patient; Recce Ready For R327 Phase I Trial; Amplia: Garvan Backs FAK For Pancreatic Cancer; Clarity: Evergreen To Manufacture Copper Isotope Products; Impedimed: Icon To Install 13 Sozo Units; Volpara, Natera Combine For US Cancer Screening; Race: ‘Zantrene Kills FTO-Producing Melanoma, In-Vitro’; Argenica Appoints Linear For Perth ARG-007 Safety Trial; Antisense: EMA Committee Supports ATL1102 For DMD Plan; MGC: AMC Orders 1,000 Cimetra Units; Regal Funds Reduces To 7.8% In Micro-X; Michelle Wing Increases, Diluted To 9% Of Rhythm

Sep 29, 2021

Victoria $4m Backs Neo-Bionica For Medical Devices; Micro-X Wins 2 US Airport Security Contracts; Up To $5.7m; WEHI: ‘Antibody Combo Blocks Sars-Cov-2 In Mice, Hamsters’; PYC: ‘VP-001 Penetrates Rabbit Retina’; Immutep: $3.4m French R&D Tax Incentive; Mayne Appoints Upsher-Smith US Isotretinoin Distributor; Botanix Trials Cannabinoid BTX1204A For Dog Eczema; Stemcell Takes ‘Joint Venture’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Regal Funds Reduces To 5.8% Of Adherium; Veronique Morgan-Smith Replaces Mach7 Co Sec Jenni Pilcher

Sep 28, 2021

Federal Government: Home Covid Testing From November; Mach7: Trinity Orders $7.4m Software, Services; TGA Issues IDT Sterile Licence For mRNA Production; Imricor To Sell Mirtle 12-Lead ECG System; Telix: $12m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; $139m Offshore OK; 4D Medical 702k CEO Options, 50% Directors Pay Pool Hike AGM; Adherium 149m CEO Rights AGM; SG Hiscock Reduces To 6.6% Of Resonance; LBT Appoints Brian O’Dwyer Director

Sep 27, 2021

Pacific Edge Up 22.5% On ASX IPO For Bladder Cancer Tests; Impedimed: Advocate Health Adopts Sozo Heart Program; LBT Appoints Thermo Fisher US APAS Independence Distributor; Federal $12m For Glioblastoma Agile Trial; Kazia; Adalta: ‘AD-214 Reduces Kidney Fibrosis, In Mice’; Eye Co: ‘FA Effective For Macular Atrophy, In Mice’; Invex Partners With Peptron For Presendin; Paradigm: FDA Trial Concern On Mouse Adrenal Gland Function; Noxopharm: US Patent For ‘Veyonda Abscopal Responses’; Exopharm Pleads US Patent News To ASX 24.5% Price Query; Stemcell United Requests ‘Joint Venture’ Trading Halt; Oncosil Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Oventus Pleads Schultz To ASX 30% Query; M&G Below 5% In Medical Developments; TDM Takes 26.7% Of Somnomed
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Testing The Covid Assay Developers; Federal, MTP Connect $9m For Diabetes, C-V; Technologies; Cochlear: University Of Pittsburg Files Patent Infringement; Adherium: Astrazeneca $891k Hailie Deal; Immuron Loses Covid Vaccine Bid, Director Peter Anastasiou; Dimerix: India Recommends DMX-200 Covid-19 Trial; Antisense: ‘ATL1102 Significantly Modifies DMD Biomarkers’; Paradigm Ethics OK For Knee Osteoarthritis Pain Trial; Invex Requests ‘Exenatide Deal’ Trading Halt; HSBC Increases, Diluted To 6.8% Of Pharmaxis, In April; Perennial Reduces To 6.7% Of Nuheara; Botanix Appoints Dr Jack Hoblitzell Drug Development Head
Atmo Raises $9.6m For Gut Gas Monitor Capsule; Telix: US FDA Extends Illucix Review 3 Months; Micro-X $8m Stroke Alliance Deal; Anteo: Eugeni TGA Application; Romanian Distributor; Osprey: GE Healthcare Resumes Dyevert Euro Promotion; Uscom: BP+ ‘94% Effective For AF Screening’; Zelira’s Ilera Launches Marijuana Acne Product Line; Chimeric: Euro Patent For Car-CLTX, CHM1101; Visioneering: USPTO Allows Multifocal Lens Patent; Polynovo Potential 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM; Cogstate 1.4m O’Connor Family Incentive Options AGM; FMR Takes 5% Of Somnomed; Medibio Appoints Dr Elizabeth Lombardo Adviser
Victoria, Monash Uni ‘1st Cardiovascular Centre’; Rhythm Recruits Colostat Trial; Lumos: US FDA ‘Deprioritizes’ Covidx Emergency Use; Imugene: Japan Patent For HER-Vaxx Immunotherapy; Bod, Woolcock Trial S3 Marijuana For Insomnia; Emyria: Preliminary Analysis Of 1st MDMA Analogue; Harbour Takes 10% Of Volpara; Dorsavi Chair Greg Tweedly To Retire At AGM; Clarity Joins Corar
FDA Hold On Protagonist’s Rusfertide (PTG-300); 62% Fall; Federal $6.5m For Rapid Hepatitis C Test; Federal Industry Ministers: Christian Porter Out, Angus Taylor In; Victoria, Burnet, Doherty Rapid Covid-19 Antibody Test; Biomuse Study Readies Alterity For Phase II Parkinson’s MSA Trial; Universal Biosensors Adds 2 Centres For Tn Antigen Cancer Test; Bionomics Prepares For BNC210 Social Anxiety Disorder Trial; Adalta: Victoria $4m RDTI Loan; Resapp Expands Covid-19 Trial To India; Memphasys On-Track For Samson Horse Semen Test; Island: Curia Replaces Cerrx For ISLA-101 Supply; Cronos Pleads Schultz, $61m Marijuana Deal To ASX 30% Query; Oncosil Potential 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM; Epsilon: Valens 1st Marijuana Order For $540k; Zelira Appoints Adjupharm Germany Marijuana Distributor; Creso, Halucenex, Acadia Uni Work On Psilocybin, CBD Gel Capsules
Emvision $8m Stroke Alliance Deal; Volpara, Revealdx Combine For Lung Screen; $341k Note; Anteo: Ramma For Greece, Cyprus Eugeni, Sars-Cov-2 Tests; Neuren: Brazil Trofinetide For Rett, Autism Spectrum Patent; MGC: Germany Approves Natural Artemic; Cochlear $2.4m CEO Options, Rights AGM; Dr Greg Rice Replaces Bard1 CSO Dr Peter French; VGI Appoints Prof Darrell Crawford Adviser; Emyria Appoints Dr Jeremy Tannenbaum Psychedelic Adviser
Redhill: Opaganib Phase II/III Misses Covid-19 Endpoints; IDT: $11.5m For Federal Sterile Drug Manufacture Plant; Amplia 1st Line AMP945 Combination Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Telix Supplies Illuccix To Amgen For PSMA Therapy Trial; Patrys: ‘PAT-DX3- MMAE Reduces Breast Cancer Growth, In Mice’; Nuheara: Registration-Directed Hearing Aid Trial; Avecho Recruits 1st Phase I TPM-Marijuana Trial Patient; Orthocell: ‘Celgro Rope Improves ACL Reconstruction, In Rabbits’; Imricor Pleads Schultz To ASX Listing Rule 15.7 Leak Query; Starpharma: US Patent For DEP-Cabazitaxel; Cynata: 2 Russian Patents For Cymerus Stem Cells; Argenica ARG-007 For Stroke Scale-Up, Purity; Suda Name Change To Arovella, 8m Dr Michael Baker Options EGM; Regal Funds Reduces To 7.4% Of Adherium; Atomo Appoints Deborah Neff Director; Adherium Loses CFO Anne Bell, Melbourne CFO Wanted; Chimeric Appoints 3 ‘Cellular Immunotherapy’ Advisers 
TGA Approves Micro-X Rover; Telix Files US IND For TLX250 Kidney Cancer Trial; Telix: US Guidelines Include PSMA-PET Imaging; Cronos Takes CDA For $61m Scrip In Marijuana Merger; Universal Biosensors, Peter Mac Work On Tn Antigen Test; VGI Appoints Gallipoli For IVB001 Nash Trial; DISER Approves Resapp Overseas R&D; Expects $820k; Cann Group Tests Gelpell Equipment; Harvest One Payment; MGC: UK Approves Import, Use Of Cannepil+ For Epilepsy; Total Brain: $600k ARR As IBM Signs US Veterans Affairs; Rhythm Files Colostat Manufacturer File To TGA; Opthea 1.6m CEO Rights, 4m Director Options AGM; SG Hiscock Takes 5% Of Atomo; Jencay Reduces To 9.6% Of Universal Biosensors; Regal Reduces To 8.8% Of Adherium; Shimano, Ex-M-D Peter Griffiths Below 5% Of Neurotech; One Funds, Saville Take 5% Of Imricor; Lumos Appoints Trump S-G Dr Jerome Adams Adviser
Neuren Raises $20m, Share Plan For $2m More; Telix Appoints Radius Illuccix Italy Distributor; Impedimed: 2 Abstracts Back Sozo For Heart Failure; Heramed: ‘Pilot Program Women Approve Foetal Monitoring’; Acrux: US FDA Accepts Dapsone Gel Application; Paradigm: ‘PPS Improves Grip In Mice With Chikungunya’; VGI NE1-Elite Muscle Soreness, Swelling Trial; Creso: MHG Orders $338k Marijuana Products; Universal Biosensors 7.5m CEO, CFO, Staff Performance Rights; Paul Hopper Takes 5.4% Of Imugene
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: IDT Australia; Rhinomed: Victoria Orders 1m Rhinoswabs; Distributors; QRX Hopes To Return To The ASX; Correction: Epsilon; Neuren Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Sun Hung Kai Increases, Diluted In Total Brain; Consolidation; Polynovo Loses Coo Dr Anthony Kaye; Oventus Appoints Michael Sisk Head Of Finance
Haemalogix Raises 10m For Multiple Myeloma; Adherium: FDA Approves ‘Next Generation’ Hailie Sensor; Telix Images Last Patient In Japan TLX591-CDx Trial; Epsilon, Valens Facility Deal; Buys Alternamed For $4.3m Scrip; Auscann Appoints Knoell CPAT-01 Advisor; Clime Takes 10.5% Of Mach7; Australian Ethical Takes 10.2% Of Mach7; Director Andrew Kroger Diluted To 41.5% In Cryosite; Steve Parkes Replaces Mach7 CFO Jenni Pilcher
Imricor Raises $16.5m, Plan For $1m More; Volpara, Riverain Deal For Lung Cancer Screening; IDT Tells 2nd ASX Aware Query ‘Federal Deal Not Material’; Showa Denko Evaluates Exopharm Leap Technology; Epsilon Takes ‘Partnership’ Trading Halt To Suspension; FIL Reduces To 5.8% In Cogstate
Vale Dr Kevin Healey (May 26, 1952 – Sep 3, 2021); Rhythm Raises $4.3m, Placement For $1.275m More; Vectus Completes Second VB0004 Cohort; Ecofibre, Southern Cross Uni Start Marijuana Sleep Trial; Orthocell: Canada, Hong Kong Patents For Celgro; Little Green WA Psilocybin Licence, Stephen Bright Advisor; Imricor Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt
S&P ASX Indices: 2 Biotechs Up, 2 Down; Queensland Grant For Analytica Pericoach Manufacture; Anteo: Pera Medikal Turkey Eugeni Covid Test Distributor; Little Green Danish Marijuana; Morten Snede, Tony Roberts; Epsilon Requests ‘Partnership’ Trading Halt; CMO Dr Matthew Myntti Reduces To 7.1% Of Next Science; Perennial Takes 6.5% Of Ecofibre; Anteris Appoints Dr Chris Meduri CMO; Radiopharm Appoints Riccardo Canevari CEO, M-D; Creso Appoints Dr Miri Halperin Wernli, William Lay
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Nanosonics; BTC Revenue Up 17% To $7m, Loss Down 53% To $464m; Neuren: FDA Orphan Status For Nnz-2591 For Prader-Willi; BCal: Sydney Breast Clinic Collects Blood For Cancer Test; Federal DISER Approves Neuroscientific Overseas R&D; Osprey EGM Approves 100-To-1 Consolidation; Nova Eye Buys Back 388k Unmarketable Parcel Shares; CSL $9.8m CEO Performance Rights AGM; MGC: India Approves Cimetra Import; Peter Meurs Increases, Diluted To 10.7% Of Dimerix; Regal Funds Management Takes 7.5% Of Althea; Suda Appoints Dr John Maher Scientific Advisor 
Kazia: France Approves Phase I EVT801 For Cancer Trial; Chimeric, Oncobay Partner To Develop CHM1101; Audeara Revenue Up 24% To $1.1m, Loss Up 176% To $1.25m; Immutep Doses Last 2nd-Line NSCLC IMP321-Keytruda Patient; FIL Reduces To 6% Of Telix; TDM Takes 26% Of Somnomed; Australian Ethical Takes 8.7% Of Mach7; Ausbiotech: Regenerative Medicine Manufacture, Trials; Lung Health Initiative: Theodora Elia-Adams Director
Imugene: HER-Vaxx Misses Gastric Cancer Secondary Endpoint; Palla Pharma H1 Revenue Down 43% To $7m, Loss Up 267% To $33m; Hydrix Revenue Down 50% To $7.4m, Loss Up 204% To $9.8m; Epsilon H1 Revenue Down 7% To $3.2m, Loss Down 26% To $4.1m; Creso H1 Revenue Up 109% To $3m, Loss Up 9% To $19m; Cardiex Revenue Up 14% To $5.3m, Loss Up 67% To $5.5m; MGC Revenue Up 43% To $3m, Loss Down 28% To $14m; Emyria Revenue Up 95% To $2m, Loss Down 6% To $4.9m; Cann Global Revenue Down 17% To $1.5m, Loss Down 41% To $5m; 4D Medical Continues I-Med Radiology Program; Neuren: Acadia Trofinetide Under-5 Rett Trial; Angelman Ind; Resapp: Indonesia Approves Resappdx; Memphasys: Hydrix To Pay $500k, 1m Shares For Felix Flaw; Althea: Boston Beer Deal For Canadian Marijuana Drinks; Hexima Appoints Jake Nunn Director; Medibio M-D Claude Solitario Pay Rise To $200k: Co-Sec Change
Althea Record Revenue Up 128% To $11.5m, Loss Up 1.9% To $15m; Mesoblast Revenue Down 77% To $10.2m, Loss Up 27% To $135m; Stemcell Revenue Up 11-Fold To $8.5m, Loss Up 107% To $3m; Regeneus Revenue Up 325% To $7.1m, Loss To $2.15m Profit; Little Green Revenue Up 218% To $7m, Loss To $24.6m Profit; Medlab Revenue Down 3.7% To $5.2m, Loss Down 7.9% To $12.4m; Bioxyne Revenue Down 6.6% To $2.1m, Loss Down 28% To $426k; Incannex Revenue Up 211% To $1.9m, Loss Up 74% To $8.2m; Proteomics Revenue Down 8% To $1.3m, Loss Up 64% To $2.9m; Oventus Revenue Up 160% To $1.1m, Loss Down 2.9% To $9.8m; Orthocell Completes Ortho-ATI Rotator Cuff Follow-Up; Pharmaxis: PXS-6302 For Burns Scars ‘Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Neuroscientific: Emtinb ‘Significantly Reduces Ms Biomarkers’; Immutep: China’s EOC Plans IMP321, PD-1 Trial; Pharmaust: Epichem Repays Lab Expansion Loans; Cynata: Canada Patent For Cymerus Stem Cells; Creso, Red Light Holland End Merger; Aims At Nasdaq; Movac Fund 3 Below 5% In Aroa; Exopharm Appoints Dr Jennifer King Director
Medadvisor Revenue Up 304% To $39m, Loss Up 49% To $15.4m; Austco Revenue Down 1% To $31m, Profit Up 37% To $3m; Lumos Revenue Up 198% To $25m, Loss Up 50% To $20m; Next Science H1 Revenue Up 272% To $5.4m, Loss Down 37% To $4m; Imex H1 Revenue Up 15% To $5.2m, Loss Up 18% To $3m; Resonance Revenue Up 3% To $3.8m, Loss To $586k Profit; IQ3 Revenue Down 58% To $3m, Loss Up 156% To $6m; Orthocell Revenue Up 48% To $1m, Loss Up 47% To $9m; Federal Diser Approves Neuren Overseas R&D; Expects $6.5m; Anteris Extends Lemaitre Manufacturing Deal; Althea Pleads Schultz To ASX Listing Rule 15.7 Leak Query; Imricor To Sell Nordicneurolab Monitors; ASX Removes TBG From Official List; Credit Suisse Below 5% Of IDT; Merchant Reduces, Diluted To 12.6% Of Bard1; SG Hiscock Takes 9.6% Of Bod; Chimeric Appoints Jennifer Chow CEO, M-D; Starts On $754k; David Austin Replaces Cann Global Chair Pnina Feldman 
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Clarity Pharmaceuticals; Mayne Revenue Down 12% To $401m, Loss Up 125% To $208m; Redhill H1 Revenue Up 92% To $58m, Loss Up 57% To $72m; Clinuvel Revenue Up 43% To $48m, Profit Up 68% To $24.7m; Avita Revenue Up 66% To $43m, Loss Down 37% To $36.5m; Atomo Revenue Up 25% To $6.7m, Loss Down 35% To $6m; Anteris H1 Revenue Down 20% To $3.2m, Loss Up 74% To $10m; Allegra Revenue Down 10.2% To $4.5m, Loss Down 50% To $579k; Micro-X Revenue Down 11% To $3.8m, Loss Up 46% To $14.7m; Total Brain Revenue Down 4.7% To $3.7m, Loss Up 9% To $8.3m; Cronos Revenue Up 14-Fold To $1.7m, Loss Up 3% To $4m; Imugene Dosing 3rd PD1-Vaxx Cohort; Rhinomed: Royal Children’s Hospital Trials Rhinoswab Junior; Osteopore Sponsors 2 PCL-TCP Reconstruction Trials; Immutep: China Patent For LAG525; Painchek Disputes $1.4m NSW Tax Assessment; Next Science: Irrimax Xperience Surgical Wash Legal Action; Emyria: Calvert For EMD-003 Synthetic Cannabidiol Studies; MGC Claims $33m AMC Marijuana, Cimetra Deal; Frank Condella Replaces Mayne Chair Roger Corbett
Compumedics Revenue Up 2% To $36m, Loss To $1m Profit; Polynovo Revenue Up 32% To $29m, Loss Up 10% To $5m; Kazia Revenue $15m, Loss Down 32% To $8m; Control Bionics Revenue Up 28% To $4m, Loss Up 253% To $3.5m; Rhinomed Revenue Up 9% To $3.9m, Loss Up 18% To $8m; Starpharma Revenue Down 67% To $2m, Loss Up 34% To $19.7m; Dorsavi Revenue Down 7% To $1.8m, Loss Down 73% To $2m; LBT Revenue Down 5% To $1.4m, Loss Up 28% To $7m; Oncology One, Children’s Cancer Institute Work On Solid Tumors; Dash Launches Acrux Generic Testosterone In The US; Nova Eye Pays $2.8m For US Glaucoma Patents; USPTO Allows Cynata Cymerus Stem Cell Patent; Suda Appoints Dr Reuben Benjamin Advisor
Clarity Opens Up 18% For Cancer Radio-Pharmaceuticals; Althea Raises $10.6m; Probiotec Revenue Up 12% To $121m, Profit Down 21% To $5m; Trajan Revenue Up 7% To $77m, Profit Down 28% To $2m; Cogstate Revenue Up 44% To $45m, Loss To $7.2m Profit; Genetic Signatures Revenue Up 151% To 28m, Loss To $1.8m Profit; Medical Developments Revenue Up 9% To $26m, Profit To $13m Loss; IDT Revenue Up 19.5% To $17m, Loss To $2m Profit; Cryosite Revenue Up 12% To $10m, Profit Down 56% To $653k; Impedimed Revenue Up 47% To $8m, Loss Down 3% To $21m; Acrux Revenue Up 7% To $1.3m, Loss Up 33% To $13m; Medlab: TGA Okays Nanabis Marijuana Cancer Pain Trial; Dimerix Files Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Study Ethics Application; Bayer Increases Cardiex Trial Contract $682k; Chimeric Releases 19m Shares From Escrow; Credit Suisse Takes 6% Of IDT; Perennial Takes 15% Of Medadvisor; Deborah Ambrosini Replaces Cann Group CFO Greg Bullock
Nanosonics Revenue Up 3% To $103m, Profit Down 15% To $8.6m; Somnomed Revenue Up 9% To $63m, Loss Up 147% To $1.2m; Alcidion Revenue Up 39% To $26m, Loss Down 27% To $2m; Impedimed Receives $1.8m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Adalta, Carina Work On I-Body, Car-T-Cell For Cancer; Suda: ‘Stada Zolpimist Licence For Insomnia In Australia’; Invion EGM For Cho Deal, 138m Thian Chew Options; Imugene Pleads Schultz To ASX Listing Rule 15.7 Leak Query; Perennial Takes 8% Of 4D Medical; Health Management Sells Medadvisor Shares To Cotiviti; China Patent For Hexima Pezadeftide (HXP124) For Toe Fungus; Antisense Dr Gil Price Joins US Duchenne Advocacy Board; Neuroscientific: Dr Peter Hnik, Dr Frank Bonner Advisors
Mach7 Revenue Up 1% To $19m, Profit To $9m Loss; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Up 47% To $8.5m, Loss Down 31% To $4m; IDT: Victoria Buys $1m mRNA Nanoassemblr - Federal Facility; Bod Revenue Up 25% To $7.5m, Loss Up 12% To $4m; Cann Group Revenue Up 369% To $4m, Loss Up 48% To $25m; Bard1 ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $3.4m; Total $18.4m; Polynovo Starts Novosorb Syntrel Hernia Repair Trial; Impedimed: FDA Sozo Breakthrough Status For Kidney Failure; Telix, Lightpoint Work On Radiation-Guided Surgery; Island, Griffith Uni Repurpose Anti-Virals; Noxopharm: NOX66/Idronoxil/Veyonda Benefit For Covid-19; Lumos Releases 10m Escrow Shares; Actinogen: Brazil Patent Completes Xanamem Protection; Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Korea Ends Suda Zolpimist Licence; Vectus Doses 1st VB0004 Blood-Pressure Cohort; Starpharma: ‘Viraleze Kills Sars-Cov-2 More Than 99.9% In Mice’; Althea, Canopy Growth Marijuana Manufacturing Deal; Suspended TBG Suspended For Non-Payment Of Listing Fees; Co-Founder Dr William Garner Takes 27% Of Island; Cotiviti Tales 11.7% Of Medadvisor; Pro Medicus Appoints Alice Williams Director; Anteo Loses CFO Gail Jukes; Duncan Cornish Interim CFO
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Rhinomed; Cochlear Revenue Up 10% To $1.5b, Loss To $327m Profit; SDI Revenue Up 21% To $82m, Profit Up 111% To $9m; Cellmid Revenue Down 14% To $7m, Loss Down 31% To $3m; Visioneering H1 Revenue Up 53% To $4m, Loss Down 71% To $2m; Imugene ‘Oversubscribed’ Share Plan Raises $5m; Total $95m; IDT Tells ASX: Good mRNA News May Have Pushed Price 49%; Federal $79m For New Technologies; Fellowships; Osprey 100-To-1 Consolidation, Director Options EGM; Chimeric: FDA Approves CHM1101 Glioblastoma IND; Imricor Releases 13m Escrow Shares; Anatara Launches IBS-D Trial Recruitment Website; Alcidion Appoints Victoria Weekes, Daniel Sharp Directors; Emyria Appoints Dr Mat Martin-Iverson MDMA Advisor
Nova Eye Revenue Up 5% To $13m, Profit To $4.4m Loss; Uscom Revenue Up 11% To $3.9m, Loss Down 31% To $924k; Telix H1 Revenue Up 81% To $2.9m, Loss Up 78% To $32.5m; Oncosil: 1st Pancreatic Cancer Device Revenue $213k; Telix Adds Phase I, Phase II Trials To Phase III Prostact Trial; Rhythm Starts Filing Colostat Blood Test To TGA; Dimerix Tells ASX: ‘No Leak, Try Broker Or Investors’; Biotech Daily Editorial: Confidential Means Confidential; Neuroscientific: Emtinb ‘Reduces Covid-19 Biomarkers In-Vitro’, Halt; Epsilon, Tetra, Terry White Melbourne Marijuana Clinic; Noxopharm Requests ‘Veyonda Covid’ Trading Halt; Incannex Nasdaq IPO EGM; Robins Super Fund Takes 5.9% Of Cryosite; Niv Dagan, 10 Bolivianos Take 9% Of Lifespot; Volpara Appoints Ann Custin Director; Prescient Appoints Prof Donald O’Rourke Advisor 
CSL Revenue Up 7.2% To $12.6b, Profit Up 9.6% To $2.9b; Pro Medicus Revenue Up 20% To $68m, Profit Up 34% To $31m; Editorial: Your R&D Tax Incentive Is Not Revenue; Nuheara Revenue Up 374% To $10.7m, Loss Down 38% To $7.2m; Pharmaust Revenue Down 33% To $2.1m, Loss Down 2% To $1.3m; Total Brain $1.9m Of $4m Rights Applications; Total $6.5m; Australian Patent For Island ISLA-101 For Dengue Fever; Telix, Merck KGaA Work On Cancer; 2 Breast Cancer Trials; Tali: ‘Akili Up To $51m ADHD Deal’; Incannex Files US SEC Registration For Nasdaq IPO; Volpara AGM 32% Dissent; Loses Director Dr Monica Saini; Lifespot EGM To Become Inhalerx Marijuana Vape Company
Burnet Sells 360 Biolabs To Bioagilytix; Baymatob: ‘FDA Approves Oli For Postpartum Haemorrhage’; Queensland Uni Looks For Sport Concussion Biomarkers; South Australia Uni Nano-Polymer Micelles For C Albicans; Elixinol H1 Revenue Down 39% To $4.8m, Loss Down 87% To $11m; Osprey H1 Revenue Up 33% To $1.5m, Loss Down 30% To $7.1m; Telix: Great Ormond Street Trials TlLX66 For Paediatric Leukaemia; Avita: FDA Approves Recell For Vitiligo IDE Amendment; Pharmaxis $3.8m Aptar Option To Develop Orbital Inhaler; Starpharma: Nasal Viraleze, SPL7013 Safe, Not Systemic; Bard1: Proof-Of-Concept Sub-B2M Elisa Ovarian Cancer Test; Nuheara Plans Hearing Aid Clinical Trial; CSL: Melbourne Uni V-C Prof Duncan Maskell Director; PYC Ophthalmology Clinical Advisory Board
Dimerix Placement Raises $20m, Share Plan For $2m More; Radiopharm Raises $20m Seed Capital For Nuclear Medicine; Correction: Painchek; Genetic Technologies Completes Easydna Acquisition; Creso: Halucenex Wins Canada Psychedelics Dealer Licence; Tali Requests ‘Licence’ Trading Halt; Suda, Imperial College Inkt Deal; Prof Karadimitris Sab Chair; Invex: Europe Exanatide Patent For ICP Treatment; Living Cell Cuts Costs, Loses COO Dr Janice Lam; Founder Dr Graham Melrose Reduces To 22% Of Recce
Pharmaxis Revenue Up 207% To $22.7m, Loss Down 79% To $3m; Antisense: FDA Wants More Data For ATL1102 DMD Application; Proteomics Hires Biotem For Promarkerd Kidney Disease Kits; Imagion, GCT Work On Nano-Scintillator For Breast Cancer; Australia Allows Eye Co Patent For Geographic Atrophy; VGI: Informed Sport Certifies NE1-Elite ‘No Banned Substances’; Dimerix Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Creso Requests ‘Canada Health Licence’ Trading Halt; Factor To Hold 10-To-1 Consolidation; Jason Carroll Takes 5% Of Island; Osprey Appoints Martin Emerson Director
Rhinomed: ‘NSW Orders 1m Rhinoswab Sars-Cov-2 Tests’; Venstra Raises $2m For ‘Next Gen Miniature Heart Pump’; Noxopharm Adds Detail To US NCI Collaboration; Recce Wins 2nd R327 Federal Grant Of $50,000; Uscom: China Awards 5 BP+ Software Copyrights; Creso: Canada Approves Medical Marijuana Licence; Doherty’s Prof Sharon Lewin To Open Ausbiotech 2021; Perennial Below 5% Of Atomo; BCCL Reduces To 6.9% Of Tali 
Mach7 Up-To $2.4m Eunity Imaging Licence To Idaho’s St Luke’s; Aroa: ‘Myriad Matrix’s Efficacy For Pilonidal Sinus Disease’; Ecofibre Revenue Down 43% To $29m, Profit To $7m Loss; TBG H1 Receipts Up 2.7% To $3m; Mayne To Defend ‘Misleading, Deceptive Conduct’ Class Action; Paradigm: FDA Requires Further Ind Clarification; Patrys: Covid-19 Delays PAT-DX1 Manufacture, Trial 6 Months; Pharmaust’s Epichem Waste-To-Fuel Reactor ‘Operational’; Perennial Takes 13.5% Of Micro-X; Regal Funds Reduces To 9% Of Micro-X; Race Founder Dr William Garner Reduces To 6%; Perennial Takes 9% Of Lumos; Zoltan Varga Increases, Diluted To 18.5% In Total Brain; Anteotech: CEO Derek Thomson Extended On $395k; Mike Tonroe Replaces Genetic Tech Co Sec Justyn Stedwell; Elizabeth Spooner Replaces Stemcell Co Sec Chow Yee Koh
BDI-40 Down 6%; Big Caps Up 4%, ASX200 Up 1%, NBI Down 0.2%; Orthocell ‘Celgro Helps Develop Lymphatic Tissue’; Anteris To Raise $9m; Anteris H1 Receipts Down 6% To $3.5m; Stemcell United Receipts $7.7m; Epsilon H1 Receipts Down 2% To $3m; Creso H1 Receipts Down 21% To $2m; Resonance Receipts Up 2.2% To $3.7m; Dimerix: Remap-Cap Covid-19 Pneumonia Trial On-Track; Biocurate Funds Monash Early Breast Cancer Research; Bionomics ‘Possible Nasdaq IPO’, Merck Royalty Return; Resapp Requests ‘Licencing Agreement’ Trading Halt; Lifespot AGM Up-To 97% Block 7m Director Options; Hydrix: Angel Medical Implants 1st US Guardian Patient; Thorney, Tiga Take 19.9% Of Oventus; Mark Leong Replaces Osteopore Chair Brett Sandercock; Epsilon Appoints Dr Rob Jenny, Simon Rowe Directors; Adrian Sturrock Replaces Bod CFO Alan Dworkin; Suda Appoints Dr Sandhya Buchanan Manufacturing, Quality
Bard1 Raises $15m, Share Plan For $2m More; Rhythm 1-For-40 Rights Offer For $4.3m; Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Alcidion Group; Psychae: Unnamed Company $40m For Psychedelic Research; Medadvisor Receipts Up 306% To $38m; Kazia Posts Licencing Receipts Of $12.7m; Imex H1 Receipts Up 1.5% To $4.5m; Mesoblast Receipts Down 20% To $6m; Medlab Receipts Down 22.5% To $5m; Total Brain Receipts Down 22% To $3.9m; Rhinomed Receipts Down 7% To $3m; Universal Biosensors H1 Receipts Up 441% To $1.3m; Starpharma Receipts Down 66% To $2.4m; Incannex Receipts Up 56% To $2.2m; Dorsavi Receipts Down 32% To $1.6m; Proteomics Receipts Down 17% To $1.5m; Oventus Receipts Up 168% To $1.05m; Telix: Shuts Belgian Cyclotrons, To Build New Cyclotrons; Medadvisor API Deal Adds 250 Pharmacies, Revenue; Paradigm Requests ‘FDA Response’ Trading Halt; TBG AGM 24% Oppose Remuneration Report; Nyrada: US Patent For Pcsk9 Cholesterol Program; 4D Releases 1.7m ASX Escrow, 38.6m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Starpharma Loses Director Peter Turvey
Imugene Placement Raises $90m; Share Plan For $5m More; Aroa ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $47m; $5m Plan; Clinuvel Receipts Up 32% To $39m; Genetic Signatures Receipts Up 241% To $30m; Pharmaxis Expects Revenue Up 82% To $24m, Loss Down 79% To $3m; Hydrix Receipts Down 39% To $9.7m; Atomo Receipts Up 202% To $8m; Regeneus Receipts $7.7m; Osprey H1 Receipts Down 3% To $1.5m; Cronos Receipts Up 970% To $1.2m; Queensland Uni Develops Intranasal Spray-To-Gel; Volpara: US FDA Clears VIS 3.2 Algorithm, Architecture; Epsilon 64% Vote Off Directors Alan Beasley, Lou Cattelan; Anteris Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Takes 19% Of Nova Eye; Mason Stevens Takes 6% Of Patrys; Karen Borg Replaces Optiscan Director Graeme Mutton
Little Green Pharma Receipts Up 271% To $6m; Micro-X Receipts Up 104% To $5m; IQ3 Receipts Down 56% To $3.2m; Pharmaust Receipts Down 30% To $2.5m; Emyria Receipts Up 110% To $2m; Bluechiip Receipts Up 42% To $1.2m; Acrux: US FDA Approves Generic EMLA Local Anaesthetic; Clarity Starts Cu-64/Cu-67 Sar-BIS-PSMA Prostate Cancer Trial; Anteo Appoints Apacor UK Eugeni Distributor; Regeneus, Kolling Work On Progenza For Osteo-Arthritis, In Mice; Bard1: Queensland Uni Uses Exo-Net For Ovarian Cancer Test; Chimeric Licences Pennsylvania Uni Car-T For Solid Tumors; Rhythm Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Halt; Dr Charmaine Gittleson To Replace Antisense Chair Bob Moses; Starpharma Appoints Lynda Cheng Director; Resonance Appoints Ajay Nair Sales, Marketing G-M
Prescient: Safety Takes PTX-100 To Cancer Expansion Study; Somnomed Receipts Down 3% To $60m; Alcidion Receipts Up 54% To $32m; Althea Receipts Up 126% To $10.3m; Impedimed Receipts Up 44% To $8m; Control Bionics Posts $3.3m; MGC Receipts Up 26.5% To $2.7m; Audeara Posts $1.2m Receipts; Control Bionics Appoints DNR Wheels Singapore Reseller; US Allows Medlab Nrgbiotic For Depression Patent; Incannex Starts Phase I IHL-675A Safety Trial; Patent; Starpharma: ‘SPL7013 Kills 99.9% Of Delta, Kappa Sars-Cov-2’; Aroa Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Imugene Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; CTXone Renames Itself Oncology One; Factor To Buy Powerlime, Become Dominion Minerals; Dr Alan Finkel, Nebula, Howitt Below 5% Of Cogstate; Sean Williams Replaces Lifespot Chair Rodney Hannington 
Cann Group Placement, Share Plan For $20m; Nuheara Receipts Up 162% To $8.85m; Cardiex Receipts Down 12.5% To $4.5m; Cann Group Receipts Down 20% To $1.4m; Imex Pays $8.5m For ‘Related Party’ Rimab; Visioneering To Distribute Innovatus Lenses In North America; Patrys: ‘PAT-DX1 Slows Pancreatic Tumor Growth 26%, In Mice’; Pharmaust: 3 Labs Back Monepantel For Sars-Cov-2, In-Vitro; Hexima Completes Hxp124 Nail Fungus Trial Enrolment; Australian Patent For Anteris Sterilization System; One Funds Takes 11.7% Of IDT; Dr David Brookes Replaces Anatara Chair Sue MacLeman; Cynata Appoints CSL’s Dr Jolanta Airey CMO
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: The Life Sciences IPO Olympiad; Bard1 Placement Raises $15m; Share Plan For $2m More; Creso: Landing Strong To Provide PTSD Trial Support; Richmond Hill Below 5% Of Universal Biosensors; Regal Takes 6% Of BCal; Mercer Street Below 5% Of Anteris
Omniscient Raises $40m; FDA Clears Quicktome Brain Mapper; Cogstate Receipts Up 46% To $58m; Next Science H1 Receipts Up 83% To $6.3m; Elixinol H1 Receipts Down 28% To $5m; Telix H1 Receipts Down 6% To $2m; Invion Receipts Down 26% To $2.6m; Bioxyne Receipts Down 26% To $2.1m; Proteomics: Abcam To Manufacture Promarkerd Reagents; Island: Cerrx, Curia Manufacturing Agreements; US Patent For Recce R327, R529; Incannex Patent Application; IHL-42X Trial Extension Approved; Pharmaust Applies For Monepantel Patent For Viral Diseases; Cann Group Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; FIL (Fidelity) Takes 6% Of Medical Developments; Browns Island Below 5% In Truscreen; BCal: Jayne Shaw 13%, Ronald Phillips 13%, Merchant 8%, Mera Vale 6%
BCal Climbs 10% On $10m IPO For Breast Cancer Screening; Immutep ‘Over-Subscribed’ Plan Raises $7.2m; Total $67.2m; Total Brain $6.5m Placement, Rights Offer; Amplia: ‘AMP945 Safe, Well-Tolerated, Appropriate For FAK’; Ecofibre Receipts Down 24% To $23m; Micro-X New Generator: ‘Half The Price, 4 Times The Power’; Hydrix Takes Guardian Cardiac Arrest Device To TGA; Argenica’s Prof Bruno Meloni Wins $290k Grant For Rat Study; MGC Tells ASX: ‘June 23 Slovenian Patent Material At Jul 15’; Bard1 Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Takes 7.55% Of Mach7; Milano Topco, HMS Increase, Diluted To 11.7% Of Medadvisor; Hanno Cappon Replaces Bod Director Patrice Malard; Stemcell United Appoints Francesco Cannavo Director
Clarity $92m IPO For Cancer Radio-Pharmaceuticals; Mach7 Receipts Up 23% To $21m; Redhill Completes Opaganib For Covid-19 Pneumonia Trial; ENA Starts INNA-051 Nasal Spray Covid-19 Prevention Trial; Nova Eye Unaudited Revenue Up 6% To $13.5m; Cellmid Receipts Down 32% To $5.6m; Osprey: Dyevert Canada Approval, GE Healthcare Distributor; Emvision Prepares Commercial Portable Brain Scanner; Telix: On-Track For TLX250-CDx FDA Biologics Application; China Patent For Recce R327, R529; Auscann Starts Marijuana Dermacann For Dogs Application; Incannex Requests ‘Patent, Ethics Approval’ Trading Halt; Correction: Adalta; Cochlear Loses Director Abbas Hussain; Otto Buttula Replaces Oncosil’s Chris Roberts, Michael Bassett; MTP Connect Appoints Dr Amanda Ruth ‘Guest Of The Chair’; Lifespot: Saich, Davies In; Stedwell, Cannavo Out
Compumedics: Revenue Up 1.4% To $36m; Vaccines The Key; Mesoblast: ‘Remestemcel-L Cuts Under 65s ARDS Mortality 48%’; Recce: R327 Kills ‘Flesh-Eating’ Bacteria, In-Vitro; Mach7 Licences Eunity To Advocate Aurora For $4.3m; Volpara Distributes Invitae Genetic Breast Cancer Test; Genetic Technologies Buys Easydna For $5.4m; Dimerix: FDA Confirms Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Trial Design; Adalta Closes Phase I Trial, To Take Inhaled AD-214 To Phase II; Anteo: Australia, SE Asia Eugeni Sars-Cov-2 Distributors; Heramed: Obstetrix Heracare Foetal Heart Pilot Study; Medlab: WEP To Run UK Marijuana Distribution Programs; Respiri: Adherium Offer Lapses; Total Brain Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Rain Maker Reduces To 9% In Osteopore
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Lumos Diagnostics; Medical Developments Expects 2020-’21 Loss Up To $5.2m; Visioneering H1 Receipts Up 36% To $4.3m; Nova Eye Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Proteomics: Janssen Drug ‘Significantly Reduces’ Test Scores; Incannex: Procaps To Manufacture Soft-Gel Ihl-675a; MGC Applies For Slovenian Marijuana Delivery Patent; Creso Launches 2 Marijuana Sport Products In Switzerland; Aroa To Release 118m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Living Cell Chair Bernie Tuch Replaces CEO Ken Taylor
Victoria $643k Extends J&J Monash Office 2 Years; Volpara: Euro Patent For Breast Care Platform; Actinogen Enrols 1st Xanamia Trial Patient; Bod Marijuana Customer Receipts Up 82% To $6.6m; Total Brain, Eastman $250k Mental Health Contract; Creso Completes Halucenex Acquisition; Anteris AGM 12% Oppose Director Dr Wenyi Gu; Rhythm Director David White Joins US Subsidiary Ichordx
Doherty, Peter Mac Stop Sars-Cov-2 Replication, In-Vitro; Planet Innovation Opens $1m Clean-Room; Uscom Receipts Up 20% To $5m; Nuheara Welcomes US President Biden O-T-C Hearing Aid Order; Proteomics Requests ‘Promarkerd Study’ Trading Halt; PYC Trials VP-001 For Retinitis Pigmentosa, In Rabbits; Hexima Expects Euro Patent For Pezadeftide For Toe Fungus; I’rom Below 5% Of IDT; Azure (Invictus) Changes Name To VGI
Polynovo Increases US Sales Staff; Expects Record Revenue; Uniquest, CSL Develop ‘Molecule’ For Blood Vessel Damage; WEHI: Immune Boost Kills TB, In Mice; Orthocell: Samson Striate+ (Celgro Dental) Distributor; MGC Starts Phase III Cimetra (Artemic) Covid-19 Trial; Copia, IOOF Take 5% Of BTC Health; BCCL Reduces To 8.45% Of Tali; Lifespot Appoints Elizabeth Spooner Co-Co Sec
Recce Doses 1st Patients In R327 Topical Burns Trial; Argenica: ARG-007 Stable With Stroke Drugs; Cronos Expects Marijuana Revenue Of $1.2m; Medlab: Australian Approval For Phase III Nanabis Pain Trial; Patrys: ‘PAT-DX3 Crosses Blood-Brain Barrier, In Mice’; Pharmaust, WEHI Study Monepantel For HTLV-1, In Vitro; Zelira US ‘Observational’ Marijuana Pain Study Approved; Anteris Machines Cow Heart Tissue For Valves; Thorney, Tiga Take 18% Of Oventus; Telix Appoints Kyahn Williamson Comms, Investor Relations
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Polynovo; LBT Presents Data From 5 Studies At European Meeting; Cann Group Recovers $1.2m Of $3.5m ‘Cyber Security Incident’; Althea’s Peak $1.3m 48north Marijuana Manufacture Deal; Creso Completes Anibidiol Uruguay Import Procedures; MGC 64.2m Director Rights EGM; Imugene Issues 119m Vaxinia Milestone Shares; Life Biosciences Diluted To 11.2% In Alterity; Ellerston Capital Takes 5.4% Of Lumos; Invion Executive Chair Thian Chew On $399k pa
Australia Approves Qbiotics Stelfonta For Dog Cancer; Brandon $13m For Amaroq Long Non-Coding RNA Cancer Trial; Imex Expects H1 Annual Recurring Revenue Up 12% To $1.1m; Immuron Acquisition Suspension; Chair Adam Blumenthal Reduces To 10% Of Creso; Ausbiotech Talks Patent Box
Cogstate Sales Contracts Up 14.5% To $47m; Russia Approves Uscom 1a; Eureka Report Interviews Biotech Daily; Medadvisor’s Adheris To Work With Ehealth Inc; Pharmaust Monepantel Tablets ‘Stable At 24 Months’; Neurotech Dolce Marijuana Beats CBD For Cox-2, In-Vitro; Elixxer Diluted To 12% Of Little Green; Madhukar Bhalla Replaces Incannex Co Sec Glenn Fowles; Polynovo M-D Paul Brennan LTIs Up 20%, Pending Hurdles
US Fast Track Status For Opthea Opt-302 For Wet AMD; Cartherics Swaps Collaboration From Hudson To ARMI, CCRM; US FDA Approves Immutep Phase IIb Tacti-003 HNSCC Trial; Bionomics Begins Phase IIb BNC210 PTSD US Trial; Creso: Red Light Holland Orders $219k Netherlands Marijuana; Fil Reduces To 8% In Telix; Planet Innovation Takes 27% Of Lumos; RPS Diagnostics Takes 10% Of Lumos; Perennial Takes 8% Of Lumos; Acorn Capital Takes 6% Of Lumos; CEO Fleta Solomon Increases, Diluted To 8.7% Of Little Green; Bianca Rinehart (Hancock Trust) Takes 11.5% Of Little Green
Lumos Opens Up 20% For P-O-C Diagnostics; Correction: Argenica Therapeutics; Proteomics Retracts Promarkerd ‘$506b Savings’ News; TGA: Starpharma Fined $93k For Viraleze ‘Illegal Advertising’; Living Cell Pleads Schultz To ASX 46% Query; Respiri Tells ASX: ‘Lawyers Investigating News, M-D Shares’; Prescient: ‘Immunogenicity Tests De-Risk Omnicar’; Medlab: ‘NRG Biotic Boosts Anti-Depressant Activity’; Nova Eye Files US 2RT For Macular Degeneration Trial IDE; Austco, KTPH $3.3m Supply Deal For Tacera Nurse Call; Recce Receives $177k Canadian R&D Tax Incentive; Resapp: Resappdx, Sleepcheck For Doctors On Demand; Zelira: Finclear Takes Pershing; Lifts Marijuana Investment Ban; Cann Global Receives 2 Canntab Marijuana Products; Thorney, Tiga Take 7% Of Little Green Pharma; Chimeric Appoints Ex-Celgene Dr George Matcham Director; Memphasys Appoints Prof John Aitken Research Director
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Argenica Therapeutics; FDA Approves Imugene CF33 ‘Checkvacc’ Breast Cancer Trial; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Up 45% To $8.1m; BTC Raises $2.5m For Pharmaxis Bronchitol, Aridol Acquisition; Ellume, Azova, Alaska Airlines Sars-Cov-2 Test Partnership; US Patent For Alterity Excess Iron Redistribution; Creso: ‘H1 Marijuana Revenue Up 113% To $3.1m’; Proteomics Extends ‘Presentation’ Suspension; Esense ASX-Delisting AGM; Allianz Takes 9% Of Starpharma; Gina Rinehart, Hancock Take 11.5% Of Little Green; Perennial Takes 7.6% Of Atomo; Visioneering Appoints Dr Dwight Akerman Director
15-Year BDI-40 Up 633% To Record $26b; Big Caps Up 1031%, ASX200 Up 44%; BTC Pays $2m To Distribute Pharmaxis Bronchitol, Aridol; Halt; Mesoblast To Meet FDA For Rexlemestrocel-L For Back Pain; Micro-X Launches Veterinary Rover Mobile Dr; Auscann Marijuana For Tasmania Department Of Health; Argenica ‘ARG-007 Safe, Well Tolerated, In Rats’; Neuroscientific: Emtinb Safe In Monkeys; FDA Approves Noxopharm Darrt-2 Cancer Trial Ind; Truscreen: Serbia Orders Cervical Cancer Screening Device; Memphasys Completes Verification, Validation To Go; Resonance Increases Acuity Facility To $7.75m; Bellwether Super Below 5% Of Bluechiip; Regal Funds Below 5% Of Hydrix; Joanne Moss To Replace LBT Chair Kate Costello; Osprey Appoints Steven Brandt Director; Hang Ling Leung Replaces Regeneus Co Sec Sandra Mcintosh; Miles Davis Replaces Bionomics Dr Rao; Dr Errol De Souza On $702k
Cynata Readies For Diabetic Foot Ulcer Stem Cell Trial; Paradigm Responds To FDA PPS Osteo-Arthritis Questions; Avita In US Russell 3000 Index; Universal Biosensors 23% AGM Dissent; Neuroscientific Requests ‘Study Results’ Trading Halt; Vanguard Below 5% Of Cochlear; APG Asset Takes 5.5% Of Cochlear; Adam Leitzes, Karst Peak Take 11% Of Pharmaxis; Australian Ethical Diluted To 5.6% Of Immutep; Perennial Takes 14% Of Medadvisor; Noxopharm Diluted To 24% Of Nyrada; Nyrada Director Dr Ian Dixon Increases, Diluted To 6.5%; Alcidion Loses Co-Founder Ray Blight
Federal $19m For Stem Cell Research; Gilead $300k Fellowship Grants For 5 Projects; 4D Medical: Johns Hopkins Joins XV Lung Trial; Pharmaxis: Low Dose PXS-5505 Safe, Inhibits Lox, Loxl2 Enzymes; Biotech Daily Editorial Policy: Respiri’s Adherium Bid; Genetic Technologies Tells ASX: ‘Late May Launch Expected’; Elixinol Terminates Cannacare Acquisition; Nyrada: NYX-PCSK9I Reduces LDL 46%, In Mice; Noxopharm Wins European Patent For Veyonda; Lifespot 7m In-The-Money Director Options, Potential Spill AGM; Proteomics Takes ‘Presentation’ Halt To Suspension; Creso Takes ‘Sales, Revenue Update’ Halt To Suspension; Emyria Appoints Dr Eli Kotler For MDMA-PTSD Trial
Cyclopharm: FDA Letter Delays Technegas ‘9 Months’; Qbiotics Raises $35m For Cancer, Wound Drugs; Total $85m; Atomo: Access Bio Covid-19 Antibody Test US Emergency Use; WEHI, Boehringer Ingelheim Partner On Cancer Proteins; Brandon $10m For Currus Car-T-Cell Solid Tumor Drugs; Cartherics Licences Toolgen Crispr/Cas9 For Gene-Editing; Hydrix: Angelmed FDA Approval For Guardian Battery; Amplia, Garvan Trial AMP945, Gemcitabine In Pancreatic Cancer; Nanosonics To Launch Auditpro Digital Data Flow; Antisense, MCRI Work On ATL1102 For Multiple Muscle Diseases; Cynata Appoints Datapharm For MSC Diabetic Foot Ulcer Trial; Pharmaust: 1 Of 15 Dogs MPL Tumor Regression; 6 ‘Stable’; Probiotec Completes $4m H&H Acquisition; Painchek Receives $1.25m Federal Milestone; Elixinol Requests ‘Proposed Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Visioneering Completes 100-To-1 CDI Consolidation; Probiotec Appoints Simon Gray Director; Resonance Appoints Exec Director Mitchell Wells M-D; Ecofibre Appoints Vanessa Wallace Director
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Imugene; Proteomics: ‘Promarkerd Test Could Save $51b Per Year’; Halt; J&J, Navbit Launch Sprint Navigation For Hip Replacement; Ellume, Delta Air Lines Deal For Sars-Cov-2 Test Kits; Cronos: Saiph Marijuana Skin Products For Japan, Hong Kong; Total Brain $1.8m Loan; Adalta Takes $1.7m Radium RDTI Loan; Hydrix Requests ‘Angelmed Distribution’ Trading Halt; Creso Requests ‘Material Sales, Revenue Update’ Halt; State Street Takes 5% Of Cochlear; Dr Alan Finkel, Nebula, Howitt Reduce To 5% Of Cogstate; Esense Considers ASX Delisting; CSL Loses Director Abbas Hussain; Biocurate Appoints Dr Lindner Director; Ms Wu Investment; Chimeric Appoints Dr Li Ren For Technical Operations; Medibio Appoints R&CPMK For Marketing 
Patrys Tells ASX: ‘Journal Embargoed Despite 21% Price Jump’; Labcon Pays Bluechiip $2.1m For Resolution; New Deal; Next Science, Zimmer Talks On Xperience Distribution; Prescient: Omnicar Parts Manufacture Completed; Kazia Wins US, India Paxalisib Composition Patents; Trajan $1.3m US Paycheck Loan Forgiven; Jencay Capital Takes 5.3% Of Bluechiip; Perennial Takes 12% Of Medadvisor
CMRI, Gyroscope Work On Capsids For Gene Therapies; Telix Doses 1st TLX250-CDx Bladder Cancer Patient; Actinogen: FDA Okays Xanafx Phase II Fragile X Study Plan; Alterity: EMA Backs ATH434 MSA Trial Biomarkers, Design; Neuroscientific Appoints Linear Clinical For Emtinb Trial; Europe, Canada Patents For Medlab Nanocelle; Palla Completes Ireland, Germany Co-Codamol Submissions; Althea Ships Marijuana To South Africa; Respiri: Sigma To Sell Wheezo Asthma Monitors; Invex To Release 21m ASX Escrow Shares; Regal Funds Takes 17% Of Opthea; Richmond Hill Reduces To 6% Of Universal Biosensors
Zucero: FDA Cancer Trial Approval Delays $30m IPO; IDT: Talks With mRNA Victoria, State Government, MIPS; FDA Approves Acrux Generic Jublia; Little Green Raises $27m For Denmark Marijuana Facility; Suda Raises $3.7m For T-Cell Platform; ‘Potential’ Clarity IPO For Cancer Diagnostics, Therapies; Micro-X Appoints Roesys EMEA Rover Distributor; Cardiex, Lifeq Deal For Wearable Band; IDT, Clever Leaves Marijuana THC Flower Supply Deal; Antisense: EMA Requires Additional DMD Trial Information; Baker Brothers Reduces To 8.5% Of Opthea; Chair Dr Michael Monsour Takes 23.7% Of Analytica; Neuroscientific Appoints Paradigm CEO Paul Rennie Chair; Nuheara Appoints Nick O'Loughlin, Kathryn Penno Executives
Immutep Raises $60m, Plan For $5m; Triple Combination Trial; Victoria: MIPS, Doherty mRNA Vaccine Trial ‘This Year’; Telix: Early Data Takes TLX101 To 1st-Line Glioblastoma Trial; Orthocell: ‘Celgro Early Data Shows Nerve Regeneration’; Starpharma: UK Sars-Cov-2 Questions Halt Viraleze Sales; St Vincent’s Institute, Pfizer Cancer Collaboration; Actinogen Appoints 2 CROs, Cogstate For Xanamia; Emvision, MSH Research, Innovation Deal; Mayne Licences Solaraze, Actkerall; US Nextstellis Launch; Palla Appoints Alloga UK Pre-Wholesale Co-Codamol Supplier; Incannex: Vectura To Formulate IHL-216A For TBI; Little Green Requests ‘Acquisition, Capital Raising’ Halt; Unisuper Below 5% Of Kazia; Cryosite Director Andrew Kroger Holds 43.3%; Joanna Johnson Replaces Acrux CFO, Co Sec Deborah Ambrosini; Epsilon: Louisa Ho In, Philip Leighfield Out, Nicholas Marshall CFO
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Actinogen Medical; Suda To Raise $3m For Imperial College T-Cell Cancer Therapy; Starpharma: ‘SPL7013 Kills Sars-Cov-2 Variants, In-Vitro’; Brazil Okays Paradigm PPS For MPS VI Trial; Zelira, Curtin Uni Improve Marijuana Brain Delivery, In Mice; Clime Takes 9% Of Mach7; Nicholas Marshall Replaces Cardiex Co-Sec Philip Leighfield
Brandon, Minderoo, Uniseed $32.5m For ENA Sars-Cov-2 Spray; Telix FDA Meeting For Illucix: ‘No Substantive Issues’; 4D Medical: Michigan Uni Buys $787k Permetium Scanner; Creso, Red Light Holland Marijuana Merger For Highbrid Lab; Victoria: All-Star mRNA Advisory Group; Auscann Leases R&D Facility To Source Certain; Cellmid: Record $1.4m Japan TV Hair Loss Sales; Bod: 2 UK Online Retailers To Distribute Marijuana CBII; Little Green 4.6m ‘Rights’ EGM; Little Green Appoints Medezin Polish Marijuana Distributor; Immutep Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; One Funds Takes 11% Of IDT; Jencay Reduces To 10.6% Of Universal Biosensors; Bio-Melbourne AI Medical Technology Forum; CMRI Wins NHMRC Ideas 2020
Patrys: ‘PAT-DX1 Reduces Brain Metastases 93% In Mice’; Avita Q4 Guidance Up 14% To $12.5m; CSIRO Appoints Prof Bronwyn Fox Chief Scientist; Bionics Queensland Prizes; Orthocell: China, NZ Celgro Patents; Rhythm: Sonic Healthcare Joins Colostat Trial; Creso Requests ‘Material Acquisition’ Trading Halt; CSL Appoints Alison Watkins Director
Invex: US FDA, EMA Differ On Presendin IIH Trial Endpoints; Kazia, Cornell Trial Paxalisib, Ketogenesis For Glioblastoma; Oventus Rights Raise $4.9m; Total $10m; Cogstate $3.2m US Paycheck Loan Forgiven; Nyrada Selects NYR-Bio1 For Traumatic Brain Injury Study; Anteris: Adapt Carotid Artery Conduit Works In Sheep; Respiri Withdraws $6m-$8m Revenue Guidance; Genetic Technologies US Patent For Genomic Analysis; Azure Food Additives NE1-Elite, NE1-Heart Ready For US Sale; MGC: Cannepil On Irish Reimbursement Scheme; Zelira: Health House Marijuana Toothpaste UK Distributor; Australian Ethical Reduces To 16% Of Cogstate; PYC US Office At J&J San Diego; Neuren Appoints CEO Jon Pilcher Managing-Director; Opthea Appoints Karen Adams Co Sec; MGC Loses Co Sec Nadine Barry
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Trajan Group Holdings; Argenica IPO Opens Up 35%; Next Science H1 Revenue $4.5m To $5.2m, Beats Last Full Year; Avita: FDA Expands Recell To Children, Extensive Burns; India Approves Starpharma Viraleze Nasal Spray; Respiri: UK Approves Wheezo; Cellmid To Release 4.5m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Creso US O-T-C Dual Listing; Australian Super Takes 6% Of Trajan; Thorney, Tiga Take 5% Of Little Green
Argenica $7m IPO For ARG-007 For Stroke; Medadvisor: 9-Month Revenue Up 40%; Pharmaxis: 1st PXS-5505 Myelofibrosis Dose-Escalation Cohort; Patrys Receives $626k R&D Tax Incentive; Austco Pleads Schultz To ASX 30% Query; Noxopharm ‘Clarifies’ Darrt-2 Trial; Proteomics Appoints Jacqueline Gray CFO, Vik Malik CCO; Imugene Appoints Dr Monil Shah CBO
Lumos $63m IPO For Point-Of-Care Diagnostics; Epsilon To Supply CBD For Youth Severe Behavior Trial; Probiotec Guidance: Revenue Up 12% To $120m, Ebitda $21.5m; Elixinol Appoints Health House Distributor, Pharmacann Out; Cryosite Director Andrew Kroger Takes 43%; Probiotec Jonathan Wenig Replaces Chair Sandy Beard; MGC Appoints David Lim Joint Co Sec
Cogstate Earns $26m On Esai, Biogen FDA Alzheimer’s Approval; Redhill Opaganib Phase II/III Covid-19 Study Enrolled; Immuron Acquisition Suspension; ASX Activities Questions; Immutep, Cardiff Work On Cheaper, Oral Cancer Drugs; Almirall Challenges Acrux Generic Aczone; Race Contracts Trialog For Israel AML Combination Trial; Clarity: Dallas Joins Cu64-67 Paediatric Neuroblastoma Trial; Visioneering Loses 10% Capacity, Tom Dooley; Consolidation; Creso, Halucenex Expand Mushroom Psylocibin PTSD Trial; Avecho: ‘TPM Increases Cannabidiol Absorption Up To 5.4 Times’; Cellmid Supply, Collaboration Agreement With Pump Haircare; PYC 2nd Drug Candidate Works For ADAO, In-Vitro
Trajan Climbs 20% On $90m IPO; Emyria: ‘Marijuana Reduces Opioid Use, Significantly’; Telix, ATS $1.6m Eurostars Anti-Cancer Alpha Grant; Immutep: ‘Encouraging’ Insight-004 IMP321 Combo Tumor Data; Immutep: ‘Positive’ Tacti-002 IMP321, Keytruda Cancer Data; Dimerix: UK Innovation Passport, ILAP Status For DMX-200; Clinuvel Doses 1st Afamelanotide Stroke Patient; Kazia Enrols 1st Phase II Paxalisib Lymphoma Patient; Universal Biosensors 1st European Sentia Wine Test Sales; Azure Appoints Altipure Manufacturer; Helen Fouras, Velocimetry ‘Reduce’, Diluted To 43% In 4D; 4D Founder, CEO Prof Andreas Fouras Diluted To 22%; TBG Sells 5% Of TBG Inc To Beijing’s Dong Yuan For $1.1m; Tali: Detect Has 20k India Downloads; PYC Requests ‘Pre-Clinical Results’ Trading Halt; Veritas Below 5% In Cochlear; Trajan Appoints Mark Licciardo Joint Co-Sec; Mach7 Appoints David Madaffri Head Of Sales
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Universal Biosensors; Russian Patent For Exopharm Leap Technology; Creso Appoints Route2 Ecuador Marijuana Distributor; Resonance Loses CEO Alison Laws; Mitchell Wells Executive; Polynovo Appoints Andrew Lumsden Director; Don Brumley Replaces Acrux Director Norman Gray; Oventus: John Cox COO; Jim Hunter Acting CFO, Dan Parry Out
Pro Medicus, Mayo Work On AI Visage Imaging; Qbiotics Raises $22.5m; 1st Patient In EB46, Merck Cancer Trial; Correction: Trajan; Painchek Takes 60% Of Local Market; Cynata, Tekcyte Diabetic Foot Ulcer Trial; Telix, Eckert Ziegler US Co-Promotion Deal; Dimerix: EMA Confirms Phase III Dmx-200 FSGS Trial Design; Resapp, Medgate Resappdx Trial Extended 2 Months; Zelira Licences Marijuana ZTL-106 To Levin For Pain Trial; Up To 19% Oppose $2 Somnomed Director Options EGM; Anteris Receives $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Respiri Rebuts Adherium Rejection Claims; Cronos Launches Marijuana Gel Cleanser, Moisturiser; Prescient Pleads Schultz To ASX 23% Query; Sally McDow Replaces Painchek Co Sec Ian Hobson
Trajan To List On ASX On Monday; 300+ Staff Investors; Amplia: AMP945 Improves Pancreatic Cancer Chemo, In Mice; Oncosil Withdraws TGA Application On Data; Race Appoints Parexel For Phase I/II Bisantrene AML Trial; Invion, RMW Cho $4.5m Placement, Photosoft Deal; Actinogen: Part-A Xanamia Xanamem Cognition Trial Approved; Pharmaust Phase I Monepantel MND Trial Approved; European Patent For Immutep Cancer Combinations; Regal Below 5% Of Genetic Signatures; Cryosite Director Andrew Kroger Takes 42%; Mercer Street Takes 5.5% Of Anteris; Opthea: Prof Julia Haller, Judith Robertson Directors; Avita Appoints James Corbett, Jan Stern Reed Directors
Imugene 117% Jump Takes May BDI-40 Up 4%; ASX200 Up 2%, Big Caps 5%; Applications Open For $2.5m CSL Centenary Fellowships; Immutep, Merck IMP321-M7824 Phase I/IIa Solid Tumor Trial; Antisense: ‘FDA Expects 9-Month ATL1102 Monkey Tox Trial’; Imagion Receives $2.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neuren: FDA ‘Minor Modifications’ For 3 Phase II Trials; Starpharma: ‘Viraleze Active Against UK Sars-Cov-2 Strain’; Adherium: US Hailie FDA Submission; Genetic Technologies, Infinity Launch Covid-19 Test; Avecho AGM 17% Oppose 14m Director Options; Medadvisor Loses Joint Co-Sec Carlo Campiciano; Epsilon Appoints Edward Jones Marijuana Manager
Truscreen Revenue Down 12% To $1m, Loss Down 33% To $3m; Correction: Audeara; Avecho, Ab Vista Partner On TPM For Pigs; Bard1 Receives $644k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neuroscientific Receives $584k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Acrux Receives Further $175k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Invion Requests ‘Placement, Technology’ Trading Halt; Immuron Takes ‘Acquisition’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Allan Gray Reduces To 9% Of Impedimed; TDM Takes 26% Of Somnomed; Eleanore Goodridge Takes 5.3% Of Noxopharm; Alison Deans To Replace Cochlear Chair Rick Holliday-Smith; Audeara Appoints Finlay ‘Fin’ Robb US Sales Manager; Respiri Appoints Theo Antonopoulos Chief Commercial Officer; Micro-X Opens Seattle Facility
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Audeara; Respiri Files Replacement Adherium Bidder’s Statement; Austco Expects Profit Up 12%-32% To $2.8m-$3.3m; Cann Group Halves 2020-’21 Revenue Forecast To $4m-$5m; Azure Opens Up 25% At 25c On NSX; Imagion AGM 23% Dissent, Avoids Rem Report 1st Strike; Genetic Technologies Requests ‘Covid-19 Risk Test’ Halt; Perennial Reduces To 6.6% Of Hydrix; Alcidion Appoints Matthew Gepp CFO
Victoria Appoints Michael Kapel mRNA CEO; Bluechiip Boxtracker Wins Isber Gong; Volpara Revenue Up 57% To $19m, Net Loss Down 14% To $16.5m; Dimerix: ‘FDA Travere FSFG Knock-Back No Change To Program’; TGA Approves 2 Uscom Monitors; TGA Approves Next Science Blastx Anti-Microbial Wound Gel; Mayne: FDA Grants Nextstellis 5-Year Exclusivity; MTP Connect: Biointelect, Cicada For Redi Industry Training; Recce: ‘R327 Efficacy Against E Coli, In-Vitro’; Little Green $2.5m Demecan Marijuana Order; Invion To Release 1.1b Voluntary Escrow Shares; Immuron Requests ‘Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Imugene’s Paul Hopper, Leslie Chong Sell Shares, Exercise Options; Vanguard Below 5% Of Polynovo; Smart Top, Xianhui Meng Increase, Diluted To 21% Of Uscom; Pokies Bruce Mathieson Increases, Diluted To 9.2% Of Respiri
Havah $53m T+AI Deal With Clarus For Mastitis, Breast Cancer; Imagion Enrols 1st Patient In Magsense Breast Cancer Trial; Micro-X: 2nd US FDA Approval For Rover Bedside X-Ray; Epsilon Receives $1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Memphasys Notes Raise $3m; Avecho, TGA To Meet On O-T-C Soft-Gel CBD For Insomnia; Antisense ATL1102 Manufactured For DMD Trial; Immutep: China Patent For IMP321, Chemo Combination; Chinese, Hong Kong Patents For Orthocell Celgro; Palla Appoints GW Executive Giles Moss CEO, On $536k
Vivazome, Renerve Work On Exosome Spinal Cord Repair; Anteris Placement To Raise $2.3m; Paradigm: FDA Questions PPS For Osteoarthritis Trial; Telix: ‘TLX66 Amyloidosis Trial Meets Endpoints’; Telix Doses 1st Patient In Japan TLX591-CDx Prostate Imaging Trial; Invion: INV-043 Effective Against Multiple Cancers, In Mice; Clarity Signs Cu-67 Supply Deal With Northstar; Aroa Revenue Down 11% To $21m; Loss Up 222% To $18m; Imugene Chair Paul Hopper, M-D Leslie Chong Exercise $2.6m Options; Chimeric Doses 1st Patient In Glioblastoma 2nd Cohort; Visioneering 100-To-1 Consolidation AGM; Bard1: Preliminary Sub-B2M Test Shows ‘Feasibility’ For Cancer; Neurotech Dolce Beats CBD For MS Neuro-Markers, In Vitro; Actinogen Pleads Schultz To ASX 54% Query; Impedimed Releases Sozo Version 4; Memphasys Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Mercer Street Below 5% In Anteris
Cynata: 1st Patient Enrolled In Cymerus Lung Trial; CE Mark For Uscom Spirosonic Air; Adalta, GE Work On Pre-Clinical Granzyme B Imaging; Emvision Improves Brain Scanner; Anteo Adds Brisbane Eugeni Test Strip Manufacturing; Resonance Applies For Antisense Oligonucleotides Patent; Bard1 Applies For Exo-Net, Sub-B2M Patents; Creso 15m Director, Staff, Everblu Shares; Halucenex AGM; TDM Takes 25% Of Somnomed

