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May 2, 2016

April BDI-40 Up 1%, ASX200 Up 3%, Big Caps Up 2.5%

Tissue Therapies Up 57%, Prana 32%; Neuren Down 28%, Airxpanders 22%

Pro Medicus Promoted Into BDI-20



May 12, 2016
Federal Government Call For Submissions On $20b MRFF; Europe Confirms CSL’s Idelvion For Haemophilia B; Antisense FDA Orphan Status For ATL1103 For Acromegaly; Scott Schorer To ‘Reboot’ GI Dynamics; Credit Suisse, JP Morgan Chase Mesoblast Substantial Notices
Draximage Deal Off, Cyclopharm Funds US Technegas Trial; Cellmid Symposium Leads To ‘Adaptive Pathway’; Medical Developments: ‘FDA Workload Delays Penthrox’; Cyclopharm Avoids 2nd Strike, 6% Oppose Chair Vanda Gould; Dicks Sporting Goods To Trial Rhinomed Turbine Plugs; Europe Approves MGC Cannabinoid Cosmetics; M&G Reduces To 10% Of GI Dynamics, Takes $3m-$6m Loss; Volpara Directors Hold 36%; United Overseas Venture Takes 5% Of Mach7 
May 10, 2016
Mesoblast Q3 Revenue Down 2%, Celgene Option Expiry; Aviragen Q1 Biota Royalties Revenue Down 10% To $7m; Up To 15% Of Unilife Votes Oppose 10-To-1 Consolidation; Qbid To Distribute Immuron Travelan, Protectyn In China; GI Dynamics Cuts Costs, Staff By Further 30%; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns 7% Of Impedimed; GI Dynamics Appoints Brian Callahan Chief Compliance Officer; Adherium Appoints Mark Licciardo Joint Company Secretary
May 9, 2016
Avita: ‘Renovacell, Needling Restore Scar Pigment’; Roadshow; Cynata: ‘$40m Apceth Cymerus Licence Option’; Antisense Doses 3 Of 4 Acromegaly Patients, Extends Trial; Osprey Data Analysis: ‘Avert Reduces Dye, Kidney Injury’; Unilife Discovers Previous Chairman, CEO ‘Violations’; GI Dynamics Endobarrier With Liraglutide Best For HbA1C; Canopy Takes 15% Of Auscann En Route To TW Backdoor; Prana Receives $6.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; LBT Appoints Brent Barnes CEO Replacing Lusia Guthrie 
May 6, 2016
Federal Government $163m For 258 Arc Projects; Dimerix Shares $499k ARC Grant With Perkins Institute, UWA; OBJ Delivers 200k Skin Care Devices To Proctor & Gamble; Avita Recell ‘Reduces Long-Term Scarring And Itching’; Ellex: ‘Data Backs Ab Interno Canaloplasty For Glaucoma’; Waisman Manufactures Cynata CYP-001 For GvHD Trial; Mach7 Signs $650k Deal With Unnamed US Radiology Group; Acorn Takes 7.5% Of Factor Therapeutics (Tissue Therapies); Narelle, Andrew Fay Take 10% Of Medical Australia; Simavita Loses Director Craig Holland
May 5, 2016
Redhill Roadshow To Deepen Australian Connection; Eliminate Dengue: ‘Wolbachia Reduces Zika’; Starpharma: ‘Vivagel Active Against Zika Virus’; Somnomed Raises $4m, $6.5m To Go; Heartware Q1 Revenue Down 21% To $74m; Gordagen: US Study ‘Ne1-Elite Muscle Recovery Efficacy’; Opthea Doses First Phase IIa Opt-302 AMD Patient; Goodbye Tissue Therapies, Welcome Factor Therapeutics; Lang Walker Group Takes 17% Of Medical Australia; Pt Dwi Satrya Utama Takes 5% Of Mach7; GI Dynamics Appoints Jim Murphy CFO
May 4, 2016
Early Investor Tax Break, Venture Capital Pass Senate; Avcal Details Early Stage Investor, Venture Capital Changes; Research Australia: Budget Cuts To ARC, CRCs, MRFF; Comment: Biotech Daily, ALP Opposition, Melbourne University; MGC Raises $5m, Rights Offer For More; St Vincent’s Approves Orthocell Celgro Hip Trial; Airxpanders 1m Directors Options, Election AGM - Greg Lichtwardt, Zita Peach In; Albert Cha, Brigitte Smith Out; Pharmaxis Sells 1,103 Unmarketable Parcels; Genetic Technologies Rings The Nasdaq Bell, Again
No Obvious Changes To Biotech, Innovation; 45% R&D Tax Incentive – Apparently Unchanged; NHMRC, ARC Grants – Undisclosed; Small To Medium Business Tax Cuts; Potential Cuts To Entrepreneurs, CRC Programs 
May 3, 2016
Avexa’s Tali ‘Effective For Attention Training In Children’; Somnomed Underwritten Rights Issue To Raise $10.5m; Europe Grants Psivida’s Medidur Orphan Status; Polynovo Principal Investigators Meet For US BTM Burn Study; Founder Harry Rosen Below 5% Of Phosphagenics; Biotech Daily Policy On Mega-Day-Traders; IDT Opens New Adelaide CMax Trials Facility; Novogen To Close Yale Joint Venture Cantx; Recce Prepares Recce-327 Antibiotic For FDA Trial Process; A-Bio Demands Nusep Pay $4.6m, Prime Negotiations Continue; Daniel Moore Replaces GI Dynamics Chairman Jack Meyer; Optiscan Board: Alan Hoffman, Peter Francis, Dr Ian Griffiths
May 2, 2016
April BDI-40 Up 1%, ASX200 Up 3%, Big Caps Up 2.5% - Tissue Therapies Up 57%, Prana 32%; Neuren Down 28%, Airxpanders 22%; MCRI, Curve Offer Two $25k Bytes-4-Health Start Up Grants, Places; Mach7 Raises $2.5m; Japan Patent For Prima’s Lag-3; Japan Patent For Cynata Mesenchymal Stem Cells; Orthocell Receives $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Neuren Has Two Quarters Cash, $3m More Coming; Goldman Sachs Borrows, Buys To 5% Of Sirtex; Peter Corr, Inov8 Take 9% Of Analytica; MGC Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; ASX Query; Prof Philip Cohen For St Vincent’s Prof Pehr Edman Lecture
Apr 29, 2016
Canada Approves Sirtex Sir-Spheres For Liver Cancer; Phosphagenics Up 170% On 4-Product Unnamed Japan Deal; Strongbridge Pays Antisense $1m For ATL1103; Optiscan Raises $600k; Jet.Com To Sell Rhinomed Anti-Snoring Mute Plugs In The US; Admedus Revenue Up, Two Quarters Cash; Staff, Pay Cuts; Innate Less Than Two Quarters Cash, $1.5 R&D Credit Coming; Invion Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash, Costs Down; Tissue Therapies EGM Backs Factor Name, Capital Raising; Analytica Chairman Dr Michael Monsour Takes 23%; Medadvisor Appoints Carlo Campiciano Co Sec
Apr 28, 2016
MGC To Buy Prague’s Panax For Up To $2m Cash, Scrip; Dimerix FDA DMX-200 Meeting Triggers 75m  Share Conversion; Heartware Completes ‘Lateral’ Minimally Invasive Enrolment; Immuron Appoints McKesson For Nth America Travelan Sales; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C Quarterly Reports Policy; Medlab Has Two Quarters Cash, $900k R&D Incentive Coming; Mach7 Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Inaugural NHMRC Dementia Forum In Brisbane
Apr 27, 2016
Victoria Budget 2016: Some Benefits, ‘No Cuts’ To Biotech; Volpara Opens At 50c, Climbs 7% To 53.5c, Closes At 50c; Pro Medicus $7m Franciscan Health System Contract; Acrux, Eli Lilly Axiron Sales Down 3% To $48.5m; All Change At Simavita, $3m Raised, $3.4m To Go; Resmed Q3 Revenue Up 7% To $595m, Profit Down 3% To $116m; Dorsavi Q3 Revenue Up 33% To $657k; Bioxyne Q3 Probiotics Revenue Up 132% To $647k; Anteo Pleads Schultz To ASX 31% Query; OBJ, Procter & Gamble Extend Collaboration 5 Years; Ex-Acuvax Dr William Ardrey Appeals 4 Years Gaol
Apr 26, 2016
Neuren: ‘Trofinetide Safe, No Efficacy For TBI’, Down 43%; Aviragen (Biota) Trades Inavir Royalty For $26m; Nusep Takes Prime Transaction Trading Halt To Suspension
Apr 22, 2016
Tissue Therapies Underwritten Rights Issue Raises $5.3m; Neuren Requests ‘Brain Injury Trial Results’ Trading Halt; MGC Requests ‘Cannabis Plant Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Brain Receives $639k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Adherium Loses Co Sec, Commercial Head Bronwyn Le Grice
Apr 21, 2016
Opthea OPT-302 ‘Safe’ For Wet AMD Alone, In Combination; Avita: Regenercell, Renovacell Wound Healing ‘Significant’; Imugene Files For Hong Kong Her-Vaxx Gastric Cancer Trial; Orthocell ‘Cell Factory’ For Bone Regeneration Published; Living Cell NZ Placement Raises $432k, Total $3.7m; Resonance Sells 5m Unmarketable Parcel Shares For $75k; Rhinomed Signs Performance Bike, Inbox Fitness For US Sales; Nusep Requests ‘Transaction’ Trading Halt; Prima Pleads Schultz To ASX 23% Query; Reproductive Health 5.75m Director Options AGM; Jenny Swain, Rob Truscott Replace Allegra’s Chris Calamos; Reproductive Health Director Fabian Dwyer Resigns
Apr 20, 2016
Nanosonics Record Q3 $12m Revenue, 10m $28m Notes Converted; Resapp Raises $12.5m; Somnomed Q3 Revenue Up 32% To $11m; MMJ Signs Partners To Import, Promote Medical Marijuana; Analytica Share Plan Raises $568k, Total $2.3m; Biotron Receives $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Reva $1.3m Directors Stock, 50% Directors Fees Hike AGM; Pro Medicus Appoint Starfish Anthony Glenning Director
Apr 19, 2016
TGA Okays Dimerix DMX-200 Special Access For Kidney Disease; Redhill Takes RHB-105 To 2nd Phase III Helicobacter Trial; Viralytics Updates Three Cavatak Trials; Medibio Takes Heartlink’s IP For $1.2m In Scrip; Immuron Appoints Allocation To Sell Travelan In The US; MGC Pleads Schultz, Cannabis Cosmetics, Law To ASX 50% Query; M&G Reduces To 11% Of GI Dynamics, Takes $3m-$6m Loss; Mesoblast To Release 15m Escrow Shares; Simavita Takes Capital Raising, Board Halt To Suspension; Cogstate Appoints Abby Moore Acting Co-Sec
Apr 18, 2016
Volpara IPO Raises $10m For Breast Imaging; Nuheara Crowd-Sources $500k In 2 Weeks For Iqbuds; Cochlear Chairman Rick Holliday-Smith To Chair Qbiotics; Bio-Melbourne 3D Printing Briefing; Resapp Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Simavita Requests ‘Capital Raising, Board Change’ Halt
Apr 15, 2016
Unilife ‘Cambridge Withdraws Legal Action’; Phosphagenics David Segal, Potential 2nd Strike AGM; Rhinomed EGM For 10m Director Ron Dewhurst Options; Correction: Uniseed; Australian Ethical Takes More Ellex Profit To 9%
Apr 14, 2016
Sirtex Completes Resirt Kidney Cancer Trial Enrolment; Compumedics $2m US, Sydney Sleep, Neuro Diagnostic Deals; Uniseed Provides $1.95m Of $4m For Perkii Live Probiotics; Universal Biosensors Q1 Service Fees Up 68% To $5m; Immuron Signs CVS For Travelan US Distribution; Proteomics Expands In India, Hires Sreeja Sony For Sales; Bionomics Working Group For Board Renewal; Allan Gray Takes Profit To 7% Of Nanosonics
Apr 13, 2016
ITIF: ‘Australia 52nd For Biopharma Innovation Policies’; Victoria Legalizes Medicinal Cannabis; Innate Completes Phase IIb MIS416 For MS Enrolment; FDA Approves IDT Generic Temozolomide For Brain Cancer; Biota ‘Transformation’ Name Change To Aviragen; Rotary Bowel Cancer Programs Adopt Clinical Genomics Test; Anteo Files Two More Battery Patents; MGC Sells First Cannabidiol-Based Cosmetics On-Line; 3D Director Frank Pertile Diluted To 4.75% Of Mach7; Michael Catanzariti, Ty Webb Diluted To 4.99% Of Mach7; Optiscan Loses 2nd Chairman Patrick O’Connor
Apr 12, 2016
Biota Starts Phase IIa BTA585 RSV Trial; Uscom Posts $1m Record Q3 Total Revenue; Nusep Sells Gells To Dycent Shanghai For $170k; Canada 2nd Patent For Suda Anti-Emetic SUD-002; JCP Takes 9% Of Nanosonics; Charles Goode Companies Take 100-268% Profit On Cogstate; Pulitano Family Takes 6% Of Bluechiip; MMJ To Release 17.5m Voluntary Escrow Shares; Dr Robert Gilmour Replaces Nusep Director Mark Gell; Imugene Appoints Dr Yelena Janjigian Advisor
Apr 11, 2016
Cryosite Steps-Up To Save 2,000 Stemlife Cord Blood Materials; Prana Regains Nasdaq Compliance; Links, Lotsa, Laurence Freedman Reduce To 8% In Bionomics; Lagoda, Fatima Dickey, Richard Bayles Take 10% Of Clinuvel; Nusep Director Andrew Goodall Buys 207m Shares To 36%; Recce ‘Update’ Loses Directors Ian Brown, Prof Dongke Zhang; Stephen Roberts Replaces Cryosite Chairman Andrew Kroger; Stephanie Unwin Replaces Phylogica Chair Bruce Mcharrie; CFO Melanie Leydin Replaces Alchemia Co Sec Steve Denaro
Apr 8, 2016
Nominations For $750k Prime Minister’s Science Prizes; Admedus Extends Coroneo Distribution To Australia, NZ; Orthocell ‘Deal Ready, Positioned For Growth’ Roadshow; Cyclopharm Potential 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM; Cellmid Establishes Midkine Lyramid, Kinera Subsidiaries; 3D Completes Mach7 Merger, Name Change, ASX Code Coming; Oncosil Reschedules 24m Loan Shares EGM; Flindersfertility Backs Reproductive Health On Facebook; Otsuka Diluted To 5% In Living Cell; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Scale-Up At CSIRO Clayton
Apr 7, 2016
Neuren Starts 2nd Phase II Trofinetide Rett Syndrome Trial; Ellex Raises $5m; Cynata: ‘CYP-001 Stem Cells Prolong GVHD Survival In Mice’; US Allows 3rd LBT Apas Patent; M&G Reduces To 12% Of GI Dynamics, Takes $2.5m-$5m Loss; Auckland’s Milford Diluted Below 5% Of Living Cell; Sabby Reduces To 5% Of Benitec 
Apr 6, 2016
Oventus $20m IPO, FDA Approves Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard; Ellex Requests Placement Trading Halt; Recce Registers Trade Mark; Reminder: RACI April Dinner - Opthea’s Dr Megan Baldwin
Apr 5, 2016
Federal Government Appoints $20b MRFF Advisers; Nusep Shortfall Raises $1.8m, Total Raised $2.85m; Monash IVF Validates Nusep Spermsep; IQ3 $US25m Joint Venture For Oncology Compound, Biomarker; Reproductive Health Releases 4m Escrow Shares; Windarri, Herz Family Take 9% Of Biotech Capital
Apr 4, 2016
Mercy Health Signs $21m, 7-Year Pro Medicus Visage 7 Deal; Bionomics Starts Phase I BNC101 Cancer Stem Cell Trial; Starpharma: ‘DEP-Cabazitaxel Breast Cancer Efficacy In Mice’; Medical Developments Appoints Middle East Distributor; Biotech Capital Acquires Biointelect For 10m Shares; Invion: ‘FDA Backs INV102 Phase III Smoking Cessation Plans’; Living Cell Share Plan Raises $483k, Total $3.3m; Simavita, Pointclickcare To Integrate Systems; Adherium Europe Office, Appoints John Tarplee; Cellmid 4th Midkine Symposium In Budapest
Apr 1, 2016
March BDI-40 Up 4%, ASX200 Up 4%, Big Caps Down 2% - Mesoblast Up 34%, Osprey 29%; Antisense Down 30%, Prana 28%; UK Allows Sirtex SIR-Spheres Monotherapy Alternative; Mesoblast Stem Cell Trial ‘Improves Knee Pain, Function’; Universal Biosensors Review FDA Tax Halt, Coagulation Test; Anatara Earns Milestone For Zoetis Detach Shipment; Biodiem China Licencee Starts LAIV Phase I Safety Study; Medibio ‘Pleased’ With FDA Depression Test Meeting; Nusep Adviser Prof John Aitken Wins $2k Carl Hartman Gong
Mar 31, 2016
Redhill: ‘Phase III RHB-105 (Giaconda Heliconda) Success’; Perkins Institute Develops Blood Vessel Repair Drug; Rhinomed Raises $4m, Share Plan; Thai Study: ‘Uscom Reduces Paediatric Mortality’; Resapp: ‘Increased Data Sets Improve Diagnoses’; Journal Article Backs Patrys Cancer Drug Acquisition; 3D EGM Votes To Become Mach7, Board Changes; Bioxyne Back To The Probiomics Probiotic Future; Regal Funds Takes 7% Of Adherium
Mar 30, 2016
Opthea Expects OPT-302 For Wet AMD Safety Results In April; MMJ Prepares Lucky Lake For 10-Fold Marijuana Production; IDT Sub-Contracts Canada’s Wellspring For Manufacture; Brian Dovey Replaces Reva Chairman Robert Stockman
Mar 29, 2016
Volpara $10m IPO For Breast Imaging Software; MGC, Sydney Uni ‘White Paper’ On Medical Cannabis; Patrys Licences Yale Nuclei-Penetrating Anti-DNA Antibodies; Rhinomed: US Distribution, Trial Delay, Funds Trading Halt; Clarity Appoints Ex-Cochlear CEO Dr Chris Roberts Director; Phosphagenics Receives $2.4m Federal R&D Tax Refund
Mar 24, 2016
Living Cell Begins 18-Patient Phase IIb NTCell Parkinson’s Trial; US Grants Mesoblast ‘Key’ Rheumatic Patent; Clinuvel ‘Confident’ After Nice Workshop For UK Benefits; Eurogold $3m Prospectus For Bard1 AG Cancer Blood Test; Tissue Therapies ‘Factor Therapeutics’ Name Change Egm; Mgc Signs $477k Czech Cannabis Cosmetics Distribution; Caldera: Robert Mitchell CEO For Prostate Cancer Tests; RACI Dines On Opthea’s Dr Megan Baldwin
Mar 23, 2016
Oneventures $20m For Clinical Genomics Test, Dr Paul Kelly; TBG: 2 Tests On The Market, 20 More In 2 Years; MRCF $4m For CSIRO Partner Mecrx; 3D Partner 333D To Raise Up To $5m For Oz Brewing Backdoor; Pharmaxis, Synairgen: ‘In-Vitro LOXL2 Success For IPF’; Proteomics To Screen Venoms For Analgesics, Antibiotics; Proteomics Releases 829k Escrow Shares; GI Dynamics Appoints Scott Schorer CEO, Starting On $524k; Uscom Appoints Ex-J&J Chao Xian David He Director; Adherium: Opens US Office Appoints James Hattersley; Resapp Loses Director Adam Sierakowski; Medadvisor Appoints Nick England Advisor
Mar 22, 2016
NHMRC $3.3m For Windfarm Health Impacts - AMA Position, Biotech Daily Comment; Actinogen Applies For Phase II Xanamem For Alzheimer’s Trial; Biopharmaceuticals Australia: $250k Paranta Grant ‘Pivotal’; Impedimed Share Plan Raises $74k Of Hoped-For $7.5m; Oncosil Postpones Loan Share EGM
Mar 21, 2016
Victoria Invests $25m In Genomic Sequencing; Oneblood Adopts ITL Samplok Blood Sampling Kit; Bone $3m Botanix Backdoor For Cannabidiol For Acne; Avexa Plan Raises $384k For Tali; Total Raised $874k; Bluechiip Technology In Autism Biobank; Arrow To Promote Medadvisor Compliance Platform; Australian Ethical Reduces To 3.4% Of Avita; Medibio To Release 24m Escrow Shares; Dorsavi Loses Chief Marketing Officer Dave Wildermuth
Mar 18, 2016
Biota Sells Antibiotic Assets To Spero; Tissue Therapies $15m ‘Key To Turnaround’; Clarity Wins $1m Federal Commercialization Grant; Cogstate Wins $2.6m Depression Extension Study Contract; Analytica $1.8m Placements Share Plan; Medadvisor Begins Trial Of GP Link To Monitor Medication Use; Novogen: 42% Dissent Against Iain Ross, 31% Oppose CEO Options; FIL Takes 9.6% Of Clinuvel; Viburnum, Wyllie Funds Take 12% Of Universal Biosensors; Sirtex Loses Americas Head Mike Mangano
Mar 17, 2016
Victoria Pledges $1.2b For Sunrise, Regional Industries; CSIRO, ARMI Improve Bone Marrow Stem Cell Harvesting; WEHI: ‘T-Cell Release Discovery Could Improve Treatments’; Tissue Therapies Hopes To Raise $15m; Netherlands Reimburses Sirtex Sir-Spheres Treatment; Biotron: ‘BIT225 Combination Better Than Interferon, Ribavirin’; Mesoblast Licences Stem Cell Technology For Diabetes; Israel’s Adama Licences Starpharma Priostar 2,4-D Herbicide; Novogen Receives $2.8m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Pro Medicus To Buy-Back 10m Shares; Bluechiip Loses Director Matt Morgan
Mar 16, 2016
GI Dynamics To Apply To FDA For New Endobarrier Trial; CVC: ‘Remove Bionomics Graeme Kaufman, Trevor Tappenden’; Nusep Raises $1.1m, $1.8m Shortfall To Be Placed; Prima IMP321, Adjuvant For Melanoma ‘Induces T-Cell Response’; Psivida Medidur Data Shows Small Increase In IOP; ITL Myhealthtest Joins HCF Catalyst Incubator; 3D, Mach 7 Distribution Deal With South Africa’s Intrihealth; Tissue Therapies ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; M-D Paul Rennie, Kzee, Ear Takes 25% Of Paradigm; Dr Jef Vangenechten To Replace Anteo CEO Dr Geoff Cumming; Arthur Charlaftis, Kos Sclavos, Mike Da Gama Join Medadvisor
Mar 15, 2016
GI Dynamics Endobarrier Fails Safety, Efficacy; Clinuvel Raises $8m, Prepares European Scenesse Centres; Medical Developments, CSIRO Complete New Technology; Canada Approves Adherium’s Smartturbo, Smarttouch; International Stem Cell To Raise $8m; Viralytics Canon Trial: ‘Cavatak Safe, Anti-Cancer Activity’; OBJ Pleads Schultz To ASX 18% Query; Avita Enrols Renovacell Re-Pigmentation Study; Lagoda, Fatima Dickey, Richard Bayles Take 10% Of Clinuvel; Deutsche Bank ‘Returns’ Below 5% Of Genetic Technologies; Heartware Appoints Chadwick Cornell Director; Unilife Chair Alan Shortall Goes With $2m, Ramin Mojdeh Goes
Mar 14, 2016
UK NHS 2-Year Uscom BP+ Supply Contract; Recce-327 Antibiotic Active Against 7 Cancers In-Vitro; Atcor Receives $462k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Resapp To Take ‘De Novo’ FDA Route, Pivotal Trial; Australian Ethical Takes More Ellex Profit To 10%; JCP Takes 8% Of Nanosonics; GI Dynamics Requests Endo Trial Trading Halt
Mar 11, 2016
Avita Signs Sinopharm For China Distribution; S&P Indices: 5 Biotechs Promoted, 5 Demoted; Listen And Learn Joins Avexa Tali Evaluation; Medibio Acquires US, Canada University Data Sets; Novogen Withdraws 61% Directors Pool Hike Resolution; Clinuvel Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Resapp Pleads Schultz, News, FDA Meeting To ASX 44% Query; Genetic Signatures 18.4m Escrow Shares To Be Released
Mar 10, 2016
OBJ: ‘Ready To Promote Awareness To The Market’; Gordagen Winds Up 20% Investor Felda For $652k Debt; China Patent For Invion INV102 For Smoking Cessation; Prana 6-For-1 ADS Ratio Change, Consolidation; Analytica Ends Salesforce4hire Agreement, Cuts Spending; Raphael Lamm, Shomron Takes 11% Of Alchemia; Deutsche Bank Sells, Returns To 5% Of Genetic Technologies; Bio-Melbourne ‘Wireless And Wearable Technology’ Lab
Mar 9, 2016
Strongbridge ‘Cash Position’ Returns Antisense ATL1103; Avita Claims Regenercell Efficacy For Venous Leg Ulcers; Federal Government To Transfer Synchrotron To ANSTO; IDT Extends Thiotepa Contract $13m, 4 Years; Siemens Pays Universal Biosensors Milestones For Lower Strip Prices; US Patent For Atcor Sphygmocor Blood Pressure Test; Tissue Therapies Creates US Subsidiary Factor Therapeutics; Haakmans, Dussman Increase, Diluted To 37% Of Simavita; Regeneus Pleads Schultz, ‘Media’ To ASX 70% Query; Tom Bloomfield Replaces Prima Co Sec Deanne Miller On Leave
Mar 8, 2016
International Stem Cell Ready For Phase I Parkinson’s Trial; Melbourne Uni $36m Bio21 Expansion For CSL Hub; Sirtex Soramic Trial Recruits 420 Patient Liver Cancer Trial; Benitec BB-HB-331 Reduces Hep B 98.5% In Mice; Pharmaust Plans 3 Phase II Monepantel (PPL-1) Cancer Trials; Imugene HER-Vaxx Product Ready For Gastric Cancer Trial; ITL Pilots Myhealthtest Sales Through Act Pharmacies; 3D Medical Signs 5-Year Mach7 Licence With Penn State; Bluechiip Shortfall Raises $125k, Total $815k; Apple Watch, Fitbit Pass Medibio, Swinburne Stress Test; Raphael Lamm, Shomron Take 7.45% Of Alchemia
Mar 7, 2016
FDA Approves CSL’s Idelvion Factor IX For Haemophilia B; Resapp, Uniquest Collaboration Trials Pneumonia Diagnostic; Clarification: Baxalta; FDA Allows Avita Recell Compassionate Use For 36 Patients; Antisense Requests ‘ATL1103 Program’ Trading Halt; Potential Partner Prompts 2nd Proteomics Promarkerd Study; Prima Below $US1 Nasdaq Non-Compliance; EGM Loss Triggers Bionomics ‘Shareholder Consultation’; Alchemia Appoints Kentgrove Founder David Lamm Director; Ausbiotech Reminder Call For Asia Investment Presenters
Mar 4, 2016
Admedus Claims Preliminary HSV-2 Vaccine Safety, Efficacy; China Approves Clinical Genomics Bowel Cancer Test; Starpharma Signs Aspen For Vivagel BV For Australia, NZ; Compumedics ‘Does Not Know’ AFR China Bribe Company; TBG (Progen) Sells Pharmasynth To Luina For $2.2m; WEHI: ‘Cancers Dependent On MCL-1’; Probiotec Signs New Contracts Worth $10m A Year; MGC, Sipnose Collaborate For Intra-Nasal Cannabinoid; BPH Re-Appoints Gregory Gilbert Director; Kentgrove Takes 19.9% Of Alchemia; Orthocell Appoints Prof Rocky Tuan To Advisory Board
Mar 3, 2016
Baxalta: Haemophilia, Immunology, Oncology; 64% Of Bionomics EGM Stops Sabby, CVI, Empery BVF Warrants; FDA Approves Atcor, Suntech ‘Oscar2 With Sphygmocor Inside’; Anteo Takes Up To $9m Bergen Draw-Down Equity Facility; Cynata, Regience Stem Cell LOI To Preliminary Agreement; MMJ Phytotech Extends Medical Cannabis Gelpell Licence; Graham Durbin Superannuation Takes 10.6% Of Genera; Sunshine Heart Chairman John Erb Appointed CEO
Mar 2, 2016
Wuxi’s IMP321 Dosed In Prima European Breast Cancer Trial; Avita Launches Regenercell, Renovacell In Europe; Resapp: ‘Diagnostic Finds Disease Missed By Auscultation’; Southern Orthopaedics Joins Paradigm Bone Bruising Trial; Bio-Melbourne ‘Wireless And Wearable Technology’ Lab; Universal Biosensors Appoints David Hoey Director; Brain Appoints Dr Stephen Koslow, Matt Morgan Directors; Medical Developments David Williams Sells 1m More Shares
Mar 1, 2016
February BDI-40 Down 4%, ASX200 Down 2.5%, Big Caps Flat - Mesoblast Up 26%, Clinuvel 26%; Benitec Down 56%, IDT 29%; Benitec: ‘No Hep C Data Until Year-End, Big Pharma Likes Hep B’; MMJj Phytotech Raises $5m; Volpara $20m IPO For Breast Imaging For Early Cancer Detection; Medivac Administrators Appointed; Oncosil Possible CE Mark Delay, Further FDA Filing; Medical Australie H1 Revenue Up 6% To $8m, Profit To $5m Loss; Termination Takes LBT H1 Revenue Up 169% To $4.3m, Profit Up 270% To $2m; Phosphagenics Revenue Up 8% To $2.7m, Loss Up 125% To $20m; Anteo H1 Revenue Up 16% To $2m, Loss Up 36% To $3m; IQ3 H1 Revenue Up 277% To $1.2m, Loss Up 243% To $813k; Optiscan Extends Suspension For Capital Raise, Accounts; Sandon Capital Quits Alchemia
Feb 29, 2016
Pfizer: ‘Queensland Uni 2nd Non-US Innovation Centre’; Euro-Committee Backs CSL Idelvion For Haemophilia B; WEHI: ‘Birinapant, P38 Inhibitors Combine For AML’; Biota Respiratory Syncytial Virus BTA585 ‘Well-Tolerated’; Adherium Supplies 5,700 Smartinhalers For NZ Asthma Study; Atcor Rolls Out Insurance Cover For Sphygmocor Tests; Taiwan Approves ITL Samplok Blood Sampling Kit; Rhinomed Appoints McArthur Medical For Canada; OBJ H1 Revenue Up 29% To $1.4m, Loss Up 47% To $1.2m; Correction: Admedus; Pharmaust H1 Revenue Up 47% To $1.5m, Loss Down 10% To $1m; Regeneus H1 Revenue Down 30% To $881k, Loss Down 46% To $3m; Adherium H1 Revenue Down 34% To $1.6m, Loss Up 481% To $3.7m; Medadvisor H1 Revenue Up 94% To $680k, Loss Up 281% To $1m; Nanosonics Chairman Maurie Stang Sells 2.5m Shares; Australian Ethical Takes 5% Of Pharmaxis; Elizabeth Gaines Replaces Impedimed Director Jim Hazel; Simon Gennari Replaces Alchemia Chairman Ken Poutakidis
Feb 26, 2016
Benitec Falls On Closing TT-034 For Hep C Trial; Brisbane Wesley Hospital Joins Resapp 400 Patient Trial; Heartware 2015 Revenue Down 1% To $382m, Loss Up 73% To $73m; Ellex H1 Revenue Up 13% To $35m, Profit Up 43% To $1m; Pharmaxis Revenue Down 25% To $9m, Loss Up 70% To $11m; Admedus H1 Revenue Up 37% To $6.6m, Loss Up 19% To $14m; Avita H1 Revenue Up 49% To $2m, Loss Up 45% To $5m; Mayne H1 Revenue Up 114% To $127m, Profit Up 349% To $18m; Resonance H1 Revenue Up 1% To $1.3m, Profit To $22k Loss; GI Dynamics Revenue Down 54% To $2m, Loss Down 27% To $49m; Genetic Signatures Revenue Up 101% To $890k; Orthocell Sales Revenue Up 17% To $451k; Rhinomed Posts First Significant Revenue Of $522k; Opthea H1 Revenue Up 41% To $515k, Loss Down 43% To $1.7m; MMJ Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt
Feb 25, 2016
MMJ Welcomes Federal Medical Cannabis Amendment; Alchemia Completes $30.2m Capital Return; Bluechiip Share Plan Raises $240k, Total $690k; Compumedics H1 Revenue Up 11% To $17m, Profit Up 106% To $2m; Acrux H1 Revenue Up 27% To $18m, Profit Up 39% To $10m; Cellmid H1 Revenue Up 103% To $1.4m, Loss Up 72% To $1.7m; Genetic Tech H1 Revenue Down 64% To $517k, Loss Down 37% To $3m; Allegra H1 Revenue Down 27% To $3m, Loss Up 340% To $1m; Probiotec H1 Revenue Up 2% To $30m, $2m Profit; Oncosil 24m Loan Shares EGM; JCP Takes 7% Of Nanosonics
Feb 24, 2016
Sirtex H1 Revenue Up 40% To $113m, Profit Up 51% To $27m; Eurogold EGM To Drop Mining For Bard1 Lung Cancer Test; Gordagen, Monash Collaborate On Drug Delivery Concept; Imugene Prepares For Phase Ib HER-Vaxx Gastric Cancer Trial; JCR Launches Mesoblast’s Temcell For GvHD In Japan; Reva Completes Fantom II Trial Recruitment; Cyclopharm Revenue Down 1.5% To $15m, Profit Up 18% To $5m, Dividend; Impedimed H1 Revenue Up 30% To $2.7m, Loss Up 83% To $11m; Cryosite H1 Revenue Up 10.5% To $5m, Profit Up 8% To $358k, Dividend; Dorsavi Signs Physio Corp For Viperform Pilot Program; Optiscan Takes Fundraising Halt To Suspension; FIL Decreases, Diluted To 7% Of Starpharma; Peter Meurs Takes 21% Of Dimerix; Yodambao Takes 6% Of Dimerix; GI Dynamics Loses 2014 CEO Michael Dale; Simon O’loughlin Replaces Tyrian’s Dr Caroline Popper
Feb 23, 2016
OBJ Claims Kneeguard Pain, Mobility Trial Success; Unilife Signs $104m Amgen Collaboration; Paradigm Starts Zilosul For Bone Bruising Safety Trial; Nusep, Newcastle, Prof John Aitken Work On Human, Horse IVF; Resmed Buys Brightree Software For $1.1b; Uscom H1 Revenue Up 54% To $1.5m, Loss Up 114% To $837k; Sirtex Sirflox Results Republished In Oncology Journal; David Sietsma Takes 5% Of Anteo; Matthew Callahan, SRV Take 6.4% Of Dimerix
Feb 22, 2016
Compumedics Korea Deal Opens $4b Brain Imaging Market; Optiscan Requests Fundraising Trading Halt; Mesoblast Claims GVHD ‘Responses, Extended Survival’; Immuron, Prof Gerhard Rogler To Study IMM-124E For Colitis; ITL Expands Myhealth Test, Tightens Health Care Belt; Pippa Mann Drives Genetic Technologies Brevagenplus Sales; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns To 5% Of Mayne; Hunter Hall Takes 5% Of Medical Developments; MTP Connect: Sue Macleman, Bronwyn Evans, Ashley Bates; Resapp Appoints Co-Founder Brian Leedman Director
Feb 15, 2016
WEHI, QIMR Gene-Map Scabies For Prevention, Treatment; Queensland Grants QIMR $153k For Cytomegalovirus Vaccine; Avexa Completes Tali Acquisition; Nusep Rights Issue For $2.8m; JCP Takes 6% Of Nanosonics; Broadfin Takes 9% Of Biota; Prescient’s Steven Yatomi-Clarke Appointed CEO On $310k; Bioxyne Appoints Dr Peter French Executive Director; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Investment Trends
Feb 12, 2016
FDA Further Orphan Status For Clinuvel Scenesse; Viburnum, Wyllie Funds Take 11% Of Universal Biosensors; Victoria Appoints 2nd Innovation Panel – Light On Biotech; Bluechiip Ready For Genea IVF Product Development; Atcor H1 Revenue Down 41% To $1.7m, Profit To $2.3m Loss; Polynovo Expects Increased H1 Loss
Feb 11, 2016
Cochlear H1 Revenue Up 27% To $558m, Profit Up 32% To $94m; Australia Welcomes NZ’s $4.5m For Synchrotron; Reva Enrols 200 Trial Patients, Goldman Sachs Exercises $16m; College Of Radiology, Florida Uni To Use Pro Medicus Visage 7; MMJ: ‘Marijuana Capsules Equal Or Better Than Sativex’; Medlab Welcomes Federal Medical Marijuana Bill; Avita Appoints MSM Medical For German-Speaking Countries; Denmark’s Aarhus Municipality Takes Simavita’s SIM System; La Trobe Uni Appoints Dr Dan Grant To Engage Industry 
Feb 10, 2016
Nominations Open For $40k Victoria Premier’s Awards; Unilife Extends Amgen Option, Defers Loans, $11m Shares; Unilife H1 Revenue Up 13% To $11m, Loss Up 23% To $51m; Ampliphi: Federal $860k Westmead Bacteriophage Grant; MMJ, Yissum Apply For Marijuana Delivery US Patents; Regal Funds Takes 11% Of Oncosil; Wayne Paterson Admedus Chair; Chris Catlow, Graeme Rowley Go
Feb 9, 2016
Impedimed $75m For L-Dex, Heart Test; Plan For $7.5m More; Swinburne Tests Wearable Devices For Medibio Mental Health; Melbourne Uni Trials Brain-Machine ‘Stentrode’ In Sheep; Biota Starts Phase II BTA074 Ano-Genital Warts Trial; Actinogen Receives $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Admedus Loses Director Peter Turvey; Psivida Loses Director Peter Savas
Feb 5, 2016
Atcor $835k Trial Contract, Scot Macdonell V-P Sales; Medical Developments, Avita Complete $2.5m Respiratory Deal; Genetic Technologies, Hendrix Genetics Settle IP Case; US Repurpose Patent For Pharmaust PPL-1; Europe, Australian Patents For Bluechiip Tracking Systems; Impedimed Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Suda Receives $669k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Opthea EGM For 7m CEO, Director Options; MMJ Completes Health Canada Marijuana Plant Inspection
Feb 4, 2016
South Australia Uni And Sementis, Bharat Work On Zika Vaccine; Eliminate Dengue Zika Mosquito Biological Response; Immuron Receives $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Refund; CVC Takes 5.2% Of Bionomics; Taiwan’s Medigen Takes 52% Of TBG (Progen); Edward Chang, Eternal Materials Take 18.5% Of TBG; TBG Appoints Edward Chang Director; Cellmid Appoints Elizabeth Masamune Director Of Advangen; Medivac: Rodger Johnston M-D, Michael Higginson Co Sec
Feb 2, 2016
Starpharma: ‘120-Day Dendrimer Mouse Tumor Success’; Federal Government CRC Funding Round Opens; Recce-327 Antibiotic: ‘Effective In Lower Doses In Mice’; Diasource Chair Rolf Sickman Appointed Anteo Director; Bio-Melbourne Briefing: ‘Innovation And Opportunities’
Feb 1, 2016
January BDI-40 Down 5%, ASX200 Down 6%, Big Caps Up 0.2% - Reva Up 33%, Orthocell 32%; Prana Down 26%, Antisense 23%; TBG (Progen) Raises $13m, To Relist On Feb 3; Pharmaust Receives $546k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Nusep Raises $371k, Rights For $2.8m; MMJ Phytotech Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Invion Loses Chair Brett Heading, Dr Greg Collier Interim; Nusep Loses Michael Graham, Andrew Goodall Quits Prime
Jan 28, 2016
Cancer CRC Shares $731m Merck Blood Disorder Licence; Victoria: RMH, WEHI, Peter Mac Leukaemia Trial Backs Venetoclax; Acrux Launches Lenzetto For Menopause In Europe; Avexa Raises $490k, Plan For Tali; Halts ATC For HIV, Coal Mine; US Patent For Prima’s IMP731; Alchemia EGM Approves 9.3c Return Of Capital; Dorsavi $202k London Underground OHS Contract; Cynata: ‘UK Regulator Approves CYP-001 GvHD Trial’; ‘Freeman Road’ Takes 8% Of Resapp
Jan 27, 2016
Medical Developments Penthrox Launch, Respiratory FDA OK; Living Cell: ‘NTCell Stops Parkinson’s, Safe At 58 Weeks’; Admedus To Sell Coroneo Products; Recce Claims Antibiotic Kills Tuberculosis, Gonorrhoea; Prima Ready For Tactimel Phase I IMP321 For Melanoma Trial; Polynovo Appoints Leon Hoare Director; Medibio Appoints Dr Franklyn G Prendergast Director; Sienna Appoints Dr John Chiplin Director; WEHI ‘Cures’ AML In Mice; MCRI, Jupiter Collaborate On JOT101 For Friedreich’s Ataxia; Nohla Raises $30m, Appoints Lawrence Gozlan Director; Recce IPO Raises $5m For ‘Superbug’ Antibiotics; Gordagen Collaboration With Japan’s Matsumoto; Anatara, Zoetis Licence Option; Medadvisor, Epilepsy Queensland Collaborations; Clinical Network Services Opens Washington DC Office; Imugene Appoints Stuart Roberts For Corporate Development


