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Jan 16, 2011
Summer Catch-Up Edition: 

Phylogica In $136m Pfizer Collaboration; Pharmaxis Euro Approval Delayed Up To Three Months; Fluorotechnics Sells German Assets For $196k; NZ Approves 2 Low-Dose Living Cell Diabetes Trial Patients; SBC Research Questions Fermiscan ‘Errors And Omissions’; Atcor $US250k Diabetes Contract; Neopec Appoints Directors Dr Crees, Dr Roger, Dr Thorburn; Atcor $1.3m Supply Deal; Fluorotechnics Places $210k, Notes Raise $500k, Board Changes; Solagran Claims Ropren Reduces Liver Fibrosis In 4 Weeks; Optiscan, Zeiss Expand Collaboration; Novogen, Marshall Edwards Complete $US4m Asset Sale; IDT Profit Guidance Up To $1.2m; Xceed Sells Boron For $1.5m; USCOM Cashed Up, New Board, Share Plan; Life Sciences Queensland Committee; Ausbiotech Appoints Dr Greg Roger Director; Select Vaccines Raises $500k; Compumedics' $1.3m China Contract; Tacere Pays Benitec $158k; Cephalon Takes 12% Of Mesoblast; Healthlinx Loses Director Stephen Copulos; Fermiscan Claims Agreement For Breast Cancer Trials; Reva Closes Up 14% At $1.25; China Pays Agenix Last $2.8m; FDA Rejects Psivida’s Iluvien For DME; Healthlinx’s Springtree, Placement EGM; Heartware Applies For Heart Pump FDA Pre-Market Approval; Living Cell $5.75m Springtree Facility; Genetic Technologies Licences Non-Coding DNA To Qiagen; Prana Loses Director Paul Marks; Chemgenex EGM For 4.6m CEO Greg Collier Options; Chemgenex T315i Euro Application Replaced, Delayed; Dr Burwood Chew Replaces Sirtex’s Dr Marius Van Den Berg; Genera Undisclosed Milestone Payment From Unnamed Partner; Select Appoints Gary Seabrooke, Cherie Leeden Directors; Calzada’s Polynovo Wins $400k Novosorb Study Extension; Prima Closes Springtree Equity Draw Down Facility; Xceed Votes On Boron Sale; Canada Licences Stirling Plant; Mesoblast: ‘Revascor Reduces Cardiac Events, Mortality’; Cathrx Appoints NY’s Oppenheimer For Advice; CEO Lusia Guthrie Takes 5% Of LBT; Viralytics: Article Backs Cavatak Combination Cancer Therapy; Acrux, Elanco Animal Product Application Delay; Phylogica Collaborates With Xl-Protein; Circadian, Chugai Deal On VEGF-D; USCOM Appoints Distributors
Jan 3, 2011
Special Edition 
2010: BDI-20 Up 34%, S&P ASX200 Down 2.6%; Mesoblast Up 518%, Tissue Therapies Up 355%
Dec 17, 2010
Dec 16, 2010
Dec 15, 2010
Early Look Shows Healthlinx Ovplex Beats CA-125 Alone; Patrys Approved For Higher Dose In PAT-SM6 Melanoma Trial; FDA Guides Pharmaxis On Bronchitol For Cystic Fibrosis NDA; Tyrian Underwritten Rights Issue Raises $3.98m; LBT Expects Increased Loss For H1, 2010; Circadian Companies Increase, Diluted To 17% In Antisense
Dec 14, 2010
Heartware Details $144m Notes Raising, Share Sales; CBio Places $4.22m Shortfall Shares; Patrys Share Plan Raises $505k; Chairman Bill Mobbs Takes 18.5% Of ITL; Solagran Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Stirling Hopes To Raise Up To $6m
Dec 13, 2010
NICTA Develops Smart-Chip For Pain; Committee Backs Pharmaxis Bronchitol For Cystic Fibrosis; Avexa Renaissance Roadshow; Evado Trial Software In Chinese, Taiwan Distributor; European Hepatitis C Patent For Benitec; Actinogen Rights Issue Raises $525k Of Hoped-For $3.2m; Psivida Dissent On Directors’ Options, Re-Election; Robert, Susan Martin Take 12% Of Acuvax; Solagran Cuts Price, Sells 84 Courses, Earns $42k In November
Dec 10, 2010
Living Cell Wins Russian Diabecell Market Approval; Heartware To Raise Up To $117m, Share Sales; CM Capital Takes 27% Of Sunshine Heart; Founder Dr Bruce Gray Lightens 3% In Sirtex; Platypus Capital Takes 11% Of Sirtex; Cellmid Director Koichiro Koike Resigns, Remains Consultant; Stirling Requests ‘$5-6m Capital Raising’ Trading Halt
Dec 9, 2010
YM Biosciences: Anaemia Responses For (CYTOPIA’S) CYT387; FDA Committee Backs Orexigen’s Obesity Drug; Eli Lilly Pays Acrux $88m Milestone; Federal Government $23m For Mental Health CRC; Nusep Share Plan To Raise $1m; Uscom Releases 2m Escrow Shares
Dec 8, 2010
Dec 7, 2010
CSL Details R&D Program, Increased Spending; Australian Phenomics Network Launches Micro-RNA Platform; Pharmaxis Starts ASM8 Phase II Trial For Allergic Asthma; Anteo Pleads Schultz To 37% Share Price Rise, ASX Mistaken; Compumedics System In $303k Atherosclerosis Sleep Study; Antisense Rights Issue Raises $2.4m
Dec 6, 2010
Dec 3, 2010
Dec 2, 2010
Dec 1, 2010
Nov 30, 2010
WEHI Says Mature Blood Cells Influence Stem Cell 'Parents'; Broadvector Withdraws $8.5m IPO; Canada's Bioniche In $31m ASX Listing; Federal $21m For University Of Melbourne Stem Cell Research; Genetic Technologies Settles Du Pont Pioneer DNA Dispute; Select Reduces To 5.1% Of Circadian; Anteo Dissent On Options, Director Laura Iacusso; Healthlinx Appoints Dr John Chiplin Director; Avexa Appoints Allan Tan Director, Lee Mitchell Company Sec
Nov 29, 2010
Biotech Daily Editorial: Shareholder Voting, Again; Impedimed, Stanford Collaborate On Patient Registry; Universal Biosensors Unveils Blood Clot Meter As 2nd  Diagnostic; Nusep Raises $1.9m For Singapore Blood Business; Orbis Takes Profit On 1.7m Acrux Shares; Mesoblast Dissent On Remuneration, Options, Director Goes; Chemgenex Dissent On Remuneration, Options; Dr Dillon Fails In Bid For ITL Board; UBS AG Quits Acuvax Substantial 
Nov 26, 2010
Bionomics Appointments To Resist Start-Up Fire Sale; Federal Opposition: 'Don't Blame Us For Tax Credit Delay'; Pharmaust's Epichem Drugs Active For Chagas Disease In Mice; Impedimed L-Dex Could Save $US2bn In 5 Years; Agenix 1-For-13.66 Rights Issue Raises $486k; Serious Opposition On Shares At Agenix AGM; Significant Opposition To Prima Director Options; Significant Opposition To All CBio AGM Resolutions; Bioprospect Upset Over Solagran AGM Comments
Nov 25, 2010
Victorian Election A Lay-Down Misere For Biotech; Senator Carr Blames Coalition For R&D Tax Credit Delay; Patrys $765k German Grants, Changes $15m Equity Draw-Down; Biotron Claims Independent Validation Of HIV Program; Eastland v Sims Case Closed, Wellcomes African Study; Nusep's Singapharm Stake In $1bn Asian Plasma Market; Alchemia Dissent On Executive Plan, Chairman Mel Bridges; Anteo Pleads Schultz To ASX 25.5% Price Query; Clinuvel Completes 10-For-1 Consolidation; CBio Loses Director Dr Dennis Feeney; Federal Court Adjourns Gun Capital v Solamind Case

Nov 24, 2010
FDA Acrux Testosterone Approval Reaps $89m Milestone; Bioguide Brief: Acrux Joins The Revenue-Positive Rare Breeds; Avexa Meets FDA In 2011; Loses CFO Stephen Kerr; Pittsburgh's Magee Women's Adopts Impedimed's L-Dex Test; Novogen's Glycotex Receives $251k Obamacare Tax Credit; Impedimed AGM Dissent Over CEO Options, US Plan; Calzada Appoints Dr Stewart Washer CEO; CSIRO Malcolm McIntosh Lecture Unlocks Alzheimer's; Macfarlane Burnet 50th Oration On Immunological Tolerance

Nov 23, 2010
Federal Government Farewells Prof Frank Fenner; No Guarantees For Federal R&D Tax Credit Bill; Correction: Novogen's Marshall Edwards; Eastland Doses First Patients In Paediatric Malaria Trial; Genetic Technologies Licence To Laboratoires Reunis; Agenix Pleased With Raising $479k Of Hoped-For $1.2m; Helicon EGM To Acquire Leading Edge; Aquacarotene Becomes Leaf Energy, Directors Elected; Calzada Loses Director George Cameron-Dow; Stirling Tells ASX It Will Have Funding; Deals Fall Through; Fermiscan 1-For-2 Rights Issue To Raise $767k 
Nov 22, 2010
Novogen's Marshall Edwards Faces Nasdaq Global Market Delisting To Capital Market, Again; Patrys Votes On Placements, Clarification; Biota Loses director Grant Latta, Small AGM Dissent; Avita Reappoints CEO Dr Bill Dolphin On $328k; 16% Of IM Medical Oppose Chairman Dipak Sanghvi
Nov 19, 2010
Federal Government Future Fellowships Biotech Winners; Novogen's NV-128 Kills Resistant Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells; QRX Share Plan Raises $5.8m; Mesoblast Merger Clears Last US Regulatory Hurdle; Acuvax Appoints Ian Murie Chair, Directors Go, Raises $720k; Neurodiscovery Appoints Michael Robson Chairman; Mayne Pharma Replaces Halcygen 
Nov 18, 2010
Neuren Develops Oral NNZ-2566 For Phase II Brain Injury Trial; Valevia Licences Avexa Anti-Bacterial Program For Up To $66m; Tyrian 1-For-1 Rights Issue To Raise $4m; Living Cell Directors Dumped, Walk At AGM; Founder In Chair; Patrys Raises Further $500k; Starpharma Pleads Schultz To ASX 9.7% Price Query; Firebird Group Sells 17m Antisense Shares; Circadian Completes Unmarketable Parcels Buy-Back; Karmelsonix Wheezometer Wins Frost & Sullivan Gong 
Nov 17, 2010
Garvan's Dr John Shine Wins $300k PM's Science Prize; WEHI's Dr Benjamin Kile Wins $50k Life Scientist Of The Year; Patrys Placement Raises $3.25m, Share Plan; Resonance Starts Novartis Deal With $614k Contracts; Dissent At Halcygen (Mayne Pharma) AGM On 150% Directors' Pay Hike; Ellex Launches Prototype Retinal Regeneration Laser; 31% Oppose Progen's Medigen Director Thomas Burt; Lloyd's & Cassanove Increase, Diluted To 6% In Cyclopharm
Nov 16, 2010
Glaxosmithkline Ready For BRAF-1 Phase III Melanoma Trial; Shareholders Requisition Acuvax Board Spill; Dr Richard Opara Quits Substantial Acuvax Holding; Sheep Data Takes Mesoblast To Phase II Cardiac Trial; Phosphagenics, 3M Sign 'Consultancy' Deal On Pain Patch; Neuren Phase I Brain Injury Trial Supports Females In Phase II; Avita Recell Wound Treatment Launched In Middle East; Chemgenex Votes On Note Shares; Small Dissent At Cellestis AGM On Remuneration; Sirtex, Founder Dr Bruce Gray Back To Court For Appeal; Renlyn Bell Takes 13% Of Karmelsonix; Solagran Sells 2,021 Of Hoped-For 78,000 Bottles Of Ropren
Nov 15, 2010
Heartware Pump Equals Competitors; ATEC To Establish Bahrain Biotechnology Centre; Progen Starts Phase I PG545 Tumor Trial; Bionomics Rat Data Shows BNC210 'Highly Effective' In Anxiety; Patrys Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Advanced Surgical Says Sales Increasing; Tyrian Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Pratt's Tiga Trading Takes 6% Of Halcygen; Celtic Capital, Jersey Investments Each Take 10.6% Of Acuvax 
Nov 12, 2010
Virax Term Sheet For Phase I/IIa Skin Cancer Drug; Medigen Buys Trial Materials From Progen's Pharmasynth; Bluechiip IPO To Raise $6m For Tissue-Tracking; 'Excellent Data' For Healthlinx Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers; Novartis Pays Imugene $1.5m; First Cape Takes 12.45% Of Anteo; Orbis Takes 10% Of QRX; Murdoch Capital, Syracuse Each Take 9.9% Of Acuvax; Advanced Surgical Loses Director Walter Kmet
Nov 11, 2010
Start-Up Australia Offers 28% Of Bionomics To The Highest Bidder; Avexa Invests $1.5m In Allied Medical For Coridon Vaccines; Circadian Settles Ark IP Case, Gains Payments; Genetic Technologies Settles Innogenetics Non-Coding DNA Dispute; Select Vaccines Votes On 288m Recovery Placement Shares; Biota Releases 2.4m Escrow Shares; Significant Dissent At Circadian AGM; IM Medical Appoints Peter Jess Director; WEHI Awards Dr Guillaume Lessene $150k Fellowship; Karmelsonix Appoints France, Scandinavia Distributors
Nov 10, 2010
Living Cell NTCell 'Cuts Parkinson's Motor Abnormality 56%'; Cellmid Conference Broadens Midkine Knowledge; Circadian Granted US, EU Canada Patents, Phosphagenics Transdermal To Boost Oral Vitamin D; Helicon To Acquire Leading Edge Medical Devices; Patrys treats 1st Three PAT-SM6 Melanoma Patients; Avita Launches Recell As Cosmetic In UK; Significant Dissent At Clinuvel AGM; Pharmaust Placement Raises $611k; Australian Ethical Sells 2m Tissue Therapies Shares; Probiotec Pleads Schultz To ASX 12.5% Price Fall Query; ASIC, CDPP Charge Biotech Solutions' Simon Finnigan On $2.7m
Nov 9, 2010
Clinuvel: 'FDA Gives Positive Guidance On EPP Program'; Tissue Therapies Pleads Schultz To ASX 18% Price Query; Safety Medical 1-For-5 Consolidation Set For Nov 16 
Nov 8, 2010
Biotech Daily 5th Birthday Editorial; Prana Says $15m Labor Promise 'Crucial' For Alzheimer's; Mesoblast Receives $1.2m Obamacare Tax Credit; Benitec Says US Graham '099 RNAi Patent 'Imminent'; WEHI's Dr Ross Dickins Wins $975k Fellowship For Leukemia; QRX Wins 3rd Obamacare Tax Credit Of $241k; Small Dissent At QRX AGM On Director Options;  Safety Medical EGM Approves Return To Trade; Jasper Hill Takes 8% Of Select Vaccines; Novogen Loses Directors Geoff Leppinus, Prof Paul Nestel 
Nov 5, 2010
Federal Government $80m For Innovation Investment Funds; FDA Orphan Status For Patrys PAT-SC1 For Gastric Cancer; Victorian ALP Promises $15m For MHRI, Prana Alzheimer's Work; Antisense Paid $522k Tax Rebate; Narhex AGM Paves Road to Recovery, Keeps Name; Medical Developments Expects 30% Earnings Increase; Avexa Director Steven Crowley Quits; Benitec Ready For New Patent fight; Solagran Details Bioprospect Mediation; Federal Government Opens CRC Round 
Nov 4, 2010
Advanced Surgical Distributes Parcus Medical Products; Atcor, Psivida, QRX Receive $1.1m Obamacare Tax Credit Cheques; Starpharma Confident With Reckitt Benckiser Durex Condoms; OMI Returns To ASX Trading; Small Dissent On Nanosonics' Director Options, Stock Plans; Nusep Wins $30k NSW Grant, Starts Patent Case; Correction: Broadvector, Alpha; Anteo Director Dr Robert Gilmour Resigns; Orbis Sells 2.6m Acrux Shares; Bio-Melbourne Ventures 'Inside The World Of influence'
Nov 3, 2010
Cellmid, Biogenes Develop Midkine Elisa Test For Cancer; Australian Research Council 'Streamlined' Grants Paper; Viralytics Asks FDA For Higher Dose Cavatak Melanoma Trial; Immuron Details Liver Disease Human, Mouse Data; Broadvector Appoints Alpha, Extends IPO; Ellex Seals 2nd Centrevue Distribution Deal; Novogen Appoints Peter Scutt director; Agenix Appoints Dr Danyi Zhang 'Thromboview Champion'
Nov 2, 2010
CBio Expects To Raise All Of Hoped-For $9.3m; Medimmune Pays Phylogica $1m As Evaluation Begins; Chemgenex Receives $245 Obamacare Tax Credit Payment; Solagran Quits Bioprospect; Stirling Votes To Issue 1,616m Shares
Nov 1, 2010
October BDI-40 Leaves ASX200 Behind - Tissue Therapies Up 91%, Compumedics Down 17%; Biomd Hits 1st Cardiac Valve Milestone; Sunshine Heart 5-For-7 Rights Issue To Raise Up To $11m; Antisense 1-For2 Rights Issue For $2.4m; Acrux Pleads Schultz To ASX 27% Query; Anteo Votes 21m Director Options; Tyrian Votes On CEO Rights, Chairman Shares; Fermiscan Votes On 400m Shares; Solagran Has Less Than 1 Quarter Cash
Oct 29, 2010
Victorian Government Details $8m Innovation Funds; Tamara Newing Pleads Guilty To Genetic Technologies Manipulation; Progen Shuts US Office, Divests Cellgate Assets; Resmed Posts Record Profit $58m, Record Revenue $289m; Select Placement Raises $500k; Prima Votes On 34.5m Directors' Options; Pay Pool 67% Rise; Uscom Has Less Than 2 Quarters Cash, Funding; Karmelsonix Has Less Than 1 Quarter Cash; Bioprospect Has 1 Quarter Cash, Placement, Rights Issue; Stirling Has Less Than 1 Quarter Cash, Loans 
Oct 28, 2010
Genetic Technologies: 'Paper Backs Breast Cancer Brevagen'; Australian Patent For Viralytics Cancer Virus; Small Dissent At Sunshine Heart Meeting; Antisense Has Less than 2 Quarters Cash, Capital Raising; Eastland Votes To Up Directors' Pay Pool 167%, Prior Issue; Sun Director Peter king resigns; Fermiscan Appoints John Rainbow Co Sec; Stirling Appoints Michael Kean CFO
Oct 27, 2010
Living Cell: 10 Diabetes Patients Implanted, Dose Questions; WEHI's Dr Clare Scott Wins $400k Ovarian Cancer Fellowship; Immuron's IMM255 'Inhibits 'Flu Virus In Mice'; Cellmid's Advangen To Develop Midkine Hair-Loss Treatment; Agenix, Biotron Vote On Director Shares; Stephen Carter Replaces Eastland CEO Dermot Patterson; Giaconda Has Very little Cash; Mediation Ends Bioprospect, Solagran Dispute
Oct 26, 2010
Genetic Technologies' Phenogen Readies For Brevagen US Sales; Founder Dr Bruce Gray Blocks Sirtex Constitution Change; Agenix Becomes 'A China Drug, Thromboview Play'; Sirtex To Raise Staff By 40%, Q1 Sales Up 16%; Hatchtech Raises $6.3m For Phase IIb Deovo Head Lice Trial; Fluorotechnics Has Little Cash, Cutbacks, Sales; Psivida Votes On 356k CEO, Director Options; Avita Votes On 2.5m Options For CEO Dr William Dolphin; Optiscan Chairman Angus Holt To Take Shares In Lieu Of Pay; Ian Murie Replaces Acuvax Director Dr Alex Birrell
Oct 25, 2010
Pharmaxis Respect In Baltimore, Plenty Of CF Competition; Sunshine Heart Has 1 Quarter Cash, $3.7m Placement; Viralytics Votes On 2m M-D Options; Dr Dillon Nomination Heralds Divisive ITL AGM; Pharmaust's Epichem Wins WA Export Gong; OBJ Says GSK Continues Magnetic Transdermal Development; Stirling Appoints Crucible Capital To Raise Telemed $10m
Oct 22, 2010
Cephalon Takes (Potential) 30% Of Chemgenex On Road To FDA; Pharmaxis Combined Cystic Fibrosis Phase III Data 'Significant'; Victorian Government Specifies $3.3m of $55m Action Plan; GSK Pays Biota $2.1m Relenza Royalty; Select Vaccines Underwritten Rights Issue Raises $1.2m; Aquacarotene Votes On Mel Bridges, Name Change, Back Door; Virax Votes On Directors' Shares In Lieu Of Pay; Acorn Takes 5% Of Pharmaxis; Artemis, Rothschild Family Cease Substantial In Benitec; Ausbiotech: Dr Mark Shackleton Wins $1m Pfizer Fellowship; Ausbiotech Appoints Meera Verma, Paul Walton Directors
Oct 21, 2010
Commercialisation Australia Won't Declare Interests, Again; Pharma Scouts Address Packed Ausbiotech Meeting; Roche: Have Venture Fund, Will Licence; Prof Nadia Rosenthal: 'Macrophages Could Cheat Evolution'; Mesoblast Phase II Spinal Fusion Trial 'Safe, With Efficacy'; 10% Oppose Pharmaxis Remuneration, CEO Shares; Phylogica Completes Stage 1 of Roche Deal  

Oct 20, 2010
Ausbiotech Opens With Ideas, Policies And A Few Gongs; Advanced Surgical Distributes Permedica's Devices; Angioblast Votes To Merge With Mesoblast; Atcor Placement Raises $1m; 1-For-6 Rights issue For $1.3m; Trident Appoints David Fuller CMO; Dr Alan Robertson Retruns As Full-Time Pharmaxis CEO; Nearly All Change At Karmelsonix, $2m Note 