May 21, 2021; Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Genetic Signatures; MTP: Clinical Trials Worth $1.4b To Australia & Growing; Avecho Completes Marijuana Soft-Gel Design; Creso Polvet Poland Anibidiol For Livestock Distributor; Anteris Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Veritas Below 5% In Cochlear

Anteo Plan: $32m Applications, Raises $8m; Total $20m; 4D Recruits 1st VQ Lung Imaging Cohort; Painchek Wins CE Mark, UK MHRA Approval; Rhinomed Wins CE Mark For Rhinoswab; Azure To List As VGI On NSX; Medlab Move To Synthetic Nanabis For Cancer Pain Trial; Cronos: Marijuana Sales Up, ECS Terpene Distribution; Hexima Renames HXP124 ‘Pezadeftide’; Race Appoints Prof Michael Kelso Principal Scientist; Neurotech Appoints Prof Allan Cripps Director
Victoria $245m For Institute Of Infectious Disease; Paradigm Claims 1st ‘Modest’ PPS (Zilosul) Revenue; Bard1: ‘Exo-Net High-Yield Pure Exosomes For Tests, Therapies’; Japan Patent For Adalta; US Patent For Island ISLA-101 Program; Recce: R327 ‘Effective, Not Highly Toxic For Sars-Cov-2, In-Vitro’; Neuroscientific Loses Chair Brian Leedman
LBT Sells 2 APAS Independence Units To UK; Audeara Opens Down 5% On $7m Specialist Headphones IPO; Imugene, City Of Hope Deal For CD19 Car-T-Cell Tumor Therapy; Biocurate, Monash Launch Pio For Cancer Immunotherapy; Proteomics, Avance PK Testing Contract; Telix Appoints Eckert Ziegler German Illucix Distributor; Bard1 Launches Exonet At Extracellular Vesicles Meeting; PYC: Unnamed Drug Candidate 2nd For ADOA; Bod Launches Marijuana Cannabigerol CBG50 In UK; MGC Applies For ‘Cimetra’ Slovenian Patent; Emyria 1.5m Consultant Options, Placement EGM; CEO Kate Quirke Below 5% In Alcidion; Cole Mackinnon, Isle Of Wight Diluted To 5.6% Of Alcidion; Resapp Re-Appoints Brian Leedman Exec Director On $187k
Immvirx $22m For IVX037, Targeted Oncolytic RNA Viruses; Correction: Island Pharmaceuticals; GSK $80k Australian Research Excellence Awards Open; Anteo Appoints Operon Eugeni Sars-Cov-3 Test Manufacturer; Resonance Selects Lead Component AS3 For Hepatitis B; Botanix: BTX1204A ‘Encouraging Efficacy’ For Eczema, In Dogs; Resapp Enrols 1st Covid-19 Cough Study Participant; Cardiex Launches Conneqt Consumer Brand; Elixinol 23% Oppose 43% Directors’ Fees Pool Hike; Analytica 50m Director Options, Placement EGM; Veritas Takes 5% Of Cochlear, Again; Mithra, Estetra Take 9.6% Of Mayne; Thorney, Tiga Take 17% Of Oventus
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Island Pharmaceuticals; Queensland Uni Dengue Vaccine ‘Immune Response In Mice’; Perennial Takes 11% Of Medadvisor; BCCL Worldwide Takes 9.8% In Tali; Creso: Halucenex Secures More Synthetic Psilocybin; Rhinomed Appoints Prof John McBain Director; Pharmaust Dr Kim Agnew To Lead Monepantel Dog Trial
Pro Medicus, Vermont Uni $14m Visage 7 Deal; MTP Connect: $400k For WA Medical Product Manufacturing; Rhinomed: Rhinoswab Beats Standard-Of-Care For Sars-Cov-2; Proteomics Seeks US CPT-PLA Code For Promarkerd; Immuron: ‘IMM-124E Shows Novel Inhibition Of Sars-Cov-2’; Heramed, Obstetrix 100-Subject Herabeat Pilot Study; Imex AGM: 17% Oppose Director Options; Adherium Rick Legleiter, George Baran In; Mike Motion Out; Medlab Appoints Kerem Kaya CFO, Co Sec; Immuron Appoints Dr Dan Peres CMO
Budget 2021: Comment & Response - Biotech Daily, Ausbiotech, CSL; Bio-Melbourne Women In Leadership 2021 Gongs; Dimerix: India DMX-200 Covid-19 Trial Delayed By Covid-19; MTP Connect: Dr Staudacher, Dr Kulis Win $250k Redi Grants; Noxopharm Enrols Part 2 Veyonda Covid-19 Trial; Cardiex: US Sphygmocor Patent; Australian Patent For Hexima HXP124 For Toe Fungus; Emyria: ‘TGA Approves Smartphone Heartrate Monitor’; Creso Requests ‘Halucenex Acquisition Update’ Trading Halt; Regal Takes 10.5% Of Adherium
Funds For Patent Box Tax Cut, R&D, ANSTO
Trajan $90m IPO Oversubscribed; Speedx Wins Carb-X $1.8m For STD Diagnostic; Starpharma: Viraleze For UK Harlequins Rugby Team; Ellume: Sars-Cov-2 Home Test US Facility, US Executives; Emyria Requests ‘Openly Registration’ Trading Halt; Heramed Requests ‘Commercial Partnership’ Trading Halt; Incannex Adds UWA To IHL-42x Marijuana Sleep Apnoea Trial; Australian Super Takes 5.2% Of Micro-X; Blueflag Increases, Diluted To 7% Of Amplia; One Funds Diluted Below 5% In Adherium; Medical Developments Appoints Richard Betts Director; Clarity Appoints Shaemus Gleason Head Of US Operations
Audeara $7m IPO For Specialist Headphones; TGA Okays Telix Prostact TLX591-CDx Prostate Cancer Trial; Adherium Rejects Respiri Offer; Oventus Placement To Raise $5m, 1-For-4.4 Rights For $5m; Prescient, Peter Mac Research Omnicar For Cancers; Nuheara Ships 1st Hewlett Packard Elite Earbuds; Bionomics Adds Social Anxiety Disorder To BNC210 Trials; Race: Bisantrene Combinations For AML, In-Vitro; Osteopore: Product Variants CE Mark; Shelf-Life Extended; TDM Takes 25% Of Somnomed; Clime Reduces To 8% In Mach7; Peters Investments Takes 11.4% Of Optiscan; Phillip (Bioscience Managers) Takes 23.5% Of Adherium; Viburnum Takes 11% Of Adherium; FIL (Fidelity) Takes 10% Of Adherium
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Control Bionics; Regeneus Placement To Raise Up-To $4.5m; Noxopharm Veyonda Sarcoma Trial To Enrol 40 Patients; Oventus Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Polynovo Appoints Dr Joshua Cheetham Head Of R&D 
CSL $583m Uniqure Deal For AMT-061 For Haemophilia-B; Medadvisor Raises $5.25m; $11.7m Loan; Nyrada Receives $976k R&D Tax Incentive; Mach7 $730k Vermont Uni Medical Centre Eunity Deal; Starpharma: Viraleze Online In Europe; Zelira Launches Marijuana Hope For Autism In US; Rhythm Improves Colostat With Lifestyle Risk Factors; Clarity: US Sar-BIS-PSMA For Prostate Cancer Patent; Creso: Halucenex, Nucro-Technics Psilocybin R&D Deal; MGC Requests ‘Further Artemic Findings’ Trading Halt; Optiscan Appoints Orchid’s Prof Camile Farah Director
SDI Expects Revenue Up 18% To $80m, Profit Up 77% To 101%; Alcidion ‘Over-Subscribed’ Share Plan Raises $3m, Total $18.4m; Race ‘Over-Subscribed’ Placement Raises $5.4m; Oventus Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Hong Kong Approves Oncosil Pancreatic Cancer Device; Memphasys: New IVF Products Include Stallion Sperm Test; Neurotech Starts Phase I/II Marijuana For Autism Trial; Emyria Ecstasy Program For PTSD; Neuroscientific: Emtinb Dose Found In Rabbit Eyes To 14 Days; Nyrada: New Compounds Improve NYX-PCSK9I, In-Vitro; Regeneus Grants CEO Karolis Rosickas 25m Incentive Options; Avecho Loses Director David Segal
Amplia Placement Raises $3.8m; Clarity: US FDA Approves Phase I/IIa Prostate Trial; Recce: ‘R327 Kills 99.9% Of Six Pathogens, In-Vitro’; Impedimed: ‘Sozo Measures Heart Readmission Risk’; Uscom Develops Uscom-O2, Basic; Botanix Plans BTX1801 Dialysis Trial; Palla, M&A Legal Issues Settled, Production Begins, Launch; MGC Receives $996k Artemic Rescue Order; Total Brain, Hamptons Life $6m Agreement; Resapp Appoints Ilara Resappdx Kenya Distributor; Medadvisor Requests ‘Funding Facility’ Trading Halt; Medibio: US Patent For Mental State Assessment; Memphasys Prof John Aitken Wins Andrologist Gong; Nuheara Appoints John Luna Business Development Manager; Ron Hollands Replaces IQ3 4-Month Co Sec Aysha Hollingdale
Imagion, Patrys Collaborate On Brain Cancer Imaging; Pharmaxis: Teo $187k For Pre-Clinical PXS-5505 GBM Study; WEHI: Natural Antibodies Block Malaria Parasites; Bionomics Repays $6m Equipment, Bank Loan Early; Race Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Total Brain Requests ‘Commercial Contract’ Trading Halt; Veritas Below 5% In Cochlear; Perennial Takes 15% Of Genetic Signatures; Inov8 Increases, Diluted To 7.8% Of Analytica; Chair Dr Michael Monsour Diluted To 19.99% Of Analytica; Telix Promotes, Appoints Executives For APAC, EMEA
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Anteotech; Epidyolex For Epilepsy - 1st Marijuana On Pbs; Respiri Offers $19m, 1-For-7 Share Takeover Of Adherium; Mesoblast: ‘Remestemcel-L Cuts Subgroup Ards Mortality 46%’; Nova Eye Enrols 1st Patient In Itrack‘Magic’ Glaucoma Trial; Auscann (Cannpal) ‘CPAT-01 Improves Osteoarthritis In Dogs’; Analytica US Patent For Pericoach Vaginal Muscle Strength; Amplia Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Acrux Receives $406k Overseas R&D Tax Incentive; Micro-X Repays $3m South Australian Government Loan; Cellmid Chinese Import Permit For Jo-Ju, Lexilis Shampoo; Cann Group Sends 20k Bottles Of Marijuana Oil To Iuvo; Avecho 18m Director Options AGM; Australian Ethical Takes 17.5% Of Nova Eye; Exopharm CEO Dr Ian Dixon Increases, Diluted To 18%; Atomo Appoints Joe Hockey, Bondi Partners Advisors; Medadvisor Loses Director Jeff Sherman
Federal $2.2m For Queensland Uni mRNA Vaccines, Cancer Drugs; Cellmid To Sell Lyramid For $500k Plus Royalties; Cann Recalls 250 Units Of 50ml Marijuana Oil; Atomo, Unitaid, Viatris Partner For Lower-Cost HIV Tests; Proteomics Files FDA 513(G) Applications For Promarkerd; Regeneus $300k Department Of Defence Grant For Sygenus; Bard1 Assays + CA125: Higher Accuracy For Ovarian Cancer; IQ3: Oncotex Manufacturing Deal With Sterling Pharma; Canada Patent For Neuren Trofinetide For Rett, Autism; Memphasys: 2 US Patents For Felix Sperm Separation Device; Biotron Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Universal Biosensors: Grapeworks Sentia NZ Distributor; Medibio To Meet FDA For Mebsleep 510(K) Re-Submission; Australian Super Takes 5% Of Alcidion; Oventus Has Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; Staff Cuts
Piper Alderman: Pharmalex Acquires Brandwood CKC; Allegra $2m Loan For Bone Substitute Research; Respiratory Compromise Institute Trials 4d Medical XV LVAS; Anteo Raises $12m For Eugeni Covid-19 Test; Plan For $4m; Emvision: Potential Stroke Detection Analysis Techniques; Amplia Plans Amp945 Combination Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Respiri: Terry White Chemmart To Stock Wheezo; Orthocell: ‘Celgro Nerve Repair Beats Market Leader’ In Rats; Race, Newcastle Uni Study Bisantrene Cardiac Impact; MGC Submits Artemic To Health Canada
Victoria: ‘Funding Returns 366% GSP, 454% Income In 10 Years’; Telix: GMS To Manufacture, Supply Radiation Unit Doses; Euro Patent For Osteopore Magnesium Composite Filler; Invion Selects INV-043 For Photo-Dynamic Therapy For Cancer; Anteris Completes ‘Commissural Alignment’ Design Concept; Memphasys Felix Sperm Separator Fix On-Track; Pharmaust Monepantel Dog Plasma Levels ‘Supportive’; Genetic Technologies Files US Covid-19 Risk Test Application; Blackrock Takes 7% Of Cochlear; Cann Group Appoints John Sharman Director
FDA Approves Next Science Xperience No Rinse Anti-Microbial; Paradigm: Further US FDA PPS Osteoarthritis Trial Questions; Universal Biosensors: Vicard Sentia South Africa Distributor; Anteo Battery Link Commercialization; Capital Raise Halt; Mackinnon, Isle Of Wight Diluted To 6.8% Of Alcidion; Caledonia, MKMS Below 5% Of Alcidion; Race Founder Dr William Garner Reduces To 7.4%; Regal Below 5% Of Alterity
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Pharmaxis; WEHI, J&J Collaborate On New Malaria Drugs; Analytica Placement For $3.8m; Proteomics Wins ISO 13485 Quality Certification; Prescient: ‘No PTX-200 Dose-Limiting Toxicities’; Dimerix: Remap-Cap Recruits 1st DMX-200 Covid-19 Patients; Antisense: FDA Meeting ‘Constructive’ For ALT1102 For DMD; Auscann Receives $1.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Somnomed 2.2m Director Options, 100% Pool Hike EGM; Regal Reduces To 6% Of Genetic Signatures; Somnomed CEO Neil Verdal-Austin 5-Year Extension On $530k; Auscann CEO Layton Mills Starts On $275k; Anteotech Loses Director Matt Sanderson 
Actinogen Plans 3 Phase II Cognition Trials For 2022; Chimeric: ‘No CLTX-CAR-T Dose-Limiting Toxicities’; Patrys: PAT-DX1, PAT-DX3 ‘Favorable’ P-K Profile; Impedimed: US FDA Okays Sozo Heart Failure Index; Oventus: Sleep Metrics To Promote O2vent; Noxopharm Claims ‘Positive’ Interim Noxcovid Results; Incannex: FDA Talks Lead To 3 IHL-675A Applications; Invex: FDA Meeting For Presendin For IIH; Heramed, Joondalup Heracare Pilot Program; MGC Buys Israel’s Medicanl CRO For $6m In Shares; Medibio Begins 2nd Mental Health Application Test; FIL Takes 10% Of Resapp
Victoria $50m For mRNA Research, Manufacture; Emyria Raises $5m; Nuheara Starts Elite Earbud Hewlett Packard Production; Factor Therapeutics: From Wounds To Limestone Mining; Incisive Wins Federal $1m For Bluecheck For Tooth Caries; Telix Phase I Japan Trial: TLX250-CDx Safe, Tolerable; Bioxyne Pleads Schultz To ASX 50% Query; Imugene: PFS Endpoint Met In Phase II HER-Vaxx Trial; Ecofibre: Hemp Research Completed 15 Months Early; Analytica Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Investors Mutual Reduces To 7.5% In Mayne; Founder Dr Mel Bridges, Parma Reduces To 7% Of Anatara; Freeman Road Below 5% Of Resapp
Austin: Marijuana ‘No Low Back Pain Benefit With Oxycodone’; Genieus ‘Discovers ALS Biomarker; Potential Treatment’; Exopharm Raises $12m; Azure Raises $2.5m; Name Change To VGI; Ellume: CVS Stocks Sars-Cov-2 Rapid Test Kit; Kazia Potential $478m Evotec Licence For EVT801; Amplia: FAK Inhibitors Reduce Nash Fibrosis, In Mice; Anatara: Ethics Approval For CSIRO 3FDC Psychology Trial; Analytica Appoints Marwa Middle East Infusion Distributor; Little Green Appoints Balancial Danish Marijuana Distributor; Heramed Requests ‘Commercial Partnership’ Trading Halt; Osprey 111m CEO, Director Options AGM; Ausbiotech: Patrys CEO Dr James Campbell Director; Race Appoints Dr David Fuller CMO; Karst Peak Takes 9% Of Pharmaxis
Trajan Potential IPO For Precision Manufacturing, Chemistry; China Approves Uscom BP+; Telix Launches TLX599-CDx ‘Noble’ Registry; Adalta Begins Part B Of AD-214 Phase I Study; Ecofibre Marijuana Sleep Trial Approved; Creso: Halucenex, Sixth Wave Psilocybin Extraction Deal; Immutep Receives $1.2m R&D Tax Incentive; Emyria Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Mitsubishi, Morgan Stanley Below 5% In Cyclopharm; Optiscan: Robert Cooke Chair, Darren Lurie M-D On $375k; Allegra Appoints Robert Bell Technology, Innovation Head
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Volpara Health Technologies; WEHI Discovers How Cancer-Fighting Immune Cells Develop; FDA Approves Mayne, Mirtha Nextstellis Contraceptive; Australian Patent For Anatara Detach For Animal Diarrhoea; Stemcell United Placement Raises $3.8m; Kazia Requests ‘In-Licencing Transaction’ Trading Halt; Exopharm Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Halt; Thorney, Tiga Increase, Diluted To 25% Of Visioneering; Race Appoints Prof Jianju Chen Advisor 
Alcidion Raising $18m For $9.6m Extramed; $21m Defence Deal; Amplia Completes Phase I AMP945 Dosing; Race: Bisantrene Inhibits FTO Cancer - Independent Study; Clarity Doses 1st Patient In Phase II Cu64-Sartate Trial; Victoria $2.4m For Bone Marrow Syndrome Research; Acrux Files Dapsone For Acne Anda To FDA; Recce: R327 For Burns Added To Trial Registry; Universal Bio: Wine & Beer Sentia Wine Test US Distributor; Total Brain Adds Heart Variability To Mental Health Monitor; Elixinol Name Change, 43% Directors Fee Hike AGM; Mitsubishi, Morgan Stanley Take 5% Of Cyclopharm; Credit Suisse Takes 5% In IDT; Mercer Street Reduces To 5% In Anteris
RMIT: Black Phosphorus Kills Bacteria, Fungi; Pharmaxis $4.4m Placement; GEN Pays Pharmaxis $2m For Russian Bronchitol Rights; Paradigm Doses 1st Phase IIb PPS Osteoarthritis Patient; Telix: TGA Starts Illuccix (TLX591-CDx) Priority Review; Universal Bio: Singularity Sentia Wine Test Chile Distributor; Imex 142k Free CEO, Directors’ Options AGM; Alcidion Requests ‘Acquisition, Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Stemcell United Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Creso, Cannabis Queen Bilateral Distribution Deal; Dr Tracey Mynott, Myeng Reduce To 5% Of Anatara; Apeiron, Christian Angermayer Takes 12% Of Bionomics; Peter Mercouris To Replace IQ3 Director Monika Pawel
Island Opens Up 100% At 50c, Climbs To 67c; Bard1 Licences Liverpool Uni Type 3C Diabetes Biomarkers; Rhythm: Clinitrials Joins Colostat Trial; Universal Biosensors, Deakin, Swinburne Tn Antigen Deals; Rhinomed Receives $185k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Avecho Approval For Phase I Marijuana Trial; Pharmaxis Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt
Resapp Placement To Raise $5.5m; Redhill DSMB 4th Okay For Opaganib For Covid-19; Medlab: ‘Nanabis Reduces Cancer Pain 55%’; CE Mark For Anteotech Sars-Cov-2 Antigen Rapid Test; Imugene Data Back HER-Vaxx Combo, CF33 For Cancer; Tali, Indian Times Group Partnership Commenced; Creso: Halucenex, GTR Mushroom Genome Sequencing Deal; Telix 40% Directors Pool Hike, $100m Revenue CEO Options AGM; PYC: ‘PPMO Delivers RNA Therapeutic To Mouse Brains’; Anteris Takes New $2.7m Mercer Draw-Down Equity Facility; Allan Gray Increases To 10% Of Impedimed; Paradice Diluted To 7% Of Impedimed; Thorney, Tiga Take 15% Of Oventus; Mark Lampert, BVF Take 15.5% Of Bionomics; Amplia Appoints Jane Bell Director; Bod Appoints Medlab’s Alan Dworkin CFO; Genetic Technologies Appoints Opthea’s Michael Tonroe CFO
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: 4D Medical; Universal Biosensors Tn Test For Most Cancers; Lubris Deal; Kazia PK Data Confirms Paxalisib Dose; Next Science To Release 73m ASX Escrow Shares; Australian Ethical Takes 5.8% Of Impedimed; Platinum Reduces To 5.6% In Kazia; Anteo Joins Battery CRC Super Anode Project; Genetic Technologies Finalizes US Covid-19 Risk Test Launch; MGC Appoints Nadine Barry Co-Co Sec; 70m ‘Performance’ Rights
Impedimed: Sozo BIS Indicates Heart Risk; Visioneering ‘Oversubscribed’ Share Plan Raises $1.2m; FDA Grants Immutep Imp321 Fast-Track Status For HNSCC; Pharmaust Receives $756k R&D Tax Incentive; Resapp Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Halt; Universal Biosensors Requests ‘Agreements’ Halt; Credit Suisse Below 5% In IDT; Nick Allan Replaces Resonance CFO, Co Sec Agha Shahzad; Bionomics Appoints Suzanne Irwin Co Sec
Varonis Warns Of Healthcare Cyber Attacks; Island: $44m Bids For $7.5m IPO; Impedimed Options Raise $17.9m; Control Bionics Appoints Numotion US Trilogy Distributor; Imugene Begins 3rd Cohort PD1-Vaxx Dosing; Mayo Joins Trial; Recce ‘R327 Clears Drug-Resistant Infection’; US Patent For Volpara Enterprize, Live Software; Immutep Euro Patent For IMP701 Combination Therapy; Medlab Euro Patent For Nanocelle Drug Delivery; Pharmaust: Monepantel Anti-Viral Against Sars-Cov-2, In-Vitro; Bod: H&H Orders $312k Marijuana Oil For US; MGC Receives $425k Artemic Rescue Order; Perennial Reduces To 7.7% Of Hydrix; Suda Appoints Prof Gunnar Birgegård Scientific Advisor
CSL Covid-19 Hyperimmune Immunoglobulin Misses Endpoints; Bionomics Rights Raise $20.4m; Total $22.9m; Exopharm ‘Positive’ Phase I Plexaris Trial Results; Aroa: Myriad Morcells Wound Treatment FDA 510(K) Approval; Noxopharm Veyonda Patent Application; Allegra: Sr-Ht-Gahnite Spinal Cage Sheep Study ‘Successful’; Total Brain Receives $1.4m US ‘Paycheck’ Funding; Control Bionics To Release 7k ASX Escrow Shares; Cann Global Trials Marijuana For Multiple Sclerosis; Pharmaust Requests ‘Monepantel Sars-Cov-2 Results’ Halt; Genetic Signatures Appoints Dr Neil Gunn Director; Opthea Loses Co Sec, CFO Mike Tonroe; Creso Appoints John Griese US Business Development Head; Neurotech Appoints Krista Bates Director
March BDI-40 Up 0.2% - Record $18.5b, ASX200 Up 2%, Big Caps Down 1%; 4D Share Plan $32m Applications, Raises $6m; Total $46m; Perron: 3rd US-Approved Drug For Duchenne MD; Recce: ‘R327, R111 Kills Streptococcus Pneumoniae In Mice’; Exopharm Plexaris, Cevaris Safe In Rats, Efficacy Unknown; Universal Bio: Canada Distributor For Sentia Wine Test; Adherium 7.1m Directors Shares In Lieu Of Fees EGM; Creso Launches Marijuana Tea In Switzerland; Cronos FCTR Marijuana Gels For Japan, Hong Kong
Pharmaxis, Prof Fiona Wood Trial Pxs-6302 For Scar Inhibition; Opthea: FDA Opt-302 For Wet AMD Paediatric Waiver; Cellmid Rights Raise $4.5m; Medibio ‘Over-Subscribed’ Plan Raises $1m; Total $4m; Telix Appoints Grand River Illuccix (TLX591-CDx) Manufacturer; Memphasys Tests Felix Engineering Fix; Paradigm, Bene Agree New PPS Indications; Invex, FDA Meeting For Phase III Presendin IIH Trial; US Patent For Patrys Deoxymab Combination For Cancer; Creso Pays $70k For Mushroom Psilocybin Extraction; Pharmaust Monepantel Dog Cancer Trial Underway; Phillip Increases, Diluted To 19.6% Of Adherium; Summatix Diluted Below 5% In Adherium; Medlab Loses CFO, Co Sec Alan Dworkin; 4 Appointments; Anteotech Appoints CFO Gail Jukes; Neuroscientific Appoints Dougal Thring, Dr Alexandra Heaton
Kazia $382m+ Simcere Paxalisib Brain Cancer China Deal; Dorsavi, Medtronic $432k Wearable Sensors Extension; Swanson Reed: RDTI Registration Closes April 30; Analytica China Pericoach J-V; Race Trials Bisantrene For Extra-Medullary AML; Botanix Btx1702 For Inflammatory Rosacea Trial Approval; Dimerix Takes $5m Peter Meurs Loan; Avita: 15 Recell Abstracts At American Burn Meeting; Recce Granted European R327, R529 Patent; Cann Global: Canntab Marijuana Export Licence; Noxopharm Diluted To 24% Of Nyrada; Altnia Diluted To 7% Of Nyrada; Eleanore Goodridge Below 5% In Nyrada; Trudell Takes 19% Of Adherium; One Funds Diluted To 6% Of Adherium
Christian Porter Minister For Industry, Science, Technology; Cann Group, Er Ya Trade In Hong Kong Court For $3.5m; Cynata Expands Stem Cell Ards Trial Beyond Covid-19; Anteris: ‘Adapt Tissue Beats Medtronic For Calcification’; Uscom: Bp+ In China’s Final Review Phase; Living Cell Ends Peptide Research, Pays Auckland Uni $366k; Oventus Signs Inhome As 1st VGM Apnoea Contract; Cann Group, Emyria Plan Fast TGA O-T-C Marijuana; Pharmaust’s Epichem Joins WA Business Program; Respiri, Kevin Chan Trial Asthma Telehealth Program; Althea Launches Cheaper 20ml ‘Flexi’ Marijuana Oil Products; CEO Dr Sean Hall Diluted To 18% Of Medlab; Chair Michael Hall Diluted Below 5% Of Medlab; Director Drew Townsend Below 5% Of Medlab; Regal Takes 6% Of Adherium; Mesoblast Appoints Surgcenter Philip Facchina Director; PYC Appoints Jason Haddock Director; Mark Compton Replaces Next Science Chair George Savvides; Suda Appoints Prof Anil Sood Advisor
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cynata Therapeutics; Paradigm Files Ind For PPS Knee Osteoarthritis Trial; Immutep: BMS Trial Data Backs Lag3; Creso Placement Raises $18m; LBT Directors Take 25% Of Fees In Shares; Kazia Requests ‘Regional Licence’ Trading Halt; Cann Global Requests ‘Regulatory Milestone’ Trading Halt; Credit Suisse Takes 6% Of IDT; Regal Funds Takes 19.8% Of Visioneering; PYC Loses Director Dr Bernard Hockings
4D Access To US Defense, Veterans Contracts; TGA Okays Resapp Wearable Cough Monitor; Palla Retail Rights Raise $5.8m, Total $18m; Race, Newcastle Uni Study Bisantrene For Kidney Cancer; Dimerix: Nasogastric Dmx-200 For Remap-Cap Covid-19 Trial; Medadvisor $6.2m US Vaccine Adherence Contract Extension; Polynovo Appoints Premier Novosorb BTM US Distributor; Starpharma Appoints Lloyds UK Viraleze Distributor; Incannex, FDA Meet On Ihl-675a For Ards, Saards; Cellmid Receives $646k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Elixinol Hemp Products Ok In UK; Toxicology Study Pending; Jencay Takes 5% Of Medadvisor; Eleanore Goodridge Reduces To 5.4% In Nyrada; Respiri Appoints Dr Andrew Weekes, Dr Mark Levy Advisors
Federal $3.2m For Medical Devices; Clinuvel Expands Scenesse To Xeroderma Pigmentosa-Variant; Alcidion $2.2m East Lancashire Nhs Patientrack Deal; Dimerix: Dmx-200 Combination Inhibits Inflammation In-Vitro; Truscreen Cervical Cancer Screening ‘Covid-19 Safe’; Creso Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; One Funds Takes 6% Of Idt; Actinogen CEO Dr Steven Gourlay Appointed M-D; Vale Bionomics Jack Moschakis; Adrian Hinton Interim Co Sec
Redhill Opaganib For Swiss Covid-19 ‘Compassionate Use’; Respiri: US FDA O-T-C Approval For Wheezo Asthma Monitor; Pharmaust’s Epichem, Thermaquatica Waste-To-Fuel Deal; MGC Cimetra (Artemic) Phase III Covid-19 Trial Approval; Creso US O-T-C Listing; More Psilocybin; Tdm Takes 24% Of Somnomed; Thorney, Tiga Increase, Diluted Below 5% Of Little Green; Bing-Cheng Liu Replaces TBG Director His-Kai Wang
Nyrada Commitments For $11m; Anteo: ‘Rapid Sars-Cov-2 Test 97.3% Sensitive, 99.6% Specific’; Medadvisor Repays Syneos $6.5m Convertible Note In Cash; Auscann $648k Instalment For Chile J-V Dayacann; Antisense Appoints Dr Charmaine Gittleson Director; Avita Appoints Michael Holder CFO 
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Compumedics; Redhill Revenue Up 923% To $83m, Loss Up 80% To $98.5m; Medlab Raises $15m, Appoints Cheryl Maley Director; Pharmaxis Begins US Bronchitol Distribution; Race, Newcastle Uni Study Bisantrene For Melanoma; Noxopharm Begins Veyonda, Nivolumab Cancer Study; Palla: 1st UK Order For Codeine-Paracetamol Pills; IDT: Federal Assessment For Covid-19 Vaccine Production; Creso Launches Marijuana ‘Ritual Sticks’, $73k First Order; Medibio To Supply Ilumen To 1000 UK Compass Employees; Respiri Requests ‘Wheezo FDA Application’ Trading Halt; Ecofibre To Release 192m ASX Escrow Shares; Merchant Funds Takes 13% Of Auscann
Monash, Et Al Embryo Models For Pregnancy Studies; Volpara Density ‘Reduces Breast Cancer False Positives’; Amplia, Garvan Work On AMP945 For Pancreatic Cancer; Adherium Placement Raises $18m; Visioneering $1m Share Plan; ITM To Supply Telix Radio-Isotopes; Chimeric Doses 1st Glioblastoma Trial Patients; Osprey: 3 More US Distribution Deals; Bod, Drug Science Study Medicabilis For ‘Long Covid’; Oventus Appoints Connect DME, Circadian Distributors; Nyrada Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; ASIC Restricts TBG Capital Raising; Goodbye Cannpal; Auscann Expands, Board Changes
TDM Invests $50m In Qbiotics, Takes 12%; WEHI: Genetic Defect Linked To Mactel Eye Disease; UQ: ‘Anakinra Reduces Worst Chemotherapy Side-Effects’; Federal $15m For Psychedelics, PTSD, Mental Illness; Creso Phase II Psilocybin Trial For PTSD; Amplia Completes Ascending Dose AMP945 Trial; Painchek Wins CE Mark, TGA Approval; Bionomics Additional $3m Placement; Medlab Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Medadvisor To Release 15m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Universal Biosensors Loses Director Marshall Heinberg; Bill Fleming To Replace Creso’s Dr Miri Halperin Wernli; PYC Appoints Dr Michael Rosenblatt Director
Bard1, Minomic Work On Pancreatic Cancer Blood Test; Starpharma: ‘DEP-HER2-Lu Beats Herceptin For Breast Cancer In Mice’; Micro-X Terminates Thales IED Deal; Immutep Starts IMP321-Keytruda Head, Neck Cancer Trial; Azure Manufactures NE1-Elite, NE1-Heart Food Additives; Rhythm Colostat Blood Test 84% Sensitivity, 95% Specificity; Incannex: IHL-675A Beats CBD, HCQ For Arthritis In Rats; Imex: 54 Aquila Deals, $1.2m Annual Recurring Revenue; Imagion Receives Federal $50k Grant; Bluechiip Receives $1.6m R&D Tax Incentive; Adherium Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; European Patent For Regeneus Progenza Stem Cells; Brandon, MRCF, Hesta Hold 27% Of Osprey; Naos Takes 29.5% Of BTC; FIL Reduces To 8.4% Of Resapp; Regal Reduces To 6.6% Of Alterity; Elixinol Appoints Kim Bradley-Ware Co-Co Sec
Victoria $17m For La Trobe Uni ‘Digital, Bio Innovation Hubs’; Opthea Treats 1st Phase III Wet AMD Patient, 1979 To Go; S&P ASX Indices: 11 Biotechs Up, 8 Down; Bard1 Granted hTERT Australian Patent; Recce: Pew Adds R327 To Its ‘Non-Traditional’ List; Elixinol To Pay Up To $37m For Germany’s Cannacare; Little Green $7.5m Land Purchase; Marijuana Order; Creso To Pay $500k, 47m Shares For Psychedelic Halucenex; Perennial Takes 5.35% Of 4D Medical; Race Founder Dr William Garner Reduces To 8.45%; Merchant Reduces To 6.4% Of Race; DMX Takes 6% Of Cryosite; Actinogen Appoints Dr Steven Gourlay CEO On $400k
Mesoblast Raises $142m; Emvision Wins $8m Of MRFF Stroke Funding; Palla $4m Placement, $8m Institutional Rights Issue; Neurotech To Raise $3.6m; Expands Dolce Cann Licence; Oasmia Licences Kazia’s Cantrixil For Cancer For $59m; Alcidion Wins $600k NZ Contracts; Nova Eye Starts Itrack Ab-Interno Glaucoma Study; Cynata Cymerus Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Mouse Study; PYC Claims VP-001 Pre-Clinical ‘Success For RP11’; Osprey Expands US Sales; Noxopharm Receives $4.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; CE Mark For Resapp Wearable Respiratory Test; 4D Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Genetic Technologies Requests ‘Material Distribution’ Halt; Creso Appoints Ceres US Anibidiol Distributor; Merchant Funds Takes 14% Of Bard1; Jeffrey Emmanuel Below 5% In Bard1; M-D Fleta Solomon Diluted To 11% Of Little Green; Elixxer Reduces, Diluted To 16% Of Little Green
Feb BDI-40 Up 1.5% - Record $18.5b, ASX200 Up 1%, Big Caps Down 0.6%; $99m For Melb Uni-Micro-X Stroke, 4D Lung, Florey Epilepsy; Island $7.5m IPO For ISLA-101 For Mosquito-Borne Viruses; Kyocera Takes Regeneus H1 Revenue To $7m, Loss To $4m Profit; Mesoblast H1 Revenue Down 82% To $4.6m, Loss Up 67% To $65m; Cardiex H1 Revenue Up 16% To $2.7m, Loss Up 6% To $2m; TBG Revenue Up 38% To $4.6m, Profit To $3.5m Loss; Creso Revenue Down 33% To $2.4m, Loss Up 101% To $31m; Pharmaust H1 Revenue Down 37% To $1m, Loss Up 72% To $832k; Osteopore Revenue Up 266% To $1.5m, Loss Down 18% To $2m; Cynata, Tekcyte Work On Stem Cells For Diabetic Ulcers; ASX Delists Invitrocue For Reports, Medigard For Fees; JM Financial, No Plan B Reduce To 12% Of Universal Biosensors; Regal Funds Reduces To 7.5% Of Alterity; Dr Graham Kelly, Milligene Increase To 13% Of Noxopharm; Botanix ‘Terminates’ Dr Michael Thurn, Hires 3 Executives
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Neuren Pharmaceuticals; Avita Hopes To Raise $88m In US; Austco H1 Revenue Down 17% To $14m, Profit Up 2% To $826k; Medical Dev H1 Revenue Up 15% To $12.6m, Profit To $1.1m Loss; Palla Revenue Down 60% To $22m, Loss Up 355% To $35m; Palla Trading Halt For $18m Placement, Rights; Elixinol Revenue Down 51% To $15m, Loss Up 26% To $104m; Imex Revenue Up 41% To $11m, Loss Down 40% $3.6m; Hydrix H1 Revenue Down 38% To $5.1m, Loss Up 188% $4.8m; Cryosite H1 Revenue Up 18.5% To $5m, Profit Down 77% To $285k; Telix Revenue Up 50% To $5.2m, Loss Up 61% To $45m; Resonance H1 Revenue Up 8% To $2m, Loss To $770k Profit; Incannex H1 Revenue $1.2m, Loss Up 31% $2.9m; Osprey Revenue Down 54% To $2.1m, Loss Down 26% To $17m; Polynovo Novosorb Synpath Ulcer Study Approved; 4D Requests ‘Material Grant’ Trading Halt; Emvision Requests ‘Funding Application’ Trading Halt; Mesoblast Requests ‘Private Placement’ Trading Halt; Micro-X Requests ‘Funding Application’ Trading Halt; Neurotech Requests ‘Financing Transaction’ Trading Halt; LBT Receives $826k R&D Tax Incentive; Invex Wins US Trademark For Presendin; Resapp, WMA Medetective Launch Delayed; Suda Contracts Medpharm To Improve Anagrelide Oral Spray; Cogstate Appoints David Franks Co-Sec; Resapp Loses 3-Month Co-Co Sec Stephen Hewitt-Dutton
Probiotec H1 Revenue Down 3.5% To $43m, Profit Up 79% To $1.2m; Cogstate H1 Revenue Up 59% To $17m, Loss Down 84% To $563k; Medadvisor H1 Revenue Up 192% To $13m, Loss Up 80% To $9.5m; Alcidion H1 Revenue Up 36% To $11m, Loss Down 23% To $1.4m; Cyclopharm Revenue Up 4% To $14.7m, Loss Up 107% To $6m; Nova Eye H1 Revenue Down 11% To $6.6m, Loss Down 45% To $1.6m; Althea H1 Revenue Up 175% To $5.1m, Loss Down 1% To $8.3m; Bod H1 Revenue Up 114% To $2.5m, Loss Down 8% To $1.3m; Micro-X H1 Revenue Up 190% To $2.4m, Loss Up 15% To $4.8m; Control Bionics H1 Revenue Up 22% To $2m, Loss Up 101% To $1m; Total Brain H1 Revenue Down 9% To $2m, Loss Up 3.5% To $4m; Invion H1 Revenue Down 33% To $1.2m, Loss Down 28% To $852k; Bioxyne H1 Revenue Down 10% To $1.2m, Loss Up 11% To $285k; Antisense Files ATL1102 Duchenne Plan To EMA; CSIRO Medicinal Marijuana Manufacturing Licence; Polynovo Appoints Medinamedical Nordic Novosorb Distributor; Avita Requests US Capital Raising Trading Halt; LHC Reduces To 9% In BTC; SIO Reduces To 19.96% In Anteris; Regeneus Loses Director Dr Alan Dunton; Antisense Appoints Alicia Mellors Co-Co Sec
Mayne H1 Revenue Down 8% To $209m, Loss Up 842% To $182m; Nanosonics H1 Revenue Down 11% To $43m, Profit Down 74% To $1.5m; Compumedics H1 Revenue Down 1% To $18m, Profit Up 717% To $1.3m; Clinuvel H1 Revenue Up 58% To $16m, Profit Up 420% To $6m; Little Green H1 Revenue Up 427% To $3.8m, Loss To $484k Profit; Medlab H1 Revenue Down 9% To $2.5m, Loss Up 89% To $7.1m; Uscom H1 Revenue Up 232% To $2.3m, Loss Down 82% To $270k; IQ3 H1 Revenue Down 48% To $2.2m, Loss Up 130% To $2.2m; Allegra H1 Revenue Down 1.6% To $2.3m, Loss Down 86% To $188k; Rhinomed H1 Revenue Up 17% To $1.9m, Loss Up 3.5% To $5.5m; Universal Bio Revenue Down 54% To $3.2m, Loss Up 58% To $7.6m; Emyria H1 Revenue Up 165% To $1.15m, Loss Down 3% To $2.1m; Osprey Options Raise $14.5m; $1.4m US Government Loan; US ‘Forgives’ $1.44m Impedimed Covid-19 Loan; Founders Sue Bard1 For Performance Shares; Opthea: 1,980-Patient Phase III OPT-302 Wet AMD Trials; Resonance Adds CE Mark To Hepafat-AI Australian, US Approvals; Adalta: FDA IPF Orphan Status For AD-214; Malaysian Patent For Azure Tocotrienols; Recce To List On Frankfurt Exchange; Selector Funds Below 5% In Nanosonics; Director, CSO Dr Daniel Tillett Increases, Diluted To 7% Of Race; Cell Care Reduces To 17% Of Cryosite; Noxopharm Dr Graham Kelly Reduces To 11% For Options; Apeiron, Christian Angermayer Take Profit To 10% Of Bionomics
Editorial: Your R&D Tax Incentive Is Not Revenue; Genetic Sigs H1 Revenue Up 411% To $19m, Loss To $4m Profit; Impedimed H1 Revenue Up 26% To $3.6m, Loss Down 19% To $10.4m; Next Science Revenue Down 15% To $4.4m, Loss Down 17% To $15m; Cann Group H1 Revenue Up 36% To $1m, Loss Up 12% To $9.4m; Micro-X ‘Oversubscribed’ Share Plan Raises $3.5m; Total $34m; Azure Hopes For $3m NSX Listing; Noxopharm: Canaccord Underwrites $3.7m Options; Cynata Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Pharmaxis Enrols 1st PXS-5505 Myelofibrosis Patient; Japan Approves Telix TLX591-CDx Prostate Cancer Trial; Bionomics Reformulated BNC210 Pharmacokinetics; BTC To Distribute GPX Neola Lung Volume, Oxygen Monitor; Invion To Release 1.4b Voluntary Escrow Shares; CEO George Syrmalis Increases, Diluted To 20% Of IQ3; Emyria Appoints Dr Karen Smith Advisory Board Chair; Auscann: Charles Altshuler CFO, Maria Alexakis Med Director; Bod To Lose CFO Charles Altshuler; Medigard Faces ASX De-Listing On Fees
Pro Medicus H1 Revenue Up 8% To $32m, Profit Up 12% To $13.5m; BTC $19k H1 Revenue, Speciality Unit $3.6m, BTC Loss $179k; Visioneering Raises $22m, Share Plan For $1m More; Cyclopharm ‘Over-Subscribed’ Share Plan Raises $3m, Total $33m; Mesoblast: Remestemcel-L-Treated Children Recover From MIS-C; Amplia Begins AMP945 Multiple Ascending Dose Study; Bionomics, Empathbio MOU For BNC210-EMP-01 For PTSD; Proteomics Pleads Schultz, Good News To ASX 31% Price Query; Federal Court Grants Cann Group Cleansing Notice Extension; Resonance Requests ‘Regulatory Approval’ Trading Halt; Credit Suisse Takes 5% Of Bard1; Cell Care Reduces To 18.55% Of Cryosite; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah Take 8.5% Of Living Cell; Burnet Opens Diagnostics Initiative, Jennifer Barnes Director; Stemcell Appoints David Plattner Sustainability Advisor
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Chimeric Therapeutics; Glaxosmithkline: $6.9m For Australian Research; CSL: Astrazeneca Vaccine Manufacture ‘In Final Stage’; Imugene Begins 2nd Cohort PD1-Vaxx Dosing; Avita H1 Revenue Up 56% To $13m, Loss Up 11.5% To $20.5m; Starpharma, Merck Dep-Antibody Drug Conjugates Deal; Recce R327 ‘Reduces Sars-Cov-2 99.9%’ - In-Vitro; Botanix Receives $6.9m R&D Tax Incentive; Living Cell Pleads Schultz, Talks To ASX 39% Price Query; Tali Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Incannex Requests ‘IHL-675A Results, Further Studies’ Trading Halt; Auscann Buys Back 8m Unmarketable Shares, 8k Parcels; Platinum Reduces To 6.8% Of Kazia; Orthocell CSO Ming Hao Zheng, Ying Fan Below 5%; BVF Partners Diluted To 15% Of Actinogen; Cochlear Appoints Stu Sayers CFO; Biointelect Appoints Four Executives
Optiscan Starts Breast Cancer Margin Microscope Study; Cann Group: $3.6m ‘Cyber Security Incident’; Proteomics Files FDA Promarkerd Pre-Submission; Telix Terminates Pi Medical Netherlands Distribution; Heramed: Sheba Herabeat Foetal Heart Monitor Trial; Anatara Ready For Garp IBS Diarrhoea Trial; Little Green: 1st German Commercial Marijuana Shipment; Creso Takes-Back Swiss Marijuana Distribution; Respiri: Pharmacy Catalyst To Sell Wheezo Asthma Monitor; Exopharm Pleads Schultz To ASX 30% Query; Stemcell Pleads Schultz To ASX 59% Query; Avecho Requests Capital Raising Halt; Medibio Requests Capital Raising Halt; Anglo Australian Christian Diluted To 14% In Cyclopharm; Perennial Holds 12% Of Micro-X; Regal Funds Takes 10% Of Elixinol; McRae Diluted To 27% In Neuroscientific; Actinogen Loses 6-Year CEO Dr Bill Ketelbey; Race Appoints Mary Harney Director; Neale Java To Replace Control Bionics CFO John Bell
January BDI-40 Down 1%, ASX200 Up 0.3%, Big Caps Down 4%, NBI Up 6%; Redhill: ‘DSMB Backs Opaganib For Covid-19 Trial’; Micro-X Raises $30.5m, Share Plan For $2.5m More; Althea H1 Receipts Up 204% To $4.7m; TBG Receipts Up 119% To $7.3m; THC Receipts Up 44% To $6.9m; Cardiex Suspended; H1 Receipts $2.3m; Polynovo Appoints Medival Novosorb BTM Italy Distributor; UK Approves Palla Norway Codeine Facility; Osteopore, Terumo Collaborate On Regenerative Medicine; Nyrada, Walter Reed, Uni NSW Brain Injury Collaboration; Anatara: Anr-Pf ‘Success’ For Poultry Necrotic Enteritis; Dorsavi Requests ‘Shortfall Placement’ Trading Halt; Botanix Requests ‘BTX1801 Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Suda EGM 36% Oppose Employee Option Plan; LBT To Lose Chair Kate Costello, Director Caroline Popper; Adherium Loses Director Bryan Mogridge; Chimeric Appoints Cindy Elkins Director; Emyria Appoints Dr Richard Magtengaard Advisor
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Orthocell; Resmed H1 Revenue Up 9.5% To $2b, Profit Up 26% To $511m; Imex Receipts Up 25% To $8.7m; Regeneus H1 Receipts, Milestone $7.7m; Hydrix H1 Receipts Down 46% To $5m; Pharmaxis H1 Receipts Down 9.3% To $3.6m; Little Green H1 Receipts $3.3m; Mesoblast H1 Receipts Down 91% To $2.6m; Telix Receipts Up 8.5% To $3.9m; Creso Receipts Up 32% To $3.7m; Osteopore H1 Receipts Up 110% To $1.5m; Incannex H1 Receipts Up 192% To $1.4m; Rhinomed H1 Receipts Down 17% To $1.3m; Bioxyne H1 Receipts Down 37% To $1.3m; Cann Global H1 Receipts Up 85% To $1.1m; Correction: Next Science; Volpara Requests ‘Corporate Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Nyrada ‘Brain Injury Collaboration’ Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Takes 11.5% Of Cyclopharm; Karst Peak, Leitzes Increase, Diluted To 9.7% Cyclopharm; Peter And Helen Jones Below 5% Of BTC; Chimeric Appoints Prof Yvonne Chen Advisor
Cyclopharm $30m Placement, Share Plan For $1.5m; Genetic Signatures Easyscreen STI Wins CE-IVD; Telix Doses 1st US Zircon Renal Cancer Imaging Patients; Adventist Health Expands Mach7 Pacs Contract To $7.9m; Aroa Q3 Receipts $14.9m; Elixinol Receipts Down 57% To $14m; Atomo H1 Receipts $5.8m; Anteris Receipts Down 61% To $7.3m; Uscom H1 Receipts Up 146% To 2.7m; Medlab H1 Receipts Down 37% To $2.6m; IQ3 H1 Receipts Down 42.5% To $2.5m; Cellmid H1 Receipts Down 27% To $3.5m; $530k China Order; Pharmaust H1 Receipts Down 27% To $1.3m; 4D Starts XV LVAS US Pilot Program; Hapvida $58k, 2-Year Renewal Of Heramed Heracare Deal; Immutep Wins Safety Approval For IMP321 Covid-19 Trial; Universal Biosensors Appoints Enartis US Sentia Distributor; Emvision: FDA Advises De-Novo Path For Brain Scanner; Mitsubishi Singapore Ends Suda Zolpimist Licence; Little Green 2-Year French Government Marijuana Deal; Naos Takes 27% Of BTC; Mercer Street Takes 5% Of Anteris; Living Cell To Lose CEO Dr Ken Taylor; CSL Loses 4-Month Astrazeneca Director Dr Pascal Soriot; Factor Appoints Taylor Collison Advisor

Jan 17, 2021 

Special Summer Catch-Up Edition

Acrux Raises $7.8m, Share Plan For $2m More; Next Science: Blastx Wins CE Mark; Pharmaust: Epichem Extends Up-To $1m DNDI Contract; Nyrada NYX-PCSK9I ‘Reduces Cholesterol In Mice’; Vivazome, BIA Separations Work On Exosome Purification; Rainmaker, Marcus Liew Reduce In Osteopore; Perennial Takes 8.8% In Hydrix; Incannex Starts IHL-42X Marijuana Sleep Apnoea Trial; Elixinol Terminates Pet Releaf Agreement; Creso: Anibidiol Approved In Uruguay, $89k Purchase Order; Director Paul Benhaim, Raw With Life Diluted To 9% In Elixinol; Volpara 5-Year Queensland Breastscreen Contract; Starpharma Starts Viralese Covid-19 Nasal Spray Study; Universal Biosensors, J&J Lifescan Animal Diabetes Test; Alterity, Uniquest Licence For PBT2 Antimicrobial; M&G Reduces To 9% Of Starpharma; K1W1 Below 5% In Adherium; Bod: H&H Orders $871k Of Swisse Hemp Seed Oil For Italy; Director Michael Stork Diluted To 5.5% In Patrys; Stemcell Responds To ASX 172% Price Query; Palla Loses Founder, CEO Jarrod Ritchie; Pharmaust Ethics Approval For Dog Cancer Trial; MGC Wins $5m Malta Grant For Artemic For Covid-19; Cann Group: 1st UK Marijuana Oil Shipment; Genetic Signatures: Boston Medical Easyscreen Distributor; Palla Appoints Iain Ross Director; Avecho Begins ‘Observational’ CBD-TPM Study; Recce: R327, R529 Anti-Viral Effect In Hamsters; TGA Approves Orthocell Celgro; Resapp Ends Reckitt Benckiser Cough Diagnostic Deal; Noxopharm Approved For Overseas R&D Expenditure; Althea Appoints Lyphe UK, Jersey Distributor; Telix: ‘TLX101 Lengthens Glioblastoma Survival’; Invex To File Euro Application For Presendin For IIH; Pharmaust Begins Manufacturing Human-Grade Monepantel; Redhill Opaganib Covid-19 Trial Passes Safety Review; Simavita Extends $1.4m Convertible Notes; Resonance: Blackford Includes Hepafat-AI In Imaging Deal; Blackrock Takes 5% Of Immutep; Elixinol 17% ASX Price Drop Query; Phillip Thematic Below 5% In Adherium; Anteo Appoints Covid-19 Rapid Test Part Manufacturer; M&G Reduces To 8% Of Starpharma; Bruce Gordon Replaces Cellmid Chair David King; Nuheara $11.5m For Hewlett Packard Deal; End Lind Facility; Chiesi Pays Pharmaxis $9m Bronchitol Approval Milestone; Esense $812k Loan Agreements; Medibio: FDA Wants More Data For Medsleep Approval; Analytica Receives $649k R&D Tax Incentive; Phillip Asset Management Takes 15% Of Acrux; Samuel Terry Below 5% In Acrux; Phillip Asset Management Takes 10% Of Cynata; Blackrock Takes 6.6% Of Immutep; Mach7 Appoints Philippe Houssiau Director; Universal Biosensors, Bayer $1.3m Lab Service Deal; Anteris Placement Raises $1.1m; US Patent For Immutep IMP321 Combination For Cancer; Exopharm Pleads Schultz To ASX 68% Query; Regal Funds Reduce, Diluted To 10.5% Of Elixinol; Blackrock Takes 8% Of Immutep; Simon Harradence, DDH Graham, Lugarno Below 5% Of Acrux; Lifespot Rights Raise $1.6m, $793k Shortfall; Probiotec Completes $52.5m Multipack LJM Acquisition; Redhill: Topline Data Shows Opaganib Benefit For Covid-19; Federal Government: $10m For Covid-19 Related Trials; Federal $1.5m For Doherty Sars-Cov-2 Vaccine; Bionomics Starts BNC210 Dosing Study; Anteris Takes $1.2m Mitchell R&D Tax Loan; Genetic Tech: Simon Morriss CEO, Dr George Muchnicki CMO; Indira Naidu Replaces Immutep Joint Co-Sec Tom Bloomfield; Nova Taylor Replaces Lifespot Co-Sec Justyn Stedwell; Blackrock Below 5% In Immutep; Carl Charalambous Takes 6% Of Exopharm; Regal Funds Reduces To 9.5% Of Elixinol; Emyria To Take Marijuana EMD-003 To TGA; Imex Signs 41 Aquila Deals Worth $945k ARR; Cann, Iuvo Supply Deal, 19k Unit First Order; Rhythm Pleads Schultz, Fool, Tim Boreham To ASX 46% Query; FIL Takes 7% Of Somnomed; Elizabeth McGregor Replaces Exopharm Director David Parker; Eleanore Goodridge Reduces To 6.4% In Nyrada; Goodbye Tasmanian Alkaloids, Hello Extractas Bioscience; Anteris ‘Funding Package’: $1m Placement, $19m Loans; Nuheara Placement Raises $11.5m, Debt Repaid; Cardiex Share Plan Raises $3.2m; CMRI, Logicbio Extend Viral Vector Gene Therapy Program; Immutep: Patient Dosing Complete In Part C Of Tacti-002 Trial; Imugene Completes HER-Vaxx Patient Recruitment; Kazia Begins Glioblastoma Agile Trial Recruitment; Mayne Launches Generic Microgestin 24 FE In The US; Dr David Stamler Alterity CEO, Geoffrey Kempler Chair; Pharmaust, Leiden Uni Monepantel Water Solubility Research; Cann Group Receives $3.2m R&D Tax Incentive; Micro-X Receives $1.95m R&D Tax Incentive; Painchek Receives $980k R&D Tax Incentive; Viburnum Reduces To 15.5% In Universal Biosensors; Richmond Hill Takes 7% In Universal Biosensors; Australian Ethical Below 5% In Impedimed; Cannvalate Takes 19% In Lifespot; Auscann: Cannpal’s Layton Mills Replaces CEO Nick Woolf; Mesoblast: ‘Revascor Reduces Cardiac Events By 30%’; Impedimed Completes 1,100 Patient ‘Prevent’ Lymphoedema Trial; Neuren: EU NNZ-2591 Orphan Status For 3 Neuro Syndromes; Cogstate: $29m H1 Sales; Althea Hits $1m Marijuana Sales In Month Of December; Medibio Begins Mental Health Detection Testing; Paradice Takes 8% Of Impedimed; Allan Gray Reduces To 6% Of Impedimed; Loumea Reduces To 5.5% Of Rhythm; Chair Adam Blumenthal, Anglo, Atlantic Take 16% Of Creso; Platinum Below 5% In Antisense; Perennial Takes 8% Of Nuheara; Resapp Appoints Mike Connell Commercial Activities Head; Federal, MTP $38m For Diabetes, Heart Disease; Nuheara Launches HP Elite Wireless Earbuds; Acrux: FDA Approves Generic Testosterone; Creso: Pharma Dynamics $320k Purchase Order For Cannaqix; Optiscan: $350k Carl Zeiss Microscopes Order; Noxopharm: Safety Review Approves Veyonda Dose Increase; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah Take 6% Of Living Cell; MGC Appoints Nicole Godresse Head Of Sales; Pro Medicus, Intermountain $40m Visage 7 Deal; Cyclopharm Targets FDA Technegas Approval For July; Orthocell FDA 510(K) Clearance For Celgro; Total Brain Receives $1.1m R&D Tax Incentive; C2, Cardiex Chair Cairns, CEO Cooper Increase, Diluted To 21%; Regal Funds Reduces To 12% Of Alterity; Respiri Begins Wheezo Sales Through Superchem; Aysha Hollingdale Replaces IQ3 Co Sec Gerado Incollingo; Bard1 Loses Director Dr Irmgard Irminger-Finger; Wasagi Corp, David Cannington Diluted Below 5% In Nuheara






Jan 1, 2021
2020: BDI-40 Up 24%, ASX200 Down 1.5%, Big Caps Up 6%, NBI Up 26%;
Amplia Up 550%, Alterity 271%, Telix 170%, Immutep 166%, Cyclopharm 119%