3D Medical Loses CEO Max Ghobrial, Albert Liong MD Mach7; UBS AG Reduces To 7% Of GI Dynamics; John Leaver Below 5% In Bionomics; Genetic Technologies: ‘Results Support Brevagenplus’; CSL Signs $1.8b Debt Deal; Polynovo Plan Raises $4.4m, Total $12.9m; Psivida’s Medidur Meets Primary Phase III Endpoint; Cogstate Signs $4.6m Alzheimer’s Trial Deal; Immuron Claims 80% C-Difficile Pre-Clinical Efficacy; Rhinomed Receives $436k Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Prima Begins Phase IIb IMP321 Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial; Orthocell EGM; Simavita Loses CFO, Co Sec Tom Howitt; Australian Ethical Reduces To 6% Of Avita; Admedus Raises $7m; Medibio Signs Non-Binding Deal With Medtronic; Medibio Saudi Arabia Stress Deal; Anteo Raises $5m Of $12m For Diasource Acquisition; Quest, BVF Increase In Viralytics; Medical Developments Takes Avita Respiratory Business For $2.6m; Sabby Takes 5% Of Admedus; Psivida To File For EU Approval For Eye Therapy; Brain Resource Share Plan Raises $109.5k; Brain Resource Chair Evian Gordon Diluted To 8%; Cyclopharm Collects $2m Insurance Pay-Out; Neuren Ready For Trofinetide Phase II Rett Trial; Unilife Signs $21m Exclusivity Deal With Amgen; Sunshine Heart Appoints Eric Lovett For Pivotal Study; US Patent For Orthocell Tissue Repair Technology; ASX Queries Phosphagenics 33% Jump; UBS Group Takes 6% Of IDT; Anteo, Diasource Agree New Terms; Phosphagenics Sues Mylan Laboratories; Allan Gray Reduces To 7.5% Of Phosphagenics; Cogstate Loses Director Dr Alan Finkel; Asia Union Below 5% In Cogstate; Prima Tells ASX ‘Reports May Have Pushed Price 13.5%’; Psivida Hopes To Raise $23m; Australian Ethical Reduces To 11% Of Ellex; Mesoblast Phase III Heart Failure Trial Scaled Back; Avita Completes 30-Patient Acute Burns Trial Recruitment; Heartware Appointed Stephen Oesterle Director; Impedimed Creates Chronic Heart Failure Advisory Board; Anteo Completes Diasource Buy-Out; Simavita Plans $5m Placement; Regeneus Says Progenza Stem Cells ‘Safe’; Avita Replaces Prof Fiona Wood, Directors; 3D: ‘US Patent For Merger Partner Mach7’; Canada To Inspect MMJ Cannabis Cultivation; Avita Signs Japan, South Korea Recell Distribution; Psivida Raises $25m; Medibio Receives $1m R&D Tax Incentive; Simavita Receives $1m R&D Tax Incentive; Uscom Study Validates Clinical Use; Deutsche Bank Takes 6% Of Genetic Technologies; Somnomed Claims 30% H1 Sales Jump; Imugene Director Steps Down; 3D Medical Records First Sale Through E-Unity Deal; Medadvisor Appoints Sandra Hook Director; Reva Hires Richard Kimes To Lead Operations; Starpharma Raises $1.9m; Imugene Extends Vienna Immunotherapy Research; Phosphagenics Reports Positive Pig Results; Oncosil Appoints Cochlear’s Dr Chris Roberts Director; Medadvisor Claims 1m Tap-To-Refill Prescriptions; Resapp Options Raise $470k; Ellex To Expand Production Facilities; Resmed Q2 Sales Increase 7% To $454.5 Million; Bernard Stang Reduces To 7% Of Nanosonics; Sabby Takes 9% Of Benitec; Simavita Launches Purchase Plan; Clinuvel Investor Raises Holding To 8%; Viralytics Completes Oversubscribed $4m Share Plan; Prescient Receives $464k Grants
Dec 18, 2015
Osprey Data Analysis Backs Avert Reduced Kidney Damage; 3D: ‘Roche Hails Role In FDA Alectinib Lung Cancer Approval’; Anteo $15m Note To Buy Belgium’s Diasource; Admedus Raises $7m From US Investor; ASIC Fines Living Cell $33k For Alleged Investor News Leak; European Patent For Imugene’s HER-Vaxx; Allan Gray Reduces To 15% Of Starpharma; UBS Reduces To 8% Of GI Dynamics; Medadvisor Appoints Theo Antonopoulos Sales, Marketing
Dec 17, 2015
2015 – The Year In Review; Mesoblast: ‘18-Month Runway, Japan Revenue, $2b GvHD Market’; Alchemia EGM For 9.3c Return Of Capital; Phosphagenics Completes TPM-Oxycodone Dosing; Impedimed Starts US L-Dex Commercial Launch; Cynata Signs Stem Cell Deal With Apceth; Agenix Secures $1.6m China Funds; Bluechiip Placement $450k, Share Plan; Tissue Therapies Renames Vitrogro VF-001, Complying With FDA; Dimerix Appoints Dr Liz Jazwinska Director; Imugene Shareholder Otto Buttula Resigns As Director
Dec 16, 2015
Pharmaxis: ‘Bronchitol Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Efficacy’; Benitec’s Loss Of CEO Dr French ‘Looks Like Retaliation’; Biotech Wins 13 Of 50 Federal ARC Future Fellows Grants; Starpharma Signs MOU For Chinese Vivagel Condoms; Atcor Signs A&D For Sphygmocor XCel Japan Distribution; Orthocell Perth Celgro Shoulder Tendon Trial Approved; IDT Share Plan Raises $2m, Total $8m; Adherium Appoints Dr William Hunter Director; Solagran 2015 Revenue Up 21% To $2.5m, Loss Up 64% To $6.4m
Dec 15, 2015
International Stem Cell Melbourne Parkinson’s Trial; Australian Patent For Regeneus Cancer Vaccine; European Patent For Paradigm Respiratory Treatment; Bluechiip Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Simavita Dissent On Director Numbers, Fees; WA Subsidises Analytica Pericoach For Incontinence; Solagran Hopes To Raise $3m, Resume Operations; FIL Takes 8% Of Starpharma; Oncosil Appoints Ex-Sirtex US Charles Rowland US Head
Dec 14, 2015
Viralytics Placement Raises $28m, Share Plan For $4m More; FDA Approves Avita Recell ‘Expedited Access Pathway’; Oncosil Files FDA Pancreatic Cancer Ide Application; FDA Orphan Designation For Dimerix DMX-200 For Kidney Disease; Imugene Delayed HER-Vaxx Gastric Cancer Trial Moves To Asia; Minister Pyne, Israel PM Netanyahu Talk Innovation; Resapp 400-Adult Patient Trial Approved; Cogstate $2.4m Phase III Cancer Trial Testing Contract; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns Below 5% Mayne; Goodbye Progen, Welcome TBG Diagnostics
Victoria, Ausbiotech Host ‘International Biofest 2016’; Prima, NEC, Yamaguchi IMP321 Proceeds To Human Trials; Goodbye Circadian, Hello Opthea; Cellmid Receives $1m Federal R&D Tax Refund; IM Medical To Pay $95k Legal Bill; Mark Heaysman Replaces Dorsavi US Head John Kowalczyk 
Dec 10, 2015
CSL: ‘From R&D To 20% Of Global Protein Market’; WEHI Toxoplasma Studies ‘Could Lead To Vaccine, Treatments’; Invion Plan, Placement Raise Final Total Of $2.1m; Viralytics $2.9m Federal R&D Tax Refund, Fund Raising Halt; Suda Expands Amherst Zolpimist, Sud-002 Deals; FIL Takes 7% Of Impedimed; Novogen Appoints Dr James Garner CEO, Starts On $400k
Dec 9, 2015
Starpharma Raises $32m, Share Plan For $3m More; Avita Recell Study: ‘Reduces Hospital Stay 63%’; Phylogica Phylomer-Omomyc Kills Lymphoma 600% In-Vitro; Invion Plan, Placement Raise $1.3m; Canada Patent For Orthocell Bio-Scaffolds, Tenocyte Combo; Ian Mann Lends Optiscan $300k, Takes Board Seat; Impedimed: ‘US Breast Cancer Survivor Guideline Published’; QRX Administrators Execute Deed Of Company Arrangement; Benitec CEO Dr Peter French ‘Steps Down’; Stephen Roberts Replaces Cryosite Director Christina Boyce; Progen Changes Directors Ahead Of TBG Merger; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics
Dec 8, 2015
National Innovation And Science Agenda Comment - Biotech Daily, Ausbiotech, Medicines Australia; Sydney Uni, CSIRO Join Uniseed $50m Fund; Bionomics Raises $16m For Phase II PTSD Trial; Correction: TDI, Kayban; Antisense ATL1102 Shows Promise In AML Mouse Study; Florida’s Broward Health Adopts 3D’s Mach7 Imaging; Alchemia Receives $6.4m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Innate To Release 29m Escrow Shares; Goldman Sachs Above 5% Of Nanosonics
Dec 7, 2015
PM Malcolm Turnbull Launches $1b Innovation, Science Agenda; Bio-Melbourne Welcomes Agenda ‘Inflection Point’; Neuren Trofinetide Shows ‘Beneficial Effects’ For Fragile X; Benitec In-Vitro Data Backs BB-HB-331 For Hepatitis B; Progen Meeting Backs Medigen TBG Backdoor, Suspension; Starpharma Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Mach7 Waives $10m Minimum For 3D Merger; Suda Pleads Schultz To ASX 17% Query; Up To 37% Of Psivida Oppose 500k Director Options; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns To 5% Mayne
Dec 4, 2015
Cytomatrix Creates $100m Nohla For Cord-Blood Stem Cells; S&P Dow Jones Promote Sirtex To Asx100; Bionomics Requests ‘US Placement’ Trading Halt; Michael Catanzariti Increases, Diluted To 10.4% Of 3D; Resapp Releases 9m Escrow Shares 19m Options; Phosphagenics Anna Legg Replaces Co Sec Mourice Garbutt; Goldman Sachs Above 5% Of Nanosonics
Dec 3, 2015
FDA Requests Clinuvel Scenesse Vitiligo Pre-Clinical Trial; Progen Meets $10m Minimum For Medigen TBG Acquisition; Paradigm Treats 1st Zilosul Special Access Patient; Neuren Requests Trofinetide Fragile X Results Trading Halt; Health Canada Approves Rhinomed’s Turbine, Mute; Bluechiip, Genea Fertility Tracking Licence; Cynata, Regience Consider Japan, Asia Partnership; Chris Retzos, Associates Take 9% Of Prescient; Phosphagenics Begins Second TPM Pig Study
Dec 2, 2015
Astrazeneca Picks 2nd Starpharma DEP Cancer Molecule; CSIRO, Kayban, Boron Develop Flax Seed Anti-Microbial; Medadvisor IPO Raises $5m For Drug Compliance App; Circadian Receives $3m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Living Cell Resumes NTCell Manufacture; Goldman Sachs Above, Below 5% Of Nanosonics, Yet Again
Dec 1, 2015
Mesoblast Drags November BDI-40 Down 3%, ASX200 Down 1% - Genetic Technologies Up 100%, Compumedics 54%; Atcor Down 44%; Compumedics $250k California Hospital Diagnostic Contract; Correction: Dateline; European Cellmid Midkine T-Cell Patent; 3D’s Mach7 Yuma, Arizona Contract; Antisense Receives $706k Federal R&D Tax Refund; ITL Takes Myhealthtest, Bill Mobbs Increases, Dilutes To 42%; Nusep Loses 2nd Strike Vote, Wins Spill Vote, Name Change; Circadian: Kempler, Sistenich In; Fisher, McMeckan, Howard Out; Merchant Reduces To 13% Of Polynovo; Ron Dewhurst Replaces Rhinomed Chairman Martin Rogers; Sunshine Heart Loses 6-Year CEO Dave Rosa
Nov 30, 2015
Anteo Diasource $12m Rights Issue, $15m Convertible Note; Euro Patent For Neuren’s NNZ-2591 For Parkinson’s, Autism; 3D To Distribute Client Outlook’s Eunity Imaging Products; Circadian New Directors Trading Halt, Name Change AGM; Optiscan 41% Oppose CFO, Director Bruce Andrew; Prescient Appoints Prof Jeffrey Lancet Advisor
Nov 27, 2015
Clarification: Tissue Therapies, The ASX And Chi-X Trading; Oncosil Receives $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Stirling To Back-Door MX360 For Non-Biotech Web-Trading; M&G Group Increase, Diluted To 10.3% Of Mesoblast; Viburnum, Wyllie Funds Take 9.4% Of Universal Biosensors; Medibio ‘Surprised’ By Rush For Corporate Stress Test Pilot
Nov 26, 2015
Japan To Pay Up To $234k Per Mesoblast Temcell GvHD Course; Avexa AGM Votes To Acquire Tali Health; Pharmaust Hires Genscript For Pre-Phase II PPL-1 Optimization; Regeneus 45-Dog KVax Vaccine Trial For Canine Lymphoma; Progen Receives $1m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Prima Receives $420k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Sun AGM Changes Name To Dimerix; Oncosil Withdraws 10% Placement Resolution, Others Passed; Novoskin, Novowound Acquisitions Delay Polynovo AGM; Cell Care Reduces To 20% Of Cryosite; Greenlight Reduces To 5.6% Of GI Dynamics; Prescient Appoints Prof Farhad Ravandi Leukaemia Advisor
Nov 25, 2015
Adelaide Uni Trials Ampliphi Bacteriophage For Golden Staph; Sementis To Raise $2m For Chikungunya, Allergy Vaccines; Polynovo Raises $8.5m, Plan, To Take Novoskin, Novowound; Prescient Places $1m, Total Raised $2m; Gordagen Up To $3m Loan, Chairman Fred Nadjarian Retires; Uscom Rebadges Thor Devices ‘Spirosonic’; Isonea Starts Airsonea Chicago Trial; Hong Kong, Australia Patents For Orthocell ATI, Celgro; CBA, Related Parties Below 5% Of Sirtex, Yet Again; Talu Below 5% Of Universal Biosensors; Chairman Andrew Kroger Takes 28% Of Cryosite; Paul Hopper, Associates Increase, Diluted To 12% Of Prescient; Bio-Melbourne Innovation Week Breakfast With The Minister
Nov 24, 2015
Capital Radiology Becomes 1st 3D Medical Mach7 Customer; D3, Medicines Development Moxidectin For River Blindness; Prescient Share Plan Raises $927k; Regeneus Licences Macquarie Stem Cell Selection System; Medibio, Johns Hopkins Heart Rate Depression Trial Approved; Japan Patent For Cellmid Midkine For Hair Loss; Avita Appoints Medical Z, Ideal Medical French, UK Distributors; Novogen Hires Novotech As CRO For Cantrixil Cancer Trial; Prime Convertible Loan Reduces Nusep To 55%; Correction: Paradigm; Up To 17% Dissent Against Clinuvel 37.5% Directors Pool Hike; Pharmaust Appoints Florida’s Redchip For Investor Relations; NY Empery Takes % Of Orthocell; JK, Kim Hogan Take 6% Of Oncosil; David Franklyn Replaces Sun’s Howard Digby, Dr Anton Uvarov; Buchan Hosts Sydney Women’s Health Event
Nov 23, 2015
Nov 20, 2015
Nov 19, 2015
Nov 18, 2015
Nov 17, 2015
Nov 16, 2015
Nov 13, 2015
Airxpanders Changes FDA Process To De Novo, 30-Day Delay; Medical Australia: ‘No Deal Yet For Medivet Business’; Nusep $200k Former M-D Prakash Patel Settlement; Living Cell 40% Remuneration 1st Strike, 3m Options Withdrawn; Up To 34% Of Biota Oppose Director Russell Plum, Again; Prana AGM 17% Remuneration Report Dissent; Simavita Directors Pool Increase AGM; Bionomics, Merck Neuroscience Symposium On Monday
Nov 12, 2015
NZ Approves 18-Patient Living Cell IIb NTCell Parkinson’s Trial; TGA Approves BPH, Cortical Dynamics’ Anaesthesia Monitor; Starpharma Receives $3.4m Federal R&D Tax Refund; 3D Medical Share Plan For $5m; Benitec 39% Oppose 7m Director Options, 18% Remuneration; Up To 43% Of Novogen Oppose Directors; Prof Perry Bartlett Wins AIPS $50k CSL Florey Medal; Prof John Greenwood South Australian Of The Year; Novogen Applies For Australian Super-Benzopyran Patent; Wisconsin’s Medico-Mart To Distribute Immuron’s Travelan; Bank Of America ‘Returns’, Sells To Below 5% In Suda
Nov 11, 2015
Bioxyne: ‘Mariposa Licences HI164OV To China’s Shanxi Kangbao’; QRX Creditors Meeting; Novogen: ‘Mouse Trials Back Anisina For Neuroblastoma’; Australian Patent For Regeneus Stem Cells For Inflammation; Phosphagenics Receives $2.6m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Progen Lodges Medigen TBG Prospectus; Queensland, J&J Innovation $300k Quick Fire Challenge
Nov 10, 2015
Resapp ‘Accurately Differentiates Respiratory Illnesses’; Orthocell First Celgro Dental Scaffolds ‘Safe, Effective’; Dr Asselin-Labat, Dr Gebhardt Win $2.45m Viertel Prizes; Invion Share Plan; Alchemia AGM Backs Fondaparinux Sale; Oncosil AGM To Increase Director Fee Pool 150% To $500k; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics
Nov 9, 2015
Federal Government $630m For 800 NHMRC Grants; EMA Expands Admedus Cardiocel To Whole Valve Replacement; Armaron Bio Phase II Trial Of NP202 For Cardiac Recovery; Neuren Raises $6.3m For Paediatric Rett Syndrome Trial; Ireland Okays Medical Developments Penthrox, $900k Orders; Viralytics Storm Trial: ‘Cavatak Hits Tumor, Well Tolerated’; Journal Article Backs Uscom Over Catheter For Children; Immuron, One Way Liver Work On Nash Diagnostic; Antisense Appoints Resmed’s Dr Gary Pace Director; Oncosil To Release 7.5m Escrow Shares; Prana Below $US1 Nasdaq Non-Compliance; Allan Gray Reduces To 10% Of Phosphagenics; Goldman Sachs Above 5% Of Nanosonics, Yet Again
Nov 6, 2015
Biotech Daily 10th Birthday; Viralytics, Merck Cavatak, Keytruda Cancer Collaboration; Psivida Expands To Osteoarthritis Pain; Unilife Wearable Injector Deal With Medimmune; Genetic Signatures, UCLA Collaborate On Molecular Testing; Medibio, Vital Conversations 1st Stress Test Customer; Resapp Requests ‘Study Results’ Trading Halt; Actinogen To Release 125m Corticrine Escrow Shares; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics
Nov 5, 2015
Genetic Technologies Pleads Schultz To ASX 58% Query - Posts Breast Cancer Guidelines News To Nasdaq, Not ASX; Invion: ‘High Court Dismisses CBio Executive Appeal’; WEHI: ‘Mass Drug Administration For Relapsing Malaria’; Regeneus Cryoshot Efficacy For Horse Joints; Sirtex Loses Asia Pacific Head Dr Burwood Chew; Phylogica: ‘Phylomer-Omomyc Effect In Mouse Breast Cancer’; Cynata Hires US CRO For Stem Cell Study; Immuron Signs Travelcare For US Distribution; Australian Ethical Reduces To 7% Of IDT; JP Morgan, Credit Suisse 35% Mesoblast ‘Lock-Up’ Notices; Australian Ethical Takes 7% Of Atcor; Goldman Sachs Above 5% Of Nanosonics, Yet Again
Nov 4, 2015
Admedus Launches Cardiocel In Malaysia; Antisense, Strongbridge ATL1103 Reduces Acromegaly GHBP; Bionomics: ‘BNC105, TH302 Renal, Breast Cancer Synergy In-Vivo’; Proteomics Signs China Promarkerd Kidney Test Deal; Uscom Establishes London Office; Ellex’s ABIC For Glaucoma At US Ophthalmology Meeting; Europe Grants Bluechiip Patent; MMJ Canada Marijuana Plant Ready For Inspection; Gordagen Appoints NE1-Heart US Distributor; Allegra ‘Outsources’ Active Knee Manufacture To Signature; Lagoda, Fatima Dickey, Richard Bayles Take 7% Of Clinuvel
Nov 3, 2015
Mesoblast US Sec Form, Implies $98m Nasdaq IPO; Somnomed Buys Canada’s Strong Dental For $743k; Impedimed, Harvard Cardiac Bio-Impedance Spectroscopy; Biota Appoints Mark Colonnese CFO
Nov 2, 2015
Oct 30, 2015
OBJ: ‘Magnetic Microarray Doubles Disinfectant Kill Power’; Nanosonics Q1 Trophon Sales Up 56% To $6.5m; Heartware Q3 Revenue Down 5% To $92m; Mesoblast Two Week ‘Capital Raising’ Suspension; Prima Places $2m; Circadian Name Change To Opthea AGM; Nusep Name Change To Memphasys, Spill, Directors Stock AGM; CFO Aliceson Rourke Replaces Cellmid Co Sec Lucy Rowe; Biotech Daily Review Of Appendix 4C Filings
Oct 29, 2015
Neuren Completes Trofinetide Brain Injury Trial Enrolment; Prescient Share Plan To Raise $1m; ITL’s Myhealthtest Joins NRMA Jumpstart Program; Impedimed 25% Remuneration 1st Strike; Compumedics Unusual 28% Remuneration 1st Strike; Resapp AGM For 5m Founding Scientist Options; Private Portfolio Managers Take 5% Of Bionomics; Hunter Hall Reduces To 5% Of Sirtex; Australian Ethical Increases To 7% In Avita; Chairman Paul Hopper Diluted Below 5% Of Imugene; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics, Yet Again; Allegra Loses September CEO Peter Welsh
Oct 28, 2015
UK Approves Medical Developments Penthrox, $1m Milestone; 3D Medical Raises $4m For Mach7 Merger, $6m To Go; Imugene Receives $756k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Orthocell: ‘Ortho-ATI Improves Tennis Elbow’; US Patent For Mesoblast Cardio-Vascular Stem Cells; Prescient Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Challenger, Entities Take 6% Of Sirtex; Tim Robertson, Farjoy Take 9% Of Medlab; Goldman Sachs Above 5% Of Nanosonics, Yet Again; Pharmaust Backs 20:1 Consolidation, Loses Prof David Morris; Andrea Goldie Replaces Polynovo CFO Co Sec Chris Mews
Oct 27, 2015
Monash Chancellor Dr Alan Finkel Appointed Chief Scientist; Living Cell: ‘NTCell Stops Parkinson’s Disease’; MMJ Phytotech Starts Israel Marijuana Trial For MS; Belgium OK For Prima Phase IIb IMP321 Breast Cancer Trial; Regeneus Treats 1st RGSH4K Tumor Vaccine Patient; US, Australian Patents For Proteomics Kidney Test; Cellmid Q1 Évolis Hair Loss Products Earn $1m; Sirtex Dissent Against CEO Performance Rights; Tissue Therapies 1.6m 100% Premium Options-For-Pay AGM; Genetic Technologies 14m CEO Eutillio Buccilli Options AGM; Genera 2m CEO Richard Hannebery ‘Rights’ AGM; Isonea 2m Director Options, Name Change AGM; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics
Oct 26, 2015
3D To ‘Merge’ With Mach7, Raise $10m, Change Name; Medlab To Begin Nano-Statin, Insulin Trials; Impedimed Buys US Intersection Medical For Heart Failure; Sun Adds 4th Site To DMX-200 Kidney Trial; Resmed Posts $567m Q1 Revenue, Dividend; Uscom Posts Record Q1 $611k Cash Receipts; Passport Health To Sell Immuron’s Travelan; Imugene Loyalty Options; Psivida AGM For 500k More Director Stock Options; MMJ Votes To Increase Directors Pool 150% To $500k; Somnomed AGM For 250k Chairman Dr Peter Neustadt Options; Tissue Therapies To Lose Director Dr Mel Bridges
Oct 23, 2015
WEHI, Baker, Garvan Find Obesity Sensor Protein; ANU, Garvan, Genentech Find Gene To Fight Sepsis; Eli Lilly Returns VEGFR-3 To Circadian; Acrux, Eli Lilly Q3 Axiron Sales Up 14% To $57m; MMJ Raises $2m, Piper Alderman For Australian Regulation; 3D, Hephaestus Dental Prosthetic Design Collaboration; Mayne AGM For $3m CEO Loan Shares, Pay Pool Rise 71% To $1.2m; Analytica AGM For 14m Director Options; CVC, Stinoc Down To 14.5% In Cyclopharm, Unnamed Institution; AMP Below 5% Of Medical Developments; Hunter Hall Takes 16% Of GI Dynamics; Asia Union Reduces To 7% In Cogstate; Goldman Sachs Above 5% Of Nanosonics, Yet Again; Stirling Loses M-D Peter Boonen, Gains Co Sec Elizabeth Hunt; Genera HPV Advisory Board Appointments
Oct 22, 2015
Benitec TT-034 For Hep C Reaches Liver, No Adverse Events; Walter Reed Treats First Avita Recell Trauma Patient; Phosphagenics Hires Tesa Labtec For TPM-Oxymorphone Patch; Somnomed Sells 250k Anti-Snoring Mouthguards, Compliance; Simavita Signs 2,500 North American Incontinence Beds; Sun Name Change To Dimerix AGM; Grandlodge, Peter Anastasiou Take 14% Of Immuron; Hunter Hall Takes 15% Of Avita; Oncosil Appoints Tom Milicevic CFO, Co Sec
Oct 21, 2015
Journal Article Backs Avita Recell For Facial Defect Repair; Pharmaust Final Phase I/II PPL-1 Solid Tumor Data; Up To 26% Of LBT AGM Oppose Director Kate Costello; Biotron AGM For 5m CEO Replacement Options; MMJ Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics
Oct 20, 2015
Polynovo Completes 5-Patient Novosorb Proof-Of-Concept; Avita Raises $10m; Airxpanders: ‘Aeroform Cuts Breast Expansion Time 50%’; Novogen ‘Retracts’ Cantrixil Ovarian Cancer Announcement; Walk The Synchrotron With Bio-Melbourne; Allan Gray Further Reduces To 11.4% Of Alchemia; Goldman Sachs Above 5% Of Nanosonics, Yet Again
Oct 19, 2015
Osprey Tumbles 72% On Avert Nephropathy Failure; Novogen: ‘Cantrixil, Platinum Stops Ovarian Cancer’ In Mice; St Vincent’s Institute Hosts Transplant Meeting; WEHI’s Dr Ewa Michalak Wins NBCF $680k; Koma To Distribute Anteo Mix&Go In South Korea; Unilife Borrows $14m More, Cuts Staff, Executive Pay; Viralytics AGM For 5.7m More Director Options; Benitec Appoints Hepatology Advisory Board; Proteomics Appoints James Moses Director, WA Export Gong
Oct 16, 2015
Reva Claims ‘Excellent Acute Outcomes, Safety’; Melbourne Uni’s Prof John Hopper Wins $50k Victoria Prize; Mesoblast, Celgene Extend GVHD Option Another 6 Months; Bio-Melbourne, STC Take Victoria To US Advamed; Progen To Back-Door Medigen’s TBG For Immune Matching Kits; Avita Requests ‘Equity Placement’ Trading Halt; Starpharma 1.1m More CEO ‘Performance Rights’ AGM; Pharmaxis AGM For 1.6m CEO ‘Performance Rights’; Bionomics AGM To Elect Dr Alan Dunton, Issue 560k Options; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics
Oct 15, 2015
Cochlear, GN Resound ‘Smart Hearing Alliance’; Orthocell ACI Study: ‘Knee, Ankle Cartilage Utility’; Universal Bio Strip Sales Beat 500m Units, PT-INR Test Delay; Proteomics Loyalty Options Raise $126k; CSL 11% Oppose CEO ‘Performance’ Stock, Again; $1b Buy-Back; JCP Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; Goldman Sachs Above 5% Of Nanosonics, Yet Again; Antisense Appoints William Goolsbee Director; Prescient Loses M-D Dr Robert Crombie
Oct 14, 2015
Ramaciotti $1.4m For Biomedical Research; Cynata, Massachusetts General Cancer Collaboration; Heartware Falls 20% On CE MVAD Halt; Queensland Funds Hospitals $469k For Simavita Rehabilitation; Cyclopharm Declares 0.5¢ Maiden Interim Dividend; US Patent For Starpharma Vivagel For Bacterial Vaginosis; US Allows LBT APAS Method, Software Patent; Benitec AGM For 2.6m Director Options; Admedus Director In Lieu Shares, 10-To-1 Consolidation AGM; Atcor 3m Director Options, Elect Randall King Nelson AGM; Bio-Melbourne Tours Trajan Scientific
Oct 13, 2015
Dr Chris Nave Tells WEHI Meeting: ‘Biotech Curve Is Up, Steep’; Taiwan Waterpark Disaster Reports Positive Avita Recell Use; Regeneus Receives $3.4m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Rett Foundation Commits $1.4m To Neuren Trials; Prima Raises $1.6m From Netherlands Nyenburgh; Somnomed Q1 Sales Up 30% To $9.6m; Cellmid AGM For 8m Director Options; Living Cell AGM For 3m Director Options; MMJ Hires Gaelan Bloomfield PR, Implies Victoria Licence Bid
Oct 12, 2015
Clover Licences Omega Oil To Premneo, Dr Brian Mcnamee; Cyclopharm Ultralute Boosts Mo-99 By 50%; FDA Approves Osprey Dyevert Automatic Dye Modulation; WEHI Images Trib1 For Blood Cancer Drugs; Antisense Manufactures MS Early Access ATL1102, Study; Medibio Canada Study Compares Mental, Sleep Disorders; Uspto Allows Neuren Trofinetide (NNZ-2566) Rett Patent; Avexa To Acquire Tali For Development Disabilities, To Raise $4m; Oncosil Expects BSI Fast-Track Review In November; Phosphagenics Cuts Staff, Early Stage Programs; LBT To Lose Founding CEO Lusia Guthrie; Tissue Therapies Appoints Prof Christian Behrenbruch Director; Nusep Director Andrew Goodall Reduces To 36%
Oct 9, 2015
Recce IPO To Raise $5m For Superbug Antibiotics; CSL Borrows $707m At 1.43%; Prima Receives $475k Final Saxony Bank Cvac Grant; Invion $2.4m Federal R&D Tax Refund, Pays Metamor Loan; Nusep Repays $250k Singapore Loan; CBA, Related Parties Buy, Borrow To 5% Of Sirtex, Again; IDT CEO Loan Shares AGM; David Lamont Replaces Promoted CSL CFO Gordon Naylor; Bruce McHarrie Replaces Phylogica Chairman Dr Doug Wilson; Bio-Melbourne Takes A Walk On The Synchrotron Wild Side
Oct 8, 2015
Merck Invests $13m In Bionomics, Extends Pain Collaboration; Lonza To Manufacture Benitec Drugs; Ellex Increases Sales, Reduces Costs, Forex Benefit; US Patent For Suda Oral Spray Sildenafil (Viagra); Nanosonics AGM For 278k, $364k Executive ‘Performance Rights’; Oncosil Appoints Executives David James, Dr Greg Rogers; IDT Appoints Ex-Hospira Hugh Burrill Director
Oct 7, 2015
High Court Rules Isolated BRCA Gene Not Patentable; Medicines Australia Concern Over IP Impact; CEO Dr Anna Lavelle Opens Ausbiotech Conference; Victoria To Build On Success; Prof Alan Trounson: ‘Australia Lags On Stem Cells’; Prof Maree Smith, Ellume, Spinifex Win J&J Innovation Gongs; LBT APAS Trial ‘Far Exceeds Expectations’; CE Mark For Avita Regenercell, Renovacell; Australian Ethical Reduces, Diluted To 10% In Avita; NY Lagoda, Fatima Dickey, Richard Bayles Take 6% Of Clinuvel; WEHI, MRCF Catalyzing Commercialization Symposium; Actinogen Alzheimer’s Investor Symposium
Oct 6, 2015
‘Call Us’ Victoria Minister Tells Ausbiotech; US Funding; Victoria To Legalize Medical Marijuana In 2017, Trials; Burnet, Innoviron Create Preclinical CRO 360-Biolabs; Admedus Releases Sheep Tri-Leaflet Valve Results; Heartware Replies To Investor Valtech Complaint; Hong Kong’s Senrigan Takes 15% Of Reva; Kevin Fischer Replaces Genetic Technologies CFO Brian Manuel; Bio-Melbourne Quality-Briefing Tours Trajan Scientific
Oct 5, 2015
Invion Claims INV102 Success For Smoking Cessation; FDA Doubles Avita Recell Compassionate Use Ide; Clinuvel, FDA Talk Scenesse For EPP; Ascend Treats First ASN-002 BCC Patient; Unilife AGM For $99m Shares; Prescient AGM For 700k Director Options, 25m Shares; Ron Dewhurst, Kroy Wen Take 8% Of Rhinomed; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics, Yet Again
Oct 2, 2015
Resonance, Pfizer Study Machine Classified Fibrosis; Ausbiotech Invest, Conference Starts On Tuesday; Goldman Sachs Takes 5% Of Nanosonics, Yet Again; ASIC Extends QRX Reporting, AGM Up To 2 Years
Oct 1, 2015
September BDI-40 Down 1%, ASX200 Down 4%, Big Caps Down 2% - Oncosil Up 48%, IDT 38%, Medical Developments 38%, Biotron Down 36%, Tissue Therapies 24%, Benitec 22%; Ellex Reduces Glaucoma Surgery To 5-Min Procedure; Correction: Analytica; Adherium: ‘Three UK Studies Back Smartinhaler’; Paranta Raises $7m For PB01 For Cystic Fibrosis; Reva Enrols First 110-Patient Fantom II Cohort; Patrys Shuts German Plant, COO Roger McPherson Goes; Genetic Signatures Director Patrick Noland Resigns For US
Sep 29, 2015
Polynovo Wins Up To $38m BARDA Burns Trials Contract; Cogstate $4.5m Alzheimer’s Contract Extension; Actinogen: ‘Xanamem For Alzheimer’s Delivered To Brain’; Psivida: ‘FDA Will Accept Six Month Medidur Data For Uveitis’; Neuren Completes Fragile X Trial Patient Visits; Patrys PAT-SC1 Deal, PAT-SM6 On Hold, Car T-Cell Closed; Dorsavi $9m UK Yourphysioplan Vimove Deal; Pharmaust’s Epichem Moves Into New Lab; Hunter Hall Reduces To 6% Of Sirtex; CBA, Related Parties Sell, Return Below 5% Of Sirtex; Bionomics Appoints Dr Alan Dunton Director; Allegra Shrinks, Loses CEO Tom Milicevic
Sep 28, 2015
Viralytics: ‘5 Of 12 PFS In Cavatak Melanoma Extension Trial’; Viralytics Begins Cavatak Keytruda Melanoma Trial; Mundipharma Pays Medical Developments $10m; GI Dynamics: ‘German Diabetes Society Backs Endobarrier’; Phosphagenics Begins TPM Piglet Nutrition Trial; Analytica Hires Salesforce4hire For US Sales, 52m Options; Sirtex AGM For $1.5m, 46k CEO ‘Performance Rights’; UBS AG Takes 9% Of GI Dynamics At ½¢ A Share; Probiotec Sells Protein Plant To Beston Pure Dairies For $7m; Polynovo Requests ‘Trial Funding Contract’ Trading Halt; Actinogen Requests ‘CSF Study Results’ Trading Halt; Resapp Requests ‘Study Results’ Trading Halt
Sep 25, 2015
Alchemia Sells Last Asset Fondaparinux To Dr Reddy’s For $24m; Optiscan: ‘Extended Carl Zeiss Deal Worth $3m’; Correction: Clinuvel; Unilife, Novartis Expand Injectable Drug Delivery Deal; Queensland, J&J Innovation $300k Quick Fire Challenge; Innate Adds 9 Patients To MIS416 Compassionate Use Program; Medibio Signs Vital Conversations For Cardiac Stress Test; Capital Group Below 5% Of GI Dynamics
Sep 24, 2015
Starpharma Vivagel CE ‘Device’ Mark For Bacterial Vaginosis; Pro Medicus Signs $11m Imaging Deal With Allegheny; OBJ Placement Raises $6.25m, Share Plan For $1.75m More; China Approves Biodiem, BCHT LAIV ’Flu Vaccine Trial; IDT, Mayne Finalize 2014 Temozolomide Distribution; NY Lagoda, Fatima Dickey, Richard Bayles Take 5% Of Clinuvel; Poipu 19.5%, Torney 12%, Carrara 19.5% In Stirling
Sep 23, 2015
Admedus Starts Aortic Valve Repair Trial; WEHI, ACRF Cancer Lab Opens; Singapore Approves Medical Developments Penthrox; Optiscan Takes Collaboration Halt To Suspension; Pharmaust AGM Votes On 20-1 Consolidation, Dr Best Options; Biota Loses Dr Jim Fox, Gains Armando Anido, Dr Michael Dunne; Solagran Loses Ace Aim, Salim Group Director Andi Solaiman
Sep 22, 2015
Pharmaxis, Boehringer PXS4728A Meets Phase I Endpoints; TGA Approves BPH Cortical Brain Anaesthesia Monitor; OBJ Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Sirtex Appoints Ex-Avcal Dr Katherine Woodthorpe Director; Genetic Signatures Appoints Patrick Noland US Head; Bio-Melbourne Orphan Drug, Device Regulation Workshop
Sep 21, 2015
PM Turnbull Puts Innovation, Chris Pyne Centre Of Agenda; Biotech Daily Editorial; Compumedics $1m, 3-Year Shanghai Sleep Contract; EMA Study Takes Clinuvel Closer To European Roll-Out; Optiscan Requests ‘Collaboration Negotiation’ Trading Halt; Dorsavi Rights Offer Raises $2m, $1m Underwritten Shortfall; Innate Placement To Raise $3.4m; CVC Diluted To 18% Of Cyclopharm
Sep 18, 2015
Japan Confirms Mesoblast Temcell, JR-031 For GVHD; Rhinomed Places $2.5m; Stirling DOCA, Peter Dykes, Peter Torney, Timothy Shaw; Innate Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Cogstate 1.1m CEO Brad O’Connor, 300k Director Options; Patrys Pleads June News To ASX 30% Query
Sep 17, 2015
China Pollution Cardio-Respiratory Opportunity For Uscom; ANU Reduces Below 5% Of Bionomics; Webinvest, Otto Buttula Take 7% Of Oncosil; Susan Whiting Diluted Below 5% Of Biotech Capital; Proteomics Releases 1.5m Escrow Shares; Optiscan Loses July Director George Cameron-Dow; Tissue Therapies Loses Director Iain Ross; Bio-Melbourne Brainstorms ‘Health Hackathons’
Sep 16, 2015
Bionomics BNC210 Safe, Nicotine Response; Orthocell Adds Detail To Bone Cell Factory Study; Bluechiip Expects $50k Matched Federal Grant; Rhinomed Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Benitec Adds Texas Methodist Institute To TT-034 Hep C Trial; Anatara: ‘Detach Reduces Pig Scour’, Dr Holyoake Advisor; MRCF-Funded Auspherix Expands Domainex Collaboration; Gordagen Appoints Natural Alternatives US Manufacturer; Viralytics 9m Options For M-D Dr McColl, CSO Dr Shafren
Sep 15, 2015
Orthocell Study Backs Cell Factory For Bone Healing; Ausbiotech Wants PM Malcolm Turnbull To Speed Tax Reform; Correction: Federal Biotech Grants; Imugene AGM For Directors, COO Stock, Increase Pool To $400k; Nicholas McDonald Diluted To 7.6% In Biotech Capital; Genetic Signatures Appoints Dr Tony Radford Director
Sep 14, 2015
Hatchtech, Dr Reddy’s Up To $279m Xeglyze (Deovo) Deal; Medical Developments, Mundipharma Up To $77m Euro Deal; Cyclopharm Draximage $6m US Technegas Trial Deal; Compumedics $2m South Korea Neuroscan Distribution Deal; Ellex Cites 2 Case Studies Of 2RT For AMD; Sun Enrols 1st Dmx-200 Kidney Disease Patient; Biotech Takes 3 Of 24 Federal Grants Worth $2.4m Of $14.6m; Proteomics ‘Loyalty Options’ To Raise $126k; Rhinomed, Sleepgp Partner For Snoring, Sleep, Mute Plugs
Sep 11, 2015
Federal Government Backs CSIRO, Anatomics 3-D Sternum, Ribs; Sunshine Heart C-Pulse Pulmonary Hypertension Sheep Study; CBA, Colonial, Citicorp Below 5% In Pro Medicus; Sabby Takes 7.5% Of Benitec
Sep 10, 2015
Psivida Licence - Revenue Up 665% To $38m, Loss To $9m Profit; Immuron Lists On US OTCQB; Challenger, Entities Take 5% Of Sirtex; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 13% Of Pharmaxis; Nusep Appoints Andrew Goodall To Prime Board; Bio-Melbourne Workshops Orphan Drug, Device Regulation
Sep 9, 2015
Gordagen Phase I Melt3 Tablet Safety, Bioavailability; Antisense Doses 300mg Acromegaly Patients; Oncosil Brachytherapy CE Mark Review; Nusep Raises $267k, Director Andrew Goodall Diluted To 38%; Australian Ethical Takes 5% Of Somnomed; IQ3 Appoints David Batista For US Investment Banking
Sep 8, 2015
Burnet: ‘Promising HIV Drugs Less Effective In Brain’; Imugene To Place $3m, Options; Clarity Licences Fusion Cathepsin S Antibody For Cancers; Medavisor $5m For Backdoor Listing For Adherence App; Compumedics $600k Perth Children’s Neurology Contract; Ausbiotech Octoberfest Focus On Regenerative Medicine; OBJ Expands Proctor & Gamble Work To Shaving Products; RACI Symposium, Dinner With Dr Nick Ede: ‘Whatever It Takes’; QRX Creditors Meeting Delayed, Again, To December; Director Peter Jones, Stuart Andrew 14% In Biotech Capital
Sep 7, 2015
Starpharma, Astrazeneca Dep Deal $180m-Plus Potential; 3D Quality Audit, Printer Commissioned, 333D Agreement; Imugene Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Acrux, Gedeon Richter Lenzetto Euro Approval, $3m Payment; Invion Cancels Shareholder Entitlement Issue; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 18% Of Circadian; Treagus Family Increase, Diluted To 17% Of Biotech Capital
Sep 4, 2015
Victoria Awards $26m Infrastructure Support Grants; Japan To Approve Mesoblast, JCR JR-031 For GVHD; Optiscan, Mr Solutions Launch Celllive Imaging System; Starfish Diluted To 44% Of Dorsavi; Regeneus To Release 48m Escrow Shares; MMJ To Release 7.2m Escrow Shares
Sep 3, 2015
NHMRC Grants $5.8m To 11 EU, California Collaborations; Independent Roche Registry Data Backs Sirtex Sir-Spheres; Admedus Releases Smaller Cardiocel Scaffold; Cortendo Prospectus Cites Antisense ATL1103 Milestones; Resapp Appoints Experien, Blue Curve For FDA Applications; Auckland Trust, Lang Walker Take 13% Of Biotech Capital; Unilife Hires Morgan Stanley For Strategic Review; Prima Pleads Schultz To ASX 28% Query; Cryosite Loses January CEO Joseph Saad; Ampliphi Appoints Dr Alexander Gaidamaka Chemistry Head
Sep 2, 2015
Heartware Buys Israel’s Valtech For $1.2bn; WEHI: ‘Childhood Coeliac Same As Adults’, Treatment Options; Medibio Expects To Raise $3m; ITL Accelerates $2.45m Myhealthtest Acquisition; Bluechiip Adds Kit, Reader, Button To Cryo-Tags; Unilife Revenue Down 10% To $19m, Loss Up 57% To $129m; Progen Revenue Down 40% To $3.4m, Loss Up 159% To $4.7m; Regeneus Revenue Down 2% To $2m, Loss Down 12% To $6.6m; Avita Recell Patent Validated In 11 European Countries; Innate Appoints Receptos Founder Dr Robert Peach Director
Sep 1, 2015
August BDI-40 Down 4%, ASX200 Down 9%, Big Caps Down 4.5% - Reva Up 58%, Genetic Technologies Down 28%; Airxpanders Files Aeroform 510(K) Submission To FDA; Uscom Completes Thor Acquisition; Biotech Capital Lang Walker $1m, Bruce Hancox, Jon Pilcher; Invion Raises $1m From Unnamed US Investor; Resapp 1st Patient Enrolled At Princess Margaret Hospital; Suda Revenue Down 35% To $5.7m, Loss Up 64% To $3.4m; Bioxyne Revenue Down 50% To $1.6m, Profit Down 83% To $201k; Phosphagenics H1 Revenue Up 113% To $978k, Loss Up 399%; Antisense ATL1103 Partner Cortendo Files For Nasdaq Listing; Immuron Applies For US OTCQB, Full US Listing; Canada’s Investors Group Takes 7% Of Adherium; Prescient CSO Prof Said Sebti Wins Nature Translation Gong
Aug 31, 2015
Bionomics To Start US BNC101 Colon, Pancreatic Cancer Trials; MMJ, Satispharm Sell 1st Marijuana Capsules, Available On-Line; US Disaster Preparedness Agencies Interest In Avita Recell; Medical Australia Revenue Up 25% To $15m, Profit To $217k Loss; Clinuvel Revenue Up 29% To $3.3m, Loss Up 89% To $10.4m; Cellmid Revenue Down 16% To $3m, Loss Up 126% To $3.3m; Immuron Revenue Up 7% To $1.1m, Loss Up 36% To $3.4m; IQ3 Revenue Up 2013% To $922k, Loss Up 96% To $1.9m; IM Medical Surprised By $270k Legal Bill; Novogen Advisory Committee Sets Pipeline Priorities; Adherium Founder, CEO Garth Sutherland Takes 8%; Medibio Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Chris Smith Takes Cochlear’s Wheel, Goodbye Dr Chris Roberts
Aug 28, 2015
Living Cell Wins $2m NZ Grant For NTCell For Parkinson’s; Rhinomed Mute, Turbine Production Up To 4m Packs A Year; Mayne Revenue Down 1.3%, Profit Down 64%, $91m US Plant; Alchemia Revenue Down 25% To $12m, Loss Up 128% To $16m; Admedus Revenue Up 29% To $10m, Loss Up 282% To $25m; Allegra Revenue Down 8% To $7m, Loss Up 1262% To $855k; Genetic Technologies Revenue Down 44% To $3m, Loss Down 13%; Avita Sales Up, Revenue Down 9% To $3m, Loss Up 38% To $7m; Avita Takes ‘Equity Placement’ Trading Halt To Suspension; Pharmaust Revenue Up 21% To $2.4m, Loss Up 46% To $2m; Invion Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; One Funds (Bioscience Managers) Takes 17% Of Adherium; Brian Mayo-Smith, K One W One Take 8% Of Adherium; Och-Ziff Lightens To 18.7% Of Brain Resource; Reproductive Health Embryocellect For IVF Training Course; Bio-Melbourne Tours The Red Cross Blood Bank
Aug 27, 2015
Race To Raise Up To $10m For ‘Lost’ Bisantrene For AML; Admedus HSV-2 Trial Safe, Proceeds, Takes 72% Of Coridon; Clinuvel, FDA To Discuss Scenesse For EPP Pathway; Biomérieux Pays LBT $8m To Part Company On Plate Streaking; Adherium IPO Raises $35m For Smartinhaler, Astrazeneca Takes 6%; Ellex Revenue Up 15% To $63m, Profit Up 113% To $1.7m; Cryosite Revenue Up To $10m, Profit Down 10% To $455k, Dividend; Resonance Revenue Up 16% To $2.7m, Loss To $463k Profit; LBT Revenue Down 41% To $2.4m, Profit Up 66% To $549k; Anteo Revenue Down 7% To $2.4m, Loss Up 69% To $4.2m; Genetic Signatures Revenue Up 57% To $2m, Loss Up 54% To $2.7m; Brain Resource Revenue Up 6% To $2.7m, Loss Up 30% To $2.6m; OBJ Revenue Up 59% To $1.5m, Loss Up 4% To $2.3m; Clarification: Cyclopharm H1 $179k Profit; Medibio Wins 1st Corporate Stress Contract; Cellmid To Launch Évolis Hair Growth Campaign; Hunter Hall Reduces 1% In Sirtex To 7.4%; MMJ Requests ‘Cannabidiol Update’ Trading Halt; Imugene M-D Charles Walker Steps Down, Leslie Chong COO; Immuron Appoints Peter Anastasiou Vice Executive Chairman
Aug 26, 2015
Anteo Buys Belgium’s Diasource For Up To $34m Cash, Scrip; Dorsavi Placement Raises $4m, 1-For-10 Offer For $3m More; Tissue Therapies, QUT Continue Vitrogro R&D; Compumedics Revenue Up 9% To $33.5m, Profit Up 117% To $2m; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Down 23% To $5m, $132k Loss, Maiden Dividend; Impedimed Revenue Up 38% To $5m, Loss Down 6% To $8m; Uscom Revenue Up 48% To $2m, Loss Down 20% To $1.2m; Dorsavi Revenue Up 141% To $2m, Loss Up 126% To $8m; CBA, Related Parties Sell, Return To 5% Of Sirtex; Prescient ‘Encouraged’ By Early PTX-200 For Cancer Data; US Patent For Paradigm’s PPS For Bone Bruising; Suda Takes 100% Control Of Artimist; Avita Requests ‘Equity Placement’ Trading Halt; Unilife Appoints Harry Hamill, Mary Wold; Jim Bosnjak Goes
Aug 25, 2015
3D Medical, Intelerad Partner For Direct Imaging; Final Results Back Airxpanders Aeroform Device; Progen Revenue Up 64% To $6m, Loss Down 14% To $2m; Ra Capital Below 5% Of Benitec; Profs Mcarthur, Roberts, Emery Join Victoria Cancer Centre; Immuron Appoints Ex-Alchemia Thomas Liquard CEO; Dibbs Barker Appoints Dr Andrew Rankine For Biotech IP; Medibio Requests ‘Stress Product Agreement’ Trading Halt
Aug 24, 2015
Nusep, Melbourne Uni Work On Hydrogel Membranes; Antisense Cortendo Revenue Up To $707k Maiden Profit; Uscom Share Plan Raises $195k, Total $2.1m; Israel Approves MMJ Marijuana Capsule Trial; 3D Medical Pleads Schultz To Asx 35% Fall Query; Dorsavi Requests Capital Raising Halt; MJGD, BSMI; Irwin, BIOA Trusts Each Take 8% Of Paradigm; Bill Paspaliaris, Peter Milonas Each Take 6% Of Paradigm; IWES, Ex-CEO Boaz Wachtel Take 5% Of MMJ Phytotech; Pharmaust To Lose Director Prof David Morris; Genetic Signatures Appoints Mark Langan, Anna Sandham 
Aug 21, 2015
Biota Starts Phase I BTA585 For RSV Studies; Rhinomed Signs Boots Exclusive UK Mute Distributor; Dorsavi 3-Year Compliance Deal With Designinc Architects; Pro Medicus Revenue Up 22% To $18m, Profit Up 113% To $3m; Medical Developments Revenue Up 24% To $12m, Profit Up 75% To $1.5m; Atcor Revenue Up 8% To $5.5m, Loss Down 18% To $2m; Starpharma Revenue Up 35% To $1.7m, Loss Up 30% To $19m; GI Dynamics Cuts Costs, Staff By 46%; Medibio Completes Corporate Stress Test Development; Australian Ethical Reduces To 9% Of IDT; Oceania, Hosken Slip Below 5% Of Atcor; M-D Paul Rennie, Kzee, Ear Take 24% Of Paradigm; Prescient To Issue 700k Chairman, Director Options; Reva Appoints Medtronic’s Regina Groves CEO, Starts On $540k; Immuron Hires Red Chip For US Investor Relations
Aug 19, 2015
Benitec Raises $19m Of Hoped For $95m, 22.5% Discount; Editorial: Another Band Fails To Make It Big In The USA; ITL Revenue Up 10% To $28m, Profit Up 5% To $2m; Pharmaxis Revenue Up 465% To $59m, Turnaround $18m Profit; Circadian Revenue Up 7% To $939k, Loss Up 33% To $5m; Living Cell Revenue Down 87% To $1m, Loss Up 4% To $7m; Cogstate Revenue Up 41% To $16m, Loss Up 30% To $5m; Paradigm Opens Up 14.3%; IQ3 US Subsidiary To Operate Investment Bank; Rhinomed Requests ‘Global Distribution’ Trading Halt
Aug 18, 2015
Dorsavi Signs US Football Team, Colleges For Viperform; IDT Revenue Up 18% To $16m, Loss Down 55% To $3m; Living Cell Resumes NTCell Manufacture; Gordagen Receives $1.1m Federal R&D Tax Incentive; Benitec Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Saskia Jo Replaces Tissue Therapies Co Sec Drummond McKenzie
Aug 17, 2015
Mesoblast: ‘Faster Phase III Heart Trial’, Revenue Down, Loss Up; Invion: High Dose INV103 (Cpn10, XToll) Potential For Lupus; Paradigm IPO Raises $8m For Bone Bruising, Respiratory; Dorsavi Signs 4th Crown Contract, Largest To Date; Avita, Huddersfield Uni Study Recell Mechanism Of Action; Bioxyne Expects $200k NPAT; Airxpanders Releases 845k Escrow US Shares (2.5m CDIs); UBS AG Trades, Returns Acrux Shares Below 5%; Hockings Take 28% Of Phylogica; Sietsma Increase, Maintain 9% Of Phylogica 
Aug 14, 2015
Austin’s Dr Peter De Cruz Wins $16k Victoria Premier Award; Prima Earns Undisclosed Historical Novartis Royalty; Polynovo: ‘Metabolic, AOD9604 Sale Reduces Loss’; W.H.O. Confirms Trofinetide As INN For Neuren NNZ-2566; Cogstate Claims 2 More Trial Contracts Worth $3m; GI Dynamics H1 Revenue Down 47% To $1m, Loss Down 6% To $28m
Aug 13, 2015
Sirtex Record Revenue Up 36% To $178m, Profit Up 69% To $40m; Neuren EU Orphan Status For Trofinetide For Rett, Fragile X; Acrux Revenue, Profit Down, 12 Generics Pipeline; Reva Fantom II Trial On-Track, Funds Secure; Genetic Signatures Signs Poland, Ireland Distributors; Gordagen Hires Ascendiant As US Bank, Advisor; Perpetual Below 5% Of Pro Medicus, Again; OBJ Grants Advisors Prof Wright, Dr Benson 2m Shares; Dr Thomas Lönngren Talks EU Regulation At Bio-Melbourne
Aug 12, 2015
Victoria Releases Research, Biotech Discussion Papers; CSL Record Profit Up 34% To $1.9bn, Revenue Up 29% To $7.7bn; Phylogica Rights Issue Raises $10m; $20bn MRFF Passes Senate, Commercialization Ignored; IDT Earns $1.4m Upfront From US Distributor Ani; Cellmid Appoints New York’s EAS Advisors For US Expansion; Perth’s Princess Margaret Hospital Joins Resapp Trial; Isonea Airsonea Wheeze Monitor US Trial; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns Acrux Shares To 6.4%; Actinogen Xanamem Phase I Triggers 3m Dr Loveridge Shares; Mark Studd Replaces Nusep Co Sec Elissa Hansen
Aug 11, 2015
Cochlear Posts $926m Record Revenue, Profit Up 33% To $146m; Analytica Raises Further $65k; Heartware Completes Endurance 2 Destination Enrolment; Actinogen Xanamem Phase I Triggers 5m Martin Rogers Shares; CB Co, Curran Super Fund Reduces, Diluted To 8.6% Of Atcor; Rod Gibson, Rosherville Take 6% Of Reproductive Health; Clinical Genomics: Howard Chandler ‘Emeritus Scientist’; Universal Biosensors Loses Director Chris Smith To Cochlear; Pork CRC To Assist Anatara Detach Pig Diarrhoea Trials
Aug 10, 2015
Antisense: Cortendo US IPO Details ATL1103, COR-004 Program; Benitec $95m Nasdaq Listing Delayed, Continuing; Bionomics Revenue Down 40% To $17m, Profit To $17m Loss; Nusep Begins Spermsep IVF Trial, Share Plan; Regeneus Begins Progenza Stem Cell Knee Trial; Medivac $200k Loan To Relist, Board Changes, Review; Mayne Launches 50mg Doryx For Acne As US Schools Return; Pratt’s Thorney (Tiga) Diluted Below 5% Of Mayne; Analytica Appoints EMA, CBio Dr Thomas Lönngren Director; Bio-Melbourne JP Morgan Conference Briefing
Aug 7, 2015
Clarity, Melbourne Uni $365k ARC Imaging Grant; Genera 6,000 Patient Data ‘Consistent’ With 2011 Study; FIL Takes 6% Of Impedimed; Hunter Hall Takes 14.7% Of GI Dynamics; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns Acrux Shares To 7.5%
Aug 6, 2015
US Grants Genetic Technologies Brevagenplus Patents; Novogen Lodges 2 Anti-Tropomyosin Australian Patents; Analytica Rights Issue Raises $2.8m Of Hoped-For $3.8m; Suda ‘Delighted’ By FDA Response To SUD-001 Migraine Program; Isonea Airsonea ‘Major Advance’ To Work With Breathing; Federal Government Appoints David Thodey CSIRO Chair; Polynovo CEO Paul Brennan 12.6m Long-Term Options; Immuron To Issue 6m Director Options ‘In Lieu Of Cash’; Anatara Chair Mel Bridges, Parma Increase, Diluted To 12.5%; Stirling Products (DOCA) Restructure EGM
Aug 4, 2015
Mayne $4m Federal-South Australia Manufacturing Grant; Traveler’s Supply To Buy 50,000 Packs Of Immuron Travelan; Correction: MMJ Phytotech; Merchant Reduces To 15% Of Polynovo; CSL Closes Above $100 A Share, Again
Aug 3, 2015
August BDI-40 Up 6%, ASX200 4%, Big Caps 10% - Tissue Therapies Up 80%, Universal Biosensors 35%, GI Dynamics Down 72%, Analytica 20%; Sunshine Heart Transcutaneous Energy Trial In 2016; Heartware H1 Revenue Up 5% To $197m, Loss Up 277% To $57m; Alchemia Hyact Buyer Panther Behind Schedule; CSL, Novartis Close Seqirus ’Flu Vaccine Deal; MMJ Phytotech M-D Andreas Gedeon Starts On $345k; CSL Call For MRFF Translation Component; Bio-Melbourne; Medibio One Quarter Cash: ‘Burn Reduced, $1m R&D Tax Credit’; Bionomics Appoints Tony Colasin Chief Business Officer
Jul 31, 2015
GI Dynamics: ‘US Protocol Might Cause Hepatic Abscesses’; Victoria Appoints Philip Dalidakis Minister For Innovation; CSL, Novartis Closing Seqirus ’Flu Vaccine Deal; African Patent For Suda’s Artimist For Malaria; Resmed Revenue Up 8% To $2b, Profit Up 2% To $483m; Rhinomed Has One Quarter Cash, Expecting Sales Growth; Invion Has Less Than One Quarter Cash, Considering Options; Up To 45% Of Prima Votes Oppose Ridgeback Shares; Brendan Moran Takes 6.5% Of LBT; Bio-Melbourne: ‘Check Registration For Epilepsy Breakfast’
Jul 30, 2015
GI Dynamics Terminates US Endobarrier Trial; Sydney Uni To Test Cynata Stem Cells For Cardiac In-Vivo; Ellex Expects Record Revenue Of $62.5m; Cellmid Raises $4m For Advangen Hair Growth Sales; Unilife $96m Facilities, Imperium Insulin Patch Pump Launch; Novogen Reviews Programs; Simavita New Business Model, Canada Distributors; Analytica: ‘Online Article Inaccurate’; Ellerston (Packer Family) Below 5% Of Acrux; Retropin Below 5% Of Clinuvel; Kevin Wyld, Avanteos Reduces To 5% Of LBT; Regeneus Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash, $3m R&D Credit; Bluechiip Has One Quarter Cash, $500k R&D Tax Credit
Jul 28, 2015
WEHI Partnering WEHI-842 To Block Malaria Conductor Protein CSL Takes rVIII-Single-Chain (CSL627) For Haemophilia A To FDA; Phytotech Raises $5m, Completes MMJ Merger, Name Change; Tissue Therapies Changes Vitrogro From Device To Drug; Anatara Plan Raises $2m, Takes Total To $9m; Atcor: ‘AHA Backs Sphygmocor’; Correction: Nusep; Cogstate Signs $1.6m Alzheimer’s Disease Trial Contract; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns Sirtex Shares To 5%; Cellmid Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Immuron Appoints Dr Jerry Kanellos COO, CSO
Jul 27, 2015
Victoria Awards 8 Veski $450k Three-Year Grants; Federal Government Opens ANSTO Electron Microscope; Invion, Hovione Partner On Inhaled INV104 For Asthma; Nusep Advances Sperm Separation, Resolving ‘Legacy’ Issues; Prima Plan Raises $10m; OKS AGX Allows Agenix To Keep Thromboview; US Patent For Suda’s Sud-002 For Nausea And Vomiting; Orthocell Pleads Schultz, Climbs 17% On Lengthy ASX Query; Resonance CSO Prof Tim St Pierre Wins Western E&Y Gong
Sunshine Heart Resumes C-Pulse Pivotal Trial; Compumedics Expects Revenue Up 10%, Profit Up 100%; Acrux, Lilly Axiron Sales Fall 14% To $211m; ‘Freeman Road’ Takes 5% Of Resapp; Phytotech Requests ‘MMJ Merger Update’ Trading Halt; ‘Legal Reasons’ Close Dr Christian Behrenbruch’s Long Tail 
Jul 23, 2015
Universal Biosensors H1 Revenue Up 160% To $7.5m, Loss Down; Journal Publishes Mesoblast Diabetes Trial Results; Reproductive Health Raises $1.3m; Optiscan Raises $690k, Total $1.2m; IM Medical Raises $287k, $345k Underwritten Shortfall To Go; Hunter Hall Reduces 1% In Sirtex To 8.4%; Sigma-Aldrich To Distribute Anteo’s Mix&Go; Pharmaust Closes ‘Successful’ PPL-1 For Cancer Trial; Avita $20m EGM For New Direction In US; Nusep Wants Buyers For Its 68% Of Singapore Prime; Cogstate Launches Precision Recruitment 2.1 For Trials
Jul 22, 2015
Interim Iain Ross Replaces Novogen CEO Dr Graham Kelly; FDA Approves Genetic Signatures Easyscreen Sample Kit; Atcor Rights Issue Raises $3.2m, Total $5.2m; Correction: Optiscan; Uniquest Takes 7.5% Of Resapp; Allan Gray Reduces, Again, To 15.5% Of Impedimed; Pharmaust Requests ‘Trial Results’ Trading Halt; Tissue Therapies CFO, Co Sec Drummond McKenzie Retires
Jul 21, 2015
Heartware Starts European Miniature Cardiac Pump Trial; WEHI Links Inflammation, Arthritis, Heart Valve Disease; Patrick O’Connor Replaces Optiscan Chair Angus Holt, George Cameron-Dow Director; Barclays ‘Returns’ Genetic Technologies Shares Below 5%; Reproductive Health Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Cellmid Appoints Pharmaventures Dr Fintan Walton Director; Bio-Melbourne August Breakfast On Epilepsy; Innovationcafe: Productivity, Commercialization, Culture 
Jul 20, 2015
Uscom To Raise $1.95m For Thor Devices Acquisition; Verva Sells IP To Reverx, Unnamed US Company, Liquidation; Wearable Thermometer Wins 1 Of 13 Federal Grants; US Guidelines For Lymphoedema ‘Will Benefit Impedimed’; Optiscan Requests ‘Board Changes’ Trading Halt; Hunter Hall Takes 13.5% Of GI Dynamics
Jul 17, 2015
Genera India Distributor, Completes 2013 Paptype Trial; Phylogica, UQ $670k ARC Linkage Grant; Uscom Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Tim Robertson, Farjoy Takes 6% Of Medlab, CEO Sean Hall Takes 34%, Chair Michael Hall Takes 7%; Director Drew Townsend Takes 10%
Jul 16, 2015
Osprey Completes Avert Expanded Claims Trial Enrolment; Study Backs Orthocell ‘Cell Factory’ For Cartilage Repair; US Orphan Drug Designation For Novogen’s Anisina; Pharmaust Treats 2 Dogs With PPL-1, Carboplatin; Dorsavi Sales Revenue Up 157% To $1.4m; Barclays ‘Returns’ 1% Of Genetic Technologies To 5%; Gordagen Appoints Dr Rocco Iannello, Prof David Prior
Jul 15, 2015
Mesoblast: ‘High Dose MPCs May Have Heart Failure Efficacy’; Biotron Share Plan Raises $2m, Total $4m; Cynata Raising $5m; Resapp Diagnostics Opens On The ASX; Medlab Opens On The ASX; Clinical Genomics Signs Philippines, NZ Distributors; Medibio Lodges US Patent Application; Uscom Requests Capital Raising, Transaction Trading Halt; Dorsavi Loses CFO Jerome Whelan
Psivida:’ Medidur Significant Benefit For Uveitis’; Novogen: Anisina Boosts Chemo For Neuroblastoma In Mice; ITL: Myhealthtest, Hba1c Test Launched For Diabetes Week; Ellex, Melbourne Uni $355k 2RT Immune System ARC Grant; Tissue Therapies Acquires Vitrogro IP From QUT; Cogstate: ‘Trials Contracts Push Revenue Up 62%’; Unnamed US University Studies Antisense ATL1102 For Cancer; Proctor & Gamble Fund 6th OBJ Work Plan; Reproductive Health Distributes In China, Hong Kong, Macau; Genetic Technologies Plans US Brevagenplus Trials 
Jul 13, 2015
WEHI: ‘Molecular Switch Creates Long-Term Immunity’; Universal Biosensors Strip Fees Up 137%; Phytotech’s MMJ To Distribute AI Fame Products; Medlab IPO Raises $6m For Food Additives, Gut Health; Prima Tells ASX 44% Up, 32% Down Query: ‘Share Plan Not News’; Invion Pleads Schultz, News To ASX 63% Query; OBJ: Proctor & Gamble Sale To Coty ‘No Known Impact’; Acrux Appoints Felicia Colagrande, Charles O’Sullivan 
Jul 10, 2015
ASX Queries Repeat Optiscan Chair Angus Holt Notices; Optiscan Rights Issue Raises $426k, $264k To Go; Biodiem $242k ARC Linkage Grant; Alchemia: Ken Poutakidis Chair, Nathan Drona Audit; Wishny Sritharan Krishnarajah Diluted Below 5% In Sun 
Jul 9, 2015
Benitec Buys-Out Biomics Stake In Hepbarna For Hep B; Clarification: Australian Ethical, Atcor; Dorsavi Signs North American Sports Teams For Viperform; Anteo, IMRA Mix&Go, Gold Diagnostics Proof-Of-Concept; Nusep: ‘ASIC Concludes Investigation, Takes No Action’; Universal Biosensors Receives $8.2m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Orthocell $430k ARC Grant For Laboratory Tendons; Cellmid Forecasts $2m 2014-’15 Revenue; Jason Peterson, Celtic, Associates Diluted Below 5% In Sun; Alchemia Chairman Tim Hughes Goes; Genetic Technologies Appoints Brian Manuel Joint Co Sec
Jul 8, 2015
Australian Ethical Launches Biotech, IT, Renewables Fund; Slater And Gordon $25k OH&S Research Grants Open; Senate Inquiry Into Medical Research Future Fund; Admedus Cardiocel Patient 7-Years Calcification-Free; Prima 5c Share Plan To Raise Up To $10m; Analytica $3.7m 1-For-2 Rights Issue; OBJ: ‘P&G SK-II Eye Wand Launches Exceed Expectations’; Compumedics: ‘German Trade Mission Helps $5m In Deals’; Immuron Loses April CEO Dr Leearne Hinch; ITL Pleads Profit Warning, Journal Article To ASX 44% Query; Phosphagenics Loses Founder, CEO Harry Rosen; Andrew Carter Replaces Bio-Melbourne’s Andrew Macdonald; Bio-Melbourne ‘Massive Health Data’ Briefing
Jul 7, 2015
Avita Donates Recell, Staff To Taiwan Burns Victims; Acrux, Lilly Sue Lupin Over Axiron Patents; Prima: ‘EMA Endorses IMP321 Phase IIb Breast Cancer Trial’; Sandon Withdraws Alchemia Board Spill EGM; Uscom Signs 8 Distribution Agreements; Peter Meurs Takes 19.96% Of Sun; Raff Group Transfers 7.6% Of Genera; Cellmid Appoints Dr Bryce Vissel Advisory Board Chair
Jul 6, 2015
Vale Alastair Lucas; Avita: ‘Recell Repigments Vitiligo And Piebaldism 78%’; DSMC Tells Biotron: ‘Focus On BIT225 Combination, Genotype 3’; Simavita Signs Paul Hartmann For Australian Distribution; Phytotech Applies For Israel Marijuana Trials For MS; Analytica Trading Halt, Pleads Funding To ASX 80% Query; Orthocell Pleads Schultz To ASX 15% Query; RA Capital ‘Trims’ To 9% Of Benitec; Matthew Callahan, SRV Take 6% Of Sun; Rhinomed Appoints Chris Froome Turbine ‘Ambassador’; Uscom Appoints Stephen Wilson US Business Development
Jul 3, 2015
Vast Buys Alchemia Vast Platform, $100k Upfront, Royalties; Anatara Places $4.4m, $2.6m 2nd Tranche, Share Plan; Benitec Continues ddRNAi For OPMD; ITL Profit Warning; ‘Tax’ Reduces Chair Angus Holt, Gralaw To 6% Of Optiscan; Goodbye Narhex, Welcome Resapp; All Change At Sun For Dimerix


Jul 2, 2015
Clinuvel: ‘Scenesse Dramatically Changes Lives’; FDA Allows Polynovo BTM Wound New Data Extension; Phylogica $10m Underwritten 1-For-1 Rights Issue; Imugene Hires Simbec-Orion For HER-Vaxx Gut Cancer Trial; Analytica Appoints Current Technology US Distributor; Immuron Phase II IMM-124E Nash Trial 27.5% Enrolled; Mediobio Applies For US Patent For Heart Stress Test; Orbimed Drops Unilife $26m Debt Hurdle; Phytotech, MMJ Merger Unconditional; FIL Takes 6% Of Starpharma

Jul 1, 2015
9-Year BDI-40 Up 155%, ASX200 Up 8%, Big Caps Up 221%, 12-Month BDI-40 Up 17%, ASX200 1.2%, Big Caps 28%, Impedimed Up 477%, Pharmaxis 245%; Alchemia Down 94%, Tissue Therapies 87%; Circadian Starts US Phase I OPT-302 Wet AMD Trial; Sirtex Releases More Sirflox Sub-Group Analyses; Alchemia To Sell Hyact, Oncology To Panther For Up To $21m; Prana PBT2 Extension Study Dose Safe After 2 Years; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 12% Of Pharmaxis; Anatara Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; OBJ Pleads Schultz To ASX 19% Query; Novogen Appoints Ian Phillips Interim Chairman; Bio-Melbourne ‘Think Global’ Bio-Breakfast