Oct 19, 2010
Victoria Premier John Brumby Launches Investment Summit With $55m; WEHI, Beckton Dickinson Commercialize Research Reagents; Patrys Treats 1st PAT-SM6 Melanoma Patient; Calzada Quits Avexa With $270k Loss; Phosphagenics Markets AOD9604 As Cosmetic Fat-Buster; Daiichi Sankyo Launches Biota-Developed Inavir In Japan; Australian Ethical Takes 100% Profit On Tissue Therapies; Living Cell Votes On Placement Shares, Directors' Options; Novogen Loses Chairman Phillip Johnson In US Focus; Helicon Pleads Schultz To ASX 90% Price Query; Bioprospect Raises $370k, Hopes For Further $1.9m
Oct 18, 2010
Bio's Jim Greenwood To Open Ausbiotech Conference; Victorian Government $8.5m For Biomedical Imaging; Nusep Debt-Free; Three Impedimen Appointments Focus On US; Bill Mobbs Replaces ITL's Chairman Julian Gosse; Dr John Chiplin Replaces Calzada's George Cameron-Dow
Oct 15, 2010
Commercialization Australia's $3.2m For Biotechnology; Atcor Scores $800k Pharmaceutical Contract; Eastland Pleads Schultz, Old News To ASX 26% Price Query; Halcygen AGM To Up Directors Pay 150%, Become Mayne; Australian Ethical Takes 6% Of QRX 
Oct 14, 2010
Pharmaxis CEO Dr Alan Robertson Returns, Approvals Close; FDA Alchemia Fondaparinux Inspection Could Signal Approval; Woolworths, Fairfax Boss Roger Corbett Joins Halcygen; Mesoblast Broadens Stem Cell Cancer Applications; Nusep Files Formulation Patents; Peter MacCallum Public Lecture: Cracking The Cancer Code; Phylogica Appoints Nick Woolf CFO; UBS Increases, Diluted to 5.5% Of Acuvax
Oct 13, 2010
Phosphagenics' Oxycodone Patch Ready For Phase II/III Trial; Imugene Signs Pig, Poultry Vaccine Deal With Novartis; US, Australia, NZ Patents For Antisense ATL1102. ATL1103; Avexa AGM Votes On Directors; Resonance AGM Votes On $10k Shares For M-D Liza Dunne; Medigard AGM To More Than Double Total Directors' Pay; Prof Nadia Rosenthal To Deliver Ausbiotech Millis Oration 
Oct 12, 2010
Ellex Distributes Centrevue's Macular Integrity Diagnostic; 1st EU, 3rd Australian Patent for Tissue Therapies' Vitrogro; Progen PG545 Mouse Data Shows Anti-Cancer Potential; BPH To Change Direction With 2 Bio-IPOs; Northcape Takes 5% Of Pharmaxis; All Directors Change At Safety Medical (DOCA); Tyrian Chairman Roger Amos Takes Pay In Shares
Oct 11, 2010
Andrew Wilkes, Peter Molloy & Synkinase Inhibitor Reagents; Merck To Close Biodiem LAIV Boxmeer Operations This Month; Advanced Surgical Distributes Arthrosurface Products; Meeting To Revive Safety Medical; Nusep Buys-Back 94,990 Unmarketable Parcels
Oct 8, 2010
Queensland's $700k For Research With India; Antisense Releases 18m Escrow Shares; Genera Appoints Two Directors To Replace One Mel Bridges; QRX Votes On Placements, Directors' Options; Clinuvel Votes On 10-For-1 Consolidation, Executive Shares; Neurodiscovery Loses Harry Karelis, Gains Kyle Haynes 
Oct 7, 2010
Lucy Turnbull Replaces Prima Chairman Albert Wong; Meeting To Resuscitate Narhex Life; Global Leaders At Ausbiotech Conference; Team-Vic's Translational Stem Cell Engineering Seminar 
Oct 6, 2010
US FDA Approves Pharmaxis' Aridol Asthma Test; Viralytics Ups Phase I Cancer Trial Dose 10-Fold; Resonance Signs Ferriscan Deal With Novartis; Sirtex Claims 16% September Quarter Sales Rise; US Grants 3rd Tissue Therapies Vitrogro Patent; Helicon Shortfall Raises $1.4m; Agenix 1-For-13.66 Rights Issue, Plan To Raise Up To $2.4m; Transocean Increases, Diluted To 7% Of Anteo; Fluorotechnics Sells Gel Co for $US150k; Nicholas Falzon Replaces Andrew Bursill As Cellmid Co Sec
Oct 5, 2010
Chemgenex Omapro NDA Delayed Up To 12 Months, With Clarity; Chemgenex Pleads Schultz To ASX 41% Price Jump Query; Fluorotechnics Sells US Subsidiary , The Gel Co; Bionomics French Trials For Panic Attacks, Memory Loss; Tissue Therapies Appoints US Commercialization Consultant; Acrux Wins Two Victoria Governor Export Gongs 
Oct 4, 2010
Court Dismisses Bioprospect's Solagran Injunction; CBio Releases 6.6m Escrow Shares; Cellestis AGM To Raise Directors' Pay 33%
Oct 1, 2010
BDI-40 Beats ASX200 Over Month, Year - Benitec Up 70%, Mesoblast Up 41%, Patrys Down 22%; Federal Government Restarts Amended R&D Tax Credit Bill; QRX Placements Raise $14m, Share Plan; Biotoron Begins Phase IIa BIT225 Trial For Hepatitis C; Benitec Begins Neuropathic Pain Program; Eastland Earns $294k From Sale Of Non-Core Portland; Resmed AGM To Double Total Directors' Pay, Increase Shares; Advanced Surgical AGM To Double Total directors' Pay; Fluorotechnics, ITL, Atos Suspended On Accounts 

Sep 30, 2010
CSIRO, Benitec Win All USPTO Graham Patent Claims; Tissue Therapies Completes Ulcer Trial; Starpharma, Eli Lilly Collaborate On 'Unnamed Conjugate'; Circadian, Cincinnati Collaborate On Lung Disease Diagnostic; CBio's Chaperonin 10 Mouse Study 'Promising For Lupus'; Healthlinx, Prof Michael Quinn Settle Out-of-Court; Phylogica Underwritten Rights Issue raises $2.4m; Neurodiscovery Underwritten Rights Issue Raises $719k; Wilson HTM Takes 6% Of Nanosonics; Prima To List On Nasdaq