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Micro-X; Mesoblast: DSMB Halts Remestemcel-L Covid-19 Ards Trial; 4D: XV LVAS Scans 1st Commercial Patient; Austco Receives $489k Legal Settlement; Impedimed Wins Hitrust Certification For Cyber Security; Paradigm Prepares FDA Ind For PPS For Osteoarthritis; Mayne Extends Debt Facility, Reduces Debt To $208m
Biotech Daily Editorial: 2020 - The Year In Review; Pro Medicus, Medstar $18m, 5-Year Deal For Visage 7; Micro-X, ADF $1.3m Deal For Rover Mobile X-Ray; Race Receives $387k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Imugene Recruits 1st PD1-Vaxx Lung Cancer Cohort; Orthocell Celgro Passes TGA Conformity Assessment; Medadvisor $4m Shortfall, Total $42.2m; $6.5m New Contracts; THC Raises $2.75m For Medimar And Manufacturing; Neurotech $366k Placement, 38m Employee, Manager Options; Rhythm US Patent For Colostat Biomarkers; Immutep Expands IMP321 Manufacturing Capability; FIL (Fidelity) Increases, Diluted To 9% In Telix; Uniquest Below 5% In Emvision; Acrux Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Visioneering To Release 6.6m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Anteris Loses Star Bright Director Dr Yanheng Wu; Emvision Appoints Prof Stuart Crozier CSO; Prescient Appoints Prof Henry Miles Prince Scientific Advisor
Ellume: FDA Sars-Cov-2 Test Emergency Use Approval; Mesoblast Requests ‘Corporate Update’ Trading Halt; Telix, Muana Kea Partner For Prostate, Kidney Cancer; Telix Files TLX591-CDx Prostate Imaging NDS To Health Canada; Aroa: 6-Patient Myriad ‘100% Healing’ For Bone, Tendon; Imagion Enrolment Opens In Magsense Breast Cancer Trial; Heramed, Mayo Herabeat, Heracare Study; Elixinol Plan Raises $12.3m Of Hoped-For $2m; Total $20.5m; Suda Raises $2.76m, Ordesa Terminates Co-Development Deal; Emyria Placement Raises $1.2m; Optiscan Appoints J&H Taiwan Microscope Distributor; Respiri: Pharmacy 4 Less To Sell Wheezo Asthma Monitor; Creso Marijuana Deal With Ontario Cannabis; Cronos Launches Hemp Soap In Japan, Hong Kong, Australia; THC Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Credit Suisse Takes 7%, Ceases In Dorsavi; Perennial Below 5% In Immutep; Dr John McBain, Picton, 52nd Celebration Take 17% Of Rhinomed; Bod Appoints Medical Marijuana Advisory Board 
Mesoblast: ‘Revascor Misses Endpoint, Reduces Heart Events’; Clarity Placement Raises $25m; Althea Placement Raises $6m; Share Plan Hopes For $3m; Cochlear: US Supreme Court Denies Appeal; $472m Claim, Fees; Cardiex H1 Sales Up ‘More Than 30%’; TGA Drops Cannabidiol To O-T-C Schedule 3, But No Products; MGC: ‘Artemic Covid-19 Trial Meets Endpoints’; Incannex: IHL-216A Beats CBD For Brain Injury In Rats; Immuron, Monash Test Cow Colostrum Against Sars-Cov-2; Heramed: Teleperinatal To Distribute Foetal Monitors; Australian Ethical Takes 15% Of Nova Eye; Credit Suisse Takes 5% In Dorsavi; Regal Funds Reduces To 14% Of Elixinol; Regal Funds Below 5% In Medadvisor; Director Jim McDowell Rejoins Micro-X; Cochlear Appoints Stu Sayers Acting CFO
Medical Developments Raises $25m; Share Plan Capped At $5m; Telix, Kanazawa Start TLX591-CDx Japan Ethnicity Study; Alcidion $2m South Tees NHS Extension; Austco $1.3m Singapore Nurse Call Contract; Antisense Wins EU Orphan Status For ATL1102 For DMD; Safety Data Board Okays Adalta AD-214 Dose Escalation; Telix Completes Therapharm, Southampton Uni Deals; S&P Promotes 4D Medical, Demotes Avita, Resapp; Emvision Receives $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Kazia Receives $1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Stemcell Raises $1.9m; Rhinomed Sars-Cov-2 Swab Equals Comparator; Botanix Completes Btx1801 MRSA Study Treatment; Zelira Appoints Hope Marijuana Washington Dc Distributor; Cellmid: Ourui To Distribute Hair, Skin Products In China; Emyria Requests Placement Trading Halt; Suda Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Exopharm Releases 35.7m Escrow Shares; Anatara Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Perennial Below 5% In 4D Medical; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah Below 5% In Stemcell; Imex Loses Co-Co Sec Peter Webse; Reena Minhas Co Sec
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Imex Health Services; CSL, UQ Close V451 Covid-19 Vaccine Trial; ANU, Janssen Work On Type 1 Diabetes Tests; Chimeric ‘Over-Subscribed’ $35m IPO Closes Early; Cynata Placement Raises $15m, Rights Offer For $5.5m More; Bod Placement Raises $8m; Patrys Rights Raise $2.4m, $2.4m Shortfall; Total $7.3m; L1, Obsidian Convert $3m Cann Global Notes For Shares; Zelira Receives $1.4m R&D Tax Incentive; Althea Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Regal Funds Increases, Diluted To 5% Of Medadvisor; Creso Marijuana For Martin & Pleasance
A Year In The Grass - Medical Marijuana Review; Immutep: Aipac Breast Cancer Sub-Group ‘Statistical Significance’; Ellume Sars-Cov-2 Home Test 96% Accurate; FDA Application; Starpharma: Viraleze For EU, Study Planned; Immutep, EOC China IMP321, Paclitaxel Breast Cancer Trial; Hydrix 1st Human Phyrari Heart Sensor Trial; Correction: Cynata Therapeutics; PNOC Includes Kazia Paxalisib In Brain Tumor Trial; Imugene Receives $4.8m R&D Tax Incentive; Medical Developments Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Bod Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Stemcell Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Noxopharm CEO Dr Graham Kelly Diluted To 14%; Telix To Release 2.8m Voluntary Escrow Shares; 4D To Release 10.9m ASX Escrow Shares; PYC: Sahm Nasseri US CEO, Director; Starts On $663k; Race CMO Prof Borje Andersson Steps Down From Board
Queensland Grant For Ellume Sars-Cov-2 Test Expansion; Resonance: FDA Clears Hepafat AI Liver Test; Uscom H1 5-Month Revenue Up 183% To $2.2m, Loss To $180k Profit; Anteo Options Raise $3.9m For Covid-19 Tests; Cann Global Raises $3.75m For Convertible Note Liabilities; India Approves Aroa Wound Treatments; MTP Connect $10m Fellowships Program Opens Next Week; Kazia: Results Confirm Cantrixil Ovarian Cancer Responses, Dose; Telix: TLX591-CDx NDA Ready For FDA Review; Dorsavi 12-Month Medtronic Evaluation; Cynata Requests $20.5m Capital Raising Trading Halt; Respiri Drops Wheezo Price 67% For Volume; Orders For 7k Units; Prescient: Covid-19 Screening ‘Inconclusive’; Japan Patent For Tali Detect, Train, Maintenance; Correction: Eleanore Goodridge, Nyrada; Creso Wins $288k In Recreational Marijuana Orders; MGC Sells $1.3m Unmarketable Parcel Shares; Stem Cell Pleads Schultz To ASX 128% Query; Simavita Postpones AGM To June 2021; Paradigm Appoints Amos Meltzer Director
Control Bionics $15m IPO Opens Up 87%; Anatara Develops 3FDC For Mood; Garp IBS Trial Delayed; Incannex Plans Psilocybin For Anxiety Trial; Redhill Increases Talicia For Helicobacter Pylori Coverage; Nuheara: ‘Record Monthly Direct-To-Customer Unit Sales’; Althea: ‘November Record Revenue Of $847k’; Tali $9.4m Deal With Times, Brand Capital For India; Antisense Receives $651k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Recce: DIIS Approves Further $4.2m Offshore RDTI; Resonance Requests ‘Regulatory Clearance’ Trading Halt; Eleanore Goodridge Reduces To 8.3% In Nyrada; Geoff Hollis Replaces Imagion Co Sec Jovanka Naumoska
Doherty’s Dr Simone Park Wins $20k Victoria Premier’s Award; TGA Priority Review For Telix Prostate Cancer Imaging TLX591-CDx; CSIRO, Anatomics Collaborate On Smart Helmet For Seizures; Mesoblast: Biomarkers Back Remestemcel-L For GvHD; Lifespot 1-For-4 Rights Issue For $2.4m; Medadvisor: H2 Adheris Revenue Up 14.5% To $21m; Neuren: ‘EMA Positive Opinions For Orphan Status’; Noxopharm Finds Hard-To-Treat Cancer Candidates; Cann Global Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Azure Applies For Tocotrienol Delivery Patent; Atomo: Prep Health Distributes HIV Self-Test; Ease Of Use Study; Universal Biosensors: Grapeworks Australia Sentia Distributor; Emvision Releases 16.8m Escrow Shares; Cogstate Appoints Darren Watson CFO, Ben Bloomfield CTO
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Palla Pharma; Victoria $60m For Genomics Hub; Hexima Re-Opens On ASX With ‘Oversubscribed’ $3m IPO; Uscom Listed As China ‘High Technology Enterprise’; Medadvisor Retail Rights Raise $3.2m Of $20m, Total $38.2m; Cardiex Share Plan For $1m; Allegra Up 100% On Revised Spinal Cage Beating Previous Design; Medical Developments To Take Back EU Penthrox By March; Australia Backed UN Commission Marijuana Downgrade; Emyria Plans 200-Patient IBS Marijuana Observational Study; Althea, Africann $650k South Africa Marijuana Deal; Medibio: FDA Rejects Depression Test ‘Breakthrough Status’; Tali Requests ‘Partnership, Investment’ Trading Halt; Incannex Requests ‘Psychedelic Drug Trial’ Trading Halt; Unlimited Innovation (Cho Group) Distributes Invion Shares; Medibio To Release 15m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Yoav Elishoov Replaces E-Sense 9-Month CEO Itzik Mizrahi; Resapp Appoints Stephen Hewitt-Dutton Joint Co-Sec
Noxopharm Placement Raises $23m; FDA Wants More Data For Telix TLX591 Prostate Cancer Trial; UK Wants More Palla Data For Norwegian Codeine Plant; Imex: Aquila In-The-Cloud $675k Revenue In 6 Months; Telix Appoints Duchembio South Korea TLX591-CDx Distributor; Goodbye Avita Therapeutics, Hello Avita Medical; UN Narcotic Drugs Commission Downgrades Marijuana; Bod: H&H $200k Hemp Oil Order For Europe; Leon Serry, City Castle Below 5% In Antisense; Medical Developments Gordon Naylor Chair; David Williams
FDA Approves Academic Use Of Telix 68Ga-PSMA Prostate Imaging; TGA Okays Telix Prostate Cancer Therapy Trial; FDA Fast Track For Mesoblast Remestemcel-L For Covid Ards; 4D, Miami Uni ‘Breakthrough’ Lung Program; Rhythm: Biotem To Manufacture Colostat Colorectal Cancer Test; Bard1 Clarifies hTERT Test Texas Customer; China Patent; Simavita Loses Delisting Vote, Capital Reduction Passed; Zelira, Sprinjene US Marijuana CBD Toothpaste Launch; Creso $414k Animal Marijuana Orders Take 2020 Total To $975k; Genetic Technologies Revises Taliaz Predictix Deal; Amplia Receives $533k R&D Tax Incentive; Perennial Takes 12% Of Micro-X; Merchant Reduces To 9% Of Race; Kim Hogan, JK Below 5% Of Invex; Oncosil ‘Terminates’ CEO Daniel Kenny; Dr Chris Roberts Executive
November BDI-40 Up 15%, ASX200 Up 10%, Big Caps Up 2%, NBI 11%; Polynovo Details US Burns Trial; Polynovo Takes Back Breast Program; Correction: Telix; Imugene Starts Phase I PD1-Vaxx Lung Cancer Study; Spain CE Mark For Imex Hiruko Imaging; Noxopharm Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Bard1 Requests ‘ASX Information’ Trading Halt; Althea, Peak Deal For Canada Marijuana Drinks; Genetic Technologies To Sell Taliaz Anti-Depressant Predictix Test; Life Biosciences Diluted To 13% Of Alterity; Regal Funds Reduces To 15% Of Elixinol; Memphasys Chair Alison Coutts On $350k; Avita Appoints Kathy McGee COO
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: LBT Innovations; Control Bionics $15m IPO To Convert Thoughts To Speech; Federal $4m For Covid-19 Research; Anteo Receives $1.2m R&D Tax Incentive; Opyl Receives $249k R&D Tax Incentive; Resapp AGM 35% Oppose Director Options, 10% Capacity Fails; Somnomed AGM 12% Oppose Director Hilton Brett; Bard1 Withdraws Helen Fisher Re-Election Ahead Of AGM; Little Green AGM 9% Oppose 10% Placement Capacity; Nuheara AGM 96% Halt Warwick Sauer Board Bid; Tali Pleads Schultz, AGM To ASX 43% Price Query; Telix Requests ‘Commercial Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Diluted To 6.75% Of Immutep; Regal Funds Takes 13% In Alterity; Peter And Helen Jones Reduce To 6% Of BTC; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah Take 5% Of Living Cell; Neurotech Takes ‘Marijuana Cell Studies’ Halt To Suspension; Esense: ‘Marijuana Terpenes Kills Coronavirus, In-Vitro’
Volpara H1 Revenue Up 38.3% To $9.0m, Net Loss Up 10.7% To $8.4m; Nova Eye: 4-Month Glaucoma Sales Up 12.8% To $4.4m; Alcidion Expands Nextgate Deal For UK, Ireland; Telix: US FDA Reviews Phase III Plan For TLX-591; TGA Registers Rhinomed Nasal Swab; Emyria Launches Marijuana Mental Health Program; Cann Group Details $50m Debt Facility Terms; Licences; Prescient AGM 47% Oppose CEO, Directors Options; Pro Medicus AGM 10.45% Oppose Anthony Hall Re-Election; Nanosonics: AGM 8% Oppose CEO Michael Kavanagh Rights; IQ3 Corp Postpones AGM; Neurotech Requests ‘In-Vitro Marijuana Cell Studies’ Halt; Regal Funds Takes 16.15% Of Elixinol; Macquarie Group Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; Azure Becomes Austco; Bard1 Loses (Sienna) Director Helen Fisher 
Victoria Budget $13b For Health, Innovation; Telix: US FDA Accepts TLX591-Cdx Prostate Cancer NDA; Analytica: Pericoach Costs ‘Significantly Less’ Than Physio; Imugene Additional Data For HER-Vaxx Gastric Cancer Claim; Race: Bisantrene Combo Breast Cancer Efficacy, In-Vitro; Universal Biosensors: Wine Analyzer Accuracy Study; Bod Receives $1m H&H Hemp Seed Oil Order For Italy; Adherium Hailie Inhaler Sensor At 8 US Centres; MGC, Mercer $3.5m Draw Down Convertible Note; Suda Receives $662k R&D Tax Incentive; Immuron Receives $358k R&D Tax Incentive; Resapp Takes US FDA 510(K) Path For Sleepcheck; Azure: 36% Rem Report 1st Strike, 37% Placement Capacity Loss; Cann AGM 27% Defeat 10% Placement Capacity; Cynata: AGM 24% Oppose Director Options; Mayne: AGM 13.6% Oppose Election Of Chair Roger Corbett; Mesoblast: AGM 10.6% Oppose Donal O’Dwyer Election; Creso 198m Blumenthal, Everblu Shares, 109m Options EGM; Heramed Releases 40m ASX Escrow Shares, 20m Options; Australian Ethical Takes 8.4% Of Immutep; Sandon Capital Takes 10% Of IDT; Perennial Below 5% In Medadvisor; Oventus: Sue MacLeman Replaces Chair Dr Mel Bridges
Imagion ‘Heavily Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $6m; Cann Group Takes NAB $50m Mildura Marijuana Loan; Imugene Claims HER-Vaxx Cancer ‘Statistical Significance’; Correction: Actinogen Medical; Azure $1.6m Tacera Nurse Call Sale To Canada Hospital; Redhill Begins Phase III RHB-204 Study For Lung Disease; Redhill: Safety Board Backs Opaganib Covid-19 Study; Osteopore Appoints MTG Germany, Austria Distributor; Next Science, 3m Drop Blastx Distribution Deal; Recce: Japan R327, R529 Patent For Viral Infections; Bard1: Texas hTERT Bladder Cancer Test Customer; Oventus: VGM To Promote O2vent; Visioneering Launches Shared Vision Education Platform; Incannex: ‘IHL-675A Outperforms CBD For Ards, In Mice’; Medibio: Compass Licence For Ilumen Mental Health Platform; Oventus: 10% Placement Facility Falls On 35% Opposition; Medadvisor 6m CEO, Director Options AGM; Antisense Dual Lists On Frankfurt Exchange; IQ Responds To Media Reports; MGC Completes $1.4m Medicinal Cannabis Clinics Acquisition; Elixinol Director Paul Benhaim, Raw With Life Diluted To 12.3%; Chimeric Appoints Jennifer Chow Coo, Dr Syed Rizvi CMO; Anteris Duravr Valve Wins ‘Best Innovation’ Gong
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Actinogen Medical; Mesoblast, Novartis $1.9b Remestemcel-L For Ards Deal; I-Med Upgrades More Than 200 Nanosonics Trophon Systems; Analytica: Study Backs Pericoach For Stress Incontinence; Rhinomed Nasal Swab For URTI Registered With FDA; Orthocell Celgro: ‘Consistently Restores’ Upper Limb Use; Eye Co Phase Ib D-AMD Trial Cleared To Proceed; Neuroscientific Partners For Pre-Clinical Post-Covid Fibrosis; Genetic Signatures AGM: 14% Dissent To M-D Options; Starpharma AGM 18% Dissent, Director Richard Hazelton Goes; Bionomics AGM 18% Dissent, Director Peter Turner Goes; Platinum Increases, Diluted To 7.8% Of Kazia; Australian Ethical Below 5% In Prescient; Ebos Diluted To 7.8% In Medadvisor; Romida, Roxanne Da Gama Below 5% In Medadvisor; Elixinol To ASX: ‘Pet Releaf Paid $1.5m Of $27m; Benhaim Trade OK’
Immutep Raises $30m, Expands Tacti-002 Trial, HNSCC Trial; Queensland Uni: Prana’s PBT2 ‘Kills Resistant Bacteria’ In Mice; Pro Medicus, Zwanger Pesiri $8.5m Visage-7 Deal; Polynovo Novosorb In Benelux, Sweden; Telix $885k Belgium Grant For Prostate Cancer Imaging; Neuren Final NNZ-2591 Trial Approval; Canada Approves Painchek Pain Assessment; Micro-X, Carestream Nano Distribution ‘Non-Exclusive’; Starpharma SPL7013 Nasal Spray ‘Active Against RSV’ In-Vitro; Bionomics Licences BNC101 To Dr Deborah Rathjen’s Carina; Resapp, WMA 2-Year Respiratory Diagnostics Deal; Paradigm 35% Rem Report AGM Strike, Loses Chris Fullerton; Emyria, Mind Medicine Psychedelics For Mental Health; Little Green Exports $600k Of Marijuana Oil To Germany; Neurotech Readies Dolce Marijuana For Phase I Neuro Trials; Imagion Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Incannex Requests ‘IHL-657A In-Vivo Results’ Trading Halt; Neuroscientific Requests ‘Covid-19 Fibrosis Results’ Halt; Platinum Investments Takes 6% Of Antisense; Medadvisor Director Jim Xenos, Kojent Diluted To 6%; Perennial Takes 5% Of Medadvisor; Medadvisor Director Josh Swinnerton, Wavey Below 5%; David Sietsma Reduces To 9% In PYC
Kazia: New Data Backs Paxalisib For Glioblastoma; CMRI, Alia Partner For Usher Syndrome; Redhill: FDA Clears Phase II/III RHB-107 For Covid-19 Trial; Dorsavi Rights Raise $300k Of Hoped-For $1.85m; Total $2.15m; Impedimed Sells 1st Heart Failure Sozo To Phoenix; Orthocell Requests ‘Celgro Nerve Results’ Trading Halt; Genetic Signatures Receives $2.6m R&D Tax Incentive; Anatara, Ridley, Murdoch Uni Study Bromelain For Piglet E Coli; Rhythm: AGM 24% Oppose Director Eduardo Vom Election; Micro-X 21% Oppose 10% Placement Capacity; Imugene Releases 106m ASX Escrow Shares; Althea Germany Marijuana Licence; Mid Wealth Takes 9.7% Of Lifespot; Pyxis Increases, Diluted To 6.6% Of Lifespot; Incannex Appoints Canary Capital Corporate Advisor; Federal Government Covid-19 Global Innovation Summit
Qbiotics: US FDA Approves Stelfonta For Dog Skin Cancer; Chimeric $30m IPO For Car-T Glioblastoma Therapies; Brandon MRCF $8.2m For UK’s Myricx Pharma; Redhill Completes Phase II Covid-19 Enrolment; Volpara Launches Breasted Breast Density Training Tool; Cardiex 160.5m Directors Performance Rights AGM; Credit Suisse Below 5% In Alterity; Cannvalate Diluted To 18% Of Lifespot; Niv Dagan, Freedom Trader, 10 Bolivianos At 7.1% Of Lifespot; Immutep Requests ‘Institutional Placement’ Trading Halt; MGC: ‘Marijuana Kills Glioblastoma, In-Vitro’
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Telix Pharmaceuticals; Victoria $155m For $550m Infectious Disease Institute; Burnet; Mach7 $5.3m Trinity Deal For Eunity Platform; PYC Rights Raise $5.4m, $14.2m Shortfall; Total $40.6m; Polynovo Wins FDA IDE For 150-Patient Novosorb Trial; Medadvisor Extends US Messaging Pilot Program; Actinogen Rights Raise $1.4m Of Hoped-For $4.9m; Total $7.4m; Elixinol Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Auscann Requests ‘Material Transaction’ Trading Halt; Pie Funds Takes 7.6% Of Probiotec; Allan Gray Reduces To 7.6% Of Impedimed; Credit Suisse Takes 5% In Alterity; Elixinol’s Paul Benhaim, Raw With Life Reduce, Transfer To 15%; D&G, David Newman, Gabriel Ettenson Below 5% In Elixinol; Respiri 65m Director Options, $2.3m Cash Bonuses AGM; Hydrix 500k Chair Gavin Coote Performance Rights AGM
Data Board Backs Mesoblast Remestemcel-L Covid-19 Trial; Antisense Raises $7.3m, EMA Committee Backs ATL1102 For DMD; Neuroscientific: Alphaswisse Placement Raises $2.4m; Avita Q1 Revenue Up 55.7% To $6.9m; Correction: Avita AGM; Cynata Starts Phase III Cyp-004 Osteoarthritis Trial; TBG: Sars-Cov-2 Rapid Antigen Test Wins CE Mark; Medlab: UK National Institute Accepts Nanabis Phase III Trial; Botanix: FDA Okays Cannabidiol BTX1801 Anti-Microbial Plan; Prescient Receives $1m R&D Tax Incentive; Regal Funds Takes 7.5% Of Hydrix; Exopharm CEO Dr Ian Dixon Diluted To 20%; Visioneering Appoints Thorney’s Andrew Silverberg Director
Probiotec $52.5m Multipack LJM Acquisition; Victoria $50k For Kynetyka DVT Diagnostic; TGA Approves Atomo HIV Professional Test; TGA Approves Optiscan Convivo Microscope; Immutep: 5 Complete Responses In Tacti-002 Cancer Study; Anteris: Duravr Aortic Valve Anti-Calcification; Recce: Recce-327 ‘Encouraging Inhibition’ Of Sars-Cov-2; Auscann To Sell Chile J-V Dayacann For $2.1m; Avita: AGM 47% Oppose Executive Compensation; Little Green, Health Insurance Fund Partner For Marijuana; Antisense Requests ‘Orphan Drug, Capital Raising’ Halt; Medadvisor Extends ‘Capital Raising, Acquisition’ Suspension; Elixinol Pleads Schultz To ASX 61% Price Query; Grand Decade (China Grand) Takes 7.6% Of Telix; Mayne To Lose Chair Roger Corbett, Pokies Bruce Mathieson; PYC Loses US Operations Head Douglas Huey
Prime Minister Appoints CSIRO’s Dr Cathy Foley Chief Scientist; Alcidion $9.5m South Tees Hospital Management System Deal; Astrazeneca Leases 200 Impedimed Sozos For 2nd Trial; ASX Approves Simavita Delisting; Patrys $2.5m Placement, Rights Issue For $4.8m More; Truscreen To Apply For ASX Dual Listing, Raise Up-To $1.9m; Antisense Applies To Dual List On Frankfurt Exchange; Avita, Houston Methodist Pre-Clinical Skin Collaboration; Immuron Vaccine Shows Infection Immune Response, In Cows; Noxopharm Veyonda, Nivolumab Cancer Study; Dimerix: Remap-Cap Covid-19 Trial Protocol Approved For DMX-200; Emyria, Zelira Hope Marijuana Autism Study; Resapp, Medgate Integrate Respiratory Diagnostic; Heramed, Ecare21 To Market Heracare; Immutep Granted IMP701 Australian Patent; Actinogen Files Xanamem Cognition, Manufacturing Patents; Neuroscientific Requests Placement Trading Halt; Recce Extends ‘Antiviral Results’ Suspension; Genetic Technologies 125m Directors Rights AGM; Regal Funds Reduces, Diluted To 7.8% Of Visioneering; Somnomed Appoints Karen Borg Director
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mach7 Technologies; Medadvisor Drops Price For $45m Raising; Suspension; Palla Files UK Application For Codeine Tablets, Caplets; Pharmaust AGM: 21% Oppose 10% Placement Capacity; Visioneering To Release 4.4m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Avita Loses CFO David McIntyre; All Change At GI Dynamics; Mark Lampert, BVF Reduce To 19.5% Of Pharmaxis
Micro-X Wins $5.6m US Airport Security Scanning Contracts; Nanosonics Covid Recovery, Unit Purchases Up 4%; Universal Biosensors Receives $2.8m R&D Tax Incentive; Lifespot: Mid Wealth Placement Raises $721k; Dr Ashray Gunjur Wins $210k Monash Foundation Scholarship; Actinogen: US FDA Requests Additional Xanamem Data; Avecho: ‘Improved TPM-Propofol Safe In Rats’; Adherium, HGE Evaluate Hailie Remote Monitoring; Pharmaxis: AGM 45% Oppose CEO Gary Phillips Rights; Cogstate Partner Eisai China J-V; Willoughby Capital Increases, Diluted To 16% Of Kazia; Richard Mann, Associates Take 5.7% Of Imugene; Starfish, Michael Panaccio, John Dyson, Trujon Have 35% Of Dorsavi; Esense Director Benjamin Karasik Resigns
Clarity Treats First 67Cu-Sartate Neuroblastoma Patient; Proteomics Receives $1.1m R&D Tax Incentive; Kazia Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Azure Rethinks ASX Listing Application; Micro-X Requests ‘US Funding Award’ Trading Halt; Recce Requests ‘Anti-Viral Results’ Trading Halt; Incannex Requests ‘Ards Animal Trial’ Trading Halt; THC Rebrands To Epsilon Healthcare; Arix Quits Pharmaxis; Proteomics CEO Dr Lipscombe Diluted To 18%, John Dunlop 5.5%; Osteopore: Dr Carl Runde CFO, Geoff Pocock Non-Executive; Regeneus CEO Karolis Rosickas Starts On $250k; Stemcell Appoints Paul Rosen Chair
October BDI-40 Down 5%, ASX200 Up 2%, Big Caps Up 3%, NBI Down 4%; US FDA Approves Pharmaxis Bronchitol For Cystic Fibrosis; Telix, China Grand Up-To $450m Radiotherapy Partnership; Imugene: US FDA IND Approval For Phase I PD1-Vaxx Cancer Trial; Emyria Receives $954k R&D Tax Incentive; Medadvisor $45m Capital Raise For Adheris Acquisition; Neurotech $2.5m Placement; Positive Pre-Clinical Results; Polynovo Appoints Biogenesys Greek Novosorb BTM Distributor; Painchek, Medi-Map Partner For NZ Aged Care Pain Management; Cellmid Lyramid Midkine Divestment AGM; Recce 7.65m Directors Options AGM; Neuroscientific 3m Directors Options AGM; Opyl 1.2m Directors ‘Incentive’ Options AGM; Thorney, Tiga Take 9.3% Of Anatara; Karolis Rosickas Replaces Regeneus CEO Leo Lee
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Amplia Therapeutics; Resmed Q1 Revenue Up 10% To $1.1b, Profit Up 37% To $263m; Ausbiotech, J&J: Queensland Uni Wins 2020 Industry Gong; Hydrix Placement Raises $10m; Medical Developments, Mundipharm End Penthrox Deal; Osteopore Appoints LMT Surgical Distributor; Hydrix To Distribute Phyzhon’s Phyrari FFR-Wire; Immutep, Labcorp $177k For Immuno-Oncology Products; Simavita To Delist From ASX; ‘Covid-19 Impact’; Immuron AGM Faces 18% Dissent, Passes All Resolutions; Avita Adjourns AGM, 1% Short Of Quorum; Mach7 378k M-D Performance Rights, 63k Director Shares AGM; Exopharm 200,000 M-D Bonus Shares AGM; Telix Requests ‘Material Transaction, Investment’ Halt; Quest Takes 9% Of Kazia; Unisuper Takes 6%; Perennial Takes 11% Of Micro-X; Regal Funds Reduces To 6% Of Medadvisor; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah Reduce 0.07% To 5% Of Stemcell
Biocurate, Abbvie Accelerate Drug Commercialization; Emvision Pilot Stroke Study Meets Primary Endpoint; Clinuvel Pilot Phase IIa Scenesse For Stroke Study; Telix, DKFZ Prostate Surgery Imaging Licence; Volpara H1 Receipts Up 33.2% To $9.1m ‘Despite Covid-19’; MTP Connect $300k For Ausbiotech Regenerative Medicine Body; Taiwan Approves Polynovo Novosorb BTM For Burns; Painchek Extends Alayacare Licence To Canada; Resapp Launches Resappdx On Samsung Devices; Perennial Takes 13.5% Of Genetic Signatures; Dr John McBain, Picton, 52nd Celebration Take 15% Of Rhinomed; Impedimed AGM 16% Oppose 10% Capacity; Race 5.6m Directors Options AGM; Auscann Hires Kidder Williams; Advisors; Suspends Facility; Hydrix Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Ausbiotech Appoints Linda Peterson Director; Race Loses Directors Dr Bill Garner, Chris Ntoumenopoulos
TGA Approves Clinuvel’s Scenesse For EPP; TGA Approves Atomo, Access Bio Sars-Cov-2 Rapid Antigen Test; Dimerix: ‘DMX-200 Reduces Kidney Disease Proteinuria’; Alterity Starts MSA Natural History Study; Telix Completes Phase I Renal Cancer Study Enrolment; Adalta: AD-214 Safe In 21 Phase I Volunteers; Zelira Launches Hope Marijuana For Autism In Australia; Rhythm Adds 7th Colostat Trial Site; Opthea Receives $8.5m R&D Tax Incentive; Actinogen Receives $2.9m R&D Tax Incentive; Acrux Receives $521k R&D Tax Incentive; Cogstate: 19% Oppose Remuneration Report; Bard1 30-To-1 Consolidation AGM; Suda 3m Director Dr Michael Baker Options AGM; Optiscan 35.7m Director, Investor Options AGM; Emvision 1.5m Director Options AGM; Nuheara 6m Directors Options AGM; Karst Peak, Adam Leitzes Take $21m Genetic Signatures Profit
Eisai $63m Global Cogstate Licence; FDA Orphan Status For Antisense ATL1102 For DMD; Clinuvel: ‘Scenesse Safe For 1st XP Patient’; Regulatory Halt; Mayne Suba-Itraconazole ‘Higher Uptake At Lower Dose’; Nova Eye - Alpharet Pty Ltd For 2RT Lasers, FDA IND; Prescient: US Patent For PTX-100 Breast Cancer Biomarker; Adherium Takes $3m Viburnum Convertible Note; Volpara, Veloz Explain Breast Scan Results; Noxopharm Enrols 1st Covid-19 Trial Cohorts; Cann Global Launches Marijuana Tablets In Australia; Avecho Pleads Schultz To ASX 100% Price Query; Cynata 4.5m Director ‘Incentive’ Options AGM; Mesoblast 1.2m CEO Prof Silviu Itescu Options AGM; Bod 500k Director Options, 462k CEO Rights AGM; Nanosonics CEO Michael Kavanagh 371k Rights AGM; Dorsavi 2.7m CEO Shares, Directors Options In Lieu AGM; Life Biosciences Diluted To 19.9% Of Alterity; BVF Partners Increases, Diluted To 17.3% Of Actinogen; Invion Appoints Alistair Bennallack Director; Bio-Melbourne ‘Covid-19 Progress Update’ Symposium
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Rhythm Biosciences; Kazia $2.8m Retail Rights Applications, Raise $8.8m; Total $25.2m; Proteomics ‘Heavily Over-Subscribed’ Placement Raises $6m; Biosceptre, CMRI Work On Car-T For Multiple Cancers; Immutep, University Hospital Pilsen IMP321 Covid-19 Trial; Painchek, Nulsen Disability Pain Monitoring Study; FDA Wants More Data For PYC VP-001 Orphan Status; Patrys Pleads Schultz To ASX 26% Price Query; Neurotech Pleads ‘Marijuana Study’ To ASX 59% Query; Pro Medicus 100% Director Fee Pool Hike AGM; Althea: 5.5m M-D Joshua Fegan Performance Rights AGM; Baker Brothers Increases, Diluted To 10% Of Opthea; Arix Reduces To 9% Of Pharmaxis; Pokies Bruce Mathieson Reduces To 10% Of Respiri
Mesoblast Trials Endoscopic Stem Cells For Crohn’s Disease; Oncosil ‘First Commercial Sale In New Zealand’; Antisense Requests ‘ATL1102 DMD Orphan Status’ Halt; Movember Plans Global Prostate Cancer Database; PYC Rights Offer, Placement Raise $35.2m; $19.6m To Go; Dorsavi Raises $1.85m; Rights Offer For $1.85m More; Resapp: Astrazeneca Licences Cough Monitor Software; Exopharm Doses 1st Plexoval Patient; $2.1m R&D Tax Incentive; Hydrix Implants 5th Angel Guardian, 1st Woman Patient; Genetic Signatures Q1 Record $10.5m Revenue; Cellmid: ‘Australian Q1 Revenue Up 47%’, Receipts Down 20% To $2.1m; Rhinomed Q1 Revenue ‘Up 95%’ To $1.2m, Receipts Up To $641k; Auckland Trust, Lang Walker Diluted To 39.5% Of Next Science; Thorney, Tiga Take 5.7% Of Little Green Pharma; Azure Healthcare ‘Austco’ Name Change AGM; LBT 6m CEO Brent Barnes ‘Incentive’ Options AGM; Walter And Eliza Hall Institute ‘Brand’ Change To ‘WEHI’
US Law Firms Start Mesoblast Class Actions; Biotech Daily Editorial Comment; Correction: Amplia Therapeutics; Anatara Raises $1.7m, Share Plan For $750k More; Somnomed: ‘Q1 Improves Despite Covid-19’; Anteotech Sars-Cov-2 Antigen Test ‘Highly Sensitive’ In-Vitro; Emyria, Sapphire Partner For Marijuana Patient Data; Respiri, Cipla Launch Wheezo In Australian Pharmacies; Resapp Adds Health Engine To Sell Sleepcheck; Starpharma Receives $5.7m R&D Tax Incentive; Dimerix Receives $2.3m R&D Tax Incentive; Oncosil AGM: 38% 1st Strike Rem Report, 30% Oppose CEO Shares; Proteomics Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Regal Funds Takes 15.2% Of Opthea; Australian Ethical Below 5% In Antisense; Walker Reduces To 6.7% Of Atomo; Cellmid Loses Chair, Director, Lyramid CEO; Alternate Director; One Week To Ausbiotech Conference, Invest 2020
CSL R&D Briefing: Spend Up, Covid-19 Programs; Oncosil: Resected Pancreatic Cancer Survival 31 Months; Respiri ‘Over-Subscribed’ Placement Raises $12.5m; Impedimed Receives $2.6m R&D Tax Incentive; Bionomics Retail Rights Raise $1.2m; Total $2.2m; Cochlear Covid-19 Recovery; Stephen Mayne AGM Bid Lost; Amplia Pleads ‘1st Cancer Patient Dosing’ To ASX 22% Price Query; PYC Hopes To Raise $55m In Placement, 1-For10 Rights Offer; Ecofibre Profit Warning; Rhinomed 12.7m CEO Michael Johnson In-The-Money Options AGM; Micro-X $263k Peter Rowland Performance Rights AGM; Dorsavi Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Arix Reduces To 9.9% Of Pharmaxis; Ecofibre Appoints Kristi Woolrych Director; Auscann Loses CFO Quentin Megson; Stemcell To Buy 50.1% Of Shenzen Lentene For Sea Grapes 
Federal $30m For University, Business Covid-19 Collaborations; Avecho: ‘TPM Marijuana Increases CBD Bio-Availability In Rats’; Nuheara Iqbuds Boost On UK NHS; Q1 Defies Covid-19; Opthea US IPO Priced At $2.38, Expects To Raise $181m; Adalta Receives $806k R&D Tax Incentive; Anatara Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Patrys 14.6m Director Options AGM; Starpharma 973k CEO Performance Rights AGM; Alcidion 3.1m Executive Incentive Performance Rights AGM; Nyrada 1.8m Director Dr Ian Dixon Options AGM; Bionomics 500k Director Dr Jane Ryan Options AGM; Anatara Loses Director Dr Tracie Ramsdale; Neurotech Change: Brian Leedman, David Cantor, Peter Griffith; Geoff Hollis Replaces Imagion CFO Brian Conn
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Impedimed; Kazia Pays GCAR $7.1m For Paxalisib Glioblastoma Trial; Recce Phase I/II Recce-327 Burns Trial Approved; Alterity Raises $35m; Cann Global Shortfall $859k; Total $2m Of Hoped-For $4.7m; Proteomics Appoints Italian Promarkerd Distributor; Rhythm Receives $1.1m R&D Tax Incentive; Anteris (Admedus) Extends $1.3m SIO Loan; Genetic Signatures 250k CEO Options, 80% Director Fee Hike AGM; Opthea Requests ‘US IPO Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; PYC Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt
Pro Medicus, LMU Klinikum 7-Year, $10m Visage 7 Deal; Actinogen Up-To $11m Capital Raising For Xanamem Trials; FDA Orphan Status For Redhill RHB-204 For NTM; Acrux Receives $1.8m R&D Tax Incentive; Paradigm 1.1m Director Loan Shares AGM; Prescient 17m Director Options AGM; Cann Global Pleads Schultz, ‘Low Price’ To ASX 100% Query; Lazard Takes 5% In Mayne; Correction: Medical Developments; Cryosite: John Hogg CEO On $250k, Bryan Dulhunty Non-Exec
Next Science Share Plan Raises $5m; Total $15m; Pharmaxis Receives $5m R&D Tax Incentive; Tali Detect, Train On Sale In India; BTC Wins ISO 1345 Quality Certification; Recce Requests ‘Recce-327 Ethics Approval’ Trading Halt; Respiri Requests ‘Capital Raising' Trading Halt; Mayne $1.6m Shares, $3.1m Loan To CEO Scott Richards AGM; Noxopharm 3.25m Directors Options AGM; Allan Gray Reduces To 8.9% Of Impedimed; Quest Takes 6.3% Of Kazia; John McBain, Picton, 52nd Celebration Take 14% Of Rhinomed; Medical Developments: Brent Macgregor CEO, Gordon Naylor Ned; Little Green WA Facility Wins TGA Marijuana GMP Licence; L1 Below 5% In Creso; Amber Schwarz, Jamber Below 5% In Creso; MGC: Artemic ‘Not Toxic In Rats’ For Covid-19; Stemcell, Blue Aqua J-V For Singapore Sea Grapes
Mesoblast Phase III Remestemcel-L Covid-19 Trial Half-Way; Immuron Restarts Imm-124E Phase III Diarrhoea Program; Bionomics Receives $2.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Actinogen Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Invex 800k Director Dr Thomas Duthy Options AGM; Creso Cancels L1, Lind, Chifley Convertible Notes; W Whitney George Reduces To 40% Of Rhinomed; L1 Reduces To 10.5% Of Creso; Paradigm Appoints Three Executives
Biotech Daily Comment: ASX ‘Upgrade’; Opthea Hopes For $221m Nasdaq IPO; LBT Sells APAS Independence, MRSA To Limbach; Nuheara Earns Hewlett Packard $2m Ear Bud Milestone; Acrux: Dash To Sell Unnamed Generic In The US; Adalta Pleads Schultz, $8m Capital Raise To ASX 42% Query; Opthea 8% Oppose 4m Director Options; Polynovo 42% Directors Fees Pool Hike AGM; PYC Claims Compound For Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy; Noxopharm Treats Last Prostate Cancer Trial Patient; MGC Ships ‘High THC’ Marijuana To Brazil; Alterity Requests ‘Potential Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Aurora Sells Cann Group 12%; PYC Loses 9-Month US CEO Doug Huey; Lifespot Appoints Matthew Golden CEO
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Oventus Medical; Proteomics, QIMR Partner For Oesophageal Cancer Test; Anteris: ‘Duravr Aortic Value Exceeds Expectations’; Optiscan Invivage Oral Cancer Scope On-Track For FDA 510(K); Memphasys: Felix Sperm Separator Sales ‘On-Track’; Dorsavi Pleads Schultz To ASX 36% Price Query; Anteotech 6.9m Director Options AGM; Emyria 8.5m Director Options AGM; Medibio 14.15m Solitario Options AGM; Allan Gray Reduces To 11% Of Starpharma; FIL Takes 8% Of Starpharma; Creso: Nova Scotia Liquor Corp Orders $187k Marijuana
Federal $1.7b For CSL-UQ, Astra Zeneca Covid-19 Vaccines; Federal $17m For Doherty Research; Volpara H1 Revenue Up 27% To Record $18m; Amplia Doses 1st Phase I AMP945 Cancer Fibrosis Trial Subjects; Redhill Passes 2nd US Review Of Opaganib For Covid-19; Heramed Herabeat ‘Comparable To Hospital CTG Machines’; WEHI Slows Motor Neuron Disease, In-Vitro; Simavita Revenue Down 76% To $43k; ASX Suspension Lifted; Atomo To Release 19.8m Voluntary Escrow Shares; M&G Reduces To 10% Of Starpharma; Allianz SE Takes 7% Of Starpharma; Auckland Trust, Lang Walker Take 42% Of Next Science; Mark Lampert, BVF Take 17% Of Bionomics; Pyxis Increases, Diluted To 7% Of Lifespot
Budget Response: Swanson Reed, Ausbiotech, Australian Academy Of Science, Medicines Australia; US NIH $42m For Ellume Sars-Cov-2 At-Home Test; Creso Commitments For $9m; US FDA Rejects Mayne Nuvaring, Contraceptive Pill; Cellmid Disputes Call To Remove Chair Dr David King; Imagion: Phase I Magsense Breast Cancer Trial Approved; Dimerix: ‘DMX-700 Inhibits COPD Receptor Signals, In-Vitro’; PYC: ‘VP-001 Effective For Retinitis Pigmentosa In-Vitro’; Regeneus: Canada Patent For Sygenus Acne Treatment; Medibio, Medridge Depressive Burden Sleep Trial; MGC Launches Cannepil Application, ‘Library Of Cannabinoids’; Meurs Takes 7.3% Of Adalta; L1 Takes 12% Of Creso; Creso Appoints Bruce Linton Advisor
MTP Connect 2nd Covid-19 Impact Report; Telix 18f-Fet Wins FDA Orphan Status For Glioma Imaging; BARDA Pays Vaxxas $31m For ‘No-Needle’ Pandemic ’Flu Vaccine; Resonance Develops Alert-PE AI For Pulmonary Embolism; Universal Biosensors: Promedeus Xprecia Stride Distributor; Australian Patent For Patrys Deoxymab For Cancer; Rhythm 1.5m M-D Trevor Lockett Options AGM; Noxopharm Amends $4.2m Nora Goodridge Loan; Alterity Files $70m US SEC Registration Form
Bio’s Dr Jeremy Levin Replaces Opthea Chair Geoffrey Kempler; Bio-Melbourne, LSQ Governance, Directors Program; PYC Claims VEGF Inhibitor ‘2nd Potential Blockbuster’; Federal Research & Development Tax Incentive Survey; Recce Receives $640k R&D Tax Incentive; Former Optiscan Director Ian Mann Increases, Diluted To 7%; Shimano, M-D Peter Griffiths Take 6.2% Of Neurotech 
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Osteopore; Mesoblast Falls 45% On FDA GvHD Trial Requirement; Antisense: New ATL1102 DMD Data ‘Statistically Significant’; Kazia Institutional Rights Raise $16.4m, $8.8m To Go; Incannex Options Raise $10m; Lifespot $960k Placement, Cannvalate Takes 19.7%; Painchek, Ramsay, Edith Cowan Pain Research Deal; Noxopharm Doses 1st Veyonda Covid-19 Patient; Medibio Files MEB-001 For FDA Breakthrough Status; US Patent For Imugene Immunotherapy Platform; Pharmaxis 942k CEO Performance Rights AGM; Australian Ethical Reduces To 5.5% Of Antisense; John McBain, Picton, 52nd Celebration Take 12.6% Of Rhinomed; Orchid Capital Takes 15% Of Optiscan; Julian Jarman, Troy Valentine Below 5% In Incannex; CSL Appoints Joy Linton CFO, Replacing David Lamont; Invex Appoints Dr Tom Duthy Executive Director, On $125k; Cogstate: Dr Chris Edgar CSO, Prof Paul Maruff To CIO; Race Appoints Prof Borje Andersson CMO, Executive Director
Antisense Wins FDA Rare Paediatric Disease Status; Starpharma Placement Raises $45m, Plan For $5m More; Micro-X: W.H.O. $1.4m Rover X-Ray Order For Pacific Islands; Astrazeneca $2m To Lease 175 Impedimed Sozos For Trial; TGA Approves 4D Lung Ventilation Analysis Software; Adalta: Study Backs AD-214 For Lung Fibrosis; Emyria, Zelira Deal For Zenivol (ZLT-101) Insomnia Study; Recce, Murdoch Children’s Test Recce-435 For Helicobacter; Kazia Requests ‘Entitlement Offer’ Trading Halt; FMR Below 5% In Somnomed; Little Green Releases 1.4m ASX Escrow Shares; Dr Rita Laeufle Replaces Imugene CMO Dr Mark Marino
Federal $9m For Paediatric Cancer Research; Paradigm: Bene Pharmachem 25-Year PPS Supply Deal; Atomo To Distribute Access Bio’s Sars-Cov-2 Antigen Test; Neuren Files NNZ-2591 EU Orphan Drug Applications; Rhythm Validates Final Colostat Biomarkers; Regeneus Receives $677k R&D Tax Incentive; Pharmaust: Monepantel Selective For Cancer Cells; 4D Requests ‘Regulatory Approval’ Trading Halt; Botanix Pleads Schultz To ASX 46% Price Query; Kazia 2m Directors Options, 25% Fees Hike AGM; Uscom 1.4m Chair Prof Rob Phillips Rights AGM; Osprey Wins Supplier Horizon Gong; Prof Phillip Dubois Replaces Emvision Director Ryan Laws; Mayne Appoints Interim CFO Peter Paltoglou CFO; Bio-Melbourne Corporate Governance Program
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Suda Pharmaceuticals; Opthea Registers Up-To $212m Nasdaq IPO With US Sec; TGA Okays Starpharma OTC Vivagel For Bacterial Vaginosis; Allegra 3m Director Options AGM; Cogstate 1.25m CEO Options, 44% Director Fee Pool Hike AGM; Exopharm 340k M-D, Chair Rights, 75k COO Shares AGM; Immutep 1.3m Director Rights In Lieu AGM; Impedimed 7.4m CEO Rights, 6.2m Options AGM; Medical Developments 100% Directors’ Fee Pool Hike AGM; Probiotec 1.3m CEO Options AGM; Optiscan Receives $701k R&D Tax Incentive; Visioneering To Release 6.6m Voluntary Escrow Shares
Telix Files US NDA For TLX591-CDx; Chimeric $4.3m Baker Young Convertible Note; Incannex Ready For Phase IIb IHL-42X Marijuana Apnoea Trial; Osprey: Regional Health Care Australia, NZ Distributor; Cardiex, Mobvoi Partner For Heart Health Smartwatch; Cynata: Stem Cells Regenerate Cardiac Blood Vessels In Rats; Bionomics $2.2m 1-For-12.54 Rights Offer; Trading Halt; Azure: Canada Patent For Transmucosal Tocotrienols; Pharmaust, Leiden Uni Test Monepantel For Sars-Cov-2, Ex-Vivo; Invitrocue J-V Completes ACE-2 Lab Mice For Covid-19 Testing; Lifespot Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; John McBain, Picton, 52nd Celebration Take 11% Of Rhinomed; Drs Washer Increase, Diluted To 23% In Emerald; Bionomics Loses Peter Turner; Gains Dr Srinivas Rao, Dr Jane Ryan
Roche Pays $617m For Queensland Uni, Dublin Inflazome; Chimeric, City Of Hope Chlorotoxin Car-T For Glioblastoma; Optiscan $9.8m Placement, $7.4m From Clermont Group; Kazia, Dana-Farber Trial Paxalisib For CNS Lymphoma; Neuren Manufactures NNZ-2591 For Phase II Trials; Suda: Dog Study Backs Lower Dose Anagrelide; Little Green: CBD Content Below TGA Minimum; Respiri Appoints Entech Wheezo Manufacturer; G Medical EGM Votes To Delist, Suspended From ASX; Cardiex Requests ‘Material Commercialization Deal’ Halt; Incannex Appoints Dr Paul Liknaitzky Scientific Advisor
Telix Doses 1st 89-Zr-Apomab Lung, Ovarian Cancer Patients; Azure Ready For IVB003 Tocotrienol Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Federal $3m For 2 Doherty-MIPS Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates; TBG: Medigen Distributes Sars-Cov-2 Test Kits; Adalta Progresses GE Healthcare I-Body Collaboration; Resapp Requests FDA Sleepcheck Pre-Submission Meeting; Pharmaust: $881k For Monepantel For Motor Neuron Disease; Creso: Nova Scotia Liquor Corp Orders $187k Marijuana; Invion Director Shares, Options In Lieu Of Cash AGM; Recce Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; THC Requests ‘Federal Court Orders’ Trading Halt; Optiscan Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Allan Gray Reduces To 12% Of Starpharma; Constellation, Lishan Zhang Below 5% In Anteris; Opyl: Mark Ziirsen Director, Damon Rasheed Executive; Auscann Loses Director Dr Marcel Bonn-Miller
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Proteomics International; Immutep: 3 Complete Responses To IMP321, Keytruda; Immutep: 5 Of 12 Solid Tumor Patients Have Partial Response; Cochlear Opposes Advocate Stephen Mayne Board Bid; Emerald Clinics EGM Backs Name Change To Emyria; Cardiex Sphygmocor Granted European Patent; Australian Ethical Takes 15% Of Nova Eye; Craig Darby Increases, Diluted With Washer Family In Emerald; M-D Dr Ian Dixon Diluted To 23% Of Exopharm; Race Appoints CSS Clinical, FDA Advisors; Noxopharm Appoints Destum Immuno-Oncology Advisor
Medadvisor Launches Electronic Prescriptions; Emerald, Mt Sinai Partner For Openly Remote Monitor; Avecho Receives $615k R&D Tax Incentive; FIL Takes 7% Of Starpharma; Eye Co Appoints Alison Coutts Director
Next Science $10m Underwritten Placement, $5m Share Plan; Rhythm Validates 2 Colostat Test Biomarkers; Zelira: Zenivol For Insomnia Through TGA Access Scheme; Heramed Herabeat Foetal Heart Monitor On Ecare21; Ausbiotech Invest 2020, Conference Go Online
Cyclopharm: Technegas US Trial Meets Endpoints Early; Clinuvel Doses 1st Scenesse XP Patient; IP Group: $650k For Augmented Bionics Non-Invasive Hearing Aid; Rhinomed Develops URTI Nasal Swab; Osteopore, Singapore Uni Study 3-D Jaw Implants; Emerald: TGA Registers ‘Openly’ For Remote Monitoring; Medlab Directors 12m Options, 100% Fees Pool Hike AGM; Yuuwa Capital Diluted To 22% Of Adalta; Avita Loses Director Damien McDonald; Cann Group Confirms Jenni Pilcher Director; Exopharm Hires Alison Mew, Canary Capital Corp Advisor
Dimerix Falls 76% On Dmx-200 Missing DKD Primary Endpoint; 3 Companies: ‘Covid-19 Recovery Ahead Of Expectations’; GI Dynamics Raises $13.7m In Crystal Amber Financing; Orthocell Treats 300 Access Patients With Celgro; Avita Enrols 1st Recell For Vitiligo Trial Patient; Starpharma: ‘SPL7013 Kills Sars-Cov-2, In-Vitro’; Auscann: Neuvis Marijuana Capsules Meet Endpoints; Orthocell 10m Director Options AGM; Althea Canada Marijuana Licence; Blum Manufacturing Deal; AGC Asahi Glass Takes 7.5% Of Regeneus; Althea To Release 81.6m Voluntary Escrow Shares
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Kazia Therapeutics; Doherty Institute: ‘Covid-19 T-Cell Immune Response Low’; Federal $3.7m For 3D Meditech Covid-19 Nasal Swab Deal; Pro Medicus, NY Uni $25m Imaging Contract; Research Deal; Ellume Adds Qiagen Sars-Cov-2 Antigen To Antibody Test; FDA Suggests Improvements For Polynovo Novosorb Trial; Genetic Technologies Breast Cancer Risk Test On Sale In Us; Opthea 4m Director Options AGM; Regeneus 15.3m Director Options AGM
CMRI Challenges AAV2 As Liver Gene Therapy Vector; Morningside Funds Hudson Ovarian Cancer Therapy; Clinuvel Trials Scenesse For XP Skin DNA Regeneration; Rhythm Adds Newcastle Hospital To Colostat Trial; Resonance Licences Cystic Fibrosis Data For AI Analysis; Anteotech Wins ISO 13485 Quality Certification; Recce Appoints CMax For Recce-327 Trial; Cellmid Hires C14, Pharmaventures For Lyramid Midkine Sale; MGC: Up To $15m Mercer Equity-Drawdown Facility; Dimerix Requests ‘DMX-200 Kidney Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Takes 14% Of Nova Eye; Sandon Capital Takes 9% Of IDT; Bonvoyolo Diluted Below 5% Of Neurotech; Opthea Appoints Daniel Spiegelman Director; Helen Wiseman Replaces Elixinol Chair Paul Benhaim; Ausbiotech, J&J Awards For Best Covid-19 Responses
Cyclopharm, McMasters Partner On Technegas For Covid-19; Clarity: 64-Cu-Sartate Wins FDA Rare Kids Disease Status; Pharmaust: Elanco Drops 2018 Monepantel Option; Covid-19; Imugene: Bell Potter Underwrites $5.7m Options; Memphasys Receives $1.3m R&D Tax Incentive; Anteotech Develops Covid-19, Influenza A, Influenza B Test; TGA Joint Session Drops Marijuana CBD To O-T-C Schedule 3; Memphasys, Hydrix Good Design Gong For Sperm Separator; Loumea Increases, Diluted To 6.9% Of Rhythm; Viburnum Takes 22% Of Universal Biosensors; Naos Takes 26% Of BTC; Kirman 2, Brian Sherman Take 5.7% Of Regeneus; Noxopharm Appoints Fred Bart As Non-Executive Chair
Opyl Picks Covid-19 Vaccine Winners; Amplia Phase I AMP945 Cancer Trial Approved; Emvision Pilot Stroke Imaging Study Enrolled; Recce: ‘327, 529 Reduce Sars-Cov-2, In-Vitro’; Botanix: BTX1801 ‘Eliminates MRSA Ex-Vivo, In-Vitro’; Noxopharm Hires Paraxel For Veyonda Prostate Cancer Trial; PYC Combines CPP, Lipid Nanoparticles For Drug Delivery; Zelira Subsidiary For Marijuana Toothpaste; Suda: Australian Patent For Anagrelide For Cancer; US Patent For Anteris (Admedus) Adapt Tissue Process; Optiscan Pleads Schultz To ASX 35% Price Query; MGC Requests ‘Financing Facility’ Trading Halt 
Federal $1.7b For CSL For UQ-CSL, Oxford-AZ Covid-19 Vaccines; Boehringer Ingelheim Hands Back Pharmaxis PXS4728A; Next Science: FDA Wants More Data For Xperience Surgical Rinse; Adalta Rights Raise $4.1m; Total $8.1m; Victoria $252k For Polynovo Hernia Cleanroom; Cynata: Cymerus Stem Cells Improve IPF In Mice; Cardiex, China’s Andon Partner For Remote B-P Monitor; Opyl Tells ASX: Covid-19 ‘1st Use’ For AI Trial Software; Biotron: ‘15 Compounds Show Activity For Sars-Cov-2’; Pharmaust Requests ‘Elanco Option’ Trading Halt; Recce Requests ‘Anti-Viral Testing Results’ Trading Halt; M&G Reduces To 8.8% Of Mesoblast; Elixxir Reduces To 21% Of Little Green Pharma; Neurotech Takes 80 Marijuana Samples To In-Vitro Testing; Bio-Melbourne Forum On Burnet Covid-19 ‘Optimise’ Study
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mayne Pharma; Safety Board Backs Mesoblast Restemcel-L Covid-19 Trial; Pennsylvania $412k For Redhill Opaganib For Covid-19; S&P Promotes Mach7 Into All Technology Index; CSL $9.5m CEO Performance Rights AGM; Allan Gray Reduces To 13% Of Starpharma; One Funds Takes 10% Of Bluechiip
Opyl: ‘A I Predicts Trial - Including Covid-19 - Results’; Telix, Varian Prostate Cancer Collaboration; Federal, MTP Connect $10.4m For 13 ‘Early Stage’ Projects; Imugene: US Approves PD1-Vaxx Lung Cancer Trial; Heramed Expands Completed Herabeat Foetal Monitor Study; Regeneus Pays CEO Leo Lee $325k Kyocera Bonus; Neurotech: Brain Therapeutics Greece Mente Autism Distributor; Biotron Requests ‘Compound Testing’ Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Diluted To 5.5% In Prescient; Chris Retzos Reduces, Diluted Below 5% In Prescient; Pie Funds Increases, Diluted To 5% Of Probiotec; Chair Otto Buttula Takes 13.6% Of Rhythm; Correction: Althea, SG Hiscock; SG Hiscock Takes 8.6% Of Bod
Rhythm Rights Raise $3.6m; Total $6m; Mesoblast Australian Approval For Phase III Covid-19 Trial; TBG Wins US FDA Covid-19 Rapid Antibody Test Emergency Use; G Medical: ASX Confirms Delisting; M&G Reduces To 9.1% Of Mesoblast; SG Hiscock Takes 5.1% Of Althea; Race: Phil Lynch CEO, Dr Daniel Tillett Back To CSO, On $200k PA; THC Loses CEO Ken Charteris, Jarrod White Interim; Executives; MGC Appoints Evan Hayes Director, 2 Executives
August BDI-40 Up 8.3%, ASX200 Up 2.2%, Big Caps Down 0.2%; THC H1 Revenue Up 63% To $3.5m, Loss Down 3.2% To $5.6m; G Medical H1 Revenue Down 31% To $2.7m, Loss Down 30% To $6.7m; Cardiex Revenue Up 13.7% To $4.6m, Loss Up 11.5% To $3.3m; MGC Revenue Up 210% To $2m, Loss Up 124.6% To $19.4m; Creso H1 Revenue Up 58.3% To $1.5m, Loss Up 177.3% To $17.4m; Immuron Revenue Up 5.5% To $2.5m, Loss Down 37.1% To $2.9m; TBG H1 Revenue Up 22.9% To $1.9m, Profit To Loss Of $1.2m; Cann Global Revenue Up 271% To $1.8m, Loss Down 12.8% To $8.1m; Emerald Revenue Up To $1m, Loss Up 95.2% To $5.2m; Telix: Ire Elit To Distribute TLX591-CDx In French Territories; Dorsavi: Study Links Improved Low Back Pain, Vimove Data; Medlab Signs CRO George Clinical For Phase III Nanabis Trials; Starpharma: Water-Soluble Dep-Remdesivir For Covid-19; Noxopharm Starts East Europe NOX66 Covid-19 Trial; Resapp Extends Morayfield Clinic Diagnostic Evaluation; Esense Israel Trial Of Terpenes For Sars-Cov-2 Sanitizers; Recce Wins Federal $37.5k Innovation Connections Grant; Respiri: Wheezo Detects 74% Of True Positive Wheezes; Pharmaust, Obsidian Partner For Waste To Fuels Tech; Bod: Lyphe Appointed Project Twenty21 Marijuana Dispenser; Genetic Technologies $22.1m Regains Nasdaq Compliance; Dimerix 100% Director Fee Pool Hike AGM To $500k; FIL Takes 6% Of Starpharma; Invion Appoints Rob Merriel Director
Compumedics Revenue Down 16% To $35m, Profit To Loss Of $6m; Palla H1 Revenue Down 55% To $12.3m, Loss Up 121% To $9.0m; Elixinol H1 Revenue Down 54% To $7.9m, Loss Up To $82m; Nova Eye Revenue Down 21% To $12.8m, Loss To Profit Of $35.7m; Atomo Revenue Up 10-Fold To $5.4m, Loss Up 82.4% To $9.2m; Pharmaust Revenue Down 5.5% To $3m, Loss Down 12.2% To $1.4m; Bioxyne Revenue Up 2.2% To $2.4m, Loss Down 53% To $593k; Nuheara Revenue Down 2.6% To $2.3m, Loss Up 16.6% To $11.7m; Little Green Pharma Revenue $2.2m, Loss Up 69% To $9.3m; Proteomics Revenue Down 3% To $1.4m, Loss Down 16% To $1.7m; Optiscan Revenue Up 14.3% To $1.2m, Loss Down 24.7% To $1.8m; Telix: FDA Orphan Status For TLX102 For Multiple Myeloma; Antisense Applies For EMA ATL1102 For DMD Orphan Status; Immutep, Monash Uni Win $671k ARC Linkage Grant; Clinuvel Opens Singapore Vallaurix Research Centre; Nova (Ellex) Reappoints Tom Spurling, Loses Mike Mangano; Recce Appoints Exec Dir James Graham CEO On $300k PA; Noxopharm, Nyrada Swap Dr Ian Dixon, Dr Graham Kelly; Amplia Appoints Dr Mark Devlin CSO; Anteris Appoints Prof Bernard Prendergast TAVR Advisor
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Prescient Therapeutics; Cochlear: Consensus Paper Backs Implants; Avita Revenue Up 61% To $26m, Loss Up 68% To $58m; Genetic Signatures Revenue Up 132% To $11.3m, Loss Down 40% To $2m; IQ3 Revenue Up 12% To $6.9m, Loss Up 101% To $2.2m; Medlab Revenue Down 10% To $5.5m, Loss Up 65% To $13.5m; Micro-X Revenue Up 120% To $4.3m, Loss Up 2% To $10m; Total Brain Revenue Up 49% To $4m, Loss Down 11% To $7.6m; Adherium Revenue Down 20% To $2.2m, Loss Down 3% To $11.4m; Regeneus Revenue $1.7m, Loss Down 82% To $1.1m; Kyocera Pays Regeneus $1.3m Progenza Milestone; 4d Revenue Up 77% To $1.2m, Loss Up 239% To $22m; Emerald Raises $2.2m; Malaysia Approves Oncosil Radiation For Cancer; US Safety Committee Okays Redhill’s Opaganib For Covid-19; Optiscan: Advanced Microscopy North America Distributor; Anteris (Admedus) Ends Covid-19 Director, Executive 25% Pay Cut; Perennial Reduces To 6.35% Of Atomo; Cann Global: Marion Lesaffre COO, Franc Zvonar Sales