Jun 30, 2015
Ausbiotech Launches Medtech Directory In China; Clarification: Spinifex, Uniseed; Sun EGM Votes To Acquire Dimerix, Raise Funds Unopposed; Nusep $221k Loan, Prime Update, Chair Alison Coutts On $269k; Prima 580m Warrants,123m Shares, 20m CEO Rights, Notes EGM; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows IDT Shares To 6%
Jun 29, 2015
Novartis Buys Spinifex For $916m; Medical Developments $71.5m+ Europe Sales Deal; US Patent For Cellmid Midkine C-Domain; Prescient Notifies FDA Of PTX-200 IND Transfer; Invion Completes INV102 For Smoking Cessation Dosing; Actinogen Chairman Martin Rogers Executive On $80k; Imugene Proposes 5m Options For Director Dr Axel Hoos; Tissue Therapies Loses CSO Prof Zee Upton
Jun 26, 2015
Resonance Liver, Cardiac Iron Measurement Trial Contract; OBJ Files Australian Emulsion Destabilizing Patent; Living Cell Transfers Diabecell R&D To US, Reduces NZ Staff; Alchemia Appoints Spill Contender Ken Poutakidis Director; Allan Gray Increases, Diluted To 17.5% Of Alchemia; Paul Hopper, Associates Take 16% Of Prescient
Jun 25, 2015
US Class Action Filed Against QRX, Ex-CEO Dr John Holaday; Benitec Doses 1st ‘Potentially Therapeutic’ TT-034 Hep C Patient; Prof Christian Behrenbruch And ‘The Long Tail’; Patrys PAT-Sc1 Gastric Cancer China Licence; 3D Signs 25 Titanium Jaw Joints Deal; Mayne Borrows $171m To Pay $US45m Debt, Expansion; Analytica UK, US Pericoach For Incontinence Launches; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 18% Of Circadian; Australian Ethical Takes 6% Of Atcor; Medical Developments Requests ‘Euro Licence’ Trading Halt; Suda Appoints Dr Pullman, Dr Ralph, Prof Chung Advisers
Jun 24, 2015
Novogen Anisina (ATM-3507) Kills Melanoma In Mice; Anaheim California Police Assess Dorsavi Visafe; Beston Buys Probiotic Dairy Protein Plant For $7m; Pharmaust Receives $329k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Vivo, GBS, Prolog, Anonymous Substantial In Airxpanders; Quest, Troy Cairns Take 5% Of Viralytics; 3D Releases 114m Escrow Shares; Proteomics Releases 175k Escrow Shares
Jun 23, 2015
Cellmid Cannabinoid, Midkine Collaboration For Brain Cancer; Benitec Hopes To Raise Up To $91m, List On Nasdaq; Medical Australia For Human Health - Medivet, Jeremy Delk Go; Airxpanders Lists On ASX; Prescient Issues 4.5m PTX-100 Milestone Shares; QRX Creditors Meeting Delayed To September
Jun 22, 2015
3D Medical Printed Titanium Jaw Joint Implanted; Benitec, Reneuron Join Stem Cells, ddRNAi, Bob Atwill V-P; Cytomatrix Hires Michael Sistenich Corporate Development; Bio-Melbourne ‘Massive Health Data’ Briefing
Jun 19, 2015
NSW $25m For Paediatric Research, Clinical Trials Centre; GI Dynamics Sacks Chief Medical Officer Dr David Maggs; Prana Receives $7m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Dorsavi: ‘US CPT Code 97750 Covers Vimove, Vipermove’; Benitec Changes ADR Ratio To 20-To-1; Ausbiotech June Bio-Beers & Bubbles 
Jun 18, 2015
Paradigm $8m IPO For PPS For Bone Bruising, Hay Fever; Biotron To Place $2m, Share Plan For $2m More; CSL Pays $44m Upfront For Biocryst’s Rapivab ’Flu Drug; Singapore Approves Admedus Cardiocel Repair Scaffold; Sandon Calls For Alchemia Board Spill; Anatara Begins 2nd Pivotal Detach Trial For Piglet Diarrhoea; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 9.5% Of Pharmaxis; Uscom Releases 1.2m Escrow Shares
Jun 17, 2015
WEHI Gene Discovery Hope For Muscular Dystrophy; CSL To Present Raft Of Data On Haematology Portfolio; Atcor Raises $2.2m, 1-For-10 Rights Issue For $3.2m More; Pharmaust Takes PPL-1 Dog Cancer Trial To Combination Dose; USPTO Allows Avita Composition Of Matter Patent; Medibio ‘Validates Heart Rate Stress Test’; Chairman David Williams Buys 2m Polynovo Shares; Bio-Melbourne ‘Think Global’ Bio-Breakfast; RACI Dinner - Dr Paul Macleman: Lifecycle Of A Molecule
Jun 16, 2015
Engeneic: ‘Complete Response For Mesothelioma Patient’; Dimerix Investors Agree To Sun Back-Door Listing; Biotron Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Unilife Alan Shortall Wins Ernst & Young Philadelphia Gong
Jun 15, 2015
Queensland Uni, Janssen Cilag Work On Inflammatory Disease; Living Cell: ‘4-Patient Parkinson’s Study Safety, Efficacy’; Compumedics $7.5m, 3-Year China Sleep Diagnostics Deal; Resonance, CSIRO Partner On MRI Product Pipeline; US Approves Circadian Phase I OPT-302 For Wet AMD Trial; Atcor Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Bionomics Files BNC105 Combination Patent; Cellmid: ‘High Dose Midkine Safe In Rats, Monkeys’; Rhinomed Ready For Monash Inpeap Sleep Apnoea Trial; Alfred Joins Polynovo Novosorb CE Mark Deep Burns Trial; Optiscan To Raise $2m; Australian Ethical Below 5% In Pharmaxis; Genetic Technologies Appoints Brian Manuel CFO
Jun 12, 2015
CBio Three Lose $1.3m Appeal, Invion Starts Bankruptcy Trial; Narhex Raises $4m To Become Resapp Diagnostics; Living Cell Requests ‘Clinical Trial Results’ Trading Halt; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 8.5% Of Pharmaxis; Barclays Bank ‘Returns’ 1% Of Genetic Technologies To 6%; Genetic Technologies Appoints CEO Eutillio Buccilli Director; Bio-Melbourne ‘Commercializing Tropical Medicine’ Briefing
Jun 11, 2015
Actinogen Ready For Last Stage Of Phase I Xanamem Trial; Prima Receives $320k French Tax Credit; Patrys PAT-SM6 Manufacture Further Delays Cancer Trial; Asia Union Decreases To 6% Of Tissue Therapies; Immuron Appoints Dr Dan Ruben Peres Innovation Head
Jun 10, 2015
Resonance Study Backs MRI Test For Liver Fibrosis; WEHI: ‘Dendritic Cell Control Aids Immune System’; Airxpanders IPO Raises $36.5m For Breast Implant Device; Rhinomed Disputes, Won’t Challenge ASIC $33k Fine; Alchemia Winding Up To Pay Fondaparinux Dividends; FIL Takes 5% Of Starpharma; FDA Re-Activates Prescient PTX-100 IND; Anatara $61k Federal R&D Tax Incentive, Pig Trials Continue; Optiscan Takes Fundraising Trading Halt To Suspension; IDT Appoints Alan Fisher Director
Jun 9, 2015
Mesoblast Claims MPC Kidney Failure Efficacy, Safety; Proteomics: ‘1st Diabetic Kidney Disease Test’, Jumps 278%; Viralytics: ‘Early Cavatak Effect In Bladder Cancer Trial’; Heartware Issues ‘Urgent Correction’ For Pump Use; 3D, Genesis Care Collaborate On Personalized Radiation; Australian Patent For Sun, Dimerix DMX-200 For Kidney Disease; LBT Begins US Apas Trial; GI Dynamics 19% Oppose Directors Stock; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 6.4% Of Pharmaxis; Phosphagenics Appoints Dr Steve Meller To Partner TPM
Jun 5, 2015
CSIRO Seashells For Drugs, Vaccine Delivery; Mesoblast Receives $6m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Federal Government: ‘New Chief Scientist Wanted’; Admedus HSV-2 Phase II Trial ‘On-Track’; Novogen: ‘TRXE-009 Crosses Blood-Brain Barrier In Mice’; Clinuvel Begins EU Training For Scenesse Prescriptions; Nusep Directors To Take $215k Convertible Notes; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 5% Of Pharmaxis; Bergen Sells 64m Prima Shares To 2%; Optiscan Requests Fundraising Trading Halt; Imugene Appoints Prof Ursula Wiedermann CSO 
Jun 4, 2015
Biota Takes Anaconda For AP611074 For Ano-Genital Warts; 3D Signs Mach7 Telstra Health Deal; Analytica Claims Pericoach ‘Encouraging Early Sales’; Prima Recompiles With Nasdaq Minimum Price Rule; Oncosil Appoints Dr Ashish Soman Chief Medical Officer
Jun 3, 2015
Biotech Wins 6 Of 18 Federal Commercialisation Grants; Auspherix Raises $12m For Anti-Bacterials; Simavita, Matrixcare To Develop US Incontinence Records; Bergen Sells 100m Prima Shares To 6%; JP Morgan Chase Borrows, Lends, Returns To 9% Of Prima Then Ceases Substantial; Australian Ethical Below 5% In Alchemia; Novogen Appoints Bryce Carmine, Ian Phillips Directors
Jun 2, 2015
Viralytics: ‘Complete Response In 8 Cavatak Patients’; Circadian, Eli Lilly: ‘IMC-3C5 Safe, Potential Cancer Efficacy’; Novogen Rights Issue Raises $18m, Takes Total To $33m; Clinical Trial Backs Dorsavi Vimove System For Low Back Pain; Dorsavi Signs UK Physiotherapy Plan; IQ3 To Raise $100m For Related Fund; Simavita Signs Bunzl For Australian SIM Distribution; Flindersfertility Adopts Reproductive Health Embryocellect; Cellmid, Taiwan’s Maywufa Hair Growth Contract; Cortendo Takes 8.5% Of Antisense; Brain Resource Nasdaq Listing, Name Change; Correction: Agenix 
Jun 1, 2015
Solid Gains Push BDI-40 Up 13%; ASX200 Down 1%, Big Caps Up 0.3% - Prima Up 488%, Pharmaxis 56%; Analytica Down 47%; Sirtex: ‘SIR-Spheres With Chemo Reduces Liver Tumors’; Tissue Therapies: ‘Up To 2 Years To EU Vitrogro Approval’; EMA Orphan Status For Prana’s PBT2 For Huntington’s; Genetic Technologies: ‘NEJM Backs Tests Like Brevagenplus’; US FDA Expands Dorsavi Vimove Label; Sun EGM For Dimerix Backdoor Listing For Kidney Disease; Sandon Capital Takes 13% Of Alchemia; IM Medical To Raise Up To $750k; Craig Chapman, Adam Gallagher Replace Agenix Nick Weston
May 29, 2015
Ex-Avantogen, Acuvax Dr William Ardrey 4-Years Gaol; Alchemia Tumbles 58% On Fondaparinux 47% Sales Fall; Gordagen Phase I Sub-Lingual Vitamin E Tocotrienols Trial; Novogen Applies For US Anti-Tropomyosin Patent; Sirtex Requests ‘More Major Study Results’ Trading Halt; Reva AGM 18% Dissent On One Resolution; Wayne Holman, Ridgeback Take 6% Of Prima; Rod Gibson, Rosherville Take 5.5% Of Reproductive Health; Ray Ridge Replaces Reproductive CFO, Co Sec Donald Stephens; Impedimed Inventor Prof Leigh Ward Wins Clunies Ross Award; Victoria, STC Medtech’s Got Talent Selects Five Finalists
May 28, 2015
Federal Government Introduces 1.5% R&D Tax Incentive Cut - Ausbiotech ‘Bitterly Disappointed’, Asks Senate To Block; Orthocell Receives $1m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Biodiem’s Opal To Raise Up To $4m; Dorsavi Signs 2 US Basketball Teams For Viperform; Atcor: ‘US Guidance Backs Central BP Waveform’; Medibio, Preventice Remote ECG, Distribution Agreement; QRX Pleads Schultz To ASX 81% Query, Administration; Allan Gray Down To 8.6% Of Nanosonics, Chairman Stang 9%; Perpetual Below 5% Of Pro Medicus; Bergen Takes 12% Of Prima; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Cell Therapies; Dr Nigel Finch Replaces 3D Chair Matthew Morgan
May 27, 2015
Federal $20bn MRFF Legislation Introduced; Reva Confident Of Fantom, CE Mark Trial, US IPO; FDA Approves Sunshine Heart Pivotal C-Pulse Trial Restart; Antisense ATL1102 EU Early Access For Multiple Sclerosis; Resonance Hepafat-Scan Trial, Sander Bangma Appointed G-M; Bank Of America Sells, Borrows, Diluted, Increases In Suda; Applications Open For NSW Medical Device Program; IQ3 To Raise Up To $3m For IQX; Narhex Votes To Become Resapp Health
May 18, 2015
Pharmaxis $750m+ Boehringer Deal For PXS4728A For Nash; Brandon, MRCF, Uniseed $6.5m For Occurx For Ocular Fibrosis; Admedus To Launch Cardiocel Repair Patch; Nanosonics Kills HPV On Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Probes; Mayne Completes Hedgepath Suba-Itraconazole Licence; Benitec Hep C ddRNAi US Patent Granted, Euro Patent Allowed; Biotech Advisory IQ3 Opens Up 17%, Closes Up 67%, Raises $4m; CBA, Related Parties Buy, Borrow 6% Of Sirtex; Bluechiip Pleads Schultz To ASX 33% Query; Bionomics: Dr Jens Mikkelsen CSO, Jack Moschakis Legal, Co Sec
May 15, 2015
Cortendo ‘Up To $131m’ Deal For Antisense ATL1103; Resmed To Sell Rhinomed Mute Anti-Snoring Nasal Plugs In UK; Novogen: ‘Oral Anisina (ATM-3507) Kills Cancer In Mice, No Tox’; Burnet Opens Nanjing Biopoint Diagnostics Laboratory; Reva Adds Australia To Fantom II Coronary Stent Trial; Cellmid $1m Loan; Biodiem Expects $40k For 1st Flu Vaccine Royalties; Reproductive Health Works With France’s Innopsys
May 14, 2015
Melbourne Uni Hope For Single Lifetime ’Flu Vaccination; Ridgeback Invests $15m In Prima, $5m Share Plan; Sirtex: ‘Abstract Backs Sir-Spheres Liver Tumor Reduction’; Resmed Falls 19% On Sleep Apnoea Device-Related Deaths; Phosphagenics ‘More Work Needed For Oxymorphone Patch’; ITL’s Myhealthtest Wins $1m Federal Commercialisation Grant; Siemens Launches Universal Biosensors Xprecia Analyzer; Reva Begins Search For Regulatory, Commercial CEO; Antisense Requests ‘ATL1103 Licencing’ Trading Halt; Rhinomed Requests ‘Mute Euro Sales’ Trading Halt; Edinburgh Uni Diluted To 8% Of Actinogen; David Dolby, Dagmar Dolby Trust Diluted To 18.5% Of Cogstate
May 13, 2015
WEHI, Research Australia Welcome MRFF; Grant Thornton: ‘Budget Overlooks Biotech, R&D Sly Cut’; Ausbiotech: ‘Budget Underwhelming, Few Bright Spots’; Bio-Melbourne Calls For Translation Element To MRFF; Dimerix Backdoor Into Sun For Kidney Disease, Raise $1.6m; Psivida Signs 2 Evaluation Deals With Unnamed Company; Tissue Therapies New EU Clinical, Pre-Clinical Vitrogro Trials; Avita Granted US Recell Methods Patent; Amp Takes 5% Of Medical Developments
May 12, 2015
Mesoblast ‘RA Stem Cells Cardio-Vascular Impact’; Actinogen Xanamem Safe To 35mg; Cogstate Appoints Dr Alan Finkel, $2m, Myer Diluted; Bone Quits Biotech For Takor Geospatial Imaging; Medical Developments Negotiating Global Distribution Deals; Medical Developments David Williams Sells 7m Shares To 40.5%; Medlab IPO For Up To $9m For Food Additives, Medical Cannabis; Phosphagenics Loses Lawrence Gozlan, Peter Lankau Chair
May 11, 2015
Applications Open For $316k Victoria Prizes; Acuvax Ex-CEO Dr William Ardrey Guilty On 18 Fraud Charges; Prima, NEC, Yamaguchi IMP321 Collaboration For Liver Cancer; Medibio Begins Pivotal 80-Patient Heart-Rate Depression Trial; Cynata Pleads Schultz, Roadshow To ASX 22% Query; Reproductive IVF Contracts, Appoints Ray Ridge CFO, Co Sec; Sun Requests ‘Acquisition, Capital Raising Trading Halt’; Pharmaust Claims 2nd Biomarker Backing For PPL-1 For Cancer; Narhex Hopes To Raise Up To $4m For Resapp; Allan Gray Reduces To 15% Of Starpharma; Impedimed Appoints CEO Richard Carreon M-D
May 8, 2015
Chiesi Adds EU To Pharmaxis Bronchitol Distribution; Polynovo Ready For Novosorb CE Mark Deep Burns Trial; Novogen: ‘TRXE-009 Kills DIPG Brain Cancer Cells In-Vitro’; Bone Requests ‘Acquisition’ Trading Halt; Medical Developments Global Penthrox Plans; Martin Rogers, Dr Jason Loveridge Diluted In Actinogen
May 7, 2015
Compumedics Wins $1m US Hospital EEG Contract; Dorsavi Signs Caterpillar As 1st US Health, Safety Contract; Polynovo Closes AOD9604 Sale To Lateral; Phytotech Extends Yissum Licence To Nano-Cannabis; Myhealthtest Takes Chairman Bill Mobbs To 44% Of ITL; 3D Medical Appoints Dr Nigel Finch Director; Bionics Institute Hosts Prof Mark Dodgson On Innovation
May 6, 2015
EU Approves Medical Developments Penthrox, $850k Milestone; Ausbiotech China Medical Technologies Guide; Ellex Challenges Ophthalmic Laser Market Leader; GI Dynamics To Restart US Trial By July, Restrictor Unveiled; Anteo Releases Mix&Go 200nm Magnetic Particles Coupling Kit
May 5, 2015
Victoria Budget: Biotech Shares $200m Future Fund, More; Drawbridge: ‘Editorials Back Rationale For Phaxan’; Clinuvel Adds VLRX001 For Vitiligo To Pipeline; Nominations Open For GSK $80k Research Award; Ampliphi Appoints Scott Salka CEO
May 4, 2015
CE Mark For Atcor, Suntech Oscar 2 With Sphygmocor; Starpharma, Astrazeneca Extend Dendrimer-Oncology Work; Benitec Files US Sec Draft Registration Statement; Heartware Q1 Revenue Up 5% To $89m; Medical Developments 9 Months Sales Revenue Up 24% To $8m; Rhinomed Sales ‘Recover’, Signs Sigma For Distribution; Mayne Takes Control Of Oxycodone, Methamphetamine, Doryx; Innate Joins US Consortium For MS Trial Assessment; Acorn Below 5% Of Starpharma; Genetic Technologies Repairs Nasdaq Deficiencies; Oncosil Loses Lawrence Gozlan
May 1, 2015
April BDI-40 Up 4%, ASX200 Down 2%, Big Caps Down 5%; - Compumedics Up 73%, Antisense 53%; Biotron, Prima Down 24%; Pharmaust: ‘PPL-1 Reduces Biomarker P70S6K In 1st Dog, Too’; Progen To Buy Medigen’s TBG For Diagnostics, Keep PI-88; Invion Founder Dr William Garner Increases, Diluted To 4.5%; GI Dynamics 2m CEO, Directors Shares, Options AGM; Reva 1.6m Directors Shares, 1.3m Directors Options AGM
Apr 30, 2015
Starpharma: ‘Trial Patients Tolerate High Dose Dep-Docetaxel’; Polynovo Sells AOD9604 For $1.5m To David Kenley, Lateral; ‘CNS Drugs Back In Favor’ Buchan Brain Medicine Lunch Told; Sydney Uni, Balnaves $650k For 28 Early Career Researchers; Uniquest, Astrazeneca Open Innovation Collaboration; Uscom Receives $313k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Analytica Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash
Apr 29, 2015
Benitec Doses 5th TT-034 Hepatitis C Patient; ITL To Buy Related-Party Myhealthtest For Self Testing; Novogen Placement Raises $15m; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C Quarterly Reports Policy; Cellmid Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; Prescient Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; Tony Grist, Denlin, Oaktone Increase, Diluted In Actinogen; Brett Heading Replaces Invion Chairman Dr Ralph Craven; Thomas Fontaine Replaces BPH Director Hock Goh 
Apr 28, 2015
GBS Investee Celladon Falls 81% On Mydicar Heart Failure; Nanosonics $9.3m Q3 Receipts Take 4C Positive, Again; EMA Backs Orphan Status For Prana’s PBT2 For Huntington’s; Kansas University Cancer Center Joins Impedimed L-Dex Trial; Proteomics Wins Middle East Generics Testing Contract; Minderoo (Metal) Group Reduces To 8% Of Admedus; JK, Hogan, Tisia, Henderson Increase, Diluted In Actinogen; Prescient Appoints Dr Terrence Chew CMO; Novogen Re-Complies With Nasdaq Equity Value Rules 
Apr 27, 2015
CE Mark For Avita’s Expanded Recell Burns Treatment; Cogstate Claims $6m In Test Contracts, ‘Best Year For Sales’; Oncosil Awarded ISO Certification; St Vincent’s 2015 Forum: ‘Medicine Beyond Pills & Potions’
Apr 24, 2015
Actinogen Raises $10m, $1m Plan; Xanamem Ethics Approval; Suda: ‘2 Articles Back Sublingual Artimist For Malaria’; Resmed Q3 Revenue Up 6% To $543m; Acrux, Eli Lilly Axiron Sales Slip 1%, Forex Pushes Royalty Up; Anatara To Release 8m Escrow Shares; Narhex Becomes Resapp EGM
Apr 23, 2015
Melbourne University: ‘Cancer Drug For Malaria Resistance’; Proteomics A2 Milk Contract; IQ3 IPO To Raise $4m For Biotech Advisory; Reva Enrols European Patients In Fantom II Stent Trial; Tissue Therapies, EMA To Discuss Further Vitrogro Trials; One Funds (Ex-Octa Phillip) Takes 10% Of Avita; CSL CFO Gordon Naylor To Lead Influenza Vaccine Business
Apr 22, 2015
Uscom: ‘Monitor Detects Pre-Eclampsia At 5 Weeks’; Invion Rights Issue Raises $5.4m, Takes Total To $6.3m; Regeneus Phase I Progenza Osteoarthritis Ethics Approval; Actinogen Requests Alzheimer’s Trial Capital Raising Halt; US Orphan Status For Novogen Cantrixil For Ovarian Cancer; Admedus Appoints Genpharm For Mid-East, North Africa Sales; Nusep Settles $132k Lawler Partners Auditor Debt; Hunter Hall Takes 12% Of GI Dynamics; Australian Ethical Takes Profit On Pharmaxis To 6%; Director John Dunlop Takes 10.5% Of Proteomics; Suda Appoints Anthony Fox, Roger Cady Migraine Advisers
Apr 21, 2015
CSIRO, Berghofer, ANU Malaria Breath Test; WEHI: ‘Combination Therapy Could Cure Hepatitis B’; Viralytics: ‘Melanoma Extension Trial Immune Activity’; Prescient PTX-100 Reduces Multiple Myeloma Tumors In Mice; Pro Medicus $9.5m US Imaging Deal; Compumedics $2.2m China Neuro-Monitoring Contract; Imugene Files Her-Vaxx Reformulation Patent; Cochlear US Patent Case Goes To Appeal Court; Medibio To Pay $3m For US, Canada Patents; Proteomics To Release 75k Escrow Shares; Novogen $15m Placement, $15m Rights Issue; Biotron Receives $1.7m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Anteo Branches Into Battery Technology
Apr 20, 2015
Brandon Capital Raises $200m For MRCF; Victoria Joins NSW Medicinal Cannabis Trials; Bionomics Begins Phase II BNC210 Anxiety Trial; Immuron Claims 1st US Travelan Sales; Imugene Improved Her-Vaxx Raises Antibodies 10-Fold In Mice; Genetic Technologies Adds Two US Brevagen Test Centres; Simavita Incontinence System Reduces Infections, Falls, Costs; Directors Dr Lipscombe, Dr Parker Take 44% Of Proteomics 
Apr 17, 2015
Heartware Pump ‘Not Inferior’ For Destination Therapy; Sunshine Heart: ‘Minor Changes’ To Restart Pivotal Trial; Admedus Rights Issue $16.1m Takes Total To $28.1m; Phosphagenics Begins Phase II TPM-Oxycodone Patch Trial; Proteomics Raises $3m, Opens Up 17.5%; Benitec Licences Asklepios Adeno-Associated Virus; Thorney Takes 5.8% Of Mesoblast; Novogen, Feinstein Collaborate On Brain Cancer
Apr 16, 2015
Clarity Licences Baker IDI Plaque Detection Technology; Impedimed Q3 Lymphoedema Test Revenue Up 104% To $700k; Actinogen Ready For Final Xanamem Dose-Escalation Cohort; Analytica Begins 100-Patient Pericoach Incontinence Trial; Euro Patent For Antisense ATL1103 For IGF-1 Reduction; Avita Share Plan Raises $1m Of Hoped-For $6m; Mladen Marusic Below 5% Of Patrys; GI Dynamics Completes US 10-For-1 Consolidation; Buchan’s April Three Tickers On Neuroscience; Two Weeks To Ausbiotech Medical Technologies Conference
Apr 15, 2015
Cellmid Trial: ‘Évolis One Reduces Hair Loss’; Poland Approves Psivida Iluvien; Bluechiip Raises $1m; Pharmaust Takes PPL-1 To Higher Dose, Capsule Formulation; New Jersey’s Sabby Ceases Substantial In Viralytics; Solagran Claims US Patent For Ropren, Prenols
Apr 14, 2015
WEHI Discovers ‘Architects’ For Body Blueprint; Actinogen Advisers Detail Xanamem Alzheimer’s Trial; Euro Patent For Compumedics Stroke, TBI Diagnostic; Anteo, UQ Pre-Clinical Imaging Partnership; Avita Appoints Adam Kelliher CEO, Starts On $434k; Medibio Appoints Mayo’s Prof Franklyn Prendergast Adviser; UK Barclays Bank Takes 7% Of Genetic Technologies
Apr 13, 2015
Celgene Takes 4.5% Of Mesoblast, Option On GVHD Indications; Editorial: Reporting Goldman Sachs Substantials; IDT Manufactures 1st Of 23 US Generics, FDA Confirms Transfer; Universal Biosensors J&J Service Fees Up 142%; Bluechiip Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; European Patent For Actinogen’s Xanamem; Pharmaust Approved For 7-Day Dog PPL-1 Cancer Treatment; Nusep’s Alison Coutts Temporary Resignation From Prime; Phosphagenics: Dr Murdoch, Dr Collier, Mr Lankau Directors
Apr 10, 2015
Canada Approves Heartware Pump For Bridge-To-Transplant; Genetic Signatures Installs 1st Easyscreen Respiratory Tests; Admedus Ready For Phase II HSV-2 Vaccine Trial; Cancer Therapeutics CRC Wins $5.4m Wellcome Grant; Marquette Lends Nusep $239k; Bone Pleads Schultz To ASX 40% Query 
Apr 9, 2015
Novogen Anisina (ATM-3507) Kills Mutated Melanoma In-Vitro; Phytotech Regulator Asks Target If Ready For Inspection; Unilife Appoints Dr Richard Beckman Chef Medical Officer; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On USPTO’s Teresa Stanek Rea
Mesoblast Expands US Phase III Back Pain Trial To Europe; Dorsavi Wins Repeat Visafe OHS Orders; CE Mark For Genera’s Paptype, RTI-Plex; Adelaide’s Lyell McEwin Hospital Joins Pharmaust PPL-1 Trial; Patrys Appoints Dr James Campbell CEO, Starts On $300k; Former Medibio Chairman Vince Fayad Resigns; Ausbiotech Victoria Biobeers & Bubbles 
Apr 7, 2015
WEHI: ‘Low MCL-1 Levels Compromise Blood Production’; Pharmaxis PXS4728A ‘Safe, Orally Bio-Available’; South Australia Uni: ‘Edaravone Aids Alzheimer’s In Mice’; Benitec TT-034 ‘Expressing shRNA In Dosed Patients Livers’; Admedus Expands Adapt Tissue To Brain, Spine Dura Mater; Regeneus Scales-Up Progenza For Osteoarthritis Trial; Phylogica Takes 7.5% Of UK Phoremost In Phylomer Deal; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics, Again; Tissue Therapies Loses CEO Dr Steven Mercer, Chairman Goes; Phytotech Requests ‘MMI Merger Update’ Trading Halt; Applications Closing For STC $140k Medtech Entrepreneurs
Apr 2, 2015
Cytomatrix Raises $6m; Medibio Raises $2.6m, Takes Invatec, Chris Indermaur Chairman; Immuron Appoints Dr Leearne Hinch CEO; QRX Pleads Schultz To ASX 100% Query; Novogen Hires New York’s PCG For US Investor Awareness
Apr 1, 2015
Sirtex Helps Drag March BDI-40 Down 19%, ASX200 Down 1%; - Atcor Up 72%, IDT 58%; Tissue Therapies Down 53%, GI Dynamics 50%; Simavita Raises $8.3m; Cochlear Wins 3 Of 4 Infringement Appeals, To Fight On; US FDA Approves Prescient PTX-200 For Cancer IND Transfer; GI Dynamics US 10-For-1 Consolidation; Anteo Extends Research Agreement With Unnamed Company; Brandon, MRCF Increase, Diluted To 16% Of Osprey; Signostics Appoints Kevin Goodwin CEO 
Mar 31, 2015
Dr Bill Ketelbey Paints The Actinogen Renaissance; Genetic Signatures Opens Up 20% At 48c; Rhinomed Signs Ebos Symbion For Mute Distribution; ITL Expands Malaysian Manufacturing Facility; Pharmaust Granted Japan PPL-1 Collaboration Patent; Uscom: ‘AMA CPT Category 1 Code Applies To BP+’; Genetic Technologies Pleads Nasdaq, Again, To ASX 52% Query; Minderoo (Metal) Group Further Diluted To 11% Of Admedus; Goldman Sachs Buys, ‘Borrows’ Takes 5% Of Nanosonics, Again; CM Capital Increases, Diluted To 8.6% Of Osprey; Cellmid Appoints Lucy Rowe Company Secretary
Mar 30, 2015
Phylogica: ‘Phylomer-Omomyc Fusion Kills Cancer’; Tumor Vaccine Potential For Innate’s MS Drug MIS416; Novogen Cantrixil Pre-Clinical Ovarian Stem Cell Cancer Data; Compumedics Wins $375k China Brain Injury Test Deal; Genetic Signatures Lists On ASX Tomorrow; Nusep IVF Collaboration With Newcastle University; Simavita Requests ASX, TSX Compliance, Placement Halt; Rhinomed Requests Mute Distributor Trading Halt
Mar 27, 2015
Psivida Completes Medidur Posterior Uveitis Trial Enrolment; Dorsavi Posts First UK Vimove Sales; Mesoblast Allowed Japan Ischemia Stem Cell Patent; Suda Raises $5.3m; Victoria, Osaka To Collaborate On Medical Research; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns Sirtex Shares Below 5%; Invion Founder Dr William Garner Down To 6%; Perpetual Reduces To 7% Of Pro Medicus; Phylogica Appoints Natasha Forde Joint Company Secretary
Mar 26, 2015
Europe Calls For More Tissue Therapies Vitrogro Data; LBT Granted First US Patent For APAS Plate Analysis; Invion, Patrys And Commsec Iress Data; Goldman Sachs Below 5% Of Nanosonics; NAB Below 5% In Sirtex; Academy Of Health And Medical Sciences Launched; Suda Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Reva Appoints Scott Huennekens Director
Mar 25, 2015
NHMRC $123.5m For 113 Projects ; Phosphagenics 2nd Vitamin E Licence For Animal Products; Anteo Trials Mix&Go On Cook Medical Devices; Capital Group Takes 8% Of Mesoblast
Mar 24, 2015
Actinogen Increases Phase I Xanamem For Alzheimer’s Dose; Pharmaust: ‘PPL-1 Reduces P70S6K In All 6 Cancer Patients’; Correction: Invion; Phytotech To Acquire Canada’s MMI For Up To $21m Scrip; Narhex Target Resapp Optimization Study; Coeliac Charities Donate $40k To WEHI
Mar 23, 2015
Osprey Placement Raises $16m; Invion: ‘FDA Approves INV102 Trial Strategy’; Starpharma Dendrimer-Docetaxel Trial ‘50% Recruited’; BPH EGM For Director Shares, Options
Mar 20, 2015
Biota, GSK Lose US Relenza Pending Patent Appeal; Clinuvel Scenesse Approval ‘A Breakthrough For Alpha-MSH’; Genetic Signatures IPO Raises $7.5m; Invion Raises $895k, Rights Issue For $4.1m, Closes Lind Deal; Alan Gray Increases, Diluted To 18% Of Pharmaxis; Goldman Sachs Buys, ‘Borrows’ Takes 5% Of Nanosonics; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns Sirtex Shares To 5%; NAB Buys, Borrows, Returns Sirtex Shares To 5%; YJZ, SMK Reduce, Diluted To 14% Of Medical Australia; Medibio Completes 1-For-100 Consolidation; Phytotech Requests ‘Material Acquisition’ Trading Halt
Mar 19, 2015
WEHI-345 Slows Inflammation, Multiple Sclerosis Potential; US Approval For Analytica’s Pericoach; STC Offers $140k For 5 Medtech Entrepreneurs With Talent; Japan Fast Track Investment Incentives For Mesoblast; Hunter Hall Buys 1.3m Sirtex Shares To 9.4%; Hunter Hall Takes 11% Of GI Dynamics; Reproductive Health Releases 17m Escrow Shares; Osprey Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Dr Bronwyn Evans Appointed To Federal Growth Centre 
Mar 18, 2015
Biotech Daily Editorial: Sirtex Not All Doom And Gloom; Admedus Places $12m, Rights Issue For $16m More; Nanosonics Share Plan Raises $3m; Novogen ‘Anisina (ATM-3507) Kills Cancer Cytoskeleton In Mice’; Simavita Continues Incontinence Monitor Roll-Out; Solagran US Patent For ‘Processing Vegetable Raw Materials’
Mar 17, 2015
Sirtex Tumbles 62% On Sirflox Cancer Trial Fail; NHMRC $25m Grant For Genomics Research; Osprey Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Pharmaust Completes Low-Dose Cohort; Actinogen Appoints Profs Ritchie, Masters, Cummings Advisors; Pro Medicus Completes Buy-Back, To Buy-Back Further 10% eases, Diluted To 17.7% Of Impedimed
Mar 16, 2015
Oncosil Expands Indications To Liver Cancer; Reva Implants First Two Fantom Stent Trial Patients; Genetic Signatures Launches Respiratory Test Kit; Pharmaust Raises $3m; Sirtex Requests Major Study Results Trading Halt; Admedus Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Invion Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; NSW ‘Will Boost Medical Research 18% - If Re-Elected’; Hyperion Reduces Below 5% Of Cochlear; CB Co, Curran Super Fund Reduces To 11% Of Atcor; Dr Christopher Harvey Replaces Progen Director Heng Tang 
Mar 13, 2015
WEHI Edits Genomes To Kill Cancer For Its 100th Birthday; Universal Biosensors New Features For Siemens Test; BPH Energy: Papers Back Molecular Discovery HLSR; Agenix, Oks Resolve 2008 Thromboview Investment Case; Hunter Hall Takes 9.6% Of GI Dynamics; Asia Union Decreases, Diluted To 7% Of Tissue Therapies; Pratt’s Thorney (Tiga) Increases, Diluted To 5% Of Mayne; Simavita Proposes Warren Bingham For Director
Mar 12, 2015
Pharmaxis Jumps 101% On $40m Boehringer PXS4728A Licence; Admedus Wins First Cardiocel Orders From Hong Kong; Minister Tells Bio-Melbourne: ‘Victoria Committed To Biotech’; S&P ASX Indices: 5 Biotechs Up, 5 Down; Avita Raises $5m, Share Plan For Up To $6m; Invion Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Pharmaust Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Actinogen Pleads ‘Road-Show’ To ASX 49% Query; Phosphagenics Pleads Schultz, S&P Index To 31% Fall Query; RACI Dines On Fibrotech’s Prof Spencer Williams; Judith Smith Replaces Universal Biosensors’ Andrew Jane
Mar 11, 2015
UK Fund’s $13m For Medicines Development River Blindness; Benitec Doses 4th TT-034 Hepatitis C Patient; Ampliphi Raises $17m For Bacteriophage Antibacterial; Genera Tests On Register, CE Mark News ‘Next Week’; 3D Sells Mach7 Products To Telstra Health, Gains Data Service; Allan Gray Reduces To 9.6% Of Nanosonics; Allan Gray Increases, Diluted To 17.7% Of Impedimed
Mar 10, 2015
Atcor Jumps 116% On AMA ‘Sphygmocor’ CPT Category 1 Code; Federal Science Minister Opens Flinders Tonsley Campus; Anteo Appoints Veritas Japan Mix&Go Distributor; BPH Share Plan Raises $204k; Avita Requests ‘Equity Placement’ Trading Halt; Medical Developments Pleads Schultz, News To ASX 8% Query; Allan Gray Reduces To 17% Of Acrux; Allan Gray Reduces To 12% Of QRX
Mar 9, 2015
Deaths Take Sunshine Heart To ‘Temporary Enrolment Pause’; Genetic Technologies Raises $18.6m; Mayo Clinic Joins Impedimed L-Dex Study; Orthocell Ready For Pilot Dental Bone Repair Trial; Regeneus Applies For Human Progenza Osteoarthritis Trial; Correction: Sirtex
Mar 6, 2015
Dr Megan Baldwin Sharpens Circadian Focus; Liver Infections Halt GI Dynamics US Trial; TGA Approves Genera Diagnostics For Register; WEHI Identifies Human Antigen R Role For Antibodies, Immunity; Nanosonics Dr Ron Weinberger Wins ‘Innovation Hero’ Gong; Genetic Technologies Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Hunter Hall Forced To Sell More Sirtex To 7%; Breaks $2b; Starfish Ventures Increases, Diluted To 8.6% Of Impedimed; Medibio EGM Backs Invatec Heart-Depression Test Acquisition
Mar 5, 2015
Nanosonics Places $25m, Plan For $3m More; Tissue Therapies Offer Raises $3.7m, Places $570k, Total $8.27m; Sirtex Completes French Trial Recruitment; MD Anderson Joins Impedimed Post-Approval L-Dex Study; Living Cell Changes Diabecell Trial Focus To US; Pharmaust 2nd Cancer Patient Tolerates PPL-1, Stable Disease; Antisense Ready For High-Dose ATL1103 Acromegaly Trial; GI Dynamics Requests ‘Business’ Trading Halt; Chairman Andrew Kroger Takes 25.6% Of Cryosite; CEO Wayne Stringer Takes 18% Of Probiotec
Mar 4, 2015
Federal R&D Tax Credit Stands At 45%, $100m Cap; Comment; Acrux: ‘FDA Tightens Testosterone Labelling’; Biota Begins 150-Patient Vapendavir Asthma HRV (Cold) Trial; NSW Grants $14.2m For Cancer Research; Novogen: ‘TRXE-009 Can Kill Brain Cancer Cells’; Narhex Ready For Respiratory ’Phone Diagnostic Trial; Rhinomed Appoints Christian Johnson For US Sales; Bio-Melbourne Launches Women In Leadership Awards
Mar 3, 2015
WEHI Finds MLC-1 Protein Key For Milk Production; Pro Medicus Rolling Out High-Speed 2-D, 3-D Imaging; Benitec Prepares For Patients 4, 5 In TT-034 Hepatitis C Trial; Benitec Receives $2m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Graham Durbin Superannuation Takes 9% Of Genera; Nanosonics Requests ‘Material Fundraising’ Trading Halt; Phylogica Pleads Schultz To ASX 31% Fall Query; Victoria Innovation Minister To Open Bio-Melbourne Program
Mar 2, 2015
February BDI-40 Up 10%, ASX200 Up 6% - Cynata Up 254%, Genetic Tech 200%; Correction: Viralytics; Biota $22m For France’s Anaconda For Wart, HPV Anti-Viral; Neuren Tumbles 44% On FDA Breakthrough Refusal; Europe Upholds Amended CSIRO, Benitec Patent; Phytotech To Fund Canigma Vaporizer, Ross Smith Device Query; Genera Notes Raise $615k; Heartware 2014 Revenue Up 34% To $356m, Loss Down 67% To $25m; Admedus H1 Revenue Up 17% To $5m, Loss Up 1,333% To $11m; Off-Shore Processing Hits Suda H1 Revenue 52% To $3m, Loss Up; Avita H1 Revenue Down 23% To $1.4m, Loss Up 6% To $3.4m; Genetic Tech H1 Revenue Down 38% To $1m, Loss Down 5% To $5m; Circadian H1 Revenue Down 8% To $366k, Loss Up 90% To $3m; Brain: ‘Journal Article Backs Depression Treatment Test’; Bionomics To List On US OTC-QX
Feb 27, 2015
Prima Cans 10-Year CVac For Ovarian Cancer, Immutep Focus; Bionomics; ‘New Biomarkers Benefit Bnc105 For Kidney Cancer’; Ellex H1 Revenue Up 19% To $31m, Profit Up 108% To $815k; Pharmaxis Revenue Up 133% To $13m, Loss Down 68% To $7m; Medical Aust H1 Revenue Up 44% To $8m, Loss To $420k Profit; LBT H1 Revenue Down 32% To $1.6m, Profit Down 34% To $511k; GI Dynamics Revenue Up 25% To $4m, Loss Up 36% To $62m; Progen H1 Revenue Up 88% To $2.5m, Loss Up 4% To $2m; Pharmaust H1 Revenue Down 8% To $1m, Loss Up 68% To $1m; Simavita Revenue Up 238% To $581k, Loss Down 23% To $4m; Dorsavi H1 Revenue Up 113% To $825k, Loss Up 270% To $4m; Probiotec H1 Revenue Down 2% To $31m, Profit To $26m Loss
Feb 26, 2015
Prime Minister Adds ‘Commercial Application Of Science’ Prize; Mayne H1 Revenue Down 15% To $60m, Profit Down 53% To $4m; Alchemia H1 Revenue Up 36% To $7m, Loss Up 188% To $16m; Acrux H1 Revenue Down 67%, Profit Down 72%, Ross Barrow Goes; Resonance H1 Revenue Up 21% To $1m, Return To Profit $448k; Phosphagenics Revenue Up 85% To $2.5m, Loss Down 29% To $7m; OBJ H1 Revenue Up 49% To $1m, Loss Down 12% To $809k; Biotron Pleads Schultz Again, Old News To ASX 23% Query; Capitol Health Takes 6% Of 3D Medical (Safety Medical); Genetic Technologies Appoints CFO Eutillio Buccilli CEO
Feb 25, 2015
Reva Details Fantom Stent, European Registration Trial; Tissue Therapies Files EMA 180-Day Review Answers; Phosphagenics To Sell Bioelixia Cosmetics Division; Oncosil Reworks EU, US Pancreatic Cancer Trial Design; Compumedics H1 Revenue Up 8% To $16m, Profit Up 125% To $904k; Impedimed H1 Revenue Up 28% To $2m, Loss Up 71% To $6m; Clinuvel H1 Revenue Up 32% To $1m, Loss Up 129% To $7m; Cryosite H1 Revenue Up 10.5% To $5m, Profit Up 8% To $358k; Allegra H1 Revenue Up 1% To $4m, Loss Up 194% To $262k; Brain H1 Revenue Down 7% To $1m, Loss Up 39% To $1m; Pfizer Drops Case Against Mayne Pharma’s Generic Tikosyn
Feb 24, 2015
Actinogen Recruits Subjects For Xanamem Alzheimer’s Trial; Phylogica Euro Patent For Screening, Drug Resistance; Anteo Files Sample Pre-Treatment Bioseparations Patent; NSW Promises $20m For Paediatric Research - If Re-Elected; Pharmaust 5th Patient Biomarker Changes In PPL-1 Cancer Trial; Uscom H1 Revenue Up 147% To $1m, Loss Down 40% To $391k; Cellmid H1 Revenue Down 55% To $685k, Profit To $1m Loss; Mayne Completes Doryx Acquisition; Correction: Atcor; Living Cell Founder Prof Bob Elliott Steps Down As Executive; Anatara: Dr Paul Schober CEO, Damian Wilson, Paul Grujic
Feb 23, 2015
Two US Patents For Prescient PTX-200 For Ovarian Cancer; Bionomics H1 Revenue Up 43% To $7m, Loss Down 17% To $5.7m; Atcor H1 Revenue Up 7% To $3m, Turns $1m Loss To $41k Profit; Narhex Executes UQ Respiratory App Deal; Imugene Pleads Schultz To ASX 33% Query; Healthlinx EGM Backs Move To Manalto For Social Media; Regeneus Appoints Greencross’ Dr Glen Richards Director; Phytotech Founder Ross Smith Goes, Rights Hurdles Met
Feb 20, 2015
NSW Awards $2.7m Genomics Collaborative Grants; Federal Government Intellectual Property Paper; Medical Dev H1 Revenue Up 21% To $5.5m, Profit Up 72% To $731k; Sunshine Heart Takes $13m Loan, Security Agreement
Feb 19, 2015
WANRI: ‘Peptides Limit Stroke Brain Damage’; Cynata Up 146% Percent On Large Scale, Low Cost Stem Cells; Cyclopharm Revenue Up 26% To $15m, Loss To $4m Profit; Regeneus H1 Revenue Up 46% To $1.1m, Loss Down 10% To $6m; Universal Bio Revenue Down 37% To $9.5m, Loss Down 20% To $9m; Alchemia Fondaparinux Q2 Profit Share Down 32% To $1.9m; CBA Borrows, Lends, Buys, Sells Down To 6.5% Of CSL; RA Capital Reduces To 10% Of Benitec
Feb 18, 2015
Sirtex H1 Revenue Up 37% To $81m, Profit Up 58% To $18m; Osprey Marks First Sales Of $10k; Nanosonics H1 Revenue Up 50% To $16m, Loss To $1m Profit; Immuron H1 Revenue Up 39% To $529k, Loss Down 9% To $1.3m; Cogstate H1 Revenue Up 44% To $8m, Loss Up 1% To $2.7m; Psivida, Alimera Iluvien Available In The US Next Week; Europe Grants 3rd Patent For Patrys PAT-SM6; Anatara: ‘Detach Reduces Pig Mortality, Morbidity’; Imugene Receives $231k Federal R&D Tax Refund
Feb 17, 2015
Immuron Appoints Beijing’s Linker For China Sales; Progen Receives $854k Federal R&D Tax Refund; IDT H1 Revenue $6m, Loss Up 42% To $3m; ITL H1 Revenue Up 9% To $14m, Profit Up 34% To $1.6m; Anteo H1 Revenue Flat At $1.8m, Loss Up 265% To $2.3m; Nanosonics Pleads Schultz, Sales To ASX 26% Query; Cynata Requests Manufacturing Trading Halt; Clifford Eu Increases, Diluted To 9% Of Nusep
Feb 16, 2015
Mesoblast 160-Patient Data Backs MSC-100-IV For GVHD; FDA Orphan Drug Status For Neuren’s Trofinetide (NNZ-2566); Cynata Hires US CRO For Stem Cell Study; Actinogen Ready For Xanamem Alzheimer’s Phase I Trials; Reproductive Health Appoints Israel, South Africa Distributors; Safety Medical Returns As 3D Medical On Wednesday
Feb 13, 2015
FDA Limits Prana PBT2 Huntington’s Dose; Brain Wins Up To $1.9m Boeing Contract; Federal Government, Australian Museum Eureka Prizes Open; Compumedics Pleads Schultz To ASX 30% Query; United Super, CBus Below 5% Of Acrux; Craig Chapman, Nampac Increase, Diluted To 18.35% Of Agenix; Polynovo CEO Paul Brennan Starts On $270k, Ivy Cheng; Ausbiotech Bio-Beers & Bubbles Across Australia
Feb 12, 2015
Mesoblast H1 Revenue Up 24% To $26m, Loss Up 65% To $51m; Mayne Raises $72m, $43m To Go; Genetic Technologies Pleads Nasdaq, News To ASX 52% Query; Cynata Hires New York’s PCG Advisory Group
Feb 11, 2015
Federal Government Caps R&D Tax Incentive At $100m; Ausbiotech Concern Over R&D Tax Changes; CSL Record H1 Revenue Up 6% To $3.5b, Profit Up 7% To $891m; Novogen Lodges First Super-Benzopyran Patent; Correction: Otifex; Optiscan Pleads Schultz To ASX 31% Query; Spinifex Appoints Dr Peter Spargo, Dr Chris Richardson; Safety Medical: Matthew Morgan, Frank Pertile Directors
Feb 10, 2015
Federal Parliament Passes IP Amendment Bill; Vaxxas Raises $25m; Cochlear Record H1 Revenue, Profit Up; Mesoblast US Disc Repair, Reconstitution Patent; US Patent For Drawbridge Phaxan Anaesthetic, Sedative; Otifex: ‘Betahistine For Glue Ear Safe, Tolerated’; Unilife H1 Revenue Up 0.3% To $9m, Loss Up 44% To $54m; Correction: Prescient; Mayne To Raise $115m For Doryx, Drugs, US Division; BPH Share Plan For Up To $200k; Cytomatrix: Prof Alan Trounson, Prof Miles Prince Advisors
Feb 9, 2015
Melbourne Uni Sequences Roundworm Genetic Code; Pharmaust Finds Biomarker Changes In PPL-1 Cancer Trial; Prescient Licences P27 Biomarker For GGTI-2418, PTX-100; Orthocell Treats First Asian Ortho-ATI Tendon Patients; Safety Medical Becomes 3D Medical; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns Acrux Shares To 8%; Hunter Hall Sells 3m Alchemia Shares To 8%
Feb 5, 2015
Ellex 2RT Laser For AMD Earns US Journal Cover; Unilife Raises $57m In The US; Simavita Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Genetic Technologies Funding EGM
Feb 4, 2015
Cynata, UWA Collaborate On Stem Cells For Lung Fibrosis; Patrys: ‘PAT-SM6 Safe, Tolerable For Multiple Myeloma’; Tissue Therapies Places $4m, Rights Issue For $3.7m More; Genetic Technologies Meets 1st Nasdaq Rule, Extension; Hunter Hall Takes More Profit To 8% In Sirtex; Sienna Appoints Dr Cliff Holloway Interim CEO
Feb 3, 2015
Melbourne, Monash, Harvard Find Skin Immune Cells; Immuron Enrols First Phase II IMM-124E Nash Patients; Impedimed Adds 2 US Clinics To L-Dex Pilot Program; Phytotech Claims Cannabis Program Starts, Ross Smith; Acrux 10% Resistance To CEO Michael Kotsanis 4m Options; Melanie Leydin Replaces Prescient Co Sec Sean Henbury
Feb 2, 2015
January BDI-40 Down 1%, ASX200 Up 3%, Big Caps Up 4% - Genetic Technologies Up 69%, Neuren 46%; Alchemia, Pharmaxis Down 21%; Invion Completes INV102 Smoking Cessation Trial Enrolment; Acrux, Eli Lilly Axiron Sales Recovering From Cardiac Scare; Tissue Therapies ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt; Bionomics Restarts BNC210 Anxiety Program; Unilife To Raise $53m; Universal Biosensors Retains $US10m Loan Option; Medibio Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; $2.5m Placement Vote; Bank Of America, Merrill Lynch Buy, Borrow 6% Of IDT; Imugene Promotes CEO Charles Walker To M-D; Clinical Genomics: Warren Bingham, Michele Houldsworth; Phytotech To Lose Founder Ross Smith; Erlyn Dale To Co Sec; BPH Appoints Bruce Whan Director, Deborah Ambrosini Co Sec
Jan 30, 2015
Nanosonics H1 Revenue Up 48% To $14m; Australian Patent For Suda’s Sildenafil Oral Spray; LBT Has Cash, Despite December Burn; Ron Dewhurst, Kroy Wen (Back) Take 7% Of Rhinomed; Unilife Requests US Placement Trading Halt; Ausbiotech’s April Medical Technologies Conference
Jan 29, 2015
WEHI ‘Obese Fat Tissue Inflammation Key To Type 2 Diabetes’; Alchemia Review: Dividends, Program Sales, Trial Review; Ellex Expects H1 Revenue Up 19% To $31m, Profit Up 199%; Uscom H1 Revenue Up 121% To $722k; Genetic Technologies: ‘6 New US Centres Offer Brevagenplus’; Simavita Signs Abena For Denmark, 1st Orders Received; US Patent For Orthocell Celgro Scaffold; Nasdaq Accepts Novogen Compliance Plan, Extends Time; Resonance Loses M-D Liza Dunne; Reva Appoints Dr Ross Breckenridge Director; Phytotech Appoints Dr Daphna Heffetz Israel CEO
Jan 28, 2015
Avita Begins Pivotal 30-Patient US Recell Burns Trial; Progen: ‘Medigen Brings Forward PI-88 Liver Cancer Results’; US Patent For Circadian’s VEGFR-3; Neuren NNZ-2566 To Be Renamed ‘Trofinetide’; Rhinomed Next Generation Turbine Ready For Shipping; Genetic Technologies: Vale Director David Carter; Phytotech Appoints Dr Benad Goldwasser Director; Acuvax Ex-CEO Dr William Ardrey Fraud Trial Begins
Jan 27, 2015
Prima’s Immutep Earns ‘$1m-Plus’ GSK Milestone; Finland, Luxembourg Approve Psivida’s Iluvien; Biotech Wins 4 Of 10 Federal ‘Research Connections’ Grants; Viralytics Begins Cavatak Bladder Cancer Trial; Brain Resource Preparing FDA Depression Test Application; China Re-Registers Uscom 1A Monitor; Ausbiotech: Queensland LNP Promises $90m Fund If Re-Elected
Jan 23, 2015
Resmed Posts Record, $1bn H1 Revenue, Profit; Circadian Receives $2.2m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Universal Biosensors: Lifescan New Onetouch Verio Meter; Phytotech Jumps 119% On Hopes For Medical Marijuana; Isonea Loses 4th CEO In 12 Months, Trials Planned; Reproductive Health India Distributor, Indonesia Deal; Healthlinx EGM To Become Manalto For Software
Jan 22, 2015
Phytotech Opens Up 60% For Medical Marijuana; Genetic Technologies Takes Kentgrove $24m Equity Facility; Atcor Receives $461k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Sienna To Lose Founding CEO Dr Kerry Hegarty; CEO Alan Shortall Takes 9% Of Unilife, Frontier Takes 7%; Chris Ntoumenopoulos Replaces Narhex’s Cyril D’silva; Murdoch Children’s A Finalist For Ozapp Prize
Jan 21, 2015
Pharmaxis Begins Phase I PXS4728A Inflammatory Disease Trials; Unilife $6m Abbvie Syringe Deal; US Patent For Cellmid Midkine For Heart Failure; EMA Delays Tissue Therapies Vitrogro Application, Again; Baillie Gifford Increase To 13.4% Of Cochlear; UBS AG Buys, Sells, Borrows, Returns Acrux Shares To 8%; Clinuvel Appoints Willem Blijdorp Director
Jan 20, 2015
WANRI: ‘Helicobacter Pylori May Protect Females Against MS’; Nicholas McDonald Takes 9% Of Biotech Capital; Pharmaust’s 1st Cancer Patient Reaches 28 Days, 2 Drop Out; J&J Service Fees To Universal Biosensors Up 89% To $6.45m; Prima Receives $777k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Prima Appoints Stuart Roberts Investor Relations Head; Cryosite Appoints Joseph Saad CEO, Starts On $250k
Jan 19, 2015
Invion: INV102 ‘Clinically Relevant’ Interim Smoking Results; Medical Developments: ‘Penthrox European Sales By May’; Medical Australia, Kentucky Dog Cancer Vaccine Partnership; Medlab Begins Probiotics Depression Trial