Sep 29, 2010
Prana Selects PBT434 For Parkinson's Disease; Biota, Daiichi Sankyo Influenza Drug's October Japan Launch; Sunshine Heart's Next Generation C-Pulse Controller; China Pays Agenix Further $420k; Healthlinx Licences AGR2 Biomarker To Millipore; Macquarie's APAF, Agilent In $100k Glycoproteomics Research; IM Medical Loses Director Dr Ross Walker; US Grants Benitec Further Hepatitis C RNAi Patent; QRX Placements To Raise $10m; Share Plan 
Sep 28, 2010
Avexa Board Wins Round 1 Against Calzada By 2 To 1; Consumer Goods Co Evaluates OBJ's Magnetic Transdermal; US Patent For LBT Microstreak; Court Moves Bioprospect-Solagran Case To Melbourne; Darren Bromley Replaces Caroline Bentley As Biomd Co Sec
Sep 27, 2010
Victoria's Biotech 'Healthy, With Specific Skill Shortages'; CBio 5-For-7 Rights Issue To Raise $9.3m; Nusep Expands Sperm Separation To Animal Market; Two OMI Placements To Raise Up To $2.55m
Sep 24, 2010
WEHI Identifies Malaria's Newest Pathway Into Human Cells; GBS Peplin Wins Avcal Award; Sunshine Heart Capital Increase, Raising, Share Plan EGM; Pure Power Pays Genesis $268k
Sep 23, 2010
Psivida Posts $14m Maiden Profit; Revenue Up 388% To $16m; Tyrian Ships First Wheat Test; Living Cell M-D Dr Ross Macdonald Replaces CEO Dr Paul Tan; Sirtex Votes On 79% Boost To Directors' Pay, Executive Rights; CBio Requests Funding Trading Halt; Bioprospect, Solagran Case Adjourned
Sep 22, 2010
Mesoblast EGM Backs Angioblast Acquisition; Acuvax Placement, Rights Issue Raise $284k; Bioprospect, Solagran Return to Court
Sep 21, 2010
WEHI Identifies Immune System Sentinel Protein; GE Healthcare Distributes Nanosonics' Trophon In US, Canada; Atos, Calzada, Metabolic AOD9604 Weight-Loss Deal Fails; Biodiem Places Further $1m Rights Issue Shortfall; Select Vaccines Rights Issue To Raise $1.2m, $500k Placement; South African Patent For Medigard 3ml Syringe; OMI Files Documents Ahead Of November Return To Trading; November Relisting For Fermiscan 
Sep 20, 2010
Advanced Surgical Pad Deal Falls, Orthopaedics Re-Focus; US FDA Designates Prima's CVac 'Orphan'; Queensland Approves Nanosonics Trophon Disinfector; Relinquish, Resale Of Leggett Legacy Saves Agenix $900k; Novogen Appoints 3 New Directors; Bioprospect finds Cheaper Version Of Solagran technology; Stirling, Unnamed US Government Institution Study Immunoxel
Sep 17, 2010
Resmed: 'Increased Apnoea Patient Compliance With S9 Device'; Circadian Buys Back Unmarketable Parcels; Bioprospect Director Leo Khouri Resigns Over Solagran
Sep 16, 2010
Sunshine Heart Placements, Rights Issue To Raise $22m; Imugene Lead Candidate Best For Pig Virus; Annmac Takes 22% Of Agenix; Genera Company Secretary Geoff Widmer Resigns; Stirling Buys Profitable Pathology Business For $3m Shares 
Sep 15, 2010
Viralytics: 'Cavatak Efficacy In Brain Tumors In Mice'; Avita Awarded $1.8m Scar, Dyspigmentation Contract; Cellmid Takes $8.5m La Jolla Cove Note; Austin Health, Ludwig Gain $1.5m Nuclear Medicine Lab; Agenix Hepatitis B Drug Clears 1st Clinical Safety Hurdle; Eastland Presents Rwanda Malaria Data; Biodiem Appoints Cathy Cropp Projects Manager; CBio Director Dr Dennis Feeney Goes Non-Executive
Sep 14, 2010
Progen To Divest Promising Cancer Stem Cell Compound; Bone Takes $6m La Jolla Cove Note. $650k Private Raising; Bionomics Votes On 3m Chairman, CEO Options; Stirling Acquisition Trading Halt; Prof Doug Hilton Reviews WEHI At Bio-Melbourne Breakfast
Sep 13, 2010
Biota, Daiichi Sankyo 'Inavir' Approved For Japanese 'Flu Season; Bioguide Brief: Biota, Daiichi & A New Generation 'Flu Drug; Bioguide Brief: Broadvector's 'Very Reasonable' IPO; US Court Allows Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding; Select Licences Technology To Artes, Burnet, Raises $115k; CSL Votes On $16m 'Performance Rights', Directors' Pay; Mike Hirshorn, Colin Adams Replace Cathrx's Andrew Denver; Advanced Surgical Appoints Michael Spooner Director; New Paint Wins 2010 Victoria Prize, Biotech Takes 3 Fellowships; Victoria To Provide $400k Cancer Research Fellowship
Sep 10, 2010 
Vale Mike Dalling; Editorial: Non-Disclosure Is Self-Defeating; Commercialisation Australia Declares Its Interests; Healthlinx Takes Prof Michael Quinn To Court Over Ovplex; Mesoblast Tells ASX: Old News May Have Pushed Price To $2.48; Agenix Resumes Trading Up 106%; CM Capital Ceases Substantial In Cathrx; Bone Funding Halt 
Sep 9, 2010 
Novogen Sells Isoflavone Cancer IP To Marshall Edwards; Bioguide Brief: Novogen To Be Cash Flow Positive - Duh, Wuh?; Atcor: 'US FDA Backs Central Blood Pressure In Drug Trials'; Universal Biosensors Loses CEO Mark Morrisson; Biodiem Wins FDA Orphan Status For New BDM-E Indication; Healthlinx Adds More UK Centres To Ovplex Trial; UBS AG Takes 13% Of Cathrx; Nusep Establishes Scientific Committee 
Sep 8, 2010 
Marc Sinatra's Bio-Guide: Bionomics - Almost Perfect; Ferret Mouse Data Back Biodiem's 'Flu Vaccine; Blackrock Takes 5% Of CSL; Agenix Acquires Chinese Hepatitis B Drug For $2.7m; Agenix Return To Trading;  Herschel Takes 13% Of Cathrx
Sep 7, 2010 
Court Stops Solagran Selling Bioprospect Shares Over IP; Hunter Hall Takes 13% Of Biota; Healthlinx Licences Ovplex Test To Israel's Medison; MEC Resources Takes 23.4% Of BPH Corp; JM Reduces 1.9% In Genera; Biodiem AGM Votes On Directors
Sep 6, 2010 
Broadvector $8.5m IPO For Prostate, Prosthetic Gene Therapy; US Patent For Circadian VEGF-D Diagnostic Kits; FDA Allows 54 More Patients Access To Heartware Pump Trial; Avexa Attacks Calzada; Select Vaccines Placement To Raise $115k; BPH Rights Issue Raises $2.6m Of Hoped-For $8.3m,  Mining EGM; Pharmaust Oil Trading Halt, Epichem API Scale-Up 
Sep 3, 2010 
GBS Ventures: Building Australian Medical Technologies; Two More Insurers Takes Impedimed's L-Dex To 23m Americans; US Trial Validates Tyrian Active TB Test; 'Cell' Article Backs Prana's Alzheimer's Approach; Healthlinx Launches Ovplex In Singapore; CBio Completes Rheumatoid Arthritis Trial Recruitment Early; S&P Drops Biota From ASX200; Platypus Takes 6% Of Sirtex; Wilson HTM Increase But Diluted To 7% Of Impedimed; Calculation Error Halts Healthlinx Draw-Down
Sep 2, 2010 
Calzada Rebuts Avexa Accusations, $23m To Stay In Biotech; Avexa Names 'Bioadvisory Group' For Independent Review; Tissue Therapies Vitrogro Continues 'Outstanding Results'; Phosphagenics Licences Calzada's Fat-Busting AOD9604; Helicon Rights Issue Raises $457k; Further Benitec Graham RNAi Family Patent; Medigard Raises $1.1m Of Hoped-For $4.8m
Sep 1, 2010 
BDI-40 Holds 4-Year Lead Over ASX200 - Compumedics Up 26%, Virax Down 58%, Immuron Joins Top 40; Non-Big-Cap Profit Up 42.5%, Revenue Up 9.5%; Avita Revenue Up 17% To $3.9m, Loss Down; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Down 24% To $3m, Loss Up; FDA Priority Review For Psivida's Iluvien; Healthlinx South Korea Ovplex Trial; QRX Says Moxduo Trial On-Track; Progen: Medigen Applies For PI-88 US SPA; Platypus Takes 5% Of Sirtex; IDT Appoints Roman Najdecki CFO
Aug 31, 2010 
Aug 30, 2010
Aug 27, 2010
Aug 26, 2010
Aug 25, 2010
Aug 24, 2010
Aug 23, 2010
Aug 20, 2010
Aug 19, 2010
Aug 18, 2010
Aug 17, 2010
Aug 16, 2010
Aug 13, 2010
Aug 12, 2010
Aug 11, 2010
Aug 10, 2010
Aug 9, 2010
Aug 6, 2010
Resmed $1.2b Record Revenue, Profit; Stock Split; Heartware Posts Record $22m Six Month Revenue; Monsanto Takes Genetic Technologies Licence For Cattle; Living Cell’s Dr Ross Macdonald Starts On $316k; 30% Bonus; Neurodiscovery’s Founder David McAuliffe Resigns
Aug 5, 2010
Biotech Daily Editorial: Embargoes; Phylogica Extends Medimmune $109m Deal Halt To Suspension; Eastland Director Death Extends Halt To Suspension; ASIC Talks Lead To Medigard Retracting $US40m Revenue Claim; Helicon 3-For-2 Rights Issue To Raise Up To $1.9m; Healthlinx Singapore Launch Delayed ‘For Bigger Market’; Halcygen Appoints Dr Stuart Mudge Regulatory Manager; Solagran Reaches For Its Lawyers On Bioprospect Claims
Aug 4, 2010
Aug 3, 2010
Advance Opportunities Provides Up To $15m For Patrys; Correction: QRX Pharma; Halcygen’s Mayne Acquisition Rolls In The Revenue; Bone Notes Raise $177k; Cathrx EGM On CEC Jeffrey Goodman’s 1m Options; Victoria Provides $3.7m For Cancer Projects; Phylogica Requests Research Partnership Trading Halt; Eastland Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Dr Peter Isdale Replaces Ausbiotech’s Dr Simon Carroll; Stirling Buys $7m Telemedcare For $511k
Aug 2, 2010
Heartware Drags Down July BDI-40: Antisense Up 25%, QRX Down 20.7%, Heartware Down 18.1%; WEHI Says Missing Puma Gene A Key To Cancer; Patrys Begins Royal Adelaide PAT-SM6 Melanoma Phase I Trial; Capital Group Clients Continue Exit From Cochlear; BPH Corp 1-For-2 Rights Issue To Raise Up To $8.3m; Giaconda Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Karmelsonix Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash, Equity Draw Down; Cochlear Appoints Yasmin Allen Director; Living Cell Appoints Dr Ross Macdonald Managing Director 
Jul 30, 2010
Chief Medical Officer Warns Against CSL 'Flu Vaccine; Calzada Spins Metabolic Fat Drug Into Atos Shell For $500k; Nusep To Buy-Back Small Holdings After Results; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C Policy; Phylogica Has One Quarter Cash; Imugene Has One Quarter Cash, Tax Rebate; Bioprospect Has One Quarter Cash, Convertible Note; Stirling Has One Quarter Cash, 'Mezzanine Funding'; Circadian Releases 2.6m Escrow Shares; Stirling Requests Telemedcare Trading Halt; ITL Loses CFO Angelo Tsagarakis; Solagran Silent On Bioprospect Dispute Allegations
Jul 29, 2010
Senator Kim Carr: Biotechnology For The Environment; Nanosonics Begins Deliveries, Asks FDA To Drop Indicator; Biosignal Completes RGM Movie Deal; Harry Karelis Takes Neurodiscovery Chair, All Options Open; Halcygen Loses Craig Bottomley, Gains Lisa Pendlebury; Bioprospect Serves Notice Of Dispute On Solagran; Solagran CFO David Croll On-Board, CEO Branko Jovanovic Off
Jul 28, 2010
Eastland Says Artimist 'Better, Cheaper Than IV Quinine'; Patrys Acquires Antibody PAM-1; Resonance Seeks MRI Liver Fat, Fibrosis Partner; Avita Loss Down 61%, Revenue Up 31% To $4.4m; Fluorotechnics Has One Quarter Cash, Capital Raising; Benitec Has Less Than One Quarter Cash, Convertible Note; Agenix Votes On 1.1b Shares, Directors; Prima Plays Musical Chairs, Ata Gokyildirim Resigns
Jul 27, 2010
Medigard $4.8m Rights Issue For US Manufacture, Sales; Cogstate Profit Up 16% To $1.4m, Revenue Up 12% To $9.4m; NSW Subsidizes Ausbiotech Exhibitors
Jul 26, 2010
Biota Begins Phase II BTA798 Rhinovirus Drug For Asthmatics; QRX US NDA Delayed 3 Months, New Euro Trial, 2012 Launch; OMI EGM Backs Major Changes; Sunshine Heart Has (Just) Less Than 2 Quarters Cash; Resmed Joins S&P ASX100; BPH's Dr Robin Scaife Wins $75k Melanoma Grant
Jul 23, 2010
Sirtex Trials SIR-Spheres For Kidney Cancer; Biotron 'BIT225 Effective Against HIV In Dendritic Cells; Prima Enrols 1st Ovarian Cancer Vaccine Patient; Avexa Takes On Calzada; Backs Apricitabine; Acuvax Confirms Merck Hawaii Acquisition; 'Anesthesiology' Backs BPH's Cortical Dynamics Algorithm; Cathrx Partner Acquires Catheter Reprocessor; Nasdaq Gives Novogen 180 Days To Reach $US1; Prima Reappoints CEO Martin Rogers Director, Dr Neil Frazer
Jul 22, 2010
WEHI, Nexpep Discover Proteins For Coeliac Disease; Merck's $3.5m Hawaii Bid Leaves Acuvax 'An Empty Shell'; GSK Pays Biota Low $900k Relenza Royalty, Record 12 months; Starpharma Protected From Durex Offer; Correction Editorial; Citeline Clinical Trials Database Opens Melbourne Office; Stirling To Acquire Telemedcare For $511k DOCA 
Jul 21, 2010
Editorial: Taxpayer Grants & Disclosure; TGA Approves 'World 1st' Mesoblast Stem Cell Supply; Pharmaxis Report explains Bronchitol Results; Capital Group Reduces 1% In Cochlear; US Springtree Takes 5% Of Neuren; Eastland Appoints Stephen Carter Consultant; Antisense Loses Kate Plumridge
Jul 20, 2010
Athlomics, Mater Pathology Launch Sepsis Test; Allied Medical $6m Investment Boosts Coridon For HSV2; Bio-Melbourne Niche Market Breakfast
Jul 19, 2010
CSIRO, Cogstate Focus On Early Alzheimer's Test; US FDA Clearance For Karmelsonix Wholter Recorder; Thorney, Tiga Quit ITL, Losing $4.2m; BPH Tells ASX: Oil, Gas May Have Pushed Price; Prana EGM On 225m Shares; Acuvax Appoints RM Capital For Placement, Rights Issue 
Jul 16, 2010
Federal Government Gives CSL $30m; Correction: Avexa 
Jul 15, 2010
FDA Approves Starpharma Phase II Vivagel Vaginosis Trial; Alchemia, Dr Reddy's Expand Fondaparinux Deal; Avexa refuses Board Seat For 16% Calzada; JM Financial Ceases Substantial In Halcygen; Avita Appoints Andrew Quick V-P Research, Technology; Stirling Claims Australian Patent For Salbutamol Fat-Buster
Jul 14, 2010
Chemgenex Combines Trials For New FDA NDA; Anteo, Merck Chimie Agree Second Supply Deal; Phylogica Director Anthony Barton Retires; Avexa's Dr Jonathan Coates Back To Work With China Deal; Benitec Says Graham Family Patent Granted In US, India, Japan; 2 of 11 Commercialisation Australia Grants For Biotech; Victorian Bio-Beers Is Back! 
Jul 13, 2010
Avexa: Dr Jonathan Coates CEO, Jet Soedirdja Director, Review; Tissue Therapies Wound Care Trial 'Extraordinary' Results; Living Cell NZ Trial: 'Pig Cells Reduce Insulin Dependence'; Clinuvel Phase III Trial: 'Scenesse Reduces Sunlight Pain'; Antisense Working On Multiple Licencing Deals; Fluorotechnics Revenue Up, Below Expectations; Capital Group Reduces 1% In Cochlear; KFT, PFM Cornerstone Increase In Cathrx  
Jul 12, 2010
British Network 'Adopts' Alchemia Phase III Cancer Trial; India Approves Biodiem's 'Flu Vaccine, Merck Targets R&D Site; Mesoblast Bone Marrow Trial Leads To FDA Phase III Talks; Trident Capital To Recapitalize Safety Medical; Anteo 'Completing Supply Agreement' Trading Halt; Starpharma Appoints Malcolm McColl VP New Business
Jul 9, 2010
Psivida Partner Alimera Applies For European Marketing Approval; Australian Patent For BPH's Cortical Dynamics Brain Monitor; Brezzo Tales 27% Of Biodiem; Australia-France Science Projects
Jul 8, 2010
Bioguide Brief: Avexa Investors Need To Face Facts; Alabama's Surmodics To Manufacture Clinuvel's Scenesse; Pharmaxis Appoints COO Gary Phillips Acting-CEO; Acuvax Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Benitec To Release 20m Escrow Shares; Bioprospect 'Disappointed' With Solagran's 'Dispute'
Jul 7, 2010
Alchemia Tumbles 30% On Competition From Apicore; Avexa Names Joe Baini Chairman, Calzada Wants Board Seat; Atcor $2m Trials Deal, 2nd Michigan Judgment; Helicon EGM On Shares, Options, Loan 
Jul 6, 2010
Avexa EGM 'Pounds' Board, $23m Likely To Stay In Biotech; Advanced Surgical Deal To Market Amputation-Saving Device; Prima Pleads Schultz To ASX 22% Price Fall Query; Impedimed Resolves Xitron, James Matthie Dispute; US Patent For Patrys Anti-Cancer Compound PAT-PM1; Eastland Tells ASX: 'News Might Have Pushed Price 36%'; Fermiscan Nominates Leon Carr ASX Contact
Jul 5, 2010
Healthlinx's Ovplex Ovarian Cancer Test Hits Harley Street; Healthlinx Concern Over Critical Report In 'The Age'; Immuron Shortfall Placement Raises $746k; Stirling Claims Unnamed Institute Backs Immunoxel For HIV
Jul 2, 2010
Imugene Up 63% On Likely Re-Licence Of Animal Health Assets; Viralytics Options Raise $2.4m; Jojo Enterprises Takes 5% Of BPH Corp; Wilson HTM Diluted To 7% Of Cathrx
Jul 1, 2010
BDI-40 Beats ASX200 Over 4 Years, 12 Months To June 30, 2010; Melbourne Pathology Buys Australia's 1st LBT Previ Isola; UBS AG Takes 9% Of Cathrx, Prime Broker, Margin Calls; Prana Presents Mechanism Of PBT2 For Alzheimer's Disease; Agenix Receives $477k From Shanghai
Jun 30, 2010
Phosphagenics Starts Transdermal Oxycodone Dose Trial; CBio Recruitment 'Milestone'; Lupus Potential; FDA: 'CSL Deviates From Good Manufacturing Practice'; David Li, Bank Of East Asia Correct Biodiem Holding; Psivida's Alimera Files Diabetic Macular Oedema Application; IM Medical EGM For 1.7bn Share Issue, Elect Directors; Progen Seals Medigen PI-88 Deal; US Patent For Clinuvel's Scenesse; Genetic Technologies Dealer Ban Reduced To 3 Years; Acuvax Fund Raising, Investee Hawaii Biotech Sells Assets
Jun 29, 2010
Nanosonics Renews Trophon Shipments, US Plans On-Track; Cathrx, Pioneer Medical Euro Supply Deal; Starpharma Details Monash Uni Dendrimer Grant; Genetic Technologies, Quest Extend Non-Coding DNA Licence; Genesis Raises $446k; Calzada Takes 16% Of Avexa; David Li, Bank Of East Asia Take 31% Of Biodiem; Bioprospect Seeks Clarification From Solagran; Correction: Solagran, Bioprospect
Jun 28, 2010
Prana To Raise Up To $26m For PBT2 Alzheimer's Trial; Progen Granted Japanese PI-88 Patent; Cathrx $5.1m Shortfall Placement Takes Total To $11.4m; Acorn Reduces Below Substantial In Pharmaxis; Clinuvel Appoints Stan McLiesh Chair To Push Scenesse; Tyrian Appoints Thailand's Pacific Biotech Test Manufacturer; US AMA Provides Karmelsonix Two Reimbursement Codes; Pharmaust Tells ASX: Drilling May Have Pushed Volume; Solagran, Bioprospect Fall Out Over Bioeffectives
Jun 25, 2010
Avexa Directors Hit Back At Pro-ATC Letter; R&D Tax Credit Alive And Well, Awaiting Senate Sitting; Cellestis Hails US Guidelines On TB Testing; Dr Bruce Gray Ordered To Pay Sirtex $2.6m; US AMA Gives Impedimed Reimbursement Category III Code; Ray Larkin Jnr Replaces Heartware Chairman Rob Thomas; Prima's CEO Martin Rogers Departs Board
Jun 24, 2010
Editorial: Political Changes Ring Uncertainty For Biotech; Biotech Winners In ARC Linkage Projects; Sirtex Asia Pacific Trial Of SIR-Spheres Against Sorafenib; Biodiem Raises $3.5m Of Hoped For $7.5m; CBio Claims 'Misleading Information', Biotech Daily Responds; Xceed Sister Fleming SG Takes 8% Calzada Wedge; Nasdaq Delists Progen For Falling Below $US1; Solagran's Ropren 'Saves Life', Earns $243k In 4 Months
Jun 23, 2010
Pharmaxis Tumbles 47% On Missed Endpoint; Bioguide Brief: Pharmaxis - 'Missed By That Much' Or Did It?; Orbis Increases to 11.5% Of Starpharma; Calzada Takes 14.5% Of Avexa; Link Slips Below Substantial In Prima
Jun 22, 2010
Pharmaxis Phase III Cystic Fibrosis Trial Misses Endpoint - Despite Improved Lung Function; Healthlinx CM1 Biomarker May Detect Prostate Cancer; Taylor Collison Underwrites $2m Living Cell Options; Xceed Sells Calzada Wedge For $865k; Immuron Share Plan Raises $691k; Significant Dissent At CBio Meeting; Genetic Technologies Appoints Lewis Stuart US G-M 
Jun 21, 2010
Bionomics' Anti-Anxiety BNC210 4-Fold Uptake With Food; Healthlinx Begins South Korean Ovplex Trial; Pharmaxis Phase III Cystic fibrosis Trading Halt; JM Financial Reduces, Diluted 1.9% In Genera; Simon McKeon Appointed CSIRO Chairman; Bio-Melbourne Breakfast Goes Green; Bioprospect Raises $422k, Hoped For $3.3m
Jun 18, 2010
Patrys Adds Two More Cancer Compounds To Pipeline; Pharmaxis CEO Dr Alan Robertson Investigates Hospital Care; All Change AT Novogen, Marshall Edwards; CM Capital Reduces 2.8% In Cathrx; Aids Activists Call On Avexa To Revive Apricitabine; Correction: Fermiscan; Biotech Wins 6 Of 16 Fresh Science Gongs; US Hepatitis C Patent For Benitec; Dr Richard Opara, Reduces, Diluted 17% In Acuvax;  Neurodiscovery EGM To Sell Neurosolutions; Orbis Increases To 9% Of Starpharma
Jun 17, 2010
Tissue Therapies 'Exceptional' Vitrogro Wound Care Results; Benitec HIV Stem Cell Trial Safe, Feasible, 2nd Trial Begins; Bio SA $240k Grant For Calzada's Novoskin Collaboration; Fermiscan Deed Of Company Arrangement 'Terminated'; Orbis Takes 14% Of Chemgenex; Celtic Capital, Jason Peterson Take 10% Of Helicon; Queensland's Peter Beattie Joins Medical Research Fund
Jun 16, 2010
Benitec's ddRNAi Benefit For Lung Cancer; Giaconda Sells Assets To Redhill For $578k, AMTI Dropped; Helicon Placement Raises $162,516, Rights Issue For $1.875m; Passport Discloses Avexa Holdings; Tyrian, Bayer Sign Wheat Test Supply Agreement
Jun 15, 2010
Healthlinx Ovarian Cancer Trial, Healthscope Distributor; Conditional Approval For Heartware Destination Trial; Sunshine Heart's 1st Minimally Invasive C-Pulse Implant; Resonance's Ferriscan Available On UK 'Choose And Book'; Neurodiscovery To Sell UK Revenue Positive Business; Platypus Ceases Substantial In Sirtex, Just; Fluorotechnics Downgrades Revenue Estimate; Genesis Placement To Raise $446k; Benitec Appoints CSO Dr Peter French CEO; Karmelsonix Expects $325k June Quarter Sales 
Jun 11, 2010
Federal Court Finds For Sirtex, Against Dr Bruce Gray; Calzada's Polynovo, Biomet End Licence; Eastland Prepares Phase III Malaria Trial, Berlin Pharma Bust; Immuron, Nycomed Expand Indications, Target Markets
Jun 10, 2010
Avita's 1st US Patient Shows Recell Superiority; Hunter Hall Takes 44% Of Fluorotechnics; Living Cell, NZ Government Pig Tissue Project; Cogstate Creates Axon For Sports Concussion; IM Medical Settle Mark Scott Equipment Deal
Jun 9, 2010
Resonance Appoints Turkey Ferriscan Distributor; Calzada Takes 13% Of Avexa; Anteo Tells ASX : Options Chat Site Pushed Price 36%; Director Richard taylor Diluted To 5% Of Fluorotechnics; UBS AG Diluted To 8% Of Acuvax
Jun 8, 2010
Maurice Blackburn Starts Australian Gene Patents Test Case; Sirtex Asian Trial Shows Extended Benefit; Signostics Hand-Held Ultrasound Wins Design Awards; Model Backs Genetic Technologies' Brevagen Test; Dr Julia Archbold Wins $16k Victoria Premier's Prize; Genesis Loses Director Jim McLean 
Jun 7, 2010
Bionomics' BNC105 Cancer Drug 'Safe Below Maximum Dose'; Chemgenex Omapro 'Safe, Favorable Toxicity Profile'; Avita Takes La Jolla Cove $US6m Convertible Note; Opal, Massachusetts General HIV Collaboration; Ben Dillon Replaces Mark Fordree At Fermiscan; Innovation Series Material Science Lunch
Jun 4, 2010
Advanced Surgical' s 1st Patient Leg Saved, Leaves Hospital; Agenix Files Accounts Ahead Of AGM, ASX Relisting; Cochlear Settles Undisclosed US Legal Matter For $1.1m; Federal International Linkages $440k For 69 Projects; IM Medical 'Significant Negotiations' Halt; All Bioprospect Votes Passed By Same Margin 
Jun 3, 2010
WEHI Identifies Blood-Thinning For Malaria; Cathrx Places Rights Shortfall, Raises Full $11.2m; Sunshine Heart Lays Ground For $47m Pivotal Trial; Prima Wins CVac Euro Orphan Drug Status; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Value Perception; Cochlear Nucleus 5 Wins Red Dot Design Gong 
Jun 2, 2010
Novogen Drops 57% On Non-Significant Phase III Ovarian Cancer Trial; Bioguide Brief: Novogen Joins The Failed Phase III Club; Australian Stem Cell Centre Funds Run Out June 2011; Evado's ASEAN Clinical Trials Joint Venture 
Jun 1, 2010
May BDI-40 Down 3.6%, ASX200 Down 7.8%, Heartware Up 26%, Avexa Loses 76%; Cytentia Establishes Stem Cell Bank; Healthlinx Places $750k Through Stonebridge; Benitec Appoints Iain Ross Director; Ausbiotech Manages Federal Government Biofuels Project 
May 31, 2010
Avita Delivers 3rd Strike To Helicon; Federal $21m For Stem Cell Research; Fluorotechnics Rights Raise $1.6m; Novogen Phase III Trial Results Trading Halt; Small Dissent At Phosphagenics AGM; Benitec Votes On Share Issues
May 28, 2010
Patrys Meets CSL Milestone, Payment; Acuvax Rights Raise $186k; Australian Ethical Ceases Substantial In QRX, Just; CBA Slips Below Substantial In Cochlear; Frank Fenner Gong For WEHI's Dr Marc Pellegrini For HIV, TB; Ausbiotech Sydney Meditech Conference
May 27, 2010
Fraunhofer To Produce Prima's European Phase III CVac; Progen's Pharmasynth Shanghai Manufacturing Contract; Select Vaccines AGM Backs Directors; Genera Releases 7.3m Escrow Shares
May 26, 2010
Avexa EGM To Roll Chairman Nathan Drona, Elect Directors; FDA Petition To Support Chemgenex's Omapro For CML; US Judge Orders Regional Coverage For Atcor's Sphygmacor; Immuron Cow Colostrum Product Neutralizes HIV In Vitro; Nusep Rights Issue Raises $4.5m; Sunshine Heart Investor Briefing Tour 
May 25, 2010
Xenome's Appoints Peplin's Michael Aldridge Executive Director; Team-Vic's Tissue Engineering Seminar Blitz; Stirling Adds Kidney Health To HIV, TB, 'Flu OTC Product List; China Approves Cyclopharm Technegas Plus Generator; Bioprospect Develops Natural Therapies, Emu Oil
May 24, 2010
Patrys Readies For Phase I PAT-SM6 Melanoma Trial; Calzada Takes 12% Of Avexa, $23m Fight Looms; Genera R&D Deal With Unnamed 'Top 10' Test Company; Novogen's Phenoxodiol Shows Promise For Prostate Cancer; Merck Serono Extends Bionomics MS Deal; Dr Mervyn Jacobson 2011 Trial, Tamara Newing CDPP Talks; Sunshine Heart Implants 8th Aorta Cuff Patient Giaconda Tells ASX: Sale Will Fund Activities
May 21, 2010
Immuron, Nycomed Collaborate To Prevent Colds, Influenza; Orbis Quits Avexa, Losing $6m; Stirling Requests Partner, Sponsor Halt
May 20, 2010
Queensland Gov, Eli Lilly Create $250m Biotech Fund; Advanced Surgical Advances European Distribution; Uri Ratner Replaces Avexa Director Joe Baini, Vote Pending; Aviva Ceases Substantial In Mesoblast; Orbis Increases To 17% Of Impedimed; JM Financial Ceases In Clinuvel
May 19, 2010
US FDA Allows Mesoblast Phase II Cervical Spine Fusion Trial; Progen Granted 'Key' PI-88 European Patent; Pacific Edge Licences Cellmid's Midkine For Cancer Test; Final Call For Prime Minister's Science Prize Nominations
May 18, 2010
Agenix Unlikely To See 1c Of Neil Leggett's Stolen $4m; Sunshine Heart Implants 7th Cardiac Patient; Phylogica Lists on Frankfurt Exchange; Clinuvel's Afamelanotide (Formerly CUV1647) Becomes Scenesse 
May 17, 2010
Pharmaxis Phase III: Bronchitol Improves CF Lung Function 8%; Clinuvel Italian Special Approval, Revenue; Correction: Linkages, NMHRC Funding; CBio, Springtree $12.45 Note, Share Plan; Pharmaust Options Raise $216k; Giaconda, AMTI Deal Delayed, Again
May 14, 2010
CBio Doses 1st Euro Patient In Phase IIa XToll Arthritis Trial; Sun Share Plan Raises $856k To Revive Occupational & Medical
May 13, 2010
Editorial Correction: Plenty Left To Cut; Marc Sinatra's Bioguide: Angioblast gets The Blood Pumping; R&D Tax Credit Bill Goes To Parliament; Rudd Budget 2010 Axes Science Linkages; Viralytics Meets US FDA For Phase II Cavatak Melanoma Trial; Andrew Doyle Takes 7% Of Nusep; Circadian Appoints Susan Madden Company Secretary; World Heart Appoints Ventracor's Dr John Woodard V-P; OBJ Field-In-Motion Powered By Kinetic Energy
May 12, 2010
Mesoblast Buys Angioblast, Anoints Prof Silviu Itescu, Raises $37m; Bioguide Brief: Mesoblast Merger 'Victory For All'; Editorial; Federal Budget A Biotech Win - Nothing Left to Cut; Impedimed Rights Raise $7.5m, Hoped For $10m; BPH's Cortical Dynamics Brain Monitor Passes Parts Trial; Bioprospect Plan To Raise $3.3m At 1.8c A Share 
May 11, 2010
Narhex Restructure For HIV Development; Acrux Wins Luramist Back From Vivus; Genera, Healthscope Develop Respiratory Diagnostics; Capital Group Reduces 1% In Cochlear; Mayo Clinic Backs Atcor Sphygmacor; Bone Appoints NY's Viriathus 
May 10, 2010
Avexa Drops ATC, CEO Dr Julian Chick, Board Spill Call; Bioguide Brief: Avexa's Apricitabine - A Busted Flush; Sirtex 9-Month Revenue Down, Profit Up; Relevare (CNSBio) $25m IPO For Neuropathic Cancer Pain Drug; USPTO Upholds Genetic Technologies' Non-Coding DNA Claims; Federal $2.4m For Biotech, Bio-Fuels, Crops, Food Additives; JM Takes 11% Of Genera; QRX Closer to Controlled Release Dual Opioid 
May 7, 2010
QRX Tells ASX: 'Trial Completion Reduces Cash Burn'; Select Vaccines Partner Hibernation, AGM; Biodiem Loses Director Dr John Brown, Gains Julie Phillips, Arthur Li; WEHI's Prof Suzanne Cory Voted Science Academy President; Starpharma's Dr Jackie Fairley Joins Melbourne Business School; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Bio-Similars 
May 6, 2010
FDA Delays Cost Chemgenex Omapro 12 Months; Neuren Begins Phase II NZ2566US 260-Patient Brain Injury Trial; Victoria: Platypus Peptides As Antimicrobials; Fluorotechnics Sells System To Yale; Bionomics BNC210 Anti-Anxiety Drug Effect With Food; Nycomed Distributes Immuron's Travelan; Sun Biomedical To Save Occupational & Medical; Avexa ATC Trading Halt 
May 5, 2010
Victoria Invests $650k In Bace Alzheimer's Treatment; Victoria's $540k For Ellex 2RT Trial; QRX Says Data Backs Moxduo Despite Increased Vomiting; PBS Lists Medical Developments'  Penthrox; Genetic Technologies' Non-Coding DNA Licence For Eragen; Victoria Bioelectronics Lab For Bionic Eye; Sunshine Heart Implants 6th Patient; Mesoblast Suspension  
May 4, 2010
Studies Back Ellex 2RT Retina Regeneration Therapy; SBC Buys Fermiscan IP For $250k; Immuron Begins Preclinical 'Flu Trials; Kinetic Takes 6% Of Nanosonics; Biomd 3rd Party Feasibility Study; Antisense ATL1101, ATL1103 Phase I Trials; Queensland $1m For Alchemia Opioid Side Effects; Acuvax Rights Issue For $3.3m; Heartware Q1 Revenue Up 613% To $12m; Exceed EGM Vote Split
May 3, 2010
April No Waste Land - BDI-40 Down 2.4%, Cathrx Up 73%, Biota Loses 35%; GSK 2009 Sales Up 30% To $1.9bn, Helped By Biota's Relenza; Federal, Queensland Governments Contract DSM Biologics; BPH's Cortical Dynamics Presents Anaesthesia Data;Genetic Technologies 
Non-Coding DNA Licence To Gen-Probe; Genesis Halts NZ Operations; Mesoblast Merger Acquisition Trading Halt; Giaconda Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Andrew Goodall Takes 16% Of Nusep; Aust Stem Cell Centre Teaches Techniques 
Apr 30, 2010
Taiwan's Medigen Finally Claims Progen's PI-88; Resmed record Quarter Revenue, Profit; Mesoblast Stem Cells Beat Bone Graft In Phase I Lumbar Trial; Prima: 'Dendreon Cancer Vaccine Good News For CVac'; Acrux Has $50m More Tha One Quarter's Cash; Fluorotechnics Less Than One Quarter Cash, Rights Issue; Norwood abbey Less than Two Quarters Cash; Charity's $43k For Impedimed Research; Biotron Appoints Prof Denis Wade Director; IM Medical Equity Securities Vote Split; Bioprospect Raises $156k; Stirling Has One Quarter Cash
Apr 29, 2010
Biota Dives 24% On GSK's $10m March Quarter Relenza Royalty; Impedimed Hopes For March 2011 Income; Phosphagenics Appoints Dr Esra Ogru Joint CEO; Prana: PBT2 Alzheimer's Mechanism Of Action; Healthlinx July Singapore Ovplex Launch; Stirling Adds Inhaler Device To OTC AIDS, TB, 'Flu Cure-All
Apr 28, 2010
Eastland's Sublingual Artimist Equals IV Quinine For Malaria; Seven Biotechs Share Last Federal Comet Grants; Biomd Cancels Pelvic Floor Patch Trial; Prima Appoints Albert Yue-Ling Wong Director; Solagran Chairman Dr Vagif Soultanov Exercises 50c Options For 15.5c Shares 
Apr 27, 2010
Heartware Recalls 'Quiet' Cardiac Pump Controllers; IM Medical, Inventor take 5 Years To End Job Litigation; US Patent For Uscom Algorithm; Heartware Presents 'Positive' 100-Patient Data; FDA Accepts Resubmitted Pharmaxis Aridol NDA; US Foundation's $540k For Living Cell Trial; Eastland Requests Artimist Trading Halt; Novogen Appoints Dr Daniel Gold US CEO; Probiotec Appoints Directors, Closes Celebrity Slim Deal
Apr 23, 2010
Select Vaccines' Martin Soust 10-Year Ban, $80k Fine; CSL Seasonal 'Flu Vaccine Paediatric Adverse Events; Giaconda Deal For Helicobacter Treatment; CSL Pleads Schultz, No Comment To ASX 8% Price Fall Query; BAM Capital Ceases Substantial In Prana; Orbis Reduces 1% In Pharmaxis; Wilson HTM Increases 1% In Cathrx 
Apr 22, 2010
Ausbiotech: 'Don't Delay R&D Tax Credit'; AFG's Karen Dado: 'Partnerships Are Horses For Courses'; Hunter Says HI-164OV Reduces Hospital Visits 90%; Xenome Convertible Note Raises $10m, Dr William Rote Resigns; Phylogica Appoints Oxford Biomedica's Nick Woolf Director
Apr 21, 2010
Alchemia's Hyact Kills Breast, Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells; Bioguide Brief: Biota Loses Another Collaborator; Cathrx Rights Issue Raises $6.3m; Cellmid, Kumamoto Uni Midkine Research Agreement; Melbourne Uni Wins $160k Immuron Collaboration Grant; Phosphagenics Launches Elixia Cosmetics Range; Atcor Supply, Service Contract Extended $284k; Fluorotechnics Sells Systems To Max Planck; Eastland Legal Battle With Berlin Pharma; Solagran's 19 Ropren Courses Earn $23k In March   
Apr 20, 2010
YM Claims Pivotal Pre-Clinical Efficacy For (Cytopia's) CYT387; Biota Shelves Hepatitis C Drug - 4 Sale At Reasonable Price; Prana Plans 'Definitive' Phase IIb Alzheimer's Trial This Year; Progen's Pharmasynth Wins Hunter Contract; Ausbiotech CEO Dr Anna Lavelle Wins Israel Study Trip; US Patent For Karmelsonix Subsidiary
Apr 19, 2010
Doron Ben-Meir Appointed Commercialisation Australia's CEO; Federal Government Innovation Reports Set Bench-Marks; Prana 2nd Cut Data Shows Significant Early Alzheimer's Benefit; Biomerieux Pays LBT $3.4m Milestone; Immuron Completes Biogard Phase II HIV Adjunct Trial Dosing; Giaconda Withdraws Euro-Patent Application; Genera Paptype HPV Test Ready For CE Mark; Immuron Share Plan To Raise $1.6m; Cathrx Loses Director Dr Carrie Hillyard
Apr 16, 2010
Commercialisation Australia's $4.6m For Biotech; Bionomics Discovers BNC105 Biomarker, Posts New Animal Data; Neopec Appoints Dr Peter Mountford CEO For Breast Renewal; Progen Appoints Own Directors To Subsidiary; BPH Requests Non-Core Trading Halt; Safety Medical In Voluntary Administration; Bio-Melbourne, Minter Ellison Workshop Fair Work Act 2009 
Apr 15, 2010
Circadian: VGX-100 Inhibits Several Mouse-Model Tumors; FDA Accepts Acrux Axiron Application; GTG's Dr Mervyn Jacobson Trial Adjourned; Phosphagenics Loses Founder Chairman Prof Andrew Vizard; Wilson HTM Increases 1.5% In Impedimed; Boston's RA Capital Takes 5% Of Psivida; Nusep EGM Motions Passed Easily; Queensland Trials Network Runs Ethics Training
Apr 14, 2010
Victoria's Cartwheel Matches Rare Tumor Patients To Trials; Cochlear's Chris Roberts: Design Your Future; QRX Phase III Bunionectomy Trial 'Significant Pain Relief'; Pharmaxis 2nd Cystic Fibrosis Phase III Trial Completed; Nanosonics Scale-Up 'Back On Track'; Genetic Technologies Buys Breast Cancer Test, Non-Coding DNA; Circadian Loses CFO Natalie Korchev
Apr 13, 2010
Halcygen Completes US Phase II Anti-Fungal Trial Recruitment; Phosphagenics Appoints Southern Cross With 15m Options; Living Cell Paper Wins Journal Of Neural Engineering Gong; Heartware AGM Votes On Directors' Stock, Pay, Elections; Macquarie Group Ceases In Impedimed; Correction: Cathrx
Apr 12, 2010
FDA Critical Of Chemgenex, ODAC Less So; Bioguide Brief: Chemgenex - No News Is Not Good News; Journal Article Backs Cellmid's Midkine For Cardiac Arrest; Benitec Opens ddRNAi HIV Trial Recruitment; Nominations Open For 2010 PM's Science Prizes; WEHI: Breast Stem Cell Hormone Sensitivity & Cancer; Ellex Sub-Licence Beats US Patent Problem; Benitec's $6.4m La Jolla Cove Convertible Note; Goodbye Incitive; JM Increases 1.5% In Genera; Wilson HTM Reduces 1% In Cathrx
Apr 9, 2010
Advanced Surgical Begins 40-Patient Perfusion Trial; Cathrx EGM For Directors' 7m Rights; Impedimed Placement Raises $10m; LBT Wins US Design Gong; Stirling Appoints Co Sec, Canada Executives
Apr 8, 2010
Orphan PI-88 Comes Home To Progen; Biomd's Paediatric Cardiac MRI Data Calcification-Free; FDA Approves Heartware Bridge-To-Transplant Extension; Select's Martin Soust Awaits Penalty; Psivida: Durasert Delivers Neuroprotectant Steroid In Rats; Biotron 'Piggy-Back' Options Raise $642k; Chinese Pay Agenix Drop-By-Drop; Karmelsonix Wholter CE Mark; Medical Developments Appoints John Sharman CEO 
Apr 7, 2010
Bioguide Brief: Biologics, Biosimilars & Data Exclusivity 101; Peter Molloy: Biosimilar Protection Great For Inventors; Spruson & Ferguson: US Law Not Monopoly Like Patents; Griffith Hack: Protected Biologics Still Need Patents; Impedimed Applies To FDA For Lower limb Lymphoedema Test; Living Cell Pig Cells 'Safe At 34 Months', Proof-Of-Principle; Biomd Options Raise $1.3m, 55% Underwritten Shortfall; Biosignal Consolidates Shares
Apr 6, 2010
US Biosimilars Law 'Good For Biotech' - Mesoblast, Prima; Slow Sales Force Fluorotechnics Fundraising; Canada Approves Uscom Sales; Aust Ethical Quits Genera, Buys Impedimed; IDT Pleads Schultz, H1 Loss To ASX 21% Price Fall Query; Resonance Completes Fibroscan Trial Recruitment; Incitive EGM To Divest Biotech Assets
Apr 1, 2010
Mar 31, 2010
India, Thai Trials Show Biodiem 'Flu Vaccine Safe; YM Biosciences: Good Data Expands (Cytopia) CYT387 Trial; Hunter To Raise $10m, Appoints Jeremy Curnick Cook Director; Taiwan Approves Avita's Recell Wound Treatment; Phosphagenics, Novartis Transdermal Insulin For Fat Pets
Mar 30, 2010
Glaxosmithkline's Deborah Waterhouse: No Ordinary Boss; FDA Approves Clinuvel Orphan Status Phase II EPP Trial; US Gene Patent Ruling 'No Impact' On Genetic Technologies; Living Cell Approved To Increase Diabecell Dose; QRX Begins Pharmacokinetic Controlled Release Study; Atcor Signs $1m Pharmaceutical Company Contract 
Mar 29, 2010
Immuron Begins Jerusalem Phase II Metabolic Syndrome Trial; China Refuses Helicon, Medwrap Wound Dressing; Progen, Benitec Play Musical CEOs, Directors Chairs; Citrofresh HIV Claims Earn Director Ravi Narain $20k Fine, Ban
Mar 26, 2010
Biomd's Adapt Cow-Patch Superior In Rat Hernia Trial; Bionomics Begins BNC105 Phase II Mesothelioma Trial; CSIRO Connects Amyloid Beta, Alzheimer's Memory Loss; Cathrx, LBT Roadshows; Starpharma EGM Backs CEO Dr Jackie Fairley Shares; Circadian Companies Reduce 1.7% In Antisense; Prima EGM To Approve Stock; Cochlear Pleads Schultz To ASX 11% Query
Mar 25, 2010
WEHI Simplifies Compound Screening; Vistech's 7th Funding Round Opens; Hatchtech's Deovo Kills Head Lice Eggs; Fortrend $5m Drawdown For Agenix; Biodiem 11-For-6 Rights Issue To Raise $7.5m; Viralytics Placement To Raise $1.5m, Put Option For $1.1m; Pharmaust's Epichem Partenrs With NZ's IRL On Services; Orbis Buys 8.5m Cheap Chemgenex Shares; CBio Directors Take Distribution Shares 
Mar 24, 2010
Bioguide Brief: Obamacare Good For Our Industry; Teva Dumps Antisense's ATL 1102 For MS - 'Just Business'; Nusep Applies For Spermsep Cartridge Australian Patent; WEHI Identifies Structure Of Insulin's Docking Point; Pharmaust To Raise $256k, Drill For Oil Off Tunisia, Sicily; Immuron Loses Arie Nudel 
Mar 23, 2010
FDA Chides Chemgenex On Data, Requires Diagnostic; Bioguide Brief: Chemgenex Dark Cloud, Silver Lining; Mesoblast, Angioblast Decision Nears, CEO Role, Pipeline; Phylogica Looking For Early Stage Deals; Phosphagenics, Quigley $4m OTC JV; Medimmune Licences Four Xenome Peptides; Avexa Releases Detailed ATC Phase III Results; Acuvax $100k Working Capital Placement
Mar 22, 2010
Biotech Benefits From Oneventures'$40m Innovation Fund; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Unused CSL 'Flu Vaccine 
Mar 19, 2010
Alchemia, Emisphere Collaborate On Oral Fondaparinux; Neuren's Perseis Wins $194k Grant For Trefoil Factors; Avexa Repays CSIRO Hepatitis C Loan; Resonance Test For Cardiac Iron Levels; Biosignal Backs Move To Movies With Antimicrobial IP; Viralytics Out Of the Grey and Into The Pink Sheets; Platypus Takes 5% Of Sirtex; Giaconda Sells Myoconda For $928k 
Mar 18, 2010
22 Months For GTG's Geoff Newing For Market Manipulation; Cathrx Rights Issue To Raise Up To $11m; Biotron Appoints Aclires For Hepatitis C Drug Trials; Neurodiscovery Quits Drug Discovery; Fluorotechnics $105k+ Sale To Saudi Arabia; CSIRO's Dr Yogi Kanagasingham Wins E-Health Fulbright
Mar 17, 2010
Nusep $5m Rights Issue For Acquisition, Commercialization; Phosphagenics Explains Share Price Volumes To ASX; Living Cell Pleads Schultz To ASX 70% Price Query; Cochlear Appoints Rick Holliday-Smith Chairman; Wilson Reduces 1% In Impedimed; Fermiscan Deed Of Arrangement Executed; OBJ Tells ASX Details Of GSK Deal 'Not Material'
Mar 16, 2010
Eli Lilly's $773m+ For Acrux's Axiron Testosterone Treatment; Bioguide Brief: Here's To Acrux, Its Investors & Aussie Biotech; Cathrx Moots Capital Raising; Fluorotechnics First Swiss Sale 
Mar 15, 2010
Pharmaxis Pays Topigen $7.6m Milestone In Shares; Healthlinx Distributor Appoints Advisory Board; Genesis Raises $149k; Biotech Growth In Brisbane Park; Solagran Takes 10% Of Bioprospect 
Mar 12, 2010
Starpharma's Vivagel Safety 'Comparable' To Placebo; Intersuisse Starts New $200m Asia-Pacific Fund; Biomd Passes Bio-Compatability Tests; Benitec's Graham Patent Granted In Japan; Incitive EGM To Become Hawker Oil & Gas; Solagran Claims $39k Russian Sales In 10 Days
Mar 11, 2010
Virax Jumps 35% On Novartis $1bn Transgene Deal; Pharmaxis Completes Asthma Drug Dose Profile; CBio's 75th Patient Triggers $1.1m Novo Nordisk Payment; Michael Quinn Reduces, Dilutes 6% In QRX; Acorn Reduces 1% In Pharmaxis
Mar 10, 2010
Russia Approves Living Cell Encapsulation Device; Capital Group Buys 4m More CSL Shares; Impedimed Appoints Dr Walton Taylor Medical Director; YM Bio (Cytopia) Raises $US17.5m 
Mar 9, 2010
Giaconda, AMTI Change Asset, Share Deals; JM Reduces 1% In Halcygen; GBS Reduces 2.7% In Cogstate; Tissue Therapies' Director, Executive Option Plan
Mar 8, 2010
AMA Reimbursement Code For Impedimed Test; Chinese Patent For Alchemia's Fondaparinux; Euro Sperm Separation Patent For Nusep 
Mar 5, 2010
Editorial: Changes To S&P Indices - For What It's Worth; Prima Wins Euro SME Status, Applies For Orphan Status; Cathrx Adds Reusables To Products, Moves To Partnerships; Japanese Patent For Xenome's Venom Pain Drug 
Mar 4, 2010
Psivida's Iluvien Efficacy For DME, With Some Safety Issues; Biomd Paediatric Heart Patch Trial 'Confirms Potential'; Eastland Completes Paediatric Malaria Dosing; Biota Completes Maxthera Acquisition; Anteo's Mix&Go Starts With A Bangs
Mar 3, 2010
Cellmid Jumps 39% On Hungarian Cardiac Collaboration; NHMRC $842k Grant To Uni of WA For Neuren's Motiva; US Use-Of-Product Patent For Mesoblast; Phylogica Euro Patent Protects All Phylomer Libraries; Sienna Snares Ross Dobinson; Victoria Gong For Nobel's Prof Elizabeth Blackburn; Stirling Buys $20m Factory For $4m
Mar 2, 2010
Bionomics High Dose BNC210 'Safe, Tolerable'; 'Cytopia Worth 7-Times What We Paid' - YM's David Allan; Eastland Reports Irregularities To ASIC, ASX; Chemgenex Meets FDA's ODAC Mar 22; Halcygen Shows Anti-Fungal Bio-equivalence; Giaconda Irritable Bowel Collaboration
Mar 1, 2010
February BDI-40 Falls, Leads S&P ASX200, Heartware Up 34%, Cathrx Down 47%; Tibotec Drops Avexa HIV Integrase Option; Federal Government Calls For Innovation Fund Applications; Sirtex, Oxford Trial Sir Spheres For Bowel Cancer; CBio Central Eastern European Ethics Approval; Calzada Investigates Chin Fat Drug Piracy Claims; Morgan Stanley Ceases In Prana; Safety Medical Suspended On Accounts; Virax Appoints Tim Cooper Director; Solagran Says H1 'Owed' Sales Takes Revenue Up 242% To $1m
Feb 26, 2010
WEHI's $1.75m Winners: Dr Scott, Dr Blewett Focus On Cancer; Component Halts Nanosonics Trophon Delivery; Biodiem Expands Pipeline With New Indications; NHMRC Grants Mental Health Research Institute $14m For Alzheimers; Biomd To Raise $1.3m In Underwritten Options Issue; Avita H1 Revenue Up 22% To $2m, Loss Down 55%; Neurodiscovery 'Services' H1 Profit; Blackrock Takes 5% Of CSL; Bio-Melbourne Workshops 'Tips And Traps' Of Licencing
Feb 25, 2010
Chemgenex $4m Maiden H1 Profit On Hospira Milestone; Compumedics H1 Profit Down 87% To $331k; Cyclopharm 'Record' Profit Up 20% To $2m; Ellex H1 Profit Up 105% To $1.2m; Medical Developments H1 Profit Down 26% To $331k; Healthlinx Completes $1.1m Raising; Virax Pleads Schultz To ASX 37% Price Rise Query; Solagran, Bioprospect Proceed With Animal 'Bioeffectives'
Feb 24, 2010
Healthlinx Up 138% On Ovplex London Launch; Universal Biosensors Maiden $1.4m Profit, Revenue Up 563%; Sirtex H1 Profit Down 17% To $9m, Revenue Up 6%; Australian Patent For Patrys' PAT-CM1 Cancer Drug; Ukrainian Ethics Approval For Stirling's 'Flu Trial
Feb 23, 2010
China's Aoxing Pharma Deal For QRX's Moxduo IV Opioid; Heartware Completes Enrolment, Revenue Up, Loss Down; Prima Places 2.5m Shortfall Shares; Cogstate H1 Profit Down 59% To $527k, Revenue Up 31%
Feb 22, 2010
Federal Government's$38m For Nanotech, Biotech; Advanced Surgical H1 Profit $51k; Resonance H1 Revenue Fall Turns Profit To Loss; Starpharma EGM On 2.2m CEO Shares For Dr Jackie Fairley; Orbis Takes 10% Of Chemgenex; Sydney Nanotechnology Conference 
Feb 19, 2010
CSIRO's 12% Of Polynovo Gives Calzada 100%; Agenix Seeks Funds From Gaoled Ex-CEO Neil Leggett; Fermiscan Shell 4 Sale; Cathrx Jeffrey Goodman Starts On $250k, 1m Options; Peter Vassileff Reduces 4.5% In Pharmaust
Feb 18, 2010
MHRI Connects Zinc Transporter, Alzheimer's, Prana's PBT2; Jeffrey Goodman Replaces Cathrx CEO Neil Anderson; Nusep Acquires US Bioinquire, Profit Forecast Doubled; Agenix's Neil Leggett Gaoled For 9 Years; Incitive Mines Ukrainian Oil, Gas - Biotech Assets in 80% Spin-Off; Probiotec H1 Profit Up 46% To $6.2m; Bone Appoints US COO; GSK Trials OBJ Patch
Feb 17, 2010
Biota H1 Record Profit Up 364% To $34m; CSL H1 Profit Up 23% To $617m; Atcor Sphygmocor Shows Drug Efficacy In Pre-Eclampsia; LBT H1 Revenue Down 90%; Healthlinx Collects Ovarian Cancer Test Samples
Feb 16, 2010
Bioguide Brief: Quattuordecim Dies Horribilis - Avexa, Chemgenex, CBio; Brain Resource Blames Foreign Exchange For Profit Fall; Genetic Technologies Sues Monsanto, 8 Others On Patents; Federal Court: Select's Dr Martin Soust Manipulated Market; Nusep H1 Revenue Up, Loss Down, Maiden 'Operational Profit'; Five Organizations Collaborate On Research 'Bio-Bank'
Feb 15, 2010
Avexa's ATC For HIV Resistance-Free, Efficacious At 144 Weeks; High Court Ends UWA v Dr Bruce Gray (Sirtex) Case; Cellestis H1 Revenue, Profit, Dividend Up; Psivida H1 Revenue Up, Cash Burn Down; CBio Opens Down 50%; Tissue Therapies Chairman Gives 2m Shares To Key Staff; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts In Prof Michael Cowley, Obesity, Diabetes
Feb 12, 2010
Swedish 10-Year Study Supports Impedimed Care Model; Nanosonics H1 Revenue Up, Loss Down, Appoints Richard England; New Zealand Grants $3m For Living Cell Trial; Bio-Asia Ceased In Neuren In 2008  
Feb 11, 2010
Sirtex, Bayer Schering Collaborate On Liver Cancer; UK Ethics Approval For Healthlinx Ovarian Cancer Study; Correction: Clinuvel; Neuren Partners With Cato, Appoints US Chief Medical Officer; CBio Admitted To ASX; Biosignal Back In Lists, For Now; Polartechnics Goes to The Wall, Shareholders Lose The Lot; Karmelsonix Appointments
Feb 10, 2010
QRX Begins 2nd Phase III Pain Trial; Commercialisation Australia Board Biotech-Experienced; Biosignal Votes On IP Sale, Name, Direction Change; Clinuvel Shelves Two of Five Afamelanotide Indications; Healthlinx names AGR2 As Ovarian Cancer Test Protein; Narhex - Administrators Appointed
Feb 9, 2010
Commercialisation Australia: Lack Of Detail, But Apply Now; Chemgenex Dismisses FDA Data Interpretation; Bioguide Brief: Chemgenex, The FDA & Tough Questions; Cochlear Record H1 Profit Up 8% On Revenue Down 2%; Pharmaxis PXS25 Passes Phase I, Completes Topigen Purchase; Computershare UK Resolves Stem Cell Payments; Living Cell Takes 10% Of US Wound Healing Company; Uscom Revenue Up, Loss Down; Ellex Expects Increased Earnings 
Feb 8, 2010
CBio IPO Raises $7m, Opens East Euro Arthritis Sites; OBJ Says Unnamed Company Continues Collaboration; Asia Union Ceases Substantial In Anteo; Andrew Goodall Takes 15% Of Nusep
Feb 5, 2010
Bioguide Brief: Tough Road Ahead For Avexa's ATC; Resmed Record Q2, H1 Revenue, Profit; Biota's Record $33m Relenza Royalty; Taiwan Approves Cellestis Quantiferon-TB Gold in-Tube; Benitec Benefits 130% From Pfizer Option On Tacere; Circadian Companies Reduce 5% In Antisense; Medical Developments Loses CEO Chris Rossidis; Solagran Tells ASX: Expect $17m Sales By Year End
Feb 4, 2010