Probiotec Revenue Up 46% To $107m, Profit Up 72% To $6m; Mesoblast Revenue Up 92.3% To $44.5m, Loss Down 13% To $108m; Clinuvel Revenue Up 5% To $32m, Profit Down 8% To $17m; Mach7 Revenue Up 102% To $19m, Loss To Profit Of $170k; Alcidion Revenue Up 10% To $18.6m, Loss Up To $4m; Medadvisor Revenue Up 16.5% To $9.6m, Loss Up 21% To $9.8m; Cellmid Revenue Up 2.4% To $8.5m, Loss Up 17% To $5m; Starpharma Revenue Up 142% To $6.6m, Loss Up 3% To $15m; Althea Record Revenue Of $5.7m, Net Loss Up 66% To $8.6m; Dorsavi Revenue Down 27% To $3.2m, Loss Up 8% To $4.0m; Cann Revenue Down 72% To $911k, Loss Up 55% To $17m; Exopharm Raises $10m; WEHI Investigates Compounds For Covid-19; Ellume, Qiagen Partner For Covid-19 Diagnosis; C19 Licences AR-12 For Covid-19; Emerald Clinics Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Hydrix: ‘Heart Warning Devices Programmed, Switched-On’; G Medical To Remote Monitor TAVR Patients; Nuheara, Hewlett Packard Develop ‘New Audio Experiences’; Respiri, Carlton Women’s Football Team Partner For Wheezo; Blackrock Reduces To 6% Of Cochlear; Australian Ethical Takes 7% Of Prescient; Bionomics Pleads Schultz To ASX 23% Query
Queensland Uni, CSL Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Positive Indications’, In-Vivo; Cogstate Revenue Up 8.5% To $32.9m, Loss Down 47% To $1.8m; Polynovo Revenue Up 54.6% To $22.2m, Loss Up 31.5% To $4.2m; Hydrix Revenue Up 12.2% To $16m, Loss Down 24% To $3.2m; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Down 11% To $5.8m, Loss Up 87% To $5.6m; Immutep Revenue Of $7.5m, Loss Down 26.6% To $13.5m; Impedimed Revenue Up 38% To $5.7m, Loss Down 11.4% To $21.4m; Visioneering H1 Revenue Down 12% To $2.8m, Loss Down 23% To $7.2m; Cynata Revenue Of $4.5m, Loss Down 57% To $3.6m; Rhinomed Revenue Up 8.5% To $3.6m, Loss Up 22.3% To $7.3m; Next Science H1 Revenue Down 55% To $1.5m, Loss Down 22% To $9.3m; Prescient Placement Raises $7m, Total $13.5m; Neurotech $500k Placement For Dolce Marijuana; Platinum Takes 12.3% Of Adalta; Australian Ethical Below 5% In Prescient; Visioneering Pleads Schultz To ASX 87.5% Price Query; Incannex: ‘IHL-675A Ards Anti-Inflammatory Response, In-Vitro’
Nanosonics Revenue Up 19% To $100m, Profit Down 25.5% To $10m; IDT Revenue Up 17% To $14.2m, Loss Up 68.5% To $1.9m; Osprey H1 Revenue Down 56% To $1.1m, Loss Down 19% To $10.4m; Acrux Revenue Up 33% To $1.6m, Loss Up 14% To $9.5m; Biodiem Launches LAIV Influenza Vaccine In China; Emvision, Queensland Uni $180k Advance Fellowship; Bluechiip Pleads Schultz To ASX 52% Price Query; Platinum Reduces To 9% Of Kazia; Lazard Below 5% In Mayne; Aurora Cannabis Diluted To 12% Of Cann Group; Medadvisor Appoints Naomi Lawrie Co-Sec, General Counsel; Starpharma: ‘Spl7013 Inhibits Sars-Cov-2 Infection’; Pharmaust: ‘Monepantel Suppresses Sars-Cov-2 Up-To 95%’; MGC: ‘Russia J-V For Artemic For Sars-Cov-2’ 
Vale Living Cell’s Prof Bob Elliot (3.1.1934 - 21.8.2020); Correction: Adalta; Somnomed Revenue Down 2.7% To $57m, Loss Up 1013% To $438k; Kazia: US Orphan Status For Paxalisib For Glioma, DIPG; 61 Medical, 41 Medical, Queensland Accelerate Devices; Opthea Plans Nasdaq IPO; Cynata Begins Cymerus Covid-19 Trial; IDT Lists Vaccine Manufacture Info For Federal Government; Bosch Automatic Materials Line For CSL Behring; Azure Begins Food Additives Manufacture; Ecofibre Completes $59m Texinnovate Acquisition; Exopharm Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; M&G Claims To Reduce To 9.9% Of Mesoblast; Australian Ethical Below 5% In Pharmaxis; Perennial Takes 7.6% Of Micro-X; Peter Meurs Takes 5% Of Adalta; Lazard Reduces To 5% Of Mayne; Immuron Exec Vice Chair Peter Anastasiou Reduces To 5.3%; G Medical ASX Delisting EGM 
CSL Revenue Up 7.2% To $12.6b, Profit Up 9.6% To $2.9b; BTC $295k Revenue, Speciality Unit $5.8m, BTC Loss $283k; Cann Group ‘Oversubscribed’ Plan Raises $25.9m, Total $40.2m; Imagion Raises $1.3m From 2018 Rights Options; Pharmaxis Plans US Pxs-5505 For Myelofibrosis Trial; Aroa: ‘Endoform Attracts Stem Cells For Tissue Repair’; US Patent For Regeneus Sygenus Platform For Skin Conditions; Medical Developments Buys-Back Penthrox From Mundipharma; Respiri, APA Wheezo Referral Agreement; Volpara: 30% Oppose 405k Director Karin Lindgren Options; Osteopore Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Reduces To 6% Of Pharmaxis; Yuuwa Capital Diluted To 26.5% Of Adalta; Trudell Diluted To 13.4% Of Adherium; Pyxis Takes 9% Of Lifespot; PYC Dr Rohan Hockings Back As CEO; Prof Sue Fletcher CSO; MGC Requests ‘More Artemic Covid-19 Results’ Trading Halt; Neurotech Requests ‘Price Query, Lab Results’ Trading Halt
Cochlear Revenue Down 6.5% To $1.4b, $238m Loss; Telix Doses 1st TLX250-CDx Renal Cancer Patient; Immutep Doses Stage 1, Part B IMP321, Keytruda Tacti-002 Study; Anteotech: Mahe Underwrites $3.76m Options; Medical Developments Requests ‘EU Distribution’ Trading Halt; KFT, GJK, Kepper Family Below 5% In Universal Biosensors; Regal Funds Takes 5.2% (Or 11%) Of G Medical; SG Hiscock Takes 7.2% Of Bod; Christine McLoughlin Replaces Cochlear’s Donal O’Dwyer; Dr Geoff Brooke Replaces Cynata Chair Dr Paul Wotton; Osprey Loses Director Andy Jane; Analytica Loses Director Dr Thomas Lönngren; Phillip Hains Replaces Suda Co-Sec Joseph Ohayon
Biotech Daily Editorial: R&D Tax Incentive Is Not Income; Uscom Revenue Up 18% To $4.3m, Loss Down 4.2% To $1.3m; Cochlear Settles Patent Case Interest, Fees For $104m; Starpharma, Chase Sun Partner For DEP Anti-Infective; Hydrix Up 260% On 1st Guardian Heart Warning Device Implants; Memphasys, Newcastle Uni Partner For Fertility; Painchek Expands CMS Partnerships In Australia, UK; Althea: 740 New Marijuana Patients In July For $692k; Bionomics Pleads Schultz To ASX 39% Query; Merchant Funds Takes 10.4% Of Race; Zelira Director Jason Peterson Diluted To 6.5%; Deputy Chair Harry Karelis, Gemelli Below 5% In Zelira; Phillip, Bioscience Managers Take 25% Of Adherium; Damon Crowe, K One W One (K1W1) Increase, Diluted To 5.1% Of Adherium; Emerald Change Name Change To Emyria GM; CFO Tom Howitt Replaces Cronos Co-Sec Lior Harel
Qbiotics, Merck EBC-46, Keytruda Melanoma Trial; Pharmaxis Revenue Up 12% To $7.4m, Loss Down 31% To $14m; Osprey Wins CE Mark For Dyevert Power XT; Imagion Pleads Schultz To ASX 29% Query; Pharmaxis 942k CEO Performance Rights For AGM; Bio-Melbourne: ‘Manufacturing’s Covid-19 Rapid Response’
Victoria Keeps Regenerative Medicine Centre; LBT Share Plan Raises $367k Of Hoped-For $1m; Total $8.4m; Race: Williams, Emmanuel, Merchant Exercise $1.5m Options; US Patent For Immutep IMP321 Combination Therapy; Prescient Increases PTX-100 Cancer Trial Dose; Botanix Starts Phase IIa BTX1801 Surgical Infection Study; Respiri, APA Partner For ‘Real World’ Wheezo Asthma Study; Creso: DHS Portugal, Spain Marijuana Distributor; M&G Mostly Corrects Mesoblast Substantials; Emvision: Forough Khandan Program Management Head
Mesoblast Falls On FDA Remestemcel-L For GvHD Questions; Regeneus: Kyocera $26m Progenza Knee Osteoarthritis Deal; Painchek Raises $10m; Adalta Placement Raises $4m, Rights Offer For $4.1m More; Suda Places $533k; Total $3.56m; Acrux: Harris For US Generic Emla Anaesthetic Cream Sales; Telix Submits TLX101 Glioblastoma Drug Master File To FDA; Nuheara Wins ISO 9001:2015 Certification; Paradigm PPS Orphan Approvals, Regulatory Feedback; Perennial Takes 5.5% Of 4D Medical; Regal Funds Reduces, Diluted To 8.9% Of Visioneering; Impedimed Promotes Timothy Cruickshank To CFO 
Atomo: TGA Approves Rapid Sars-Cov-2 Antibody Test; Anatara Uni Of New England Work On Poultry Enteritis; Bard1 Euro Patent Validated In 6 Countries; Medibio Ilumen For Stress US Patent; Emerald, Canopy Deal For ‘Real-World Evidence’ System; M&G: Claims To Reduce To 11% Of Mesoblast; Allan Gray Reduces To 10.1% Of Impedimed
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Exopharm; 4D Opens Up 98% In Oversubscribed $56m IPO For Imaging; Kazia: FDA Rare Kids Disease Status For Paxalisib For DIPG; G Medical $5m Placement; Allegra Improves Spinal Fusion Cage In Covid-19 Delays; South Korea Allows Cynata Cymerus Stem Cell Patent; M&G Reduces To 11% Of Mesoblast; Karst Peak, Adam Leitzes Reduce To 11% In Genetic Signatures; Director Michael Stork Diluted To 7% In Patrys; Painchek Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Adalta Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Regeneus Requests ‘Japanese Licencing Deal’ Trading Halt; Prescient Appoints Prof Phillip Darcy Advisor; MGC: ‘In-Vitro Study Backs Artemic For Covid-19’
Resmed Revenue Up 13% To $4.1b, Profit Up 32% To $963m; Alcidion: NHS To Use Smartpage For In-House Communication; Imugene Pre-Ind FDA Meeting On Vaxinia (CF33) Pathway; Neuren Plan Raises $200k Of Hoped-For $3m; Total $20.2m; Platinum Diluted To 16% In Amplia; Blueflag, Allan Moss Diluted To 7% Of Amplia; Total Brain Appoints Melissa Frieswick ‘Chief Revenue Officer’
Imagion Applies For Magsense Phase I Ethics Approval; Pharmaxis: $9.7m Bronchitol Milestone Payable On US Approval; Heramed Shortfall Raises $1.35m; Total $3.9m; Nova (Ellex) Claims Molteno ‘Utility’ For Glaucoma; Lifespot: ‘Apple Approves Fevertel Thermometer’; Imugene CEO Leslie Chong Exercises 27m Options; Credit Suisse Below 5% In Suda; Uniquest Diluted To 8.6% Of Emvision; G Medical Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; MGC Requests ‘Artemic Pre-Clinical Results’ Trading Halt; Auscann Appoints Nick Woolf CEO; Medlab Appoints Laurence McAllister Director; Adherium Appoints Geoff Feakes CTO 
Applications For $300k Gilead Grants Close August 14; Monash Uni, Janssen Oxytocin For Postpartum Haemorrhage; Patrys Underwritten Rights Raise $4.3m; Uscom Ventitest Calibrates Ventilators; Resapp Sleepcheck For Apnoea Available On-Line; Recce: ‘Recce-435 Reduces Helicobacter Pylori In Rats’; Alterity: ATH434 MSA Mouse Safety, Efficacy Presentations; Alterity 49m Director ‘Incentive’ Options EGM; Merchant Funds Takes 12.3% Of Bard1; Stephen Dobson Below 5% In Neurotech; Volpara: Katherine Singson US CEO, Mark Koeniguer Goes
July BDI-40 Down 2.4%: Big Caps Down 2.4%, ASX200 Up 0.5%; Hatchtech: FDA Okays Xeglyze For Head Lice (19 Years); Zelira ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $8.75m; Suda: ‘Oversubscribed’ Rights Raise $3.6m; $533k Placement; Redhill: FDA Allows Phase III RHB-204 For NTM Trial; Prescient Completes 1st PTX-200 For AML Cohort Dosing; Medlab: Nanabis 60% Reduction In Pain; Antisense Files ATL1102 For DMD FDA Orphan Application; Cogstate: Eisai To Link Nouknown With Easiit; THC H1 Receipts Up 123% To $3.2m; Creso H1 Receipts Up 314% To $2.9m; TBG H1 Receipts Of $2.8m; Adherium Receipts Down 22.5% To $2.7m; Regeneus Receipts Of $1.6m; Cann Global Receipts Up 54% To $1.3m; Perennial Takes 6% Of Micro-X; Credit Suisse Takes 9.6% Of Suda; Dr Paul Cozzie Increases, Diluted To 14.2% Of Cardiex; Bard1 Founder Dr Irmgard Irminger-Finger Diluted To 5.16%; Imagion To Release 2.5m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Esense Appoints Winton Willesee Director; Non-Compliance
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Dimerix; Clinuvel Receipts Down 9% To $29m; Pharmaxis Receipts Up 13% To $7.8m; G Medical H1 Receipts Down 13% To $2.2m; Nuheara Receipts Up 44% To $3.4m; Bioxyne Receipts Up 61% To $2.8m; MGC Receipts Up 27% To $2.1m; Optiscan Receipts $1.3m; Correction: Dorsavi; Rhythm Rights For $3.6m To Take Total To $6m; BTC Sells Bio101 For $500k; Azure Completes Phase II NASH, NAFLD Protocol; Scott Kirkland Increases, Diluted To 5% In Emvision; Ryan Laws, Skaha Investments Below 5% In Emvision; Simavita: Tiga 17%, Fifty-Second 16%, Dussman 10%, Chevron 9%; McRae Diluted To 31% In Neuroscientific; Volpara 852k CEO, Director Options AGM; Anteris Pleads Schultz To 31% Fall, But No ASX Query
Mark Sullivan Wins Clunies Ross Entrepreneur Award; Cynata CYP-001 2-Year GvHD Follow-Up: 60% Survival Rate; Osprey: GE Healthcare To Distribute Dyevert; Paradigm 10 US Access PPS OA Patients Report Reduced Pain; Starpharma Starts DEP Docetaxel Combination Study; Antisense Plans Euro, US Trials Of ATL1102 For DMD; Aroa: Myriad CE Mark; Symphony FDA Approval; Orthocell Files Celgro Nerve Repair To TGA; Tali Supplies Detect To 1.6k Primary School Children; Mesoblast Receipts Down 18% To $35m; Hydrix Receipts Up 29% To $16m; Starpharma Receipts Up 158% To $7.2m; IQ3 Receipts Up 29% To $7.2m; Elixinol H1 Receipts Down 57% To $7m; Medlab Receipts Up 11% To $6.5m; Cardiex Receipts $5.1m; Bionomics Receipts Down 59% To $3.6m; Dorsavi Receipts Down 36% To $2.4m; Amplia Retail Rights Raise $1.83m; Total $4m; Zelira: 1 Quarter Cash; Capital Raising Trading Halt; Hemideina Wins Federal $660k For Hera Cochlear Implant; Elixinol AGM: 19% Oppose Duff, Ellery Rights; Neuren Appoints Lauren Frazer CFO, Co Sec; Neuroscientific Appoints Prof Dao-Yi Yu Advisor
Dimerix: DMX-200 Safe, Reduces FSGS Proteinuria 29%; Clarity Starts Cu-64 Sar-Bombesin Breast Cancer Trial; Ecofibre Revenue Up 42% To $51m, Profit Up 119% To $13m; Total Brain Receipts Up 81.5% To $5m; Proteomics Receipts Up 1.3% To $1.8m; Incannex Receipts Up 18% To $1.4m; Imagion ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $5m; Nova Eye (Ellex) Pays Investors $61m From Lumibird Sale; Nyrada Receives $1.1m R&D Tax Incentive; Ecofibre Pays $59m For Texinnovate; Cann Global Rights Raise $2.2m Of Hoped-For $4.7m; TBG Exprobe Sars-Cov-2 Test Wins Taiwan Emergency Use; Suda: TGA Approves Zolpimist For Insomnia; Invion Investigates Anti-Cancer Compounds; Bard1 Completes Sienna Acquisition; Cann Group Notes Convert To 17m Shares; Invion Loses CEO Craig Newton, Co-Sec Melanie Farris 
Genetic Signatures Receipts Up 85% To $8.8m; Impedimed Receipts Up 21% To $5.4m; Resonance Receipts Up 2% To $3.6m; Pharmaust Receipts Down 7.7% To $3.5m; Osprey: H1 Receipts Down 42% To $1.5m; Hydrix Rights Raise $2m, $1m Placement To Go; Atomo, Access Bio 2m North America Covid-19 Antibody Tests; Optiscan $350k For Microscopes To Unnamed China Customers; Visioneering: Oculus Naturalvue Asia Distributor; Oncosil FDA HDE Application For Bile Duct Cancer; Redhill: Envisionrx Takes Talicia For Helicobacter; Cellmid: Tru Beauty To Distribute Évolis Hair Care In The US; Elixinol Japan Marijuana Deal
CSIRO, Doherty Distance From ‘Tier 1’ Sars-Cov-2 Claims; Alcidion Receipts Down 3.2% To $20.8m; Mach7 Receipts Up 65.3% To $17.1m; Medadvisor Receipts Up 16.4% To $9.3m; Telix H1 Receipts Up 27.1% To $2.1m; Respiri: ‘Up To $8m Revenue In 2021’; Cardiex Raises $2.5m; Prescient Share Plan For $6.5m; Proteomics Patents, Trademarks, Secrets & Pricing; Opthea: ‘DME Subgroup Benefits From OPT-302’; Oventus Signs 2 Ontario O2vent Optima Deals; G Medical IDTF In 13 Unnamed US University Hospitals; Heramed Starts Herabeat Trial Recruitment; Respiri Completes Unmarketable Parcel Sale; Imagion Requests ‘Capital Raise’ Trading Halt; Dimerix Requests ‘DMX-200 FSGS Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Ecofibre Requests ‘Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Esense ‘Israeli Research Agreement’ Suspension; Noxopharm ASX Listing Rule 10.11 Breach; Anteris (Admedus) Pleads Schultz To Share Sales; Elixinol Appoints Pharmacann For Australia Marijuana Sales; Little Green Pharma Releases 22.4m Escrow Shares; Elixxir Reduces To 22.1% Of Little Green Pharma; Neurotech Pivots From Autism To Dolce Marijuana; MGC: Mice Survive Artemic For Sars-Cov-2 Toxicology Study; Pro Medicus Appoints Deena Shiff Director 
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Aroa Biosurgery; Aroa IPO Opens Up 87% For Endoform Soft Tissue Regeneration; Immuron Raises $28.1m; Emvision To Raise $9m; Universal Bio H1 Revenue Down 73% To $1m, Loss Up 29% To $4.5m; Alcidion $1.5m Scotland NHS Patientrack Contract; Visioneering: 1st Canada Naturalvue Contact Lens Sale; Dimerix Doses Last DMX-200 Kidney Disease Patient; Factor To Acquire Longmile Vet Tech; David Brookes Chair; Adherium 20% Oppose 20m Chair, CEO Options; Bionomics: Aperion, Angermayer Acquisition AGM; Australian Ethical Reduces To 6.5% Of Prescient; Prescient Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; MGC Takes ‘Artemic Sars-Cov-2 Results’ Halt To Suspension; Mesoblast Appoints Dagmar Rosa-Bjorkeson New York COO; Opthea Appoints Lawrence Gozlan Director; Bard1 Appoints Dr Peter French CSO
Clarity Starts 67Cu-Sartate Neuroblastoma Trial; Pharmaxis Submits FDA INDA For PSX-5055 Myelofibrosis Trial; Amplia Appoints Nucleus Networks For Phase I AMP945 Trial; Adalta Begins Dosing AD-214 Lung Disease Trial; Invex: FDA, EMA Advice On Presendin For IIH; Incannex Starts Marijuana IHL-216a Rat Trail For Brain Injury; Cogstate Cognitive Assessments For ERT Trials; Rhythm $2.4m Placement, Rights For $3.6m; Cogstate Receipts Up 4.3% To $41m; Immutep Receipts $7.7m; Anteris (Admedus) H1 Receipts Down 62% To $3.8m; Next Science H1 Receipts Up 31% To 3.6m; Rhinomed Receipts Up 5% To $3.1m; Avecho Pleads Schultz To ASX 86% Price Query; Cardiex Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Esense Requests ‘Israel Coronavirus Deal’ Trading Halt
Qbiotics Doses 1st Australian Head, Neck Cancer Patient; Immuron To Raise $28m; Somnomed Receipts Down 5.6% To $61.5m; Cellmid Receipts Up 29% To $8.2m; Atomo Receipts Up 456% To $2.7m; Micro-X Receipts Up 11% To $2.6m; Little Green Pharma Receipts Of $1.8m; Correction: Respiri; Impedimed Launches Sozo For Heart Failure; Emvision Imaging Algorithms Classify Strokes; Imagion: Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Enable Low-Field MRI; Osteopore, QUT Licence For 3-D Printed Bone Implant; Zelira, CVSCM Marijuana Deal For PAD, Diabetic Neuropathy; PYC Completes CPP Toxicity, Mouse Studies; Race Granted 4th US Bisantrene Patent; Botanix Tells ASX 22% Aware Query: FDA Info Held For 10 Days; Invex Requests ‘Regulatory Advice’ Trading Halt; MGC Requests ‘Artemic Pre-Clinical Results’ Trading Halt; Noxopharm Receives $130k From Lind, CST Facility; Adalta Appoints Dr David Fuller Director; Tali Appoints Expert Advisory Board
Mesoblast: US FDA Remestemcel-L Paediatric GvHD Review; Telix Receives $11.4m R&D Tax Incentive; Genetic Technologies Raises $7.3m; Bod Receipts Up 205.1% To $3.6m; Clarity, Imaginab Work On Antibodies For Cancer; Heramed Expands Mayo Pregnancy Platform Deal; G Medical, Homestay Deal For Remote Patient Monitoring; Invex: Exanatide US Patent For Intracranial Pressure; Immuron: ‘IMM-124E Antiviral Activity Against Sars-Cov-2’; Up 250%; Prescient: Doherty Tests 2 Unnamed Drugs For Sars-Cov-2; Respiri: Zip Co Wheezo Price $336 Over 6 Months; Zelira EGM: 22% Dissent To 150% Directors’ Fees Hike; Neuroscientific To Release 19.3m Escrow Shares; Everbest, Constellation Take Loss, Below 5% In Anteris (Admedus)
Uniquest, CSL Collaborate On Sjögren’s Syndrome; Micro-X: US FDA 510(K) Approval For Rover Mobile X-Ray; Ecofibre Receipts Up 27% To $43.0m; Optiscan: Federal $971k For Oral Cancer Screening Trial; Uscom: 1a Detects Early Pre-Eclampsia; Adalta: Data, Phase I Design ‘Sufficient For FDA Application’; Immuron: FDA Guidance To US Navy For Campylobacter, E Coli; Federal Court Okays Sienna, Bard1 Merger; Goodbye Sienna; Noxopharm: ‘NOX66 Increases Immune Cells In Tumors’; Patent; Correction Recce: 327 For CSIRO Sars-Cov-2 Program, Not 529; Genetic Technologies To ASX: ‘Covid-19 Details In Prospectus’; GI Dynamics: Crystal Amber $14m, 4 Directors To Go, Quit ASX; MGC: $1.4m For Cannvalate’s Medicinal Cannabis Clinic; Respiri: Buy-Now-Pay-Later Zip Co For Wheezo; Little Green Marijuana Permit; Prescient Requests ‘Collaboration’ Trading Halt; Zelira Requests US Licence Agreement Trading Halt; Heramed Takes ‘Material Collaboration’ Halt To Suspension; Peter Meurs Diluted To 12.6% Of Dimerix; Credit Suisse Below 5% In Kazia; Everbest, Constellation Take 5.5% Of Anteris
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Hydrix; Federal $32.5b Takes MRFF To $20b Target; AAMRI Response; Russia, Israel Approve Redhill Opaganib Covid-19 Trial; Alcidion: ACT Health $1.3m 2-Year Contract Extension; Cann Group Raises $14.3m, Plan For $10m More; Receipts Up 17%; Genetic Technologies Placement For $7.3m; Palla: $8m UK Contract; Norway Facility Applies For Approval; THC Share Plan Raises $1.5m, Total To $8.1m; Respiri Appoints Cipla Australia, NZ Wheezo Distributor; Imugene: 2nd PD1-Vaxx Lung Cancer Trial Approval; Auscann Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Ecofibre: 2 US Trials Of CBD For Neuropathy, Agitation; Botanix, FDA Agree BTX1503 Acne Phase III Endpoints; Incannex IHL-675a Reduces Ards Sepsis, In Mice; Rhythm Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Factor Takes ‘Potential Acquisition’ Halt To Suspension; G Medical AGM 57% Block 75m CEO Dr Yacov Geva Shares; HK’s Star Bright Takes Loss To 12% Of Anteris (Admedus); Cann Group Appoints Jenni Pilcher Director; Biotron Appoints Dr Stephen Becker CMO; Bio-Melbourne Hosts Regenerative Medicine Webinar
Bluechiip: ‘Labcon Unlawfully Terminates Supply Deal’; LBT Installs First UK APAS Independence; Biointelect: ‘Malaria Tafenoquine Kills Sars-Cov-2, In-Vitro’; Anteotech: Sars-Cov-2, Influenza A, B 3-In-1 Test; Recce, Path To Study Recce 327, 529 For Sars-Cov-2; Althea Full Year Marijuana Customer Receipts $4.6m; G Medical IDTF In 4 Unnamed US University Hospitals; Bod: 500-Patient ‘Observational’ Marijuana Medicabilis Study; Cronos Prepares Asia Marijuana Launch; Genetic Technologies Requests 200% Price Hike Trading Halt; Heramed Requests ‘Collaboration’ Trading Halt; Avita: ATO Class Ruling On US Move; Mason Stevens Takes 5% In Patrys; CSL Appoints Dr Pascal Soriot Director; Leanne Ralph Replaces Visioneering Co Sec Julian Rockett
Nyrada Delivers I-V NYX-242, NYX-1010 For Brain Injury, In Rats; Visioneering H1 Receipts Down 4.7% To $3.3m, Pandemic Effect; Osprey Halts $2.7m Rights Shortfall; Total Raised $12.8m; Sienna EGM Overwhelmingly Backs Bard1 Acquisition; Immutep Granted US Patent For IMP701 For Cancers; GI Dynamics: Crystal Amber Converts $7.7m Note; To Delist; Factor Requests ‘Potential Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Incannex Requests ‘IHL-675A Ards Animal Results’ Trading Halt; Cann Group Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Respiri Requests ‘Commercial Agreement’ Trading Halt; Merchant Funds Takes 9.3% Of Race; Naos Takes 24.8% Of BTC; W Whitney George Takes 41.5% Of Rhinomed; Bonvoyolo Reduces To 5.85% Of Neurotech; L1 Below 5% In Creso
Polynovo: Barda $21.6m For Novosorb BTM Trial; Pharmaxis: FDA Orphan Status For PXS-5505 For Myelofibrosis; Queensland Uni: 1st Covid-19 Volunteer Dosed; Vaccine Next Year; Alcidion $686k Murrumbidgee Miya Precision, Memre Contract; Mach7 Completes $41m Client Outlook Acquisition; Zelira Phase I ZTL-103 Marijuana Pain Trial ‘Safe, Tolerable’; Imugene Phase I PD1-Vaxx Trial For Lung Cancer Approved; Neuroscientific: Emtin B Increases Myelin Formation, In-Vitro; Heramed Share Plan Raises $233k, Total $2.55m; Nuheara Pleads Schultz To ASX 75% Price Query; ATO Sienna-Bard1 Merger Capital Gains Tax Relief; MGC Licence To Grow Marijuana For RMIT Research; Bluechiip Takes ‘Labcon Agreement’ Halt To Suspension; Anteotech Requests ‘Life Sciences Development’ Trading Halt; GI Dynamics Requests Crystal Amber Note Trading Halt; Regal Funds Below 5% In Medical Developments; Recce’s Dr Graham, Olga Melrose Take 25.3%; Platinum Takes 19.89% Of Amplia; Allan Moss, Blueflag Take 8.7% Of Amplia; Race Director Dr William Garner Diluted To 11.4%; Recce Appoints Dr Alan Dunton Director; Imagion Loses CFO Brian Conn; CFO Wanted
Avita: Barda Orders $13.2m Recell Systems; Uscom Customer Receipts Up 59% To $4m; Correction: Cynata Therapeutics; MTP To Run Federal $47m Diabetes, C-V Program; Federal $50k For Patrys, ONJCRI PAT-DX1 For Breast Cancer; Race: Williams, Emmanuel, Merchant Commit To $3m; Luina, Xing Work On Point-Of-Care Sars-Cov-2 Test; Imagion Joins Boston Uni’s Nanosystems Research Centre; Clinuvel: Prenumbra For Unnamed Acute, Systemic Diseases; Heramed: Ready For Joondalup Herabeat Trial; LBT Appoints Oneservice APAS Service Provider; Pharmaust: Monepantel Dog Cancer Trial Report With Elanco; Avecho: 31% Opposition To Equity Incentive Plan; Living Cell Tells ASX: ‘Not Material Info Sent Price 50%’; Cann Global Releases 706m Shares From ASX Escrow; Nuheara 6m Director Options AGM; Zelira Issues 12.5m Chairman, Director Performance Rights; Regal Funds Reduces To 5% Of Medical Developments; Jamber, James Schwarz Sells All 10m Esense Shares; Chifley Reduces To 8.7% Of Esense; Cochlear Loses CFO Brent Cubis; CFO Wanted; Invion Appoints Melanie Leydin CFO; Melanie Farris Director
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cynata Therapeutics; Compumedics ‘Covid-19 Hits Revenue’ Down 15% To $36m; Avita Unaudited Revenue Up 164% To $21m; Polynovo: FDA Requests More Novosorb Trial Information; Polynovo: ‘Record Novosorb US Sales’ In June, First UK Sale; Correction: Rage Biotech; Creso: Mernova $901k Israeli Marijuana Order; Memphasys: Canadian Felix Approval Vests 11.2m Options; Bluechiip Requests ‘Labcon Agreement Trading Halt; JM Financial, No Plan B Take 14% Of Universal Biosensors
Rage: IP Group, Monash, UWA Up To $10m For Lung Disease; LBT Placement For $8m, Share Plan For $1m More; Medibio Applications For $513k, $1m Shortfall; Total $2m; Orthocell Ortho-ATI Tendon Injury Survey: 87.5% Satisfied; Race Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Kinghorn Joins Starpharma Dep-Irinotecan Trial; Incannex Applies For Marijuana IHL-42X Sleep Apnoea Trial; Cellmid Tells ASX: ‘Wondfo Extension Not Material’, Up 30%; Cellmid To Distribute Immunodiagnostics Sars-Cov-2 Tests; Eleanore Goodridge Reduces To 9.6% In Nyrada
Greenlight: Trials Resilient Despite H1 18% Fall; Telix, Reflexion Combine Cancer Technologies; Telix: FDA Supports, Clarifies TLX591 Prostate Cancer Trial; 4D: $56m IPO For XV Respiratory Imaging; Recce 327, 529 In CSIRO, Doherty Sars-Cov-2 Program; Medlab Share Plan Raises $1.6m Of Hoped For $4m, Total $7m; Allegra Details Sr-Ht-Gahnite Patents; Visioneering Pleads Schultz To ASX 100% Price Query; Althea: Concierge For Online Marijuana Sales; MGC Granted Australian Marijuana Import Licence; CVC Sells All 24m Universal Biosensors Shares; Esense Issues Blue Science 10m CDIs
CSL Enrols 1st Patient In CSL312 Phase II Covid-19 Trial; LBT: Beckman Coulter Markets APAS In Europe; Trading Halt; Cyclopharm: H1 Sales Down 13.8% To $5.6m, Underlying Up; Esense: Blue Science US Terpenes Sanitizer Distributor; Total Brain: 3.8m Louis Gagnon, Dr Evian Gordon Options EGM; Cellmid Requests ‘Distribution Agreement’ Trading Halt; Life Biosciences Diluted To 25% Of Alterity; Lazard Takes 6% Of Mayne; Pyxis Takes 8% Of Lifespot
Mesoblast: US Allows Remestemcel-L For Covid-19 Children; Nyrada: ‘Oral NYX-PCSK9I Equals Injectables For LDL, In-Vitro’; Cogstate: $66m Clinical Trials Sales Contracts; Biotron: ‘BIT225 Enhances HIV-1 Immune Response’; Mayne: Novast Supply Agreement For 13 Contraceptives; Dimerix Advances DMX-700 Program For COPD; Allegra Acquires Sydney Uni Sr-Ht-Gahnite Patents; Cardiex Restructures Inhealth Collaboration; Creso Redeems 1.2m Kunna Non Performance Shares; Recce Requests ‘Research Agreement’ Trading Halt; Thorney, Tiga Increase, Diluted To 27% Of Visioneering; Eleanore Goodridge Below 5% In Noxopharm; Erlyn Dale, Winton Willesee Replace Esense Co-Sec James Bahen
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mesoblast; FDA Approves 4 Cochlear Nucleus, Custom Sound Products; Amplia Institutional Rights Raise $2m, $2m Retail To Go; Suda Rights Offer For $3.6m; Neurotech $500k Placement For Marijuana For Autism; Ecofibre: US Marijuana Neuropathy Trial Starts; Osprey Pleads Schultz To ASX 77% Price Query; GTG Tells ASX: ‘Early Media Release No Material Impact On Price’; Cann Receives $2m Victoria Regional Jobs Grant; Cann Global Rights Offer For $4.7m; MGC EGM: 23.5% Oppose Share Ratification; Oventus: 50% Directors Pool Hike, 6.9m Director Options EGM; Naos Takes 24% Of BTC Health; Anthony Grist, Oaktone, Denlin Below 5% Of Invex; David Hunnon, Chifley Take 12% Of Esense; Recce Founder Dr Graham Melrose Retires; Paradigm Appoints CMO Dr Donna Skerrett Director; Bionomics Appoints Apeiron’s Aaron Weaver Director; Peter Hatfull Replaces Esense Director Piers Lewis
Affinity Claims ‘Antibodies Block Sars-Cov-2’, In-Vitro; Alterity Placement Raises $1.6m; Ellex (Nova Eye) Pays $921k For Molteno-3 Glaucoma Device; Dorsavi: QBE $250k, 12-Month Visafe Deal; Actinogen Pleads Schultz, Alterity To ASX 59% Query; Resapp Raises $1.4m From M-D Dr Tony Keating Options; Osteopore Appoints Bioplate US Distributor; Oncosil Files For TGA Pancreatic Cancer Device Approval; Bod Q4 Marijuana Revenue Up 100% To $2.5m, YTD $6m; Incannex (Impression): $1.5m Maiden Marijuana Sales Revenue; THC: Medleaf Pays $260k; Expects Canada, European Orders; Neurotech Requests ‘Acquisition, Capital Raising’ Halt; Paul, Eleanor Stephens Below 5% In Rhinomed; Apeiron, Christian Angermayer Take 13% Of Bionomics; Mark Lampert, BVF Diluted To 17% Of Bionomics; Creso Chair Boaz Wachtel Below 5%; MGC Expands Artemic Covid-19 Trial To India; Cellmid Extends Wondfo Covid-19 Distribution
14-Year Data: Big Caps Up 963%, BDI-40 Up 450%, ASX200 Up 16%; Telix: FDA TLX250-CDx Renal Cancer ‘Breakthrough’ Status; LBT: Johns Hopkins - Apas Independence ‘No False Negatives’; TGA Approves Next Science Bactisure Surgical Lavage; Alterity Pleads Schultz To ASX 2,077% Query; ASX Misses 300%; Mach7 Retail Rights Raise $11.4m; Total $34.8m; Alcidion $560k Sydney Miya Precision Deal; Amplia Under-Written Rights For $4m; Resapp Partners With Coviu, Phenix; Medadvisor, Hms Integrate Health Platforms; Gi Dynamics Extends $6.6m Crystal Amber Note, Again; Cronos Launches 2 Medical Marijuana Oils In Australia; Creso CEO Miriam Halperin Wernli Below 5%; Suda Appoints Phillip Hains Joint Co-Sec; Alistair Warren Replaces Little Green Co-Sec Craig Basson
Race: Independent Mouse Study Backs Bisantrene For Cancer; Alterity, FDA Discuss Phase II ATH434 MSA Study Endpoints; Amplia: No Toxicities To Prevent AMP945 Phase I Trial; Redhill: UK Approves Opaganib Phase II/III Covid-19 Trial; Invion Receives 1st Guilin Pavay Cosmetics Order; Ellex Completes $97m Lumibird Laser, Ultrasound Sale; Orthocell Recruits Ortho-ATI Rotator Cuff Trial; Elixinol 1.36m Oliver Horn, Helen Wiseman Rights AGM; Factor Potential 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM; Resapp: Kenya’s Ilara Health Evaluates Resappdx; Australian Ethical Takes 12% Of Ellex; Pyxis Takes 6% Of Lifespot 
Neuren Raises $20m, Share Plan For $3m More; Immutep Doses Tacti-002 Study Part A; Avita US Move Completes July 1; Resapp US Defence Health Analytics Program Closes; Starpharma: DEP-Irinotecan Anti-Tumor Activity, In Mice; Amplia Requests ‘Tox Studies’ Trading Halt; Medlab: UK Orders 5k MG Optima Relax Marijuana Units; Resapp Launches Sleepcheck Apnoea Risk Application; Creso: 15m Shares To Mernova For Sales Licence Milestone; Thorney, Tiga Increases, Diluted To 13.9% Of Oventus; L1 Capital Takes 7.4% Of Creso; Little Green Pharma Ships Marijuana Oil To UK; Dr David Brookes Replaces Tali Director Mark Simari; Suda CEO Dr Michael Baker Appointed Director
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Race Oncology; Zucero: ZU545 ‘Potent Activity’ Against Covid-19, In-Vitro; Respiri, Edinburgh Uni Partner For Data; Ellex $100m Lumibird Laser, Ultrasound Sale Finalized; Lifespot: 42% Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Cogstate Appoints John Glueck Co-Co Sec
CSL Pays $656m+ For Uniqure’s AMT-061 For Haemophilia-B; Visioneering Share Plan Raises $1.1m; Total $6.1m; Suda: ASX Halts Cancer Drug Acquisition, Back-Door Listing; Lifespot: TGA Registers Fevertel Thermometers; Neuren Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Adherium 23m Director Options EGM; THC To Supply Marijuana To Medleaf NZ; Antanas Guoga Sells All 3.4m Opyl Shares
Pfizer $720m For Clinical-Stage Biotechs; Federal $36m For Rare Disease Projects; Rhinomed Underwritten Rights Raise $6.5m; Aroa 2-Day $45m IPO For Endoform Soft Tissue Regeneration; Mayne: US FDA Accepts E4/DRSP Contraceptive NDA; G Medical: 1st Italian Prizma Order; Botanix Resumes BTX1801 Recruitment; Althea: Drug Science Referral For UK Marijuana; Creso Ups Canada Medical, Party Marijuana Production; ‘Freeman Road’, Dr Ti Wan Ng Take 5% Of Heramed; Paradigm Loses Chair Graeme Kaufman; Simon Gray To Replace Ellex Co Sec Kimberley Menzies
Tali: Tali Detect Valid, Reliable Attention Diagnostic; Anatara: No Detach Partner By July; Invion: NZ Patent For Photodynamic Cancer Therapy; Clime Takes 9.1% Of Mach7; Australian Ethical Takes 5.5% Of Mach7; Eleanore Goodridge Reduces To 6.4% Of Noxopharm; MGC: 3-Year GMP Licence For Slovenian Facility
Victoria: Jaala Pulford Innovation, Medical Research Minister; Vic Aamri Welcomes 1st Dedicated Minister For Medical Research; THC Raises $6.6m, Share Plan For More; Dimerix Placement Raises $5.8m; Kazia: ‘Paxilisib Beats Temozolomide For Glioblastoma’; Tali Competes Monash Uni Research; Works With Duke; Imagion: 1st Magsense Breast Cancer Trial; Azure Prepares For IVB003 Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Emerald To Use Binah Tech For Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Monitoring; Patrys 1-For-3 Rights For $4.3m; Immutep Receives $1.4m R&D Tax Incentive; Federal Court Approves Avita US Move; GI Dynamics: EGM Backs ASX Delisting; Genetic Technologies: US Genetype Breast Cancer Test Patent; Althea, Collective To Manufacture Marijuana Beverages; MGC Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Medlab: Sean Hall 22%; Michael Hall 6%, Drew Townsend 6%; Star Bright Reduces To 21.6% Of Anteris (Admedus); Bionomics Chair Dr Errol De Souza Full-Time, Pro-Rata Pay Cut
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Emvision Medical Devices; Redhill Expands Euro Opaganib Covid-19 Trial, US Trial Begins; Opyl Raises $739k; Nuheara Begins Shipping 5k Iqbuds Max; Noxopharm: East Europe Covid-19 Trial; Immuron, CSIRO Work On US Defense Bacterial Preventatives; Sienna Appoints Aenorasis For hTERT In Greece, Cyprus; GI Dynamics $1.1m Crystal Amber Convertible Bridge Note; Imagion: 10m CEO ‘Performance’ Rights, 6m Options AGM; Director Peter Anastasiou Reduces To 7% Of Immuron; Cronos Loses Director, COO Peter Righetti
Victoria, First State, Roc $250m Business Fund; Oventus ‘Over-Subscribed’ Share Plan Raises $2m, Total $6.65m; Cynata 440-Patient, Phase III Cymerus Osteoarthritis Trial Approved; Anteris (Admedus) Receives $735k R&D Tax Incentive; Lifespot Placement Raises $300k; Telix Resumes Phase III Zircon Trial In Europe; Acrux, Amring Unnamed Generic Drug Deal; Resapp, Reckitt Benckiser Cough Diagnostic MOU; Dimerix Requests Capital Raising Halt; Patrys Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Opyl Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Emerald Requests ‘Real World Evidence Platform’ Halt; Pie Funds Takes 5% Of Probiotec; Director Dennis Eck Takes 10% Of Cellmid; Noxopharm Chair Dr Graham Kelly Increases, Diluted To 17%; Eleanore Goodridge Takes 8% Of Noxopharm; Esense, Wise Wine J-V For Terpene-Infused Sanitizer; MGC Sells Nutraceuticals To Onassis For $9m In Shares; Pharmaust: ‘WEHI Confirms Monepantel For Sars-Cov-2 In-Vitro’; Respiri Pays Ex-CEO Mario Gattino ‘Immaterial’ Settlement
MTP Claims Sector ‘Hit Hard’ By Covid-19; Biocurate, Uniseed Join Forces For Commercialization; Speedx: Roche To Distribute Infectious Disease Tests; Dimerix Completes Phase IIa DMX-200 For FSGS Trial Dosing; Starpharma: DEP-Lutetium ‘Significant For Cancer’ In Mice; Anteris (Admedus) Heart Valve Feasibility Pig Study; Prescient: 2 US PTX-200 Patents For Leukaemia, Breast Cancer; Zelira, Levin Marijuana For Athletes With Chronic Pain; Zelira 150% Directors Fees Hike EGM; Rhinomed: FIRB Okays Whitney George To Underwrite $6.5m; Race Agrees To Buy-Back $800k Dr Peter Molloy Loan Shares; GI Dynamics Extends $6.6m Crystal Amber Note, Again; Kenneth Biddick, Authentics Australia Below 5% In Immuron; Regal Funds Increases, Diluted To 10% Of Visioneering; CSL To Lose CFO David Lamont; Bio-Melbourne Network Appoints Jeff Malone CEO; Bio-Melbourne Forum On Fast Coronavirus Vaccine Project
Race: Bisantrene For AML ‘40% Overall Response’; Neuren: Acadia Resumes Phase III Trofinetide Rett Trial; Starpharma: Vivagel BV In Central, Eastern Europe; Memphasys: Felix Sperm Separator Sales ‘On-Track’; Resapp: Phenix Licences Resappdx-EU For Telehealth; Cellmid: $1.2m From Japan TV Hair Loss Sales; Respiri, Pharmacy Guild Asthma Management Course; G Medical CEO Dr Yacov Geva 10m Shares, 65m Rights AGM; Lifespot Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; THC Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Cynata CEO, Director Sell Shares; Australian Ethical Takes 11% Of Ellex; Investors Mutual Below 5% In Ellex; Australian Ethical Takes 17% Of Cogstate; FIL Takes 5% Of Starpharma; PYC: Chair Alan Tribe Aust Land 30%, Director Dr Hockings 9%; L1 ‘Below 5%’ In Creso; Holds 6.3%; Dr Darryl Maher Replaces Cynata Director Peter Webse, Co Sec; Ancila Desai Replaces IDT CFO, Co-Sec Joanna Johnson; Sinead Teague Replaces Exopharm Co Sec David Parker
Proteomics: ‘Promarkerd Significantly Predicts Renal Decline’; Avita Overwhelming Backs US Move; Noxopharm Underwritten Rights Raise $7.9m; Medlab Raises $5.4m, Share Plan For $4m More; Azure (Invictus) Prepares IVB001 Nafld, Nash Study; Cellmid: Wondfo Covid-19 Test 86% Sensitive; Doherty Says 69%; Perennial Takes 7.4% Of Atomo; One Funds Takes 8.4% Of Bluechiip; Cann Group Issues CSIRO 325k Shares For Marijuana R&D; Cann Global: ‘Marijuana Strain Stops MS In-Vitro’, Mice; MGC, IM Cannabis To Sell Marijuana Cannepil In Israel; THC: Cannatrek To Supply Dried Marijuana Flower; Esense, ANC J-V For Skin Care, Hair Care, Sanitizer; GI Dynamics Requests ‘Crystal Amber Note’ Trading Halt; Pharmaust Takes ‘Sars-Cov-2 Test Results’ To Suspension 
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Alcidion Group; S&P Indices: 14 Biotechs, Australian Ethical Up; 4 Down; Scopus: City Of Hope Drug, Paul Hopper’s Bioscience Oncology; TBG: ‘FDA Approves Sars-Cov-2 Test Emergency Use’; Exopharm Licences NY State, Santa Clara Uni Exosome IP; Mach7 Placement, Insto Rights Raise $23.4m; $11.4m To Go; Ellex: Lumibird $100m Laser, Ultrasound Sale By June 30; Race Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Esense Requests ‘Joint-Venture’ Trading Halt
ACCC Allows Lumibird Ellex Lasers, Ultrasound Acquisition; Azure Acquires Invictus; Redhill Applies For Russia Opaganib Covid-19 Trial; Medlab 1st Nanocbd Patient; ‘Capital Raising’ Halt; Creso Welcomes Israel Marijuana Legalization Proposals; Sienna, Bard1: Federal Court Approves Merger; Lifespot Appoints Bodytel Software Distributor; Proteomics Requests ‘Results’ Trading Halt; Pharmaust Requests ‘Sars-Cov-2 Test Results’ Trading Halt; Cann Global: 3rd ‘Research Initiatives’ Suspension Extension; Fil Increases, Diluted To 7.4% Of Adherium; Jamber Increases, Diluted To 8.5% In Creso
Opthea Claims OPT-302 DME ‘Non-Significant’ Success; Bio-Melbourne: Dr Andrea Douglas Wins Leadership Award; Adalta Ready For AD-214 For Lung Disease Trial; Telix: New TLX591-CDx Data For US NDA; Immuron Pleads Schultz To ASX 442% Price Query; Mach7 Capital Raise To Buy Client Outlook For $41m; Micro-X Submits 510(K) To FDA For Rover Mobile X-Ray; Medibio Placement Raises $500k, Rights For $1.5m More; Rhinomed: Unnamed US Drug Store Orders Pronto Clear; Painchek Applies For Canada Pain Assessment Clearance; Avita Scheme Meeting To Move To The US; Osprey Option Exercise Dates; Creso Completes Due Diligence To Sell Marijuana In Canada; Adherium: Trudell 15%, One Funds 8%, Phillip Thematic 5.5%; Orthocell Appoints Dr Leslie Wise Executive Director
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Volpara Health Technologies; CSL, UQ, CEPI Collaborate On Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate; Atomo: Rapid Covid-19 Test Australasia Distribution Rights; Heramed Raises $2.3m; Share Plan For $1.5m More; Painchek Receives 2nd $1.25m Federal Payment; LBT Cuts Costs, Reduces Work Week, Pay 20%; FIRB, Federal Approval For Avita US Move; Cyclopharm AGM Votes On 1m M-D Incentive, Loan Shares; Medibio Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Suda Takes ‘Licencing, Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Proteomics Requests ‘Clarification’ Trading Halt; JM Financial, No Plan B Increase, Diluted To 14% Of Mach7
Dimerix DMX-200 Joins Remap-Cap Global Covid-19 Ards Study; ASIC: Insider Trading - Ex-Sirtex CEO Gilman Wong 3 Year Bond; Azure Notes Raise $1.7m For Invictus; Correction: Paradigm; Clarification: Impedimed; LBT Apas Independence For MRSA 6-Month FDA Delay; Osprey Requests ‘Shortfall Placement’ Trading Halt; Pfizer Australia Hosts ‘Post-Covid-19’ Webinar; Lazard Takes 5% In Mayne; Regeneus Loses 5-Year Director Dr Glen Richards; Zelira US CEO Dr Oludare Odumosu Starts On $217k; Cellmid: ‘Emergence Deal For Covid-19 Tests’; Pharmaust: ‘Monepantel Suppresses Sars-Cov-2 50-95% In-Vitro’
Clarity: 67cu-Sartate FDA ‘Rare Disease’ For Neuroblastoma; Impedimed: BIS ‘Significant Lymphoedema Detection’; Nuheara: $2m In Iqbuds Max Pre-Orders; Medlab Receives 1st Nanabis From Tasmanian Alkaloids; Creso: DHS To Distribute Cannaqix Marijuana In Brazil; Impression Drops Mouthguards For Marijuana; Cann Global 2nd ‘Research Initiatives’ Extension Suspension; Regal Funds Reduce To 6% Of Medical Developments; Regal Funds Reduce To 10.7% Of Opthea; Perennial Takes 6.4% Of Atomo; Paradigm: Dr Jeannie Joughin COO, Dr Michael Imperiale Safety; Mayne Appoints Toni Nesci Head Of Contract Services
Federal $66m For Covid-19 Projects; Applications Open For $2.5m CSL Centenary Fellowships; Avita Submits Pivotal Recell For Vitiligo IDE To US FDA; Bionomics Apeiron, Rights To Raise $22m, 2 Directors, 50% Fee Hike; Resapp: German Hospital To Evaluate Resappdx-Eu; COPD Study; Sienna: Triolab Sweden hTERT Bladder Cancer Test Distributor; Respiri Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Lazard Below 5% In Mayne; Anthony Grist, Oaktone Reduce, Diluted To 5.3% Of Invex; Invex Chair Dr Jason Loveridge Below 5%; Regal Funds Reduces To 11.4% Of Visioneering; Elixinol Chair Paul Benhaim, Raw With Life Diluted To 28%; D&G, David Newman, Gabriel Ettenson Reduce To 6% Of Elixinol; Telix Appoints Dr Colin Hayward Chief Medical Officer; Clarity Appoints Dr Michael Ironside Director Of Operations; Dimerix Requests ‘Covid-19 Trial Opportunity’ Trading Halt; Pharmaust Takes ‘Sars-Cov-2 Results’ Halt To Suspension; Impression Marijuana, Hydroxychloroquine Ards Mouse Trial
Biotech Fully Recovered: May BDI-40 Up 14%, ASX200 4%; Big Caps Down 6%; Vaxxas: Merck $18m For No Needle Vaccine, Harro Höfliger; Protagonist Early Data Backs PTG-300 For Polycythemia Vera; Pro Medicus $22m Northwestern Memorial Visage 7 Deal; Mesoblast: 2010 Osiris Data Backs Stems Cells For COPD, Ards; Nuheara Share Plan Raises $4.5m; Oncosil: Singapore Approval For Pancreatic Cancer; Kazia: 1 Paxilisib Glioblastoma Patient Progression-Free; Immutep: Tacti-002 - IMP321 Improves Efficacy For Cancers; Immutep: 4 Of 12 Patients Partial Response To IMP321, Avelumab; Noxopharm: 10 Of 16 Reduce Pain In Veyonda Prostate Study; Creso Placement Raises $2.1m; Micro-X Completes Rover Mobile X-Ray Tests For Military Hospitals; Heramed Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Suda Requests ‘Licencing Transaction’ Trading Halt; THC Completes Tetra Medical Marijuana Acquisition; Visioneering: 22% Oppose Placement Facility; Regal Funds Reduces To 7% Of Medadvisor; Prescient Appoints Dr Allen Ebens Director; Race Appoints Phillip Lynch Director; Cellmid Appoints Dr Dominic Burg COO
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Nanosonics; Volpara Receipts Up 153% To $12m, Loss Up 73% To $19m; Immutep Receives $3.6m French R&D Tax Incentive; Acrux: Trupharma 6 Products US Distributor; Micro-X Ships $500k Nano Units In May; Mayne: Mithra To Supply E4/DRSP Contraceptive In Australia; THC Prescribes 1st Australian Marijuana; Niv Dagan, Freedom Trader, 10 Bolivianos Take 9.4% Of Lifespot; Micro-X Loses Co Sec Georgina Carpendale; Medadvisor Loses Simon Chamberlain, Victor Kovalev; Osprey 250% ‘Incentive’ Shares Hike In Lieu Of Fees AGM; Pharmaust Requests ‘Sars-Cov-2 Pre-Clinical Results’ Halt 
Federal $9.5m For Endometriosis; Mesoblast YTD Revenue Up 113% To $48m, Loss Down 34% To $68m; Imugene: Mimotope Vaccine Identifies PD1 Cancer Antibodies; CSL Leases Swiss Facility To Thermo Fisher; Osprey: Dyevert Reduces Contrast-Induced Kidney Injury; Cryosite Pleads Schultz To ASX 57% Query; ASX Misses 57%; Palla Tells AGM: $1.3b EU Codeine Market; G Medical Clarifies News Article: Not ASX Delisting; Stemcell, Temasek Seagrape Farming Deal; Esense, Sealaria J-V For Terpene, Red Algae Sanitizer; Invex: Forrest, Tattarang 11%; JK, Tisia 6%; McAuliffe Below 5%; Mark Licciardo Replaces Palla Co Sec Jaime Pinto; Situations Vacant: Medical Developments - International BDM
Cynata ‘Pleased’ By $11m Bids For $2m Plan; Total $8.4m; Genetic Technologies Raises $12m; CSL Rolls Out Additional Influenza Vaccine Supplies; Cyclopharm: FDA Approval To File NDA For Technegas; Neuren Loses Chair Dr Richard Treagus To BTC Health; Suda: ‘Spray Increases Anagrelide Bioavailability’; Recce Pleads Schultz To ASX 54% Price Query; Respiri: 65% Refuse Director Termination Benefits; Medibio, Partners For Health Settle Legal Action; GI Dynamics: ASX Consent To Delist; Acrux Requests ‘Licence’ Trading Halt; Creso Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; M&G Reduces To 12% Of Mesoblast 
Prescient Licences U-Penn, Oxford Uni Tech For Omnicar; Cyclopharm: 1st Technegas Sales In Russia; Imagion: ‘Magsense Manufacture On-Time Despite Covid-19’; Oncosil Rights, Shortfall Raise $5m; Total $19m; Elixinol Rights Raise $5.6m; Total $10.9m; Bioscience Managers Raise $5m For Adherium; LBT Draws Down Final South Australia Government $1.5m; Tasmanian Alkaloids Manufactures Zelira Marijuana Products; MGC: Israel Phase IIb Cannepil Epilepsy Trial; Palla Terminates UK Codeine Customer Acquisition; Owed $3.5m; Cann Group, IDT Supply Marijuana Products To Astral, Iuvo; Shunho Terminates Elixinol Hemp Foods Acquisition; Impression Name Change, 7.5m Shares, 205m Options, 32m Rights EGM; GI Dynamics ‘ASX Delisting’ Trading Halt; Allianz Takes 5% Of Starpharma; Lazard Takes 5% Of Mayne; Medical Developments Appoints Christine Emmanuel Director
Uniseed $3.5m For Ferronova Cancer Detection; Exopharm: ‘Plexaris Improves Anti-Cancer Drug In-Vitro’; Correction: Invex; Mesoblast: 3 Trials Support Ryoncil (Remstemcel-L) For GvHD; Medical Developments: Hungary Approves Penthrox For Pain; Resonance Files Provisional Patent For Liver Disease; Nyrada: ‘Compounds Reach Mouse Brain, Block Calcium Build-Up’; Goodbye Admedus, Hello Anteris; Proteomics Receives $200k For Covid-19 Research; Aeroflow Hires Regional Health For Oventus O2Vent; Blackcrane Reduces To 6% Of Avita; Carestream Below 5% In Micro-X; Anteotech Progresses Silicon Lithium Batteries; Prescient Takes ‘Material Licence’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Cann Global Extends ‘Research Initiatives’ Suspension
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Invex Therapeutics; Antisense: ‘ATL1102 Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Success’; Invex Placement Raises $26.2m; Applications Open For $316k Victoria Prizes, Fellowships; Botanix 39m Directors ‘Incentive’ Options EGM; Cellmid EGM Faces 13% Dissent Against Broker Options; Impedimed Pleads Schultz, ‘Broker Reports’ To ASX 37% Query; G Medical Receives $1.35m US Paycheck Protection Loan; Paul Cozzi Takes 14.5% Of Cardiex; Opyl Takes ‘Contracts’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Probiotec: Sandy Beard Chair, Jonathan Wenig Director; Cardiex Appoints CFO, Co Sec Jarrod White Director
4D: FDA Clears XV Lung Ventilation Analysis Software; Vivazome, Cytiva Deal For Exosome Purification Technology; TBG: CE Mark For Sars-Cov-2, Covid-19 Tests; Sienna Appoints Zotal For hTERT Bladder Cancer In Israel; Alterity: ‘ATH434 Potential MSA Efficacy In Humans’; Prescient Requests ‘Material Licence’ Trading Halt; Caledonia Reduces, Diluted To 6.6% Of Alcidion; THC: Canndeo Marijuana Available By Script In Australia
Federal $400m For 267 Medical Research Projects; Invex: ‘Exanatide Significant Reduction In ICP’; Clarity: 64Cu-Sartate For Neuroblastoma FDA Orphan Status; G Medical ECG Patch Wins FDA Covid-19 ‘Emergency Use Status’; Imagion, Siemens Work On Nanoparticle MRI Contrast; Mach7: Qatar’s Hamad Medical $4.2m Imaging Renewal; Suda: Japan Patent For Anagrelide For Cancer; Opyl: ‘Covid-19 Puts Focus On Digital Data’; Trading Halt; Heramed, Freeman Road, Phi Pilot Foetal Heart Monitor Studies; Antisense Requests ‘ATL1102 DMD Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Cann Global Takes ‘Research Initiatives’ Halt To Suspension; Regal Funds Below 5% Of Oncosil; Race Loses Founder, CEO Dr Peter Molloy
US Court Denies Cochlear Patent Appeal, To Pay $429m; Amplia: AMP945 Wins FDA Orphan Status For IPF; Imagion Nanoparticles For HIV Treatment; BTC Infusion Kit Orders Follow Elective Surgery Rules; Admedus Starts Adapt Anti-Calcification Rat Trial; M&G Reduces To 12.5% Of Mesoblast; Oneventures Appoints Dr John Westwater, Kelly Constable; Justyn Stedwell Replaces Lifespot Director Andreas Empl; Impression Appoints Rugby’s James Graham TBI Advisor; Noxopharm: ‘FDA Pre-IND NOX66 For Covid-19 Trial Submission’
MTP Connect: ‘Apply Now For Federal Covid-19 Funds’; Patrys: $2.85m US Grant For PAT-DX1 Inventor; Kyocera Pays Regeneus $1.5m For Progenza OA Due Diligence; Canada’s Careica Health To Refer Oventus O2Vent For Apnoea; Imugene Releases 22m Escrow Shares; GI Dynamics Extends $6.6m Crystal Amber Note To June; Perennial Takes 5% Of Micro-X; Race Requests ‘M-D Dr Peter Molloy Tenure’ Trading Halt; G Medical Requests ‘Product Registration’ Trading Halt; Cann Global Requests ‘Research Initiatives’ Trading Halt; Genetic Technologies Nasdaq Extension; Board Changes
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Telix Pharmaceuticals; Cellmid Responds To Article, Extends Response Suspension; Telix: Pharmalogic To Distribute TLX591-CDx In The US; Thorney, TIGA Take 7% Of Micro-X; GI Dynamics Receives $302k US Covid-19 Paycheck Loan
Race, Newcastle Uni Work On Bisantrene Breast Cancer Combo; Anteotech, Axxin Develop Sepsis Multiplex Assay; Nuheara Surpasses 4k Iqbuds Max Pre-Orders; Mach7 $4.8m HAHK Software Order; Telix, FDA Meet For Phase III TLX591 Prostate Cancer Trial; Emvision Restarts Portable Brain Scanner Stroke Trial
Industry: ‘Federal Jobkeeper For Pre-Revenue Companies’; AAMRI: Research Losing Non-Government Funding; Orthocell Submits Celgro FDA 510(K) Application; Pharmaust: Monepantel ‘Success’ - 1 Dog Tumor Reduced; Suda Adds Drug Supplier To Zolpimist TGA Application; Memphasys Share Trading Increases In Germany; Simavita Extends $1.4m Notes Date To December; THC Acquires Tetra Health For $3m In Cash, Equity; Bod Receives UK Scripts From Project Twenty21 Patients; Paradigm Directors Sell 4.5m Shares To ‘Offshore Investors’; Clime Takes 7% Of Mach7; MGC Extends ‘Distribution Agreement’ Suspension
Micro-X ‘Underwritten’ Rights Raise $1.8m Of $6.25m; Rhinomed 1-For-2 Rights Offer For $6.5m; Mesoblast Requests ‘Financing’ Trading Halt; Cochlear: 60% April Sales Fall, Some Reopening, Kids First; Emerald Data Platform Earns $100k For Covid-19 Analyses; Admedus Implants 2nd SAVR Heart Valve Trial Patient; Queensland Clinic Evaluates Resappdx-EU Respiratory Test; Prescient Gains IP Rights To Carina Car-T Cell; Cellmid Takes ‘Media Article’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Bionomics: $10.4m Loan Repayments Deferred 6 Months; Avita: Court Approves Move To US EGM; Karst Peak, Adam Leitzes, Vermillion Below 5% In Avita; FIL Takes 8% Of Genetic Signatures; Walker Reduces To 8% Of Atomo; Allan Gray Reduces To 11% Of Impedimed; FIL Increases, Diluted To 9.5% Of Resapp; Creso Starts Canada Marijuana Sales; Trading Halt; Elixinol: Product Label Class-Action Dismissed; Little Green To Begin Marijuana Extract Production; MGC Takes ‘Distribution Agreement’ Halt To Suspension; Imagion Appoints Dianne Angus Director; Patrys Appoints Dr Peter Ordentlich Advisor
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cyclopharm; Federal $16.2m For Ovarian Cancer Research; Cynata Cymerus Stem Cell Covid-19 Trial Approved; South Australia Extends LBT $4m Loan Date; Australian Patent For Painchek Smartphone Pain Assessment; Heramed Appoints Medtech Edge Heracare Distributor; Elixinol Sells Nunyara Land For $2.6m; Pharmaust Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; THC Requests ‘Acquisition’ Trading Halt; M-D Peter Rowland Below 5% In Micro-X; CM Capital, Australian Super Below 5% In Osprey; Noxopharm Appoints Fred Bart Director
CSL $1.2b Loan; Atomo: NG Biotech Orders 422k More Covid-19 Tests; Neuren Starts 1st NNZ-2591 Clinical Trial; Starpharma: DEP-Irinotecan ‘Safe’, Phase II Cancer Trial; Japan Patent For Immutep IMP321 Cancer Combination; Total Brain Receives $1.4m In US, Australian Covid-19 Relief; Cellmid Requests ‘Media Article’ Trading Halt; Noxopharm Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; MGC Requests ‘Distribution Agreement’ Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Reduces To 10.3% Of Antisense; Australian Ethical Takes 6.6% Of Immutep; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah Take 6.6% Of Stemcell United; Auscann To Lose 12-Month CEO Ido Kanyon; Stemcell United Appoints Alan Dronkers ‘Marijuana Advisor’ 