Canada Patent For Prima’s MHC Class II Ligands; Rhinomed Receives $570k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Anteo, IMRA Collaborate; Antisense Ethics Approval For 600mg Acromegaly Dose; Compumedics ANZ $1m Export Facility; Phylogica, Roche Genentech Antibiotics Collaboration; EU Ratifies EMA Clinuvel Scenesse Approval; Belgravia, Blackmans Diluted Below 5% In IDT; IM Medical To Be Syncom Data Centre Services; Reproductive Health Appoints Turkey Distributor; Chiesi Backs Pharmaxis Bronchitol Trial, Novaquest Settled; Australian Ethical Takes 13% Of IDT; Nasdaq Sends Prima Price Non-Compliance Notice; Nusep Director Andrew Goodall Takes 39%, Ti Rakau 13%; Neuren Applies For Breakthrough, Orphan For NNZ-2566 For Rett; Imugene Finalizes Her-Vaxx Trial Protocol, Hires WIL Research; Genetic Technologies Raises $258k Of Hoped For $3m; IDT Raises $17m; I’Rom Increases, Diluted To 9% Of IDT; Avexa Plan Raises $796k; Neuren Tells ASX: ‘News, FDA Applications Pushed Price 54%’; John Manusu, Ying Ming Chiu Diluted Below 5% Of Nusep; Admedus Claims ‘Excellent’ Cardiocel Results; Simavita Available In Canada, H1 Revenue $458k; Cynata Raises $2.9m; Immuron, Immune Biologics Partner For Alcohol Toxicity; Nusep Swaps $89k Loan From John Manusu To Mark Gell; Benitec Doses 3rd TT-034 Hepatitis C Patient; Actinogen Tells ASX: ‘Appointing Dr Bill Ketelbey Pushed Price 57%’; Simavita Appoints Michael Brown Chairman; Medivac Director Robert Crossman Resigns; Melbourne Uni: Prof Graeme Clark Shares $US500k Cochlear Prize; Biotron Tells ASX: ‘Trial News, Presentation Pushed Price 26%’; Leanne Ralph Replaces Impedimed Co Sec Stephen Denaro; Sirtex Completes Foxfire Global Trial Recruitment; Federal Government $46m NHMRC-ARC Dementia Fellowships Open; Sienna Antibody Test Deal With Bostwick; Clinical Network Services US Office; Safety Medical Raises $4m To Acquire 3D Medical; Hunter Hall Eases 1% In Alchemia; Unilife Tells ASX: ‘JP Morgan 10% May Have Pushed Price 6.5%’; Healthlinx AGM Backs Sale Of Ovplex For $60k (Plus GST); Australian Patent For Cellmid Hair Growth Midkine; Biomérieux To Terminate LBT Previ Isola Deal; Monash University, Janssen-Cilag Work On Autoimmune Diseases; Monash Licences MIPS Technology To Capsugel; WEHI: ‘MCL-1 Removal Kills Resistant Lymphoma Cells’; David Hastings Replaces Unilife CFO Dennis Pyers; Bone Pleads Schultz To ASX 80% Query; Phosphagenics Appoints Dr Ross Murdoch CEO; Heartware Begins HVAD Less Invasive Study; Optiscan Pleads Schultz To ASX 50% Query; Mesoblast Begins Phase III Back Pain Stem Cell Trial; Immuron Starts US NIH-Funded Trial Of IMM-124E For Ash; Psivida’s Iluvien For DME On Sale In Portugal; MRCF $2m To Solvanix For Garvan Antibody Stabilizer; China Patent For Orthocell Celgro Scaffold; FDA Approves Signostics Signosrt Bladder Scanner; Novogen Compounds ‘Promote Brain Cell Growth’, Note Cancelled
2014: BDI-40 Down 4%; ASX200 Up 1%, Big Caps Up 25%; Impedimed Up 457%, Clinuvel Up 397%, Sirtex Up 144%, QRX Down 98%, Alchemia Down 84%
Dec 19, 2014
Victoria To Legalize Medical Cannabis; WEHI Discovers How Apoptosis Hides From Immune System; Genera Notes Raises $2m, $500k More By March; Australian Patent For Regeneus Stem Cell Freezing, Thawing; Progen Phase I PG545 Solid Tumor Trial Up To 4th Cohort; Novogen Raises Further $1.75m, Total Raised $7.75m; Anteo Mix&Go Activation Kit For Multiplex Microspheres; Anatara Starts Detach Pig Diarrhoea Trial; Nusep AGM Fight, Remuneration 1st Strike, Most Votes Pass
Dec 18, 2014
2014 - The Year In Review; Nanosonics Expands To Former Cochlear Site In Lane Cove; Genetic Technologies: ‘Study Backs 77-SNP Brevagenplus’; IDT Completes 23 US Generic Drugs Acquisition; Proteomics Extends IPO For China Partner Talks; Nusep Receives $822k Federal R&D Tax Refund; FIL Takes 5% Of Impedimed; Immuron To Lose Interim CEO Amos Meltzer; Nusep, ASIC Undertaking; AGM Resolutions Concerns; Virax Prescient Code Change; Actinogen Loses Director Dr Brendan De Kauwe; Clarity Appoints Prof Dale Bailey Adviser
Dec 17, 2014
Siemens Launches Universal Biosensors Coagulation Test; Novogen To Raise $4m - Shares Run Up To 27c, Down To 10.5c; Prima Completes $31m Immutep Acquisition; Acorn Reduces To 6% Of Starpharma; Grist, Hogan, Henderson Diluted Below 5% In Imugene; Chairman Paul Hopper Increases, Diluted To 5% Of Imugene; Medical Developments Appoints Philip Powell Director; Uscom Appoints Denise Pater Distribution, Sales Manager
Dec 16, 2014
Melbourne Uni Antibody Discovery For All-Dengue Vaccine; FDA Approves Osprey Avert Plus; Novogen: ‘TRXE-009 Active Against Melanoma In Mice’; Europe Upholds Mesoblast Osiris Stem Cell Patent Claims; OBJ Cartilage Treatment Option With P&G; Ausindustry Ok For Oncosil Offshore R&D, Expects $7m; OBJ, P&G Launch SK-II Magnetic Eye Care In Hong Kong, Taiwan; Up To 18% Oppose 375k Psivida Director Options; Benitec Appoints Dr Claudia Kloth Head Of Manufacturing
Dec 15, 2014;
Vale WEHI’s Prof Don Metcalf; WEHI Trials Tetralogic’s Birinapant For Hep B Cure; Living Cell Implants Fourth NTCell For Parkinson’s; Long Term Study Backs Clinuvel Scenesse For EPP; Prima Cleared For Pivotal CVac Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Cellmid Raises $1.3m, Japan Midkine Antibody Granted; Kinetic Takes 7% Of Osprey; Actinogen Appoints Pfizer’s Dr Bill Ketelbey CEO; Bluechiip Appoints Michael Ohanessian Director; Avexa Hails Coal Contract To Fund Pivotal ATC For HIV Trial; Prof Don Metcalf (26.2.1929-15.12.2014)
Dec 12, 2014
NSW $7m Medical Devices Fund Applications Open; Innate Adds 7 NZ Compassionate Use MIS416 Patients; Prana Pleads Schultz To ASX 29% Query; Genera Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; WEHI’s Jane Visvander Wins Royal Society Of Victoria Medal; Unilife Hires Intel’s Kevin Sellers, Promotes Stephen Allan
Dec 11, 2014
Acrux, Eli Lilly Sue Amneal Over Axiron Patents; Prescient (Virax) Takes Aktivate; Paul Hopper On $180k; WEHI’s Prof Guillaume Lessene Wins $50k NFMRI Medal; Cellmid Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Dec 10, 2014
WEHI Welcomes Research Fund Changes; Biotech Daily, Less So; Benitec: Researchers Find Chemo-Resistance Mechanism; NSW Awards $448k, ATP, California Medical Device Program; Impedimed Underwritten Rights Issue Raises $33m; Cogstate: ‘H2 Will Be Better Than H1, 2015’; Genera Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Dec 9, 2014
Antisense ATL1103 Acromegaly Trial, ATL1102 MS Access, Partners; CE Mark For Universal Biosensors Siemens Coagulation Test; Gi Dynamics ‘Separates’ CFO Bob Crane, Cuts 10% Staff; Imugene $834k Plan, $500k Placement Take Total To $3.6m; Bone Rejects BN006 For Rheumatoid Arthritis; Alchemia Appoints Consultants For Vast ‘Transaction’; Cochlear Appoints Glen Boreham, Alison Deans Directors
Dec 8, 2014
Orthocell, Bonesupport Partner Celgro, Cerament; Phosphagenics Ready For Phase II Topical Oxycodone Patch; Rhinomed Mute Plugs Approved, On-Sale; Healthlinx To Sell Ovplex IP For $60k ‘Plus GST’; Prescient (Virax) Completes Consolidation, Code Change; Goodbye Bioprospect, Hello Medibio; Imugene Releases 300m Escrow Shares; Edinburgh Uni Takes 11% Of Actinogen, Dr Jason Loveridge 6%; Mladen Marusic Takes 5% Of Patrys; Bluechiip M-D Andrew McLellan Starts On $275k
Dec 5, 2014
Monash-Led Study Shows Obesity-Leptin-Hypertension Link; Starpharma Condom Delayed Up To 6 Months In Japan; Correction: Living Cell; Prima Upgrades Patient Cell Collection Systems; Mesoblast To Release 2.9m Escrow Shares; Retropin Reduces To 7% Of (Former) Target Clinuvel; Bank Of America, Merrill Lynch ‘Borrow’ Up To 8% Of Suda; Chairman Martin Rogers Takes 8% Of Actinogen
Dec 4, 2014
Meta, Melbourne Uni, GSK, CSL, Hospira Savings Collaboration; Living Cell Plan Raises $1m, Total Raised $4m; Reva Begins Fantom Trial; Viralytics Cavatak, Ipilimumab Clear For Melanoma Trial; Novogen Receives $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Oceania, Hosken Take 5% Of Atcor; WEHI’s Prof Alan Cowman Wins Thai Malaria Medal
Dec 3, 2014
CSL: ‘R&D Spend Expected To Increase To Build Pipeline’; WEHI: Apoptosis, Necroptosis Link To Skin Disease; Biotron Recruits 60-Patient Thai Hep C Trial; Unilife, Unnamed Company 10-Year Eye Injection Agreement; Genetic Technologies Share Plan For Up To $3m; OBJ Cosmetics Dermaportation Licence To NY’s Coty; Cogstate Offloads Axon Sports; Circadian Appoints Opt-302 Ophthalmic Disease Advisors
Dec 2, 2014
Sienna At Bio21: ‘From Incubation To Graduation’; Monash Licences Use Of Fenretinide For Dengue To 60P; Netherlands Approves Psivida’s Iluvien; Rhinomed Claims 75% Mute Success For Snoring; Viralytics Receives $2.5m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Nusep Sells Minomic For $378k; Virax Becomes Prescient, Code Change Coming; Scintilla, Techinvest Take 6% Of Agenix; OBJ Requests ‘Product Agreement’ Trading Halt; Medical Australia Appoints COO Darryl Ellis CEO
Dec 1, 2014
November BDI-40 Up 3.5%, ASX200 Down 4%, Big Caps Up 4% - Circadian Up 167%, Optiscan Up 83%, Patrys Down 25%; Europe Clears GI Dynamics Endobarrier For Sales; Imugene Her-Vaxx Response In Mice; Pharmaust Treats 1st PPL-1 Canine Cancer Cohort; Virax: All Change For Prescient Therapeutics, Consolidation; Actinogen Takes Corticrine For Alzheimer’s, Board Changes; Calzada Becomes Polynovo, Code Change; Westpac, Associates Take 7% Of Mayne Pharma; Isonea Swaps Ross Blair-Holt For Bruce Mathieson – AGM; Genetic Technologies Loses Prof Ian McKenzie, Dr Mervyn Cass
Nov 28, 2014
Genetic Technologies Dr Mervyn Jacobson 12 Months Gaol; Victorian Clinical Genetics Services Non-Invasive Prenatal Test; New Zealand Approves Starpharma Ansell Vivagel Condom; Atcor Raises $1m; Imugene: ‘Linguet For Sale - Speed Preferred’; Analytica Narrowly Wins Remuneration Vote; Advanced Surgical Becomes Allegra Orthopaedics; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 13.6% In Viralytics; Bone Loses Founder Dr Roger New, Phillip Wingate Appointed
Nov 27, 2014
Labor Policy: ‘Innovation Key To Jobs, Growth’; NHMRC Backs Alltrials Campaign; Alchemia Fondaparinux Q1 Profit Share Down 18% To $2m; Australian Hospitals Ready For Immuron IMM-142E Nash Trial; Viralytics Up To 21% Oppose Remuneration, Director Options; Invion Receives $790k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Genetic Technologies Takes Last Ironridge Note; Atcor Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Medibio (Bioprospect) ‘Material Contract’ Suspension
Nov 26, 2014
LBT Prepares For US FDA Pivotal APAS Trial; NRMA Trials Brain Resource Technology; Mesoblast AGM Faces 11% Director Options Dissent; Up To 13% Dissent To Uscom Chairman Dr Rob Phillips Rights; Baker Bros Takes 9% Of Circadian; Safety Medical’s 3D Medical Appoints Max Ghobrial CEO; Tony Hartnell Replaces Advanced Surgical’s John O’Meara
Nov 25, 2014
Dimerix Shelves IPO, Prepares To Treat 1st Kidney Patient; Benitec Lodges Appeal To European Patent Decision; Mesoblast Welcomes Japan Stem Cell Act; Phylogica Wins European Phylomer Library Patent; Safety Medical $5m For 3D Medical Imaging Back-Door Listing; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 13% Of Circadian; Packer & Co Increases, Diluted To 9% Of Circadian; Orthocell 36% Oppose Director Matthew Callahan Options; Up To 12% Dissent At Avexa AGM; Investors Underwrite Cynata’s Expiring Options; Bioprospect To Become Medibio, ‘Material Agreement’ Trading Halt; Genetic Technologies Loses CEO Alison Mew; Probiotec To Lose Founding CEO Wayne Stringer
Nov 24, 2014
Victoria State Election And State Biotechnology Policies; Genetic Technologies Dr Mervyn Jacobson Awaits Sentence; Acrux: ‘EMA Finds No Cardiac Risk From Testosterone Therapy’; Admedus Takes HPV Vaccine To Phase I Trial; Pharmaust Treats 2nd PPL-1 Cancer Patient; Clinical Genomics Wants Bowel Cancer Test Partners; Regeneus Streamlines, Reduces Costs, Headcount; Analytica Pericoach Available; Jonathan Lim Partly Underwrites Avexa Share Plan To $250k; Oncosil CEO Daniel Kenny Takes Dr Neil Frazer’s 12m Shares; Bank Of America, Merrill Lynch Reduce To 5% Of Suda
Nov 21, 2014
Dorsavi Earns First US Revenue; Calzada: ‘Metabolic, AOD9604 For Sale - Speed Preferred’; Up To 29% Of Starpharma Oppose CEO Rights; Up To 16% Dissent Against Invion Dr Mitchell Glass Options; Novogen Identifies Lead Anti-Cancer Candidate As ATM-3507; Medical Australia To Release 18.3m Escrow Shares
Nov 20, 2014
Genetic Signatures $15m IPO Opens; Immuron Completes 40-To-1 Consolidation; Nusep AGM For 3.6m Chair Options, Raft Of 28 Resolutions; Hartnell Family, Robinwood Take 35% Of Advanced Surgical; Novogen Loses Chair Iain Ross To ‘Conflict Of Interest’; CFO Daniel Hill Replaces LBT Co Sec Jamie Dreckow
Nov 19, 2014
Genetic Technologies Dr Mervyn Jacobson - Gaol Likely; Queensland Welcomes Stafford Fox $2.5m For Brain Institute; Bone Terminates Founder Proxima Deal – Reviewing Options; WEHI Shows Oats To Coeliac Link; Genetic Technologies Sells ‘Heritage’ Business For $2m; CLJE Takes 7% Of Advanced Surgical
Nov 18, 2014
Melbourne Uni Team Finds Genetic Cause For Rare Epilepsy; ASX Aggregator ‘Misinterprets’ Antisense Substantial; Ellex: Research Backs 2RT Laser Treatment For AMD; Ireland Becomes 13th Country To Approve Psivida’s Iluvien ; Pharmaust Joint PPL-1 IP With Unnamed Japanese Company; Prana PBT2 Huntington’s Results In Lancet, FDA Meeting; Pfizer Sues Mayne Over Dofetilide Anti-Arrhythmic Drug; Up To 16% Dissent Against Circadian Director Stock Plan; Up To 31% Oppose Living Cell Placement; Up To 23% Of Unilife Oppose Director Shares
Nov 17, 2014
Invion On-Track With 4 Programs; Women In Science Parkville Precinct For Gender Balance; Cellmid Licences Midkine To Zoetis For Pets; Starpharma Pleads Super-Schultz To ASX 25% Fall Query; Up To 17.5% Oppose 3m Calzada Director Options; Bioprospect Hires Michael Player For Depression Heart Test; Generation, Associates Below 5% Of Cochlear; Circadian Companies Increase, Diluted To 9% In Antisense
Nov 14, 2014
Proteomics IPO To Raise Up To $6m; GSK Invests $31m In Boronia Blow-Fill-Seal Manufacturing; ACRF Grants $9m To Four Institutions; UK Approves Viralytics Phase I Cavatak Bladder Cancer Trial; Carl Zeiss Pays Optiscan $258k For Endo-Microscope Sheath; Regeneus Australian Patent For Fat Stem Cells For Acne; Flextronics To Expand Unilife Production; Up To 15% Oppose Immuron Placement Capacity, Again; Up To 20% Of Prima Oppose 24m Director ‘Performance Rights’; NZ Pie Funds Take 7% Of Medical Australia; Simavita Appoints Craig Holland Director
Nov 13, 2014
Benitec Doses 2nd TT-034 Hep C Patient; 4D, Touchlight Deals; Impedimed $33m Underwritten 3-For-13 Rights Issue; UK Nice Sends Avita Recell Back To Large Area Wound XP Future; Osprey Avert Sales Underway, Trials On Track; Belgium Approves Psivida’s Iluvien For DME; Mesoblast Phase II Back Pain Data Presented; China Allows Starpharma Dendrimer Agro-Chemical Patent; Imugene Places $2.25m, Share Plan For More; 37% Of Biota Oppose Directors Russell Plum, Dr Jim Fox, Pay; Analytica Pericoach Launch Delay; Calzada Appoints Paul Brennan CEO; Lang Walker Takes 16% Of Medical Australia, NZ Windfall 14%; Correction: Agenix 
Nov 12, 2014
Neuren: ‘NNZ-2566 Phase II Safety, Efficacy For Rett Syndrome’; WEHI, Peter Mac, Garvan Block Neochromosomes; Melbourne Uni Shows Genetic Resistance To Typhoid; Admedus Regen Investors Legal Action; Novogen Raises $1.8m Of Hoped For $3m-$20m; Nasdaq Letter; Bionomics Survives 21.5% Remuneration Dissent; Up To 45% Of Patrys Oppose Chairman John Read; Patrys Appoints Dr James Campbell Director; Sienna Appoints Tony Di Pietro CFO; Agenix Loses Director Anthony Lee
Nov 11, 2014
Bionomics Takes-Back BNC210 From Ironwood; Rhinomed Turbine Wins CE Mark; Innate Doses 4 MS Patients, Appoints Dr Claudia Mansell; Avita Receives $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Benitec Pleads Schultz To ASX 40% Query, ASX Misses 35%; Up To 9% Oppose Anteo Placement Capacity, Options; Impedimed Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Alchemia’s Dr Tracie Ramsdale Replaces CEO Thomas Liquard; Daniel Kenny To Replace Oncosil CEO Dr Neil Frazer
Nov 10, 2014
Pharmaust Cleared To Restart Adelaide PPL-1 Cancer Trial; Invion Takes $17m Lind Equity Draw-Down Facility; Medical Australia Raises $2m; Correction: Biotech Daily Editorial; Bluechiip Cryo-Storage Agreement With Italy’s Siad Group; Neuren Requests NNZ-2566 Rett Trial Results Trading Halt; MC Management Takes 6% Of Admedus; Up To 15% Dissent At Alchemia AGM; Cynata To Release 10m ASX Escrow Shares; All Change At Regeneus
Nov 7, 2014
Biotech Daily Ninth Birthday Editorial; Gaol For Phosphagenics Three - Ogru, Gianello, Jiang; Novogen: ‘Cantrixil Effective For Ovarian Cancer In Mice’; Viralytics Cavatak, Checkpoint Inhibitor Efficacy In Mice; 6 Months Delay For Patrys PAT-SM6 Combination Cancer Trial; Up To 17% Of Nanosonics Oppose Director Dr David Fisher; Nasdaq: Genetic Technologies 45 Days For $US2.5m Equity Plan
Nov 6, 2014
Prima CVac 2nd Remission Overall Survival; Orthocell Claims To Grow Human Tendons; Miele Expands Nanosonics Trophon European Distribution; European Patents For Actinogen, Corticrine 11 Beta-HSD1; IP Australia Accepts Cynata Cymerus Manufacturing Patent; Circadian Completes $3.4m Rights Issue; Antisense Plan Raises $267k Of Hoped For $1.5m, $2m Total; Correction: Imugene; Resonance, UWA Win 2014 WA Innovator Gong For Hepafat-Scan; Prof David Craik Wins $80k GSK Award For Cyclotides
Nov 5, 2014
Genetic Technologies Dr Mervyn Jacobson ‘Guilty’; Phosphagenics $6m Theft Sentencing Adjourned; Federal Government: $354m For 941 ARC Grants; Imugene Placement For $2.25m, Share Plan, Her-Vaxx Trial; Bioprospect, UNSW Heart Rate For Depression Diagnosis Trial; Biotron Rights Issue Raises $4m; Phylogica Expects $1.9m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Veritas Takes 6.6% Of Cochlear; Dorsavi Appoints Dave Wildermuth Chief Marketing Officer
Nov 4, 2014
Nusep, Prime Separate; Partners With Minitüb For Animal IVF; EMA Delays Tissue Therapies Vitrogro For Christmas Holidays; Reproductive Health Buys Back Unmarketable Parcels; Hunter Hall Takes More Profit To 10% In Sirtex; Kathryn Andrews, Phillip Hains Replace Prana Richard Revelins
Nov 3, 2014
October BDI-40 Down 6%, ASX200 Up 4%, Big Caps Up 6% - Medical Developments Up 23%, Alchemia Down 86%, Benitec Down 43%; Federal Government Commercialization Advice, $1m Grants; Impedimed Jumps 94% On $129 L-Dex Reimbursement; Singapore Approves Early Access For Admedus Cardiocel; IDT To Buy 23 Generic Drugs, $15m Placement, $3m Share Plan; Cytomatrix, Heiq J-V For 3-D Stem Cells; Living Cell Completes NTCell Parkinson’s Recruitment; Benitec Licences ddRNAi To Circuit Therapeutics For Pain; Novogen ASX Placement Trading Halt; Imugene Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Tissue Therapies Appoints Timothy Hughes Director; Alchemia Drops 3m Director Options, Pay Rise Resolutions
Oct 31, 2014
Victoria Backs Brandon MRCF $200m Biotech Translation Fund; WEHI Apoptosis Research Leads To New Disease Targets; Starpharma Share Plan $3.5m Takes Total Raised To $21.5m; Analytica Rights Raise $2.56m Taking Total To $3.4m; Advanced Surgical Wins $1.6m NSW Medical Device Fund Grant; Heartware Q3 Revenue Up 25% To $78m; Bluechiip Appoints Glory Biotech South Korea Distributor; Hockings Take 25.5% Of Phylogica
Oct 30, 2014
J&J Opens Asia Pacific Innovation Centres For Collaboration; Pharmaxis Starts 3rd Phase III Bronchitol Cystic Fibrosis Trial; German Eye Advocacy Group Backs Ellex Canaloplasty; Analytica Ready For 100-Patient Pericoach Incontinence Trial; Mesoblast To Release 70k Escrow Shares; Virax 40m M-D Options, Prescient Name Change AGM; Isonea AGM For 11m Director Options; Bioxyne AGM For 2.6m Director Options; IDT Takes Acquisition, Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Advanced Surgical Requests ‘Significant Funding’ Trading Halt; Julie Phillips Elected Ausbiotech Chair, New Directors; Resonance CSO Prof Timothy St Pierre Resigns As Director
Oct 29, 2014
Genetic Technologies Dr Mervyn Jacobson Awaits Verdict; Melbourne Uni Blood Test For Alzheimer’s Disease; Prof Sam Berkovic, Prof Ingrid Scheffer Share $300k PM Prize; Starpharma $4.2m R&D Tax Refund, Ansell Condoms In Shops; Rhinomed Plan For $1.6m Raises $586k, Total Raised $5m; ASIC: ‘Mariposa Fined $4k On Accounts’; Clinical Genomics Appoints Biochain China Distributor; Wales NHS Guidelines Positive For Nanosonics Trophon; Ausbiotech Calls For Investment Conference Registration; Patrys CFO Roger McPherson Acting CEO; Ausbiotech: Dr Chris Nave, Uscom, Atomo Win J&J Awards
Oct 28, 2014
Monash Becomes Pfizer’s 1st Non-US Innovation Centre; Psivida Receives $28m Iluvien Milestone; Up To 24% Of Sirtex Oppose 60% Directors Pool Increase; GI Dynamics Applies To Trade On Nasdaq; Baillieu Holst Re-Initiates Bioprospect Research Coverage; OBJ AGM For 45m Directors’ Performance Rights; Probiotec 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM; IDT Requests Acquisition, Capital Raising Halt
Oct 24, 2014
FDA Clears Antisense Path For ATL1102 For Multiple Sclerosis; Resmed Q1 Revenue Up 6% To $434m, Profit Up 3%; Acrux Axiron Q3 Sales Down 11% To $41m; Brandon’s MRCF $1m To Auspherix For Anti-Bacterials; Advanced Surgical Raises $1m, Name Change AGM; Analytica Receives $989k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Clinuvel Requests European Regulatory Trading Halt; Mesoblast AGM For 240k, $385k Director Options; Viralytics AGM For 1.2m Director Options; Suda AGM For 2.75m Joseph Ohayon ‘Performance Rights’; Sietsma Takes 9% Of Phylogica; Pharmaust Re-Appoints, Re-Elects Dr Wayne Best Director; Solagran Appoints Dr Ian Nisbet Director
Oct 23, 2014
Bio-Melbourne: ‘Nimble Network To Fight Infectious Disease’; Calzada Files For Novosorb FDA Approval, BARDA Funding; GI Dynamics 10-For-1 US Consolidation EGM; Dr John Chiplin Replaces Cynata Director Howard Digby; Imugene Director Dr Nick Ede Steps Down To Executive; Acuvax 6-Day Director Nigel Lee Steps Down To Advisor; Alchemia’s Prof Tracey Brown Wins Telstra Gong
Oct 22, 2014
Genetic Signatures Up To $15m For Molecular Diagnostics; Novogen: ‘TRX-E-009-1 Kills Paediatric Cancer In-Vitro’; Pharmaust Treats 2 Dogs In Ppl-1 Canine Cancer Trial; BPH Energy Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Orthocell AGM For 2.1m Director Options; Phylogica AGM For 6.5m CEO Options, Directors’ Fees
Oct 21, 2014
Hatchtech Phase II Trial Kills 100% Of Head Lice Eggs; Pharmaust’s First Cancer Patient Dies, PPL-1 Trial Delay; Clinical Genomics, CSIRO Bowel Cancer Blood Test Agreement; Circadian 1.5m CEO Dr Megan Baldwin Options, Plans AGM; Bluechiip Loses 2nd CEO Dr Jason Chaffey, Japan Contract; Dr Tracey Mynott, Myeng Take 15% Of Anatara; Ausbiotech’s Dr Anna Lavelle Elected ATSE Fellowship 
Oct 20, 2014
Antisense ‘Higher, Longer ATL1103 Dose For Acromegaly’; Starpharma Dep-Docetaxel Longer Duration, Fewer Spikes; Sirtex Completes ‘Toxicity-Free’ Kidney Cancer Dosing; Canada Approves Admedus Cardiocel; LBT Wins $250k South Australia Grant For Woundvue; Avita 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM; Dr Mel Bridges, Parma Take 5% Of Anatara
Oct 17, 2014
Virax To Buy TCN-P Cancer Drug For $343k, $2.3m Shares; Federal Government: $580m NHMRC Grants; Calzada Name-Change To Polynovo, 3m Director Options AGM; Actinogen Cortricine Acquisition AGM; Hunter Hall Takes More Profit To 11% In Sirtex; Nusep Appoints Mark Gell Director; Acuvax Appoints Nigel Lee For Activistic Funds Collection
Oct 16, 2014
Anatara Lists To Develop Pineapple Stems For Diarrhoea; Federal Government $17.9m For CSIRO-Monash Group; Nanosonics Q1 Revenue Up 19% To $6m, Cash Flow Positive; Universal Biosensors Record Q1 Strip Fees Of $1.6m; Novogen To Raise $10m Through ASX Bookbuild; Dorsavi OH&S Service Wins New Contracts; Starpharma 1.5m CEO Rights, 22% Directors Fees AGM
Oct 15, 2014
Federal Action Plan: TGA To Accept ‘Trusted’ Regulation; Comment: Cochlear, Medicines Australia, Biotech Daily - Ausbiotech Welcomes Tax, Regulatory Changes; Biotron 2-For-9 Rights Issue For $4m; Immuron Ready For Two Phase II Imm-142e Fatty Liver Trials; CSL 11% Oppose CEO Paul Perreault $3m ‘Performance’ Stock; Auspherix, Domainex Work On Antibiotic-Resistant Infections; Antisense Receives $1.14m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Virax Requests ‘Material Transaction’ Trading Halt; Hunter Hall Takes 8% Of GI Dynamics; UBS AG ‘Returns’ 2.6m Acrux Shares To 8%
Oct 14, 2014
Bionomics: ‘Pre-Clinical Bnc105 Combination Tumor Efficacy’; Reproductive’s Embryocellect IVF Test Ready For Launch; Australian Patent For Prima, Immutep LAG-3 Technology; Admedus 180% Directors Fees AGM; Immuron 40-To-1 Consolidation AGM; Federal Government ‘Action Plan For Australia's Future’; Bone Aggregates Unmarketable Parcel Shares; Analytica Around Australia Pericoach Tour
Oct 13, 2014
Dr Richard Treagus Revives Biotech Capital For Biotech; Medical Australia 1-For-10 Rights Issue For $6m; Biotron Capital Raising Trading Halt; Analytica, Sportsmed Work On Pelvic Floor, Data Collection; UBS AG Takes 9.6% Of Acrux; AMP Reduces To 5% In Acrux; Prima AGM For 24m Director Rights, Placement, Bergen Shares
Oct 10, 2014
Biotron Jumps 90% On BIT225 ‘Undetectable’ Hepatitis C Levels; Alchemia Phase III Ha-Irinotecan Cancer Trial Locked; Living Cell Partner Otsuka Lends Joint Venture Up To $38m; Admedus Appoints John Seaberg, Wayne Paterson Directors
Oct 9, 2014
Ex-Phosphagenics Dr Esra Ogru ‘Guilty’, ‘Why?’, Expect Gaol; Sirtex Completes Sirflox, Results In June 2015; Regeneus Rebuts ABC-TV 7.30 Stem Cells Report; J&J Pays $US1.75b For D3 Investment Alios; Analytica Wins CE Mark For Pericoach; Victoria Launches Heart Hospital, Medical Technology, Vision; Australian Patent For OBJ’s Magnetic Cleaning Technology; Dr Larry Marshall Replaces CSIRO CEO Dr Megan Clark
Oct 8, 2014
CSL $210m Broadmeadows Expansion For $683m PA Output; Living Cell Placement Raises $3m, Share Plan; Acuvax Completes Activistic Acquisition; US Patent For Imugene’s Her-Vaxx; Clarification: Regeneus; Nusep Banks $1.2m Andrew Goodall Note, Loan, Prime Debt; Rhinomed Appoints Two South-East Asia Distributors; Benitec Appoints Georgina Kilfoil For TT-034 Hep C Enrolment
Oct 7, 2014
WEHI Molecule Prevents Inflammatory Cell Death; Phosphagenics: ‘Phase II Acne Trial Endpoint Not Significant’; Regeneus Falls 57%, Requests ABC-TV 7.30 Report Trading Halt; GI Dynamics EU Endobarrier Shipments Halted, Systems Review; Atcor Sphygmocor For US Obesity Cholesterol Trial; Unilife Signs Sanofi 15-Year Wearable Injector Deal; Anteo AGM For 17m Director Options; Tissue Therapies 9% Oppose Placement; Progen 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM
Oct 6, 2014
$9.5m Circadian In $17.4m Placement, Rights Issue; GI Dynamics EU Endobarrier Shipments Halted, Systems Review; Unilife Draws Down Early Orbimed $11.5m; Acorn Reduces, Diluted To 8% Of Starpharma; Safety Medical Proceeds With Backdoor 3-D Printing; Bioprospect $3.5m Commitments For Heart-Mental Illness Test
Oct 3, 2014
WEHI, France’s Servier Collaborate On Blood Cancers; Analytica $850k Placement, $3.17m Rights Issue; Correction: Prima; Victoria Sends 23 Organizations To Chicago Advamed Meeting; Unilife AGM For 4m CEO Alan Shortall Shares; Schroder, Associates Reduce To 5% Of Cochlear
Oct 2, 2014
Bergen Helps Prima Acquire Immutep For $32m Cash, Scrip; T-Cell Response Takes Admedus HSV-2 Vaccine To Phase II; Ansell Ready To Market Starpharma Vivagel Condom; Reva Says Fantom Stent Will Be Superior To Competitors; Genera, Beckman Coulter Agreement, Richard Hannebery CEO; Bio-Melbourne Devices, Diagnostics Partnering Forum; Narhex From HIV, Coal, Gold, Diamonds To Respiratory ‘Apps’; Biota’s Dr Joseph Patti Starts On $571k, Russell Plumb On $286k; Pharmaust PPL-1 Dog Cancer Trial Begins; Healthlinx Acquires Manalto Social Media Business; Circadian Requests ‘Funding Event’ Trading Halt; Bioprospect Requests ‘Capital Raising’ Trading Halt
Oct 1, 2014
September BDI-40 Down 4%, ASX200 Down 6%, Big Caps Down 0.75% - Living Cell Up 32%, Clinuvel Up 31%, Biotron Down 26%; European Guidelines Recommend Sirtex Sir-Spheres; WEHI: ‘JAK Inhibitors Can Treat 80% Of Bowel Cancers’; Mesoblast Partner JCR Files For JR-031 GVHD Japan Approval; Novogen Takes FDA Advice On Cantrixil For Ovarian Cancer; Genetic Technologies Launches Brevagenplus In The US; Allan Gray Takes 16% Of Starpharma; Analytica Takes Capital Raising Trading Halt To Suspension
Sep 30, 2014
Ascend $11m IPO For Skin, Breast Cancer; EMA Finds More Tissue Therapies Vitrogro Questions; SA Uni, Sementis Work On Virus, Allergy, Cancer Vaccines; Proctor & Gamble Launch 1st OBJ Magnetic Cosmetic; Viralytics Cavatak Combination Mouse Efficacy; Correction: Bionomics; Patrys Anti-Cancer Compound PAT-LM1 Australian Patent; Up To 27% Oppose Genetic Technologies Ironridge Notes; MC Management Takes 5% Of Admedus; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Infection Readiness
Sep 29, 2014
FDA Psivida Iluvien Approval Triggers $29m Payment; Bionomics BNC105 Combination Cancer Biomarkers ; Viralytics Claims Cavatak Phase II Melanoma Efficacy; Advanced Surgical 23-For-50 Rights Issue For $1m; Dimerix Ready For Phase II DMX200 Kidney Disease Trial; Living Cell, Auckland Uni Neuro-Degeneration Collaboration; Bluechiip Plan Raises $763k, Takes Total To $1.863m; MR Marketing Optiscan-Based Cell-Live Imaging; Calzada, TGA Rule Change Impact On AOD9604; IM Medical Delay In Becoming Data Centre; Biota’s Patti, Plum, Fox Shuffle Jobs, Richard Hill Retires; Bone’s Oral Parathyroid Hormone Not Found In Blood Tests; Analytica Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; OBJ Requests ‘Product Launch’ Trading Halt
Sep 26, 2014
Clinuvel Expects European Scenesse Result Next Month; Reva Notes, Options To Raise $55m; Psivida Sales Of Iluvien For DME In France In Doubt; Antisense: ‘Patersons Underwrites $1m Of $1.5m Plan’ ; Rhinomed Appoints Interfusion Turbine Colombia Distributor; QRX 2nd  Strike Board Spill AGM; Sirtex AGM For 73k, $1.6m CEO Rights, Directors Pay Up 60%
Sep 25, 2014
Antisense Places $1m, Plan For $1.5m More; Regeneus Receives $3.7m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Jason Peterson, Professional Payment Take 14% Of Sun Bio; Deloitte, Bio-Pharmaceuticals Australia Roadshow
Sep 24, 2014
Neuren Expects November Rett Syndrome Results; Sirtex Declares 14c Fully-Franked Final Dividend; Invion, 3m Complete Inhaled INV102 Feasibility Studies; Ibsen, Narula Take 7% Of Optiscan; Patrys To Lose M-D Dr Marie Roskrow; Greg Tunny Replaces Isonea CEO Stephen Tunnell, Update; Genetic Tech: David Carter, Dr Lindsay Wakefield Directors; Sharon Papworth Replaces Acrux CFO, Co Sec Tony Di Pietro
Bionomics Acquires Distressed Prestwick For $391k; Invion: ‘Interim Data Shows INV102 Safe For Asthma’; Optiscan Raises $750k; Antisense Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; US Patent For Circadian, Vegenics VEGFR-3 Trap Molecules; Living Cell Appoints Three Professors For NTCell Advice; Virax Appoints Prof Douglas Joshua To Advisory Board; Regeneus Opens Singapore Clinic, Appoints Dr Patrick Goh 
Sep 22, 2014
Starpharma Placement Raises $18m, Share Plan For $5m More; Primary Pays $2m For Genetic Technologies Heritage Business; Benitec, CSIRO Appeal Euro Decision On Graham Patent; Clinuvel Presents Scenesse To Europe’s CHMP Tomorrow; Progen Progresses To 3rd PG545 Solid Tumor Cohort; Advanced Surgical To Distribute Small Bones Products; Bluechiip Claims More Sales, Micronic Project On-Track; Optiscan Requests Fundraising Trading Halt
Sep 19, 2014
LBT Starts Automated Plate Assessment Clinical Trials; Clinuvel Singapore J-V For Paediatric Scenesse, CUV9900
Sep 18, 2014
Acrux Falls As Much As 31% On FDA Testosterone Meeting; Osprey Launches Avert Plus ‘Smart’ Syringe Monitor System; Cynata Licences Stem Cells From Cellular Dynamics; GI Dynamics: ‘Endobarrier Reduces Heart Risk’; Starpharma Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Suda Wins ISO 9001:2008 Certification; Rhinomed Appoints Trisports Japan Turbine Distributor; Bioxyne Appoints Ian Brown Probiotics Consultant ; Mark Peatey Replaces ITL Director Sanjay Sehgal
WEHI Trials Denosumab For BRCA Mutation Breast Cancer; Federal Minister Ian Macfarlane Backs Eye Research, Hospira; Universal Biosensors Blood Coagulation Test Delayed; Nanosonics Trophon ‘3-Fold More Effective Than Wipes’; Healthlinx Appoints Timothy Chapman Director; Medicines Australia Appoints Liberal Staffer Tim James CEO; Asia Union Increases, Diluted To 8% Of Tissue Therapies
David Miles Leads Review Of Cooperative Research Centres; W.H.O. Funds Vaxxas Polio Nanopatch Trials; FDA Agrees Faster Avita Recell Burns Trial; FDA To Respond To Antisense ATL1102 For MS; Euro Patent; Australian Patent For Orthocell Ortho-ATI; Medline Wins $277k Lorien Contract For Simavita System; Biota: ‘Loss Of Barda Contract Delays Annual Report’; Clinuvel Pleads Retropin Bid To ASX 31.7% Query; Mining Invest, Elias Leo Khouri Below 5% Of Bioprospect
Genetic Technologies $2m Notes, Restructure, Name Change; Compumedics, Beijing Bestmed Sign 3-Year $5.6m Contract; Imugene Her-Vaxx Ready For Clinical Trial Production; Resonance $650k Shortfall Takes Total Raised To $1.9m; Bernard Stang Lightens To 9% Of Nanosonics; Cogstate Loses Rodolfo Chapa; Quixote Shares To Dolby, Myer; Avita Requests ‘Regulatory Update’ Trading Halt
WEHI Discovers Cartilage Role In Rheumatoid Arthritis; Prime Minister Abbott Opens Doherty Institute; October For Alchemia Phase III HA-irinotecan Cancer Results; Retropin Takes 8% Of Target Clinuvel In Tiny Trades; CSL $3m CEO Options, Rights; 20% Directors Fees Hike AGM; Cochlear $1.6m Dr Chris Roberts Stock, $500k Prof Byrne AGM; CB Co, Curran Super Fund Reduces To 13% Of Atcor; Simavita Loses Chairman Peter Cook; Actinogen Appoints Vincent Ruffles Clinical Research Head
Ausbiotech Gold Coast Octoberfest Registration Opens; Medical Developments Appoints Galen UK Distributor; Cogstate Recruitment Contract For Alzheimer’s Trial; Regeneus Launches KVax Dog Cancer Vaccine; Sun Adds Asthma Genetics To Drug Testing; Bluechiip Ex-M-D, Brett Schwarz Below 5%; GI Dynamics Appoints Daniel Moore Director; Michael Graham Replaces Nusep Director Prakash Patel; Psivida Elects Dr James Barry Director; Genetic Technologies Takes Fund Raising Halt To Suspension
Burnet Chair Alastair Lucas Stands Down; Victoria Opens Applications For Four $150k Fellowships; Hunter Hall Takes 10% Of Alchemia; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 12.5% In Viralytics; Mining Invest, Elias Leo Khouri Down To 9% Of Bioprospect; Calzada Loses Director Dr Roger Aston To Oncosil
Virax To Reactivate GGTI-2418 FDA IND For Breast Cancer; Avexa Manufactures Special Access ATC For HIV; Regeneus Plan Raises $3m, Takes Total To $6m; Pharmaust Begins PPL-1 Dog Cancer Trial; Isonea Pleads Schultz To 31% Fall Query, Cashed-Up; Genetic Technologies Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Ron Dewhurst, Kroy Wen (Back) Take 6% Of Rhinomed; Oncosil Changes: Roger Aston, Neil Frazer, Martin Rogers
Genetic Technologies Dr Mervyn Jacobson Pleads ‘Not Guilty’; Olivia Newton-John Institute Opens, Victoria Grants $4.5m; US Army Approves Neuren Phase II Concussion Trial; Invion 30mg INV103 Ineffective For Mild Lupus, Stronger Dose; Bluechiip Placement Raises $1.1m, Share Plan For More; Pharmaxis: ‘Bronchitol Benefit For High Risk Bronchiectasis’; Imugene Appoints Vienna University For Her-Vaxx Pre-Clinical; Viralytics Appoints Peter Turvey, Malcolm McColl Directors - Replacing Dr Phillip Altman And Peter Molloy; Impedimed Appoints Dr Frank Vicini Chief Medical Officer; Bioprospect Heart Rate Depression Test, Dr James Campbell 
Federal Court Backs Myriad, Genetic Technologies BRCA Case; FDA Orphan Status For Prana PBT2 For Huntington’s Disease; Correction: Reproductive Health; Bionomics Receives $7.5m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Westpac, Associates Take 6% Of Mayne Pharma
Sep 4, 2014
Genera HPV, Respiratory Tests To TGA; STI Tests, More To Come; Reproductive Health: ‘Sales This Year, Profit In 2017’; Ascend Plans Basal Cell, Breast Cancer Trials For 2015; Tissue Therapies Pleads Schultz To ASX 21% Query; Sweden Approves Psivida’s Iluvien For DME; Uscom: ‘Four Studies Support Broad Monitor Applications’; Resonance Joins US Liver Disease Forum; Constables Below 5% Of Antisense; Bioprospect Requests ‘Restructure’ Trading Halt 
Sep 3, 2014
Antisense ATL1103 Phase II ‘Success’ For Acromegaly; WEHI Shows Antibiotic Emetine Blocks Malaria Proteins; Impedimed Jumps 49% On CPT Category 1 Reimbursement Code; Cynata Begins Euro Process, Listed Option Trading; Orthocell To File For Japan, EU Approval In 2015; Atcor Wins French Trial For Sphygmocor; Nasdaq Non-Compliance Letter For Genetic Technologies 
Sep 2, 2014
Hatchtech Trials Prove One-Shot Head Lice, Egg Treatment; ARC $546k Grant For Phylogica, UQ Phylomer Tumor Project; Nanosonics Pleads Revenue, Meetings To ASX 11% Query; Immuron Reduces Hadasit Royalty ; CEO Harry Rosen Diluted To 5% Of Phosphagenics