Avexa's Phase III HIV Trial: Non-Significant ATC Benefit; WEHI Leads Research On Malaria Parasite Protein Target; GTG'S Dr Mervyn Jacobson, Tamara Newing Committed To Trial; Genesis Plan To Raise $485k; Kinetic Ceases Substantial In Nanosonics

Feb 3, 2010
Antisense Up 300% On Journal Publication, Patent; Heartware Completes $71m Raising; Phosphagenics Elixia Cosmetics 'Scientifically Proven'; Solagran Requests 'Russian Drug Licence' Trading Halt 
Feb 2, 2010
Bionomics Anti-Anxiety Drug Enhances Nerve Cell Growth; Euro Patent For LBT; US Study Backs Atcor Measure For LV Hypertrophy
Feb 1, 2010
January BDI-40: ASX Fall Stretches Biotech Lead - Viralytics Up 100%, Patrys 61%, Mesoblast 50%; Phosphagenics Transdermal Oxycodone Patch 'Success'; Australian Ethical Ceases Substantial In Genera; Genetic Technologies Committal Hearing Begins; Biota: Daiichi Sankyo Applies For Japan LANI Registration; Starpharma, Eli Lilly Human Drug Development Deal; Commercialisation Australia For Bio-Breakfast; Cytopia All But Gone To YM Biosciences; Hunter Hall Takes 35% Of Fluorotechnics
Jan 29, 2010
Computershare Replaces Stem Cell Cheques; Compumedics Sells $929k Grael To Heidelberg; Xceed Raises $1m; USPTO Allows Benitec Graham '099-Related Patent; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C, H1, Final Report Policy; Giaconda Has Little Cash, $250k Loan, Raising Planned; Norwood Abbey Has One Quarter Cash, Coal Deal; Solagran Has One Quarter Cash; Pharmaust Clean Room 4 Sale
Jan 28, 2010
Correction: ASIC, DPP, GTG; Universal Bio's 1st (J&J Lifescan) Product On Dutch Market; Patrys, CSL Collaborate On Antibodies; Virax Raises $1.3m; US Army's $502k For Avita's Recell Wound Treatment; Atcor Revenue Underpins Cash; Heartware $US55m Raising Details; JM Buys Genera, Aust Ethical Sells; Narhex Chairman David Mandel Resigns; Bioprospect Raises $740k
Jan 27, 2010
Bionomics Begins Phase II BNC105 Renal Cell Cancer Trial; Living Cell Warning On Fake Shares; Acrux Submits Axiron Testosterone Application; Heartware Nasdaq IPO To Raise $US50m; Cogstate Record Revenue Up 31%; Anteo Has 2 Quarters Cash, Options Raising Funds; Ausbiotech Not Happy With Notitia Conference 
Jan 25, 2010
Ex-Genetic COO Geoff Newing Pleads Guilty On Shares; Administrators Call OMI Meeting; Two Medical Directors Strengthen Sirtex's US Operations; Dr Peter Farrell, Mel Bridges At innovation Lunch
Jan 22, 2010
FDA Approves Compumedics ' HD-PSG Grael Sleep Diagnostic; Asset Realisation (Stem Cell Sciences) Cheque Pain; TGA Approves Genera Paptype HPV Test; Ellex Launches 'Gentler' Eye Laser In Tokyo; Healthlinx Expands Liverpool Research; Nanosonics Plan Raises $3.6m; Stirling Raises $2m; Prima Appoints Zurich's Matthew Lehman COO 
Jan 21, 2010
Avita Passes ISO Audit For CE Mark; Fluorotechnics Raises $1.8m; Biomd Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash, Proposed Raising 
Jan 20, 2010

Living Cell: Euro Patent, Journal Back NTCell Pig Brain Cells; Eurogentec To Make Tissue Therapies' Vitrogro; Optiscan Chairman Angus Holt Replaces CEO Vicki Tutungi; Cathrx Sales Up, Downgrades Forecast; Genera Requests 'Regulatory' Trading Halt; Unaval Takes 6% Of Virax; Bone Appoints Dr Lee Simon; Bye-Bye Rockeby

Jan 19, 2010
Viralytics Up 200% On Phase I Cavatak Melanoma Success; WEHI, Melbourne Uni Identify Proteins For Malaria Vaccine; Eastland Subsidiary Sale Improves Cash Position $1.8m; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Commercialisation Australia; OBJ Pleads Schultz To ASX 56% Price Query

Jan 18, 2010
Phylogica, Isogenioca Collaborate On Inflammatory Disease; Cytopia Has Left the Building; Pharmaust's $2.7m Property Sale Leaves It Debt Free; Alchemia Tells ASX: Shares Up 15% Pending FDA Decision