Tessara Raises $2.7m To Grow 3-D Brain Tissue; Kazia Share Plan Raises $1.8m; Total $9m; CSL Develops Covid-19 Immunoglobulin For Sars-Cov-2; Mesoblast Doses 1st Remestemcel-L Covid-19 Ards Patients; Cogstate $3.8m US Paycheck Protection Loan; Impedimed $1.8m US Paycheck Protection Loan; Respiri $1m Share Plan Raises $3.14m; Total $5.14m; Elixinol Institutional Rights Raise $5.3m; Retail For $5.6m More; Sienna Appoints Scientle NZ hTERT Bladder Cancer Test Distributor; Resapp Receives Handheld, Wearable Device Files; G Medical: Florida’s All County To Distribute Prizma; Bod: Health & Happiness Orders $1.4m Marijuana For UK; Emvision CEO Dr Ron Weinberger Promoted To M-D
Vivazome Licences Adelaide Uni Stem Cells For Exosomes; Pharmaxis Resubmits Cystic Fibrosis Bronchitol NDA To FDA; TBG: China Lifts Export Ban On Covid-19 Tests; Medical Developments Penthrox For Netherlands, Bosnia; Elixinol 1-For-2.51 Rights To Raise $11m At 48% Discount; Rhinomed Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; G Medical: TGA Approves Vital Sign Monitor Patch; Impedimed Appoints David Anderson Director; MGC Starts Artemic For Covid-19 Trial
Recce-327: ‘Significantly Reduces Gonorrhoeae In Mice’; IDMC Okays Imugene Phase II Her-Vaxx Cancer Study; Oncosil Placement, Rights Offer To Raise $19m; Oncosil Files For Approval In Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia; Nuheara 60% Underwritten Share Plan For $2.5m; Carl Zeiss Pays Optiscan Final $171k Convivo Milestone; Kazia Extends Share Plan For Late Applications; GI Dynamics Potential Delisting, Extends Crystal Amber Note; Neuroscienfitic: ‘Emtinb Not Toxic’; Bod: 1st UK Marijuana Medicabilis Prescriptions; Allan Gray Reduces, Diluted To 12% Of Impedimed; Paradice Investments Diluted To 6.5% Of Impedimed; Regal Funds Reduces To 12% Of Visioneering; Noxopharm Chair Dr Graham Kelly Increases, Diluted To 21%; Eleanore Goodridge Increases, Diluted To 7% In Noxopharm; Pharmaxis Appoints Dr Neil Graham Director; Oncosil Appoints Nigel Lange EMEA Head
Biotech Bounces Back: April BDI-40 Up 28%, ASX200 9%, Big Caps 3.5%; Correction: Atomo Diagnostics; Federal Government, Minderoo $67m For Childhood Cancer; Resmed Q3 Revenue Up 16% To $1,191m, Profit Up 47% To $291m; 4DX, Adelaide Uni, SAHMRI Develop Covid-19 ‘Field’ Ventilators; Telix Submits TLX591-CDX Prostate Cancer Euro File; Clinuvel Prepares US Scenesse For Vitiligo Application; Ellex: ‘ACCC To Review Lumibird Acquisition’; Oventus $4.65m Placement, Share Plan For $2m More; G Medical ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $6m; Neurotech Pleads ‘Covid-19 Tests’ To ASX 71% Query; Opyl Receives $201k R&D Tax Incentive; Medigard: ‘Lack Of Cash Threatens Kunovus KT009 Licence’; Althea: Nimbus To Sell Marijuana In Germany; Baillie Gifford Reduces To 6% Of Cochlear; Australian Ethical Diluted To 6% Of Impedimed; Perennial Reduces To 5% Of Atomo
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Atomo Diagnostics; Mesoblast Starts Remestemcel-L Covid-19 Trial; Genetic Signatures: Sars-Cov-2 Test Record $1.8m Q3 Revenue; Paradigm Completes Zilosul US Program, MPS-1 Orphan Status; Cogstate Wins $1.3m For Memory Impairment Test; Uscom, A&D Partner For New Uscom BP+ Module; THC $4m Mitchell Loan; Nuheara Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Elixinol Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Takes 7.8% Of Impedimed; Bellwether Takes 5% Of Bluechiip; Medibio Files FDA 510k Medsleep ‘Sleep Stage’ Application; Respiri Talks Wheezo With Practice Innovators; Noxopharm Claims: 4 Of 15 Patients ‘Abscopal Response’
Cochlear $50m Share Plan Raises $220m; Total $1.1b; Immutep Placement Raises $12m; Osprey Wins $2m US Covid-19 Paycheck Protection Loan; Osprey Rights Raise $10.2m Of Hoped-For $15.5m; Visioneering: $5m Placement; Share Plan For $1m More; Adherium, Monaghan US Sales Deal For Hailie Sensors; Oncosil Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; G Medical Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Allan Gray Reduces To 17% Of Impedimed
Immutep: 9 Of 17 Tacti-002 Patients Respond To IMP321, Keytruda; Impedimed Retail Rights Raise $8.2m; Total $18.2m Of $24.9m; Pharmaxis Plans Phase II PXS-5505 Myelofibrosis Trial; Thailand Approves Medical Developments Penthrox; Qbiotics Euro Launch Of Stelfonta For Dog Cancer; Imagion Follow-On Placement Scaled-Back; Total Raised $2.5m; Azure, Invictus Fail Spread Rule For $10m Raising; Probiotec: Covid-19 Swings & Roundabouts; MGC $3.5m Placement; Auscann THC, CBD Marijuana Study Begins; Oventus Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; GI Dynamics Has One Quarter Cash; Neurotech 2nd Extension Of ‘ASX Price Query’ Suspension; Australian Ethical Reduces To 11% Of Antisense; Regal Takes 6% Of Micro-X; MGC Claims 2nd Israel Artemic ‘Covid-19’ Trial Site
Imugene To Start Phase I Vaxinia, PD1-Vaxx Trials This Year; Telix, Osaka Develop 2nd Generation TLX101 For Cancers; Immutep Requests Placement Trading Halt; Medadvisor Launches Telehealth, Home Delivery Service; Heramed: FDA Allows Herabeat Sales Amid Covid-19; Oventus Claims Covid-19 Benefits Sales; 6 New Sites; Australia, Japan Allow Cellmid Évolis Patent For Alopecia; Tasmanian Alkaloids Supplies Marijuana To Avecho; Australian Ethical Reduces To 12% Of Antisense; Elixinol CEO Oliver Horn Starts On $395k; Immuron Directors Cash Cut, Replaced With Shares; Avecho Appoints Dr Paul Gavin CEO, Dr Roksan Libinaki COO
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals; Mesoblast: MSCs Show Ventilator-Dependent Covid-19 Benefit; Correction Onko-Innate; Cardiex: 4 New Waveforms A ‘Major Milestone’; Botanix: Cannabinoid BTX1801 For Infections Wins FDA QIDP; Ellex EGM Backs Asset Sale, Name Change To Nova Eye Medical; Imagion Requests ‘Placement Correction’ Trading Halt; MGC Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Adherium Appoints Mike Motion CEO, Anne Bell CFO; Global Health Takes 11% Of Atomo; Peter Rubinstein, Irwin, Rip Below 5% In Genetic Technologies
Onko-Innate, Gilead, Kite Work On NK Cancer Immunotherapies; Imagion ‘Oversubscribed’ Rights Raise $3m; Clinuvel, Winhealth Launch Scenesse For EPP In China; Canada Special Access Use Of Polynovo’s Novosorb BTM; SDI: Covid-19 50% Profit Warning, Cost Cutting; Admedus: More Than Two Quarters Cash; Recce: ‘Recce-327 Reduces MRSA Load, Heals Wounds In Rats’; Visioneering Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Cryosite Director Andrew Kroger Takes 40.3%; TDM Growth Partners Takes 23% Of Somnomed; G Medical Hires Fosun, Boustead For Nasdaq IPO; Polynovo Appoints CEO Paul Brennan Managing Director; Impression To Trial Marijuana IHL-216A For Brain Injury; Noxopharm Claims Isoflavonoid For Glioblastoma
Doherty Starts 2,500 Patient ‘Ascot’ Covid-19 Trial; Redhill Provides RHB-107 To US Agency For Sars-Cov-2; Emvision: ‘Preliminary Brain Images Correlate With CT, MRI’; Polynovo Novosorb BTM: ‘Up To 100% Wound Closure’; Volpara Placement Raises $28m; $7m Share Plan To Go; Genetic Technologies Raises $2.3m, Total $5.3m; Avita To Move To Us; Visioneering Receives $1.6m US Covid-19 Relief Loan; NSW Expands Impedimed Sozo Lymphoedema Prevention Program; Invitrocue Wins CE Mark For Onco-PDO Cancer Test; US Patent For Tali Attention Deficit Products; Adherium, Planet Innovation Develop Remote Sensors; Livecare To Distribute G Medical Prizma Device; Cardiex Requests ‘Sensor Development’ Trading Halt; Platinum Diluted To 10% Of Kazia; Cann Group 5-Year Marijuana Supply Agreement With Pure Cann; Neurotech Extends ‘ASX Price Query’ Suspension; Noxopharm Receives $409k From Cancelled Loan; Elixinol: Oliver Horn In, Stratos Karousos Out, Helen Wiseman; More Covid-19 Claims: Medlab, Noxopharm
Biotech Daily Editorial: Covid-19 Spruikers, Please Stop !
TGA Approves Osteopore Bone Void Fillers; Sienna Licences Sub-B2m For Cancer From Adelaide Uni; Recce-327 ‘Significant’ Anti-Influenza Activity In Mice; Neuroscientific: Mitsubishi To Manufacture Emtinb; Rhinomed Receives $337k R&D Tax Incentive; Bard1 Receives $464k R&D Tax Incentive; Re-Analysis Backs Impedimed BIS For Lymphoedema Prevention; Cynata Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Avita Requests ‘Re-organization’ Trading Halt; Atomo: Kelly 13%, Walker 10%, Perennial 6%, Ellerston 6%; Craig Darby Takes 12% Of Emerald Clinics; Creso Pays Cohen $409k, Takes $1m Lind Facility; Abby Macnish Replaces Neuroscientific Co Sec Thomas Spencer
Atomo IPO Opens Up 95% With Covid-19 Antibody Test Orders; Starpharma: ‘SPL7013 Inhibits Sars-Cov-2 Infection Of Cells’; Recce Requests ‘Anti-Viral Results’ Trading Halt; Osteopore Requests ‘Regulatory Approval’ Trading Halt; Goodbye Benitec; Proteomics CE Mark For Promarkerd Immunoassay; Mayne US NDA For E4-DRSP Oral Contraceptive; Clinuvel Launches Scenesse In US; Botanix Drops Dermatology For Antimicrobial Targets; Acrux Corrects ‘Non-Material’ TGA Deficiencies; Batavia Develops Immutep Imp761 Cell Line; Adherium, HGE Work On Remote COPD Management; Anteotech Receives $967k R&D Tax Incentive; Regal Funds Takes 11% Of IDT
Volpara, Ambry Partner For On-Line Genetic Testing Orders; Impression: Marijuana, Hydroxychloroquine For Covid-19 Ards; Invion: ‘Photosoft Anti-Tumor Response In Mice’; Allegra Has Orders For 105k Face Shields; Nuheara: Malaysia Resumes Post-Covid-19 Iqbuds Production; Impedimed Launches Heart Failure, Kidney Disease Sozo Software; Bionomics Recruits 90-Patient BNC105 Colorectal Cancer Trial; MGC: Swiss Micelle Deal ‘Nothing To Do With Covid-19’; TBG Tells ASX: ‘Miscommunication’ On Now-Banned Covid-19 Test; Anteotech Pleads Schultz, RDTI To ASX 42% Query; Micro-X Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Little Green Exports ‘1st Australian Marijuana Oil’; Simavita: Dussman 21%, Thirty-Fifth 6%, Chevron Diluted To 13%; Stemcell Appoints Dr Kevin Yee Chang Chinese Medicine Advisor; Benitec Appoints Edward Smith Director
TGA Approves Genetic Signatures Sars-Cov-2 Test Kit; Cellmid Receives 12k Wondfo China Covid-19 Antibody Tests; FDA Waives Cyclopharm $4.5m Technegas NDA Fee; Avecho, Purisys Deal For TPM Marijuana; Painchek FDA Pre-De Novo Application; Bioxyne Directors 50% Pay Cut, Revenue Up 7%; Respiri, Phenix Partner For Wheezo Telehealth; Esense Everblu Loan Notes, Placement Raise $1.15m; Creso Issues 10.8m Collateral Shares To L1 Capital; Bod Launches 4 Marijuana CBD Capsules In UK; Admedus 2nd Name Change (To Anteris), Staff Incentives AGM; Telix 200k CEO Options AGM; Creso, Highnoon, Route 2 Pakistan Marijuana Distributors; G Medical Reconsidering Nasdaq Listing; Jencay Takes 8% Of Ellex; Neurotech Takes ‘ASX Price Query’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Adherium Appoints James Ward-Lilley Chair, Mike Motion COO
CSL, SAB Partner For Covid-19; Plasma, Finance Update; Mesoblast Trials Remestemcel-L For Covid-19 Ards; Bard1 To Acquire Sienna; Kazia Raises $7.2m, Share Plan For More; Platinum Takes 12.6% Of Kazia; Recce Phase I Safety Trial Of Recce-327 Antibiotic; Eye Co: Covid-19 Puts Fludrocortisone Study On Hold; Medibio Completes 4th Compass Ilumen Pilot Study; Neurotech Requests ‘ASX Price Query’ Trading Halt; Esense-Lab Extends Everblu $50k Notes Loan Suspension; Cryosite Director Andrew Kroger Takes 40.2%; Genetic Technologies Chair Dr Muchnicki, MJGD, JCM Below 5%; Probiotec Chair Geoff Pearce Retires
Adherium: ‘Untimely Death Of Chair Thomas Lynch’; US EPA Approves Next Science LMN8 Surface Disinfectant; FDA Expedites Cochlear Nucleus 7 Remote Check; Paradigm Raises $35m; Imagion Receives $2.2m R&D Tax Incentive; Telix: Cardinal For TLX591-CDx For Prostate Cancer US Sales; Polynovo: Australia Grants 4 Novosorb Patents; Immutep: EOC Advances IMP321 For Breast Cancer In China; Uscom, Uni Of Tasmania Partner For ‘Ideal’ BP Study; PYC: ‘CPP Safe, Less Toxic In Mice’; ASX Suspends MGC For Swiss Marijuana Covid-19 J-V Queries; G Medical Extends Magna Notes To April 30; US FDA Grants G Medical Prizma O-T-C Approval 
Micro-X Wins $1.2m Covid-19 Orders For Nano X-Ray Systems; CSL, Takeda Lead Covid-19 ‘Hyperimmune’ Alliance; Redhill: Italy Okay For Opaganib For Covid-19, Israeli Treated; Zelira: Marijuana ZLT-101 ‘Effective For Insomnia’; Polynovo: ‘Novosorb BTM Beats Burns Benchmark’; Polynovo: ‘Despite Covid-19, Q3 Sales Up’; $9m Loan Facility; Proteomics Expands To Sars-Cov-2, Retinopathy, Cancer; Nuheara Iqbuds Max US, EU, Canada, Australasia Approvals; Volpara: 2020 ‘Annual Recurring Revenue’ Up 172%; Kazia: Paxalisib ‘Meaningful Extension Of Life’; Finance; Cellmid Pleads ‘Ignorance’ To ASX Query; $6m Placement; Cochlear: Up To 30% Covid-19 Director, Executive Pay Cuts; Optiscan Pleads Schultz To ASX 87% Query; Althea’s Peak Processing Canada Marijuana Application; Creso Delivers $215k Of Anibidiol To Virbac; Esense-Lab Takes $50k Everblu Loan Halt To Suspension; Amplia Releases 18.5m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Lumyna Below 5% In Oncosil
FDA Clears Mesoblast Remestemcel-L For Covid-19 Ards; FDA Clears Admedus Adapt Cardiac Expansion; Genetic Technologies Raises $3m; Resonance Files FDA 510(K) For Hepafat-AI; Avita: Treatments Continue Despite Covid-19; Q3 Revenue Up; Rhinomed Expands US Products, Distribution; Medlab, Randall Food Additives Deal; FDA Tells Paradigm: ‘2 Phase III Trials’, Capital Raising; China Bans TBG Unregistered Covid-19 Test Export; Rhythm Passes ISO13485 Audit; G Medical Prizma Italian Registration, Taiwan Permit; Cellmid Takes Capital Raising Trading Halt To Suspension; Perennial Takes 9% Of Genetic Signatures; Regal Funds Takes 8% Of Medadvisor; Elixinol: Benhaim Chair; Horn In; Duff, Ellery Out; Resapp Appoints Dr Michael Stein Director; MGC Reduces Salaries Up-To 50%
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: TBG Diagnostics; Atomo ‘Oversubscribed’ IPO Raises $30m, EU Covid-19 Test Sales; Impedimed: Pay Cuts, US SEC ‘No Action’, Opportunity Talks; Impedimed Institutional Rights Raise $10m; Osprey Part-Underwritten Rights Offer For $15.5m; Telix Completes Belgium Facility Purchase; Dimerix Takes $1m Radium R&D Tax Incentive Loan; Emvision: ‘Covid-19 Pauses Patient Enrolment’; Factor Rebuffs Ramcap J-V ‘Preliminary’ Proposal; Polynovo Requests Trial Result, Funding Trading Halt; Veritas Takes 5.6% Of Cochlear; Tribeca Below 5% In Bod Australia; Azure Extends Invictus Raising Closing Date, Delisting; Esense-Lab $50k Everblu Capital Loan For Working Capital; MGC 7th Marijuana Covid-19 J-V Suspension Extension
CSIRO Begins Testing Covid-19 Vaccines; Impedimed Rights For $25m; Genetic Technologies $3m US Placement; Orthocell: ‘Ortho-ATI Patient Symptom-Free At 12 Months’; Bard1, Griffith Uni Work On Cancer Diagnostics; Rhythm Colorectal Cancer Test ‘Key Biomarker’ Validated; Neuren: Israel Patent For Trofinetide; Avita: 9 Recell Burns Abstracts Published; IDT Completes Marijuana Oil Stability Testing; Cellmid Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Paradigm Requests ‘US FDA Update’ Trading Halt; Australian Ethical Reduces To 13.5% Of Antisense; Medadvisor Director Josh Swinnerton Reduces To 6%; TDM Takes 23% Of Somnomed; Visioneering: ‘Covid-19 Cuts Staff, Delays Launches’; MGC 6th Marijuana Covid-19 J-V Suspension Extension 
Covid-19 Hits All Indices: March BDI-40 Down 23%, ASX200 21%, Big Caps 5%; CE Mark For Genetic Signatures Sars-Cov-2 Detection Kit; Alcidion $1.5m, 5-Year Extension To NHS Fife Patientrack Deal; US FDA Accepts Mesoblast Ryoncil GvHD Application, Priority; Osprey Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Dorsavi, Theranow Deal For Physiotherapy Telehealth; Genetic Technologies: 100 Breast, Colorectal Cancer Kit Sales; Oncosil Pancreatic Cancer Device CE Mark, UK ‘Breakthrough’; PYC In-Vitro Models ‘Effectively Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa’; Medlab Completes Depression Trial, Results By July; Resapp Sleepcheck At-Home Sleep Apnoea Test; Exopharm: ‘Covid-19 Halts Plexoval Wound Healing Study’; Noxopharm Claims Idronoxil ‘Blocks Covid-19 Cytokine Storms’; Palla UK Business Option Expires, Talks Continue; China Trademark For Tali Train, Detect; Bod Receives $851k R&D Tax Incentive; Creso Wins $896k Univo Israel Order For Canadian Marijuana; GI Dynamics Extends Crystal Amber Note; Perennial Ceases In Rhinomed; Karl Pechmann Replaces Oncosil CFO, Co Sec Nicholas Falzon; Paul Stephenson Replaces Stemcell Director Ee Ting Ng
Proteomics, Janssen Expand Diabetic Kidney Study; Impedimed 1st US Cancer Centre Sozo Order; Medadvisor Launches Telehealth Service; Bye-Bye Benitec; Auscann Starts THC-CBD Dose Study; Nuheara: ‘Covid-19 Cuts Staff, Executive Salaries 50%’; Pharmaust: ‘Covid-19 Halts 3 Dog Trial Sites’; G Medical ‘Product Registration’ Halt, Report Suspension; Elixinol ‘Rebrands, Refreshes’ Products; MGC 5th Marijuana Covid-19 J-V Suspension Extension; Clarity Appoints Clinical Development Group 
Genetic Signatures Sars-Cov-2 Test ‘In Use, Pending Approval’; Cellmid Sells China Covid-19 Antibody Test; Sales Guidance; Cyclopharm Files FDA NDA For Technegas; LBT Files FDA 510(K) For APAS Independence MRSA Module; Mesoblast: 70-Patient Sub Study: Revascor Beats Saline; Opthea Completes OPT-302 Combo Trial For DME; Resapp, Coviu Integrate Tele-Health Respiratory Diagnostic; Suda: ‘Artimist On Hold Indefinitely’; Benitec: Court Approves US Move, FIRB Trading Halt; Pro Medicus Buys-Back 34k Shares, Renews 10% Buy-Back; Bod, Swisse Launch 9 Hemp Seed Oil Products; Lifespot Pleads Schultz, Fever Talks To ASX 306% Query; Impedimed Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; PYC Requests ‘Material Results’ Trading Halt; Micro-X Appoints David Knox Director; GI Dynamics Loses Director Timothy Barberich; Resapp Loses Director Nathan Buzza; Esense Loses 5-Month Director Michael Edwards 
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Zelira Therapeutics; Resmed Ramps Up Covid-19 Ventilator, Mask Production; Anteo Rights Raise ‘Excellent’ $2.15m Of Hoped-For $3.2m; Admedus Implants 1st SAVR Trial Aortic Stenosis Patient; Regal Funds Reduces To 6% Of Medadvisor; Morgan Stanley, Mitsubishi Cease In Opthea; Adalta Loses Dr Wilson, Dr Williams, $805k R&D Loan, Fees Cut; MGC 4th Daily Marijuana Covid-19 J-V Suspension Extension; G Medical Requests ‘Product Registration’ Trading Halt
Cochlear Placement Raises $880m Above Expected $800m; Somnomed Institutional Offer Raises $9.7m; Respiri Placement Raises $2m, Plan For $1m More; Alterity Placement Raises $123k; Immutep: IMP321, Paclitaxel Fails Breast Cancer Endpoints; MCRI 4k Health Worker Tb Vaccine Trial For Covid-19; Micro-X: Covid-19 Ramps Demand For DRX Nano, Production Up; Medadvisor Covid-19 Delivery Service For At-Risk Patients; Tali Digital: 13.9% Of Children Show Inattentive Performance; Cardiex Increases Bayer Contract $423k; Allegra: ‘Covid-19 Hits Revenue’; BTC Withdraws H1 Guidance Due To Covid-19 Restrictions; Actinogen: ‘Covid-19 Halts Occupancy Study Enrolment’; Exopharm: ‘Covid-19 Revises Development Programs’; Genetic Signatures Requests ‘Covid-19 Testing’ Trading Halt; Creso Delivers 1st Cannaqix Shipment To South Africa; Benitec Meeting Approves US Move; Avecho Defers AGM; ASIC Covid-19 Advice; Karst Peak ‘Takes’ Auckland Trust’s 14% Of Neuren; Lifespot Requests ASX Price Query Trading Halt; Little Green Pharma WA Facility Commissioned; MGC Daily Marijuana Covid-19 J-V Suspension Extension; Ferris, Knowles Replace MRCF Stockdale; Beattie Director; Noxopharm Appoints Boris Patkin Director
Prevatex, Barwon: ‘Mum’s P Copri Prevents Food Allergies’; Cochlear Placement, Share Plan For $850m; $150m Loan; Immutep: ‘IMP321 Improves Paclitaxel For Breast Cancer’; Amplia: FDA Orphan Status For AMP945 For Pancreatic Cancer; Botanix BTX1204 For Eczema Fails Endpoints; Zucero Investigates ZU545 Covid-19 Efficacy; Impression Plans Phase IIb IHL-42X For Sleep Apnoea Trial; Somnomed $15.5m Rights Offer For Covid-19 Impact, Working Capital; Imagion $2m Rights Issue, Director Bronwyn Le Grice Goes; Cardiex $1.5m Mitchell R&D Loan; Dorsavi: Covid-19 Cuts Staff Hours 30%, Expenses 20%; Medibio, DXC Partner For Ilumen Opportunities; Lifespot Adapts Bodytel For (Covid-19) Temperature; MGC Extends Marijuana Covid-19 J-V Suspension, Again; Vanguard Group Takes 5% Of Avita; Tali Appoints 3 Executives; Covid-19 Benefit; Jerry Kanellos Replaces Immuron CEO Gary Jacob - Covid-19
Doherty Institute Joins Covid-19 Trials; Pharmalex Trial List; Paradigm Doses 10 US Osteoarthritis Access Patients; Cyclopharm: ‘Covid-19 Boosts Technegas Use’; Compumedics Withdraws Guidance Due To Covid-19; Neuren: ‘Covid-19 Defers Trofinetide Rett, NNZ-2591 Trials’; Heramed: ‘Covid-19 Increases Herabeat, Heracare Demand’; Resapp, Phenix Tele-Health Deal; Ellex EGM For $100m Lumibird Sale; Cellmid ‘Potential Material Contract’ Voluntary Suspension; Creso To Launch Cannaqix Marijuana Instant Tea; Botanix Requests ‘BTX1204 Dermatitis Results’ Trading Halt; MGC Extends Marijuana Covid-19 J-V Suspension; Morgan Stanley, Mitsubishi Take 7% In Opthea
Impedimed: Unnamed 470 US Centre Sozo Lymphoedema Deal; Proteomics Identifies Biomarkers For Endometriosis; Regeneus: US Progenza Patent, ‘Covid-19 Link’; Suda: Up-To $870k Mitsubishi Tanabe Zolpimist Insomnia Deal; Clinuvel: April US Scenesse For EPP Launch; Cogstate, Eisai To Launch Nouknow For ‘Brain Health’ In Japan; Auscann Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; GI Dynamics Proposed Funding EGM; Imagion Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; MGC Takes Marijuana Covid-19 J-V Halt To Suspension; Admedus Quotes $5m, 435k Director Options; Althea Extends Voluntary Escrow Of 10m Shares; Anthony Barton Takes 5% Of PYC, Again; IQ3: Dr Syrmalis, Ms Xu In; Mr Dimitriou, Mr Coolentianos Out; IDT Appoints Director Michael Kotsanis
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Starpharma; Immutep: China’s EOC Recruits IMP321 Breast Cancer Trial; Kyocera Pays Regeneus $1.6m Progenza Milestone; Resonance ‘Controlled Placement Facility’ Raises $2.75m; Impedimed Expands Sozo Texas Lymphoedema Program; Vanguard Takes 5% Of Polynovo; Chair Ron Dewhurst, Kroy Wen Take 5% Of Rhinomed; Cellmid ‘Potential Material Contract’ Trading Halt; Neuren Requests ‘FDA Covid-19 Trial Guidance’ Trading Halt; Rhinomed CFO Sean Slattery Replaces Co Sec Phillip Hains; Total Brain Appoints Simon Poidevin Australasia CEO; Paltoglou, Loftus Replace Mayne CFO, Co Sec Nick Freeman; Timothy Cruickshank Replaces Impedimed CFO Morten Vigeland
Luina Bio, Griffith Uni ‘Collaborate On Covid-19 Vaccine’; Atomo: ‘To Develop Covid-19 Rapid Self-Tests’; Victoria Reopens 2 Hospitals For Covid-19; Painchek: 25k Bed Licences Triggers $1.25m Milestone; LBT Study To Validate APAS Independence VRE Module; Biotron Receives $753k R&D Tax Incentive; ASX Suspends TBG, Responds To ASX CE Mark Aware Query; Medibio Completes Sleep Stage Algorithm Test; Cann Global: Obsidian Refinances L1 Notes; Impression: Marijuana Inhalers For Lung Disease; Somnomed Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Respiri Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; MGC Requests Swiss Covid-19 Marijuana J-V Trading Halt; Regal Funds Takes 13% Of Opthea; Clarity Appoints Prof Oliver Sartor Advisor 
TBG: CE Mark For Covid-19 Test, ‘Schultz’ To ASX 1,054% Query; Oncosil: Pancreatic Cancer Device ‘FDA Breakthrough Status’; Race Completes Phase II Bisantrene AML Trial Recruitment; Antisense Trial Database Lock, Results In April; Azure Wins ASX Listing Removal Extension; Neuroscientific: Emtinb Re-Myelinates Ms, In-Vitro; Lumyna Substantials In IDT, Oncosil; Cryosite Director Andrew Kroger Takes 40%; Pendal Group Below 5% In Althea; Next Science Launches On-Line Acne Cream 
Bio-Melbourne Covid-19 Breakfast Goes Virtual; US Appeal Court: Cochlear To Pay $437m On Patents; Neuren Defers Partnering For Trofinetide Rett Results; Next Science: Products ‘Kill Covid-19-Like Viruses’, Sales Hit; MGC Share Plan Raises $1m Of Hoped-For $3m; Total $2.1m; Recce: Recce-327 Antibiotic Trial ‘This Quarter’; Noxopharm Veyonda Australian Patent; Clime Takes 6% In Mach7; Investors Mutual Reduces To 8.7% Of Mayne Pharma; TBG Up 93%, Requests ‘Covid-19 Diagnostic Kit’ Trading Halt; Respiri Requests $2m Capital Raising Trading Halt; Somnomed Requests ‘Covid-19 Impact’ Trading Halt; Cann Global Takes ‘Investment’ Halt To Suspension 
Cochlear Withdraws Guidance, Freezes Hiring, Spending; Polynovo Files Novosorb BTM Burn Study Results To FDA; Patrys: PAT-DX1 Blood Brain Barrier Mechanism Confirmed; Telix: $500k R&D Grant For Radiation Cancer Drugs; Genetic Technologies Appeals Nasdaq Equity Non-Compliance; Neuroscientific Requests ‘Positive Results’ Trading Halt; Regal Funds Takes 7% Of Medical Developments; CEO Paul Rennie Increases, Diluted To 12% In Paradigm; Mason Stevens Below 5% Of Patrys; W Whitney George Takes 29% Of Rhinomed; Sienna Appoints Prof Geoff McCaughan Advisor
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Qbiotics Group; Cardiex: Astrazeneca, Bayer Expand Xcel In Trials $984k; Visioneering: Canada Approves Naturalvue Myopia Lenses; Botanix: ‘BTX1801 Kills MRSA’; Surgical Infection Trial; Cann Global Requests ‘Institutional Investment’ Trading Halt; Harbour Takes 8% Of Volpara; Director Andrew Kroger Takes 39% Of Cryosite; Zoltan Varga Takes 19.99% Of Total Brain; Paul Wright Replaces Memphasys Director Marjan Mikel; Impedimed Loses Director Gary Goetzke 
Federal, Victoria, WEHI National Drug Discovery Centre; Painchek: ‘Business Model Minimizes Covid-19 Impact’; Biotech Daily Editorial: Covid-19 Coronavirus Claims; Biotron: BIT225 ‘Unmasks HIV-Infected Cells’; Little Green Pharma Expands Australian Marijuana Licences; L1 Capital Ceases Substantial In Creso; Auscann Appoints Dr Marc Russo Chief Medical Advisor; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Covid-19 Coronavirus
Resapp: FDA Refuses Resappdx-US De Novo Approval; Orthocell: Celgro, Implant Regenerate Bone In Dogs; Admedus: Belgium Approves 1st Human Study Of …; Osteopore To Release 5m ASX Escrow Shares; Mach7 Completes Sentara PACS Installation; Neuroscientific: ‘Potential Emtinb Glaucoma Effect In Pigs’; China ‘Requests Respiri Wheezos For Covid-19’; Cynata Receives Extra $619k R&D Tax Payment; MSCs For Covid-19; Medlab: Marijuana Nanabis Cancer Pain Reduction ‘Significant’; G Medical Prizma Phone Case Blood Glucose Module; Race Director Dr William Garner Reduces To 13%; Merchant Funds Takes 7% Of Race; Medadvisor Appoints Steve Watt Chief Revenue Officer; Creso Appoints Jack Yu, Isaac Allen To Subsidiary Mernova
CMRI Collaboration Repurposes Stemetil For Cancer In Mice; Brandon Et Al $53m For George Institute For Chronic Diseases; Redhill Launches Talicia For Helicobacter Pylori; Japan Allows Cynata Cymerus Stem Cell Patent; Mesoblast To Evaluate Stem Cells For Covid-19 Coronavirus; Neuren: NNZ-2591 Phelan-Mcdermid Mouse Trial Significance; Adalta: ‘Targeting CXCRA Could Be Effective In Fibrosis’; Medadvisor: UK Pharmacy Association Backs Reminder Service; Creso Requests ‘Mernova Management’ Trading Halt; Medadvisor: Swinnerton, Wavey, Kojent, Romida Substantials; One Funds Management Takes 7% Of Bluechiip; Race Appoints Prof Didier Blaise Advisor
Medlab: ‘Marijuana Nanabis Safe, Efficacy For Cancer Pain’; FDA Grants Immutep IMP321 For Breast Cancer IND; Anteo, Merck KGaA Develop Antobind Europium P-O-C Tests; MGC Doses 1st Patient In Cognicann Marijuana Trial; L1 Capital Takes 5.5% Of Creso; Naos Takes 23% Of BTC; Resapp Requests ‘Regulatory Update’ Trading Halt; Neuroscientific Requests ‘Pig Glaucoma Study’ Trading Halt; Telix Appoints Prof Frederik Giesel Advisor; Medibio Appoints Kelly Trupovic, Dr Stephen Addis
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Covid-19 Coronavirus Special; Neuren: NNZ-2591 Phelan-McDermid Dose Response In Mice; Kazia Completes II GDC-0084 Glioblastoma Trial Recruitment; Race Raises $1.8m; Gilead $300k Fellowship Grants For 7 Projects; Eyepoint Revenue Up 346% To $31m, Loss Down 34% To $86m; Redhill Revenue Down 25% To $9.5m, Loss Up 9% To $64m; Federal Government: 3rd Regional Health Innovation Centre; Azure EGM 99.91% Backs Invictus Acquisition; Director Andrew Kroger Takes 39% Of Cryosite; Universal Biosensors Appoints John Sharman CEO On $480k; Dr John Cullity Replaces Race Chair Dr Bill Garner; Dimerix Appoints Medical Advisory Board; Esense-Lab: Itzik Mizrahi CEO On $236k, James Bahen Co Sec
WEHI: WM382 Kills Drug Resistant Malaria Parasite In Mice; Avita Enrols 1st Recell Paediatric Scald Trial Patient; Atomo $30m IPO For HIV Professional, Self-Tests IPO; Micro-X $1m DRX Revolution Nano Orders, Covid-19; Cogstate Claims $9.1m Clinical Trial Contracts In 2 Months; Medadvisor: $825k From 2 US Patient Programs; Respiri Receives 1st 500 Wheezo Asthma Devices; Medlab Requests ‘Nanabis Cancer Results’ Trading Halt; Simavita: Dussman Diluted To 19.9%, Chevron 14%, Heggin 6%; Medical Developments To Lose 10-Year CEO John Sharman
Neuren, Acadia FDA Trofinetide Rett ‘Rare Paediatric’ Status; Starpharma Expands Okamoto Vivagel Condom Licence; Race Requests Placement Trading Halt; Botanix Data Analysis: ‘BTX1503 Beats Vehicle For Acne’; Servatus: Hugh Alsop Director, Dr Jessica Allegretti PI
Avita Starts Recell Soft Tissue Reconstruction Pivotal Trial; Next Science Bactisure Wins CE Mark; Dimerix DMX-200 Compassionate Use; Canada Patent For Cynata; Clinuvel, FDA Scenesse For Vitiligo Meeting; Bionomics Completes $3m French Subsidiaries Sale To Domain; Correction: Patrys; Noxopharm Doses Last Veyonda Cancer Trial Patient; Cohen Group Ends Creso Israel J-V; Potential Legal Action; Probiotec CEO Wes Stringer Sells 1.7m Shares; THC Expands Medical Marijuana Supply For 6k Patients; Pharmaust Opens 2 More Dog Cancer Trial Centres; Creso Appoints Farmagon Scandinavia Marijuana Distributor; MGC Extends, Amends Onix Brazil Distribution Agreement; Dr David Mazzo Replaces Visioneering Chair Fred Schwarzer; Chow Yee Hok Replaces Invitrocue Director Geoffrey Thomas
February BDI-40 Down 14%, ASX200 Down 8%, Big Caps Up 0.3%; Compumedics H1 Revenue Down 2% To $18m, Profit Down To $161k; Admedus Revenue Down 33% To $17m, Loss Down 75% To $6m; IQ3 H1 Revenue Up 46% To $4.3m, Profit To $950k Loss; G Medical Revenue Up 81% To $8m, Loss Down 8% To $23m; THC Revenue Up 80% To $4.8m, Loss Up 36% To $11.7m; Avecho Revenue Up 204% To $4.2m, Loss To $850k Profit; Creso Revenue Up 550% To $3.6m, Loss Down 9% To $15m; TBG Revenue Up 6% To $3.3m, Loss To $620k Profit; Rhinomed H1 Revenue Up 24% To $1.7m, Loss Up 85% To $5.3m; Uscom H1 Revenue Up 4% To $1.5m, Loss Up 97% To $1.5m; Anteotech Rights Offer For $3.2m; Regeneus, Kyocera $1.4m Progenza Deal, $4m Directors Loan; Patrys PAT-DX1-NP Across Blood-Brain-Barrier In Mice; Adalta: Dose Range Confirmed For Phase I AD-214 Study; Heramed: Heracare To Begin Pilot, Clinical Trials; Little Green Launches 4th Marijuana Oil Product CBD50; GI Dynamics Appoints Dr Praveen Tyle Director; Jonathan Hart Replaces Heramed Co-Sec Stephen Buckley
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Immutep; Cryosite H1 Revenue Up 6% To $4.2m, Profit Of $1.2m; Next Science Revenue Up 43% To $6.2m, Loss Up 4% To $22m; Cardiex H1 Revenue Up 15% To $2.3m, Loss Up 44% To $2m; Pharmaust H1 Revenue Down 9% To $1.8m, Loss Up 439% To $485k; Bionomics H1 Revenue Down 40% To $1.8m, Loss Down 43% To $6.4m; Adherium H1 Revenue Up 44% To $1.4m, Loss Down 48% To $4.5m; Bioxyne H1 Revenue Down 4% To $1.4m, Loss Up 11% To $195k; Bod H1 Revenue Up 73% To $1m, Loss Down 50% To $1.4m; Nuheara ‘$1m Iqbuds Max Orders In 2 Months’; Clime Takes 5% Of Mach7; THC Requests ‘Marijuana Permit’ Trading Halt
Ex-CEO Mario Gattino, Respiri In Court On Pay; Zelira, Emerald Enrol Marijuana Opioid Reduction Trial; TBG: Zhang Ye Labs Approved Coronavirus Testing Lab; Palla Revenue Up 18% To $54.8m, Loss Up 32% To $7.6m; Mesoblast H1 Revenue Up 43% To $29.4m, Loss Down 32% To $46m; Elixinol Revenue Down 16% To $27.2m, Loss Up To $83.3m; Medadvisor H1 Revenue Up 14% To $4.4m, Loss Up 18% To $5.3m; Medibio Ilumen To Assess Stantec Mental Health; Little Green Appoints Demecan Distributor; Antisense Appoints Dr Gil Price US Consultant
Nanosonics H1 Revenue Up 19% To $49m, Profit Down 20% To $6m; Cogstate H1 Revenue Down 13% To $15m, Loss Up 5% To $3m; Polynovo H1 Revenue Up 80% To $10.2m, Loss Up 26% To $2.4m; Clinuvel H1 Revenue Up 11% To $10m, Profit Down 74% To $1.1m; Genetic Sigs H1 Revenue $3.7m, $2.3m Loss; Covid-19 Test; Cyclopharm Revenue Up 5% To $14m, Loss Up To $2.9m; Cellmid H1 Revenue Up 6% To $3.7m, Loss Down 60% To $1.4m; Universal Biosensors Revenue Down 90% To $6.9m, $4.8m Loss; Medlab H1 Revenue Down 18% To $2.5m, Loss Up 89% To $7.1m; Althea H1 Revenue $1.9m, Loss Up 253% To $8.4m; Immuron H1 Revenue Up 59% To $1.6m, Loss Down 6% To $1.5m; Redhill $174m Healthcare Royalty Loan For AZ’s Movantik; Simavita Raises $2.9m; Imagion Nanoparticles For HER2 Breast Cancer Trial; Admedus EGM: 78% Oppose SIO Shares; Admedus 2nd Consolidation – 100-To-1; MGC Supplies Marijuana For Polish Research; Elixxer Takes 23% Of Little Green Pharma
Osprey Revenue Up 46% To $5.5m, Loss Up 3% To $24.5m; Total Brain H1 Revenue Up 98% To $2.2m, Loss Down 14% To $3.9m; Invion H1 Revenue Up 58% To $1.9m, Loss Down 10% To $1.2m; Dorsavi H1 Revenue Down 25% To $1.4m, Loss Down 207% To $5.9m; FDA Gives Telix ‘Feedback’ For TLX591-CDx NDA; M-D Fleta Solomon Takes 15% Of Little Green Pharma; Michelle Burke Replaces Ausbiotech Chair Julie Phillips; Biointelect Expands To Melbourne, Hires Staff; Oventus Appoints Jake Nunn Director 
Mesoblast: 66% GvHD Patients Respond To Ryoncil At Day-28; Probiotec H1 Revenue Up 33.5% To $44m, Profit Up 65% To $1.8m; Alcidion H1 Revenue Up 12.5% To $8.2m, Loss Up 213% To $1.8m; Starpharma H1 Revenue Up To $5.7m, Loss Down 19% To $5.9m; Resonance H1 Revenue Up 3% To $1.9m, Profit To $1m Loss; Telix Revenue $3.5m, Loss Up 102% To $28m; Uscom: ‘Critical Care Guidelines Back Uscom 1A For Sepsis’; Stryker Leibinger Evaluates Dorsavi Sensors; Clinuvel Singapore Laboratory Expansion; Oventus Appoints Aeroflow Oventus Distributor; Little Green Pharma $10m More Marijuana IPO Opens Down 7%; Simavita Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Auscann: Clifford Hallam Replaces API As Distributor; Exopharm Clarifies Cevaris Statement; Neurotech Mente Discount Code Referral Program; Regal Funds Below 5% In Oncosil
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cochlear; Mayne H1 Revenue Down 17% To $227m, Profit To $18.6m Loss; Ellex H1 Receipts Down 6% To $42m, Loss Down 1% To $2.7m; Mach7 H1 Revenue Up 158% To $9.1m, $675k Profit; IDT H1 Revenue Up 10% To $7.2m, Loss Down 51% To $1.2m; Allegra H1 Revenue Up 26% To $2.3m, Loss Up 70% To $817k; Immutep H1 Revenue $7.5m, Loss Down 31% To $6m; Cynata H1 Revenue $4.5m, Loss Down 15% To $2.5m; Resapp Raises $5m; Sienna Rights Raise $2.1m Of $2.5m; Total $3.8m; Paradigm Meets US FDA For PPS Osteoarthritis Trial IND; Noxopharm: ‘FDA Approves Veyonda, Combo IND For Sarcomas’; Telix Loses Odile Jaume, Gains Christian Davis
Aroa Launches Myriad For Soft Tissue Repair In US; Impedimed H1 Revenue Up 58% To $2.8m, Loss Up 7% To $12.9m; Mesoblast: GvHD Study Takes Remestemcel-L To Pivotal Trial; Emvision, UQ Win $360k Fellowships; Life Sciences Queensland, India’s Able Collaborate; Resapp: TGA Approves Resappdx-EU Version 2; Exopharm: ‘Cevaris Works For Bladder Dysfunction, Ex-Vivo’; Race Appoints Prof Jaap-Jan Boelens Advisor; Bio-Melbourne Devices, Diagnostics Lab
Zelira: ‘Marijuana Reduces Insomnia Severity’; Immutep 8 Of 17 Cancer Patients Respond To IMP321, Keytruda; Medical Dev H1 Revenue Up 14% To $11m, Profit Up 82% To $240k; Avita H1 Revenue Up 95% To $13.5m, Loss Up 35% To $21m; Resapp Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; G Medical Raises $350k; Opyl: Clinical Trial Predictor ‘Proof Of Concept’; Exopharm: ‘Cevaris Significant For Erectile Dysfunction Ex-Vivo’; Regal Funds Reduces To 5.5% Of Oncosil; Micro-X Appoints Kingsley Hall CFO, Co-Co Sec; Melbourne March Medical Marijuana Meeting
Cochlear H1 Revenue Up 9% To $778m, Profit Up 23% To $158m; Somnomed H1 Revenue Up 15% To $33m, Loss To $816k Profit; Paradigm Doses 1st US Zilosul Access Patient; Resapp Completes Handheld, Wearable Prototypes Tests; Bio-Melbourne Loses CEO Dr Julie-Ann White; OBJ Votes For ‘Welfully’ Back Door Listing; Noxopharm, Genesiscare Veyonda Compassionate Access; Auscann Tests Low-Dose Cannabinoid Capsules; Bod Fills 2k Medicabilis Marijuana Scripts In 12 Months; Blackcrane Reduces To 8% Of Avita; BV Healthcare, Ex-Chair Damien Lim Below 5% In Mach7; Amber Schwarz, Jamber Take 11% Of Creso; Ellex Interim CEO Maria Maieli Resigns; Chris Ridd Replaces Medadvisor Chair Peter Bennetto
FDA Approves Compumedics Orion Lifespan Meg; Memphasys: ‘Felix Validation On-Track For Clinical Trial’; Nuheara H1 Revenue Down 4% To $1.4m, Loss Up 43% To $5.7m; PYC, Murdoch Uni, Lions Eye $1.2m NHMRC Grant; Zelira Raises $54k, Total $4.6m; Results Trading Halt; Actinogen Receives Extra $650k R&D Tax Incentive; Total $5m; Creso Milestone: To Pay Mernova $900k, 8.3m Shares Vest; MGC Placement, Share Plan For $4m; Cann Global To Raise $419k In Placement; Heramed Details Mayo Monitor Study; Kemper Shaw Below 5% In Imagion; Race Appoints Dr Marinella Messina Clinical Program Head
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: CSL; SDI H1 Revenue Up 8% To $40m, Profit Up 12% To $3.5m; Uscom: China Backs Haemodynamic Monitor For Coronavirus; More Mouse Data Backs Invion Photosoft For Cancer; Recce: ‘Recce 327 Beats Kidney, UTI E Coli In Rats’; Noxopharm: Veyonda Prostate Cancer Benefit; Exopharm: ‘Exosomes Could Treat Erectile Dysfunction’; Oventus: US Approves O2vent Optima Reimbursements; Medibio Plans FDA De-Novo, 510(k), CE Mark For Depression, Again; Noxopharm $3m Placement, $5m Loan; MMJ Share Plan For $5m; Proteomics Pleads Schultz To ASX 9% Query; Up 18%; Benitec US Scheme Of Arrangement Meeting; Anthony Huntley Takes 5% Of IDT; Private Portfolio Managers Below 5% In Imugene; Respiri CEO Marijan Mikel Starts On $450k
Pro Medicus H1 Revenue Up 16% To $29m, Profit Up 33% To $12m; Micro-X $780k DRX Revolution Nano Orders For Covid-19; MTP Connect Translation Fund Closes March 6; Victoria Innovation Taskforce; Visioneering Revenue Up 74% To $8.5m, Loss Down 25% To $19m; Pharmaxis H1 Revenue Up 36% To $4m, Loss Down 18% To $10m; Cochlear Increases Nyxoah Investment By $13m; Starpharma Vivagel BV In Unnamed Asian Countries; Oventus Launches 3 More US O2Vent ‘Lab In Lab’ Sites; Paradigm PPS For MPS - 9 Months Behind Schedule; MGC Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Prof Paul Timpson Joins Amplia Scientific Advisory Board
CSL Record H1 Revenue Up 9% To $7.3b, Profit Up 7.5% To $1.85b; CSL Adjuvant For Queensland Uni Covid-19 Vaccine; Uscom Tells ASX: ‘Material Rise In China Orders Not Material’; North Star To Supply Clarity Copper-67; Invictus: US Patent For Tocotrienol Delivery; Exopharm: Plexaris, Cevaris Exosomes ‘Safe’ In-Vitro; Noxopharm Requests ‘Capital Structure’ Trading Halt; Allan Gray Reduces To 13% Of Impedimed; W Whitney George Takes 27% Of Rhinomed; One Funds Management Takes 6% Of Bluechiip; Starpharma Appoints David Mcintyre Director; Doug Huey Replaces PYC CEO Dr Rohan Hockings, On $892k; Respiri Re-Appoints Dr Thomas Duthy Director
Cochlear: ‘Up To 7% Coronavirus Profit Warning’; Federal $300k For Melbourne Innovation Summit; Uscom To ASX: ‘China Orders Up 124% From 17 To 38 Units’; Starpharma Receives $4.5m Astrazeneca Milestone; Nyrada: ‘3F Reduces Cholesterol In Mice’; G Medical Hopes To Raise $10m, Cancel $5m Magna Notes; Invitrocue Brazil Joint Venture; Creso To Launch Marijuana Horse Feed; Bod Licence To Import Additional Marijuana CBD Isolates; Opyl, Huumun Digital Products Deal; Unisuper Below 5% In Impedimed; LBT CFO Ray Ridge Replaces Co-Sec Dan Hill; Director Matt Callahan Returns To Botanix, Orthocell; Respiri Loses Director Prof Bruce Thompson
US Court: Innate Chris Collins 26 Months Jail; Takeovers Panel; Uscom: Coronavirus China Demand For Uscom 1A; ASX Halt; Clinuvel, FDA To Discuss Scenesse For Vitiligo; UK Nice Briefing Backs Osprey’s Dyevert; Impedimed: NCCN Guidelines Recognize Lymphoedema; Recce: Recce-327 ‘Well-Tolerated In Rats, Dogs’; Heramed, Mayo To Start Herabeat Study; Total Brain Receives $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; THC To Launch Canndeo Marijuana
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Resmed; Cann Group Convertible Notes Raise $8m; Benitec US Scheme Meeting Court Order; Correction: Opyl; OBJ Extends Export Corp Takeover Date; Alterity Below Nasdaq $Us1 Bid Rule; Cronos COO Peter Righetti Resigns, Continues As Director 
Biotech Daily Editorial: 2019-nCoV Coronavirus; Biotron: ‘Evaluating Coronavirus Compounds’; Uscom Pleads ‘Coronavirus Speculation’ To ASX 59% Query; CMRI, GE Healthcare Optimize Gene Therapy Manufacturing; Antisense: ‘DMD Results Open ATL1102 Indications’; Invitrocue: Validation Study, Xylonix, New Cancer Platform; Israel Patent For Cynata Cymerus Mesenchymal Stem Cells; Sienna Appoints Immuno Diagnostic Oy For Finland; G Medical Appoints Meditel Italy Distributor; Creso Develops Oil-Free, Water-Based Marijuana Lozenges; Sienna Promotes CFO, Co Sec Tony Di Pietro To Director; Amplia Board: Lambert On; Behrenbruch, Cooke, Wilkinson Off; Brett Tucker Replaces G Medical Co Sec Steven Wood
Federal $32m For Research Innovation Partnerships; Azure Up-To $10m For Invictus Backdoor Listing; Zelira Placement Raises $4.6m; Probiotec: ‘H1 Revenue Up 34% To $44m, Ebitda Up 68% To $6m’; Creso Takes $17.5m L1 Capital Convertible Note; Visioneering 1st Naturalvue Singapore Sale; Memphasys: ‘Felix Sperm Separator Positive KOL Feedback’; Orthocell Canada, Japan Celgro Soft Tissue Patents; Pyxis, Mapletree Below 5% In Neurotech
Admedus Sells Adapt Technology To 4C Medical For $1.5m; Resonance Appoints 3DR For Ferrismart In The Us; Cellmid: China Patent For Évolis Hair Growth; Medlab Begins Pay-To-Play Nanabis ‘Observational Study’; Adherium: Trudell 18%, One Funds 10%, Fil 9%, Summatix 7%; Adherium Founder Garth Sutherland Diluted Below 5%; Dorsavi CEO Dr Andrew Ronchi Takes 5%
BDI-40: YTD - Up 125%, Big Caps 62%, ASX 20%, NBI 4% - January BDI-40 Up 13%, Big Caps 12% - All Records Broken; Adherium Completes $5.4m Raising; Painchek Receives $798k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Invion To Supply Skin Care Product To China’s Pavay; Mesoblast Completes US FDA GvHD Application; TGA Reviews Clinuvel Scenesse For EPP; PYC Adds 6 Retinal Drug Delivery Programs; Cronos Takes 51% Of Cannadoc Health; Invictus Euro Patent For Tocotrienols Delivery; Zelira Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Elixinol Receipts Down 8% To $33m, Asset Sales; G Medical Receipts Up 106% To $8.1m; Cann H1 Receipts $1.6m; Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; Opyl H1 Receipts Down 3% To $464k; Neurotech H1 Receipts Down 58%; Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; Respiri Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; Medigard Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Phillip Thematic Takes 6.7% Of Adherium; James Middleweek Increases, Diluted Below 5% In Adherium; Correction: Crystal Amber Has 73% Of GI Dynamics; Heramed Appoints Alexander Radke US Executive; Respiri Appoints Ludekens, Van Hoof, Dr Shirazi Executives; Neuroscientific Appoints Abby Macnish As Co-Co Sec
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Invion; Resmed H1 Revenue Up 14% To $2.1b, Profit Up 22% To $418m; Avita H1 Revenue Up 95.4% To $13.5m; Clinuvel H1 Revenue Up 2% To $13.5m; Admedus Receipts Down 35% To $18.4m; Medadvisor H1 Receipts Up 33% To $4.8m; IQ3 H1 Receipts Up 17% To $4.4m; Medlab H1 Receipts Up 63% To $4m; Pharmaxis H1 Receipts Up 27% To $4.0m; Osprey Receipts Up 52% To $5.5m; THC Receipts Up 83% To $4.7m; Bioxyne H1 Receipts Up 105% To $2m; Total Brain H1 Receipts Up 12% To $1.7m; Rhinomed H1 Receipts Up 59% To $1.6m; Nuheara H1 Receipts Down 2% To $1.4m; Dorsavi H1 Receipts Down 39% To $1.2m; Noxopharm Less Than 1 Quarter Cash; $26m Facility; Medibio Has 2 Quarters Cash; Esense-Lab Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; Regeneus Has 1 Quarter Cash; MGC Has Less Than 1 Quarter Cash; Optiscan Meets US FDA For Invivage; Carl Zeiss Orders; EGP Capital Takes 5% Of Adherium; Paul Cozzi Takes 13% Of Cardiex; C2 Diluted To 21%
Federal $5m For Lung Cancer Genomics Research; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C Quarterly Reports Policy; Cellmid H1 Receipts Up 54% To $4.8m; Genetic Signatures H1 Receipts Up 25% To $2.9m; Pharmaust H1 Receipts Down 5.6% To $1.9m; Heramed Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; US Patent For Adalta AD-214 For Fibrotic Disease; Sienna Appoints Dr Raoul Concepcion Advisor
Mesoblast H1 Receipts Down 26% To $31.2m; Cogstate H1 Receipts Down 25% To $18m; Next Science $6m Sales, $4.8m Customer Receipts; Telix Receipts Up 44% To $3.6m; Starpharma H1 Receipts Down 3% To $2.1m; Resonance H1 Receipts Up 9% To $1.7m; Adherium Rights Raise $526k Of $5.4m; Expects $2.5m; Botanix Receives $7.6m R&D Tax Incentive; Cann Group Cuts Staff 25%, Costs By $7m; Mildura Facility; Dorsavi, Heathrow Airport Renew Visafe Contract; Emvision Starts Brain Scanner Pilot Stroke Trial; Exopharm Begins Exosome For Wound Healing Study; Cardiex Hires Medl Mobile For Software; Medlab: Tasmanian Alkaloids To Manufacture Nanabis; Respiri Prepares Wheezo US FDA 510(K) Submission; Perennial Value Management Takes 8% Of Genetic Signatures; Platinum Investment Takes 9% Of Amplia; Amplia’s Dr Christian Behrenbruch, Elk River Below 5%; Esense Loses CEO Haim Cohen, Piers Lewis Interim CEO
TGA Cancels Neurotech Mente Autism; Imugene Readies For 2020 PD1-Vaxx Lung Cancer Trial; GI Dynamics Enrols 1st Patient In Endobarrier US Trial; Polynovo: 1st UK Novosorb Patients; Somnomed Revenue Up 15% To $33.3m; Alcidion Revenue $15.4m, Customer Receipts $9.2m; Immuron H1 Travelan Sales Up 55% To $1.7m; Lifespot Raises $330k; Admedus: 44m Director Options, 62m Loan Shares, 100-To-1 Consol EGM; Zelira, Parkinson’s Foundation Develop Marijuana Survey; MGC: 5-Year Deal With Anden For Bolivia, Peru Marijuana Sales; Creso Sells More Than 100,000 Cannaqix Packs; Jeremy Green, Redmile Reduce To 9.5% Of Avita; Crystal Amber Takes 76% Of GI Dynamics; Race Appoints Prof Borje Andersson Director; Imagion Appoints Dr Oliver Steinbach Clinical Head
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Polynovo; Resmed Pays $60m To Resolve US ‘Kickback’ Allegation; Viralytics Back As Immvirx For Cancer Immunotherapies; Nuheara: $2.5m Lind Partners Draw-Down Equity Facility; Nuheara Sells Gold Mine Royalty For $292k, Cash, Scrip; Universal Biosensors H1 Receipts Up 149% To $60m; Jeffrey Emmanuel Takes 8% Of Sienna; Amber Schwarz, Jamber Reduce To 9% Of Creso; Neurotech Requests TGA Registration Trading Halt
Emerald Raises $6m Of $8m For Marijuana, Data IPO; US FDA Okays Telix Zircon Renal Cancer Trial; Mach7 H1 Receipts Up 89% To $8.3m; Uscom H1 Receipts Up 21.6% To $1.1m; Biotron Pleads Schultz, Directors, Meeting To ASX 40% Query; Australian Ethical Takes 5% Of Impedimed; Merchant Takes 16% Of Sienna; David Daglio Increases, Diluted To 6% Of Total Brain; G Medical Lists On OTCQB; Lifespot Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Cann Global Supplies T12 Hemp To Costco; Bard1 Appoints Prof Allan Cripps Director
Polynovo: 1st German Novosorb Patient; 1st Polymedics Order; Sienna: South Korea hTERT Cancer Test Validation Study; Impedimed H1 Receipts Up 17% To $2.7m; LBT Receives $1.1m R&D Tax Incentive; Redhill Ends Donnatal, Enteragam Deal For Talicia, Aemcolo; Admedus Starts 1st Human Adapt Aortic Valve Trial; Neuroscientific US Patent For Emtin Technology; Anatara: Garp Preclinical Studies; THC: TGA Grants Southport Facility GMP Licence; Creso Renews Everblu Corporate Advice Mandates
Sienna Rights Shortfall Raises $1.8m, Total $3.7m; Elixinol Pleads Schultz To ASX 20% Fall Query; Cogstate Chair Martyn Myer, Family Increase, Diluted To 14%; Alcidion M-D Kate Quirke 34% Pay Rise To $413k; Clarification: Auscann Board Changes
Vale Mesoblast’s Prof Peter Ghosh (4.8.1940 – 12.1.2020); Amplia Placement Raises $930k; Europe Okays Qbiotics Stelfonta For Dog Skin Cancer; Heramed Tells ASX: ‘News Followed 52% Share Jump’; Heramed: Mayo Data For Orion Monitor, Hires Uri Merhav; G Medical: Prizma Smartphone Case Approved In Taiwan; Robert Lederer, RTL Take 11% Of Anatara; Eleanore Goodridge Takes 11% Of Nyrada; THC To Sell MGC’s Canndeo Marijuana, 1st Purchase For $40k; THC Requests ‘Receipt Of TGA Licence’ Trading Halt; MTP Connect Appoints Alex Fowkes Director
Sienna Rights Raise $263k Of Hoped-For $2.5m, Total $2m; Cardiex $1.5m From C2 Ventures; Auscann: Max Johnston, Krista Bates In; Cheryl Edwardes Out; Australian Ethical Reduces To 15% Of Antisense; Orbis (Allan Gray) Ceases In Pharmaxis; Prescient Claims 91% PTX-200 Breast Cancer Response Rate; Novita Changes Name To Tali Digital; Telix Recruiting TLX101 Glioblastoma Trial; Clinuvel Files Scenesse TGA Registration Application; Allegra Receives Uni Of Sydney, NHMRC $786k Grant; Invion CFO Melanie Farris Replaces Director, Dr James Campbell; Platinum Reduces To 5% Of Antisense; Empery Below 5% In Benitec; Lifespot Starts Slim Line Marijuana Vaporizer Production; Ellex: Lumibird Pays $100m For Laser, Ultrasound Business; IDT Terminates US Temozolomide Mayne Distribution Deal; Imugene Completes Unmarketable Parcel Sale; Micro-X Raises $16.5m In ‘Oversubscribed’ Offer; Invion To Supply Dermatology Compound For China’s Pavay; Telix Files Phase III TLX250-CDx Kidney Cancer FDA IND Application; Kazia Receives $1.4m R&D Tax Incentive; Orthocell Share Plan Raises $1.4m; Total $14.4m; Alcidion $1.9m Deal With Dartford, Gravesham NHS Trust; Telix Submits TLX591-CDx Clinical Briefing Package To US FDA; David Hannon, DRH Super Below 5% In Noxopharm; Pro Medicus, Nines $6m Visage 7 Deal; Visioneering $3m Placement To Thorney; FDA Approves Avita Recell For Vitiligo Study; Dorsavi Raises $187k In Share Plan; Total Raised $1.9m; Starpharma Phase I AZD0466 Trial For Cancer; $4.3m Milestone; Invitrocue Tells ASX Query: Dr Lindner ‘Not Then A Director’; Creso Draws Down $518k Of Convertible Note Facility; Karst Peak, Vermillion, Adam Leitzes Take 12% Of Cyclopharm; Jencay Capital Takes 6% Of Ellex; Imagion Pleads Schultz To 21% ASX Price Query; Prescient Founder, Director Paul Hopper Steps Down; Nuheara Appoints Cheryl Edwardes Chair; Redhill Ends 2014 Salix Licence; Australian Ethical Takes 10% Of Cyclopharm; CVC Reduces To 9% Of Cyclopharm; Mesoblast Files FDA Remestemcel-L Data; Antisense Options Raise $5.5m; Robert Bazzani Replaces Mach7’s Damien Lim, Jennifer Pilcher; Adalta Loses Director Dr John Chiplin; Uscom 5-Year China NMPA Approval For Uscom 1a; Cellmid US, Euro Midkine Patents; Nuheara Launches Iqbuds Max, To Begin Shipping In March; Opthea Recruits OPT-302 Combo Trial For DME; Pharmaust Epichem Client Unity Biotechnology Ends Contract; Polynovo: ‘$2m Novosorb BTM December Sales’; MGC Australia, New Zealand Marijuana Mercury Pharma; Cynata Receives $1.9m R&D Tax Incentive; Dimerix ‘No Safety Concerns In DMX-200 Trials’; Cann Group, IDT Marijuana Resin Extraction Underway; Althea Beats 4k Marijuana Patient Target; Pharmaust Epichem Extends DNDI Contract To Dec 31, 2020; Elixinol Releases 78m Shares From ASX Escrow; Creso Pleads Schultz To ASX 24% Query; Creso Releases 500k Shares From Voluntary Escrow; Immutep Expands IMP321 Tacti-002 Cancer Study; Adherium Appoints Jane Lapon Market Access Head; MGC: 2k Marijuana Scripts; 1st Shipment In Brazil; Eli Lilly Pays $1.6b For Tom Wiggans’ Dermira; Thorney, Tiga Trading Take 15% Of Visioneering; Regal Funds Increases, Diluted To 14% Of Visioneering; Andreas Empl Replaces Lifespot Director Greg Plunkett; Avecho: Ex-Bioscience Managers Matt McNamara Director; Esense Appoints Dr James Ellingford Director; Total Brain Appoints David Daglio Director; Anteotech Pleads Schultz To ASX 72% Query; Anglo Charitable Increases, Diluted To 17% Of Cyclopharm; Race Dr Al-Behaisi Contract Ends - To Recruit Australian CRM; MMJ $2.2m Harvest One Cannabis Loan Agreement; UK Approves Cynata Cymerus Critical Limb Ischaemia Trial; CE Mark For Proteomics Promarkerd Hub; Adalta Phase I AD-214 Trial Delayed For More Data; Euro Orphan Status For Alterity PBT434 For MSA; Imugene: US Grants HER-Vaxx Cancer Immunotherapy Patent; Escrow End Takes Raw With Life, Elixinol’s Paul Benhaim To 40%; Investors Mutual Reduces To 6% Of Ellex; Karst Peak, Adam Leitzes, Vermillion Reduce To 6% Of Avita; Pharmaust Receives $713k R&D Tax Incentive; GI Dynamics Receives $6.7m From Crystal Amber Convertible Note; Reva Files US Ch 11 Bankruptcy; GI Dynamics: Endobarrier ‘Significantly’ Reduces C-V Risk; Karin Lindgren Replaces Volpara Director Prof Mike Brady; Barings Diluted To 15% Of Cyclopharm; Alterity Receives $4.8m R&D Tax Incentive; Orthocell Receives $2.9m R&D Tax Incentive; Japan Patent For Painchek Smart Phone Pain Test; Tali: Google For Education Partner Status; Naos Takes 22% Of BTC Health; Stemcell United Pleads Schultz To ASX 85% Query; ASX Queries Visioneering Cash Burn; Noxopharm’s Nyrada IPO Opens Up 52.5%; Lifespot Capital AG Reduces To 18% Of Lifespot; G Medical Completes China Trials For Prizma Approval; OBJ ‘Wellfully’ $50m Backdoor, 20-To-One Consolidation EGM; Merchant Funds Management Below 5% In Zelira 
2019: BDI-40 Up 118%; ASX200 Up 18%, Big Caps Up 46%, NBI Up 24%; Avita Up 919%, Orthocell 543%, Painchek 497%, Opthea 453%, Alcidion 408%