Sep 1, 2014
August BDI-40 Up 11%, ASX200 Down 0.1%, Big Caps Up 9% - Bionomics Up 31%, Tissue Therapies Up 28%, Compumedics Down 25%; Rhinomed Placement Raises $3.4m, Share Plan For $1.6m More; Universal Biosensors Receives $8m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Suda Revenue Up 115% To $9m, Loss Up 23% To $2m; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Up 37% To $6.6m, Loss To $923k Profit; Advanced Surgical Revenue Up 11% To $8m, Loss Down 89%; Cellmid Revenue Up 267% To $3m, Loss Down 3.5% To $1.5m; Immuron Revenue Up 597% To $1m, Loss Down 28% To $2.5m; Nusep Revenue Down 7% To $851k, Loss Up 109% To $4m; Genera Revenue Up 208% To $207k, Loss Up 9% To $2.5m; Perpetual Sells 15m Resmed Shares, Down To 5%; Antisense Requests ATL1103 Acromegaly Results Trading Halt; Mesoblast Appoints Charlie Harrison Co Sec; Kevin Baum Replaces Acuvax Director Alex Bajada
Aug 29, 2014
Ex-Phosphagenics CEO Dr Esra Ogru Bail Extended; Benitec TT034 Hepatitis C Trial: ‘More Delays, More Trial Sites’; Ellex Revenue Up 27% To $54m, Loss To Profit Of $788k; Atcor Revenue Down 44% To $5m, Profit Turns To $2m Loss; Alchemia Fondaparinux Sales Up 2% To $10m; Alchemia Revenue Down 35% To $16m, Loss Down 45% To $7m; Genetic Technologies Revenue Down 34% To $5m, Loss Up 9%; Medical Australia Revenue Up 30% To $12m, Loss To $105k Profit; LBT Revenue Down 11% To $4m, Profit Down 38% To $331k; Avita Sales Down, Revenue Down 19% To $3m, Loss Down To $5m; Phylogica Revenue Up 5% To $826k, Loss Down 5% To $3m; Circadian Revenue Down 24% To $878k, Loss Down 16% To $4m; Dorsavi Revenue Up 42% To $2.6m, Loss Up 14% To $2.5m; Unilife Revenue Up 436% To $16m, Loss Down 8% To $62m; Michael Dale To Replace GI Dynamics CEO Stuart Randle
Aug 28, 2014
Victoria To Allow Medical Cannabis Trials; Federal Government, ARC Open Monash Bio-Nano Centre; Japan Allows Phylogica Peptide Phylomer Patent; Pharmaxis Anti-Inflammatory PXS4728A ‘In The Clinic In 2015’; Pharmaxis Revenue Up 56% To $5m, Loss Up 19% To $52m; Admedus Revenue Up 7% To $8m, Loss Up 239% To $8m; Resonance Revenue Up 35% To $2m, Loss Down 65% To $72k; Pharmaust Revenue Up 17% To $2m, Loss Up 156% To $1.3m; Cryosite Revenue Up 4% To $26m, Profit Down 18% To $2m; Bluechiip Pleads Schultz To ASX 191% Query; Unilife Pleads Schultz To ASX 20% Query; Rhinomed Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; LBT Appoints Daniel Hill CFO
Aug 27, 2014
Actinogen To Acquire Scotland’s Corticrine For Alzheimer’s; AFL Approves Regeneus Hiqcell For Injuries; Imugene Appoints Ex-Alchemia’s Charles Walker CEO; Unnamed Company To Study Anteo Mix&Go For Diagnostic; Optiscan Completes Microscope Sterility Sheath Tests; Och-Ziff Takes 19.7% Of Brain Resource; Compumedics Revenue Up 14% To $31m, Loss To $909k Profit; Mayne Pharma Revenue Up 72% To $143m, Loss To $21m Profit; Impedimed Revenue Up 22% To $3.6m, Loss Down 6% To $8m; Rhinomed 1st Sales, Revenue Down 3% To $291k, Loss Down 82%; Phosphagenics H1 Revenue Down 23% To $712k, Loss Down 54%; Pharmaust Releases 330m Escrow Shares; Medical Australia Chairman Gary Lewis To Retire
Aug 26, 2014
St Vincent’s Isolate Diabetes-Causing Immune Cells; Actinogen Requests Acquisition, Capital Raising Halt; Mesoblast Revenue Down 10% To $26m, Loss Up 31% To $81m; Anteo Revenue Up 43% To $2.6m, Loss Up 14% To $2.5m; Progen Revenue Up 64% To $6m, Loss Down 14% To $2m; US Court Rules For Genetic Technologies Against GSK ; ANSTO Settles With Cyclopharm For $2.65m; Harding Loevner Below 5% In Cochlear; IM Medical Drops White Data For ADX; Reproductive Health Appoints Sue MacLeman Director; Mayne Appoints Prof Bruce Robinson Director
Aug 25, 2014
Orthocell: ‘Ortho-ATI Durability For Tennis Elbow’; Ming Hao Zheng, Ying Fan Take 9%, Jia Xun Xu 6% Of Orthocell; Acuvax Raises $800k For Activistic Collection, Back To ASX; TGA Lists Uscom BP+ On Register; Patrys Plans Combination PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Trial ; Anteo Mix&Go Patent, Provisional Patent Applications; Mayne Appoints Dr Ilana Stancovski CSO; Regeneus Revenue Up 18% To $2m, Loss Up 45% To $7.5m; Paul Hodgkinson Replaces Mesoblast CFO Jenni Pilcher; Alchemia Appoints Jenni Pilcher CFO; LBT Appoints Dr Patti Doherty For US Trials
Aug 22, 2014
Ex-Phosphagenics Dr Esra Ogru Pleads Guilty To Deception; Brain Revenue Down 26% To $3m, Loss Up 12% To $2m; Correction: Nanosonics - Revenue Up 46% To $26m, Loss Down 55% To $3m; Hunter Hall Takes Profit, Reduces To 12% In Sirtex; Suda Hopes For Artimist Partner, Who Inclusion; Probiotec Revenue Up 1% To $68m, Profit Up 51% To $1m; Medical Developments Signs PSUK As Distributor; FDA Clears Isonea Sonosentry1 As O-T-C Detector, Patent; IM Medical Requests Acquisition, Capital Raising Halt
Aug 20, 2014
CDPP Details Ogru, Gianello, Jiang Phosphagenics Invoices; Sirtex Revenue Up 31% To $131m, Profit Up 31% To $24m; South Africa Approval For Acrux Estramist For Menopause; IDT Revenue Flat At $13m, Loss Up 24% To $7m; Cogstate Revenue Down 1.2% To $12m, Loss Up 99% To $4m; Brain Adds 5 US Addiction Centres
Aug 19, 2014
Bionomics $3m Maiden Profit On Revenue Up 133% To $28m; Regeneus Register Shows 2-Year Hiqcell Joint Benefit; Innate Ready To Start Phase IIb MIS416 MS Trial; Medline’s First US Commercial Order Of Simavita Diagnostic; Antisense Hires Destum For Partnering, Licencing Deals; Analytica Appoints US Clinical Advisory Board
Aug 18, 2014
Living Cell Implants 2nd NTCell Parkinson’s Patient; Regeneus Placement Raises $3m, Share Plan For $3m More; Genera, Incelldx ‘Strategic Alliance’; Phylogica, Genentech Undisclosed Drug Discovery Project; Reva Raising $25m For 2014 Fantom Stent Trial; Uscom Revenue Up 67% To $1m, Loss Up 11% To $1.5m; Benitec Pleads Schultz To ASX 13% Query, ASX Misses 13%; Anteo Appoints Josh Soldo Scientific Affairs V-P
Aug 15, 2014
WEHI Identifies MCL1 To Control Killer Cells ; GI Dynamics H1 Revenue Up 149% To $1.7m, Loss Up 20% To $24m; Living Cell Revenue Up 0.5% To $8m, Loss Up 128% To $7m; Perpetual Sells 15m Resmed Shares, Down To 6%; Sirtex Breaks $20, Perpetual Takes Profit, Below 5% ; Cellmid Issues 600k More Shares To Brynne Edelsten
Aug 14, 2014
QRX Ends Dual Opioid Moxduo Program, $3m For Alternatives; Admedus WA Facility Ships 1st Cardiocel To The US; Genetic Technologies, Histogenetics Settle Patent Case ; Cogstate $800k Cognition Contract With Unnamed Company; Itl Revenue Up 4% To $26m, Profit Down 18% To $2m; Executive Chairman Bill Mobbs Takes 39% Of ITL; Australian Super Takes 6% Of Orthocell
Aug 13, 2014
CSL Record Profit Up 8% To $1.4bn, Revenue Up 8% To $6bn
Aug 12, 2014
Neuren Prepares For US IND For NNZ-2591; FSHD $300k Takes Novogen To Neuro-Muscular Indications; Orthocell Opens On ASX, China Royalty, Substantials; Brendan Moran Takes 6% Of LBT; Correction: Nanosonics
Aug 11, 2014
Phosphagenics Dr Esra Ogru Deception Conspiracy Trial; Orthocell Raises $8m To List On ASX Tomorrow; Agenix Sells AGX-1009 For Hep B To China’s Cinkate For $2m; Phosphagenics TPM-Oxymorphone Pharmaco-Kinetic Study; Allan Gray Takes 12% Of Nanosonics
Aug 8, 2014
Clinuvel Rebuffs Retropin $95m Offer: ‘Not Enough’; NHMRC Details Federal Government $200m For Dementia; Hunter Hall Takes 6% Of GI Dynamics; Suda Loses Director Ken Robson
Aug 7, 2014
US NIH Funds Mesoblast End-Stage Heart Failure Trial; Japan Approves Nanosonics Trophon EPR; Pharmaust Treats First Ppl-1 Cancer Patient; Bluechiip, St Micro Move To High Volume Tag Production; Calzada Expects Loss Up 67%, Hunting Key Staff; Damien, Justin Haakman, Dussman Take 43% Of Simavita
Aug 6, 2014
Paladin Launches Immuron’s Travelan In Canada; Life Sciences QLD, Translational Research Conference; Regeneus Requests $6m Capital Raising Trading Halt
Aug 5, 2014
Cochlear Revenue Up 7% To $805m, Profit Down 17% To $109.5m; Cogstate $7m Rater-Training Contract; Ellex Expects $54m Full Year Revenue, Loss To $1m Profit; O’Brien Institute ‘Frontiers In Human Engineering Symposium’; Phosphagenics Over-Subscribed Share Plan Raises $3m; Probiotec Chairman Maurice Van Ryn Resigns; Dr Katrin Leadley Replaces Heatware CMO Dr David Hathaway 
Aug 4, 2014
Biota’s LANI ’Flu Drug ‘No Significant Benefit Over Placebo’; New Indications For Osprey Avert Dye Reduction System ; Bio-Melbourne Hosts Dr Thomas Lönngren On EU Regulation; Pharmaxis Sues Financier Novaquest; Unilife ‘Completes’ Equity Draw-Down Facility ; Bennelong ‘Revises’ Resmed Substantial Calculation To 2.7%; Medical Australia Appoints Dr Amy Crouch Vet Manager
Jul 31, 2014
US Safe Status For Calzada’s Troublesome AOD9604; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C Quarterly Reports Policy; Unilife Has One Quarter Cash; Genera Has Almost Two Quarters Cash - Sales, Merger; Genetic Technologies Has One Quarter Cash, ‘Transactions’
Jul 30, 2014
BRIL Group: ‘Set Aside 25% Of MRFF For Commercialization’; GI Dynamics Enrols 1st Patients In French Endobarrier Trial; Medical Australia Q4 Cash Flow Positive; Progen: ‘Medigen PI-88 Trial Goes On Despite Interim Results’; Hunter Hall Takes 9% Of Alchemia
Jul 29, 2014
Burnet, Germany’s Artes Collaborate On Malaria Vaccine; Nanosonics 12-Month Sales Up 44% To $21.5m; Mayne To Distribute IDT’s Generic Temozolomide In The US; Norway Approves, Portugal Pays For Psivida Iluvien For DME; Antisense Completes Phase II ATL1103 Acromegaly Dosing; US Patent For Imugene’s Her-Vaxx
Jul 28, 2014
Retropin Offers $92-95m For $71m Clinuvel; Progen Falls 76% As PI-88 Fails To Meet Liver Cancer Endpoints; Tissue Therapies Files EU Answers - Response Within 90 Days; Cynata Contracts Uni Of Wisconsin For Stem Cell Shelf Life; Changes Delay Phosphagenics Opioid Trials; Prana Deregisters $22m Shares; Vale Clinuvel Director Jack Wood; Medical Development Director Maurice Van Ryn Resigns
Jul 25, 2014
Acrux Axiron H2 Sales Up 3% To $92m; LBT Plan Raises $517k, Total $2m; Novogen Hires Regis, Pharmaceutics Int For Cantrixil; Reva Director James Schiro Resigns For Health Reasons; Acrux Appoints Michael Kotsanis CEO, M-D
Jul 24, 2014
Patrys PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Study, CSIRO Cell Lines; Admedus Has 66% Of Vaccine Company (Formerly Coridon); Universal Bio H1 Revenue Down 75% To $3m, Loss Down 9.5%
Jul 23, 2014
Biotron ‘BIT225 Reduces Immune Impairment, Cognition Potential’; Antisense Closes ATL1102 Stem Cell Mobilization Program; Macquarie University Joins Impedimed L-Dex Lymphoedema Trial; Dorsavi Hails First US Viperform Diagnostic Sale; Clinical Genomics Colovantage Bowel Cancer Test Trial; Fisher Funds Below 5% In Nanosonics; Prima CEO Marc Voigt Starts On $278k
Jul 22, 2014
Vale Avexa Advisor Prof Joep Lange, Killed On Flight MH17; Oversubscribed Orthocell Ipo Raises $8m; Safety Medical Plan Underwritten To $400k For 3-D Printing; Clarification: Bluechiip; Fisher Funds Reduce To 5% In Nanosonics; Bank Of America, Merrill Lynch Take 8% Of Suda
Jul 21, 2014
TGA Approves Starpharma, Ansell Vivagel-Coated Condom; Benitec 1st Hep C Patient Safety, Month Delay To 2nd Patient; CE Mark Approval For Calzada, Polynovo Novopore; GI Dynamics US Sec Reporting Ahead Of Nasdaq Co-Listing; Drawbridge Australia, UK Divisional Anaesthetic Patents; European Patent For Progen PG500 Series; Bluechiip Claims More Sales, US Patent; George Cameron-Dow Replaces Bioxyne’s Jeremy Curnock Cook; Fleming Takes 19.9% Of Bioxyne, Phillip Ceases; Virax Appoints Prof Joseph Sparano To Advisory Board
Jul 18, 2014
Prana Sub-Analysis ‘Understands’ Alzheimer’s Placebo Effect; Reminder: Bio-Melbourne Fibrotech $3m To $81m+ Briefing
Jul 17, 2014
Burnet, Deakin Block Malaria Proteins; FDA Approves Rhinomed Turbine Sports Nasal Plugs; US Army $3m For Delayed Neuren Brain Injury Trial; Dorsavi Viperform Adopted By Brazil’s São Paulo Soccer Club
Jul 16, 2014
NSW, ATP, California Medical Device Post-Doc Program; Imugene Hires Mymetics To Manufacture Her-Vaxx; UK Patent For Cellmid Midkine Hair Growth; Extended US Patent For Prima’s CVac; Oncosil Manufacturing Process Re-Validated
Jul 15, 2014
Cellmid Hails US FGF5 Hair Growth Study; FDA Approval For Dorsavi’s Vimove Spinal Diagnostic; Optiscan Raises $634k, Zeiss $260k Neurosurgery Milestone; Ethics Approval For Oncosil Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Calzada Executive Search, Laurent Fossaert To Go; Bluechiip Tracking Installed At Shanghai Outdo; Rhinomed Pleads Schultz, Publication To ASX 87% Query; Hunter Hall Takes More Profit, Reduces To 14% Of Sirtex; Suda, Bergen End Draw-Down Equity Facility
Jul 14, 2014
FDA Spa For Starpharma Phase III Vivagel Vaginosis Trial; Probiotec Milk Proteins Eczema Trial; Cynata Contracts Wuxi For Pre-Clinical Stem Cell Studies; Universal Biosensors Strip Fees Up 56%, Total Revenue Down; Generation, Associates Take 6% Of Cochlear; Optiscan Requests Fundraising Trading Halt
Jul 11, 2014
Phosphagenics Raises $16.3m, Plan For $3m More; QRX FDA End-Of-Review Meeting, Hunting For A 3rd Director; Resonance Ends Vueklar Acquisition, Focus On Hepafat-Scan; Benitec Expects 1st TT-034 Hepatitis Trial Data Next Week; Correction: Bio-Melbourne Network, Uniseed
Jul 10, 2014
Federal Government $35m For Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes; Neuren Ready For US Army Phase II NNZ-2566 Concussion Trial; Rhinomed Has One Quarter Cash; Burn Down, Sales Up, Loan; Novogen $20m Capital Raising EGM; Bioprospect Appoints Stephen Pearce Adviser; To Raise $2m; Scigen Sells Design Rights To Bioton SA For $12m; Bennelong Takes 5% Of Resmed; Prima Euro-Head Marc Voigt Replaces CEO Matthew Lehman; Bio-Melbourne Fibrotech $3m To $81m+ Briefing
Jul 9, 2014
All Change At QRX: Treagus, Hancox Replace Farrell, Pace, Campbell, Quinn; Progen, Medigen PI-88 Interim Analysis This Month; Rhinomed, Fitness First Partner On Turbine Nasal Plugs; Phosphagenics Requests ‘Funding Event’ Trading Halt; Perpetual Takes Profit, Again, Down To 5.6% Of Sirtex 
Jul 8, 2014
Novaquest Tries To Avoid Pharmaxis $US20m, Trial Threat; Regeneus Licences Human Cancer Vaccine; Ellex Wins First European 2RT Laser Sales For AMD; Living Cell CEO Dr Ken Taylor Starts On $280k; Dorsavi NZ Vimove Approval, Sunderland FC UK Buys Viperform; Pharmaxis LOXL2, SSAO Programs Licence Progress; Acrux Pleads Schultz To ASX 13% Query; OBJ Pleads Schultz To ASX 14% Query
Jul 7, 2014
Travelan Earns $1m For Immuron; LBT APAS Study Shows Accuracy For Reading Agar Plates; Antisense ATL1103 Canada Patent, Acromegaly Trial Progress; Medical Australia Settles US Patent Case; Imugene To Lose Dr Nick Ede, Appoints Otto Buttula Director
Jul 4, 2014
Sirtex Breaks $1b Barrier; Brain Resource Raises $7m, Share Plan For ‘About $1.5m’ More; Dorsavi Buys Workplace Compliance For $120k, Mark Heaysman; Rhinomed Pleads Schultz, ‘Overselling’ To ASX 52% Query; Genetic Technologies Tests 4k Brevagen Samples In 2013-’14; Pharmaxis Requests ‘Financier Communication’ Trading Halt; Bio-Melbourne Appoints Dr Krystal Evans CEO; Kris Knauer, Pitt St, Greenfields, Moneybung Bioprospect 10%
Jul 3, 2014
Sirtex Q4 Dose Sales Up 27% To About 2,214 Doses, $33m; Revenue Up, Compumedics Expects Return To Profit; CBio Executives Appeal Invion $1.3m Court Order; Atcor Sales Fall Takes Profit To Loss
Jul 2, 2014
WEHI-916 Blocks Malaria Gatekeeper Enzyme; Bone Starts Oral Capthymone Osteoporosis Trial; D3, Viroclinics Alliance For Virology Development; Compumedics Signs $4m Asia Sleep Diagnostic Contracts; GI Dynamics Slow Sales, Loses Mark Twyman; Calzada Backs Chairman David Williams 10m Options; Benitec Unmarketable Parcel Facility; Acuvax Activistic Funds Collection Placement EGM; Constables Reduce To 5% Of Antisense; Brain Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Kris Knauer Replaces Bioprospect Director Peter May
Jul 1, 2014
June BDI-40 Up 0.4%, YTD Up 0.3%; 8-Years Up 130%, ASX200 6% - YTD: Benitec Up 780%, Anteo Up 291%, Acrux Down 72%; Psivida Adds 10 More EU Countries To Iluvien Approval; Simavita Claims First US Sales; Regal Underwrites $1.4m In Expiring Suda Options; Lou Panaccio Starts As Avita Chairman, Dalton Gooding Goes; Bluechiip: Dr Jason Chaffey M-D; Joe Baini, Ron Finkel To Go
Jun 30, 2014
Australia No 4 In Biotech Innovation – Scientific American - John Brumby, Michelle Gallaher Comment; Genera To Merge With Larger Diagnostics Business; Regeneus Begins US KVax Dog Cancer Vaccine Market Trial; Scigen Sells India Plant To Anglo Gulf For $7m
Jun 27, 2014
QRX Director Attacks EGM Board Spill Statement; Bio-Melbourne Age-Related Macular Degeneration Breakfast 
Jun 26, 2014
Monash Uni, Pfizer Centre For Victoria Commercialization; Neuren Completes NNZ-2566 Rett Syndrome Enrolment; Benitec: DSMB Approves Calimmune 2nd ddRNAi HIV Cohort; Impedimed Begins L-Dex Post-Approval Trial; South African Approval For Medical Developments Penthrox; Admedus Expects Revenue Up 22% To $9m
Jun 25, 2014
Avexa Reasserts Its Apricitabine (ATC) Program For HIV; US Trials Network Continues Mesoblast Cardiac Research; Itl Profit Warning; Mayne Completes Hedgepath Suba-iraconzaole Licence; Victoria: Bill Clinton, Bob Geldof For AIDS 2014 In Melbourne
Jun 24, 2014
Bionomics, Merck $537m Deal For BNC375 Cognition Drug; Siemens Orders 1st Universal Biosensors PT-INR Test Strips; Italian Approval For Psivida, Alimera Iluvien; Anatara Develops Incitive’s Pineapple Stems For Diarrhoea; Cogstate Signs $2m In Contracts; Acuvax Drops Cancer For Activistic Funds Collection; RA Capital Takes Small Profit To 11% Of Benitec; Queensland, Canada Industry Organizations Collaborate; Brain Resource Loses Director Russell Jamison
Jun 23, 2014
Living Cell Resumes Phase I/II NTCell Parkinson’s Trial; Uscom Manufactures 1st BP+ Units In Sydney; Pharmaust Screens Cancer Patients In Phase I/II PPL-1 Trial; Simavita Completes $3m Part 1 Of Capital Raising; Circadian Wins $245k 1st Queensland Biopharmaceuticals Grant; Acuvax To Raise $600,000; Court Orders CBio Officers To Pay Invion $1.3m; Isonea Close To US Approval For Sonosentry (Wheezeometer); Virax Appoints Ground Zero For GGTI-2418 US IND; Bionomics Requests ‘Commercial Transaction’ Trading Halt; Steven Kritzler Below 5% In Nanosonics; Safety Medical Swaps Brazilian Gold Mine For 3D Printing; Neuren Appoints Dr Clive Blower To Product Development
Jun 20, 2014
Victoria $17.5m Cancer Research Grants; NSW $50k Supports 7 Delegates To Bio 2014; Cyclopharm Cyclotron Collateral Water Damage; Quest Close To Filing Lung Cancer Test With Cellmid Midkine; Innate Phase IIb MIS416 Trial For MS Delayed 8 Weeks; Bone Back To Pre-Clinical Studies For BN006 For Arthritis; KFT For GJK Takes 10% Of Universal Biosensors; CBA Takes 7% Of CSL; Benitec Loses Director Dr Mel Bridges
Jun 19, 2014
Patient Data Backs Pharmaxis Bronchital CF Trials; Alchemia Starts Phase I Colorectal Cancer Trial; Simavita Requests $10m Capital Raising Trading Halt; Rodon To Manufacture Cellmid’s CAB102 For Cancers; Nusep Completes $6m 1st Tranche In Prime; Hunter Hall Takes 5% Of GI Dynamics; Isonea Appoints David Ashmore Director
Jun 18, 2014
Victoria $6m For Four Projects; Medical Technology Plan; Novogen Proves Concept Of TRX-1 For Ovarian Cancer; LBT Placement Raises $1.5m, Share Plan For $1.5m More; Compassionate Use MS Patients ‘Benefit From Innate MIS416’; Atcor, Suntech Launch 24-Hr Oscar 2 BP Monitor; US Grants Patrys 3rd PAT-SM6 Patent; China Patent For Drawbridge Phaxan; Bioprospect Cardiac Mental Illness Test In The Cloud
Jun 17, 2014
WEHI Gene Switch Reverses Leukaemia; FDA Clears Osprey 2nd Generation Avert Dye Reduction System; Atomo Point-Of-Care Diagnostic Wins New York Award; Resonance Raises $1.3m Of Hoped-For $5.1m; Sunshine Heart Appoints Brian Brown Head Of Operations
Jun 16, 2014
GI Dynamics Endobarrier: ‘Acute Drop In Glucose, Weight’; Mesoblast Receives $5m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Genera: ‘Canada Roche Approval Backs Paptype’; Uscom Appoints Unetixs Vascular Uscom 1a US Distributor; LBT Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Invion Grants CEO Dr Greg Collier 10% Pay Rise To $330k
Jun 13, 2014
Asurequality In-Vitro Diagnostics ISO Approval; Suda Appoints Torreya For Artimist Deal; Actinogen: ‘Actinomycetes Isolates Stop Cancer Stem Cells’; Cryosite Profit Warning; Healthlinx Raises $200k For Video-Gaming; Robert Thomas Replaces Starpharma Chair Peter Bartles; Medicines Australia’s Dr Brendan Shaw Off To Geneva
Jun 12, 2014
Orthocell Ortho-ATI Tendon Pain Pilot Trial: ‘Safety, Efficacy’; Maison De Beauté Takes Le Métier Phosphagenics Range; Cogstate Signs First Precision Recruitment Client; Up To 34% Of Universal Biosensors Oppose AGM Votes; Genera Pleads Reports To ASX 47.5% Query, 120% To Go
Jun 11, 2014
Ex-Phosphagenics Dr Robert Gianello, Dr Woei-Jia Jiang Plead Guilty; Hettich Pays LBT $1m Milestone; Avita 10-Patient Trial: ‘Recell Works For Depigmentation’; Cynata Partners With Grey For Nebulized Stem Cells; Hunter Hall Below 5% In Viralytics; BVF Partners, Mark Lampert Take 8% In Viralytics; Mining Invest, Elias Leo Khouri Diluted To 23% Of Bioprospect; KFT For GJK Takes 5% Of Universal Biosensors; Medical Developments Appoints Mark Edwards Co Sec
Jun 10, 2014
Invion Details INV102 (Nadolol) Clinical Program; Dr Stephen Woodford Takes 13% Of Uscom
Jun 6, 2014
Walker Group Details QRX ‘Failures’ For Board Spill; Admedus Share Plan Raises $10.1m, Total Raised $18.4m; Cogstate Revenue, Profit Warning, To Sell Axon Sports; Benitec Receives $776k Federal R&D Tax Refund; S&P ASX200: Mayne Pharma In, Acrux Out; Mesoblast Pleads Schultz To ASX 14% Fall Query; Biotron Pleads Schultz To ASX 24% Query
Jun 5, 2014
Orthocell $8m IPO For Stem Cell Tendon, Soft Tissue Injuries; Calzada, Polynovo Treat 1st Novosorb Major Burns Patient; Alchemia HA-irinotecan Trial Results Delayed 3 Months; FDA Warning Letter For Heartware’s Miami Lakes Plant; Starpharma Docetaxel Trial Underway, Phase III Vaginosis; Compumedics US Supply Agreement With Medassets; Nusep Changes Singapore Scrip To Debt
Jun 4, 2014
Dimerix IPO To Raise $9m For Dmx200 For Kidney Disease; US Patent For Neuren NNZ-2591; Court Orders CBio Officers To Pay Invion $1m; BPH, Molecular Discovery Suspend Early Programs; Agenix Completes Tyrian Licence; Analytica Chairman Dr Michael Monsour Buys 17m Shares; Spinifex Appoints Dr Ronald Marcus Chief Medical Officer
Jun 3, 2014
Biota Sacks More Staff, To Close Australian Operations; Biotech Daily Comment; NSW $19m For 3 Cancer Research Translation Centres; Viralytics: ‘19 Of 51 Melanoma Patients Reach 6-Month PFS’; Bluechiip Raises $500k; Resonance To Buy Scotland’s Vueklar For MRI Products; QRX Board Spill EGM; AMP Reduces To 6% In Acrux; Australian Ethical Below 5% In Universal Biosensors; Hunter Hall Takes Profit, Reduces To 16% Of Sirtex; Hunter Hall Takes 8% Of Alchemia
Jun 2, 2014
May BDI-40 Up 1%, ASX200 Up 0.1%, Big Caps Up 2% - Prima Up 57%, Analytica Up 42%, Universal Bio Down 42%; Cochlear’s Recalled CI-512 Returns As ‘Thinnest Implant’; Atcor Wins 1st China Sphygmocor Order; Phase I Data Backs Circadian VGX-100 For Solid Tumors; Antisense Takes $1m Macquarie Bridging Loan; Cogstate, Merck Canada Change Cognigram Conditions; Allan Gray Takes 14.5% Of Starpharma; Benitec O-T-C Trades Approved In US 
May 30, 2014
Alchemia Fondaparinux March Profit Share $2.4m; Benitec Appoints Bank Of New York Mellon For ADR Program; Virax Completes GGTI-2418 Pathway, Paul Hopper Deal; Resonance Requests Transaction Trading Halt; Balam, Leon Semenko Below 5% Of Rhinomed
May 29, 2014
Benitec Treats First Hepatitis C Patient; Analytica Starts Pericoach Production; FDA Registers Sienna SCD-7 Telomerase Cancer Diagnostic; TGA Approves Resonance Hepafat-Scan For Register; Orthocell Hopes To Raise $8m In IPO; Medical Developments Closer To UK Penthrox Approval; Smartstent Wins 1st Victoria Medtech’s Got Talent; Biodiem, Griffith University Collaborate On BDM-I; Calzada EGM For 10m Chairman David Williams Options; Fisher Funds Below 5% In Universal Biosensors; Ex-CEO Gary Davey Reduces, Diluted To 7.4% Of UScom; Genetic Technologies Appoints Eutillio Buccilli CFO
May 28, 2014
Patrys PAT-SM6 Combination For Multiple Myeloma Patient; Prana Pleads Schultz, Olds To ASX 33% Query; Mesoblast Accelerates Lonza Singapore Cell Manufacture; Medical Developments Sales, Profit Warning; Fisher Funds Sell 2m Universal Biosensors Shares To 5%; Spinifex Appoints Four Advisors; Federal Government Appoints Penny Dobson To ANSTO
May 27, 2014
Novogen Super-Benzopyran For Prostate Cancer; Queensland Supports UQ Skin Cancer Laser Detection; Imugene Appoints Bachem To Manufacture Her-Vaxx Peptide; Immuron: 6% Oppose Grandlodge Shares; Hunter Hall Takes 5% Of Viralytics; Isonea Pleads Options To ASX 35% Query
May 26, 2014
FDA Requires QRX Moxduo ‘Superiority’; Clinical Genomics Ready For Colovantage Plasma Roll-Out; US Patent For Prima’s Cvac For Ovarian, Pancreatic Cancer; Phosphagenics: 7% Oppose Remuneration, Directors Options; Veritas Takes 6% Of Cochlear; Medicines Australia To Lose Chief Executive Dr Brendan Shaw; Acuvax Appoints Alex Bajada Director
Queensland Uni, Organovo Print Kidney Tissue; Thai Coup ‘No Impact On Biotron Trial’; Euro Patent Office Upholds Challenge To Benitec; Agenix Releases 11.5m Escrow Shares; Sietsma Takes 7% Of Phylogica 
May 22, 2014
FDA Orphan Status For Clinuvel’s Scenesse For Hailey-Hailey; Up To 10% Of GI Dynamics Oppose CEO Stuart Randle Stock; Minderoo (Metal) Group Reduces, Diluted To 13% Of Admedus
May 21, 2014
Phosphagenics Oxycodone Patch Relieves Pain In Horses; Immuron Appoints DB Pharm South Korea Distributor; ATP Innovations Wins Two Incubator Gongs
May 20, 2014
Compumedics Sells $295k Doppler Box X To Brazil; Resonance Ferriscan Deal With Florida Hospital; Analytica Completes $3m Raising; Correction: Agenix; QRX Slides Criticize Moxduo Trial Design; Fisher Funds Reduce To 6% Of Universal Biosensors; FIL Takes 7% Of Clinuvel; Sietsma Takes 6% Of Phylogica; Avita Appoints Lou Panaccio Chairman
May 19, 2014
Bionomics: ‘BNC105P Safe With Gemcitabine, Carboplatin’; Clinuvel On Scenesse Delay, Orphan Status For Hailey-Hailey; US Institute Backs Nanosonics Trophon EPR Probe-Cleaner; Genera Notes Raise $345k, $500k Placement, Q-Sand Spin-Out; Royal Adelaide Approves Pharmaust PPL-1 Cancer Trial; Agenix To Sell China AGX-1009 Hep B Project To US Cinkate; Bluechiip $12k Sales, $97k Federal Export Grant; Uscom Appoints UK, Ireland Distributors For BP+; Acorn Reduces To 9% Of Starpharma; Circadian Appoints Michael Tonroe CFO, Co Sec
May 16, 2014
Phosphagenics Ex-CEO Dr Esra Ogru Charged With Theft; Ex-Actinogen David Zohar 5 Months Gaol For Misleading ASX; GIDynamics: ‘6 Endobarrier Patients Cease Insulin, 5 Reduce’; Janssen Ends Phylogica Endosomal Escape Trap Deal; Phylogica, Phosphagenics NY’s Metier Tribeca Partner Broke; Simavita Pleads Schultz, Shaw Report To ASX 25% Query; Genetic Technologies Reduces Dr Mervyn Jacobson To 5%; Perpetual Takes Profit, Again, Down To 7% Of Sirtex; Nestor Below 5% In Genera
May 15, 2014
Prima: ‘Final Data Shows CVac Ovarian Cancer Benefit’; Progen Treats First Three PG545 Solid Tumor Patients; Ellex 24 Month Data Backs 2RT For AMD; Viralytics Poster Backs Cavatak For Melanoma; Avita: ‘Recell Superior For Hypo-Pigmented Scars’; Uscom Raises $1.4m; Otsuka Drops Living Cell NTCell, $2m Option; Genera Pleads Schultz To ASX 34% Query; Walker Group Calls For QRX Board Spill; CDPP Drops Charges, Vanda Gould Cyclopharm Chairman; Virax Appoints Dr Rob Crombie M-D, Starts On $300k
May 14, 2014
Federal Budget: $20b Fund, R&D Tax Credit, IIF, NHMRC, ARC, CRC; Response: Biotech Daily: ‘What Is There Not To Like?’; WEHI’s Prof Doug Hilton: ‘Fund Is A Game-Changer’; Bernard O’Shea: ‘Mind The Commercialization Gap’; Bio-Melbourne: ‘Fund Offers Nothing For Local Biotechs’; Avcal Questions Commercialization; CRC Has Concerns; Medicines Australia Welcomes Fund, Co-Payments; Regeneus Study: ‘Stem Cells Reduce Neuropathic Pain’; Clinuvel Raises $7.2m; Psivida Hopes For Single Phase III Medidur Uveitis Trial; Calzada Appoints Max Johnston, Philip Powell Directors; Progen Heng Tang To Pharmasynth, Jitto Arulampalam Exec
WEHI: ‘RIPK1 Links Cell Death, Inflammatory Disease’; Circadian’s Opthea, FDA Meet On OPT-302 For Wet AMD, 2015 Trial; Admedus Raises $8m, Share Plan For More; Xeraya, JP Asia Invest $14m In Nusep’s Prime Biologics; Bone CEO Peter Young Goes, Osteoporosis Trial Approved; LBT Presents APAS Auto-Plate Assessment; Virax Falls On 1-For-5 Share News; Universal Biosensors Slides 39% On Slide; Clinuvel Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; M&G Buys 8m GI Dynamics Shares, Diluted To 13%; Correction 
May 9, 2014
BARDA Terminates $US231m Biota Contract; WEHI: SOCS4 A Key To Influenza Response; US Fast Track Status For Prima’s CVac For Ovarian Cancer; Bluechiip China Deal; Suda 40% EGM Resistance, 2 Resolutions Withdrawn; United Super, CBus Take 5% Of Acrux; Polaris, Domain Reduces, Diluted To 4.6% Of GI Dynamics; J&J Reduces, Diluted To 6% Of GI Dynamics; ATV, Medtronic, Greenlight Diluted In GI Dynamics; Unilife Appoints John Ryan General Counsel, Co Sec; Rhinomed Appoints Baden Cooke European Brand Ambassador
May 8, 2014
Federal $169m For ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Plant; Progen Expects Interim PI-88 Liver Cancer Results This Month; Orthocell Buys Uni Of WA Stem Cell IP; Veritas Takes 5% Of Cochlear; Franklin Resources, Affiliates Below 5% In Cochlear; Admedus Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Clarification: Analytica
Admedus First US Cardiocel Tissue Sale; CSIRO, Deakin Uni New Bio-Secure Anti-Viral Facility; Cellmid Prepares CAB102 For Human Cancer Trials; Analytica Expects US, Australian Pericoach Reimbursement; Nominations Open For $80k GSK Research Excellence Award; Nusep Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; University Of Queensland Hosts July Nano-Bio Conference 
May 6, 2014
FDA Allows Teva (Chemgenex) Synribo For Home Use; GI Dynamics, GSK: ‘Bile Acid Endobarrier Method Of Action’; Clinuvel Starts Singapore Phase II Scenesse For Vitiligo Trial; Circadian: ‘OPT-302 Inhibits Wet AMD In Mice’; Psivida’s Tethadur Sustained Delivery Of Antibodies; Prima Provides Ovarian, Pancreatic Cancer Timelines; Antisense Aims For New ATL1102 MS Trial In 2015
May 5, 2014
Hearing CRC: ‘Hearing Aids May Delay Dementia’; Immuron Clears Paladin $1.5m Debt; Novogen Forms Children’s Oncology Drug Alliance; Clinical Genomics Blood Test For Bowel Cancer; Bellberry $400k For 5 James Cook University Researchers; Virax Licence Option For P27 Cancer Biomarker Test; Webinvest Takes 7% Of Imugene
Friday May 2, 2014
Federal Audit Commission Hits CRCs, IIF, R&D Tax Incentive - Biotech Daily Comment; Shire Buys MRCF-Backed Fibrotech For $81m, Milestones; GI Dynamics Expects Placement To Raise $34m; Clarity Raises $1.1m For Personalized Medicine Imaging; Novogen, Genea Work On Stem Cells For Degeneration; Allan Gray Takes 18.55% Of Acrux; Hunter Hall Takes 7% Of Alchemia; Heartware Warns On Battery Life, Q1 Revenue Up 35% To $72m;QRX COO Dr Edward Rudnic Replaces CEO Dr John Holaday
May 1, 2014
April BDI-40 Down 17%, ASX200 Up 2% - QRX Down 88%, Prana Down 80%, Acrux Down 40%, OBJ Up 75%; Barda Explains Biota Stop-Work Order; Medicines Australia: ‘Commission Of Audit Flawed On PBS’; Admedus Cardiocel Patient Reaches Six-Years With No Issues; Suda’s Westcoast Expands To East Coast; AMP Reduces To 7.4% In Acrux; Virax Requests ‘Material Transaction’ Trading Halt
Apr 30, 2014
Biota Falls 34% On Barda ’Flu Drug ‘Stop-Work’; Victoria’s $18m To Promote Health, Medical Research Plan; US Patent For Mireven’s Micro-RNA Technology; Cellmid Midkine Symposium Presents New Findings; Biodiem, UWS Collaborate On BDM-I For MRSA; GI Dynamics Surprise Capital Raising Trading Halt; Impedimed Plan Raises $2.35m, Takes Total Raised To $11m; Progen’s Pharmasynth Wins Medigen PI-88 Contract; Neuren AGM Modest Dissent Against 3.3m CFO, COO Free Rights; Acuvax Has No Cash
Apr 28, 2014
Acrux Falls 37% On Axiron Q1 Sales Down 27% On Q4; US Patent For Progen 500 Series Anti-Cancer Compounds; Prima Re-Starts Euro CAN-004 CVac Ovarian Cancer Trial; OBJ, Proctor & Gamble Deal On Unnamed ‘Products’; Nusep Loses Director Dr Stephen Van Der Mye; Claire Newstead-Sinclair Returns As Cogstate Co Sec
Apr 24, 2014
TRI: ‘Blocking E-Selectin Protects HSC From Chemotherapy’; Virax Looks For Co-X-Gene Opportunities; Analytica Sets Rights Issue Dates
Apr 23, 2014
FDA Committee 3rd Strike For QRX Moxduo, Falls 85%; Phosphagenics Enrols Phase II TPM-Tretinion Trial; Bluechiip Share Plan For Up To $1.75m; Biodiem Closes Rights Issue With $815k; Unilife Reports ‘Blogging Short-Sellers’ To US SEC; Imugene Appoints Dr Neil Segal To Advisory Board; Actinogen Appoints Dr Brendan De Kauwe Executive Chairman; Circadian CEO Dr Megan Baldwin Starts On $300k; LSQ Strategic Risk And Crisis Communications Workshop; OBJ Requests ‘Material Agreement’ Trading Halt
Apr 22, 2014
Analytica $1.8m Placement, Rights Offer For $1.2m More; QRX Requests Moxduo FDA Advisory Committee Trading Halt; Allan Gray Takes 17% Of Acrux; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Mice, Zebrafish, Models; Cellmid Releases 38m Advangen Escrow Shares
Apr 17, 2014
Queensland $990k For MRCF, Q-Sera Snake Venom Coagulant; Pharmaxis Sales Up 42%, LOXL2 Term Sheet, US Aridol Sales; Phosphagenics AGM For 3m Director Options, Fees Up 33%; RA Capital Takes 12% Of Benitec; Mass Mutual Reduces Below 5% In Novogen; Genetic Technologies Backs Dr Mervyn Jacobson Share Plan; Simavita CFO, Co Sec Tom Howitt Resigns As Director
Apr 16, 2014
Orthocell IPO For Tendon, Cartilage, Soft Tissue Repair; Drawbridge Phase I Phaxan Anaesthetic Safe, Effective; Queensland Scientists Stop Dengue With Wolbachia; Avexa, PX Biosolutions Win Victoria Technology Vouchers; US Patent For Atcor Cardiac Output Method; Analytica Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Apr 15, 2014
NSW $65k Grants For San Diego Bio 2014 Close In 14 Days; Medicines Australia Calls For Federal Research ‘Certainty’; Bluechiip To Supply Tracking Cryopin To Synchrotron; Cellmid, Biotecnol Collaborate On Midkine Tribodies; Psivida, Alimera September FDA Iluvien PDUFA Date; Royal Adelaide Approves Pharmaust PPL-1 Cancer Trial; Benitec Completes $31.5m Placement; Innate Ready To Start MIS416 MS Trial In June; Bioniche Sells Animal Health Business
Apr 14, 2014
Burnet, Guominxinhe $5m For Point-Of-Care Diagnostics; Viralytics Cavatak, Docetaxel NSCLC Synergy In-Vitro, In Mice; Bioprospect To Acquire Cardiac Test For Mental Illness
Apr 11, 2014
Spinifex Raises $48m For EMA401 Pain Drug, US Office, Directors; Bluechiip Books First Commercial Sales; Rhinomed Drops Options On 40% EGM Dissent; LBT Pleads Schultz To ASX 27% Query; Osprey AGM For 1.3m Director, CEO Options; Suda EGM For 32.5m Director Options; Osprey Releases 2m Escrow Shares
Apr 10, 2014
Osprey Diabetic Limb Pilot Study Safety, Efficacy; FDA Compassionate Use For Avita’s Recell Wound Treatment; Biodiem Expects To Raise $1.3m; Resonance Placement, Entitlement Offer For $5.1m; Westpac, Associates Take 5% Of Mayne Pharma; Bioprospect Requests Acquisition Trading Halt 
Compumedics, US Health Trust Purchasing Agreement; Pharmaust Licences Uni Of NSW PPL-1 Cancer Drug Patent 
Apr 8, 2014
WEHI: ‘Thrombopoietin Acts On Platelet Progenitors’; Viralytics Cavatak Active At Non-Injected Sites, PD-1 Potential; Resonance Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Avita Develops Non-Refrigerated Recell Treatment; Regeneus To Harvest Human Fat For Allogeneic Stem Cells; Mesoblast Pleads ‘Nasdaq Fall, Shorts’ To ASX 16% Fall Query; Virax Pathway Acquisition, 490m Shares EGM
Apr 4, 2014
Bone To Restart Oral Capthymone For Osteoporosis Trial; Hennessy To Manufacture Regeneus KVax Dog Cancer Vaccine; Biotron Receives $1.7m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Perpetual Takes Profit, Again, Down To 8% Of Sirtex; Allan Gray Takes 15.6% Of Acrux; ASX Releases 15m Bioxyne Shares From Escrow
Apr 3, 2014
Correction: Editorial; Reva Aims For First-In-Man Fantom Stent Trial This Year; 3-Month Sirtex Dose Sales Up 18%, 39th Consecutive Quarter; Mayo Study Backs Atcor Sphygmocor For Heart Failure; Reva AGM For 75k Director Options; Solagran Appoints Lodge For Resurrection
Apr 2, 2014
Editorial: Trials, Tribulations And Transparency; Patrys Grows Human IgM Antibody In Plants; Advanced Surgical Licences Sr-HT-Gahnite For Bone Grafts; GI Dynamics Responds To TGA Advertising Complaint; Suda Appoints 4 Experts For Artimist Expansion Trial
Apr 1, 2014
March BDI-40 Down 5%, ASX200 Down 0.2%, Big Caps Down 3% - Viralytics Up 66%, Anteo Up 56%, Reva Down 54%; Prana Falls As PBT2 Fails To Reduce Alzheimer’s Plaques; Antisense Completes ATL1102 MS Toxicology Study; Living Cell’s Dr Andrea Grant, 55 Staff To JV, Dr Ken Taylor CEO
Mar 31, 2014
Analytica Finalizing Pericoach Incontinence Training Tool; Prana Requests Phase II Alzheimer’s Results Trading Halt; IM Medical Closer To White Data Merger
Mar 28, 2014
Impedimed Raises $8.8m, Plan For $3m More; Miele To Distribute Nanosonics Trophon In Germany; Cyclopharm Says Unfair ANSTO Competition Closes Cyclotron; Invion Rights Raise $889k Of Hoped-For $2m, Total $5.9m So Far; Alimera Refiles Psivida Iluvien NDA To FDA; Reva To Lose 40 Staff, Raise Up To $27m; Invion Founder Dr William Garner Reduces To 11.24%; Avexa Halts Share Facility; ATC, Alabama Coal Mine Update
Mar 27, 2014
Patrys PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Results Back Combination; Reva Dumps Rezolve For Fantom, Cuts Staff; Biogrid, Genomics Health Alliance Pilot Project; Preliminary Dutch Coverage For GI Dynamics Endobarrier; Neuren AGM For 30m CFO, COO Loan Shares, 3.3m Free Rights
Mar 26, 2014
Regeneus Register Shows Hiqcell Joint Benefit; Invion Founder, Ex-CEO Dr William Garner Reduces To 11.63%; Impedimed Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Prima Adds 3 Experts To Board For CVac Ovarian Cancer Trial
Mar 25, 2014
Sirtex, Guerbet Collaborate On Liver Cancer Trials; Innate Ready For Phase IIb MIS416 Multiple Sclerosis Trial; Pharmaust Lodges Ethics Application For PPL-1 Cancer Trial; Virax Raising $3m For Pathway GGTI-2418; Perpetual Buys 15m Resmed Shares, Up To 7%; Buchan Appoints Rebecca Wilson CEO
Mar 24, 2014
Patrys Prepares For PAT-LM1 Lymphoma Trial; FDA Sets April 22 For QRX Hearing; Dimerix Raises $1.5m For DMX200 For Proteinuria; Israel Issues Patent For Imugene’s Her-Vaxx; Genetic Technologies, Promega Settle; Cogstate Tests To Be Used In A4 Alzheimer’s Study; Bluechiip, Micronic Co-Development Agreement; Bone, William Harvey Work On BN006 For Rheumatoid Arthritis; Mass Mutual Reduces, Diluted To 6% In Novogen; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On RNAi
Mar 21, 2014
FDA Approves Cochlear Nucleus Hybrid; Ascend Drug ‘Effective For Cutaneous B-Cell Lymphoma’; Simavita Launches In The US, Prepares For Europe; Virax Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Antisense Completes Phase II ATL1103 Acromegaly Recruitment; Oncosil Director Lawrence Gozlan, 11m Loan Shares EGM
Mar 20, 2014
Bioprospect Technical Reports Back Depression Heart Test; Biodiem Receives $359k Federal R&D Tax Refund
Mar 19, 2014
Bionomics Falls On BNC105p Renal Cell Carcinoma Data; Nominations Open For $500k Prime Minister’s Science Prizes; Avexa Pleads Schultz To ASX 73% Query; Dennis Pyers Replaces Unilife CFO Richard Wieland, Job Offer
Mar 17, 2014
UK Early Access To Medicines Scheme Starts In April; Bionomics BNC105 Renal Cell Cancer Trial Trading Halt; Bio-21 Cluster Expands To Biomedical Research Victoria; Victoria $250k Vouchers For Sienna, Blamey & Saunders, NPlex; Virax Acquires Pathway For GGTI-2418, Paul Hopper Director; Oncosil Ethics Application Starts Pancreatic Cancer Trial; Imugene Appoints Ground Zero For Her-Vaxx FDA Application; Invion Withdraws Bankruptcy In Ex-CBio Executives Case; Progen Pleads ‘Awareness’ To ASX 25% Query; OBJ Pleads Schultz To ASX 36% Query; Benitec Appoints Prof Craig Lewis NSCLC Chief Medical Adviser; Rhinomed Loses Director Simon Isaacs AKA ‘Lord Reading’
Mar 14, 2014
Japan Approves Starpharma Vivagel Condom Coating; Psivida Places $8m With RA Capital; Virax Requests Transaction Trading Halt; Orbimed Provides Unilife $66.5m Debt Financing; Cormorant, BVF, Abingworth, Sabby Substantial In Viralytics
Mar 13, 2014
Viralytics Completes $27m Fund-Raising; RA Capital Takes 7% Of Benitec, Trial Delay; Genetic Technologies Founder Mervyn Jacobson Shares EGM; Calzada Appoints David Williams Chairman; Bionomics, CEO Dr Deborah Rathjen Win Singapore Gongs
Mar 12, 2014
Victoria Opens $1m Round 2 Of Massachusetts Partnership; Victoria Launches Medtech Boardroom Stimulator; US Court Allows Genetic Technologies To Sue Agilent; Correction: S&P Indices, Prana In ASX 300; Analytica Appoints Bryan Dulhunty CFO
Mar 11, 2014
Compumedics Books $2m China Orders; Starpharma Receives $4.7m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Biotron Adds Phase II Thai Hep C Trial Sites; Brain Licences Mybrainsolutions To Bosch, Welltok; CSIRO Diluted Below 5% In Benitec; Mesoblast Appoints Jonathan Symonds Strategy Support
Mar 10, 2014
Uscom Appoints Avalon Medical Norway, Sweden Distributor; Innate Pleads Morgans Report To ASX 43% Query; Anteo Pleads Schultz, All Ords To ASX 55% Query; Former Chairman John Manusu Takes 6% Of Nusep; Blackrock Below 5% Of Cochlear, Again; CB Co, Curran Super Fund Takes 14% Of Atcor; Rhinomed 40m Directors’ Options EGM
Mar 7, 2014
Genetic Technologies Brevagen Breast Cancer Test Value; S&P ASX 300 Promotes Bionomics, Demotes Prima; AMA Refuses Resonance Ferriscan Insurance Code Change; Isonea Claims ‘Electronic Stethoscope’ On Journal Article; Acrux Pleads Schultz To ASX 10% Fall Query; Blackrock Takes 5% Of Cochlear, Again; Dr David Thurin, Dalit Increase, Diluted At 6% Of Benitec; Medivac Appoints Peter Elliott, Adds Property To Portfolio
Mar 5, 2014
Cynata, U Of Massachusetts Amherst MSC Proof-Of-Concept; Alchemia Licences Two CRC FAKs From UK Cancer Research; Grandlodge, Anastasiou Increase, Diluted To 13% Of Immuron; Novogen Appoints Prof Peter Gunning, Iain Ross, David Gryska; Bio-Melbourne, Meta, Swinburne Medical Tech Breakfast
Mar 4, 2014
Leukaemia Foundation Provides $13m For Research Grants; US, Canada Patents For Fibrotech; Small Technologies Cluster Tapping-In Grants; Calzada Pleads FDA, David Williamson To ASX 37.5% Query
February BDI-40 Down 1%, ASX200 Up 4%, Big Caps Up 0.5% - Benitec Up 128%; Correction: Victoria Government; Optiscan 2nd Generation Endomicroscope In Sydney Gut Trial; WEHI Joins Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network; GI Dynamics Revenue Up 238% To $2.5m, Loss Up 33% To $40m; Phosphagenics Revenue Down 19% To $2m, Loss Up 21% To $13m; Avita H1 Revenue Down 3% To $2m, Loss Down 16% To $3m; Optiscan H1 Revenue Down 96% To $41k, Profit To $1m Loss; Pharmaust H1 Revenue Up 11% To $1m, Loss Up 98% To $640k; OBJ H1 Revenue Up 587% To $728k, Loss Down 9% To $918; Uscom Appoints SMT Medical German Distributor; Nusep, Prime Borrow $1.4m; Invion Releases 77m Escrow Shares; Cynata Director Howard Digby Goes Non-Executive; Queensland Offers $4.25m In Research Partnership Grants; Phosphagenics Spill: Lawrence Gozlan, Nathan Drona, Dr Cauwenbergh; Bio-Melbourne Hosts Animal V Human Health Debate
Feb 17, 2014
Pharmaust, NSW Uni Patent For PPL-1 Chemo Enhancer; Prana Requests Phase II Huntington’s Results Trading Halt; Cellmid Issues 600,000 Shares To Brynne Edelsten; Nab, Westpac, Bt Below 5% In Acrux; Clarification: Medical Australia, Bruce Hancox, Windfall
Feb 14, 2014
Hearing CRC Develops Super-Directional Hearing Aid; Full FDA Approval For Chemgenex, Teva Synribo (Omapro); Report Pushes Genetic Technologies Up 65% On Nasdaq; Rhinomed Breatheassist For Migraine Drug Delivery; Ex-CEO Dr Phillip Comans, Wigram Take 10% Of Bioxyne; Bio-Melbourne Hosts ‘Devices And Diagnostics Lab’
Feb 13, 2014
Actinogen Back To Antibiotic Future; Progen: ‘PG545 Almost Doubles Median Survival In Mice’; US Patent Allowed For Biotron BIT225; Onq To Distribute Bluechiip In Australia, New Zealand; Mayne $18m Placement At 79.5c; Allan Gray Takes 14.5% Of Acrux; Universal Bio Revenue Down 49% To $15m, Loss Up 27% To $12m; Suda Hires Kad Consultants For FDA Advice; Oncosil Appoints Natalie Ruffles Clinical Research V-P ; Medical Australia: Darryl Ellis COO, Bruce Hancox Director
Feb 12, 2014
Mayne Buys 4 Forest Labs Brands For $13m; $18m Placement; CSL Record H1 Revenue Up 5% To $3b, Profit Up 3% To $714m; USPTO Backs Genetic Technologies Non-Coding Patent, Again; Cogstate Wins Unnamed Company $1.6m Paediatric Trial Deal; ITL H1 Revenue Down 2% To $13m, Profit Down 17% To $1m; Analytica Promotes COO Geoff Daly To CEO, Starts On $210k; Pete Meyers Replaces Prima Director Dr Richard Hammel; Rhinomed Appoints Brent Scrimshaw, Dr Eric Knight Directors
Feb 11, 2014
Burnet’s Prof Sharon Lewin To Head Doherty Institute ; WEHI Links Gene Splicing And Developmental Diseases ; Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance Launched; NHS Scotland Reimburses Psivida’s Iluvien For DME; Bluechiip Signs Biospensa As Malaysia Distributor; Cochlear H1 Revenue, Unit Sales, Profit Down; Biota H1 Revenue Up 161% To $34m, Loss Up 54% To $4.5m; Unilife H1 Revenue Up 386% To $7.5m, Loss Up 1.4% To $31m; YZI Trading Takes 25% Of Medical Australia ; Reva Appoints David Eisler General Counsel V-P; Santo Costa To Replace Alchemia Chairman Nathan Drona; Alison Coutts Replaces Nusep’s Prakash Patel, Co Sec Change
Feb 10, 2014
FDA Clears Admedus Cardiocel For US Market; Cynata Hires Waisman For Stem Cell Manufacture; Clinuvel Starts Phase II Scenesse Hailey-Hailey Disease Trial; Uscom Wins 4-Star Central Blood Pressure Rating; Psivida H1 Revenue Up 4.5% To $1.3m, Loss Up 39% To $8m; US Patent For Cellmid For Preventing Surgical Adhesions
Feb 7, 2014
Nature Paper Backs Benitec TT-034 For Hepatitis C; Allan Gray Takes 13% Of Acrux; Virax Hopes For Transgene Co-X-Gene Licence Royalty; US Athletes Survey Shows Interest In Rhinomed Turbo; Phylogica Pleads Schultz To ASX 42% Query; Mass Mutual Ceases 15.5% In Tyrian; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts With Avcal’s Yasser El-Ansary
Feb 6, 2014
Approvals For Prima Phase II CVac Cancer Trial Changes; Viralytics Issues First $6m Of $27m Raising; Mayne Expects H1 Revenue Up 159% To $71m, Loss To Profit; Bluechiip, Onq Integrate Tracking, It Systems; Living Cell Appoints Dr Ken Taylor NTCell Program Director
Feb 5, 2014
Acrux Tells ASX: ‘Report Cut Price 10%’, $US50m 2015 Milestone; US Patent For Viralytics Cavatak; Lancet Paper Backs Spinifex EMA401 For Neuralgia; All Change At Isonea, Pokies Bruce Mathieson Aboard; Hanrine, Gina Rinehart Invest $1.4m In Oril, Take 27%; Perpetual Reduces To 11% Of Sirtex; Healthlinx Completes 500-For-1 Consolidation
Feb 4, 2014
WEHI: ‘JAK Inhibitors Potential For Stomach, Bowel Cancer; Genetic Technologies Dr Mervyn Jacobson Court Dates; Gordagen Raises $6m For Vitamin E Tocotrienols; GI Dynamics 2013 Revenue Up 229% To $2.6m, Expansion, Trials; Acrux Falls On FDA Testosterone Investigation; College Group Becomes Instinctif Partners; TGA Special Approval For Calzada, Polynovo Novosorb; CE Mark Approval For Uscom BP+; UK Minister David Willetts Research Funding Meeting
Feb 3, 2014
January BDI-40 Up 6%, ASX200 Down 3%, Big Caps Up 1%  - Prana Up 50%, Benitec Up 39%, Ellex Up 34%, Atcor Down 19%; Admedus, Coridon: ‘Interim Phase I HSV-2 Vaccine Safe, Efficacy’; WEHI: ‘B-Cell Elimination Could Lead To Lymphoma Test’; Bionomics BNC105 Ovarian Cancer Phase I Identifies Dose; Capital Group Takes 7% Of Mesoblast; German Insurance Code For GI Dynamics Endobarrier; Victoria Premier’s Award For Health And Medical Research; Prana Pleads Schultz, Presentations To ASX 19% Query; Isonea Requests More Board Changes Trading Halt; Novogen Appoints Dr Justine Stehn, Prof Peter Gunning; Bluechiip Appoints Ex-QBF Matthew Morgan Director
Jan 31, 2014
Celladon Lists On Nasdaq For Mydicar Heart Treatment; Acrux, Eli Lilly Axiron Sales Up 142% To $203m, $28m ‘Dividend’; Healthlinx Ends Administration, Trent Telford Takes 10%; Progen Receives $974k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Rhinomed Launches Turbine At Bike Races, Facebook; Medivac Hopes For Funds, To Rebadge As Woolwich Capital
Jan 30, 2014
Mesoblast: ‘Stem Cells Effective For Low Back Pain’; Canada Approves Atcor’s Sphygmocor XCel; Viralytcs $23m Placement, $4m Rights Issue; Patrys Shortfall Raises $925k, Total $7.7m; EU Regulator Delays Clinuvel Scenesse Review To Mid-2014; Progen Pleads Medigen PI-88 Progress To ASX 17% Query; Landon Clay, East Hill Take 11% Of Biota; Medigard Has One Quarter Cash; Eyeon, Spacetime, Stephen Copulos Take 7% Of Healthlinx; Queensland MM, Bryan Frost Take 10% Of Healthlinx
Jan 29, 2014
ASX, Biotech Up: Clinuvel Up 13%, Living Cell Down 8%; Immuron Details Phase IIb IMM-124E Nash Trial; Grandlodge, Anastasiou Reduce To 15% Of Immuron; David Plush, Texas Woods Below 5% In Immuron; FDA Okays Invion Re-Start Of INV102 Smoking Cessation Trial; Bone Raises $4m, Rob Towner Chairman, Leon Ivory Goes ; Uscom, Deltex Doppler Monitor Distribution Collaboration; FIL (Formerly Fidelity) Reduces Below 5% In Acrux; Allan Gray Takes 11% Of Acrux; Cellmid Signs Huana Likang As China Distributor; Nusep Appoints Andrew Goodall To Prime Board
Jan 28, 2014
IDT Option On Perrigo’s HRT FDA Application; Neuren On-Track For Four NNZ-2566 Phase II Trials; Goodbye Bioniche; Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals, Calzada AOD9604 Licence; Bioprospect Raises $1m For Invatec Depression Diagnostic; Viralytics Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Bluechiip CEO Brett Schwarz, Sales Head Brett Roberts Go; Allan Gray Takes 13% Of Starpharma; Gleneagles Takes 27%, LSAF 7%, Chifley 7% Of Healthlinx
Jan 24, 2014
Resmed Record H1 Revenue, Profit; Cochlear To Appeal ‘$151m’ US Jury Patent Trial Verdict; Plaintiff Withdraws From Unilife US Lawsuit; Starpharma Pleads Schultz To ASX 16% Fall Query; Phylogica Appoints Investor Dr Bernard Hockings Director
Jan 23, 2014
Patrys Completes Phase I/IIa PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Dosing; Starpharma To Begin Phase I Dendrimer-Docetaxel Trial; Woolcock Institute: ‘LF-15 For Steroid-Resistant Asthma’; Persistency Reduces Below 5% Of Living Cell
Jan 22, 2014
10-Year Study Backs Patrys PAT-SC1 For Gastric Cancer; Immuron’s Underwritten $10m 11-For-6 Rights Offer; Antisense ATL1102 Stem Cell Mobilization Trial Approved; Ontex Distributes Suda’s Westcoast Incontinence Products; Lonza To Manufacture Regeneus’ Cryoshot Canine Stem Cells; Melbourne Uni, Sanofi Pasteur Undisclosed Alliance; Bioprospect Back-To-Biotech EGM; Isonea Wins Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show Gong
Special Summer Catch Up Edition
Mesoblast Pays Osiris $15m Milestone For Prochymal; Japan Approves Biota, Daiichi Sankyo Inavir For ’Flu Prevention; Antisense: ‘Higher Dose ATL1103 Reduces Acromegaly Marker’; Calzada, Polynovo Begin Novosorb Serious Burns Trial; Cogstate Phase II/III Alzheimer’s Trial Tender, $8m Raising; Cryosite Profit Down To $1m; Avexa Raises $1m Of Hoped-For $3.3m; Bioxyne EGM Closes Failed Vitality Deal; Leaf Joins Actinogen For Production Efficiency, Funds Trials; Admedus Expects $690k R&D Tax Rebate; Malaysia’s Xeraya Invests $14m In Nusep’s Prime; Progen Completes Phase III Liver Cancer Enrolment; Osprey: ‘40% Dye Reduction’ In Avert Pilot Trial; Phylogica Raises $5.2m; Admedus Acquires WA Manufacturing Facility; Psivida To Raise $US19m; Benitic TT-034 FDA Application Delayed One Week; Ellex Buys Iscience For Canaloplasty; Isonea’s Stewart Washer Out, Tim Oldham In, Ross Haghighat Up; Oncosil Re-Approves Loans To Dr Neil Frazer And Martin Rogers; Osprey Enrols First Patient In Avert Device Trial; Bioniche Appoints Donald Olds COO; Genetic Technologies CEO Alison Mew Extends Leave; Isonea Launches Asthmasense Prime In Las Vegas; Resmed Details Peter Farrell’s Non-Executive Role; Capital Group Takes 5.6% Of Mesoblast; Sirtex Sir-Spheres December Quarter Sales Up 19%; Genetic Technologies Claims 23% Increase In Brevagen Tests; Viralytics Completes Phase II Melanoma Treatment; Atcor H1 Sales Down 50%, $1m Loss; European Patent For Bone’s Lexicon; Psivida Ships First Orders Of Iluven To NHS Hospitals; Analytica Appoints Carl Stubbings Director; Biota Raises $31m; Heartware 2013 Revenue Up 87% To $237m; FDA Approves Benitec Hepatitis C Trial; Reva Completes CE Mark Approval Study Enrolment; Starpharma Expects $4.7m R&D Tax Incentive; Atcor’s Sphygmocor Approved In China; Circadian, Opthea Licence OPT-302 (VEX-300) To Selexis; Patrys Raises A Further $1.3m; Stirling (DOCA) To Re-List; Suda Hemostyp Launched In Australia; Agenix Granted Canada Thromboview Patent; Cynata Appoints Dr Kilian Kelly VP Product Development; Prima Amended Phase II Approved In Belgium; Australian Leaders Below 5% In Atcor
Jan 2, 2014
Special Edition; 2013: BDI-40 Up 18%; ASX200 Up 15%, Big Caps Up 18%; Admedus Up 926%, Prana 346%, Neuren 320%; Pharmaxis Down 92%, Prima 57%
Dec 20, 2013
Resonance Jumps 183% On FDA Hepafat-Scan Approval; Novogen, Cornell Collaborate On Glioblastoma Multiforme; Ellex Raises $3m For US Glaucoma Business; Athyrium Lends Universal Biosensors Up To $28m; Actinogen Acquires Laboratory Space At Murdoch University; FDA Requests Halts Invion Smoking Cessation Trial; Imugene Backs Biolife, Chair Change, Webinvest 6%; Antisense Requests Xmas Eve ATL1103 Results Trading Halt; Genetic Technologies Dr Mervyn Jacobson Down To 19%; IM Medical Drops Biotech For White Data; Nusep’s Dr Stephen Van Der Mye Appointed Interim Co Sec 
Dec 19, 2013
2013 - The Year In Review; Pulled Rat Study Halts Living Cell NTcell Parkinson’s Trial; Relabeling Eases Psivida Iluvien FDA Path; Imugene Secures Patents For HER-Vaxx Delivery; Federal Grant For Starpharma MIPS Lung Cancer Research; Pharmaust Prepares For Canine Cancer Trial; Allan Gray Takes 16% Of Tissue Therapies; Suda Appoints Michael Stewart Chairman, Stephen Carter CEO; Rhinomed Appoints Dr Mitch Anderson Sports Advisor
Dec 18, 2013
Innate IPO Raises $10m, Hopes To Trade On Monday; Simavita Quick IPO For $1m To List On ASX; Cellmid: ‘574-Patient Study Backs Midkine Disease Biomarker’; Benitec Tribetarna Increases NSCLC Survival In Mice; Bionomics Receives $7m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Progen Expects $614k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Genetic Technologies’ Dr Mervyn Jacobson Drops To 6%; Correction: Medical Australia; Bone Receives Cornerstone $200k Bridge Loan; Ellex Requests Acquisition, Capital Raising Trading Halt; Isonea Pleads Schultz, Lost CEO To ASX 19% Fall Query
Dec 16, 2013
Patrys Raises $5.5m; Anteo Raises $5.5m; OBJ: ‘GSK Phase II Analgesia Trial’; Drawbridge Begins Phase I Phaxan Anaesthetic Trial; Alchemia Appoints Thomas Liquard Chief Operating Officer; Actinogen Appoints Dr Anton Uvarov Director; Tisia, Henderson Take 10% Of Actinogen
Dec 13, 2013
OBJ: ‘Bodyguard Lubricen Improves Knee Function’; Oversubscribed $2.5m QRX Plan Raises $4.1m, Total $11.6m; Allan Gray Takes 10% Of Acrux; NAB Ceases, Again; Windfall (NZ) Trust Takes 10% Of Medical Australia; Lang Walker Companies Take 11% Of Medical Australia; Bone Renewal EGM; Actinogen Raises $1.5m; OBJ Hires Dr Steve Meller For Deal Negotiations; BPH Director Greg Gilbert Resigns
Dec 12, 2013
FDA Agrees Hatchtech Phase III Trials; Euro, Japan Patents; Admedus Buys Genzyme Fully-Equipped Plant For Cardiocel; Meta-Analysis Backs Atcor Sphygmocor For Cardiovascular; Antisense Completes Toxicology Dosing; Avexa Hires Nextpharma For ATC Capsules; Tissue Therapies $7m Rights Issue Takes Total To $10m; Simavita Backdoors Into Genetic Technologies GTech; Wilson HTM Reduces To 5.3% Of Universal Biosensors; Genetic Technologies Appoints Dr Paul Kasian Director; Phosphagenics TPM Cow Supplements ‘Reduce Anti-Biotic Use’
Dec 11, 2013
Most Patients Enrol In Prana PBT2 Alzheimer’s Extension Trial; Correction: Antisense; Cellmid Raises $2m; FDA Sets May 2014 QRX PDUFA Date; Avexa: ‘Alabama Coal Revenue For ATC By October 2014’; Avita Loses Chair Dalton Gooding, CEO Dr Bill Dolphin
Dec 10, 2013
Scotland Approves Pharmaxis Bronchitol; Medical Australia Raises $4m For Medivet Acquisition; Healthlinx DOCA, 13.8b Share, 500-To-1 Consolidation AGM; Starpharma Loses Co Sec Ben Rogers, Nigel Baade Appointed
Dec 9, 2013
Benitec Files US IND For ‘Single-Shot’ TT-034 For Hepatitis C; Prana Completes Phase II PBT2 ‘Imagine’ Alzheimer’s Dosing; Well-Funded Suda Pauses Bergen Draw-Down Equity Facility; Medical Developments H1 Profit Fall; GSK Ends Contract; Allan Gray Takes 9% Of Acrux; Hunter Hall Reduces To 4% Of Biota; Persistency Reduces To 6% Of Living Cell; Cellmid Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Avita Requests ‘Company Changes’ Trading Halt
Dec 6, 2013
FDA Approves Tissue Therapies Vitrogro Trial; Biota Doses BARDA Phase II Northern Hemisphere ’Flu Patients; Victoria Israel $500k For Collaboration Grants; Victoria, STC $100k For 5 Medical Technologies; Genetic Technologies Brevagen ‘Cost-Effective’; Novogen Co Sec Andrew Bursill Resigns
Dec 5, 2013
CSL Meets 2012 R&D Targets, $531m Budget, Protein Focus; CSL Licences CSL362 For AML To Janssen Biotech; Biotron: ‘BIT225 Reduces Reservoir Cell HIV’; Virax Reviews Assets, Opportunities; FMR Ceases, Fidelity Holds 5% Of Acrux; Acuvax Ex-CEO Dr William Ardrey Fraud Trial Reset
Dec 4, 2013
Mesoblast Stem Cells ‘Safe, Some Efficacy’ In Type 2 Diabetes; Bluechiip Adds 10 Trial Sites, Talks To Asian Distributors; Living Cell Tells ASX: ‘Saturday News Published On Monday’
Dec 3, 2013
NSW Cancer Centre Files For Stage Two; UKTo Fund Psivida, Alimera Iluvien For DME; Simavita IPO Raises $14m For Incontinence; GI Dynamics: ‘Meta-Analysis Shows Efficacy’; Progen, Beta Deal On Heparanase; MRCF $1m For Auspherix To Develop Antibiotics; Unilife To Supply Injectible Delivery For Novartis Drugs; Cogstate, Axon, GSK Partner For Elite Performance; Bioprospect Requests ‘Biotech’ Trading Halt; Circadian Loses Robert Klupacs, Appoints Dr Russell Howard
Dec 2, 2013
November BDI-40 Down 1%, ASX200 Down 2%; Big Caps Down 0.6%  - Anteo Up 146%, Patrys Up 80%, Impedimed Up 52%; Heartware Pays $33m For Circulite, Synergy Platform; Bioxyne Sells HI164OVTo Mariposa, Dr Phillip Comans Goes; Bioniche To Delist From ASX In 2014; Resonance Pleads Schultz, AGM ASX 107% Query; Up To 26% Oppose Immuron Placement Capacity, Share Issues; Bioxyne 28% Remuneration 1st Strike; Australian Leaders Reduces To 8% Of Atcor; Alison Coutts Replaces Nusep Chair John Manusu
Nov 29, 2013
Ascend, 3m Collaboration For Solid Tumors; Antisense Applies For ATL1102 Stem Cell Mobilization Trial; Cynata Jumps 36% On Open; Patrys Multiple Myeloma Patients Tolerate PAT-SM6; Circadian: 23% Oppose Remuneration, Don Clarke Goes; 36% Oppose Genetic Technologies EGM Note, Options - Prof Ian McKenzie, Grahame Leonard Appointed Directors; Steven Kritzler Reduces To 5% Of Nanosonics; Progen: Jitto Arulampalam Chair, Dr Hongjen Chang Director
Nov 28, 2013
Safety Board Approves Alchemia Phase III Ha-Irinotecan Trial; Alchemia Fondaparinux Profit Share Up Despite Sales Fall; Neuren $2m Share Plan Takes Raising To $23.5m; Institut Curie To Use Impedimed L-Dex In Cancer Trial; Eli Lilly Launches Acrux’s Axiron In Brazil; Cynata Returns To ASX From Eco Quest Tomorrow; OBJ Files 3rd Magnetic Transdermal Patent Application; Perth’s Cornerstone Hopes To Save Bone; Progen Loses Remuneration Vote - 71% Against; Pharmaxis AGM Faces 16% Dissent Against Remuneration; Up To 19% Oppose Avexa Remuneration Report; Quixote, Myer Family, Asia Union, Diluted In Cogstate; Genetic Technologies Director Benjamin Silluzio Withdraws; Adrian Bowers Replaces Resonance Co Sec Naomi Haydari
Nov 27, 2013
Victoria Awards $635k Technology Vouchers; Analytica 2014 Launch For Pericoach Anti-Incontinence Tool; Cynata Readies For Commercial Stem Cell Manufacture; Antisense ATL1103 Acromegaly Trial On-Track; Circadian Completes Phase Ib Enrolment, Safety Review; QRX, Teva Deal For Moxduo In Israel; Viralytics Appoints Prof Keith Flaherty To Scientific Board; Progen Loses Chairman Stuart James
Nov 26, 2013
QRX Resubmits Moxduo FDA Application, Again; Dagmar Dolby Takes 8% Of Cogstate; Novogen Files US Anti-Tropomyosin Drug Patent Family; Bank Of America, Merrill Lynch Take 5.5% Of Suda; Mayne AGM 8% Oppose Executive Option Change; IM Medical Pleads Technology News To ASX 200% Query; Actinogen To Lose Executive Director David Zohar; Solagran Appoints Dr Darren Schliebs CEO
Nov 25, 2013
Mesoblast, Regeneus Welcome Japan Phase II Approval Law; Living Cell Earns $2m On NTCell Parkinson’s Implant Approval; Novogen, Cantx Trilexium ‘Destroys Ovarian Cancer Spheres’; 32% Of Starpharma AGM Opposed Withdrawn Constitution; Avita 75% Remuneration 1st Strike; Up To 29% Of Unilife Oppose Director Shares; Allied Health Formally Renamed Admedus; Bioxyne Placement, Options EGM
Nov 22, 2013
Biota Closes Antibiotic Programs; Acrux Takes Hexima Drugs For Transdermal Route; Editorial: Proxy Advisors And AGMs; Up To 28% Of Acrux Oppose Chairman Ross Dobinson Options; Up To 35% Of Cellmid Oppose CEO Maria Halasz Loan Shares; Starpharma Blames ‘Proxy Advisors’ For Constitution Vote
Nov 21, 2013
CSL Heart Therapy CSL112 ‘Reverses Cholesterol Transport’; Antisense $550k 1-For-3 ‘Loyalty’ Options, Consolidation; Thai Green Light For Biotron BIT225 Hepatitis C Trial; Unilife, Hikma Deal $40m Upfront, Milestones; Editorial: Reporting UBS AG In Biotechnology Companies; UBS AG Ceases Substantial In Cochlear, Neuren; Allied Health Becomed Admedus, 8% Oppose Directors’ Stock
Nov 20, 2013
Biota Begins Two Phase I LANI Trials For Influenza NDA; Rhinomed Launches Turbine Nasal Plugs; Up To 26% Of Resmed Oppose Incentive Plan, Executive Pay; Clarity Appoints Inteq’s Dr Alan Taylor Executive Chair; IDT Loses Director Dr Roger Aston; Ausmedtech, Burnet ‘Diagnostics For Emerging Markets’ 
Nov 19, 2013
WEHI Celebrates 10 Years Of Drug Discovery; Mesoblast Stem Cells Benefit Heart Pump Patients; Innate To Raise Up To $12m For MIS416 For Multiple Sclerosis; Cogstate Loss Warning, Cuts Staff, $7.55m Raising; Correction: Cynata (Eco Quest); NSW Uni Assigns Pitney Patents To Pharmaust; Allan Gray Takes 8% Of Acrux, 13% Of QRX
Nov 18, 2013
IDT Files First FDA ANDA For Generic Temozolomide For Cancer; Prana: ‘Most Alzheimer’s Trial Patients In Extension Study’; FDA Approves Medical Developments’ Space Chambers; US Patent For Patrys PAT-SM6; ASX Reinstates Virax From Tomorrow; Eco Quest, Consegna Become Cynata, Rhinomed; Cellmid To Pay Brynne Edelsten Up To 1.4m Shares For Hair; Cogstate Requests Capital Raising, Guidance Trading Halt; Osprey Appoints Avert Cardiac Dye Study Investigators
Nov 15, 2013
Calzada Loses Chair David Franklyn At AGM, Dr Roger Aston In; Prima Loses Reviver Martin Rogers; Circadian Expects $2.5m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Consegna Becomes Rhinomed On Monday; UBS AG Reduces To 5% Of Neuren
Nov 14, 2013
Mesoblast: ‘Prochymal Benefit For Paediatric Acute GVHD’; Regeneus Developing Canine Cancer Vaccine, Human Potential; Resonance, Alliance To Provide European Imaging; Novogen, Genea Collaborate On Degenerate Diseases; Correction: Reva; Avexa Plan To Raise Up To $3m, Small Parcel Facility; Eco Quest Completes 1-For-20 Consolidation; Talu Takes CM Capital’s 10% Of Universal Biosensors; Hockings Take 19.99% Of Phylogica; Capital Concerns, Logue Family Below 5% Of Immuron, Again; Genetic Technologies Director Tommaso Bonvino To Retire
Nov 13, 2013
QRX Raises $7.5m, 34% Oppose Remuneration; NSW $250k To Cardiovascular Research Network; Virax Released From Administration; Suda Raises $5.6m; Canada Approves Immuron OTC Travelan; Patrys Rights Issue To Raise $12.5m; Impedimed: AMA Raises BIS Lymphoedema Test To CPT Code 1; Acrux, Eli Lilly Sue Actavis Over Axiron Patents; Reva Rezolve2 Sales Delay, Finance, New Products Pipeline; Isonea To Lose CEO Michael Thomas In 2014; Thai Quoc Tang Gaol For Tissue Therapies Share Trading; Consegna AGM Votes To Become Rhinomed
Nov 12, 2013
Heartware September Quarter Revenue Up 140% To $59m; Unilife, Medimmune Deal On Wearable Injectors; Ellex Claims Sales Improvement; Suda Restructures Protopharma Artimist Deal; Uscom Appoints Medsource As Southern US Distributor; Up To 24% Of Suda AGM Oppose Placement Capacity; Atcor Pleads Schultz To ASX 33% Query
Nov 11, 2013