Jan 17, 2010
Special Summer Catch-Up Edition: Phylogica; OMI; Commercialisation Australia; R&D Tax Credit; Leo-Peplin; Acuvax-Hawaii; Xceed, Calzada, Polynovo; Psivida; Merck-Biodiem; Alchemia; Avexa; FDA-Pharmaxis; Benitec-CSIRO; Uscom; Agenix; Tissue Therapies; Pharmaxis-Topigen; Cytopia-YM Bio; Ante; Probiotec, Biotron 
Jan 4, 2010
2009: Biotechs Climb 5-Times Faster Than ASX200; BDI-20 Up 155%, ASX200 Up 31%, Prima Up 4700%, Biota Up 643%
Dec 18, 2009
Mesoblast Cells Show Diabetes Potential In Mice; Non-Significant Results Take Clinuvel To 2nd PLE Phase III Trial; Viralytics Increases Head, Neck Cancer Dose; Biotech Win In Federal $64m For Fund Managers; Bionomics Appoints Trevor Thiele CFO Co Sec; WEHI Pores Finding Shows Cancer Disease Targets; Ausbiotech Takes 10 To San Francisco Show 
Dec 17, 2009
Editorial: The Year In Review; FDA Sets Feb 2010 Date With Chemgenex; Pharmaxis Applies To TGA For Bronchitol For Cystic Fibrosis; Leon Carr Appeals NSW Court Order; Fluorotechnics Rights Issue To Raise $1.8m; Biotron: BIT225 Cuts HIV Load 99% In Vitro; Ellex Downgrades H1 Revenue Forecast; FDA Grants Clinuvel Additional Orphan Status; Genetic Technologies Evaluates Breast Cancer Test; Correction: Nanosonics; Phosphagenics Insulin Patch 'On-Track For 2010 Trials' 
Dec 16, 2009
NSW Judge: Fermiscan's Leon Carr 'Dishonest', Referred To ASIC; Correction: Fermiscan; Immuron Begins Israeli Phase II Insulin Trial; Biota Pleads Schultz To ASX 27% Price Fall Query, ATO Ruling; Wilson HTM Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; Biotech CRCs Win Lion's Share Of $130m, 2010 Round Opens; Virax $1.3m Rights Issue 50% Underwritten; Chinese Parties Fail To Pay, Complete Agenix Deed; Uscom Appoints Prof David Bennett Advisor
Dec 15, 2009
Phosphagenics Phospha-E Fails Nestle Fat Trial; Merck Serono Spends $1.6bn On R&D; Impedimed: Asia Distributor, US Legal Action, Escrow Shares; Halcygen Asks Hospira To Transfer Assets To Mayne; Federal Government $50m For Bionic Eye Research; Biomd Tests Adapt Tissue Biocompatibility; Biopharmica's Cortical Dynamics Finishes Monitor Research; Blackrock Takes 5% Of Cochlear; Fermiscan Assets For Sale, Leon Carr In NSW Court 
Dec 14, 2009
Chemgenex In $137m Hospira Non-US Deal; Bioguide Brief: A $137m Positive Signal; Hawaii CEO Files For Bankruptcy Before Acuvax Board Coup; OMI v RTI Retractable Trial Begins In East Texas; Biosignal's $20m To Go To The Movies;  Safety Medical Raises $143k Of $1m; Australian Ethical Takes 8.4% Of Tissue Therapies; Avita Pleads Schultz To ASX 18% Query
Dec 11, 2009
Australian Stem Cell Centre Therapy Handbook; $40k Victorian Young Researcher Awards Open; Biotron's Underwritten $2m Double Option Offer; Cyclopharm US Trial Delay, Wins $2m Clinquest Claim; ASIC Approves Cytopia AGM Delay; Unilife Pleads Schultz To 18.5% Share Price Fall
Dec 10, 2009
CSL's R&D Pipeline Focus On Cardiac, Dental Disease; Living Cell Welcomes NHMRC Advice To Lift Xenotransplant Ban; Biota CEO Peter Cook Defends Tamiflu From BMJ Article; Eastland Governance EGM; Universal Biosensors Banks $17.5m, Ships 1st Glucose Strips; J&J Tibotec Extends Avexa Option 4 Months; Virax Applies For US Patent; Karmelsonix Australian Distributor; Solagran Pleads Schultz To ASX 26% Price Fall Query
Dec 9, 2009
Chemgenex's Omapro Effective In 2nd Phase II/III CML Trial; ASX Approves CBio Listing, IPO Extended; Bionomics' 2nd Phase II BNC105 Trial For Mesothelioma; Clinuvel: Afamelanotide 'Helps GI Cancer Treatment'; Court Approves Cytopia's Toronto Takeover Meeting; Pallane Issues $400k Note, Pursues Diabetes Drug; Karmelsonix Raises $4.5m
Dec 8, 2009
Eastland Reviews Potential ASIC, ASX Breaches; Cathrx Changes Germanic Distributor; FDA Approves Avita's US Recell Trial; Phylogica Raises $2m; Sophie Mirabella Appointed Shadow Innovation Minister; CSL Leadership Changes, CFO Tony Cipa To Retire; Asia Union Takes 8.6% Of Anteo; Xceed Rights issue Raises $1m, George Cameron-Dow M-D  
Dec 7, 2009
CSIRO, Circadian, Monash $15m Protein Facility; Chemgenex CML 81-Patient Omapro Data; Ondek Starts Helicobacter Vaccine Trial;  Nanosonics' $12m Placement, Share Plan; Oversubscribed Tissue Therapies Plan Raises $2.7m; OMI Founder Bruce Kiehne Retires; Court Approves Unilife US Move; Pacific Super Diluted To 8% Of Agenix
Dec 4, 2009
Victorian $1.5m For Breast Cancer Stem Cell Research; Living Cell's 1st NZ Diabetes Patient Reduces Insulin 30%; Biota Joins S&P ASX200; Aust Ethical Takes 7.7% Of Tissue Therapies; Orbis Takes 6.5% Of Avexa; National innovation Principles Adopted  
Dec 3, 2009
Biotech Takes $30m In ARC Grants, $1.5m For Monash Uni; Biopharmica Raises 'About $12m'; US FDA Fast Tracks Virax Licencee; Correction: Advanced Surgical; Karmelsonix India Distributor 
Dec 2, 2009
Pharmaxis: Phase III Bronchitol Benefit For Cystic Fibrosis; Phosphagenics' Phase Ib Oxycodone Trial; Healthlinx Ovarian Cancer Test In UK in 2010; Advanced Surgical Euro, TGA Approvals; Agenix Closer To China Resolution; GSK, Optiscan Appointments To IP Council 
Dec 1, 2009
BDI-40 Up 155% In 12 Months, Up 6.8% In November - ASX200 Up 1.3%; Axing Comet: i) Senator Eric Abetz - 'Just bring Back Commercial Ready'; ii) Ausbiotech's Dr Anna Lavelle - 'An Effective Program Lost'; Progen Appoints Dr John Chiplin Interim CEO; Novogen Loses CEO Chris Naughton; Prima Share Plan Raises $11m; Freiburg Uni Spends $600k On Compumedics' New Kit; Patrys Releases 11.3m Escrow Shares; Genera Appoints Tony Panther CFO 
Nov 30, 2009
Federal Government Axes $14m Comet Program; Who Owns Pallane Medical?; Avexa Placement Raises $8m, Share Plan To Raise $3m; QRX Begins Pivotal Phase III Moxduo Pain Trial; Goodbye Metabolic, Welcome Calzada; Federal Government Call For Submissions On Trials; Healthlinx Places $1m; Clinuvel Wins Euro SME Status; Acuvax, Mesoblast AGMs 
Nov 27, 2009
Europe Accepts Chemgenex Omacetaxine Application; ASIC Restricts (Dia-B) Pallane's $30m Fortrend Facility; Au Revoir Peplin; Giaconda Dissent On All Resolutions; Cochlear Wins Federal Innovation Gong; Vaxine Wins Cool Award For Non-Virus 'Flu Vaccine; WEHI's Dr Guillaume Lessene Wins $5k Biota Prize; Bioprospect Appoints CEO Peter May COO
Nov 26, 2009
Prima Share Plan Raises $9.6m; Cellmid Raises $4m, CEO Maria Halasz Contract Renewed; Avexa Funding Trading Halt; 2 Progen Directors Go, Board Deal Done; Healthlinx AGM Split On White Knight Stephen Copoulos; 2nd Core Australian Patent For Tissue Therapies Vitrogro; Aust Ethical Down 1% In Genera; Stirling Hopes To Raise $1.5m; Solagran's Dr Soultanov Misses Russia's President Medvedev
Nov 25, 2009
Fortrend Investing In Struggling Biotechs; Alchemia Rights Issue To Raise $15.5m For Phase III Trial; Neuren Appoints QRX's Dr John Holaday Director; Genetic Technologies Losies Co-Founder Fred Bart, Gains Tom Bonvino; 2nd Core US Patent For Tissue Therapies; Orbis Takes 8% Of Starpharma; CVC Takes 19% Of Cyclopharm; Living Cell Appoints Peter Hosking
Nov 24, 2009
Cytopia Begins Dosing Phase I/II CYT387 Myelofibrosis Trial; Eastland Starts Rwanda Malaria Trial; Biopharmica's ASIC Xmas Eve EGM, Late AGM; Cellmid Funding Trading Halt; Heartware Applies For FDA Destination Therapy Trial; US Patent For Antisense ATL1103, Trial In 2010; Sydney Uni Study Backs Impedimed's Device For Lymphoedema; Tyrian To Launch 2nd Crop Test; Immuron's Arie Nudel Survives AGM; Viralytics AGM; Probiomics Signs Denmark's Hansen Global Distributor
Nov 23, 2009
Tissue Therapies' Fremantle Trial Reduces Venous Ulcers 75%; Fluorotechnics Appoints Protea For North American Sales; FDA Committee Backs Pharmaxis' Aridol Application; Mater Hospital Approves Healthlinx Ovplex Study; Nycomed Distributes Immuron's Travelan; 19% Oppose Psivida's Automatic Stock Increases; 24% Oppose Metabolic's David Kenley, Calzada Approved; Viralytics Appoints Prof Hardev Pandha; Acuvax Appoints Dr Alex Birrell; Prima Appoints Dr Neil Frazer CMO
Nov 20, 2009
Safety Medical Hungarian Deal Change; Share Plan Extended; Advanced Surgical Releases 16.8m Escrow Shares; 20% Oppose Eastland Stock Issue, 13% Oppose CEO; Dia-B Becomes Pallane On ASX; Labtech Changes Name To LBT Innovations
Nov 19, 2009
Progen Settlement Costs $1.8m, Board Seats, Justus Homburg; Bioguide Brief: Progen - More Truce Than Resolution; Vale Narhex's Dr Michael Cohen; Federal Government Gives Yuuwa Capital $20m To Invest $40m; Viralytics 'Knows Nussink, Nussink At All' About 75% Price Rise; Living Cell, Genera AGMs; Nanosonics Pleads Schultz, Good News To ASX Query; Texas Children's Hospital Buys Uscom Device; Virax Passes 2nd Data Safety Board Report; Immuron Appoints Grant Rawlin CEO, Dr Elane Zelcer Director 
Nov 18, 2009
Tissue Therapies: 'Outstanding' Vitrogro Ulcer Results; Mesoblast '6-Month Improvement In Heart Muscle Function'; Starpharma Raises $16m For Vaginosis Trial; Neuren Raises $8m For Traumatic Brain Injury Trial; Fermiscan Administrators Appointed; Prima To Develop Oral Cervical Cancer Vaccine; Avexa Loses 6-Month Director Lawrence Gozlan; Avexa, Clinuvel AGMs; Goodbye Medical Therapies, G'Day Cellmid 
Nov 17, 2009
Metabolic Takes 66% Of Polynovo; Xceed's Boron Cuts Costs, Sales Down, New Plant Near Ready; Fluorotechnics Tells ASX: 'Cash Flow Positive In Q1 2010'; Biotron Tells ASX Trials Increased Cash Burn; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Functional Food
Nov 16, 2009
Living Cell Plan To Raise $2m; Fluorotechnics Gels '20% Better Than Competition'; Avexa Pleads Schultz To ASX 21% Price Query, Up 100% In 40 Days; Karmelsonix Distribution Deals; Solagran Chairman Misses AGM To Meet Russian President
Nov 13, 2009
WAIMR Wins $609k Grant For Biopharmica's HLS5; Ellex, CERA Win $540k Victorian Grant For Laser AMD Trial; QRX Rights Issue, Placement Raise $21.6m; Progen-Medigen Case Undecided 
Nov 12, 2009
Biota Acquires $12m Oxford, Boston Anti-Bacterial Pipeline; 5% Oppose Biota Pay Report, Chairman Dr Jim Approved; TGA Unsatisfied With FDA Approval For Acrux's Ellavie; Leo's Peplin Takeover Complete; $1m Aust Stem Cell Center Grants; Medical Therapies, Yamasa Sign Japan Distribution; Mark Fordree Smoothes Fermiscan's Pillow; Impedimed Applies For US Insurance Code
Nov 11, 2009
Cash-Strapped Fermiscan Loses Prof Veronica James Appeal; QRX Placement, Plan Trading Halt; CBIO Ready For $30m IPO; Rwanda Approves Eastland Malaria Trial; Patrys Collaborators Win $300k ARC Grant; Biotron: PNAS Article Supports P7 Hep C Target; Biomd EGM To Issue 30m Shares; Anteo Raises $1m; Verva Appoints Dr Michael Cowley Director
Nov 10, 2009
GSK Details Oncology Pipeline, Lung Cancer Vaccine; Universal Biosensors Milestone Earns $17m; FDA Accepts Chemgenex Omacetaxine NDA, Review In 6 Months; Unilife Plan Raises $21.5m; Cytopia's CYT997 'Profound' Vascular Disruption In Mice; Compumedics Germany Wins $200k Innovation Grant; Clinuvel EPP Phase III Trial December Close; Progen-Medigen Legal Fight; Bioprospect Appoints Solagran's Charles Pellegrino M-D
Nov 9, 2009
Acuvax Calls EGM To Roll 2 Hawaii Directors; JM Financial Takes 7% Of Halcygen; Biomd Begins Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Trial; Cyclopharm Installs Macquarie Uni Cyclotron; Resonance Wins Contracts, Increases Exposure; Melbourne Neuroscience Symposium
Nov 6, 2009
Biotech Daily 4th Birthday Editorial; Verva 1c Share Buy-Back; Resmed Q1 Revenue Up 13%, Profit Up 50%; Peplin Votes For Leo Merger, Depart ASX; Mesoblast Claims Bone-Marrow Success; Pharmaust Confirms $2.7m Property Sale; Morgan Stanley Takes 5% Of Prana; Acrux Appoints Credit Suisse
Nov 5, 2009
Biota, Daiichi Sankyo Start Phase III 'Flu Preventative Trial; Starpharma US Pesticide Deal; U of WA To Pay Sirtex $3.25m; Senator Kim Carr Opens $1.5m Cellular Imaging Facility; J&J's Tibotec Extends Avexa HIV Option; Heartware Q3 $7.5m Pump Revenue; Genera Placement Raises $2.3m; Optiscan Plan Raises $1.175m; Pokies Bruce Mathieson Takes 8% Of Halcygen  
Nov 4, 2009
CEO Interview: Genetic Technologies' Dr Paul MacLeman - The Hottest Seat In Biotech; Phosphagenics' New York Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Launch; 3M To Evaluate OBJ Transdermal; Strong Share Price, $A Prompt Unilife Consolidation Change; Medical Developments 2nd Buy-Back; Solagran Schultz to ASX 30% Query
Nov 3, 2009
Prima Divests 'Non-Core' Panvax Product; Fluorotechnics Germany Wins $230k Innovation Grant; Helicon Halves Share Plan To $500k; Start-Up Takes 28% Of Bionomics
Nov 2, 2009
BDI-20 Up 134% For Year, Up 9.5% In October - ASX200 Down 2.1%; Hadassah Uses Immuron Colostrum For Fatty Livers; St George Joins Viralytics Cancer Trial; Novogen Withdraws Options, Remuneration Rolled; Cytopia Leaves Labs For St Kilda Rd; Peplin Votes On Leo Merger; Progen AGM Depends On Legal Action; Innovation Loses Adviser Tim Murphy To GSK; Rockeby AGM Votes To Delist
Oct 30, 2009
Advanced Surgical Sells Knee To Stryker For $3m; Avita Maiden Cash Flow Positive Quarter; Agenix Dumps Director Jonathan Zhang; Grant Makes Neuren Cash-Flow Positive, Schultz To ASX; Cash-Strapped: Bone, Fluorotechnics, Fermiscan, Giaconda, IM Medical, Solagran, Stirling; Rockeby Liquidates Subsidiaries
Oct 29, 2009
Victoria $3m For ATEC Breast Reconstruction, $750k For Healthlinx; Pharmaxis Files EU Bronchitol CF Application; Biota Earns $24m Relenza Royalty; Medical Therapies Licences Midkine To Celera; Royal Adelaide Joins Viralytics Cancer Trial;  Circadian Fights ARK Over VEGF-D; Compumedics German Sales Increase; David Rosa Replaces Sunshine Heart CEO Don Rohrbaugh; Chemgenex Votes On 2.2m CEO Options; Starpharma Withdraws 1.9m CEO Shares, Cites Tax Liability; JM Takes 5% Of Genera
Oct 28, 2009
Heart Risk Identified With Atcor's Sphygmacor; Living Cell Calls For End To Xenotransplant Ban; W.H.O. Licences Biodiem LAIV; Stirling Plan Raises $1.6m; Safety Medical To Raise $1m; Halcygen AGM Backs Mayne Merger, Board Stock Opposed; Victoria Expedites Approvals; Evado Launches Trial Management Software; Ausbiotech, GSK, Biota, PM Gongs - Dr Greg Collier, Dr Michael Cowley
Oct 27, 2009
Ausbiotech Conference Opens With Emphasis On Government Investment; Bionomics Phase I Anxiety Drug BNC210 'Safe, Tolerated'; Biotron Has One Quarter Cash; Unilife Brand Name Change; 'Positive Results' From Living Cell Russian Trial; Federal Government Inquiry To 'Boost Clinical Research'; Dr Bruce Gray Divides Sirtex AGM Again
Oct 26, 2009
Bio-Sciences, Biotech Win $85m ARC Grants; Unilife Wins $5.6m Pennsylvania State Grants; Impedimed Releases 7.5m Escrow Shares; Fluorotechnics Releases 361k Shares; Acuvax Plan Raises $164k; Ausbiotech On-Track For Conference Start; Fermiscan Trading Halt 
Oct 23, 2009
Pharmaxis Phase III Bronchitol Trial Starts; Lymphoedema Journal Review Backs Impedimed Test; Genetic Tech Distributes Rosetta Tests;  Ellex Launches Eye Cubed Diagnostic; Healthlinx Collaborators; Solagran Slashes Ropren Sales Price; Stirling Inhaler Deal
Oct 22, 2009
Psivida's Brachysil Halts Pancreatic Tumors In 6-Patient Trial; Anteo Raises $865k; Progen Legal Action To Prevent Board Spill; 20% Oppose Pharmaxis CEO Options; Metabolic Votes On Name Change To Calzada; Japanese Patent For Prima; Incitive To Raise $750k 
Oct 21, 2009
Federal Government Unveils 'Commercialization Australia'; Editorial: 'Radical Media Release, Fabulous Logo'; Liberal Senator Eric Abetz: 'Bring Back Commercial Ready'; Ausbiotech, Bio-Melbourne - Mixed Responses; QRX China Snake Venom Deal Done; Cochlear AGM Dissent
Oct 20, 2009
Evado Supports Malaysian Bowel Cancer Screen; Capital Increases In CSL; Cathrx Pleads Schultz To ASX 117% Query; Living Cell Directors Win Options With Cash
Oct 19, 2009
Sirtex Maiden Dividend; Tissue Therapies Raises $5m, Plan For $1.5m; Cytopia Opens 4th Glioma Trial Centre; Immuron Pays Ex-CEO Dr Zeil Rosenberg $65k; Bioprospect Tells ASX 'Update Pushed Price 52%'
Oct 16, 2009
Bionomics Anxiety Drug BNC210 'Non-Addictive' In Rats; Prima 15c Share Plan To Raise $5m; Clinuvel AGM; Labtech Name Change AGM; Genesis EGM  
Oct 15, 2009
Becton Dickson, Tyrian Part Company On TB Test; Psivida Completes 2-Year Phase III DME Follow-Up; Progen's PG545 'Limits Spread Of Cancer'; Pharmaxis PXS25 Begins Phase I Lung Fibrosis Trial; Compumedics Launches Sominilin SPAP For Sleep Apnoea; TGA Approves Genera's Manufacturing; Bone Files US IND For Osteoarthritic Pain; Medical Therapies Vote On Name, $3m Raising, 9m Options
Oct 14, 2009
Monash, Neural Diagnostics Automate Psych Diagnoses; CSL Investors Back AGM Resolutions, 5% Dissent; Nobilon Begins Biodiem Intranasal 'Flu Vaccine Trial; Avexa Pleads Schultz To ASX 19% Query, Up 73% In Week; Psivida Votes On 'Incentive' Shares; ASX: $1.02 Floor Under Mesoblast 'Unusual, Not Manipulative'; Karmelsonix Votes On 159m Shares; Greg West Returns As Fermiscan Co Sec 
Oct 13, 2009
Circadian Produces Anti-Cancer Compound; Incitive Ditches V-Patch Acquisition; UK Approves Halcygen Anti-Fungal PK Study; Countdown To Ausbiotech's 2009 Conference  
Oct 12, 2009
Antisense ATL1103 Ready For Acromegaly, Retinopathy Trials; Biota Takes Off: 33.5c To $3.15 In 9 Months; Patheon Makes QRX's Moxduo CR For Trials; Helicon Plan To Raise $1m; Tyrian Votes On 5.5m CEO Rights; Starpharma Votes On 1.9m CEO 'Appreciation Shares'; Medical Therapies Snares Arana's Robin Beaumont 
Oct 9, 2009
CBio Raises $10m, Ready For ASX IPO, XToll Arthritis Trials; Fermiscan's Future Very Uncertain; Cathrx 3-Month Sales Best Yet, Below Target; Apollo Reinstated; BAM 'Short Sells' 2.4% Of Prana; Link Reduces 1% In Prima; Acuvax-Hawaii Expects $1m In 2009
Oct 8, 2009
Bionomics Share Plan Raises $2.2m; Viralytics Accelerates Head, Neck Cancer Recruitment; Prima Pleads Schultz To ASX 87% Query; Eastland Pleads Schultz To 27% Query; Rockeby Reinstated To Delist; OMI Files Accounts, Remains Suspended
Oct 7, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Despite Price, Cytopia-YM Deal Good For Both; Living Cell Implants 1st NZ Diabetes Pig Cell Patient; UWA Takes Sirtex's Dr Bruce Gray 'Duty To Invent' To High Court; Unilife Places $32m, Share Plan To Raise $10m More; Optiscan Plan To Raise $1.5m 
Oct 6, 2009
Toronto's YM Biosciences Buys Cytopia For $14m; Biotron's High-Dose BIT225 Reduces Hep C Viral Loads; Prof Blackburn's Nobel Good For Sienna; Cogstate Seals $4m In 3 Months; Sciclone Halts Acuvax RP101 Pancreatic Ca Trial; Heartware Increases Trial Sites; Labtech's First Microstreak Royalty; Patrys Buys Gastric Cancer Antibody; Benitec Option On 5 T-Cell Programs; Medical Therapies, Kumamoto Uni Collaboration 
Oct 5, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Crunch Time For Avexa's Apricitabine; Dia-B's New Board Will Pursue Winteray; Fortrend's $30m To Keep Dia-B Biotech; Healthlinx' $7m Springtree Note; Genetic Tech Appoints Dr Malcolm Brandon Director; Helicon Back As Biotech, Gold Miner
Oct 2, 2009
Avexa Closes Phase III HIV Trial For Early Registration; Phosphagenics Plan Raises $7m; Helicon Branches Into Gold, Copper Mining; Fermiscan $4.5m Loss, Mark Fordree New CEO, Executive Leon Carr Goes
Oct 1, 2009
September BDI-40 Up 15%, Up 64% In 12 Months - 20 x S&P ASX 200; Benitec, Cancer Institute Collaborate On Lung Cancer; Peplin To Vote On Leo Takeover; OMI, Rockeby Suspended On Accounts; OBJ Transdermal Claims 
Sep 30, 2009
Optiscan Trials World's First Dual High Definition Microscope; Resonance Develops Faster Liver Test; Novogen's NV-128 Safe, High Anti-Cancer Activity In Mice; Psivida High Dose Steroid Efficacy; Labtech's New Lab Solution; Uscom Raises $1m  
Sep 29, 2009
Acrux Phase III Testosterone 'Success', Deal In 12 Months; Safety Medical - The Directors' Cut; Optiscan Pleads Schultz To ASX 89% Price Jump Query; JP Morgan Below 5% Of QRX Pharma; All Change At Norwood Abbey For China Coal Co 
Sep 28, 2009
Halcygen Votes On 100m Mayne Pharma Shares, Share Plan; Bio-Melbourne Master Class On Grant Writing; JP Morgan Reduces 2.6% In QRX Pharma
Sep 25, 2009
Halcygen ($30m) Buys Back The Mayne Pharma ($300m+); Bioguide Brief: Why Is Halcygen Buying Mayne Pharma?; Agenix Files 2007-'08 Accounts; Dissent On Director Shares At Biodiem AGM; Uscom UK Launch October 1; Prima Pleads Schultz To ASX 27% Price Jump Query; Fermiscan Director Leon Carr Goes 
Sep 24, 2009
Acrux Estradiol Euro-Deal Could Earn $25m; Psivida Starts Secondary Macular Oedema Iluvien Trial; QRX Snake Venom Alliance With China's Nuokang; Sunshine Heart Rights Issue Raises $8m; Compumedics' German Sales Up; Bioprospect Appoints Leo 'The Gun' Khouri Director; FDA Clears Karmelsonix Wheezometer 
Sep 23, 2009
Probiotec To Raise $12m, Directors, Management Sell-Down; Aviva Takes 6% Of Mesoblast; Asia Union Takes 9% Of Cogstate; Living Cell Appoints Bob Finder, David McAuliffe Directors; Fermiscan Loses Gary Garton
Sep 22, 2009
Infection Risks Increase Nanosonics Demand; Nanosonics Pleads Old News To ASX 22% Price Query; Mesoblast Enrolls 2nd Cardiac Stem Cell Arm; $14.5m NSW Heart Facility; Viralytics Completes 2nd Phase I Melanoma Trial; Neuren Schultz To ASX 46% Price Query 
Sep 21, 2009
C-Pulse Improves Sunshine Heart Patients; Safety Medical's $42m Hungarian Venture; Immuron HIV Trial Recruited; Cancer Research Exits Sirtex; Acuvax Plan To Raise $5m; Anteo $1m Rights Issue; Biosignal Raises $900k
Sep 18, 2009
Pharmaxis 2nd Phase III Cystic Fibrosis Trial 'Fully Recruited'; Biopharmica's Mining Option; Federal Government's R&D Tax Credit Consultation Call; Dr Terry Cutler Appointed  CSIRO Deputy Chair 