Dec 20, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Avita Medical; FDA Approves UWA, Sarepta Vyondys-53 For DMD; Cartherics Raises $12m; Cyclopharm Raises $9.8m In Placement To Karst Peak; Telix, Victoria Cancer Centre Win $500k Grant; Cyclopharm, Cyclotek J-V For NSW Pet Opportunities; Cogstate: ‘Record H1 $19.1m Revenue’; Regeneus, AGC Terminate Japan Stem Cell J-V; Anatara Finalizes Garp Trial Protocol; Adalta, Radium Capital R&D Tax Incentive Loan; W Whitney George Takes 26% Of Rhinomed; Respiri Cancels Two Bulls Shares, Koswani Wall Options 
Dec 19, 2019
2019 – Biotech Daily’s Year In Review; Cardiex $1.9m Bayer Trial Contract; Resapp To Test Aboriginal COPD; Immutep Recruits 2nd Cohort For IMP321 Solid Tumor Trial; Alcidion $500k Taunton, Somerset NHS Patientrack Deal; Next Science Appoints Triad As Torrentx US Distributor; Emvision Brain Scanner Ready For Clinical Trials; Memphasys Ships First Batch Of Felix Devices; Anatara: ‘Garp Enhances Anti-Inflammatories In Mice’; Cann Group, IDT 1st Commercial Marijuana Product; Cann Global, Koegas South Africa Marijuana J-V; Palla Negotiates Better Loan Terms; Cyclopharm Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Jamber Takes 12% Of Creso; MGC Ships Marijuana Cognicann For Dementia, Alzheimer’s; THC Appoints Angela Macquire COO; Bod Alternative Director Stephen Thompson Resigns
Dec 17, 2019
Antisense Jumps 46% On ATL1102 For DMD ‘Safety, Efficacy’; Morgans Underwrites Antisense Options For $4m, Total $5.5m; Mesoblast Nears Cardiac Stem Cell Trial Completion; Noxopharm Raises $8.5m For Nyrada IPO; Zelira Completes Marijuana Insomnia Trial Dosing; Race Receives $159k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neurotech: Holy Stone Taiwan Mente Autism Distributor; Perennial Takes 7% Of Genetic Signatures; Jeffery Emmanuel Takes 7% Of Sienna; Gayle McGarry, Caperi Reduce To 6% Of Botanix
Dec 16, 2019
Telix Up-To $30m Atonco At-211 Bladder Cancer Licence; Polynovo Novosorb For White Island Burns Victims; Medlab ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $5m; Starpharma Receives $4.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; FDA Approves Orthocell Celgro Animal Study; Simavita Borrows $509k Against Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Antisense Takes ATL1102 DMD Results Halt To Suspension; Pharmaxis Requests Boehringer Ingelheim Trading Halt; Nuheara Walgreens Partnership; Bod, H&H Launch CBD In UK; Anteo Lithium Battery On Track For Commercialization; Asia Union Increases, Diluted To 27% Of Genetic Signatures; Karst Peak, Adam Leitzes Diluted To 13% In Genetic Signatures; Fidelity (FIL) Takes 6.7% Of Genetic Signatures; Director Donald Channer Takes 29% Of Medigard; Uscom Appoints Major Shareholder Xianhui Meng Director; Paul Molloy Replaces Oventus Director Neil Anderson; Cann Group Loses Director Neil Belot 
Dec 13, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Medadvisor; Polynovo Jumps 27% On Novosorb BTM CE Mark Approval; Respiri: ‘Transforms To Software As A Service’; US Grants Next Science Xbio For Acne Patent; Medlab Requests Placement Trading Halt; Bank Of New York Mellon Pershing Reinstates Auscann; Creso Releases 2m Voluntary Escrow Shares; David Lilja Replaces Opyl Co Sec David Hwang
Dec 12, 2019
Federal $14.7m Horizon, Bridge Grants For 17 Projects; Prescient: 1 PTX-200 Ovarian Cancer Partial Response, Cost Cuts; WEHI, NIH Link Ripk1 To Cria Syndrome; Resapp Receives $1.8m R&D Tax Incentive; Antisense Requests ATL1102 DMD Trial Results Trading Halt; Ellex Extends Laser, Ultrasound Business Sale Suspension; Medlab, Cultech Expand Orsbiotic, Nanocbd In UK; Bod, Uni Of SA Research ‘Effect’ Of Marijuana Medicabillis; Holista Water Soluble CBD Marijuana Oil; Empery Tax Efficient Reduces To 6% Of Benitec, In 2018
Dec 11, 2019
Kazia GDC-0084 Joins ‘GBM Agile' Glioblastoma Multi-Drug Trial; Probiotec Buys Contract Pharma Services For $4.5m; Adherium Hopes To Raise $5.4m In Rights Offer; Bionomics Sells French Subsidiaries To Domain For $3m; Pharmaust Opens 2 More Dog Cancer Trial Centres; Baillie Gifford Reduces To 7% Of Cochlear; Regal Funds Takes 5% Of Medical Developments; Regal Funds Reduces To 12% Of Opthea; Executive Director Dr Ian Dixon Takes 9% Of Medigard; Alterity 587m Options Expire, Voluntary Escrow Release; Cogstate Appoints Keith Hawkins Co Sec 
Dec 10, 2019
4DX Pre-IPO Issue Raises $15m; Starpharma ‘Results Take DEP-Cabazitaxel Trial To Phase II’; Qbiotics: ‘EBC-46 Solid Tumor Safety, Efficacy’; Heramed Placement Raises $1.4m; Genetic Technologies: Breast Cancer Genetype Ready; Respiri’s Wheezo Wins CE Mark, TGA Registration; CSL Appoints Carolyn Hewson Director; Cochlear Appoints Michael Daniell Director; Palla $4m Euro Codeine Deal; Cann Global Olivia Newton-John Marijuana Formula Rights
Dec 9, 2019
Ausbiotech, Medicines Australia Hit Federal RDTI Change; Invitrocue, Chinalink: $15m Agreement, Hong-Kong J-V; Suda, Sanofi Oromist Feasibility Agreement; Admedus: Lemaitre 12.5k Unit Cardiocel, Vascucel Order; Botanix Readies For Cannabidiol BTX1702 Rosacea Trial; Creso Africa Marijuana Cannaqix Launch By April 2020; Claude Solitario Replaces Medibio’s David Kaysen, Relocation; Ms Farrell, Ms Dahiya Replace Cann Co Sec, CFO Mr Baker
Dec 6, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Memphasys; Opthea Raises $50m; Sienna Raises $1.7m; Rights Issue For $2.5m More; Russia Accepts Medical Developments Penthrox Application; Elixinol Class Action: ‘Products Correctly Labelled’; Neuroscientific Emtin-B Not Significant For Alzheimer’s In Mice; Heramed Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Victoria, Medipharm Open Wonthaggi Marijuana Facility; Lifespot Marijuana Vaporizer, Software Evaluation; Australian Ethical Takes 6% Of Palla Pharma; Peters Takes 10% Of Painchek
Dec 5, 2019
Cynata Stem Cells Effective For Sepsis In Rats; Suda, Ordesa Co-Develop Unnamed Oromist Product; Optiscan Appoints Biotimes 2nd China Distributor; Neurotech, Neurofeedback Partner For Mente Autism; Smart Top, Xianhui Meng Take 21% Of Uscom; Capital Group Clients Cease Substantial In Mesoblast; Genetic Signatures 31% Oppose Tranche 1 Shares; Creso 1st Shipment Of Burleigh Heads Cannaqix 50; Pokies Bruce Mathieson Increases, Diluted To 13% Of Respiri; Race Appoints Prof Borje Andersson Advisory Chair; Imugene Appoints Prof Rebecca Auer Advisor 
Dec 4, 2019
CSL R&D Spend Up, New Asthma Drug Trial, Pipeline; Orthocell $13m Placement, Share Plan For $5m More; Painchek Confirms $5m Federal Grant; G Medical $30m Gem Global Draw Down Equity Facility; Avecho To Market 6 TPM Drugs; Zelira (Zelda) Takes Hope For Autism To Louisiana; THC Southport Facility 1st Medical Marijuana; Osteopore Appoints Jack O’Mahony Board Advisor
Dec 3, 2019
Mach7 Placement For $20m; Dimerix Placement Raises $2.5m; Uscom Commissions 28 US Sales Staff; Painchek 1,000 Bed Licence With PCS UK, 30 Bed Sale; Neuren NNZ-2591 Neurodevelopment EU Patent; Elixinol Sells Elixinol Japan For $346k After Non-Compliance; Ireland Approves MGC Marijuana Cannepil; Viburnum Takes 19% Of Universal Biosensors; Credit Suisse Takes 10% Of Prescient; Australian Land, Director Alan Tribe Take 27% Of PYC; PYC Director Dr Bernard Hockings Increases, Diluted To 13%; Kemper Shaw Diluted To 6% In Imagion; Merchant Funds Below 5% In Rhythm; Noxopharm Extends Lind, CST Equity-Draw-Down Facility
Dec 2, 2019
12-Month BDI-40 Up 114%, ASX200 21%, Big Caps 56%, NBI 9.5%; Opthea Placement For $50m; Imugene Placement For $24.6m; Phylogica Doubles Eye Drug Delivery In Mice; Medlab Nanabis ‘Observational’ Study: Pain Reduction; MGC 52% Blocks Founder Nativ Segev Rights, Strong Dissent; GI Dynamics 120k Director Option, $7m Notes EGM; Goodbye Zelda, Hello Zelira; Noxopharm Daart-1 Study: Partial Response In 1 Of 15 Patients; Orthocell Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; THC Requests Marijuana Production Trading Halt; Blackrock Takes 6% Of CSL; Parker Family, Xylo Diluted Below 5%; Anthony Barton Diluted Below 5% In Phylogica; Sabby Reduces To 5.6% In Benitec
Nov 28, 2019
Ellex 80% Revenue Laser, Ultrasound Sale Suspension; Federal $20m For Ovarian Cancer Research; Pro Medicus Launches Visage AI Accelerator; Resonance, Siemens Partner For Ferrismart; Creso To Raise Up To $10m For Pharmacielo, Operations; Dorsavi Notes, Placement Raise $1.7m; Plan For $1m More; FDA Okays Impedimed Sozo For Protein Calorie Malnutrition; Resapp To Combine Diagnostic With Coviu Platform; Resapp 40% Oppose Director Options; Optiscan 19% Oppose 10 Percent Placement Facility; Painchek Directors Sell 45m Shares To Fund Tax Liability; Imugene Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Sienna Takes Capital Raising Trading Halt To Suspension; Noxopharm Requests NOX66 Cancer Trial Results Halt
Nov 27, 2019
Federal Police, ASIC Raid Regal Funds On Investments; Cyclopharm Vanda Gould ‘Guilty’; Disqualified As Director; Prescient: ‘3rd PTX-200 AML Complete Response, Trial Expands’; Invion: ‘Photosoft Reduces Tumor Size 50% In Mice’; Recce’s Recce-327 ‘Reduces MRSA In Rats’; New Phase Orders $300k Of Imagion Nanoparticles; Shareroot Name Change To Opyl, 100-To-1 Consolidation; Noxopharm’s Nyrada Hopes For $8.5m IPO; Cynata 32% Oppose Employee Option Plan; Mesoblast 17% Oppose Remuneration Report; Credit Suisse Takes 5% Of Opthea; Proteomics CEO Dr Richard Lipscombe Diluted To 20.7%; Former Proteomics Director John Dunlop Diluted To 6%; David Sietsma Increases, Diluted To 10% Of Phylogica; Actinogen CEO Dr Bill Ketelbey Repays $360k Share Loan; Benitec Quits Australia For The US; G Medical Requests ‘Funding Facility’ Trading Halt; Osteopore To Release 6.3m Escrow Shares; Suda Appoints Dr Michael Baker CEO, Starting On $250k; Simavita Appoints Dr John McBain Director 
Nov 25, 2019
Kazia: GCD-0084 Glioblastoma Early Data: ‘Clinical Benefit’; Novita Placement Raises $6.2m; Total $8m; Recce Requests ‘Test Results’ Trading Halt; Micro-X Installs 1st Mini X-Ray At Alfred Hospital; Avita, Gates Center: Spray-On G-M Skin For EB; Imugene Completes CF33 GMP Batches; Cynata Applies For UK CYP-002 Critical Limb Trial; Optiscan To Meet FDA For Oral Cavity Imaging; Dimerix: FDA Phase III DMX-200 FSGS Meeting ‘Provides Clarity’; Up To 13% Dissent At Adherium AGM, 2nd Spill Avoided; Correction: Pharmaxis; CE Mark Approval For Simavita’s Smartz Nappy; Up 480%; Heramed Herabeat For India’s Cloudnine Hospital Group; Auscann, Aspen 3-Year Packaging Agreement; US DEA ‘De-Schedules’ Botanix Synthetic Marijuana; Selector Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; Sienna CEO Carl Stubbings Starts On $327k; Respiri: Marjan Mikel CEO, Director; Mario Gattino Goes
Nov 22, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Phylogica; Viertel Awards $425k Fellowships, Scholarships; Imagion Rights Raise $3.6m; Anatara Receives $847k R&D Tax Incentive; Prescient Pleads Schultz To ASX 23% Query; OBJ, P&G ‘Harmonize’ Agreements, Higher Royalties; Medibio 70% Oppose New Directors Ide, Wipperman-Heine, Ojala; Oventus 32% Oppose 10% Placement Facility; Pharmaxis AGM: 14% Oppose William Delaat Re-Election; Cann Group ‘Stages’ Mildura Marijuana Facility; MGC, Brasilinvest Expand Marijuana Sales In Latin America; Director Andrew Goodall Takes 23% In Memphasys; Chair Alison Coutts Diluted To 11% In Memphasys; Craig Cooper, Niall Cairns, C2 Convert Notes For Cardiex 20%; Director Dennis Eck Takes 8.5% Of Cellmid; Adherium CEO Dr Peter Stratford Starts On $571k
Nov 21, 2019
China Okay For Medical Developments Penthrox Trial; Starpharma EU Approval For Vivagel Condoms; Resonance Develops Automatic Liver Fat Assessment Tool; Phylogica Retail Rights Raise $5.3m, Total $26.8m; Immuron Phase III IMM-124E Trial For Travellers Diarrhoea; Kazia Requests GDC-0084 Glioblastoma Trial Trading Halt; Painchek: $1m Milestone, 30m Director Options Vest; Painchek Expects To Sign $5m Federal Government Contract; Memphasys Wins $549k ARC Grant For Cell Sorters; Memphasys Identifies 5 Countries For Initial Felix Sales; Heramed, Kinderheldin German Herabeat Midwife Service; Health House To Distribute Zelda, Ilera Hope Marijuana; Novita Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Anteotech To ASX: ‘IMRA Contract Lodged By Next Trading Day’; Jeremy Green, Redmile Reduce To 11% Of Avita
Nov 20, 2019
Volpara H1 Revenue Up 176% To $6.9m; Loss Up 56% To $7.5m; Bluechiip Plan Raises $4.5m; Total $9.1m; Prof Tim Scott Wins $150k Victoria Prize; Bio-Melbourne Women In Leadership Awards Nominations Open; Antisense Completes ATL1102 For DMD Dosing; Resonance Files Provisional Patent For Blood Markers; Visioneering: Cooper FDA Approval Clears Regulatory Path; Clinuvel 40% Oppose $44m CEO Dr Philippe Wolgen Rights; Cellmid: 19% Oppose Remuneration Report; Actinogen Pleads Schultz To ASX 27% Query; Medadvisor 7-To-1 Consolidation; Zelda, Ilera To Launch ‘Hope’ Marijuana For Autism; MGC Requests ‘Latin America Term Sheet’ Trading Halt; Peters Investments Takes 28% Of Memphasys; Bellwether Super Ceases In Bluechiip; Thorney, Tiga Increase, Diluted To 19% Of Palla; Imugene Appoints Prof Prasad Adusumilli Advisor; GI Dynamics Appoints Juan Morera Crystal Amber Observer
Nov 19, 2019
Micro-X Raises $16.5m In Placement; Amends Thales Loan; Hemideina Raises $4m For Wireless Hearing Implant; Genetic Signatures Share Plan Raises $2.5m, Total $37.5m; Regeneus Shortfall Raises $755k, Total $5.5m; Alcidion Launches Mobile Electronic Medical Records; Oncosil Submits Updated CE Mark Report; Medlab NRGbiotic Depression Trial On-Track; Mayne Licences Generic Dermatology Product For US; Osteopore, China’s Boao Yiling Nose Job Deal; Admedus Pleads Schultz To ASX 48% Query; Benitec 10-To-1 ADS Consolidation For Nasdaq Compliance; Washington Pattinson, Brickworks Diluted To 19.9% In Palla; Cogstate Appoints Ken Billard Chief Commercial Officer
FDA Okays Cochlear Osia 2 For Conductive Hearing Loss; Singapore Approves Visioneering Multi-Focal Lenses; Correction: Palla Pharma; Antisense: 7th Patient Data Backs ATL1102 For DMD; EMA Group Recommends Alterity’s PBT434 Orphan Status; Prescient To Work With Carina For Car-T Cells; Oventus Signs 2 More US O2vent ‘Lab-In-Lab’ Sites; Adherium, ‘Patients Know Best’ Collaboration; Imugene EGM Backs Vaxinia Acquisition; US Patent For Dorsavi Motion Analysis; Suda Receives $928k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Anteotech, IMRA Deal For Lateral Flow Assays; Heramed Retracts Revenue Forecast, As Well As $13b Typo; FDA Clears Heramed’s Herabeat Foetal Heart Rate Monitor; Polynovo 25% Oppose Chair David Williams; IDT Survives 22.5% Remuneration 1st Strike Vote; Rhythm Releases 38.5m Escrow Shares; Founder Wayne Stringer Decreases To 13% In Probiotec; Avita: David Mcintyre CFO; Tim Rooney CAO; Nathan Jong Replaces Total Brain Joint Co Sec Harvey Bui
Nov 15, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Uscom; Burnet Prof Brendan Crabb $80k GSK, Research Aust Gong; Palla Retail Rights Raises $10.1m; Total $30.7m; Proteomics ‘Heavily Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $3m; Allegra Begins Sheep Sr-HT-Gahnite Cervical Fusion Study; Phylogica, Genentech Anti-Microbial Work Cancelled; Resapp, Sanofi Work On Respiratory Smartphone Diagnostic; Dorsavi Staff Cuts, Costs Down; Possible Capital Raise; Australian Patent For OBJ Bodyguard; Elixinol Pleads Schultz, Japan Issue To ASX 17% Fall Query; Novita Tells ASX: ‘NDIS News Published Quickly’; Heramed Requests 2nd ASX Price Query Trading Halt; CEO Dr Behrenbruch, Elk River Diluted To 10% Of Telix; Gnosis, Andreas Kluge Diluted To 10% Of Telix; CEO Paul Rennie Increases, Diluted To 12% Of Paradigm; Anteo Name Change To Anteotech; Respiri: Smedley Chair, Blair-Holt Out; Board Spill Withdrawn
Nov 14, 2019
Prescient Doses 1st PTX-100 Cancer Trial Patient; Race Trials Bisantrene For Residual AML Cancer; Combination; Immutep IMP701 Euro Patent For Cancer, Infectious Disease; Heramed Pleads Million-Billion-Schmillion Typo To ASX 52% Query; Sienna Loses 7-Year Director Dr David Earp; AGM Vote Withdrawn; Phylogica Takes 90% Of Vision Pharma With $15m; Simavita Receives $684k R&D Tax Incentive; Uscom Sells 346k Unmarketable Shares; Althea Wins UK Marijuana Licence; Zelda Marijuana For ‘Advanced Cancer Symptoms’ Trial; Australian Ethical Takes More Profit To 16% Of Antisense; Alcidion Director Prof Malcolm Pradhan Diluted To 14%; Former Alcidion Chair Ray Blight Diluted To 10%; Director Peter Anastasiou Reduces To 10.3% Of Immuron; Peter, Diana Diamond Below 5% In Novita 
Nov 13, 2019
Avita Raises $120m; Cogstate Retail Rights Raise $1.1m; Total $4m; Imagion: India Patent For Magnetic Nanoparticle Imaging; Proteomics Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Starpharma: Vivagel For Bacterial Vaginosis UK Launch; Althea Marijuana For ‘Advanced Cancer Symptoms’ Trial; Pokies Bruce Mathieson Increases, Diluted To 13% In Respiri; Ansila Energy Ceases Substantial In Factor; Alan Tribe, Australian Land Take 25% Of Phylogica
Nov 12, 2019
Proteomics: ‘Promarkerd CE Mark For Diabetic Kidney Disease’; US Patent For Orthocell Celgro Collagen Rope; Creso Terminates Sale To Pharmacielo; NDIS Extends Novita’s Tali Health Platform Registration; Impedimed AGM: 44% Back Spill Call; Rem Report Passes; Adherium Clarifies $1.2m Debt Note To $1.1m; Althea Appoints Nimbus German Marijuana Distributor; MGC $25k Federal Grant; London Listing; Uil, Utilico Take 5% Of Starpharma; Peter, Diana Diamond Reduce To 6% Of Novita; Dr Bernard Hockings Increases, Diluted To 13% In Phylogica; Ellume Appoints Joanne Moss Director
Nov 11, 2019
Adherium Tells ASX 4C Query: $1.2m Debt Note; Bionomics Receives $5.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Zelda Receives $1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Anatara 46% Oppose Dr Ramsdale Rights; 10% Capacity Fails; Anteo AGM: 27% Oppose Placement Capacity; Bod 2.75m Director Options AGM Faces 27% Dissent; Avita Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Dorsavi Requests ‘Additional Capital Raising’ Suspension; Micro-X Extends Capital Raising Suspension; Medlab: Record Marijuana Sales In October; Antisense 45m Directors’ Options AGM; THC Southport Marijuana Manufacture Permit; Richard Cashin Diluted To 11% Of GI Dynamics; Creso, Pharmacielo Meetings Delay, Suspension Extended; Industry Holds Melbourne March Medical Marijuana Meeting
Nov 8, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Genetic Signatures; S&P Promotes Avita To ASX200; Vivazome To Use Sienna Exo-Net For Ischaemia; Total Brain Raises $14m; Biotron: ‘Gleneagle Underwrites 103m Options To $5m’; Prescient Receives $1.6m R&D Tax Incentive; Azure Buys Invictus Food Additives For 35m Shares, $1.2m Debt; Cardiex Appoints Beijing Auden Atcor China Distributor; Bod Joins Project Twenty21 UK Marijuana Study; Crystal Amber Takes 73% Of Gi Dynamics; Suda Loses Andrew Curtis, Joseph Ohayon Part-Time; Michael Edwards Replaces Esense Director Galit Assaf
Nov 7, 2019
Export Corp $85m OBJ Backdoor To Be ‘Wellfully’; Zelda Marijuana Insomnia Trial Fully Enrolled; Cann, Symbion Marijuana Deal; Medadvisor, Sigma Prescription Deal - $1m Pa Revenue; Living Cell Board Spill AGM: Dr Kelly In, Laurie Hunter Out; Patrys Receives $672k R&D Tax Incentive; Heramed Software Tested On 750 Pregnancies In 15 Hospitals; Total Brain Takes Capital Raising Trading Halt To Suspension; Australian Ethical Takes Profit To 17% Of Antisense; Asia Union Decreases To 32% Of Genetic Signatures; Karst Peak, Adam Leitzes Diluted To 15% Of Genetic Signatures; Credit Suisse Takes 6.2% Of Kazia
Nov 6, 2019
Cellmid Share Plan Raises $1m; Total $2.5m; Acrux Receives Further $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Oventus Receives $828k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cellmid, API To Sell Évolis At Priceline Pharmacies; Micro-X: ‘Capital Management, Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Eisai Takes 7.2% Of Cogstate; Sico Increased, Diluted To 7.7% In Palla, In 2017; Ellex To Lose Director Giuseppe Canala; Noxopharm Appoints Alexander Hunter CCO
Nov 5, 2019
FDA Okays Redhill’s Talicia (Sydney’s Heliconda) For H Pylori; Alcidion Raises $16.2m; Emvision Raises $4.5m; Eye-Co Fludrocortisone Acetate Early Trial Results; Cann Global Convertible Notes For $2.2m; Platinum Diluted To 9% Of Kazia; Peter, Diana Diamond Reduce To 7.7% Of Novita; Creso Takes ‘Pharmacielo Acquisition’ Halt To Suspension; OBJ Takes ‘Material Acquisition’ Halt To Suspension; Total Brain Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Halt 
Nov 4, 2019
Pro Medicus: Ohio State Uni $9m Visage 7 Deal; Phylogica Raises $14.3m, $12.5m To Go; Next Science Falls On Wrong Motley Fool 4c Report; Bionomics: FDA Fast Track Status For BNC210 For PTSD; Optiscan: FDA Confocal Microscope Oral Cancer Meeting; Rhythm: China Patent For Colostat; Imugene Receives $4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Nuheara Receives $1.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Immuron Receives $532k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Micro-X Requests ‘Capital Management, Raising’ Trading Halt; Invion Loses 6-Year Director Greg Collier; Elixinol Appoints Teresa Cleary Co Sec; Chris Mews Replaces Auscann Director Dr Paul MacLeman; Stemcell Loses Director Savio Ka Lung Cheung
Oct 31, 2019
Ausbiotech Invest, Partnering; Conference Gongs; Victoria AAMRI Wants $20m PA For Research ‘Indirect Costs’; Neuren: Acadia Starts Phase III Trofinetide Rett Trial; Starpharma: ‘DEP-Gemcitabine Best For Pancreatic Cancer In Mice’; Invion, Peter MacCallum Ano-Genital Cancer Studies; Phylogica ‘Underwritten’ Rights Offer To Raise $26.8m; Emvision Assembles 1st Portable Brain Scanner For Stroke Trial; Total Brain, Vault Partner For Mental Health Platform; MGC Prescribes 1,000 Marijuana Doses; Dr Muchnicki, MJGD, JGM Take 5% Of Genetic Technologies; Peter Rubinstein, Irwin, Rip Take 6% Of Genetic Technologies; Nanosonics Appoints Dr Lisa McIntyre Director; Cellmid Appoints Brian McGee US Advangen CEO
Oct 30, 2019
Ausbiotech National Conference Opens; Telix $30m To Aushealth For Apomab For Ovarian, Lung Cancer; Biocurate, Takeda Accelerate Therapeutics, Drugs Discovery; Clinuvel: TGA Scenesse Priority Registration; Genetic Technologies Raises $4.5m, Nasdaq Compliance; Sienna, Minomic Work On Pancreatic Cancer Blood Test; Suda $1.5m Cann Pharma Deal For Marijuana Spray; Somnomed, App-Nea Deal For Doctor Software; Medical Developments 18% Oppose Remuneration Report; Respiri Spill Call, Nick Smedley In, Alastair Beard Interim CEO; Mesoblast AGM For 2.4m Options; Neuroscientific 3m Director Options AGM; Althea AGM For 1.2m Joshua Fegan Rights; GI Dynamics: Less Than One Quarter Cash, $US10m Notes; Credit Suisse Below 5% In Opthea; Paradice Increases, Diluted To 7.8% Of Probiotec; Probiotec Chairman Geoffrey Pearce Diluted Below 5%; Merchant Takes 11% Of Sienna; Pendal Group Takes 5% Of Althea; Clarity Appoints Dr Colin Biggin CEO; Vivazome Appoints Dr David Haylock CEO; LBT 13-Year Director Stephen Mathwin Retires; Uscom: Dr Antonio Ferrario Euro Sales, Marketing Manager
Oct 29, 2019
Kira Raises $20m For KB312 For Immune Disorders; Imagion Rights Offer For $6.5m; IP Group Backs Uniquest’s Jetra Il-22 For Fatty Liver Disease; Adalta Monkey Study: ‘AD-214 Safe, Well-Tolerated’; Medical Developments, CSIRO Extend Drug Manufacture Deal; Oncosil Submits Updated CE Mark Report; Invion 4C: ‘Cho Group To Fund All Costs’; Proteomics Receives $1.1m Tax Incentive; Nuheara: ‘R&D Tax Incentive Makes Two Quarters Cash’; Telix To Release 67.6m Escrow Shares; Oncosil Withdraws 5m CEO Daniel Kenny Loan Shares; Shareroot: Opyl Name Change, 100-To-1 Consolidation AGM; Greg Plummer, Jetan Take 5% Of Uscom; Merchant Takes 11% Of Bard1; Thorney, Tiga Take 21% Of Palla Pharma
Oct 28, 2019
Genetic Signatures Raises $35m, Plan For $2m More; Kazia Raises $4m; Pharmaxis: ‘FDA Larger Clinician Study, 1 Month Delay’; Federal $50k Cynata Coronary Artery Disease Grant; Genetic Signatures Receives $2.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Zelda Name Change To ‘Zelira’, 37.5m Director Options AGM; Resonance 12m Director Options AGM; Rhinomed 10m Directors Options AGM; Resapp 3m CEO, Director Incentive Options AGM; Bioxyne 36m M-D Performance Rights AGM; Benitec 5m Director Options AGM; Acrux 2.7m ‘50% In Lieu’ Directors Rights AGM; Althea Launches CBD100 In Australia; Cann Global Opens Laos Marijuana Subsidiary; David Daglio Takes 6.5% In Total Brain; Aphria Reduces To 5.25% In Althea; Polynovo Appoints CSL’s Dr Robyn Elliott Director; Auscann To Lose Dr Mal Washer, Cheryl Edwards; Noxopharm Appoints Chair Dr Graham Kelly Interim CEO; Exopharm Appoints Dr Christopher Baldwin CCO, On $330k; Genetic Signatures Loses 16-Year Director Phillip Isaacs
Oct 25, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Elixinol Global; CSL Removes Pharming From Prof Joseph Dr Chiao Case; Resmed Q1 Revenue Up 16% To $999m, Profit Up 16% To $199m; Imagion Needs $1.6m For GMP Nanoparticle; Genetic Technologies Rights Raise $4.5m; Paradigm PPS Treats 10 US Footballers; Canada Allows Cynata Stem Cell Patent; Uscom Consolidates 346k Unmarketable Parcel Shares; Heramed Extends Consultus India Deal, 2nd Herabeat Order; Althea Expects 4k Medical Marijuana Scripts This Year; Respiri Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; Respiri Opposes Ex-CEO Mario Gattino Re-Election AGM; Adherium 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM; Avita 40m CEO Dr Michael Perry Incentive Units AGM; Novita 14m M-D Options, ‘Tali Digital’ Name Change AGM; Genetic Technologies ‘Genetype’ Name Change AGM; Cynata AGM To Vote On Email Address Requests; Washington H Soul Pattinson Takes 23% Of Palla; Otto Buttula Replaces Rhythm Chairman Shane Tanner
Oct 24, 2019
Bluechiip Placement Raises $4.6m; Share Plan For More; Pharmaxis: LOX Inhibitor For Cancer ‘Dose Response, Safe’; Actinogen Receives $4.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Acrux Receives ‘First’ $502k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Medical Developments: ‘Penthrox 1st Line EU Pain Treatment’; Novita Tali Detect US Reimbursement Code; Up 145%; Genetic Signatures Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Kazia Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Medibio: PWC Australia To Use Ilumen For Mental Health; Adalta 5m CEO Dr Tim Oldham Options AGM; Credit Suisse Takes 5% Of Opthea; James Schwarz, Jamber Take 5% Of Esense; Nuheara Appoints David Buckingham Director; Invion CEO Craig Newton Starts On $280k
Oct 23, 2019
Botanix: Cannabinoid BTX1503 Misses Acne Primary Endpoint; Down 48%; Imugene: $825k US Defense Grant For CF33 Gastric Cancer Research; Medical Developments Launches Penthrox In Italy; Dimerix $50k Federal Dmx-700 COPD Grant; Impedimed Cancer-Related Lymphoedema Prevention Program; Elixinol Investigates ‘Non-Compliant’ Japan Cannabidiol; Oventus 570k CEO Options, 300k Directors Options; Althea Requests ‘Material Supply Agreement’ Trading Halt; Capital Group ‘Clients’ Reduce To 5% Of Mesoblast; M&G Takes Prudential’s 14% Of Mesoblast; M&G Takes Prudential’s 5% Of Medical Developments; M&G Takes Prudential’s 12% Of Starpharma; Wentworth Williamson Takes 8% Of Palla Pharma; Antanas Guoga Takes 13% Of Shareroot; Niv Dagan, Freedom Trader, 10 Bolivianos Take 8% Of Lifespot; Regal Funds Below 5% In Medibio; Clarity Appoints Dr Jennifer Rosenthal For Quality, Regulatory
Oct 22, 2019
Cochlear: Forecast OK, EPS Target Down, Going Greener; Cochlear 12.35% Oppose Director Donal O’Dwyer; Volpara H1 Receipts Up 171% To $6.8m; Medical Developments: Penthrox Superior For Pain; Bluechiip Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Botanix Requests ‘BTX1503 Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Medibio 2nd Strike, 16.6m ‘In Lieu’ Directors Options AGM; LBT 1m Director Options AGM; Medadvisor 13m Director Options, 7-To-1 Consolidation AGM; Bluechiip 856k CEO Performance Rights AGM; Genetic Signatures 2nd Strike AGM; G Medical Responds To ASX Delay Query; Blackrock Takes 7.2% Of Cochlear; Mark Kerr Takes 12.7% Of Avecho; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah ‘Below 5%’ In Genetic Technologies
Oct 21, 2019
LBT: Wisplinghoff Buys First Euro APAS Independence; Palla Pharma Raises $20.6m, $10.5m To Go; Cogstate ‘Underwritten’ $4m 1-For-10 Rights Issue; Imugene Plans 2 CF33 Trials For 2020; Cann Has One Quarter Cash, ‘Loan Coming’; WIPO Publishes Micro-X Carbon Nanotube Patent; Medibio Completes 1st Compass Ilumen Test; Correction: Cellmid; Orthocell 1m CFO, Director Options AGM; Phylogica Name Change To ‘PYC Therapeutics’ AGM; Purisys To Supply Botanix Synthetic Cannabidiol; Elixinol Requests ‘Japanese Subsidiary’ Trading Halt; Noxopharm Veyonda (NOX66): ‘80% No Cancer Progression’; 9 Days To Ausbiotech Biotech Invest, Conference; Mayne Loses 13-Year Director Ron Best; Matt McNamara Replaces Adherium Director Prof John Mills
Oct 18, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals; CSL: Prof Joseph Chiao, Pharming Lawsuit On HA Data; Oncosil Receives $3.8m R&D Tax Incentive; Clinuvel 1.5m, $48m CEO Dr Phillipe Wolgen Rights AGM; Pharmaxis 927k CEO Gary Phillips Rights AGM; Starpharma 671k CEO Dr Jackie Fairley Rights AGM; Cellmid To Vote On 3m CEO Maria Halasz Options; Bionomics 2nd Strike AGM; Race 5.5m Directors Options AGM; Regeneus CEO Leo Lee 15m Options AGM; Althea Completes Canada Peak Acquisition; Noxopharm: ‘Glutamate-Inhibitor For Brain Cancer’; Merchant Funds Reduces To 5% Of Rhythm; Merchant Takes 12% Of Auscann
Oct 17, 2019
Alcidion: ‘Cash Flow Positive, Share Price Up 300% In 6 Months’; WEHI Team Wins $250k Prime Ministers Innovation Prize; Terumo Hands Back Avecho (Phosphagenics) TPM-Propofol; Palla ‘Underwritten’ $31m Placement, Rights Offer; Mesoblast: Lonza To Manufacture Remestemcel-L; Cynata, Sumitomo Quit Acquisition Talks; Pharmaxis Receives $6.2m R&D Tax Incentive; Painchek, Ward Pain Tests For Aged Care Facilities; CSL AGM Passes All Resolutions; 4.9% Dissent; Neurotech 6m Director Options AGM; Creso Delivers First Order Of 10% CBD Oil To Medleaf NZ; THC Receives S4, S8 Narcotics Licences For Marijuana; Recce’s Dr Graham Melrose, Olga Melrose Diluted To 23%; M-D Dr Ian Dixon Increases, Diluted To 29% Of Exopharm; CSL Loses Director Dr Tadataka Yamada; Imugene Appoints Prof Yuman Fong Advisor
Oct 16, 2019
Cronos: ‘Fully Underwritten’ $20m IPO For Medical Marijuana; Final Data Backs Immutep IMP321, Keytruda For Melanoma; Neuren NNZ-2591 Phelan-McDermid, Pitt Hopkins Orphan Status; Living Cell: Vertex Pays $1.1m For Semma Shares; Optiscan Appoints Guanzhou Yunxing China Distributor; Nuheara Pleads Schultz To 55% ASX Query; Regal Funds Takes 7% Of Medadvisor; Merchant Takes 5% Of Zelda; Invitrocue Loses Dissident Directors Prof Yu, Lui, Ng; Former IDT Chairman Graeme Kaufman Retires; Carl Stubbings Replaces Sienna CEO Matthew Hoskin; Noxopharm Loses 3 Month Director Dr Beata Edling/Niechoda
Oct 15, 2019
Federal, MTP Connect ‘Up To $1m’ Device Grants; Regeneus Receives $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Admedus Amends Lemaitre Upfront Payment To $21.2m; Invex Exenatide Intracranial Hypertension Trial Recruited; Federal $50k For Botanix Synthetic CBD Analogs; Cynata Investors Request Email Addresses Resolution; Alcidion $400k Directors Fee Pool Limit AGM; Kazia AGM To Vote On 1.2m CEO James Garner Options; Clarification: Rhinomed, Odd Fellows, Perennial; Director, CSO Dr Daniel Tillett Diluted To 8% Of Race; Ebos Diluted To 10.8% In Medadvisor; Clinuvel To Lose 17-Year Chairman Stan McLiesh
Oct 14, 2019
Admedus: ‘Up-To $36m Adapt Lemaitre Distribution Deal’; Correction: Recce Pharmaceuticals; Victoria Boosts Epilepsy Marijuana; Ends IDT, Cann Deals; Cellmid Raises $1.5m; Share Plan For $500k More; Anatara Bromelain Garp Effective For IBD, IBS, In Mice; Cellmid, Australian Shopping Network Evolis Agreement; Telix Integrates GE Healthcare Gallium With TLX591-CDx; Medadvisor 3-Year Chemist Warehouse Deal; Polynovo 50% Director Fee Pool Hike To $600k AGM; Painchek $840k M-D, Directors Performance Rights AGM; Suda 40m Chair Paul Hopper Options, 25-To-1 Consolidation; Bard1 100% Director Fee Pool Hike To $400k AGM; Merchant Takes 11.5% Of Auscann; Canopy Ceases; ‘Odd Fellows’ Below 5% In Rhinomed; Pharmaust Appoints Colin La Galia Epichem CEO; Dr Keenan Director; Imagion Scientific Advisory Board
Oct 11, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Recce Pharmaceuticals; Opthea OPT-302 Benefit For CNV, Wet AMD Lesions; Truscreen: W.H.O. Cervical Cancer Strategy Benefit; Neuren NNZ2591 Angelman Syndrome FDA Orphan Status; Oncosil: US FDA Humanitarian Use, CE Mark Progress; Oventus 5 O2vent ‘Lab-In-Lab’ Sites In US, Canada; Bluechiip: ‘More Than 2 Quarters Cash’; Invitrocue CEO Dr Steven Fang Survives Spill Meeting; Impedimed 2m CEO Shares, Options, 2nd Strike AGM; Platinum Reduces To 6% Of Antisense; HMS Takes 13% Of Medadvisor; Alcidion’s Ray Blight Increases, Diluted To 11%; Dimerix Loses Director David Franklyn
Oct 10, 2019
Recce ‘Strongly Supported’ Placement Raises $6.8m; Dimerix Receptor-Hit Discovers Dmx-700 For COPD; Immutep Receives $2.55m French R&D Tax Incentive; Dr Kamala Thriemer, Prof Daniel Thomas Win $1.25m CSL Grants; Cellmid Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Emvision Pleads Schultz To ASX 13% Query; Medlab, ANC Expand Food Additive Business To US; Bod 67% Directors Fee Hike, 2.75m Directors Options AGM; M&G (Prudential) Diluted To 13% Of Mesoblast 
Oct 9, 2019
Vale Dr John Holaday
(1945 – 2019);
Clinuvel Up 63% On FDA Scenesse EPP Approval; Orthocell: ‘Celgro With Microsurgery Repairs Nerve Damage’; Phylogica: ‘CPP Takes Antisense Drug To Human Retina In-Dish’; Zelda, Ilera Marijuana Merger For Zelira; G Medical Tells ASX: ‘Revenue Awaiting Approvals’; Australian Ethical Takes Profit, Reduces To 18.5% In Antisense; CEO Kate Quirke Takes 6% Of Alcidion; Kennedy, Caledonia Increase, Diluted To 8% Of Alcidion; Mackinnon, Isle Of Wight Increase, Diluted To 8% Of Alcidion; Imugene Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Adalta Appoints Dr Tim Oldham CEO; Starts On $300k; Respiri Loses CEO Mario Gattino; Painchek CEO Philip Daffas 11% Pay Rise
Oct 8, 2019
Federal $35m For Macquarie Uni Synthetic Biology Research; Recce $4m Capital Raising Trading Halt; Visioneering Revenue Warning To $8.7m; Dimerix Receives $1.2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neurotech Convertible Loans For Up To $600k; Bard1 Assay Validation Milestone; Sienna Clayton Move For Sien-Net Production; Mach7 810k Director Options AGM; Board Changes; Memphasys Pleads Schultz To ASX 23.5% Query; Zelda Requests ‘Material Control Transaction’ Trading Halt; BVF, Mark Lampert Below 5% In Opthea; M&G (Prudential) Takes 12.7% Of Mesoblast; ‘Odd Fellows’ Takes 5.4% Of Rhinomed
Oct 7, 2019
Medadvisor Raises $17m; Jeff Sherman Director; Antisense Pleads Schultz, Publicity To ASX 45% Query; Pharmaust Expects $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Respiri Wheezo Passes CE Mark Safety; Feb 2020 Sales; Invex: Japan Patent For Elevated Intra-Cranial Pressure; Uscom Share Facility Price Change; Orthocell ‘Celgro Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Empery Takes 9% Of Benitec; Crystal Amber Takes 71% Of GI Dynamics; Telix Appoints Dr David Cade CBO, IR Head; Clinuvel Renews CEO Dr Wolgen; $1.4m Base Salary
Oct 4, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Actinogen Medical; Genetic Technologies Rights Issue To Raise $4.5m; Suda: ‘Regulator Concern Over Artimist Use, Adherence’; Pharmaust’s Epichem Wins WA Export, Women’s Awards; Kolabtree: ‘Access To 10,000 Science Freelancers’; Imugene Unmarketable Parcels Facility; Resapp Joins Munich Start-Up Creasphere Program; Althea Prescribes 2,329 Marijuana Patients; Stemcell United, Yunnan Hongyi For Orchid Stem Cells; Living Cell Board Spill AGM; Imugene 100m Director Options AGM; Paradigm 100% Director Fee Hike, $1.1m Staff Shares AGM; Immuron CEO Dr Gary Jacob 5m Options AGM; GI Dynamics Exercises $2.9m Crystal Amber Warrants
Oct 3, 2019
Mesoblast Raises $75m; Telix Buys Belgian Radiopharmaceutical Production Site; Cynata Ready For Phase II Cymerus Osteoarthritis Trial; FDA Allows Clarity Sartate Neuroblastoma Trial; Federal $8m For Five Collaborative Trials; Federal Regional Queensland Stem Mentoring Launch; Pharmaust Raises $2.4m; Alchemia Raises $5.7m To Become Australian Primary Hemp; Suda Tells ASX: ‘Accounts In Order, Artimist Worth $5m’; Optiscan Receives $227k R&D Tax Incentive; Cardiex: Sphygmocor Xcell Q1 Sales Up 88% To $900k; MGC: 400 Cannepil, MXP100 Prescriptions; Court Approves Pharmacielo, Creso Acquisition Scheme Meeting; Medadvisor Requests Placement Trading Halt; Bard1 Grants CEO Dr Leanne Hinch 15m Incentive Options; Invex 2.2m Director ‘Incentive’ Options AGM; Sabby Takes 9% Of Benitec
Oct 2, 2019
Innate Chris Collins Pleads Guilty, Resigns US Congress; Ausbiotech Melbourne Biotech Invest, Conference; Immuron, US Defense $5.5m Collaboration; Medlab: 1st Export Order For Hemp/Marijuana Nanocbd; Heramed Intmed Brazil Heracare, Herabeat Collaboration; Mayne To Pay Mithra Up To $440m For US Contraceptive Deal; Resapp TGA Approval For Resappdx-EU Diagnostic; US FDA Changes Clinuvel PDUFA Date To October 8; Mach7 US Patent For Dynamic Media Management System; Anteo Buys Back 12.7m Unmarketable Shares; G Medical In Suspension: ‘Preparing ASX Query Response’; Ron Dewhurst, Kroy Wen Below 5% In Rhinomed; Federal Government Appoints Stem Cell Advisors
Oct 1, 2019
September BDI-40 Up 0.5%, ASX200 Up 1%, Big Caps Down 1.4%, NBI Down 3% - Paradigm Up 80%, Antisense 57%; Pro Medicus Down 25%, Amplia 20%; Actinogen: ‘Xanamem Improves Cognition In Healthy Volunteers’; Mesoblast ‘$75m’ Trading Halt; Benitec To Raise $3.3m, Warrants; Innate Director Chris Collins Insider Trading Charges; Opthea Receives $14.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Paradigm: ‘PPS Inhibits Nerve Growth Factor Pain Mediators’; TGA Refuses Suda Artimist Appeal; Phylogica, Vision Join Lions Eye; Appoints Prof Sue Fletcher; Neuroscientific: ‘Emtin-B Hits Retina, Optic Nerve In Rabbits’; Visioneering Appoints Menicon Naturalvue Europe Distributor; Cellmid Germany, China Évolis Distribution Deals; Cryosite 1.3m Chairman Options AGM; Pharmaust Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Resapp ‘Regulatory Approval’ Trading Halt; Race Appoints Director Dr Daniel Tillett CSO; Biotron Appoints Phase II HIV Trial Scientific Advisory Board; Patrys Appoints Dr Pamela Klein Director; Correction: Oncosil
Sep 30, 2019
Uscom To Raise Up To $1m In Private Placement; Kinoxis: Up To $7m US Grant For KNX100 For Opioid Withdrawal; Kazia: ‘Cantrixil Partial Response In 2 Of 9 Patients’; Resapp: ‘Algorithm Accurate For Obstructive Sleep Apnoea’; Invion Prepares For 2020 Basal Cell Carcinoma Light Trial; Noxopharm: ‘NOX66 Boosts 177Lu-PSMA For Prostate Cancer’; Invitrocue To Open Hong Kong R&D Laboratory; Immutep: 51m Performance Rights, 1-For-10 Consolidation AGM; Mesoblast To Release 14.5m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Phylogica ‘Partnership’ Trading Halt; Avita To List On Nasdaq; Morgan Stanley Below 5% In Avita; Osteopore: Mr Liew, Rain Maker, Mr Seng, Prof Teoh, Prof Yang; Admedus Requests 8th Funding Suspension Extension; Cyclopharm Appoints Sales, Regulatory, Service Staff; Oncosil CFO Nicholas Falzon In, Tom Milicevic, Dr Ash Soman Out
Sep 27, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Suda Pharmaceuticals; Cellmid Receives $840k R&D Tax Incentive; Oncosil 4.85m CEO Loan Shares AGM; Actinogen Requests ‘Clinical Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Neuroscientific ‘Pre-Clinical Ophthalmology Results’ Halt; Alchemia Completes 1-For-20 Consolidation; Creso Resubmits Pharmacielo Scheme Booklet; Morgan Stanley Takes 7% Of Avita; Dissident Shareholders Take 5% Of Living Cell; Harry Karelis, Gemelli Below 5% In Auscann; Medibio Eliminates 4.65m Invalid Options/Partly Paid Shares; Truscreen Loses CEO Martin Dillon - Replacement Wanted
Sep 26, 2019
Brandon $14m For Denteric Porphyromonas Gingivalis Vaccine; Cynata Receives Fujifilm $4.4m Signing Fee; Immutep: ‘Positive Data, IMP321 Tacti-002 NSCLC Trial Go Ahead’; Adalta Invoices GE Healthcare $183k For Imaging; Visioneering Claims 1st Hong Kong Naturalvue Sale; CE Mark For Resapp Version 2 Respiratory Diagnostic; Dimerix Recruits DMX-200 Diabetic Kidney Disease Trial; FDA Approves Starpharma, Astrazeneca AZD0466 Trial; Bionomics Reformulated BNC210 Achieves Blood Levels; Elixinol Appoints Harmonia Life Finland Hemp Distributor; Probiotec Releases 1.95m Escrow Shares; Genetic Technologies EGM 14% Oppose Share Issue; Pac Partners Reduced To 6% Of Althea; Niv Dagan, Freedom Trader, 10 Bolivianos Take 7% Of Lifespot
Sep 25, 2019
Probiotec Raises $10.6m; JCR: Mesoblast Temcell For Epidermolysis Bullosa ‘On Hold’; Invitrocue Onco-PDO Validation Study; Victoria Call For Bio Europe Trade Mission; Phylogica CPP Delivers Antisense Drug In Mice Over 4 Weeks; LBT Finalizes Apas Independence CE Mark For MRSA; Invitrocue Directors Prof Yu, Mr Lui Reply To Spill Claims; Anteo, Axxin Work On Anteobind Assay Readers; Karst Peak Reduces To 8% Of Avita
Sep 24, 2019
Heramed Applies For Israel-Mayo Grant; Oventus Pleads Schultz To ASX 16% Query; Suda Loses 9-Year CEO Stephen Carter; Genetic Technologies Loses Chair Paul Kasian; Noxopharm Loses 5-Month CEO Dr Greg Van Wyk; Paradice Investments Takes 9% Of Probiotec
Sep 23, 2019
Osteopore IPO Up 263% To 72.5c For 3D Bone Replacement; Victoria: ‘$2b Drugs Top Value Manufactured Exports’; Immutep Earns $7m Glaxosmithkline LAG-3 Milestone; Rhinomed Placement Raises $6m; Optiscan: Confocal Microscope For 2nd Oral Cancer Trial; Sienna Receives $405k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Genetic Technologies, Tgen Risk Tests Agreement; Universal Biosensors Finalizes Siemens Xprecia Deal; IQ3 Tells ASX Aware Query: ‘IT Glitch Stopped Announcement’; Probiotec AGM: CEO Wesley Stringer $4.9m Loan For Options; Acrux Resolution Calls To Appoint Norman Gray Director; ASX Suspends Oventus On Price Query; Merchant Group Reduces To 6.6% Of Rhythm; Jim Craig, Bellwether Reduce To 5.6% Of Bluechiip; Clinuvel Appoints Susan Smith Director; Mark Masterson Replaces Bod Chairman George Livery
Sep 20, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Pharmaust; GI Dynamics: ‘Endobarrier Reduces HbA1c, Weight, BP’; Japan Patent For Recce Antibiotics; Respiri India Pre-Market Launch Of Wheezo For Asthma; CVC Below 5% In Probiotec; GI Dynamics CEO $663k Base Salary, 58m Options, 55m Shares
Sep 19, 2019
Avita: ‘Recell Improves Dermabrasian Acne Scar Healing’; Novita Rights, Shortfall Raise $2m; Rhythm ‘Colostat Differentiates Cancer, Healthy Tissue’; Bionomics Submits BNC210 PTSD US Fast Track Application; OBJ Establishes ‘Wellfully’ Subsidiaries; Living Cell $1.2m From Vertex Buying Semma; Rhinomed Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Anthony Eaton Replaces Invitrocue Director Dr Gary Pace
Sep 18, 2019
Cynata: ‘Fujifilm Up-To $67m CYP-001 GvHD Licence’; Antisense Up 100% On ATL1102 ‘Positive Drug Effect For DMD’; Eye Co: Hemp Seed Oil For Dry AMD Steroids In Mice; Adalta Receives $3.5m R&D Tax Incentive; Recce Receives $164k R&D Tax Incentive; Invitrocue EGM To Remove Dissident Directors; Cogstate 1m CEO Brad O’Connor Options AGM; Althea Peak Processing EGM; MGC Passes 200 Cannepil, MXP100 Prescriptions; Creso Takes Pharmacielo Trading Halt To Suspension; Peter, Diana Diamond Increase, Diluted To 9% Of Novita; NSW Uni Bio-Engineering Research Showcase Next Tuesday
Sep 17, 2019
Benitec: 3 Dog Studies For FDA BB-301 Phase I OPMD Trial; IQ Acquires Tex Core For Solid Tumors From University Of Texas; Antisense Requests ‘ATL1102 DMD Results’ Halt; Alcidion $895k, 3-Year Healthscope Partnership; Avita US Recell Trial For Skin Injuries; Living Cell Tells ASX 32% Fall Query: ‘Newsletter Not News’; ASX Suspends G Medical For Failure To Respond To Query; Novita: Tali Train Supply Agreement With UK’s Edtech Impact; Proteomics Promarkerd: ‘Validated’; Heramed, Mayo Collaboration For Pregnancy Monitor; Japanese Patent For Immutep LAG525 Antibody; US Patent For Dimerix DMX200 Combination Therapy; Pinnacle Reduces Below 5% In Cochlear; Macquarie Below 5% In Impedimed; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah Take 6% Of Genetic Technologies; Invitrocue CEO Dr Steven Fang Replies To Spill Claims; Race Appoints Dr Daniel Tillett Director; Somnomed Appoints Matthew Conlon For North America Sales
Sep 16, 2019
LBT: APAS Wins CE Mark, Meets Golden Staph Standards; Adalta, GE Healthcare: Deal For I-Body Diagnostic Imaging; Botanix BTX1702 Papulo-Pustular Rosacea Trial; Novita Shortfall Raises $30k; Total $1.86m; Correction: Imagion, Telix; Cynata Requests ‘Fujifilm Option’ Trading Halt; Proteomics ‘Promarkerd Assay Development’ Trading Halt; Creso ‘Pharmacielo Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Creso Canada Marijuana Facility Licence; Alchemia To Be Australian Primary Hemp; Consolidation; Ed Graubart Replaces Polynovo US Sales Head Kevin Whiteley; Jeremy Green, Redmile Reduce To 12.4% Of Avita
Sep 13, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Imagion Biosystems; Polynovo, FDA Novosorb Meeting For Burns; Proteomics Launches Promarkerd Kidney Test In Spain; Invitrocue Geoffrey Thomas Spill Call; Kifin Takes 7% Of Opthea; Viburnum Takes 19% Of Universal Biosensors; Phylogica Appoints Dr Fred Chen Advisor
Sep 9, 2019
Federal $15m For Reproductive Cancer Trials; Universal Biosensors, Siemens Xprecia Coagulation Deal; Pharmaust Starts Monepantel Dog Cancer Trial; Imagion Magsense ‘MRI Contrast Agent Potential’; Invitrocue Board Fight; Respiri Settles 14m Director Options Legal Action; Race Capital Raising EGM; Cardiex ‘Material Contract’ Trading Halt; Althea: Record Marijuana Scripts In August; Jencay Takes Profit To Below 5% In Bluechiip
Sep 6, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Antisense Therapeutics; Botanix Synthetic Cannabidiol ‘Disrupts Bacterial Pathways’; CSL $12.4m CEO, CSO ‘Performance Rights’ AGM; S&P Promotes Polynovo To ASX200, Avita To ASX300; Pro Medicus Dr Sam Hupert, Anthony Hall Sell 2m Shares; Kinetic Below 5% Of Osprey; G Medical ‘ASX Query’ Trading Halt
Federal $32m For Translational Health Research; Novita Shortfall Raises $250k; Total $1.8m; Micro-X Wins $1.8m UK Defence Contract; Hyperion Below 5% In Cochlear; Crystal Amber Increases, Diluted To 68% Of GI Dynamics; WF Asian Below 5% In Simavita; Creso To Release 2.4m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Painchek Appoints Pete Shergill For UK Business Development; Cardiex Appoints Anthony Sloan, Rhonda Welch Executives; Auscann Appoints Dr Marcel Bonn-Miller Director 
Sep 4, 2019
Cynata: ‘MSCs Reduce Organ Transplant Rejection In Mice’; US FDA Lifts IDT Warning Letter; Orthocell: 8 Of 9 Rotator Cuff Patients Pain-Free; Immuron: ‘Travelan Binds To 71 Cholera Strains’; Clarity FDA Ind For Copper Sartate Neuroblastoma Trial; Adalta: I-Body Half-Life Can Be Customized; Respiri Launches Wheezo Asthma Diary; Mitsubishi Takes 5% Of Total Brain; BTC: Sharon Papworth CFO, Co Sec; Stuart Jones Corp Dev
Sep 3, 2019
Uniquest, Grünenthal Cone Snail Neuropathic Pain Drug; Phylogica: CPP Delivers Antisense Drug In Mice; Emvision Readies For Brain Scanner Stroke Pilot Trial; Starpharma: ‘One More SE Asian Vivagel BV Approval’; MGC 100-Patient Cannepil, MXP100 Marijuana Epilepsy Study; Bod: August Marijuana Pills Up 95% To 329 Scripts; Morgan Stanley Takes 5% Of Total Brain; Regal Funds Takes 10% Of Medibio; FIL Increases, Diluted To 9% Of Medibio
Sep 2, 2019
August BDI-40 Up 13%, Big Caps Up 3%, ASX200 Down 3% - Opthea Up 341%, Polynovo 31%; Osprey Down 32%, Clinuvel 21%; Compumedics Record Revenue $41.5m, Profit Up 43.2% To $4m; IQ3 Revenue Down 5% To $6.5m, Loss From $1k To $1m; Pharmaust Revenue Up 32.5% To $4.4m, Loss Down 36% To $1.6m; G Medical H1 Revenue Up 191% To $4.3m, Loss Down 20% To $10m; Cardiex Revenue Down 2.5% To $3.9m, Loss Up 1% To $3m; Immuron Revenue Up 30% To $2.4m, Loss Up 54% To $4.6m; THC H1 Revenue Up 67% To $2.1m, Loss Up 80% To $5.8m; Stemcell Revenue Up 437% To $1.6m, Loss Down 37% To $2.1m; US FDA Clears Oventus O2vent Optima; Antisense, Regulators Meet On ATL1102 For DMD; Amplia Receives 1kg AMP945 For Trial; Memphasys Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neuroscientific Expects $2m Off-Shore R&DTI Over 3 Years; Director Andrew Kroger Takes 38% Of Cryosite; Allan Gray Reduces To 15% Of Impedimed; Medibio: Clarification; Admedus Requests 7th Funding Suspension Extension; Genetic Technologies Appoints Nick Burrow Director
Aug 30, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Anatara Lifesciences; Mesoblast Revenue Down 3.6% To $25m, Loss Up 155% To $134m; Avita Revenue Up 50% To $17m, Loss Up 110% To $34.6m; Avecho H1 Revenue Up 409% To $4.2m, Loss To $2.3m Profit; Medlab Revenue Up 41% To $6.1m, Loss Up 72% To $8.2m; Allegra Revenue Down 15% To $4m, Loss Up 38% To $836k; Dorsavi Revenue Down 27% To $3.2m, Loss Up 8% To $4m; Adherium Revenue Down 53% To $2.8m, Loss Up 26% To $11.8m; Total Brain Revenue Even At $2.6m, Loss Down 63% To $8.6m; Nuheara Revenue Down 41% To $2.4m, Loss Up 35% To $10.0m; Micro-X Revenue Up 20% To $1.9m, Loss Down 41% To $9.8m; TBG H1 Revenue Up 21% To $1.6m, Loss To $10.5m Profit; Proteomics Revenue Up 25% To $1.5m, Loss Up 44% To $2.1m; Orthocell Revenue Up 26% To $1.2m, Loss Up 2% To $5.9m; Suda Revenue Up 186% To $1.2m, Loss Up 29% To $7.8m; Optiscan Revenue Down 52% To $1m, Loss Up 15% To $2.3m; Novita Shortfall Raises $1m; Total $1.6m; Regeneus Rights Raise $620k, $1.8m Underwritten; Telix Plans TLX250-CDx Japan Kidney Cancer Imaging Trial; CE Mark For Novita Tali Train; Elixinol: Appoints 25th Group Belgium, Luxembourg Distributor; Medibio, Compass 4th Deal For Ilumen Mental Health Study; Chelodina, Marble Bar Take 9% Of Medibio; Alcidion: Rebecca Wilson Chair, Ray Blight Director; Ingrid Player To Replace Cogstate Director Jane McAloon; Mach7 M-D Mike Lampron Starts On $410k A Year
Aug 29, 2019
Ellex Revenue Up 3% To $81.6m, Loss Up 14% To $5.8m; Probiotec Revenue Up 19% To $79m, Profit Up 33% To $4m; Palla H1 Revenue Up 20% To $27.4m, Loss Up 44% To $4m; Elixinol H1 Revenue Up 17% To $17.5m; Profit To $9m Loss; Alcidion Revenue Up 304% To $17m, Loss Down 96% To $84k; Benitec Revenue Up 4,175% To $16.2m, Loss To $4m Profit; IDT Revenue Down 9% To $12m, Loss Down 64% To $6m; Medadvisor Revenue Up 25% To $8.2m, Loss Up 83% To $8.2m; Invion Revenue Up 426% To $3.9m, Loss Up 175% To $2.55m; Rhinomed Revenue Up 51.5% To $3.3m, Loss Up 51.5% To $6m; OBJ Revenue Up 35% To $2.7m, Loss Up 1% To $1.7m; LBT Revenue Down 55% To $2.5m, Loss Up 62% To $4.4m; Starpharma: ‘HER-2 Dep-Drug Reduces Ovarian Cancer In Mice’; Janssen Exercises St Vincent’s Alzheimer’s Molecule Option; Paradigm: ‘PPS Reduces Cartilage Degradation 12%’; Alcidion Reports Chair’s Spouse’s Closed Period Share Sale; ASX Removes 3 Biotechs For Failure To Pay Fees; Total Brain, IBM Partner For Veteran Mental Health; THC Opens Gold Coast Marijuana Facility; BVF, Mark Lampert Take Profit To 5.25% Of Opthea; Bank Of America Reduces To 5.3% Of IDT; Richard Cashin Diluted To 12.7% In GI Dynamics; All Change At Medibio’s Board
Aug 28, 2019
Cogstate Revenue Down 25% To $32m, Loss Up 341% To $3.7m; Clinuvel Record Revenue Up 22% To $31m, Profit Up 37% To $18m; Cellmid Revenue Up 29% To $7.4m, Loss Up 58% To $6m; Genetic Signatures Revenue Up 71% To $5m, Loss Up 7% To $3.5m; Starpharma Revenue Down 45% To $2.7m, Loss Up 39% To $14.3m; Bioxyne Revenue Up 4% To $2.3m, Loss Up 4% To $1m; Bluechiip Revenue Up 83% To $1m, Loss Up 31% To $3.3m; Cogstate Raises $2.9m From Japan Distributor Eisai; Global Brands Buys Probiotec Celebrity Slim For $7m; Starpharma DEP-Cabazitaxel, DEP-Docetaxel ‘Early Efficacy’; Novita ‘Shortfall, CE Mark Application’ Trading Halt; FDA Guidance For Telix TLX591-CDx Prostate Cancer Imaging; US FDA Upgrades IDT; Australian Marijuana Licence; PBS Reimbursement For Mayne Pharma Kapanol Morphine; Heramed Herabeat, Heracare Hapvida Brazil Roll-Out; Medigard Cancels $615k Sol-Millennium Notes; Converts Loans; Noxopharm: ‘NOX66 Reduces Tumor Size; Pain, PSA Levels’; Regal Funds Takes 13% In Opthea
Aug 27, 2019
Nanosonics Revenue Up 39% To $84m, Profit Up 137% To $13.6m; Cann Revenue Up 174% To $4m, Loss Up 131% To $11m; Resonance Revenue Up 25% To $3.6m, Profit Up 466% To $1.3m; Cryosite $1m Legal Settlement; Novita Raises $485k Of Hoped For $2m; FDA Guidance For 2019 Mesoblast Cardiac Trial; BTC Chair Dr Richard Treagus $125k Bonus, $15k Pay Rise; Brian Leedman Exercises 5m Alcidion 8c Options; Cogstate Requests ‘Contract, Placement’ Trading Halt; Vivazome, Toolgen Collaborate On Crispr-Cas9 Research; Cann Lifts Mildura Marijuana Production By 40% To 70t; MGC Approval For Slovenian Medical Marijuana Research; Westmead Hospital 2019 Hospital Week; Bio-Melbourne ‘Formula For Success’ Conference
Aug 26, 2019
Admedus H1 Revenue Down 16% To $11m, Loss Up 3% To $12m; Mach7 Revenue Up 8% To $9.3m, Loss Up 43% To $7m; Acrux Revenue Down 64% To $1.2m, Loss Down 41% To $8.3m; Invitrocue Raises $966k; Exopharm Starts ‘Plexoval’ Exosome Wound Healing Trial; CE Mark Renewal For 3 Uscom Spirosonic Devices; Antisense: Acromegaly Europe Access Program On Hold; Nuheara To ASX: ‘NHS Recategorization Not Material’; Recce: 500% Production Increase; Cann Global, Pharmocann Marijuana Food, Cosmetics Deal; Pharmaust Receives Monepantel Dog Trial Tablets; G Medical Drops $25m Nasdaq IPO For OTCQB Listing; Noxopharm Receives $3.7m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Crystal Amber Fund Takes 75% Of GI Dynamics; Matt Callahan, Stone Ridge, SRV Transfer Below 5% In Orthocell
Aug 23, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Somnomed; Mayne Revenue Down 1% To $525.2m, Loss Up 111% To $283.8m; SDI Revenue Up 7% To $79.6m, Profit Up 30% To $7.3m; Next Science Revenue Up 222% To $3.5m, Loss Up 10% To $9.7m; Telix H1 Maiden Revenue Of $1.8m, Loss Up 100% To $10.4m; Oventus ‘Oversubscribed’ Rights Raise $2.3m; Total $9.3m; CE Mark For Resapp Smartphone Respiratory Diagnostic; W.H.O. Names Kazia GDC-0084 For Brain Cancer ‘Paxalisib’; MGC, Swinburne Test Marijuana Driving; Paul Cozzi Takes 10% Of Cardiex; Botanix, Orthocell Director Matthew Callahan Takes Leave
Aug 22, 2019
ASX Suspends Five Biotechs For Failure To Pay Fees; Pro Medicus Revenue Up 48% To $50m, Profit Up 92% To $19m; Polynovo Revenue Up 128% To $13.7m, Loss Down 47% To $3.2m; Cryosite Revenue Up 35% To $8m, Loss Up 39% To $1.7m; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Up 2.5% To $6.5m, Loss Up 342% To $3m; PYC (Phylogica) CPP Delivers Antisense Drug In Mice; Mach7 $950k St Teresa’s Hospital Imaging Contract; GI Dynamics $10m Crystal Amber Notes; Adherium $1.8m One Funds, Summatix Convertible Notes; Immutep Granted European IMP321 Patent; Japan Accepts Orthocell Celgro Patent; European Patent Allowed For Cellmid Midkine Antibodies; Universal Biosensors: ‘Siemens Deal In September’; Resapp Requests ‘CE Mark Application’ Trading Halt; G Medical Requests Nasdaq Listing Trading Halt; Zelda: 103 Of 150 Marijuana Autism Trial Patients Recruited; Creso: Pharma Dynamics Africa Cannqix10 Distributor; Credit Suisse Below 5% In Adalta
Aug 21, 2019
Somnomed Revenue Up 12% To $59m, Loss Up 91% To $16.4m; Medical Developments Revenue Up 19% To $21m, Profit Up 327% To $1m; Impedimed Revenue Up 25% To $4.2m, Loss Down 12% To $24m; MGC Raises $4.75m, Plan For $1m More, To List On LSE; Cann Global (Qld Bauxite) Raises $5.95m, Return To ASX; Sloan Kettering Approves Optiscan Microscope For Trial; Noxopharm: NOX66 ‘Abscopal’ Response In Mice; Chair Dr Bill Garner Diluted To 17% Of Race
Aug 20, 2019
Visioneering H1 Revenue Up 99% To $3.4m, Loss Down 33% To $6.7m; Bionomics Revenue Down 5% To $4.5m, Loss Down 63.5% To $9m; Race Raises $1.45m At 10% Premium; Dr Daniel Tillett Takes 9%; Telix: 1st Australian Patient In Zircon Kidney Cancer Study; Adherium, Summatix Partner For Hailie Inhaler Sensors; Up To 28% Oppose Volpara Option Resolutions; Up To 17% Of Medibio EGM Oppose Share Issue; Creso: 1st Pharmacielo Columbian Marijuana To Switzerland; Jencay Capital Takes 5.5% Of Ellex; Escrow End Reduces Life Biosciences To 31% Of Alterity; Genera Loses Chair Dr Damian Pethica, Co Sec Melanie Leydin; Cardiex: Chris Dax Atcor Head, Doug Kurschinsky G-M 
Aug 19, 2019
Uscom Revenue Up 27% To $3.6m; Loss Down 29% To $1.4m; Telix: ‘$9.6m Applications For $5m Share Plan’; Acrux Files ANDA For Generic Emla Local Anaesthetic; Medibio Extends Share Plan To $1.2m; Ellume To Open Expanded Brisbane Offices; MGC Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; BVF, Mark Lampert Reduce To 9.5% Of Opthea; John Gleeson Below 5% Of Uscom
Aug 16, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Opthea; Cochlear Revenue Up 7% To $1,446m, Profit Up 13% To $277m; Medlab Marijuana Extract Nanabidial ‘Safe, Fast-Acting’; Japan Patent For Neuren’s NNZ-2591 For Brain Disorders; Exopharm Share Plan Raises $1.1m Of Hoped-For $2.8m; Race Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Admedus Tells ASX 4C Funds Query: ‘Working On It’; Regal Funds Takes 12% Of Opthea; Cho, Unlimited Innovation Increase, Diluted To 68% Of Invion
Aug 15, 2019
Pharmaxis Revenue Down 74% To $13m, Profit To $20m Loss; Starpharma: 1st SE Asian Vivagel BV Approvals; Federal $3m For SDI Dental Amalgam Alternatives; Oventus: 2 More US Sleep Groups Adopt O2vent; Cynata Talks Take-Over, CYP-001 With Sumitomo, Fujifilm; Noxopharm’s Nyrada Hopes For $8m ASX IPO; Kifin Takes 5% Of Opthea; Walker Group Sells 14m BTC Shares To LHC; LHC Capital Takes 11% Of BTC; SG Hiscock Takes 6% Of Bod Australia; Pharmaxis Issues CEO Gary Phillips 927k Options
Aug 14, 2019
CSL Record Revenue Up 8% To $12.5b, Profit Up 11% To $2.8b; Osprey H1 Revenue Up 54% To $2.7m, Loss Up 5% To $12.6m; Mesoblast: Investigator Remstemcel-L For Chronic GvHD Trial; Nuheara NDIS Hearing Equipment Provider; Mach7 Wins 3 US Imaging Contracts Worth $500k; Bod: Human Proteins With Marijuana For Ageing; Baker Brothers Takes 11% Of Opthea; Australian Ethical Diluted To 4.99% Of Immutep; Suda Appoints Dr Richard Franklin Anagrelide Director; Vivazome Appoints Dr David Haylock CSO
Aug 13, 2019
MDGH: Novo Nordisk Buys Moxidectin River Blindness Voucher; Federal $1m For Emergency Stroke Treatment; Kazia Completes Phase I Part B Cantrixil Recruitment; Race Granted 3rd US Bisantrene Patent; Regeneus Reduces Staff, Pay, Costs By 50%; MGC: ‘100 Cannepil Marijuana Patients’; Tetra Deal 
Aug 12, 2019
Heramed Appoints Duttenhofer Germanic Distributor; ASX Suspends Invitrocue; Alchemia To Australian Primary Hemp AGM; Dr Fred Grossman Replaces Mesoblast’s Dr Donna Skerrett; Adalta Loses Founding CEO Samantha Cobb
Aug 9, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Shareroot; MCRI Starts Paediatric Influenza Study; Botanix Completes $40m Placement; Suda Lodges TGA Marketing Knockback Appeal; Malta Approves MGC Marijuana Facility; Creso: Medleaf NZ ‘Targets Not Material’; Gayle Mcgarry, Caperi Reduce, Diluted To 7% Of Botanix; Callahan, Horgan, Shenasaby Diluted To 7% On Botanix; Phylogica ‘Re-Brands’ As PYC Therapeutics
Aug 8, 2019
Telix TLX591-CDx Tests Enzalutamide For Prostate Cancer; Nuheara Sells Peru Mining Interests For $369k; Invitrocue, Singapore Hospital Work On Onco-PDO; Bioscience Managers $5.5m For CSIRO, Pharmamark Intencap; Phylogica ASX 63% Query: ‘Results Published Next Morning’; Immuron: IMM-124E Fails Alcoholic Hepatitis Study; Singapore Approves Polynovo Novosorb Wound Treatment; Starpharma Begins Dep-Irinotecan Solid Tumor Trial; Recce European Antibiotic Patent; Admedus Loses Arcomed Distribution; Total Brain, Everyday Health Partner; Elixinol $27m Pet Releaf Marijuana Extract Deal 
Aug 7, 2019
Opthea Jumps 160% On OPT-302 Wet AMD Result; CSL To Move 3km To Haymarket; Victoria Government; Genetic Technologies Ends Blockshine J-V; Back On ASX; Correction: Cellmid; Novita Rights Offer For $2m; Paradigm Files Zilosul FDA IND, Expanded Access For OA; Althea Prescribes 1,523 Medical Marijuana Patients; Summit Medical Transfers BTC Distribution To Avanos; MGC Completes China Marijuana Food Additive Market Test; Total Brain, CNA Insurance Work On Mental Health; Zhang Lishan, Star Bright Took 23% Of Admedus Last Year
Aug 6, 2019
Immutep Rights Offer Raises $6m, Total $10m; Bod Director, Management Options Raise $1.2m; Suda: ‘Zolpimist Spray Beats Tablets For Insomnia’; Painchek: Singapore Approval; Allium Aged Care Licence; Phylogica: ‘Peptide Effective In Retina Tissue In-Vitro’; Imagion Files US FDA Pre-Submission; Cellmid: India’s K2B South Korea Évolis Distributor; Creso Appoints Medleaf NZ Marijuana Distributor; Volpara AGM: 900k Director Options; Bod CEO Joanne Patterson Increases, Diluted To 7.8%; Naos Takes 19.65% Of BTC; BTC Appoints Peter Mears Advisor
Aug 5, 2019
Telix, DKFZ Work On Fluoro Dye For Prostate Surgery; Anatara To Licence Detach Piglet Diarrhoea Treatment; Medlab To Expand US Food Additives; Reva Receives Further $1.8m Loan; Opthea Requests Phase IIb OPT-302 Results Trading Halt; Allan Gray Increases, Diluted To 16% Of Impedimed; Alterity (Prana) Releases 18.6m Escrow Shares, 10m Options; Admedus Requests 6th Funding Suspension Extension; BTC Appoints Bruce Hewett Director
Aug 2, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Regeneus; Proteolytics: $6m For Opal-A, Pl-001 For Wound Therapy; Immutep Underwritten Rights Raise $6m; Total $10m; S&P Dow Jones Promotes Pro Medicus To ASX200; ASX Suspends Genetic Technologies On Chapter 10 Breach; Federal Government ‘Boosts Marijuana Industry’; Cann Global Appoints Austin, Cohen, Easterling Directors
Aug 1, 2019
July BDI-40 Up 6%, Big Caps Up 7%, ASX200 Up 3%, NBI Down 3% - CSL Breaks $100b, Pro Medicus Through $3b; Botanix Placement To Raise $40m; Regeneus Raises $2.3m, Rights Issue For $3.2m More; Polynovo Expects Revenue Of $9.4m; Admedus H1 Receipts $10m, Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; Telix: ‘TLX591-CDx Beats Axumin For Prostate Cancer’; Telix, Merck KGaA Combine Unnamed Molecules, Radiation; Probiotec Completes Abs Acquisition; Medadvisor Secures 1st UK Pharmacy Customer; Althea Launches Medical Marijuana In The UK; Creso: 1st Burleigh Heads Cannqix 50 Marijuana Order; Adalta Appoints Dr Rosalind Wilson Director; Botanix Appoints Richard Peterson CFO, Howie McKibbon, CCO; Ausbiotech, J&J Innovation Excellence Awards Open
Jul 31, 2019
Amplia Rights Raise $689k Of Hoped For $2.2m; Total $1.2m; Neuroscientific: Emtin-B ‘Statistically Significant’ In Rats; Clinuvel Receipts Up 36% To $32m; Mesoblast Milestones Take Receipts Up 203% To $45m; Avita Receipts Up 73% To $17m; Bionomics Receipts Up 22% To $9m; IQ3 Receipts Down 16% To $6m; Impedimed Receipts Down 3% To $4.5m; Pharmaust Receipts Up 27% To $3.8m; G Medical H1 Receipts Up 312% To $3.7m; Rhinomed Receipts Up 77% To $3.1m; Nuheara Receipts Down 42% To $2.35m; Micro-X Receipts Up 77% To $2.3m; Bioxyne Receipts Down 5% To $1.75m; Telix Posts $1.6m H1 Maiden Receipts; Suda 1st $1m Receipts, Without Westcoast; Invitrocue Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; Capital Raising; Regeneus Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; Expects Funding; GI Dynamics: Surgical Specialists Of Louisiana Joins US Trial; Platinum Reduces To 7.6% Of Antisense; Tribeca Below 5% Of Cann; Investors Mutual Takes 9.7% Of Mayne Pharma; Memphasys Appoints Shane Hartwig Director
Jul 30, 2019
European Patent For Opthea OPT-302; Medibio, Compass Partner For Mental Health Trial; MGC: ‘Additional Information Cannabinoids And Brain Cancer’; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C Reports Policy; Elixinol Receipts Up 18% To $16.4m; Volpara Q1 Receipts Up 137% To $2.2m; Medadvisor Receipts Up 24% To $8m, 2 Quarters Cash, Just; Medlab Receipts Up 24% To $5.8m; Proteomics Receipts Up 111% To $1.7m, Almost 2 Quarters Cash; Cann Receipts Up 140% To $1.5m; Respiri Has 2 Quarters Cash, With $3.4m Placement; Recce Has Cash With Expected Capital Raising; Stemcell Has Two Quarters Cash; Imagion Has Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; ‘Will Raise Capital’; Botanix Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Neuroscientific Requests ‘R&D Program’ Trading Halt; Regeneus Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Hyperion Takes 5% Of Cochlear; Genetic Technologies To Appeal Nasdaq Notice; Clarity Appoints Ex-Viralytics Robert Vickery CFO
Jul 29, 2019
Applications Open For $250k Gilead 2020 Fellowships; Zucero Adds Bowel Cancer To Pixatimod, Opdivo Combo Trial; Alterity: ‘PBT434 Safe, Tolerated In Elderly Volunteers’; Neuren Files 3 NNZ-2591 FDA Orphan Applications; TGA Approves Proteomics Promarkerd; Indonesia Patent; Dorsavi Receipts Down 13% To $3.7m; Resonance Receipts Up 33% To $3.5m; Maiden Cash-Flow Positive; Medibio, Wellteq Partner For Employers, Insurers; Elixinol, Pharmacare Partner For Cannabidiol Capsules; Bod Appoints PCCA UK, Ireland Marijuana Distributor; Respiri Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Kinetic Increases, Diluted Below 5% In Impedimed; Macquarie Takes 5% Of Impedimed; Leon Serry, City Castle Below 5% In Adalta; Anteo CEO Derek Thompson Starts On $280k
Jul 26, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Imugene; Resmed Revenue Up 11% To $3.8b, Profit Up 4% To $758m; Cellmid Receipts Up 19% To $6.4m; 6 Months Cash; Profit 2019-’20; Next Science Receipts $2.8m; Oncosil Pleads Schultz To ASX 31% Query; Oventus $7m Placement, $2.3m 1-For-20 Rights Issue; Proteomics $418k Linear Contract; Cann Wins Marijuana Manufacture Licences; Federal Court Grants Micro-X 2 Days For Cleansing Notices; Neuroscientific Releases 1.16m Shares From ASX Escrow; Kemper Shaw Reduces To 10% In Imagion; William Taylor Nominees Reduce To 7% In Imagion
Jul 25, 2019
Orthocell: ‘Celgro Repairs Rat Nerves Better Than Sutures’; Mesoblast: ‘Article Supports MPCs For Heart Failure’; Race Treats 1st Bisantrene AML Patient; Pharmaxis Revenue Up 29% To $12m; Genetic Signatures Receipts Up 49% To $4.8m; Redhill H1 Revenue Down 31% To $4.7m; Universal Bio H1 Revenue Down 71% To $4m; Creso: 1 Quarter Cash, Awaiting $122m Pharmacielo Sale; Imagion Receives $2m R&D Tax Incentive; Althea Raising $30m For Canada’s Peak Marijuana Processing; Bod: 220 Medical Marijuana Scripts In 2 Months; Airxpanders Files Liquidation With US Sec; Micro-X Requests Cleansing Notice Trading Halt; Respiri Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Benitec Below Nasdaq $US1 Bid Rule
Jul 24, 2019
Living Cell NTCell ‘Parkinson’s Benefit, Sans Other Drugs’; Exopharm Placement Raises $4.4m; Share Plan For $2.8m; US Patent For Painchek Facial Recognition Pain Assessment; Visioneering Myopia Contact Lenses Hong Kong Registration; Cynata Tells ASX: $204m Offer ‘Incomplete, Confidential’; Antisense Treats 5 Of 9 Duchenne ATL1102 Patients; Compumedics Pleads Schultz To ASX 9% Query; Althea Takes ‘Acquisition, Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; MGC Claims: ‘Cannabinoids Kill Glioblastoma’ - In Vitro; Australian Ethical Takes 10.5% Of Somnomed; FIL Diluted To 14% Of Medibio; Oventus Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Jul 23, 2019
Amplia: ‘AMP945 Reduces Tumor Sizes And FAK In Mice’; Phylogica: ‘Peptides Deliver 4 Times Antisense Drug In Mice’; Regeneus: ‘Progenza Reverses Allodynia In Rats’; ASX Queries Benitec Xmas Eve BB-401 Trial News; Palla (TPI) $36m Unnamed European Codeine Deal; Somnomed Receipts Up 8% To $65m; Cogstate Receipts Down 7% To $40m; Expanded Alcidion Receipts Up 416% To $21.5m; Mach7 Receipts Up 8% To $10m; Uscom Receipts Up 21.5% To $2.5m; Thomas Jefferson Joins GI Dynamics Endobarrier Trial; Pharmaust Pleads Schultz, Dog News To ASX 26% Query; Tribeca Takes 5% Of Cann; Hybrid Holdings Takes 7.5% Of Pharmaust; New H2 Takes 18% Of Bod, Tribeca 8%, SG Hiscock Below 5%; Sienna To Release 27m Escrow Shares; Medibio Capital Raising, 21.6m Management Options EGM; Simavita Appoints Alan Fisher Director, Michael Spooner Exec; New Elixinol Jobs For Ettenson, Smith, Harrison, Atcha; Bod Appoints Akash Bedi, Patrice Malard H&H Directors
Jul 22, 2019
Kazia, Sloan Kettering GDC-0084, Radiation For Brain Metastases; Patrys: ‘PAT-DX1, Radiation Reduces Tumors, No Tox, In Mice’; Corrections: Pharmaxis; Telix: Denmark For Europe TLX591-CDx Reference; Exopharm: Exosome Wound Trial, ‘Capital Raising’ Halt; Bionomics Further $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Total $7.9m; Shareroot Shortfall, Placement Raise $780k; Total $1.3m; Regeneus: ‘Progenza For OA Pain Focus, Drop Animal Health’; Euro Patent For Suda’s Anagrelide; Althea Requests ‘Acquisition, Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Elixinol Buys Microencapsulation IP For Hemp Products; Total Brain Joins American Heart Study; Invion COO Craig Newton To CEO, Dr Greg Collier Director; Anteo Loses CEO Harley Frankfurt, Christopher Parker Back; Simon Glover Replaces Medadvisor CFO Carlo Campiciano
Jul 19, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Pharmaxis; Cynata Tells ASX: ‘Sumitomo Dainippon Offered $204m’; Impedimed Underwritten Rights Raise $14m; Noxopharm Takes Lind, CST $26m Equity-Draw-Down Facility; Resonance $1m Unnamed US Company Trial Contract; Medibio, Compass 2nd Deal For Ilumen Mental Health Study; FDA Tells Medical Developments: One More Animal Study; Telix Readies For Japan TLX250-CDx Kidney Cancer Trial; Zelda To Acquire Emerald Clinics Marijuana Data; Hong Kong’s Health & Happiness Takes 18% Of Bod; 2 Directors; Impedimed Pleads Schultz To ASX 27% Query; Simavita Lodges H1 Report, Reinstated To ASX; Australian Ethical Takes 5% Of Immutep; Avecho Loses Joint Co-Sec Michael Sapountzis; Maria Maieli Replaces Ellex 3-Month CEO Ged Wallace