Clinuvel US Phase III EPP Trial Misses Primary Endpoint; FDA Further Delays Invion Phase II INV102 Smoking Cessation Trial; Mesoblast Stem Cells Improve Stroke Recovery In Rats; FDA Committee Backs Cochlear Hybrid Hearing Implant; Patrys PAT-SM6, Carfilzomib Trial For Multiple Myeloma; Antisense Receives $974k Federal R&D Tax Refund; QRX $5m Placement, $3m Share Plan; Phylogica Underwritten $6m Rights Issue, Notes; Suda Deal, Capital Raising Halt; Hires Torreya For Deals; Jason Peterson, Celtic Capital Cease Consegna Substantial; Robert Thomas Replacing Starpharma Chair Peter Bartles; Impedimed Appoints David Adams Second US Director
Nov 8, 2013
Immuron IMM-124E ‘Alleviates Liver Fibrosis In Mice’; Federal Government $522m For 1,177 ARC Research Projects; Allied Ships 1st European Cardiocel Order; Viralytics Prepares For New Cavatak Melanoma Trial; FDA Clears Immuron Phase II IMM-124E ASH Trial; Anteo, BBI Solutions To Investigate Mix&Go For Diagnostics; Patrys 2nd US Patent For PAT-LM1; Osprey Completes $14m Placement; Biodiem Departs The ASX; Biotron AGM Rolls Director Bruce Hundertmark; Up To 11% Of Alchemia AGM Oppose Director Options; Up To 24% Of Nanosonics Oppose Chairman Maurie Stang; ‘Third Party’ Agrees To Pay Back Phosphagenics Theft
Nov 7, 2013
Prima Trial Changes, Drops Licence, Israel-Palestine Deal; Novogen, Yale Joint Venture Cantx For Ovarian Cancer; Centenary Institute, Mirrx Collaborate On Mirna Blockmir; J&J’s Lifescan Ends Universal Biosensors Test Strips; Biotech Daily Is Eight, Today; Unilife CEO Alan Shortall Rebutts US Legal Action; Unilife Pleads Schultz, US Law Suit To ASX 16% Fall Query; Anteo’s CEO Dr Geoff Cumming Starts On $400k; Phylogica Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Nov 6, 2013
FDA Orphan Designation For Patrys PAT-SM6 For Cancer; Resmed Swaps $US400m Credit Facility For Up To $US1bn; Biota Incentive Plan 259% Rise AGM, Law Firm ‘Investigates’; Unilife Requests US Lawsuit Trading Halt; Ausimed To Support Early-Stage Australia-Israel Research; Imugene Appoints Dr Axel Hoos Director, Steve Harris Goes
Nov 5, 2013
Imugene Completes First $850k Tranche Of $2.5m Placement; Bioniche Appoints Dr Michael Berendt CEO
Nov 4, 2013
Clinuvel Phase II Scenesse Trial For Darker Skin Vitiligo; Tissue Therapies $3m Placement, $5.3m Rights Offer; Eco Quest Raises $5m, To Become Cynata; Minderoo (Metal) Group Reduces To 16% Of Allied Health; Anteo Agm: 25% Oppose Placement Capacity
Nov 1, 2013
Adjusted 7-Year BDI-40 Up 160.7%, ASX200 6.9%; October BDI-40 Up 2.5%, ASX200 Up 4%; Big Caps Up 5% - Allied Health Up 102%, Benitec 65%, Phosphagenics 61%; MRCF $2m For Protego Sternum Protector; Allan Gray Takes 6.75% Of Acrux; Living Cell: ‘Diabecell Reduces Hypoglycaemic Events’; Alchemia: ‘Dr Reddy’s Stronger In North America’; Perpetual Takes 12% Of Sirtex; Franklin Resources, Affiliates Take 5% Of Cochlear; Australian Ethical Takes 10% Of Ellex; Dr Bernard Hockings Reduces To 5.8% Of Phylogica; Ausbiotech Elects Directors Julie Phillips, Dr Andrea Douglas
Oct 31, 2013
FDA Approves Teva, Mesoblast Phase III Cardiac Trial; Prana PBT2 Reverses Memory Loss In Old Normal Mice; Reva Implants 87th Rezolve2 Stent Live To Conference; Hatchtech Raises $13m, Dr Richard Treagus Director; Agenix To Sell AGX-1009 For Hep B To China For $2m; UBS AG Takes 6% Of Neuren; Dr Esra Ogru, Phosphagenics Deed; Robert Gianello To Court; Tissue Therapies Has One Quarter Cash; Raising Trading Halt; Unilife Has One Quarter Cash; CEO Dr Neil Frazer Takes 8% Of Oncosil; Ian Frazer, Allied, Nanosonics Win Ausbiotech Janssen Gongs
Oct 30, 2013
Ausbiotech Brisbane Conference Opens; FDA Orphan Status For Neuren NNZ-2566 Fragile X Trial; WEHI’s Prof Terry Speed Wins $300k PM’s Science Prize; Regeneus Hiqcell Arthritis Treatment In Melbourne; Pharmaxis Opts For Novaquest’s $42m; Impedimed Appoints Investigators For Pivotal Trial; DSM To Manufacture Circadian, Opthea OPT-302 (VGX-300); Immuron AGM For 18m Director, CFO Shares, 55m Options; Proctor & Gamble Promotes Isonea Airsonea To Women; Cellmid To Release 10m Advangen Escrow Shares; Novogen Appoints Lionel Mateo Joint Co Sec; Biodiem Has One Quarter Cash, Delisting
Oct 29, 2013
TGA Approves Progen Phase I PG545 Solid Tumor Trial; No Adverse Cardiac Events In Reva 30-Day Rezolve2 Follow-Up; Eco Quest Cynata AGM Suspension; Alchemia HA-Irinotecan For Lung Cancer ‘Good Early Data’; US Patent For Drawbridge Phaxan Anaesthetic; Xeraya $13m For Nusep’s Prime, Alison Coutts Takes Chair; Sirtex Small Dissent Against CEO Performance Rights; Alchemia Receives $9m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Psivida AGM For 370k Director, CEO Options; Domain Reduces To 5.6% Of GI Dynamics; Ausbiotech, Koreabio Collaboration
Oct 28, 2013
Vale Lou Reed 1942-2013; Ausbiotech Investor Conference; CEO Dr Anna Lavelle Back; Clinuvel Scenesse Efficacy In Two Hailey-Hailey Patients; Invion Pays Accolade $500k For Zafirlukast For Asthma; Allied Pleads Schultz To ASX 60% Query; Mesoblast Partner JCR Files For First Japan MSC Approval; Atcor $625k German Trial Contract; Prof Ruth Bishop Wins $50k AIPS, CSL Florey Medal
Oct 25, 2013
Biotron BIT-225 Reduces G-3 Hep C In HIV Co-Infected Patients; Japan Approves Cyclopharm Technegasplus For Clinical Use; Tissue Therapies Files For Pivotal US Vitrogro Trial; Atcor Sphygmocor Mexico Approval Not Complete; Virax Raising $2.5m, Preparing To Resurface On ASX; Minderoo (Metal) Group Takes 18% Of Allied Health; Watermark, Australian Leaders, Braitling Below 5% Of Mayne; Kinetic Takes 6% Of Osprey; Belgravia, Geoffrey Lord Increases, Diluted To 9% Of IDT
Oct 24, 2013
Mesoblast, Intrexon, Ziopharm Unite For New Cancer Drugs; Starpharma: ‘Dendrimer-Docetaxel Stops Neutropenia In Rats’; Phosphagenics: ‘Opioid Patch Beats High Dose Tablet’; Federal Government Recommits To Research Funding; Acrux Axiron Sales Down, $26m Milestone; Schroder, Associates Take 7% Of Cochlear; Inverarey Takes 7% Of Immuron; OBJ Pleads Schultz To ASX 23.5% Query; WEHI ‘It’s A Hit - Decade Of Drug Discovery’ Symposium; Bio-Melbourne, Infection Network Breakfast On Superbugs
Oct 23, 2013
Federal Government: $559m NHMRC Grants; Imugene To Buy Biolife HER-Vaxx For 300m Shares, Raises $2.5m; Allied Oversubscribed Rights Offer Raises $10.4m; Viralytics Receives $1.9m Federal R&D Tax Refund; USPTO Allows Immuron Cow Colostrum Patent; Up To 38% Of Genetic Technologies Oppose EGM Votes; Australian Ethical Takes 7% Of Pharmaxis; Benitec Releases 2m Escrow Shares, Issues 1m Tacere Shares; Nanosonics CEO Michael Kavanagh Starts On $410k; Cyclopharm Chairman Vanda Gould Steps Aside; Andrew Manhire Replaces Medical Dev Co Sec Wendy Gouveia
Neuren Places $21.5m, Share Plan For $3m More; Walter And Eliza Hall Trust Funds WEHI Equipment; Osprey Begins 20-Patient Diabetic Limb Recovery Trial; Allan Gray Returns To Substantial In Acrux; Westpac, BT Take 6%; NAB, Associates ‘Lend’ Below 5% Of Acrux; Correction: IDT; I’rom Increases, Diluted To 16.5% Of IDT; Invion Pleads Schultz To ASX 47% Query; Virax Appoints Sean Henbury Co Sec; Happy 10th Birthday To Pharmaust’s Epichem; Ausbiotech Readies For Melbourne, Brisbane Conferences
FDA Rejects Psivida's Iluvien For DME, Again - New Trial; FDA Approves Iroko, Iceutica Perth-Invented Nano-Diclofenac; Novogen Draws Down Further Hudson Bay $1m; Anteo To Trial Mix&Go Magnetic Beads, Plates; Pharmaxis AGM For 2m CEO ‘Performance Rights’; Allied Health AGM For 7m Director Options, Name Change; Cellmid AGM For 12m CEO Loan Shares; IDT Dr Graeme Blackman Increases, Diluted To 9%; Hunter Hall Down To 18% Of Sirtex; Imugene Requests Acquisition, Capital Raising Trading Halt
Avita Investigator Recell Trial ‘Excellent’ Repigmentation; US ‘Fast-Track’ For Neuren Fragile X Trial, Trading Halt; Cellmid, Pacific Edge Cxbladder Test Signs US Deal; Japan Patent For Cellmid’s Midkine; US Patent For Oncosil Pancreatic Cancer Treatment; Psivida Requests FDA PDUFA Iluvien DME Review Trading Halt; Federal Government Boosts Suda Westcoast Record Revenue; Starpharma AGM For 950k CEO ‘Performance Rights’; Patrys Loses Director Dr Alan Robertson; Canary Networks Biotechnology Sydney, Melbourne Shows
Pharmaxis Prepares For US Bronchitol CF Trial In 2014; IDT Completes $3.1m Placement; Allied Phase I Herpes Vaccine Trial ‘Safe So Far’; Circadian Phase Ia VGX-100 Solid Tumor Trial Enrolled; Antisense Expects Early Look At ALT1103 Acromegaly Data; Benitec Pleads Schultz, Roadshows To ASX 45% Query; Cyclopharm Chairman Vanda Gould Charged On Tax Schemes
Ramaciotti Foundations $2.2m For Biomedical Research; Osprey Raises $14m; CSL AGM: 20% Oppose CEO Paul Perreault ‘Performance Rights’; US, Australian Patents For BPH, Cortical Dynamics Monitor; Isonea, Uhealth Sales, Distribution Collaboration; Pharmaxis Q1 Bronchitol Sales Up 179%; Novogen Up 36% On Deal Speculation
Oct 15, 2013
Medical Developments Files European Penthrox Application; Eco Quest $6m Share Plan Opens; Uscom: ‘China’s Pioneer Commits To 5-Year, $7m Distribution’; QRX Licences South Africa Moxduo IR To Aspen; Innate Completes Move From NZ To Sydney For MS Drug; Benitec AGM For 67% Increase In Directors Fee Pool; Genetic Techno Tom Howitt Acting CEO, Alison Mew On Leave
Starpharma Dendrimer-Oxaliplatin Cuts Neurotoxicity In Mice; Ellex: ‘Study Backs 2RT For Early AMD’; Osprey Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; European Patent For Consegna’s Breatheassist; Limberg Takes 6% Of Regeneus; Invion Executive Dr James Campbell Returns To Non-Executive
Mesoblast Buys ‘Competitor’ Osiris For Up To $106m; Melbourne Uni, Procypra Collaborate On Parkinson’s
Burnet’s Hepseevax Raising $1.5m For Delta 3 For Hep C; University Of Queensland, Leo Collaborate On Skin Cancer; Cogstate, Merck: ‘Cognigram Measures Cognitive Decline’; Kaiser Permanente Expands Impedimed L-Dex U400 Roll-Out; QRX Closer To Resubmitting Moxduo Application To FDA; Novogen Acquires Genscreen’s Anti-Tropomyosins For Cancer; Universal Biosensors J&J Verio Back, Siemens Test Delayed; Biodiem AGM Votes To Delist From ASX; Neuren Pleads Schultz, Good News To ASX 39% Query; Alchemia AGM For 3m Director, CEO, Ex-CEO Options; Australian Leaders Reduced, Diluted To 9% Of Atcor 
Prof Alan Cowman, Prof Lloyd Hollenberg Win Victoria Prizes; Regeneus: ‘Hiqcell Effective, Safe For Osteoarthritis’; TGA Allows 8 More Surgeons To Use Allied’s Cardiocel Patch; Clinical Genomics Buys Enterix For Blood Bowel Cancer Test; US Politics Could Delay Benitec On-Track Hepatitis C Trial; Broad Euro Patent For Cellmid’s Midkine; Bionomics $17m Off-Shore R&D Eligible For 45% Rebate; Bioniche Urocidin Canada Filing Delayed 6 Months; Agenix Quits China, Thromboview China Patent; Nusep Receives $1.65m R&D Tax Refund; David Adams To Replace Impedimed Director Dr Mel Bridges
Acrux Axiron First Euro Approval, Products In Development; Ausbiotech: Melbourne 2016 International Bio Symposium; CSL Settles US Anti-Trust Suit For $68m
3-Month Sirtex Dose Sales Up 4%; Cellmid Receives $712k R&D Tax Refund; Healthlinx Raises $70k; CEO Alan Shortall Takes 6.7% Of Unilife
Cellmid Anti-Midkine Efficacy Against Tumors In Mice; ATP, Ignition Labs Launch 4 Startups With $25k Each, Mentors; Genetic Technologies Underwritten Plan Raises $1.4m Of $3m; Anteo AGM For 9m Director Options; NAB, Associates Take 5% Of Acrux; Australian Ethical Takes 6% Of Universal Biosensors; Australian Ethical Takes 9% Of Ellex; Ascend Appoints Dr Peter Smith Chair, Mark Ewing Director
Oct 2, 2013
US Patent For Phylogica Synthetic Phylomer Libraries; Isonea AGM For 1m 14c Director Options; Atcor’s Sphygmocor XCel Equals Tonometry For Stiffness; Acrux Appoints Dr Tim Oldham Director; Federal Parliamentary Friends Of Women In Science Meetings
Sep 27, 2013
Bionomics: ‘BNC375 100-Fold Therapeutic Window, Safety’; IDT Rights Issue Raises $2m; $4m To Go; Bioniche Raises $10m; Antisense Consolidation; $570k 1-For-3 ‘Loyalty’ Options; Euro Patent For Imugene’s Linguet; Medical Developments Appoints Leon Hoare Director
Sep 26, 2013
Menzies Research: ‘Less Drugs With Atcor Sphygmocor’; US Approves Ellex SLT For Government Contracts; Genetic Technologies’ Immunaid To Raise Up To $10m; Psivida Revenue Down 39% To $2m, Loss Down 52% To $13m; Generation, Unnamed Associates Take 5% Of Cochlear
Sep 25, 2013         
‘No Calcification’ In Allied 5-Year Cardiocel Follow-Up; Victoria’s Technology Voucher Program Opens; Sunshine Heart Raises $49m; Australian Antisense ATL1102 Multiple Sclerosis Patent; Denlin, Tony Grist Diluted Below 5% In Oncosil
Sep 20, 2013
Living Cell Implants First-In-Human Pig NTCell For Parkinson’s; Sunshine Heart To Raise $42m; Suda Appoints Ex-Phylogica Nick Woolf Chief Business Officer; Impedimed Board Loses Greg Brown; Morten Vigeland CFO; Cellmid To Supply Hair Lotion To Japan’s Natural Garden; Schroder, Associates Take 5% Of Cochlear; Jason Peterson. Celtic Take 5% Of Imugene; Eco Quest Requests Cynata Acquisition Trading Halt
Sep 19, 2013
Prima Suspends Phase II/III CVac Cancer Study For Endpoint; Mesoblast: ‘Stem Cells Equal Graft For Lumbar Spinal Fusion’; Ellex Placement Raises $3.3m; Phosphagenics Begins Phase I TPM-Oxymorphone Dosing; Regeneus Opens Up 14%; Bioniche Raises Raising To $9m; Virax Placements To Raise Up To $2.5m; Consegna Name Change To Rhinomed, Sells Imugene Shares; Biota Revenue Up 65% To $35m, Loss Down 55% To $9m; Sunshine Heart Capital Raising; Pharmaxis Loses Dr John Villiger, Richard Van Den Broek
Sep 18, 2013
Viralytics Cavatak Meets Melanoma Endpoint Ahead Of Plan; Calzada Files Novosorb FDA Wound Dressing Application; Uscom Raises $1m; Osprey Cincor Dye Trial Continues, ‘Avert’ The Priority; Imugene Discontinues Linguet Ibuprofen; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Emerging Technology Jobs
Sep 17, 2013
Osprey Focus On Heart Dye Reduction Over Capture; Genetic Technologies Settles Genelex Non-Coding DNA Case; Medivac Sells Metamizer; Eco Quest Pleads Schultz, Cynata To ASX 28% Query; Ender 1, SNP, Apercen, Polansky Take 6% Of Clinuvel; Ellex Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Sep 16, 2013
Ian Macfarlane For Industry, Peter Dutton Health; Biodiem BDM-I Active Against Cryptococcus, Fungi; Living Cell NTCell Improves Parkinson’s In Monkeys; Suda $1.9m Secured Convertible Notes; Starpharma Priostar Evaluation With Gowan; Bluechiip Offers Blue-Diligence Advice; Pharmaust Share Plan Raises $185k; Biota Loses Director, Ex-CEO Peter Cook; Cyclopharm Regains Director Henry Townsing
Sep 13, 2013
Sunshine Heart Pivotal Trial Enrols 1st Of 388 Patients; Prana PBT2 Huntington’s Results Delay, Alzheimer’s Extended; Oncosil $7.8m Placement, Plan For $2.5m More, Director, Co Sec; Actinogen Closes Laboratory, Loses Staff; Cochlear 2nd Strike Spill, $1.4m CEO Options AGM; CSL AGM For 25,000 CEO Paul Perreault ‘Rights’, Dr McNamee $5m; Benitec Lung Cancer Candidate Wins Uni Of NSW Gong
Sep 12, 2013
Victoria Awards Three $150k Veski Fellowships; EU Orphan Status For Patrys PAT-SM6 For Multiple Myeloma; 17 Of 25 GI Dynamic Endobarrier Trial Sites Recruiting; Oncosil Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Bioniche Settles Dispute With Dissenting Shareholders
Sep 11, 2013
Starpharma: Dendrimer-Oxaliplatin Superior, Less Toxic In Mice; Regeneus IPO Raises $10.5m, ASX Listing Next Week; Mayne Licences Suba-Itraconazole To Hedgepath For Cancer; UK Approves Viralytics Phase I/II Cavatak Cancer Trial; QRX Licences Moxduo To Aspen For Australasia; Correction: Unilife; Calzada Pleads Schultz To ASX 10.5% Fall Query; Chairman Andrew Kroger Takes 25% Of Cryosite
Sep 10, 2013
Unilife Long Term Syringe Deal With Sanofi; Heartware Leaves The Building; Synthesis Opens Cambridge Chemistry Facility; Genetic Technologies Completes $5m Ironridge Notes Document; Celtic, Denlin, Tisia, Henderson, JK Have 25% Of Eco Quest; Mark Pryn Replaces Circadian CFO, Co Sec Steven Zammit
Sep 9, 2013
UK Diabetologists Funds GI Dynamics Endobarrier Trial; FDA Approves Neuren Phase II NNZ-2566 Fragile X Trial; BSI Submits Tissue Therapies Vitrogro Dossier To EMA; S&P ASX300 Promotes Mayne, Demotes Pharmaxis
Sep 6, 2013
‘Coalition Decides ARC Grants’ - Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey; FDA Sets October Date For QRX On Moxduo; Stefan Cross To Replace Mayne USA President Phil Hodges; Michael Quinert Replaces Healthlinx Malcolm Lucas-Smith
Sep 5, 2013
Innate $12m For Phase IIb Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Trial; John Leaver Increases, Diluted At 6% Of Bionomics
Sep 4, 2013
Ellex Recruits 50 Patients, Adds 2 Sites To 2RT AMD Trial; Parkinson’s UK Grants $260k For Prana PBT434 Study; Mexico Approves Atcor’s Sphygmocor XCel; NSW $3.25m For Chronic Disease; Isonea: Airsonea CE Mark Documents Filed; Cellmid Revenue Up 344% To $761k, Loss Down 22% To $1.5m; Ausbiotech Brisbane Conference: ‘Bio-Economy In Transition’; Australian Museum Eureka Prizes Tonight
Sep 3, 2013
Election Editorial: No One Offering A $1bn Phase III Trials Fund; Allied Treats 1st HSV-2 Patients, Call For Volunteers; Virax Votes For Resuscitation; Genetic Technologies, Genesis Settle Patent Case; Phosphagenics Opioid Posters At Las Vegas Pain Conference; Immuron Loses Director Dr Elane Zelcer; Prana’s PBT2 Wins Elsevier Neuroscience Gong; Uniquest’s Dendright Appoints Helen Roberts CEO
Aug 30, 2013
Biotron Targets HIV, Hep C Co-Infection; New York Clears Genetic Technologies Brevagen For US; Biodiem To Delist In November; South Korea Approves Nanosonics Trophon; Viralytics Pleads Schultz To ASX 19% Query; Atcor Revenue Up 41% To $9m, $2.7m Maiden Profit; Ellex Revenue Down 10% To $43m, Profit Turns To $816k Loss; Alchemia Revenue Up 3,247% To $24m, Loss Down 68% To $5m; Compumedics Revenue Down 3% To $27m, Loss Down 46% To $1.5m; Allied Health Revenue Up 15% To $7m, Loss Down 81% To $2m; Avita Revenue Down 22% To $4m, Loss Up 5% To $8m; Mass Mutual Reduces To 7% In Novogen; Genetic Technologies Revenue Up 31% To $8m, Loss Up 76% To $9m; Resonance Revenue Down 4% To $1.7m, Loss Down 36% To $173k; Unilife Pleads Schultz To ASX 30% Query
Aug 29, 2013
Hearing CRC Remote Cochlear Implant Mapping Module; Living Cell Direction Change, Phase IIb Trial Questions; IDT Placement, Rights Issue To Raise $6m; Mesoblast Revenue Down 9% To $35m, Loss Down 13% To $62m; Reimbursement Delays Pharmaxis French Bronchitol Launch; Cryosite Revenue Up 9% To $9m, Profit Up 22% To $1m, Dividend; IDT Revenue Up 7% To $11m, Loss Up 191% To $5m; Prima Files US Sec ‘Shelf Registration’ To Raise Up To $67m; Cambridge’s Dr Greg Winter In Bio-Melbourne Blockbuster; Bone Pays ASX Fees, Returns To Listing
Aug 28, 2013
WEHI Test For Coeliac Disease Shows Greater Prevalence; More Data Delays QRX 6 Months, 2014 Launch Hopes; FDA Approves 286-Patient Heartware Destination Trial Extension; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Up 15% To $5m, Loss Down 23% To $986k; Circadian Revenue Down 22% To $1m, Loss Up 2% To $5m; Impedimed Revenue Down 8% To $3m, Loss Down 31% To $8.5m; Brain Revenue Down 34% To $4m, Profit Turns To $1.5m Loss; Progen Revenue Up 24% To $3.5m, Loss Down 39% To $2m; Eco Quest 100m Director’s Options EGM; Wilson HTM Reduces To 5.3% Of Universal Biosensors; Michael Kavanagh Replaces Nanosonics CEO Ron Weinberger; Sunshine Heart Appoints Dr Patrick Verta Chief Medical Officer
Aug 27, 2013
Agenix, Arrayjet Collaborate For Micro-Array Diagnostiq; Living Cell: Independent Audit Of Argentine Diabetes Trial; Acrux Revenue Up 56% To $17m, Profit Down 6% To $7m, Dividend; Mayne Pharma Revenue Up 60% To $84m, Profit To $3m Loss; Eco Quest Share Plan Raises $458k; Genetic Technologies Placement Raises $3m; Allan Gray Reduces (Just) Below 5% Of Acrux; IDT Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Chris Smith Replaces Universal Bio’s Dr Elizabeth Wilson; L'Oéal: Kathryn Holt, Misty Jenkins, Joanne Whittaker
Aug 26, 2013
CE Mark First Approval For Allied Health Cardiocel; Nusep Share Plan Raises $1.2m; Anteo Files 2 Australian Mix&Go Patent Applications; QRX Requests ‘FDA Review’ Trading Halt; Benitec Promotes CEO Dr Peter French To M-D; Prana Pleads Schultz To ASX 14% Query
Aug 23, 2013
FDA Approves Osprey Avert Cardiac Dye Reduction System; Nanosonics, Toshiba Sell 6 Trophons To UK Hospital; US Patent Expands Biodiem BDM-I Anti-Microbial Claims; Medical Developments Revenue Up 4% To $12m, Profit Down 15%; Nusep Expects $1.6m R&D Tax Refund; La Jolla Cove Deal Sends Bone Into Suspension; Nicholas Falzon Replaces Oncosil Co Sec Jillian McGregor
Aug 22, 2013
Coalition: ‘Faster Trials, Drug Approvals; $35m For Diabetes’; Labor’s Peter Beattie: ‘I Will Champion Biotechnology’; LBT Revenue Up 333% To $4.4m, One-Off Turnaround $531k Profit; OBJ Raises $1.85m; Probiotec Revenue Up 5% To $70m, Profit Down 52% To $597k; Genetic Technologies Signs Interwest For Brevagen Tests; Graeme Kaufman Replaces IDT Chairman Dr Graeme Blackman; Progen PG545 Toxicology Study, Dr Keith Dredge Returns; ASX To Release 6,535,910 GI Dynamics CDIs From Escrow
Aug 21, 2013
Coalition R&D Credit ‘Review’; $100m Transition, Export Funds; Sirtex $3m For ANU Professorial Chair; Avita Dutch Recell Vitiligo Trial Recruits All 10 Patients; Cogstate Revenue Up 4% To $12.6m, Profit To Loss; Pharmaust Share Plan For $1m; Consegna Share Plan For $1m; Dr Dax Marcus Calder Takes 6.4% Of Patrys; Bone Requests ‘La Jolla Cove Status’ Trading Halt; Merchant Reduces, Diluted To 16% Of Calzada; Isonea’s Asthmasense Wins Frost And Sullivan Gong
Aug 20, 2013
Greens $2bn Science Funding To Take R&D To 3% Of GDP; Labor Promises $250m Medical Research Innovation Fund; Bluechiip Placement Raises $2.55m; GE $4m Nanosonics US Sales Staff, EU Greens ‘Game-Changer’; Generic Fondaparinux Earns Alchemia $9.6m In 12 Months; Allied Pleads Schultz, RBS Morgans To ASX 30% Query; Anteo Revenue Up 22% To $1.8m, Loss Down 8% To $2.2m; OBJ Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Aug 19, 2013
Bone: ‘La Jolla Cove Still Delaying Payments’; John Richards Replaces Biota’s Jefferey Errington, Bonuses; Acorn Takes Profit, Reduces To 12% Of Starpharma; Och-Ziff Takes 10% Of Brain Resource; Consegna Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Aug 16, 2013
Tissue Therapies Rebutts Student Claims; Oncosil Pleads Schultz, News To ASX 48% Query; Webinvest Takes 5% Of Oncosil; Medivac Rodger Johnson M-D, Metamizer Deals, $800k Notes; Bluechiip Takes Capital Raising Trading Halt To Suspension
Aug 15, 2013
Sirtex Revenue Up 16% To $100m, Profit Up 7% To $18m, Dividend; South Korea Approves Prima CVac Ovarian Cancer Trial; Brain Resource Raises $2m; Suda’s Westcoast Wins Government Preferred Status; Pharmaxis Revenue Up 41% To $11.6m, Loss Up 13% To $43.5m; ITL Revenue Down 12% To $25m, Profit Up 86% To $2.5m, Dividend; Eco Quest Pleads Schultz, Cynata, Directors To ASX 40% Query; Dr Roger Aston, Prof David Morris Substantial In Pharmaust
Aug 14, 2013
CSL Record Profit Up 19% To $1,338m, Revenue Up 7% To $5,642m, Marie Mcdonald Replaces Director Ian Renard; Suda Completes Novadel Acquisition; Nanosonics Revenue Up 35% To $17.6m, Loss Up 23% To $5.8m; Labor Names Medical Technology ‘1st Innovation Partnership’; Biota Clears Way For Up To $82m Capital Raising; Biotron BIT Capsule Increases Bioavailability 1.6-Fold; Ellex Profit Warning; Correction: Sunshine Heart; Clarification: GI Dynamics; Greenlight Takes 7% Of GI Dynamics; Jason Peterson, Celtic Capital Below 5% Of Imugene; Bluechiip Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Aug 13, 2013
Patrys: ‘2 Of 6 Phase I Multiple Myeloma Patients Respond’; WEHI, CSL, Ludwig ‘Interleukin-11 A Potential Cancer Target’; Medical Developments Positive Cardiac Safety Trial; Sunshine Heart Hires Minnetronix For C-Pulse Power System; Regeneus IPO Opened Today; Hunter Hall Has 18% Of Sirtex; Medtronic, J&J, Polaris, Domain, Advanced Diluted In GI Dynamics; ANU Reduces To 5% Of Bionomics; Chairman William Mobbs Takes 35% Of ITL
Aug 12, 2013
Uniquest’s Dendright Signs Collaboration With Janssen ; Reva Resolve2 Stent Implant Live To Conference; Perpetual Takes 2m Of Dr Bruce Gray’s 7m Sirtex Shares; Sirtex Directors’ Rights Plan; Pharmaust Raises $2.5m, Founder Bryan Mclarty Resigns
Aug 9, 2013
Mayne Signs Two Subacap Distributors For Europe; Heartware H1 Revenue Up 81% To $110m, Loss Down 38% To $28m; Genesis Directors: Phi San Lam, Frankie Chen, Sharon Kwan
Aug 8, 2013
Benitec, NSW Uni Beta III Tubulin Gene For Lung Cancer Licence; Regeneus $12m Fat Stem Cells For Musculoskeletal IPO; Imugene Up 60% On Linguet Vitamin D ‘Meltlet’, Partner Talks; Bluechiip Stem Cell, Blood Bag Cryo-Preservation Cassette ; Advanced Surgical Orthofix Distribution Deal, Spinal Sale; Oncosil Hires Emergo For Regulatory Pathways; Bioniche $8m Placement At 30.7 Cents
Aug 7, 2013
Sirtex Founder Dr Bruce Gray Sells $87m More Shares; Patrys Last Group Dosed In PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Trial; South Korea Approves Atcor Sphygmocor Xcel; European Patent For Viralytics Picornaviruses For Cancer; Japan Grants Imugene Linguet Buccal Delivery Patent; Bioniche Requests Up To $8m Capital Raising Trading Halt; Novogen Appoints Prof Paul De Souza Medical Board Chairman; Acuvax Ex-CEO Dr William Ardrey Fraud Trial Set
Cochlear Revenue Down 3% To $753m, Profit Up 133% To $133m, CEO Dr Chris Roberts: Australian Regulation Concern; Medicines Australia: More Drugs Exported Than Cars, Alcohol; Benetic Licences ddRNAi To Regen For Cancer Vaccines; TGA Approves Isonea Airsonea Wheeze Monitor; Malaysia’s RC Precision To Make Bluechiip Equipment; M&G Group Buys 2m More GI Dynamics Shares; Asia Union Decreases, Diluted To 10% In Tissue Therapies 
Aug 5, 2013
Neuren Responds To Phase II Rett Trial Petition; Ex-Ceo Dr Esra Ogru Pays Phosphagenics $570k ‘Restitution’; Europe Begins Tissue Therapies Review In September; Allan Gray Reduces To 5% Of Acrux; Annmac Increases, Diluted To 10% In Agenix; Pharmaust EGM Backs Peloton Pitney Backdoor Listing; Viralytics Trades On US OTC Market; OBJ Pleads Schultz To ASX 54% Query
Jul 31, 2013
Bionomics ‘Up To $190m’ Merck Licence For Pain Compound; Biotron Enrols All 12 Phase II Hep C/HIV Patients; EGM To Revive Virax, Elect Dr Wayne Millen Director; Benitec Share Plan $2.8m Takes Total To $10.7m; Davies Collison Cave US Intellectual Property Seminar
Jul 30, 2013
Biota CEO Russell Plumb Faces Few Australian Investors; CSIRO Decodes Barrier Reef Coral For Sunscreen; Victoria Appoints Leonie Walsh Lead Scientist; Suda Final Report: ‘Artimist Superior To Quinine For Malaria’; Genetic Technologies’ Gtech Buys Incontinence Test Simavita; Genetic Technologies Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Consegna Hires Chinamed For Breatheassist Turbine; Metal Group Takes 17% Of Allied Health; Victoria-India Scholarships ‘Bring Best And Brightest’
Jul 29, 2013
Neuren NNZ-2591 Efficacy For Fragile X In Mice; Prana Doses 1st PBT2 Alzheimer’s Imaging Extension Patient; Calzada: No Secret Trials, AOD9604 Prescribed Legally; Tissue Therapies EU Vitrogro ‘Device’, 6 Months To Sales; Canadian Allowance For Bone Axcess II Oral Peptide Patent; Bionomics Begins BNC101 Safety Analysis; Cellmid, UK’s Abcodia Midkine For Colorectal Cancer Test; Compumedics $324k Qatar Order For Long-Term EEG System; Hunter Hall Reduces To 7% Of Biota 
Jul 26, 2013
CSIRO, Duke, Singapore $20m Pandemic Partnership; Regeneus Up To $12m IPO For Fat Stem Cells Technology; Calzada, Polynovo Treat Last Free-Flap Novosorb Patient; Phosphagenics: ‘TPM Patch Delivers Oxycodone Over 72 Hours’; Neuren Pleads Schultz To ASX 42% Query; MJGD, BSMI Trust Take 6.5% Of Benitec; Irwin, Bioa Trust Take 6.5% Of Benitec
Jul 25, 2013
Acrux Axiron H1 Sales Up 148% To $91m, On-Track For $25m; UK Nice Approves Sirtex Sir-Spheres; Psivida: ‘French Reimbursement For Iluvien’; Phylogica, Cubist Collaborate On Antimicrobial Phylomers; Biota To Meet Australian Investors; Dr David Thurin, Dalit Take 6% Of Benitec
Phosphagenics: $5.7m Theft, Dr Esra Ogru Dismissed, 5 Others; Brain Describes New US FDA ‘De Novo’ Pathway; Patrys Treats 3rd PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Cohort; Benitec Completes $7.9m Placement; Court Rejects Dissidents’ Bioniche EGM; Two Australian Patents For BPH, Molecular Discovery HLS5; Ausbiotech Melbourne, Brisbane October Bio-Fests 
Jul 23, 2013
Prana Completes Phase II PBT2 Huntington’s Trial; Calzada Share Plan Raises $2.6m, Total Raised $3.85m; Nusep To Sell 10% Of Prime, Share Plan For $1.9m; Pharmaust Completes Pitney, 3 Cancer Platform Acquisition; Resonance Ferriscan Test For Phase II Iron Overload Trial; Oncosil, Eckert & Ziegler Manufacturing Agreement; Novadel Approves Sale To Suda; Craig Chapman, Nampac Take 18.5% Of Agenix; Brain Files Depression Test With FDA
Jul 22, 2013
Biodiem, Canberra Uni Use Hep D To Fight Liver Disease; Phosphagenics CEO Dr Esra Ogru Resigns As Director; Atcor Expects Maiden Full-Year $2.8m Profit; QRX, Aesica Collaborate On ‘Stealth Beadlet’ Deterrent; Invion Begins Phase II Trial Of INV For Smoking Cessation; Progen: ‘Medigen Expects Enrolment By End-Of-Year’; Psivida Underwritten Offer To Raise Up To $12m; AMP Takes 7.7% Of Acrux; Constables Take 6% Of Antisense; Cellmid Releases 7.5m Escrow Shares; Suda Requests Acquisition Trading Halt; Bio-Melbourne, Small Technologies Cluster US Tour 
Jul 19, 2013
NSW $10m For 5 Medical Device Companies; ATP, Ignition Labs: UK, Griffith Hack, BA On-Board; Viralytics Phase II Interim Melanoma Safety Efficacy; Bluechiip Signs Mitegen For Global Cryopin Tracking; ITC Stops Taiwan’s Apex, Drive Importing Resmed Copies; Benitec 25-To-1 Consolidation, ASX Code Change; Psivida Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Phylogica’s Dr Richard Hopkins, Dr Paul Watt Swap Jobs; Catherine Officer Replaces Uscom Co Sec Sarah Prince
Jul 18, 2013
Pharmaxis 143% Revenue Growth ‘Disappointing’, PBS Rules; Fujikura Pays Cellmid $440k For Midkine Test Licence Option; FDA Approves Ellex 2RT For Macular Oedema, AMD Next Focus; Invion Starts Phase II INV103 (XToll) Lupus Trial; Mesoblast Earns $4.3m R&D Tax Refund; Phosphagenics Inquiry Continues; Lindsay Carthew Takes 12% Of Agenix; Catherine Officer Replaces Viralytics Co Sec Sarah Prince; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Alzheimer’s
Jul 17, 2013
Biota Begins Phase II 'Flu Trial, Board Changes, Price Falls; Genera Placement, Notes Raise $500k, Trials And Tribulations; Calzada, Polynovo US Novosorb Trial For Hernia Repair; Skolkovo Takes Bone BNC006 For Rheumatoid Arthritis; Benitec AGM Votes For Placement, 25-To-1 Consolidation; Starpharma Hires Dr Tony Eglezos For Business Develoment; Sophie Karzis Replaces Medivac Co Sec Malcolm Lucas-Smith; Ying Ming Chiu Takes 5% Of Nusep
Jul 16, 2013
Compumedics $285k French Grant, Appoints German Sales Rep; Medical Australia Votes For Medivet Merger, Consolidation; OBJ, GSK Study Electromagnetic Toothbrush; EU Approves Bioniche Folltropin Cow Stimulant; Cellmid Appoints Jillian McGregor Joint Co Sec
Jul 15, 2013
GBS Declines ‘Insufficient’ $30m Federal Investment Fund; Euro Methods Patent For Atcor’s Sphygmocor; WEHI Uncovers Immune Response Cell Mechanism; Cogstate Says Test Helps Diagnose Alzheimer’s; Invion Placement, Directors’ Shares EGM; Imugene Releases 100m Escrow Shares; Alchemia Loses Chairman Mel Bridges, Gains Timothy Hughes; Progen Appoints Heng Hsin Tang M-D, Director Change
Jul 12, 2013
Melbourne Uni Thin Film Coatings For Drug Delivery; US Patents For Neuren NNZ-2566, NNZ-2591; Psivida Interim Data Backs Micro-Insert For Uveitis; Eco Quest Moves To Take 100% Of Cynata For Stem Cells; Phosphagenics Ready For TPM-Tretinoin Acne Trial; Hunter Hall Lightens, Again, To 19% Of Sirtex; Perpetual Reduces To 8% Of Sirtex; Greenlight Takes 5% Of GI Dynamics; Oncosil Pleads Schultz, Dr Neil Frazer To ASX 67% Query; Scott Ward Replaces Impedimed Director Martin Kriewaldt
Jul 11, 2013
Off-US-Patent Allows Ellex To Expand SLT For Glaucoma; M&G Group Takes 15% Of GI Dynamics; Griffith Uni Soluble BDM-I Expands Biodiem Targets; Starpharma, MIPS $548k ARC Grant; Prima Pleads Schultz To ASX 55% Query
Jul 10, 2013
Benitec ddRNAi Licencee Calimmune HIV Clinical Trial; Patrys Macquarie $428k ARC Grant For Cancer Diagnostic; US Patent For Genetic Technologies’ Immunaid; ITL Buys Malaysian Device Factory; Genera Takes Capital Raising Trading Halt To Suspension
Jul 9, 2013
ARC $47m For 17 Laureate Fellowships ; ARC $10m For Monash, Melbourne Bionic Eyes; WEHI BH3 Mimetics Study Shows Breast Cancer Effect In Mice; Calzada’s Polynovo 40/60 Novoplastiq JV For Facial Surgery; Mayne Launches US Doryx Authorized Generic; Progen: ‘US Study Backs PG545 For Pancreatic Cancer’; Nusep Converts $1.7m Debt To 7c, 40% Premium Notes; Antisense Pleads Schultz, ‘Chat Rooms’ To ASX 27% Query; Canada Health, Bioniche Talk Urocidin Filings; Allan Gray Takes 12% Of QRX
Jul 8, 2013
Resonance, Novartis Study Backs Ferriscan Monitor; Allied Health Cardiocel Special Adult Approval; Isonea Raises $13.5m; Pokies Bruce Mathieson Takes 19%; Bioniche Completes $8m Palladin Finance; David Plush, Texas Woods 14% Of Immuron; Director Related; Genera Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Jul 5, 2013
Pharmaxis Wins $776k ARC Grants For 2 Firbrosis Projects; Pharmaust 950m Share EGM For Pitney Acquisition; Consegna Pleads Schultz To ASX 70% Query; Alchemia Loses Director Nerolie Withnall
Jun 21, 2013
Federal Government $130m Industry Collaboration Fund Opens; Uniquest Appoints Dr Dean Moss CEO; Management Changes; LBT Requests ‘Joint Venture’ Trading Halt
Jun 20, 2013
Prana’s PBT434 Modifies Parkinson’s Disease In Mice; Pharmaxis Starts European Paediatric Bronchitol CF Trial; CSIRO Sponsors Deadly Award For Indigenous Scientists; Avexa Signs Deal With Link For Apricitabine; Allan Gray Takes 12.4% Of Starpharma; McRae Technology Reduces Below 5% In Allied Health
Jun 19, 2013
Federal Opposition Restates Promise To Protect Research; Medicines Australia Welcomes Opposition Promises; Allied Health, Coridon Ready For Phase I HSV-2 Trial; France Funds GI Dynamics Endobarrier Value Study; Fedmed Signs As Genetic Technologies’ 7th US Provider Network; Prana Funds Huntington’s Patient Self-Report Test; Sunshine Heart C-Pulse Hits 25 Patient-Years; Anteo, Unnamed Company Mix&Go Feasibility Study; Isonea Appoints Hong Kong’s Refined For Airsonea Scale-Up; Impedimed Pleads Schultz To ASX 28% Query
Mayne Subacap US Trials, EU Approval, TGA Application; Unilife ‘Imminent’ Contract Delayed; UK Nice Recommends Psivida’s Iluvien For DME Sub-Group; US Grants Circadian VEGFR-3 Diagnostic Patent; Alchemia Pleads Schultz To ASX 14% Fall Query; Allied Health Loses Cardiocel Ceo Bob Atwill
Jun 11, 2013
QBiotics Raising $10m For Rainforest Cancer, Wound Drug; Invion Placement Raises $2m; Patrys PAT-SM6 For Melanoma Data Published; Compumedics $500k Funding ; Singapore Grants Nusep Plasma Import Licence; Bionomics Completes Phase II BNC105 Kidney Enrolment; 71% Of Doctors In Isonea Survey Back Airsonea
Jun 7, 2013
FDA Approves Impedimed L-Dex U400 As Lymphoedema Tool; Pharmaxis CEO Gary Phillips Starts On $388k; Calzada Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Universal Biosensors Wins Victoria Manufacturing Award; Cochlear, Sunshine Heart Win Australian Design Awards
Jun 6, 2013
Benitec Placement Raises $7m, Share Plan For $3m More; Cyclopharm, Macquarie Imaging’s Non-Destructive Analysis; New Zealand Patent For Patrys’ PAT-LM1; Medical Australia To Buy Medivet For $10m; Invion Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Paladin Labs Throws Bioniche A Urocidin Cash, Debt Lifeline; Hunter Hall Lightens, Again, To 21% Of Sirtex; Baillie Gifford Reduces To 11.4% Of Cochlear; McRae Reduces To 6% Of Allied Health; Octa Phillip Takes 9% Of Avita; Hadasit Increases, Diluted To 6% Of Immuron; Medigard Loses Director Peter Clark, Gains Robert Krakowiak; Bioxyne Loses Joint Company Secretary Laura Raymer
Jun 5, 2013
FDA Fast-Tracks Neuren’s NNZ-2566 For Rett Syndrome; Japanese Composition Patent For Mesoblast Stem Cells; Benitec Takes Capital Raising Trading Halt To Suspension; Consegna Claims Qualitative Breatheassist Success; Sirtex Calls For Shareholder Input On Pay Increases; Ausbiotech, Beacon Asia Biotech Invest Conference
Jun 4, 2013
Circadian Phase I VGX-100 Trial Treats 34 Solid Tumor Patients ; Antisense Begins ATL1102 MS Tox Study; Publication ; Viralytics Enrols 35th Phase II Cavatak Melanoma Patient; ATP Innovations’ Ignition Labs Has $125k For 5 Start-Ups; Signostics Appoints Thermo Fisher Distributor; Imugene Plan Raises $183k; Receives $181k R&D Tax Payment; Immuron, Takeda Terminate Travelan Licence; Healthlinx Administrators, Creditors Meeting; Bio-Melbourne ‘Innovation Precincts’ Bio-Breakfast
Jun 3, 2013
May BDI-40 Up 6%, ASX200 Down 5%; Big Caps Down 1.6% - Neuren Up 79%, Psivida Up 68%, Medical Developments Down 23%; Victoria’s Premier’s Award For Melbourne Uni’s Dr Aung Ko Win; Cochlear Nucleus 6 Launch, Profit Warning; FDA Halts Pharmaxis Aridol Imports; Bionomics Phase I Renal, Ovarian Cancer Progress; Allied Expects $1.9m Commercialisation Australia Grant; Beijing Bestmed Invests $500k In Compumedics; Bank Of New York Mellon Sells 5% Of Cochlear; Benitec Plans Euro Lung Cancer Trial, Funding Trading Halt; Asia Fund $17m For Nusep Plant, Loses Co Sec Tom Rowe; Cryosite Appoints Christina Boyce Director; Goodbye Neurodiscovery, Hello Oncosil Medical
May 31, 2013
FDA ‘Breakthrough Designation’ Explained; Suda Expects Artimist Licencing Talks By October; Biotron Earns $892k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Correction: Reva
May 30, 2013
Uscom To Buy NZ’s Pulsecor For $2.5m In Scrip; ABS Novacell Proposes Nusep Fractionation India Franchise; Psivida Claims New ‘Big Pharma’ Evaluation Agreement; Bioniche Rejects 2nd Meeting Requisition; Reva AGM Dissent On Auditors
May 29, 2013
Bone Claims La Jolla Cove Funding ‘In Arrears’; Novogen Share Plan Raises $790k, $3.3m Total; Hunter Hall Lightens To 22% Of Sirtex; ITL Chairman William Mobbs Decreases, Concentrates To 33%; Medigen Takes 19.7% Of Progen, Taiwan’s Well Hallmark 9%
May 28, 2013
Pharmaxis To Halt Early Programs; Cut 48 Jobs, Burn Rate; Australian Patent For Acuvax, Biolife Her-Vaxx; Phosphagenics Earns $3.2m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Cellmid Completes Advangen Acquisition; Immuron Appoints 17% Stephen Anastasiou Director
May 27, 2013
Acrux, Eli Lilly Challenge Israel’s Perrigo On Axiron Patents; Datapharm: Complete NSW Trial Insurance Survey
May 24, 2013
Cochlear Unveils Nucleus 6 Processor; Japan Grants 2 More Patents To BPH’s Cortical Dynamics; Acrux CFO Jon Pilcher Joins Neuren; Acrux Promotes Clive Blower, Tony Di Pietro; Immuron’s Nina Webster Rejoins Acrux; Cogstate Appoints Mark Edwards Company Secretary; Bluechiip Releases 24.7m Escrow Shares; Medigen Takes 19.6% Of Progen
May 23, 2013
Medical Developments Profit Warning, Major CSIRO Milestone; Consegna Option Rights Issue Raises $130k; $252k To Come; Datapharm: ‘Dai-Sys To Compete With Foreign Contractors’; Bioxyne, Vitality Deal Falls; Cogstate Tests In Major Alzheimer’s Study; Nusep Lodges Dengue Fever Test, Treatment Patents; Imugene Linguet Delivery Starts With Vitamin D; Annmac, Carthew, Chapman, Nampac Substantial In Agenix; Bioniche Concerned Investors Question Core Business Sale
May 22, 2013
Alchemia Fondaparinux Sales Fall 28%, Merck Serono Deal; Reva 1st Generation Stent ‘Comparable To Competitors’; Siemens Unveils Universal Biosensors Coagulation Test; Pharmaxis Appoints Pharmaswiss East Europe Distributor; Anteo, Gennova Sales Deal For Europe, Latin America; Benitec Pleads Schultz To ASX 14% Query; Biodiem Japan BDM-I Patent For Malaria, Trichomoniasis; Allan Gray Takes 11% Of Starpharma; Heartware Directors’ Stock 28% Dissent, Elected Unopposed; IDT Loses Blackman, Blackman, Burnet For Kaufman, Shigeno
May 21, 2013
FDA Clears Pharmaxis Bronchitol For CF Path; Former CBio Executive Repays Invion ‘Termination Pay’; Agenix Appoints Craig Chapman Director
May 20, 2013
WEHI: ‘Immune Protein CD52 Can Stop Type 1 Diabetes’; Neuren Up 45% On AGM; Genetic Technologies Signs Multiplan For Brevagen Tests; Progen Raises Underwritten $5.2m; Acorn Below 5% In Pharmaxis; Bioniche Says William Wells Holds 5.6%
May 17, 2013
FDA Sets July Advisory Committee Meeting For QRX Moxduo; Invion Share Plan Raises $1.1m; Agenix $1m Rights Issue Shortfall, New Director; Ellex Appoints Dr Meera Verma, Rahmon Coupe Directors
May 16, 2013
WEHI Study Finds Malaria Parasites ‘Talk’ To Each Other; Bionomics, CRC ‘Ctx-0357927 Inhibits Melanoma Tumors In Mice’; Australia Allows Bone Lexcicon Patent; Angelina Jolie Pumps Genetic Technologies 33%; Up To 15% Of EGM Votes Oppose Prima Shortfall Shares; Cellestis Four Win ATSE Clunies Ross Awards
May 15, 2013
Federal Budget: Innovation Untouched; NHMRC, ARC Funding Up; Comment: Biotech Daily, GBS, Norton Rose, Medicines Australia, Ausbiotech, Bio-Melbourne Network; Victoria Opens Ausmedtech With $1m Grants; Mesoblast Stem Cells Effective For AMI In Sheep; Prima Raises $5m Of Hoped For $15m; Neuren Pleads Schultz To ASX 66% Query; Isonea Pleads Schultz, Presentations To ASX 27% Query; Bioniche Shareholder Group 2nd Meeting Requisition; Mesoblast Chief Executive Prof Silviu Itescu Diluted To 22%; Scott Ward Replaces Impedimed Director Martin Kriewaldt, To Lose Dr Mel Bridges In November; St Vincent’s Forum ‘Unleashing Innovation’ Reminder
May 2, 2013
Cyclopharm’s Technegas ‘Could Help Detect, Manage COPD’; Psivida, Alimera New US PDUFA Date For Iluvien For DME; St Vincent’s Institute Research Forum ‘Unleashing Innovation’; OBJ Prepares For Transdermal Internet Cosmetic Crème Trial; Mass Mutual Reduces To 8% In Novogen; Craig Hitchins Replaces Medivac Director John Evans
April BDI-40 Down 3.7%, ASX200 Up 4.5%; Big Caps Up 5%; CSL Resumes Influenza Vaccine Production For Australia; CSIRO Trial Developing Alzheimer’s Blood Test; US Patent For Alchemia’s Vast Platform; Antisense ATL1102 Multiple Sclerosis Toxicology Study; Immuron Rights Issue Raises $284k Of Underwritten $1.9m; Nusep Raises $350k To Raise $15m For $50m Prime Facility; Imugene Share Plan For Up To $600k; Uscom Appoints Grupo Sim Mexico Distributor; M&G Group Takes 13% Of Starpharma; Acuvax Has One Quarter Cash, $5m Placement; Clinuvel Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Tom Milicevic Appointed Advanced Surgical CEO; GI Dynamics Appoints Dr David Maggs Chief Medical Officer
WEHI, QIMR Broad Malaria Vaccine To Begin Trials In 2014; Suda Sub-Lingual Artimist ‘Superior To IV Quinine For Malaria’; Pharmaust To Acquire Pitney For 3 Cancer Platforms; US Sales Take Heartware Q1 Revenue Up 87% To $47.5m; Psivida, Alimera Iluvien Available To UK Private DME Patients; Genetic Technologies Licence For Genetics & IVF Institute; China Patent For Imugene’s Linguet; Correction: Phosphagenics, Calzada & AOD9604; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C Quarterly Reports Policy; Medical Australia Has One Quarter Cash; Genetic Technologies Less Than Six Months Cash, Revenue; Healthlinx Requests Funding Suspension; Northcape Below 5% In Pharmaxis; Wilson HTM Reduces 1% In Universal Biosensors
Biotechs Win $889k Of $10m Commercialisation Grants; Genetic Technologies Licence To Preventiongenetics; Suda Requests Phase III Results Trading Halt; Pharmaust Requests Acquisition Trading Halt; Goodbye Sunshine Heart; Bioniche Receives Shareholder EGM Request; Viralytics Chairman Paul Hopper Resumes Non-Executive Role
Acrux, Eli Lilly Axiron Q1 Sales Up 55% On Q4, 128% On Q1, 2012; CSIRO Licences Raft Polymerization Technology To Mirus Bio; Resmed Record Q3 Revenue, Profit; OBJ: ‘Novus Cites Boston Bombing For Underwriting Balk’; GI Dynamics Enrolling US Endobarrier Trial Patients; Calzada, Metabolic ‘Clarify’ AOD9604 Sports Claims; Johnson & Johnson Reduces 1.8% In GI Dynamics
Pharmaxis Falls 52% On Failed Bronchiectasis Trial; Patrys Moves To 3rd Multiple Myeloma Dose; Euro Patent For Phylogica’s AP-1 Phylomers; Bioniche Investor Concern; Consegna Expects $510k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Invion IND For INV103 (CPN10) For Lupus; Prima Appoints Prof Kohrt, Dr Klein Clinical Advisors
Alchemia Signs ‘Up To $240m’ Astrazeneca Collaboration; Lonza To Manufacture Bionomics BNC101; Neuren Doses 1st Phase II Rett Patient; Phase I Fragile X Trial; OBJ Raises $860k Of $3.5m, Novus Balks At ‘Fully Underwritten’; Allan Gray Takes 6% Of Acrux 
‘WEHI-539 Shuts Down Cancer Protein Bcl-Xl’; Pharmaxis Phase III Bronchiectasis Results Trading Halt; Mesoblast Phase II Stem Cell Disc Repair ‘Positive Trend’; Patrys PAT-SM6 Binds To GRP78, LDL; Medical Australia: $1m PA Manufacture, Supply Contracts; Neuren AGM For 50m Chairman Dr Richard Treagus Shares; LSQ Appoints Prof Uwe Heinrich, Stephen Burrill Ambassadors
Atcor: South African Study Backs Sphygmocor; Psivida: ‘Alimera Prices Iluvien At $8-10k Per Treatment’; USPTO Grants Merial 2nd Genetic Technologies Patent Exam; Neurodiscovery Director’s Shares, Options, Name Change EGM; WEHI Appoints Christopher Thomas Board President; Novogen Loses Director Josiah Austin; CFO’s Hains, Vaughan Replace Immuron’s Graeme Stevens
Cyclopharm Ultralute Extends Nuclear Imaging Life 50%; Japan Methods Of Use Patent For Prima’s CVac; Novogen Share Plan For Up To $2.5m; Consegna Option Rights Issue To Raise $382k; IOOF Below 5% In Mayne Pharma; Denlin, Tisia, Henderson, JK Take 19% Of Neurodiscovery; Bio-Melbourne Briefing On More Efficient Drug Development
Biota Cuts 30% Staff, Closes Programs, Moves Office; Calzada, Polynovo Trial: Novosorb ‘Beats Gold Standard’; Nanosonics Signs Toshiba To Distribute Trophon EPR In UK; Consolidated Consegna Returns To CGP Code; Ampliphi (Special Phage Services) Collaborates With Intrexon; US China Patents For Starpharma Drug Delivery; Sunshine Heart Placement Raises $13.5m; CDPP V JM Goes To Canberra High Court Full Bench; Genetic Technologies Pleads Schultz, Old News To ASX; Baillie Gifford Takes 12.7% Of Cochlear; Mesoblast Appoints Prof Eric Rose Director
UCSD Joins Benitec Phase I/II TT-034 Hepatitis C Study; Genetic Technologies Jumps On March Study Results; IDT Revises Guidance From Positive To Flat; Progen Underwritten Rights Offer For $5.2m; Suda Artimist Manufacturing Scale-Up Completed; Neurodiscovery Acquires Enigma, Name Change To Oncosil; University Of Sydney Hosts 1st Tedmed Conference
LBT, Hettich JV For Automated Plate Assessment; US Orphan Status For Benitec, Genable GT308 RP Program; Phosphagenics, Themis Sell TPM-Diclofenac To Novartis; Two Biotechs Awarded $250k Victorian Technology Vouchers; Bank Of New York Mellon Takes 5% Of Cochlear; Graham Edwards, Montoya Take 6% Of Pharmaxis; Cyclopharm AGM To Vote On 1.7m M-D Shares
Sirtex Completes 1st Line Sirflox Recruitment; FDA Approves Mayne’s 200mg Delayed-Release Doryx; Sunshine Heart Raises $12m; Alchemia Plan 3-Fold Over-Subscribed, Raises $2.75m; Novogen Placement Raises $2.5m; Regeneus, Cryosite Develop Storage Procedure; Isonea Launches Asthamsense Cloud Smart-Phone Application; Prana Chair Geoff Kempler, Baywick Diluted Below 5%; Vatican Gong For Mesoblast’s Prof Silviu Itescu
Immunexpress Joins Dutch Consortium For Sepsis Detection; MEI (Novogen) Me-344 Active Against Ovarian Cancer In Mice; Novogen Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Pharmaxis Q3 Sales Even; Sunshine Heart To Raise Up To $71m; Eco Quest’s Cynata Licences Its Stem Cell Technology; Benitec Appoints Ex-Cephalon CEO Kevin Buchi Director
Antisense Begins Phase II ATL1103 For Acromegaly Dosing; Patrys Completes 2nd PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Cohort; Correction: Bone; Japan Patent For Avita’s Recell; Pharmaxis Hires United Medical For Bronchitol In Brazil; Phylogica Contracts New York’s Griffin For Potential Deals; Burnet Virology, Immunology Merge For Vaccine Development
LSQ Welcomes Federal Government McKeon Review; Novogen Isolates Most Potent Form Of CS-6; Bone BN006 Phase I RA Trial Equals Adalimulab At Half-Dose; Viralytics: ‘Dose-Ranging Patients Tolerate IV Cavatak’; Nanosonics Trophon EPR Increases Probe Coverage; Prima Plan Price Change From 10c To 95% Of 10-Day VWAP; Platypus Capital Below 5% In Sirtex; Perpetual Takes 8% Of Sirtex
Allied Hails Increased Pre-Authorization Use Of Cardiocel; Bionomics Underwritten Rights Issue Raises $12.15m Of $16.4m; Resonance Expects FDA Hepafat-Scan Approval Within 6 Weeks; Suda Buys Novadel Novamist Spray For $400k, Stock; M&G Group Takes 12% Of Starpharma; Cellmid Loses Joint Company Secretary Andrew Bald
Phosphagenics Ready For Phase I TPM-Oxycodone Trial; Sirtex 6% Q3 Dose Sales Growth; Correction: Starpharma; Psivida Evaluation Agreement With Unnamed Company; EMA Continues Lengthy Review Of Clinuvel’s Scenesse
Starpharma To Take Vivagel To Phase III Vaginosis Trial; Benitec Tribetarna Improves Lung Cancer Treatment In Mice; Alchemia Sells Fondaparinux In India, Patent Extensions; Prana Receives $2.5m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Australian Ethical Reduces Below 5% In Neuren; ASX Releases 8m Bioxyne Escrow Shares; David Zohar Reduces, Diluted To 21% Of Actinogen; Ellex R&D Manager Malcolm Plunkett Resigns As Director
Starpharma Vaginosis Trial ‘Not Significant’; Adverse Events; Resonance Wins $200k EU Trial Contract; IDT Appoints Dr Paul Macleman CEO On $300k; Novogen: ‘CS-6 Kills Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells In-Vitro’; Advanced Surgical Raises $252k Of Hoped-For $1.5m; Consegna Shares, Options Consolidation Code Change; Data Boards Back Prana Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s Trials; Jason Peterson, Associates Take 9% Of Consegna; Neurodiscovery Appoints Martin Rogers Director On $80k; Victoria Presents Voucher Winners At STC Networking Event
March BDI-40 Down 1%, ASX200 Down 2.7%, Big Caps Down 1.2% - Psivida Up 21%, Pharmaxis Down 40%; Reva Starts Rezolve2 Coronary Stent Trial; Allied Lodges US FDA Cardiocel 510k Application; Phosphagenics Extends Nippon Zoki TPM Collaboration; Starpharma Bacterial Vaginosis Trial Results Trading Halt; Endo Returns Urocidin Sponsorship To Bioniche; Prima Share Plan, Options Rights Offer For Up To $20m; Resmed Takes Apex, Medical Depot To ITC, US Federal Court; Sunshine Heart Loses Director Donal O’Dwyer In Move To US
Federal Government $100m For Innovation Investment Fund; Agenix Tells Ausbiotech Summit: ‘Paving The Way In China’; Benitec Raises A Further $180k, Total $980k ; Immuron 3-For-2 Rights Issue For $1.9m; Prana Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
John Brumby Tells Ausbiotech Summit: ‘Partner With China’; Universal Bio: J&J Lifescan’s 2nd Glucose Meter Recall; Cellmid Licencees Progress Lung, Bladder Cancer Tests; Suda Malaria Trial Locked, Artimist Test Units Manufactured
Mar 20, 2013
Patrys: ‘PAT-SM6 Enhances Chemo-Combinations In-Vitro’; Allan Gray Resumes Buying In Acrux To 5%; $5m Euro Grant For Prima CVac Development; Consegna Reduces Consolidation From 25 To 5-To-One; NZBio Votes Living Cell ‘Company Of The Year’
Mar 19, 2013
FDA Refuses Pharmaxis Bronchitol Application; Heartware Raises $143m; Biotron Phase I/II Trial: ‘Bit225 Kills HIV In Reservoir Cells’; Genetic Technologies Begins Euro Patent Assertion Program; Antisense To Pay Up To $300k For China Toxicology Study; Resonance Wins European Trial Contract; Isonea Takes Asthma Monitor To Cloud Computing
Mar 18, 2013
European Bureaucracy Entangles Tissue Therapies, Again; Regeneus Expands To Queensland; Thorney Increases, Diluted To 5.6% In Mesoblast; Investors Mutual Takes Profit On Mayne Pharma; Armada Associates Take 5.2% Of Alchemia; Bioxyne Releases 8m Escrow Shares; Impedimed Loses Peggy Brooker, Promotes Morten Vigeland; Ondek Appoints Dr Jenny Harry Chief Executive Officer; Healthlinx, La Jolla Cove Part Company
Mar 15, 2013
Buchan Calls For Motor Neurone Disease Research Funding; USPTO Backs Genetic Technologies Non-Coding DNA Patent; Nusep Sells Proteoiq Tool To California’s Premier Biosoft; FDA Nasal Calcitonin Concerns Good For Bone Oral Delivery; Correction: Monash Vision Group; Perpetual Takes 7% Of Resmed
Mar 14, 2013
Monash Hopes For 1st-In-Human Bionic Eye In 2014; Mesoblast Completes $170m Placement; Tissue Therapies Regulatory Trading Halt; FDA Sets August PDUFA Date For QRX Moxduo ; Consegna Pleads Schultz To ASX 200% Query; Sunshine Heart Appoints Jon Salveson Director
Mar 13, 2013
Hugh Alsop Replaces Hatchtech CEO Dr Ross Macdonald; Starpharma, Makhteshim Agan Agri-Collaboration; Cellmid Raises $2m; Consegna Options Rights Issue For $420k; Heartware Sets Price To Raise $125m; Tang Wen Sen Diluted Below 5% Of Agenix
Mar 12, 2013
Pharmaxis’ Dr Alan Robertson Goes, Gary Phillips New CEO; Heartware To Raise About $125m; Medical Australia UK 5-Year Deal; Consegna 25:1 Consolidation
Mar 11, 2013
Alchemia Placement Raises $10m, Share Plan For $2m More; Cellmid Pleads Schultz, Again, To ASX 69% Query, Trading Halt
Mar 8, 2013
Pharmaxis Completes Bronchiectasis Trial, Results By July; Circadian Licences VEGF To Santa Crux For Reagents; CSL CEO Paul Perreault Starts On $1.7m A Year; Federal Minister Greg Combet Opens $25m Phebra Facility; FDA Approves Wireless Version Of Universal Biosensors Meter; FDA Rejects Isonea Sonosentry, Airsonea On-Track; Prana Reports PBT2-Tau Mouse Data; Suda Appoints Ken Robson Director; Bioniche Spins Human Health Into Bioniche Therapeutics
Mar 7, 2013
Patrys PAT-SM6 Safe, Signs Of Efficacy In Multiple Myeloma ; Prana Tells ASX PBT2-Tau Conference Announcement ‘Material’; Allan Gray Takes 12% Of Tissue Therapies; Graham Durbin Takes 7% Of Genera; Alchemia Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Biological Repositories Society’s First Sydney Meeting
Mar 6, 2013
Mesoblast Raises $170m For Spine Trial, Inflammatory Disease; Allied Claims 4 Years Without Calcification For Cardiocel; Cogstate, Merck Launch Cognigram In Canada; US Patent For Alchemia Hyact Platform; GI Dynamics Signs CMS As Brazil Distributor; Prana PBT434 Targets Parkinson’s Alpha-Synuclein Protein; Novogen, Ingham Combine For Super-Benzopyrans For Cancer
Mar 5, 2013
‘Coalition Will Protect R&D’ MP O’Dwyer Tells Bio-Melbourne; Benitec Raises $800k; Japanese Patent For Imugene’s Linguet; Appeal Lodged Against Genetic Technologies Patent Finding; Charles Goode Companies Take 6% Of Cogstate; Resmed CEO Michael Farrell Starts On $732k
Alchemia Phase III Ha-Irinotecan Recruitment Closed; Eli Lilly, Acrux PBS Listing For Axiron; Prima Starts Phase II/III CVac Ovarian Cancer Trial In Europe; QRX Resubmits FDA Moxduo NDA; Bionomics Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Heartware Revenue Up 34% To $US111m, Loss Up 59% To $US88m; Ellex H1 Revenue Down 16% To $22m, Profit Down 78% To $144k; Optiscan H1 Revenue Up 223% To $936k, Turnaround Profit $136k; Impedimed Revenue Down 7% To $1.4m, Loss Down 13% To $5m; Avita H1 Revenue Down 34% To $2.4m, Loss Up 78% To $4m; Uscom H1 Revenue Down 28% To $363k, Loss Down 41% To $671k; GI Dynamics Revenue Up 185% To $668k, Loss Up 2% To $27m; Progen H1 Revenue Up 222% To $1m, Loss Down 30% To $4m; Clinuvel Passes EMA Manufacturing Audit; OBJ Rights Issue For $3.5m ; Bluechiip Appoints Eric Hall North America Product Manager
Feb 22, 2013
Optiscan Down 9%; Medical Developments H1 Revenue Up 25% To $6m, Profit Up 25%; Genetic Technologies H1 Revenue Down 8% To $2m, Loss Up 12%; Allied Health H1 Revenue Up 13% To $4m, Loss Up 9% To $2m; Agenix Raises $419k Of Hoped For $1.2m, Shortfall; Immuron CEO Joe Baini Resigns; Circadian Appoints Steven Zammit CFO, Co Sec
Feb 21, 2013
Atcor H1 Revenue Up 43% To $5.4m, Turnaround Profit $2.3m; Phylogica Revenue Down 90% To $134k, Loss Down 19% To $1m; China Grants Divisional Patent For Biodiem’s BDM-I; Hartnell Family, Robinwood Take 15% Of Advanced Surgical; Mick Farrell Succeeds Resmed CEO Dr Peter Farrell
Feb 20, 2013
Phosphagenics Topical Opioid For Local Pain; Bioxyne Raises $508k; Dr Collier, Dr Campbell To Join Executive; Phosphagenics Revenue Down 16% To $2.7m, Profit To Loss; Cogstate H1 Revenue Down 12% To $6m, Profit To Loss; Neurodiscovery Acquisition; Placement, Options EGM; Tissue Therapies Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Medicines Australia Chairman Mark Masterson Resigns; Circadian Loses CFO, Co Sec Susan Madden
Feb 19, 2013
Novogen CS-6 ‘Kills Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells In-Vitro’; Polyactiva Raises $9.2m For Drug-Polymer Drug Delivery; Anteo Partners With One World Lab For Mix&Go Sales; Advanced Surgical Places $594k, Rights Issue For $1.5m More; Circadian H1 Revenue Down 22% To $600k, Loss Up 125% To $4m; Pharmaust H1 Revenue Up 32% To $1m, Loss Down 52% To $324k; Allied Health Tells ASX Price Query ‘News Not Material’; GI Dynamics Releases 48.6m Escrow CDIs; Fisher Funds Take 6% Of Nanosonics; Director, CSO Dr Andrew Heaton Takes 6.5% Of Novogen; Jarrod White Replaces Bioxyne CFO, Co Sec Ashok Jaraith
Feb 18, 2013
Federal Government Innovation Policy; Medicines Australia Welcomes Trials Reform, Precincts; GBS Venture Partners ‘Thrilled’ By Funding Re-Investment; Ausbiotech, Bio-Melbourne Welcome Initiatives; Acrux H1 Revenue Up 9% To $5m, Profit Down 58% To $2m; Bioxyne Proceeds With Vitality Acquisition; Calzada, Polynovo Revise BARDA Application; Trial Progress; Alchemia Q2 Fondaparinux Royalty Up 90% To $3m; Acuvax Biolife Acquisition, Name Change EGM; Perpetual Takes 6% Of Resmed; Social Investments Reduces To 5% Of Neurodiscovery; Alchemia Promotes CFO Charles Walker To CEO
Feb 15, 2013
Federal Court Dismisses Genetic Technologies Patent Case; Greens, Coalition, Independents Win Non-Binding R&D Vote; Pharmaxis H1 Revenue Up 77% To $6m, Loss Up 6% To $21m; Cellmid H1 Revenue Up 263% To $258k, Loss Down 41%; Consegna Raises $633k; Bio-Melbourne Goes Mobile For Devices, Diagnostics Lab; Mass Mutual Reduces To 9% In Novogen; Tom Rowe Replaces Nusep Company Secretary Swapna Keskar
Feb 14, 2013
US Army Tests Biodiem BDM-I For Plague, Anthrax; Uniquest, UTS, MRCF Create Helmedix For Immune Diseases; Chief Scientist Recommends Innovation Council; Sirtex H1 Revenue Up 25% To $46m, Profit Up 34% To $8m; Universal Biosensors Revenue Up 102% To $30m, Loss Down 38%; Nanosonics H1 Revenue Down 13% To $4m, Loss Up 97% To $6m; Starpharma H1 Revenue Up 24% To $1.3m, Loss Down 61% To $1.8m; Psivida H1 Revenue Down 50% To $1m, Loss Up 74% To $5m; Impedimed Signs 3m For Australia, New Zealand Sales; Allan Gray Below 5% In Acrux; Constables Take 5% Of Antisense
Feb 13, 2013
FDA Allows Minimal Trial Data For ‘Breakthrough Therapies’; FDA Approves Mesoblast Singapore Stem Cell Plant; CSL Record H1 Revenue Up 6% To $2.5b, Profit Up 24% To $608m; Biota H1 Revenue Up 90% To $11m, Loss Down 79% To $2.3m; Allied Earns ISO Certificate For Cardiocel Management System; Avita Passes ISO Audit; CSL CEO-Elect Paul Perreault Appointed Executive Director
Feb 12, 2013
Mireven: ‘miRNA-7-5p Effective For Melanoma In-Vitro’; Capital Group Clients Below 5% Of Cochlear; USPTO Allows Acrux Transdermal Testosterone Patent; US Patent For Antisense ATL1102 For Multiple Sclerosis, Study; Acuvax Signs Biolife Deal For Back To Cancer Future; China Partner Pays Biodiem $98k; Agenix Hopes To Licence, Partner All Three Technologies; Bioxyne Appoints Jarrod White Company Secretary
Feb 11, 2013
Bionomics Names LGR5 As BNC101 Cancer Stem Cell Target; Cellmid Midkine Diagnostic Licence Option To Japan’s Fujikura; Heartware Warns Users To Check Driveline Connector; Nexgenia Uses CSIRO's RAFT For Polymer-Based Diagnostics; Phosphagenics Oxycodone Patch Returns To Clinical Trials; US Insurer To Reimburse Resonance’s Ferriscan; Avexa Sells All Allied Health Shares; Steve Harris Replaces Imugene Chairman Fabio Pannuti
Feb 8, 2013
Biodiem, QIMR: BDM-I Kills Schistosoma Japonicum In-Vitro; EMBL Australia, SAHMRI Call For 3 Leaders For Research Group; Ellerston (Packer Family) Takes 10% Of Acrux; Resonance Appoints Dr Jason Loveridge Director
Feb 7, 2013
Greens, Libs Move For Science, Research Budget Protection; US, China Patents For Mesoblast Composition-Of-Matter; Reva 6-Month Follow-Up: ‘No Further Major Events’; Neurodiscovery $1.5m, Dr Aston Chair, Phase III Brachysil; Bioniche Hunts For New Partners For Urocidin; Prima Earns $1.4m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Circadian $1.3m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Sunshine Heart CEO David Rosa $322k Base Salary; Insurer Joins Invion (CBio) Action Against Former Executives
Feb 6, 2013
Allied, CSIRO Study: Cardiocell Promotes Stem Cell Growth; Eco Quest, Cynata Prove Stem Cell Ischemic Limb Concept; Mayne Plan Raises $5.1m; Victoria Premier’s Award Nominations Open ; Capital Group Clients Reduce To 6% Of Cochlear; Lind Fund Takes 5.5% Of Consegna; Medicines Australia: Drug Exports Beat Cars, Wine; Avita Appoints Novartis V-P Director; Universal Biosensors Director Dr Colin Adam To Retire
Feb 5, 2013
Red Cross, CSL, Bio-Melbourne: ‘Artificial Blood Not Imminent’; WEHI: MCL-1 Survival Essential For Treatment; Cochlear Record H1 Revenue, Unit Sales; Bio-Link To Market Phylogica’s Anti-Inflammatory Phylomers; Prima CEO Matthew Lehman: ‘Manufacture Is Key’, Pilot Trials; Metal Group, Avexa, McRae Diluted In Allied Health; Calzada, Metabolic AOD9604 Helps Osteoarthritis In Rabbits; Novogen Files Super-Benzopyrans Patent Application; US Patent For Ampliphi Bacteriophage Therapy; Sunshine Heart To Delist On May 6; Uniquest Promotes Dr Dean Moss To Acting CEO
Feb 4, 2013
WEHI, Synchrotron Capture Cell Death; Alchemia Completes Phase III Ha-Irinotecan Recruitment; Bionomics BNC375 Enhances Rodent Episodic, Working Memory; Calzada, Polynovo Recruit 20-Patient Novosorb Wound Trial; Circadian Nears Completion Of Phase I VGX-100 Tumor Trial; Graham Edwards, Montoya Take 5.5% Of Pharmaxis
January BDI-40 Up 6%, ASX200 Up 5%, Big Caps Up 2% - GI Dynamics Up 41%, Pharmaxis Down 46%; Biodiem Renews US Institute BDM-I Pre-Clinical Research; Imugene Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; Cogentum Michael Johnson Replaces Consega’s Fabio Pannuti; Gude Buer Replaces Genesis Exec Director Catherine Yan 
FDA Committee Blocks Pharmaxis, Comment, $38m Facility; Janssen Extends Phylogica Collaboration; Neuren Appoints Dr Richard Treagus Executive Chairman; Atcor H1 Sales Up 43% To $5.4m, Turn-Around Profit; Ellex H1 Profit Warning ; Baycrest $3m Agenix Facility; Progen Earns $723k Federal R&D Tax Refund; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C Quarterly Reports Policy; Benitec, Medical Aust, Bioprospect, Bioxyne Cash-Strapped; Consegna Board, Management Trading Halt
Jan 30, 2013
Mesoblast Ready For Phase II Rheumatoid Arthritis Trials; Acrux Jumps 8% On 2012 Axiron Sales Up 208% To $71m; Antisense: FDA Approves Isis, Genzyme Kynamro; Regeneus, Kolling: ‘Fat Stem Cells Help Dog Cancer Vaccine’; Sunshine Heart Hopes To Depart ASX By July; Warren Watson Replaces Sunshine Heart’s Dr William Peters; Calzada Earns $789k Federal R&D Tax Refund; EMA Discusses Delayed Tissue Therapies Vitrogro
FDA Concerns On Pharmaxis Trial Design; Trading Halt; Tissue Therapies Has One Quarter Cash; Considering Options; Alchemia Loses CEO Dr Pete Smith; Uniquest Loses M-D David Henderson; Medical Developments CEO John Sharman Earns Bonus
FDA Clears Resonance Ferriscan As Exjade Companion Test; Antisense Ready For UK ATL1103 Acromegaly Phase II Trial; Resmed Record Quarter, H1 Revenue, Profit; Genetic Technologies Earns $4m In Q2; BPH, Melbourne Uni Brain Monitor Linkage Grant
WEHI Links Immune Cell Death Defects To Autoimmune Disease; Pharmaxis Q4 Revenue, Sales Double; Psivida’s Alimera Hopes For Iluvien DME Patient Access Scheme; Nusep Sells Software Business To California’s Premier; Prima CEO Matthew Lehman’s Investor Roadshow; Viralytics CEO Dr Malcolm Mccoll Starts On $357k
Cellmid Anti-Midkine Antibodies Reduce Kidney Damage In Mice; Allied Share Plan’s $2.9m Takes Raising To $4.6m; Bio-Melbourne, Red Cross, CSL Breakfast On Artificial Blood; Reva Releases 23m Escrow Shares
Bathurst Study: ‘Uscom Saves Sepsis Lives, Hospital Costs’; Consegna Files Breatheassist BO2LT Patent Application; Osprey To Release 50k Escrow CDIs 
Jan 21, 2013
Medical Developments Phase III: Penthrox Efficacy, Safety; Bioxyne Reviews HI-164OV Database; Euro-Patent For Cellmid Midkine Vascular Occlusive Disease; Agenix 1-For-1 Rights Issue To Raise $1m; Cogstate H1 Revenue Down To $9m, Loss Down To $500k; Bone Claims Early BN006 Success In Rheumatoid Arthritis; Dr Malcolm McColl Starts As Viralytics CEO Today; Correction: Patrys