Sep 17, 2009
FDA Clears CSL Swine 'Flu Vaccine; US NIH $1.4m For Starpharma; Compumedics' China DEal; Acuvax $488k Placement; Ian Chalmers, Mark Fordree Join Fermiscan

Sep 16, 2009
Patrys' PAT-SM6 Halves Colon Cancer Metastases In Mice; Asset Realisation (Stem Cell Sciences) Delists, Departs ASX
Sep 15, 2009
Marc Sinatra's Bioguide: Genera Needs Right Paptype Partner; Phosphagenics Claims World's First Transdermal Oxycodone; Changing Avita's Image; Progen-Medigen Fight For Feb 2010; BAM Takes 13% Of Prana
Sep 14, 2009
Biotech Post $68m Profit On $464m Revenue; Norwood Abbey Turns Into Chinese Coal Company
Sep 11, 2009
CSL's Low-Dose 'Flu Vaccine's 'Robust Immune Response'; CSL Votes On $17m More Free Shares For CEO Dr Brian McNamee, CFO Tony Cipa; Healthlinx, Mater Collaborate On Ovarian Cancer; Biopharmica Invests In Oil& Gas; Pharmaxis AGM; Hunter Hall Takes 27% Of Fluorotechnics 
Sep 10, 2009
Phosphagenics' Diclofenac Reaches The Parts Voltaren Can't; Mesoblast Stem Cells Repair Sheep Discs; Bionomics AGM For $15m Raising; Federal R&D Tax Credits Bill; Pfizer, Merck, GSK At Bio-Melbourne Show; IM Medical Reappoints CEO; Solagran Pleads Schultz To ASX 46% Price Jump Query 
Sep 9, 2009
Chemgenex FDA NDA 'Australian First'; Bioguide Brief: Chemgenex ASX's 'Most Undervalued Biotech'; Cochlear Pays $US25m On Road to Total Hearing Implant; Prana's Mystery $6m Man; Fluorotechnics Raises $1.23m; Victoria's $500k Biotech Partnering Program; Future Fellowships; Progen Defines PG11047 Dose; Immuron, Hadasit Ready For Immunotherapy Trials
Sep 8, 2009
Sirtex's Dr Bruce Gray Wins 'No Duty To Invent' Case; Spruson & Ferguson:  IP Genie Unbottled; Bionomics Raises $12.8m, Plan To Raise $2.2m; Medical Therapies' Midkine Boosts Breast Cancer Tests; PNK Takes 31% Of Patrys
Sep 7, 2009
Benitec, China's Biomics Begin Hep B ddRNAi Collaboration; Circadian Licences VEGF Rights To Perkinelmer; Uscom Plan To Raise $1.26m
Sep 4, 2009
FDA Greenlights Cochlear Nucleus 5 Launch, Cytopia Phase I/II CYT Myelofibrosis Trial; Support For Genera's Paptype HPV Test; Uscom's US Pacemaker Patent
Sep 3, 2009
Leo Pharma Bids $348m For Peplin; Bioguide Brief: Peplin Not A 5-Banger, Any More; Fed Gov, Start-Up, Starfish $10m For Bionomics, Mimetica; Sirtex SIR-Spheres Improve Liver Cancer Treatment; Acrux Bullish On Testosterone Trial; Cathrx Euro Distributor
Sep 2, 2009
W.H.O. Licences Biodiem's LAIV For Pandemic Plan; Tyrian Delivers 500 Wheat Scanners To Bayer; Prima's South Korean Patent; Suspense Over For Heartware, OMI; Ausbiotech Course on Monte Carlo Valuations; Eastland Loses CFO, Co Sec
Sep 1, 2009
August BDI-40 Up 7%, Benitec Up 90%, Heartware 80%; Heartware, OMI Suspended On Accounts; $1m For Aust Stem Cell Centre; Unilife Nasdaq Listing; Ventracor Unplugged; Biodiem Benefits From US-Russian Collaboration
Aug 31, 2009
Clinuvel's Pre-emptive Extra Euro Phase III Trial; FDA OKs Prima Phase IIb Ovarian Cancer Trial; Biodiem Completes Phase I 'Flu Vaccine Recruitment; Unilife $13m Profit, Revenue Up 869% To $40m; Tyrian Raises $5m; CBio To Raise $6m, List On ASX, Restart Trial, Avita Loss Down 58%, Revenue Up 67% To $3m; Pharmaust Loss Down 97%, Revenue Up 25% To $4m; Benitec Japan Patents
Aug 28, 2009
UK Requires Further Halcygen Trial; Sirtex Profit Up 1406% To $18m, Revenue Up 88% To $74m; Resonance $617k Maiden Profit; Imugene $650k Maiden Profit; Stirling Invests In Drug Delivery; Uscom Revenue Up 53% To $2m, Halves Loss; Solagran Director For Bioprospect
Aug 27, 2009
Prima Explains Ovarian Cancer Vaccine; Victoria's $26m For Medical Research Facilities; Ellex $22.6m 'Goodwill' Loss, Revenue Up 16% To $58m; Cyclopharm H1 Loss, Revenue Down 1% To $4m; Medical Developments Profit Down 9%, Revenue Down 5%; Immuron's 47m Shares For Hadasit 
Aug 26, 2009
Biomd Prepares Phase II Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Trial; Acuvax-Hawaii Begin Phase I Dengue Fever Trial; Advanced Surgical $1m Loss, Revenue Down 10% To $6.4m; $600k For 3 NSW-China Collaborations; Phylogica's 'Multiple Advanced Big Pharma Negotiations'; Healthlinx Backs Healthscope Acquisition 
Aug 25, 2009
QRX Morphine-Oxycodone Beats Paracetamol-Oxycodone; Mesoblast's Angioblast Raises $10m; Japan Patent For Circadian-Vegenics' VEGF-C; Cellestis Record Profit Up 391% To $8m, Revenue Up 80% To $35m; Cogstate's $1.4m Maiden Profit; Three Biotechs Win $70k Comet Grants
Aug 24, 2009
Editorial: ASIC Acquires ASX Powers - Now For Transparency; Two Patrys Compounds Ready For Human Trials; Medical Therapies Cardiac Stent Euro-Patent; Human Embryonic Stem Cells Glow Red Becoming Blood
Aug 21, 2009
Biotech Daily Call To Arms For Federal Funding; Terra Rossa Injects $1.25m Into Acuvax, Closer To Hawaii; Heartware Implants 50th Patient; Oversubscribed Immuron Plan Raises $1.3m; Phylogica Appoints Ex-Psivida CEO Gavin Rezos Investor Relations Adviser; Neurodiscovery CEO Chris Moyses Resigns
Aug 20, 2009
Euro Data-Set Backs Biopharmica Anaesthesia Algorithm; Verva, Isis Collaborate On Antisense Fat Drug; Anteo, Diosion Collaborate On Antibodies; Virax Completes Phase I/IIa HIV Trial Recruitment; Probiotec Profit Up 41% To $9m; Atcor Loss Down, Revenue Up 32% To $87m
Aug 19, 2009
Biota Back In $38m Profit, Revenue Up 85%, Hunter Hall Increases To 13%; CSL Profit Up 63% To Record $1.1bn; FDA Go Ahead For Bone Phase III Osteoporosis Trial; Mesoblast's Angioblast Raises $7-10m; Peplin Completes 2nd Phase III AK Trial Enrolment; Immuron's Bioguard In HIV G-I Trial 
Aug 18, 2009
Heartware Raises $6.1m More; Key Australian Patent For Labtech Microbiol Streaking; IDT Profit Down 10% To $6.4m; Impedimed CFO Role Relocates To US, Phil Auckland Resigns  
Aug 17, 2009
FDA Clears Mesoblast Phase II Lumbar Spine Fusion Trial; China OKs Avita Recell, Helicon Distributor; Patrys Underwriter PNK Takes Most Of $5m Plan; Antisense ATL1101 Suppresses Resistant Prostate Tumors; Pharmaust Sells Factory, 'Will Be Debt Free' 
Aug 14, 2009
Call For Commercialization Submissions; Senator Abetz: CCI 'A Farce', Bring Back Commercial Ready; Neuren Plan Raises $815k; Agenix Receives $87k China Payment 

Aug 13, 2009
Phosphagenics' Option On Metabolic's AOD9604 To Rub Away Fat; Immuron Jumps 210% On Big Pharma 'Flu Talks; US Army Pays Avita $480k, Pilot Study Results; Biota Returns $20m - 11c Per Share; Viralytics 12 Patients To Go For 3 Trials; Phosphagenics Plan To Raise Up To $9m; Dia-B, Pallane Merger Dead  

Aug 12, 2009
Biotechs Raise More Than $300m In 7 Months; Biopharmica Up 10-Fold In 3 Days, Share Plan, Spin Out; Paul Keating's Brain Resource $4.2m Maiden Profit; Acuvax's Hawaii Wins $3.5m Encephalitis Grant; Genesis Raises $380k; Unilife Begins US Syringe Production 
Aug 11, 2009
Heartware Raises $66m, Cherry Picks Ventracor; Cochlear Record Profit Up 13% To $130.5m, Revenue Up 15%;Xenome Collaboration On Receptor Modulators; Pallane's Winteray Welshes On Dia-B Deal; Immuron Prepares Animal, Human 'Flu Studies; Labtech Profit Down, Royalties En Route  
Aug 10, 2009
Vale Living Cell's David Collinson; Astrazeneca Dumps Biota RSV Drug; Biota LANI Phase III Success; Metabolic Cuts Program, Polynovo To Stand Alone; Biopharmica Takes All Of HLS5, Develops Anti-Mitotic Drug; Sunshine Heart Trial, Placement, Rights Issue; TGA Approves Advanced Surgical Device; Agenix Raises $1m
Aug 7, 2009
Optiscan's Confocal Microscope 'Exquisite' In Neurosurgery; Resmed Profit Up 33% To $175m; Bio-Melbourne Finding Grants 
Aug 6, 2009
Fermiscan, Prof Veronica James Await Appeal Decision; Neurodiscovery Signs $520k Deal 
Aug 5, 2009
Mesoblast's Angioblast Begins US Cardiac Stem Cell Trial; Editorial: Ausbiotech, Aspermont And Independent Journalism; Genesis' $1m RNAi Collaboration; Novogen Licences NV-128 To Marshall Edwards; 'Key' Prana Patent; Prima EGM Dissent
Aug 4, 2009
Immuron's Cow Colostrum Kills H1N1 'Flu Variant In Mice; Biotron Completes Hep C Trial Dosing; Progen Sues Medigen Clique; Healthlinx: 'Ovplex Superior Ovarian Cancer Test'
Aug 3, 2009
July BDI-40 Up 10%, Biota, Prana, Novogen, Labtech Up >50%; Optiscan's New Hoya-Pentax Deal; US FTC Kills Thoratec's Heartware Bid; Starpharma's Vivagel 'Active To 24 Hrs'; Dia-B Asks Winteray To Underwrite 'Substantial Shortfall'; Benitec Appoints Fermiscan's Dr Peter French CSO
July 31, 2009
Polartechnics No Cash, Voluntary Administration, Suspension; Biosignal Goes To The Movies, Nasdaq Notice On Commonwealth Bio; Benitec Raises $215k; Tyrian Rights Issue To Raise $5m; U of Sydney Exits Medical Therapies; Running On Empty: Bone, Neuren, Incitive, Fluorotechnics, Giaconda, Stirling, Safety Med
July 30, 2009
US FTC Challenges Thoratec Heartware Takeover; Prima Applies For US Phase IIb Ovarian Cancer Trial; Healthlinx Up 280% On Ovarian Cancer Test CE Mark; Ondek's Prof Barry Marshall Wants $10m For H Pylori Vaccine; Living Cell Raises $4.2m
July 29, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Dia-B, Pallane Fully Underwritten, Not; Cogstate's 1st Cash Positive Year, Revenue Up 122% To $8.4m; Cyclopharm, Macquarie Prince Alfred Joint Venture; 4Cs, Trading Halts 
July 28, 2009
OMI: 'From Bleeding Edge To Leading Edge'; Impedimed: Nth Carolina Specifies Cover; Uscom's Maiden Cash Flow Positive Quarter; Pallane, Dia-B Shortfall; Michael Spooner Replaces Dr Richard Opara At Hawaii; Victoria, Smorgon Prizes; Deck Chair Takes 17% Of Incitive 
July 27, 2009
Two Sunshine Heart Patients Complete 3 Month Tests; Imugene Swine Flu Vaccine For Swine 
July 24, 2009
Biosignal Sells IP For $3.2m; Fermiscan Breast Cancer Trial In Egypt
July 23, 2009
Tissue Therapies' Trouble In Toronto, New Improved Vitrogro; Peplin Begins 2nd Non-Head Lesion Phase III Trial; Mesoblast Applies For Bone Fracture Trial; QRX Starts Phase II I-V Moxduo Pain Trial; GSK Triples Relenza Capacity, Pays Biota $9m Royalty 
July 22, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Prima's $25.5m Convertible Note; CSL Begins Swin Flu Vaccine Trial; Virax HIV Drug 'A New Mechanism'; Curiouser & Curiouser - ASX Queries IDT Governance 
July 21, 2009
Prima's $25.5m Convertible Note; Compumedics Profit Up 217% To $2.4m; Stirling's Management 
July 20, 2009
Stirling Journal On Herbal TB/HIV Remedy; Phosphagenics Cosmetics Deal With Metier Tribeca; Genera Passes TGA Audit; Aust Stem Cell centre 'Supports' Dr Livesey, Dr Traianedes; Avita's $5m Fortrend Draw-Down Facility
July 17, 2009
Taiwan Wins 3 Progen Seats, But Not Control; China Pays $91k, Not $2.8m; Narhex Prepares To Resume Operations; OMI $63m Deal, $6m Raising; Immuron's Dr Zeil Rosenberg Resigns
July 16, 2009
Polartechnics Merger Buried, Fermiscan Loses M-D, CFO; Biomd Up 129% On Safety Data; Cogstate Profits From Weaker Dollar; Prana: PBT Improves Age-Related Cognition In Mice
July 15, 2009
Clinuvel's Afamelanotide 'Effective In Solar Urticaria Pilot Study'; OMI Revises Revenue Forecast
July 14, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Delist Or Not Delist; CSIRO, Avexa $2m Hep C Collaboration; Benitec, China's Biomics Hep B Collaboration; Cochlear Expects Lower Record Profit; Medigen Takes 8.5%, CCH 5% Of Progen; Biodiem Appoints Julie Phillips CEO
July 13, 2009
US Study: Uscom Can Cut ICU Fluid Use By 50%; Acuvax Adelaide Subsidiary; Pharmaxis Quits Nasdaq; Biosignal Related-Party IP Sale; Norwood Trims Sails For Trading
July 10, 2009
New Analysis Backs Prana Alzheimer's Data; Dream Pharma Sells Acrux's Ellavie In South Africa; Nanosonics Approved In Israel, FDA Review; Cathrx Raises $6.9m; Neuren Plan To Raise $2.3m Evado Software In Asia
July 9, 2009
Vistech Has $US4m For R&D; Viralytics Part Converts Note, Places 700k Options; Solagran Appoints Justyn Stedwell Company Secretary
July 8, 2009
Novogen's Phenoxodiol 'Kills Proliferating T-Cells'; Living Cell's Pig Brain Cells 'Help Prevent Hearing Loss'; Monash Uni 'Proves' Obesity Type 2 Diabetes Link; Sirtex Profit Up 640%; South African Patent For Biomd Patch; Dia-B Shrinks Shares 20:1
July 7, 2009
CSL, Cancer Biology Test AML Drug; Peplin Phase III Recruited; Medical Therapies Raises $550k; Dr Bruce Gray's Sirtex Coup Fails, Again; NSW $17m Land-For-Cash-For-R&D Deal
July 6, 2009
Living Cell Opens Russian Subsidiary; Ex-Immuron CEO Dr Zeil Rosenberg Claims $500k
July 3, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Progen - A New Train Coming? Dr Micah Atkin, Fermiscan Win Next Big Thing
July 2, 2009
Bionomics Selects Dose For BNC105 Renal Cancer Trial; 'Jilted' Polartechnics Takes 22% Of Fermiscan; Living Cell Opens Pig Breeding Facility; Acorn Exits Neuren, Reduces In Cytopia
July 1, 2009
Year To June 30 BDI-20 Up 32%, Biotechs Raise $30m/month; Neuren Jumps 170% On US Army $17m; Progen Changes Board, Licences PI-88, Keeps CEO Justus Homburg; $30m Unilife Sanofi-Aventis Deal; Safety Medical Sells Bagot Press; Viralytics Options Raise $915k; CE Mark For Cathrx Loop Catheter
June 30, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Strapped For Cash And The Wedding's Off; Ferrier Hodgson: Ventracor investors 'Get Nothing'; USPTO Contests Genetic Technologies' Patent; Impedimed Raises $7m; Pharmaxis Plan Raises $7.2m; Dr Cherrell Hirst Joins Tissue Therapies; Lawrence Gozlan Joins Avexa
June 29, 2009
Report Kills Fermiscan-Polartechnics Merger; Phosphagenics Transdermal Opioid Passes 1st Safety Test; Dia-B Investors Back Pallane Takeover; Chemgenex Quits Nasdaq, Downsizes Board; Prima Plan Raises $165k Of Expected $1m
June 26, 2009
Euro Dataset Hopes For Biopharmica Collaboration; Eastland Raises $3.2m; Advanced Surgical Signs Distributor; Goodnight Stem Cell; Stirling Hopes To Buy Milpharma, Securites & Investment Takes 19%' Dia-B Pallane Offer Extended One Month
June 25, 2009
Editorial: ASX In Wonderland III - Corporate Regulation; Bionomics Begins Phase I BNC210 Anxiolytic Trial; Polartechnics Takes 21% Of Fermiscan; CEO Sze Wee Tan Quits Rockeby
June 24, 2009
NZ Approves Living Cell Xenotransplant Type 1 Diabetes Trial; Mesoblast Claims Early Bone Marrow Transplant Success
June 23, 2009
Cytopia Applies For US Phase I/II CYT387 Myelofibrosis Trial
June 22, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Dia-B, Pallane & A Flea In The Ear; Incitive Changes Horse From Bromelain To V-Patch; Ventracor Administrators Sale Fail - Liquidation; Acrux Signs 1st Menopause Spray Euro Licence; Stirlin Word-Of-Mouth Mongolian Sales Growth
June 19, 2009
CSL Evaluates Phosphagenics' Transdermal Technology; US Court Tells Vivus To Start Acrux Trial; Living Cell 3 Months To NZ Xenotransplant Trial; Agenix Asks Investors To Find $1m
June 18, 2009
Editorial: Biotechs, The Law & Matters Of Principle; 2nd EU Orphan Status For Clinuvel; Antisense's ATL1101 Enhances Prostate Chemo; Novogen's Closed Phase III - Results In 6 Months; Wilson HTM Takes 9% Of Cathrx; Verva Completes $2m Funding
June 17, 2009
Cathrx Human Trial Of Irrigated Ablation Catheter; Virax Half-Way In HIV Trial; Farjoy Takes 15% Of Clover Corp; Immuron Plan To Raise $900k
June 16, 2009
Pharmaxis: Bronchitol Reduces Cystic Fibrosis Exacerbations; Ventracor Winding Up, Directors Go; Psivida Drug Useful For More Indications; US, Australian Patents For Cytopia Compounds; Cathrx Signs Corizon; Impedimed Wins UK Breast Cancer Clinic
June 15, 2009
Patrys Animal Trial Paves Way To Human Anti-Cancer Study; US Patent For Fluorotechnics, Office Move; Compumedics Germany Signs $300k Contracts
June 12, 2009
It's Over: Cephalon Takes Arana; Polartechnics Offers 3-For-2 Share Offer For Fermiscan; Viralytics $7.4m Note For Cavatak; QIC Quits Tyrian
June 11, 2009
Proof-Of-Concept For Biota's Human Rhinovirus Challenge; Chemgenex Drug Extends Patients' Lives, Mechanism Of Action; Fermiscan Appeals Inventor Case; Virax Licencee Transgene In FDA Phase III Trial
June 10, 2009
Biomd: Independent US Validation Of Adapt; Progen Board Spill; Biosignal CFO Robert Vickery Last To Leave; German Dispute Over For Genetic Technologies
June 9, 2009
CSL Quits Talecris, Cites US-FTC; FDA Requires Extra Peplin Phase III Trial; Chemgenex's Omacetaxine Effective For Multiple Resistant Leukemia, Kills Stem Cells
June 5, 2009
Cytopia Loses Novartis JAK3 Funding, Cuts 18 Staff; Fermiscan Loses Dr Veronica James Case, $1.4m Costs; $83m Federal Innovation Fund Opens; Linkage Grants
June 4, 2009
Pharmaxis Raises $47m; Acrux South Africa Ellavie Deal; Avexa Picks Low-Dose ATC For Phase III HIV Trial; Stemcells Inc Shuts Down Stem Cells Australia; Sirtex' Bruce Gray Rolls Board Dice, Again
June 3, 2009
Nanosonics Launches Trophon In Europe; Compumedics 'Grael' Wins Powerhouse Gong; Bone Loses M-D Troels Jordansen
June 2, 2009
Sirtex SIR-Spheres 'Significant Benefit' To Cancer Patients; Chemgenex: More Positive Omacetaxine Data; Biopharmica, Laing Screen For Floppy Baby Syndrome; Acrux: Rivals Woes Broker Reports Push Price 18%; Eastland Notes Raise $1.75m
June 1, 2009
Six Months Of Biotech Growth - BDI-20 Up 93%; Cepjalon Has 80% Of Arana; Immuron Hadasit, Placement EGM; Viralytics' $US6m Note Impacts Options Offer; Box Hill Bio-Skills Courses
May 29, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Dia-B Pallane Merge For '$100m' Viral Test Co; Bionomics Phase I BNC105 Cancer Trial 'Shows Safety, Some Efficacy'; US Pays CSL $230m For Novel H1N1 Vaccine; Australia Ups Relenza Stocks; Immuron Cuts US Costs
May 28, 2009
US FTC Stalls CSL-Talecris $US3.1bn Deal Five Months; Capital Group Takes 11% Of Cochlear; Biosignal Directors Lodge ASIC Complaint; Impedimed Raises $5m, $7m To Go; Pallane To Raise $12.5m For Diagnostic
May 27, 2009
US Army's $2m Takes Avita Through FDA; Chemgenex's $8.4m  Takes 5-Month Total To $104m; Benitec Shortfall Raises $37k; Biopharmica Wins $50k Melanoma Grant
May 26, 2009
Optiscan Sees Light At The End Of 2nd Gen Scope; Cytopia, CRC Identify Focal Adhesion Kinase Target; Benitec, CSIRO Appeal USPTO
May 25, 2009
US FTC Blocks $3.1bn CSL-Talecris Deal; Patrys Antibodies For Cancer Trial; Cogstate $1.9m Trial, Revenue Up; Biodiem Licences Flu Technology To WHO
May 22, 2009
Progen: The Sequel - Taiwanese Call Board Coup; Starpharma Raises $7.1m; Living Cell Cancels Raising; Prima EGM, Turnbulls And Alpha Securities; Fermiscan, Polartechnics Delay
May 21, 2009
Bionomics Anxiety Drug Approved For Human Trial; Biosignal Founder, CEO Prof Peter Steinberg Resigns; Sirtex Free of Dr Bruce Gray, UWA Case; Bioguide Brief: What Gray Case Means For Research
May 20, 2009
Cephalon Has 50.4% Of Arana, Wants 90%; NZ Patent For Biopharmica's Cortical Dynamics; Virax Raises $300k; Stirling's 2nd Priceless Independent Report - More ASX In Wonderland
May 19, 2009
Novogen Jumps 115% On Ex-Chair's Blog; Genera Raises $3m, Aust Ethical On-Board; Cephalon 1% From Taking Arana; Atcor Claims 70% Sales Growth
May 18, 2009
Peplin Non-Head Phase III Clears 67% Lesions; Progen's Nth American PI-88 Partner; Bioguide Brief: Verva, Small Holders And The Unlisted Space
May 15, 2009 
Verva Votes On QBF Control, $2m Raising, Directors; Universal Bio Signs New Deal With J&J's Lifescan; Sunshine Heart To Raise $5-8m
May 14, 2009
Mesoblast Claims Early Heart Failure Stem Cell Success; Optiscan Raises $500k, New Zeiss Deal, Board Changes; FDA Accepts Pharmaxis Aridol Application; Metabolic Appoints Laurent Fossaert Polynovo CEO; Stirling Adds AIDS To TB, Swine Flu Immunoxel 'Success'
May 13, 2009
Budget 2009 Surprise: Far More Than Expected; Budget Summary, Bioguide, Senator Carr, Ausbiotech, Bio-Melbourne; Becton Dickinson Tyrian TB Test Fee Funding; Nanosonics Submits FDA Application
May 12, 2009
Probiomics: Probiotic Bacteria 'Boosts Flu Vaccine'; Polartechnics Withdraws 10-Fold Sales Projection; Acrux: Analysts, Rivals Issues Pushed Price; Biosignal Appoints Tim Boyd Director
May 11, 2009
FDA Accepts Alchemia, Dr Reddy's Fondaparinux Application; Starpharma, Elanco Animal Health Deal; US BIO Backs Ausbiotech Call For Funds; Senator Abetz Urges Government To Keep Comet; China Pays Agenix $134k
May 8, 2009
Resmed Record Revenue In March Quarter; Prof Graham MacDonald Chairs Australian Stem Cell Centre