Jul 18, 2019
Sienna: Building An In-Vitro Diagnostic Portfolio; Telix Receives $9.3m R&D Tax Incentive; Federal $21m For 13 Dementia Projects; Suda Appeals TGA Easter Artimist Regulatory Refusal; Imagion Up 155% On Magsense FDA Breakthrough Designation; Neurotech Pleads Schultz To ASX 32% Query; Visioneering H1 Receipts Up 103% To $3.5m, Two Quarters Cash; Anteo Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Shareroot Requests Shortfall Placement Trading Halt
Jul 17, 2019
Imugene - Prof Yuman Fong: ‘Industrial Process To Invent CF33’; Telix Placement Raises $40m; Share Plan For $5m More; Airxpanders Goes Under; Immuron To Raise $1.9m; Trading Halt; Shareroot Rights Raise $510k, $445k Shortfall; FDA Approves Livac Organ Retraction System; US, European Patents For Uscom 1A, BP+ Combo; Patrys European Patent For Doexymab 3E10; Memphasys Pleads Schultz To ASX 21% Query; Cynata Requests ASX Query Trading Halt; Bod Requests ‘Material Strategic Partnership’ Trading Halt; Elixinol’s Nunyara Wins Marijuana Manufacture Licence; Correction: Nuheara, Farjoy; Pinacle’s Hyperion Below 5% In Cochlear; CSL Appoints Anjana Narain Seqirus Head; Nanosonics Appoints Geoff Wilson Director
Jul 16, 2019
Biocurate, Servier To Accelerate Drug Discovery; Clarification: Victoria Government, Johnson & Johnson Innovation; Starpharma Receipts Up 1% To $2.8m, $51m Cash; Immuron Revenue Up 29% To $2.6m, 1st US $1m Travelan Sales; Universal Biosensors Siemens Strips Up 156% To $2.3m, $51m Cash; FDA Approves Airxpanders Aerofoam; Director Zeta Peach Resigns; Adalta Starts AD-214 For IPF Toxicology Study; Alcidion To Supply Script System For Dartford, Gravesham NHS; Oventus ‘Lab-In Lab’ Agreements With 3 US Companies; Stemcell United, Malaya Uni Research Agreement; Neuren Receives Final Payment From Lanstead; Total $12m; Nuheara’s Tim Robertson, Farjoy Increase, Diluted To 10%; M&G In And Out Of Medical Developments; Deutsche Bank Below 5% In Genetic Signatures; Bard1 Director Dr Irmgard Irminger-Finger Increases, Diluted To 8%; CEO Miriam Halperin Increases, Diluted To 8.5% Of Creso; Chair Boaz Wachtel Increases, Diluted To 5.5% Of Creso; Elixinol: Stratos Karousos CEO On $338k, Paul Benhaim CIO; Noxopharm: Dr Niechoda Director, Nyrada Board Changes
Jul 15, 2019
Victoria’s Innovation Minister Martin Pakula Talks Biotech; Telix: FDA Guidance For Zircon TLX250-CDx Kidney Cancer Trial; Telix ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Imugene Buys City Of Hope, Vaxinia CF33 Oncolytic Virus; Osprey: H1 Customer Receipts Up 67% To $1.8m; Rhinomed: ‘Pronto Vapor Dilators Win CE Mark’; Oventus: 1st ‘Material Contract’ With Unnamed US Group; Pharmaust Ethics Approval For Dog Cancer Trial; Botanix: ‘AB2367 Kills Clostridium Difficile In-Vitro’; Micro-X To Build Its Carbon Nanotube X-Ray Tubes; Adherium Wins FDA 510(K) Clearance For Hailie Sensors; Cogstate Chair Martyn Myer, Family Increase, Diluted To 15%; William Garner Takes 18.8% Of Race; Race CEO Peter Molloy Diluted Below 5%
Jul 12, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Nuheara; Osprey Welcomes US Kidney Initiative; Nuheara ‘Kiosks’ In 10 Best Buy Canada Shops; M&G Prudential Takes 11.7% Of Mesoblast; Mason Stevens Takes 6% Of Patrys; Pura Vida Reduces To 10% Of Factor; Freshero, Canadian Nickel Cease Factor Substantial; Genetic Technol: CFO, Co Sec Viney Out; Hains, Stedwell In
Jul 11, 2019
Prescient Starts Phase Ib PTX-100 Multiple Cancers Trial; Dimerix Europe, Canada Patents; President Donald Trump; GI Dynamics: ‘Brigham And Women’s Lead Endobarrier Site’; MGC Revenue Up 569% To $1.7m; Two Quarters Cash; Rhinomed: ‘Mute Fastest Growing US Nasal Strip’; Zelda Pleads Schultz To 46% ASX Query; Micro-X Expands Adelaide Production Facility; Shareroot: ‘Opyl Platform Signs 1st Customers’; FIL Increases, Diluted To 8% Of Cogstate; Nebula Neuro, Howitt Diluted To 6% Of Cogstate; Jamber, Amber Schwartz Take 5% Of Creso; Genera Appoints CMO Dr Damian Pethica Chairman
Jul 10, 2019
Airxpanders: ‘TGA Lymphoma Fear May Suspend Aeroform’; Bard1 Rights Raise $2.5m; Total $7.5m; Medibio To Raise $4m In Placement, Share Plan; Cardiex: US Expands Blood Pressure Guidelines; Benefit; Dimerix Completes DMX-200 FSGS Recruitment; Total Brain, 3 Unnamed US Companies Partner For Monitoring; Factor Board Spill Group Withdraws Spill Request; Neuroscientific Releases 1.16m ASX Escrow Shares; Australian Ethical Takes 16% Of Cogstate; Dagmar Dolby Increased, Diluted To 15% Of Cogstate; Tom Granger, Anacacia, Wattle Below 5% In Cogstate; Regal Funds Takes 15% Of Visioneering; Willoughby, Hishenk, Abolakian Take 17.5% Of Kazia; Macquarie Below 5% In Patrys; Mason Stevens
Jul 9, 2019
Immutep Placement, 1-For-11.8 Rights To Raise $10m; Uscom: ‘Record Uscom1A, BP+, Spirosonic Sales’; Invex $12m IPO For Exenatide For Raised Intracranial Pressure; Mach7 Software Deal With Advocate Aurora Health; Memphasys $4.2m Placement For Felix Device Manufacture; Airxpanders: Q2 Revenue Up 14% To $2.6m; THC Wins Southport Marijuana Facility Licence; Medibio Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Unisuper Below 5% In Impedimed; Mason Stevens ‘Below 5% In Patrys’; Recce: Dr Prendergast Chair; Dr Melrose, Dr Ward Directors; Genetic Technologies Loses Director Sam Lee
Jul 8, 2019
Volpara Adds Screenpoint Transpara For Breast Screening; Imugene: ‘HER-Vaxx 80% Tumor Reduction’; Ellex: 4-Year Lead Trial Data Shows ‘2RT Slows AMD’; Cogstate Raises $4m From Australian Ethical; Cellmid Tells ASX 29% Query: ‘No Confidentiality Breach’; Somnomed: 500,000 Patients Treated With Somnodent; Anteo, Unnamed Brand Work On Battery Density; UBS Takes 5% Of Adalta; Crystal Amber Takes 65% Of GI Dynamics; Emvision Releases 300k Escrow Options
Jul 5, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Orthocell; Nuheara Tells ASX: Samsung’s Harman Bid $82.5m; Nuheara Raises $4m; Shareroot Divests ‘Non-Core’ Ludomade; Cogstate Requests ‘Placement’ Trading Halt; Immutep Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Memphasys Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Macquarie Group Below 5% In Impedimed; Yuuwa Capital Diluted To 33% Of Adalta 
Jul 4, 2019
Medlab Q4 Revenue Up 135% To $3m; Cellmid Expects Q4 Record Revenue Of $2.45m; Elixinol Appoints Medvec German Distributor; Medibio Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; THC Requests Marijuana ‘Manufacture Licence’ Halt; Australian Ethical Below 5% Of Mach7; Platinum Increases, Diluted To 8.5% Of Adalta; Hishenk Takes 17% Of Kazia; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah Take 5% Of Genetic Technologies; Jimmy Thomas, Ivy Ponniah Take 5% Of Stemcell United
Jul 3, 2019
Neuroscientific: ‘Emtin-B Grows Nerves, Synapses In Rats’; Sirtex CEO Gilman Wong Pleads ‘Guilty’ To Insider Trading; Unnamed Company Withdraws $83m Nuheara Bid Intent; Nuheara Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Uniquest Appoints Ex-WEHI Dr Julian Clark Director; Telix Appoints Grupo RPH For TLX591-CDx In Latin America; Creso Repays $5.15m Convertible Note Debt For Acquisition; BTC Director Peter Jones, Helen Jones Increase, Diluted To 7%; Emvision: Ruth Cremin Head Of Quality, Regulatory Affairs; Stemcell Appoints Theng Dar Teng Advisor
Jul 2, 2019
Painchek, MCRI Partner For Infant Study; Nuheara Iqbuds, Iqstream TV On Federal Hearing Program; Zelda Starts Marijuana Opioid Reduction Trial; Telix Signs PI Medical Netherlands TLX591-CDx Distributor; Correction: Probiotec; Micro-X, Thales Complete $10m Note Agreement; Pharmaust’s Epichem Repays $750k Federal Loan For Lab; Creso’s Mernova Sells 1st Marijuana Flower Harvest; E-Sense 300-Litre Vaporspec Marijuana E-Juice Order; CEO Paul Rennie Increases, Diluted To 12% Of Paradigm; Unisuper Reduces To 5.5% In Impedimed; Sigma Takes 10% Of BTC; Walker Group Diluted To 5.6% Of BTC; W Whitney George, Sprott Take 25% Of Rhinomed; Genera Loses 9-Year Chairman Lou Panaccio; Stemcell Loses Director Glenn Davies
Jul 1, 2019
13-Year BDI-40 Up 339%, Big Caps Up 681%, ASX200 Up 30%; 12-Month BDI-40 Up 40%, Big Caps Up 13%, ASX200 Up 7%, NBI Down 1%; 12-Month Stars: Avita 792%, Genetic Signatures 268%, Paradigm 236%; Probiotec $28m For Australian Blister Sealing; Profit Up; Avita: ‘Recell Reduces Diabetic Foot Ulcers 83%’; Volpara Retail Rights Raise $4.8m; Total $55m; Visioneering Rights Raise $5.8m, Total $11.1m; Emvision Prepares Stroke Brain Scanner Pilot Trial; Biointelect, Boston’s New Perspectives Partner For Support; US Patent For Sienna hTERT Cancer Test; Resapp Recruits 200 Of 250 Sleep Study Patients; Heramed Foetal Cardiac Monitor At Brazil’s Hapvida Hospitals; Auscann, Tasmanian Alkaloids Marijuana Resin Deal; Medibio Signs Compass For 1st UK Ilumen Test; Crystal Amber Extends Gi Dynamics Convertible Note Date; Admedus Requests 5th Funding Suspension Extension; Regal Reduces To 6.6% Of Oncosil; Director Dr William Garner Reduces To 14% In Race
Jun 28, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Patrys; Victoria To Appoint Israel Liaison Officer; Rhinomed To Support Monash Uni Sleep-Suicide Study; Anatara Plans Australia Detach For Pig Diarrhoea Sales; Lifespot Requests ‘Product Development, Distribution’ Halt; Blackcrane Takes 9% Of Avita; Dr Errol De Souza Continues As Bionomics Interim Chairman
Jun 27, 2019
Impedimed Underwritten Rights To Raise $14m; Novita, Victoria Partner For Tali Attention Deficit Test; Starpharma Betadine Bacterial Vaginosis Europe Launch; LBT Receives Second $1.5m Of $4m SA Government Loan; Cryosite Write-Off; Mark Byrne COO, Bryan Dulhunty Exec; Phylogica ‘CPP Delivers More Drug To Mouse Retinas’; Imagion Loses Director Dr John Hazle, Continues As Advisor; Cardiex Appoints Chris Dax, Dr Sean Merritt Executives
Jun 26, 2019
Bionomics BMC210 Fails Agitation Trial; Suda ‘Oversubscribed Rights’ Raise $3.9m; Alcidion Renews $970k Western Sussex Patientrack Contract; Dimerix Opens WA Recruitment For DMX-200 Trials; Rhythm Adds Alfred Hospital To Colostat Trial; Bank Of America Sells, Transfers Shares, Takes 5% Of IDT; Jencay Capital Takes 12% Of Universal Biosensors; Macquarie Takes 5% Of Impedimed, Yet Again; Airxpanders 3rd ‘Debt Agreement’ Suspension Extension; Salesh Balak Replaces Universal Biosensors Rick Legleiter
Jun 25, 2019
Immutep Completes IMP321 Aipac Cancer Trial Enrolment; Althea Project Twenty21 For 20k UK Marijuana Patients; Anteo Works With Silicio Ferrosolar For Lithium Batteries; Factor Faces 2nd Board Spill Call; Impedimed Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Unisuper Takes 7% Of Impedimed; Simon Chamberlain Replaces Alcidion’s Geoffrey Rohrsheim
Jun 24, 2019
FDA Orphan Status For Mesoblast’s Revascor; LBT Apas Independence ‘100% Accurate For UTIs In 13 Seconds’; Oventus Signs 2 Canadian Sleep Groups For $1m O2vent; Dimerix Licences Receptor-Hit To Excellerate Bioscience; Shareroot Rights Issue For $1m; 501-Implant Study Backs Admedus Cardiocel; Micro-X, Allora Settle $1.8m Invoice Dispute; Bionomics Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Credit Suisse Takes 5% Of Adalta; Dr John Lambert Replaces Amplia CEO Simon Wilkinson
Jun 21, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Next Science; CSL Takes Over China Albumin Import; Nuheara: Puretone To Manage 3-Year Scotland NHS Contract; Australia Grants Immutep IMP321 Patent; Althea 1st UK Patient; Frankston Marijuana Plant Permit; Alchemia Quits Biotech To Be Australian Primary Hemp; Bod, Burleigh Heads Medicabilis (ECS315) Marijuana Deal; Morgan Stanley Below 5% In Total Brain
Jun 20, 2019
Pharmaxis: ‘FDA Wants Small Clinician Bronchitol Study’; Nuheara Iqbuds Boost On NHS Scotland Hearables Contract; Ashland $3.6m Avecho (Phosphagenics) Vital ET, TPM Licence; Medibio: ‘Heart Algorithm 80% Accurate For Depression’; TGA Registers Oventus Exvent For Sleep Apnoea; Botanix: ‘BTX1801 Kills Super Bugs In-Vitro, Mice’; Jeffrey Emmanuel Takes 8.5% Of Bard1; Merchant Funds Takes 7.7% Of Bard1; David Williams, Moggs Creek, Take 5.5% Of Bard1; Kinetic Takes 5.6% Of Osprey; Kinetic Takes 5.6% Of Impedimed; Immuron Vice-Chairman Peter Anastasiou Takes 11%; Mach7 David Chambers, Damien Lim Swap Chairs, Mike Lampron MD
Jun 19, 2019
Federal Frontiers $9.5m For 10 Projects; Painchek Placement Raises $4.15m; Orthocell: ‘Celgro Halves Dental Implant Time’; Botanix BTX1308 ‘Anti-Inflammatory, Immune Response’; OBJ Joins Little Green Pharma For Magnetic Marijuana; MGC Appoints Onix Brazil Marijuana Product Distributor; Next Science Pleads Schultz, Publicity To ASX 46% Query; Heramed Launches Herabeat Foetal Heart Monitor; Airxpanders Pays Oxford Finance $727k For Debt Breach; Invictus: FDA ‘Broadly Supports’ Fatty Liver, Cancer Plans
Jun 18, 2019
Editorial: BNYM & Substantial Shareholder Notices; Medlab 2,000 Patient Nanabis ‘Observational’ Study; Bard1 Places $5m, Rights Issue For $2.5m More; Rhythm Signs Monash For Colostat Trial; Cardiex ‘Material Contract’ Halt, Suspension ‘Not Material’; GI Dynamics: Withdraws AGM Delisting Proposal; Bank Of NY-Mellon Reduces To 58% Of Genetic Technologies; Botanix Requests ‘Psoriasis Phase Ib Results’ Trading Halt; Botanix 17m Directors Options, Termination Benefits EGM; Max Johnston, Philip Powel Replace Bard1 Brett Montgomery; GI Dynamics Appoints Prof Steven Opal Advisor
Jun 17, 2019
FDA Approves Cochlear Nucleus Profile Plus; Anteo, Lumos Collaborate On Assay Development; TPI, Tasmanian Alkaloids End Poppy Dispute; Medibio, Partnerships For Health Intelligence J-V Writ; Painchek Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Cardiex Takes ‘Customer Contract’ Halt To Suspension; Thorney Technologies, Tiga Take 11% Of Visioneering; Regal Funds Reduce, Diluted To 9% Of Visioneering; Credit Suisse Below 5% In Prescient; Bank Of New York Mellon Clients Take 21% Of Immuron; Alcidion Releases 160m Escrow Shares
Jun 14, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Heramed; Burnet, Oxford Find Antibodies To Stop Malaria; Clinuvel: ‘Upgraded To ASX200’; Zoetis Terminates Anatara Detach Licence; Adalta Rights Raise Hoped-For $2m; Optiscan Raises $1.7m; Volpara Completes $21m MRS Acquisition; Bard1 Requests ‘Equity Raising’ Trading Halt; GI Dynamics: ‘Endobarrier Reduces Sleep Apnoea’; Althea Prescribes 1,000 Medical Marijuana Patients; Harbour Takes 6% Of Volpara; Ausbil Below 5% In Bionomics; TPI Changes Name To Palla Pharma; ASX Code To ‘PAL’
Jun 13, 2019
Academy Awards Clunies Ross Gongs; Telix Appoints Eczacibasi-Monrol Distributor; Osprey, Premier Quest Kidney Injury Data; Immutep Recruits 1st IMP321 Tacti-002 Cohort Patients; Oventus O2Vent Splint With Valves ‘Reduces Sleep Apnoea’; GI Dynamics Contracts First US Pivotal Trial Sites; THC Wins Marijuana Manufacture Licence; Cardiex Requests ‘Material Customer Contract’ Trading Halt; Phillip, Bioscience Managers Below 5% In Avita; Kinetic Ceases In Osprey; Kinetic Ceases In Impedimed; Crystal Amber Takes 49% Of GI Dynamics; Bank Of New York-Mellon Clients Reduce To 19% Of Immuron; BNY-Mellon Clients Reduce To 59% Of Genetic Technologies
Jun 12, 2019
Bod 300-Patient Pay-For Marijuana PTSD Observational Study; BTC Share Plan Raises $1.2m, Total $9.2m; Amplia Placements, Rights For $2.73m; US Patent For Starpharma, Astrazeneca DEP-Bcl2/Xl Inhibitors; Immuron: ‘Travelan Reduces Dysentery Inflammation In Monkeys’; Resapp Receives $1.8m R&D Tax Incentive; Telix, Osaka Uni Extend TLX101 For Cancer Collaboration; Avita: 3 Vitiligo, Acne Posters At Dermatology Meeting; Optiscan Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; THC Requests ‘Manufacture Licence’ Trading Halt; Credit Suisse Reduces To 6% Of Prescient; Karst Peak, Adam Leitzes Reduce To 9.5% Of Avita; Paul Cozzi Takes 8% Of Visioneering; Paul Benhaim, Raw With Life; D&G Health Diluted In Elixinol; Canopy Growth Takes 13% Of Auscann; Eye Co Appoints Prof William Sponsel Advisor
Jun 11, 2019
Mesoblast, JCR Expand Temcell To HIE In Japan; Elixinol, RFI Partner For US Marijuana Expansion; Genetic Technologies Tells ASX: ‘Director Lee Training’; Next Science To Release 711k Escrow Shares; Zelda’s Mara Gordon Reduces To 5.8%; Merchant Takes 3.6%; Ming Hao Zheng, Ying Fan Increase, Diluted To 5% Of Orthocell; Credit Suisse Takes Loss, Reduces To 7.8% In Prescient; Respiri To Issue 10m Management Options
Jun 7, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Medical Developments; Axovant Terminates Benitec $954m BB-301 OPMD Deal; Bio-Melbourne Women’s Lunch ‘Sold Out’; Nuheara Trades On US OTCQB Exchange; Canada’s Pharmacielo To Buy Creso For $122m In Shares; Imagion To Release 78m Escrow Shares, 9.6m Rights; MMJ 10m Share Buy-Back; Embark Investment Manager; MGC, RMIT Digital Cannabinoids Library; Noxopharm’s Nyrada Receives $486k R&D Tax Incentive; Paul Anderson, Matt Callahan, SRV Diluted In Orthocell; Chairman Dr Michael Monsour Takes 25% Of Analytica; Levenson Takes 7% Of Anteo; James Middleweek Takes 5% Of Adherium; Deborah Ambrosini Replaces Acrux CFO, Co Sec Tim Bateman
Jun 6, 2019
Visioneering Placement, Rights, Notes For $11m; Immutep Doses First Patient In Merck, Pfizer Cancer Trial; Benitec Requests ‘Existing Material Contracts’ Trading Halt; GI Dynamics 4 Endobarrier Meeting Presentations
Jun 5, 2019
Volpara Placement, Rights Raise $50m; Retail Rights For $5m; Elixinol Placement Raises $50m; LBT Raises $5m In ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement; Anteo ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement, Rights Raise $3.65m; Analytica Rights Raise $913k Of Hoped-For $2.7m; Suda, Cann Pharma $1.5m Plan For Cannabinoid Oral Spray; Global Kinetics Kinetigraph For Parkinson’s Brain Stimulation; Althea Wins Victoria Hemp Licence; Tissue Culture; Neurotech Pleads Schultz, Board Renewal To ASX 208% Query; Neurotech Launches Mente Autism Clinic Website; Regal Funds Takes 10% Of Opthea; Jencay Capital Takes 5% Of Bluechiip; OBJ Appoints Paul Peros Beauty CEO, Starts On $580k; Resapp Appoints Dr Naomi Fried, Dr Joseph Kvedar Advisors
Jun 4, 2019
Applications Open For $316k Victoria Prizes, Fellowships; Paradigm PPS Beats Saline For Ross River Virus Joint Pain; Starpharma: ‘Okamoto Launches 003 Vivagel Condom In Japan’; Imugene: ‘High Dose HER-Vaxx Shrinks Tumors’; Visioneering Requests ‘Transaction, Capital Raising’ Halt; Elixinol Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; GI Dynamics ‘Considers Delisting From The ASX’; Suda Signs US, Hong Kong Companies For Expansion; Pharmaust: Catalent Makes Dog Cancer Trial Monepantel; MGC Receives Bulk Marijuana, Revenue; Admedus Requests 4th Funding Suspension Extension; Adrian Trevisan Sells All 19m Neurotech Shares
Jun 3, 2019
May BDI-40 Up 7%, Big Caps Up 4% ASX200 Up 1%, NBI Down 6%; Federal Opposition: Clare O’Neil, Brendan O’Connor Innovation; Volpara To Raise $55m, To Pay $21m For MRS Systems; Suda 3-For-1 Rights Issue For $3.4m; Uniquest, Pfizer Partner For Cancer; Starpharma, Astrazeneca 2nd Oncology Agreement; Clinuvel: FDA Extends Scenesse PDUFA Date; Medical Developments: Mundipharma For Penthrox Australia; OBJ Appoints Parafix Manufacturing Partner; Bard1 Euro Patent Validated In 6 Countries; Smart Top, Xianhui Meng Take 19% Of Uscom; LBT Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; MGC Requests ‘Customer Contract’ Trading Halt; Alchemia Further Extends ‘Change In Activities’ Suspension; David Torrible Replaces Total Brain Director Stephen Koslow; Recce Appoints Dr David Bowers Advisory Chair
May 31, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Invitrocue; Ausbiotech: ‘Sector Worried By Threat To R&D Incentive’; Althea Launches UK Concierge Marijuana Platform; Telix, Emory Trial TLX591-CDx For Cancer Imaging, ASX Query; BTC Completes $6.3m Admedus Infusion Acquisition; Up To 22% Oppose Imagion Placement Facility; TPI Backs Palla Name Change, 22% Support Withdrawn Spill; Yuuwa Diluted To 39% Of Adalta; Nanosonics Loses 9-Year Director Richard England; Admedus Loses 5-Month Director Lishan Zhang
May 30, 2019
Minister Karen Andrews Talks Biotech; Orthocell Raises $10.6m; Immuron Raises $2.9m; Patrys ‘PAT-DX1 Kills Breast Cancer Brain Metastases In Mice’; Mesoblast Begins FDA GvHD Submission; Noxopharm Enrols Darrt-1 NOX66 Prostate Cancer Trial; Resapp Names UK Consultancy Avanti Med; Universal Biosensors, Siemens Extend Term Sheet; BVF Reduces To 21% Of Pharmaxis; Immuron Chair Peter Anastasiou Increases, Diluted To 10.6%; Alcidion Pleads Schultz To ASX 13.6% Query; Airxpanders Loses CFO, COO Scott Murcray
May 29, 2019
Resapp Hires Unnamed UK Group For New Products; Actinogen Higher Dose Xanahes Trial Passes Safety Review; Bionomics Completes Strategic Review; Neurotech Pleads Schultz To ASX 55% Query; MGC, RMIT Win Australian Marijuana Research Licence; Empery, Ryan Lane Below 5% In Immuron; Cardiex Appoints Rhonda Welch Head Of Marketing; Redhill Appoints Prof June Almenoff CSO
May 28, 2019
Invion IVX-P02 Hits Cancer, No Cell Toxicity In Mice; Telix, FDA Prostate Cancer Imaging Meeting; Distributors; Paradigm: ‘Osteo-Arthritis Knee Pain Down 51%’; Federal Court Extends Micro-X Cleansing Notice; Orthocell Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Medlab Appoints Mega Lifesciences Nanabis Distributor; Sigma Takes 5% Of BTC; Walker Group Increases, Diluted To 8.5% Of BTC; Cellmid Appoints Bart Wuurman Lyramid Midkine CEO; TBG Loses Director, COO Eugene Cheng
May 27, 2019
Victoria $267m For Research, Jobs, Investment Funds; Federal Biotech Ministers: Karen Andrews, Greg Hunt; Biotech Daily Comment; Next Science: Grace Medical Distributes Sinus Lavage; TGA Registration For Genetic Signatures Easyscreen; Painchek: UK Contract 1st Offshore Deal; Bard1 Receives $521k R&D Tax Incentive; Cardiex: Presentation Backs Blumio BP Sensor; Chair Dr Richard, Karen Treagus, Diluted To 13.7% Of BTC; Director Peter, Helen Jones Increase, Diluted To 9.8% Of BTC; Micro-X Takes ‘Cleansing Notice’ Halt To Suspension; Eye Co Appoints Prof Jan Provis Advisory Chair; Stemcell Appoints Yanhua Huang, Qi Lu Directors
May 24, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Oncosil Medical; Immuron To Raise $2.9m; Antisense ATL1102 DMD Trial Enrolled; Starpharma: DEP-Irinotecan, Cetuximab Kill Cancer In Mice; MGC Claims ‘Marijuana Toxic To Glioblastoma’, In-Vitro; Naos Takes 18.5% Of BTC Health; Goodbye Phosphagenics, Welcome Avecho
May 23, 2019
Starpharma: ‘Bacterial Vaginosis Trial Possible, FDA Talks’; Adalta Raises $5m, Rights Offer For $2m More; Genetic Technologies ADSs Raise $1.75m; Imagion Toxicology Study: ‘Magsense Safe For Breast Cancer’; Immutep IMP321, Chemotherapy Patent For Europe; Noxopharm Expands NOX66 Prostate Cancer Trial; FMR Takes 5% Of Somnomed; G Medical 2m Director Shares, 14.5m CEO Loan Shares AGM; Micro-X ‘Late Cleansing Notice’ Trading Halt; Creso Harvests First Canadian Marijuana Crop
May 22, 2019
Phosphagenics To Be Avecho Biotech; Dr Ross Murdoch; Oventus: Lane Dental, Sleepcues For O2Vent In Nth Carolina; Bio-Melbourne Moves To Collins Street; Rhythm Wins ISO Quality Certification; 2nd Chinese Patent For Sienna Sien-Net Blood Test; Total Brain Test ‘80% Accurate For Depression Drugs’; Investors Mutual Takes 8.5% Of Mayne Pharma; Redhill Hires 3 Staff For Talicia (RHB-105) Sales; Auscann: Ido Kanyon Starts As CEO
May 21, 2019
Cardiex Business, Marketing Operations In China; Adalta Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Cellmid Buys Back 499k Unmarketable Parcel Shares; Admedus Requests 3rd Funding Suspension Extension; ‘Bank Of New York Mellon’ Takes 26% Of Avita; Macquarie Takes 5% Of Impedimed, Again; Morgan Stanley Takes 7% Of Total Brain
May 20, 2019
Longas Morphoseq For DNA Sequencing; Nick McCooke CEO; FDA Approves LBT Apas Independence; Kazia, Alliance Partner On GDC-0084 For Brain Metastases; Noxopharm Claims NOX66 Efficacy For Prostate Cancer; Alcidion $700k NSW Child Health Contract; IDT Medical Marijuana Manufacturing Licence; Medadvisor, Zeullig Pharma Signs 1st Customer; Cardiex Partners With Health160 For China Tele-Health; G Medical Hopes For $24m Nasdaq IPO; Stemcell Takes 51% Of Yunnan Hemp Co For $794k; Alterity (Prana) To Release 270m Escrow Shares, 540m Options; Jason Colquhoun, 0971224 BC Below 5% In THC; Och Ziff Exits Total Brain; Cynata: Dr Brooke Replaces Dr Chiplin; Hires Dr Lipe; Imugene Appoints Dr Jens Eckstein Director; Botanix Appoints Vince Ippolito Executive Chairman On $400k PA
May 17, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Pro Medicus; WEHI GSK126 For Cancer Targets Cause Of Asthma In Mice; Neuren NNZ-2591 Efficacy For Angelman, Pitt Hopkins In Mice; Immutep IMP321 Reduces Tumor Size At 9 Months; Rhinomed FDA, TGA Pronto Vapor Release Registration; Australian Super 6% Orthocell Notice; Matt Callahan; LBT US FDA Submission Trading Halt; Airxpanders Extends Debt Suspension, Postpones AGM; Suda: David Phillips Director; Joseph Ohayon CFO, Co Sec
May 16, 2019
Federal Election 2019: Policies & Comment; Vittail $6m For Peter Mac, CSIRO E6AP Cancer Target; Bionomics BNC210 PTSD Data ‘Justifies Further Evaluation’; Nuheara Iqstream TV On Sale; Canadian Patent For Prescient PTX-200 For Cancer; G Medical US Phone Sensor Deals; News Correction; Botanix ASX Query Retracts ‘Bacterial-Resistant’ Claim; Cann Global: ASX In-Principle Relisting Approval; CSL Appoints Dr Paul McKenzie COO
Opthea Completes OPT-302 Wet-AMD Trial Visits; BTC Raises $8m For Admedus Infusion Business; Share Plan; Cann Australian Marijuana Resin For Victoria; THC Wins Australian Marijuana Export Licence; Elixinol Wins New York Marijuana Authorization; Medibio Faces 23% Opposition To 14.5m ‘In Lieu’ Options; Avita Loses CFO Dale Sander; Tim Rooney Interim CFO; Suda: Paul Hopper Chairman; Steven Carter CEO; Mach7 Appoints Travis Nuzzi Sales, Marketing Head Race Ready For 1st Bisantrene Leukaemia Trial In 25 Years; Mayne Falls On Expected H2 Downturn; Admedus AGM Clears Rem Report, 46% Star Bright Dissent; Blackcrane Takes 8% Of Avita Volpara Density ‘Effective In Breast Cancer Risk Model’; Living Cell: NTCell Shows ‘Benefit’ For Parkinson’s; BTC Health Pays $6m For Admedus Infusion Business; Airxpanders Dumps Revenue Forecast; 2nd Loan Breach; FDA Clears Somnomed Somnodent Avant; DIIS Approves Imagion Overseas R&D; Expects $1.7m; Correction: Next Science; John Gleeson Takes 5% Of Uscom; Regal Funds Again Reduce To 11% Of Visioneering
May 10, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Rhythm Biosciences; Genetic Technologies: ‘New Colorectal, Breast Cancer Tests’; Analytica $2.7m 1-For-6 Rights Issue; Simavita $3m Convertible Notes; Next Science To Release 2.3m ASX Escrow Shares; FIL Below 5% In Actinogen, Takes Loss
May 9, 2019
FDA Committee Backs Pharmaxis Bronchitol For Cystic Fibrosis; Paradigm Completes $78m Capital Raising; Zelda Receives $769k R&D Tax Incentive; Admedus Takes $1m SIO Loan At 12%, $125k Fee; GI Dynamics $4.3m Crystal Amber Note; Osprey Director Options Face 13% Dissent; Airxpanders Hires Cowen For Financial Advice; LBT Receives First $1m Of $4m SA Government Loan; Australian Ethical Takes Loss On Actinogen; Australian Ethical Takes 8.4% Of Ellex; Robert Lederer, RTL Group Take 10% Of Anatara; Och-Ziff Reduces To 6% Of Total Brain; Factor Loses Director Tim Hughes, Directors Fees Back; Genera Loses Director Jim Kalokerinos
May 8, 2019
Redhill NDA For Talicia (RHB-105) For Helicobacter Pylori; Clarity Raises $10m; Orthocell: ‘Celgro Regains Muscle Function’; Compumedics Barrow Orion Lifespan Meg ‘Largest Contract’; Osprey Launches ‘Dyeminish’ Patient Registry; Anteo 1-For-5 Rights Issue For $2.6m; Pharmaust Receives 25kg Monepantel For Cancer Trials; Bank Of New York Mellon Files 8 Substantial Biotech Notices; Credit Suisse Takes 10% Of Prescient; Regal Funds Diluted Below 5% In Prescient
May 7, 2019
Actinogen: ‘Xanamem Fails Alzheimer’s Endpoints’; THC Share Plan Raises $3m; CSIRO, Genesiscare $5m For Cancer ‘Theranostics’; Medadvisor, Zuellig JV For Asia Script Reminders; Zucero Completes $6m TBG (Progen) PG500 Deal; Admedus Extends Funding Suspension; Adherium Tells ASX: ‘Revenue Coming, Possible Capital Raising’; Australian Ethical Diluted To 11% Of Prescient; Living Cell Appoints Prof Carolyn Sue Director; Shareroot Appoints Dr Julian Chick Chairman
May 6, 2019
Alterity: ‘PBT434 Passes Blood-Brain-Barrier, Well-Tolerated’; Kazia ‘60mg GDC-0084 For Glioblastoma Tolerated’; Ellex Launches Eye Prime Diagnostic; Pharmaust Monepantel Dog Cancer Study ‘Flexible Dosing’; TBG Completes Zhangsha Zhangye Acquisition; MGC Appoints Grow Biotech, IPS Specials UK Distributors; W Whitney George, Sprott Take 24% Of Rhinomed; Anteo Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Hamish George Replaces Dimerix CFO, Co Sec Ian Hobson; Polynovo Appoints Ashok Srinivasan COO; Invitrocue Appoints Dr Wahab Insurance Advisor; Oneventures Appoints Jim Scopa, Dr Dan Baker
May 3, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cynata Therapeutics; Resmed Q3 Revenue Up 12% To $947m, Profit Down 4% To $151m; Actinogen Requests Xanadu Alzheimer’s Results Halt; Impedimed: ‘Study Backs BIS For Lymphoedema’; Respiri, Medachievers J-V For Wheezo India; Genetic Technologies Nasdaq Market Cap Warning; Airxpanders Extends ‘Debt Agreement’ Suspension
May 2, 2019
Polynovo: ‘April Revenue $1m, Close To Break-Even’; Airxpanders Cuts 45% Of Workforce, 33% Of Cash Expenditure; Adalta Confirms AD-214 Manufacture; MGC Signs Health House, Cannvalate Australia Distributors; Noxopharm Claims 8 Of 14 Prostate Cancer ‘Progression Free’; Australian Ethical Takes 15% Of Prescient; Regal Funds Take 6% In Prescient; Spill Call Investors Take 14% Of Factor
May 1, 2019
April BDI-40 Up 18%, ASX200 Up 2%, Big Caps Up 3%, NBI Down 5%; Brandon $210m For MRCF5; ‘Australia’s Biggest VC Firm’; Novita Tali Attention For Oregon School; 4DX: Lung Health Initiative $960k Federal Grant; Polynovo US Defence Novosorb Contracts; Orthocell Takes Celgro For Ligament Repair To TGA; US Patent For Bard1 Cancer Diagnostics; Recce Receives $204k Radium R&D Tax Incentive Loan; Genera Has $50k Cash; ‘Loans, Placement’; Adherium Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Invitrocue Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Placement; Nuheara Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; ‘More Coming’; Micro-X Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Thales $10m Note; FIL Below 5% In Starpharma
Apr 29, 2019
MCRI Trials Marijuana For Behavior Problems; Federal $5m For Painchek Roll-Out; Polynovo Appoints Polymed Novosorb Distributor; Respiri To Start Wheezo Clinical Study; Somnomed ‘Has Two Quarters Cash’; Admedus Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Dr Chiplin, Dr Dunton Replace Regeneus Dr Aston, John Martin
Apr 26, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Sienna Diagnostics; Telix: ‘Study Backs TLX591 For Prostate Cancer’; Neuren NNZ-2591 Phelan-McDermid FDA Submissions; Antisense To Issue 45m Director Loan Shares, Options; Prescient Rights Raise $890k; Total $9.1m; EGM 14% Dissent; Cann $6m For 20% Of Pure Cann NZ For Medical Marijuana; Eye Co Files Marijuana For Amd Patent; Imagion Less Than Two Quarters Cash, ‘Possible Capital Raise’; TPI 2nd Strike Board Spill, Name Change AGM; Painchek Requests ‘Government Funded Trial’ Trading Halt; Polynovo Appoints Kevin Whiteley As US Vice President 
Apr 24, 2019
Pro Medicus $14m, 7-Year Duke Health Contract; FDA ‘Clinical Hold’ On Race Bisantrene For AML IND; Elixinol Buys 25% Of Altmed Pets For $9m Cash, Scrip; Creso ‘Brazil Cannaqix50 Pain Licence’ Conditions; Airxpanders Postpones AGM To June; Mach7 Q3 Receipts Up 231% To $3.6m; Neurotech Pleads Schultz, Board Renewal To ASX 457% Query; Sebastian Andre Replaces Esense Co Sec Ian Pamensky
Apr 23, 2019
Admedus Coridon Sale Fail; ASX Query; Funding Suspension; Resapp Claims 86% Adult Respiratory Diagnostic Accuracy; Alcidion Q3 Receipts Up 50% To $6.2m; Cogstate: ‘Alzheimer’s Trials Hit Q3 Revenue’, Down 28% To $8.5m; Elixinol Q1 Receipts Up 37% To $8m; China Approves Cardiex Oscar 2 With Sphygmocor; Airxpanders Files $21m US Sec Registration Form; Polynovo: ‘Poster Backs Novosorb BTM For Leg Ulcers’; Total Brain Offers Free Trial To Mental Health America; FIL Takes 6% Of Actinogen; Blackcrane, Daniel Kim Take 6% Of Avita; Founder Dr Matthew Myntti Takes 11.5% Of Next Science; G Medical To Release 234m Shares, 20m Options From Escrow; Imugene: Dr Lesley Russell Director; 75m Director Options; Ellume Appoints David Green CFO, Co Sec; Mark Boyle CBO; Noxopharm Dr Graham Kelly Chair, Dr Greg Van Wyk CEO; Ausbiotech Medical Technologies May Melbourne Conference
Apr 18, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Compumedics; Next Science Opens 40% Above $1 IPO Price; Victoria Supports Trajan Expansion; CE Mark For Analytica Pericoach For Pelvic Prolapse; Total Brain Places $1m Shortfall Shares; Visioneering AGM Faces 12% Dissent; Telix 895k Director Options, 25% Pay Pool Hike AGM; Phosphagenics Name Change AGM, Again; Elixinol: Stratos Karousos CCO; Rights, 46% Pool Hike AGM; Novita Tali Attention Train 1st US School District Sale; Creso: Brazil Licences Cannaqix50 For Chronic Pain; Suda Requests ‘TGA Artimist Malaria Submission’ Trading Halt; Oncosil To Release 6.5m Escrow Loan Shares; THC Releases 37.5m Escrow Shares
Apr 17, 2019
Next Science ‘Oversubscribed’ IPO Raises $35m, Lists Tomorrow; Paradigm Places $61.4m, $16.5m To Go; Medibio, Humanitas Uni Collaborate On Mental Illness; MGC Signs Yushop For Marijuana In China; Admedus Takes Coridon Sale Trading Halt To Suspension; Cann To Release 33m Escrow Shares; Renaissance Below 5% In Visioneering; Neurotech Rolls Board, Co Sec; Jumps 237.5%; Immuron Appoints CEO Dr Gary Jacob Director
Apr 16, 2019
Cochlear Launches MRI-Friendly Nucleus Profile Plus Implant; Starpharma, Aspen Launch Vivagel BV For Bacterial Vaginosis; FDA Allows Mesoblast Rolling GvHD Application; Rhinomed Pronto Vapor For Sleep, Decongestion; Medlab, Chronic Pain Australia Medical Marijuana Education; Osprey: Q1 Revenue Up 56% To $1.2m; Resonance Pleads Schultz To ASX 37.5% Query; Genetic Technologies Chair Dr Paul Kasian Full-Time, Pay Rise; CFO Robert Meissner Replaces Althea Co Sec Peter Gillis
Apr 15, 2019
Paradigm Raising $78m On PPS Osteoarthritis Pain Results; Study Backs LBT APAS For MRSA (Golden Staph); Resapp Files FDA Application For Resappdx-US; Immuron Claims 9-Month Sales Up 23% To $1.7m; Admedus Vaccines Sale, 3m CEO Options, 2nd Rem Strike AGM; Admedus Requests Coridon ‘Immunotherapies Sale’ Halt; Prana ASX Code PBT Changes To Alterity ATH; Karst Peak, Adam Leitzes Take Profit, Reduce To 10.5% In Avita; MMJ Hands Embark Marijuana Investments, Drops Share Plan; Micro-X Loses Richard Hannebery; Harley Frankfurt Replaces Anteo CEO Christopher Parker
Apr 12, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Osprey Medical; Bio-Melbourne Appoints Dr Julie-Ann White CEO; Nuheara Launches Self-Assessment Hearing Website; Medibio 14.5m Directors Options In Lieu Of Pay EGM; Volpara To Release 51m Voluntary Escrow Shares; MGC: UK Marijuana Import Permit; Australia, UK Sales; Empery Reduces To 6% In Immuron; Renaissance Increases, Diluted To 5% In Visioneering; Elixinol Appoints Greg Ellery Director; Genera Appoints Dr Guillermo Elias For North America
Apr 11, 2019
Creso To Raise $5.35m Via Secured Loans; Imagion Supplies Nano-Particles To Israel’s New Phase; Starpharma, FDA Discuss Vivagel For Bacterial Vaginosis; Immuron Takes Travelan For Travellers’ Diarrhoea To FDA; Pharmaust ‘Oversubscribed’ Shortfall Raises $700k; Total $2m; Osprey 13.5m Directors Options AGM; Paradigm Requests ‘Secondary Endpoints’ Trading Halt; JM Financial Group Takes 16% Of Mach7; RACI Dines On ‘Innovation To Impact’ With J&J’s Kathy Connell; Total Brain For Emory Goizueta Coaching Diploma
Apr 10, 2019
Admedus Pleads Schultz, Vaccine Sale To ASX 109% Query; Actinogen Investigates Xanamem For Mood Disorders; Noxopharm Plans NOX66, Doxorubicin Sarcoma Trial; Total Brain Rights Raise $897k Of Hoped-For $1.9m; $963k To Go; Chris Retzos Increases, Diluted To 6% Of Prescient; Clarity Appoints Advisor Dr Gillies O’Bryan-Tear Director; Factor Appoints Dr David Brookes Director
Apr 9, 2019
Ellume In Pre-IPO Mode For Respiratory Diagnostics; Goodbye Prana, Hello Life’s Alterity; $11.4m Raised; Bio-Melbourne Gongs: Anna Lavelle, Clara Gaff, Evelyn Chan; Painchek Signs Churches Of Christ Queensland Aged Care; Visioneering Q1 Sales Up 104% To $1.6m; Memphasys: 5 More Centres Assess Felix IVF Sperm Separation; Airxpanders Backs Radformation Radiation Software; Oceania, HCI Quit Mach7; Australian Ethical Takes 5% Of Mach 7; SG Hiscock Below 5% Of Neurotech; Creso Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; GI Dynamics Appoints Prof Judith Korner Advisor; G Medical Loses Director Sam Skontos
Apr 8, 2019
Volpara: 2019 ‘Annual Recurring Revenue’ Up 85%; Genetic Technologies, Tgen Develop Risk Tests; Dorsavi Wins $540k UK Myvisafe Contract; Novita, Tali, Carestarter Partner For Autism, ADHD; Reva $5.35m Goldman Sachs Loan, $1.1m Fees; THC Share Plan Ahead Of Final Marijuana Licence; Noxopharm To Release 31m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Karst Peak, Adam Leitzes Reduce To 14.5% In Avita; Ged Wallace Replaces Ellex CEO Tom Spurling, On $320k; Somnomed Appoints Hervé Fiévet CFO
Apr 5, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Starpharma; Avita: ‘Recell To Save Burn Centre $39m PA’; Prana Okays Life Takeover, Alterity Name Change; Atomo HIV Self-Test On Sale In Australia; Creso Tells ASX ‘Sensitive’ News Not New; Ellex Requests ‘Leadership Change’ Trading Halt; THC, Heleogenics Partner For Malaysia Medical Marijuana; Memphasys Pays Monash IVF 4m ‘Consulting’ Shares; Peters Investments Takes 21% Of Memphasys
Apr 4, 2019
Airxpanders: Aeroform Breast Expander ‘Superior’; Suda Submits TGA Zolpimist Insomnia Application; Euro Patent For Cynata Cymerus Stem Cells; GI Dynamics Endobarrier Data At NY Diabetes Meeting; Antisense On-Track For ATL1102 For DMD Results This Year; Althea: ‘511 Medical Marijuana Patients; Q3 Sales $183k’; Australian Ethical Takes 11% Of Prescient; Regal Funds Below 5% In Prescient; Kinetic Below 5% In Visioneering; Actinogen Appoints Malcom McComas Director
Apr 3, 2019
Budget Comment And Analysis - Biotech Daily, CSIRO, AMRAB, AAMRI, Medicines Australia, Ausbiotech; Nanosonics Welcomes French Disinfection Guidance; Acrux Settles Valeant Jublia Generic Patent Litigation; Correction: Anatara; Allan Gray Takes 17% Of Osprey; Clarity COO Colin Biggin Replaces Matt Harris As Acting CEO
Apr 2, 2019
Anatara Re-Focusses On O-T-C Bromelain For Human Health; Immuron Lodges Form F-3 To Raise Up To $US100m; Sienna Buys Sevident Exosome Cancer Test For $4m; Airxpanders Debt Suspension For Revenue Shortfall; Imugene Key-Vaxx And B-Vaxx ‘Reduce Tumor Growth In Mice’; Imugene: High Dose HER-Vaxx Tumor ‘Responses, Antibodies’; LBT APAS Independence Golden Staph Control Study; Cardiex To Begin Sphygmocor Cardiovascular Trial; Impedimed Launches Gen 3 Sozo, Improves Security; European Patent For Cellmid Monoterpenoids For Alopecia; Jencay Takes 9.5% Of Universal Biosensors; Oceania, HCI Reduce To 6% Of Mach7; Pro Medicus $150m, 10m-Share Buy Back; GI Dynamics Appoints Dr Allon Friedman Advisor
Apr 1, 2019
March BDI-40 Up 6%, ASX200 Up 0.2%, Big Caps Flat; Micro-X $10m Thales Deal For X-Ray Technology; Kazia: Cantrixil For Ovarian Cancer ‘Safe, 1 Response’; Euro Patent For Amplia AMP945 For Fibrotic Diseases; Exopharm Plans Plexaris Platelets For Wound Healing Trial; GI Dynamics Extends Crystal Amber Note; Invion Pleads ‘Research, Social Media’ To ASX 39% Query; Bard1 Tells ASX: ‘Assay Development’ Led To 25% Jump; Memphasys Chair Alison Coutts Increases, Diluted To 14.6%; Director Andrew Goodall Takes 24.6% Of Memphasys
March 29, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Immutep; GI Dynamics: ‘Endobarrier Reduces Weight, HbA1c, Apnoea’; Micro-X Begins $13.7m Allora Federal Court Proceedings; Resapp Recruits Breathe Easy Study, FDA Submission; Clinuvel To Host EPP Expert Meetings In Europe; Oncosil Meets BSI, Committee On CE Mark; Alchemia Requests Suspension For ‘Change In Activities’; Airxpanders Requests Loan Breach Trading Halt; Spill Call Shareholders Reduce To 12% Of Factor; Total Brain 2m Director Ajay Arora Options EGM
March 28, 2019
Mach7 Wins Sentara Picture Archive Contract; Volpara Welcomes FDA Breast Density Changes; Genetic Technologies Opens Hong Kong, China Operations; Pharmaust Monepantel For Cancer ‘Safe In Dogs’; Analytica Receives $745k Tax Incentive; Paradigm Pleads Schultz To ASX 18% Query; John McBain, Picton, 52nd Celebration Take 8% Of Rhinomed; Blue Sky Ceases In Alcidion; Bio-Melbourne Loses 5-Year CEO Dr Krystal Evans; Invictus Appoints Dr Jordan Moon Advisor
Mar 27, 2019
Neurotech, Founder Dr Attard Trevisan And His Ph D; Mesoblast, Mt Sinai Revascor New Heart Failure Trial; Dorsavi Tells ASX ‘We Are A Going Concern’, Funding; Memphasys Raises $1.9m, $1.7m To Go; Factor Survives Board Spill AGM; 43% Rem Report 1st Strike; Prescient 5m Director Options EGM; G Medical $35m Nasdaq Shares, 14m Dr Yacov Geva Shares EGM; Genetic Technologies Requests ‘Expansion’ Trading Halt; Phosphagenics Dr Murdoch Steps Down, Dr Collier Steps Up; Suda Appoints David Simmonds Director
Mar 26, 2019
Federal $80m For Peter Mac Cancer Centre Car T-Cell; Federal: $66m For Genomics Research Grants; Women Win 4 Of 5 Victoria Premier’s Research Awards; CEO David Kaysen Resets Medibio Heart-Mental Health Test; Final Review Backs Actinogen Xanadu Alzheimer’s Trial; FDA Meets Pharmaxis For Bronchitol Recommendations; Genera: $243k Applications Of Hoped-For $11.4m; E-Sense Lab Cuts Expenditure By $840k; THC’s Vertical Canna Buys 1,858m2 Canada Marijuana Plant; Altium Growth Below 5% In Immutep; Bank Of America Below 5% In IDT; Och-Ziff Reduces, Diluted To 7% Of Total Brain; Clarity Appoints Dr Thomas Ramdahl Director
Mar 25, 2019
Oncosil Falls 87% On Pancreatic Cancer Radiotherapy Doubts; Prescient To Raise $9.1m In Placement, Rights Issue; FDA Issues WEHI-Discovered Abbvie Venetoclax Warning; Reva $4.2m Loan; Jeff Anderson Replaces CEO Reggie Groves; Uscom Wins Chinese Medical Device Certificate; Mesoblast, JCR Stem Cell Licence For Epidermolysis Bullosa; Race Files Bisantrene For AML IND With US FDA; Factor Receives $2.5m R&D Tax Incentive; Simple Sleep Services Closes Owing Somnomed $1.1m; UK NHS Moves Nuheara Iqbuds Boost To ‘Hearable’; Thorney, Tiga Take 17% Of TPI; THC Requests Canada Acquisition Trading Halt
Mar 22, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Rhinomed; Prof Alan Trounson: ‘Australia Handicapped On Cell Therapies’; Federal $25m For Regional Cancer Trials; GE Healthcare To Sell Volpara Density Worldwide; Adheris To Sell, Promote Medadvisor Adherence Program; Pharmaust Rights Raise $1.3m Of $2m; $700k To Go; US Patent For Immutep IMP321, Chemo For Cancer; Smart Top, Xianhui Meng Take 18% Of Uscom; BVF Increases, Diluted To 19% Of Actinogen; Goodridge Takes 8% Of Noxopharm; Mesoblast Appoints Joseph Swedish Chairman; Phylogica Appoints Dr Rakesh Veedu Advisor
Mar 21, 2019
Cynata Falls 43% On Fujifilm Option Extension; J&J, Monash Work On Inhaled Oxytocin; Compumedics $1.4m US Adventist Monitor Deal; Alcidion $1m Patientrack Deal With UK Hospitals; Biocelect, 60 Degrees Kodatef For Malaria In Australia; Telix, Cyclotek Complete Visact Manufacture; Prescient Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Medibio Reviews Heart-Mental Illness FDA Submission; Spill Call Shareholders Take 19.97% Of Factor; FMR Below 5% Of Resmed; Invictus Appoints Prof Ed Gane Advisor
Mar 20, 2019
Next Science Raises $35m For Xbio Antibacterial; GSK Awards $150k, Collaborations To 2 Research Projects; Telix Manufactures TLX250 For Kidney Cancer Trials; FDA Provides Guidance For Imugene Key-Vaxx IND; Factor Responds To Dissident Investor Letter; Eye Co Files Patent For Dry AMD; FIL Below 5% In Impedimed; JM Financial Group Takes 11% Of Mach7; Medadvisor Requests ‘Commercial Agreement’ Trading Halt
Mar 19, 2019
Truscreen Back For Cervical Cancer Screening; Cynata Requests Fujifilm Licence Trading Halt; Immuron IMM-529 Clostridium Difficile Trial ‘Slow’; Patent; Kazia Sells Noxopharm Holding For $2.1m; Cann, Aurora Marijuana Deal; $11m Mildura Greenhouse; Cellmid Unmarketable Parcel Buyback; Visioneering To Release 8m Escrow Shares; Regal Funds Below 5% In Medibio; FIL Takes 16% Of Medibio
Mar 18, 2019
Resapp Diagnostic ‘Better Than Clinicians For Croup’; Telix Welcomes EAU Prostate Cancer Guidelines; Alcidion $2.1m Miya, Patientrack, Smartpage UK NHS Deal; Rhythm Recruits 1st Colostat Colorectal Cancer Patient; Inside Diagnósticos To Distribute Sienna’s hTER Test In Brazil; Prana Receives $3.3m R&D Tax Incentive; Total Brain Hopes To Raise $7m; GI Dynamics $1.4m Crystal Amber Convertible Note; Medigard Tells ASX ‘Working To Comply With Rules’; KT009; Australian Ethical Takes 19.96% Of Antisense; Platinum Takes 8.6% Of Antisense; Leon Serry, City Castle, Sked Take 6% Of Antisense; Capital Group Reduces To 6% Of Mesoblast
Mar 15, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mesoblast; GI Dynamics Endobarrier Study: ‘Significant Weight, HbA1c Drop’; Eyepoint H1 Revenue Up 122% To $4m, Loss Up 280% To $63m; Next Science $35m IPO For Xbio For Biofilm-Protected Bacteria; Suda’s Anagrelide Potential Role For Cancer; Praxis Picks Victoria For Asia-Pacific HQ; Wintermute Moves US Operations To Latrobe Uni; Clinuvel, UK Nice Talk Scenesse Appeal, Managed Access; Dr Errol De Souza Continues As Bionomics Exec Chair; Dorsavi Cuts Costs 40%, CEO Dr Andrew Ronchi Pay Cut; Shareroot Appoints Michelle Gallaher CEO
Mar 14, 2019
NHMRC Awards 23 Research Excellence Awards; Hemideina Wins Federal $800k For Hera Wireless Implant; Medlab: ‘Marijuana Nanabis Reduces Pain In 5 Patients’; Imugene Doses 1st HER-Vaxx Gastric Cancer Patient; US Patent For Recce Antibiotics, Recce-327; Pharmaust Monepantel ‘Dog Tumor Suppression, Regression’; Phylogica, Tel Aviv Uni Collab For siRNA Therapies; Medibio Outsources Ilumen To Ex-Staff-Owned Alta; FIL Takes 5% Of Actinogen; Investors Mutual Takes 7% Of Mayne Pharma; Total Brain Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Alastair Beard Replaces Respiri Co Sec Julian Rockett 
Mar 13, 2019
Antisense Raises $1.6m To Accelerate ATL1102 For DMD; Reva Further Extends Capital Raising Suspension; Genera Further Extends Rights Offer Closing Date; Resapp Expects $1.7m R&D Tax Incentive; Offshore Finding; Spill Call Shareholders Take 19% Of Factor; CEO Dr Philippe Wolgen Takes 7% Of Clinuvel; Clinuvel Takes 9% Of Itself; E-Quits Orders $7k Esense Marijuana Terpenes; MGC Appoints Dr Stephen Parker Director; Respiri Appoints Gerry Bullon Investor Relations Consultant
Mar 12, 2019
Ellex Lasers Beat Drops For Ocular Hypertension, Glaucoma; MHRA Backs Cynata Critical Limb Ischemia Trial; Starpharma Receives $4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Medibio Rights Raise $923k Of Hoped-For $4m; Cogstate Tests In J&J’s US Spravato CIII Depression Trials; Springboard Program For 6 Australian Biotech Women; US Patent For Imagion Magnetic Nanoparticles For Cancer; Zelda, Ilera Partner To Co-Develop Medical Marijuana; Phylogica ‘Peptides Deliver Antisense Drugs In Mice’; Kit Wei Lui Replaces Invitrocue Director Jamie Gee Choo Khoo
Mar 11, 2019
CE Mark For Admedus Cardiocel 3D, Vascucel; Federal $50m For Alfred Traumatic Brain Injury Mission; Victoria Funds Melbourne Uni, Cynata Stem Cell Project; Antisense Requests Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Funds Halt; Avita: 10 Presentations At American Burns Meeting; Mach7 Restructure: Mike Lampron Replaces CEO Mike Jackman; Sandon Capital Takes 8% Of IDT; Jamore, Danshe Take 5% Of Nuheara; Australian Ethical Takes 8.65% Of Somnomed; Amplia Appoints Prof Lara Lipton, Prof Phil Hansbro Advisors
Mar 8, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Volpara Health Technologies; S&P ASX All Ordinaries: 6 Biotechs, Aust Ethical In; 7 Out; Immutep: ‘IMP761 Reduces Primate T-Cells’, Clinical Trials; Federal $500k For Griffith Uni Plasprotect Malaria Vaccine; Federal Health Boards ‘50% Women’; Prof Dorothy Keefe; Universal Biosensors Loses 33% Staff, CEO Rick Legleiter; Cochlear: UK Nice Expands Hearing Implant Suitability; Immutep Receives $872k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Wentworth Williamson Takes 7% Of Tasmanian Poppy; ASX Suspends Medigard On Accounts
Mar 7, 2019
DSMB Backs Opthea Phase IIb OPT302 Wet AMD Trial; Immutep Doses 1st IMP321, Keytruda Cancer Patient; Medibio: Ilumen Shows 26% Of Staff Depressed, Anxious; Correction: Orthocell; Employee Sues Neurotech Founder, Subsidiaries; Kinetic Investment Reduces To 5.3% Of Visioneering; Creso To Release 2m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Althea: Aphria’s Jakob Ripshtein Replaces Gregg Battersby
Mar 6, 2019
Osprey: ‘Breakeven By 2022’; Prana: Boston Life Biosciences Control, Name Change EGM; Immutep: ‘9 Of 24 Respond To IMP321, Keytruda’; Orthocell To Complete Ortho-ATI Recruitment By July; Reva Further Extends Capital Raising Suspension; Zelda Cannabidiol Breast Cancer Biomarker Patent; Cardiex Bayer Sphygmocor Contract Up $494k; Telix To Release 814k Voluntary Escrow Shares; Pinnacle (Hyperion) Takes 5% Of Cochlear; CVC Takes 13.5% Of Universal Biosensors
Mar 5, 2019
Medlab, Pharmascience Nanabis Deal; Total Brain, Blackthorn Partner For Neuro-Behavior; Pinacle’s Hyperion Takes 5% Of Cochlear, Again; Jersey’s D&A Income Takes 7% Of Pharmaxis; Leydin, Polonsky Replace Alchemia’s Gennari, Book; G Medical Appoints Prof Zeev Rotstein Director
Mar 4, 2019
Volpara Dense Breast Study: ‘Interval Cancer Drops Dramatically’; Cynata, NSW Uni: ‘Cymerus Heart Disease Efficacy, In-Vitro’; Avita EU Recell ‘Sales Interruption’; M3 To Market, Distribute Avita’s Recell In Japan; Factor Tells ASX: $1.2m R&D Incentive A ‘Forecast Figure’; G Medical Revenue Up 2709% To $4.3m, Loss Down 40% To $23m; Montoya Ceases In Pharmaxis; Jim Surek Replaces Osprey Head Of Sales Hank Butcher; Genetic Signatures Appoints CFO Peter Manley Co Sec; Alcidion: Melanie Leydin, Michael Sapountzis Joint Co Secs; G Medical Loses Director Louis Antoniou
Mar 1, 2019
February BDI-40 Up 11%, ASX200 Up 5%, Big Caps Up 0.4%; Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cochlear; Federal $608m For NSW Children’s Cancer Centre; Admedus Revenue Up 127% To $25.6m, Loss Up 180% To $24.7m; TBG Revenue Down 9% To $3.2m, Loss Up 33% To $4.4m; THC Revenue Up 45% To $2.7m, Loss Up 237% To $8.6m; Cardiex H1 Revenue Up 2% To $2m, Loss Up 26% To $1.4m; Pharmaust H1 Revenue Up 44% To $1.9m, Loss Down 94% To $90k; Dorsavi H1 Revenue Down 18% To $1.8m, Loss Down 3% To $1.9m; OBJ H1 Revenue Down 29% To $1.1m, Loss Up 92% To $788k; W Whitney George Takes 23% Of Rhinomed; Oceania, HCI Reduce To 7.6% Of Mach7; G Medical Requests Final Preliminary Report Suspension; Damian Lismore Replaces LBT Director Dr Glenn Haifer; Clarity Appoints Dr Robert Miller CMO; MGC Loses Joint Co Sec Kate Sainty
Feb 28, 2019
Zelda: ‘Endo-Cannabinoid HER2 Breast Cancer Path’; TPI Revenue Up 109% To $47m, Loss Down 65% To $6m; Neuren Revenue Up 49% To $15.2m, Profit Down 7% To $3.1m; Airxpanders Revenue Up 100% To $11m, Loss Down 8% To $37m; Avita H1 Revenue Up 53% To $6.8m, Loss Up 115% To $15.6m; IQ3 H1 Revenue Down 15% To $2.9m, Profit Up 333% To $320k; Uscom H1 Revenue Up 4% To $1.5m, Loss Down 30% To $758k; Phosphagenics Revenue Up 21% To $1.4m, Loss Down 53% To $4m; Adherium H1 Revenue Down 63% To $986k, Loss Up 74% To $8.6m; Total Brain H1 Revenue Up 4% To $1.1m, Loss Down 62% To $4.6m; Micro-X Quits Xinray; Adalta, Excellerate Collaborate On I-Body; Regeneus $2.5m Directors Loans; Harbour Takes 5% Of Volpara, Again; Simon Harradence, DDH Graham, Lugarno Take 6% Of Acrux; Spill Call Shareholders Take 18% Of Factor; Pyxis Takes 6% Of Neurotech; Duncan Cornish Replaces Anteo CFO, Co Sec Julien McInally
Feb 27, 2019
Compumedics H1 Revenue Up 16% To $18.7m, Profit Up 27% To $811k; Cogstate H1 Revenue Down 17% To $15.5m, Loss Up 436% To $3.9m; Cyclopharm Revenue Up 2% To $13.4m, Loss Down 98% To $35k; Cryosite H1 Revenue Up 36% To $4m, Profit To Loss Of $1.3m; Redhill Revenue Up 109% To $11m, Loss Down 15% To $54m; Invion H1 Revenue Up 394,450% To $1.2m, Loss Up 14% To $1.3m; Memphasys To Raise $3.64m, Lists On Frankfurt Exchange; Dimerix Two DMX-200 Phase II Trial ‘On-Track’; Regal Funds Reduces To 12.4% Of Visioneering; SG Hiscock Diluted To 7% Of Neurotech; Niall Cairns Replaces Cardiex Chairman Donal O’Dwyer
Feb 26, 2019
Aravax PVX108 ‘Safe’ For Peanut Allergy; Imugene B-Cell Vaccine ‘Anti-Tumor Activity’; Optiscan Microscope At Sloan Kettering; Optiscan, Summit Work On Microscopes, Imaging; Elixinol First H1 Revenue $37.1m, Loss $860k; Probiotec H1 Revenue Up 35% To $37m, Profit Up 258% To $1.1m; Benitec H1 Revenue Up 3392% To $14.6m, Loss To Profit Of $9.1m; Clinuvel H1 Revenue Up 27% To $9m, Profit Up 189% To $4.1m; Osprey Revenue Up 54% To $3.5m, Loss Up 22% To $24.5m; LBT H1 Revenue Down 49% To $1.8m, Loss Up 59% To $1.7m; Botanix BTX1503 ‘5 Times Others CBD’; MGC Marijuana ‘More Than 35% THC’; Cardiex Appoints Harry Kim Advisor
Feb 25, 2019
Nanosonics H1 Revenue Up 36% To $41m, Profit Up 221% To $7m; Alcidion H1 Revenue Up 479% To $7.3m, Loss Down 47% To $563k; Medadvisor H1 Revenue Up 19% To $3.8m, Loss Up 99% To $4.5m; Genetic Signatures H1 Revenue Up 41% To $3.5m, Loss Up 3% To $1.7m; Mach7 H1 Revenue Down 9% To $3.5m, Loss Up 31% To $4.4m; Resonance H1 Revenue Up 40% To $1.8m, Profit Up 693% To $935k; Alcidion Extends $711k ACT Health Contract; Neurotech Rights Raise $783k Of Hoped-For $3.3m; Pharmaxis: Boehringer Completes PXS‐4728A Nash Enrolment; Reva Extends Capital Raising Suspension; TPI, Tasmanian Alkaloids Codeine Poppy Patent Fight; Total Brain, Onedigital Partner For Brain Health; Memphasys Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Auscann Appoints Ido Kanyon CEO; Race Appoints Prof Roland Walter Bisantrene Trial PI
Feb 22, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cellmid; Pharmaxis Starts LOX Inhibitor For Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Mayne H1 Revenue Up 13% To $274m, Loss To Profit Of $1m; Universal Bio Revenue Up 176% To $70m, Loss To $38m Profit; Ellex H1 Revenue Up 9% To $41.6m, Loss Down 0.4% To $2.7m; Medlab H1 Revenue Up 17% To $2.3m, Loss Up 60% To $3.7m; OBJ P&G Licence Deal For Olay Magnetic Infuser; Factor Board Spill AGM; Redhill Appoints Director Rick Scruggs COO; Melanie Leyden Replaces Medibio Director Andrew Maxwell; Stephen Denaro Replaces Novita Co Sec John Osborne
Feb 21, 2019
Mesoblast H1 Revenue Down 7% To $19m, Profit To $62m Loss; Editorial: Your R&D Tax Incentive Is Not Revenue; Somnomed H1 Revenue Up 15% To $28.8m, Loss Up 90% To $12.4m; Pro Medicus H1 Revenue Up 60% To $25.4m, Profit Up 184% To $9m; Polynovo H1 Revenue Up 109% To $5.7m, Loss Down 41% To $1.9m; Cellmid H1 Revenue Up 12% To $3.6m, Loss Up 221% To $3.5m; Allegra H1 Revenue Down 22% To $1.8m, Loss Up 142% To $481k; Impedimed H1 Revenue Up 19% To $1.8m, Loss Down 16% To $12.1m; Bioxyne H1 Revenue Up 83% To $1.4m, Loss Down 72% To $203k; Proteomics US Biomarker Patent For Kidney Disease Target; Resmed, Fisher & Paykel Settle Patent Dispute; Suda Improving Anagrelide Solubility; Althea: Cannvalate Australia Marijuana Distributor; Auscann To Buy Marijuana Resin From Medipharm; Anteo, Geneodx To Launch Anteobind In China; Noxopharm Review: Prioritize Prostate Cancer, US Listing; Botanix Appoints Dr Stewart Washer Interim Chairman; Julian Rockett Replaces Visioneering Co Sec Leanna Ralph
Feb 19, 2019
Cochlear H1 Revenue Up 11% To $712m, Profit Up 16% To $129m; Visioneering Revenue Up 214% To $4.6m, Loss Down 1.5% To $23.5m; Hemideina Raises $1m For Hera Wireless Hearing Aid Implant; Takeovers Panel Dismisses Pura Vida Factor Complaint; Victoria $1.5m For ‘Teletrials’ Program; Alcidion Launches Miya Precision At NZ Mid-Central Health; Last Patient Dosed In Phase III Mesoblast Heart Trial; TGA Okays Mayne Kapanol (Morphine) For Breathlessness; Admedus: ‘TAVR Safe, Potential Benefits, In Sheep’
Feb 18, 2019
Federal $22m For Early Stage Research; Clarity Raises $9m, Open For $1m More; Emerald Clinics Raises $2.5m For IPO; Pharmaust Rights Issue To Raise $2m; Neuren NNZ-2591 ‘Effective For Phelan-McDermid In Mice’; Bionomics Up 54% On ‘Significant’ BNC210 PTSD Blood Response; J&J Lifescan Pays Universal Biosensors Test Strips $44m; Pharmaust, Epichem Extend DNDI Contract; Suda European, Chinese Patents For SUD-003, SUD-004; Proteomics To Release 3.9m Escrow Shares; Reva Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Canada Marijuana Cultivation Licence For Creso; Telix Appoints Gabriel Liberatore Group COO; Invitrocue Appoints Prof Arial Zeng Yi Consultant
Feb 15, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: CSL; Federal $39m For 23 Rare Cancers, Diseases; Victoria Backs Master Of Cancer Sciences; Pharmaxis H1 Revenue Down 91% To $3m, Profit To $13m Loss; Bionomics H1 Revenue Up 3% To $2.4m, Loss Up 19% To $10.6m; Bard1 5-Peptide Good For Mesothelioma, Not Others, In Mice; Neurotech, Anchovy Partner To Deliver Mente Autism
Feb 14, 2019
Minomic Appoints Cirrus Dx For Micheck Prostate Cancer Test; Nominations Open For Victoria Manufacturing Hall Of Fame; Federal $26m For Heartkids, Childhood Heart Disease; Paradigm Plans Phase II/III MPS Trial; GI Dynamics Ready For US Pivotal Endobarrier Trial; Colleges Back Althea Medical Marijuana Education; Medlab Expands Nrgbiotic Depression Trial Recruitment; Creso, Hempmate Collaborate On Marijuana For Europe
Feb 13, 2019
CSL Record H1 Revenue Up 9% To $6.3b, Profit Up 7% To $1.6b; Orthocell: ‘Ortho-ATI 82% Success’; Invictus Requests FDA Liver, Pancreas Drugs Meeting; Mayne To Sell Lexette For Psoriasis In US; Cross-Party Launch Of Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia; Creso: Burleigh Heads To Distribute Medical Marijuana; Esense 80% Dump CEO Haim Cohen As Director; Painchek Pleads Schultz, ‘Publicity’ To ASX 71% Query; Race Chair Dr William Garner Reduces To 15.8%; FIL Reduces To 7.1% Of Adherium
Feb 12, 2019
Federal $32m For Researcher Entrepreneur Training; Nanosonics: ‘90% Of Japan Vaginal Probes Contaminated’; Invion Completes Chronic Airway Therapeutics Spin-Out; Creso Deals Could Trigger ASX Chapter 11; Volpara Appoints Paul Reid Chair; Botanix Appoints Dr Michael Thurn Executive Director; Zelda Hires ICCI For Marijuana Trials; Victor Kovalev Replaces Medadvisor CTO Dr David Chatterton
Feb 11, 2019
Actinogen Begins Xanamem Dose Escalation Trial; Invitrocue, Dr Chen J-V For Immune Mice, Cells; Universal Biosensors, Siemens ‘Modify Relationship’; Beagles Back Pharmaust New Monepantel Taste; Total Brain, Mapmygenome Partner For ‘Brain Optimization’; Capital Group Reduces To 8% Of Mesoblast; Starfish Below 5% In Impedimed; FIL Reduces To 8.5% Of Adherium; Phylogica Loses Sahm Nasseri
Feb 8, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Adalta; Vale Botanix Chair Graham Griffiths (19.8.1955 – 6.2.2019); Recce Raises $1.8m; Rhythm: Ethics Ok For Colostat Colorectal Cancer Trial; Cryosite, ACCC Agree $1.1m Cartel Penalty; Nucleus Buys Q-Pharm For Early Clinical Trials; Correction: Anatara; Phylogica Peptide ‘Outperforms Zebra Competitor’ In Mice; Goodbye ITL
Feb 7, 2019
Cellmid: ‘Midkine Antibodies For Heart Inflammation’; Koligo $7m IPO For Kyslecel For Pancreatitis, Pipeline; Anatara ‘Garp’ For Irritable Gut Proof-Of-Concept; Uscom Appoints Koneska Spirosonic US Distributor; Elixinol Buys $2.6m, 60-Acre NSW Property For Marijuana; E-Sense To Supply Marijuana E-Juice To Vaporspec; Spill Call Pura Vida, Freshero Take 15% Of Factor; FIL Reduces To 5% Of Impedimed; Respiri Appoints Michael Clarke Wheezo Ambassador
Feb 6, 2019
Federal Government $20m For Phenomics Research; Recce Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Noxopharm: Veyonda (NOX66) ‘Well-Tolerated’; Total Brain Launches 40 New ‘Trainings’, Videos
Feb 5, 2019
Eyepoint (Psivida) US Launch Of Yutiq (Durasert); Factor Raises $417k; Abu Dhabi, Perth Board Spill Call; Correction: Neuren, Acadia; Respiri ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $1.6m; Unisuper, BNP Paribas Take 5% Of Impedimed; Creso Takes ‘Share Issue, Transactions’ Halt To Suspension; Nanosonics Hires Renee Salaberry, David Morris, Rod Lopez; Reva Cuts HQ Staff By 44% To 22; Elixinol To Appoint 12-Staff European Team
Feb 4, 2019
Federal $55m For Type 1 Diabetes; Neuren, Acadia: ‘Phase III Trofinetide Rett Trial This Year’; Sienna Signs Mediwell As Singapore Distributor; Oventus Launches O2vent Optima In Canada; China Study ‘Validates’ Cardiex Sphygmocor; Niall Cairns Replaces Cardiex Chairman Donal O’Dwyer; Dr Willy Hsu Replaces TBG COO Eugene Cheng; MMJ Loses CEO Jason Conroy
Feb 1, 2019
January BDI-40 Up 10%, ASX200 Up 4%, Big Caps Up 1%, NBI Up 13%; Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Resmed; Neuren: Acadia RoW Offer ‘Not In Shareholders Interests’; Genetic Technologies, MSK, Cambridge Uni Breast Cancer Test; Genera Rights Offer For $11.4m; Mesoblast H1 Receipts Up 296% To $28.5m; THC Receipts Up 61% To $2.6m; Nuheara H1 Receipts Down 19% To $1.4m; Invitrocue Has One Quarter Cash; MGC Grows 700kg Marijuana Crop, More Than 35% THC; Cardiex Takes 41% Of Inhealth; E-Sense Lab To Release 44m Escrow CDIs; Creso Requests ‘Share Issue, Transactions’ Trading Halt; Regeneus CEO Leo Lee Starts On $325k; Auscann Appoints CFO, COO Quentin Megson Joint Co Sec; Creso Appoints Colombia’s Dr Ricardo Salazar Advisor
Jan 31, 2019
Brandon, Okogen Trial OKG-0301 For Viral Conjunctivitis; FDA Orphan Status For Prana PBT434 For MSA; Cogstate H1 Receipts Up 30% To $23m; Elixinol Posts Receipts Of $36m; Clinuvel H1 Receipts Up 35% To $13m; Bionomics H1 Receipts Up 33% To $4.8m; Mach7 H1 Receipts Down 28.1% To $4.4m; 2 Quarters Cash; IQ3 H1 Receipts Up 64% To $3.7m; Medadvisor H1 Receipts Up 18% To $3.6m; Pharmaust H1 Receipts Up 62% To $1.9m; Adherium H1 Receipts Up 51% To $1.8m; Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; Total Brain H1 Receipts Up 72% To $1.6m; Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; Avita H1 Receipts Up 25.4% To $1.2m; Micro-X Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; Reva Receipts Up 360% To $886k; One Quarter Cash; Race Receives $229k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Kemper Shaw, William Taylor Each Take 11% Of Imagion
Jan 30, 2019
Federal $37m For Parkinson’s Disease; Airxpanders 2018 Sales Up 211% To $12m; G Medical Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; $30m Hygea Contract; Invion Backs Demerger, 209m Director Options; Mayne Anti-Fungal Tolsura (Suba-Itraconazole) US Launch; API To Sell Medlab Food Additives; LBT Appoints Simon Arkell US Director; Creso Marijuana Beer Licenced To Switzerland’s Einhor Bräu
Jan 29, 2019
Visioneering: ‘Naturalvue Reduce Myopic Progression 90%’; Correction: Neuren; Universal Biosensors Sales Down 7% To $24m; J&J To Pay $45m; Osprey 2018 Sales Up 62% To $3.4m; Volpara Q3 Record Receipts Up 192% To $1.8m; Invion 4C: ‘Cho Group To Fund All Costs’; Invion Hires Guilin Xingda For Cancer Equipment Manufacture; Neurotech Rights Issue For $3m; Japan Patent For Opthea’s OPT-302; Adalta AD-214 Manufacturing ‘On-Track’; Pharmaust, Elanco Monepantel Data Sharing Deal; ITL Delists February 8; Nasdaq 3rd Genetic Technologies Non-Compliance Letter; Avita: 9 Abstracts At US Burns Meeting; Impedimed To Present ‘Detailed Prevent Trial Results’; Cynata Presents CYP-001 GvHD Results; G Medical Requests ‘Purchase Orders’ Trading Halt; MGC Completes Derma Sale To Cannaglobal
Jan 25, 2019
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Neuren Pharmaceuticals; Resmed H1 Revenue Up 10% To $1.75b, Profit Up 9.6% To $336m; Botanix BTX-1204 Eczema Trial On-Track; Auscann Buys Perth Marijuana Drug R&D Facility; Cardiex 20m CEO Performance Shares, 3m Director Options EGM; Colin Mackinnon Replaces Alcidion CFO Duncan Craig
Jan 24, 2019
Proteomics Axes Prism US Licence; Visioneering 2018 Receipts Up 311% To $4.8m; Creso Placement Raises $3m; Cyclopharm $2.4m R&D Tax Incentive, Recruits 100th US Patient; Telix Licences 99m-Technetium-Ipsma For Prostate Cancer; ITL Unmarketable Parcel Facility Buys Back 166k Shares
Jan 23, 2019
Cartherics, Toolgen Gene-Edit Stem Cells For Cancer; Cellmid: ‘December Profit; Cash Flow Positive In 2020’; Invitrocue, Shanghai Inst Develop Breast Cancer Onco-PDO; NZ Allows Elixinol Medical Marijuana; ‘Australia Lags’; MMJ Share Plan For $10m, EGM; Leo Lee Replaces Regeneus CEO John Martin; Anatara Appoints Dr David Brookes Director
Jan 21, 2019
Living Cell: ‘4-Year NTCell Parkinson’s Safety Data Positive’; Clarification: Immuron Warrants Over 701.5k US Shares; Pharmaust: ‘Diet, Excipients Improve Monepantel For Cancer’; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C Quarterly Reports Policy; Admedus Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; New York’s Sio Takes 22% Of Admedus; Acrux Receives $2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Creso To Sell Terrascend 100kg/Month Marijuana Flowers; Jeremy Green, Redmile Take 13.4% Of Avita; One Funds Diluted Below 5% In Avita
Benitec Late BB-401 Head, Neck Cancer Trial Closure; Rhinomed Share Plan Raises $95k Of Hoped-For $1m; Phosphagenics: Anna Legg Out; Melanie Leydin, Michael Sapountzis In; Phylogica Loses CSO Dr Robert Hayes; ASX ‘Verbal Confirmation’ Queensland Bauxite Relisting; Race CEO Peter Molloy Increases, Diluted To 5%; FIL Below 5% In Starpharma, Again; Telix Completes $8.3m AMNI SA Acquisition; MGC Exports Cannepil From Slovenia; Micro X Raises $2m; Altium Takes 7.5% Of Immutep; Medibio Loses Christopher Indermaur, Appoints Claude Solitario; Cann Gives Pays CSIRO 91k Shares; Dorsavi CEO Dr Andrew Ronchi Diluted Below 5%; Prudential (M&G) Takes 5% Of Medical Developments; Elixinol Releases 52k ASX Escrow Shares; MMJ Medipharm Receives Canada Approval Marijuana Production; Race Chair Dr Bill Garner Takes 17.5%; Race CEO Peter Molloy Increases, Diluted To 5.2%; FDA Requests ‘Clinical Data’ To Approve Starpharma Vivagel BV; Prana Raises $44.6m From Life Biosciences, Investors; Lanstead Reduces Below 5% In Neuren; GI Dynamics Extends $6.6m Crystal Amber Loan; Resapp Submits CE Mark Tech File For Smartphone Diagnostic; Japan Approves Starpharma Vivagel Condom; Total Brain Releases 474k Shares From Escrow; Creso ‘Takes Advantage’ Of Israeli Marijuana Export Rules; Immuron Receives $1.19m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Resonance Licences Wisconsin Fat-Diseases Patents; Bionomics Phase II BNC105 Combination Cancer Trial Underway; Leigh Elkolli Replaces Reva CFO, Co Sec Brandi Roberts; GI Dynamics Appoints Stephen Linhares Clinical, Regulatory Head; Australia Accepts Cynata Stem Cell Patent Application; Mesoblast Phase III Trial Completes Recruitment; Starpharma Tells ASX: FDA Data Material, Japan Approval Not; Nuheara Launches Iqbuds Max; Imugene Appoints Prof Michael Caligiuri Scientific Advisor; Immutep $6m Collaboration With Cytlimic; Reva Expands Into Seven European Countries; Creso To Distribute Medical Marijuana In Sri Lanka; FIL Reduces To 6.5% In Impedimed; Polynovo: H1 Novosorb BTM Sales Up 320%; Patrys Receives $556k R&D Tax Incentive; Telix: Huj591 Data Supports Phase III Prostate Cancer Trial; Avita US Launch Of Recell System; Elixinol CFO Ron Dufficy To US, Kim Bradley-Ware Co Sec; Oventus Launches Nylon O2Vent Optima For Sleep Apnoea; ITL Health Votes To Quit ASX; MMJ Appoints Michael Curtis Director; Zelda Pleads Schultz To ASX 20% Query; Medlab: ‘Nanostat Improves Atorvastatin’; Nuheara Launches Hearing Services App, Iqstore; Jencay Capital Takes 8% Of Universal Biosensors; Creso, Medleaf Partner For NZ Medical Marijuana; Cancer Trials Joins Shareroot’s Media Consent; FDA: July 8 PDUFA Date For Clinuvel’s Scenesse For EPP; Niv Dagan, Freedom Trader Take 5.5% Of Lifespot; Invitrocue Appoints Dr Steven Fang Chairman; Nuheara Launches Iqconnect; Invitrocue Appoints Prof Masakazu Toi Clinical Advisor; Memphasys: Uni Of Florence, Isfahan Clinic Test Felix; Federal $25m For WEHI Drug Discovery Centre; Mesoblast Takes $21m From Hercules Credit Facility; FIL Takes 5% Of Starpharma; Zelda Director Jason Peterson Transfers, Reduces To 9.6%; Anatara Receives $1.25m R&D Tax Incentive; CEO Richard Hannebery Takes 13.4% Of Genera; Memphasys: Boston IVF, University Of Munster Test Felix; Pharmaust: ‘Monepantel Shows Anti-Cancer Activity’; Cardiex, Anthem To Co-Market Inhealth; Immuron Offers Warrants Over 701.5k US Shares; Resonance: Envoyai To Distribute Ferrismart In US; Kazia Receives $2.2m R&D Tax Incentive; Prescient Receives $939k R&D Tax Incentive; Mark Fortugno Replaces THC CFO Jarrod White; Invion: Lynda Spelman, Louis Irving, Nathan Lawrenstchuk Advisors; Painchek Works With Allity Aged Care, Ward Medication; Invitrocue Appoints Prof Jesús García-Foncillas Clinical Advisor; Impedimed Signs Ascension For Sozo; Pharmaxis Ready For Phase II LOXL2 Trials; Phosphagenics, FDA Discuss TPM-Oxymorphone Path; EMA Approves Medlab SME Qualification; Genera Receives $438k R&D Tax Incentive; Anteo Works With Sona Nanotech, Ellume; Esense-Lab Ships 2l Cannabidiol Vape Product To E-Quits; Malaysia Approves Polynovo BTM; Buys Production Facility; Cardiex Tells ASX: ‘Jan 5 Anthem News Published Jan 15’; Invitrocue Rolls-Out Onco-PDO Screening Germany; Antisense: ATL1102 For DMD Trial Recruitment Half-Way; Bioxyne Loses Director Maxwell Parkin; Auscann To Release 133m ASX Escrow Shares