Resonance Liver Fibrosis Trial: Not Competitive; Correction: Bluechiip; Endo Returns Urocidin Rights To Bioniche; Prima Director Martin Rogers Sells 10.5m Shares; Neuren To Begin Phase II Trial Of NNZ-2566 In Rett Syndrome; Consegna Raises $357k, Appoints Phillip Hains Joint Co Sec; Bruce Gray Sells $7m Sirtex Shares; Agenix Says Fortrend Reneged On Facility, Fund Raising; Medical Developments Signs Spacer Deal With Glaxosmithkline; Progen PG545 Licence With Medigen; Healthlinx Agreement With Mane Expires; Malcolm Lucas-Smith Replaces Healthlinx Director John Evans; Invion Begins Phase II Asthma Trial; Nusep Receives $227k Share Payment; Sienna Appoints Dr David Earp Director; Clinical Network Services Buys NZ Partner Beltas; Maria Maileli Replaces Ellex Co Sec Guiseppe Canala; Consegna To Issue 48m Placement Shares; Proxima Takes 33% Of Bone; Heartware 2012 Q4 Revenue Up 40% To $32m; Sunshine Heart Begins Pivotal US C-Pulse Trial; Nusep’s Singapore Facility Produces GMP-Quality Albumin; Raff Group Takes 7% Of Genera; Citigroup Takes 7% Of Patrys; Sirtex Sir-Spheres 2102 Q4 Sales Up 25%; Neuren Appoints Dr Nancy Jones Head Clinical Development; Clifford Eu Takes 10% Of Nusep; Allied’s Adapt Tissue Superior Or Equal To Synthetic Implant; WEHI Discovers How Insulin Attaches To Receptor; GI Dynamics, Gore Settle Patent Litigation; Bone Completes Phase II BN006 Rheumatoid Arthritis Phase II Treatment; Nusep Completes Singapore-Based Prime Facility Lease; Mesoblast Phase II Results Take Lumbar Spine Fusion To Phase III; Sirtex Founder Dr Bruce Gray Sells $9.6m Shares; Patrys Phase I/IIa Multiple Myeloma Trial Doses 2nd Group; Bluechiip Signs 1st North America Distributor; Oxford’s Isis Appoints Helen Ujvary Australia Representative; US Registers 25 Genea Stem Cell Lines; Progen Expects $723k R&D Tax Refund; Victoria $300k For Infection, Immunity Alliance; Bionomics Expects $4.2m R&D Tax Refund; Cell Care Takes 23% Of Cryosite; QRX’s Moxduo Expected To Launch In Q3, 2103; Aspire $US25m Sunshine Heart Stock Purchase Facility; Phosphagenics Begins Phase I Oxymorphone Patch Trial; Spain Approves Psivida, Alimera Iluvien; Japan Patent For BPH, Diagnostic Array Respiratory Pathogen Test
Dec 21, 2012
Alchemia Falls 36% On Audeo Oncology Demerger Failure; Bionomics: Ironwood Begins Phase I BNC210, IW-2134 Anxiety Trial; Viralytics Share Plan Raises $3.5m; Bluechiip Plan Raises $587k, Total $2.1m; NHMRC $200k For Allied, Coridon HPV Vaccine; Genetic Technologies Sues Prevention Genetics, Genelex; Suda To Aquire Novamist Sublingual Platform; Agenix Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Cathrx Has Left The Building; Eco Quest To Acquire 29% Of Cynata
Dec 20, 2012
Biotech Daily: The Year In Review; Acuvax Dr Roger Aston, Paul Hopper Back To Cancer Future; Invion, Numoda $2m Draw-Down Equity Clinical Trial Facility; Benitec Appoints Synteract For Hepatitis C Clinical Trials; UBS AG Below 5% Of Acrux; Imugene Appoints Phillip Hains Co-Company Secretary
Dec 19, 2012
Clinuvel Claims Scenesse Phase II Vitiligo Success; Prana Completes Phase IIa PBT2 Huntington’s Recruitment; Hunter Hall Takes More Profit From Sirtex; Allan Gray Takes 5% Of Acrux; UBS AG Takes 5% Of Acrux; Acuvax Requests Acquisition Trading Halt; Calama Takes 7% Of Tyrian
Federal Government $128m NHMRC Grants; Sirtex Joins S&P ASX200; Nusep Earns $1.5m Federal R&D Tax Refund; Atcor Expects $697k Federal R&D Tax Payment; UQ, Emory Collaborate For Que Oncology; Genera Raises $800k; Melanie Leydin Replaces CFO Tony Panther; Bank Of East Asia, David Li Take 28% Of Biodiem; Medivac Loses Director Paul McPherson 
Dec 17, 2012
Living Cell Deal With Otsuka For NTCell For Neurology; Allied Placement Raises $1.7m, Share Plan; Invion Meets FDA For INV103 For Lupus; Immuron Mouse Studies Back IMM-529 For Clostridium Difficile; European Committee Rebuffs Antisense Partner Isis, Genzyme; Universal Biosensors Plan Raises $1.2m, Total Raised $13.2m; Consegna Placement Raises $500k, Share Plan For $250k More; Fortrend Takes 9% Of Agenix; Chairman Andrew Kroger Takes 23% Of Cryosite; Alchemia Takes Nasdaq Listing, IPO To Suspension; Starpharma Appoints Eve Williamson V-P Business Development; WEHI’s Prof Peter Colman Wins Inaugural Bragg Medal
Dec 14, 2012
Bionomics Names Alpha-7 BNC375 For Alzheimer’s Disease; Biotron Completes Phase I/II HIV Treatment; Mayne Buys GSK’s Kapanol Opioid For $14m, Placement, Plan; Dr Phillip Comans Replaces Bioxyne CEO David Radford; Avexa AGM Defeats Director, 47% Shun Alabama Coal Mine; Commonwealth Director Of Public Prosecutions V JM; IDT Loses M-D Dr Robyn Elliott
Dec 13, 2012
Mesoblast Cells ‘Safe, Effective For Cord Blood Expansion’; Gilead Pays $362m For YM’s $14m Cytopia CYT387; Hatchtech Raises $6m For Phase III Deovo Lice, Eggs Trial; Viralytics US Phase II Melanoma Trial: ‘Interim Efficacy’; Prana: ‘PBT2 Inhibits Huntington’s Symptoms In Mice’; Alchemia Requests Audeo IPO, Capital Raising Trading Halt; Allied Health Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Dec 12, 2012
Teva Backs Mesoblast Phase III Cardiac Trial; Harding Loevner Takes 6% Of Cochlear; Correction: Agenix; Biodiem India Partner Prepares For Export; Prana 24% AGM Dissent Against Director Options; Consegna Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Novogen Appoints Andrew Bursill Company Secretary
Dec 11, 2012
Spinifex Starts Phase II EMA401 Chemo Neuropathy Trial; Thromboview Platform Returns As Agenix Lead Product; Cyclopharm Rights Issue Raises $2.1m; Bearish M&G Group Takes 11% Of Starpharma; Circadian Creates Internal VEGF Subsidiaries
Patrys Doses 1st Three PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Patients; Viralytics Plans UK Cavatak IV Cancer Trial; Avexa Signs Potential ATC Distributors; Allan Gray (Orbis) Takes 10% Of Nanosonics; European Patent For OBJ’s Dermaportation Technology; Avexa Reduces To 10% Of Allied Health; Consegna Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Genetic Technologies: Alison Mew CEO, Ben Silluzio Director; Ex-CEO Dr Paul Tan Replaces Living Cell CSO Prof Bob Elliott 
Dec 7, 2012
Novogen Back To Cancer Future With CEO Prof Graham Kelly; WEHI Immune ‘Kill Switch’ NLRP1 Could Be Chemotherapy Target; Proctor & Gamble, OBJ Magnetic Transdermal Trials; Bioniche Director Nick Photiades Retires
Dec 6, 2012
CSL: All Programs On-Track, Hiring R&D Staff; Melbourne Uni, Bio Farma Adjuvant Vaccine Collaborations; Starpharma Dendrimer-Docetaxel 4 Tumor Superiority In Mice; Roche’s 454 Settles Genetic Technologies Patent Case; Allan Gray Takes 11% Of QRX; Genesis 6-Day Director Houwen (Tina) Tan Resigns; Isonea Asthma ’Phone Update
Dec 4, 2012
Osprey Begins Catheter-Based Limb Recovery Trial; Benitec, Uniqure Cross-Licence ddRNAi, AAV5 Delivery; Australian Ethical Takes 5% Of Universal Biosensors; Correction: GI Dynamics; Eastland Promotes CEO, CFO, Looks For New Projects
Dec 3, 2012
November BDI-40 Down 5%, ASX200 Flat, Big Caps Up 7%, Patrys Up 27%, Genetic Technologies Down 38%; Psivida: UK Nice Refuses Iluvien Rebate, Appeal Available; Benitec Compound Silences 90% OPMD Gene Expression; Phosphagenics Broadens Opioid Patch To Platform; M&G Group Takes 13% Of GI Dynamics; Alchemia Expects $9m Offshore R&D Tax Refund; Bone Capthymone Dose Trial; David Kenley Takes 6% Of Calzada
Nov 28, 2012
Editorial: Mervyn, Mervyn, Mervyn !; Starpharma Vivagel Fails Phase III; FDA NDA On Hold; Allied’s Cardiocel Sheep Trial Grows New Tissue; Bioxyne To Let Shareholders Decide HI-1640V’s Fate; Genetic Technologies Appoints Dr Mal Brandon Chairman; Consegna Loses Director Brendan Fleiter, Belt-Tightening; Healthlinx 27% AGM Dissent Against Director Nick Gatsios; Nusep Loses 3 Directors Ahead Of 2nd Strike AGM; GI Dynamics Releases 90.5m Escrow Shares
Nov 27, 2012
Genetic Technologies Loses Chairman, CEO, Directors, Staff; Genetic Technologies’ Dr Mervyn Jacobson High Court Trial; CSL 20% Profit Upgrade; Prana Completes Alzheimer’s Imaging Trial Recruitment; Biotron Begins 3-Month BIT225 Toxicology Studies; Antisense Earns $670k R&D Tax Rebate; $830k More To Come; Bluechiip Tagging Methods, Apparatus European Patent
Nov 26, 2012
WEHI: Immune Gene ARIH2 Could Control Chronic Infections; Universal Biosensors Placement Raises $12m, Share Plan; OBJ Faces 22% Against Remuneration; Cathrx To Delist On New Year’s Eve
Nov 22, 2012
Minister Asher Awards $50k Victoria Prizes, $18k Fellowships; Living Cell Phase I/IIa Diabecell Efficacy, Phase IIb Trial Begins; Neuren Phase I Shows Oral NNZ-2566 Safe, Rett Syndrome IND; Alchemia Earns $1.4m From Fondaparinux, Sales Up 30%; Phylogica Upgrades Phylomer Library ‘47-Fold’; Universal Biosensors Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Viralytics 36.5% AGM Dissent At Directors Fees Pool Hike; Starpharma Expects $6m R&D Tax Payment; Agenix EGM To Licence Tyrian Assets, Issue Fortrend Shares; Alchemia To Lose Chairman Dr Mel Bridges In 2013; Small Technologies Cluster BBQ On Victoria’s Impact
Nov 21, 2012
FDA Approves Heartware Pump For Bridge-To-Transplant; Unconditional FDA Approval For Sunshine Heart C-Pulse Trial; WEHI’s $185m Research Facility; Bluechiip Placement Raises $1.5m, Share Plan; Japanese Patent For Biodiem’s Anti-Microbial BDM-I; Biota Clears Overhang, 2013 BARDA Phase II Milestone; Hunter Hall Reduces To 26% In Sirtex; Viralytics Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension
Nov 20, 2012
Avita Prepares For 2013 Recell Venous Leg Ulcer Trial; Sirtex To Establish German Manufacturing Facility; US FDA Approves Atcor Sphygmocor Xcel; Baillie Gifford Takes 12% Of Cochlear; US FDA Approves Mesoblast Manufacturing Process; Novogen, MEI Pharma Me-344 ‘A Most Licensable Product’; Sunshine Heart Requests Regulatory Trading Halt; IDT Loses 2nd Strike Vote, Wins Spill Vote; Circadian Faces 22% Against Remuneration; Bioxyne Savings: CEO David Radford 0.6-Time, Director Shares
Nov 19, 2012
Cyclopharm Enrols 1st Technegas Phase III Trial Patient; BPH: Cortical’s 2nd Chinese Brain Monitor Patent; Teva: ‘Working With Mesoblast On Phase III Cardiac Trial’; Viralytics Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Correction: Novogen; Bioprospect Loses Peter May, Charles Pellegrino
Nov 16, 2012
Benitec Expects US Hep C ddRNAi Monotherapy Trial In 2013; Biotron Presents Phase IIa ‘100% Hep C Cure’ Data; NZ Ethics Approval For Living Cell Parkinson’s Trial; IOOF Takes 6% Of Mayne Pharma; Agenix Completes 1-For-25 Consolidation; Novogen Distributes MEI Shares; Prima Faces 21% Against Remuneration, 24% Incentives; Bluechiip Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Living Cell Appoints CEO Dr Andrea Grant M-D
Nov 15, 2012
Allied, Coridon DNA Vaccine Protects Mice From HPV Tumors; Prana Phase IIa PBT2 Huntington’s Disease Trial On-Track; Clarification: Bionomics AGM Dissent; Mesoblast Talks Teva, Pleads Trading To ASX 21% Fall Query; Mayne Completes Metrics Acquisition; Circadian Licences VEGF To Bio-Rad For Research Products; Biota Appoints Russell Plumb CEO, Dr Joseph Patti Strategy; Investors Mutual Takes 6.5% Of Mayne Pharma; Melanie Leydin Replaces Biodiem Co Sec Richard Wadley; Nusep’s Prof John Aitken Wins NSW Scientist Of The Year
Nov 14, 2012
Prima: ‘Further Interim Data Backs CVac For Ovarian Cancer’; Bionomics 47% Dissent At Directors Fees, 1m Options; Reva On-Track For 2014 Sales, Funds Secure; Avexa Coal Mining AGM; Cathrx Votes To Delist; Bluechiip Capital Raising Trading Halt; Viralytics Appoints Dr Malcolm McColl CEO
Nov 13, 2012
Benitec, CCIA Mouse Study Delivers ddRNAi To Lung Tumors; Bluechiip, Italy’s H&S Develop Bio-Bank Software; ASX Suspends Broke Genesis, Directors Resign; Viralytics Receives $1.5m R&D Tax Payment; Bruce Mathieson Increases To 9% Of Mayne; Sanofi Appoints Laurence McAllister M-D Australia, NZ; Sunshine Heart, CM Capital Lose Dr Mark Harvey; CM Capital’s Andy Jane Replaces Osprey Director Dr Harvey; Calzada To Lose Director Dr John Chiplin; St Vincent’s Asian Biotech Century Forum
Nov 12, 2012
NSW $20m For Children’s Medical Research; Victoria’s 1st Voucher Applications Close November 28; Viralytics Phase I Cavatak Safe, Anti-Tumor Activity; TGA Accreditation For Nusep Manufacturing; Alchemia’s Audeo Files Estimated US Share Price; Biota Opens Down 7% On Nasdaq; Novogen To Acquire Triaxial Pharmaceuticals; Australian Ethical Increases To 13.5% In Avita; Bioniche 48% AGM Dissent On Employee Share, Option Plans; Genesis ‘Lack Of Funds’ Trading Halt
Nov 9, 2012
Eli Lilly Axiron Sales Fall Hits Acrux Price; Biota Takes 10.5k Investors To Nasdaq; Biotron Begins Phase II BIT225 Trial For HIV With Hepatitis C; BPH’s Cortical Dynamics Brain Response Trial Closes; Cyclopharm Fighting Fund, US Trial 1-For-4 Rights Issue; Australian Ethical Reduces To 6% In Neuren; Mayne Pharma 17% AGM Dissent Against Chair Roger Corbett; Prana AGM For 9m Directors Options; WEHI’s Prof Jerry Adams Wins AAS Macfarlane Burnet Medal; Pharmaust Loses Mining Director Greg Cunnold
Nov 8, 2012
DSMB Backs Alchemia Ha-Irinotecan Colorectal Cancer Trial; CSIRO Soldier Beetle Gene For Antibiotic, Anti-Cancer Drugs; Bionomics’ Ironwood IND For Anti-Anxiety IW-2143 (BNC210); Circadian VGX-100 Combo Inhibits Colorectal Cancer In Mice; Griffith University To Expand Biodiem BDM-I Delivery Variants; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Paediatric Market; Significant Dissent At Invion (CBio) AGM; Small Dissent At Uscom AGM; Durbin Super Takes 6% Of Genera; MEI Pharma Consolidation Changes Novogen Distribution; Medical Dev’s John Sharman Earns 2nd Tranche Shares
Nov 7, 2012
Biotech Daily’s 7th Birthday; Senz Begins Phase I/II Trial Of Val-1000 For Acute Leukaemias; Allied Wins $2m Arcomed Infusion Contract; Novogen’s MEI Data Shows High MDS Response Rates; Medical Developments To Supply Asthma Spacer To Canada; Patrys Enrols 1st Multiple Myeloma Trial Patient; Ellex To Launch New Eye Products At Chicago Congress; Biota Earns $4.2m R&D Tax Credit; Bruce Mathieson Increases To 8% Of Mayne; Resonance Ferriscan Closer To Reimbursement; QRX Faces 20% Opposition On Remuneration, Director Options
Nov 6, 2012
CSL112 ‘May Reduce Recurrent Cardiac Risk’; Endo Ends Phase IIIBioniche Urocidin Bladder Cancer Trial; Novogen’s MEI Pharma Raises $26m; Cyclopharm Requests Entitlement Offer Trading Halt; Dr Bernard Hockings Takes 7% Of Phylogica
Nov 5, 2012
Avexa Invests $10m In Alabama Coal Mine ‘For ATC’ - History; Quest Licences Clinical Genomics Biomarkers; $1m Gates Funds For MIPS Inhaled Oxytocin; Medical Developments Appoints J&J’s Max Johnston Director
Nov 2, 2012
Queensland Uni To Produce Cheap Vaccines Quickly; Ausbiotech Closes With Investment Summit; Patersons Cuts Biodiem $2.55m Rights Issue Underwriting; Healthlinx Final Ovplex Data ‘Validates Test’; M&G Group Takes 12% Of GI Dynamics; Euco Takes 5% Of Nusep; Avexa Requests Investment Trading Halt; OBJ Pleads Schultz To ASX 33% Query; Antisense Director Prof George Werther Retires
Nov 1, 2012
October BDI-40 Down 3%, ASX200 Up 3%, Big Caps Up 3%, Viralytics Up 70%, Neuren Up 56%, Prima Down 33%; Patrys Expands PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Trial To Melbourne; Ellex To Supply Signostics Ultrasound Sub-Assembly; Mayne Licences Intas Injectables, Retail Offer Raises $25m; No GSK Biota Relenza Sales, No Royalty; Inavir Earns $26k; Consegna Passes On Aspen Medisys; Consegna Has Less Than One Quarter Cash, $6m Facility; Pharmaust Has One Quarter Cash, $1m Raising; Andrew Baker, Starpharma, Vaxxas Ausbiotech Janssen Gongs; Connor O’Meara Wins $7k Ausbiotech-Glaxosmithkline Award; Ausbiotech Elects Michelle Burke Director
Oct 31, 2012
Victoria Opens Ausbiotech Conference With $1.9m Programs; Osprey Device Reduces Kidney-Toxic Cardiac Dye; Octa Phillip Fund Has $55m To Invest; Medical Developments Asthma Spacer Supply Deal; Phosphagenics Expands TPM Horse Supplements; Baillie Gifford Takes 9.6% Of Cochlear; Cryosite Easily Wins 2nd Strike Vote; Nusep 2nd Strike Board Spill, Directors’ Shares AGM; Paul Hopper Replaces Imugene’s Dr Warwick Lamb
Oct 30, 2012
EMA Delays Tissue Therapies Vitrogro Up To 210 Days; Octa Phillip-Bioxyne Board Spill Fails; Bye-Bye Biota, Hello Nasdaq; Full US Approval For GI Dynamics Endobarrier Trial; Phosphagenics TPM Injectable Antibiotic Deal To India’s Agila; Alchemia Has One Quarter Cash, $60m IPO, $2m Tax Credit, Sales; Isonea Raises $4m; Nusep Places $1m; John Leaver Takes 6% Of Bionomics; Landon Clay, East Hill Take 13% Of Biota; CB Co, Curran Super Fund Takes 13% Of Atcor; Consegna 77m Shares, 80m Options, 1m Notes AGM; Bone $1,671,987 Directors, Others Shares As Fees AGM; Prof Maree Smith, Dr Jim Aylward Win LSQ Gongs
Oct 29, 2012
Ausbiotech October Conference Opens This Week; Lymphology Assoc Backs Impedimed’s L-Dex Lymphoedema Test; Starpharma Improves Docetaxel Tumor Delivery In Mice; Ellex, Healthlinx Face 2nd Strike AGM Spill Votes; Medivac’s Republica Backdoor Listing AGM; Eastland Name Change To Suda AGM; Actinogen Has Less Than One Quarter Cash, Fundraising; Agenix 1-For-25 Consolidation Timetable
Oct 26, 2012
Mireven Claims Preclinical Mir-7 Head, Neck Cancer Success; Nice Result: Pharmaxis UK Bronchitol Reimbursement; Court Approves Biota Merger, Nabi Consolidates Shares; Paranta Contracts DSM For Follistatin Manufacture; Melbourne Uni, Janssen-Cilag Work On Respiratory Drug; Resmed Q1 Revenue Up 8% To $329m, Profit Up 41%; Biotron Prepares For 2nd Strike Board Spill AGM; Biotech Daily Appendix 4c Quarterly Reports Policy; Psivida AGM For 314k CEO, Director Options; Prima Appoints Marc Voigt CFO, Deanne Miller Counsel
Oct 25, 2012
Neopec: Breast Regrowth In 1-Of-5 Pilot Trial Patients; Agenix Licences Tyrian’s Technology For $500k Shares; Allan Gray (Orbis) Takes 9% Of Nanosonics; Bioxyne Reminder For Spill Meeting, Dr Doug Wilson Resigns; Neuren Pleads Schultz To ASX 54% Query; Phylogica Has One Quarter Cash, $2m Tax Credit, $1.6m Raising; Patrys PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Poster Wins German 1st Prize; Eco Quest AGM For 10m Director Options
Oct 24, 2012
Reva: ‘Two Major Stent Events, 80% At 4-Months Follow-Up’; Cellmid Underwritten Options Raise $545k; Avexa Reduces To 11% Of Allied Health; Probiotec AGM For 2.1m Director Options, 40% Fees Rise; Pfizer’s Mendel Grobler Wins Medicines Aust Pat Clear Gong; Sunshine Heart C-Pulse Wins Frost & Sullivan Award 
Oct 23, 2012
Shareholders Approve Biota, Nabi Merger For US Listing, $26m; Sirtex Sir-Spheres ‘Extend Survival 5 Months’; Resonance Ferriscan Liver Iron Test For 2 Clinical Trials ; Avexa, Valevia Show AVX13616 In-Vitro Anti-Bacterial Activity; GI Dynamics Study Backs Endobarrier Re-Implantation ; Uscom ‘More Accurate Than Blood Pressure In Pregnancy’; Sirtex Avoids Spill By 0.015% Or 8,000 Votes; CBio Ex-Executives Countersue Invion
Oct 22, 2012
Federal ARC, CRC Grants ‘Protected’, Escape ‘Review’; Biota Investors Diluted 25% For US Listing, $26m; Universal Biosensors Quarter Strip Fees Up 291% To $555k; Viralytics Doses 13 Of 63 Phase II Cavatak Melanoma Patients; China Allows Benitec RNAi Hepatitis C Patent ; Starpharma AGM For 960k CEO ‘Performance Rights’; Allied Health AGM For $115k Directors’ Shares In Lieu Of Pay; Circadian AGM For 88k M-D ‘Performance’ Shares; Medical Developments Appoints Wendy Gouveia Co Sec
Oct 19, 2012
NHMRC Grants Unfrozen, Down 3% To $652m For 1,141 Grants ; Bluechiip Partners With Swiss Lugano For Automation; Antisense Rebounds On Isis Reflected FDA Glory; Viralytics AGM For 43% Directors Pay Pool Rise, Options; Investors Mutual Take 8% Of Mayne Pharma; Watermark (Australian Leaders) Take 9% Of Mayne Pharma; Octa Phillip Directors Jeremy Curnock Cook, Matt McNamara Replace Avita’s Dr Paul Watt
Special Authorization For 1st Allied Infant Cardiocel Implant; Starpharma Vivagel Bacterial Vaginosis Trials Recruited; Ramaciotti Foundations $1.6m For Biomedical Research; Bioniche Immunocidin ‘Alternative To Chemotherapy In Dogs’; Federal Court Approves Alchemia-Audeo Demerger; FDA Indications Call Could Boost Resonance Ferriscan; Genetic Technologies, One Lambda Patent Agreement; US Patent For Calzada Polynovo Novosorb; Phylogica AGM For Notes, 6m Executive Bonus Options
Progen’s PI-88 Fails Phase II Melanoma Combination Trial; Antisense ‘Reflected Glory’ Price Fall Query, Trading Halt; ATO Provides Alchemia Demerger Tax Relief; Heartware Quits Early Stage Trial; CSL To Buy-Back $900m More Shares; Cathrx Signs Manufacture, Supply Deal With GMMI; Ex-CEO Dr Roger Aston Below 5% In Mayne Pharma; Pokies Bruce Mathieson Increases, Reduced To 6% Of Mayne; Australian Ethical Below 5% Of Universal Biosensors; Isonea AGM For 1m New Directors’ Options; LBT AGM For 500k Director Dr Caroline Popper Options; Alistair Jobling Replaces Acuvax Director Keong Chan
Calzada, Polynovo Novosorb Human Proof-Of-Concept; Cochlear Remuneration 1st Strike With 31% Against; Two Strikes Policy – Biotech Daily Editorial; Psivida Developing Tethadur Biosilicon Protein Eye Treatment; Biotron Claims ‘100% BIT225 48-Week Efficacy’; Bionomics Details Alpha-7 Compounds For Alzheimer’s Disease; Cogstate Test ‘Useful In Detecting Alzheimer’s’; Phase IIa Observations Back Clinuvel Scenesse For Vitiligo; Phylogica Notes To Raise $1.6m; Avita Plan Raises $4.2m, Total $10.5m; Nabil Luyer Takes 10.5% Of Healthlinx; Prima AGM For 1.2m New Directors’ Options, Rights
Prima Phase II ‘Positive Trend’ For CVac For Ovarian Cancer; Alchemia Votes 99% In Favor Of Demerger; Genetic Technologies Files 4 More US Patent Suits ; Ellerston (Packer Family) Buys $10m More Of Acrux; Bionomics AGM For 1m New Directors’ Options; Nusep To Spin-Out Prime Biologics
Cogstate $3.7m Phase III Schizophrenia Trial Contract; Administrators Close Virax For Deed Of Arrangement; Impedimed AGM Votes On $365k CEO Termination Pay; IDT Defers AGM For Missed 25% Spill Motion; Calzada 1.5m Directors’ Options AGM; Spill Motion; Immuron Appoints Daniel Pollock Director; Progen Company Secretary Paul Dixon Resigns; Nanosonics Wins NSW Premier’s Export Gong
Benitec Buys-Back US Spin-Out Tacere For $1.5m Scrip; Graeme Kaufman To Replace Bionomics Chair Chris Fullerton; Ellex Looking To Expand Laser Line; Biotron HIV Trial Delayed; Prepares For HIV/Hep C Trial
QRX, Paladin Labs Sign Potential $25m Canada Moxduo Licence; Clarification: Nanosonics; Pharmaxis Posts Best 3-Month Sales Of $584k; Alchemia Draft ATO Demerger Class Ruling; Meeting Date; Prana Chair Geoff Kempler, Baywick Increases, Diluted To 5% 
Oct 9, 2012
Vaxxas, Merck & Co Nanopatch Vaccine Deal; Mayne, Metrics Acquisition AGM; Nanosonics M-D Rights, Placement, GE Notes AGM; Viralytics Loses Co Sec Tom Rowe; Bio-Melbourne Environment, Social Impact Breakfast
Oct 8, 2012
Atcor Wins $3m Pharmaceutical Trial Contract; China Patent For Benitec Hep C RNAi Constructs; Mayne Raises $14.8m For Metrics, $40.2m To Go; Pharmaxis Pleads Schultz To ASX 14% Query, News Reports; ASX Okays Cathrx Request To Delist; Dr Roger Aston Replaces Immuron Chair Prof Colin Chapman
Oct 5, 2012
Eco Quest’s $250k For Dr Allen Bollands Cynata Stem Cells; GI Dynamics Holders Extend 90m Share Voluntary Escrow; Alchemia Demerger Meetings Delayed 7 Business Days; Correction: Pharmaust; QRX AGM For 600k Director Options; Invion (CBio) AGM For 25m Director Options; Uscom AGM For 3m Executive Chairman Options
Oct 4, 2012
NZ Clears Living Cell Pig-To-Human Brain Cell Transplant; $55m Mayne To Pay $120m For US Generic Company Metrics Inc; 3-Month Sirtex Dose Sales Up 37%, Breaks Through $10; Prima Completes Phase II Ovarian Cancer Trial; Bluechiip Granted US Tagging Methods, Apparatus Patent; Pharmaust To Lose Founder Bryant Mclarty; Acuvax Ex-Ceo Dr William Ardrey Bailed To November
Oct 3, 2012
Vale Prof Nancy Millis 1922-2012; Research Review Calls For Up To $3.6b More Per Year; Ausbiotech Tribute To Prof Nancy Millis, Biotech’s 1st Lady; GI Dynamics Endobarrier Non-Obese Insuline Sensitivity Benefit; Benitec Claims Proof-Of-Concept For ddRNAi Pain Compound; Euro Patent For Novogen, MEI Pharma ME-344 For Cancer; Nusep Installs 1st Prime Unit In Singapore; Isonea Applies For US Sonosentry OTC Sales; Consegna Breatheassist Meets Triple A Sales Due Diligence; Baillie Gifford Takes 9.6% Of Cochlear; Thee Woon Goh Takes 12% Of Nusep
Oct 2, 2012
FDA Conditional Approval For Sunshine Heart Pivotal Trial; Prana Places $6m For PBT2 Trials; Bone Begins Capthymone For Osteoporosis Trials; Cellmid Earns $748k Federal R&D Tax Credit; Uscom Targets Hypertension; Circadian Director Dr Errol Malta Retires; Imugene Director Roger Steinepreis Resigns
Oct 1, 2012
September BDI-40 Up 6%, ASX200 Up 1.6%, Big Caps Up 4%, Patrys Up 70%, Universal Bio Up 54%, Bioniche Down 48%; Florey, Servier Collaborate On Alzheimer’s Disease; Clinuvel Answers EMA Scenesse Questions; Sunshine Heart Requests Regulatory Trading Halt; Prana Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; China Patent For Bone Axcess IV; Alchemia Appoints 3 Audeo Directors; Probiotec Appoints Robin Tedder Director
Sep 28, 2012
Vale Dr Helmer (Hank) Agersborg; US Defence Grants Avita $841k For Slow Recruitment; Clinuvel CSO Dr Helmer Agersborg Dies; Biodiem 1-For-2 Rights Issue For $2.55m; Medivac, Republica Merger; Patrys AGM For 375k CEO Options, Loan Share Plan
Sep 27, 2012
CSL, Karolinska: CSL2H10 Blocks Type 2 Diabetes In Rodents; Germany Extends Pharmaxis Patents To 2020; Sirtex Pays Fully-Franked 10c Dividend; Bluechiip Earns $920k R&D Tax Credit; Isonea 3-For-5 Rights Issue For $4m; Progen: Medigen Enrols 1st China PI-88 Liver Cancer Patient; Cathrx To Delist Before Raising $5m; Cryosite Prepares For Cell Care Board Spill AGM; Nusep: Directors Lend $494k, Chase $1.4m Debt; Biodiem Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; All Healthlinx Ovplex Sale EGM Votes Pass - 19% Dissent
Sep 26, 2012
Living Cell Diabecell ‘Reduces HbA1c, Diabetes Events’; TGA Special Access For Allied Health’s Heart Patch; US Growth Hormone Receptor Patent For Antisense ATL1103; Boots UK Dumps Phosphagenics’ Anti-Fat Cream; Atcor AGM For 1.4m CEO Options; Isonea Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Bluechiip Appoints Brett Roberts Commercial Director
Sep 25, 2012
Alchemia: 82 Treated Patients - ‘No Unexpected Toxicities’; Allan Gray Takes 10% Of QRX - Buys Low, Sells High; Firebrick Hopes To Cure The Common Cold In 5 Years; Florida Approves Genetic Technologies Brevagen Test; Biodiem Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Octa Phillip Letter To Bioxyne Shareholders; Consegna Breatheassist Trials, Patent; Psivida Revenue Down 29% To $3m, Loss Up 179% To $24m; Novogen, Kai Medical Backdoor Listing Fails; Biota Merger Meeting Set For October 23
Sep 24, 2012
Vaxine’s $3.4m For Bioxyne’s Probiotec, New Hi-164OV Trial; GSK Competitor Hits Alchemia Fondaparinux 1st Profit; Optiscan Earns $746k Zeiss Neurosurgery Milestones; Uscom ‘Role In Cancer Treatment’; St Vincent’s, Macquarie Adopt GI Dynamics Endobarrier; Isonea Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Mayne Reviewing Options, May Or May Not Raise Capital; Burnet’s Prof Gilda Tachedjian Wins Frank Fenner Gong
Sep 21, 2012
Research Backs Patrys PAT-SM6 For Tumor Cell Death; Universal Biosensors, Siemens Manufacturing, Supply Deal; Cathrx $2.2m R&D Tax Credit; Progen To Continue Developing PG545 For Cancer; Immuron Names Clostridium Difficile Product ‘IMM-529’; Sirtex Prepares For Founder Dr Bruce Gray Board Spill AGM; Agenix 25-For-1 Consolidation AGM, 10m Chairman Options
Sep 20, 2012
German OK For Patrys Phase I/IIa PAT-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Trial; Bioxyne Prepares For Board Spill EGM; Imugene Targets Vitamin D Deficiency, Erectile Dysfunction; China, Japan Patents For Broadvector Hip Failure Repair; Lloyds & Cassanove Takes 13.5% Of Cyclopharm; Medical Developments Loses Dr Anthony Coulepis, Usha Charan
Sep 19, 2012
Federal Government Freezes All Grants; Ausbiotech Statement, Biotech Daily Comment; NSW Government Launches $5m Medical Devices Fund; Avexa In-Vitro Success Claimed With HIV Integrase Inhibitors; Sunshine Heart Chair-Elect Jon Erb Starts On $100k, Options; Immuron Clostridium Difficile Candidate ‘100% Mouse Efficacy’; Perpetual Takes More Profits In Sirtex Down To 6.6%; Eastland Preparing Artimist Manufacturing; Cellmid Appoints Martin Rogers Director
Sep 18, 2012
Biota Lowers Nabi Takeover Sights From $US54m To $US27m; FMR, Fidelity Hong Kong Takes 5% Of Acrux; Invion (CBio) Earns $2m R&D Tax Credit; Australian Ethical Takes 5% Of Universal Biosensors; ANU Increases, Diluted To 7% Of Bionomics; Bionomics Appoints Graeme Kaufman Director; Bioprospect Loses Director Jacob Khouri
Sep 17, 2012
Bionomics Buys Cancer Stem Cells Eclipse For $8-10m Scrip; Reva Hopes To Ride Abbott Polymer Stent ‘Bow Wave’; Australian Ethical Takes 14% In Avita; Dissent At Nabi Could Affect Biota Merger; Regeneus Establishes Patient Database
Sep 14, 2012
Victoria Government $5m Innovation Voucher Program; Cellmid Option Rights Issue To Raise $600k; IDT Looking For New Technology; Eastland Completes Artimist Paediatric Malaria Dosing; Ausbiotech Melbourne Bio-Beers & Bubbles
Sep 13, 2012
WEHI, Murdoch Create Ian Potter Personal Medicine Centre; Cellmid Says Évolis Hair Growth Products Exceed Forecast; Phylogica $2m R&D Tax Credit, Explains Process; AMP Below 5% In Acrux; M-D Wayne Stringer Takes 15% Of Probiotec; Eastland Pleads Schultz, Again, To ASX 14% Query; Imugene Answers ASX ‘Too Much Money’ Query; Bioniche Revenue Down 8% To $31m, Loss Up 93% To $24m; John Erb Replaces Sunshine Heart Chairman Nick Callinan; Chairman Mel Bridges Quits Leaf Energy; Reva Appoints Dr David Muller Co-Principal Investigator; Mark Ostrowski Replaces Genetic Technologies’ Lewis Stuart
Sep 12, 2012
Impedimed CEO Richard Carreon Changes Payer Course; Phylogica Cosmetic Skin Repair Deal With NY’s Le Métier; Immuron Signs Harvest & Health For China Travelan Sales; Data Board Backs Prana Alzheimer’s PBT2 Imaging Trial; Perpetual Below 5% Of Resmed; Perpetual Takes Profits In Sirtex To 8%; Bionomics Appoints 2 Executives, Promotes Dr Sue O’Connor
Sep 11, 2012
CSL Potential $1.5b US ’Flu Pandemic Preparedness Contract; Medicines Australia: R&D More Than $1b For 3rd Year; ANU’s Prof Chris Goodnow Wins $80k GSK Research Award; UQ’s Dr Fiona Simpson Wins $25k Cancer Trailblazer Prize; Calzada, Polynovo Treat 1st Novosorb Free-Flap Patient; Pharmaxis AGM For 230k Director ‘Rights’
Sep 10, 2012
US Ampliphi To Buy Sydney’s Special Phage; Ausbiotech Prepares For 2012 Melbourne Conference; Pharmaust Drops Mining To Re-Focus On Epichem; AMP Sells 2m More Acrux Shares To 5%; Patrys Plan Raises $850k, Takes Total To $2.85m; Suspended Solagran Loses Finance Director David Croll
Sep 7, 2012
Biogrid, Biobank Collaborate For Cancer Research; European Patent For Antisense ATL1101; Biota In Talks For Russell Plumb CEO Job; Sienna Raises $900k
Sep 6, 2012
Starpharma, Astrazeneca Oncology Dendrimer Deal; WEHI Awarded $6.25m Apoptosis Cancer Research Grant; Genetic Technologies Licence For Conexio Genomics; Psivida Says UK Funding Body Accepts More Iluvien Data; Bio-Melbourne Neuroscience Breakfast
Sep 5, 2012
Victoria’s $8 Million Technology Voucher Program; Avita Placement Raises $6.3m, Share Plan For $3.7m More; Uscom Raises Further $256k, Takes Total To $952,200
Sep 4, 2012
Hatchtech FDA Meeting For Phase III Head Lice, Egg Treatment; Isonea Free Spring Trial Of Asthma Application; Frostbland To Distribute Cellmid Évolis Hair Products; CBio Trades As Invion From Tomorrow
Sep 3, 2012
August BDI-40 Up 1.2%, ASX200 Up 1.1%, Big Caps Up 6%, CSL Up 50% Ytd, Sunshine Heart Up 56%, Phylogica Down 25%; Optiscan Raises $1m, Bergen Agrees To End Draw-Down Facility; Immuron Sales Up 110%, Revenue Up 56%, Loss Down 12%; Circadian Revenue Down 19% To $1.5m, Loss Down 53% To $5m; Advanced Surgical Revenue Up 18% To $9m, Loss Down 95%; US Patent For Healthlinx Tumor Biomarker AGR2; Allied Health Revenue Down 5% To $6.5m, Loss Up 411% To $10m; Avita Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Prima CEO Matthew Lehman Starts On $316k; Prima’s Martin Rogers Joins Consegna’s Changing Board
Aug 31, 2012
Sunshine Heart FDA Application For Pivotal C-Pulse Trial; FDA Meeting For Invion (CBio) XToll For Lupus; Phillip Comans Call For Bioxyne Board Spill – Fight Looms; Cyclopharm H1 Revenue Up 14% To $4m, Loss Down 17% To $1.3m; QRX (Licence) Revenue Up 984% To $1.9m, Loss Down 38% To $16m; Avita Revenue Up 13% To $5m, Loss Up 327% To $7.7m; Impedimed Revenue Down 24% To $3.2m, Loss Down 17% To $12m; Biodiem Revenue Up 422% To $1.3m, Loss Down 61% To $1m; Nusep Revenue Up 42% To $2.5m, Loss Down 22% To $5m; Pharmaust Revenue Up 2% To $1.6m, Loss Down 26% To $4m; Pokies Bruce Mathieson Buys 15% Of Isonea; Optiscan Requests Placement Trading Halt
Aug 30, 2012
Fox Foundation Pays Prana $199k PBT434 Parkinson’s Milestone; Ellex Revenue Up 10% To $48m, Loss Turns To $1m Profit; Living Cell Revenue Up 115% To $3.8m, Turnaround $6.3m Profit; GI Dynamics H1 Revenue Up 298% To $220k, Loss Flat At $11m; Genetic Technologies Sues Reproductive Genetics Institute; CBio Approves Inverseon Merger Votes To Become Invion; Clarification: CBio; Paradice Falls Below 5% Of Acrux
Aug 29, 2012
Sirtex Revenue Up 19% To $87m, Profit Up 49% To $17m; Tissue Therapies Raises $1m From New Unnamed Investor; Probiotec Revenue Down 10% To $66m, Profit Up 112% To $1.2m; CBio Meets Tomorrow For Inverseon Merger To Invion; Scigen H1 Revenue Up 13% To $8m, Turnaround $3.8m Profit; Braitling, Australian Lenders Take 5% Of Mayne Pharma
Aug 28, 2012
Spinifex Phase II Trial: ‘EMA401 Reduces Neuralgic Pain’; Genetic Technologies Revenue Down 66%, Profit Turns To Loss; Bluechiip, Gentris Work On Pharmaco-Genomics, Bio-Repository; Regeneus Sets Up Macquarie Uni Clinic Fat Stem Cells Lab; Healthlinx EGM To Sell Ovplex Assets; Medical Australia Revenue Up 5% To $9m, Loss Up 95% To $669k
Aug 27, 2012
Nanosonics Revenue Up 295% To $13m, Loss Down 58% To $5m; Brain Resource Revenue Up 6% To $6m, Profit Up 44% To $388k; Virax In Voluntary Administration; MRCF Pays Mireven $500k Milestone For Anti-Cancer Mirna-7; Octa Phillip Calls Bioxyne Chairman, CEO Spill Meeting; Graeme Kaufman Replaces Cellmid Director Robin Beaumont; Chairman William Mobbs Takes 29% Of ITL
Aug 24, 2012
Cyclopharm Builds Cyclotron At Mater Brisbane; Alchemia Demerger Meeting In October; Calzada’s Polynovo Develops Synthetic Skin, Slow Trials; Acrux Revenue Down 89% To $11m, Profit Down 87% To $7m; Atcor Revenue Down 14% To $6.4m, Loss Down 36% To $2m; IDT Revenue Down 24% To $10m, Loss Up 678%; ‘Next Year Better’
Aug 23, 2012
Mireven, Silence Collaborate On WAIMR’s miRNA For Cancer; US FDA Conditional Approval For GI Dynamics Pivotal Trial; Senz Claims Funding For Val-1000 Leukaemia Trials; Medical Developments Revenue Up 11%, Profit Up 55%, Dividends; Cryosite Revenue Up 20% To $8m, Profit Up 206% To $1m; ITL Revenue Down 25% To $31m, Profit Up 41% To $1.3m
Aug 22, 2012
Biota Claims Japan Success On ’Flu Preventative Inavir; Mesoblast Revenue Up 98% To $38m, Profit To Loss, $207m Cash; Start-Up Australia Invests $47.7m, Returns $85.3m; CSL Profit Up 4.5% To $983m On Revenue Up 7% To $4,624m; Biota Revenue Up 53% To $22m, Loss Down 33% To $19m; LBT Revenue Up 38% To $1m, Loss Down 0.5% To $1.2m; Alchemia Revenue Down 45% To $726k – No Fondaparinux Cash; Fisher Funds Takes 6% Of Universal Biosensors; Director Michael Stork Increases, Diluted In Patrys; Dr Dax Marcus Calder Takes 5.3% Of Patrys; Cathrx Director Jeffrey Goodman Resigns
Aug 21, 2012
Biodiem Claims Early LAIV Success With Vivalis EB66; Biotech Takes 2 Of 3 L’Oréal Women In Science $25k Fellowships; Cogstate Revenue Up 48%, Return To Profit With $2.45m; Phosphagenics H1 Sales Down 39%, Revenue Up 57%, Loss Up 42%; Mayne Sales Up 10%, Revenue Up 5%, Profit Up 265% To $6m; Phylogica Revenue Down 16% To $2m, Loss Up 8%; GI Dynamics To Release 19m Escrow US Shares (97m CDIs); Dr Bernard Hockings Takes 6.5% Of Phylogica
Aug 20, 2012
QRX Says More Existing Moxduo Data Could Convince US FDA; Uscom Raises $696k, Hopes For More; Eastland Completes Artimist Trial Dosing ; Fisher Funds Take 5% Of Nanosonics; Chairman Angus Holt’s Gralaw Doubles To 10% Of Optiscan; Biota East Coast Shareholder Briefings
Aug 17, 2012
European Patent For Anteo’s Mix&Go Bio-Glue; Consegna Appoints Chinamed For Breatheassist Manufacture; AMP Reduces To 6.35% Of Acrux; Correction: Bio-Melbourne Briefing
Aug 16, 2012
CBio Expects $2.2m R&D Tax Credit, $1.2m Executive Legal Action; Nusep Restructures Board, Management; Sunshine Heart Raises $17m Of $27m, More Expected; Bio-Melbourne Briefing: ‘When To Sell, Licence, Quit’
Aug 15, 2012
Reva Stent Trial: No Adverse Events, Pivotal Trial Planning; Immuron Tests IMM-255 Against Swine ’Flu In Ferrets; Bionomics Revenue Up 68% To $7m, Loss Down 67% To $3m; ‘Key US Patent’ For Bionomics BNC105; Up To 17% Of EGM Votes Oppose Patrys Director Shares
Aug 14, 2012
Burnet Institute Developing Preventative Hep C Vaccine; Sosei Assigns Neurodiscovery NSL-043 To Beijing Tide; A-Bio Invests $5m In Nusep’s Plasma Plant; Hall Phoenix Diluted Below 5% Of Bone
Sunshine Heart Raises $19m Of Hoped For $27m; Benitec, Stanford Research ddRNAi For Neuropathic Pain; Atcor $1m Unnamed Pharma Contract; Isonea Completes 1-For-20 Stock Consolidation; Jason Peterson, Celtic Capital Takes 9% Of Imugene
Biota Publishes Scheme Booklet, Experts’ Report; Pharmaxis Revenue Up 85% To $8m, Loss Down 16% To $39m; Sunshine Heart Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Aug 9, 2012
Novogen’s MEI Buys SBio’s Pracinostat For $US500k Scrip; Psivida Places $5.36m; Japan To Grant Viralytics Cavatak Multiple Myeloma Patent; Biota Nabi, Nasdaq Scheme Meeting Set For September 25; Neuren Appoints Dr Joseph Horrigan Head Of Clinical, Medical; Eastland Pleads Schultz, Patient Enrolment To ASX 41% Query
Aug 8, 2012
CE Mark Approval For Genetic Technologies Brevagen Test; UK Regulatory Delay For Tissue Therapies’ Vitrogro; Heartware H1 Revenue Up 44% To $53m, Loss Up 113% To $39m; Euro Patent For Biodiem’s BDM-I; Isonea Launches New Asthma Smart-Phone Application; Calzada Appoints Prof David McQuillan Director; Ellerston (Packer Family) Takes 7% Of Acrux; Terrapinn Biopharma Conference
Aug 7, 2012
Aug 6, 2012
Prof Arun Sanyal NIH Grant Covers Immuron IMM-124E Trial; FDA Conditional Approval For Sunshine Heart’s New Driver; CBio Starts CPN10 (XToll) FDA Process For Lupus; Medical Developments Doses Final Penthrox Euro Patient; Capital Investment Transfers 7% Of Atcor; Cellmid Appoints Andrew Bald Joint Company Secretary
Aug 2, 2012
Bathurst Uscom Study Reduces Septic Shock Mortality 90%; ‘Drug Exports Bigger Than Cars’ - Medicines Australia; Viralytics US Patent For Killing Cancer Cells Pre-Transplant; Pharmaxis Files Bronchitol Cystic Fibrosis NDA To FDA; Psivida: Alimera Resubmits Rejected Iluvien NDA To US FDA