May 7, 2009
Editorial: Biotechs Beware - Vulture Capitalists Are Circling; Fed, Vic Governments Launch $1bn Cance Centre; Empire II - New Directors

May 6, 2009
Empire Strikes Back: Biosignal Directors' Cut; Goodnight Portland; Avexa CEO Dr Julian Chick Buys 595k Shares

May 5, 2009
Living Cell: '2 Of 7  Type 1 Diabetes Patients Insulin-Free'; USPTO Withdraws Benitec Objections; Benitec Raises $1.1m
May 4, 2009
Pharmaxis Bronchitol 'Improves Cystic Fibrosis Lung Function'; J&J's Tibotec Option On Avexa HIV Deal; Biota: GSK Ups Relenza Production; OBJ's Jeffrey Edwards Sells 1.5m Shares
May 1, 2009
April BDI-20, BDI-40 Up 18%, It's Safe To Go Back Into Biotech; CE Mark For Cathrx Catheter; Progen's Stephen Chang Sells 600k Shares; Pharmaust Cash-Flow Positive; Biomd Completes $860k Placement; Living Cell Loses Dr Robert Caspari
April 30, 2009
Avexa Rights Issue Oversubscribed, Raises $17m; CSL Develops Swine Flu Vaccine; IB Fund Up 21% In 9 Months; Phosphagenics' Better Acne Treatment; Editorial: Appendix 4Cs And The Real World
April 29, 2009
QRX Explains Dual Opioid's Lower Side Effects; Tissue Therapies: 'Outstanding' 2nd Toronto Patient Results; Stirling Immunoxel 'Good For Swine Flu As Well As TB'
April 28, 2009
Fermiscan v Inventor Prof Veronica James; Editorial: Who Breaks A Butterfly On A Wheel? Mesoblast Begins Cervical Spine Fusion; Biosignal Takes 3 Empire Directors For $120k; Prima 1 Month To Ovarian Cancer Trial
April 27, 2009
Bioguide: Big Pharma Wrong - Peplin A 5-Banger; Biota Jumps 90% On Swine Flu; Biota's Dr Jim Fox - Government Must Invest In Education; Progen Buy-Back Undersubscribed; Heartware Claims One Year 86% Survival; QIC Quits Chemgenex
April 24, 2009
Genetic Techno Trial Date Set; Orbis Up In Chemgenex, QIC Down; OBJ Director Dumps 5m Shares
April 23, 2009
Relenza Earns Biota $32m; Nasdaq Suspends Progen; US Patent For Xenome Pain Peptide; Polartechnics Signs East Euro Deals
April 22, 2009
Bionomics' BNC105 'Very Effective' For Throat Cancer; Progen EGM Backs Buy-Back; Circadian Compound Boosts Chemo In Mice; Neuren Cancer Co Price Halt


April 21, 2009
Hadassah Takes 19.9% Of Immuron For Antibody Work, Antibody Safe Status; Neuren Halt for 1320% Price Jump; Sunshine Heart Implants 1st Two Aorta Cuffs; Dr Paul MacLeman Exits Hatchtech For Genetic Technologies; Progen's Stephen Chang To Sell Shares; Chemgenex Rights Issue To Raise Up To $7.4m
April 20, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Blessing Polartechnics-Fermiscan Marriage; QRX Moxduo 'Fewer Side Effects Than Components'; Entrusting Metabolics' Board With Polynovo; Viralytics Ups Phase I Cancer Trial Dose; Novogen's NV-128 Stops Cancer Cell Differentiation; Progen Technology 'Inhibits Tumor Growth'
April 17, 2009
Polartechnics-Fermiscan Merger; Euro-Partner To Fund Chemgenex Flying Solo In US; Review Delays Living Cell NZ Diabetes Trial; Agenix: China Deal Back On Track Over Abyss; Neuren ASX Query; Avexa 39% Price Query; Fluorotechnics Raises $1.2m; Incitive $784k; Medical Therapies $700k
April 16, 2009
Stirling Claims '100% Success' Against TB; Neuren 420% Share Price Query; Prima 75% Share Price Query; Kinetic Under 5% Of Nanosonics; Acorn Takes 12% Of Starpharma
April 15, 2009
Novogen Closes Phase III Cancer Trial To Conserve Cash; Atcor Wins $1.2m Contracts; Acuvax Sells Resprotect Stake
April 14, 2009
Editorial: Why Is There Good News? Peplin Gel To Be 'Standard Of Care'; Japan OKs Cellestis In-Tube TB Test; Vivus Has 30 Days To Set Acrux Phase III Trial; Phylogica, Aegis Work On Intranasal Phylomers
April 9, 2009
Chemgenex Raises $10m; OK For Psivida Phase III Trial; FMR Under 5% Of CSL; Victoria Opens $153m Regenerative Medicine Unit
April 8, 2009
Genera HPV Test Equals Pap Smear; Living Cell: 'Pig Cells Safe In Primates'; Novogen's GLYC-101 'Effective For Wounds'; OMI 100% Revenue Growth; Telstra Super Takes 5% Of Metabolic
April 7, 2009
Bioguide: Prana And The Difference A PBT2 Deal Would Make; Starpharma Raises $4.6m; Entrust Takes Dr Tony Ward's 19.8% Of Metabolic
April 6, 2009
Living Cell Diabetes Patient 'Insulin Independent'; Universal Pleads Schultz To 62% Price Hike Query; Unilife Moves To Pennsylvania; Chemgenex Halt, Denies AFR Report
April 3, 2009
Incitive Licences Pineapple Stem Animal Health To Peptech; Dr Tony Moore Takes 19.8% Of Metabolic; Manufacturing Halts CBio Trial, $1.5m Raised; Evado Provides Staff With Trial Software
April 2, 2009
Crisis, What Crisis? 'Struggling' Biotechs Raise $370m-$500m; Study 'Validates' Prana Alzheimer's Strategy; Stem Cell Sells Assets for 2.65m Stemcells Shares; Avita Sales Up 72%; Incitive Raises $784k; Progen Shrugs Off Coups - Back To Work
April 1, 2009
March BDI-20 Up 20%; 4 Months Of Growth; Polartechnics 'Friendly Merger'; Cephalon Takes 23% Of Arana; Pharmaxis Completes 1st Phase III Dosing; Compumedics' $400k German Contract; Biomd Raises $426k; Solagran's Peter Stedwell Dies
March 31, 2009
Franklyn Brazil Quits Metabolic; Atcor's Sphygmocor 'Predicts Pre-Eclampsia'; Heartware's 1st Commercial Sales
March 30, 2009
Bioguide Brief: The Progen Prize Goes To .... Medigen? Dr Wolf Hanisch Appointed 3rd Director; Biota Partner Ready For Japanese Market; Mesoblast Raises $11m; Nanosonics Begins Sales; Bio-Melbourne's Call To Alms
March 27, 2009
Chemgenex Drug '4-10-Fold In Vitro Stem Cell Efficacy'; Taiwan Wins Progen-Cytopia EGM; Thoratec's Heartware Bid Delayed; Acorn Takes 8% Of Pharmaxis
March 26, 2009
Benitec, CSIRO Continue USPTO Fight; Prima's 2nd Euro Patent For CVac Ovarian Cancer Therapy; Uscom Takes Cardiac Monitor To China
March 25, 2009
Many An M&A Slip Between Arana's Cup, Cephalon's Lip; Biopharmica Characterizes Protein Expression; Copulos' $3m Healthlinx Line; Avexa rights Issue To Raise Up To $15m
March 24, 2009
Monash Uni, Synchrotron 'Solve' Cytopia's JAK1 Protein; Avexa Begins 16-Week Phase III HIV Analysis; Healthlinx Plan Raises $144k
March 23, 2009
Acuvax Hawaii Biotech Execs In Australian Roadshow; Neurodiscovery $540k US Deal; Optiscan Kills 2nd Hoya Deal; Progen's Post-Buy-Back Program
March 20, 2009
Novogen's NV-128 Kills Cancer Stem Cells In Vitro In 15 Mins; Avexa's Alan Boyd Resigns
March 19, 2009
Ventracor In Administration; Starpharma Completes Vivagel Longevity Study; Alchemia-SDP Deal; Ausbiotech: $83m 'Too Little Too Late'; Bio-Melbourne Network: '$83m Won't Go Far'; GBS Raises $122.5m; Acuvax Trial Enrolled
March 18, 2009
Federal $83m Innovation Fund; Ausbiotech Response; Editorial: A Pittance Is Better Than Nothing; Senator Eric Abetz Marks Labor's Card
March 17, 2009
Graeme Kaufman: Mesoblast A $1.65 Buy; Xceed Appoints Stephen Belben
March 16, 2009
Avexa: 87% Of Phase IIb HIV Patients 'In Good Health'; Cytopia's Andrew Macdonald: Progen Board Should Quit; Solagran Raises Ropren Drops Dose

March 13, 2009
Alchemia Heparin ANDA Filed To FDA; Psivida Eye Insert Safety Data; Tissue Therapies Wins Mel Bridges As Director; Nusep Suspended For Nxcen's Longer Lasting Listing
March 12, 2009
Ventracor Heart Pump Completes US Trial; Asset Selection Takes 5% Of Cytopia; Benitec Cancels CSIRO Talks; Biopharmica Wants Partner For New Cancer Drugs

March 11, 2009
Fortrend's $12m Puts Prima Back On Track; Bioguide Brief: Is That A Whiff Of Cash In The Air; Prana's PBT2 Repairs Mouse Synapse Damage; Hitachi Takes option On Fermiscan Test

March 10, 2009
Progen $40m Buy-Back Cuts Across Cytopia Plans; Most Progen Investors Don't Vote; Italian Study 'Confirms Fermiscan Test'; Solagran Contributors Forfeit $1.1m Shares
March 9, 2009
Progen Kills Avexa Deal; Bioguide Brief: Progen Cops A Kicking; Arana Phase II Meets Endpoint; Pakistan Buys 100 Polartech Cancer Consoles; Cathrx Cuts Costs
March 6, 2009
Peplin Gel Reduces 85% Of Head Lesions; Prima Renews CVac Treatment; Opes Prime May Get 40% Back - Or Not; Progen Pays For Proxies; Metabolic Loses Polynovo's Dr Ian Griffiths
March 5, 2009
Cytopia Injunction Over Progen-Avexa Merger; Avexa's Dr Julian Chick: 'We'll Do A Deal For ATC'; Hunter Hall Takes 30% Of Sirtex
March 4, 2009
Tissue Therapies' $1.8m 'Exceeeds Expectations'; Key Novosorb Patent; Neil Leggett Fraud Case Adjourned

March 3, 2009
Stemcells Inc Buys Stem Cells For $7m; Bioguide Brief: Stem Cell Sells All But Shell; KV's Woes Force Focus On Acrux; Halcygen Super-Generic Beats Original
March 2, 2009
BDI-40: Summer Shines On Biotech; Bioguide Brief: Arana And Under-10s Cricket; Arana Chair Robin Beaumont 'Very Disappointed'; Biota Loses Chair John Grant, Gains Dr James Fox; Pharmaxis Sends Aridol NDA To FDA
February 27, 2009
Cephalon Offers $329m For Arana; Stem Cell Centre Review; Cytopia Forces Progen-Avexa Delay; Ventracor Funds, TGA Talks, Suspended; Compumedics, Resonance H1 Profits Up; ITL, Pharmaust Losses
February 26, 2009
Acuvax, Hawaii Biotech West Nile Trial Safety; Stem Cell Suspended For Sale; Ellex Record H1 Revenue; Medical Developments, Cyclopharm Profits Up; Cathrx 1st Revenue
February 25, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Who Contributes To Solagran's Share Price?; Circadian, Healthscope $10m Peter Mac Diagnostic; Cogstate Maiden H1 Profit; Novogen Phase II Safe, Some Efficacy
February 24, 2009
Phosphagenics' TPM-Diclofenac '7x Voltaren'; FDA Points Bone In Right Direction; Polartechnics Share Plan
February 23, 2009
Acrux Phase II Contraceptive Trial Success; Healthlinx Anti-Fat Compound Works In Rats; Medical Therapies Wipes $1.1m Obligation
February 20, 2009
Fermiscan Buys Synchrotron Time; Cyclopharm US Sales Delayed; Heartware Lists On Nasdaq, Capital Structure; Solagran's 'Wrong' Email
February 19, 2009
Biomd $860k From A Revolutionary Cow Patch; Virax Partner's Lung Cancer Benefit; FDA Backs Medical Developments Penthrox For Vet Use; QRX Starts 2nd Dual-Opioid Trial; Cytopia Responds To Progen Meetings
February 18, 2009
RNAi Regenerates Genesis; Ventracor Regrets Deaths, Rebutts News Article; Progen Cites Obstacles To Single Merger Meeting; Polartechnics Expands Cerviscreen Use; CSL H1 Profit Up 44%; Biota's GSK H1 Profit
February 17, 2009
Suspended Gaol For Genetic Techno Brokers; IDT H1 Profit Up 9%; $50k Victoria Prize
February 16, 2009
Thoratec Buys Heartware For $429m; Bioguide Brief: Deal Hurts Ventracor; Cellestis Record H1 Profit, Dividend; Universal Bio 'Improvement Delays Launch'; Labtech's H1 Profit; Dr Stewart Washer Resonance Chair
February 13, 2009
Agenix Revives Thromboview; Novogen Tightens Belt; GSK Ups Biota Royalty
February 12, 2009
CD 200; Biotron Reduces HIV By 99%; Ventracor Completes Enrolment; Pallane Lists Through Dia-B For Virology; Solagran Blames Investors For Price Fall
February 11, 2009
Living Cell Pig Cells 'Clear Benefit' In 5 Of 6 Patients; Avexa Rebutts Cytopia's Progen Claims; GSK Boosts Biota's Japan Stocks
February 10, 2009
GBS's Dr Joshua Funder Details Funding; Ventracor Cable Failure, Suspension; Cochlear Record H1 Profit; Viralytics Starts Head, Neck Cancer Trial
February 9, 2009
Benitec HIV Therapy 'Promising'; Uscom 'Standard Of Paediatric Care'; Cytopia Turns Up Heat On Progen; Solagran's Denis Kilroy Resigns
February 6, 2009
Bioguide Brief: Progen's Wedding Choices; Resmed Record H1 Profit; Ventracor Product Trading Halt
February 5, 2009
Ausbiotech - Federal Package 'Overlooks Biotech'; Bionomics Raises $4m; Progen, Avexa Cytopia; Biodiem's Dr Andrew O'Brien Goes
February 4, 2009
Editorial: $42bn Federal Package - Nothing For Biotech; Victoria Grant Brings Brains Back; Barclays Quits CSL
February 3, 2009
Ludwig Links Inflammation To Colon Cancer, New Targets; TGA Approves Nanosonics' Trophon; Monash Malaria Discovery
February 2, 2009
BDI-40 - Life Signs Return To Life Sciences; Peplin Up 71%, Cytopia FAlls 40%; Tissue Therapies Reduces Diabetic Ulcer 29%; 1st Australian Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells; Acrux Axes Fentanyl, Evamist KV's Silver Lining; Ausbiotech Calls For Stimulus
January 30, 2009
Federal (PISG) Report: Drugs 2nd Largest Manufactured Export - Industry Endangered By Inertia; Editorial: A Once In An Economic Lifetime Opportunity; UK Relenza Order Earns Biota $18m; Euro Sales For Heartware Pump; Avita H1 Income Up 672% To $1.3m
January 29, 2009
Clinuvel FDA Trial 'Landmark Event'; Progen Chooses Avexa Over Cytopia; AVexa Loses CFO Alan Boyd; Ventracor '79% Success'; Pharmaxis Revenue Up 60%; Cathrx Applies For Stylus CE Mark; Sirtex Profit Up 627% To $16m
January 28, 2009
Cytopia's Uncapped Bid For Progen; Bioguide Brief: Cytopia A Better Partner; Cogstate Cashflow Positive; QRX Knee Pain Trial
January 27, 2009
Biopharmica Sheds CEO Dr Peter King, Directors' Fees, Diagnostic Needs Commercial Partner; Editorial: 'Federal Labor Shockingly Short-Sighted'
January 23, 2009
Progen Backs Avexa Merger, Details Unlikely Alternatives; Agenix Ex-CEO Neil Leggett Charged With Fraud
January 22, 2009
Virax $934k Share Plan To Avoid Crisis; Uscom Sells 39 Monitors In Month; FMR, Fidelity Sell Down CSL
January 21, 2009
Clinuvel: 'Positive' Phase III Results; Neuren Continues With Trust; Atcor 76% Sales Surge
January 20, 2009
Mesoblast Cells In 1st Osteoarthritis Trial; FDA Orphan Status For Chemgenex Drug; Halcygen Completes 3rd US Fungal Trial
January 19, 2009
Tissue Therapies Up 42% On Trial Results
January 16, 2009
Neuren Phase III Trial Fails; Agenix Deal Delayed; Peplin Phase IIb 'Positive Results'; Progen Coup Group Fails; Ventracor Coup Group; ASIC Charges Select's Dr Martin Soust
January 2, 2009
BDI-40 Up 3.0%, ASX200 Down 0.6%; Polartechnics Up 91%
December 22, 2008
Progen-Avexa Merger Special Edition
December 19, 2008
Bioguide Brief: Metabolic Polynovo; Viralytics Evatak Active Against Gut Cancer In Mice
December 18, 2008
Summer Holiday Editorial; Bioguide Brief: Fair Value IPOs, Cellscreen; Metabolic Takes 60% Of Polynovo; Polartechnics Healthscope Deal
December 17, 2008
Peplin's Tom Wiggans: This Isn't Cancer Anymore, Toto; ASIC Charges GTG's Geof Newing; Bionomics Anxiolytic Safe In Mice, Dogs; Starpharma- 'Dendrimer Reduces Cancer Drug Toxicity'
December 16, 2008
Peplin Phase III Enrolment Full; France Funds Avita Recell Trial; QRX Begins Moxduoir Pain Trial
December 15, 2008
Genetic's Dr Mervyn Jacobson Faces 319 Charges; J&J Boosts Universal's Output; Elanco Submits Acrux Animal Treatment To US Regulator
December 12, 2008
Genetic Tech's Dr Mervyn Jacobson Charged, Resigns; Viralytics Cavatak Kills Human Brain Tumors In Mice; Oregon Backs Cytopia For Bone Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis; Cellscreen's $12m Tampap HPV IPO
December 11, 2008
Investors Shun Ventracor, Cash To March; Arana Begins ART621 Rheumatoid Arthritis Trial; CSL Details $270m R&D Pipeline; Healthlinx 10-year UK Deal
December 10, 2008
Agenix Settles China Deal; Polartechnics Renews Truscreen Supplies to Inda, China; Biomerieux Launches Previ Isola With Labtech's Microstreak
December 9, 2008
Chemgenex CML '80% Complete Blood Response'; Viralytics 4th Trial Test Cavatak In Head, Neck Cancers
December 8, 2008
Healthlinx: New Cancer Marker, 2nd Test '98% Accurate'; Gene-Marking Seen In Benitec HIV RNAi Trial; Phosphagenics Delivers Transdermal Lidocaine
December 5, 2008
Progen v Coup Group: Round 2, Jan 9; Heartware Completes Euro-Enrolment, Awaits CE Mark; Biodiem 'Flu Vaccine 'May Control Pandemics'
December 4, 2008
US Race Study Backs Atcor; Starpharma Drug Active Against All Major HPVs
December 3, 2008
Ventracor FDA Market Application, Cash Update; Portland In Administration; Patrys Trials Safe From 3rd Party Cuts
December 2, 2008
Genetic Technologies Frees Breast, Ovarian Cancer Tests; Bioguide: GTG & Corporate Philanthropy; Novogen's NV-128 'Active' Against Cancer Stem Cells, Triphendiol IND to FDA
December 1, 2008
BDI-40: Close To The Bone; Bob Moses: 'Keep Progen's Cash In Biotech'; Dr Merilyn Sleigh Joins Tyrian
November 28, 2008
Huntington's A 2nd Target For Prana's PBT2; Biota Appoints Richard Hill Director; Biodiem Paid 6th $US1m 'Flu Milestone
November 27, 2008
Metabolic AGM Scuppers Polynovo Deal; Arana Earns CSL Payment
November 26, 2008
Anadis Cow Colostrum 'Flu Data; Arana Starts Phase II Rheumatoid Arthritis Trial; Unilife Appoints Senior Staff
November 25, 2008
Clinuvel Bioguide: Drug To Cosmetic And Back; China Deal Boosts Polartechnics Revenue 10-Fold; Bioprospect Chairman Jumps Before Solagran Pushes
November 24, 2008
Progen: M&A Or Wind-Up; Phylogica Acquires Dynamic Microbials; Avexa Recruits Phase III HIV 1st Arm
November 21, 2008
Progen, Medigen, $70m Cash & The $2m Milestone; Optiscan In Prostate Surgery; FDA Clears Sunshine Heart Trial
November 20, 2008
Stem Cell's 'Significant' Pfizer Deal; Benitec Loses Staff; Heartware Implants 2nd Heart Pump
November 19, 2008
Dr Mervyn Jacobson Redirects Genetic Technologies; Cathrx Starts Australian Trial; Lab Data Backs Neurodiscovery Pain Drug
November 18, 2008
Victoria Gov Funds Zebrafish Unit; Prana PBT1 Blocks Anaesthetic Patholgy In Mice; NSW Breast Cancer Institute Adopts Impedimed's L-Dex
November 17, 2008
Biota Phase III Lani Trials Ready; Cytopia Doses 1st Brain Cancer Patient; Medical Therapies Offers 4c Share Plan
November 14, 2008
Bioguide Brief: Progen's Beerworth Review On The Money; Progen Coup Group Wins EGM; Stem Cell Wins Euro-Patent Appeal
November 13, 2008
Progen To Return $30m To Investors; 5 Patrys Products Show Cancer Potential
November 12, 2008
Polish Study: Polartechnics' Superior Cervical Cancer Test; Phosphagenics, Acrux Trial NSAIDs; Stem Cell $1.1m Licence
November 11, 2008
Canada Approves Tissue Therapies Trial, WA Patients Improve; Ausbiotech Broadsides Federal Government; Progen Coup Group's Demands
November 10, 2008
Progen Investors Narrowly Miss Coup Meeting; Ellex Laser 'Safe, Effective' For Diabetic Macular Oedema
November 7, 2008
Biotech Daily Is Three; Division At Living Cell AGM; OMI Raises $503k
November 6, 2008
FDA Extends Ventracor Trial, Revenue 'A Record'; Arana Loses CEO Dr John Chiplin
November 5, 2008
Ventracor Implants 100th Euro Patient, Cannula CE Mark; Mesoblast Phase I/II Bone Marrow Trial
November 4, 2008
Pharmaust, Curtin Univ Of Technology Collaborate On Diabetes
November 3, 2008
Gloomy October: Living Cell Up 16%, Optiscan Down 67%; Adieu Apollo; FDA OK For Arana Trial
October 31, 2008
Genetic Technologies Fixes Cancer Test Prices; Giaconda Loses $40m Hope
October 30, 2008
Most Alchemia Projects On Hold; White Knight Saves Norwood Abbey
October 29, 2008
Novogen's Phenoxodiol, N128 Cancer Synergies; Biota Board Decision-Making Questioned; Advanced Surgical's 1st European Use
October 28, 2008
Alchemia Slashes 60% Of Staff; Prof Trounson's $US3bn Stem Cell Institute; Living Cell '3-5 Years To Market'; Ventracor Tightens Belts
October 27, 2008
Ventracor Bioguide: A Heart Beat Away; Stem Cell's Embryo-Free Pluripotent Cells; AusBiotech Conference Opens
October 24, 2008
Biota Chair John Grant Late Mind-Change On Vote; Hunter Hall Takes 12% Of Biota; Bioprospect Resists Solagran Coup; Fluorotechnics Raises $8m
October 23, 2008
Benitec 'Very Encouraged' By RNAi HIV Trial; Genetic Technologies' Cancer Tests Challenged; FDA Approves Alchemia Phase III Cancer Trial