Dec 21, 2018
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: More Medical Marijuana; Invion Demerger, 209m Director Options EGM, ATO Ruling; Genetic Technologies Pays $250k For Blockshine J-V; LBT Files FDA 510(K) For APAS Independence; LBT Receives $1.85m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Bionomics Earns $654k From Cancer CRC, Pfizer Deal; Ellex Trades On US OTCQX; THC Wins 2 Australian Medical Marijuana Licences; Creso Completes Kunna Canada Acquisition For 9.4m Shares; Elixinol Welcomes US Hemp Approval; Neurotech: ‘New Strategy For US Mente Autism Sales’; Telix Appoints Nannette Rich Head Of US Sales, Marketing
Dec 20, 2018
2018 - Biotech Daily’s Year In Review; Starpharma $142m US Vivagel Bacterial Vaginosis Deal; Patrys: ‘PAT-DX1 Kills Breast Cancer Brain Metastases In Mice’; Qbiotics Raises $15.5m Of Hoped For $26m; Dimerix Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Pharmaxis Resubmits US FDA Application For Bronchitol; Universal Biosensors $6.3m US Tax Liability; Cuts, Staff Go; Memphasys: Colorado Centre Tests Felix Sperm Device; Micro-X Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Noxopharm Receives $3.3m R&D Tax Incentive; Creso Hails US Hemp Law Change; Neurotech Founder Dr Attard Trevisan Back As Advisor; Esense Loses Director Kobi Zecharia
Dec 19, 2018
Cyclopharm: Canada Guidelines Back Technegas For Imaging; Telix Applies For Japan TLX250-CDX Kidney Cancer Imaging Trial; Immutep Raises $7.2m; Suda $1.4m Mitsubishi Tanabe Zolpimist Insomnia Licence; Akaal, Boston Pharma Deal For AKP-11 For Psoriasis, Arthritis; Clinuvel: ‘Scenesse Good For Vitiligo, Dark Skin Rejected’; Alcidion Extends ACT Health Contract; Phosphagenics, Mylan, Strides Settle For $176k, New Deals; Lifespot’s Vaporizer For CBDS US Marijuana Trials; Bard1 Dr Irmgard Irminger-Finger Increases, Diluted To 11%; MGC Trades On US OTCQB; THC Requests ‘Marijuana Permits’ Trading Halt; Mesoblast Promotes Dr Eric Strati To Commercial Head
Dec 18, 2018
Paradigm: ‘PPS Reduces Osteoarthritis Pain’; Respiri Places $3.2m; Plan For $1m More; Workplace Wheezo; Merchant Places Bard1 $1.1m Shortfall; Total Raised $3.3m; Dorsavi Raises $2.1m Of Hoped-For $3.2m; Avita Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Botanix Ready For Phase II BTX1204 Eczema Trial; Analytica Resumes US Pericoach Sales; OBJ: Procter & Gamble Licence For 1st Integrated Product; Cynata Sends GvHD Results To Fujifilm For Option Decision; Mayne Re-Acquires Suba-Itraconazole Rights From Hedgepath; Cardiex, Unnamed Company Partner For Sleep Disorders; Recce Chair Dr Graham Melrose Lends $200k; Lifespot To Release 28m ASX Escrow Shares; Medical Developments Loses Allan McCallum; ‘Help Wanted’
Dec 17, 2018
Imugene: HER-Vaxx For Gastric Cancer ‘Safety, Responses’; Genetic Signatures Easyscreen Respiratory Kit CE Mark; Federal Government $3m For Paediatric Leukodystrophies; Imagion, Planet Innovation To Develop Magsense; Nuheara, UK Specsavers Partner For Iqbuds Sales; Race: Truemed Sells AML Named Patient Bisantrene In Israel; Dorsavi Requests ‘Rights Issue Results’ Halt; TBG Buys Zhangye Medical Lab For China Testing Services; Virbac Orders $350k Creso Animal Marijuana Products; Genera AGM Passes All Resolutions; Vinva Below 5% In Mayne; Grey Innovation, Two Bulls To Take Respiri Stake; China; Neuren CSO Dr Larry Glass Retires As Director; Oventus Appoints Sharad Joshi Director
Dec 14, 2018
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Medadvisor; Admedus Rights Raise $5.4m Of $20m; $13.6m Underwritten; Australian Super Takes 8% Of Osprey; Paradigm ‘OA, Bone Bruising Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Respiri Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Dec 13, 2018
Cynata: ‘NHMRC $2m For Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Study’; Bard1 Raises $1.2m; $3.3m Expected; Pharmaxis Resumes US Sales Of Aridol, $2m Potential; Geneodx To Distribute Anteo Molecular Glue In China; Perth’s Oncores Wins British Royal ‘Entrepreneur’ Gong; Mesoblast, FDA Agree GvHD Regulatory Pathway; Adherium Loses US CEO Arik Anderson, CFO David Allinson; Paradigm CEO Paul Rennie Increases, Diluted To 16.7%; Regal Reduces To 6.5% In Prescient; Race Chair Dr Bill Garner Reduces To 15%
Dec 12, 2018
Federal Government: NHMRC $526m For 682 Projects; Federal $25m Grants For Mental Illness Open; Redhill Raises $28m; FDA Approves Mayne (Halcygen) Suba-Itraconazole; US Patent For Starpharma SPL7013 Conjunctivitis Eye Drops; Cellmid: ‘Record $2.2m Q2 Revenue’; From Glass To Plastic; Cardiex Expands Blumio Wearable BP Monitor Deal; Resonance Pleads Schultz, News, Deals To ASX 29% Query; ASX Suspends MMJ; Phosphagenics Takes ‘Mylan Talks’ Halt To Suspension; Jeremy Green, Redmile Take 9.4% Of Avita; One Funds Increases, Diluted To 5% Of Avita; Robert Lederer, Rtl Group Take 9% Of Anatara; Benjamin Karasik Diluted Below 5% Of Esense; Admedus: Star Bright Lishan Zhang, Dr Yanheng Wu Directors; Factor Loses Director Dr Robert Ryan
Dec 11, 2018
Orthocell Raises $1.8m; Birmingham Dental Approves Celgro; Bionomics Share Plan Raises $250k Of $2m; Total $10m; FIL Returns To 5% In Starpharma; Bionomics Receives $6.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Rhythm Receives $284k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Polynovo Appoints Jan-Marcel Gielen CFO, Co Sec; Gi Dynamics: Charles Carter CFO, Co Sec; Dave Bruce Goes; Genetic Technologies Appoints Paul Viney COO, CFO, Co Sec
Dec 10, 2018
Prescient: ‘Breast Cancer Responders Progression-Free’; Pro Medicus Extends Unnamed German Hospital Contract; CE Mark Approval For Speedx Gonorrhoea Test; Impedimed: ‘Study Backs L-Dex For Breast Cancer Lymphoedema’; Medibio Notes Raise $2.5m; Rights Offer For $4m More; Phosphagenics Requests ‘Mylan Negotiations’ Trading Halt; Allan Gray Diluted To 15% Of Osprey; Oncosil Appoints Michael Bassett Director; Painchek, Blamey Saunders Win UK ‘Rocketship’ Travel Grants
Dec 7, 2018
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mach7 Technologies; Phylogica Claims HSV-1 Vaccine Efficacy In 9 Of 12 Mice; Paradigm New Data Backs Osteoarthritis Pain Reduction; Genetic Signatures Receives $2.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Orthocell Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Brandon, MRCF, Australian Super Hold 27% Of Osprey; Adam Leitzes, Karst Peak Increase, Diluted To 17.3% Of Avita; Deutsche Bank (Karst Peake) Quits Genetic Signatures, Again
Dec 6, 2018
Federal $240m For ‘Innovative, Transformational Research’; Cardiex Raises $5.5m For Inhealth; Gilead $250k For 6 Research Projects; Mesoblast To ASX: ‘We Did Not Tell Media Of Chair Retiring’; Zelda, Suda Work On Marijuana Oral Spray, $200k Options; Medadvisor, Thrivor Partner For Patient Care; E-Quit Orders Esense Marijuana Terpenes; Deutsche Bank AG Takes 14% Of Genetic Signatures, Again; Vinva Takes 5% Of Mayne Pharma; Medibio Requests ‘Material Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; LSQ Loses CEO Mario Pennisi; Claire Blain Acting; Dr Gopisetty
Dec 5, 2018
CSL R&D Spend Up, Approvals, ’Flu Vaccines, Pipeline; Biotron Options Raise $4.7m; Rhythm Completes Colorectal Cancer Test Reagents; Chair Allan Tribe, Australian Land Take 23% Of Phylogica; Prana Registers 1m ADRs; Stemcell: ‘ASX OK Marijuana Cosmetics; Dragon’s Blood’
Dec 4, 2018
Redhill Phase III Confirms RHB-105 For Helicobacter Pylori; Avita Raises $40m For US Sales; Atomo: ‘TGA Approves HIV Self-Test’; Federal $10m For MTP Connect; Nuheara ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $5m; Reva Fantom Encore 1st Italy Implant; Antisense Receives $285k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Phylogica Peptides Deliver CAS9 To Laboratory Cells; Medlab Europe Subsidiary For EMA Registration; Jencay, Brett Rock Increase To 7% Of Universal Biosensors; Bori Liberman, Jagen Take 7% Of Opthea; Cardiex Requests ‘Capital Raising Activity’ Trading Halt; Admedus Appoints Dr Kiran Bhirangi CMO; Correction: BDI-40 With Market Capitalization
Dec 3, 2018
November BDI-40 Down 5%, ASX200 3%, Big Caps 4%, NBI Up 5% - Paradigm Up 42%; Factor Down 95%, Admedus 65%; Resonance Up 139% On FDA Ferrismart Clearance; Osprey Signs Premier For Dyevert; TPI Buys Melbourne Property; China Patent For Regeneus Stem Cell Biomarkers; Pharmaust Scalable Monepantel Kills Cancer In-Vitro; ITL Opens Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Medadvisor, Zuellig J-V For Prescription Reminders In Asia; Neurotech Facility Fail, 23% Oppose Remuneration Report; Phosphagenics Ends US OTCQX Listing; Creso To List On Toronto’s TSX-V
Nov 30, 2018
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Oventus Medical; Mach7 ‘Oversubscribed’ Placement Raises $3m; Mesoblast ‘Renewal’ Starts With Chair Brian Jamieson; Mesoblast 23% Oppose Remuneration Report; Options; Genetic Signatures 31% Remuneration 1st Strike; Optiscan 33% Oppose Director ‘Performance Rights’, Options; Avita Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Nuheara Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; BVF, Mark Lampert Diluted To 15% Of Opthea; Thorney Takes 14% Of TPI; Rhinomed Appoints Sean Slattery CFO, Loses Shane Duncan; Phylogica Board: Dr Rohan Hockings In, Dr Robert Hayes Out; Genera Loses 10-Year Director David Symons; Esense Appoints Piers Lewis Chair, Amit Edri Director
Nov 29, 2018
Victoria Appoints Martin Pakula Minister For Biotech; Osprey Rights Raise $4.3m Of Hoped For $10.5m, Total $14.3m; Telix, Nihon Work On Actinium-225 For Kidney Cancer; Noxopharm NOX66 Tolerated, ‘Suspends Tumor Growth’; European Patent For Immutep IMP321; ITL Delisting, Buy-Back EGM; Ellex’s 35% Oppose Director Alex Sundich; Adalta 17% Oppose Dr John Chiplin’s Share Purchase; MMJ Votes 22% Against Remuneration Report; Genetic Technologies Faces Up To 23% Dissent At AGM; 10.5% Dissent For Mayne Pharma Remuneration Report; Correction: GI Dynamics; ATO Delays Invion, Chronic Airway Demerger; Empery Reduces To 7% In Immuron; Richard Cashin Increases, Diluted To 21% In GI Dynamics; Wentworth Williamson Takes 6% Of TPI
Nov 28, 2018
Opthea 2014 Options Raise $13.3m; Dimerix To Expand Use, Licence Receptor-Hit Platform; Mach7 Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Admedus Ends 4-Month Suspension To Raise $20m; Falls 57%; UK NHS Adds Nuheara Iqbuds Boost For Hearing Loss; Immutep 3 Of 6 Patients Respond To IMP321, Keytruda; Patent; Polynovo 5-Month Novosorb Sales $2.8m; Orthocell Treats Last Celgro Dental Implant Patient; Cardiex, Inhealth, Kaiser 7-Year Diabetes Lifestyle Study; GI Dynamics, India’s Apollo Sugar Trial Endobarrier; LBT 24% Avoids Remuneration Report 1st Strike; THC To Market Dutch Medical Marijuana In New Zealand; Cooper Below 5% Of TPI; TPI Appoints Sue Macleman Director; Glenn Gilbert Replaces Rhythm CEO Dr Trevor Lockett, On $260k
Nov 27, 2018
Medibio, AIAA Ilumen Mental Health Contract; Phosphagenics $228k Takes R&D Tax Incentive To $833k; Race 21% Oppose Remuneration Report; All Change At Respiri (Isonea, Karmelsonix) - Again; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Reduce To 22% Of Pharmaxis; Grandlodge, Peter Anastasiou Have 12% Of Immuron
Nov 26, 2018
Telix Buys Partner ANMI For $9.3m Cash, Scrip; BTC Licences Episil Oral Pain Relief From Camurus; LBT 1st APAS Independence In The US; Local Sales Delayed; Proteomics, Janssen Work On Diabetic Kidney, Heart Function; Alcidion: MKM $12m Queensland Referral Contract; Opthea Enrols Last Of 366 Patients In OPT-302 Wet AMD Trial; Actinogen Enrols Last Patient In Xanamem Alzheimer’s Trial; Zelda, St Vincent’s Trial Marijuana For Pain; Mesoblast, Tasly Meet For Stem Cell Heart Drug Pathway; Dimerix Wins $100k Federal Grant To Identify Targets; Bluechiip Loses Director Blair Healy; Simavita To Lose Director Warren Bingham, Damien Haakman In; Peter Griffiths Replaces Neurotech CEO, M-D Wolfgang Storf; Admedus Appoints Matthew McDonnell Interim CFO
Nov 23, 2018
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Memphasys; ITL To Delist In February: ‘Low Share Price, Liquidity’; Botanix Receives $4.6m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Recce Takes Radium $256k R&D Tax Incentive Advance; Mark Kerr Takes 11% Of Phosphagenics
Nov 22, 2018
Biotech Daily Victoria Election 2018 Editorial; Dimerix Starts DMX-200 FSGS Trial; Dorsavi $106k Workright NW Workplace Safety Agreement; Paradigm Icahn PPS Licence For Muco-Poly-Saccharidoses; Hidden Hearing Distributes Nuheara Iqbuds Boost In Ireland; Memphasys, Gred To Validate Felix Sperm Separator; MGC 54% Remuneration 1st Strike; Pharmaxis 15% Oppose Malcolm McComas; Resolution Dropped; Vanguard Below 5% In Cochlear; Deutsche Bank Sells Genetic Signatures 14%; Karst Peak 18%; Hydroponics Changes Name To THC Global
Nov 21, 2018
Allegra: ‘FDA Okays Sr-HT-Gahnite Spinal Cage Path’; Simavita Raises Further $100k, Total $3.075m; Dorsavi Rights Offer For $3.2m; EU Orphan Status For Dimerix DMX-200 For FSGS; Up To 17% Dissent Against Clinuvel Chair Stan McLiesh; Micro-X AGM Placement Facility Faces 12% Dissent; Vanguard Takes 5% Of Cochlear; Genetic Technologies To Lose CFO, Co Sec Kevin Fischer; Noxopharm Appoints John Moore Director
Nov 20, 2018
Pro Medicus Signs $27m Partners Imaging Deal; Eye Co Fludrocortisone Acetate For Dry AMD Trial; Pharmaxis Readies For LOX Inhibitor Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Kazia Plan Raises $800k, Total $4.2m; Resonance Receives $326k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Nuheara Unveils Iqstream TV For Independent Volume Control; Biotron 43% Remuneration 1st Strike; Options; Adherium 33% Remuneration 1st Strike; Share Plan; Universal Biosensors Repays $21m Athyrium Loan; MMJ Completes Phytotech Sale To Harvest One; Name Change; Adam Leitzes, Karst Peak Take 19.8% Of Avita; Fil Sells, Takes Loss On All 83.3m Factor Shares; Cochlear Appoints CSL’s Abbas Hussain Director
Nov 19, 2018
Volpara H1 Revenue Up 53% To $2.5m; Loss Up 22% To $4.8m; Imagion Rights Offer Raises Full $4.3m; Cynata Receives $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Allan Gray Sells, Takes Loss On All 123m Factor Shares; Dimerix Starts DMX-200 Diabetic Kidney Disease Trial; Genetic Technologies Files $15m Kentgrove Prospectus; Cellmid Appoints Pharmaceutical Services NZ Distributor; China Copyrights, Trademarks For Uscom 1A, BP+, Spirosonic; Invion To Release 2.75b Escrow Shares; MGC, RMIT, Hebrew University Of Jerusalem To Launch Cannahub; Immuron: Dr Gary Jacob CEO Starts On $479k; Dr Kanellos COO; Invitrocue Appoints Dr Lindner Europe CEO, Prof Waugh Advisor; Somnomed Neil Verdal-Austin Replaces CEO Derek Smith On $480k; Admedus Loses CFO Catherine Costello; Medibio Appoints Mathew Watkins Joint Co Sec
Nov 16, 2018
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Regeneus; CMRI, Logicbio Partner For Viral Vectors; Avita Hires 20 US Sales Staff; Starpharma Dep-Chemo Stops Pancreatic Cancer In Mice; Optiscan To Lose Founding Director, Inventor Peter Delaney; Medibio AGM Repels Elias Leo ‘The Gun’ Khouri Board Spill; Hydroponics 30% Oppose In-The-Money Options; Canada Co; Painchek Receives $751k Federal R&D Tax Incentive
Nov 15, 2018
Pharmaxis: LOXL2 Drug ‘Safe, 85% Enzyme Inhibition’; Federal $4m For Autism Research; Prof Georgina Long, Prof Richard Scolyer Win GSK $80k; Paradigm Receives $2.3m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Suda Receives $745k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; US Patent For Dorsavi Body Orientation Technology; Cynata Survives 24.55% Remuneration Dissent; Suda Survives 22% Remuneration Dissent; Resapp 18% Placement Facility Dissent At AGM; MGC Starts UK Legal Proceedings Against Varm Cosmo; BVF, Mark Lampert Take Profit To 16% Of Opthea; Dimerix Loses Kathy Harrison
Nov 14, 2018
Factor Falls 97% On VF001 Venous Leg Ulcer Fail; Victoria $100k For Compumedics, Deakin Sleep Diabetes Study; Exopharm $7m IPO For Exosome Regenerative Medicine; Bionomics 2nd Placement Raises $2m Of $4m; Total $9.8m; Bionomics 37% Remuneration 1st Strike; Opthea Recruits Phase IIb OPT-302 AMD Trial; Painchek Launches On-Line Training Course; Resapp ‘ISO Compliant’ For CE Mark, TGA; Rhinomed AGM For 9m Director Options; Kinetic, Aust Super Increase; Brandon, CM Diluted In Osprey; Proteomics: Adelaide Equity, Scintilla Corporate Advisors; Anatara Appoints Steven Lydeamore CEO On $395k
Nov 13, 2018
Qbiotics 1st EBC-46 Solid Tumor Trial: ‘2 Complete Responses’; Cochlear $20m For Nyxoah OSA Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation; Imugene: ‘HER-Vaxx Safe, Antibodies For Gastric Cancer’; Sienna Receives $443k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; IDT Buys-Back, Cancels 659k Shares; Factor Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Pharmaust: Catalent GMP Monepantel For Dog Cancer Trials; Imugene 18% Oppose 25m Chair Paul Hopper Options; Auscann Hires PCI Pharma For Marijuana Capsules For Pain; MGC Sells Derma To Cannaglobal Canada
Nov 12, 2018
Mesoblast Stem Cells Miss Heart Endpoint, Reduce GI Bleeding; Bionomics To Lose CEO Dr Deborah Rathjen; Raise $12m; Immutep IMP321, Keytruda ‘Some Melanoma Efficacy, Safety’; Uscom Establishes Beijing Office; Phosphagenics Loses $416m Mylan Case; Race Chair Dr William Garner Transfers, Reduces To 16%
Nov 9, 2018
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Allegra Orthopaedics; Cochlear, Denmark’s GN Group Expand Collaboration; Proteomics Ships 1st Commercial Promarkerd Kidney Test; Imugene Receives $1.85m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; BVF, Mark Lampert Take 18% Of Opthea; NZ Harbour Asset Management Below 5% Of Volpara
Nov 8, 2018
Imagion Readies For 1st Human Magsense Breast Cancer Trial; Federal Government Sets 12 Research, Innovation Priorities; Bard1 To Raise $3.3m In Entitlement Offer; Euro Guidelines ‘Challenge’ Reva; Richard Kimes Goes; Strides Pays Suda $1.4m For SUD-001H For Migraine In US; Visioneering: ‘Lenses Slow Children’s Myopia By 81%’; Optiscan Receives $776k R&D Tax Incentive; Phosphagenics Receives $604k R&D Tax Incentive, $200k More; Cellmid 16% Oppose 33% Director Fees Pool Hike; Genetic Technologies CEO Dr Paul Kasian $47k Pay Rise
Nov 7, 2018
Resmed Pays $1b For Matrixcare Software; FDA Okay For Optiscan, Carl Zeiss Convivo Microscope; Biotech Daily 13th Birthday Editorial; South Korea Approves Nuheara Iqbuds, Iqbuds Boost; Europe Allows Cynata MSC Patent; US, EU Patents For Cellmid’s Midkine N-Domain; Botanix Treats 1st BTX1308 Psoriasis Patient.; Invion IVX-P02 Anti-Cancer Gel, Pre-Clinical Studies Partners; Paradigm New 20-Patient Data Backs Osteoarthritis Pain Reduction; Zelda To Release 224m Shares, 40m Options From ASX Escrow; Suda Requests ‘Licence Agreement Negotiations’ Trading Halt; Bard1 Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; MGC Extends ‘Cannaglobal, MGC Derma Sale’ Suspension; Polynovo To Lose Co Sec Greg Lewis; CFO, Co Sec Wanted
Nov 6, 2018
Qbiotics $26m IPO For Rainforest Cancer, Wound Drugs; Global Kinetics PKG Improves Parkinson’s; Savings; Investors Mutual Takes 7% Of Ellex; Elixinol Takes 50.5% Of Elixinol Japan; Elixinol CEO Paul Benhaim, Associates Diluted To 63%; David Newman, Gabriel Ettenson, D&G Diluted To 10% In Elixinol
Nov 5, 2018
Cochlear Ordered To Pay $372m Over Patent; Appeal; Mach7 Works On Sentara Radiology Upgrade; Japan Patent For Resapp Respiratory Diagnostic; Vanguard Takes 5% Of CSL; MGC Takes ‘Cannaglobal, MGC Derma Sale’ Halt To Suspension
Nov 2, 2018
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Cryosite; Living Cell: ‘18-Month 80-NTCell Benefit For Parkinson’s’; Rhinomed Raises $5m, Share Plan For $1m More; Biocurate, Novartis To Accelerate Drug Discovery; Court Orders Cellmid To Pay Ikon $939k; Mexican, Hong Kong Patents For Orthocell Celgro Scaffold; Optiscan Takes ‘Regulatory Approval’ Halt To Suspension; G Medical To Buy Telerhythmics For $2.7m; Hydroponics Supplies 1st Marijuana Patients; Genera AGM Extended, Rights Issue For $11.2m; Medibio Appoints David Kaysen CEO On $500k, Sacks US Staff
Nov 1, 2018
October BDI-40 Down 16%, ASX200 6%, Big Caps 7%, NBI 15% - Volpara Up 52%; Bionomics Down 86%, Airxpanders 39%; Reva Launches Fantom Encore; Post-Market Trial; MTP Connect, Federal Government: ‘$6b Regenerative Medicine’; India Approves Polynovo Novosorb; Myovatec Distributor; Cardiex, Blumio Wearable BP Sensor Trial; Oventus Receives $1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Cellmid Repays R&D Loan, Expands US Évolis Availability; Race Appoints Biosynergy For Bisantrene Deals; Credit Suisse Below 5% In Bard1; Creso Launches Cannaqix50 For Chronic Pain In Brazil; MGC Requests ‘Cannaglobal, MGC Derma Sale’ Trading Halt; Micro-X Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; Avita AGM To Vote On 15m CEO Dr Mike Perry Options; Neurotech AGM For 609k Director Shares; Fisher & Paykel Appoints Neville Mitchell Director; Admedus Appoints Stephen Denaro Director, Co Sec; Dr Dean Moss Replaces Ausbiotech Director Lawrence Gozlan; Ausbiotech J&J Gongs: Dr Anna Lavelle, MDGH, Telix, Microba
Oct 31, 2018
Resapp ‘Very Pleased’ With Results; ‘Beats Stethoscope’; Resonance: ‘Unnamed US Pharma $1m Trial Contract’; Opthea Receives $12m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Biotech Daily AGM Reporting Policy; Mesoblast AGM For 990k Director Options; Stemcell AGM For 18.6m Director Options; Correction: Recce; Optiscan Requests ‘Regulatory Approval’ Trading Halt; Rhinomed Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Founder Yacov Geva Lends G Medical $9.9m More; Raises $4.5m; Invitrocue Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; Fund Raising; Stemcell Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Medical Developments To Lose 12-Year Director Dr Harry Oxer; Bioscience Managers Appoints Dr Kate Rowley
Oct 30, 2018
Resapp Misses 1st Primary Endpoint, Mixed US Trial Results; Allan Gray Invests $10m In Osprey; $10.5m Rights Issue; Medlab: From Phase I Nanabis Cancer Pain Trial To Phase II; Cellmid Receives $808k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Imagion Has One Quarter Cash, ‘More Coming’; Medigard Licences Kunovus KT009 For Disc Degeneration; Biotron Tells ASX: HIV Trial Data ‘Currently Confidential’; Optiscan AGM For 1.94m Director ‘Rights’, 12.8m Options; Recce 250k Director Dr John Prendergast Shares AGM; Invitrocue AGM For 6m Director Options; Zelda AGM For 25m CEO Dr Richard Hopkins Options; Tim Robertson, Farjoy Take 11.5% Of Medlab; MGC Epilepsy Action Online Information, Access Portal; Creso Edible Marijuana R&D Centre Of Excellence
Oct 29, 2018
Clinuvel’s Vallaurix Expands Laboratory To Analytics; Anatara Detach For Piglets Approved; Pork CRC Options; Cann Wins Victoria Marijuana Resin Supply Contract; Pharmaust Develops Monepantel GMP Method; Resapp Extends ‘Smartcough-C-2 Trial’ Suspension; Osprey Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; G Medical Requests ‘China Facility Audit’ Trading Halt; Mayne $6m CEO Loan Shares, 50% Pay Pool Rise AGM; Phil Hodges; Clarification: Opthea AGM; Paradigm AGM For 300k CEO Paul Rennie Loan Shares; Genetic Signatures 200k CEO Dr John Melki Options AGM; Brain Resource Name Change To Total Brain AGM; Mach7 Has One Quarter Cash, ‘Seasonal Costs Down’; Platinum Takes 11.5% Of Kazia; Credit Suisse Takes 6% Of Bard1; Admedus Loses Director, Co Sec Catherine Costello; Prescient Appoints Dr James Winkler For Business Development
Oct 26, 2018
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Biotron; Opthea 12-Week Opt-302 Combination For DME ‘Positive Data’; Cancer Therapeutics CRC $668m Pfizer Collaboration; Neuren, Acadia Negotiate Trofinetide For Rest-Of-World; Mayne $45m For US, Australia Halobetasol For Psoriasis Rights; Cardiex $300k Astrazeneca Sphygmocor Contract; Somnomed One Quarter Cash; Better Quarter Coming; Compumedics AGM Rolls Director Dr Alan Anderson; Uscom AGM For 1.2m Chairman Prof Robert Phillips Rights; Bioxyne AGM For 7.5m Director Rights, 1m Options; Opthea AGM For 7m Director Options; Nuheara AGM For 3m Director Kathryn Foster Options; Auscann AGM For 67% Directors Fee Pool Hike To $500k; Starpharma To Vote On 675k More CEO Performance Rights; Phosphagenics Pleads Schultz To ASX 27% Query
Oct 25, 2018
Victoria $1.5m For CSIRO Biologics Manufacturing Facility; Australia-Texas Medical Center Collaboration; Paradigm Raises $9m; PPS Deal To Treat Retired US Athletes; Patrys Receives $3m Pat-Sm6 Settlement; Redhill Assesses Final Phase III RHB-105 Heliobacter Patient; Oncosil: ‘Analysis Backs Brachysil For Pancreatic Cancer’; Avita Begins Recell Trial For Paediatric Burns; Compumedics China JV Talks ‘Stalled’; $1.1m China Order; Cann Collaborates With CSIRO On Medicinal Marijuana; Credit Suisse Takes 5% Of Bard1, Again; Airxpanders EGM 22% Oppose Chair Barry Cheskin Shares; Bluechiip AGM For 2.3m CEO ‘Performance’ Rights; Adalta 375k CEO Replacement Options AGM
Oct 24, 2018
Mesoblast Expands JCR Deal To Epidermolysis Bullosa; Proteomics Licences Promarkerd For Spain; Wins WA Gong; Adalta Receives $2m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Resapp Takes ‘Smartcough-C-2 Trial’ Halt To Suspension; Euro Patent For Invictus Transmucosal Tocotrienols; Bard1 Granted Additional China Patent For Cancer; Memphasys Tells ASX: Anova News ‘Not Material’; Queensland Bauxite, Bonify 3t Import-Export Marijuana Deal; Medibio $30k Unnamed Company Contract; Actinogen 18m Directors Options AGM; Proteomics 800k Director Options, 316k Shares ‘In Lieu’ AGM; Proteomics Founder Director Dr John Dunlop To Retire; Respiri Appoints Dr Tom Duthy Director
Oct 23, 2018
Bard 1: ‘Breast Cancer Blood Test 86% Accurate’; Telix Starts Zircon TLX250 Renal Cancer Imaging Trial; Phosphagenics $425m Mylan Case ‘Progress’; Nuheara Receives $1.9m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Hong Kong Approves Medical Developments Penthrox; Japan Patent For Orthocell Celgro Collagen Device; Fisher & Paykel ‘Court Finds Infringed Resmed Patent’; Resonance Pleads Schultz To ASX 86% Query; Correction: Resapp; IDT Loses 2nd Strike Vote, Wins Spill Vote, Again; Patrys 24m Director Options, 60% Director Fee Pool Hike AGM; Paradigm Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Esense To Supply E-Quits Marijuana Terpenes; Biotron Appoints Prof Stephen Locarnini Director; Invitrocue Appoints Dr Gary Pace Director; Anatara Appoints Product Development Advisory Board; Neurotech: Prof Emanuela Russo CSO, Advisory Board; Stemcell Glenn Davies, Ee Ting Ng In; Chair Jamie Khoo Out
Oct 22, 2018
One Week To Ausbiotech Melbourne, Brisbane Conferences; Memphasys, Anova To Validate Felix Sperm Separator; Imagion Rights Offer Raises $411k Of Hoped-For $4.3m; Kazia, Dana-Farber Trial GDC-0084 For Breast Cancer To Brain; Antisense Inventor Dr Frank Bennett Shares $4m Prize; Resapp Requests ‘Smartcough-C-2 Trial’ Trading Halt; Invictus: Capstone Supplement Manufacture For US Launch; Actinogen To Close Xanamem Alzheimer’s Trial Recruitment; Peter Manley Replaces Genetic Signatures CFO Mark Langan; Invitrocue: Prof Iyer Advisor Chair, CSO Dr Dasgupta Goes; LBT Loses 12-Month Director Matthew Michalewicz; Erlyn Dale, Winton Willesee Replace Creso Co Sec Sarah Smith; Noxopharm Appoints Dr Greg Van Wyk CMO
Oct 19, 2018
Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Redhill Biopharma; MGC Derma Sale To Cannaglobal Delayed; Queensland Bauxite To Distribute Pharmocann Products; Factor Has Less Than 2 Quarters Cash, ‘Pivotal Trial Ending’; Brain Less Than 2 Quarters Cash, ‘Significant Revenue Rise’; Pharmaxis AGM For 690k More CEO Performance Rights; Prescient AGM For 2m CEO Steven Yatomi-Clarke Options; Race 4m Director Options AGM; Living Cell Pleads Schultz To ASX 177% Query; Stemcell Pleads Schultz To ASX 28% Query; Respiri Hires M&C Saatchi To Launch Wheezo Asthma Detector
Oct 18, 2018
Telix Starts TLX101, Radiotherapy Glioblastoma Trial; Cynata Stem Cells Impact Brain, Skin Cancers In-Vitro, Mice; Kazia Raises $3.4m, Share Plan; Elixinol To Add Medical Marijuana To OTC Hemp Foods ‘Soon’; Avita 1st US Recell Sales; Oventus Trials Show Significant O2vent Benefit; European Patent For Regeneus Progenza Fat Stem Cells; Esense Tells ASX Aware Query $25k Sales ‘Not Material’; CSL 16% Oppose $8.5m CEO Paul Perreault Shares, Again; Charter Life Sciences Diluted To 20% Of Visioneering; Novita Completes Sale Of Newly To Healthcarelink; Memphasys Pleads Schultz To ASX 65% Query; ASX Misses 148%; Ellex Appoints Dr David Lubeck CMO
Oct 17, 2018
Acrux New Generic Testosterone FDA Application; Airxpanders: ‘Radiation OK With Aeroform Breast Expander’; CPS Underwrites $4.7m Expiring Biotron Options; Proteomics Receives $834k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Telix, Radboud TLX250 Renal Cancer Manufacturing Deal; Prescient, Unnamed US Company New Formulations Work; Nuheara Welcomes US FDA De Novo Device Path; Impedimed 44% Remuneration 1st Strike; Alchemia Pleads Schultz To ASX 187.5% Query; Suda Pleads Schultz, ‘Tweets’ To ASX 100% Query; Resapp Pleads Schultz To ASX 24% Query, Media After; MGC Pleads Schultz, Canada Marijuana Law To ASX 25% Query; Kazia Takes ‘Capital Raising’ Halt To Suspension; Clinical Genomics Mary Padbury, Katherine Kalin To Board
Oct 16, 2018
FDA Approves Eyepoint (Psivida) Yutiq (Durasert); Telix: Seibersdorf To Manufacture TLX101 For Glioblastoma; Cardiex To Pay More Than $4.6m For 50.5% Of Inhealth; Factor Hires Taylor Collison For VF001 Leg Ulcer Deals; Medibio Back To Bioprospect Future Board Spill AGM; Phylogica 10m CEO Dr Rohan Hockings Options AGM; Antisense Pleads Schultz To ASX 59% Query; ASX Misses 159%; MGC Requests ‘ASX Price Query’ Trading Halt; Prudential (M&G) Reduces To 14% Of Mesoblast; Australian Ethical Takes 7.4% Of Actinogen; Peter, Diana Diamond Take 12.2% Of Novita; Hydroponics Welcomes Canada Recreational Marijuana; Esense Requests ‘Commercial Supply Agreement’ Trading Halt