Jul 31, 2012
Psivida Returns To Biosilicon - For Eye Diseases; Biota’s Inavir Q4 Royalty Up 25%, Year-To-Date Up 47.3%; Blackrock Sells Below Substantial In CSL ; Pharmaust $1m Placement; Returns From Mining Foray; Papers Back Uscom For Hypertension In Pregnancy; Sunshine Heart Has Less Than One Quarter Cash; $28m Raising; Atcor Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; More Coming; Cathrx Has One Quarter Cash; $1m Loan; More Coming; James Rae Replaces Bioniche Chairman Graeme McRae

Jul 30, 2012
Benitec, Medistem Article Backs ddRNAi For Transplant; Calzada, Polynovo Broaden Novosorb Trial For Recruitment; Regeneus, Cryosite Collaborate On Frozen Fat Stem Cells; CBio EGM To Become Invion For Anti-Inflammatory Diseases; Isonea EGM Votes Pass Easily - 15% Oppose Pursuit Of Happiness; Nanosonics Appoints Cochlear’s Michael Kavanagh Director
Jul 27, 2012
Sunshine Heart To Raise $28m For Pivotal C-Pulse Trial; Universal Biosensors $1.5m Siemens Test Strip Milestone; Germany Approves Psivida’s Iluvien; Correction: Cellmid; Kai Medical Sleep Treatment Backdoors Into Novogen; Uscom Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash, More Coming; Actinogen Has One Quarter Cash, More Coming; Dr Stewart Washer Replaces Isonea Chair Ross Haghighat
Jul 26, 2012
California Approves Genetic Technologies’ Brevagen Test; GSK 2011-’12 Biota Relenza Royalty Down 36% To $4.2m; Cellmid Allowed 4th US Midkine Patent
Jul 25, 2012
CE Mark For Sunshine Heart C-Pulse Aorta Cuff Pump; US Patent For Hatchtech, Phase II Data Presentations; Actinogen Actinomycetes For Tamiflu’s Shikimic Acid; Sirtex Practitioners Discuss Sir-Sphere Efficacy; Pharmaxis Appoints Dr Simon Buckingham Director; Viralytics Loses M-D Bryan Dulhunty For Commercialisation
Jul 24, 2012
Mesoblast Stem Cells Effective In Arthritis Sheep Trial; Sunshine Heart Hails 12-Month Data, 1st 24-Month Patient; US, Canada Approve Bioniche Dog Cancer Drug; Andrew Goodall Increases To 20% Of Nusep; Impedimed’s Greg Brown Joins Genetic Technologies
Jul 23, 2012
Ellex Expects Turnaround 2011-’12 Profit; Atcor Applies For US Clearance For Sphygmocor Xcel; Biodiem Rodent Data Backs BDM-E For Retinitis Pigmentosa; EMA Approval Of Uniqure’s Glybera ‘Good For Benitec’; Biotech Daily Appendix 4C Quarterly Reports Policy; Cellmid Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash - More Coming
Jul 20, 2012
FDA Approves Phase III Psivida Medidur-Micro Uveitis Trial; Dr Stephen Woodford Takes 5% Of Uscom; Afandin Fails To Fund Antisense ATL1101 For Cancer; CSL Loses Executive Director, 45-Year Veteran Peter Turner; Acuvax Ex-CEO Dr William Ardrey Fraud Case - Bail To October
Jul 19, 2012
Biodiem, RMIT Research LAIV For Non-’Flu Vaccines; Genesis, Mariposa Merger Fails; France Approves Psivida’s Iluvien, Alimera To Raise $US40m; IDT Appoints Dr Ashley Bates Business Development Manager; Share Buy-Back Takes Director Sanjay Sehgal To 5% Of ITL
Jul 18, 2012
Antisense, Tianjin JV Takes ATL1102 Back To Clinic For MS; CE Mark For Ellex 2RT Laser Treatment; Biotech Takes 5 Of 6 Victoria Grants - Up To $1.5m Each; Alnylam RNAi Success ‘Good For Benitec’; US Axcess III Patent For Bone; Pharmaxis Bronchitol Sales Begin, R&D Pipeline Detailed; Circadian Companies Increase, Diluted To 11% In Antisense; Robert Towner Takes 6% Of Neurodiscovery
Jul 13, 2012
Reva Closes Rezolve Pilot Trial – No Major Coronary Events
Jul 12, 2012
Resonance Applies For FDA Clearance For Liver Fat Test; Cogstate Expects Up To $12m Revenue, $2.7m Profit; Richard Carreon Starts As Impedimed CEO; Bioxyne Sends Data Pack To Potential Suitors; Citigroup Ceases In Patrys; Consegna Requests Licencing Trading Halt; Genesis Appoints Catherine Yan Director
Jul 11, 2012
Regeneus Claims Fat-Stem Cell Efficacy In Mouse Arthritis; Sunshine Up 342% On Nasdaq, 132% On ASX In Three Days; Lang Walker, Companies Take 10% Of QRX; Calama Takes 5% Of Tyrian
Benitec ddRNAi Licence To Dublin’s Genable For Eye Disease; Sunshine Heart Pleads ‘Media Reports’ To 200% Price Rise; Eastland Convertible Notes To Raise $760k; Heartware Appoints Peter McAree CFO 
Jul 9, 2012
Alchemia Prepares For 3-Way Split, ASX, Nasdaq Listings; Viralytics 1st Phase II Extension Patient Dosed; BPH, Molecular Discovery, Peter Mac P53 Tumor Collaboration; Mylan Sues Mayne Over Doryx; Merial Challenges Genetic Technologies Non-Coding DNA Patent; Antisense Pleads Schultz, Licence Deal To ASX 20% Query; Citigroup Takes 11% Of Patrys; Immuron To Issue 1-For-4 Bonus Options
Jul 6, 2012
Foundation $600k For Neuren Rett Syndrome Phase II Trial; Singapore Patent For Healthlinx Ovplex; Atcor EGM For Placement, Directors’ Shares
Jul 5, 2012
WEHI Leads SUV39H1 Enzyme Immune Change For Asthma; Cancer Therapeutics CRC 2nd Compound, Screening Platform; Medical Developments, CSIRO Methoxyflurane Production Deal; Perpetual Takes 5% Of Resmed; Japanese Patent For Bone’s Axcess III
Jul 4, 2012
Starpharma 2013 Dendrimer-Docetaxel Cancer Trial; Sirtex 12-Month Dose Sales Up 23%, Implied Revenue $86m; Clarification: Osiris Trial Data; Victoria $1m For Osprey, Baker, RMH Diabetic Foot Infections; Late Contract Reduces Atcor Revenue Guidance; Consegna Extends Aspen Evaluation, Canadian Patent
Jul 3, 2012
Allied Health, CSIRO Cardiac Stem Cell Collaboration; Pharmaxis Grants CEO Dr Alan Robertson 200k Rights; Consegna Develops Breatheassist Elite Sports; Medical Australia, Analytica Sell Mediflush Tuta Burettes; M&G Group Buys 3m More Starpharma Shares, Again; Osprey Appoints Neville Mitchell, Vic Fabano; Republica Capital Takes 13% Of Medivac
Jul 2, 2012
6-Year BDI-40 Up 82%, ASX200 Down 19%, Big Caps Up 66%; 1-Year BDI-40 Down 12.6%, ASX200 Down 11.1% - Neuren Up 189%, Antisense 188%, Avita 69%, Pharmaxis 65%; June BDI-40 Down 8.6%, ASX 200 Up 0.5% - Antisense Up 15%, QRX Down 67%; CBio, Inverseon Merger For Anti-Inflammatory Diseases; Impedimed L-Dex Lymphoedema Prevention Data; Acrux CEO Dr Richard Treagus Retires, Ross Dobinson Exec Chair; Tissue Therapies Expects Delayed CE Mark In July; Bluechiip Appoints Ron Finkel Non-Executive Director
Jun 27, 2012
Jun 26, 2012
Jun 22, 2012
Jun 19, 2012
Peter Mac BRCA Study Changes Ovarian Ca Treatment, Trials; BPH Cortical Dynamics $4m IPO Fails; IM Medical Completes Sale Of Capitol Health Shares
Jun 18, 2012
Mesoblast: ‘Unfounded Speculation’ Hit Price 14%; Immuron Raises $1.44m; Imugene 200m Shares, 50m Options Consegna Linguet EGM; Benitec Appoints Carl Stubbings Chief Business Officer
Jun 15, 2012
Bionomics, Merck Serono End MS Co-Development; Virax, 4G Deal Collapses; Atcor Raises $1m; Prima CEO-Elect Matthew Lehman Meets Investors, Timelines; Bioxyne Takes HI-164OV Trial Results Halt To Suspension; Queensland Uni’s Prof Mark Kendall Wins $100k Rolex Gong; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On The Future Of CRC Program; Safety Medical Goes Gold Mining In Brazil
Jun 14, 2012
Resmed Launches Narval Jaw Position Device; Payment Ends Nusep, Nxgen Longer Lasting Listing Litigation; Healthlinx Loses Dr Stewart Washer, Dr John Chiplin; Larry Knopf Replaces Heartware Co Sec David McIntyre; Atcor Takes Capital Raising Trading Halt To Suspension
Jun 13, 2012
Governor Chernov To Lead Victoria US Bio Delegation; Bioxyne Requests HI-164OV Phase IIb Results Trading Halt; Challenger, Novaport Below 5% In Medical Developments
Jun 12, 2012
Medicines Australia To Forum: ‘Drugs Are Post-Mining Future’; Circadian Placement Raises $1m At 7% Premium; Richard Carreon Replaces Impedimed CEO Greg Brown; Chairman Andrew Kroger Takes 20% Of Cryosite; Atcor Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Jun 8, 2012
Universal Biosensors Earns Siemens $1.5m Test Milestone; Mesoblast Dental Stem Cells For Neuro Diseases; Uni Of NSW Health Science Alliance; Cyclopharm Completes Share Consolidation, Returns To CYC; Further Data Confirms Pharmaxis Bronchitol CF Efficacy; Health Canada Approves New Sunshine Heart Pump Driver; Prima Closes 2 Projects; Focus On CVac For Ovarian Cancer; Neuren CEO Larry Glass Elected M-D, Dr Graeme Howie Goes
Jun 7, 2012
Verva Phase II Trial: VVP808 Reduces Type 2 Diabetes HbA1c; Circadian Takes Capital Raising Trading Halt To Suspension; Avita Appoints Vistek Distributor For Recell China Launch; US Inserter Patent For Psivida; Atcor Supplies Netherlands Young At Heart; Durbin Super Takes 5% Of Genera; Annmac Increases, Diluted To 19% Of Agenix; Safety Medical Requests Acquisition Trading Halt
Jun 6, 2012
US 606 Patient Data Shows Sirtex Sir-Spheres Safe, Efficacious; Biodiem Licences ANU Dengue Fever Technology; Portugal Approves Psivida’s Iluvien For DME; Optiscan Scope ‘More Accurate, 100% Sensitive’, 1st Royalty; Salomao & Zoppi Evaluate Genera’s Sirocco, Tests; CBA Reduces To 5.3% Of Resmed; Landon Clay, East Hill Take 12% Of Biota; Heartware Loses Director Christine Bennett; Russia, Japan Grant Bone Axcess Patents; OMI Drops Syringes, Coal, Tin - Goes Graphite Mining
Novogen, Marshall Edwards ME-143 ‘Low Toxicity’; Prima To List On Frankfurt Exchange; Allied CE Mark Application For Cardiocel Patch; Phosphagenics: 3m Adhesive Caused Crystallization; German Research Backs Uscom For Ventilation; Harding Loevner Takes 5% Of Cochlear; Circadian Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Nusep Appoints Bioexpress US Gel Distributor; Atcor Welcomes Halma Takeover Of Partner Suntech; Challenger, Novaport Reduce 1% In Medical Developments; UK’s College Hill Opens Melbourne Office 
May 31, 2012
Novogen, Marshall Edwards Dose 1st ME-344 Cancer Cohort; Pfizer Pays Phylogica Undisclosed Research Milestone; GI Dynamics, Gore Closer To Patent Ownership Trial; Prima Introduces CEO-Designate Matthew Lehman; Immuron EGM Votes Pass Easily, 6% Oppose Director Shares; Bio-Melbourne ‘Engaging With Japan’ Briefing
May 30, 2012
Victoria’s Innovation Minister Opens Monash Imaging Facility; Genzyme Pays Antisense Partner Isis $25m For NDA Filing; Biodiem, Miami University Study BDM-E For Retinitis Pigmentosa; Uscom To Raise $1.5m To $5m For Sales, New Markets; Australian Patent For Progen PG500 Series; Robmar Below 5% In Cryosite; Terry White To Sell Cellmid’s Évolis Hair Growth Products; John O’Connor Replaces Novogen Director Peter Da Scutt 
May 29, 2012
Wrong Control Kills Neuren Cancer Trial; Dr Bains Goes; Bioniche Claims Vaccine For E Coli In Beef; CSIRO Granted US, Euro shRNAi Gene Silencing Patents; Nusep Lodges Patent Applications For Waste Blood Process; Impedimed Retail Rights Offer Raises $844k, $8.7m Total; Actinogen Director David Zohar Bailed For Aluminex IPO
May 28, 2012
Bioxyne Prepares For Phase IIb Hi-164OV COPD Results; Ausbiotech Appoints CM Capital’s Dr Mark Harvey Director; Cyclopharm 5-To-1 Consolidation, Trading As CYCDA; Consegna 65m Shares, $1.4m EGM For Fees, Acquisitions; Chairman Andrew Kroger Takes 16% Of Cryosite
May 25, 2012
TGA Approves Acrux, Eli Lilly Axiron; GSK Opens Combination Melanoma Phase III Trial; Genetic Technologies Up 98% For The Week; Bio-Melbourne Hiraoki Kitano Drug Engineering Breakfast; Australian Ethical Increases To 7% In Neuren; Immuron Appoints Dr Roger Aston, CEO Joe Baini Directors; Iain Ross Replaces Tissue Therapies Director Greg Baynton; Swapna Keskar Replaces Nusep Co Sec Tom Rowe
May 24, 2012
Bionomics Starts 134-Patient BNC105 Ovarian Cancer Trial; WEHI Drug Could Prevent Malaria Brain Damage; Heartware BTT Results Published, Europe Label Extended; US LDL Patent For Patrys Pat-Sm6; Study Shows Impedimed Could Save US $1m A Year; Resmed, Biancamed, Omron Sleep Monitor Launched In Japan; Prima COO Matthew Lehman To Replace CEO Martin Rogers; Drill Investments Below 5% Of Immuron; Chairman Andrew Kroger Takes 12% Of Cryosite
May 23, 2012
Clinical Genomics, CSIRO, Flinders Uni Bowel Cancer Test; Clinuvel Starts US Scenesse EPP Phase III Trial ; Medical Developments Licences Penthrox To Nippon Zoki ; US Patent For QRX Moxduo Pain Relief; Phosphagenics Turns To Germany’s Labtec For Patch Problem; Genetic Technologies Jumps 66% On Nasdaq; Bioxyne Appoints Torreya Partners Advisers; Ellerston Capital Takes 5% Of Acrux; David Zohar Assoc Reduces, Diluted To 24% Of Actinogen; Mayne Appoints Peter Truelove Sales, Marketing Director; Impedimed L-Dex U400 Wins Biocom Gong
May 22, 2012
Monitoring Board Backs Alchemia Phase III Cancer Trial; GSK Australia Reports $54m Profit For 2011; Genetic Technologies: Brevagen Sales Increasing
May 21, 2012
Melanoma Institute: GSK’s Dabrafenib Shrinks Brain Tumors Pharmaxis Files Bronchitol  Cystic Fibrosis NDA To FDA; Peter Turvey Replaces Allied Health Director Jet Soedirdja; Victoria Awards Open: 2 Prizes, 12 Fellowships; Boots Launches Phosphagenics’ Anti-Fat Cream In UK; OBJ Claims Procter & Gamble Deal, No Details; Fluorotechnics Votes To Go Mining, Suspended
May 15, 2012
Verva VVP Paper Shows New Mode Of Diabetes Action; Healthlinx Takes Ovplex Ovarian Cancer Test To India; Novogen’s Marshall Edwards Raises $5.2m; Immunexpress Appoints Robert Lilley Director; Allan Gray (Orbis) Takes 8% Of Nanosonics; Allan Gray Takes Profit, Reduces To 5% Of Acrux; AMP Takes 7.4% Of Acrux; Bio-Melbourne Briefing On Open Innovation Models
May 14, 2012
Alchemia’s Fondaparinux Takes 22.5% Of US Market; Despite Results, Transgene TG4001 Proves Virax Co-X-Gene; Immuron Appoints Ziwell For More SE Asia Sales; Japan Grants Agenix Thromboview Patent; Drill Investments Reduces, Diluted To 5.6% Of Immuron; CBio Pleads Schultz To ASX 29% Query
May 11, 2012
Heartware Q1 Sales Up 47% To $26.3m; UK NHS Guidelines Include Uscom For Surgical Care; Biota Earns $3.4m Q3 Inavir Royalties, Phase III Trial Enroled; Nanosonics Share Plan For $5m; Allan Gray (Orbis) Takes Profit, Reduces To 6% Of Acrux; AMP Takes 6.3% Of Acrux; Monash, Weizmann Obesity Conference
May 10, 2012
Mesoblast Appoints Teva’s Dr Ben-Zion Weiner As Director; Immuron Contracts Integramed For SE Asia Travelan Sales; Avita Starts Recell US Defense Scar Trial; UQ Wins $100,000 Gates Grant For Rotavirus Vaccine
May 9, 2012
Federal Budget: NHMRC, ARC Funding Up $85m, PBS Down $164m; Comment: Biotech Daily, Ausbiotech, GBS, Bio-Melbourne; Biodiem, Vivalis Collaborate On Virus Vector; Genetic Technologies Settles Geneseek Patent Suit; Heartware Completes Heart Pump Destination Enrolment; Cathrx To Raise $12m, Delist, Sell Business; Bluechiip Hires Plexus For Matchbox Tag Readers
May 8, 2012
UK Approves Psivida, Alimera Iluvien For DME; Biodiem Earns $830k LAIV Licence Fees; Bluechiip Brett Schwarz: ‘Follow Europe, Not US Bio-Banking’; Allan Gray (Orbis) Takes Profit, Reduces To 7% Of Acrux; Paradice Investments Takes 6% Of Acrux; AMP Takes 5% Of Acrux; Phosphagenics Adds David Jones For Cosmetics Sales
May 7, 2012
Bioxyne Could Be Sold By Year End; US Patent For Cellmid Anti-Midkine T-Cells; Immuron Contracts NZ’s Synlait For Cow Colostrum; Victoria Budget $60m For Cancer Agency; Probiotec Profit Warning: Drugs Good, Diet Products Not; Medivac’s Sunnywipes Joins WHO Collaboration
May 4, 2012
Nanosonics Placement Raises $15.5m, Share Plan; Antisense Raises $5m Of Expected $6.5m; US Patent For Anteo’s Mix&Go Bio-Glue; Jason Peterson, Celtic Capital Below 5% Of Acuvax
May 3, 2012
Ventus $40m IPO Opens; Impedimed 1-For-4 Rights Issue Raises $7.8m, $5.9m For Retail; Compumedics Sells $1m Diagnostics To China; US Patent For Biodiem’s BDM-I For Malaria, Trichomoniasis; Capital Concerns, Logue Family Takes 6% Of Immuron; Bone Placement, Stock Issue In Lieu Of Payment EGM; Goldfire Robert Martin, Accord Take 13% Of Acuvax
May 2, 2012
Victoria Budgets $35m For Innovation - $26m For Synchrotron; Budget Comment: Biotech Daily, Ausbiotech, Bio-Melbourne; Human Implications From Bioniche Dog Cancer Drugs; Hatchtech Raises $8m, Appoints Dr Ross Macdonald CEO; Osprey Opens - Up 5%; GI Dynamics Trial Data Published In Journal Article; Metal Group Increases To 18% Of Allied Health; ITL Sells ‘Troubled Malaysian Distributor’ For $1.1m; Allan Gray (Orbis) Reduces To 8.5% Of Acrux; Imugene Buys Consegna’s Linguet; Tissue Therapies Pleads Schultz To ASX 22% Query; Nanosonics Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
May 1, 2012
April BDI-40 Flat, ASX200 Up 1.4% - Heartware, Sirtex, Cellmid, Psivida Up, Sunshine Heart Down; Adaptive Sonics Files Patent Infringement Against Cochlear; Atcor Launches Sphygmocor Xcel System; US Court Allows Mayne Pharma Doryx Generics; Living Cell Share Plan Raises $1m; IDT Profit Warning; Ex-Chairman Theodore Onisforou Reduces To 5% Of Cryosite; Impedimed Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Pharmaust Has One Quarter Cash; Consegna Has One Quarter Cash, Linguet Sale Trading Halt; Imugene Requests Acquisition Trading Halt; Malcolm McComas Replaces Pharmaxis Chairman Denis Hanley; Bruce Parncutt Replaces Acrux Director Ken Windle
Apr 30, 2012
UQ, Axiom Molecular Nuclear Medicine Collaboration; Correction: Avexa ; Prana Doses 1st Phase II Trial Huntington’s Patient; Osprey To List On ASX On May 2; GI Dynamics 19-Patient Re-Implantation Trial; Two UK Dogs Treated With Medical Australia’s Fat Stem Cells; Genera $1m Share Plan; Uscom Less Than Six Months Cash, Sales Up, Costs Cut, Capital; Heartware AGM For 1.5m Director Shares, 245k Options; Cellmid EGM For 136m Shares, $5m Placement, 5m CEO Options; Consegna Appoints Dr Nicholas Ede Technology Officer
Cheaper HIV Trial Allows Changed Avexa ATC Strategy; Allied Rights Raise $1.9m; Takes 44.4% Of Coridon; Resmed Record 3rd Quarter Revenue, Profit; Bayer Pays Tyrian $US325k To End Deal, Continues Development; Consegna Acquires Ozpharma’s Linguet; Allan Gray (Orbis) Takes Profit, Reduces To 10% Of Acrux; Select Reduces Below 5% Of Circadian; Bio-Melbourne Bio-Breakfasts On Bio-Banking
FDA Panel Votes For Heartware’s Pump; Swiss Insurance For Clinuvel’s Scenesse; Austria First Psivida Iluvien Approval For DME; GSK Q3 Biota Relenza Royalty $1.5m; Cellmid Placement Raises $1.5m; Acrux Small Revenue Forecast Reduction; QRX: Watson Actavis Takeover ‘Good For Moxduo IR’; Nusep ABS Novacell Agreement For Singapore Blood Plant; Australian Patent For Phylogica Phylomer Library Screening; US Patent For Novogen, Marshall Edwards Me-143 For Cancer
Genera Unveils Sirocco Automated Diagnostics Platform; Heartware Prepares For FDA Expert Panel Meeting; Starpharma Pleads Schultz To ASX 8% Query; Medical Developments Expects $2.2m Net Profit; Cathrx Has Less Than One Quarter Cash, Funding ‘Soon’; Correction: Cyclopharm; Bio-Melbourne Network Workshops Social Networks; ASIC Prosecutes Actinogen’s David Zohar
Starpharma Passes $500m; Biota Buys Nabi For Its $52m Cash, Nasdaq Backdoor Listing; Immuron Placement Raises $1m, Share Plan For $1m More; Agenix Takes Second Fortrend Facility For $1.2m; Cryosite $1m Profit Guidance, Dividend; M-D Fabio Pannuti Takes 8% Of Consegna; Cyclopharm AGM For 6.7m Director Shares; Cellmid Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Europe Signs-Off Pharmaxis’ Bronchitol For Cystic Fibrosis; Australian Ethical Takes More Than 140% Profit On Avita; Cellmid $330k Share Issue Says Goodbye To La Jolla Cove; CBio Appoints IR Head Melanie Farris Company Secretary; Immuron Takes Capital Raising Trading Halt To Suspension; GSK $80k Research Award Nominations Extended To April 30; Acuvax Ex-CEO Dr William Ardrey Fraud Case - Bail To July
Pharmaxis On-Track For Bronchitol; ASM8 Scientific Review; Nasdaq, US OTC Listings Mixed Results For Avita, Prima; Australians Implanted With GI Dynamics’ Endobarrier; Hyperion Takes 7% Of Cochlear; Neuren Pleads Schultz To ASX 35% Query; Cellmid Opens Évolis Hair Product Website; Consegna: Breatheassist Nasal Plugs Regulator-Free
Ausbiotech: Industry Upbeat - Despite Economy, Policy; Cellmid Jumps 107% On US Midkine Adhesion Patent; Immuron Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Anteo ‘Mix&Go Solves Bio-Glue Damage For Research’
Pharmaxis: ‘ASM8 Duration Caused Non-Significant Result’; Living Cell Appoints Dr Barry Snow For Parkinson’s Trial; Osprey Raises $20m, To List On ASX; Allied Signs Nature Tech, VGXI For Phase I HSV2 Trial Material; Consegna To Acquire 100% Of Leading Edge With 252m Shares; Mesoblast Half-Way In Phase II Stem Cell Spinal Trial
Apr 16, 2012
Antisense’s Prof Pinchas Cohen: ‘ATL1103 Extends Life’; Ventus $40m IPO For Snoring, Sleep Apnoea Nasal Plugs
Apr 13, 2012
Bioniche Calms Investors With Revenue, New Projects; Alchemia Treats 53 Cancer Patients, Awaits Safety Review; Prima To List On Nasdaq Next Week; Genetic Technologies’ Immunaid Raises $1m; Bioxyne Confirms Name Change, Phase IIb COPD Trial On-Track; UBS AG Falls Below 5% Of Pharmaxis; Evado Evaluates UWS Complementary Medicine; Fermiscan Drops Biotech For Resources, Name Change
Apr 12, 2012
Canada Approves Acrux, Eli Lilly Axiron; Vivopharm Acquires RMIT Toxicology Testing Business; Consegna To Spin-Out Aspen Medisys; Patrys Executives US Investor Road-Show; Life Sciences Queensland Road-Show
Apr 11, 2012
QRX Claims Moxduo CR Phase I Success, Tablets Resist Tamper; Sirtex Claims March Quarter Dose Sales Up 34%; Novogen, Marshall Edwards Ready For ME-344 Tumor Trial; Canadian Patent For Prima’s CVac Ovarian Cancer Vaccine; US Patent For BPH, Molecular Discovery’s Tumor Suppressor; UBS AG Takes 5% Of Pharmaxis; Dr Mervyn Jacobson Reduces To 29% Of Genetic Technologies; Chairman Mel Bridges Buys 500k Genetic Technologies Shares
Mar 30, 2012
Heartware Buys Worldheart For $8m; Nusep Borrows $300k To Expand Consumables Business; Optiscan Takes $2m Bergen Draw-Down Equity Facility; Avita Holds Rome Skin Conference
Antisense-China JV For ATL1102 For MS, Cancer, Asthma; Psivida Up 80% On Probable European Iluvien Approval; 2nd US Process Patent For Alchemia’s Fondaparinux; Sirtex H1 Revenue Up 8% To $37m, Profit Up 70% To $6m; Mayne H1 Revenue Flat At $27m, Profit Up 242% To $4m; Cyclopharm Revenue Up 8% To $10m, Profit To $1.7m; Scigen Revenue Up 29% To $US16m, Loss Up 72% To $17m; Resonance H1 Revenue Up 11% To $898k, Loss Down 37% To $241k; Compumedics H1 Revenue Down To $15m, Return To $403k Profit; Biodiem H1 Revenue Up 118% To $550k, Loss Down 49% To $689k; GI Dynamics Claims 1st Endobarrier Revenue
Allied’s Coridon Starts Work On Therapeutic HPV Vaccine; Acuvax Ex-Ceo Dr William Ardrey Faces 22 Fraud Charges; Living Cell NTCell Parkinson’s Trial, EU Tissue Patent; IP Sale Gives Living Cell Maiden H1 $8m Profit; Cryosite H1 Revenue Up 17% To $4m, Profit Up 114% To $349k; Ellex Acquires Distributor Subsidiary; La Jolla Cove Reduces To 6% Of Bone
Mesoblast H1 Revenue Down 82% To $19m, Loss Up 147% To $44m; Genetic Technologies H1 Revenue Down 74%, Profit To Loss; Phylogica H1 Revenue Down 22% To $1.4m, Loss Up 55%; Brain H1 Revenue Up 9% To $4m, Profit Up 170% To $1.5m; Advanced Surgical H1 Revenue Up 17% To $4m, Loss Down 65%; Dr Daina Vanags Replaces CBio M-D Helen Cameron, Directors; Prima Pleads Schultz, Good News To ASX 21% Query; Challenger, Novaport Reduce 1% In Medical Developments; Solagran, Art Life $94m Russian Joint Venture
Tyrian Loses All Key Staff, Review Awaiting Suitor; QRX H1 Revenue Up 242% To $356k, $5.3m To Go, Loss Down 43%; Probiotec H1 Revenue Down 4% To $34.5m, Profit Up 162% To $3m
US Patent For Phylogica’s ‘Neuroprotective Peptides’; Ellex H1 Profit Up 26% To $654k On Revenue Up 18% To $26m; Medical Developments H1 Profit Up 44% To $1m, Revenue Up 3%; Lifescan Verio IQ Recall ‘No Impact’ On Universal Biosensors; Uscom H1 Revenue Up 8% To $1m, Loss Up 4.6% To $503k; GI Dynamics Releases 48.6m Escrow Shares; Nextgen Ceases Substantial In Phosphagenics; La Jolla Cove Reduces To 8% Of Bone; Solagran Requests Joint Venture Trading Halt
Feb 22, 2012
CSL H1 Revenue Up 6% To $2.3bn, Profit Down 3.4% To $483m; Acrux H1 Revenue Down 95% To $5m, Profit Down 91% To $5m; Acrux To Lose CEO Dr Richard Treagus; Phosphagenics $1m ‘Tax Profit’, Revenue Down 38% To $3m; Novogen To Bid For $3.75m Of Marshall Edwards $7.5m Rights; Impedimed Revenue Down 25% To $1.5m, Loss Down 27% To $6m; Dr Bruce Gray Sirtex Payment Ends UWA Case; M&G Group Buys 1m More Mesoblast Shares; Bioprospect To Raise $3.25m Via Note, Placement, Rights Issue
Feb 21, 2012
Sonic Deal Ends Genetic Technologies’ 2nd US Lawsuit; Myriad, Genetic Technologies BRCA Gene Patent Case; LBT H1 Revenue Up 52% To $481k, Loss Down 18% To $653k; Cogstate H1 Revenue Up 75% To $7m, Profit Up 480% To $3.4m; University Of Queensland Master Of Bioinformatics
Feb 20, 2012
GI Dynamics To Implant Australian Endobarrier ‘By July’; Universal Biosensors Revenue Down 19% To $15m, Loss Up 122%; Dr Greg Collier, Dr James Campbell Launch Vitality Devices; Avita Appoints Bank Of New York Mellon To List On US OTCQX; ITL H1 Revenue Down 21% To $17m, Profit Up 930% To $1.1m; Orbis Reduces To 16.5% Of Phosphagenics; Cell Signals Reduces, Diluted To 7% Of Cellmid; Nusep Loses Director John O’Connor
Feb 17, 2012
WEHI Cell Signal Research For Blood Disorder Treatments; Heartware Revenue Up 50% To $77m, Loss Up 87% To $40m; Patrys Hires Dr Yoshimoto, CSL Options Lapse; Naos Takes 7.6% Of Patrys, Holder Mystery Continues; Reva Enrols 1st European Stent Trial Patient; Living Cell Pleads Schultz To ASX 38.5% Query; Medical Developments Appoints R Cegla German Distributor; Bio-Melbourne Workshops Bio-Animation; Scott Richards Takes The Helm At Mayne Pharma
Feb 16, 2012
Queensland Uni, J&J, Janssen Work On Spider Venom For Pain; Nanosonics H1 Revenue Up 166% To $5m, Loss Down 33%; Bionomics Targets Alzheimer’s, Neuro-Degenerative Diseases; Certificate Clears Genetic Technologies Brevagen For US; Advanced Surgical To Distribute Small Bones Products; Broadvector Buys 50% Of Hip Implant Failure Therapy; Citigroup Reduces 1% In Patrys; La Jolla Cove Reduces To 9% Of Bone
Feb 15, 2012
Editorial: Patrys, Citi And Hiding Behind Nominee Companies; FDA Sets Anzac Day For Heartware Approval Hearing; Barda Pays Biota $4.3m, H1 Revenue Down 3%, Loss Down 31%; Phosphagenics New Oxycodone Patch: 4.5 Times More Drug; Healthlinx Develops Ovarian Cancer Survival Biomarker; Sunshine Heart To List On Nasdaq; TGA Registers Cellmid Évolis Hair Product; US Patent For Viralytics’ Cavatak; FDS Pays $US2m For Scigen Israel, Hep B Vaccine; Isonea, Qualcomm Wireless Cloud-Based Asthma Monitor
Feb 14, 2012
$180k For WEHI Ovarian Cancer Gene Study; Prima Files Registration For Nasdaq Listing; QRX Appoints Dr Edward Rudnic Chief Operating Officer; Fluorotechnics Goes Mining
Feb 13, 2012
Biota: Japan Enrols 1st Inavir Phase III Prevention Patient; Biomérieux Guarantees LBT $1.8m Applicator Royalties; Calzada Search For AOD9604 Bone Repair Partners; Lloyds & Cassanove Takes 10.5% Of Cyclopharm; Cellmid Terminates Needed, But Costly, La Jolla Cove Notes; Actinogen Tells ASX: Cutbacks Will Help Survival; Citigroup Ceases Substantial In Patrys; Fermiscan Pleads Schultz To ASX 38% Query
Feb 10, 2012
Nominations Open For $90k Victoria Premier’s, Smorgon Award; FDA Approves Mylan Doryx; Mayne Patent Case Continues; GI Dynamics Adds Manchester ‘Centre Of Excellence’; Citigroup Resumes Substantial In Patrys, Reduces To 5%; Fluorotechnics Requests Resources Trading Halt; Mesoblast CFO Jenni Pilcher Appointed Group Co Sec; Bioprospect’s Peter May Re-Replaces M-D Charles Pellegrino
Feb 9, 2012
Antisense: Phase II ATL1103 Trial, New Patent, Deal Closer; Biodiem Licences LAIV To Changchun Bcht; Patrys Completes Phase I PAT-SM6 Treatment; Sunshine Heart Raises $2.1m For Nasdaq Listing; Impedimed Increases US Covered Lives, Registers 1st Patient; BPH’s Cortical Earns WA Voucher; Immuron Rebuts Paladin ‘Misinformation’; La Jolla Cove Exits Viralytics, Takes 10% Of Bone; Avita Passes All Quality Audits; OBJ Pleads Schultz To ASX 28% Query
Feb 8, 2012
Cancer Foundation Supports 2 New WEHI Labs; Victoria Supports Biota Expansion; GSK Q2 Biota Relenza Royalty $500k; Tissue Therapies: $10m Cash, Awaiting CE Mark, Ready To Sell; Dr Stewart Washer Replaces Two Immuron Directors; ASIC Fines Bioprospect $33k On Mining Disclosure; Solagran: Journal Backs Ropren For Cognition In Rats
Feb 7, 2012
Benitec, Medistem ddRNAi-Stem Cells Treats Arthritis In Mice; Cochlear Survives Implant Recall With Record H1 Revenue; Probiomics EGM Backs Hunter Takeover, Name Change; Clinuvel Files Scenesse European Application
Feb 6, 2012
Sirtex SIR-Spheres, Sorafenib Phase III Comparison Trial; Alchemia’s Fondaparinux Takes 18% Of US Market; Calzada, Polynovo Wound Treatment Trial Begins; Genetic Technologies Settles Eurofins Case; Bone Up 186% On Euro Patent For Oral Peptide Delivery
Feb 3, 2012
Victoria ‘Supports’ GSK $60m Boronia Upgrade; Prima Enrols 1st Phase III Ovarian Cancer Patient; Bionomics Details Phase I Kidney Cancer Trial Data; Baillie Gifford Takes 8% Of Cochlear; Probiomics Extends Hunter Offer Three Weeks
Feb 2, 2012
Genetic Technologies Salutes Dr Malcolm Simons; Cathrx Direction Change, Loses CEO, CFO; US Patent For Living Cell’s Auckland Island Pigs; Ellex H1 Revenue Up 15%; Atcor Wins $1.1m Commercialization Australia Grant; Naos Holds 11.5% Of Phylogica; Bio-Melbourne Workshops TGA Biological Regulations; Paige Exley Replaces Nicki Farley As Narhex Co Sec
Feb 1, 2012
Quiet January: BDI-40 Falls 1.1%, ASX200 Up 5.1% - Clinuvel, Genetic Tech Up More Than 30%; Bionomics Down 20%; Starpharma Mouse Data Backs Dendrimer Delivery To Tumors; Calzada Ends Talks With Unnamed US Company, Keeps $400k; Citi Ends Prime Broker Substantials In Patrys, Phylogica; Evado Opens Singapore Help Desk; Allied Health Has Less Than One Quarter Cash, $3.5m Facilities; Pharmaust Has One Quarter Cash, ‘Uneven Payments’; Consegna Has Less Than Two Quarters Cash; Tyrian Has One Quarter Cash, Costs Cuts; Avexa Director Jet Soedirdja Resigns



Jan 22, 2012
Summer Catch-Up Edition

Mayne Pharma EGM For 7.5m Options For M-D Scott Richards; Macquarie Uni Hospital Takes 30% Of Cyclopharm Imaging Venture; Patrys Plans Phase II Pat-SM6 Multiple Myeloma Trial; Consegna Raises $613,000; Neoclone To Distribute Tyrian Antibodies; Anthony Barton Ceases In Phylogica; Starpharma, Eli Lilly Continue Drug Delivery Program; John Leaver Takes 5% Of Bionomics; Australian Ethical Increases To 15% In Avita; Select Vaccines Goes Uranium, Coal Mining In Tanzania; CEO Helen Cameron Sells 53% Of Her CBio Shares; Cochlear: ‘Brazing’ The Root Cause Of Implant Failure; Clinuvel: Phase III Scenesse Significant Prophylaxis For EPP; Viralytics Share Plan Raises $4.7m; Isonea Raises Underwritten $3.7m Of Hoped-For $4.3m; Pharmaxis ‘Minor Resubmission’ To Rebate Committee; Ausbil Dexia Takes 7% Of Bionomics; ‘Balam Global’ Takes 6% Of Consegna; Brookside Capital Takes 8.5% Of Reva;
Immusant Raises $20m For Wehi Coeliac Vaccine; Catholic Uni, O’Brien Regenerative Wound Centre; Elastagen Appoints Xavier Yon Director; Actavis Pays $6m Upfront For QRX’s Moxduo In US; Progen Moves Anti-Cancer PG545 From Sub-Cutaneous To IV; CBio Details XToll Timing, CEO Share Trading; US Patent For Novogen, Marshall Edwards Cancer Drugs; Start Up Reduces Below 5% In Bionomics; Landon Clay, East Hill Take 10% Of Biota; FDA Approves Neuren NZ2566 Human Trials; Reva Begins Bioresorbable Stent Trial; Calzada, Polynovo Ready For 2 Novosorb Skin Trials; Acorn Takes 6% Of Pharmaxis; Consegna Closes Aspen Medisys Deal; CBio Loses Directors Dr Terje Kalland, Dr Thomas Lonngren; Barings Acceptance Takes 14% Of Cyclopharm; Balam Global Takes 9% Of Consegna; Living Cell Appoints Dr Andrea Grant CEO; Prima Developing Oral Cancer Vaccine; JCP Ceases In Resmed; Westpac, BT Increase Diluted In QRX; Isonea Raises $4.6m; Novogen $2m For Marshall Edwards, Changes ADR Ratio;
Phylogica, Janssen Collaboration; Isonea Begins Trading On US OTCQX; Alchemia Treats 1st Phase III Hyact Cancer Patient; FDA Approves Phase II Prana PBT2 Huntingdon’s Trial; US Patent For Novogen Marshall Edwards Compounds; Unnamed US Company Pays Calzada, Polynovo $100k; GI Endobarrier Commercially Available In Netherlands; Ironwood, Bionomics BNC210 Deal Starts With $2.9m; Biotron Options Raise $8m; Benitec: Pfizer, Tacere, ‘Extremely Positive’ Hep C Preclinical Results; Circadian Begins Phase I VGX-100 Solid Tumor Trial; Heartware Dualis Collaborate On Wireless Heart Pump; J&J’s Lifescan Launches Universal Biosensors Onetouch In US; FDA Approves Immuron Phase IIb Fatty Liver Trial; Dutchess $5m Funding For Virax; US Phase I Trial Shows Benitec Technology Safe, Immune Response; Balam Takes 13% Of Consegna; Heartware 2011 Revenue Up 50% To $82m;
FDA Signs-Off On Starpharma Phase III Vivagel Vaginosis Trial; Prana Appoints Prof Rudy Tanzi CSO; Bergen Takes 7% Of Isonea; Xenome Appoints Dr Julie Cherrington Chair; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On 3-D Tissue-Printing; Mariposa To List Through Genesis; Clinuvel Pleads Good News To ASX 22% Query; Acorn Increases, Diluted To 13% Of Starpharma; Citigroup Increase To 11% In Phylogica; Biotron Pleads Schultz To ASX 36% Query; Bone Pleads Capital Raisings To ASX 175% Query; Paladin, Immuron Complete Draw Down Facility Agreement; Sienna Geron Licence, $260k Grants, Appoints Carl Stubbings; Dr Gregory Winter; Biosceptre Investor Briefing, To Raise $15m; Uniquest, Janssen-Cilag To Develop Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment; Wehi Shows AML May Be Susceptible To Drugs Targeting Mcl-1; CBio Appoints Gregory Thomas Brown Alternate Director; US Patent For Anteo ‘Use Of Metal Complexes’; Japanese Patent For Prima Cancer Antigen Cripto-1 Antibody; CBio Review Considers All XToll, Arthritis Options; Viralytics: US Trial Supersedes Australian Trial; Citigroup Takes 7% Of Patrys


Nov 30, 2011
Patrys Raising $3m; Up To 46% Of Sunshine Heart Votes Oppose Director Options; Immuron Survives Remuneration, Scraps 4m Director Options; Viralytics Share Plan Underwritten To $1m; Tissue Therapies Pleads Schultz To ASX 45% Fall Query; Thee Woon Goh Takes 9% Of Nusep; Lang Walker Companies Increase To 6.5% Of QRX; Hunter Hall Reduces 2% In Sirtex; Founder Prof Noam Gavriely Criticizes, Ceases In Isonea
Nov 16, 2011
Pharmaxis 1-For-3 Rights Issue To Raise $80m; Starpharma $32m Placement, Share Plan; Cogstate $2.6m Depression Trial Contract; Nusep Settles 2nd US Patent Case; Alchemia EGM On $15m Placement, Orbis Shares; Isonea Takes Capital Raising Halt To Suspension; Founder M-D Nick Gatsios To Resign From Healthlinx In 2012; Research, Activism Gong For WEHI’s Prof Doug Hilton; Bioniche Investigator Dr Alvaro Morales Wins Canada Gong
Nov 15, 2011
Mesoblast: Cardiac Stem Cells Show Safety, Efficacy; WEHI’s Prof Strasser Wins $50k Victoria, $100k Smorgon Prizes; Bionomics Details BNC201 Panic Attack Trial Data; Calzada Remuneration Report 1st Strike; Cryosite Pleads Schultz To ASX 38% Query; Consegna Appoints Brendan Fleiter Director
Nov 14, 2011
Psivida Falls 49% On FDA Iluvien Rejection; Prana: ‘PBT2 Reverses Loss Of Synaptic Activity’ In Mice; USPTO Allows Cellmid Midkine Cardiac Ischemia Patent; Phosphagenics ‘Over-Subscribed’ Plan Raises $3m; Cathrx Underwritten 1-For-7 Rights Issue Raises $2m; Australian Ethical Sells 2m Tissue Therapies Shares; Antisense Pleads Schultz To ASX 77% Query; Starpharma Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; Isonea Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt
Nov 11, 2011
Broadvector Acquires CSIRO IP, Holding, Raises Funds; Nanosonics Remuneration Report Faces 20% Opposition; Tissue Therapies ‘Robust’ Final Vitrogro Wound Data; Corning To Evaluate Bluechiip Tracking Technology; Small Dissent On Starpharma Rights, Remuneration Approved; Sunshine Heart AGM For 13m Director Options, Incentive Plan; Wilson HTM Ceases Substantial In Nanosonics; Bio-Beers
Nov 10, 2011
Stem Cells Australia Opens For Business; Mesoblast Cells Reduce Blood Sugar Levels In Monkeys; St Vincent’s Approves BPH, Cortical Dynamics Trial; Healthlinx Expands Garvan Prostate Cancer Biomarker Trial; Isonea To Issue US Stock Pre-OTCQX Listing; CBio Action Group Founders Disband, Cease Substantial; Chairman Dr Zhukov Pervan Takes 21% Of Actinogen; LBT Director Dr Mike Hirshorn Retires
Nov 9, 2011
CSL Raises $1.5b To Retire Debt, Buy Back Shares; PBAC Denies Pharmaxis Bronchitol Subsidy, Again; Actinogen’s Cancer Actinomycetes For Cheap Biofuel, Up 150%; BPH, Cortical Dynamics 3rd NZ Patent For Bar Monitor; Low-Show Votes Oppose Clinuvel Director ‘Rights’
Nov 8, 2011
12 Of 15 Sunshine Heart Cardiac Patients Improve; WEHI Malaria Vaccine Wins $1m Gates Foundation Grant; FDA Accepts QRX Application; Likely PDUFA Date Set; US ATCC To Evaluate Bluechiip Tracking Device; US Formulation Patent For Clinuvel Melanin-Activating Drug; Universal Biosensors, Lifescan One Touch Verio In Canada; Trouble At Uscom Mill, AGM Adjourned, Chairman Attack; CBio Directors ‘Review’ Resignation Threat And Stay; Cryosite AGM Defeats Remuneration, Chair Theo Onisforou; Landon Clay, East Hill Take 10% Of Biota; Dr Cherrell Hirst Replaces Mel Bridges As Impedimed Chair; Viralytics Appoints Prof Jeffrey Weisberg To Scientific Board
Nov 4, 2011
Clinuvel Phase II Scenesse For EPP ‘Improves Quality Of Life’; CBio Action Group Wins Board Spill, Poison Pill Turns Placebo; Cyclopharm 1-For-3.2 Rights Issue To Raise $2.1m; Immuron Raises $533k Of Hoped For $4.4m; Pharmaust Share Plan Raises $281k Of Hoped For $2.5m; Onyx Increases, Diluted To 7% Of Fermiscan
Nov 3, 2011
Cochlear’s Dr Chris Roberts: ‘Recall Has Not Cost Patients’; Added Australian Patent Protection For Acrux Axiron; US Patent For OBJ’s Dermaportation Technology; Wilson HTM Reduces 1% In Universal Biosensors; Australian Ethical Takes 92% Profit On 14m Neuren Shares; Australian Ethical Increases To 13.7% In Avita; Alchemia Requests Capital Raising Trading Halt; NAB Extends Cyclopharm Debt Repayment; Probiomics To Raise $200k For Hunter Listing; 21% Of Prima Voters Oppose Remuneration Report; Scigen Tells ASX: Polish Loan, Divesting Israel, China Business
Oct 18, 2011
Genetic Technologies Sells 600 Breast Cancer Tests; CBio Final Clinical Study Report, Novo Nordisk 60-Day Option; Cochlear Recall Costs Up To $150m, Directors Fees Frozen; Biomérieux Pays LBT $274k; $274k More By Year-End; Pharmaust’s Epichem Wins WA Export Gong; Charges Against UBNZ’s May Wong End Genesis Finance Talks; Two Actinogen Directors Take 43% Of Company; Cathrx Has One Quarter Cash, $2m Coming; Benitec Votes On 70m Director Options, Small Name Change
Oct 17, 2011
Victoria Unveils $55m Biotech Support Program; NHMRC Grants $674m For 1,140 Projects; Pharmaxis Bronchitol Euro-Review Trading Halt; Clinuvel Hopeful Of European Scenesse Dossier By Year-End; Calzada’s Novoskin Viable In Pig Trial; QRX Focus Expands To Partner Deals, Correction; Patrys To Release IgM Scale-Up Data; Progen: Korea Approves Medigen PI-88 Liver Cancer Trial; Helicon Signs Deal To Acquire Aspen Medisys With Shares; Ithree Joins Medical Research Commercialisation Fund; ITL AGM Proposes Shares In Lieu Of Directors’ Pay
Oct 14, 2011
Biotech Specialist Jon Mowles Wants Your Company In Britain; Cathrx 1-For-7 Rights Issue To Raise Up To $2m; Cogstate Signs 2 Contracts Worth $1.6m; Nanosonics Scaling-Up Production, Launch Of N20 Disinfector; Perpetual Takes 9% Of Sirtex; QRX AGM Votes On 250k CEO Options, Elect Director; LBT AGM Votes On 500k Director Options, Elect Directors; Pharmaust’s Dr Martine Keenan Wins UK Chemistry Prize
Oct 13, 2011
GBS 1998 IIF $42.5m Investment Beats US Peers; Europe Approves Acrux Recuvyra Pain Relief For Dogs; Avita Launches Recell For Venous Ulcers In Europe; Agenix Signs China Deals For AGX-1009 For Hepatitis B; AMP Reduces Below 5% In Sirtex; CBio Raises $7.3m Of Underwritten $10.8m; CBio Chair Stephen Jones, 2 Directors Lose Executive Roles; Atcor Wins US Medicare Rebate Appeal; JDJ Distributes Charles River CRO Services; Helicon Requests Aspen Medisys Trading Halt
Oct 12, 2011
CSIRO’s Ezio Rizzardo, David Solomon Win PM’s Science Prize; CE Mark For Cellmid’s MK Elisa Test; Allied Owns 37% Of Coridon; Bioniche AGM To Elect Directors, Set Pool At $735k; Jasper Hill Falls Below 5% In Select Vaccines; Bluechiip Loses Director Larry Lopez
Oct 11, 2011
Allied Jumps 48.5% On 100% HSV-2 DNA Vaccine Efficacy In Mice; Antisense Completes Phase I ATL1103 Dosing; Universal Biosensors $4.5m J&J Blood Glucose Project; Hunter Immunology To Take Probiomics To Bioxyne; Healthlinx Ovplex Trial - ‘More Samples, Better Result’; Ausbiotech Ready For 2011 Conference; Bio-Melbourne Breakfasts On Movember
Oct 10, 2011
Healthscope ‘Beta’ Tests Peter Mac, Circadian Cancer Test; Biotron: BIT225 ‘Good Antiviral Activity’ Against Hepatitis C; Atcor Signs Two Contracts Worth $1.9m; FDA Agrees Starpharma Phase III Bacterial Vaginosis Trial; Starpharma AGM Votes On 375k CEO ‘Rights’, Employee Plan; Milstein Gong For WEHI’s Prof Doug Hilton; Nusep Appoints Three Directors; Northcape Takes 6% Of Pharmaxis; Fermiscan EGM Dissent On Director Options, Pay Increase
Oct 7, 2011
Patrys CEO Dr Marie Roskrow: ‘$5m Needed, $15m Better’; Viralytics: ‘Cavatak Active Against BRAF-Resistant Cancer’; Inex Distributes Healthlinx Ovplex In Malaysia; Calzada Loses CEO Dr Stewart Washer; Bionomics AGM On 2.6m CEO Options, Director Election; Clinuvel AGM Votes On 230k Director Performance Rights; Biotron Requests Phase IIa Hep C Results Trading Halt; Probiomics Requests Acquisition, Capital Raising Trading Halt
Oct 6, 2011
Cellmid Humanizes First Midkine Antibody HU91; Benitec US ddRNAi Hepatitis C Patents Granted, Allowed; Calzada’s Wound Treatment Novosorb Passing Pre-Clinical; Wilson HTM Reduces 1% In Avita; Peter Vaughan Replaces Isonea Co Sec Brad Slade