October 22, 2008
Grahame Leonard Upsets Genetic Techno Spill Bid; Exclusive: Dr Mervyn Jacobson Explains; Anadis Studies Biogard For HIV

October 21, 2008
Living Cell Jumps 64% On NZ Xenotransplant Trial; US Patent For Alchemia
October 20, 2008
Fed Gov Releases Pharmaceutical Industry Report; Tissue Therapies Claims 'Exceptional' Results
October 17, 2008
Incitive Meets Rough End Of Biotech Pineapple; Cyclopharm Rights Issue For $3.2m
October 16, 2008

FDA Clears Impedimed’s L-DEX U400; Paul Keating In Brain Election; Optiscan Falls 39% 

October 15, 2008
Antisense ATL1101 Suppresses Human Prostate Tumors In Mice; Genera Claims Superior HPV Test; Bioguide: Chemgenex' Pacific Gulf
October 14, 2008
Imclone Names Cancer Candidate From Circadian Target; IDT's Geoffrey Lord Buys His 2.5m 'Lost' Shares
October 13, 2008
Mesoblast Up 20% On Cardiac Trial Data; US 2nd Request To CSL On Talecris; Chemgenex Plan Raises $128k
October 10, 2008
Immugene Vaccine Protects Pigs; IM Medical Takes Heart Test To Mines
October 9, 2008
Biomd Implants 10th Bovine Heart Patch; Arana Appoints Gordon Black; Buys Back Shares
October 8, 2008
Stem Cell Licences Cambridge Technology; Ausbiotech Conference; Brainz Shuts Down
October 7, 2008
Halcygen 1/2 Dose Super Generic Matches Sporanox; Agenix Notes, Placement To Raise $800k
October 6, 2008
Nathan Drona Chairs Avexa; Impedimed's US Awareness Campaign
October 3, 2008
Impedimed Supplies US Lifestyle Co; Pharmaxis Takes 12 Abstracts To Berlin Meeting; Solagran Tightens Control Of Bioprospect
October 2, 2008
Bioguide: Phosphagenics' Very Deep Vitamin E Pipeline; Arana Superhumanizes Circadian's VEFG-D Antibody; Psivida Medidur Results 'Very Encouraging'
October 1, 2008
Grey September: Biotechs Down, Sunshine Up 80%; Pharmaxis Files Bronchitol Marketing Application; Synchrotron Rapid Access
September 30, 2008
Arana Files Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug IND; Advanced Ocular Sells Patents For $US2m; Neurodiscovery Part-Time CEO Starts On $203k
September 29, 2008
Alchemia Cancer Drug IND To FDA; Biota's Peter Molloy Appointed Viralytics Director
September 26, 2008
Norwood Immunology's Stem Cell Strategy; Review Backs Psivida Phase III Trial
September 25, 2008
Cochlear Fights Union; Sunshine Wins FDA Rebate; Xenome Begins Pain Trial
September 24, 2008
ASX Queries Director's Statements; AGM Votes On New Sunshine Chairman's 2m Options
September 23, 2008
Phosphagenics Starts Phase I Lidocaine Trial; Heartware Meets FDA Conditions; Clinuvel Begins 5th CUV1647 Trial
September 22, 2008
Vale Jeff Wassetheil
Genetic Tech Board: Sack The CEO, We Walk; Police Investigate Bioprospect's Snr Sgt Tony Langdon
September 19, 2008
Editorial: Friends Of Mervyn & The Perils Of Owner-Drivers; Anadis, Tatura Milk Collaborate On Export
September 18, 2008
Dr Mervyn Jacobson Spills Genetic Technologies' Board; Biopharmica WAIMR Develop Cancer Drug; Fed Gov $60m Bio-Venture Capitalism
September 17, 2008
Cathrx Sells 1st Product; Chemgenex Raises $13m; Virax Partner Posts Positive Cancer Data
September 16, 2008
Agenix Sues Leggets For $4m; Immune Data Backs Biodiem's LAIV For 'Flu; Bionomics BNC105 Shows Anti-Tumor Activity
September 15, 2008
Agenix Alleges 'Breach Of Duty' Against ex-CEO Neil Leggett; China Grants Labtech Patent; Norwood Reformation
September 12, 2008
Virax Hit By Roche-Transgene Delay; Agenix Director In 'Impropriety' Case; Sunshine Heart Trial Approved
September 11, 2008
Viralytics 'Encouraged' By 2 Cavatak Studies; Eastland Expects Good Malaria Results
September 10, 2008
Biolayer, Prince Of Wales Collaborate On Neuro-Diagnostics; Bioguide Brief: Starpharma; Ellex German Sales
September 9, 2008
Cutler Innovation Review; Starpharma Up 60% On $100m Condom Deal; Peplin Starts Phase III
September 8, 2008
Nasdaq Sends Progen 'Deficiency Notice'; Merrill Lynch Takes 5.5% of Arana; Australian Stem Cell Centre Interim Board
September 5, 2008
Polartechnics, Genera, Healthscope Partner On HPV; Aust Stem Cell Centre Loses Board; Solagran Down 32% On Info Night
September 4, 2008
Phylogica, Cambridge Partner on Cancer; Anadis Develops HIV Therapy; Fluorotechnics IPO
September 3, 2008
Tissue Therapies Trial Shows 'Marked Improvement'; Israel Approves Anadis Trial; Spinifex Raises $12m
September 2, 2008
Stem Cell: 'World 1st True Rat Embryonic Cells'; Bioguide - Mergers; Ventracor's Peter Crosby On The Roadshow
September 1, 2008
Bio-Spring: BDI-20 Up 14.3%, Big Caps Up 29%; Bionomics Reduces Anxiety In 3 Species; FDA Okays Cytopia Trial
August 29, 2008
Agenix Requests 'Up To 2 Months' Suspension; Medical Therapies Sets Out Program
August 28, 2008
Ventracor Revenue Up 163% To $20m; Arana Completes Psoriasis Recruitment
August 27, 2008
Phylogica Improves Potency, Duration; Neuren Divests Cancer Program
August 26, 2008
Neurodiscovery Drug 'Effective In Pain Relief'; Avexa Takes Greater Control of ATC
August 25, 2008
Prima To Meet FDA For Cancer Drug; Cellestis $2.25m Maiden Profit

August 22, 2008
If Marc Sinatra Was King Of Circadian

August 21, 2008
Mesoblast Benefits From FDA Spinal Fusion Warning; Heartware Implants 1st US Pump
August 20, 2008
Anadis Spray 'Switches-Off' Flu Virus Replication; Pharmaxis Bronchitol 'Safe' At 12 Months
August 19, 2008
Peplin Appoints Tom Wiggans CEO, Raises $24m; Uscom Boosts Transplant Organs 15%
August 18, 2008
Dr Ian Nisbet Reforms Xenome For 2009 IPO; Bioguide Brief: Acrux
August 15, 2008
Schering-Plough Halts Two Acrux programs; IDT Profit Up 30% to $7m
August 14, 2008
Acrux Orion Alliance; Polartechnics Truscreen Demand Up, Results Better, US Interest
August 13, 2008
CSL Buys Talecris Plasma For $3.1b, Profit Up 30% To $702m; Starpharma Trials Vivagel's Antiviral Retention
August 12, 2008
Bronchitol Improves Cystic Fibrosis Lung Function; Acrux Expands KV Deal; Mesoblast Grows Cartilage In Sheep
August 11, 2008
Tissue Therapies Treats 1st Patient; Biota Challenges Common Cold
August 8, 2008
Sth Africa Approves Virax HIV Vaccine Trial; NZ Patent For Benitec RNA
August 7, 2008
CEO Interview: Bionomics' Dr Deborah Rathjen; Biotron Begins Hep C Human Trials
August 6, 2008
Monash Opens $11m Monoclonal Antibody Facility; Mesoblast Claims Long Bone Stem Cell Success
August 5, 2008
FDA Backs QRX Phase III Plan; Antisense: ATL1102 Different From Tysabri; Comment
August 4, 2008
Antisense In Tysabri Trading Halt; Journal Backs Uscom For Paediatrics

August 1, 2008
July BDI-20 Beats All Ords, Again: Heartware Up 54%, Progen Down 55%

July 30, 2008
Lancet Publishes Prana Alzheimer's Efficacy Data; Impedimed Sales up 109%

July 29, 2008
Avantogen Wants Funds For Hawaii; Clinuvel's 1st US Approval

July 28, 2008
Agenix China's Heads To Roll

July 24, 2008
Cytopia Bioguide - Flying Under The Radar; Biota's Relenza Royalties Tumble; Landlord Shanghais Agenix

July 23, 2008
Progen Halts Phase III Cancer Trial; Bioguide Brief; Antisense Competitor Triples Sales; Bionics Conference, Bionic Eye Development

July 22, 2008
Living Cell: 'Benefit In All Type 1 Diabetes Patients; Anadis Renews Tel Aviv IBD Trial

July 21, 2008
Biota Loses GSK Court Gamble; Bioguide Brief; Advanced Surgical Device Used in Cardiac Surgery

July 18, 2008
Metabolic Becomes Polynovo With $18m Cash; Editorial: A Marriage Made In Bio-Heaven

July 17, 2008
Astrazeneca's Medimmune Evaluates Norwwod Vaccine; Viralytics New Directions; Prana Big In Chicago

July 15, 2008
Proteome Halts Prostate Ca Test; Circadian Takes 100% of Vegenics

July 11, 2008
Genetic Techno Enforces Breast, Ovarian Ca Test Rights

July 10, 2008
Graeme Kaufman: $400m Fund Delayed, But Still Bullish; Mesoblast Stem Cells for Eye Disease

July 9, 2008
Tissue Therapies To Start Perth Trial; Starpharma's Vivagel for Vaginosis
July 8, 2008
Giaconda Halts Hep C Trial
July 7, 2008
Hunter Immunology Applies for FDA Phase III COPD Trial; Psivida Starts Phase IIb Pancreatic Ca Trial

July 3, 2008
Avita Close To China Registration; Medical Therapies Buys Midkine Assets

July 2, 2008
Progen Spins Out Pharmasynth; TGA Approves Safety Medical Pen Cap 

July 1, 2008
June BDI-20 Beats All Ords; Chemgenex Submits Non-Clinical NDA; Sanofi-Aventis Pays $16m For Unilife Syringe


June 30, 2008
Antisense, Teva Positive Phase II MS Data; Neuren Expects Results Early; Bioguide Briefs - Neuren, Antisense; Biolayer Parkinson's Test; Avexa Has 12 Months Cash
June 27, 2008
Biopharmica Screening Yields 43 HLS5 Cancer Leads; Intersuisse Fund Takes 4% Of Sunshine Heart; Psivida Medidur Efficacy, Safety Data; FMR, Fidelity Drop 3% In Cochlear
June 26, 2008
Living Cell Awaits NZ Xenotransplant Approval; Karmelsonix To Market Through Pharmacies
June 25, 2008
Living Cell Shows Pig Insulin In Patient's Blood; Peplin Doses 1st AK Patient; Fermiscan Claims 84% Accuracy In Breast Cancer Hair Test; Nanosonics' TGA Application; Goodbye Clinical Cell, G'Day Avita
June 24, 2008
Opposition, Industry Protest Axing Commercial Ready; Acrux Begins Phase III Testosterone Trial; Viralytics Completes Phase I Cancer Dosing
June 23, 2008
Alchemia's Synthetic Heparin Delayed; Novogen Licences Patent To Spanish Fleet; Apollo Board Spill Call; Compumedics Chairman David Burton To Sell Down
June 20, 2008
FDA Approves Pharmaxis' Phase III Bronchiectasis Trial; Metabolic Shuts Programs, Looks For Acquisitions; Acrux Ross Dobinson Buys Opes Prime Shares; Genera Supplies Gribbles HPV Test; IM Medical Loses CEO Tommas Bonvino
June 19, 2008
Bionomics' Multiple $50m Merck MS Deals; NSW, Vic Back Stem Cell Research With $550k; Vic-Calif Stem Cell Alliance; Bone Licences Osteoporosis Product To Korea's Hyundi; Optiscan Appoints Dr Jim Fox Director
June 18, 2008
Victoria Buys $100m Bio-Supercomputer; Stem Cell Licences Green Fluorescent Protein Technology; Apollo Sells Protein Reagents
June 17, 2008
Chemgenex Efficacy In 2nd Leukemia Indication; Vic-NZ $30m Fund; Pharmaxis Bronchitol Compassionate Use; Optiscan Raises $3m; FDA Allows Halcygen IND Application
June 16, 2008
Howard Florey Imaging Detects Early Huntington's; Cellestis Expects $2m Maiden Profit; Medical Therapies EGM Backs Midkine, CEO Options; Fermiscan Buys Sydney Breast Clinic
June 13, 2008
Boss Interview: Mesoblast's Prof Silviu Itescu; Bioguide - Circadian Changes Its Rhythm; Agenix Sends Thromboview To US; Kinetic Takes 5% Of Nanosonics
June 12, 2008
Impedimed: Bioimpedance Best Lymphoedema Tool; Pharmaxis Completes 12-Month Safety Extension; Peter Mac Shows Denosumab Improves Giant Cell Tumors; Rockeby Hangover Pills For China
June 11, 2008
Circadian Becomes VEGF Cancer Drug Company; Halcygen Anti-Fungal May Have Anti-Tumor Action; Ethics OK For Clinuvel Phase II Trial; Genera Falls In 1st Day Trade; Sunshine Heart Raises $5.4m
June 10, 2008
Peplin Halts US IPO, Buys $7m Neosil, Prepares Phase III Trial; Chemgenex Buys Omacetaxine's Euro-IP; Data Committee Clears Novogen Phase III Ovarian Cancer Trial
June 6, 2008
Benitec Detects RNAi Markers In HIV Patients' Blood; EGM Backs Clincial Share Consolidation, Name Change; Psivida Votes For US Move; Pharmaust EGM To Sell Commonwealth Biotechnologies
June 5, 2008
FDA Clears Mesoblast, Angioblast Phase II Cardiac Trial; Living Cell Adds Higher Dose To Diabetes Trial; Arana Completes 2nd CSL Project
June 4, 2008
Starpharma Bioguide: Much More Than Vivagel; Avexa, Targetdrug Develop Hep C Drug; Avita Breathes Life Into Clinical Cell; Atcor's $1.15m Contract; Prima EGM Backs New Board; Nanosonics Appoints David Radford CEO
June 3, 2008
Sirtex Sir-Spheres Study 'Confirms Benefit'; More Chemgenex Phase II/III Trial Data; Biosignal Raises $400k; Living Cell 1st NZ Company On OTCQX; Gun Leo Khouri Take 14% Of Bioprospect
June 2, 2008
May Top 40 Down 1.2%, Heartware Up 39%; Biosignal Tests Anti-Microbial On Crops; Prima Hits The Road For CVac
May 30, 2008
Bioguide Update - Progen; Karmelsonix Sells 1st Australian Pulmotracks; Progen Compounds 'Inhibit Cancer Target In Vitro'
May 29, 2008
Federal Government Rejects Ausbiotech Call To Reinstate Commercial Ready Grants
May 28, 2008
Proteome, Agilent High-Tech Contra Deal; Fermiscan Pays $5.5m For Sydney Breast Clinic; CBio, Novo Nordisk Deal; Biota, GSK Trial Postponed; Agenix Co Sec Neil Leggett Replaced
May 27, 2008
Neuren Cash Burn Query, US Army Funds 'Confirmed'; Bone Appoints Leif Jensen Chairman
May 26, 2008
CSL's Dr Brian McNamee Heads Industry Review; Biolayer Replaces CEO; Bio-Melbourne Appoints Michelle Gallaher CEO; Copulos Takes 19% Of Healthlinx
May 23, 2008
Heartware Raises $30m: Underwriter Halts Benitec $5.1m Rights Issue; Brainz Cash Burn Review; Bell IXL Takes 9% Of Life Therapeutics, Board Spill
May 22, 2008
Stem Cell's Inhibitor Media For Purer Cells; Portland Meeting To Raise $8m; QRX Selects 12mg Morphine, 8mg Oxycodone Dose; Eastland Takes 78% Of Star Medical; ANZ Down To 18% Opes Prime's Bioprospect, 42% Solagran
May 21, 2008
Editorial: Taxation, Investment And Biotechnology; Starpharma Dendrimers 'Not Carbon Nanotubes'; Brazil Approves Cyclopharm's Technegas; 2nd US Patent For Advanced Surgical; Prana Places $7m; Genera IPO Oversubscribed
May 20, 2008
Evado's Safe, Cheap Clinical Trial Software; Study Backs Atcor Central BP Test; Victoria: 'Funding Attracts Researchers, Boosts Economy'; Euro-Patent For Viralytics Anti-Cancer Virus
May 19, 2008
FDA Clarifies Bone's Pivotal Osteoporosis Trial; Germany Approves Pharmaxis' Aridol Test; Progen Denies; EG Capital Silent On ASIC Raid; Novogen Triphendiol Tumor Trial; Ventracor CEO Peter Crosby Contract Extended
May 16, 2008
Pfizer's Doors Open To Australian Biotech; Heartware Moves Back To US; Benitec To Raise $5.1m; Healthlinx Raises $511k; Ritract Reinstated
May 15, 2008
Neuron Phase III Glypromate Trial 'On-Track'; Progen Tests Polyamine Analog For Cancer; Pandemic Stockpiles Need Relenza - Resarchers; Uscom Monitors For Birmingham ICU
May 14, 2008
Budget 2008: Little Joy For Biotech, For Now; Prima On Road To Recovery; Brazil's Circadian Route To 15% Of Metabolic Via Edward St; Stem Cell US Purity Patent; Halcygen Files Ant-Fungal IND